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The People's vindicator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, October 28, 1876, Image 1

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-- ( A j / T·.:
'1'hý ýI, $2 Per Annum. 7'I i., \VIKLAIflK, OF TiI1Ii:, PEOPLEI~ S MEl SUP'I-U2M' LAW. sN'AK1: 5 x.
VOL. LI NACHTCHS L(V~S~N ()CT98> :>-a 6"N.7
Alexandria to Natchitoches.
Srri' f,:. D ; rt res.
',I. , i 4 p. ur. Th'Ju'nrS V 9 a. '±t.
1Frnil:as 1 p. iat1t .{urda\ ` a. oi.
5.un: I .' p. mi. Mltn Lay a. :I.
Natchitoclhc to Shreveport.
T es. ' :1. m. Tnisd:l, 9 a. in
Thlur lai a! . Ill. i ThurlM;ay 9 a. n,,
'.' LI ,, .I. a. , S.t'tlrdlay 9 ia. In.
Natchitoche1 to Tcxas.
i' ,dy i' . i, . donl;lay 7 :. in.
, lay p. in. 'T'hiurday 7 a. in.
S N lltchitnr hel1 to indein.
I ,n l p t . it. ,iny.u da:iy 7 a. in
,' l"i l". PI. ?atill l yi) 1 a. in.
'atcehitochiw to Wii!:iid.
' , in. T '' lll ay 1 p. In.
, 12 in, Friday 1 p. in.
A il It ' (I ', ;F ATS A. MI.
i 1 r,.i lho rs- n'., 7 A. `I. to 12 M.
W . D, 1t tl8li ' . .
P'oet Mast,,r.
Professional (U rds,
l ni'fo lrUIs f,,lv ( flt'l.',liu '~' cit JatIW
NA '';TCH f( )i '-~, LA.
r ' lr . ii Iit
ni GratI I I t. i" th" Suiprixo no n t f t,.
-, oe. (I \tu prdn pti .Lt 'nd!il to.
Mairh 5-1v
ý. A. MORStt , .FC . . )l:AN; '1,I.
AtthrneI.cy at Lrr.
Ofti''e onl Sc'onu`, l td t" t,
March 2.5--1. Natcbitochc:, La.
M. JI Ci'a inu hatm. 1T. P. Cihaplin.
J. Ii. (cnninflhamn
Cullinllain, Chaplin &
Attorny,'.~ ( Cont (outseliors at Lac,.
St. I )(ni i St., Nat'chitoches, La.
IIL praeuiie: in tath court. ot Rap
id , tra nt. Winn.  athinr. l)(Sto,
RI ld Riv,,r :tnud Natc hitc 'h,'s, and tih,'
f 'npre,n (IConrt of lih, State.
l',aint !ro,,tp'l itly attenl'id to In Any'
part of tl' tnion. March 25-1y
itjllljrd & (TamnpbAll,
DHY (:ooi;,
And (Genlral Merchandise.
Corner F'aoT x LIF.rr"TTPr StreEt,
VNachitoches, La.
IGr!,TUST ernh price pailt for cotton and
IL ,,coinh prod'Ie in cash or mlrchandiiue.
,iu ch ",. - ly.
-WTillis o me3s,
Natchitoch('es, La.
DRY GOODS, Groceries,
Shoes and Notions.
Special indulcements oflereid to Cash
iirchiasters. Cotton andI couintry pro.
dullc:, Iboth at highest Cash rates.
March 2-ly.
John C. Triohel
(Walmln ey's Brick Building,)
Washington Street, Natchitoches, La.
Wholes.ale and Retail Dealer in
Dry Goods, Groceries,
'I' IIighost price pallid for. Cottoin aind
^i!ncr Country prolduIc, in Cash or Mer
March l5-l.y
Theo. Slehimuan,
Cor. FRONT and ST. DENIS Streets
Natehitoches, La.
March 25-ly.
Peoter VTeu.leman.,
A ftll astortteuint of W.Ir-P.II'rER con
stantly on hand.
80t.a1 illducelnents to C,1AS Customers.
Natchitoches, La.
March 2--1y.
0. Shaifrath,
Boot and Shoe Maker.
C IALLEN(IGE the world for lneatness
alld dulrability of work. $:iti.stctionl
ii fit aiil ilateri:l giuarantced
Shop Oil St. Delcis St.
.llar t(-I
0J. 1.1.10! , st3 cfc. ,
- Pealtr-q in
Y ( fl ( 7I )Oi ) S;
1I.1It1)1 n·;.1··, and
WAMJLINC1tfl.ý Mi 1i fr I'.
.'Latcitly N ratt . it I ;
harris' RED a17Jp
F'ront ýir ett, Batt hitta' , Ih ::
A11A CI'::\ER L MI , N'. ¶\M'.1 1
I fi - - ail4 r ii-.
kiM~~.: MI' 11 7 ii 'l ·' I!. jut *!,
\VA1.E, rssar nt d 1.+,c.t
III tact,
I FhOth''s.,N ( ITO (IIu : La.
i:mrrtl 45-ly.v
(I Jowolor.
