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The People's vindicator. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, September 30, 1876, Image 3

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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d E . p it p gen 1.
t'T t " i . ,ith . i l l .t P
iiCH d
l ie t.nc k (. i 1 ,I..
If .tl .l' t! olr at t . Ilt ith t l ltl' t th  it 1
I), , ' ht tr il t o (tý, l, l«h ' 'l'iltlt n t th i
ifctto T d 'l,
l1.\I:.ii .N . ; ,t ' l e ,N1i lnitit club i th th , .,.
at th.i r 1'. ha. l Ihtn :tu i hr tril i t!
s,, ct a h 'rn d l,,, (',w 11;-.',ttfit « lh hh a ~1u
eto nli dcc l e r , d all sud h r. u.;h i1m
ihelt h tl, \. iuntis ci,tais nuit tirns ,.,I i
boui t ctt lt a-lg eatlorth.. I'hl h tt ,ill ýd.,
TI E Lanlt hcre otit in full fir
i.t te 1ien ard drick ci
as an rn inertt speitketi sadl, ' ltowcd I
at the irele of t:eauty taiht wI
'ltr right ali d t;fI r (he It wit) h al ro. ,l t
l, t i l.t ' i.a K Ws ill pidw's tchesl hi o n-l
lI.r" D. ill uti k il S1i)irn lM.. (' r
nitnghatnr. This c luby n i btt rA 111y3, " ii
(tolnight). il. c ry tie o s in fvitl fl)rce
t the i te wa into Afdrica.k club
(I, N a l I tllNlt. se k , rt. Cai p ' ar hlw
Mwere right and te hadmy wrong."e rt
to lose their gin hlioruse by ftire laturi, i
l(to-ig h t, h t iryg to nit i n r vite d toto , I
to clirry the war tito Africa.ntt
(;iG lilrI--M,,.ar,r . (aC noll, nil d
Mortineir P'erort had the nlisf'rtlneune
to lose their ,inl home by tire daring11,_,,
last week. Thel ire on'etrr,_.d in titl's
cn'otr stored therein, suoert sity
bales in the seed, all efforts to che'k I
thie liimes proved iat ailing. Messers. S
Perot stnllr ia ",. irins liss by this i
utiIaIp hit very little of their loss ,
being covered with insurance. .l1,
Wool) tt.S IN . BL. 'Zl. - For some his
sonme weeks past we have ha:l large
forest tires that have dtevastated a
large slcopeit of Hoitty neal r to wn. (tOn i
Satutrday last the thitoe n tade ai tluTsh
at our city near the ('atholtie ctemnter it
anti Mr. McKenna with hii brickyad t
forte folghiit it outi f, ti fnutt ly.
v('Terv 'A'r.t.--The citiuzens of out ti!
city have otg anilzd theinrelves into
1a 'oltt iirittee of safety for the lroteitt .'
lion ofplrolert'ry alnl 7 li the :rt',servaltin
of the peato of oti r city. ('hif Police 1ii
lrenet ui hia ti c arg iit tly of a itt
large p ltrld foirce itt tet:ir estt 'itizettts
who will cen tnintue ti tand watch ani l
ward iunitil Novmiter. i
Titie shameuld tr ieat rentrit of hIlie
poor negrioes hy tht rinihal fn Tlries
day last in ltromisirnz thtm ti big lar'
h lie if they wttioul ciime to the Atli
toi, Snlith rneetring Ti ni by wthiehl
ihrt e t ihuitdred a uti iti t l-./h tr were
ronigjht out was cointilt ted on liv theli
dolided in outspokttn iaxon. Even
in a hlariecue will th i cal htalnt t
- --****-- --
VIWIT ClIEIER lis iuireatly in tlr8
can paignr is the very lire nurniber of
coloredi men whio are floecking to our
standilard ; to the suplport of honest c
white rie)l ffor a horiest govern meinot,
which wiii protect white anid hlack
in all tiheir rights ani priviledges un
der the law. On Tuestday last, of
the 391 colored peopld at the Siuithr
Antoine speaking, oiline hnidrnd, at
least, were sound, niiconlronilirsiug
Democrats, and on the strtetsi the
shouting for Tilhien ard Nhicols, was
the only noise heard.
