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A real live Democratoc paper.
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I0W. 10 7 3003600 50500 70 00 7o THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE 18 THE SUPREME LAW. oNý".y
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$1.31) per. .q O .V .A T CfL , lR A Y 1,17.(NO - __"_"___
1 tth*rt$r prat wulsl. lSCth pnb4? mqua`e. V. NATCHITOCHES, LA., _3RIJAQY 15, 1879.
_ _ _ _ _ _ N Ott.e l 2js e at p ee t s mlre . 1i
Professional Cards.
W'm. Xi. Jalcl.,
(Macesres to JAcK & Pianeon)
Attorley aind Counselor at L(aw
WILLgrae ee l: the Courtsof Natchitochsu
ýb Ilw, Desete, Red River, Winn. Rapides,
Oirast, sd ia the Suprenme Court of the
AI frwt1 promptly attended to.
HAING associated thermselves wili practice
iL the Parisah and District, the 17th Judi
1 'Dietet, and in the parishbes n( Winn and
GaNt, Sremne Conurt of Louisiana, . S. Dis
tr et sad Circuit courts of Louisiana and U. S.
Cort of Claims at Washington.
Offie ia the Laeoste Building
S(Up Stairs.)
Aug. 3, 187i-ly.
J I . * N. JI. C0NNUWIlAN.
St. Denie Street, Natchitoches, La.
W ILL give prompt and personal at
Stention to h business entrusted to
their care
Practices in the Dstric andil Parish
Courts In bthe ParIshes of Natchitoches,
Rei River, Desoto end Sabine, and before
the Supreme Court at Mooroe and New
Orleans. Jan 5 '78.y.
C Cuinn. C. V. DsAxeusr. T. P. CuAItUN
Attorneys at Law,
PRACTICE in the District Courts or
Natahlotuehe, Sabine, Desoto and
Red River and in the Supreme Court of
She Sttab. March 2-1y.
Je ~q,.TvcFlU
Alteorney ad Coeisellor at Law,
5S. D eaft. est, - -N JtehMtItes, La.
rIIL pracstiee tthe Diistrit and Pat
u o Courts of Natehitoohes, Sabine
Dadoo ald 8le4 Rtier, and the Supreme
Court of the eit..
All busias enetrusted to his are twill
reeive prompt attention. Apr 13-ly1
rysdolan ma Burgeon
tmeaso r vy, La.
'1agistrate Ward I.
1. 1. Ni. Bwt: : : aktekIoehu,e.4.
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* S . `!' ' - ict!9
IIIr, f r )) r t,,
ý, AMº, fir. rFnlD,
S- R
1 JINL I$U4i ~
au* FORD,·1L
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so"?, in W ngl A Lngwl' . stam 1boo s.
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to the Wet g atshersultso
pneieelk tsiw«
The [email protected] CY OR E
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Madiso. Disth pensr
sad 16 sWambas., CIismgeI5
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Dom a es 1Imr"O. ernit. 0R63 Arl.
IYYTO(8 ))IBILTS, thwmr seual absor
BiLA msh- SARRASt1 e
, rie laras III.Eona13 mcalag
s'b aitn was ma0er r' i s ei a nlstse
Ce.U131.YIAL FeaslAaFLs . 1 hsarSmoush8A
Aga$ eets vir M ps ber
MA Iystery Solved.
DThe 1ee 9 e f Mpedical Trinmph eo
bodn e ers T SeLY The Iijsteriou
C(antel DfDioease Diocorered,
asad ersertaas (ke Provi
mded. The 8 tomach,t e
Liret, Hsad Bo Oe
 ush thrat Was srer eecn p rios Ntu Ltter
MU" 1S iAL Parcs Pius. Ital.eraonowra
the C8e1re of
Disease. .2
the orest Anti-Bhllious Remed ad ri
Miasmatic Diamolver. i
the reslt of long-contilte4 Solen
'iII IafeatIgation, and are Warranted to
egg4 ileiseases originating in the
liver, and Bowels. No
fi~ruollow the rus ofthese
eBowelsare inflamed; but Re
lie. Iditediale Belief, may be relled
upea. A. a CoimJo a Falmy Physi
tand niiegaaled before tbe world to-day.
