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The People's vindicator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, October 21, 1876, Image 1

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-·- :.- :r~ · ..r·,·
ý.,i ''1 ';º<a ,` ýc,,, p, 1 ý;
41s 1/: + i 1{"{ ,[fý (tiýJ C ý ý ?
rfAlu Per AXinnum. ri~iiJ WVELFAR~E 0F T111, E~OPuLE IS TI: SUPRE:ME LAW. iNiiL )1\, (it
VOL.~ Ill. NATC 1IITOCHES, LOUH F 1.v NA, (CT() II T 21,187(1.
A C (xaIl jria to Natclito(IIlcA.
.1 rr 1. i)epartnrc"..
.u " I p. i . SII t ,u rIav 9 a. mr.
'',It itb o llCi9 to SIll-c(C) 0ot.
Tnc·;. \ 'I ;1. rll. '111 .l1: t" '"1 a1. ;n
i:t1IV., to Texas.
''ý ,.,1' p. 1,. l. A(: ,1: 7 a. in.
,(I ly 1 ,p. inl. 'Ilnnlhltav 7 a. in
`;;;i:'. ;, ncllc+ t o M I1(I;1n.
O.7 a. i
p. m. Sai unulay 7 a. in.
Na t nit cit ici to WI o fiel-d.
r 13 il 'rTnvlty 1 P. .
t; I~t I in, Fzrida 1V 11. in.
AL It. MAIIM CwR.)F iT 8 A. Mf.
Om1lip I barrs- *001 7 A. M. to 1.3 M.
A1:i i 'riui I'M a . t I' M.
Pu t MLustr.
Procfc~sioional Cards,
W. II. TAC D 'IEti
?l ttlirJJ(.. ~ if"( I t1l l 4 l)I 1111 . (Io~ l t '1 ((TC'
Atiuiuys'l(~ at JLaw.,
Oflie.( On 9ini onl St rect,
Mai'·cl t ~d-I~. Natchdto(IdcS, Lat.
Cunuugliain1:ll, Chanpli n &
M\TI.. I hirt ic St., Ntich iic(c,rt IA.I'
,ii.. (h;U.11 II.IIn, M~llillj, Ih(. ~otnj,
BIisinie.s Cards.
Anl General Mecrchandrlise.
Cornur FRONT & L.AF YETTE Street,
\atchit(rIe's, La.
II(TIG(EST esrh prie' paid for colttfn and
1 ouintrv prhte-l e ini ernh or rirrchandise.
. rrrh 3i -Iv.
WVillis lolmles,
Nattchito 'lies, La.
DR Y GOOD)S, Groceries,
Shoes and Notions.
Special inliwermounts otffreri to Cast
t1r chaIis. Cotton anii country pro"
d is, lIot i itt highest Cashi r.Ltcs.
March 15-1y.
+o1hn 0. Trichel'
(WValnmsly's Brick Building,)
Rashiington Street, Natclhitoclhes, La.
Wholes.alo and Retail Dealer in
Dry Goods, Groceries,
!W' lighiest price paid for Cotton and
4tner Country produce, in Cash or Mer
March 25-ly.
T'heo. Sohulman,
Cor. FRONT and ST. DENIS Streets
Natchitoches. La.
March 25-1p.
Pater Touletan,
A full assortment of WALL,-PAPER con
stantly oin hand.
Sooc..al iailuceClnts to CAsH Customers.
March 2-. Natchitoches, La.
0. Shaifrath,
Boot and Shoe Maker.
(IHALLENGES the world for neatness
and durability of work. Satisfaction
in fit and material guaranteed
Shop on St. Denis St.
(peo so 4
J. -ENc c a~ 00.,
- Deallers in
I)IIY G0001)S;
IIhA J)VA RE, and1
\1'.-1 :1tl~ l;,)N SI hE 171'
ti:1tClit()i.Jli.., La..
Mardi 2i-1}"
Blarris Jaffb,
10ron)t -t '('ft, S tilit(cl(Cf4, La.
-ds'ah'cr lin
t p,"cial inducement oIVcrcd to Co,1i "71s
-,lt'al t r in-ir
-(1 'ii I III
FRONT, Sf1"ru,' r ad U doth L.
r. CX'tPirrt M. 1:1) I Jill
CasIpa1i *& Ii(ti.
rla ,"t 1;.il lintzt'
(cI'ND piti! t 'L ' MAM Ii
k \ t i'i) I Ilse 11L j ' r'p it
k4 ti, consiitin, i c· t o f I(1C~i~i C
WARE, &r., Ale.
