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SAIL 8. * * * di. ter
"soTUWT. ý EB. 8 1 " lils.
S&UA. P ý EA , 179.
s·rPn -Imnn6J
h. adminsleiraten of Governor
ifor hi we am all more
S i~sdle, is eW rnaked as
,, 7; ,rs lo respoeasility
nalo witha lp, bema.. thoee who
Mid to ge pe the Governor ano
-as as sien t at that policy
whi p* servi, aid thiMlkig stem
mishave knows weiad end nait
he - ee'ai blams e, "E have
mp popsibility to assdme, thas
thes who pointed eat the failore,
Mw apes as, months age.
e ''sdmislatratio could have
bees asesisful, and that saccess
mw have merited as well as re
lted appluse, ape three vital
simr .sustaiigal the financial
hease t the State:
Semiad-I suppreepimg violence in
as ý'ssheo.
.'fle-J retaining the solidity of
Me, uatlsreitisem who had elect.
ead us nesefully seated it.
'd'R eh vital lesees Governer
Sipved a failure. We be.
l9asw, aws wehave all along, that
hlevbe'er of any as ina Leelsana
Ia lem honober and virtue of char.
ari. ,T s, however, are not all
the el"setereqi ed- to aske a ne.
agmsM stateas. His failure we
aletlbt solely to his advisers; they
hive'prejd upes his weakness sad
assspeasile iSn the main for the
ibinlsa whlh halve overtaken his
eat O Thise N teads d rew no
As*eu* is ( pibyiag to hims
"teIm abhe ad, by their valer aid
glpulhjea we. LeuielMls !og the
d11 abe Iais , tha in suget
i>,1. º ,,an mild ea~luiate
ei is sat , ifaet, eve Gem-a
% ipt seethsaut ef a larye
i VIM 700M thinig Dem
litatu tap dame d, by
what w be. Mlust y termed the
*is h anissel sseset"*i*olesee,"
ea d"b h duDnese.P
.$ , no, Nic hllbs shiared
thpealusu wehav.every s.sse to
eevs e. nmdt new see ow iys.
p llow she d eeed. ,
ýrsl his Uls nEs'G ns:
*bspagirheep whe have
le~ibltiu msI l.
db luelirthw dIsis.t i
li qarp ise~
heuaisnin4e qpesneall tel.7
hgstmassemueaq a pelisy whisk
puet L 4p te
e·t i Imil pie "ene .I
ha,:ip"efls atidsesI l Iast
b. w r, ýuweas eis 1
'ptler~~r~uc Id h o lr sea
a thaae. spe e . na et
u s hll amba
.1 ue"-r- ae.
1hZ iiei~ I
rwr'" 14k
IW~*it d;~.cig! sei
dl erqlE to~i~Hr
MhO~SbqiIhgY I
~Cim4iL w j
et Us Iave Ieae With It.
The Legisltre of 187774187
went bakc on the plredes d tile
t Democracy, anld ,nslesIs" 41y ttfnc ti
toI calt a C hevti.ºHu . ' i .t
They were denouncied thelrefi r
habout a half dslze palers in thle Satea
that were in turn dpnonnlede IIy thy
remainder for daring to kele'"'.l ie
Rut, when time fact was daceneree'
that somebody's us had been gored
that only 6100 were appropriated to
r each newspaper for publishing the
AmeIdmndi s, instead of $0, a howl
weat up that most have made the
"beest talent oand tie oely brains in
the State," as that reoreant Assembly
had been termed by its warm parti
sane, quake Is their boots.
Governor Nieboll developed a
policy, early Is 1827, which for politi..
cal lunacy stands without a parallel
in history. One paper: aloe ins Lou
pian daeonaced that polieg a crime.
One paper alone propehtically mailked
step by step the ruin that policy
would.bring to our citiseans and the
degrelation it was certain to entail
upon our commonwealth. That pa.
per was tbhe Viotniron.
For daring to do right; 4 warm the
people of the danger, we were de.
aonaced at every term as a hot head;
am implacable; a Botsrbon. The press
of leusasias woere either silenot as
the grave the, or assailed us in uon
measrted terms. .
To-day, whes the evils of that
policy are aalicted and past remedy,
the howl against Goveror Nicholls
is deaferingi Every scribbler hI the
State adds'voldther to. 1le eamed, tond
thosn who yeld ssae at east 'some
thing from the wreck of oour pledges
or boaor, aredeadened with the clam.
or of the ravers, who shout and de
amnee when it does no good, and
cringe and support wheo vital inter.
ests are going to rin a aunder their
very noses.