Ti.E i'EA.KINQ by the R:Ilieals
wasI tam1in to tilless, andi reiiarka
bly conservative. A goodly nuiniber
of whito )nemocrats were on tue
ground, anid foel satisfirei that the as
lirraice from Antoine, that the Demn
ocrats would nrot put the colored peo
ple ir shivery if elected to power, and
that they were honest anti honorable
amen, hail the effect to strengthen the
alreaidy large Democratic colored
vote of this parish.
Let every club in our parish hie on
hand on the 17th of October, in ful
force for the paraeti.
Mr. W. II. Jack, will address the
Tilden and Hendrick club to-night
with hirs usual eloquence, and wvili
treat the audience to a mice savored
dish of HOME MATTERS. The pubi
)ic are invited to attend.
The Tilden antI hendricks ('lub of
this city nrmbers fully "25, and is
being reinforcei rapidly.
The talk of Martial Law iu tint
Mouth, is anthtir one of those Unlitis
for which rGrant ani hiis Cabirhet seer
farmied just now. Martial law would
blow the Radical pai ty to atoms.
That sciool list publication in last
week's "organ" is a nice camrpaigri
docunment-for the ienirocrats, and
we advise every one to read it, for if
Ml does not show that the openirg of
the schiools before the eltetior, to be
losedd just after, is the Radical rule,
then tigures lie.
-ibseribe to the Vindicator,
:o.vi ot. II :. o 11 o;,i etc..
t t -I' :w T' 'c".,J;i, uva2
It' It: .a , ad t, , li.. , /at a I
h l (l:/! f ttwin iD I','e.eri, ' iull 'l". a '
lt I t fit . 1I ; i, - b * '.n t m' l
t'l ai t r a tialt :
elathi ,-l ,h , l'.ilve part:, oi the n.. of.i'',,'
[,,,, i,,:.i '. inl "nni,. fl,v .i-,w ibh , . '[o l
t,.1, . h," , i,'" ,I, .ul, m~~i,:-i ;.r l,.* :mil, I,, -
1I0 t , l it 11!,, il ,tl i 111 itj- , , I'i
rIll- i\IGE\, I\!:TY
S .iat :i f,,r t t,l:,I :a n l'r,, .It ita a ,t v l t
~'~t' I Il
talanl' t aif th, i' It,,, '- -tl ita' t ita, n '
stiI an.i f'I tn l,' n ; i . 1 I.' li i
t th'.'et : itt .taa l' ;Jlt ! a lta -a :t , I i
o f t' e S tl' :,1:1 , : f', r tlo ln ,,l ;]! il .... . i,. ,,i.
bet ee th II J lshlb r eye
,iti - i' ' aitt i a te ,i' ,a t heta b,,at . 'o a l .l
, i;iaitit 1 a f i ii . alt' g. a',l ra aaa 't w tit"
.a, 1 i1,t .. 'itt h a ,Ia ilai.ta ti i a a, .'at'' rii'a .'
ali- rt a dtiaia'a :h . ah la l: i.atutiona:a i.at t'a a
foelit ' in 1. ila ' a 'ca th at at,'ir a.
Aill I -I 't afaiaN .
a l'l- ' i .a a ..t a .1'l a..l : - lI ': l  ' : .il l :,
lVc 'iii' ' hih l,,e:-.,l:l h a-- i l, '
tat (' !t ut t;1,n \ (:.0l , t ll I! 1 a I.
