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The People's vindicator. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, July 19, 1879, Image 1

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* I m too 1N, W OF THE PEOPLE IS T SUPREME LAW. .I'1*luii; i a
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awa 8mtIs$ bnlat Ia. c p auen. VOL V. JULY --ta- .Acla t -ati-:
~usm~lumrtearir. paqu..NATCHITOC3HES, LA., JULY 199 189.
Professional Cards.
1/. 3. JACK.
(ueee.er to JACK & Puasoss
Ai i d Consaelor at Law'
tlli T1f OC$ES, LA.
Obe sertnof jMatobtehee
V3 .Red Wrier, n, Rapid,
l lit. id. I 8 the Loe Court ef the
rome. Clmompe pttly ttended to.
&Mltw Itr.
W3~ M~r. IDAMiu c. aCAsnIMoUu.
HAMW aeU.seld heaelve wilipractie
is hle Parnlr sd Distret, the 17th Jaud
Ml 1 sa . nd is Uthe of WInn sad
Oaei a1ll~y Cuteerl om U. I. . Die
wad of laus and V. s.
OIM lithi Laeoste Bnilding
(Up Stairs.)
Aug. 3, 1878.ly.
8. DelS o86ot, Natchiltohce, La.
give pvogapt and personal at.
te stiou to all b.aess entrueted to
n lb. Dtstrict and Parish
lb tbe Parishes of Natchitoches,
e Dlte and labine, and before
miiCouit at Monroe and New
oSML Jan 5 '7i.1y.
camsap. C. P. DaNwoU. T. P. Cuuwur
r 'aUs, ANUsWr a camIN
3AhIna ~i the Dislot Courts or
abine, Ddeote and
aMu l the Suprsue Court of
Martk -z.ly.
A "brm andl Co1laeUot at Law,
L so*ror e S*4A La.
IN & eu tlbe Disrie t and Par
ALd t" hi. er will I
awtt I~tApr 1347y
kr rl·1 (t~ I· 1 V
1wl ··8iiUdsaegam.
F ' 1 " p e o hr C o h e D u a l
W 4 AM TO N , T .~u , LA LM LS
Jfll wfln du
O0',. 1INov ,hm. Ii
Iff Idling M$~t~u% 1~BD
ift l Sn4t
vim ~M15SO NZa~lr CH~aNT,
mw qc~em ****f
i·; 0 0011 PwCII ftl
an Bum
"'U fl{11 r .,~
S. Mseý pof$y
' NA
- lbo, A.NA3ssB
1ASgr!Ng La.,
R~d35E aa vaozccta
45 Years Before the Public.
Ispatitis, or Liver Complaint,
Symptoms of a Diasease Livr.
PAIN in the right side, under the
l edge of the ribs, increases on pres
sure; sometimes the pain is in the left
side; the patient is rarely able to lie
on the left side; sometimes the pain
is felt under the shoulder blade, and
it frequently extends to the top of the
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken
for rheumatism in the arm. The stom.
ach is affected with loss of appetite
and sickness: the bowels in general
are costive, sometimes alteriative with
lax; the head is troubled with pain,
h accompanied with a dull, heavy sen
,sation in the back part. There is gen
erally a considerable loss of memory,
w accompanied with a painful sensation
of having left undone something which
ought to have been done., A slight,
x dry cough is sometimes an attendant.
The patient complains of weariness 1
and debility; he is easily startled, his
feet are cold or burning, and he com
plains of a prickly sensation of the
skin; his spirts are low; and although
he is satisfied that exercise would be
beneficial to him, yet he can scarcely
summon up fortitude enough to try it.
In fact, he distrusts every remedy.
Several of the above symptoms attend J
the disease, but cases have occurred
where few of them existed, yet exam
ination of the body, after death, has
shown the LIVER to have been exten
sively deranged. 1
taken with Quinine, are productive of
I the most happy results. No better
r cathartic can be used, preparatory to,
or after taking Quinine. We would
advise all who are afflicted with this
disease to give them a FAIR TRIAL.
