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e . - -.. ... _ _.. _ _ . .. ----- ---- - -___- ' - - he grapit's WIa6t~tSV.
0ac gr pi's v'indicator.
I \ertbi-CA real live Denocrati paper. The tool
AdtvelnI_ "te7. o of no t;")Iie "l r ring. "'r and outgroket
3 su.uare*... .. : 13 uf f Idie Td AY Mor ns ,O i ng .:
' 'mlqu .... ___4 --,(O 5to & Proprietor
S quares... . o n, Io r, tP a 111 35 ablished Every SATURDAY Mot-n '_
Ssquarew ... 17o' 1 u 04 I7 : 35 II : 4 0' o0
: V,... ,,lU* , R 2 , 8ulbscription late
*psa.. 2Ji. 24,, , no 3 , THE WELFARE OFTHE PEOPLE IS THE SUPREME LAW. on, cp., one .vear................ o
T g ln s~O ... a y YT ), :16 11 4 t)* 11 7 u u
7 square :.. 3 o l 2o 4,la ,O :i _ -* _,- One copy six months.................1 ro
S ,sqares... 26 du 3U IO 41 'I, ,, ,. 0 , Ooee1ore
IS gwsq~a... 341 il Is o 5' ui l 57 1 ot~ lay0 ni O lgaI Orga. of the W hite C itzes of Red liver, mm..e, Wia and Natchitoches Parish es. ot.MiLbcitmspyleadac.
to aqmp aee... 6) I No n) ,, i 1' I -- -- All adverteement for len time ntha" ,i
-ae. i eve.'tls emo Eachs Lio.I per L1NtIe u t u e s p d a
'All,,i ,-e, 15t,!.." p ers sre . VOL. V. I NATCHLTOHES, LA., APRIL 12,1879. NO.30g ?."t' re. """im ee.*J""
q uessmasuhruantse , por s een . [ minn 1! inm ino Ime****.t mnl • '-. *- u n m ... . ,  - ..+ n.i ll "' l 1 !m l l P+ U .  l n I ! ! . ........... Isp *F ia gr g gyg m p o* * g agp
Professional Cards.
*' Win. a. Jaod,
S(Seseeesor to JAK & Piassox)
Attoruey and Counselor at Law
ILLpraetic e in the Courts of Nathitoeches.
labine, DeSoto, Red River, Winn, Rapides,
a4 Oreat, and in the Supreme Court of the
Iwe. Claims promptly attended to.
Aprille 177.
ATINGO usohiateod thsoelve5 w!le practice
(' Ia the Parish and Dlkriet, the 17th Judi
el 'Dttriet, sand in the parishes of WinD and
trast, Suporeme Court of oatelasa. U. y. .is
Set sad l Crefit rcosts of Lonisiana sand U. S.
Cont ofI Claims at Wshbinglton.
OBfe in the Lacoste Building
(Up Stairs.)
Aug. 3, 1878-.1y.
St. Denis Street, Natchitochel, La.
W ILL give prompt and personal at
teution to all buelues entrusted to
their care
Practices in the District and Parish
Courts in the Parishes of Natchitoches,
Red River, DeSoto and Sabine, and before
the Supreme Court at Monroe and New
Orleans. Jan 5 7a-ly.
O CUaLUS. C. P. Dassousr. *T. P. CRAPLI.
* Attorneys at Latw,
P1RACTICE in the District Courts oe
Natchitoehb, Sabine, Desoto and
Red River and in the 8upreme Court of
tb Stats. March 2-ly.
Aftlerue and Consellor at Law,
51. Deals Steut, - - Nothitedcs, La.
WILL praetice in the Distriet and Par
Wa Wh Courts of Nasebitoches, Sabine
DeSioo and Rld River, and the Supreme
Court of the State.
All business entrusted to his care will
reusive prompt attention. Apr 13-1l
Phyaian anua Srgeon
mNeloemery. Ln.
Magistrate Ward 1.
I. DaiE Strlt, : : Natehitoea, Lan.
lIOMIT attention given to all business
atueuated to bis care.
IgP Claim collected at small cost.
Refers to the Bar Generally.
Jab -.ly
Business Cards.
J. o. Tsoel,
ghst esh price paid for Cotton and
Coatry Prodac.
-dealer ia
Pnoarr Snnrr, at , hL.
s. tumI,$a. O, was.nts
. .I. WM.UJ5 L. , WAIlUnlUT
covoro PAcoCss
lmet5., Now OIMesm, Ia.
gaEge & FORD,
,-anatar $-
.ApIahsersthpe d V Hra * d.
*PON ' -! LA.
AU. clbiS p"pty sdeo to.
