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The People's vindicator. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, June 09, 1877, Image 1

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Advertisinig htates, 4:;l:~;
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AaatiVi.4i .%Ni) I)Nt".wrrt";"is
Alcxandlr!a to Natchitoches.
A rr'als. JkparlJureg.
'I'neaday 4 p. im. 'I'hinrklav a. in.
'Friday 4 p. in. S'atniilay 11 a. in.
Sunday 4 p). ni. Monday 9) a. in.
Natchitodiae to S]ireveport.
TnuRday 9 a. in. Tuesday 9 a. in.
Thursday 9 a. III. TIiiuyi i a. 9 a.
Saturday 9 a. in. Satnilay 9 a. iu.
Natchitoches to 't cas .
Tnuesday 6 p. in. J~domlay 7 n. niu
Saturday 6 p. in. 'riitIQ. 7 a' in
Katchitoches to MinduO .
TneafiOad: 6 p. in. Wi·nsdav 7 a. i
11r l I . t. Itiatndfy 7 a. in.
Natchitochies to i'iunfield1.
roi1, 3- t2ii. T·llw 1 p. tn.
Frii(ay 12 iu, Friday I p. un.
ALL MAIiS U'iOn AT 8 A. Mt.
0ffice !foiirs-froii 7 A. M. to 12 ýi.
atnd from 2 r at to ; r M.1
A KTAHN-Family (rocelrics, Corner 2d and
St ~. beniqs Streets.
A MATEITI-.Wood and Blacksmlith Work,
- Ch eek Street.
PERINI-The New stand-Beetr (Iaiens,
.Fine Wines, Liq ore and I igare. St. . )ris.
A ALLU l-Restaurant, St Dens Streset.
ALEY LEMEE-. Notary Publie, St. Denis
tLUDWO Tff & WARM---Woodwork and
SBlacksmithiung, Corner :31 and Sibleyv Sta.
B. BROOK.'I-Guls and Pistol sold, miade and
B. Repaired, St. D)euis Street.
BUILARD &C AM lPBELL--\ ferchairtianuiisa!
Plantation Supplies, Flront street.
I terneys at Law, tWashingtuir etr cit.
COLEMAN LEVY-Famrily Groceries and
Gieneral Meircihtaniize, Firont strei-t.
eeries and (-eneral Mferchaftlife. Sile
Agents for Screw Hottorn SIIhoes, Ft t stri-t.
GEORGE GAR l'Z [A-Family Grocerice, undert
Masonic Lodge, 21 Street
G FOTENOT-Planters' Totel -Favorite
G. farmers' anti strangers' rtesort, St. Denis.
t RIrEN -Hiioots andi Shoes made and repair
. ad, St. Denia Street.
SSORGE W. KEARNEY--I R'or-er and No
LA tary Piblic, Court lounse. 2t rt- mt.
HENRY (GENI'A--Cltatter Oak Stoves and
Tinware. Frout Street.
H KAFFEE---Dry Goods and irocerlvs, frmont
H* ttreet.
,L rLITt:IT ENSTI'E- N-General assortment
1" lDry (imdsa Grii ro-iriesm- Frton t stmut
A URISJAFYA --t-- Pie oiooi iand trmeries,
l1 Front stleet.
H PEIC1Y-- Surveyst St..*iitiis street.
H SIMON-Dry Goods andt Groceries, Wash
H" ington Street.
I JACOBS-D)ry Goods ant Groceries.., below
* the Dirt bride, Jetti m-iin Street.
JOHN RUSCA-Dry (looms anid IGroceries,
b low the Dirt bridge ..letferson Street.
JNO.GENE & C((-Dry Goods antd Grocerices,
Washington street.
JAS. GENIUS-Dry Goods and Groceries, cor
Sner Jetterson and Amulet Streets.
J W. SUDDATHI-The Plhoenia-Choice Li
" qotors and Cigars, St. Denis Street.
IAS. 3U. B. TUCKER-Attorney at Law St.
')DenIt Street.
JAS. KING--Watchmnaker and Jeweler, St.
Denis street.
DUNCKLEMAN..lHarness and Saddlety,
' Washington street,
J C. TRICEtL--General Merchaldire,Wash.
" sngton street.
: DUCASSE-General Assortment of Mer
V *chandise, Washington street.
T H. STEPHENS-Lamber Yard, I ntersection
s Front, Lafayette and Washington streets.
J J. McCQOK-General Wholesale and Retail
" Dealer And Aole Agent for Wagons. Wash
Ingion street.
J A. DUCOURNAr-Fancy and Staple Dry
SGoods, Bouts, Shoes, Hats and Clothing,
?ront street.
L CAIRTAL--The 'Gem Bar Room, choice
Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Front street.
