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6 ' ' s tjhe 0spie's 0 a0itater.
*A real live Democratic p.twr. The tool
Adv ý er.llu Katee . an h rin tte 'o'E
-.... of no clique or ring. Free 6and oatlpokh
,qu u, and the fied oa the PECSOPLE.
i l r O L.. . 7 0 1 1 tI , 0 3 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 5 2 P i h
3 poste.... 8a 1 onu Is 00 5s o a, 31100 N OS i0 5
4 ,gea e... 4 00 Io o l :10 0 o 00 3 aIs. o EEditor & Proprietr)r
Squaree... 17uo  al 271 1350 40 40 o- . _....
pNIems... 2900 $4 00 3 ) 40 oiN00 45S lOt
"--::e... 00(I)10 40 ,"THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE 18 THE SUPREME LAW. bription Rate
qua,.... 2960 301)1 40 0 , n ,5 6000 __On__ __ _y,__ __ _year_................___
16 Isq amre i... 30 00O 35 00 I :in 0 57 ii. 11,5 0u -' .
IS qua... ; Orga of ti e White teas of ed iver, Sable, Wisa ad athtehesaishes. One co ix moth ............
g b rne urteasrtioan. Each srbep VOt V.N a Ns2. t a b far s an ud
ý 'ste lrte S"e t "ere. " i* V. . N ATCHITOCHES, LA., APRIL 5, 1879. { NQ. 29 " "" ''"' *****,,,,.
'R "M l"P"Tll- op egmusolgm n g$W qumup=ts pgp up ig .. qng , . o.. ,,,
Professional Cards.
Win. E. JTaokL,
(Ieseumr to JACn I PL0HStQs
Affttom and Coeaeelor at Law
WILLprMaeti in the Courts of atehitnchbes.
a brine, DsI.oto, River, Win., Rapides,
andrrat, and in the Stnprewe Coglt of the
shate. Clalin promptly attended to.
Aprilw tent.
Lm'" KsAao oea,
VIIO ameoeciated tbemnelvea wit, practice
il t Pariah uad Distriet, the 17th Jdeli
_s 'DWleles, aud lt the parintes of Wins and
IeiS, g8p*'O*** Conurt II Loeiseia, U. R. Di
a l s l Cresi is dof Lenisiua sand U. 8.
Coasuu of Claieaam at Washlagtloa.
03eo in the Lacoste Building
(Up Stairs.)
Aug. 3, 1878.ly.
St. Denis Street, Natchitoches, La.
W ILL give prompt and personal at
tention to all buesse. entrusted to
their ears
Practies in the District and Parish
Coarts in the Pariuhes of Natchitoches,
eud River, DeSotoand Sabine, and before
the Spreme Court at Monroe and New
Orleans Jan 5 7"-ly.
O Caulm. C. V. Daxnorsr. T. P. CsAri.
Attorrysq at Law,
PRACTICE in the District Corts or
Natehitoebeo, Sabine, DeSoto and
td River and in the Supreme Court of
the State March 2-ly.
- X. L TUCHBn,
Albargy am d Coreaellor at Law,
St. Dide Street, • Ntcafeltees, La.
ILL practice in the Distriet and Par
W ib Courts of Natchitoches, Sabine
Diute and Ieu, River, and the Supreme
eart of the Statse.
All bhluso entrusted to bis are will
enive prompt attention. Apr 13-11
M. A. Duaann,
P-hysisan and Surgeon
NolfoneuTcr, I,
Magistrate Ward 1.
Ut. AihSe 5u : : NoeAftoede, La.
POMPT atentle u ivet o all bodahn
.gr eated to bl eare.
I mlP ~let s l et at mamll cost.
Rlbnmt tohe Br Generally.
Ja ,'*I, I
Business Cards.
B. Cn. *riohe,
1ghesash pries paid for Cotton and
. . 1, -
-deetOSr SE
uuimrr Bru.r, N.LI.k, Ie.
0. L. WALMSLEY & 00,
COWr .Atroa
ru b s., NOw Olrsm, L.
011 FONID,
Guoba ns & WUS?3N PRODUCE.
0kbtr--. pates mp g... t.
ggm.any O . m. .r, .
