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JA5b M. . L6MOVE, * Editor.
$TURDAAV, - - APRIL, 12, 1879.
T'boe delegates upon whom the
poepls rely to frame an organic law,
whieb wilt be a bulwark to their
property and freedom, most remem
be that io polsites there are estaml
lised principles which time bas not
only venerated as axioms, but from
whiheb theyJill be little better than
madusa should they depart.
We desire is our bumble capacity
to impres one of these truths upon
all these to whose patriotism and thi
massse have never yet appealed in
vale, which is: Let these thing.
which demand protection and safety
be truted, act to the virtues of the
mee governmenmt, bet to th Coo
We as impessed with this de
med beeaose we have seen bow
adilty th powers meted for our
happile and welifare, and each of
egal stdsgtb and dignity, yield to
the eversbadowng inlueace of the
eative when endowed with pat
And what at last is tis patronage
whisl we, vain transitory human be
g, pride ourselves in vesting our
Gevore' with, if it be not the ty
raNy iteor ature, against which we
ust ever guard, asserting itself to
bel s power in one man. If it be
et nature then it is man's late
ewasrdie which would tempt him to
snrsnder that whichb t Usra may by
the ben of its splendor daule his
prIe, bet which in th end must
destroy blm.
If we by oar organic law build
twi idols the will be worebipere at
the shrine of eachb. These votaries
elsIg in sentiment and swayed by
imterest mut bring discord, and the
les ad story i written in seas of
blsed on history's pages
NWe Thore at be no false gods
bhre. The people want no divided
eneatien, nor will their jealous
humor sbhmis that any power shall
be roed in our tate that may ino
ties versadow them, thwart their
wlIl and abrVet their liberties.
We ai not matkis a Constitution
rae Iear, ner for day. Oar
headilek may last prohap a Nate
i-~appit for a It may-bet thbat
dspsds apos whom the vel df power
AS and hew cleseley guarded are
hMes ahenmt frasn isee-ode hoer
afe to mankinMd.
"I m prepaoIg to depopulate
&W kspeus; n eeoton shall
bhippod rhom Shore this ysar.
"Tile "ma str" will meest n 1tb
pit de aie me ans and wuys of
mradereh ad Ieeeding coloed men
hm Nisle s. t Kuass .iek,
ln iss es tetal thI ger el
a iathbin the Kanaes mater. e-.
te en malianet party rulers,
liven ee the Mans eof thir or.
gil0ebydmsatpoepe wk would so
,ipr tslrae ther Iamous po.s
ue imd tsMd& Iave goe eyst.l
MaU mi l t w reek to detro She ma.3
lt l mst h oies wh ole Staste.
h86 5loesightm ude th vryseo
. d lehson0lvod the kate, sad he
- dslit~ teel Is tis OGabingl
-, . whik Loelans ws "rs.
Ouvu l enorp W. epr e bsq.,
Srg iapcM fotr Pdntor to tCou I
sdlat'is opw' ,p.get
ti.hls seetgclcsbd Rarlen, Mlay.
-Donsms and that' hoti Sra gsn
heMags . S
.1 ib.,s Sohe Iinmwgsbsn. Uv* Jn
k~sqil p55lel pupme se tocus own.
elmg s Mitei h Neuto ea a
•  .l,,! e wantet oess p
h et 1 MoU Eadisal vi
lb neI a P esgreue news man
8 bnsa a uMI hal Simola
ine s eg "imn eopy." As isi
itly prOm sre all on the g
- hi.
Ihe~uh~~*ebal5She worn
uurJ~dscESuIbv cS
'~i*~~ 't~r l-:
Guardinm Suffrage.
It should not be understood that
we contend for other than strict
g Democratic principles when we in
sist that proper and healthful safe
. guards should be placed arou;nd the
inestimable privilege of suffrage;
t" when we insist that mankind shall
not exercise a right--however ruch
it may be a right, to a vicious purpose
e and destructive end.
r All oxcesses, whether in gover
ir meat or In civil life, are baleful
. none more s than that which broke
down all barriers of restraint and
Submerged long established precepts
a and well ordered political sodety
with a mass of voters, ignorant of the
very forms of the government they
assumed to dictate and in no way
connected-neither by community of
Sfeeling, interest or race--with those
citizens to whose valor free citizen
ship in Ameriaes owed its origin, to
whose virtue the United States owe
p their glory and prosperity.