Shop on St. I)ENIS Str,, t t
S6 (B twcnii 2d auul :,i.)
Waitches, Clocks, and Jewelry repaired (
at short notice, and in a workmanlike e
liianner. f
Solicits a sharI of patronage aind guar
antees s:atisfaction.
lDec .-ly.
Gneral Land Agent.
W ILL attond to all surveys in Natchi
toches larish, also attend to the Ii-
tries of land at Natchitoches, New Or
leans and Washington, 1). C.
1,0. Wm. NM. Levy, Nat,'hitolhes, La.
Jack & Piierso'n, Attorneys at law.
L. Dophlix, lRgist.r of I lt Iand Oflicc.
A. E. I itm e, Receiver of thet Land (Ofiice
1l1i. Judge C, Chaplin,
C. L. Wahnsley & Co., New Orleans.
All IbuMIincss intrusted to nim will I,e
promptly attended to.
()tic: at the LAND) OFFICE,
Ir( it CI I E ·, La.
Thleoo. EIal1oer
Coper, Tin and Siheet- roi worker.
-toves, Tinware and Hlouse Furnishlhg
Washington St.,........L atcitotees, La
Sole agent for the Unrivalled
Cooalring Stoves.
Gutters, Pipes, Metalic rooting antd all
kinds of repairing, dono with dispatch.
A liberal discount to Qxnutry trade.
March 2,-l1
Nu G65 C ARIJND,]ELl' :;':'".,
J 1- I-y1 N "\yV ()l' i/ l-:.
L . L\ .. 1* * . %, % \lU M l1 ~ Y
SJ"ill ! --- ,
'i',;d't St.. N ew OI"rla:i. La.
}I'7:1. :ýý[ , P.B' O r 9'' 1CtOi.
:s1 v U: ',ý
.% t
' - Ili
ý is
TO $4 50 PER SAW. t(
WI, I.N I'a b1,.-en in use for the past
1 three sillonIs, and :;elv'fal rl.e ft itu
ro Iro iltSt t Iihaye 1 eefln i thl . It obvi -I
ates all fr1 iction at thIt cnds of the cotton i
1,,., II ,\ ont* tl:, roil fcoII h1"akin ,. and t
givs a LX A .G' Y LI OF LINT from
the same 11aoi of seed than any other
Gin in use. Th' RevolviIng Fend light
ens tilhe draft and cmuses the (Gin to run 1i
faster with less driving power, thus do- k
iug a ,';,+ dr:* d m11 -,, wort. vrithin the 1
etre, tile, whih" ec',lo~nsi;:o stl in or
animal power, than any other Gill. The j
seed heing gilneid very cloSe, thil l,.ngth
of Ih e tital)i' is incra,,1., priodueing cot
ton on this ar.ouunt pt a greater alirket
Salue. This inprovedl value, given by
hintth of ~ ;ph, with extra Ipriotction h
of lint, added to increased amou1ntI2 of
work done, more than covers the cist t
of the Gin in every 101 hales ginned. C
'1'c:irnioiials s',t by nmail on application. o
JOS. 11. WOLFE & CO., a
59........CAoltNILET STr........ 5 t
C. L. WALMSLEY, Agent, I
August 12' JA TCHITOCFI',S, LA.
Worker in Tin, C(epper and
Also, constantly on hand all ldnds of
of the most i:nprovetd patterns.
g All my sto-es sold at city price and
guaranteed to be as represented. Lib
oeral advantages offered to the trade.
Also, a ftine stock ',f Tinware, Metallic
Roofing, &c.
Gutters andt pipes promptly and care
fully repaired.
Corner Front and Trudeau Sts.,
NatchitoecheCs, La.
I M1.:, 25 17i.---iy.
P-olit:cal .Go1:ip from the t c:e- t'
mal C pitati, '
7The 'a, r ort Ci(.a1un,.-- Tildi''s }
4 n i T.l e la,:'t, s j )D cot re . ..
i'r", ,'," "1'. T l:' T ~i,'.1 1ýR'N!'t t
t,,tr .m!,'(."i;; . tihe Nct.rt 1,,1,,.
[(!: 3 . .. 3.U ',' 0111" A]' t 1,: . 1W. 1333
"W ash~llIn .h',i, (H'i. i:I, ie, 0. I.,
I thiti:l. r t , I an ('. v rt'13 a llt(' the Stl
.:, , 'l e.o , hl tof ( ! :i it.i u rt , e - .t o
i,,,,t uf
A liE.\'r DFu.i. cERA :.C't"',
Not oily i: t,,,r, :d Ioar', on ticv;
i, 1%':t ( i:' ii il holo llld i , ho have b.\
l 3l'lln ,riki gi the lif't', 3 , ;: your (i
bute, h tl: t e halow i' !l!t, ,h'ttcl hn
h lai ulher which wtt !,vi. livwd fmr i"
it(' il , t i ilt te y i t n y 'a3r'v li " to (
'ti eve' c'tiote in Ill-ie 1i :: , in  i n
t ire t h
the lh 1'd 1i'i IN (; oi 'i't .: ww "t*t t
,iul o d C<r nt V* ,irini:a i tih t .