Celebrated American
THE countenance is pale and lead.
en-colored, with occasional flushes,
or a circumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the
pupils dilate; an azure semicircle
runs along the lower eye-lid; the
nose is irritated, swells, and sometimes
blgeds; a swelling of the upper lip;
occasional headache, with hummin
or throbbing of the ears; an unusual
secretion of saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly
in the morning; appetite variable.
sometimes voracious, with a gnawing
sensation of the stomach, at others,
entirely gone; fleeting pains in the
stomach; occasional nau ,ea and von
iting; violent pains th; ou.:hout the
abdomen; bowels irre:ilar, at times
costive; stools slimy, not unfrequent
ly tinged with blood; belly swollen
and hard; urine turbid: respiration
occasionally difficult, and accompa
nied by hiccough; cough sometimes
dry and convulsive; uneasy and dis
turbed sleep, with grinding of the
teeth; temper variable, but generally
irritable, &c.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form; it is an innocent prepa
ration, fot rcpable of doin the slighest
injury to the most tender infant.
The genuine DR. ,ICLANE'S VER
MIFU(GE bears the signatures of C.
wrapper. -:o:
are not recommended as a remedy , for
all the ills that flesh 4, heir to," but in
affections of the liver, and in all Bilious
Complaints, Dyspepsia and Sick Hiead
ache, or diseases of that character, they
stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used prepe.
story to, or after taking Quinine.
Asa simple purgative they are an.
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Each box has a red was seal on the
lid, with the impression Da. McLANE's
Ltvut PIL.LS.
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C. McLAxI and FLEMINo Bkos.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr.
C. McLAut's LIvai PILLS, prepared by
Fleming Bros., of Pittsburgh, Pa., the
market being full of imitations o the
name Melae, spelled difereatly but
same pronunciation.
A lystery Shved.
A Greatest Nedleial Tfrimph ot
Noder 21uu 1 T. 1Iystrieu.
O aael ofDiase Diseemerd,
amda Cerleim One Proof
d&d. TA. atuoueA,
Lir, nd Bow.
th Cetre of
The Great Anti.Billione Remedy anad
Mismatie Dimolver.
Are the resmalt of loug-contnred Siete
tle invesiatieou, and are Warranted to
eure al dlseues originating 13 the
Stemaeh, Liver, and Bowels No rip
ing pIain follow the ause of these Pills,
nama the Bowels are idamed; bat Re
lief, Immediate Relief, may be relied
upam. As a Commoan Family Plyslde
Stand uneqaled before the world to-day.
By varlrng the doe a ccording to diree
tios Pareons' PPurgative Pilk efleetually
Purify the Blood and greatly alleviate,
if not entirely eoure Dysp eai, serofnla
or Klng's Evil, Boee, Eryalpls or St.
Anthony's Fire, Eruptions, sad Eruptive
Disaes of the Skin, Salt Rheum. Tet
ter, Ringlworm Sores, sBois, Tuamrs,
Mwrbid Swellings, Uleeranion plat e
advane. We will end thee Pills to
ay reliable druggist or merehaut to sell
em suaeo em. Agtpets wanted every
IANISI, UAiIggj Fplelu,.
A Columbhi dispatch to the Ameri
can annSounces the death to-dar of
Jin. E. Hatcher, a well known jour.
nalist and a member of the editorial
staff of the Loulsoelle, Ky., Coorir-=
Gov. Marks, of Tennessee, to-day
sent a me',age to tihe Legilature urg.
Ing that body not to clmse its present
session without a decisive step to.
ward a settlement of the State debt,
and that ist call 'a constitutional con
vention to adjust matters.
Richard Morton, of New York, ex
Cashier of the Altantic Fire Insu
rauce Compamny, who decamped freom
New York with a shortage of $40,000
in his aceounts, and since then has
been staying in Canada, was recog
aised on the streets of Chicago, Ill.,
by a clerk of the Chicago branch, who
caused his asrest until the arrival of
a requisition.
J. D. Melntire, of Pekin, Ill.,
known as king of the whisky ring,
pleaded guilty in the United States
Court to all indictments against hiim.
He was fined $1,000 and his distillery
forfeited to the government on the
first pleas. Sentence on the other
pleas was snspended on condition
that he would inform os. other mem.
bers of the ring.
