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IIVW ... 701 10 Published Ev0ry SATURDAY Moag
Me: 1300 2700 G"uo o10 I o TIHE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE iS TBE SUPREME LAW. `_O:cy oneyea. ...
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40 00 dI0) 0)1-0 ----- _ -- -- -- -- -- - -- - -- -- - - -_ __
Nm 3000 35 00 5000 n 57 1o5 __ copy ix month-..=...-... .-.
"'1 2 :: 30 00 41 6 1" Official Organ of the White Citizens of Red diver, Sabine, Wins ad 3atchitohes arishes. ne boeiimon the .or .e. ta ai
Tratns-latadrthemente St Pr- unre f - - - -- ___. ---- .. _ ---- .._ m
410611 lia 1 rrer cen sr rertin. E .r - - All advL ertiaement for le . tine thaR 8ix
l*i* *rtsh..e t..re . VOL. V. NTCHV ITIOES, LA., FEBRUIA IY 8, 18i9. I NO. 21 ""***r"etransient a4 nust be aLt mad.
Professional Cards.
wn. a 1..T Jao.,
(Sncmseor to .TACK & Paeiso!)
Attoriey and Counselor at Law
ILLpraetiee in the Courts of Natchitnches.
Sbine, Deoto. Redt River. Wint, Itapides,
ad Grant, and in the Supreme Court of the
tite. Claims promptly attended to.
April I 1877.
WM. M.LZVY. JItNILI, C. $CAllttuJ~tIl) .
HlAVIN s ociate i thºmsurIves wit, pra lt;'"4
in th arish and Dietrict, the 17111 Judi
at 'Distriet, and in the pauiehura of Wiln 11d
Grast, Supreme Court of Louisiani, I'. S. Iis
tr t andI Circuit courts of Louinsiana a1nd ' . S.
Caert of Claims at Washington.
Omoe'.lithn tLaecoste BUildiun
(U) Dairy.)
Aug. 3, 1878-ly.
St. Denis Street, Natchitoches, La.
W ILL give prompt and personal at
Stention to all businreIlentrasted to
their eare
Practices in the Distriet and Pa'.rish
Courts in the Parishes of Natehlitechus,
Red River, DeSoto aund Sabinaie, an 21 lit-fore
the Supreme Court at Muonrot' anid New
Orleans. .Jau 3 'T--y
C CNPusn. C. 1DRA!UST. T. P. Cu.ariu
Attorneys at Law,
PRACTICE in the District Courts oi
Natebhtteshes, Sabine, DeSoto and
Red River and in the Supreme Court of
theSate. March 2-ly.
3 . 3. Y110EER,
Afwteras and Coessellor at Law,
1. Dera. Strut, * - Natekiteekcs, La.
WILIL pBlb 4in tihe District and Par
Yihk ud Nasehitohes, Sabine
Dadoto an41riý ver, and the Supreme
Coart er g I e.
All bust.. entrusted to his care will
seemme prompt attention. Apr 13-1y
PhyIlan and Surgeon
*** eri , L..
J "N l"TUCtDI ,
Magistrate Ward 1.
IL lssib Bet, :: Nadh~itoches, L4.
P~'lb149~D ? M*to1 giivV t aJll business
led o btid eare,
cjws, cllan vm lmt.iy1 co
ltetct 9 tb br (ibnrrully.
ado arnwr
Business Cards.
3. C0I.. 1"a h1;
D I T G O O D S , G RI O C E RI E S, H A RD -
Elb· oaeb price paid for Cotton and
Ceaaq PNidae..
C.A. 3v3u.&XD 1. B. CAMPBELL
Bullard & Campblwl,
- m.zr.n
1 OraataI Menaaadia.
Cansr yae s b*AteYduSVat,
Na*chfne.to, La.
-r wm e for s ets" .ad
ET.M.h1 ~74tw Im or meuobaadim.
. e. wa )·. A 3. , WLMNLIT
rv~ a., New *Ieaui, La.
A -4mIwctric
=. 1JO!J,.GLLý,
ý k d; p . 14
M isccllancouis.