To contend, that because a male
biped of the bohuman species, 21 years
- of age, shall vote for that reason and
r that reason alone; that, ignorant and
r depraved, il we know they ean be or
,f become, numbers alone shall rule
a without regard to the bet whether
P they role Intelligently or by passion
or prejudice, is, in our opinionm, to
formulate a doctrine, which must, in
a the end, subvert the very purpose of
- civic society.
r There most, in our opinion, be
Ssome qualificatio other than nature
a necessary before this great boon, this
honorable privilege should be exer- 1
b cised. Our forefathers contended that
a no man should be allowed to take
a part in the affairs of government
Ssave those who had community of
I purpose and interest, and we have
t been most firmly impressed by their
I O.r Commonwealth presents a
field well adapted for the work of
I statesmen and the protection suffrage
r demands from vicious and depraved
tendencies and surroundings is not
r by any means the smallest. Georgia
has, with other States, adopted the
"poll tax qualifications," for which
we contend, and we see no reason
why, if it works there with so much
eharm, it should not be put in prac. c
ties here through our Constitution.
At all events, let us have some pro t
tection for a virtuous ballot from
those who vote upon the dictates of
their depraved passions or at the 14
beck and demand of corrupt leaders, t
beat on corrupt purposes.
The Vhiwsater sad the Prlatg.
Weo understand that during. the
debate on the public printing for the
parish, a ansertion was made that
the VnrtcAros was paid "last year
oe @400 for the public prioting for C
thde prias. Statesmeon, whne they
deal in foures should be very-very
corresct or they are apt to lip ap.
The VamDlcAToa has been paid for t
printing the Maiua o/fj mafiag. of i
tePelbie Junt alce April tU 187g. s.
nearl eem gnas--817 00, or *158 50
it has bee paid by the pairish in y
all, fer thst tim-.ogue'ar--re hua. ti
dred and alnety.oee delinr, or two P
hundred sad nlnoety$ve dollars and i*
aiy eot pear year, for all r . . of ri
pridf done. P
The amouat of differeneo between
the PJ17 00 sad the s501 00 is made d
up io publisbing Jury Lists,jaJdiecal 'q
sales for fflbeited bend, quarantine o
proceediang and Job work nl 1878, t
Treasurer's estimate of expenses, i
Letter Heads, oletion noticeso and *
blanks, promulgatiion of election,
blank noties, ad eonaisslons to
road overseers, ad road apportion,
orea, red laws, advertieinlag soale of ci
publie feries, ad printiag blank
benid for aem; printing blank li al
emas for 1877n, 1878 and 1879, print. s
tnlg and blandiag warrant books, sad I
for roeord books tfurnihed the Clerk ol
ad eorder, ordered from New Or- i
Ias4 and on which we made ao a
prdi. ol
It w bhe nee by this tbhat the qli
Iintee have been beht a smalpl pa
of te work, and the cbarl that we t
reeinvd 0400 In any one year is l
totally wihout fuadation.
W weald ete refer to this, bt we,
are paled it should hav hes made
wheO it was Om y to have preslred ,v
the eeret igures. We tought te t,
parish wa gotting le pnriting/doe
ryt eheaply, ad  taLnk a still, t
whe wo easoider that the IspZuhm g
get dmbos Amdred end Arg dpUlera
A ksflu• g Mt. ekeu.* In us goru. dv
However, we as all a happy fafi 1b
ly auaad uas our statmmen bhave so p,
enemyn to abm, they propose to khep
thLdr hadels by giving the- VInsI- t
_uAaVs the poor forgotte bridgp up. ,
n wiL they a ed oer the tpreo Ia
*I'd.da3Lou hdesIth Smtal and
WW d of the epiumee that Lt. ag
Gtv.aWr Wilta'[email protected] be elt as
gol'setbfqhegssvetiesa. NiIe..
aethumllWs aid ahilities, to say on
U)s· hae. f
Cngress In Revolt.
Radical cogressmen. Radical jonr
bIat ualt and for ought we know to the
let contrary the a hole radical party are
in- now echoing the cry that Congress is
,ff. "revolutionizing the country" ; while
the a now rebellion is made the theme
e; with which it is hoped the country
all may be startled into reaction in fa
ich vor of despotism after so long a strug
gle for its overthrow and at the mo.
meat when its destruction has been
._ reached.
The hopes of the votaries of power
ke will be blasted.
mad Americans hold in dear remember
ptsance that precious word and that
sty dear-bought right, the foundation of
the our Constitution, the corner stone of
Iey our liberties-revolutioU.
Ay Freedom is born alone of revolt.
of It may be through seas of blood, or by
m civil means. But tyranny buhas never
in. yet loosened its grip on its victims
to save when throttled in blood or
we cowed by the frowns of overwhelm.
ing numbers whom it would be mad
ale oes to resist.
ars The people of this Union who
,ad love liberty better than they do par.
