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(t.ps'i ;iakato.
IArgeat 0asteM m of Jay
cnmlrg Paper i the nate.
Eates of Subscription.
One Tfr......................... $2 60
So ot.................. .... 1 than
No m)urmiption taken for less than 6
,ATURDAY - - - - MARCH 22, 1879.
Ko Juicial advertisement will be
,murted is this paper hereafter, wl
as the Attorney becomes security
for the advertising bill, which mot I
be paid as PIRST I1NSETIONI, or
heg will be dismontinwed.
THIS PAPER be nd on
.Wu&SPr Arnlmn l.o BralrB (10 Spruce
)treN, shires d Lver.
tiPins eaNstct mgra NEW R
1s mai for It i
Thb gardens in town are flourishing
and vegetables abundant.
Capt. Diek Sinnott's packet remem
bees us with a lle of eity papers.
Mr. Frank Raggio has been appointed
Chief of Police. A good selection.
Chew Jacxsao's Best Sweet Navy
Tobasco. . Nov. 30-ly.
The linen duster was laid aside this
wek. Overcoats and warm fires have
bees in demand.
The rain last Sunday night caused
farmers to crack their heels and mer
chants to smoke 5 cents cigars.
Things about the wharf this week are
at, and the old ferry-boat is put up in
the docks undergoing repairs for the
Juane rime.
Bon. . J. Cunningham, Mayor C. F.
Dranguet, Capt. Sam Hynes and other
political prisoners arrived safely at home
pe theBait Able last Tuesday.
Willi Homes, tax collector, calls atten
ties to the fast that be is prepared to re
eelve taxes and licenses and thoae who
owe will do well to call on him at once.
Matters around the police court this
week bas been unusually quiet and our
chief goes about with no business in his
hands ad no money in his purse for
"hreese out" purposes.
Mr. Emanuel Prudhomme, J. Alphonse
Prodhomme and Capt. Hynes, all mem
bess of the "town ring," brought in en
esuraging returns of the election, which
is grim death to the "soap-tail" kickers.
Our Mend C. J. Smith has requested
us toNate to his numerous friends that
behoejust reeeived a large lot of fine
tlundies, betr and wines, also several
bIrts of the best bulldosing whisky
ever imported into this city. Give him
see, boys.
When our eitins visit New Orleans
we mcerely trust they will not forget to
visit the ureno of our friend Capt. Gus
Meies the photographer of New Orleais.
oe Otead by the "boys" from Natchito
ebes as a true friend and it is but just
and heorable to stand by him.
We are In receipt of an invitation ex
tended us by the Medical Department of
olew Orleanse, to attend their Forty
ib Annual Commencement Exercises,
at the Variet's Theatre, Mareh 90th.
Owin to ilportant businesr at home
we wgeunable to attend.
Mr. lve who bas been in Jail for
rome time s a charge of murder, made
plMeatiem before Judge Pierson on
qstlema o bell. A hearing was given
Mr. M.eei on Wednaeday at the Clerk's
biso, h$t owing to absent witnesses on
thepart of the State his honor continued
matters for a few days to allow the State
tepredaue its witnesses.
A heavy rain and wind storm visited
this setion on Sunday night, and this
dub of bad weather was accompanied
with a heavy fall of bail in some locali
ties. Tuesday morning was a win
t'%b eaning lndeed. Frost was report
ed lod Mr. Louis Bessier brought as iee
quelert of aso ineb thiek. Thehigh
wild during the night, however, saved
eur fuit.
boe sy of ear New Orleans friends
wenaleesediagly lad toeur people who
weoo e trial that we fear to offend
isuaM we net metion all, still we ean
nat everleek nor forget the genrous,
uaMobsl evetes of seh men as John
blee, Iq., Oscar Chopia, Esq., and
Vol. Beshemu. We will boMld them oever
n gltelbl reemmbrane along with all
these eble hearted men ad women who
etood by us when friends were needed.