Our est ou Iabr.s,
45 Years Before the Public. "Bouff
in son
DR. C. KoLANE'S The'
l. been I
he An
the rt
Hepatitis, or Liver Complaint, Tin
in Un
Ce 0904is
lymptoms of a Diseal S Liver. The
.)AIN in the right side, under the Thb
Sedge of the ribs, increases on pres- Cht
sure; sometimes the pain is in the left
side; the patient is rarely able to lie The
on the left side; sometimes the pain N coIl
is felt under the shoulder blade, and ciety
it frequently extends to the top of the ry C0
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken Th
for rheumatism in the arm. The stom- Web
ach is affected with loss of appetite ,,,e t
and sickness; the bowels in general iliar.
are costive, sometimes alternative with TI
lax; the head is troubled with pain. has i
accompanied with a dull, heavy sen. ,re t
st. sation in the back part. TheRe is gen- hinta
to erally a considerable loss of inemory, Ti
accompanied with a painful' ensation io 1l
sh of having left undone something which
es, ought to have been done. A slight, TII
,re dry cough is sometimes an attendant. hite
ow The patient complains of weariness liful
and debility; he is easily startled, his sil
feet are cold or burning, and he com- ward
plains of a prickly sensation of the liar,
al skin; his spirits are low; and although
he is satisfied that exercise would be TI
beneficial to him, yet 1k c*t scarcely hand
summon up fortitude enough to try it. Ibt I
In fact, he distrusts every remedy. The
Several of the above symptoms attend Ure.'
the disease, but cases have occurred TI
where few of them existed, yet exam- lowi
ld ination of the body, after death, has ,ple
of shown the LIVER to have been exten- ,an
r. sively deranged. at w
taken with Quinine, are productive of
the most happy results. No better cure
IA cathartic can be used, preparatory to, weo
ar or after taking Quinine. We would *
ine advise all who are afflicted with this tng
sue disease to give them a FAIR TRIAL. COol
For all bilious derangements, and c
w as a simple purgative, they are un- f `t
equaled. Ibur
- WASg Or IlilATATISn oL rd'
The genuine are never sugar coated. inea
DI Every box has a red wax seal on the oli1,
lid, with the impression Di. McLANr's lne
The genuine McLANr's Llvn PILLS Ina)
bear the signatures of C. McLANs and
FLEMING BRos. on the wrappers. tis
Insist upon having the genuine Da. hiel
C. McLANE'S LIVER PIL.s, prepared by lrd
Fleming Bros., of Pittsburgh, Pa., the
market being full of imitations of the
name MleuLane, spelled dierently but gr
same pronunciation. tub
L u. . __... ..__ _
nets peg
, A lystery Solved. i,
The Great t Medical Triumpl of ho
ad Modm Tim. The lVMsterio
Camanel oDioeaee DiNferel, 'f
and a CerItaf Cre Proi. o
dted. 2The 8tomadch,
Lier, and Bowels w
Me Ceu.r of W
Dimeae. Ic
-- The Oreat Ati.Billions Remedy and i,
fhtlE Miasmatie Dissolver.
DO, PA sON's
Are the result of loong-eontinred Selen- ,
tiBo iolnvr tigaio, and are Warrnted ti
N cure al diseases originatiug In tbe
stomaeh, Liver, and Bowels No grip
ian pais follow the uw of these Pills.]
,aa the Bowels are ionflamed; but Re- a
lief, Immediate Belief, may be relied
upon. As aCommon Fmily Pysiae
8Sand nequaled before the world to-day.
By varying the dose according to dire.- a
iu Parsons' Purgative Pills efeetally aI
, Purify the Blood and greatly alleviate, I
if not entirely core Dyspepsa, Seroful.
or Kiag's Evil, BRose, Ersipelas or St.
Anthony's Fire, Eruptions, sad Eruptive I
Diseases of the Skin, Salt Rhbeum. Tel
ter Bigworm, Bores, Bils, Tmorn,
lorbld Swellings, Ulesratio.n, Pimples
snd Dlcatab5
Mest Complets s ifat Guaran teed I
or No Pay.
