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The People's vindicator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, March 27, 1880, Image 1

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S, VOL. VI. " NAT IRTOOES, LA., MARCH 27, 1880 - .
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--;ýpl Ceowrmeor at Law
iIe CourtsetNaabitaesbeA
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Mrw iO CEIS, LA.
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W NOW-2 '
NIew Orhleas Ntes.
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co"x -gs. t
(8pecial Correspondence of the Vir- rI
Nsw ORLEANS, Jan. 24, 1880. tw
8ueaker Ogden appointed the ,
House committees on Monday last, Ul
and then both Houses were fully
prepared for the trk lof the Sesion fr
iThat the nembe were'edy.or ray
the busieem ie harld aled the
Oeneral Asdmbl f 'tonether was evi r [
deneed by ti feet that setie) of 'es
teetIor taItrodsae many bills at.
future day was a oeD give, a gear t a
emnber have aready been preeted t.y
In both branches, and referred to the'
prqoer ommmittees. To those afs -
emlWar with the forms oA legislation ,
it may Po 'r t that so billX
' ybas >s ,4epi atIelb) on
h. t hasa -to 1to,
`.. ofjere i tirr etrsrn to commt·.
re tlon. peee Is I shown
that In this way e business of a
Z isl~ur Is apedjd ao4 mc Fp
Sd n preivetd. Wee ,
the pp doj
noth iq, 6ieeaon, I qts'.
mdhe uslo, comW
0mee gage each member
seii hours eachb day .nd it is to
heUus witttes room that a member
performs te tVh I 1srvlos of the
Stats and hbi constitueant. Here
bad bill st, killed mmd - kI
u lU siaIter debsetla , .Bl
' Vuryb#e dbsitee_ epod I
d eabitlej sg -deleted, en and alI
bear setbetbrouh hen they comea
besk with it dverepo
HastX IeiblatIon has b olre
to tbue , aiiohldelth, and among tb
the masy *Ism pdOetW las of the new
eoonatutlton none Is more beneueol
i eathalt bIoch prevents the .Gene
l, 'rules tW !roug.
Many ee onable9
r. ssp ~our Statute oqoks,
many moae that havere bee on othe
aud have required much trae, labor
Sand expese to the sate to have ex
ntroduosed towards the end of tbe
session, not properly acted upon in t
committee read o7 title only, rvau e
7ty Ie rled when before the Hone se
and senate and not understood by
I balf a deaen meIbes, they would go
throuoh under a suspension of the I
bae quorum, and members would
rue rd lear  with srprie and
Sregret that they bad voted for bill*
ro whblh they were t every way p
p lible now. The odtsttuiutOi pre
t'e toll hU rmthlld a e b jor
l o! the. nembers mut be rer
Osn becomoe a 1.
Ir. ab OaI . il. eS e " a
e Gh, * thb  a .
' I Is he , ubdtl o the Com
l arn t' ' tI; r. atok--of
a m pnliadm to the giena.tlemet
[email protected] as Istbltoebse.
nen .U3 LnoaN If f UltnIUD TrA! aNA*
,It the l I
"xsr u rs am etid tha hap ."
pNU.. " The Pnresproýerb Ads r J.
lijiratomll, tr _he Io VGCIU-.o o. .,
radl It OloI o to the UIted 001
SwHelem at to Ill bhe term benmi. "
Iol em l the forth .of .r.,- Mb I .
It wes beived h the tritwouto di
owrh to him tae Ucaoemihgi 'to 1
ZM mdl,,eemllsr ofl Yk mms-'I _ B
lead s naj tsitiou h aer a um*1 '*
+ ' iiihr i o ll In 'IrsIei_1
lo eal earrowed dlows o MeeLo M
.a. IUIIndth ld Se.,I
It .*l Stiw Ia othe s te r l
wit oends nalgh's asiew lw s*
deelega step the lead
w hd been do.e _, bIs UoIo @
The, adVSWP of a still hutwasl 01
hofs bt i r3Ta. Tes
aud sd o it . On th
S!SIul whil bdAW Is
bs sIm dI e ag s
mit Magears a
' tiii.a h.te i l
., wit . th .
mouId *tothek1~
dates were withdrawn Olbeon watM p
receive two or threb of t 'vtesthat t
bad been earn lor tbem; or eootigh b6 t
seaors the aomdaatio. -: .''
