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V{m't s * +141 114m. Z§One copy, o01o yer. . . $ 5 0.
.m.t...0I '*,.t,.. '"' VOL. V. I NATCHITOOHES, LA., APRIL 19, 1879. I uO. 31 ,tha"tait mt be
I I MIill i i i ! I II ! III I I in qli - la Im i p s n ! I I n W i " I II1
Professional Cardnis.
Win. IS. Ua ..,
(kesawmr to Jaca & Pimuass)
Ainorrey and Comselor at Law
WILLpraestle. l the Courts of Natchitoches.
llaw., DlMete, Red River, Wins, Rapide.,
ind rstd is the Supreme Court of the
aISlh (late promptly attended to.
April N 571.
Lm a sC AuOOUGN,
H AVIIG easelated themselves wi i, pratice
is the Paish sad District, he 17th Jadi
0i ' Nlet, sad in he plrlehe of Winn ad
Oa Lkm Cents, of Loulasa, Un. l. Die
s, eNdt m oesets of LLoeslanh and U. 8
Coors of Claims at Wuahiglton.
0"o* in the Lamoste Building
(Up Stair.)
.Amg. , IS87.y. •
'it. Deals SIrt, Natchituehes, La.
WILL give propt and personalll at
tetLon to all bnsiless entruated to
their esn.
Prastlees is te Dietriet and Parish
Ceastls the Parishes of Natehitoches,
*e RiWer, DesotoaUd Wlebine, and before
. Supreme Court at Monroe andl bw
Carsu. C. P. Daausevu. T. P. Cmrau
Attonseg. at Law,
IRACTrCE is the District Courts on
'r Natebitees, MSabine, Desoto and
1*4 River uad in the Supreme Court of
Stbe Sdate. March 2-1y.
.o I. TUCER,
Alevreg anad Cesrnsllor tl Law,
,I t. Dl. Star, - NteeA c , L.
ILL praetlce io the District and Par
S.ib Calor of Nasebithohees Saine
Date saud alt River, and the buprenle
Coet of the State.
.A11 bulases entruated to his care will
meoJly. prosmpt alteionlu. Apr 13-1t
M. M ,. 3Dunln,
Phy.waln and Surgeon
.. -Ionlonen. a.
Magistrate. .
Jasm I TUCUe,
Mag.ismtrate WardiM.
St. aonis Street, : : Natekestnh, IA.
p10$ý' atntion gi. pe all busines.
I satrae to bie cae.
(f hasa euolesehd S Xel1 eeust.
rge to te Bar Genersaly.
Business Cards.
0. 0. NNIate,
+lal ia pr.ee pged for CottoB Dad
* a ,rroEmat, u.
.m.. w L. N ,WaUe 14
..~ rau at - " 3, WAULIIT
aiii a , ,l 1l,.
[email protected] 1PACTOTRS,
t rL ' i i I i: i
' ,R ": r nl- :' .'t . ,; .' , ,
, {, . . •  . . , "
elOOSBeam &VIagr3NFOD0i.E
- - - rLA.
co ti., '. ppro
..AL i n a. ,:m: mlut.
w&?OUOti W a LA.
s st i
. a~ ..a ' ,, ,',~i, ~f~I° i :'~;, -' ' . '- ,"
Miscellaneoqs. '
Celebrated American ei
THE countenance is pale and lead. w
en.colored, with occasional Rushes, oI
or a circumscribed spot on one or both Is
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the i
pupils dilate; an azure semicircle
runs along the lower eye-lid; the at
nose is irritated, swells, and sometimes tI
bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip;
occasional headache, with humming d
or throbbing of the ears; an unusual
secretion of saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly
in the morning; appetite variable, it
sometimes voracious, with a gnawing ce
sensation of the stomach, at others, m
entirely gone; fleeting pains in the a
stomach; occasional nausea and vom- .
iting; violent pains throughout the at
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times
costive; stools slimy, not unfretuent- ol
ly tinged with blood; belly swollen a'
and hard; urine turbid; respiration ci
occasionally difficult, and accompa- tl
nied by hiccough; cough sometimes pl
dry and convulsive; uneasy and dis- ri
turbed sleep, with grinding of the 1t
teeth; temper variable, but generally ht
irritable. &c. b,
Whenever the above symptoms tU
are found to exist, II
will certainly effect a cure. In
in any form; it i6 an innocent prepa.