S de: ',tLh h ,,liilrs ch; iad i, t hel .,,leh
hlaye b: ,. di-,i~ ed'la thE, .raru tar
".I trau t ov rha' 'un ttvt a t at paaa ii,
ih,, I,,i ta till' ..,tt i tt tiil~ t t'idil.,rIi' a alat'
teis,,lt iu' itt td' a "t It itplre, a i
tat,' h a ' ,titt f r, o p \ti l iht .r ai '
:idu,, - l. ini :1 , nlh'tr 'lit n' I id ~i't'rfat c'
.b hu taKnth' -cttthelo aita letha.
at' hti'ti it, , ' the lliat' tit ''ilial'a a IaIt -aho ia
,a hatrt y a il, . h' t it i-t ' r . :
.-.aa a ,l .tta ' . ' t tiatil t' ;liia t al
tare-Ia-ti hat ta i ,.' salitta.'. in
i r 'titlan'. l tli, t. Nll' ' a iv , r s ch
it titl-v-atii . 't'1 'i,, ata l t'ta a', ', t 'r
y. ta'ttati Vs~ lt'i'tttttl itnaa ptt a a tat
ati St. Ltttil . t ti a-.',!,n tsia t' l itha a it
laB I t'.': lLuatt a a.' at'' i q itt . tat tat' '' 't I'
k ilninil tii the (' i ,til II .ni ofl ib,' I'il "
tatattit 'a' i etv atg'tt tatittatat Jta'tt a tathil
, ta " ;ii: o, tit'g t h , ' it' t la ta t' - t at' t tItt
ta liadt. . iv il' t i a r, ata d t p.h 'i a 'kil
teedi hv <aid uiit h~ilad iienN, ,;l:llPthe hei
!' llis f'ac',enorlq o1"p L;,iaill m iition.
a W lh eh ,prt-sh I[\\\' t th;-. t
il i-i ' n t l i ll' at ,ll! It h " .',i n ,l t:a in,,'! i
h Illl- -;F+ noll ,'- ,*tfir ill ,I, a l~i',, on of"
v i',,for'ti ;,!il ;11 s o nin,,l, ll, t ph.i q i stin-li l
I] iol o fl fl'. (l,,\ ,,l'l l ti h . :', i , -ll'" i,,' i\
,; ilo , :th , l,thob in , f .11! : ..... .. " "<!i.l p i -
1u bi,' ,,, , ,. a : t, t.,, i,, :i~ >'. i o t at" I,. , i
11 ft r i l'l'. nl, i : , , !. . .,, i i: ,Ill
al he y .a a v 1 cl ,!.,
!to the l niflih,'h a re 1,,, o !1 n
re lhil, p'il",itra t ' f lihy Chii'l ! Loca<lll,
UpTHE TI;X.\. It11 \I.I0 .\I.
I ] \fi. d,''] l''.lr - u irwhta ill f',!,r oi 1i,
!lal>it!, of thi' 'T' xli P i',, , :" ,ilroiil
bI,i . i.w p,,lld',ll hll,,;n' ('!,ii,_'," .... nd
her ilVll, ,if if" I';'. ;i7 al fil i',irt, i d el,.
t- l la l1.l  SC l'lem l,4 l'll .111.
11- W l' u i{',, ;' t he i,' ri ng-l'ii ' lif th ' fill,
ti lic ,,'h ,>m i- I'. th ,*' I,'iir of all th'. !.il -
at'; ble~ , 'hiht:. a, , t h,, 5itil. :ntI thatl
01 e luil ada\ :lllgl, hi ,.iveq n :t, al ibildnr 11.
re olorexd il:- \\011 a,, 1 hil'.
lc111t: ST. Lot Iis No.11INI'l.M
en W e 'oaldiallv ;lpllrov' oft 11111 i'nld:,rsl
'n lh plll tfonnii nif th,' .N:iitio al Dl,,Uolratil'
pilll Iv i've'ily at,.ii l|d inlt onil ntit oni
atl St. Lo i.li :ai l ltitl hn.l r", -ih , l
hopetl of"? I:t b ltr Govlerniliant ili the fui
b 8 lure: bilt lh,' gr'v t ,lil, tioi ot" i','li'i i.
l b ou'tll li Ib lthi' the t,,', le of , t' .t w holll,
eitlllllf\ LY li glrl,l i.ilionaVl party. :0nd
\v,, pl,.i,,, ourl'S ives. to ils, o111 ulllllm,t
nt l'reil e'xpoutsli'll o|" Inalionll r ftenlii.
' Mlii'l. ,I. TVihhub l in an Tlho.. A. H[,drh'ks.
For Sale.