In tact,
A fail hiso of GOOT(S tor this connttry trade
111 of hint ttttt artt ývilitti at l'"3 thant \ i":
pl t' itm! ,'tr l'uut'ht to tii n' ~ kt. :tail
I rv prtl tce. ini ('ah 0)' itl'fCrhandij'c
March 25,-Iy.
, a ewrolor.
Shop on St. DENTR Street
S (Between 2d and 3rd.)
Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry repaired
at short notice, and in a workimIanlike
l ith i%
Solicits a share of patronage and gunr
antees satisthetion.
Dec 4.-ly.
Gieral Land Agent.
W ILL attend to all surveys in Natchi
1 toches parish1, also attend to the en
tries otf land ar Natcihitoches, New Or
leans and W(shin:ton, D. C.
ITon. Win. M. Levy, Natcliloches, La.
Jack & P'irson, Attorneys at law.
L. Du)npleoix, Register of the Land Ofice.
A. E. Lemen, Receiver ofthe Land Ollico
14n1. Judge C. Chiplin,
C. L. Walmsley & Co., New Orleans.
All business it rusted to nmo will be
promptly attended to.
Otice: at the LAND OFFICE,
NACicIIToeurr.S, La.
2 e . E a "L 111r
'1'haeo. Haller,
Coper, Tin and Sheet-iron worker.
Stoves, Tinware and House Furnishing
Washington St.........natichitothes, La e
Sole agent for the Unrivalled
Cook ing Stoves.f
Gutters, Pipes, Metalic rooting and all
kinds of repairing, done with dispatch.
A liberal discbunt to conntry trade.
March 25-ly.
c3scar~ cihcpsia;
No 65 CAu~vN1ELI*;T S'I'
bus -Is NewOv1eani,,.
C. L. \T L\TII 'Y &CO,,
Perdildo ibp, tNew Or leain, La.
ý:Ir it 25-tý C.
,t. Thu i. Str ict, Natit liiýý tOlI , La.
lVIM, IA NE:, Propricto.
C I(:& wki iihi ; : ¶ 1 j!tivc t I,'I' t ' !
: n l j I- ` `" ý W .
"Revoliig Tea d'
PATENTED ,JULY 1., 1-73.
TO $4 50 PER SAW.
ril GIN has been in use for the past
Ithree seasons, and several recent im
provemients have 1eon laii d. It obvi
ates all hriction at the tinds of ilihe cotton
lox. previents the roll limtl brakill--e. and
gives a LAIGER YIELd) tF LINT from
the samno 'uiont. of ieed than any other
Gin in use. The Revilviig head light
cus the dinft aid c(01ses the Giii to 1uniu
fister with l's drivinz power, thus do
in? a great dial unore wal ok \ jithin the
samue tine, while economizing steam or
aninal a!ower, tohan ny iother Gin. The
swot bring ginned very thl-c. the length
of the staple is increased, piodiucinig cot
ton on this naeenit of a seiat(ur market
aille. 1'hi. iiii1mIoved 'alue, given by
longtIi of staplh, with extra prohiiction
of lint, addled to iiir:eaipsed amount of
work done, more thia envers the cost
of the Gili ill every 1110 hales giniied.
Test imonials Beut b,, mail on application.
59........CA \DLELT ST........59
C. L. WALMSLEY, Agent,
August 12 XiTC(IIITOCHES, L.
Worker in Tin, Copper and
Corn r FuONT :. TWFR EAT' STS.,
Also, constantly on hand all kinds of
of the most improved patterns.
All my stoves sold at city price and
guaranteed to be as represented. Lib
eral advantages offered to the trade.
Also, a fine stock of Tinware, Metallic
Roofing, &e.
Gutters and pipes proftptly and care
fully repaired.
Corner Front and Trudeau Its.,
Natchitoches, La.
March 25 187G.-17.
Hold Your VotcN !
)tV tl 'nllii:. it ( . ýf the ' ig :II
$:11n111'1 !(' lt 1. )Il ti) i.illlll'l
I IhI tin t it. fir Tm c
`'\" i\'1 \(ii I ( lr I \i I'tlal: ( 1.)\\":1]'11 tlr ,
S ui1 (n; il . ik u tnl we ;rii l'
C ( 1 v c' k . ; . 1 l t , tr ' i '.t
j l 1tllI itt , ' t:tll i 't l
hit' Volt!' 111+ i l' :iitijt Wi
Url~~A 11. 1. Ii:.