It weuld he • godsend if some enter
plipIg aster of the City Council,
wol maeto a motion appropriating suof
feleet itadsto the City Hall room forthbe
esleueatlen ef lto members and pub.
Ie. Albent the oely furaniture la that
mem is sehalr and desk for the Mayor'
uethe mmbers apy a long benach
ad the Malrsal oeuple his time on the
dheald i amL We hope the Coueal
wn adelpt the prop mera for sesefo.
We had nabrable weather last week
ad bhss to ongratullate omllf on
tlheagppesh essumer, but on Sunday
ight we had a regular Terse norther
aueempaed with a heavy rain, the tem
pgastmr heanging rapidly to extreme
salt with highb north-west wind. Over
eans wo in demand and the young
cge leaked ilk flannel weuld belp it.
1gre them tnhe weather he mode.
Ssatend l nus he ilghts are entirely
tesesl to Ie advantageous to rege.
e ngbs ut patrl h eadehis p.
pmoem at lest, we maon or yrag
Mlend 3smly Taker who bee eat
al esutlg tur. Tohear ofth na
-o our yoang patriot has met
w g t SMeibern blood. Welear
t at e time whn e l erealng Little
he we. dgen late a hg that woeld
Itm ablh' lahhad it notbehsnfor
bsomwilittpalsd him etato sewm
jb- litsaeag nd that a reepteo
w teneda thm tongts
J. R. Heorsmb's Peittle for iedue.
tieo of Ball-Me Tells the Court How "
He Squandered His Wealth on
Deputles-He Considers his
Incarceration Illegal
He Uses Article IX
As aBreast.
Last Wednesday Mr. Ilornsby tiled his
petition on "reductionlof bail." His hon
or give him a hearing on the sme day,
After the examination of witnesses, Mr.
Hornsby informed the court that be had
used all diligences to give bond ; had
paid out all his funds dispatcbing depu- h
ties to have his friends get him out of
the "cooler," but that the plea they all
put in was that his bond was too high. I
He also stated in his argument .hat be
had been driven away from home and
that be had sacriticed all his means on
account of divers diseases he contracted
while in prison and hoped his hbonor
would reduce his bond to $100 His
honor replied, that he had placed his
bond at the very lowest figures, and that
if he yielded to reduction of bonds that
that would be making thbe question of
bond a farce, and therefore could not t
grant him his request, and ordered the
Sheriff to take charge of the prisoner.
Mr. Hornuby no doubt thinks that his
failure of giving bond is a hollow-mock
ery on American freedom, at least we
should infer so, from the following peti.
tion hepnakes to the court : e
Your petitioner J. R. Hornsby wishes
to inform your honor that he was arrest
ed in New Orleans illegally and contrary
to law and justice by one McDonnal
special officer, by virtue of a warrant di
rected to D. II. Boullt, jr.,sheriff of Nat
chiroches, which said McDonnal had no
right to execute under the law, and
your petitioner claims that he has been
illegally arrested and illegally perseau
ted under the laws of this State in the
Parish'ofOrleans from the 16th Decem
ber, 1878, to February, 1879, and your
petitioner did petition to you for the re
moval to Natchitoches prison where he
might give bond and thereby get his
liberty according to law and justice. And
your petitioner was ready to give the
amount of bond required by your honor,
and owing to the minutes of your court
being out of place by the neglect of some
parties not known to your petitioner to
forward any warrant back to this parish
as should have been done. Your peti
tioner did spend several dollars by din
patching to your honor to ascertain the
charge against him through Mr. W. W.
Breazeale, and you referred him to the
minutes of the court which could not be
found at the time, nor any warrant. Mr.