For all bilious derangements, and
as a simple purgative, they are un,
asw5as or sITam sts., -
i ge ase ever suar coated.
Evetl box has a nd wax seal a the
lid. with the impression Dia.McLA*s's
. t PILLS.
'The enuine McLANi's Llvan PILLS
bear the signatures of C. McLANI and II
FLEMING BROs. on the wrappers. g
1 Insist upon having the genuine Da. a
C. MCLANR'S LIVza PILLS, prepared by E
Fleming Bros., of Pittsburgh, Pa,'the di
market being full of imitations of the b
name McLaunse, spelled diersltly bes j
same prloonciation.
A lystery Solved.i
The Greatest Mledical Triuasps of s,
Modm, Tin.. ! e M Nsterfoum P
. Comsl ofDisam Dimroere, I
and a Certaln Cme Prod
ila. T.he 8oeaA, ,
LAver, and Bowl .3
the Centre of I
Di.as. pl
The Great Anti-Billions Remedy and .
Miasmatic Dissolver. I
.. eq
Are the resuslt of longoacontianred Slen
tile invesiatioo, and ure Warranted to I
eure al diseases" originating in the bu
om , Liver, and owels. No 'gripI-I
f is follow the sae of these Pills, e
li tle Dowels are inflamed; but e
lief, Immediate Relief, may be relied
uposn. As a Conmmon Family Physle
8tad enequaled Lbetbrs the world today. i
y jlng the dlose aeeording to direno
to Uie... Pargative Pill efAeetmall
Puly slbhe Diced rand gatll aievit,
if ntentirely care r.s7ep.l Serofl 1"
or Kinag's Evil r, Ersi _lh or St.
Anthony's Finre, Emptio and Erptive u
Diseases of the 8kin, a Rheltm. Tet-.
let. Rlnqrom. 8ores, Boils Tumors, *
o;Wl irellihag, UlcMions, Pimples,
sad Blotcbe.
NeMt Complete adhB&mu ansutsd '
Fall e& a sarnd -aebl iies
andmets. We idil send the.se Pillst Pr
say raltble dngglt or merhebt to e ll
on eem·aledp. Agents wanted every. di
stp. •" eo a o., "
JaIUNdUAIIlas o.ples, 64
Jine*.iy. 'I
PiIlYglT s
From the Columbia Herald.
Away the ranks of human kind
Some go before, and some behind
But mind them well, you will afnd
Not hindmost is the Printer.
The lesons that you learn at school
That you might not grow up a fool
Had all in scientific rule
Been publisbed by the Printer.
How do your Presidents and Kings
Govern so many thousand things
1Tis Iy the types, the screws, and springs,
Belonging to the Printer.
The farmer and mechani too,
Would sometimes scarce knoie what to
Could they not a certain view,
Of work doneby the Printer.
The doctors cannoet meet the erooks,
Of all the cases till he looks,
Upon the pages of the books *
Supplied him by the Printer.
The lawyer for a wit bas psed 1
But high s he his bead may et
He would be but a donee at last u
Were it not for the Printer.
Who is it that so neatly tells
The various goods the merchant sells i
Inviting all the beaux and bells, r
Who is it but the Printer. t
The classes of the human race,
Of ditlbrent uz, of different face,
Appear in this every place,
Ilow obvious to the Printer. d
One singl the bees, ene sharps and Ast
Bedecked with pantaloom s sad bats
And lose tail oeats and auseth cravats
Of th eclas is ie Printsr.
The other snlp the treble sweet, t
Adorned tth froeks and boeats teet
And look I be beastiems and e-mpol . l
And lovely to the Priters.
'Tis hymen's will of enomse ye knew,
The classes should in couplepge,
And since the world have it so,
"So be it" re tshe Printer.