The grand female international pe
destrian contest of six days commenc
ed on 27th March, at Gilmore's gar
den, New Yoek, in the presence of
over a thousand persons. There
were eighteen starters.
There is considerable interest mani
feated in California mo the cultivation
of the long-staple, sea-island cotton.
Thus far the experiment has not been
a success because of the coolad nights,
and time long fibre is considerably
shoetened. The State is better adapt
ed to tihe cultivation of the cereals,
while the Southern States having a
motoe adaptable climate, already pro
duce a superabundance of cotton.
Dr. Holt's statistics of yellow fe
ver in New Orleans shows that three
men weie taken sick to every womano,
and the death rate among them 70
per cent. greater than among the wo
men. The children, however, suffer
ed even worse than time male adults,
for while OOly one adult in twelve
sick died, one oat of every nine sick
children fell victims to the disease.
It is now thought at Washington
that the President will not only dis%
countenance any measure looking to
a repeal of the federal election laws,
but will veto amny comprsomise bill
that may be agreed on; and his stal
wart Republican friends are induas
triously grooming him up to this ob
stinate attitude. There was never a
better prospect of a dead-lock be
tween Congress and the administra
Judge J. M. Elliott, of the Court of
Appeals, was assassinated in the
street in front of the Capital Hlitel at
Frankfurt, Ky., March 26th, by Thom
as Buford, of lHey county. Judge El
liott lad rendered an opinion adverse
to a case oaufod had for some time
in corrt. Buford loaded a double
barrelled shot gua and waited for
Elliott to come to dinner, and walk
ed up and shot him through the heart
withou any waruinlog, killing him ina
stanly. The asassin was arrested
and is now in jail. There isgreat ex
itremeat and strong feeling against
hmli. Buford, after his arrest, a
knowledged that the other barrel of
the gon was loaded for Judge Pryor
and hie would have killed him also,
had not somne childien been in the
sayg. He is a brother of Get. Abe
Bofotd, of Woodford conaty.
A law has bee introduceed i. the
Illianois Legisature for the protection
of bank depoitors, whiheb provides
among other things, thrat bank of
licer meceiving u deposit and knowing
thie bamk to ie iusolvent or on the
verge of asuspensioo at the time, shall
Ihe goailty dof franud, and lned doeble
the amrenoat of thie deposit or impris
oned In the penitentiary. It also
proposes to forbid the loaniog of de
posit lor trest funds by a asvings
bank to its ofeenrs without the son
sont of the depodsitors, and in a gene
ral way aim at makinag it a crime,
punishable the same as any other
form of theft, for hank oaleer to
take what does not belong to them.
Eigit members of. the Kasnsa Leg
islature were offered bribe,, raning
in amount freon NI00 to $1,000, to
east their votes for isgalls, for the
United Startes Seate. One chap,
probmbly to break down the maiket,
rtook ~50 for Ihis vote, and twelve
othlers were bought on private terms,
The only leature of the Imnglls trans
action which makesany demand upon
oedinarry cedulity is thse stateneat
that eight members out of ao average
itepubhiien Legislature could he
found to refuse boles, no matter a
to their siae. Besides, the honorable
colleague of the immaneulate Plumb,
the apt imitator of Caldwell the n
victed, and the worthy seeceesor of
'subsidy' Pomeomy, ia too experi
eneed a dealer to scatter In the mean
ner alleged. His Anely-adjusted
work ais shown more ereditably in thie
feat of beating the caeus nomninee
by a bare majority of one vote, with.
mm 26 hoars after the adrjournent of
the caeucs.
The reeoipts of aottoan up to Feb
reary 21, in all United States perts,
was 3,720,14 bals, showlng an in.
erease over las t ear of 3S6,27 bales
for the oeponding dtime. And yet
in oiew of tais large exess in re
aept, HMessr. Ellisoen &t Co.'s Ana
vt ienew, after presenting a large
amsuan of statistie bearing upon the
sebject, sys:
The foregoing ceatllations show
tlat with an Amserican crop of from
4000,000 to o0,o00 "eles, there
will be sueienat eton to meinatai a
rate of eounsumptin darl tih Srs
tseae'qulaus at , I s al Wl.
weekly average of last year, leaving
the stocks in the ports rather larger
on the 30th of September than at the
corresponding date in 1878, with also
n-more liberal stocks in the hands of
spianers. But there will be no room
for any expansion of moment, and
the shirks in the ports will, through.
not theýyear, be smaller thean could
be desired for the interest of consum.
ers. Therefore, looking at the nmod.
erate, not to say low, range of prices
now eurrent -;the chances are against
say important or long continued
downward movement; but unless
trade improves to an extent sufficient
to bring about as increased rate of
consumption, is not certain that we
shall witness any serious advance.