, ty ; who venerate the coanstittion
or which was the result of a gigantice
ule and bloody revolt, know full well
her that neither would exist a moment
Ion after the will to maintain either at
to every cost had ceased to be their
in purpose. They know that fIr nine
of teen years the "forms of law" have
undermined the principles which sup.
be port both these cherished objects and
are to yell "down the wind" as revola.
his tion the attempt of their chosen re
r- presentatives to destroy that power
hat which if left at work must destroy
them-is to Insult their understand,
t ing and outrage their manhood.
of We have reached in our history an
epoch and an issue, by no means the
sir Irst, and will by no means be the
last, which ealls for no little of that
patriotic virtue that animates none
a but those who know their rights and
knowing dare maintain them.
ed National quarantine.
ot It is a startling fact that in New
p Orleans the most blatant and rigid
advocates of a National Quarantine
ch are those who bitterly oppose any ef
fort of the State to exclude vessels i
and persons from West Indian and
South American ports during the
summer months. We are sure that
this "wood pile" contains a "nigger"
of no mean proportion. The "busi.
ness interest" of the country have
long since learned that they can eon. I
" trol the government of the Union
more readily than that of she States,
and we venture the assertion that if
our Congressmen were sueeh annies,
S(whichb we do not believe) as to enact
Isuch a vieouse thing as a "National
t Quarantin Law" the health of the
rwhole country' would be a so.
m condary matter. First trade, then
and then very seldom, health.
In proof of this we eite the faet '
that the "implication invoked for '
the coanstitutionality of the job, for
Sit Is a job of the moet ;Ihenioous char.
.sater, is the power of Conglress a.
o deothe constitution to regulate cam
meree. Pme the law, and in four
In year "bnsinesslawyers would prove t
. to the satisfaction of all-.save the
a, people, that the Quarantine Law was
id enacted toproteef cewnseree from the
, rigors of quarantine and not the pe. 1
pie from pestileance.
i We much prefer Dr. Chopia nad a
e double barrelled shot guns for oar
nl quarantine regulators. The calm eye
e of the Doctor and the cold mussel of
a, the gun can freee ouat the beanse
., trade and the yellow fever quiek
d enough.
a, a
to Ismrs. J. P. lHarrisbon Jr. A (,
. We beg to eil pMblie atteation tos a
oif eard whbleh appears elseowhere in.this
k w eek's VsIacarot-sad that mard,
l' although it speaks for itself, calls for
*some additional words from aa. The
d Arm of J. P. Harrison, Jr., & Co., is Ii
h ofo lonag steandlng that it is trandli
r- rieonary with our boyboed-Payne &
0 Harrison was then the bualeus nameq
of the rm; sad for honor,'bsiane Ii
Squalitiesm sad striet fair deali is.
Salways anked as it daes to day with
0 the highlbet ad best of mreuatile h
i Arms. Slader loves the ahining
mark, and the joust stiation in b
Swheh this han l sheld, for its ta.
tblity, us well as high honor, has il
'eked th ager or mlIo t some
l bedg-aelasor whom have and we
Sasppo will always uidet the earthb
Iso prove atero lnfelosee bIy their
Sdiprovitry-ad strmiaightway like a d
Sserpent the lime of elasder is
': draggd aerns their matehone, and T
. the attempt is made to befol their
Spri Pnely jewel, repotation.
PI We eonnot esprees in too somero
Sterms our dispprobatioe of these
* mallcous reports generally, ad this
in latace, when hoaored me and an
honored howo are made the osbjects
of ei veioes maieedb by darges o
S.ilflU and sa ufnded, all hn.es
ion mast reprobate san denune
the mre.
Is it posible to efeore tlhe Iw
Sagpias the LaottryT
The mrebsek and Demoerati
seli-ties li Miigpn cosaes out be
I Mmd l otlhedeities. Tohe blit 0
mroibeF :Demoowes, Is, 4oill
in, ada. •lh . ag
Presr, (onremntis Thereon.
[ ht.hrlt ,rt 'i'i",,n.!
Mr. J II. (',a;r,,vr,. of the, Na:lthi
telihes IN' I, IAT'II, iSM eandidiate fr
a printer to the Co ,nstitutionait Ct,'nvleu
Stieon. lie Is certainly deseriving of
- the position and will no do.ubt receive
a large vote.
[DeSoto Democrat.]