When the cauous reeesemb!ed on h
Wednesday nllht, no brealf bad been ti
made In the Glbsotale, sad Mene C
r held his own votes well In1 htnd. 1
The Ant ballot remeleld: Gibson 63, p
MoEnery 36, Coffrey 8,, TebaMa 8,
scuttertg 3. There had been no f
praesteal change since the second
ballot on Monday night, and If Te:.a
da and COotrey could bv6e hell their
votes, there would have been a dead
look. But.this was hot the ase. Oh
the next ballot one of Coofyey's votes
and one of the scatterlog went to
Gibson, and be received 66, MoBneery
gettlug 38, Tezade I, COotey ' 1, sat
rling 3. Plfty-lOv, was Just eeanugh
to nomlnate, beintg a bare majority a
of the ooapeus.ad :Gen. Oltwhn was
declared the o",lMe of the Demo*
oretdo party for United States dens
An analysis of the vote to caneuus
shows that Gen. Gibson was nom
hated by the votes of the city mem
y lauced betweep Gibson and
McEoery, be i'llbioa getting the
Iqlk of the vote Ln the Msalesloi o
river abd'lgat parishes, while Gi.
a`ci t 'sl e sttength w w drawn pri!rm
olnpdll w: rldve sectwin
and Northi ; ao.. Of the twenq
tyPjgbth clty members. McEar y
,selvel te vots o e, asl
"i ecn be absetalnet in
JIog abou t twentL at
je uE. Ge: lbion easnbt' eld lsa
seob pereobiia loplar Io New Or
r Is. WblWhlb litt ed
be S tredlid bus 19 co
'he I hnd, is eM$Iy A pprocbM
a ell liked; beside. rly at
the prominent ly p1la we
eat enlilited la hl fa&ttr. 8heriff
rick bel bie on lnfia
-61 1'9o
Gibson. id te lyl
rfor Ener j as wax esn
St tot n weibsn 6' tb' -
SVOteagll sy  ·It In lumber.
p1ied i namoiat lon by Senator
od car ser o t yd gob
, 1 ' ;I i no olbk orthtepgln
I ion ,Winh Aoalll d & dml -aL
, , i".dtla l b.l,.idia...
cin. jblt , .
the ltbIiybs almost dma 'iieatqd imtai
the thondd srd one patr
,lemed Wo were wlng Nt&wb
Steiogt d'roiirc beonc P&ir sQ) ijuLP
aýist etblsa blt~it * d sl$ ~r ete e o
swrt t hl-sib hours.e Thelci t,
'eo tlavbere ob f 188o or .U d I
queet i troasedl6 d of the s at j
lase no lataiee or the disrpponte d
,mPlrants ,bThey hair taeroed tor
.ist homed; sadit desie toS ay ha
hel ý and;": bereBiter be found t
umoil Mtble rarr ofu mderai b! "e
the MLegbture of 188o0-or judg
meat In lling judicial oices ar 0'o8
leat. All the sae. the General As t
.emM, M. l Dfrln
F hmoottallortaL duty. It WY be A
said withut rere . that bettear -
r rlecn oi ulG No Lhave beiamde, r, ei
even:fromthe tmarnof eboieemate- ture
rlal at baed. I will not offend tlhe o sh
'ee~ . idlIIs of the defeated by a-r0s.
very best that could have been made, t
SeelWleaU  ba se eaonst reCtae
for may of thoe oewe wre usuoe Thq
~ esiul werest A.e foremose
aed , ore
g.. th tba ll
vIues of the first a ,nd t rd Oui.
II il be aen thenator GunnMng- B
aof r a ied a
Iireteue atrlot--iM bllot-Maj')r
diu. G ls ar.Oay eB.eor tore t,
ubto~iOKhe~ ni te nom
li lat redas o d r i `
• f or t X ee' " o
Sa ld iterm; 5 .dg Georma
j, totoyo,! o
S . PbemOI iPwell
b ns1'sbeand .