i yame.. we will seed them Pi to F
any l niable draggslt or merchnut to all
. is eneeilele. Agents wanted evy-i
IA•tU , S-jr. i .hle
Jms1t *
- M- irate
The Farmersville Record says : rower
"Buffalo gats are very bad on stock eoald
in some portions of the parish. Hr- aid t
sea and cattle both are made to snuer the ml
greatly, and many have been killed. to-dci
The winter has been a hard one on Consi
stock any way, and cattle that have tor tli
been running out on the range are tard
too weak to resist them." be oil
Anm enthusiastic youth sent the Ho
Farmersville Record a poem entitled podia
"Nature is Full of Poetry," to which "eves
the editor replies through his column the dn
of Answers to Contributors, our waste of fri
basket is full of just such stuff." to th
The cholera has attacked the swine Furth
in Union parish. tion
The prospect for fruit in Morehouse ruin I
is good. will
The East Feliciana farmers have comr
formed Bee Keepers' Association. Fel
The are-fiend has been at work in by sc
The Feliciana Patriot.Democrat has frti
at column headed "UUnion Literaly So- .;lassi
ciety" for the benefit of the Centena* tire 1
ry College young men. Thei
The hogs are pirouting around the who
Webster Tribune building and Johno cri- m
Iso thinks they are getting too fan isian
iliar. for a
The bnzo of the gentle house fs dim,
has been heard in Webster, and ladies fles
are turuing their thought. to sprioi lnest
Thle first hounase in Minden was hauilt pro
in 1836, so says the Webster Tribune. Statr
The IIloma Courier says "Fishes ihoi
Iite when business is dull and beau. are
tiful weather." ther
Sixteen eonviets have been for. to a
! warded to the Baton Rouge peniten- taer
tianr from St. Landry. be n
The Baton Rouge Herald says : "Ao ai
handasome wonman pleases the eye, eral
Nbt a good woman pleases the heart. not I
The one is a jewel, the other a treass- the
ure." grin
The Richland Beaconea has the fol- gat
lowing : 'A sad sequel to a drunken then
spree occurred hele last Monday. A con(
man by the name ofNoland had been mani
at work as a railroad laborer, on see- ncr
tion 9, ever since sometime last No. -ire
vember until a few weeks ago, when
lihe thirst for intoxicating drinke
seema to have taken possession of him.
He came to town, got drunk, pro
r cared his time ticket next day, and C;
went on a regular spree. He remain- egal
s 1g drunk for about two weeks, eat- tion
iog very little during the time. Of thei
course no constitution' could stand Ne
sruc strain so long. His began to mad
fail in about a week, and at the end pest
of two weeks it was gone; his light de=
burned out, and he fell into a:drunk- tio
ard's and a pauper's grave, a stranger thri
in a strange laud, with no loved one and
near to south lhis troubled spirit or pro:
p a tear over over his grave. Yet li the
once had loved one-he at least had fee
ai mother who once loved him, and he N.
may have lhad other fond ties-they e*ý
nmay yet live and long to meet him, but J~i
that will never be unless they folliw Bal
him to the eternal homests of the drunk- in I
Sad ; and they may never know how, is
when or where he died. Yet his
grave should be a sigoal to warn Thu
others of the dangers of intemper' rigi
ance." sigi
The bufalo grat has made its ap- of I
pearauce in Richland, and porumo- arns
ois is abating, so says the Beaen. a
The Columbia Herald esys: On .
Sunday morning lt anu old negro in
mea, ao the emplsdy of Mr. W. 8 Dick. th
son, mysteriously dimppeared and "
lass aot siOc been heard from. West sie
is insane and Mr. Dixon has fears al
tIhat aise ill has befallen him. Aaay wi
I nformation respeellng his wle-a Pel
habouts will be gatefully received by de
Mr. Dison. Address W. 8. Dickson, *t
- oleumbia, La. ai
'l be Bom PPogeres bus spended t
Spublicatioo. b
The Aberville Meridional says that
husiness in their town is as doll as o
ite back of a two-bita raor.
ThIe water is so lo. at the mounth
of Vi million Buayoe that ectish have fo
to emplos nmd tartles to tow them ml
over the bar.
A hog of the Poland breed was nt
killed a few days ag, 4 yemrs of age, t
which weighed eleven handred Ib.. t
When hung up he measured eight v
leest iu length, sis feet girth and nine s
inches around the smallest part of o
the foreleg. Prettye god. v
The t81. Franciavillian have orga-e*
S ised their base ball clubs for the sea
The Feliciaoa beafiel 'says: "The
lime is rapidly appluacehing when
lhe yeaoung msan who goes oat walk- o
ing with the "desire of his heart I
e e "turns pale ia the gills" om bearing si
thes Ir ighoo passing soa ice eream o
wada water ,salos and remarks the tI
s. pprelsive heat and wishes sheb "bad
ts- eometbiig cool to take."
lie Tie Carroll Cmaervealie heas been
tIhe recipient of a Irlage panther hide,
aeasuring from tip to tail ten feet,
L S and brother Morglan is happy.
y. The students of the Wiobshoro In
rtm atsiute have started a litenrary solety
ually uoder the name of "The Winoosboro
ate, Institrlt Lyeuerm."