A Mr. J. H. Cosgrove of the Natcli
teches VINDICATOR, is a candidate for
the position of Pi inter for the Con
"r Ititutional Convention. We hope
the north Louisiana Delegates will
.- give him their support, as he is emi
tnetly entitled to some reward at the
hands of the Democracy.
f Baton Rouge Advocate.]
Oflice of People's Vindicator,
SNatchitoches, La., March 29, 1879.
'D DBAtR Bl:-I am a candidate for
r Printer to the Constitutional Conven
s Ltion; I respectfully ask your consid
r eration. Democratically yours,
- "Democratically" speaking our
- clever confrere is worthy of all the
chicken pie the party can throw in
o his way. He has fought nobly for its
r supremacy, and to him, more than
any other living man in his section,
is due the honor of killing Radical
le lam in North and West Louisiana.
11 Jia, if we were In that Conventior,
oId bllow, you would get our vote.
Our heartfelt wishes for your succes,
it anyhbow, friend Coegrove.
ir (Baton Rouge Capitolean.]
' J. H. Cosaoova -We have before
e Ius a card announcing the candidacy
. of this evbenlier sans pear, and nl
d faltering flag-wearer of the Demo
cratic party of western Louisiana for
printer to the Constitutional Cuoven
- Lion.
r If fearless advocacy and stern ad.
herence to principle, under the most
trving circumstances, entitles one to
i the consideration of our representa
tives then we say that Mr. Coegrove
n will group around his name a host
e sueicently strong to elect him.
e (Marksville Bulletin.)
t Jas. H. Ci sgrove. Esq., editor of
the Natchitoches VINDICATOR is a can
didate for printer to the Constitution.
a al Convention. He is competent and
would fill the position satisfactorily
to all.
(Sabine Sonthron.)
r We see the name of Mr. Jas. H.
j Cosgrove mentioned as a candidate
for Printer to the constitutional con
B vention. Mr. Cosgrove's capacity and
- fidelity in the management both in the
a mechanical and editorial departments
of the VINDICATOR for many years
warrant us in saying that lie would
Sbe highly suitable and competent
man for this position. We further
claim the favorable consideration of
tie delegates to this convention for
Mr. Cosgrove on the score of his un.
wavering and able advocacy of the
Democratic principles which gave
rise to to the calling of this convention,
for whibch the party and the country
owe him a debt of gratitude.
Camr, La., April 10th, 1879.
Earror VnaIcATon:
I Dear Sir-Rome unprincipled per
son bhaving spead the report that
Meeers. J. P. Harrison Jr., & Co., of
New Orleans, were either broken or
about to break. I desire youn to pub.
lish the ,llowing telegrams, ,that
were reeved in answer to one of
mine, informing them of the report:
Nsw OareLx, La., April 9th, 1879.
To 8. Harrison, Campte, La.:
Leave this evening for Casmpte; re
mors entirely falsde.
Mesrsa. J. P. Harrison Jr., & Co.,
Sthen got Messrs. D. A. Given & Son,
OGen. Fred N. Ogden, and Loyd R.
Coleman Esq., to examine their books
: and this is their telaephich report:
Naw ORLEANS, LA., April 10th, 1879.
STo Sidney Harrison, Campte, La.:
After examination of the bills payable
;ofJ. P. Harrison Jr., & Co., we uahesi
tatingly prenouonce them solvent, and
.reard all reports to the contrary as
fa e, malicious and without foundation.
(Signed) D. A GIVEN & SON.
Messrs. D. A. Given & Son, are
one of the moast reliable Cotton Hous
es in the city of New Orleans, also
Agents of W. C. Watta & Co., Liv%
erpool-theim largest cotton house in
•the world. Gen.- Fred N. Ogden
Severy one knhoows to he soul of honor,
and a a Inst.lau business man. Iloyd
. Coleman Erq., is President of Me.
chLnie's &. Trader's Inoarance Co.,
one of the most solvent and monied
I would further say, Mr. Editor,
that a good name is sometimes ino
herited, more often, however, is it ac
quired by unremitting honesty and a
life-hag application to truth and fair
dealig, and thie man who would at
tempt tu "whdsper" away either, is a
dstard of bthe nret ordelr. I am
happy to say that J. P. Harriaon Jr.,
& Co., both Inherited from a venera
ble father, and by promptness, lion.
eaty and attention to their wa busi
es, acquired this inestimable boon.
R sQpectfrlly year friend,
parh h COreMlataL.
Asoe he bs been asome talk isl
diged in about them ciruelslation of the
VIiDIo.TaO throughout this pearih.
The fellowing is the eireulation by
Ward one .19
" two 47
" three 87
" four 199
" fve 46
" .is 47
" seven 88
" *hglt 7
" nIne 55
" tea. 6
Total erish eirelation.