9S6the Demel AI.
isud.f the lnt and third iruits. Ou
o vote, os arndin omo n, area s o1
U"'i di complimentay vote. oue
J. 0 Moocure 9, .B. Georg ge
e. irg-h rim It41OOPn aK.g eore,
is. sodJudg O asnmd A . S
au.mbei twell of c tdidem
3n, , a Soin'CoLf 22
In B I A r aA i
old* ad eg
A-A. .--- @,-r
I . . letWl e Ieeii6 s R e lith ti le
aps9e. ITtimet n iWhnoh 1
M aG*trf ca wgel h'fteohbate Byt8
elotly. No moto ierportbnt preb. tive ~o
lem will come before him frr edoi. which
tion. The members of the Supreme nor wi
Cut will tbe alected ofter due deo tify a
liberation, .a. they should be, agd charge
public crloelty will be gratifled, as crimes
well aq aubilo iaertetos aeply oared reque.
for, In good time. 4
the cc
I have s rid that many hills have crile
been presented In the Sesate and credib
ousee. Some of these are of local B
interist only. Others ae of cones provld
qdoeb to the State at large, and of Jr a
these I append the titles of the most her on
ee, with the names of the In. bolide
r. . Also
By. ~lnsftor Nott.-A bilifling the and ju
terms of the upreme Court which for pri
preplesba follows for thbb meeting B
of thb& matto: , dec
'pew Orlewia! Sr Monday of menalt
Novedbet to the'ar or May. rst a
Monroe -- Commeseig on frst court
Monday in June. All appeasls from been
ldwmell,at b uln hbland, More- tore
houae And West V(ardl retnamsble e
at Monroe on first onds i oune.,
and all appeals frdm" iam, Clal. -
o al. Union blia, Sackson, orderi
d d e
d'ten 8. uley- ypars
'A~l lli frog ol eWesS "St.
Yihg te. cripy
o le at OJeLas OMs A"re, Mon.
,a Julanted Mo W Io h4I Terre
thl tt , asl ln a annt epot
It e pQ.ablsid c ofdy i e loa
d i h bbil in noidste ae
That il Brey
.i j , b e
Sth eb In n to hen Aul
prejud vibu e ohsnv 1 ti eW I
h o n btl  o i en
ctr ft AI crt 8reve- pe
tspa tAll iade vhdan. ' Baits
Sotl ULhto p bola ide wage
a se uta utshe ttrisrl on ' he boe
o ody Aiio tisane 6r eia ' . Tbe r
ell aet lrei d Ica' i foi t h a
or- 3corrtiot tb s 9oroviad itia
e sleerroe
Siirll r o the eal dO e toots tio
yCoa 'aasr pr s al
a] lseotI, C t o' aoteh eleitreth and
a h lo ,ah 3 c ito t e dhoar to hale we..
ae tqweatrith ri boa' oer iS
i~ftb'OttlW Ifbt Y h55*
1~-I s w itb-at-i da.. (T h lo -
I W rlaeunlpr tqed sS
b.e G.osr r fhelr beath the a
i t~e Yid th le pbl_ B et
S.e aatpor t b `ag fObbll sr
re-, there oe a . to .
.JulearMe ll.d bof ssta . ie. toif
o; sites.- i b uru -il thais i~ - o
to re.ln Se;4U t el irtl€b wb bedil Of u
ord tnop bod ii a° an ll T
' c s .
. sthe Lthat b e pd ot bo th e
si I Guwisf ldot font sr. begInnlng r!
-mon thilist of AprlllLl~:"~;. I,.Ol .8 "0I.