Lst oas haye.doae with this asense
lss lamer., Niebolls is a failare;
bit le hia Ies, our honora aso m o.
monwealthi ad a party. He maast
seek such vigorous advisem as WiltS,
Joas, Ogden, Burke, . Canningham,
icEnery, lewis, Jeliles, and that
claM of patriots.
Be an yet Impart stability to his
administration and go out of nae k
with honor to himself sad glory to ]
hie people.
We sver struck a ma when he
wudedown, aad wedeseedthese who
do. If the ndwpapers of this State
eam't rie, atoe pall, and hivep'ts I
political eagislty nSolenet to marks a
policy to ite 1ed, they' should sht(
they pmsubiti 1w 4s wlet easu,.
letth deblle haveit. Iti i shame.
60eltsb If r My'aYp a te y.
oi*Ith hqWt1l- Wgplaase by the
bd~eratof eitt' rirer valfiq.'
way espahi t pe re8i% t StteaI
the amasf;,e sod thea hots a* el
ape seui fatersi nNa hisadelIsy
ela-w SMr. Jonas feeand meting
wh.*qeg a iw s in the
Wat6ek*y, Is iP4m ib pmp PI4J
ikise In ISa. e I,; a awyesr
masho arb ilt7~,ad enJoybitesae
Seem gmiE .Sge a the great In'
qatshww Ris oewod as a
* 554 lh45Wearh4, putek~t
through thewar., is as height anl
gleedhetsirtn h fiara otled..
nt . ug*as4te l elstr
aret ofinsl g. Iuthwe hme thag
sahWgtialsv MaeIs tmprove
Sw tralaleg of spe n clag e sm .
hl.tteo.4heokhuh has meemeemd
nial s4 I ra ll kins and
u .aon, hiesea.l g1s *s elms thet
wpul~pq himhandessmely.
Ie 5WhiI gggeg m te.
Mr. Walesy lis atrue Doteqmt :
r Is lhe oieoiumds whe rrw ge* 4
sb5pblv. thr:4ds j
I~iij ~CCCL~I.u ·
Calm Arferthought.
d lVe nincerw'ly tst our @utemaed
M city ies,,Iempraries-A4 s scs ing, eachIl
I lebd Whil~aai jg lr,-"the lagest Lhen
h.brlotggiie Suithweat" will. 1w in
sit. d, when the iLegislal ture adjoalnus
*. l's c(ualsl3 r.llect that all is not lust,
'iIIenS4, foitoothi, the red-handed
iati -.isl buhld.Ir,'s frn'n North Loo
it !naI;In struck dlown ruthlesslyv such
Suibleluautitntiorn s is Howard's Lotte.
D ry and the Carpet-bag Constitution.
. We once knew an old back-woods
Iman who, on his frst visut on
a board a steamboat, was frightened
o badly by the engineer suddenly
r opening the mud-valve to the boilers.
In fact, our rural friend was so ex*
tremely shaken up, that he sprang
Slate the rver,' swam ashbore and
clammered up the bank with the
Sspeed .'of a deer. On reaching high
ground he turned, only to behold the
palatial steamer resting upon the
Iplacid bosom of athe mighty river.
With a snort that would have put to
, blush a steam whistle, he exclaimed:
I "By Gad, sheain't busted !"
Our esteemed contemporaries, each
possessing the "largest cirulatloo In
theb Southwest," will conclude, upon
calp afterthought, that our political
seoiety "ain't busted." We beg to
assere theam that all is serene. It's
only the mud-valves.
Frauitless Tells.
The senseless drivel of the City
hIes will hardly araouse the "busot
I nesintete$ts" of New Orleans to a
Irealization of the "chaotic, brink,".
uapon whieh that sheet Insists they
stand. The Item, in the sublime Ian.
gasge of Packard to Kellogg, in 1875,
or Kellogg to Packard, In t1877, we
don't remember which, should "keep
it's shirt on."
The ravings of an Evening'idiot are
not sufienet to move bonest thinking
men to lunacy. The "Sfty-siz bull.
dosers from North Louisiana" do
not fright tihe seals of any in New
Orleans, save the masters of the tItem,
the thieving rings which wax fat
when honeaest inatereste are perishing.