SWe JIght state that ourelreulation
outidt of Natchitoebas, covers nenrly
every prish in the State, sad is nea.
ly thtla olwrge as mAt withI. r
.vU sia wll pios. aale a
alet ufthip.
" the fruitful sonree of many diseases, protnd
naet among which are
LomA of Appeite and Nausea, the bowels
eeoostive, bat ometimes aternate with
looseness, Pn in the Head, accompmaned
withaDullea~mtionin thebackpart,t'a
in the right side and under the shoulder.
blaede, ftllness after eating, witha dien
liation to exertion f bodl ormind, IrZ
tability of temper, Low_spirit, Loam of
menmi:ry,with ai f ling of havingnelct"l d
tOmli ,utý, (Genercl weoarvizes; D:ztriness,
!P'¶.cri':zattho i!e:r:. p.is be-o ·a ta^
Dyess, Yclow Skin, Headacho gene:.ally
vcer the right eye, Restlessneas at night
with fitful dreams, highly colored Urine.
are especially adapted to such
oases, a single doose effects
such a change of fooling as to
astonish the sufilrer.
se ~pesn ded from sebetancee tht nre
free iersm as prepertieslthatlreaitJre
tlhe og dellate ersalautdiai They
Suearehileaan , Pan iiiy and lla erlate
the entire 9ystem. Ily relleving the em.
gorsed ,lver, they cleanne the bleed
freeom pelia lhalers, and ithaimpanrt
health and vitality to the body, causing
the bowels to net seltrally, withime
which Le nes ear feel well.
A Noted Divine says:
Dr.TUTT:-Dear Siir For ten years I kne bee
aimartyr to DIlwpsi., (,oantir,ati in and Piles. Lst
priaytonur Puel l were recamolended to e; I used
ibcan(but esi' littie fairh). I am nuow wll man.
hausgood appetto, digest ion perfect, rqeelar sto(le,
mil sgorn and 1 haveigened forty alasedaeb.
r ure swortb theirweigbt :n god.
Rev. a. L DU'd N, Lo iSile, Kg
Their ret effect ie to Inerease ke Appetite,
and caure the body to Take oe IFlesh thus the
system is moerished, and by their Tonic Ac.
lion on the Iil'estive Organsls, Regalar
Sleels are produced.
Few diseases exist that cannot be relieved by I
storing the Liver to its normal functions, and for
Osis purpose no remedy hba ever been invented that
has as happy a etfect as TUTT'S PILLS."
Ogico 36 lMurray Flrees, New York.
0' Dr.TUTT'8 MANUALof Valuab!e Infor.
mation and Useful Receipts" will be malledj/r
o application.
n rata on OR Wttsrs changet to a ouass
BLac byi singe applicati m of this DTE. It in.
parts a aturalosl,, acts instan anseoutl, and is
sa ulrmleuassprin water. Sold by Drugists or
sent by eprers on resipt of $1.
Ofeoo, 35 Murray St., New Yorki
OPPosITE Tei NEw Exoslx HOUSE.
NOISES KEPT by the Day, Week, Monh.,
The STABLE in the LARGEST and
in the State.
Pb Particular attention paid to Hor
ses left on KEEP, or for SALE,
Will rent STALLS
by DAY or WEEK .
April 5-ly.
Will stand the ensuing season at
lESCRIPTION-Price Albert T, is a dark
l Mahogany Bay, without white ; six year
old ; sixteen hands high, and in tine health and
PEDIGREE :-Prince Albert T, was sired by
Prines Albert, Jr.,, and he by Troutman a
Princee Albert, and he by imported Cleveland
bey bornse, Tong Lord, the property of J. B. I
Clay, of Bourbon county Ky. His data was
ired by old imported VVaentine ; his grand
dam by Forester; he by old Bertrand ; his great
grand dam, Amenda S~orgeant by old Shake
spear. Valentine was a thorongbred horse i.
ported to improve the thoroughbred stock of t
this country. Abadan Valentine, the dant of
Prinmes Albert is one of the fiuet marer in Ken.
tocky. The dam of Prince Albert, Jr. Mollie,
wassired by a thoroughbred race horse ; her
damn wasired by Woold Pecker and b was
the sire of old ray Eagle. The dam n of "ince
Albert T. wa aired by John Printer, ad his
grand dam by old Black Hawk:
TERMS :-SInle leap, 7 00, payable at ser
vies; semIn, Si U0. payable daring season;
asuraee,.l5 V patrable when fact is aeer.
tldsed or mar s ansferred to other owners.