ration, not capabe ofdi gthke sigkht.'. d
injury to the tost/ lendr infat. t
The genuine DR. McLANE'S VEJ- ti
MIFUGE bears the signatures of C. h
McLANE and FLEMING BRas. on the ti
wrapper. -:o:-
Dt. 0. XCLANE'8V i
are not recommended as a remedy "for fr
all the ills that flesh is heir to," but in I
affettions of the liver, and in all Bilious e'
Complaints, i)spelpsia and Sick Hlead- ni
achle, or diseases of that character, t1,- tI
stand without a rival. ei
No better i'tlsartic c.an h u-red prepar
atory to, or atler t.akitng QIuillilne.
As a simttle purgative they are un
equaled. .C
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Each box has a red wax seal on, the
lid, with the implression Da. McLA.'s i
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C. McLANs and FI.iattO os. n
Insist upon having the genuine Dr. h
C. McLAlN's lIVaR PILLS, prepared by ti
Fleming Bros. of Pittsburgh, Pa., the fi
market being Tull of imitations of the 11
name MeLeaMe, spelled differently bat a
sautie pronunciation.
________-- Ii 1
,he Grats Maldical DissA o1fI
Mllodere flats I he Mrterlsos r
ftalnmr ofD masw h D ammmd O
adl a COrtals Oe Proo .
dal. We aloMsset,
Laer, ad Borels
Disean . ,
The Ohes Astn.Bllion Remed sa! 3
PABluOl ' i
Am the snmlt of Mlae l8eled d I
o all a tlame hs
lief, .Is..Y..u* Rldt issy to . ell, -
_.ea n a o alr a ,
Tes SGree eepl Xed Aieketnl aswpeek
a Oba ee.*i r th. PTlie Bm
h r ewatlia Astigf l r lamely east l
Stietr mle.Ng
Usrpastu of the Jalulelry. t
[. O. Democrat, April 10th ]
Tihe argument in the lottery ease
was concludedl in Billings' comit
Wednesday. Tihose. J. Seames open- n
ed tle case Monday for the lottery- ;
the Attorney General and AsIsItant
Attorney General replied, and Judge d
John A. Campbell, for the Lottery a
Company, closed the following day. t
Perhaps any speech-mnaklaoo either f
side was annecseary. There is s
scarcely a man in the State who 11
knows anything about Judge Billings'
relations with the Lottery Company '
who is not fully convinced that, right a
or wrong, argument or no argument a
law or no law, he will decide aan ad t
all questions whieb may arie lao his t
court affecting the Lottery Company I
as that institution may dictate. From I
the moment we learned that the com.
pany and its attorneys had the au- J
daeity to utterl ignore the State I
courts and apply directly to the I
United States Circuit Court for a i. in
junction to prevent the execution of a t
criminal statute of the State, to the I
moment John A. Campbell closed bhis I
argument, or until this hour, we have a
never doubted that Billings would <
stand by the company.
For some years past the tendency 1
of the Federal judiciary has been to
usurp the jurisdiction of the State
courts, and more has been done I
through the subtle and insidious de- '
pisions of the courts to destroy the I
rights of the people and the States r
than was accomplished by carpet.
Imggery, the usurpations of theority t
by Grant and the army which be ca. t
trolled regardless of law or justlce.
Indeed, the eeotralisationists have I
found a peans of dostroying civil f
liberty, concentrating power and up- I
holding the oppressive privileges of (
the few, more potent than the layo. t
nets of Cesar or Napoleon; and un.