CADDO: Thie lmei speaksof crepe
in this wise : The planting seasoe il
1t least two or three weeks in ad
vance of that of last year. We con.
versed yesterday with several plant.
era who speak in very gratifying
terms of their prospects for the com
ing season. If no untoward circums
crance occurs, the largest crops of
both cotton and corn, since the war,
will be produced in this parish this
year. The frost of a few days since
has somewlhat offected the fruit in
some localities.
The action of the Grand Jery
of that parish is summed up by
the same paper : The sheriff was or
dered by the court to release from
castody James H. Alston, bed on the
chlarge of murder, there being no
true bill found against him by theo
grand jury. Sheriff Cawthon requir.
ed a written order from, tihe court
which the clerk was instructed to
furnish. Judge Boarman then in
structed tile sheriff to telegrapl tle
nuthlori'ies in New Orleaos, where
Alston is held in custody as a wit.
naes before the United States Circuit
Court, which would be'forwarded 1i.
mediately. I
The action of the grand jury in i
failing to bod a true bill againles Mr. t
Alston was a complete surprise to
.tery one. It will be seen by I
reference to the report that the
jury stood nine for a true bill I
and six against. There was no
question in the minds of all the jurors s
about Mr. Alston shooting Mr. Flan t
agan, and how six jurors could vote I
againtst naking a tree presentment, I
is muore than the 'public are able to
understand. Their action is without 6
parallel in the annals of the grand t
juries of Louisiana. t
The 8tandarl has the following on I
kite times and rabid dogs: Wlth the a
decline of interest in ring-taw ad a
sweepstakes, the average youth has
turned his attention to kite-dying. tl
The graceful manner with which the v
surrounding foliage as well as tile
wires of the Western Union Tele- f,
graph Company are decorated with o
these articles of amusement, pendent it
in various stages of delapidation goes
very far to establidsh the fact thatl I
the boys are "going in heavy" for a
kites this season. Thie favormg gales
have been protracted longer than is it
usual this year, and with no appar II
eot signs of abatement in kite- lung bh
at present, we may confidently rely
pon a apotpoteoment of the usual
etalogue of river disasters, resulting
from gar-siel, exposure to a ehil ed
temperature of the water, and the C
regullar snual mortality report from a
drownoing, among tite small fry, Sob
raise your kites boys like symbols of
imslortality to tiLe skies, for you masy,
by so doing, save yourpelve and yoour I
nmasas the horrors inaeparable from
a watery glrave.
Oincer Mclady killed a dog last
night whieh showed' unmistakable
signs of rab. He shot the animal L
at 10 o'clock p. m. on Mila street in
frontost the rmesidenme of J. Ricon,
.rom a gentleman from Greenwood,
we learn tltt a dog in that place i
took hlydrophobia and ina that condi
tina bit a do and eight puppies, all
of whom died from the efects of tiee
bites. tI
These facts should remind the City i
Coaecil of the necessity of enforcing
at one the ordinance compelling the
payment of a dogtas. At the pres
eat rate the dog-days will soon be
mupon i and stepa bhould be taken at I
once to prevent any ecatastrophe hap
peaninal to people ina the nature of the
one above mantiened.
RIctAIAnD: The sses contaies
the following news: A cold wave
struck this section last Monday. There m
was ice on Tuesday and Wednesday
mornings, but it was eloudy and ,
warm on Thersday, ,ith quite a gale
blowing most of the day.
Pnenmonia still prevails to an it
alarmiong eatet l this parish. We
have heard of several deathls in the
western portion of the parish withei 4
the last few days, and a large noum
ber ofdeses; four cases in Thus. Hold- G
imesa house alone. Themre is only
onae e iae Ilaryville-that of Lla
Lynn. The other sick persos hemr i
are convaleseinlg.