The salt of Prince Albert T of last year have c
been dropped and they are a asufliient guaran.
ta of hi qualities, in sise, form and beauty.
Pas e and car of meres can be had from
hie soderiganed.
PaltoBAe, Box 190, Natchltoehee, La.
April 5-8m
e prepared to attend the wants of the
publii. Ofiee six miles East of Natchi.
Marsb 2.ly.
Tr- OBOUOHBRED Short Horned cat.
- tie, Cotewald ad douthdown Seep
ad Berkshire Holgs. Delivered ot board
steamboat at Alexandria, Rapides par.
ih, where the stock has been pastured
since the Pall of 1877 and 1878.
Terms Reasonable. C
I have sold all yit y right, titles adnlI iii
I terest, ill lily presenlt Mercallti, busi.
nle.!, Clorner ironlit a :lll hlornl Mtreets, to
Mr. IIEYMAN IIATil. All persotn in
dhhttld Ito l' will please call on him at I
,111('00 illid sc'tlle lip.
Rl;e.ring to the :lhovre I will conltilnue
the lIsinessiI of' Mr. Simonrlo Winuirg in
I. llymle, a1nd solicit a share of public
April b.-11in. IIEYMAN BA'IATI.
The Maenliet's of tie .School Board of
the Parijsh of Natchlteches. are respect
fuilly requiientted to aeet on Saturday, the
Idth iuatalt, ill thile City of Natchiteches
secretary, School Board.
Oculist and A urist,
142 - - C'A L STREET, - . 142
Niw ORLEANS, LA. Lock Box 1817.
ORfico holrit-F'rom ,:.(l to t3:. ().
l a" l;, , itb~ lo';t,!' ;lil N tt"img at
A: rl.l .-- I11.
MILKEll i'rG o. O
Every onll who
owns a cow should t
have o01r' of olr b
wonderfil Milkers,
A child can ulse
'ihem. Sent free to t
i4me .y  lai.bis. any part of the
UJlitell Slrat-' I r eceipt of $2. Seind for
our Illllntrted Pamlphnleot on the. Cow,.
colltainnllig Ithe testimollnials of practical o
tairnl'rM a.nd dairymen thlroughout the c
IUnited Staltes, alld Ie'ctiolnal views of i
(cw'hs teats anllt hnag disseted a11Il scien- d
tifically expil:ained, hy Drs. 'Whiteo and r
Wilsi,.o of this city. Shrt free to any
GEO. E. KING, President.
Office, 575 Broadway, Now York.
SList of Jurors hdrawln April 5th, 1879.
for the Ju'e T'i'l, 1879, of the 17th Ju
dicial D)istrict Court. Palrish of Natchito. I
ce:li'S, Stdto of Louisiana, ill accordance
with law.
Conimuueciug .June 2d1, 1879.
wTard. Ward
A. G. Ogden r5 Emile Cloutier 1
3M. Perot 4 ,Jno Goinds I
A I. Deldliux 4 A W Hampton 5
S.1T Siith t' .IP PMi ler 9
Thos. Beale 4 Hoimer Fontenot 5
If V Tessier I W 8 Campbell 4 t
B B Breazeale 3 Berry Varnon 5 4
E lr:nasseur 4 H M Hyanms 4
Gns P ocho 7 Albert Deldietu 4 m
Jackson Barnes 7 Eugense Conde 4 u
Rich. Williamson 5 G W Gilchrist 6 1
C J 8mith I Allain Rachal 1
SJ W Self 10 T F Porter 1 I
C W Garner (1 G W Boylston 5
Gen T Buswell 3 G H Marshall 8
J H Parker Ct John L Thompson 15
Cbas Miller 1 M H Carver I s
. A James 5 John Conline 6 g
V L Glass 5 J M Rile 6
J 1) Miller 6 M Bandaries 3 e
11 S Stacey 6 8 I Pierson 4 t
t. B F Hendricks 6 W D Hendricks 6 r
Ferd Trlchel 4 J L Vaseocn 3 f
T E Harper 2 J A Grappe 3 1
ET Harris 2 John Shirring 4
Beginning June 9th, 1879. I
Ward. Ward. Wa
, T W Hathorn 6 Ant. Marinovioh 10 a
SM Hyams 4 RR Hammett 3 r
d E M Chapman 5 L B Lowe a
G C Sers 10 Harris Kaffle 1 I
A Michaelson 4 A H Leconite 1 c
Louis Raphiel 4 J A Prudhomme 9 d
L E Prothro 5 J P Bludworth I
H P Meziere 4 8 W Simon 3 f
J A Revels 3 A B Prothro * 5 e
LA C Grappe 3 HP Crommell 7 r
L F Berry 5 J C Roberts 7 1
M1 J Airhart 7 8 D Crunp 5 1
Jno Chesnut 2 .1 8 Waugh 5 a
J W Forshee 7 Nelson Holden 6
E J Gamble. 4 Clement Lonadier 2 c
Clerk's Office, Parish of Natchitoches.