1 t
There's not a men below the skies dt
Who better undmss das to pris
The charms that gre a lady's e v
Than dows this very Printer. D
Yooung malIdens th withbot debate C
Tis hoped you'll duly estlmate o
Before in fict' t is tot late, It
The value ef Printer.
AN ,I,3 1 . I
Mlays Cemp"i* with ab es t hi
!elver its Nuuity-Eaushlts h
he l0n mw pito nIim 1k tit
From the Weaiag at. [.
Mr. Hayes fesi e plelýel to~alds Fi
the Demecatle Congress beesia It et
got the better of his at last lat he o
contest he sm eagerly brought aboutl t
He is joined in this feeling to a ret I
or or.lIe d-res by all of his advisers, a
but noe of thm are s mad as On. eh
Devene. He insisted upone mother tt
extra asesion to the lass, and when wi
the impmoley of mo a mie was ai
poted e to hi be oily raved the a
more, and aid it woeld rve these he
btlliaded Democrats just ridght to of
make them etay Ine all nmew.
Three d ie before" anmdjrmeat
IInaeJ paMlsly deesaed be weald re
null Cograes if it faild to make Ip*.
propratlion for the marshale. e
ook inomuch adn to haver le d. -
elamthi rseeh the eas of Deme,
erale Congressme that the r Jlet at
ose prononoeed it a "bluf," id a o
i tturned otl Jt aI Isoon asthe ulo
majoroty anifested their dotemJrl4- d
stion to stand fir H!aa teg ato yn
erawbbsh, uad ially backed entirely th
oat. eon; Deveo has bueen putnIg e
bim up to another seheme, hwevor,
and Hayes wJillingly eonisetly o take
pant i it. Devone' propoitin is to
iose seret instruections to the Madi.
cal marshale, direeting themtog r
easy n all crimal mess. Is. 11
to allow every criminal o
where, with anydopes e u
ty, the teuponsibllity eama
upon Cngrees for halug a avi tus
make the appopation. Thin
plan, and thie partiasa nshb le I
readily conest to work upto It. M, ri
Devene has control of tli. tetuil,
and'he tbinklhe en a Ipuln. tei
so a to hae withi tiro or sketih
months, a long lit ofcrilmal p,~os
eutious fail. Then Hayi s 'tot per.
form bi part by callin a sxtrO s s.
son of Cruom le Iefo re the Obei
election. The partian reports f e ti e
marba, showliog how tLIe fIlae
to appropriate resulted la tut l
many hardened criminesios sep w
the heoutry so to d before o
ssin a ssa from l alys wo
,ill umn that the ztr ain he h
cam absolutely neeseary I order to
carry o" the eoe,. Thin , an
tim eespir!te think, w.ld psile
the Descrale is ~la ~,~ slE ii In
tioe bp de aten g h r
to fodllew es advi they uond.Hi
ted a gave blender, The wiupl
HayeI' pollley be viodicated and the
Deomerasaendemaed. d
Theele at least one Desmoesevl
marshal ba the United ktate, aId heI
will hap to be reSoved in order to
sake the heme eueseesrsfl. It
ouuld not do to iave th anarse of
show a closeban lb erlgl mass.
sad so.Mr. PlF bes sle ,O~
ade to Iwalk t Ip k, sa
itrpltoho th . ,aip
present msl It and anotber 6a
Ie, and thln arrSgsent ampo esage
ditsted escept j thelaate. 1
Mr.. .a n u n. pye, bhe- vs
li,, ;hat, tqary their pn la
5S adtipsWqI
e.~ase 11 dm
puseal la ~rpo a7es
ecracy througboat the entire country
that would be too heavy for them to
Mr. Hayes said yesterday, when
askel about the report of another
extra session, that he was "con vinced
the courts would be so etippled by
the faullre to appropriate for mar.
shals, that an extra sesslon would be
aecessaly later in the season."
i Cholera and Yellow Fever are pre.
vented by using "-LAC.URAHUIIT"
For sale by J.J. McCOOK & BRO.