The Itebm is a "leetle"n too pervious.
The -irTh sand Picysae, in their
Idefamatory and malevolent assaults
uapon the "country members of the
Legislature have solidified public
sentiment against all measures which
those journals may hereafter adve
cate. That honorable and honest
jeurnals should difer regarding publ
lie policies, no one will deny, but, the
questions of as bonest and cheap
ICabintation add the repal of vi.
ci qs mponopoly law. ad mit of .no
d mlo .
SWhen the paszy sassessd 'has pin.
nacra febtf the estabtlshmeet ofthe
later, Ai is traseps to rosleg 'I
lime. sod Pdesgsaa law' esrayed.
themeleves dg~Iuat 'the beaut pubicil
stimenl t ofuhe Shats, aR imqq4le.
lug have solidified that sentiment,
against themselves. Heteaftar, the
Sthim and Pfos..e will be regarded
wt .disgust by all the "'eoutry
I -'
tifh busiess iap of New Or.
slslisbas any. vespect for the opuc
trcy leoopt eoa he shown by a
paM eteipdeintled pfsnch venal, sor'
,Ihees jourusls hlave; vtsrated
utill it limo 1e.ebee sickeanig;
.atmoo~ seastra.
Si. ~·. · ·- I ·-' w·
J lfl I~ ~ i
· rms~e Doctrie
I w'3i Ntl· ~OUGA 5UU~mIJ?3
The democratic sensotrs adopted
In cnauus yesterday npornlng a sub.
*.sIlate for the Edpunds resolutioas
sIted en te day of reseeas bing
aIftr thp hliday rcess. The sub.
stitte was prelsuted in the Senate by
r ni4 laid e the table to
jlkn tl~ed hetreatr
i whoneiverr this substitute was
d wn, whether by penator TlhiuPn,
Senuator Blysrd, or some other doem.
perade Senator, the sther hlas had
I the rat good kortunea oa ch Se*a
E ~fdmeani~rwds' ~triaaa lg lia slts of
. r d o i wil fCe wool
rlod uced his resolutions
hhaveray pretty rhitorieal Boarisb.
SI'Thlli m oeraing of the new tear,"
said "when ther ae parae and
Joy sad hope eve where, tahik is
the best time possie to oler teslu.
sloes which, they bo sulmO y
adopted, wi have a tendeny to os
met good will and cbrcrd sad ulity
o seutimentalt His mind was so
eaben with thisisastof Irony that lap
qgpqeso as sed to his law,n4the.
.owSnIs that ah rpsd sb.
ue pS grat datasOe hais
8 with a
r Iatthe
in, th sa
tio11n f all citizens of th:! United States
lete-Iy q,1lifi.ed in the right to Tite
f4ts Rep:V u.4It:ItiveS in Congress." All
,that Cn.ugmcso rvan constiflthInally do
in 1o p)re4ve't or punish any diacrbul
ination on tihe ground of rieS)3o coel
or,- tilee peeilshset of ot Ier siollatio11
of the right of asnifrago bwlnging 10
tihe State goveruenmenis. M. Eºm
titutids llreidu on ot1 notenltIle grout'",
lºweaeipe le egteidm tlhe' P'"º'' i)I llt'4
flew aiiiPtedoipelp hbey."" #1 11.1 -"'
liniii defined by the I I '"1 Con I.
Our esteemed contemeporary, the
Sabine Southroe, calls a Dlistrict Con.
vention for Pleasant Hill, thle 18th
February. The;VINDICATOR, being
called upon to express an opinion,
begs to my, that the Executive Conm'
mittee, appointed at Pleasant Hill
last year, is clothed with the power
to call this Conventiono, and lithe
Chairman of that Committee, Col.
Breaseale, has issued a call for the
assembling of said Committee at Con
abhatta. We beg leave to add that the
representation to which Natchitoches
is entitled is 14 instead of 9, as stat.
ed by oar esteemed contemporary.
Csaimptule Cared.,
An old physleian, retired from pre
tice, having had placed in his hands by
an East India missionary the formula of
a simple vegetable remedy, for flee
speedy Id permanent care for con
adihption, btonchitis, catarrh, asthma.
and all throat and lung affections, also a
positive and radical curo for nervous de.
bility and all nervous complaints, after
having tested its wonderful curative
powers in thousands of eases, has felt it
his duty to make it known to his suffer.
ing fellows. Actuated by this motive,
and a desire to relieve human suffering,
I will send, free of charge, to all who
desire it, this recipe, with full directions
for preaparing and using, in German,
ench, ;or English. Sent by mail by
addressing with staump, naming this pa
per. W. W. Sherar, 149. Powers' Block,
Rochester, New York. feb 8-4t.