SLEVYk & PILlPS--Full stock Fnecy and
SStapleDry Goods and Groceries,Front at.
L. DUPLFEI%*-Land Agent, St. Denits street.
MORLSE & DRANGTi '.---Attorneys at Law,
U d dstreet, oornor Trudan,
M H. CARVER-Dry Goods, Groceries and
" General Merchandize, Front street.
O SCHAFFRATH-Boot and shoe Maker,
" St. Denid SEt~eet.
0 CAPMARTIN-Goneral assortment of
" Goods of all kinds, Jetfferson eA-eet.
I VEULEHAN - Undertaker, Washington
* Street,
pPOTEM.Baker, Jefferson street.
YKULEMAN---Family and Plantation
Sroserles, Washington street.
ALdYVIS.-lontist, Jefferson street
Ei BUTRKE-Cheap Famnily and Western
Grocery Dealer, )ront street.
.it vEON-trery, tate and Feed Stable,
* I. Dnlt Street.
QJKLU N.- Dry Goq sand Groceries, Jeff
erson Street, below Dirt bridge.
KWINbRG-General Merchandize, Plan
ts.Bl sat Family Supplies, Front Street.
t. s ad Groceries, Wash.
'.TISr.e f tm gists and Apthecsry,Front
RAL~uu,....iJk Brilliant Stoves and
If B uDry aGod t roceries,Front
RiMAf-.Wholesale and Retailt er
~ ~-st"erel smartment ibi the Made
W E JA(·Attoruey at Law,t street,
'OjJ~.IW -~30g ia4AbteMaker, St. Denls
*an*-G----- Srgen
" f O. ?U~N6'fVtI41, '
49 ·: Owone e lt Law,
t Stac eett NEW ORLEAss, I.A.i
(La'oste Il iDt¾) ug)
FRNTS.,Ni'rlF~ F. a
(1RAN) cpiuig of ta NEW MAMMOTH
dlire' ftiiiii the N'r w O,-hrle'i and Easter nar. -
kits, consi:,titg ittpart of
JlQ)O'1'S, MI
wAI~, F:~, &c,8c
LAI)IES .1\ G) CNtfS'
Int fart,
A fll liii, ofG(0)I)i45 for the cr nnlt i tpi l;c
All of withjilt thiey nat 'tllng at It ý'i thnti NEW
(',ill and examine tie largest atnd nied't con,
plet stock ever hii nogh t to this nharki t and
Mati jl iiuitiselvts as to tohir Jerihes.
I' li:;ii st price padl for 4 ot ou itii cotun
try prodit't, iii cash or terchaadisc. (lie
March I5-
'- rtctial
lil 3
s Jeweler.
Wi Catches, Clo0k i, and Jew
ltry carefully reij:aireil tani warranted.
Standard T I E Kept
itj and WVatcets set and regnlatetl correct
ly, freeO of 'harze.
A tin lot of WVATCITES and CLOCKS
far oalt cheap.
o (Otflice on St. Denim st., between 2t & :3 l.)
Feb. 3-1%.
*ili-o ~ a l r
tliv - . - ýý
Stoves, Tinware and House Pnrnishing
Washington St.,...... ..eitchiloles, La
Sfle agent for the Unrivalled
on, G oolriing I5fatoves
- Gutters, i Metalic rooting and a]
it kinds repa!iing, done with dispatch.
- A iheral al , 'tunt to country trade.
tr March 23-1,
,ud V *
e;r, . > r -
of 2 a
on F N!
- in every town in
le, the South for the
-y WlEED
. - :'* SEJWING
nt The easiest learned, lightest running,
- most dftrable and popular Miichine made.
0d Received the higest award at the Cen
4 tennial.
- Special luduicenients Offered.
ot Address
No. 18i2 Canal Street, New Orleans
Feb.17. ly
Brickmaker and Layer.
18 PREPARED to do all work entrusted
I I to him quickly and in a workmanlike
manner. Tomb, Chimneys, Cisterns and
other work solicited.
Orders left at BULLARD & CAMP
BELL will be promptly attended to.
A. Jan. 27, 1y,
Professional Cards,
W m'r it, M. LAevy,
SIIa.+ pe'.nl'eItif'e ii fli10 PaIr1ih ul Ilil'ict
('i.urtw of \atci itc1h nlr. aitd 1( I(iver.
S Cretoe t'ourt of Itri-jr:ui. I iitol Sit sat Pis.
Coilut Of( 'Innins at V`;s.'uioztoi.
Lid (.)Ifi~1, at rei~Ii'ucn on Second `-t. ý
NA14` 'Ii1'ToCI~r '> LA.
May 24, 1,,7.