A Majelty ia Faverw Acknowledg.
SIt Priae Jesrmeas Its Head.
Lonqdoo, XIl1" .-The Times' cor
espondent at Paris says: A majori.
tof the Baeapartists are understood
to concur with M. kRuderlen acknowl
edging Pirtes Jerome Bonaparte as
chief of dte Napoleonic dynasty.
They ar.gu that the will of the late
pare Imeal, thrh ashks the ex.
Empress bPe to coaperate withl
Prince Victor, was written on the as
uription that.the testator would sor.
t vive Priam Jerom Bonaparte. This
reasoUing ,however, is considered a
transparent qeuose for the son oS- I
servenee oftAe impracticable will of I
tde Primne Imperial. M. Bosher's I
rotirmeentd*a activd politics is evi I
deelny owilig so a feeling that he and I
Prine JeHe ould not act together, I
b And the asttr osald not be et ide.
What Kb~ h Priee Jerome Booa
*p artdane's a ce to the republi d and
the impossibility of the clerical see.
tion of the Batitstsa chiooelo a
I withou.t, edther acting agapist a
*t le wida ,of the Prism lmperia to
ilh er .prwkiag a distinct avowal
eud Ylieter, the Sleapartists
ae it eW df due most perpleuing po. I
Qoreft'Iýsiila has .commanded I
that thI troep iilp Ornoste, bearing e
the remia .of the Prince Imperial, a
0il1 bei eeoried a a part of her a
voyage by ,e 'channel leet. The i
Duke of Wmbridge, Commaader*n-. q
Chirf f the Brithb army, eads a v
enmmit.d. army i lars to super- h
nlted tr Idt. of a memorial to,
the litS6 s Ierial. Field Man. a
shale Ldrathaira and Sir Cha les i
York,. t om . Prien Edward of ti
Sse Weimar, Ga. Lord Naper of a
dgidald, e!d nearly all the best- a
kiow u n S theay are mem
honer eIe euktre,- e
Ist'll o b i r
ee.s I nfaloi adgrl pre
edsc ter i' h wshesst asd
oi W tP iehe leng Primhs, ne
ra: "T a doty w"se bse.
ther, by odsees mle il the die
ebage of thý rpolllltl and da- II
ties whelh l l theibee y death ei
wll dmvelve apes lia, will give to
m a wheo I e. lo er apon this fe
earth, thl last sad aspree proof of l
her asd tio or me, s d of her love o
of Fmaes." "
mivie ya so g bims othlcam. h
1enof the Eistes.N. t, Fseemsan. tit
Os wshnat of a metvtas malady
wlth whsh he was eloeted, Mr.Ed. hi
ward hiavemeer, ate is a oo ofa
N ew York mflllelior now decesed, lh
and a nepnew of ex-Mayor Have.
meyer, w an lmmato for some time is
daming the winter of the New t
York stato i e asylum for
the JlaUneat spridla. While there
he foraped the aeplntammes of one of 1
the tdssta, Ufis Carrie, Weaver, a
a.,pmg lady d a, dalt, delicate
for a pretty fae, w nho rst at a
_lacted his famean t eo won his I m
arotiooua. 'th admnees of Mr. of
Iameyr are m. deltly reeived atW
byh ise Weaver ad were evideodtly to
dd v lple hirdins itasoere III a
mdte.,', l Aasi d wi s dhei m ir
th f st t l wi uweesa
for te p pinesof the e
ec"tnf' up Iing intdeoid her,
lf here set therg,
an Ia b pIde met of the w
partani e asd Ired pra haleao car.
otat. n ier jegeltI a o hand p
Sierwelg h hs malady, the -
aie mai.~dtwh The ern made too
him rd bthe6} owty l wlher mewa-.