der the insidious forms of law and '
the pernicious decisions of the courts, I
the character of the government is I
being destroyed and the oligarchy of l
the money power strengthened and
established. And no Federal eourt I
has been so reekless and unscrupulous
in its eneroachmmnts upon the jari.- e
dietion of the State courts and the l
rights and funcetions of the State gov. I
ernment as the United States Court I
for the District of Louisiana. We 4
have not forgotten, and the heart of
every Louisianian burns with indig- 4
nation at the recollection of the fact
that, in 1873, the whole State gov I'
ernment of Louisiana was overturna
ed amd an odious and infamous usr- I
pation set up bIy an order signed at I
midnight by a drunken judge of that I
cotl; and that the present judge of I
the same coast was present at the I
consumation of the crime: that lie l
was the partisan and attorney of thl I
usurpation and the chief instigator of
that judicial outrage which must, so
long as men love honer, justice and I
liberty, remain a stain, black as hell, I
upon the Federal judiciary. The r
men who were Iarties to that cr imne, i
however exalted the official positions I
they may reach, can never escape I
from the cloud of infamy in which it
has enshrouded them and all their
acts. More recently we have seen
our fellowaeitizens, Ly thle hundred,
-in the name of the United States
literally laid hold of by tim United I
States marshal, dragged from their I
ihopes andt brought before the Fede I
rareoullt in this eity for doing what, I
Sif-l ws a erhme ast all, was a arime A
agles the laws d the State ad
IslMsable by the State courts. Manyu
oer fellow-ltitasu from Tesas
r hare now hemre forthe thrd
tme, hundre of miles away from!
thieir homes, their basiness and their I
Smlis, dragged bilther by the Fade- 4
ral aslthorkities, ad they have only I
t:rmeaed tral nmd convietiee fore b-_
Sinia Deerats through the pressare I
* of poMli opinion throughoat theu
Only1 a few woeks ag a tool of the
SLottery Company, as Impesuele s
rascat, om the umoest absrmt ; atse
mt offsets, ulsked Jede Bhlltags
to n prsevealt h pemestl r forty
tlidosad doillars -of litate warrat
AworkornWalthfuly, hemou ly tsd le. I
* r, the aes; and b
eamihe esdiit .ftiem smi,1Mite
case, was inaimlea to tihe lttery, the
United Steti Distriht Court literally
took esssalon of the Stats tresury
and forbade the payimats.
And now, able and. minrelnt
yi tl.re ed, e to be idio d b
the bhsdhlde_ -roling upoe n.e
fsct tt thu e d eo rl urts m ian thee
literests of the moey power, d
that they atueally oaortitut the ma
clery.by wdiha the estrahlaatis
. t Ic assme oi oa iiib lleIpr alnsiga r
heo ohysarneerting fintthe rtaderoe
tel dM t a se-ialled ene.
lert MLth whishh ueeiirape ure l
ed, If the were partic to It atCall,
at heIoant of the ayee. al,
li. · Isk. Boi sr .lte (.. m. JI I
ditormnl ..4 hsItl am i
D. ,politics_ . the. 4s . rIa .
atteya la Ii -miany !ht
riaattatc a the m iadi
" ;.e., Ie lt kil,. eai, .b
drat jru si, s," uw I .
tli athe the Vbtek eaeu;
aio of the Louisiana courts. But th e
Attorney General of Virginia did rot :
rest the can there. He. lis gone into I
the Supreme Court of the United
States to teat the question whether or
not theme subordinate Federal courtse
can administer the criminal laws of i
Virginia. When Billings renders his
decision in the Lottery can we have
no doubt that our eown able and pa
triotie Attorney General, who has
fought the usurpations so well and
nobly, will carry the essue into the
highest tribunal of the Republic. "
But in the meantime vigorous
measures should be taken by our
other State and city omcials and by
our members of Congress to rebakei
the action of Billings and put oan end
toa these dangerous usurpations of the
Federal jadiciry. Gov. Nicholls I
should issue a ringing protest against
the scandalous action of the lottery
judge in suspending a high criminal
law of this State. The chief of po.
lie of this city, and the coarts of the
s-y and State which have juriediet
ties of thil crime, should ignore the
injunction of Billings, and under the
protection of the Governor and the
mayor, and of the militia if necessarY
enforce the law to a trial in the high
eat court tht es Juriediction of it. L
In suchb a cae time Lottery Company
will have an opportunity to seek the
United States Supreme Court by a
writ of error, while in the meantime
a criminal law enacted by the Legis
lature of the State, on the demand of
nine-tenths of the people, and signed I
after long and mature deliberation of
the Governor, will be enforced, and
the dignity of the State sustained.