rin the done aecordig to diheo*
t~OI, dPet efe PI f ectualy
Paryt Be Bloed and eatly allevate,
Idetntirely cane S)fopl ro~ro
~S. Edl,. f or Bt.
ofie ato I'l
o~i~.QI i Ilo $J theae* lM*
wi seere Bmareas~
'4rqg w asrsb& tesn
45 Years Before the Public.
Iepatita, or Liver Complaint, ii
Symptoms of a Dseased Liver. *
JAIN in the right side, under the P
I edge of the ribs, increases on pres
sure; sometimes the pain is in the left it
side; the patient is rarely able to lie w
on the left side; sometimes the pain D
is felt under the shoulder blade, and of
it frequently extends to the top of the tS
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken b
for rheumatism in the arm. The stomw bI
ach is affected with loss of appetite ri
and sickness; the bowels in general ai
are costive, sometimes alternative with pI
lax; the head is troubled with pain, Ii
accompanied with a dull, heavy sen- pl
sation in the back part. There is gen
erally a considerable loss of memory,
accompanied with a painful sensation ei
of having left undone something which a
ought to have been done. A slight, an
dry cough is sometimes an attendant. ,
The patient complains of weariness II
and debility; he is easily startled, his dl
feet are cold or burning, and he com- tl
plains of a prickly sensation of the
skin; his s irits are low; and although ti
he is satis fied that exercise would be
beneficial to him, yet he can scarcely lI
summon up fortitude enough to try it. C
In fact, he distrusts every remedy.
Several of the above symptoms attend S'
the disease, but cases have occurred D
where few of them existed, yet exam- ti
ination of tile body, after death, has o01
shown the LIVER to have been exten- re
Ovely deranged. tc
taken with Quinine, are productive of vi
the most happy results. No better p
cathartic can be used, preparatory to, :l
or after taking Quinine. We would tj
advise all who are afflicted with this B
disease to give them a FAIR TRIAL.
For all bilious derangements, and Ii
as a simple purgative, they are un. ,
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sad ainsllj ray th.
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permesntldy eared. .
DR DUT A p-OO7MgG8tAg|13Dp
~·~bib!~~Ooasr~ tClt ~ 'i t
"FSCEFt S~~t~ltI~~ri'
I. r jI eqseewh k
pa~or*z 4~ew
n rif(iv;
The Ile. moetgemery la lildeve"
Ithat the Democracy willit lMd
by Tldea.
(Nevow York San.) "
Washington, Jan: 15.
Dear Sir : The expressions referred
to an yours of the 10th w ersed in
private conversation, and td not
properly be ee made public. Apt at
tlhough they would interesta tie pub.
lie because used by a leadju ater
in the surrender of the oelleai of
1876, and would expose tleos 's pr'
tense upon whiob the Elpl bill
was passead, by which tha e dide,
they are not at all ecessary to sub.
stitute that feact. No one who will
consider the facts now before the
public, however reluctant to come to
that conclusion, can fail to see that
it was not, as pretended, that war
was apprehended from adherence by
Democrats to the constitation mode
of counting the electoral vote, that
they abandoned it, and allowed it to
be done by a Radical Commisison :
but simply because the. jobbing and 1
rival political interestt ein the Demo
cratic party, which had combined to
prevent Mr. Tildean's nomination, be.
lieved that those Interests would beI
promoted by co-operation with the
Radicals in setting aside the election.
Nor is it necessary to group all the
circumstances bearing opon it, to
substantiate thig position.. It is only
necessary to recall some of theclir
cumatances attending the transaction,
and to point to the subsequent eaon.
douct and present attitude of some of
the chief actors Ino it.
When, on the day after the elec
tion, and after Mr. Hayes bad pub.
licly admitted his defeat, Mr. Zacb.