I certify the above to be a true copy of
d the original venire drawn for the June 2
Tenrme, 1879, of the 17th Judicial Dis- p
trict Court, State and Parish above writ- 6
ten, by the duly appointed and author- 5
ized Jury Commission, April 5th, 8879.
Witness my hand and official seal, this
5th day of April A. D.,
[L.S.] 1879.
' April 12.-30d. Clerk. ,
&uccessioa of Ona:irme Grappe.
F. GRAPPE, Administrator of the a
SSuccession of Onazie Grappe, de- ti
ceased, having filed in my Office his
provisional account of Administration in
the said Sccession, with a statement of
debts and accounts, payable to creditors,
with his petition praying for the homolo
gation of said account and statement ann
to be authorized to pay the debts agreea.
bly thereto, all persons are hereby uoti 8
fled to file opposition thereto within ten j
r days or prayer of petitioner will be
f granted.
April 12--2t. Clerk.
Succrmeio. of Victor Rachl, dec'd.
I OSI'H W. COcoKFIELD, having filed
S in the Clerk's ofice his application to
be alpoilnted Adminimltrator efethe sune
Scession of Victor Rachal,deeeasem , notice te
in herely given to all pa-rsons to show
canse withit ten days why the applica- Ii
tion of petitioner should not Ie granted. oi
Witness the Hon . J. . B Tucker, ti
Parish Judge, this 9th day of April, A. 7,
April 12-2t. Deputy Clerk. 61
Sacesslon Sale.
sveeaMio. of tHenry liarrio.
Y VIRTUE of an order from the Hon.
Parish Judge of the Parish of Natch
iteches, I will offer for sale at public sue.
tion at the late residence of eceused lIn
this parish on
saturday the 12tS day of April 1879.
all the property belonging to the suaces
lion of Henry Harison as per inoventory,
. except the cotton, consasting of corn,
farming implenments, 1 bbl cement, 2 shot
Runs, 1 wagon, cattle, three mules, three
sorceas, am( one colt.
Terms of Sale :
Cash, f(owhat.it will bring to e y debts.
March 29-td.. Admlnpitrstor. n
Sreccssio,, of I4#eon lhfilho,.
Y virtfile of ;nll crde'r of the( Il11,ora.
ble the I'a, ish x l'otrt of Ih iirtl', i of
, Natelhitchis, to that eli tg1 ranted,a nd
to lme dirctle'd, I w ill ofelir ifor ih at
I p lliL 0 oli'1y %. the I last -'11 I hiighest
hidhler in the Town of Iluntiervill., par*
islh of Nnsluitorloes. at thel pla:e of last
residenlIce of the ll deiensed, oil
iIedElnesdvay, Itilh of April, 1 79,
all of the nov.alhIe property hielongitg to
the sln.iid c ession, asi described oil the
Inven'litory, ronll,;I~i g of
1 Stock olf Meirchandise.
I lot of Hlousehold imnd Kitchen furui.
I Cnltivator.
1 Ox wagon.
1 Carriage -tl !1 truela.
1 Yoke of Oxen.
3 head of Horses.
:5) Bushels of corn, in short, the whole
of thle moveable property mentioned ls
the Inventory.
Terms of Sale.
Cash, allject to a:ppraisetment.
April 5 Administrator.
Sheriff's Sale.
Clark & Bryan vs. A. E. Johnson, et al
I'arish Court, Parish of Natchitoches.
No. 1620.
i 1Y viltui of a writ of Fi. Fa. issued
I in thie above entitled and numbered
suit and to ne directed, I have seised
and will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court House in the City and pariA
of Natchitoches, on
Saturday, April 19th, 1879,
the following described property, to-.it:
North fractional half of section No. 17.
Lot No. 3, of section No. 7, and north
half of section No. Is, township 6, north
of range 5, west, containing four hun
tired and Iinety three [493 acres. situa
ted in the Parish of Natclutoches.
Terms of Sale :
On a credit term of one year from L.y
of sale', for what it will bring; par.
chaser to give his twelve months boad
with good personal security, with ena.
dor's privilege and special mortgage
retained on the property sold.
March. 22-tds. Sheriff.