>, I I . C
Office on Secotnd Strteet,1,
- 11uF1Tc~.~r(,/
, it'
Tm..r Imo. Jao1 ;, s1,
(StIcessor to J.WK & IIlKKHuX)
.ttorneyj (1,1(1 Comnscloi. at /leu'
NA'CI[I'I'ociIEs, L.A.
TILL praItito in the ('outs of' Nlt1 I ttchrhf .
nlt (iralt t il in l ti Sutll .e ('airt of* the (It
Sut. (CIiois ir., tolllt atturlucd to.
Ap il2, 1,77.c i ti·nolt (I):'' t
AItorneys (tal) Cainxe ('lorx (it LtII'.r.ec
St. Deiis St., Natchlitochies, La.
TILL practice in flthe ronotits ott li- ot,
Wd..s, Grant. 1W'iltn. Saline. 1i).nt, At.
EtA 1 Ri vir autu Natelhi t ItiS, anithL ii f o
Supiet e tCioIt iiof Ihe State i
part of tittUiontwt. jMarcl 25-Iv
Ca1lls to the Coiuntry pranp tly att- i
teiiuied to.
IRettrs to PIt. F. Johrison, T. fi. Sri eiph'tns. ('. i
Ili,,1ilit. lll u. E. ;ijlS Jl;iu. Merss. It lardrl ii
tar paloh 11 ('art r .'L 'toio, r ricitl & 'ire \'t
and Co l. 1:E. Blke. Ut
.tpiil ~-tt
1S lttQii .A. 3[i..ii 1' n 1
Physician and Surgeon tit
Mouut11oDn ry, La.I1,t
Business Cards. tl
Bullard & Canbcmp ll, ta
--titEAI.Its 1N
(TITA Al IttE,
And Genera I Mrchandise. to
Corner FIuoNT & LAUF. Errw Street,
Acid~ebitcks, La. k
[TItllTET T cnsl price paid ftor ntttn and IN
[ cu tntry prod1uce in cash or metrchanudise tLI
Mt ch -
Theo. Schuman, of
SCor. FRIONT and ST. DENIS 8treets n
Natchitoches, La. oc
March 25-1y. tip
Peter TVeulemani, I,
--IttArIER IN- g
A full a sortmient of 'W AuL.-FrArit con- se
Stantly on handl. 1
So",.al inducment.s to CASII Customners. K
Natcbitoches, La. lof
March 25-ly. of
a. 0. Trichel, Ye
ETC. th
Highest cansh price ptlid for Cotton and Al
Country Produce. 18
0. Shaitrath, fui
Boot inid h1ioe Maker. III
CHALLENGES the world for nentness w"i
and durability of work. Sutisfacti n sti
and material guaranuteed sk
Shor 3n St. Denis St. as
"n Oscar Chopin;
Ju1 I -1 New Orleans.
IS Perdido St., New Orleans, La.
March I5-Iy.S.
A. iE. Iaema ee,
(Office iuuder Viudicator O &)
April 2Q.-1t. .
COPY, tETT'1R KN'VN As "0 EViAI.o"
I;I i1.1,"
IHow' he O)bfainºe r his fiuubri)iJltc'-I i.
ientures in lIndian lii(r paia-.I Ialide
of 12)l Miles itn Erhlien Jbhairous
--Ec'citingTimeu's with tiro
I,~n t' r~ i bfl!/-';1' J'ii, W~cI/I 1
' e'ski/ s.
SFrotn the San FraincisLco Call.]
:early every one, male or female,
young or 1 old, is tinged with a love(
of adventutre and ad o r ationr of t hiosi
few whose daring deeds on tlood or
ield have rniade theta1 mii ouus Uno
cull not help respecti hg bravery,
whliether munIral or plhysical, nd wato he
it is uidd(1 p- iidomitiiahle -, k eu
peftceptiioi, strict IIItegiity, . Utnissu
ltn!in iriodesty and un a iling good. i
still warmOer feeling for the l]orinI tet
man who posses es so wany goodail
'Willimn T. iCody, poputlary kntsown I
aii htirtlo Hill," is fully entitleid toi
thischaracter, as iany arrcy otliect I
with whomr le has served (luring the
past t wenty yvar's will bear itness.