THE Executive Committee, Democrat
is Party, of the Senatorial District,
composed of the Parishes of Natchito
ches, DeSoto, Sabile and Red River, are
requested to meet at Coushatta, on Feb
ruary, 20th, Thursday, 1879, for the pur
ppee of selecting a place and designate
the time for holdinK a D*istrict Conven
tion, to nonmiiate Dolegates to the Con
stttioallon Convention.
Feb. 8. Member from Natehitoches.
For Sale at a Bargain!
A PLANTATION situated on Bayou
Lerbanne, one mile from Railroad
Depot of the New Orleans Pacific Rail
road, containing three hundred acres,
known as the John Foster plantation.
One hundied and fifty acres open and
free of grasses, of alluvial soil and capa
ble of odting a bale of rottou to the
aere. louse Improvements situated on
ride oppolsite Bayon Derbanne, with
eisteras asd:a be spring of water.
. Will be sold on reasonable terms, and
peaseslogives at onece . Laber to cet.
Miats a p, an the jantatiie.
y ~o . cl LEVILLE,
t loatiervilleeIfa.
ºI. " D.E. ARROtZ,
New Orleans.
* r 'NO. FOSTER,
Onthe Plantation.
Platation containinag from forty
cres to eight hundred acres each, sitn
ated, Cane and Little rivers, in this
prish. Will be sold on reasonable terms.
Feb. S*-4t. Clontierville, La.
THOiOUOHRBBED Short Horned cat.
tie, Coltweld: and Southdown Sheep,
sad Belsshire Hogs. Delivered on boar
steinbosta .tAlesandria, Rapides par
eh~,,whr q the stosok has been pastured
s ,the Fall of 1877 and 1878.
i rp. seasonble
toppl J. 1t. ARMSTRONG,
P. l. y. ' Alexandria, La.
II -
Works Christiana, Lancaster: Co., Pa.
Ofe :23 S. Beaver St., York, Pa.
arntation on Bayes Pierre river,
Il adoiing the "Jordan Ferry," plan
tation on be,, lower side, known as the
King placefor the year 1879. The place
is the most desirable on Bayou Pierre
BRlvet, and will erenated on good teras.
100 and more aceres were in cultivation
in the year 1*8. The place is about 2
miles from Brownsville eon Bed River.
If the place is well prered and pro
perly cnltAsted,, will yield one bale of
ettoan ad i4 to 50 buhels eorn per Acre.
I have mad it on it.
Pot information of Tetms, apply toi W.
M. Jack, of Natchitocbes City, or to the
anddbrigned. Possession given 1st Jan.
'ary, 1879, or sooner.
UP. 0. Box No. 95,
Dee.2. ml. ns, Ala., Dallas Co.
* ALL Claims promptly attended to.
OS..0 oe St. Deals 8trse,
po ertE AoR RUNT.
A hLZW MILL in rnanaing order,
bwhow s the Martin SawMI.
1 o L* . CAS PANBI.
*,sfsor sis or Bent, aganttatle on
.o cmmtainlag 101e ares, 300
to L. CASP&Bi ork
~RC K8EI8Efl
rh ~ ...
In.~ waCmamIbeIY
O rmta
Dealer in Orsters Fi Ii awl Ganmie!
Highest market price paiid for itsh, wild
turkey, ducks and venison
,)lln 1itf.
Sheriffs Sale.
R, T. Buckner & Bro., in Liq., vs. M.
Perot, Tutor.
District Court, Parish of NatchitocheK.
No. 8256.
B )Y virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
issued in the above entitled and InumI
hered suit, and to tIe directed. I have
seized and will otfer fcr sale at tihe door
of the Court House in the city and par
ish of Natchitoechles, oni
SatiUrday, March 151k, 1870,
the following described property to-wit:
A ceitain trdet of land situated in the
parish of Natchitoches, containiang two
hundred and seventy -five acres, more or
less, bounded as follows: on the north by
lands of Orange Babbett, alnd others, on
the east by lands of Adolphe Prudhomume
and others, on the south by lands of the
same, and on the west by Red river and
the Town of Campte. Also anotlher
tract of land containing 86 60.100 acres,
being the east half of south west frac
tional quarter of north west fractional
quarter of section 36. township 11, north,
No. 7, west, being the same tract aeCquir
ed by L. G. Delussy from the United
States Government. These two trsacts
aggregating 360 acree, more or less.