Chandler ordered false returns to be
fabricated in LouisiOana, Florida, ad
South Carolina, to count him in, the
Democrats with one voice declared
that it would be the duty of the House
of Representatives to exclude these
returns from the count. Mr. Tilden, I
to strengthen the bands of the Dem
oerats in the House aIn carrying oat
the will of the party, prepared with
elaborate care from the records a
complete history of the proceedings
of Congress in counting th electotal
vote, showing that the House had re
peatedly exercised this power, and
that it was expressly amrmed by the
twenty-second joint role of the two
Houses, Chandler's order, and the
purpose manifested by his elasm of po
liticians to hold on to the Govern
moat nla virtue of the frads
to be perpetrated . nder it,.
created mauch excitemeat; and there
was some talk, by irrepressible per
sons, of meeting the attempt with
force. But Mr. Tildena, the chosen
leader of the party, and President
elect, and therefore entitled to li.
dicate the plan of action tobe pure
seed to consumamte the purpot, i the
people to make him Presidentais
couateoans hlis. HeV.
even frea'the proposs) to
ianeous meesbags thrqughout the
country, desiring to halve the qes
tion settled by the proper antbori
ties, free from excitement, and open
the facts and according to the pre
cedeantshe hbad preparet sad subemit
h tuft them. And this policy was
accepted by the party.
The meetings wore not eldMand it
was impossible for the Democratic
Senators and Eepreseeaative not to
taderisand that it required the to
astoil. from any word or aqt e
latedo r eeate eciteent or prov6)ie
ve4,but to adherse toth es
deatseu tamly assert, thprgb, of
the Ioea uee of itepress Ise pal
M. radall, on taklnhiiaseag
or of the oose at the
o eparty. But within nixwsk
Ead resolvae to disreagrd the
RUs yu erreired to fellow'
constitusets an4 by thoCon
astittios, sad the sett usage sader
it, au ashwn by the volume prepeaed
and submitted to theIsert ar a
loader, on the gro i
policy were folloed It would lead to
war 1 The olo groand upon which
thisprereace was baed wassthas
sumption that, i ause the Hose
aball asesert its right to eztlde the
- thradulet votes friete tho esuat the
saste wwould caimn for its p'edliOg
a- oer the' right to a
cetU ero~~'ont ~atfib ;he iiot
'K that he won !eall in, whaile
r-the House would dda.f~e
PresMdat; tht there would be two
peseaos claiming the *o, and a
eooict of arms retMi euano betwe0n
theirprtis he e
STim seaste hard take n l2kat
warrmat thir s~ iidi-joU6
ould be morempr able ~ ths
w ea bod ld put itlf liiia titude
- of liperllli thel pes. dfthe sceu
try Ib inaisi upoan te count of
votes keewa to every Imtelllin m ani
to be frandulCI. Th flepblicane
in that body irete, fr thaeeut pat,
auserruploun partlsans, whoreadily,
aviled themselves of their votes when
th Eletoral bi1 e Itted them to
do en-without askbg anyat adroua is
sue with the Houaq Bt . b Root.
eraised its hIIIse to a eesled
nuIdenr thae dees en
p lap it willi 'th
these raulats otesnmtod
wha impolsli thi plei' st
Squps9tht isste~
ad lot*
. hes.R tb athamoe
Senator Cenkling, andl enough of his li
associates to- defeat that pretension, a
N ihtended to adhere to that position, a
and u i did The Ilectoral bill itself, in
which they were assurted of doptiod p
by the votes of nearly all of the Be. 0
publioane, absolutely pegasived that tl
pretension. ..
These factsidemonstrate tha the
* pretext that war would result 'uless
the House abdicated its power was o
Sabsolately faMe, aud showed that'the a
Electoral bill, by whlfah this was et.. 'a
feeted, was' the child of atrigue. i
Hence, ts cantriter' neodled Allo
wIt aa Passl a o r t
knowledge of its coar w roe tps 4
f ohniy a~omltwase s~daysd ti
tboth Io ee is to a a r d y sii a d
conMeerted ery. that peace depended. a
upon its immediate adoption; sad li
hence even Mr. Tildea himself was fil
not permitted to know anything about te
it until thle party leaders in Congress a
had resolved to report it to thbe Se.- el
ate within two days; and he was then ii
'told he would not be allowed to make g
any objection to the substance of the ca
measure, but only to suggest amend. N
ments as to details! This, of cogrse, ti
be declined doing, seeing at a glnoee ri
that the bills trreadered the election, N
and so be informed the members of a
the Committee deputed to submit it tI
to him. The truth is that the Eleo- a
toral bill was not thought of until it
was found that Mr. Conkling would t
not allow Hayes to be made Presi- d
deat Ly the President of the Senate, n
and that Tilden's insatallation was as
sared ifte onstitutional and custo. B
mary aof of counting the electoral e
vote was adhered to. It has been e
supposedy in the early part of the a
session, hLat the Senate would assert o,
the right of its President to copnt the C
vote; and Southern men enough to tI
centrol the House had agreed to al- 1
low Hayes to be made President in a
that way; and It was only when this w
programme was found impracticable, p
rom Mr. Conkling's opposition, that
the Electoral bill, suggested by him
to avoid an issue between him and D
hib party, was accepted by them, be. ,
cause it would effect the same re- b
NegotIatIons had been opened with d
Hayes before Congress met and ia
an interview at that time with CoL .