W. W. Breazeale acting as sherifat the
time of my transfer from New Orleans to
this place forwarded a blank bond to my
friends for their signature which t~ey r
fused to sign on accoant of sad bond not
being filled out which cost your petition
er to spend several dollars more for the i
service of a deputy and your petitioner
requested the bond to be filled out wbieh
was done with the charge of"assault
with intent to kill," and as I had writ.
ten to my friends the charge was
"an assaunlt with the intent to commit
murder," andl as there was no particular
term of oourt for my appearance, my
friends have returned the bond and re
fused to sign it. Your petitioner having
exacted all his means in trying to give
the large amount ot bond required, and
having seen parties released from tbhisL
prison on much smaller bend with graver
chargie than b prefered against e, ask
youar honor to reduoe my bond fom $350
to $100 s I have friends to sign the last
amount; and your petitioner wishes to
toinform your honor that he il a law
abiding eitisen and a native of Loaus
lana, prays that your honor give the
above petition your earliest attention,
and grant your petitioner a hearing.
TheClerk of the Court furnishes uas
with the following list of marriage
licenses, iseasued sine the inception of
proceedings agalinrst the "Balldozers,'
which proves most conclousively tbhat
if the world stands still, aod all else
fails, the mania for uniting in the
bonds of matrimony in no wie
Leonard Jobhson to Ad. Taylor.
The. Benjamin " Phoebe Zeno.
Sam BMlgton " Maria Jackson.
Antoine Zeno " Seline Brasxton.
Monarch Lopuan " Prieda Piers.
W. ii. Russell " Ophilia Valery.
J. D. Carline " A. P. Aubbaed.
Chans. Thompen " Mary CioutHar.
Jas. Martin " Elizabeth Padie
Robt. Sheield " Loenm Torner.
Wilson Mitchell " ~oe McIntoesh.
Jacob Ficklia " Else Williams.
Adolphe Jackson " Harriet Moore.
F. B. Prudhomme"' E. Campbell.
Jas. Benoist " Julia Verebor.
Joo. L. Wilson " N. Patterson.
Florentine Sarpy " A. Cloutier.
John Bass " 8ale iRoobieo.
Jackson Barnes " S. E. I.ostro.
Lonuis Lde " Sarah HawkinLs.
W. F. Vowell " Mar J. Bel.
0. W. Boylatoa " I. . Whber.
Joe. Saunders " . Paedboam.
Caesar Reen " Boble Bnolee.
Gea. Dotch " BRa Smith.
S.ol. Hamiito " A. onederen.
Hugh Hall " V. Fenderbouk.
W. Laplante " Mary MeTier.
Pat Beavers " Ellen Jewet
Win., Phillips " Berths Boone.
Jano. Aaron " Mary Boyoo.
Travis Horton " Louisa Hagan.
W. Yurborouogh " Virginia Care.
O. Thomasae " 0. Lavespere.
Geo. Purner " Caroline Black.
Jack Thompson " )Laura Hick.
Wi. Free " M. Jennigs.
Jao. W. Smith " MaryA. Banes.
lsaae Watkins " Mary Davis
Edw. Clifford " T. rou alt.
Win. W. Jones " Mollie Brook.
W. W . Malone " E. L. William.
leb'd. Vtsicent " Winie Fulton.
Frn's. Raebal " Clara Broggins.
Prank Smith " ettole Anty.
8. tberidge " A. &. Walker.
SOliver ap " Car'oe Milton.
Alex. Taylor " Katie Beavers.
Joe. Syes " Amy Bobinuon.
Mason Ray " H. Smith.
Iaac Prrueil *' Elia'th Jone.
Gstine Fontenet " Mary Paulkner.
,Je. Davis Nash Luci Nbash.
SN. Williams " ]lois Rivers.
Tbho. J. Wlek " Annie Bar es.
Lacoste's Hall was again crowded with t
Natchitochee' "fair women and brave s
men" on Thursday evening last to do B
honor to our distinguished fellow towns
men M. J. Cunningham. Esq., and Hon "E
C. F. Dranguet, sufferers in the eause of
liberty and Saxo ncivilization. Mr. Cnn- ni
ningham has proven the trust reposed re
him by his friends beyond their most
sanguine expectations; their most ar
dent wish. If unseltish devotion to his tl
people; untiring efforts in their behalf aI
merits reward, the honors extended to
Mr. Cunningham by all clauses of citi- fr
zens is but a poor mark of esteem. a
The hero of a musket ; the brave wear- a.
er of a private's uniform on Virginia's ni
bloody selds during our struggle for in- C,
dependence, he has show bimselfas fully lo
able to represent his people in court as t
in camp.