In this matter our repreentatives
i Congrews also have a duty to per
form. When Billings ventures, at
the dictation of Hessrs. Semmes and
Campbell, the attorneys of the Lot
tery monopoly, to usurp time funetions
of our State courts and suspend the
operation of our criminal laws,
Messrs. Ellis,. Gibson, Robertson,
Elam, King and Acklen should take
active steps to have him impeached.
Washington, Madison, Jefferson,
Webster and Calhoun, could they re
visit the earth and witness the pro.
ceedings in Billings' or Dives' court,
would shrank with horror freom the
speetarile and spurn with contempt
tihe degenerate people who submit
quietly to subch judicial outrages.
The Democrats in Congress have
done nobly so far in their eforts to
enforce the repeal of obnoxious Fede
ral election laws, and we trust that
on that imase they will defeat dth
oentralimationists. Bat ear chief dal.
ger, sad Mr. Jefferson divined it him
self, is in tihe encroachments of the
Yederal judiciary. Let this blch of
tihe Federal government also be at
tcked; let the Ire open all along
the line; let the insolent judges,
whether here or in Virginia, or else
where, who invade tim jurisdiction of i
the State courts, be impeached at tihe
bar of the Senate and their erimes
against civil liberty exposed to the
country, even if there be not patri
ots enough in that braclh of tim Con, 4
grees to convict amd degrade thenm.
The Alesandria D crnemt on "good
advice" says: It is better to tread the
p othof life cheerfully, skipping
lshtly over the thorns and Iarlr
tnt obstruct your wy, than to sit
down under ever hedge r lameting
r hard. rfate. The read of a
eeraful man's life spins out mueh
eaegs thn tbaut of na m who iLe oe*
tinslly sed and despeadiag. Prm
eit conduect In th eoncerne of life is
highly neaeusry; bat if distres usc.
eeed, deJttloe end despair will not
tond relief. The beat thingto be
dee wlien evil eoames upon us ie not
lameuntatleb, bat otion; noit to sit
mud eaffer but to rise 'and meek the
The Opelomuas CowrIer says: Mr.
Amdre Deoteli residnU sear Viie I
Plate, kflleda hboe few dys agoi,
of the.Polaud-Chesr eors, which/!:
.eighed-after beiang elued-a-8
lbs ne3- be wan only thse ar old,
a.ma .ttaidl this ene(sidgtmt;
ot th cheap r and · otathes
-al'rt by Iis aower r luye. Nowt,
who will say that fat pi cannot be
atied io St. IdSdry Who will sacy;
.at It is h per o ratio coons is l
or cenit, and ~iy poek fro the
The Franklin &sappeal to its de.
linquent sauebsrier for better, eggs
or chiekenls. : ,
Fra ls ..: Thedtr d ettoo of
thelteakr~ h s iof the ouks, in the
yleity# ohis plage, by sue kiud
tempne ~,tripped them of their
progress, as enid' srembling an Im
mense wrm of be es.
Abbehrvdi iferuluidt April Is
here and with i ler showers. Tues
da was eliWr lay oidthe meuth
uatsha wealu fell soe of the
d tim' e seal, Litry.
thling wa looded, and tlhe e~a es
and assum4 mammoth pr
th~f nble ti If a wet spell selsin
C s wl bwU he dome ,te
iess thep se of or parid, Ip
mae time h ,they wi as
litett e ebertin me ht.hn,.
lhtis a, a pes i d
,ia1 wii se.
C~R;YS~; ~ c.'