1 ý
3L 26
Famalo Disorders. Prevarod by
The Homoe Bitters Co., Ct. Louis,
Prescribed By Bst Physicians,
and weld by oBet Evtrawhre
Elh h ELdities 1044 pi k
35 rge8to. alf M c aW p=rd BoEwrqls Trat
e Yor Phl nd New Orleans.
This I. the modst comnae nd emprehensive work
sea bjcet in th~e Engit~ laguage. tend darmp Am de
iptive price curreto of this and other ooks.a Aduu
BoERtcKe & TAVt,llumsaopathlo PhumacyIM0 Canal
mseat, New Oucanrs.
ALE .100 $200, $500.$1000
~ --ALL'. FROTHINGHd r& CO.,
Broker.s, N,. 12 Wall Street, New York, make
de.irable investments in stocks. which frequent.
ly pay from five to twenty times the amount in
vested. Stocks honiht andI erneid as long as de
sirenl on dpotit of thrt' per cent. Explanatory
cic ulars and nekly rqporti scut free.
No.12 N. EighthSt.
St. Louis, Mo.
bWho a had treate n ere tothe trutment of the
sexual trotules (ofboth mle and tha physician
to the Wet v.s the resul o hp
practea in hiiBa.sw eawsn worked
DootethatavesearjalSeeaglSeag I letwtal
ters mtainon b lee4e and owsksl aN osrly
wIeaongsf et.They arbe s ilkd asd Ii
bc~xwlre eaiyaleientosma Tiw twrbooth serp
ages, an eotlt:ankIuv.Iaal.ae~aia aehoish m
Awl. titheailitth.vreetim hdbrmmnt, ta rdrtolt b~d
allahrece.lmperomen at e
be tr, WtlY a mL I r· -W UL
worts. w rases,-e sea si It
ahe but N mwelnt~a
hail. tb victim of ealy iadisertsmo Sh badmwl? a
tneblt healthy mabw Iith
sOitL3 IaKis-S oh. 0 aab
both in one "ola sII in cloth
______ i;?a:~qat
Madison DI$pefnsary,
Msol A.Clr4 at.,CAlcago,It.
M. WSW, isuuu.M lt aPmverkiur
trýDeNIa t ~ munevn urc in
assIlem ut..p Sae . ea...i.alabspues or
ltthe qiel Unre of eientin~a Weakajeas . st
anh all dIsorders brought on by india
. q U a ft l mts . I Il , @ .
* crin or exreesI. AnyUlcuN1" $n tip th in
SatpeatyoscIUtlý I RIN ens
inentht so.e sdetell 3r.C Pee NN.. Ln,
Isall* wne .ass irsataves, an Sw , la
AgI~eaaraLreJor uppc~IJE'?hash~l~I?5~
A lystery Solved.
t Ei CR11 L FEE i
The Greadted Medical Triumph of
Modern Times! The brg terioun by
Channel o f I)oe eeAyse rioths trered,
eand a Her.aL WAlre Prlr
fled. The Stomach,
Lirer, and Bowels
the Ceatre of
The Great Anta.Billious Remedy and.
Lýý Aý'eelrpgJt.ý.Bsyyljý+ºtiarlllrkt~lr.I.
Miasmatic Dissolver.
Are the reslIt of long-continred Schin
title invetigation, 11n( are Warranted to
re a1l diseses originating il) the
Stomacl, Liver, amnd owelsN
ig palins follow the use of thesi
unless the Bowels are inflamed; but Re
lief, Immediate Relief, may le relied
upon. As a Common ramily Physic
Stead unequated before the world to-day.