,h 1a u: ~elodfa Io l
the .,ll ii i-t ratioin party. 1 ll 11o.l t
iiw tii t. a h y eititt y ex ot tw d I , nt a
So lientr aone all three of '1 Con it
1..v tw o i.. letitl ' S of fu .:,' l-C'(;'' i ll l'll V1
1r11e1hr en .,li:e;ti . It is not ? aI . - I
w ,icitsl e t, it, t, l,,ra he d >, :ito n te 1- t
ount of nllorehh iAt ri nt)l 's i' t, at a.
tile lIheluhli".n wouh1 , l'yWes to
WVill rini i ai, theI( il tweo 0 %V 11s -,
i.tl e chi. l s e't ll g n s fi a iii i l 1 oit. V
or tWO mnemboll," f con:'>l[Tres.- :llch l
dissel~lnsns. and nioie perihlaps onb thte 1
p~one' of mnie;uy i d l i{]. :M:ie;.
Well, we k,:ve the 1i silt' flim W\-c.
Virgiinia. The ]),,iollrade, mlljieit/
is over I1t,0t0i. We have th elif -
ltlire bye a two-third(. ili .1ity, in
sring a chono of two l)nst'lratic
Senators andd ll thre e of the Con
gressiin chs aosi are H )lnincrats.- t
Such i:; the filule ti o 1 l u11111lh.iti i.x
pectation. The Mtate \Will Dive Titi('
and lhendrit ks iii Noveillbe r ia n:ijori
tV of inot le. thall I..0Il. uThe Stot' a
iS vetry "11 :i ,li," iii ld hi Virgiihia g,-'
will he e fqu:llr. so. i
At theit(, Iitet of the enlorVl.n hin
Wan 1; ,t d!ow , i:( I + i.' ! c:talcik . lln i
As ','rfi eta .t r InHi ,oy
hr a 1ur-'e mai, n,,ity. The only qus
tioln was afs to the majoriity he coutl' I
ihitettc tlr , , er ltye(Xit
,get. hillº has gone f lr 1:( th p!:!p-li
e i.ns by hf re itii jc ritiet d in ev "i;i
"restlential el uteil t 1it ifrom t :-h.2 dui it
to sve iresent inar, ta 1' 'ie! of t1: [ -
it-four ve'lars.
Foulr i year. ago it ave art the Oito- t
her -.lchion a; th'p blian mi nhlt;l< l on t
the rote fo r (;frvc t nlor of !I,l6. Two !
months ago Ihl Rlpubli, head eal'rs
eXlo tnTd, as. it was l late i resil' i owll
ll, i have no sii 'ler ioUl s t ight. lout toi
carry3 it it (?"tub er by at least as
l;rotg 1 )nijolitV as, they haillt lone in
I"" ild i ' 1 .';o iber by notl l -ess C
th:u p',< . T d hey w dneri
Terribly ,S'urp'-'.' J
S'hen daout i t touith ago tIhey fons ii
Sthemselves forcedl to c(lllceltirate
speaker., money and effort to save
flave ts rol deteat in his own State a
of Ohio. After a terriblm earth l
desperate effort, a very larrge expen -
tlitnue of money and a ol,.e p'ollhiig
of fcrlatdlenot nvote, the hv,'il unroiva
god to save Oihio liy the skin of thcir t
t eeth Threy ireha t h
svee rblow Sered It. t
SSuch is Mi'. _Hayes's personal potpn
larity and strength wVire he is best g
kuown. Tn apiln'eciate this result, it ]
Imut be clnni3her td that Gov. Tihlen
pa'as iant the o uigi'::t twevice o the
Ohio Thi.cistb, t ue maiy of thnic
onu tl, iiiuport nileri .,gof the ! ate
g rluend they uneritoo rkgult i tnoil
nee of the pa i (. They dhi not, lite
this cosie {coc rthe cu.cy queseion.
Inl spite of all adv\erse c'onidera
tions, the desire O o f the vwatle fnt a
chant e and reforn has trinmpaedg
overt the Presidentir t LTheaIhoo
abol,1nt iCSlo ncthentr tead" alini the unh-i
anited ars of mieonkleV, aind (ov.ftheyns
i. cet dil n t e begghtrly fotr or five
thousand majority in his oTn wttoe.
To the ofpbic-hohlers herw this is bt
Sseverer blow even than the loss of
SbaonIndiana . IL iWe st hirginia.