Mims Ida Bouard on the part of the ladies
presented Mr. Cunningham with a mag
nifcent bouquet of emblematical flow
era, blended with exquisite taste by Mrs.
A. F. Lemee. The bouquet was capped
by a small banner with appropriate de
vices--rossed swords on one side and
embroidered violet on the other-and du- Il
ring the delivery of Miss Buard's address *
our hero was crowned withlaurel wreath. h
Mr Cunningham accepted the bouquet, ,
with that modesty and grace which die-a
tinguish the te trugentleman, and spoke f
as follows :
Mis e arsd and Ladiei'of Natciteoce :-
I receive these beautiful owers, the em- n
blems of purity and honor, in behalf of s
the prisoners recently on trial, and ten
der you our heartfelt gratitude for the
encouragement given by you in our re
cent troubles, and for this testimonial of
your appreciation of our services. Next
to the approval of my own consciousness
of having discharged my duty bonestly,
conscientiously and to the best of my
humble ability, the approving smiles of l.
our fair country-women constitutes the o
highest recompense for a public service. v
Women, noble women I last at the croses,
first in the performance of all good f
works. Without her loving smile the
earth would be a desert, and without her
encouragement and her approbation man u
would have no incentive to exertion. I
I have too much modesty cnd too litt'e
appreciation of my individual merit, to
appreciate this flattering compliment to
myself. I was accideutall' prominent in
a great cent at, and I receive thbis laurel t'
wreath as a crown of victory for a great
principle, the cause of liberty and of
free government, which was recently on
trial. The verdict of acquittal was a
grand victory not alone for the idivi
fdals oa trial but for the great pri
ple involved. We have been for years
engaged in a ItE for the malntenance
of civil libert ans ood government, of N
which the orl trough which we have
recently passed was an episode; we have ri
but discharged our duty; we have not P
Ieen animated by any motives of self
aggrandisement; and it we receive the
approving smiles of the fair women of
our land, and the approbation of our fel- I
low-eitizesa, we will be fully compen- u
sated for all tronuble,annoyance, expense I
and risk to which we have been subjaect
ed. c
After this address was eoneluded Ma
yor Dranguet was loudly called for, ard
Sina speh of pleasat wit and catting p
'earceem brought the bohae dow more a
than me.
Oar distingushed fellow-eitiase Hon.
W. H. Jak elosed the evelagh' pleas a
urea with nue c his telling speehesI
whicbLh was loudly applauded, and the
sesembly broke up with saheem d and had
clappig. I
"Our country's welfare is our Arst eon- I
cern, II
And rwhopromotes that best, proves his l
duty." iiB
Waro e huc........... l id Ih
Ward. ........... ta*s**- 41 S t
a i to................... 1 II 1e i 1M
Ward S.................. R4I
plin l....1m.............. Id o e 19 15pe
Wnad pshee............1 A f o It
er.Jles MKee brought up from New t
Orleans a ine Jersey alf. Mr. Numase
Tausin also bus a splendid Durham calf, d
an importation em the city. Coin 4
plaiat is still being made of the depreda
tim of dgsp apon sheep. A fee Cotawold 5
ewe brought from enatuky by Mr. Aa
tome Prudhemm wasu butehead a week
or two oageby thewrthlesm ar dop of t
Case river. We again lanIt on a dog
law. Mr. J. Alphonase Prdbhoame's fine
Aldsen-Durhm bell "Unele Mat," is a
bauoty indeed. lis age istwoyearsm ad
his weight is 800 pounds, whih is ape good
showiag for Natchitohes born stock. t
Hog raislag still exeites attention and
with a little esffort our prish will be
supplied with home meat.