Roberts (the friend of' Mr. Lamar,n
Chairman of the Democratic caucus), l
as it was then publicly reported, he
r sed to recogniae the Southern
n 1 as the representative men of
Sthe South, and to put one or two of a
them in his Cabinet. Strong articles
were also published at that time In a
'the Cincinnati (ndlte and the Hart.
ford Courant (Gen. Hawley's paper) *
sanctioning this ptroposal. The sub. h
sequent literal execution of. these
terms not only puts beyond aquestion
theaccuracy of the report of theem,
but shows that th -proposal wasa- W
esaptd. The onsiders"id of the 4
yarties of thi seand part was the 14
sstallatioe of layes as Psldent; b6
Sand the anaosnaesareat by ik U i ,
nsewspaper, then published in Wash. .
lgse soonu afterward, on the hb *
estsitheudty, that Mr. Lanai ib
ded the right oft the president of the
Senate to count the vote-a feet
communicated to Mr. Hewitt 'antd
publibed by is, tathority--sbed .j
Show it was thea lateded'torfalSl theg
scontract. .
This was the- pal amo at that 6
mar's aIrdisiion~ to Itlrls'ie .or
er tearr i tthrog h Ned the
Sfast thathe had blh( s i ha
time .s ghslt semiteofSsib
mm~i h~a~~lmtb nsaa o
.to , amere.
I irtlsmofs' h
as agreement
r ther emtial uestole. Now, as
I thattime the plean wblehi Mr. d
F Imau had ivblahM6isdhaleo was I
o hel oa las theumhsoihoidsa,.ouht
Sal; and Baseseald leas a
ecertainly beeIastaled estatod
: had net Mr. Ceskila and other Re*
powerlin the Seaste to beatJ
sJea lt ad his wnr);lless f 6 es it 1
guetre tto Ooetia tfs lbube es the
* memorable ea tes whim, by acting
* with the great body
era siart, bda lr e the ese.
sle sand dretd the electoral law, sad
. showed that eve at the oithe i
ear did rat .id at het it
m omlm.i th having
. eb;oltt ose that [email protected]; JL regne no
Sb by ts dseu. Bet the leage
*wrssastasdby veu. u eet o
,tive. It wasam asrtlathia uu u
btjaper~ si · at Colam , th
Mr ayosoould lt k~p bar
Sals with them, whichgaeo them
* thla mofyt vtao Th how
Ma~v ts.elded as. sons asMsss
Sh , oearSold and Vatabew b
g~idtheme at te ole eon
I rneek that tlashodltor s eithout 5
Sihhltso shat Mr.r Hayeskm wol
tet~1t hllpisrgaLs. Os aerthleate or
Sa eeefrom Mr. i i
T la evee a t.
Shatel ts
waspIpgm p
tthe this
wdt etaa
r I'
view61 ezh't lt pir~eu rM t
~ias C tw Toni r
i:-~ nib:~4
I dib~
himself on the 4th of March to be I
sworn ion, not a murmur of diaset
was heard. On the contiary, as re
marked to' me by one of the most ex- I
perioanced of the Republican report. I
trbe was received with frvor by
theepublican Senators, and espe*
ally by Mr. Blaine, now so distin*
gutshi the outrage roled. I
'But the disgust which decent'meam
of all partil now feel at seeing Wells t
and Anderson sad their associates in e
makling and sustaoing,. the ftrauds.