By varibg the done according t divee
tin.Prone. Purgative Pills elipetually
Pauify the Blood and greatly allevisatq
zpo deS oure% Paoulg, s
tioo, Pfti~in utergatlcu is, Plu~aplis
MPa ompalete B8ti~tlas Oesgautegi
Oi~~tjrjs .-IJg~so Sr~
""J·E~i.Bole m ~imwetu h4rIt
Celebrated American
THE countenance is pale and lead
en-colored, with occasional flushes,
or a circumscribed spot on ofe or both
checks; the eyes become dull; the
pupils dilate; an azure semicircle I
runs along the lower eye-lid; the
nose is irritated, swells, and sometimes
bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip;
occasional headache, with humming
ar Throbbinig ofthe eanr an unusual
secrebn of saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly
in the morning; appetite variable,
sometimes voracious, with a gnawing
sensation of the stomach, at others,
entirely gone; fleeting pains in the
stomach; occasional nausea and vom
iting; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times
costive; stools slimy, not unfrequent
ly tinged with blood; belly swollen A
and hard; urine turbid; respiration
occasionally difficult, and accompa.
nied by hiccough; cough sometimes
dry and convulsive; uneasy and dis
turbed sleep, with grinding of the
teeth; temper variable, but generally
irritable, &c.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form; it is an innocent prepa
ration, not cafable fdoingkI slhghest
injury to Ike most teder tirfonl.
The genuine D. McLINE's VER
MIFUGE bears the signatures of C.
wrapper. -:o:
are not recommended as a remedy a$for
all the ills that flesh is heir to," but in
affections of the liver, and in all Bilious
Complaints, Dyspepsia and Sick Head.
ache, or liseases of that character, they
stand without a rival.
No better cathartic canbe used preps . ,
story to, or after taking Quinine.
As a simple purgative they are au.
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Each box has a red wax seal on the
lid, with the impression D. McLAxa's
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C. McLawa sad FLtaWN Baos.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr.
C. McLANE'S LvxEa Plutts, prepared bf
Fleming Bros., of Pittsburgh, Pa., the
market being full of nimitations of the
name lMceLane, spelled diferently bat
same pronunciation.
wO)U umtZ.rlABZIZ Fl I.
A Postal Card sent us with your ad
dress will insure free in return, our Illns
isated Cirenlar of nice Housefurnishing
Specialties Palmer d&8kilton, Manofac
turer', 281 Pearl Street N. Y. Jan. Il-4w.
We will pay Agents a Salary of 5100
per month and etpenses, or allow a large
cenmimeloson to sell our new and wonder
flit inventions. We mean what we say
Ad WAtOt M at Mifh., 4w
SflEr% & CO., Marshr ibI
fhe? manufacturers were awsrd
the Ihighest and only medal given
ubber (plasters, both at the Centem.
ial andParis Expositi.n.
mon porous plaster, liiament, th
atled electrical applianee, ac. I
a the best known remedy for
Weak Baeks, rheumatism P
isle Weakness, Siaticas, Lae
seased Zidneys, Spinal m
d all Ills for which porone as
re used. Ask sour Draggist Ber
n's Capeine Plaster and see tbd
on get notling else. Sold by
rngitPrice 25 eta. Mailed on
iof prie by As arY & Joux
so,2 Platt Street, New York 4
Jelmhson's Anodine Linihnent will liod
itively prevent this terrable disea.e, and
9 wltposmtitely e enernine ease. ten. Io.
formation that will estaemany lives mat
* free by malt. Dom't delay *, moneut.
"' Preveutlon in hetter thad euae. Sold
V EverywherN. I. 8. Johaseo &CA ., Ban.
Sgor, Nae. Jeam-lI 4
L N w . A GOOD AGENT to cai.
e v Ns teebse sal d the *l4Ulfnulb
I- towatser glhs bstq!UiaU bqusshbld .r.
' ,sealt Am the world.'Ti topiois, write
b a oniae b Woirlds Janfrasturamg Co.,
* Chiatorn lPmea, New Eork. It
tbw~ ·.
Vftl t1I i
0 nbb
P' ~L C~asuslLm~
No, 6.
"In vain do they worship me,
teaching for doctrine the command
ments of jlan."
Tihe Jewish religion at the coming
of Christ, had undergone consideras
Ible change in practice and ceremO
ial. When Moses led the Israelites
fronm Egypt tlhey were a rude and un
lettered race, although superior to
tile people around them, in that, they
retained an imperfect knowledge, and
worlship of the God of their fathers.