It is Il)'lsver to shis that the Re
pubSicats have soeured twelve out Do
the t~wenty memeiiors .of (Congress hi
Ohio. This is by virtue of an infa
tto f g Oorryiand nnerig of the State
then Ihely undertook leto give the
D)temocraits oly]% lie (,lt of the t\\enlty
dlllalb of Cilgrepcs. ri sepit c.f
this the thenoith jhans tohreh
great battln-gronnd of h, catmpaogni.
Indliana~ irasl the/ .Ke
to frie Presidentil ilnght b The lle
to impns conttrandvote nIo it such
Kent array "of s rietakerS. luly oif thenr
adossr, ssinig the highest ability as
tuiiperto such as go. er his been
witnessed in polities. The w\liole
pTewer of lh Aninistrhei on, ,d hnf
lhe Republidain paly t, was brought to
bear on Indean l ti, is within bolida
to say that from~
Six to ED'tht Dunlldred 77toiusand IDol
have been p pot by thent p poso the
states of Ohio and Indiana; wlhere
the ; edel erats tSere able to raise one
dolar tau etep.bolicant raised clie.
This gave them the itcans to hire
Col, inhurz and a whole armny of
speakers, to munltiply meetiugs, pilo"
cessions, ilhlumhatiou,% to luny uni
fforms, torches, etc., and, abo\'e all,
to import and voto inegrocs from
Kentuck\" and repeaters horot other
point,. 'T ,ey had effected a perflect
organization of the State as far back
das two months ago.
The Democrate, on the othee hand,
relied m ai uly o il stumnip [email protected] ,ki ,ng ,
liAnd in poiint of fact never had a full
a,'nd co nillete organization uip to the
'dii ot the elccthon. It was :nibnah
fighting against regnlai's. The Radi
cals appealed to the passious of the
war ; the Democrats appealed to rea
son and orgumnent, lBoth si,,, chlaim
ed lt ,i Stiite conideh~ ntly. T he Iu
dinanu a 'ublican leadess gen'rll';.ly
t' .,! . . . . .. . . ... , .ti lt .. ' 1'1,(' " -\'l " tit
1; ) :t : 1( ll l:fA ll -; l t(, l , 711( - ei t
e T ,,t t" (rl h : : I a l' h:(t 1,. - .i
1,h: i);':.:?,, (,f t!i. cit,', otirt ,d ' wq!
!:t!.' ,3! ) on their )- 't ". liy .i
u uA . [:tt(l tilt' " litt.i n \aA o\'v , .
1t 'u (i ,'tl . ;, i-;'., :\i'. !hna ih it
•  i'., , tC:,.ti, t faT hil, ':te t',r
Sov) (, ;i,;". ]!:' \,\'la9 op)T:,,e;' 1)\ '1 l t(,
:m . 1 .[,,,,,r i t0 it i )l by 111 IA - l'I
sonal ii:i ity scuredta ma- r(
im ti'.v A, 1I!OL i]A t (the i)m In rA ( sA
,tvt. rl tl,, i t, ( I t Ahe r '1 )f th ir S ate i
tick 't. 1'Al n: (' C. it , rr, one 'of tile i:
0,:' A '1 tti r l ,' A t'ro ',li: i'.,;l,'A . ti A
( :i1 I(' A :1!:, ; 11 1 ('l(iiA'A,'- i('l. :.!:\ ,,1"
had. . on th oi.si o l -Vt iV
ilil wliiet' a l the 'It's i, I, la. Tii
(i)v (rnitor all it Si (''iltftlly of S, 'ii , ,l: 0 111
m.,',inle ui brth r, h u (,' of ,t t (I.,
I%. ,nsn 'Pe . \ a ti, ("i.e ,'t 1 \i
l:re 4i'(Alijority is lt di,:. in Vl I,' .'t : (r1
Il, r C. tlth
-i, view of the hclo , ":S . r ,e oft' t,
lIA A 'nt' lt'.. 'anlii . f IA " i h'll4tA ilr en
oi ;17t ib lhe Rilpt! ; ..1;,"' i, ! ll , ' i
i t I lla , itl Vt A1ia l , lat e . I I ('t
' lilAt expect l ilt.l. .li)l The (.:il
wa ti.'i) I' ha l l A I t'ni ] I "I
t ell. Ahir f N-t). In ;N t'WJ i s.l Vi
I'A mt . Afi l ' ), l AA: jlo t~. ll . , i :, X 'A ii.k
o .f to i 3 Cw.l  ilcA'lI I t i lt l lt 1 i ! ' t4 1
h::1i)11 t)hli1' ,ltt fii(,' :)\'lhii' lti's A.l
t',' 4ti AC1' "llS t !1 t `l ) titlt L t1 . (iA1
d til ..tll. The lic, t for [i diA:l.l i, Ili'\
i ,w l,('ic.ly rtei'',(I. lr. Mrtoii knew i1( \\
'Inis. or le \i(lld t n1 ot ha\'ve ;ot' toi ti
Si ill'! i 1 t I , . T il ' - '
t'i cr i n Rll<.ui tf )Ii)1'!
h:lº ablle gro nliir . Ohio will go Iiri
Hayes, hot by no tri ; u phalnt Vote.