Mrs. Clothilde Janin, vs. W. M Levy,
et. aln.
District Court, Parish of Natchitoches.
No. 8262.
BY Virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
i.4sued in the above entitled and
numubered snit andi to me directed, have
seized and will offer for sale to the lastand
highest bidde~r at the door of the Coult
Honius, in the city and parish of Natchi.
toches, on
&tturday, the 19th day of April, 1879,
at 12 M., the undivided three-fifths of
the following described property to-wit:
The plantation known as the "Lae des
Mures' plantation, on both sides of Red
river in the parish of Natchitoches, and
composed of the following pieces of land
to wit:
1st. Section 40, township 11, range 9,
containing 326 50-100 acres. Section S5,
township 11, ratge 9, containing 49
40.100 acres. 8estion 25, township 11,
range 8, containing 207 acres, mnaking
altogether 575 90-100 acres, on both sides
of Red river, confirmed to Francois Do.
lin, bIy certificate B. No. 1669.
2nd. Another parcel of laud, being
Section 41, township II, range 9, coa.
taining 203 16-100 acres. Sction 21,
township I:, range , containing 20
16-100 acres, making together 406 33-100
acres, on both sides of Red river, coa.
finnrmed to Michel Chignom, B. No. 77.,
3d. Another parcel of land being part
of 8 etion 42, township 11, range 9, con
taining about 35 56-100 acres on the
right bank of Red river descending, coa.
firmed to Joseph Jean Bis, by certitactr
B. No. 172$.
4th. Another parcel of land, seeulon
39, township 11, range 9, being the
northern part of the double concesion of
D. R. Hopkins' certificeate, containing
371 60-100 acres.
5th. Another tract of land, being the
nor~heast part of section '14, township 11,
range 9. containing 300 acres; the save
being the land originally owned by
Henry M. Hyams, acquired from the Me- :
chanics' and Traders' Bank, on the 6th
day of September, 1850.
6th. Another tract of land acqaired
from the United States, being the soath
east qnarter of section 33, township 11,
range 9, by certificate 1191, containinag
164 54-100 acres, the south half ofiection
18, township 11, range 8, certificeate 1790
and 8280, containing 291 0.-100 acres. Pt
section 19. township 11, range 8, west,
certificate 8279, containing 26 01.100
acres, making together 481 10.100 ares.
7th. Anothler tract of land acquired
from the State of Louisiana, being the
south east fractional portion ofection
27, township 11, range 9, containiag 35
95 100 acres; portions of lots Nos. 1, 2,
6 and 9, and the whole of lota 3, 4 lad
5 of section 34, township II, range 9, '
containing 261 29-100 resthe t two
last mentioned portions, makLing togetlh
er 295 24.100. The whole of said traets
or parcels of lanud, making together g1tr
:-I00 acres; 1233 82-100 more of less of
which lying and being on the north side
of said river, and 1231 66100 acres more
,r less, lylbg and being on the south side .
of said river, forming one body of land,
which constitutes the La. de MNas
plantation, together with all the baild.
angs and improvements and ameliora
tiocs theleon, or thereto belonging.
Term, of Sale:
Cuah-subjeet to appriuelusent.
March 15-tds. , Sheriff.
SherifFs Sale.
State of Louisiana vs. Moses Brock, et.al.
District Court, Parish of Natchitoehes.
No. 1210.
IY virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. isued ia
Sthe above entitled and nunambered
suit and to me directed, I have wised
and will offer otbr sale to the last sal
highest bidder at the door of the Court .
House in the city and pariah of Natchito
ches, on
Saturday, the 19th day ofApril, 1879,
at 12 M., the following described property
A certaln tract or parcel of land situa
ted in the parish of Nathiloehes, State
of Louisiana, and being all of that po
tion of the aoath west quarter of sectiorn:
7, towbship 10, range 1, lying south of
hayou Bourben9, and ,ontaunig ones
hundrei( d (100) a more or les, togeth
er with ll the buildings and impro ve
meats therueO.
Als e2.5) twenty-flve acres of land ly*
inug on the north side of bsayou Bourbeu.,
and beinugland purchased by Moses Broek
from Jonn Syluaater, together with ail
the buildings and improvements thereOs.
Temrs of /Sale :
Cash, subject to appraicmcnt.
Mareh 15. Sherit.
SpeeIail Notle.
D. C. 8CUºt.ORUoni having been coat
miseioned ab President of the Wkhod :
Board vice H Saflord resigned, havig a
qualifled, will b, found ready to disohart
rie duties as ech at hi. place of 
arch 29-tf.

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