Th'eir ideas of thie mstl relations
and duties of men to eao ther were
vague and unsettled, yet ierlhaps as
full and precise as they were caps
ble of receiving; it was "burning
for Lhrning, wound for wound, and
strike for strike." Age after age,
had passed away, and they ht:4 growaj
into, a purer aid higher morality.
Much of the law of which Christ
said, "not one jot or tittle shall pass
away, had become not the less true,
but obsolete-meo had gone up high
er; they needed to be taught not only
the letter, but that spirit of the law,
which "maketh alive." They were
ready for the coming of the Divine
Person, whom a long line of Prophets
and promises had taught them to
look. But they expected that he
would take on him the royal state of
monarch, and leader, they "trusted
that it would have been He whibch
should have redeemed Israel." They
had no idea of the kingdom of peace,
that spiritual empire which was to be
established in the heart.
The Pharisees, whose tenacious
love of ceremonial, whose long pray
ers in the market-place, and ostenta"
tious alms-giving were to win the
praise of men, were a momerouas anad
iofluential class. Against these, the
meek and lowly one, as most opposed
to the spirit of his own kingdom,
pronounced his most severe rebuke.
"Woe nto yon scribes, Pharisees,
hypocrites, for ye bind heavy bur
dens upon mens shoulders, and
griaevous to be borne, and will not
toech them with one of your fingers
ye shlot up the kingdom of Heaven
against men, and neither go in your
selves, or suffer those who are enter*
ing to go in-ye pay tithes of mint,
and anise and cammina, and bare
omitted the weightier matters of the
law, judgment, mercy and faith-ye
teach for doctrines the command
ments of men." The teachipgs of
Christ were diametrically opposed to
all this. No outward washings, no
exterior observances could make up
for the inward purity he demanded.
The heart most e first eleansed; for,
"from within, out of the heart of
man proceed evil thoughts, thst
wickednesso, deceit, covetusess ; all
these thinf defile a man."
There is something so laainfinitely
lovely, so grandly sublime in these
words as they stand out like letters
of gold on the dark sky of those
times, that we can well conceive the
wonder with which the pieople cried,
"from whence theb, hath this man
this wisdom t Is not this the car
penters son, and are not his parents
here witlh ast"
Something more, sometling great
er than any obseryvee of bere ritgal
or law was to be obsefted. To the
women of Lamaria, he maid, "the
time is coiing, and now is, when Obt
in this mountali nor Iet luJarUsa
lem, men shall worshp the Fathet.
God is a spirit, sad theywlo wer
) ship hiin nuat wouhip hlm laspirit
Sand truth." The kingdom of Heaven
- was to be withls theet, an Oltar was
r to be established in every eeart.
When one came asking haw he ahbold
rinheirit eternal liffen aayln the
law, "pI these have I ps fs my
tlqlos,goqr and sel~l all, sop he
and give to the poort;41. m4
love to God nid nse, the Gri a
commanding sentimaet ot lih* He
imposed nii burdens upon the mnrd;
they were loyasly to follow his exam
ple; to fulfl the whole law in loving
God, and doing good to men. Were
we to take his words alone, in all
their simple grandeur, and if he
came to teach men the read to eter
nal life, he could heave omltted noth
Ing qiecential to salvation, else his
work were incomplete, it is astonish
ing how mueh existinareds would
he narrowed down. M commanded
all Mace everywhere, to repeat sad be
baptised, but he stipulated o partions
har form or manner n whicb it should
he done. He oties, "Ho, every one
that thirsteth, eme and drink of the
waters of life freely;" bat he dose
not my that these only can come
who are especally called, that "from
the foundation of thekworld, a part
of the bhman race chosen as
vtsaels of wrath;" h&3 s nothing of
tihe long array of artII sad dog
ma's which we are told are essnatial
to aslvation; the "burdens heavy to
I be borne," the miat ad aise'and
. ctntn of the chuachles.
ml Jielief is not a volontary action of
* the mind, although blind assent is,
't and indisputably, a wrang belief can
not het criminal, as a wrong action
noon. is capable of believingjuat
what h. wisihs, whilehe isforce tot
Scredit what see a mesaare of reason
sand concaience a he iasy be nd ..
a .4 with, hikpoes. spee him. We
Swemldfeot give so humano esasn aa
saduderetlenase, btIt is as o*.
dowevse 'ofthe Creator, wichb It
- was evi~enti intibded that v.