Those who dease toimrme their stock,
and all planters and farmers should de
ser todo o, wlb do well to apply to J.
. Armstreog at Alexadria who has
ase Kentucky stoek futally aellmated.
Wehave heaLdofe r llgln inmny
a shape ad In every satin of the
humm race, but on last Iaturday we asw
aset at atiagies perpetrated by ens
of Frnet stmreet youg bheek-keepers
whmh astonished aud aetusally dumfoud
edus. He hadheen tretedto asiger
rad thme h at drawing, ping and
blowing, for hlea was to stingy to eat ie
Senough ofhiseigar to make it moh.
We ehallenge the waorld toshonw an s
of mee stglses and ay n.eo thit
ea wewilgive thellllm M the0811., 1]
THE mDl.i I lAtW.
Rambles of the Vidicealer Reperter c
In the Court-Twalas Jolhed sad
lash Eaters In Limbo.
------" B
Our friend William H. Tunnard, Esq., T
the gentlemanly and conpetent clerk of C
the court complains that business in the
old court room is doll; that political
persecutions have effected litigation to a
a serious extent, but hopes are enter
Stained that an increase in fees will re
salt from the exodus of robbers such as P
, Blunt and his crew.
. War and rumors of war don't effect a
"marriare and giving in marriage"; d
f which fact is fully substantiated by the
. number of licensesa issued since our last a
a report. ci
t Fifteen civil suits were entered on t
Wednesday last which seems to show r
Sthat somebody is going to be "stirred g
If up." ci
o Sheriff L. A. Deblienx has returned, p
. from his trial before Judge Woods upon
a charge of bulldozing. and looks happy 6
r. under his verdict of "not guilty I" Basi.
's nes in his oice is looking up and the
i- Constitutional election keeps deputy Bar
y low on the run. Chief Bresasle reports a
a the following boarders In the "hashery" ti
J. R. Hornsby (white) Assault with in- t
tent to murder. a
A. J. Reeves (wbite) Murder. c
.- Sarah lachal (co'd) Murder,
SCmesar Dumas " Interdicted. f
d a
,. Informatlea from Farmers,
d In response to the request of our
- local editor we are pleased to publishb
- several commuaieations of interest
- from farmers in this viciatage which
w, will be of value to our agricultural
community. We hope that all our u
' farmer friends will respond to our re, a
- quest that we may make this depart
a- ment not only interesting but valu
'f able to our readers.
e Send on your communications and
- we will put them in dape for pub
Is sooD raOSPECTS.
- I commensed plowing up my lands the
f last days of January. Planted corn last
1e week in February; mostly up now with
C. very good prospect of fine stand. Will
a plant my cotton this and coming week,
dI have nsed fertilizers. Hands doing as
e well as could be expected. I was ab
)r sent in New Orleans as political prisoner
n most of the time during January and c
February. Yours truly,
* EmL CLOOTr n.
I commenced plowing the 3d of Feb
l rustary. Isubsoiled with a turning ,low
t and followed in the same furrow w= a
I 7 inch shovel to the depth of 9 to 19 i
lasinches; planted corn on tie th of Feb.
a rusty and manured with esh cotton i
CI seed-1000 pounds to the sere. Corn 1
1. eommemned coming up the th; a good
stand. I bedded the mmn fr cotton, and
planted 50 acres on 10th and 11th of 1
March. Rain hail and winds 1eth lust.
My hands is cheerful and work well My
e re is to plow deep, plant early and I
t push the crop as soon as up. t
f J. 1. Wr.LUwe.
ie coTTON I533 rA a 1rT1La. I
"C Vrnxxa PT wATIox, March 19.-Mr.
- Editor-I take pleasure in eomplying
-I with your request for item concerning
u the crop prospecte for the current year.