Our Wc hnn 7:Pn tttr.
'. I:Xt W k. B it if " ( ;ei, r.1 _
sliiit ilt all ten y oe f Othe'
- colhdlentlv riclv. lIe has leen t!ih* C
t(ady, iousi 'tent, outspoken and s
unn on pi nising fli end of the SotJt hnti i
from J hIi up to thi elINpient dany- v
nearly sixtfn i, yenls-and they can V
not and will nit go Iack on him.
Thlis will 2ive hitm 188 vrotes in thie I
Electoral Colege. If thie blacks r
shonld I& intimidated in 5onuh Caro- ii
lion ey t"ie he e i sce of U. S. troops, u
and ! shliould lIse that State,. it will o
1ie only scIen vrotes. lIe will then s
have 131 rotes ,hou the other SoIth- i
ern Siitets; so that hIe w ill need holy "
51 vote ti enom the North to nive hiiin e
the mO 'jllity nlcesC5ary for Ihis e!c- i
tion-J35. Ilon. John Morrissey, of
New York, an old and strong person- -
al and political friend of the Govern
nr, writes to a friend in War-!iu III
that Governor Tilhen is in exne!ket il
spirits, anid fe(.Is sure of gettimng the
35 votes of the Empiilo State. M1r
Morrissey says that the Governor is s\
neatly equally sanguine of suecess
in Connecticut and New Jersey. Ei. In
Senator G wyn, of California, a con. c!
cededly Mile man, who was high in Ito
the confidence of tihe Confederate Il
Government, was afterwards a Douke
undrli Maxinmilian in Mexico, aroel who w
has 1"'-nr ftr several years past, the e.
leading Congressional Ibusiness agent cU
in Washington for the Central PaciTic tii
Railroad, also wriites that Calif ornia of
is sure for Tilden-not only Califor- iil
nia but also Nevada and Oregon. at
Under the circnnimstances, it is not pos- 1II
sible to iee howi Mr. Tilden can fail 't
to lie elected by nearly a two-third sh
From. this State, which holds its Sit
election on the samo dany as Ohio, In- I
diana, Iowa and Nebraska, on Tmues
day of next week, we have c!e fuCl in
assurances in Washineton of the amc-{
cess of the Democratic ticket. Iloth i
liarties, however. al~aim the State, and hi
have their I best speakers in the li.ll.
n 'i t Vi. -' : ha a )Lioau- ia
amid, ;;; IC ie jidi~leiue. aivol:.,
t-a·y to .e naion v hat ''noun: ndi tin of
i ibiuleja;:ans can think to succeed-or the
"012 Tfli 'i* nN Iii INPY . AL i
Thi: l:layv of11t le Itlr ai on. ia t
thet luiiis in Winei o a riin, nail d'tnvs
1n: < k ii nov 'l phywie iut-' had C:
li , C liz' Y il nb;:. 11ii aol)iai 011 t of
i lhdn a Alnrnict enco play ha a or
tint has vet appel ared. Thin "Mighty ei
Dollar," hy sonim Boston maul, owes of
its oscess, ntaifely, to the excellnct C<
acting of Piily Florence ; but, as a '
play, theme is absolutely motlitg of lo
it. The character enacted by Flor
eoce is the only one in it, and ytio
see that it was written for the so ino
purpose of giving him an opportuni- ha
t3- to show ofl. Take the charatcter' ye
that Florence represents out of the
play, and thore would he absolotely
nothing left of it. And so with "The I
Gilded Age," Mark Twain's play. It ti
is apparently written for the pulp~os mi:
only of giving the nman who repre- lii