I OR the purpo. o, set' .tling a suc'er.ion
Li ' Lthirilwini dh.,rihed l 'ant~ation
a nig t 76j tie l ti iah':
11no, sitiattd in the i rt h of i-11d River.
iiState I f io' i sii'i a ti the ri, ht hitl it of
] Iayou, b..int in sct ion- ¢.i. "1. 2.5 tmid :q.
o iu l'wTme ship I i. lR:nuue 11, \V,.t, ntm ain
itn 7'.1. G000 ml t''.
l hi. p lan tati) n htr s in v in tt lti c tt tii i
d atd nullh'l ',qd, I,'nct, aboutt~l ;i0l ne''¢',
more ,,r Fs, with ivahuhle ti pr ve
ll ntlls+, consi.-tin, ,f a dwe,.lin-' hmln ,
gin house, ntegro e:dhina., mon c'i!bs. usol
all ni cethxi ry uuL-hnihlinti. This 1,1: t
i atii ; is ti lh i'eithiri, iuxd n t iuhm i
to overltim,'., and will Ib. s-lt at p'h'€th
1A. on the tlPlwin I terms:
U)it-thit'd vclsh; t he balanc't. in olnP awll
10 t\w't 3ear-, w,\ithl motl¢ll lg t, anud l\ t n'l ls
i Pri X'le t re illier ted, with ir ntr trict I it
rilte ntl' 4 per cttnt. ol n tht' rl'edit tLopu c ase
11 " the primc , l'rmn+ dat,\ ot s lh,.
1 Ii . i teiti in tii'tt itt' hit c i p'.t
I tin sit-uted.in thtrp rifh.of'(rant.State
ofl" Louisiana, o 11 tlh left bank of+ tih
Bolt Iien river, dsc'etnding,eo Ltaitiln,. ,f
II, +ktl. ' (lll~l f ll) ;11"1':4 o|' hm111l ()'l t l~i'll!t'l]h
ar granlt of6 l10 news(~ of1 haulll ('onf)irmed~l by)
f ('1lCn' ss, to Lt'esto;t' rl'lltlholl tslle, ti l3-
signs of .ohnh liaptiste li'evell,'. ;tl
('*( 1 a,(.ll rt s pul'l r:cllll hased hy the b,, ,',,;
ei. l ,rston uldh'nl h e' , from the I'nit d
Ftots,, in lTl amshil , .ltin. e 6. anod ,,n
e ta ·ini', in the a rr \l,. 1":19 s,10tl
ft'ltr1,, mlio I ) lrs. This phla tt tion Is
; 11-,,, ?,,\ in cultiat: m, :nd i, ith s, unt
S thlr', orf tour' h~uun red n1e''t' tlnld r ,oodl
fenc-n e: is (in,'l' w,,,,!, : unt li;,hh ',
ov rtim' v~, :rnd his alt t ;h, n' smr,..t v unih
in, .' atn, improvt', nt 'l, ttt' h,,ro.m
% lorm."o sa'le,, the sam,' a,. tit, aboixve.
For intformt,.tiov .ip ly to th,. nodr
nsignd,d 13 mihl. h, !.:; the towu of" Natl
r hit.,'hs, or t-o lhis brol~th t'. S, r'dot Pr't
dluoune, in the city o' Natlrhito,'hes,
F. A PIC010IUILl-lI+,
.\.,ent alnl Att'.v in lFat oft tle h.,irs muld
h'lal r,.pres.entattivtes of L~estotn P udlbur
lilte, dec~east'd.
W\e,,kly ,'-rev'rport Time.<and nuchitat
"l,.irp 1td ill ins,.rt tihe ahoy0 nd st, nd
hill to this olthe.
J uly" '.2--3m, or tf.