Sone SelM ws. 3
SN. O. vesis Pt: There was a
I tim* amd most veery box a either,
: as werwte uaidored as soamethrid
,,ery esellent. The NidaflWd
ai isradien, whoa it ien. t.t
* rr, was only too am0ions to
! Kellogg's lmaseial poley. Nichel
Smsad may of his friends, said
cbied was legliimate, and lthat the
demesats Woueld, meld sad should
a!ise, edte ts and uear for it, as well,
or bhtter, thea Its radiealplgarolte.s.
They fe i$ thw s s
lrated ; paid tihe interest with bor
rowed money, as long as a fiscal agent And
Snould be found who would lend it,
a- id then threw the poor mongrel on
r the streets to care for himself, where
to-day it is struggling to live. The
u Constitutional convention is the d- or
e t1o tlhat must prescribe for this basn- mre
a lard child of Kellogg's, and it mustt
be either killed or cured. sion
Houma Courier : We advocate re- TI
pudiation because we believe it to be of,.
necessary and urgent. We believe TI
s the debts to be prisa facia videoces act i
' of fraud, no matter what may be said tens
to the contrary by interested parties. and
Furthermore, we urge that repudia, nen
tioe will oel disgrace Louisiana nor tier
e ruin her credit, but on the contrary, 01
will elevate her ,fnancial standing in of t
e commercial circles. the
Feliciana rbistel: It will be said a 21
n by some that such a shaving of the tion
debt and the cutting away of the bad reps
from the good thereof would amount Lou
to dishonor ; but it is very easy to a so
' lassify these and discover their mo- at I
Stive for making snelh a declaration. Fe I
They belong to a class of Shilocks mea
ea who took advantage of the era of II
' crime that has bent tihe pride of Loa- the
imianna in shame, bought her bonds to a
for a mere song, and who would now ecal
y demand every ounce of the pound of viol
r flesh promised, though it took the met
d last drop of life blood of every eiti- '
sea within our borders. We are afte
t proud to say that this class of the coe
. State's creditors are in a hopeles reae
o miniority and that the larger class mot
are men with whom. we believe, led
there will be no dithiculty in coming to 1
to a satisfactory solution of the much I
" vexed question. Be this as it Inay, tie
the duty of the Convention will very dur
be plain. Th.eir duty will be to look his
A to and work for tile welfare and geo- can
ea eral interest of the people and the
rt. not the wants of tihe boanholders. To (a ci
s- the honorable gentlemen chosen to tpe
gripple with this and many other den
U- gave issues that will come before ant
rat them we refer this mutter with a fell bel
A confdence in their ability anld deter. I
in mlnation to settle the eame in a man- Ind
e- ner entirely satisfactory to the deo thr
o- sire of their constituency. cat
no fat
ks state Debt, et
ad Carroll (Caservative: Let the Del. 1
n- egates to the Constiatlional Conven- ph
ht- tion beware of the bondholderas and te
Of their agents when they assembled in abi
ad New Orleans every effort will be acl
to made.by the monied interests to get ael
ad possession of the Convention in or. to
ht der to beggar the State for genera- tia
k- tions to eome. Let the Inpwpapers in
er throughout the State sound the alarm, ful
na and keep wateh and ward over the do
or proceedings of the delegates, so that im
le timhepeople's rights will not be sacri
ad ficed. wI
he N. O. Dmoerat: The lYmae is much d
icy exercised over a card of Senator ar
sot Jotms, of this State, printed in the wi
ow Baltimore Gaette. Senator Jonas, m
ik- in his card, denies the chargeStat he Re
oiw is connected with the repudiation M
his party "f consequence na Louisiana. s
sin The Tist hopes that Mr. Jonas is
Or" right, and that it has mistaken the en
sigs of the times, but devotes muoch th
ap- of its space to show that the Demoru ti
no- and the country pieas are engaged in
a repudiation movement. e
Oo In one senase Mr. Jonasm is right; bi
in another he is mistaken. Certainly
k. there is no reckless and indiscrim- ly
mad iate repudiation sentiment is Lots- t
rest isian. We do not know of a joer. ar
hars nal or of a man of oite in the 8tate
kIy wilo is a repudiationiat pure and aim- d
m. ple; in shourt, whno believes that the c
I by debt of the State should be rqpudti
so, ated regardless of it validity. The I
only repudiation movement of this b
description we have ever hIeard of in
Louisiana was Kellogg's funding et, b
by which the obligations of the State, P
hat good, bad id Indilferent, were con- P
I founded in one discrimiate masms and
sealed forty per cent, and the bold N
nth era of honest claims made to suffer P
mave for the beneit of the holders of fraud a
hem ulent bonds. t
If, however, Mr. Jotas means that II
was there is no party of coaecquenee in t
age, the State opposed to the paymeat of P
Ibe. the State debt ae it now stands, he le
ight very muclh ino error. There is a par.