lega roturos ,oCcpying; great oSees
of the coiuntry as a reward forthat 4
sbrvice, and to prevent the eoaplihl;
t+ of others from being revealed, d
Isv spgextendld td the electoral son. a
b4bxWj the fraud was ob -
S hSms~ed,I4 tvlvers aod abettor4 1
are now attempting to shirk respoan a
sibility for it, and have even the ef. I
frontery to impute it to Tilden, and a
to say that we should now nominate It
a wan who will takethe ofeice when I
elpted I This language sounds well I,
is the mouths of those who diste. r
garded the Constitution and the pre- a
cedents ounder it, laid before them by i
Mr. Tildea, concealed their purpose a
till everything had been arranged to t
rush the bill through, and notified t
Mr. Tilden that nothing he could sa ii
would chanoge that purpose, for by it t
they pronounced their own condem. 6
nation. r
The object of the chief actor in this I
transaction Is fully revealed in the a
determination that Mr. Tilden shouald i1
not be the candidate of the party for e
the succession. Having defeated the
Republicaso in the election and seo
cured the solid South, they thought e
that possession of the Federal Gov- I
ernment was assured them by their t
own men, aided by Tamai , the
Cansa Ring, and kindred itsrestl in
the Notth; and accordinly 'Mr.'
Bayard-who was bchiefly inLstrumen. '
tal in organizing the Commission ;
whoy a be said to have been bore I
politically of slavery, for natil that
question was used to consolidate thet
south; Delaware had never cast a
Democratic vote-is amwed for the
succession by Mr. Lamar, claiming to
be backead b the solid* South and
Tammany and the. Canal Ring Lose-r C
orse they still denounce the b
fraud. But what signifies the do. t
nnaciation of fraud by those whoe
abandon the candidate elected by the 0
people, and in whose person the peo* t
ple have been defrauded I It needsn
no argamet to show that those who
co-operate with Jay Goauld, Twaia
yr, and the Canal BRng to supesnede
Tilden are seeking to give fraud a
new triumaph. When, by a coalition
of his opponents, Jackson was de- d
feted in violation of the will of the r
people, every Demoorat Ia the land
rallied to his support for the neat
teram, as the effective way to vindli I
ate popular rights. If this was nee
e ;When there wae ao nud, i it
l s WItbIhs' aiopnlar will has h
bare sot 149b1 aiUd of `itiiad- b
vedite vlerh4 la tkt a i.
Ib~ priy Iapdl Il
is the man In tweatyttwo e
ye has h victory. to the
I ave no ar whatever that the 0
bsac, either of the North or
South, wll endorse this fraud and
ltiL" by fallin to-sta` by their I
Yours trimty, *
..O..I....... . *
tiN a. O. Dsmeser.]
iTherpen wabr tt· slaud their t
trialaiudbtrof ait l of .Tasas -
p in adicted by tle fTnIist
CrJury. 81stypaevea of Cado
ave ales boss lndicted. Maya
on their way. These eiitueu of los.'
Islnas have bese iadicted by a per.
titan gradjrayo the testimotn of
disreputable witeasss; they will he
prossecutea efore a partisan u
and jury, nod by * partla is tri
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pallogin the imetale of mere than
a hundre baemen arresteld and
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hsnes teobe trie hy a a cart o
ined ftrom ( portrsmo its sg to'
peeseuete entd oevist. Dioto an.
nals of constitultleasl government
fulah s yparallelt this ratel aad
shameM spetaube? The personal'
lIhertyof the citlasa violated; the 5
rltof the prieaor toa speedy trial I
byjury of his p sdenies ; timl
Judslay dhasd.debasehe4. and
me ur and eotmpti ie -
politial pesrueutoion'a
thiatresbtoieab party which has tab.*
ei the gsntvnmcnt dad bakrupted
te aoanry. This isthoe ass to l
whichs a, Rpbian leadlustration '
has b ea oustitutioqasl gover.a'
meat nLo uisiana. The reosusteeo. 5
ties polic~y.
"--that fatel and puratious bark,5
Bult In the eclipe and rge with oaur
and which It was bhelleve had drifted
ra' latthpulagin spreads its1
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east darkes l sIlenr
Isvu esble, Indeed, as if the ,
Amesso~soenme veee drifting if
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q prtueof
sle b
eto rsdet
whI is
L~i~-~L~'-'-"~? ~V
b government can and will a, eat' S ea
t ocrata in droves and'drag theei *reu
- their families sad homes to this (tyh
- to oundergo * embarraoesm t
pease and mortldfction of a
w prosecution; when it . shall` b WhI1
f ils that Federal judges, juries, oar4
*shale and prosecuating of.eus .Iayk
been appointed and instructed o
a vict, or to perseute to e ktdt
a there are thostauds ofseb W,4 A i
a or than be subjected tee erisheea Iw
sufferings ,will abstaIn rft W
I ticipation in politics, andRwEii .
t don tfe Aeldto tbe opposiltSn.''