- My place is situated on the left bank of
Cane river aboat 5 miles below the City
. oft Natchitoches. I have about 50 asoeres
in coltivation, one half of which is al.
ready planted in corn. We fnished
I pleating corn about the 4th of Marsh,
re n mot of it bis now up, with a le
prup t of rrntof neosdtad. Al
a the feb a is my last year's
* nesa- to Mse stton
a used onall th graund plated in cor. a
, It will prdunCe a yise ofSper cesnt j
,mo , sa 5rn 0 ers etbeottrerr. Cot
ten sd e one oftbemst rlnble fer
Id taliser that esa b employed on a farm. (
I have abouat half my cotton planted, (
n- having commenced to plant on the 1lth
inst. iMr. H. D. Beale is manging my,
is place and thinks that be is at least two
sweeks ahead of last year in planting. He t
informs that during my three weeks
absene as a witnes in the "Natchito
chee persecaution case" the laborers on
- the place manifeated every disposition to
please and an unusual desire to get the I
i lpr prepard, and the crop in4
• lg.They mrs at rt work early and
late, and having no poltleal mactisng to 1
attend u mm sily, fnd tame to culti- i
vate tir de ad s f thei rd ,d o hir
esttl and hogs which they are all now j
rdn, The ilaborers ou "Vien" anad
naighbrin p lace seem more cheerfal
adconsatented than I have previously
* noticed, Iludge fom the improvements
a they sre makllOg, plantineg frut trees ,
Sth have no ides of milPatin
I Yours truly,
st C(. C,wX.
ias ar sownrte. -
Wu's SALTI Woas, March 90.-Mr.
- Editor:-Availing mysel of your kind
dro, I beg to tthe eosodition of
orer ndpeopl My eormnis anl in
ad up and I shl commensae plowinag it
the l st time on Mnday next. Strand
a exellent. I planted in Pebruary. M 1
If, eottonwas all i on the 19th inst. My
mode of farming and I have been modI
erately sacesmfnlc is by fertiliing and'
a- deep plowilg and my hill place yields
Id me reuits which stli mes that aI m
Sright in my ides of farmlng, Last year'
ik feyt my yied wnas ret thn many
or the rver planttion that I am yIry
of toesyhavenotas yet aliedbraes as
,g we as msele to tai brt ~l Hathof
my secto od and peopl eostettod
"d  truly yoea, u:
d T. E. Tomarex.
Mr, Rihard Grsant who owns and un-"
tivates the plantation at the extreme
Sad other portio of our parih, on cane
Sriver informs us that crepe are very back
ward in his saetion. Some corn has been
k, planted but very little eotton. The as
gres are working very well, and pre.
J. peuts are fattefrlag for theo fatume.
eMes eharirde's Ather, by Is. C.
* -r- Mr. e. a ~Rm.worso tai Is
Bassistlnl of r lldthiusprlL
YOUNG-VI, N s-latho eity tNew
Srdess, Marh l , lISIt,Mr. lNATua C.
a To aXo, Ci ti , Ohio. to Miss
les CalmnA Vmuas, tla itoches La
1 upelsl l ithed
PjWN Tal sed L s..Y* pyrss a this
d ri shereby rspoetfhly ai-e.
State sad Parish taxes of I, anda l
Sdellmquaet Taxes, slie Liesmases r Ighr
Mt L... .
*__ • . mi
Alfairs at the City Hall.
We congratulate our City govern
ment upon the excelleut selection of
officials made by them on Wednes
day last: W. E. RAnsell Esq., was
elected City Tar Collector, W. H.
Barbee Esqe, City Secretary and
Treasurer, and Frank Raggio Esq.,
City Marshal:'
We understand that our new City
government propose the adoption of
new and wholesome regulations for
our government, to inagaurate im
provements on our streets, and to
substitute a system of proper drainn
age for the present expeasive "town
While on this subject we beg to
call the attention of our enterprisaing
citizens to the fact that Councilman
Ducournan has prepared an Ordinance
relative to street Lampe, and we
would urge all those who desire our
city lighted I to put up the necessary
Posts and Lamps.