Mi4,s es. f lke lamLpgivetit
dlretn all the acthio
iGod lhas gracs y
his revealed wll It Isa
9 isr bicisi m thefr
W aI
'V;~Spt~-i ,~-~.i
lwhat early training, and strange as it
may soundl, what geographical posi
tion make them. Had we been born
in Turkey, we should almost certain.
ly have been Mahomedaus, and like 1
true children of the crescent, have
shouted, "God Is God, and Mahomet
is his Prophet." St. Paul says, when
speaking of his persecution of the
Christians, "I verily thought I was
doing Gods service."
We look naturally apon theerrorsm
and crimes, which a wrong belief en. 1
tails with pain, but it should be a
feeling closely allied to pity. The
Rindioo mother, who to propitiate an (
angry Deity throws her child into the ,
Ganges, while every fibre of her be. t
ing must cry for its salvation, does t
so, impelled'by a deed, but mistaken r
sense of duty. I' iew far Is the gall- 1
ty I She thinks she is performing a
virtuous action. What is virtue in r
onqeountry is called vi, in another. i
'Are they then relative terms a have
they no fized meaning? Is not virtue ,
in every heart, and in every place the
effort which the soul makes to do e
what it verily believes to be right,
and true.
The great Raler and Redeemer, I
earme while the world was lying in
wickedness, and moved with infinite i
pity for all these souls wandering Ino t
darkness, he bade his followers go c
out and preach the gospel of peace r
and love, deliver the message which t
the angel of the Lord had given to t
the Shepherds upon the Syrian plains, I
"'good tidings of great joy, which r
should be to all people." How has t
the Church tulfilled its high and r
holy mission ? As we look back opon r
the ages which have down, the bare s
and cruel facts of history mast ano. a
swer us. The longest, most desola. a
ting and terrible wars which have e
ever carsed humanity have been re a
ligious ware. With the Mary's and e
Elisabeth of England, the Charles r
and Philips of Spain, the DeMediceis
of France, with St. Bartholomews and t
Injoistions, and Anto DaFe',, she has I
so tinged her garments with blood, I
she has so made the earth grean with
anguish that the angels in Heaven t
mast have veled their faces ina sad.
ness. Even now, aieross the waters
for smoaths has come to as the dia of t
battle. The erescent and the cross i
have floated together over fields dyed p
with blood, and the most horrible *
crimes have been perpetrated in the a
amoe of religion. Oh, tender and t
loving Saviour, totbhor of peace, and ,
love of concord, how far have thy a
4hildren strayed from the path thy t
feet have trod! Not contednt with
reigning 'ver the, souls of men, she
hlas plaed her iron grasp apona their
haild.. bhe has loved power tempo
ral and qpritupsl, and has pever 1 rq
her hold antl it was shaken
rthe coy vlAs eosa of reseo E
au~hum mnSy, which woual a loalo 4
,at he tris wlle . For o l oag ages :
l uLog up the treasaures of learning,
she bas been at war with soieneae.
Sine Gailiiee, the revelation of Ood
ianature has fought with the letter *
of his word, as they isterpreted it.
ii. %:as tips light brightenq, step by i
step sie recedes, and whit we have i
beM tbld id 'giving way' to what wrd
see and koow. The written irer4 lei
addressed simply-to amananoo Aand
intellectual nature and was intenh,
it is evident, to' aalighten "him ts
his origin, his 'deattiattdi ; aid his
relations to hiuaker and, Il fallow
men, mpt.toead b$le of ef:thb sates
al worid areow4 ias. 'the two reve
lations when ed airiglht; canh bi
conDlict. ' I
With all this evil, this "bindin of
bI ordean too heavy teg baorne tble
teachbio(~o~ing~ feet Lasth-ommaud-~
monte of men, thhi·raogane of Pope,s
Parch, Bishop ad ergy, mach.
lug ash under id owna narrow flag,
tlon~ f o bread, banser ofthe
;crea lenefits tme Chlirh les
conferredupon hamanllty, ca not he
numbered. It, great huider has sia
ways been with it, and no bohua
power can prevail aesnat it. Bat the
second comaig whih In fordtold, may
heneaer at hand, naymay have al.