CARROLL: The sprightly aosmer- a
ef'ies emits thee new's sparks: We a
hiave in the ofice the hide of an im- d
meas Panther, brought from Mo. ai
ticello by W. H. Hrunter. The et.* 8
ter was killed on the 8th ef this
montb by Heary Dickersmon, colored, ci
and messerared from tip to tail, ta y
feet. A rather formidable feline ee e
te mese with li the woods, bret Me* u
ry rt It "dowm and skins it."
Deria time stor on Sunday nlght l
the river was greatly agitated, and
the wharf boat at the lanoding sprn o
Sleek, Thei alarm was given about r
eleven o'clock by rigrling the Are bell,
our citmise hurried to the river and b
in a very short time carried all the t(
freiglt off tbe boat on to the beak. i
The pumps wera kept going ad the
Alice Desan was asved from pig p
dews bytm olnaiatry earxios of a
enr-ple•' I
Mr u ese ~ lu iI
g Belle plantatii toin the lower end of
r our parish called on, son Wednesday
e last, and brought with hIim a stalk of
coern with si welil usaturud ears on it.
f Mr. Foster is one of those practical
n kind of men who try to make their
d existence on our planet as useful as
I* possible., iJs plantation we are in.
I formed is a model institutign in the
way of producing cotton, curn':|itn
thoes and other products for the use
s and benefit of our people.:
Mt onouse : The Clarioen ays:
I Frost and ice Tuesday and Wednes
day mnorning. No damage done to
Sfruit, however.
Some five or six gentlemen of our
° town and parish are preparing to
start soon for Texas on a prospecting
tour, and to look for a better coun
try. We predict that all of them will
return a great deal wiser, and with
out having found that "better coun.
I Plowing time having arrived the
demand far stock was great, and not
withstanding the large number of
muales for sale by the several dealers
at this place, we don't know of but
one on the market now. It is the
opinion of several that there is yet a
very good demand for mules here
even now.
TslnunoxxnN: The Hoame Cou
rier contains the following: Enos
Williams and Jordan Steward, Re
publican candidates to the ."onstitu
tionnal Convention, are elected.
We hear it rumored that Judge
Sidney has purchased the Terrebonne
Progress offie, and will shortly is
sue a new paper.
Last Wednesday evening, on Little
Caillion, a dilfficulty took place be.
tween Paul Labruere and Frank Pi
con, which resulted in Pico drawing
a kbife and stabbing his adversary
several times. The wounds inflicted
are serious, but not dangerous. We
have heard so many contrary reports
about this .ffair that we refain from
expressing any comments.
WEKSTF.R : The Tribnae proclaims
the organization of the knights of
Pythias in Minden, and this in rela
tion to navigation: There is not
over three feet water on the bars ton
Lake Bestenean, and about the last
steamer has arrived from New Or.
leans for tihe season.
WstT FPLItcrIA: The Seliadel
says: The election was quiet. To
tal vote polled 1298. The gallant
firemen had a ball and parade on the
19th lost.
A tax of ten mills has been levied
by the Board of Commissioners of
the Fifth Levee District, comprising
the Parishes on the right bank of the
Mississippi above Pointe Coupee, to
wit: Carroll, Madison, Tensas and
CALDWELL : The Herald says : At
the election on Tuesday last but ale
re'p light vote was polled in this a
parish. The reason of this can be I
found in the fact that there was no I
opposition to the Democrtic nom
On Sunday night lt at severe ra In
storm visited this place, and during r
the night the to nperature turned
considerably colder, and in the morn.
ing a thin costing of lee was found.
It is to be hoped that the cold snap i
has not destroyed the fruit crop.
IBRRVILL : The South says: The
case crop Is in the ground and from
the best soreds we learn that the
crop prospect for time ensuilg ye ar
can not be excelled.
About forty men are now at work
building an embarkment in Bayou I
PlaIquemine for the N. O. Pacifie rail. I
road. It is not tile intention of the I
company to close or obstrect the a- I
vigation of tihe Bayou Plaquemineto -
this point from the interior parilshes.