It is to be hoped, also, that the
streets in the rear of the city will be
"side-walked" with plank, as we
suggested some months asince. It will
not only be of incalculable benelt to
the residents of that portion of our
town, but will give value to a large
area of city lots now worthless, be
cause inaccessable in bad weather.
In fact, we hope to ee great things
from the City Government, as they
are young men, and they must show
their faith by works.
Chandler, Zachariah, braces up
proudly and talks of war, but Wil.
liam E. still bangs around, dejected
and autecogoised, like the traditional
bound boy at a husking. Can the
great Republican party afford to dise
criminate thus
Oity Couno41l
A meeting of the City Council wa
held this 19th day of Mar . D. 1879.
Present-Willie Holmes, Mayor.
W. H. Wale,
A. J. Dueouarax,
W. H. Areaux,
I. Jacobs,
Joe. Keyser.
On motion and duly seconded, A. Du.
cournan was appointed to act as Secrete
ry, pro tern.
On motion of Mr. Ja. Genius, Mr. W.
E. Russell was unanimously elected As.
sensor and Collector of the City of
Mr. Wm. Barbee was elected Secreta
ry and Treamurer of the City aad Nateh.
itoches, by the majority of the rtes
present, ad on motion of Mr. Jas. Ge
nine, the votes for the above oel were I
recorded Mes. Ja Genius, H Ware
and A. Dueaurn voti for Mr. Jobh
Laplace, and Joe. Keyser W. H. Arnuz
-. -Jcobs and Willis Homes, voting for
Mr. Win. Barbee.
By the power vested in thoe Mayor,
Mr. F. Ragglo was appointed Marshal of
the City of Natchitoehes.
On motion of Mr. J. C. Keyser it was
Resolved by the Mayor and City etounol
that the estimate of expenses of the City
of Natchitoches for the fiscal year, 1879
be in accordance with the estimate of
expenses for the said fiscal year, 1878,
as follows:
Salary of Mayor 150
" " ecretary and Treasurer 00
" " City Marshal 400
Street and Bridge Feand 1000
Pay of Paprs 300
Contingent end w.
There be levied a t of 1 amllb a
the Aneesement RDll of 18718
On motion of Jar. Genis, that a Com.
mittee be adpolnted to await upon Mr.
J. P. Johnson, State Aussessor, and ad
out from bim what will be his charges
for making an Aessmeunt Roll for the
City of Natehitoees. The following 1
Committee was appointed: Jae. Genalu
and Jos. Keyser, they to report the re
sualt at the next meeting.
Moved and seconded, that a Commit
tee be appointed to secure the services
of an Attorney for the City ot Natohito.
cbes. The following Committee was
appoiuted: Je. Genius and A.Daeora t.
Moved ad daly secondd that this
Body meet every W eedn ay evening at
4 o'clock..
On motion, the Council adjearned to
Thursday evening at 4 o eloek, the 90th
iust., 1879.
A. Du~o3NaU, Mayor.
SeA. cMrt pro tem.
March 90th, 1879.
City Council met pursuant to adjourn.
meat, the following members present:
Willie Holme, Mayr,
W.R L Are.s,
W. H. Wares,
I. Jacobe.
J. C. Keyser,
A. DnoorIan,
Jas. GenaIas.
The Committee to confer with the
State Asesor report, and ofered I
the followiag Resolation.
Be it Resolved, That the sam of Fifty I
Dollars be appropriated to pay the Stat .
Assessor for making the City Aessment
Roll, and that Mr. J P. Johnson be di.
reoted to complete said Roll at once,
which Besolution being duly seconded,
was adopted by a full vote of the Coaan
The Committe appointed to secare the
mservices of ao Atterny for th City, e
poted the following Issltios:
Be it Resolv, That Mr. T. P. ChapliO
dinoanes and Ias neessary to the psr:
fot goversist of the City of at9h-i:
toel, asd tbat the nam One RaH .
dred Dollre s bereby appropriated to
be palt to him apon the omepletion and
adoption of said eodiled Laws and Or.