nn in tIhe State composed of four-fifth i
Sof of the white and intelligent colored
voters which favors an iavestiption
of the debt, whichb is determined thatm t
n every dollar of it that dues noet re
sea present oan bhonest claim shall be re
phdieted, and thabt the interest of time
The hoet portion shlall be reduced to 4
shen per cent. Only two papers in New
ralk- Orleans are opposed to this party
sri" time imae and Piesyuws. Upon tbhis
arog side of the readjuaters stand tihe
SDe sf the Bee theBe t Cisly It.m and
Sthe the Potl, and nearly the whole coun-i
"had try press, with a vast majority of thei
people and a decided mIajority of the
been delegates elected to the convention.
Whle We cmev..m t tthe Caref]
~ eratiesf Net a Few.
Ouaebita Telegraph.
The sublime indiereone shown by
masay of the patros of this paper as to
the statee ots Ace, caull at eomment.
We are too p.ed'to beg, but it is high l
probable we shall have to re to.a'l
iug to make a living. We have thought
m that shn ought to be a limit smewhere
o, io ladaehe-that thnem is atime aud
a laud where honest labor -ould borse
munevrted, and where even the Devil
would etblhi de. Asto a large u
ber of he heft friends of this pper,
he seemr to e s league with the eivil~,
anlhatl idividual gats all the dae.
The TlIErrpl , be is uandle ed, is uat
In prneruuhily with his kstsi.e asesty,
I bas it were, or owed bin any dues, we
I have deliquentI patrs0~esough to pay
Shim ., sad have a large hslsle.lu ft.
lti' sumu-hI gh tm l bus ne
The Lottery R!!II Sidld. ;i
And Thereby ars a Tale-Is it tfiti
Breash ofet Faith.
[X. O. Times.] in t
Governor Nichoolls, on Thurday fair
morning, approved that sct repealing
the charter of the Louisiana State
Lottery, which passed at the last ses
sion of the legislature. T
The act will be promulgated in the
offiial journal on Monday morning.
The publication of this executive like
act in the Times oflast evening os- in .
tensibly created a pecunliar sensation, veal
and among certain gentlemen promi
neat in politics in the winter of 1877
there was undisguised disgust. mat
One gentleman, knows to be one of I
of the prime movers In establishing m
the present governmetht, stated, to
a 2~se reporter that this promulga
tion which finally consumated tihe Pe
repeal of the act chartering the rest
Louisiana Lottery Company violated the
a solemn compeat which was known ,,
at thie time to every man in Odd
Fe lows' Hall and certainly to every P A
member of the legislature.
He denied to furnish any details of or
the transaction, but did not hesitate
ito say that the signing of the acst re dist
piealing the charter of the company d
F violated a pledge which no governs pla
ment should ever break.
The 'Times reporter, later in the i
I afternoon, was no fortunate as to di Ac
i cover another gentleman, equally
i responsible, well informed, and much leg
i more communicative, whose recol. hi
lection of the circumstances appears nl
to be clear.
Having been afforded an insight to nisi
the inner ring in political couneils es
r during the exciting January of 1877, dri
Shis iunformatino was that at t a joint S
ceaucus of the Nicholls legislature
I then in session at Odd Fellows' Hall. or'
i a committee was appoiuted to wait
is upon Mr. Charles T. Howard, presS. or
r dent of the Louisiana State Lottery,
s and ask his money and influence in m
I behalf of the "good cause." ,
In consideration of this money and e
- influence, the Democratic party, I
through its representatives, the joint I
caucus, pledged its faith to never by
futuae legislation, attempt to abridge'
curtail r divest the Louisiana State
Lottery of the rights gralsed under Ph
its charter.
I. The report is that Mr. Howard ex.
plained to the committee that the de. onj
i tails of his business were much too eu
n absorbing to afford him time to trans
e act any business of a political char. P0
it acter, and he referred the committee ti
r. to Mr. John A. Morric, his confiden- el
. tial partner, and a large stockholder
ra in the company, who would respect*
t, fully hear their proposition and no
a doubt devote the attention ts great ti
a importance deserved. ev
. The story is that the eommittee or
waited upon Mr. Morris and reiterate jou
h ed the propositiot made to Mr. How- ml
rard. It was at once entertained, te
I whether at the rsAt interview or one o
immediately subsequent is not alto. P
Sgether clear, but it seems certain that of
Mr. Morris banded the committee
several thousand dollars.