seats Ce!. Sellers an opportunity of
showing off. In both the above plays, Hl(
you forget the plot; if, indeed, there lIi
be any in them. The same xmay be h
Ioe th e jT ¾OllPN gih t (III
\'" J oodls V i\t e no t n ni In
( ' V. inh has' n t h af olr- , .a
t c 1 pa t, e an- plo whti; t ; 'li 1
y To t iiwi Me of IHO i it , B:pe al
(1(al Statf p 111:05 anda fil,11 I ptI
ever, thDeme arc and Repsi1
ti, t euu ;i, f OeZtiion the f)t i i :
M ofith Iartl tillhp a i\;o itiI~ei 'kf
n i no t ca; Ali i in, 5o a1( tleit ad aix
Ii 14 fl ituiL t IIIOH nn ,,,, '' i' diiv Ii
lia. T ;lking ofonsIney~ ' ('Ill of th
Ate tic' is, o fr wiuspthnie bln ill f
>- tr ient a IsI C ol in th r
y Kn s r ily s t.fl l\i
1 ottle. and e the A litt:
tohek ln ing, 0(1 n "'1i'l 1 ueit iS I ik ol
' i 1 1 ','cpt fl op thep tI(I lI " t
gi eat C tait c o f Ohions iChdIiditiii
-V T n t ni aleritiel ( a(Ii(' (i Qr
In I ely 1ah.e t he I 1 ( e - f
- e 11141) j e'sity will t k, th( t v
" ' "":i(" l (i(11:i( t t0 ('!i.d l . hi
}. 11;;1 iupng t he elow of 0( Oiue;- i111( 1 of ie
! tiow fdi or . D ost i r
+ 11!0 {
e Tt1r. Domhe \1y1r P.s ina Iica
Jl s woh ae thisd ton Aive liea'
ri 11e1.1 parts',i anile h e iI Iitinso lik l teo
ms ntiodo tn 'iuie et, ('plei a in t he
t niotlor medum, cutr-ihl wit tei
ie tio Sfautenc, ofer Ohio:111lniana
I fonetar ge, th a snlu (JeII(IWich may es Ti
A . ii all (lthea, m thet&c;ut lookna~cso
11 ('1111('1'. tl e h ir, tllad !I~ s , :cin; t
- lng1c pary <1%iw it tak, e tha mstt
,i 1" h v't, 'And slecho ans copers W hc ''1
Tashlking, ofl moeyacn Yofuiane
n hwha fetey of or e?" 't m n ~et
;s h r ved . at de nite whatnso ,o t he s
f lb haule PaIl do't mea :that ,
) Intriate ht's mo0et, adter ol'
T h at' ) hnua e folly satioi.s, tht ll t ir t
1 oonieo, a' dthe i A l d
n ' Y os o t f cil de Jo' itng miy 1
!- 1 l iups et a ther reIIEE)5,st his little
a d il andi l minin s thold tDck + t'
cut~~~~~~ 1,n ton u t
lc a mid , '-o il :" t:)
of Say lithe m Parid," aa!Wfa ima Ili
'I d h a Nr It i. h tion haul s i t - 1",
it i takingl asay Ie(' n1c ow th sl!' tof C
T ' ])ini (omiiie 0 ond - lI
I 1(11 i! ii Vto ikied nto gie liu
"Wh lenati ior t i onol , Paul'the 'al ,- 1
Cohperti ed " ne0 IIe' ni' (e
a tYes, sait CIthe~y childC, Inilin;.; tis Ii)
haof , ( lj(of ole of ii cc of his lit ilWi
ing til littl e w cha r, , hol CC Ig vlt al (
latong ixavooint it wa slger maortnse'
1 a ''lbeen)4 si ve , n o ithe party W I',g ii5 1
pass ii ingsr. luo, ence.m Younoe h
marlitdng nt tlhirty yearsl
Hereoo xi lthe Iricit of IlIa Kansa " 1 t
I1lhi V w ifte, nod I" iie ke
hurt hom
lIt1 TO V(iL~t~t the fl2''v ?111' '+'
ti '''l 1 :1 , cl~l - e '
I: tlri !t '',ilt ; It , I Ii
Ill 't il II (,i' f/ I It , rn i I
I~rn(n fO l I 1 l
(iit11I1 ýJ1.I'i i i
I' '11rt'~ l I ' t ~i II\1 ii'[V
llt {, ."I '.I Ii
It t to \1iii ltt'tii 11 lt
a 1 I' I it I I i ' f i't ' i i! . , t .i ! I i
IiI I 1' .ý t ý II t', i '!' t
Ij I,.;.
I '
*~ ::
ti tt i !· wink in ~ 1.
I . i1i, it) t'I alt' \
-l t - li
i" .` I~ l 1. ,11 n ' 't ii .. .tI.