Also lot No. 3, of section 29, township
11, range 7, containing 77 30.100 acres,
excepting a piece of ground embraced
therein. originally sold by Lawson Da
vis to Orange Babbett, supposed to con
tain about 7 acres, as fully described in
said Act.
Also all the interest of John L. Vickers
to a tract formerly owned by Margaret
Grappe, being a portion of the following.
boundted on the south by the land of
David Brown, east by land of O. Grappo
and others, as fully described in said
Also another tract of land situated in
said parish, being the undivided half of
lots 1,5 and 6 of section 29, township 11,
range 7, west, containing 244 70-100
Also another tract, situated on Campto
Bayou, about oneo mnile below the Town
of Canpte, and known as the Babbett
plantation, containing about 50 acres,
more or less.
Tcrm of Sale.
Cash, subject to appraisement.
Feb. 8. Sheriff.
Serlir Sales
R. T. Backner & Bro., in Liq., vs. N.
Perot, Tutor.
District Court, Parish of Natchitoches
No. 89257.
BY vir ue of a writ of seizure and sale
issued in the above entitled and nanm
bered suit and to me directed, I have
seised and will offer for sale at the door
of the Court House in the city and par.
ish of Natchitoches, on
Saturday, March 15th, 1879,
the following described property, to-wit :
A certain tract or parcel of land belong
ing to the Succeession of Clara DeRussy,
de.basedt, knoiwn as' the Clara DeBussy
plantationi, situated on 'Old river, in said
parish, containing in the aggregateone
hundred and sixty acres, more or less,
bounded as follows : on the east by lands
belonging to the heirs of Hrler Bordelon,
west by slands belonging to Julia DiT
Rossy, north by landis - belonging to Mrs.
E. B. Fleimiug, And south by Old river.
Teresa of Bald.
Cash, subject to appraisement,
Feb. 8. Sheriff.
Sncsessioa of Marcelis eseuia, dec'd.
BY virtue of the Honorable the Parish
Court of the parish of Natchitocheb,
to that effect granted and to mue directed,
I will oIfer for sale st the Court House
door of the pariah of Natehitebces, on
Saturday, the Ist of March, 1879,
at public outcry, to the last and highest
bidder all of the followiog described
real estate belonging to said Succession,
situated in this parish, to-wit:
A tract of laud known as Cuny Point,
on the sonth side of lac terre noir, about
two (2) miles from the town of NatoBi
tches, being the claimi caoulirmed by the
legal representatives of Edward Murphy,
as number twenty-one hundred and ten
(2110) and designatetl in the Goveren
ment Sarvey as section thirty-nine (39)
township - north, range eight (8)
west, and section forty-seven (47) in
township nine (9) range seven (7) con
taining in all six hundred and ninety
two acres, (692) acquired by Marcelin
Tauzin from Thomas Hunter, by Act of
the 8th July, 1863. Held in coimunity
betweeui Marcelin Tauzin and his pre
deceased wife, Azelia Perot.
Also the undivided one-third (j) in
terest of Marcelin Tauszin in Lot No. one
(i) section number five, (5) township
nine, (9) range eight, (8) containing one
huadrred and thirty-six and 74-100 acres,
[136 74-100].
Also the undivided one-third [(] in
terest of' Marcelin Tausin in a certain
trret of land, being lot number one, [1]
of section number live, [5j township
nine, [9) range cight. (8) containingone
hundred and thirty-six 74-100 acres
038 74-100, a..quircd at Sherit's sale in
ease Steward, Hyde & Co., vs. Madame
8usette Board, and held in commaunity
with his surviving Widow.
And also another tract of land being
section anaber twelve, (12) township
tea, (10) range ten, (10) containing six
hundred and forty acres, (640) known as
the Chamard elaim, also held in comma
nity with his surviving Widow.
ITis. of Hale:
On a eredit term of one year from day
of sale for what it will bring; purchaser
to give his twelve months bond, with
god personal mcurity, with vendor's
privilege and speeal mortgage retained
on the property sold.