The sale of the Home Place belong- J
lig to the estate of the late Jules I
LeBlsne and situated on the East t
beak f the river, in this prrish, took I
plane on Thnraday of this week, and I
brought the handsome sum of p7,95. I
1 he peeau tree is budding. This I
is eonsidered as a certain sig tbhat '
the cold is at an end. At any rate,
everybody knows that the pesan i I
time last tree to leaf in the spring, I
and if there is any truth in the say. I
nlg that u early spring makes a s lk. I
ly sumnoer, we may look formorer
trouble this year.
ORLANS : The Governor siganed
the bill on 2th tIst., passed by the
last Legislature, repealing the char.
tar of tle Louisinea State Lottery.
The o.ers oft the lottery eompany
state that the businem of the coum
pony will uot be interfered with or
aff'eeed by the Governor's sation, uas
they have taken measures to test the
eonstieutionality of the law in the
eoarts of the United States. They
are asaured by their connsel that the
ebhartered rights of a nompany, rest
ino on a entract with the Statr, coa
not be disturbed.
The Tenue parish ases are acon
tinued till April 6th. Henry CaeMr,
of New Albany, Indiana, snicided at
Grenada. Caue-fianeialJ embuar.
Otto Tiedmlan, a tailor, saleided I
in New Orleans on th, by poioo. I
GaR : The sprigly (TAronelcle
says: Mr. A. A. Goodwn, tf Alexs
andria, says there are undoubted in
dications that the cettoo worm will
appear early this season, sad is Ireat
Last week a little negro girl, the
child of Jim Morore, about fourtea
years of age, was drowned in the
Baye Darro. She and another dgirl
were playing is t atboat, whenrae I
fell everbaerd and drowned before
help could be had.
Mr. Orant i blldinog a warehouse
on the point between Cane and Bed
rivers, opposite Colfas,
The little stesmer Kolegon, wrlebi
bas been plyin Cane river sil wiun.
ter, left for St Leeoi Thtrsday morn.
S.lowing I in fell blast all over the
parish, but there is good deal of
somplaiat that the dry weather mnakes
the groad e hatd that it is kiehe
wu d is agid 4
if very much at this time, and if t duoes
y not some soon the crops will be very
f much retarded.
i rgeaaiesu of the Jlelary.
--I__- - - ,
SOne of the matters which mast
S come up before the Constitutioqsl
Convention is the reorganisatioJrof
d the Judiciary. The present arrange.
ment is generally considered to be a
bad one, and sveral substitutes are
It is to be hoped that whatever
system is adopted, it will be so de.
r vised as to be not only economical I
D but also it to secure its object-- :
R wlich is the rendering of "speedy I
- justice." The word justiee by itself
I implies careful investigation, enlight
- ened Judgment, correct and unbiased
application of the law, accessibleness
to all, and uncostliness to the honest
B litigant; but all this is lost or defeat- I
ed if justice is not speedy.
I It is proposed by some to abolish
all the Parish Courts without increase I
log the number of District Judges; I
and they support this ,priucipally on
iconsiderations of economy-not r- e.
A ecting that such a measure would I
prevent justice itself from being I
speedily rendered. The Disrtict
Judges having so many more cases I
to try, would not be able, to get
through with them as fast as institu
ted; and therefore the numober await.
iog rial would becontinually increas
ing, so that at last eases woul4 not
come to their turn, on Ae calander,
till years elapsed. Tlrei when the
eases would be reached, they would
be tried in a hurry-not fully and t
deliberately discussed and considered a
-and wrongly decided, to the great I
disgrace of the judiciary, and the t
disrepute of the law itself. *We have
an example of this in our own Su a
preme Court, and another in the Sou t
peams Court of the United States. IIt
appears clear to all refecting mindsa
that, in leatters of this nature, the
point of econorey should be merely
secondary. We must havefirst of
all a sufficient number of eaopetent r
Judges; or give up the institution of
so-called courts of justice ns shaem.