Ieady; 'beeimma reomp lshe. "In the
&clous ofl'eI enmth ten thoantetd
angels aroasdtWh!" Througlathi
dark mists of ilmfidelfty which over
spread the earth, a new light isbrtek.
'lug-the church is *'reteranlmgto ber
first 1eve." What thie cun of the
churcb of Epheina sid he hasd p1
I again to her-"remeemer thiereore
, from whence that art fallen, and to
pent and do thy fist work.l 81he Is
I dienteaig herait f from the tram.
'mole of mere tempOndlit', to give
herslf a mew vitory In tohe huma
5 heart. She is not weakening, bit
a gettl strongerin that spiritual pow
a e h alone is life amd health,
W The angel world, the noble army of
m nartyrs who hrae passed on to their
f rard, are doubtless battliag for the
tIl that spiritual warfare with
I tpowers of darkness, and the glo
I dions light of a purer christianity will
I dawh on tie shroaded earth. Good
men everywhere, long and pray for
r battytnd brotbheroa o, for the day
wirhe the garmeats of the church,,
I crimsbn with blood shall became
- white as aonw, In a new bPaptism of
aInapentsee sad fhath.
A Prous borders of the greet lake
I *.the shoreaist the gelf,e ** e ay
Stot every church sad heeir no wm~
I hag theologian. Where eadsn
I snything but themaallathegtji mea
thepractical dautiss olebrlStlanity,
I they do not need to make men wiser,
stheyneed to makl thes better; we
I last aome bah te th aurmantleis
t o rtimitlve chulstisimt stit ad th
mmnsr o f "ChtilW uasn loempe
m#is6 their b gif I a many
Ia valeimithe
~iI~ r.~~ti rbtj~ Y
r ty & ____
lit u~ ? 4q`Q
The Majority sad Minority Reports of
the Senate Judiciary Commit.
mltt. There...
To the Honorable President and Members
of the Senate:
The undersigned members of youear I
I Committee on the Judiciary, to which I
was referred House bill No. 103, eon
titled "An act to repeal act No. 25 of I
Ithe Legislature of 1865," etc., com. t
I monly known'as the act repealing the I
Louisiana Lottery Company's charter, I
beg leave to report the same favor- 1
ably, with the following ameadment
in section 6, line 2:
Strike out the words, "It paasge,s "
and insert in lieu thereof the word, I
I "the thirty-Brst day of March, 1879." 1
They have considered the propriety I
of the object had in view by the mov. I
era of the bill, and believe it to be a
Iproper one. a
In their opinion the present Lottery I
I institution is a standing reproach to 4
the State, and io its elects upon so- I
clety, can only be compared to a
I malignant cancer which is eating out I
the very vitals of the morals of the
people. They have examined the I
plaw of the case, and believe that a i
I manifest right exists in the Legisla
I tore to repeal, at any time, the grant a
of any franchise, whether in the form I
Iofcontract or otherwise, when the I
same is contra bonos mares. That i
such a statute confers no vested rights I
which cannot be divested by legisla. I
tive act they think pal by very ele- I
meontal principle of law, and that all
I contracts against good morals, if not a
absolutely void, are at least voidable.
Perhaps the prinieple has never
been applied more frequently, and
plainly than to gaming contracts, I
among which stamnta large number of i
deelsions of the Supreme Courts of
I the varioous States upon the subject
of repeal of Lottery statutes. I
In 8 Miss. 06, lreligh vs. the State, a
the court decided : "Where the Leg- I
Iislature authorizes a private individ* I
I ual or a corporation to raise a snm of I
money by lottery, to effect an object I
of .public cacsern, as a railroad, a
bridge, or a canal the statute by I
I wch the authoit is acreated may be
at any time reeil, without viola.
ting auy c stu tional prevision." 1
The same principle, In regard to1
the. rempe of alettee; fIsanhiel I
[email protected] to Iocrease e revaenus I
school pirpesa 'was inltaied I
Sthe saoef Miss. Seleoty aof Arts vs. I
I Musgrove, 44 Miss. S20, ad in a MisI s.
il s0*8 w;Miss.147 Met. BoerdofEz
6else vs. Barre, 4 N. Y.1665, and sev.