-· 1'. :&
Sprehmies. Use lime flly, and do it trt
now. .'e tfirst thing to claim atten- ic
Lion stlhnki be the sanitary condition hhi
of our city. the
LakeCharles Echo: Three yonnusters
of this parish, nained Joe and Geo. Nixon
and Johnnle: Gill, one aged about 19
yea, the other two aged about 10 years, vii
pitched camp near Jones' Bluff, on the g
eaie river and gan preparation
for an allaight turke hunt. Their
campore was blazing bhlhtly, and all
promised cheerfulness, wn startling
wals were hbai iI the direetie they he
had goe. They seised their sporting tde
s and awaited results. Very soon
h u tsher of the orie, wild beast mal
came within range of the campilre i r
One of them tred at the animal he
without elect. The others te the
body et the beast and emptd their
pieces in that direction. The reult was
a deed pthe, riddle with tafrbey A
shot. He easured six and a halt feet w
from tip to tip. no
Clinton had white frost on the 3d. an
Richland Baeon: The weather has as
been very'eold this week, for the season; p
there was fost Wednesday, Thursday os
and Friday mornings. io
An Impoirtat Ilstsrield Decument on
Hitherto Unpmished. wi
At a recent meeting of the Penn
sylvania Historical Society, its seere
tery, William Brooke Rawle, read a
letter presented to the society by R. e
Gilmor of Baltimore from General r
Hery Lee, Jr., Jr., better known as
"Lightbhons Harry," to his relative
Thomaes Lee, then a judge in South wi
Carolina, relative, to the captore of
Andre and treason of Arnold. The fr
following is a verbatim copy of the
eprductlon, and has never before been
published. A throwing light on an fri
important historbal incident, from 12
an ofliclt source, it will doubtless tbe
froned very interesting. "Light-horse d
Harry" Lee was the fathor of the W
late Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Be
army, and died in Baltimore, in 1816, e
from the elects of inljries received fri
at the hands of a moot. Following is AL
the letter :
LIos CAMP, near Tappan, Otod. I
her, 4, 1780-Last month has proda-. Al
eod two events which will bear a dis- "
tingeuihed lnstre in the annals of He
America. The infamy of Mr Arnold th
and the death of Major Andre, ad- .a
ijetnt-general of the BDilh army. at
It. Arnold has been a villain on the at
mall scale as well as on the great. ti
Hle had established lucrative cones- as
tions with setllen and antler's wives, h
and had them the instruments of c-n- n
vertinginto money hisembezzlemenmte or
of public store, ie ba tie
uCcatvno usa wier0.
and estranged his friend, Major An- in
dre. This latter matter was, perhapes, f
un aavoidable though it is pgerally at- .e
tributable to a peilanuimety inherent
i in the villain's breast. As if deter
mined to exhibit to the world how
deep in infamy human nature is ca
pable of descending, he is now, by
violations with the coumnander-in
chief, pointing out to Sir Henry Clin
too those characters in the city of
New York friendly to the American de
cause. He lives, but le lives to th
misery and anguish. Tihe virtuous
Andre is dead, but dead with honor. th
Perhaps history doeso at fo an pa
instance of on execution sriilar to &
Sthat of Andre-just and unavoidable,
I wthout the least particle f lisamor
tality in tihe iruerer. Miay tale sil
wlbiash have gone forth relative to it
hoese traneselions must render you hi
anxious to h:bear a special relation of al
It appeasn that Generald Arnold N
was the proposer of his Intentios I h,
a letter to Sir Henry Clinton. Te
point of isse is not lecertaned,
thaouh we have some reason to e.
luev4t1 ornignbtd -e after General ma
Cin~aton's rturn from :oith Carln. K
of Welt Po1nt Intotho hands m.f the t
oe .t~rte ppaeae wer e to 66W
surrenered n termeef atnlation, em
sa_ Mr,. Arnod , mnrl In our ,1
s.a ie Si, . r~pl. t te toe n
!Ih~ea siernltorn o g tu f Aera
er sheNorth river il an armedloo
Is7 ear King's hrns is whe lo
dietan Awst ien e l
AadIte -atden e the oaheshof
r Mthelr. e sheet theL a
njre s this Mr. Smith's
o0l os leuowde nroa r Imsa- ad
C tuur manrJass no aivouu. ci
Vulture, Somee sbaiirrastmete arose as
in othie u!gottd j head the tr a
let p nd r t .h e d
Sim liath toh M i
4tot at Smithsh house, u i
weseeme harrowedfrom Smith) M i
Sthush ve bIa is hare ets t. a vl
~' thde t air ede rsalu
,Ir g4
it try terms on the lines for the Am-e.