-o I ,l ~ sen to r ,
the tells .o.....e
lar I t~te Sude Commlir r _ _om- I -
o ý.h
b- ash muo thllldie boad to have "11.
be 4y bý have pbler to "sa
"r ie otls., Cmoll .neb vrs_,. H.
to n oall&.arsiewslle pa o i4 t
U[,.t)e 4;ýRji|~ xR kYI i 001:
. byr w ne
neeeitpof of .c a p,,
t vieoi by law (ten thouasnd dollars) i
h I4n ewone yOar.
e By enator juegstln-A bill rela
r tive ,o testimony in criminal cases,
which provides that nelther husband b1
e nor wife .shall be compelled to tes* -c
tify against each other; a person m
I carged with the commission of eg
crimes or offenses shall, at his own tr
i request, but not otherwise, be depm- Be
ed a competent witness, and his neo lu
glect or refusal to testify shall not qi
3reate any presumption against hlm; me
the connect6n of a witness with sany l
crimoe tpay be shown to affdot his'
1 By Senator Newton-An act which at
provides that Sundays the fourth of in
SJuy and twentyfifth lay of Decemo b
ber only shall be roc galsed as legal i
sAlso a bill to restrain ministerial e
e and judicial ofloers from golng ball ne
h for prisoners under trial before them. I
g U Reprsentative Butler-An act fc
de lrt a crime and providlng a 1i
oe rnalty asotng Q atemting to
it as an attorney-t-aI- n any
court In this 8tate Withbout aing
been previously licensed amani a$ fc
- toroey and counselor at law by the ft
Bupreme Court of the State. Refer- t
.- rm to the same comlttee... ti
"i By Representative Letten-An sat
t orderling and reqnur parish or mu- sI
o oicipcl corporatlonsln thi Steteto It
, teo- v for trzee or lIsa# du any -
Si parish or munoopl drpo~atle prior i
l to Japuaryl, 1. 1, alli~ vet warrant, 1
-. scrip or evidences of lndebtedosis of t
said parks or municipal orporatd.: b
SBy Representative Williamsu. of ia
1Teoneb ane-Au act endtitld as act a
to provide for the paymet odiea s
- and llnmm ofo toaoO. d b
Sdepsy shelfe de
Srics polling p-aces throeghout the
0I By Rlprtentatlve Youon, of Iberlr
P -An act to defne and emulate the
Strial of injunctloo units In oouotr I
!s- rle pe wherein writs of ~ 1e _ fi.. I
eonet rs prrooess or oren ortsf eIra
' nsset are o enyed. .
I 'i B Seteentave sk hi-Ad act
e ýe aorerfg the New baa ema l,
9 shell reoad add appurtennoes, brd
b v ldinfor their maunag.eent by a IsU -.
-' peibtendent, dfllug thed duties of l
his posltibn, flflug his salary and,
'e wages of assis, taont, liing the -e t
1 p~psesl of o3lbe .i p Ilt., ,
-tleteriina how rpgr es bei.
et i dedepth of water to bt mausita -I
.e, amoust of dues to 'hb collocted,
s;IanI ektablish h I r regnl-I.
i-, tlools for Its L ,anag
inemt. $efettWed e l ***n
'7 mittee pn the bNew bas wbn IP- -
al pointed. I
Ic By epresentative BHtbaway-Ans
by aetto repeal sectlons 1 and! of asn I
act entitled "An'' acst for th rotes
rton of game saolt pi and bldo I
Sthbe 8tate." .° ' ..i'
ad y epresemntataive Luocke-An sea
of to appolota Statea Ispector of team I
or- boiler operated o leand l the State
Sof Louisiana, and examine persons'
y employel or engaged .in oprtUitngf
t saidt boIler; to, veor wlmm 1o Mr. I
e0I palty of such stenaa boilers, and for
n ohb purpoa ses.,
Among the Importat weolnUt
t ept.1d1.p:t . offoreo in the
far atahe week . Vs. the M. ke
low- - of .Po S ooo eoi
nwp~~tdedpib: "
R r! {yºý .. oitpote't0 io
tal c such test m om asm1 ISS he e4 V
ir Iinoo Sa ýtý .h4q -.el 00
mdoo oal10 dtlt
I.n thuoýl ý
A lop EW o* Oest,,
or new to rrrk atlttfo
r" Nu Omi&s b eru 5, 3 '
I suter besmgey a o all
itcps esentia s b.the romm ei.
oIi Tdt is d1. tbs b6
ApstEW Of. one
B I 1GI OF THE 't iprou 4 as
pre Ao.r b'elolSred hoc aU -
" dot mI he o
t~u;r L *s~or P106P)O a
h tob ogleth~tkn ws t I
'I1 rite. b
a(a ktp` .
lo. glutei "'debistidimi; Oi'm' st i
lef tio 'ýIth s
i--~n~s ; · r' I tip q16 1
i Vo~ E
SIi sitoe to m, *Iwbr' *ecs+o ii `cooae
:TU aDVsIY? BsLL., . lefuglt
Tim House touk p la
I bill on ntobsa, mu  .a.