Feb.8.-tda. Administrator.
Csmstable's Sale.
T. P. Batbazar & Co., vs. Bush Davis
Ninth Justice's Court, Parish of Natchi
toehes, La. No. 86.
BT virtue of a writ of FL. Fa. tom e.
ehireeted in the above entitled ad'
unrthtsed suit, by the Honorable the
Justice ft . Pti s Parish of
I have d ela:4 and will of
fer rW I1 o'eloek
., at 'o CLerSterIn told Parish, on
.assurd Si .du of Pbbretry, 1879,
ths hflowljqperty, to-wit:
Osa nejPwoCa
Gah innt qwsss.t s
i~iiiWar I~
Constable's !ale.
Samuel Nelkin vs. Edmond Atkenson
and Rloxana Frederick.
Mfagestrates Court, Ward One.
No. 1t0.
BY virtue of a writ of Fi. Ia. issued in
1) the above entitled and unnlýý herý
suit and to me dlirected, I have seized
and will offelr fr asle to thle last oait
highest Iidler ut tihe door of tlhe
Ilosuse in the city and parish of'
tochles. oi
Salurday, Ist lday of Midrch, i
the following described p1ro'pertSy, to-wit:
Lots I and P on a Pilat of Survey made
by Franklin & Fitzgeralld, lot I having a
front of 50 feet on West side of 5th
Street and runnsing to lot P, for depth
93} feet, for depeth paralell lines, bounded
north iy lot No. 30, south by lot J, west
Iby lot P, and east by 51bh Street. Lot P.
leing dlirectly in rear of said lot I. lmeans
uring 50 feet in width by a deptlh of 40
fet inparalell lines, hounded north by lot
20. south by lott 0, went by lands of heirs
of Sibley, and cast by lot I, aforesaid.
Termn of Sale.
Cash, with the benefit of appraise
Jan. 25. Constable, Ward 1.
Sheriff's Sale.
Caspari & Dietrich vs. P. Victorin Pru
dhonane-D)istrict Court No. 1049.
O. Capmartin vs. P. Victorin Prudhoumme.
District Court-No. 7937.
BY Virtue of two several writs of
. iers lFacian issued in the above en
titled and nunmbered suits and to nme di
rected, I have seized, and will ofhir for
sale to the last and highest bidder at the
door of the court house in the city and
lparish of Natchitoches on
Saturday March 15th, 1879,
the following described property, to-wit
A certain tract of land situated in the
parish of Natchitoches, on the left bank
of Red river andl described as per plat of
survey made Iby GeOco. S. Walmeley, deputy
surveyor on 16th Feb. 1841 as follows:
Beginning at a post on the left bank of
Redl river between the claim conferroedl
to Lonit Bnard and widow M. Lestage,
thence N. 550 on the line between land
now owned by B. Cloutier and the claim
ant 4900 chains to a post on the back
line, thence south 30 west 4455 chains to
Red river (Set a post) thence up the riv
er on a traverse S. 86 W. 2700 chains N.
76 W. 800 N. 35W 600 N. 30° 1137 chains
to a place of beginning being part of
claim conferred iunder commissioner's cer
tificates A. No 1665, A. No. 1681 and B.
No. 1653, sec. Nos. 54, 55, and 50, in town.
ship 9,range 6 west; see. No. 10, town
ship 8, range 6 west; sec. No. -, town
sh 9, range 7, west, N. W. Land Dist.
of La, containing 119 30-100 acres with
buildings and improvements thereon.
Terms of Sale:
Cash, with the benefit of appraisement.
Feb. 1-tds. Sheriff.
Rill & Co., yVs. Caroline Myers.
Parish Court, Parish of Natchitoches.
No. 327.
BY virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. issued
S in the above entitled and numbered
suit and to me directed, I have seized
and will offer for sale to the last and
highest bidder at the door of Court House
in the city and parish of Natchitoches,
Saturdag, March 1.t, 1879,
at 12 HI., the followiug described proper
ty, to-wit:
A certain lot of ground situated in the
city of Natchitoches, on the West uide
of Second Street, below Bayou Amulet,
measuring sixty-seven and a half feet
front, on said Street, with a depth of
two hundred and forty feet, together
with the buildings and improvements
thereoo, acquired by Defendant from P.
Myers, by Act of date 22d December,
Terme of Sale.
Cash, subject to appraiseeont.
Jan. 25. Sheriff.