Cody is
ifor with every disadvantago of edwit
Catison aud.arly trainin rg to contend
against, lie has steadily iadvarnc(td
u1pon the toad Vwhich challit trg in- t
1cured for ihiim, kee iI ig c lear of its
pittills, antd passing, 0one !ter- the
other, all his comperitors, until hre
stands to-day the foremost scout in
Ame ritca. 'This is io fulsome flattery,
for every one who knows 4'Cody ac- i
knowleuiges hie worth and feels hion
ord in clainruirg 1)him as a friend. IThe
teiter .t rtins i ICleii t rralish rd thlly
oplotuni tiities to judge thelr iunt's 1
cltaractier, anr hals wai.nys 1flonirl him
COul IgOItls, keet -witted atll ailiso
Intely thithful to his friends. When
serving as a Scout he is thie associate,
notr tielu iufe1 I~~, wie r
t the int:ferior, of the l otiers, is al
ways t welc" te Visitor to their tents,
sntd holdl receptiotns in his owri Cah mp
second only to those of the General
iti cour n1and . (i course his roving,e
vagabond life, has given little oppor
tunity for the acnuireretit of society
polish, or of eduretional imprrtuve
ment, and his manuer lacks the re
tiaueent of the carpet kRnight; but
ithat iredie t of the Itrue geuntlemartnr
which iustinctiv ely avoids any' word
or (0eed tihat night wound the fieel
in gs of another, thart self-denial forit
thIe si ke of o heire, anrd that alm ost
reck less generosity toward those r io
nce in troubl de, are foi nid in Cody,
and prove hitt to be orne of thosec
rare pheunomena, a nature's nobleman. i
Will Cody was horrr o in ott Corit
ty, Iowna, ini 13, ani d is thelrefore t
Sthityt-eight yoears otf age. While le
was yeto an intfant his hither, *ihose
piontieer instinct alway s carried him i
to the fratest fronti ter, became an
Indian trader in Kansas and Nehras- t
ra, and it was in that wi derness anrid I
nder such n utowint rd circumrstaneis
that 'Little Billy," his then nton de (
pl m;e, picked uip the ruidii ients of
educatioin froto the kirndly wives' of I
officers at different forts and trading I
posts. In 155 tlte thoy startcd in life i
on his own account, anid drove an
army team until 187, when heo
auid made thre crampaign under Sid- s
ney Jorihstori. During 'Gl anrd 'ii he
was entipliyed as i pot express rider B
on some of thre rmost (tttgelros por
tions of tire overluntrd route. Early iti
'ti2 lie joiredt that celebrated band
kntowtr as Gen. Bloont's 'Red-leg- s
god Scoots," antd served witi thlem v
itn Kansas atrd Western Missourii nu- a
til the dose of tlhe war, virthei le went
ont to thre plains ns Government s
scoot and dispatol carrii-. In 'Gi 1i
lie was appointed chief' lotet- of the
Kansas Pacific Railroad Company, ii
arud it was in throir service that Ire 'v
gained his soubrlqiuet of *Bithio Bill,' i
on lictount of the immnucse number- t
(it bison flint fell to lirs rifle. W~hien u
the [Indian war broke out dorirg tlrart s
year he served with tire anry nder ti
Gens. latncurok and Custer, aird in
1868 was appointed by oen. Sihreri
dar Chief of Scouts for tire Depart- a
mert of the Missouri. Ho remained &
itn service until 1871, whret lhe hand I
the omanagetIront of tire Gratnd Duke f
Alexis' rurting-party. In Februaty, a
172, he paid his first visit to tire 'J
East. Being then tikenr in Iraird by
theatrical muannagers, who scented a jj
fresh sensation in tire good-looking v
fronrtrersinaur, Cody niade
anti since that time has passed his 8
winters in pain t arnd tinsel on tire
stage, hi~sts uitrner itn patched buck
skir on the rlains. So far superior- s
us his love of actual to tuiic warfare hr
thatat tire outbreak of the Sioux war
last sear ire forfeited an engagement p
in tire East, and irrurijed to thre frout,
whe~re ire was at once appointed chief
of scouts, first to Gein. Crook's com
niatii atrln after to tire joint cotrinnands
of Crourk rtnd Ttrr3. Toward tireg
close of tire camnipaign, Cody perform- n
eda retrarkable feat of physical en
durance, arrd thre wvritet- cad vtmocl a
for tire trotir of tir followlirg descrip
tion. Believing tire war lnrnctieally
at a close,, so far- as any actual tigirt- F
inrg was concerned, wlrer the corn- v
mnurid readied tire Yellowstone Riv- a
er, hre resigned iris position atid start- h~
ed for thre Missouri on a steamor, U
thre commands tueanwhrile marching t
back into the BIad Lands on tirein g
bootless search for the untindable 0
Sittitrg Bull. Tire steanmer wias do. I'
layed for two days sonre few nuiles ii
below tire late camp, and as sire wits fi
starting out on the second after
noon iriet a steamer cowing lip from c
tire settlertienits with dispatches for' I
Terry, and Crook.. There were 6ev- c
vrai wtell-known scouts on board, but C
Gen. VI histler made a special request (1