" completed the condiderationI of
I re import6nt rovisionte-tle prop
s erty to be taxed rtl, the. amount *u
I taxation. In trut,'e ierals
stembly hu no dcotltn s' to the ihe
"first subject. T'he oonsttltutO' r S
Sulresa ahb all propety met be  a. t9
pdRSUCpt sc lsbterm ape -all Or
I' ezempte4. The, tt all pi
elblttittee on ways ind 1
b by h o o)th Ma e
Meaons proceeded e to deb wthet o 8e I
i atituted po), ro y. This sn dIta
I much oppost . c was.
i bthe new bill Iaso'uoh as t iai The
Sprovides to be m of leas
1 4iuQleetbtoa o s Odd
I new assesment iisto bie he
ourrat year (whblch is Ilo idedI
t for in the oaonstitus) , 3 tha e.
a will be aadJep¶p a ealh
oa x `if aid.
r milsone mll fot thiSl fi
I mt one ill for levee p one
for public eduaation r t.m al
Sfor the pyment of the ns on Ro
Sthe public debThis last "1 Was fo
the ubjet of a pabloedi ai ahd- and 1
t mated debate. It Ias e l all term'
, sides that ths. EOllS h9ld b 1)- eteti
a led because the product of three
r mlls would Ibe qufrid obgithew
r ltest if the *nd jOP
the debt ordlnsce that I
i. bonds atsevety-ve ct e s the
atdo" ll no bod, ,pt
eSeh hboS be'proieS fort. ' s e
eae aro e sothe poa.
one sde It ius otesde
mme ied solinG, n the
t 8tta a . .b.a urr.s...
e thepayment of itees due tof J,
the bond-holderas _ oote ,
t settldalent6 fib' "th b' uilli
-, danoe h to whmit was tofi bld
Sand so ter. :On the, , ilt41
tf a ouolld be colectetd l a hetl
d poa tha a was aabsolutly nU usat
t to meet the demands of those .w
t ,forerly accepted tU 51 satte
,e sot m blth tut on. . r,
Be Governor hl all lyre . motpnn
s- amount ofa thnetof de. - S
h- 'oldi Whohad obeslited thb
of the dbb.t .rIm s,"aid on that s
no daydbtis bwk oleut t e
o a. tbe Ql r toW"t: h o
o. ,oto-r osons
in tattoset lesfts ,e
dem upsr the . e Aln ha., ll
i da of. it:e ~dihnaI
ot r. ie fýr fr k
5 of tai " Otdi
be es p· -resiushoube *1
ed the
- the mo mn1b
? an themj Man
lu. 41n
eoneeded to be n_ able effort, gle
la Ita Intent sad meaning and sound
Wak . -I e . n I- rrb3 ed'T
. AEWV d. AUBED . _ !
Itder of o
l b kibnlr all l / h A
it . Dba n the
P Thl e +aor of the
, twt
beItbe otre ds
taste sole mawass a leteiw
!yai or day.sbrr rý)'
i M yor of the daby
Slio wh i a s
met witha corr
m the o
Ssr-and uta--t.
Ie etstda to
bhaelaor k
Oil or the,
b he WittLbave. to go. xo^NýMJ
PL1861pl rd up rl
Tim tot rnrpuM1 n Vfr L1*W~
Kt.Ob6dgrdW'vo4 taoýf IaUlirwa
bilt Wpovi~th*N
of an Imume s1
ot Ili 6ý
I ~bab~ suIw &gm: l
h ~ fed ' alk
.u i il- m t
msSl m at e m mab
N, Iii tbq
55. 'r
_br býýi 9ur
15 r
"+ bb4IlAid a
4. ~IW
sastari°, b -ýaý t i
ON 0ost tOi
b ~ ~Zz tii
ir 0~1130 ON!1m

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