- drican and British arquies. Andre, in
i his transport of joy, discovered to
them that he was a British oSeer. *
S9 He made every attempt on the
, virtue of his captors. Too thousand
Sgaineas were assared them, and every
Snecesary of life was lavishly prdof. *
II fbred. All in vain. Andre was
lbrought a prisoner to our advance I
_ Ire r- nds. Papur so ngle a
- the obet his miion *were foea
in° blI AroMld's villainy was
S dievrmed, yet blanterlog
was the ocer in his measures that
Iheouerived to ive the rst notice m
of the eptre othe spy to Mr. Ar- 1
- nold, and, conseqaently, furnithed I:
y Arnold, with time to escape. This 7l
It was erroneous, not itentional. Ar. "
nold made the best use of this notice, p
and got to the Vulture in his barnse
s under the sanctity of a dag. The 4
; poor bargemen whom he had adse t
I use on this occasion were, at his
instance, retained as prisoners of di
war. Andre and Smith were brought If
to camp for trial. The former was *l
eondemned, the latter is still under w
trial. The virtuous Andre, though di
It conscious of having become a spy m
without intention and by accident, hi
yet, in aletter which be wrote to has ah
general, he approve the propriety of 8
S sentence. Time was give for
preparation on behalf of the unfore i
ttoate Andre. General Robertson l
Scae to our advaesat with some Ie
I triliong request, and brought his v- t
Slians to prove to Genal Washing. B
Slogos that Andre was no spy, not-. t
l withetanding Andre's letter to to he w
Scontrary. In. conseqaene of this Si
m overture from the enemy,
from Sunday 5 o'cloek, to MondayT
S12. Nothing further was offered by
the enemy, and the eminent youth
died ender a gallows. This olicer
was the particlar favorite of his
general, and tie most promising gen.
erl la the army. How cold are the I
' friendships of men high in Power. E
i; Andre's death's does honor to human el
natare. Fer my part, I declare titp
.I would rather be Andre than dbe
a. alike ainuetenths of the sentimental A
a. world. We have not yet heard Sir i
of Henry Clinton's declarations since li
d the execution of his friend. I dare o
Sray he will be full of menaces. Our 0
army eontinoes on their old ground
e at Tappno. No prospect of any acu
b tion. A powerful embarkation i1s d
. early completed at New York. I d,
believe they will pay a viit to your i
'! neighbrbood. Wisdom and vigor, n
. or destruetion, is the watchword from r!
the Southen States. It is said the I
feet with troops, saai to.morrow, I
have the honor to be with every sent
" iment of repetd esteem, your af
, fectionate relative au$ obedient ser- I
t and, n
t IIsar Los, Ja,
r Bie ELcellency T. Lee, Egq. I
v The Hadlerd Elepement.
of Hartford, April I.-The Montitesai
despatch a few days ago, abnouncing
that Frederick Shepard and hie wife,
Sthe daughter of ex Gov. Hubbard,
a passed through that city on a weitermh
o houd train, was a pare lction. Thei
Sparties hrave not been oat of HartfA
since the ysoung lady left Iue, Se Ilie
e Grbt wentt to he house f er 'bhue. J
Iuband brOther, "Tipn Bheprd, ~oach,
o man fort Mr. Charlu Bedeckwith, a.nd
wu terejined b.the mnano of I(
eloiee who hid just returne srtr
SNew ave . They yemtned as his
brother's house frar few dys, ad:
Sare now at theoae of  prdel,
i ete, On GrandU steet, G0u, iue S
SIrd'sn family have ainLtalmeda trlC A
dsesdoles sie. th event stingpleIr l:
SlMrs. Hausbrd lro been alarmiagly_
- Ib 1 d Mr. Heubdia has bee claedll
,I "_ohkjhl, Indllit rtl uO toiin,
Il o" wrifieorleo, o hav Itl
hbsalq o d thrghie (u e
dr n i rpeold ngt aote enir crso e
n es tih e€ heveoer. Ils srad tulat
t e he st to fea dr peral ese0 .
e Mcearstsusy has no cheaseseteer
her bk iisll belwved, ha
a ow ahktaa esOrer.a
[e lthe Tab em rema sd Dketal.]