Bsonemesiotn of Mane. Arora Lausbre,
Widow of Benjamim Metoger, dec'd.
BY virtueof an order from the Pro
B bte Court of the parish of Natcbi
toches of date Ith of January, 1879, we
will offer for sale at the Court House
door In the city and parish of Natchito
ches, on
Welmesdag, Ihe 19 dJa of Feb., 1879,
to the last and highest bidder, all the
following described real estate, situated
in the parish of Natchitoches, belonging I
to the Succession of Mmie. Aurora Lamn
bre, Widow of Benjamin Metoyer, dec'd.
A certain tract of land situated in said
parish, and being the east half of south
east quarter and north east quarter of
section S6, township Il, range 7, west,
containing two hundred and forty eight
82-100 acres.
An nudivided half of a tract of land
situated on Lao a cace, in same parish,
luId in indivision with Mmne. Vve Aphe
lia Planthe, being section t0, township
7, range 7 west, containing thirteen
hundred uand lty. lour 50-100 acres;
known as the Thomas Metoyer vacler.
Also a certain house and lots with the
buildings and imuprovemnents thereon,
and servitudes thereto belonging, con
sisting of the following lo ta or parcels.
The lot being claim No. 1181, bounded on
the north by a lot formerly belonging to
Widow Tessier, and a lot formerly be
longing to St. Vigrees, south by Bayou
Amnulet, east by a lot belonging formerly
to Victor Somyayrac, and a lot formerly
belonging to Benjamin Metoyer, dec'd,
west by a small Bayou which empties
into Bayou Amulet.
And ansotlher lot adjoining the forego
ing, bounded on the north by Amulet
Street, south by a lot formerly belonging
to Victor Sompayrac, east by Jefferson
Street, and west by the foregoing lot.
Both these lots being represented on the
mapl of the town of Natchitoches, made
by F. Martin, Parish Surveyor, and to
gether known as the town residence of
Mue. Aurora Metoyer, and having a
fiout of ninety feet on Jefferson Street,
and one hundred and thirty-five feet on
Amulet Street.
Terms and Cooditions of Sale.
The several tracts of land to be sold for
one-third cash, the balance on one and
two years thne with eight per cent Inter.
eat from day of sale, purchaser to give
Promissory Note with good and approv
ed seoetity, payable as above with the
spedal mortgage and vendors lien and
priviledge with clause of nn alienation
rained until full and final payment.
Teih oluse and lots in town to be sold
for one-fourth eash, the balance on one,
two and three years, purebaser to give
his plomhseory note with 8 per cent from
day of sale, payable, one third in one,
two and three years, with good and ap
proval security, with special morttga
seesret by vendors lien anal priviledge
with plaue of non alienation, uatil final
pa ment osaid purehase notes.
I sold sub~ o ad alsement.
Jan.11. 1 ~eOu'tors
Sueccession Sale.
Succession of J. unkl'er.
IY virtue of an order fronm the An
Pa inlh c( ont of Ihle parish of Natch.h
tNhe'sn, I will ot.'r fiir sale i at Ipublic age.
Iijell at the late resiil'iie'u of the Eheeni,
two nilesa' ove ;IClfple, oil tile (raljppe
LI inf roa',
Wednesday, February 12th, 1879,
the liroperty helon itg to the suum,
,f .1. l iAker, to) wit
spoattel Iseicy With tnsh'llls and
iiii.,ili ; ow'ilt gIjivy lily; ine hug; hack.
itI1h eal cIel Cl utert's tools, &dc., right'
and credits.
Terms of Sale :
Cash, for what it will bring.
Feb. 1-2t, Administrator.
Succession Sale.
The Joint Succession of C. B. & Fran.
cis Carlton, deceased.
BY Virtue of an order from the Hq
Parish Court of the parish of Natchi.
toches, I will offer for sale at public ae.
tion at the court house door, in the sitp
of Natchitoches, on
Tuesday, the 4th day of March, l8M,
all the property belonging to the joint
succession of C. 1. & Francis Carltoc,
deceased, to wit :
Real Estate -A certain tract of land
with all the building and improvement
thereon, situated in the Parish of NaS
clhitoches and being the month westquar.
ter of south west quarter of sectioin 4
township 10, range 10, containing thirty.
nine 37-100 acres ; and south east quartd
of south west quarter, north half t
south west quarter, south west quarter
of north west quarter, section 3, and,norti
east quarter of south east quarter at.
south half of north east quarter, of as
tion 4, in towuseilp 10, rangeo 10, conta
ing in the whole three hundred
eleven acres, more or less.