thait Cody irhould carry the dispatches v
throngh, offering huim, in case he c
elul 'ild accept the task, the nso of iris d1
<i~T d'M ded at~ie. The swisidrt was S
licn il t bn yc a iuls u t e l c o nism l liv
known to Ie at leist thiiity Iniles dis
tant, and the ilterveiinii;, Ill itrv ti
ble as Sarredl anid it igged a thle tac
of a volcatei ; dangeriiis onii aIlcount
loii thIe s all w'ar palrtlies ot I ll a-lis
that werIlie iscattered all throg the
distiii t. Of Course Col.". i nders, tusk
the mission, leaiing the ! f-sht baet at
S p. tat. lie tentrned shlort't ;after
t)idnight with counter taisldatdhes
irionl the twi v i iissl tch i ind ls,-v alul S
great hai Lbe qle m t(Yellon that Gen.ih
Wh7 ]istler's arnae died )aring, the
iht. I andin th it a fresh batch ft'i
orde~s mlkst ii sent forward, Cody a
insisted upon carrying", then!, as he
11(K11( et-lb At Io-o- ':tnri
hild liready l ssarii the country andj
ct ild uh aler o tter tii te. At t o'clock,
taiter oily three qua ltern oifan hodn's
ire:C, ii ;started s tpa ito a fresh
rlie a iiine, n i-id the aul kngss -d Im
penetrable. At 11 i'coiig jie::t ktin II
Iig tie appealqied nintii-d upon ei J
third helt, olr the second one an ;i a
hali broken dow n. lis face 1 ) d I" l' a
he Came across the gang plat,!: to be 11
greeted by rousing acs e lt it nniid fh vt
rrnliil I ;, lie ' pleviils div. an thac:t af- I
;lul file buti he quietly i e liid over a
the dispatches and laid, 'ill yon dlol't a,
need Ite lough!i, Geie-lau , I'll take aU o
nSoi Within six hurs he was Ip l
agiapparently as bright and fresh fl
is on the lA1revios day. and that af- I
to rid·. g ]dolt than Jul miles over k
i land that is truly mined "Cto;-fur- t
Holy novto 1 I. L ouxF·iA l V III. .S1
Cody is a splendid-looking sped -
iten oif huiailaity, (over ,is feet in
!light, weighing nearly 21) poumils,
and admirably proportioned, while
Ii' Qi )llnil iii fitatlllcs Snlltet hat Outr !
style ot d net flt, a 11(1'b aIii -,- - - I
hair, which fall in masses of curls
ovier h is shoulders, muiake himi a ctn- a
ter of atl'tictitit ainllog thi e Puny II
dwtllers in cities. A couple of an
eciidotes, as told by hi n to the reseint
narrato-r, told over the campn-fie and i
vouched for by gentt-l mcei eiseiit r
will give a fair idea of the lilt' this tc
ad venturous m l has (passed, of hist at
lienduranctle in ti le of slle ing, and it
desperate cou rage ill the hour of Idan- i
"Look here, Wiill," said one of ithe
fLiiuc boku here, ,orr~le Ii,
otlier s le kicked thlie gelow ing eoi -
hers into a blaze, "spin us a yani ti
abioit yourself anid shut up ll aot il11
other people." iThie rlltust was
unaniii lousl atlpproved, and one of (It
ticer Ii iiai hd : "it'll thiiim abhoit
thit rough spell on the repnubcaliai , d I
for they lhave piroiahly not heard it." tl
Will sIhook the last.l droup out of his
canteenl (It Was Ii !v altkali waterIf
with a ndish of lemon in it) and Said:t
!I'mi not m cith of a ihalId at blowingi w
thiis sort of tIirumpetit. ibut if you want ti
tot hear
i1ow ONE MAN STIu -a ro ANorI i-r i
when lihe was ll the eagged edge, I'll w
tell voi how George ianson stood by gi
ate. In the winter of '59, Pand it was e;
a winter, George and I were trapping oI
on a bran h of the Reipublican Riverl. ki
The Iidians xwere pi ettV iiu-bh friend- Ii
ly at that time, and it was too chold o'
for there to be browsing around miuiih si
anthowt, so we flit cozy as Plie in a d
little d1ug-lout we'd made int, the side le
of the bluff. One day while George ti
and I were skylarking on the ice I at
ftell and broke uny leg, oi ratherlii I di
splintered the shin bone. That sort
of thing isn't the II leasantest in thel
world, even if you are at a post
where thenes a doctor to look cot ton T
vou, and when it hahipens on (le
plains iin mid winter, yiou feel like
saving sour- prayers. c Ieonge took it lii
very rough, almost worse than I did, li
and lie just hustled airounid me ai re
though I was a baby. lie mail some - l
sp lsts, anid set the bonue as well as of
lie could amd then le got a lot of lire- te
wood and piled i tin the Iligliet, laid hi
in a so ply of meina t, a mlld as iicl t(
water ap we had cans to hold, andi
le said:''1 ii list get yeo to the set- i
tlements, ol( boy." Our horses saw I
notliing for thient to eat thlereatnout, tit
so had wanidereti away some line
before, for there George piled our
blankets and eljts tlrgethi, and laid ('
me on them, and then ihe took a prll o'
at his belt, picked up his nitle arid a
started onta-foot. To say I felt lone- te
lv wouldn't express it, but you see
1 knew lie ought to be back in twelve
(lays, aind I just corinted the hours.