The moral elli'ct of thii tt'iucll h is
to )
( ]A I :'t'.i ,' rl l ' tf , t! l l, .[ t t, i .)¢A
the votes ;of Nc'v Yolk. New ,J',rcIyI
anli Connecticuti .11. All th '. i.i 'i )(t li t
get mtl l N ew ,l''.\ art of a 0i1!i ul .
I lilu irratic In:mjntity. In :ew Yolk t
tie klnlWs Ne York to :1 slot. T'ieh
:,t\\ Yolk 1 mclilt t'l':), had tl-r' or
, l .:i tioni o r lie( it'.ie t 1 , c ai go. I
don't th k it thi twill tbe p ssitile for ilh
l Aeu)tlicait s o o tlni the titde whit h t
will 'w tio itn for Tibletn il i.t ownli i
Stiti'. A:s for Colin ecti'ut, th. a - it
.i AIrit'y fr " 'itt ' Atil l e has 'avy. llTh l e .t
tat('be has given ifl'g(' D),(c ati'c' a
n'jorit i's for \ earl . ,::'s r. L:3, t sl)ri:,,,; t
the Democratic eanlitiate flr UG1v-1l
1ter.r had 7511 pltrality over the i e
u1.licau icanudidate, and ti cle ar Iima
joritt(I Ilty t t l :i o\ str the keil hlicansl, +I
S\rentiiacl keiS 1 il l Prt ohibiti,(;i :,lt.. I )
thinkil] it t'rl.o(nillteO alld saftl to sa
that Mr. Tilden will get the ;'ý;,Wa of ",
C_ u)lili tt'ienlt hi" fl',om foilr to (';.:ht 111
thitilt!.ll I1l ajori yt.v, (I
)L iiisi)1i alind M ;s.4:' .ili Idi le tlhei I
Tilden tlill bie the ei. t I,'cs 1ident, a;
and there will he a futture in this
country for evertr Iont'st nll and 1.
go( c izon l.l
As fTr the House of Rieprclisontative,
it, i l harl( to ( t iib at. i.t, b t (good
ji ltdgs Ihere, who are w t'll p ecied,
i', 1.ll n it /Ir i le 1)ntolti)nr , tis" i 1
by fler lo'te toll th t , inty miraj oit i l
U,. it.l.i b1 r that rwe havet g1rl'11 an- I
N ori'ti'i ' tiltets. TlI sile rf lhis 'le
will lAll oth'doubht Byat we wast the2))
So tather t tit -i tro 1 i) ai is, well it ele 'ilt
hin nelml(11 actihey dhi two 1 i tti
ag tt, If they hwlt Niei owY' we will
hialve tlhe Houseoif H-ilreeniatiwes*
Yel terd sy, t tioar n os.ei ui, 6;.u'yhnd
Vi'giuh il ll 0 ;h I(da u lia. aV1b.
4\irgi.i hoils her own CInoly. South h
St:trSliout will very likel ,lgive a Dwt it
ocrttic gain sf two embrw t a
Thre ii, 01oltgh of tlt)o and ,of '
eleu sky t'r inspire the Aist e.iterlit is Q
of eveci " true oan 1' '
Mr. Pulitze -'s View of the Sit
decided the eiection of atltoe ,t
7.ihin j t.st a' surely a's the Otiletr
ele.i1,it of four yearl's ago hehchdti
the eflt o)f Grt 01ley. Th(1 r(,sult of.
iaist Tueill|Iy toyit,." be uiniiun4d up4' it
brief, ,ois follows:
1. The eltit be dIeniocratic V tate
ticker i1 hi'not is e dicted afttr Ihe
ever known t he history otf thi i
h 4.h Jks iix N1v(mber I4hi4' C 15
ol1dctorail votes wibherutc l]1e remtest t
this dop.' not inll the. la.t t fri ' tilt h n h
eigh1t v-three eletorfI al , ' ,i, , I
r lii !!ii': i . i-Ii
2.1d l let it h distinctly rinw(ller
i1 tiat in ti:, !;'ht tilt problem foi
y l i' . ,i ll
I i fl.e .a to n l I i t i n+i fl l In i ts 1t 1 t A . 1.
iIl Ito n it if l i: thi~i!, I hV . t1 tiiot l I
t atTe . a1iI t 'h ,"affit f Ill sio ofi t ..