By such a plan even economy is de
feated. It may be easily shown that
the eatra costs expenses and losses t
occasioned by the putting off of cases '
is ten times greater than the salary of
two or three more judges would
amount to. Every time a case is
postponed, the witnesses must be aem
moned again; and it often happens i
that cases, in which there are a con
siderable number of witnesses, are
continued as or eight times in a seae
sloo. Then when a long cas is on
trial, the witnesses In al the other
cases, after waiting for hours, are
dismissed; but afterwards summoned
again and again, only to suffer the
same inconvenience anew. This bi
swells the Clerk's and Sheril's fee i
bills enormously; but what is even
worse, the time of the witnesses is tl
wasted; and they suffer great detri- ,
meot and loss of wages, salary or bu. tt
siness. The parties and their law. C
ers suffer from the same cause. it
Debtors and their sureties fail; p
witnesses die or go away. All this
amounts, in the parish of Orleans, to to
at least three handled thousand del- Cs
lars per annum. True, the State pl
Treasury, by the fewness of Judges, Is
seaves Atiteen or twenty tbousad del. tI
larss, but the people spend or lose he
twellty timaes more.
To diseuncomber the docket of the d
Supreme Court, it is proposed that "1
appeals be allowed only in eases in t
which the amonot exceeds two or
three thousand dollars. This is sub- a
astitoting a total denial to the lw ow
attainment of justiee, ina r reat ms.
jorihy of ases. The luaury of ma
appeal eould only be enjoyed b tile
ric; for th coummon rum of people
hardly ever bhave suits for two or in
three thousand dollars. There was
a atkling lnstaneo of this in the fa
mona Gaino ease. Ilouadreds of the
defendants could not appeal from the
deieien, rendered by Judge Billings,
because the property they were die Ti
poesased of resapectively w valued
otless tbhn P0G0. _ Only a few of a
tie defendants hell pieee worth
more than t s th e sm lowest on
which soan appeal to tme United Staten
Supreo  Cour ea be based.
But is it sot possible to reeonaeile
all te essental rlequisites with thai a
of economy f nYe, t o justice be
dispeaned to all effctually, equally,
easily and without Lnrease of publie D
Manyl think that there is a ueat
obstacle in the way of suech a result;T
sad here is a plan to thateffet:
Abolish the Parish Courts.
Inueses te onumber of Distrlet
Preserve the Supreme Court.
Create Mree intermediate Courts of
Appeal, each eomposed of three
judges, to whibch all. appeals shall be
dret retureablo-one for the country
parishes-two for the Parish of Or
leans. Let the one for the country $
have sessions in Batoo Bouge, Opo
loers and Monroe; and let each of
the two for Orleas have appellate
juridicetion over an equal nuoomber of
ibe District Courts of that parish.
Make the Juriediction of the Courts
of Appeals Beal, on questions of fact;
but require them to make a "State y
men of Facts," as settled by them, ,
in each case.. Tbie on lterlocutory a
as well su Bal Ises, a
Allow conesel before the trial toaw
present aurticulate pses of facts, and i
make it the dtsy of thke ourt, nin the
astatemend, to Irm or deny those "
points, and if they denyr, to state bow I
otherwie they eaonsider the feate to R
be tio that respect.
Give the right of appeal i all sluits
for more tbhan Ave hundred dollars.
Limit the record whieh shall be
made up for the Bupree Ir tor t( th
the petition, (2) the Prelltleary oe.
eCptionl l () the answUer, iM Ute
mtiongs, (5) the esxeeptpoee Iksea a
riast tlthe Jd* ofibolm Dslrb,
eer, l) the measu i, he rs ea
s Appeals and its udgments theseod,
and (8) the Anal opiioin and slates.
meet of facts delivered by the Coust
of Appeals.
It is predicted that, In a great as.
Jority of cases tile J elily of the
Statement of Facts, will render It
t useless to carry a case to the IS
Ii prams Court; but, of course, all
Squetions of law arfsing from thle
Sfeaste as stated, or from the fornm ad
s circumstances, sunllciency and nature
e of the proceedings, the party st
would ask the last resort.
r Statistical Investigation shows that
the division of appeals between the
I thlee appellate tribunals proposed
- two for tihe city and one for the
country--is proportionate; and that
f the number of appeals they would
Srespectively have before tiem enmid
d be easily disposed of as fast as the
5 conme.
t Now, hew stands the matter of 6r:
The cost of the present jndlciry
is; Supreme Court, $33,500; Dietritct
$120,U00 ; Parish Courtk 9,000;
; total, 245,5010.