The twelve (lays passeu, soielhow or a
other, and ihen cime the thu Itcntcl,
hot George didn't tiro "P. All the ti
ivotid i .ult get was goice 113 this 1)1
omne, so I cornldn't siielt the ice or
cok the meat, ani d had to he enfo f &
with raw flesh frozen anid icicles or
Sow. Day after day passed, a nid
tihlll le didn't come, and Ii knew lie wi
was dead or had conc to grief sonic C
whnei-e, for that sort of a man (lon't I'll
leave a friend in the lurch, cost what iin
it may. I tell you, gentlemen, you
can hear the wolves now if you listeu, w
but you are usled to it and (lon't think a
of them ; not dill I iiitil that time;
brit when my tiro wvas gone out they'd tl~
get arorimd that dug-out at nights,
and howl like dogs over their .dead I
roasters. It wasn't cheerful at the PM
start, and didn't glow mnioe contort- ti
able as
But 3otl see a mntii hates to (lie like a P1
woundidet bear, so I just held on for- si
all I knew. 'Tweoty thays amid nights tI
had parssed, and I tb(ghtl to reckon fe
uli wh~at I had done iti this wot-ld and tI
tihe time I had left to stay in it, It
got through that niiglht sonie how or'
other, b~ut I guess my head w-as a t1
little oft next day, for I seemed toa
hear voices all around, andl didn't IC
feel the bitter- coll -as I had before. t(
All of a sudden I heard footsteps t(
ci-acklirig on the snow outside, and I ni
knew they were real, lbmt courldn't-9
call out for the life of me. - It was t
George. He ci-awled slowly into the t
drng-out and came alonrgeide of rue,
where I lay with ny eyes shut, fat- I
couldn't look lip at first, arid iu'len *I
did then- well, ire didn't eitbo y( m Pw
Y " "( u I 1 IId the settle
i i 'n'ýl l'11 il , t 111d h;(1 siiited ,;Iik
at 0 Id.1 ii: it II fin t (ox\ t f t
ºI(:IIII t e ,' u!,)nt al' ln;'' trnn~
1111111 i Ill' ll.). L )(11 111 1 (ºi llel(.'1111':dui
adill 1"I(" Anaded g nd bt lur·ered
h it th i4 till 1s iulis te m trub 't 1(
alnli iv r1 . 13 1" b . I' I l l e 11 t ^1i Il, lii);.
ever, t ilerest f 'hitg en lb u :1\ 'it' , anhe -
ecer, he ("1)11 (t t a 1art out of, his
t(. e, althio l i ma le ll his mindr
at lint I tIt Ile inipd on ot ilut. ofin:
hilt tit(- I mbr - s ; 1111(1 Il, t is lalc ' 110
(':ine to) be Sol rite. I ru took use down
to rHit nllcstr('$t fuirl u (n 0l 1 cart, and
tu le' IEyli -% t the 1 (1 g l O\-el' ov er D n.
l inu t wu LL, lmitp onR it still. No,.
that"; a bu let won dii, and that's Were
A 'Iiii'1. I !, -111 Ari'3X.
('in anot'll er, huilt iililiiar, o ieesion,
W ill tol tiihe fllot ilu g 1et y :
"We were eiorni: ug bLk ifrn the
Mo)rmion m rinanag~e, ;;hell 'idnr}y
I Johnstn 11l 1l cuu1nun tiand, 'ton 1(11,
ad21 1I I ls Sort of i'4"i~sta1 t il the
iiii "1n1 tiI4in. I wn.1 ;i i) e it laid thenT .
Loll Sunlpsoln k\'11s bli Wago(lv ) ·s, I-n-'
aisiter , hand 11; l 1 43elc .e o f t a tl;iltin
1 hiubc t'ravei ed a4 Aii t lifteei Milt's
211;1 '1, and his -(1 cunt[ il (en'111211 (1
willere oos AlbouIt looni ()Ie
ali- I nillpsin, V oo4 ts aId I startedii
d1'ior u the hn11di e ! l( traio tl) overtake
the 4one in fr nIt. i lowing tihere wer'
Illdians arouiil, we kept tihe sharpest
kind rfit ea ikout , lbut did t Is:'e any
tIting until wt-) got :ea:r Ash Hloll ow
oil thei NIIorth Platte, ine elight mile(.
fvrom the train we'di left, whoen a allr1
of about Sixty 1:liillS rose nut of a
guich ai halt" mile o11" and (.i;[i:e for us.
filliohl Wh' lii) underst15 dl that sort.