IlTA'1, A':tILiIA l7 i
Tli) rhc Vliow~irig lii·tIi(', 11(1rt fin1( (dli.
tiU to I li Cotn itdi V'tI l * ' 'cco l
llreid it t. their ttellntio
r We adv-iset he colorred Voters in the
Fo i ThOm Sltate to SUpport tOe I)Cl 0
( Ililt S;c~tat a11(l lO~ch) tiklctSJ. 3'lIev
ir IO"'lanlliy, i n Whilt tI,
S- TEY lrr for GoverOTr Til-vesY, ar)ýid l':ti;
1f, ic' c:riii gsilv (1s ot tiole snore t lOW
V. ilii.)t I hey Vo~te fotr t Ie emcrti
Ii ((;'i arid Sthte Iickrte. v t iW tcin i -r
I ti titir to their~s (litten tion ia : ol 0
- Wcet adise ithe2. tolore votver ithee
('anlilt b cir St t ean itd iica , tis e
is 1 il~I~ tyul (If :Ii Atiitiictiri cit Yel,.
I l(.ucy 11I0Vl aliil lJi~ci~l Vict tl3 oiif iCV
iolthitll oariil- te ioStrneneratl of bato
oren, f ho Goivern101 thorn :~d Hy se tand
,h e irposis easiygoi tistie to their
oiy Ilt Ii her S acio tor thoe Deof the corn
lc liii;º ait let otiets.ni Ithe ise tan fort
Seiiit inr 3(111t tit, oiie of tihe strait
is' eaohesarid du rtciifiii anA ierica oiie
So' . ltioi (011)1i 1 in 1(iuch S .19 I I iS tIhI
i. f1 ed i 1itiia the cMlislitslsppi, the, g -
Isto l frillitthat lth t. have biieen tirn tloa
1 I·lCiDully tute olliec.;, iof to
I Wen vI .1 ti Stete Ithnen a1 use thcm!
Iliseive~ thc gnoodi will o~f llii 1 iII'~
fn ;'ritiii los t , ai ol il (Iago stic tioe thlir
iiost cites of. u t lie Sthe al sol !orti . 1i
' anun s andli ll j;hligs iii t ie' ds t of tei iI 1
he i.s Chili: el (~n~ l :1 1101,i lie in ii I' li
tll 0111 1101 ard SC1I tiia t;!ill ': (id~' 1~
1 I
1 I I i
I it I 'tit L
- I
' -,: · theil'IISOII1! I fllitlCi· It· cl(l!(ii (.2 !
I'so"r firvll mahlie liiicr (1(11! ii:il
I,1 ((tllcd fellowl~nit i/cIlS. Cl ...N
1' fo Srilio rt ~ les' isak F ihlcl iirscillti~to I~l
S3 A fter the n Ilrlcicrc th~e liegillesl~ rc- . (;
fose(d to dispci~is mrrild lucyi hl~lld
l cist iirgrnishre hivye:~~r (If thlis cit v ran
lraftr14IR9 wh~o iritul dOllw uki fu.l~iQ ChI1·L Il.
l i . : -i1 l(''i c t 1111
I'- . ; 11!1110 hill a"
,I iaI .
: ·' - '1 1. f (i 1 1 ý
l I ia ll' ialll
" . ý l 'a al . 1nl
I' 'I I (a 111'
"'1 11;
I' · . ··; · I : !,:t '; 11·:;e 111, i
! i icito l
! ". :, ..1 !! '1..
1 1.1,1- -\1 11i ;III ita
,1 IJ
{ ' I i " ! I aiaa I II I t (
* 'a'i'a'
'a .,a l .I ( ; , . i , , li d+ii 1a 1 "a~
*;,f ;'Ala ;II 6 111c;ta
'' ~ ~ ~ ~ A' IIlr huh'.~· \ ~nr~l~c
''~ ~ ~ ' C~~,a'(.'' ;ct.".1'''.
* . t t ;1111! -a
fi. :!" P'It' 1 011.c
th '' a ta ' 11 1: I .
1ýtf L 1 " 1Ii ' la - _('f'' J;ia ('aiahc.
till 111:1' I ft; I: !.i· t tII tilt P a u l
,1 r1 1 1 , .
' 11 . ..1` .A" s o ldit'r of for
t da
0 1: 11une
TheI' hc Ci Il~k ll kli hk tlliCr'a'(.
'To! toil, A. hater' of tl' w'axlute race '
S1a11" r :
u I'l Iv al the hn!I:I lit c attpora
c ! I '
I: 'a.l iI I' la;l'Iralra Ca~int ii a ~rvl)4)ii
ti); 'ai 1'('l'a inll]~ cl
}iThis list \\ ill he ('mitiltaicil.
tWhat Lincoln Thought of Hen
I cricks.
`''.at l "'", ; 1.i:. a'c t'a III (J Ill) take n if lie
1' ('uujIia 1/ EO

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