til i t 1 i lli ffr: i lr y w \::0 lllnc nli tl; , l
tNO in (th- 4(ifte'I "1hft b'mfle 1: Ti
Tfi l ll, iif tii ttt i ll ilf1 t t't~ ii. i" .;'. .i
no't tl! n, biofh a rtl Ii fpoi. If
Slinl ictan t'.rtli ht : t l ll til ll Ci (I'
ilil ti e l ,lti'.l i i i t it,' tl , I 'f ;:l:it I ICL - i '
blica" i nt 1'1411 :ohnit 1!i11 Lo t
if tl t [i i l rat t i Ic t ,lg o ri lle i1.1
111] . if In ti:in'a e i h (lt ir, H il'" o . ii
Il H:t i ti 11 (5i0i . ii. i.llliT, Ihlldl -, I t
, a lltrtti ioeread.ig a ndta tit,,. nIitill
Ai ', o ti t ll!' i n' wil l cost it, t c'1 oft, l ' i
\tel fol r Tilden m i li tll iTie lhi . '".'>, . ,
1;ill )t o inly klrn-o a " ,,!i! un'i'" ii
i he tl i ! !( l i I, l es of ' l irslal s wnvl. hI
"( , )SEll'S lf P 'LIT',' i(.tt e M .,,.
. l',',' tw'lit the following h it o(t i "
llil lllitf i to tie c n itiho to li ii .ftff /ie
totetl upon at the ndxt l ttIoeral tI'l(
tit:. W e ilh l tll h cit 11z.I of' oI ur vi
;:VI illr gii- rt tilt (, S lln iit .lt i t ,, llftS t i%1
Iiiu ii Ii I rllil , ath i Ie luln n nt 51cr "
art ftl reidling an id act l witlh fll,
linoy lt' d te ili v illg upoli thll : I t
An act Ioi amendi the constitutiton of i
the iUnited States of Louisiana. to
tie it enacted by the Stliat, andi
Ilthle of lNlter'nl htct ie"s of thle State
iof Lon iiihe if ill t i lei rtl A l tIlliflvl rI
enrii l d, tif two tihird. : iof th ll t l eiIerS ; il
fil c(' lt hoi S,e Si el' etlll o, thltou. That i .
l i,.io d li;ll tl 'i I 1d s )i ! the l ' o l actl ti'.
of | ,,lre. litatives, with tho ye lilid
ft;tiry It !ate sf hall ei ile tihet s:lle t' i
1I,. L liflt'ed three n loii !,tu i stf Ielac,lr Tiet
ofxt tileeneral  sulctilyn for t'hil.verdet
1la0 iti', in the l General :tCe:lhly, ijn at
l;t:1ý: one ne p', ap|aler in every pal islt
ill the State in which a neicwrlhaer ;
shallit le ill liihId, and said ll.p oosd an
Sl :untl othe .;u.1e1t:I Aeb shall u e-to
the lolple, at said election, in such
n cr tli an fo llt that the people miay
ste arl'tel. , i, : a irst rllo pog e d t tl nli
ilt, ,"For a cltroal." or "Apain-C t
l i ittva ll, a tl ii i like manner as to.l
i.e otherw,, ato( if a majority ofill the
vot ili't rur d btio , h i, ll a, tlirove
tinl rai' tiV such amendmeni t or sulenliil
Illo('i l lt r ':1 i tt t huli, the sa lle lall
be ll lieal ulasio ered, and ite-d
ico nllu lat of the CollnAtiltionl, and1
b, tpriclie|, id a1 such b3" the Gcov'llernl" t
1. 'lohn el-onditu.,trs of each (ion
of the General Asseinhly for er dileti
i1and lsileage o of ni(enbcis, for paly
dintnt of lllers and ellie p1 sen, l
for conli lt ; in ut exp i ts,, shall not ex-t"
ceed the sii l of Onell hlldred and sov- eli
snty-five thousaisld dollarts a iind m ll
ler ict t of the nrl Assembily shall re
ccivc live dollars a day during theirt
thtedliclit, d ii mileage of tweliLt
hle c,:urth Isc, e clsi ofhir eective llar
ieds tbo t ihe S oat Catelp. a
t2. aToe lilt sr1tnintlil article sixce ity
ixrofthe constitution, which ltreads i
its iill watcs, to wit. "If a iy i ill shall
witlin fiv, dayt after it shall hit ve
b-j ilnesdnte to hinc , iat .f ll bt 'I
law iCi like iuner (sif se had sigtedi
it, unless the Generiil Asslebly b yi
aljourleu pllvent its h relurnl , ial
w ich easo the said bill shaall be re
turhieon the first day of the meet
iug of the General Assenmb'ly aftoir eli t
expiration of said five daysn or be a
law," shall be aniended so l l, to renil
I- follows, to-wit: "If l llt i. hill e hilln l
withiu tive days, nltit incsldiie g in lii
d ", I fter' it - h ll have lieel l p ieelt
4ed to him, it ihill be at law in like
idale" to 1 ie had sigued it, unllfi I
IL. (Geeillial Assem1 bly ioi aijouillrn
miitent llrevenlt it.l retiai, int ,whicha
ca.e it shall not lie aI law tlth's s Witu
ed nllld l oiim lgliteil withilf t ofll-il)
tict coLirts of the State, outside the
e' v id e u c e o f c o Jt t u , 't e s s ; t o g r ', I: o ! '
d ' d i 'r etli itn of prlo'lerty 1'
Toi' ,( it -l14H 0!, 10i 1v, o 11((1
rO H ..1 1;.. ofI (, ", o  'I-- rII e .(l' l sale l ri
m itto y , ,., .-, mld .'h:1 receini+
,, I t. 4 t1t ( ir t i,- may 1 e b vlovid)
'y the G( !:I'l;'l .\se.,c hlldv.