£i e
~. ~c 13
-b 1"tti
~9 U2 ~ 1
U2 )I··j
It' 03
It Ag
It 1 ii
i- 0.~ li
ge ~iII
I.. i
1011 ~ t
tttt 0 s
tit PJ9
Ilt . t
II, 00" C ~ I
N Ii
'1 1
I ittI u 0
{ 111
I i\
i . ill .I1
l~\E1 (II.1ý!
i'. 1 1o I I r ' Ir ,11 , I' 11 ' ,i . ;,1
I l. ";. I \Y'i111" it 1,1 r". 1.11 { I 'I1
1-, ;, ~·~11 111!1·a: " 111, 111111!+ t ··l i ll`. :itl ·,(;
I , !'r I'i11', i 1)1'"1 1111'111 1'1:u II 111)' \\ 111 1, - j 1 1('
I, .;1\ il 1\ 11 111: 'i .11111 ? 1 - i1!1\ ·. !1 11 i1 . l I1 .
; ii it , 111 l i ir' IIII I t Il1"il .ll.' 11,1 111
11111 . 11'1 iII ii 'I tti it II i iii iii
I, ,{ý 111 iii~ i'.'I t Q~ tit. l :1l1 i l.I
tot '\+ \" ind .iili
t11I Ii!)' 11.1'1,\!i 'iil 1
Thal'1ll Ii 11!I' , i 'o\1 I T it :1 1 .\" I i,1
11111 111t i i ii' U t 1 l ii \111 h 11\11
'luliii 'it tIlt tO "niI/l htIi
T III (.';coIII ,'t, 1 r !II 1
1it ii t\it i O 1' 'o ii.ii Ii ' -
III Ii~ i II :'.\ il ',.\ \ ' . 1:1 ,.\: i i! 1 ~t'-. (`1 i i
1 ! i\ " 1 i i ll II ittll l tlt- 1'i' 1 1 1 l c1 'I
u a l :!' ,-Q 1 ;1, ;I I .11 i1 'i t. It. , 111a
It I i" i l iii `'-\ 11 'Hi ;! i I i i
S I nl: u lir .* ý~ : u'iilT
M ;l~l~i ''\ I . t ii\ i 1 ! lit ii;i liii 1{'I
ii ' i I.:" ' .1 t'i TlI ' i i, I \
111 ., l.;''itl'. I ý1 ý11', ( ý111 ".i ii tl s .t .
1111 1 t lli r~i 11i:-!11.ti 11"
iit 11.11
I.t' .l\l 1"I' i
.\ \ .1 ,.rll iill: 1' it , :) .i '' 1r1" '11111.1;1U1'.I I \t:
Mi ft ii N ttt itt it
t:~r~h C,. of Lumb c~t! r c~ cr Sau l tl·c
tl \ t11o11 }I) l i or }itir'. i (111o,1rding t To
.\tiiri i\ Ihii'e Aetoltit 01 it l;4.\
1f It. i 1t·It, r. -
I!Itr \ ; li i. 11l! l 1" "lil'il! ' ý Illi· tl ttt` 1.1\ rtn 11
'1"ilý ii' 1 ~Ikil Ii' A ''il I -xp- 1 11 .
tioo )!ll ~ \ i'' r1.1"\:
NI N('ii.i Ito IhI cot.irattil ;jt' I1tii ?i 1 t 11iti
Il ii l' . :Si Itiit ' "iit 'i i itit Ii hilt: I ii' 1' ;1 1 itt' X;,
t1 tt1 i li l'Iittl to :1 11111!". il t i I i1 11it t I, t i
it i l t- iI'ii -li!i ltl'.ii ii . I ii ttx111 5 ; .
tilt 't 111&I iY l 1tit 1!ti it t S~ilort' A l I~ it:i
ti' ',1, 11,;1 ilitt. 1 1ii'itv,1iii IlO t- i
iiii' I iit l it
Fet itO I ill" WIFltn a ;tt i ittali'i I i tit.
-i 11it' fecisit iit' 21ii 1'lt\ S l T M
1, t
t ~ ~ c.~. \Ir,..
(1 01( fl~{ v Ii(fir tit
l it .:r I i '
a ,,.,ý '8' .,ý tr t' . is,.. t !
I{' . . 2!'i , 1 iI ! 1 ,' n l .,. . i "
:1'; '2.1 2~S~
- To O wi' ý4ý.. +3f t:ý ' I"
.11 .''11 , 1
i,,t lij'.
i ' tl ,\1 "i.'. I r.1 i . ii , _
I*.~n ill
4A 11!!.