,,edhieg tcltHdo bryha t... ts- f
o wtie ple yi erero e *lddfor
tr, gate It up aidd returned tomaid a
e..,CP·tnl.s-ho9ei oe Mulberry .
sti.ha re.tod s n entleman l.
ebtaliml feor hitself a se d wife ad
tleo rerrort, antd lrvndae eoa,
oiemo d herr oe, luxury 'md aUs- I ,
The rice crop to Avoyelles this
r year is pronounced as a falldre
d Markerille has the honor of hlavin
S the champion eater of the unieteenth
r. century. The Bulletin asy at one
e /itting ihe ate pis boxe of uardines,
and two dozen eggs.
Vienna has a money order oeice.
Whooping cough prevails in Fill
BosMier has been blessed with sev
oral fine showers giving new life and
vigor to growing crepe.
Tlhe Greenbackers of Claiberse
calebraitd the 4th with a grand blr.
fl becue.
Typhoid fever prevails to a son.
siderable extent is Vermillion pariah.
Time Abbeville Meridiaesl call its
i* pariah prison "a hem roost,"
d 1he public schools in Avoyelles have I
I- been closed.
SThe Baptist Messenger, that wasu
I burned out some time sincee, by the !
Stfire at Farmereville, han be reen ived.
Webster Tribune: Cottan crps
look and promise well, and good
yield are expected ; but the hrmer e
do not speak so hopefully of corn.
Says the Claiborne Guardian: From I
- all quarters of the parish conmes the
f news of ine rains. Solib few plan.
Strtions, we understand. have not yet t
been blessed with showers, but ree 'I
I all that we ca learn the rains hav be
been sogeneral as to be of perma -
nent relief to all ear peopie. The a
,drought has continued rom asi to a
nine weeks. oSe: eore is beyond a
recovery, but there' l nit now thel a
· desolate prosprects before 'us ttl
stared Claibore pdrlsh I the facl S
tenoo days ago.
o Hnmms Courier: Lest Sanday,
n while.at the Pair on Lower Terre i
bbone, we were called selds, ppd
shown aar louse freak of netare,l
I bearded. girl. The little girl is i ,1 41
eight years old, robust 1, .
small, but having th9 appqmp s
a matrnu . Her face is eovred
hair-resembea$ng full ,ero4 t -.
quisite neaness. Thies is nolhim
very efemiostb aBaet hr exi r
ler dress. Her vole is. ease .'
Arm, bat her mauers at. eaop e
sad asiable. Takos a8ll. IsIn a
I' one of thee i- .qe !!tablaei.
"d ,ways remai A ti* ry .
solved, r i
flla$chd Beausoi:
1 .. Y . t %l s lo n
lhars, bhgt s t :M r pura
So heappearde dO eleo
seepi i t, ittl' sepial '
my d truse he will hardi, bet6 p
eoWitlh tle here il hisp
and Melling coeSiciting ~i ,asto
bow he ame h by himga hi away ci
asompletely. I
Marksville Bulletin: Mr. Harry
Wre, has plaed on e tshi: am .
rioplesity. It isa large ball, abot
ste Wls of a base bail, mss
hotly rounded and teomed of
hair. It was tlee frm terla aI
of an alligator whilk was dlld tl
red River fa f -e I, .lisa l
berabd a ekllld, ud s. a ,
hog buts Ih, fak e , and eaten a as
hog bathp Isik s this; that d
the haire bsldlme tegethes setl
the hape of well ruead bha,
The Markislle Bellea itbeay: It at
ha been felly tbhe weska that )puim
ere in some nse -kods tis perish I
hlave hadrai, and as a natutaige Ce
sequess vegetation leekI ss hl and
this as tit he ea t bbo hd.