No a stne, mcative, extbadvenid
, diracefml sehmes it li Mtliaes
"couldbedevised; ;:d "t r i
and Representatives in . u
hundredsi of newspapes *k s
Ssands and tbousands of Iadlet Li' 0
= pablicans all over the land arb 159 a.
I sentating i as a measure for thRqt,
a tection ofcoanstitutional pverei s ..
aI The protests dof our people are a '
I ly heard; they are dirowad 1Vt *
" wild babble and e res oeunlatlimsa'r
Sof the passion Inflamed popoulg !s q .
r press of the North. For the p' "
Sof malintaining, or ratherttif
i the supremacy of the Rep blipali'
I ty, the Federal: admlnlstaatios aid
r its poourts and officialts ar.e. f
S the dearest right. sade it.Naiti
SdSouth Carolina and Lobeisiaih. '1'
restore that sueapremacy ai feareleiei't
is being attempted. The "o illleage&Ie
of these two States is to be destro$
it necessary; the value of their '
r erty is to be annlhilsted" thirt 1io
dors are to be made too Iobespits~eu
for intelligent, enterprising, ftewhitoiq
men to live thereino. The white ,
plesre to be forced, inder bie p-ýmM.
rty of criminal prosecutiom to bWl"
s to the domination of the ignorsat sad
kbrutal negro rabbile, 1,b4ly wihll
,men of the meanest c aracter. ;Sec.
a re the eis whhich are' aimedf i.I
in a thee persecutions bty -aeo et't
Sganised nd Ianstructed to: seisat!
I and convict Democratic and Co lt
a tive citizens of Louslaaaby she sooe
Sansd by the.hundred.
SThe 'host bigotted Prti h
knows anything of hewh
i black races of this Stab'et
characster of the o e eri
who control and lead tmheo ari
, besonvieuoed that, even iamig, q
the whites have commIda q
, of violenes,therehasbeea
of wrong on the art of thu
,that all the violence was sO.i e rst
Strated by Christian sad sl ,
Smen, with busines it ps p I
terest at stake, and that te
debased and brutal anegre ea e I ?
Sall and every Instance In. the: 'alghte
And yet we do not fnd moug, at,,
.dicted parties ba sgle
s white or black. The oply 1 "'
I have beek inodited oare it
b and Democrats or eda
SDoes not this fact sles ,
they aree pe
slatper o s, tO "'*
tleld the whitie'a e i e Lio
lanei t:be s.aIrg ,l;a
grand' jur~y Indict some o
the whise hotlen. ofe Tab le
alof eous w, fr ten $ u
lethe paris' or biiah
i adonthe ereotwo es1lwan itt
Ithes agitamtions sad rleotsuit le
agabnstD ipuocrtetb Ylatelte e
havsesed late8st.Ee
the ry oftsa arhe~ s~ d~h
tea e ist h of mstv mm
Sewth Ca hamtellea hets kp lawste n
rnte a nd thea psb hme ,ee
nrtet s tummed bu t i~rYiM 4 Lu gete ve
srmalle u o sad s sam eu
mupterstas I a
srodit fre oaini o To
cannot hew 6abheihl .1 tik Ledsbb nIk
'Il Set ae~~tnl pstiw m in,
Iml o oa nealb eabe; bltu
; my thlwof tlasws. i ?I
P, soloe so~
mree1tleref w irstur I
~ ttthe Iateai rath ' *1
of the vsprmsnlesta of the pawp
. o Lsoulsps,)e6. arep tonsjp~ ''
5~at h noe C11
eysIfth whlse eatr s esaerpo Tlhg . Il
I lleroimmi a a nd
I houtraes upos a
Ibdera ty r an pusoaressamIla u
pr.es iagaive~SP~
~ t~ I .qinqelodwt p~~
r gOu
Newark 1 %if
sest ia f Oteats
iif dbnb ore.(lad ;

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