0B' A~c ''-dr I ii ill! :tai' ii'i·:tcl 40 ii~ii f
ei~ ~ ~ I 't"
i-I 'I
ti il~· i ;·. -'~ ,; ~·r·l ~
ii-~I liii I ii I: ti'i-i *ii'· II .111;
on~~· I lii ·uh
W Ii ot'iiiioiiiit cn h
I',1~ iii ; 1 tt'" III ii :i\~cli I~ rli~ i111
ii 'ot xI c1 1utAr
runeliilc~llll il I' 1( Ix ': I SI.; i. (l'21I'li;I. ! . oIII(
- DEA L E R G I-
GiI )(WEIU ES:,4
6:Lj) J :tnaiiis to (Xvsii t'1aoteli(s.
Jll rr';:xý N rr4;rI I
Ma1rch 25-..?-.
J. W. SV[")D.fI lul NTI (11AM 8l2li~t
\C. II II---;EE
` l ,ý a 4 ;I I1\ r,rý q 4 , º1 j rr 1 .
Comumissio n Aferchauts,~
l'-.A I)t t1":l 1
I ili" ýý 1 1ý I ; lc;:;ýý 1 .1 1 `'!I1
T3P I~6aoosoce, ·!J\I·~
as U M 'idIu i i
01"FE' I-s II \ I:!" Tr dI I :!t
1i day nr
.! nice 24I-ti.
i~i 11 ~ 11,
Cv. 144
I ';v~i, '4
'I .
Hii '
i' I I
I '· · I-~ ~ . · ' . :.i ii il.'
·' :.
* . ,` ! '1 1
41. U ,,
t~I·6I IS kJI (I 44
I, (Ic I''i44 li14 '
WA'~~Z~Zjq LA .
I':i!:i ·~~~ ~ ~ ~ 1 ··. ;·.:···:' ' ~ I· ~ U II
AME IC. AN ··pi·;.g a w
441~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~ ,4 \ C I014.(iaiu.il ·~v i
AMERICAN·:~· AN ENGL ·;~I ,~!h I
cv·1 p~'J l's 01
LIN N1)I 4AN ;5
GREAI)NE and -
LINENLAWN. of ll gadeR
al TAI~li~s'EdI SC. II S,
N riol of all· I )ecIpt\iolls
11,1;4113I13333. 1Sl(l~, 1.\S
43113 (IMTIING
lii Ittli 3II r .1t(3313 (313
for cid' 143 0 )w (EoL 4134
*L 4v'Al tl4~NII3111 413i13g i
4CV a pi324
*~IK!'\ .1.I I1 141crl: (au3 '' u
41lai14:4.(Ill 44ii; if 14 -'
I I141V.\I ll.l4( li 414 4
iiii 1(1 it 4 113*
An -1441c 44 C I 44('.I; li' 'pI1 olv
1*;1iI .
4,44 II ; 'i4
4 l 4( 4 41 '(li!. I
13(44: .1' U'. : 4(44 ' i i 4.441 ( 14,1 4
44 44 4 fll'~I 444434
S444I4'3 tf~ll N 1 (441 i(3j(nlR
I ii ;1.
; · '-,. I 11'
1' I
Littt i't
all;- 't l. ~ i.. I-n c I) i':·i lyji"
-ri: t~~c 'I i Iit tt
I t3 IC·IYIt.ij1
'l· r ·\ l At:u:' liwiiy Ii i itt, (I tO~a
PuIIen1Irn'.~rs Wecei fr.F
a it III" I,rt [ I~till) IA Arc I'Itltttti
II.!-. tr ·Il , -' I r ctim-ti; i-. at hirut~ ItYNI r~
.4..r;'Ii >j lt iii, titmit ,aip, Pri'u entti of
tti t t- Mir 13,l thu chiC itfe twitploJ
* I 1-(1 iiC tttta~ prrvattlud
tI'': I·. in ) tti'"t If~~1 H1o the I rehttct Dlau
I.!, I-i;! 'm i- "'I ivr · -r llc·t hi rItitiji, 3t oalage J
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