SMatters are reported to have gone jut
eon swimmingly for some time after C
this, and it is amid the relations be.
Stween the committee and Mr. Morris Pt
were extremely conlidential, but end- P
denly some one offered in the house a8
Sbill repenling thIe charter of the Lou
Iasiana Lttery Companly, and it nal
.ly gpesed that body. The nest i- P
terview with Mr. Morris does not dt
r- appear to have been so condential.
It is intimated that he ezprestsed a
doubt in the leuneiraeas of their to
eredentials, and appreheanded that V
Sthey might not, after all, he able to
le deliver the glods they had ao ardent
d ly promised. The situation muost
Shave been somewhat embarrassing,
t but the story is the committee was
, profuse in its apologies and its s, t
. planations.
dThe committee, it is said, lnformed lci
id Mr. Morris that as a coommaonity the
rs people of New Orleans are peacliar, t
d. and it would never do to impart to d
them the devious methods to which ri
at it'was ecessary to resort to restore
o the rightful authority and bring pros- d
of perity to the State.
is The commaittee, however, .could
r offer as emphatLic pledge which wouldt .
fth he uoanwerable, and oontrol the
I Demoeratic party for all futare time. |
on The bill repealing the charter of'
b the lottery would be taken up in the
rsenate, and instead of the usual
re method of referring it to a committoee,
the where it could die a natural death, a I
* motion would be made and adopted '
ow to indeanitely postpone the bill.
This arragement, it Is alleged,
hi was considered satisfactory, and is is
the assertd that the proeednlos of the
and Odd Fellows' Hall senate of February
un- 24, 1877, will rshow that the set repeal. I
the ig the lottery bill was called up and
tewas indeloitely postponed by an
I unanimous vote or ne very nearly so.
This legislation at one restoredl
econdeae, and the committee wuas
furnished with 34,000 in cash, which
was disbonrsed under their direction.
This money, it is elaimed, was the
eta instrument by which a quorum of
both houqe ino time legidature, that is
a quorum returued by time retoroning
boamrd, was transferred from the 8t.
Louis Hotel, unoder Packard, to Odd
by Fellowd' ll, unoder Nicebolls. The
ato sry is that daring the interregoum
et, required for this consemmation, the
u mmaoriees and Mr. Morris were ex
It e iny intimate, seeing eah other
dl isthat Is frequsatly happen..
edttbh bw au visited at his relidece
Slong after mideight, and disssed
sailthe ituation until dawn.
am- TLe events of that period are too
fresh in the meonory of all to render
a arration eeesmry.
s. All can reenlleet whena Drury de
ip ortoed Packaid toward the last, tie
cauces li. the Reablilean ofee, the
', eleetion of an United States senator,
el., bet menowhbile it is elalied that
•, eshe Lnouinana State Lottery is emt
1 ,00 i the rtMhr ospelpuive Os
I sr of seeing govea t,
Miid.tI atI L i rI 4IltatUtioI s 6a g i eO 04 6 5111 ,1111
governoment is the exhibition of panic won
i faith. say
However, it was repeated yesterday to tl
that the Lottery Company will resist pow
in the courts, and that the war bids is a
fair to continue to the bitter end.
S Legislative Restrleticos tion
The effeet of ignorant and vicious and
legislation has for ten yea s blasted Dec
l like the deadly simoon every interest
" in our Commonwealth. The Con - row
º vention should deal with this branch lie,
of our State machinery in such a app
manner as to prevent the recurrence the
e of such legislation as has for the HT
D past well nigh bankrupted the people ,be
The Constitution of the State of stat
* Pennsylvania presents the following ed I
s restrictions which we commend to poit
i the consideration of the delegates: gait
"The General Assembly shall not rem
puas any local or special law on
Anthoriting the creation, extsilon pro
Sor impaiting of liens. We
SRegulatig the affairs of counties, to a
cities, townships, wards or school tint
districts. of
Changing the names of persons or pia
places. mit
l Changing the venue in civil or lim
criminal cases. pls
Authorizing the laying out, open. up
b ing, altering or maintaining roads, to
I highways, streets or alleys. Dl
_ Relating to ferries or bridges, or har
incorporating ferry or bridge compa- eve
nies, except for the erection of bridg
es crossing streams which form boon
I dries between this sad any other
St 8tate.
rt Locating roads, town-plate, streets l
II. or alleys. fes
it Relating to cemeteries, graveyards, ter
i or public grounds not of the State. cal
Authorizing the adption or legiti- Tb
mation of children. wh
Locating or changing county seats, p
d creating new counties, or changing fol
county lines. str
Incorporating cities, towns or vii- ch
Slages, or changing their charters.