Mr. Webster' attorney (risuts sad
ede.) I all yea a seward sad,
The Court. Sit dowim sir.
Mr. W stif'a atterae7. He ieak
a*ws said a list.
The TdeC r i tell toeiu to sit dov
we Xo Wesibtet' atoe
5 PCorot." If O I doia'tit daWn d
+-,itiai. 1 " 1tiil
ml bprideteb bof'tl$ hat C~d
t'W' i
Driven to Death by i.s Danghtlrs
'From the .lobe Democrat.)]
Memphis, March 31.-A very sad
suieide oceurred yeterday afternoon.
in the satlter. portion of the city,
the particulars of which we not do..
vloped antil to-day. The deooesd,
Henry F. V.p, was a reepitableo
Gemon. Lest November ie was
made aware by hiit I day _daghtl .
aged eighteen, thati he rills bad
been aeomplished by a wellt ýowa
ong eeman in this eity, hhligg,g,
c--m~ R to her etaLeme. Ws .
pallinhd purpose under In prem
io of marriage. Since belfg Oe.
qauinted with bis daghbter'e ud.
tion Mr. Vos used every e.!r,
within his. means to compel ý *
dauer to wed his vctilm, bit the'
young man denied the seconisob,
and refused to marry her. This so
weighed upon the fathebr thS yelter.
day he left his home and going hitf a
mile distant deiebratel s"a'
himself, from the eests ofwhisak'
he died almost iastatly. The yeoln
girl will beeome a meother in abpit
ten days, ad legal proeeedlm hai
been Iiourated to coell '
legad seducer to eupport the lil'
strnger on its arrival. A brethler;
the ruined girl is expected,ares m!
Blulf, Ark., to orrow, and se
those who know him it is thodht bhe
will avenge the great wreondoaieblhb
FITr JouI0 Farai
The aepert in the Fits Jeha rter
Case-Porter Restoed to his
Old Place in the Army.
': S WAnrtoNx, April t.-'The military
ibd aisiutad to review themes of
Fits John Porter has made a long report
ompluetely exonerating Porter eAd to
toring him to his ld piea:in the sinj
such retortiou to  n
date of diamleepl. The'Tq s tha
Porter as oihdemeed not th
taken part in $s own batile, W ..;
lieve noto one among all galant i
on that bloody eld was lees
of ea coudemaostion than. he, :iyllt
indiscreet sand unkiad terl lwobA ,,
Porter expressed his distrust 6fth .
eity of biseeperior commandeeaseuobe ,
dneudend rto that iadisaaet. q .we.
due, in a geat measure, the misrepreema
tation of bth his motivee sad"~i ;'
.and his consequent cosdemaaUtloU; ,b.'k
repot is slned by Major ee phoYde0,
Brig. G0a. Tarr sad 'jor h :U.ehst1,
The report hasenet hei ptouto$tted.' 5
coven thirY. printed ,pa giyP$ iýoMcrr
eludes u fbllo,: "We hav*,re booor :
to report, in aeordasce *'lt th: pd'
ident's order, that in ear aepCle justieý
requires at hi bbandse ate am
nie er to anl a ein t 'edl
Sadiwge A to of the Nsbufrn
tial ia the ar. of Mar on. ~its-b y
Porter, and restore bin to the pvetio of
whiel that uatebm Veantlv s.kh ie.'
torsti to takel eotI= the. date bib n
dinwispal roe th er . .' .,-t.. ,
[Trida NCwel "ao ' t nw
Miss Carrie Ihdi, her a npamy wIt"
eula)y,.ou awiid mus.tag,,e route air
maes eteom IUto.ese;1, asiidu V . WV
en hmeandlt miles as eulh qed e
Mies~aJtho : a hl4D! IJ l
day with bthe blondotae e
r In the middhew
mhieer et eentimueIteoie p
en he saddle hew .o glst..,
tod ~Baal .......at el.
feraerd the writer t ,,, (s5W , ;
& ni hi a
Ip l (Pnul Da* ~~i"
thilat wenit nhr waylhifin
alert with pqnede,4
the thiery-g g
with leaseseas h es sy
c~'urp i~h; ~lrW;~ltaj~
luLW4 1~~£vp4

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