Soral mases ln the VigliReports.
s late as 1876 the Suprem Cort
of the United States, 1.4 O s I8,
I Boyd vs. Alabama, speakufg sthe
repeal of a stetqs, eltitlsd "An ant
Sto atalish )1ntoual Aid AssoeatIo, a
Sand to is le fuhos tot the commoia 1
adidol' sybte' of Alabahma," sihd Mt.
Jastles fisM, delivering the opinion I
i. of the coort, whiob . was unanimeus: I
I "We are not prepa ato dmit I
teatitisco ent1I'6r ~tne Legisla= 1
i thrit restrain t s pal br ofam Iaub
I sqaebt Lugislatumr.t. hgat1e ; for I
Sle publi le d to welfart i
6 Iau L s sat Co¶esr 4
hbavag paid late th trasery moti
fIrs qSuatery paymeit, the under
sIgsed thick it propr to reeommend
th abaeudment blero e l6 mtieided,
adslid with this samldmeiat, fet the
easuos henia set forth, tecommemi
Its passage
I ". C. z ACRAXIE,
P. A. 1)UCflO5, JR.
8EO. I. WELL..
I concuC l. the above, hand subeit
aidditionl treasons herewith.
P I conour in the recommendation for
a favorabei.report of thebill.
1 I cownr in tho, abover rsort, with
i , amendment to the amenedmo that
Sthis bill shall taha elect fremansad
- after thAi tbhiity*tst of December,
S189, feor the esean the State hay
i mlg aeapedl rgt Inalmet upon
the sasesamuat to be paid by the con
paily for theem rr1 by sid
rane. a the State has eensested
- 4** I !urroa its busa.
f To the President and Member so thi8n
it ate t
e I couecr in the recommendations in
Ia the report signed by Mesers. Zacharie
- and others and sebmit the following
II reasons for such aetion :
Ii Under the common law all lotteries
are pubic nuisances, prejudicial. to
y geot orae bat by statte, , licenses
,, were ised to permlt and regulate
m thems. 4 Blacketene 16S.
f Artlee 18 UG of erCivii Code.
Vesting of cautresa rtoads: The
a euseste unlawurl whe kt i forbid.
. den b aw; whenlt isclatrn lones
mee as trar' y to moral conodtct or
a b to ~a rer. li tba
h thif .e. ?Irginta S
r,16, h Su nCqurt tofie Udited
r, Staeemly~s:iii'rrott ~ ~ i
e "''rispmcs has Shown that the
'a ~m6 whshfg e elangarn -
ytl etheriS 1. Tefre r
[A 'acp ~ w$usond and t las
~ii~~Ia utheuo
0 ~iibb
1trss· tq
u dpg o
tion, are violative of good moral in
jurious to society, tend to cortant'
the habits of the people maed edacet
them in the vice of gambling."'
Can the acts whihl authorlap, thie
nuisance be repealed 9
By Civil Code, 447, a corporation,
legally established, may be dissolved'
by an act of the Legislatre if'tihey
deem; it necessary or convenient to~l
the public interest.
The tooth section of the Brat art.
idle of the constitutloo of the United
States declares that "oo State shall
pan any law impairing the obliga
tion of contracts."
In mny judgment the authorities
are clear that the rights exercised by
the Lottery Company do pet tria,
from a contract, in the senapiAn whiql=
It is used in the article abov quoted,
but from a permissive licease' granad,
and under which they maintain the
pouisance, rad its in this fmndameat.
al error of milapprehbbending their,
privilege for a .contract the Idea proe
vails that the Lottery oannot be
abolished beocusea it has ,r eteE
Sedgwlek, in his Treatise on ion.
struction, etc., page 581, saysg * The
Supreme Court has raid ha 't hi
contracts designed to be proteteds, byt
the article quoted are contracts by
which perfect rights, certalp,.deflmte,
fied private rights of preperty are
vested," as distinguished troum mess
ures or engagements adopted a iri'
dertaken by the body' politie oea.