For the opening and conducting f
t elections, or xil or changing the of
or place of voting. I cel
Granting divores. li
s Erecting new 'townships or bor. thl
e* oughs, changing township lines, bor- kh
, ough limits, or school districts. ab
. Creating officers, or prescrihing the ed
r powers and duties of of oficers in coon- A
s ties, cities, boroughs, townships,;
: election or school districts oft
er Changing the law of decent or sac- ey
,c. ession.
no Regulating the practice or juradice. to
at tion of, or changing the rules of as
evidence Io any judicial prnceeding as
or inquiry before courts, alderman, hi
ae justices of the peace, sheriffs, com th
,. missioners, arbitrators, auditors, maUs- vi
Sters in chancery, or other tribunals, it
os the enforcling of Judgements, or ab
io- prescribing the effect of Judical sale fa
,at of real estate. ti
e BReglating the fees, or extending qo
the powers and duties of alderman, p,
no justices of the peace, magistrates or Is,
ter constables, or
,B. Regulating the management of as
is publi schools, the building or re- to
id- pairing of school houses, and the he
s raising of money for such purposes. a
W Filxng the rate of ttrest. of
al- Affecting the estates of mlors or th
Io persons under disability, exept after an
lot doe notice to all paties in iaterest, to s
Isl. be recited in the special eacetmenw.
la Remitting oues, penalties, nad p
er forfeitures, or refunding poneys le. p
mat gally paid into the treasury. t
,to Esempting property from taxation.
S Regulating ahbor, trade, mianing or
st mntufacuridg.
g, Cseating earporations, or amendiang,
ra renewing or extending the churters
nz thereof.
Granting to any corporation, seo.I
ed elation or individual, any special or
the exclusive privilege or immunity, or
lar, to say corporation, assoelation or in
t dividual, the right to lay down a d
mil railroad track. *
re Nor shall the General Assembly in
. directly eneat seuh spelal or loeal 0
law by the partial repea of a genes
mid ral la;. but laws repealing local or "
oLd special acts may he-passed. I.'
the Norshallany law be pased grant- "
ne lng powers or privileges io ay ese a
r f where the grantiog of seeh powers|a
te ad privileges shal have been pro- I
al vide fr by the general law, nor a
when the courts have Jurisdiction to
, grant the same or give the relief ask
pa ed for."
In another section that constitution I
probibits the legislation from passing I
hesay local or spelal bill until "notie
of Intention to apply therefor shall
Shave been published in the locality
and when the matter or thing to be ef
an feted may be situated, which notice
shall be a loeast thirty days prior to
was itotroduoction io the General A.
hich embly,"
[m o 8peelial to the Demoert.]
at is Webinlton, April 2--The Radi.
nlig lats are already getting tired of the
Sgt, heroic programme which they started
Odd nout with. They expected a tida
The wave of the old war feeling to be at
po Lowing all over the North, but in.
t, stead of that they aure begining to
a e- resove the plainest kind of iatima
ter tions roam their c tuenit es that it
ati is oa revolution, but aluneeal relief
_ usad reduction of taatioe tbhat is
p wanted by the Northern ple. Di.
tiobglehed Westero Repbi e ea.Sn
too atora told me this morninga tbhat thls
Made whole programme of blood and thuas
tier was adopted thrbough the advice
do of Zach Chandler without ersu ient
te arecus deliberation and wlthout the
the last provisio tor usfeossencontin.
torgencles. The reseut i that the Radi.
ta l cas Alnd thUt ty have expeaded
at their ammunities without Cseem.
* Plik* Lto.mth a the wrold
ofO Cb;-tjg sthe rb ini
some other direction if the Democrats
would let them, but the Democrats
say they have forced the Radiealq lo
to the attitude of claiming autecrati
powers for the President, and as that
is a good issue to go before the coun
try on, they propose to hold it tight
The result of the municipal elec
tions this week In the North show
Democratic gains nearly everywhere,
Iand the general tendency of the
I Democrats and Greenbackers to saite.
This is also very heartrending to the
Radicals and, to complete their sror
rows, it is becoming generally be.
I lieved that Haydn pill not veto the
appropriation bill with the repeal of
tihe election law as at present fraumed.
Thoere', bh speculation as to the
House smittees, but nothinf ean
be positively learned beyon the
f statement of Mr.- Randall telegraph
ed last week that he would not a1
point them till nearly the close of the
sesioo. It may b econsidered cer*
tain, however that Robertson, will
t remain at the bhed of the Committe!
on Levees, and Atkins of the Ap
a propriation Committee, while the
Ways and Means Committee is likely
t, undergo considerable reorganis-.