Terms of Sale :
Cash, for what it will bring.
Feb. 1-tds. Administrator.
Minerva F. IDickerson vs. It. F. A. .
McDonald, her husband.
District Court. Parish of Natchitoe
Mtate of Louisiana. No. 82ID
I N this case by reason of the law as
evidence in the case being in favor if
the Plaintiff, M. F. Dickerson. wife, ad
against the Defeundent, 31. F. A. J. ie.
Donald, husband. It is therefore order.
ed, adjudged and decreed that the Plai. c
tiff do have and exercise judgnes
againt the Defendant M. F. A. J. Ye.
Donald, in the sum of nine hundred ang
sixty 34-100 dollars, with 5 per cent es
terest thereon front the 8th day of July,
1873, and for all cost of suit. It is f&.
ther ordered that the Plaintiffdo hare
judgment in her favor decreeing a sept:
ration of property between the Plain
and Defendant, and dissolution oft
community of acquets and gains he
fore existing betweCen them, and fhre
and after date, the Plaintiff take and i
sume control and have the management,
of her own affairs, and control and g.t
minister her own estate and manage lt
own business.
Thus done and signed after havihg
been read in open Court, on this 23e day
of January, 1879.
[Signed] ] D. PIERSONI,
Jande of the 17th DistrIct Court'
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Natchitoches.
Clerk's Office.
I certify the above to be a correct. ai
true cop1y of the original Judgment e
file in o~lele. i
Witness my hand and SB'
(L.S.] cial Seal, this S0th daJ dm
January, A. D. 1879.
Feb. 1. Dy. Clerk..
Sherl's Male.
State of Lonisianave. Jack Edwardset
Parish Court, Parish of Natchitohedne
No. 121O.
BYVIRTUE of two writs of seveld
writs of Fieri Facias leased in trs
above entitled and numbered snit, and bt
mue directed I have seized, and will a
for sale to the last and highest bidder at
the door of the Court Hoase Ia the chI
and parish of Natchitoehes, on
&uturday, February 15th, 1829,
the following described property, to-wit
A certain tract or parcel of. land .
ated in the parish of Natchitoches
being all that portion of South W
quarter of See. No. 7, in Township 1
RRaue ', lying South otB'ayou Rim
containing one hundred acres more
lees, together with all the buildings
improvements thereon.
Terms of Sale :
Cash-with benefitort appraisement. 'L
Jan. 11tds. She.
Sherilfs Male.
JD Addison vs. LA Sers.
Parish~Court, Parish of Natchitoehes.
No. 1785.
BYVIRTUE of a writ of Fleid I
issued in the above entitled
numbered suit and to me 4irectied, Ih
seized and will ofer for sale, to the
and higest bidder, at the door of the
House, in the city and parish of
toches onl
Saturday, February 15th, 1829.
the following described property, to
A certain tract of land situaual
Bayou Nit d'Algle, with all the bnlldi
and improvements thereon, contal
one hundred and seventy acres, mdli
less, bounded North by lands of
Brosset, South by lands of Mrs.
Scrng, and heirs of Severin Desl
East a Bayou known a Bayou '
d'Aigle, and West by Little or Athas ¶
or, being easae property purchased
Defendant from N P B Ralchal, by
of date Jan 30th 1877.
This property will be sold in 40 ae
ots aeording to plat exhibited on
Terms of Sale:
Cash-subject to appraisement.
Jan. 11 da. Shesit.~
Sherlfs Sale.
Clark & Bryan vs. A. E. Johnson, et.
Parish Court, Parigh of Natchitochu.
No. 1620.
Y VIRTUE of a writ of Fieri F
I issued in the above entitled and n
bered suit and to sue directed, I ha
seized and will offer for sale, at the
of the Court Hlouge, in the city and
ish of Natchbitooes on
Saturday February 15th, 1879,
the following described property, to.w
North fractional halfof section No.
Lot No. Sof eotion No.7, and North
of setiot No 18, Township d No.1
Brange 8 Wast, containag four hu
and ninety three acres, situated In
arish of Nathitoches.
STerass of sale :
Cash-sabject to appraisement.
L. A.D LIl.
Jan 1144s~. h

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