Of butsincs'. Madle us ,jump ottandl
it (our mules togethler, lie ad1 to tail
inll the shape oI a t;ira ghle, and lhe
with a revolver. This maide ani all
around lreI tiolk, belhinld wh ici be
liy. Each of its had a heavy Iuzzlel
lalding rifle( and two Colt's revolvers
sio we initlae it ir1ett;y wiat lor to the
reds ; but it was right on the simiooth
prairie, and they charGed ) wath[inta
fewt yars of 1s, liittiing Wools hiad
at the first fire. le cou1ldn't do any
0more fifhting, pioor fellow, gu4t lhe
lilay tiol is back aii loadled while we
(lid thei shooti g. The IIndials didn't
have alv gluls at thaIlt tiime, and they
dgll't lchia:ge right tover people as
th'ey siomatIim1s do i low.TIdays, bitt
the1'd ride 11 t itliun it fewn. yards,
)opi ol thoeuL ai''oU'Sl, and circle away,
thlrowi~ng: themselves on the oft side
of their ponies. After keeping up
tlhis lusiilnl s" un til almrost sili lIowil
they gave it up and squatted out of
lrallge, evilently deterllin ed to starlve
Its oult, 211(10 so \,.-e had no way of get
tinlg walter. IThey of course lithouight
we were stragglerris firoi tlhe train
they hold seen pass. ulIiiIn that af
tei'lioon we killed twelve Indians, be
eides wounlding a n:umber, for they i
would ride uip sto close that he could
give it ito them with a irevolverI in
each hand. In the 11o11n!pg they
made :a few dlcharges, just coough; to
keep us excited, but the holding-on
policy was what tllhey meant. At i
o'clock hlt diay the train hIove inl
sighnt, and the Indians, whooping like
delils, tade one final cihat'ge, and1
left in short orider. T ht is about the
tiglitest serpe 1 ever got ciaught ill,!
and it diii not ake tloe ie tihe Iii
dians 0i'a beLtter you m:ay be sure."
Does it Mean War.
The Mexican Clouds Gathering3
on the Horizon.
There wete a Ilumlber of start
gln ilusos (uItrret tcint last evni
relative to a prlosIpctivC iIe rpturie
hbetweei oui goi ernmittent aitd that
of Mexico. These ruolors i:hlican
tedl sotlve lprivmte telegram htid
been rec('ived here fronm Washiing.
till, shtowim:g' th~at 81101 ain event
w1LS aiore tha: probtbhe, and that
a climix wouthl be reached within
the next few days.
The steamship City of Mexico,
which was tIo have left fil l' era
('t'wt ycsterlay mmotning at $
o'cl, was by oirdersi (khlietindd,
:ii till not (ellart beibre siteidl
telegr'at:s are rece'ived from the
State Department. This looks
vely milyste'ious and fojieshadows
a IliOveCWlllt.
The Ci of Mexico was adver;
tised leave at the above hour
In1 keeping with the ahbov'.nb iPws,
havc received inquiries us to
whlethler they would accelpt the
comnunatd of batteries, amnd it is
rlumorell recruititng will lbe comn
That tliere .is somethuing iin the
wind is evident, but how m~uch it
anmotnts to cannliot be sail.
The recent demolistrations on
the Rio 3i'aiide and thme action ef
Gen. Shiertitn, would seem to
point towarlis anl open ing to lids
Captain Eads has a plan for iut
provinig the chanincl of the Mis
sissippi river from Cairo down to
the (lull, by which twenty-tive
feet ot' water' will be seeui'ed all
the yeiar r'otund, aiii biuds liable
to be submerged will be placcd
fir above overflow, thus doiniog
away with tihe ilrolosed. 11 jim ove'd'
levee system, which is estimated
to cost 8 11,000,000. Eads' IphhI is
to bring the river to ain ajpproxi
mate width between Cairo and
Red river. It va:'ies between
these points fi-om 3,000) to 7,000
feet in width. Where it is wide
the current is uimon shIggish and
sedhue(thi posited ini theC shamni
ofsand bfirs, ""he reduction of
these wide pl~aces will increase
the velocity of tihe uet i n.
opal' cit nn unifo wI'i:itll the c\urreln
ii thi iI 'i' olver localities. ca '
Lini lmids thliinks any attempt I"
StiI I 'hteil the river will he di
lstroiias as well ' - evcedliIngly ce
pºlesi1\-(. His Ilani seems to 1i
smiplv le a1)ile'-ati',ii of his nov
sIc(c(ssfl ihletty svY tenll to alhou:
MOO miles of the \IM i )jia j 1i ver
lie iv cnh('lit that by this noze
(Hi tilt JIrrsirsilpp' i river littora'
1wol VII enti ely iifted ahov
Crops How They Look.