State government for the beoeAlt o
all, and which, from the necessity of,
the case and according to unlversal
understanding, are to be variedor
discontinued as the publio good shalt.
require; and under this head, i hs;
notes on page 584, thie amnse athor
says: "Licenses from the Statsteio
viduals, to carry on trades andi lik.
are not contracts witbhin the eansl
tutional provisioo, and, citis la ap*)
rt Com. vs.Bresea,. 103 Ra.
et board of Excise a. Barsi;'
N. Y. 657; State vs. eludos, S8 +'
H. j5, and Calder vs. uby Gra i
5®7 remarks farther: "By the re.
sonnog in these cases the Legiplato
has power to revoke a grant tio bold
a lottery at all times, w1bethee It *ak
conlrmed with or without valeable
consideration. Laws liceeieng sqod,
regulating lotteries are mere meas
ores of ponce, and, as sabehib, are
der the absolute control of tUuwalqI'
islature?." o ta ,
Parsoas on Coperacs,
says the qestion has also been
wblether thd chasee la the I s
tion limits or abets the pe0a 1 e hir
State goverumeet tao ast .emnmi
heealth animlr ` andiiiys b ý
the nitthItoril ate nt eob` Jo
maoder the eiLag dJi !
of this eoantp :; : avQsIthedI , i
bt o th. 40s M*
piehibllea dn of thheouuiuswq Nle
Thmebig obligateso; e( poes.o:
thea h sl~ad moerlq .ofS~DIP
are 'lbnhere) In the loa
Stste can license And $i4it'f tl" jl
ernael of a caling or tradi whslhl ie
injeviona -In. its effects;·op 41 rat,
either plgqiaall: or, morally, i
is the exteint of its autori.'C
ley, Con. in:;' pp. 282: -Ht h'
poleepower of tie S6a 0sea10 ,60a+
btealiatedvea by b epss Ma
on sounrrrd· ussemi, th~h~buuY
aolarory awa any of 5MPikk
tia po ~wIhae Inestlal
,"R has e that lat
butren tb 4 Iafl~t
al1 charters are mnmt ast~
ManB.I f.Cs,2Tir. 14t
ThIeeMfoe I esc e tastode th d
to regulkte the publ health sand
morals is laJ~sebe ir ~the q
-the people-from whsae all 9P1
is derived, ai& for whop wel abng,
all laws hoo e acted,d that
their agents cannot eater late may
coursee by whbic thev eoeld mot re
sume as will ibi ls er
protect the mublic health o
ustipe Grier, In th eaw ErOS Ijt
ted save, ays: "The snppmeasies
of nealsnees bledgeur tpi psmhiq
health or morals isamoeg th et
Important duties of vaisetW t.
If there were say lo eftlbbtlsati
sabl44thof linguag nroad hg;lMt.
Jusotice Field, In .oaes4rbag the gpla-i
ion of the coqrt laoy , ALb opa,
4 Otto 650, #onld cera in late
it: "We ase iot prepredto tamit'
I that It ls ap~co etst fone LigLai
ture, by say contract with ap. 1iod*
vidual,to restrain the power, t a.
sibsesuent LegIslat4a4 GOto la~
for the pabli. welfare, and, to that
end, td shppresas any and all prtatI
o* tending to corrupt the plap 4
Iora oonwer lheteh
,aidedr~ation of a~ portion b(;OL th a
mtthe, as sbdve stated.
lespeatfuhly ssbrittesd
fpANK P.
Of the Committee es~eC.~I~
In spite ofthie Mhlai A hat
ahasbeen g iVuW etbihd theI
tlh sLtlaitil he te~elauedbmiet " h
plaimbli )lehslso diurde. otel
, loangt~mu *a. snupdesi Mg&th
, modemrtagla, bat sml
; reaso fer thinki

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