I loorder not to exceed this, the
salaries of Judges under the propos
I ed recognition should be Aled as
t Chief Justice................ 6,000
Four Associates, at $5,500.... 22,000
t Nine Intermediate Judges of
Appeals, at .5,000.......... 45,000
Ten District Judges, Orleans,
at 84,500............. 45,000
Twenty-six Country Distriets,
at $4,810..................117000I
Total..................... 15,1000
I By increasing the number of Die.
tricts in the country to twenty-u4
a few, aight consist only of a single
large parish; and none be composed
of more than two having a small
population. The incnvenience of
lage Districts would be avoided, and
tihe advantages (witlout the griev
ances) of the Parish Court system he
secured. The Judge would be nest,
enough ; and it might be iaqjired"
that he should be a lawyer of long
previous practice and experience..
N. 0. Morning dtar.
Plitieal Ntes.
The Boston Pilot thinks that "to e
fuse Jeff. Davis a place on the Mexiesa
war pension list because he was a rebel
a quarter of a century after he hid
fought as patriot !e like punishing a
asonf a mriseed.by his grandfather.
Mr. Beauchamp, the dipagiushed pr.
decemor of Mr. Bullock ia the Cologne
Conealship, has organised a Third Term
Grant Club at Terre Haute, Ind. Thd
Republicans of Vile County were la
minority of 4,000 last year.
Grant, according to the St. Louis
Olobe-Democrat (Rp. is rather the f.
vorite with the Republican legislators of
Kansas, Blaie being a very el s .
cond. The Democrate prefer Thurman,
but would support Tilden were he ano
The Boston Globe (Dem.) attributes
the sudden change of tone of the "stal .
warts" towards the Administration to
the discovery that with both houses of
Congress Democratic "Mr. Hayes .eou
stitutes what remains of the BepUbleaM
A Greenback candidate for, the Ksq.
tcky Legislature is running in Heng
County on a platform eontaininl this
plank: "We are in favor of a statute
law exempting all persons from tolls,a
taurpie roads going to and from mill o
The St. Louls Globe-Democrt havitk
advertlsed the Sherman movement a
"Lost," requesting the finder toe aturq
to the Cinciunati Commercial olobetli
Commercial remarks that "In these gi
msaters it is prelent to mind the isr
er's maxini never to sweat the hoerp b.
fore breakfast."
That Bebt. t
The State debt consists of the folie,.
ing amont and elIseaes of lndebtldM s:
Old bonds outsteandiug be-.
fore the war $ , 'to
Bonde lised In [email protected] to 1867
io payment of past due
bterest on the above 1,28,000 00
Total ehargeable to Demo
craeltie rule ',o76060 00
Bonds lasued to rebuilding a.,'
levees in 186 to 1867 (pr.
constracetion rule 5,000,(b0bi
Bonds isued to varioorrall. '' .*
road and navigation
schemes 1868 to 1878
(Warmoth) 8,6ag0
Bondrissuaed tacover "ost- . ; e
log" indebtednes same ,
Board ed afor"datin
debt under Iellogg (18
to 1874) 1,006,830e
Total for six yars of Radies
debt 3mP30000~ 0
tdd total under Democrat
ie nile s,0784000
Add am't levee bonds 5,000,00600
Orand total outstanding Jan.
eary 1st, 1874 $1,437,000 0
Add to this contingent lis
bilietis to railroands etc.
at ane date 90,000,oo000
We have total liabilities at
that date 843,437,8rl00
[Houms Courier.]
In this Mal predietmeat we ues bat
oe afe solution-thbat of repadiatiba.
Yo my preach dishonor in following
seh a coarse, but the inevitable reeMul
must he repudiation or bankrupte. To
cur moralzed tuate sad acuae reinement
we me no distlntion of Asorsie setth.
meat. No one wIll beo folish eno Lto
sy that we Iy the debt, aud lwn:
an't py oir b (t ) we meet 1
pud iat themdthe mooer we gIp
to that eoMluin, the better wil I be
fr the preperity and good oenM t
The New Orleas B.n i th at
the right sfranep should e nstriued
to tho eenly whr o ea. eadt ad mt
be the blackr twhite, ed t hatis"
voter should poedue hisaptiel surtaeI
befone b ermdited to vote. Th
womeU d ewatL~msmbs!~ of i veo.

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