!. Thoo ('(I (III .hall! lecei'e r.
. ' .' , ix "',., :to l, d o it s ,
!:no,;,i,, ,1. ! .h i tt , on his ownt
(. N , '('-, or T:rr ,ini~nbit of ofllcc
.1;1l bh!' ,d t , 1 r,' d ':.,d hv tilt
T '1 a :.'000v . .'. Aa tr,,', Attorney Gen"
1 :' n , or t )i I: t 'i, ;,t1', nlt,.
The Puidit.. C0h,.:-t in Louis
W 'ir,- ;.:1 to ,',, "r , tihr IT11 .
i :". i.:' !' .:,:i ] ,'t ' [I u :.I , I l (I th oI'1O
" I. ty ii . tor the 'tto
S1 [n ` t Isd:uls t i ite t Col
i, ' tt: .o ee"' olu t
1 70 o, ; : r Wplv it andli
.,.:, , : ;,, .,i, t I ( 'i: t . "tl a lic
' . te ,.' t et a:, ;l!",) do'ithe thell
..',:. t : . W e "re tl f this for
, < to ,j - o t!:, . ,- ve tufhe l party
:. . : : [t d iu'e. t ll. ti o ' o r tI t o l -
it-! ' 1 ''Il";t,[ii,
, ti, ,. , e aa ve.h ,ate their
ti l : t t' ];'t,,wr t (ºi.e ai,.l;n, par
.i i 0 l :d ,t'; . t.1 e , toto this'
I ,!; ,.ie illn .t (is:; in ts u. O ur
',it. t , ,d.'" t( s'' 01 " lt h1e pub
]ilº "' . 1 ` : t 1,,l, ii:a ; )o 1launu gled
.0. , 1: h 1su lt !1) ath depthlsl of de-
' l 'l"it t, t ' olt r : lrl relief is
tln'il 'II i i'.tlit th n i the ii u licalln s
,; 1 , !!' '0; !',:) :1l;, rcv" n/iize the
,'.':t.-,'.:. 1( (1(, 1),t bhi .oo<l'o ,llhublic
' , ith ' oIl2 " ('lj !s'V-t'e i lr'l ill fLact
oht,,ul. piolu It l1,[000n" that t ihey atl
vi'1 «I to I(!,1 tIt to 1(t l",e,'ig ely as
\wi' re elf . :l 1 a' ' tin li. They toll
l, to I 30.,t 1yi.s I'lt W theeler,
;!s1l let tll pj,:1 tyI' here ati. iiole, uln
tlr i1 pi.)esent oraLnizatioin andii lead'.
e Lhipi, g eo to e:iec. -iti ltle sooner the
bet tr. We have howcecr striv
t 111 a lihLetd WritIIvly to avoid.l this i;
hCve in f'.t t,!,ttL ited in the traks
aitl titahtin of jlitical ilnibecilitv and
owr~'thult.-s - -he oir ,,erighl t rectkls
ne':S andl 11;1 uth-as 3 enality, not to
saty briuiaility 1 nallt pjltiently, in
th hit and il, that leut huhadge for
the I tll tor "1\ ithint i;a ."s" w'timid flinal
Iv t,' i:: . until 13 '.[t, in thdt , iilh t lof
thil; lnit .ti , a, ii lili. n h tre i
titw St h- h-te in l ui id.:tla -- if our
.1tttrt.h hlot ait0d 0 Ihjulih'ao,', htvilg at
Piort te ;i otale tiet for the o4 igin
til ' that we t.ilt aii yt IliCger follow
aftir the vai iititu l\ i lt promiis8es of
this 1-h1uncht.l't tkitt tlld saI wake --lor,
I ill , e. T ho He publicaln of the
ortl tllh tll is li e t c1 io . . , They tell
Ili that it is 11, t" (xpech'ltd of a decent
lhRe ullit'an of L=,ntia ianii, who slut
ports htiayt.s ad il I ohiderd'r, that eo
,h0luh ilt al- supp:tit, teh a' ( i',lst Slato
tih'k t, i1,,,d o .taigi ,tni ru'ltoent or
llliizilitin oIf th :0tioay hll. A ind
We ricjpeat, 0,'4' are lot going to do it;
Ih'luli hb;ins wtt Ilo ood t'firm hiere in
thde i l-til gdhit t f, Ila till( Stt t
aillC(1 1l i tle ible' , l e such Iimellt a
Chatile ntiunet' in their glions ls an
tihuclts of fled ol, shulild not andll
mIi t linot, le hijlp e t(!1 i riow thus to
stultify thiuir recordl. "Is thy ser
tVilant a ll, that hse .should do this