Louisiana Weather.
Home Topics from Country
Fi'((,"errifilc krcuord1.--- -'l'il weath
"I. is rciuarkaiI ly cool forI tIhe sei
soli and is 1hayiig (l ii te (deleste
niuls elbet oil the cot toll plants.
LUti: week we we!'e Visited with
a li it I o't, a-tn this wIeek the
uiihts anlo early mornings have
beenº (Iuite chilly\.
P'oint Col,,e Pelican. - Since
out last iesºie the weather has
(nitinlle(ld to be very dry, although
theie have heen several ineftlettt
al attemipt of vain.
We have b"eii o'et r. large art11
of this parish, and can report the
crops t' cotton, corn, anId plant
cane doing well. We heard of
cottoni 111 many )ortins of oui
Ilarisll havintg fromi tent to fifteen
leaves. We doubt if this can be
"ºi ý 1,-11part of . the State.
a lailure on old land. The labor
ers arc working 'well; politics are
laid sii1' . and( if thle river miakes
no en(hllroaehlllen t ill our cultiva.
ted land, we cal suafely calculate
oni a prosperous season.
Homner Tliad.
It has beenI very warm for tlhe
past week disagreeably so, And
a good rain at this tinl would niot
only cool the atmlllosllphere, but
woul td aldl greatly to the rapid
growth of vegetation.
Sneak thieth are begihning to
become qtit to ii un!rous. Every
body had better lock their smoke
Ihouses, or they will wake up some
miorning without any meat.
ilenna S- tlinecl.--The crops of
Lincoln from general report, are
The fruit crop thlis year is splen
(lid. Cherries and pluiIIs are get,
tilg ripe, and1 some of the aipplez
are beginninug to color.
Agricultural papers are full
of suggestions how to make farm:
int suIccesstui , and they are gene
rally spun out into great long
articles. .The whole subject cai'
be lput into a Ilutshell and express:
ed in a sinmiple seintinee Brain
work and elbow-grease.
'jiwhatfta. Citizen. - District
Court has drawn a great mainm
freedmen from tile hilds, anid
"grassy crops will be the result
A refi-eshinjg showeri oil Wednmesl
day aftermioon cooled tile air and
helped the gardens and crops.
The river is falling, and 011 dan;
geer of an ovelow is over, and
plhaiters in thlie low-lands rest
Crops in thlis parish, generally
speaking are doing yery well, colt
sidernig thie bad season ot a month
or so n:Io. The weather of last
week waiLs anytlmiing bttt good fio
crops, hut this week has been
sBilenldich, and the furummers are
lard at work trying to "mitch 1u1)."
We have neatl-s cverxythling nOn
thnt mtiakes genuine sniinitmer
'the leat, mouiptitoes, ilies,, tfea;
ginats 81n4d (hilt-Ihulbers sire all
hIerej and( 1iothling moire is due
bunt the (lust a ut the c-hills, and(
whenf .theri nt' f. hiere-. giimor w ll
be hCrM!f 1trel cliougli.
1?)uachiht . Tebgraph.-For th.y
past wveek the coiuplaiut pf .warm
weather (luring the drIyr has been
universal. Tile thermometer ha s
mounted Ill to tihe nincties mIear,
ly every da.. 1l:uitcrs have adil
a jolly tune killing weeds aiud
grass, but they are all looking
heavenward foi- a shower, 1ylcch is
greatly nietedte in tihe gardens anld
fori conmi and even by fruit trees.
The fruit trees, alhough gene
rally very. full of fiuit, are not
p)rosjperillg. TIhe ,young tf-nit aj.
pears to be dwarfed, and grows
very slowly. 'lIme blight, wlhichi
last year destroyed so luamy pear
trece, has appearedl again ill ll t
tacked both pear 81n(d allple trees.
The peach trees were greati{fr in
juredl last year by the fireze nud
by the long antumnu drouhl, qld
consefiqu'iitly are lacking in igdtr,
which doiihtless ucconumt~ fin- the
scrawiny appealurric of tile younig
fr-it. Grapcii alone al)pcpr to be
doim.n well, although 110t showing
the usual abirnlaiince of ber-ies.
We advise all of our readers to:
cuiltiv-ate the grape. It rarely.
e-er fails, requires no grea:t
amuoulit of hnmior an.l yields anl
abundant ceopl.

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