•dinanaces, whkih resolution being daly
seconded, was adopted by a fbull vote of
•the CounoiL
On motion of J. Genius, and duly se
onded, it was Besaolved at a Comamit
tee of two be appainted to wait apon
the Collector and the aeretmry sod
Treasurer, to requet that their asl re
pods he sbmitted to the Fiances Cor.
mittee of this Counllc at their naet
an CosLelat u USS.**lj
TI Mayor ain theo lowig
PFinae Ommittee-James Gedns,
A. Duecouro.
PFoliee Committ--W. H. Areax, W.
H. Wars.
anaiary Committee-A. Dsousra
.Street sed arkag Comlite-4. C.
I O cu the Couenl adjourled to
. Web. aosr, M_ yer.
: wif solxoby,
r B 1I S '
-,I)AT (:-
h Institaties
S uemloa adhadi tabl e "
.Ia1 m -thaCaptalju°I°Ub
* Os whlehlis bas age a msean
a thed ofJ8tip0L ITS 63AND 811.
~rihit a n rio dded gb nrVO
O OiE aUMa DBLWUIN6 rwll
take plate mathty. so.
r i * rm & *
Look Jat-luslp,
1 10
SCapile Prise
199 19400tihet ats aleeWa
1 Capital alae Pri....z
SNra i d~0,,,,a0
1oG lGr ateiM bh..s aub.i
ant ise $.1.
-" Pae  a tDw, ...._OOI
itl PiSed LO. ..1. 10
I Mrse- . om.... io
I rlma 90 ... o/oO
lSaO " lW.... ;o,
l~u.., s .... l100O0"
100 " Z....,
10 " 10.... roo
aao w w.,.. iso,,
o -o ," 1 o0.... 1000 :
7o do. do. 100... 90w
1I1,,7 , Prie,a. saatlg to.... 8110,400
a Write air,Cirelate, useatd ude to
V o' e,. 3eoB.r(.M.La
If -
4 Anl Our Grnds laastrdlhary Drawiag
g. are umir the puperiules see
,m 0... 7. BIAWUARD~B,
tol aid...
Ge.. JU'IeA.ZAlYr,
From the ast t!
Begs to inform the public that he
has just returned from
With a Full, Complete and Choice
assortment of Merchandise,
which he is offering at the
lowest Cash figures.
No Quarantine Prices
Hard time Profits.
His Stock is well sw' :' :, and
consists of ill lines
ape wo, too.
With an ample Stock of
'a0oy03 Staple
IW Call and Examine Styles and
At CARVER'S old Stand,
A SAW MILL In good running order,
known as the Martin Saw ill.
Apply to L. CASPARL
Also for Hale or Reot, a platation ea
Sae. Bhyon, ontaioing 1040 ores, 300
open land Tem easy.
Apply to L CASPARI, or
Jan. Dr. J. . STEPHENS6
Dealer il Dry-Good,'rooeries, &e.
I take this method of informing my
lends and the publio generally, that I
have removed from Brownsville to Blair'
Landing, one mile above, where I am
prepared to onduct a reseelving, forward
lag and comslmlon business. Rates of
storage from andater tbhis date will be
as follows :
Cat. 5 Cts -U .F.r Ialo.
Isilght - - 16 Chuts - " hr lDmur
No tra charges for marking and weih
I wdl keep on hand a complete as
stmn.i of
Whleh will be sold low for aush or coin.
try produae.
Pw ul Vo u1lon,
(At the Old Stand.)
--Coln iof
LARD, and
I  offering at lower prices than ever.
Give me a call.
De. 7. 1578.
(Suaeoeor to N. x CARVER.)
D GOOD 000,
RaocrY war w e, &c, ac.,
..n ' 43 P#.;.i

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