L ch ofltheeld ear sloet, and the
auno begins to safer. The geu ldes W
loek parched and asy vegetables Sb
are totally destroyed. di
The Tbibedas Ieatiel a y: A
sad asee was presented oa aSiG. ha
uuday mormiq in the DIietrlctO r It
a few mies below ak
and memTers 6fro i t ie le&s
families is thise i niiji t
bifre the Jude senii e .Lm
monath ego e bredetld aissi
bll veate houieef r. 5or
mol, living some 2 a.t 15 amhI s be
low Ldkport and ddrig tie e d, i
ned viuilgar and indeeatl h
within the rosin I which were
Indie. The meopidtuoir or a
requested them to loiehsue 141
when with eluhe and knive tis
made assuil upon +him .~u, Ai
bim and bmising h'lim iadly hi
thoi head sad face. lPor tiu e
wre indited, tried se
t lo tn
tee, pans of I t f Ii
hud fall upon mativo ei, e
and so great a sa e: spon aen
old and awell kneo family, yeu Ii
sed lanera opinio n thus an ateamPle
of tt kaind absr uf the
eto may of law d.dor ntil
frtuenae brawles ile tb e 11i 1
forte •emfsltl of ath levitaofaI
osd sr pres m a dean lpue tsas ine so riii
r that Ltheiud lw n el I tha I
pshmenatmuosefe betel dnt..
*.psmaatter w hat tab (v*5shlu Esi
porti c of·the byee eliefe daes:, r
t tin soersl d e hip w llalwst. ,r
haly re peaheat iil phb e to lit
- A
;r deshle thea sj b.4
his Eriewilth tStemChlgge sItes by
hs Coktag.7. Iahiuvfle, N.J.
nt [ew York Imna.]
Ins Wee KaYomgn(Caaai 9troedt ied
or ecbnesmmptiea Is Cbseie lin,..
dry in BIellew, .,'Nem Monday
iioreing. He west "there we days
I1" before for his bhqlh, Hie had no
money and his esatrymen bought a"
v_ coln in which Wee Ks Ymg'a v'rs.
od mais wrepissed. After the o. i
lid wabseeweiddon a Monday the
,, Chigmeoa hebld pyaeseaou serving
ever it. The: tfey worked is thi
ir" as al~yami$ oedeteek. At that hoar I
they eareled theit 'is 'Abhe hall in
0. An t 8 e.r bfaehel. quarter.. The
Ii. Um.J. 18o.Seaisrqf~r, mspaeshl
prayer, and the umoursers a-010
re m~r'wI a uW%- ibeie.*. f." Two1
white umas th. oar"d: the ear s
aO of R qoh~l:r~riii
aw*ai ae~wpnde4. f lerl pei"
ea of tiw Ie r f. bio WUi ag l
the Chinan stnauCo n uhal Isua t
i tslipserof hwksqpr, blabr
quee lioact
with wbicf. KI '1 ,
*o *eeq a aadHI l eain : p paid
·tow to theqawo
a.The F pes ima gresult is on tteal1'M. l 4kok
'tth br~a ifk ''dH~'biUC"ii *hc a c6lSh
o 8delhiflsai the Phalsi m, la 1
ºe rao.d. ýt, IC t rs%;e , of the
a* houe "P~ Sp.~n
a above 110wene
o side of thbi'wre.ý Abe~t I '
wýd.aad pp! . e
AIrN It aaiddam!ua ` ' a ýo
a Ana .&ula, ra Wh.
aniid sd
~· ~YPP(d~i:Iiix"':aQ 4 do~Y
tj, p d , ~A wl l - r +ýrSin
wide SOIL . isi
1 aa v rniitg;i% ua
C Thdl wre seyeaease wav lalsi. .h"
'thsharnsgef dietWe. sgYaa~
clsalaa~dpersonal ulseuses. ,1
La ba 3giek C riamm.
FCov~e .sir 'ftites w bwatds eat
'isbawtCOMM o 1b~lslbus the:1
C t1., rf1t r rheMMMý
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