thin. " ' No, ho is not ia dog, and ho
will tuot take ;l dog's place, lnor do
the ditily work of Il dit. Iti iis hiard
elnogilh fI'l aniuy l.vtpullihan, with any
lpr'oper self resl[pert, Ito have to Sitp
pirt the National ticket, with the
we s't:'ll g Iutt tl tick't of this State ;
itl itl i,. in cooeii'.mt for a piortion of
Ithis tichcL thus, xw, hiave> l~t, ii down
frilii otlr Ui4 u1t i 1ead ( th a nilus, of
1aye,. i d l Vhli eher. The l ,'itu blic
iani E~luecoril ticktet or' L~ouisiaini, n+ ,a1
whl le, with all th3 ci'ic l!uiStatnea slf
its foiiumationi diuly con,'iderted, i.s per
fectly iiioletriabitle, ll ,a1, la mot,, cool
Villi wh-ked olili'ale. Andl alitigther,
wi do 13o1 It hitow . 'l' ,tysay tlhit
wou'l lie bittler tfr LoIligilna in the
lnd. anllhttteh '('ii l the iScoulth tdif
Stie'ilu1 tier tall i'; allItltllill'il' iioi 335
tor 'ful ofntire N lhiun, thit lle y)-es ,,iiAd
Wheeler should ile dclipat., with ,ll
th it Si'hein't Repibtiih tilii prtIlilinie,
thian tait 'il sh13bt1h 1e lhcttd to
gtthi '. It ia ,uild ) i' e i most wrg. tch
uld aind deban,<ed auod debaslinig trilinpWli
Bh' 1133 s, al l la Ol ,stolt. how it shrlll
il h ~rlnii~l~3 lut iu~ ih. A iii,,iit~itti
U also 1er1ina13, 3 init' th want d.im
we shall go ilht, nd or sltlld still
avid try' to pei enr t oui bti ti h p,,, ssiblel
duty to iur wgll. At Itrliii, p ripl''rdh's1
ili .; Ii'th t, lhro t ,* Itt iit5 e : it ' thite
a11 ti ti ir , i it I of a ll facti v i o uh , h.- -
[ lilac burn' ' Ilht', RepUb li .
R { v l u h l i ,:n i un , .w .s p ,p ie r s a r le a l l s i h ig -
jin g o n el t ,,i oi t s i ; . T h e y sa y th ua ,
+lh<, lunil:on lliomiliCi e gilHu ilit 4l
ti ,h l i- l - ,r Io ihe -.tohl t,"u h
lion. I is n It t t I ,3uiliIc initi3 r st,
andl that +'tibe phiui il holdhing elehc-
(lloii in Ohtober hin two or lhi'<e
Stae. i, lull ol° all liiunniwr of uii
tchhl'." T h eitlr iotblll', Thirt it' roli
bleh will te iutnl~ii edll \whei the'y dli,
cove'r thit, lht, Nolvemiiber elhectionii
ailt "iuil <iv Jill ilialtn , l of. " " "ie '
to the; !.<lp blh:ienn p~riy.
1 C a rlr S c hl u ri z s p ok e f o rti i h t l r ni l .b - 1
olio'ili atl Clvh,\ ndul. Result, three.
t houIsandl| }innierar~ih grihi. A, Col
S I n l l i ih i ,% a l o. , R e s , l t . t ,i g h t l h u n d h 'e #I
a )mor ti ,an Ill At Ctinchatii il
1- also, lI'k.ult, tweuty-t\',i im! l di0,
- h)imor'tathc ;li'. AtIn [ andhll d~li. ii
\\'ell. 10,sult, f, ur thouis:!lill 'Llelli0
iiiaraic galil. W!ell do~ni(' ul.a Youl
S are a ih.,.ful iilil fut~' thu sideI o Vll
S donl't fiiv-I. Ph."iv a stav iinihheiiishl,
ii li id i f t lh ' R e p o'[ii e alnlll d, i, h oli r y o li r
t. i'drats, <i~t', ' fn the. D),,ioltria y.
il IVi ingmL ii al t ('11, of .'\[lln l, 11'[
', 1 loiv at;,li,-h E.,i';i . Hc is: v i,
I'tmirit , alill w as I1 a+. t 1" . :itlqi iU tlbi
i w \.y, lihbulon ,, i" i< t -1:.lm;lt \\a\.
..ei t ,\,;. til lii I . ra,. i'i, . l ii n (.vi;

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