I tlon, even to the extent of a change
of the head. Gibson will hold his
r piace on the Ways and Means Com.
mitte without doubt. The "general
r impression is that Randall will dis
play a much broader spirit Iu making
. up the committees that he has hither
, to done. Altongther the feeling in
Democratio ranks here is much more
r harmonious and fraternal than it has
ever been before. A. C. B.
[From Grenaeda New South.]
5 It seem that of all trades or pro
fessions which men pursue, the prie
s ter is, in most respects, the most pe
collar if not the meet preearlous.
I There is something in the calling
which seems to mark the man as
s. plainly as the "guinea stamp" and its
18 followers present the most unique,
strange and contradictory elements of
I character that a *possibly be im.
agined. They are of neessity a race
is of readers, and acquire a vast sor
1e of promiscoous knowledge on all con
ceivable topie In bhalf an ordltna
lifetime. It to often happens Mat
r* this knowledge, gdled somewhat
- like an Octope takes his meals, by
absorption, is never properly digest
he ed or catalogued for practical; use.
A- As a class they are fuancial failures
-ir --being generous, liberal, and to
often lavish in the ase of their oen
c- ey, you more often And them l. bt'-.
rap than otherwise. They seem fated
of to live int the light of to-day and take
nof o thought of to-morrow. They
ng are cohesive and clannish as a society,
n, but are characterised generally by
n the largest liberality in religious
e" views and the most unbounded ebar.
1, ity. Dissipation has been and prob
or ably is the greatest aurse of the pro.
S fession, and on this sho .. re the
stranded wrecks of some or the ranrit
g IeeaNise the.world has evefspredlflo.
n, Printer have developed inteo brilliant
or lawyers, astute politiias,.greatast
ors, shrewd ad able s n stat, t
of never into Doct o rs o Divlint I
e" too often the case, hoever.'thit they
•e have a pride not properly blaseed-
* a sensitiveness to the soplied aligJ t
of polite society or other usestt
or that sours their dispositions, tt"r-
ar suits in a curee gravitatinag from re
to serve to exclosiaveness on the down
grade to socal ostracism. N. other
id protesion develops so may peoulsr
." phases of charaetr, and anoo eaip
exhibit ne equal array of a~ai6' and
bi. veratle ganlius.
Laet, G0 . WIbsl M lowan Tamu .,
Lieut. Gov. Wilts who deliverad the
Sinaugurl addres of the Gulf 8tats' Ag
,uoltarial, Maebancal and aInditrial
Exposition on the 17th of Feb. 1819 ai d:
"A high rate of taz on the lands of the
Ixrmer and planter, sad on the prop.erty
aI the mnufacturer or meehloe s a
grTet drawbolk upon labo, heesre,
SIbhold it to be one of th mea i pctsat
casee of the approohlg Itate Coaotea.
. tioo to establh low timit'oa teatie,
rhich no legislature wil. basr e the
power to exceed. rb7i'hlll on ought
to apply to loeel taxe as well as to en
eI'al taxes, nor should any chancs bejl
e to evade the will of the people in this re
a spoot bmeaus of eavy lienlo trade,
rolp neio uand voatlona. Tlh Mhoe
r of 1879 cannot arry the lod whi the
l wealth of 1859 found light. Air lassms
. l b rw, wa oosleae hla i rus,
I ate obt ae or most vitald bracmtr
in our whole labor systea g e ge le
a Iannot now pay the tax rate. w Ah- la
gposperousoanaof the atr pid
Splaint. I hope t meeti of the Con
II vention will be the dawn ofthat new ira
in the Isrlato of f[ooiames, yph her
SIswmakersn shall expend thb money o
fI the pople solely for the people'. wal .
In the above remarks 0ov. Wilt has
touched the key.note of publerl diJhti
tO faction and politieal supinenssw Tee,
t. the peole cry loudly for low tp .
d- teir mamdst be heMd' is
is done, the political enthblam of(th
pat will be revived; if not, the Demo.
oratic voters of louisiana will take oe
interest in the camp ign of 18, and the
h result will be as meful defeatof our
he mdidates and a renewal of Radal de.
I spotism and misrule.
.t A young genteman was the other day
n* accusing another of having abil mouth,
to "Yes," said the other, "'but the bLed bad
ato mae jus uussllt o give yeo plenty
it ofeek. - Icehek Ias o..,
. d a broken Jar to tbh Isematrer, "I '
Spackedthisjar slf bttaer th
split from to to bettoi. h~ o
can explain phema." ' yes.
S ,wa e replyt 1wbt the , h butteer
he '

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