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The People's vindicator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, April 03, 1880, Image 1

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:".i ..lm ... - - ,t O i.f.I t "
1J IeVo Uk an th&Mdl I PhowtaN
M, 1. 41 N , , bgU: 8oiL to .t.___n
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nm OIt a .lou:h:s
.... .... "u , " . p, ' g "- ....... - -" - * --- . . . - -- -- - " - - ' - - - -l d e
* *1 at an am n t rent$n nMuniAn.Wmm, nr ini!. inu B tii, i.n nnin i !a; m
r I. JAc% " Pi Kwaso)
jla s,1 at Law
.ý) IitrdouNi. LA.
1MI ltlw r, c R11IWlla, Rp e
piwuiL C. sI Aa3onoaOI.
~aUlrI 4r _l ari
W41JhLukt, oh. IflibJudi
,Mf L4Ohs, th andilk
1 eIU1S Building
'~Jfi~iBt CUES, LA.
. i lj8ilt c1s1s t1MIM
Fý#i aszAT LAW
$*iwes, LNa*.hitO.Sba, La.
M ia irrPmvlsbk
b do Dalr al Nod ilakr
aiabte., mmd etors
iypt at Kanva! mmd Now
r Jati I 'TA.Iy
Da~i airluV. 1?. !.C~wu
.Illlr. rut corw
ur3ll QflO~OCf, , LA.
jah DI trie Court. or
le1u, Debot. au4
ini dob IsFort Ciret c
$i M S Jdklar DI '
, AT L4Wr'
a SIAN: Z&LS ; ,Mt
~Srll~'yo ~ '4
L it
usnte ware 1.
d ',' iI dte b
re . , h, Ii.irrýýe'oen
,, trr, t
g, C ·
t La.
7rrr ' Ih
"1 .
aw lL e ' d
- al'
3gw·' *m ,
buki q:; . e l
* : R · N5,, I
i~I I·~.d)i
~ uiQ
Ervr .
61,,.. 4
)~? ·
Celebrated American
TME countenance is pale and lead.
oI !ntiCtlbes, whiretasional ldshes,
or acircumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the
4 pupils dilate; an azure seqicircle
runs along the lower eye-lid; the
nose is irritted,utelsl nt OI tha*
bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip ;
occasional headache, with humming
or throbbing of the ears; an unusual
secretion of saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul. particularly
in the morning; appetite variable. i
sometimes voractips, witha gnawming
sensation of the stomach, at 6thers, p
entirely gone; fleeting pains in the
stomach; occasional nausea and vom
iting; violent pains throughout the
t. abdomen; biowels irregular, at times
o costive; stools slimy, not unfrequent
ly tinged with blood; belly swollen
am ad.baltd; write, tabid ; rºp41ow
a, occasionally difficult, and accompai
re nied by hiccough; cough sometimes
W dry and convulsive; uneasy and dis
turbed sleep, with grinding, 1 the
teeth; temper variable, but generally
Sirritable, &c.
I Whenevst the above symsptoms '
are found to exit,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form; it is an innocent prep.
of ration, net capahab of diNg thsitest
isju! to the most ader infast.
The genuine Da. McLAn's Vms
MIFUGe bears the signatures of C.
McLANE and FL=INo BDos. on the
wrapper. -:o:
33.0. ULA wsr
S ot r tas r rtlemss
tac bio Il s a edA ws ser on they
aectioas i the Ier, ddDa.M LhA's
*. Ouet otemtdil nsiuh me rued is
asr to, or after i Quldlm
The geIrnlne are mever tsur costed.
Each box has a red wa seat on the
lid, with the iprnesnoi DLn. McLr's
Each wrapper bean the signatures of
Snstait j n having the geunoe rn.i
C. Wcld. itu ,hs.ipr,re byT
Frbiin 4] of ' 'ttsbqrgh, Pa., the!
market being full of imitations of the
name NeLele, spelled dllremdtli but
svme pronunciation.
For r Y fiegor 2
S'abihi at i
,a ' I*bue.
alth, aj d ef
fecta for pre- m
hair. Fand or
sw'red to Ot
mb b is * _0 wr
abseted, and baldness A.a,
am.o , aw catred biteis AI.'
bang estore the hair where 'the
bates urirdestsoyed, or glued'
o idph and deed.. such a ;I
rra ea, be saand for lusefualle
• this a.pplicatioa. Instdnlofie
. b .p ýaiir trihste y atedbei k ito
wie e ist an and rvigorous. .t
.as wll provost the hair
from titning gray aor lihdg " aid
consequently prevent baldness. Fre
from these deleterious substances
which make some preparations dan.
gerous, and injurious to the hair, the
Vigor can only benefi but not harm
it. If wanted merely for a
e b# fount deair
iiti INth wG., I
ad "
Merchinats, &e.
(8accessor to M. H. .CARVER)
S ,. .. CI, . I-;IO
Aloa general line of Plantation and
Family supplies.
way 4, 1s8.
TII reinted now e apening a
ul a rg-nd complt sortment of
Pric very Iqw for casb. Cotton
Ioghbt st h lbnst market price, or fair
dtvanee toe on eonsipgment.
,.h -AND"
AllU Grades and Styles,,
:at the lowest Prices.
" , o racro p
Gk6C UIeu w& tnhihRODtTbc
4 . Aeu *r w...4.. 1 i... B l giS.
' ' W, U iat M ,*M,
gPS L *L
S .itouc, P intr
New O I1erans. ,
P. O,8OX baOs tai
r Pýb - IS.-%y.
t ifliS T'AYLOR .:'ftorazmroL:
t enufr ~r oCHoc(t
*Ouwom, Yan Niu£wic bon ouu..
Hullr IEFhthu~ik '·
Th 5A$ Itt.S the LARGKSt sa.. d '
ar _ -
"' 1tamhraNU.m.sý $or- bM
-A wI U1IVB,.eshr
11j fl gi~bt '
b, DATj wilt
IRA 111t118
A* i ti r1.T" . }
mU ei i . M lt wa e. Ia
a ·;.+r Lr rl ; ,D M ,. ,as ý
d gri .C ~ · )
4',EP CIi; -&·l
7nq cr. n.
ffZI)l ,NKtM a A4~
. .. st
t The
A Love Legend of a tr tihe I
I __ __ _ I. disare
iI" with
BY "OIGhNAVt" c yu
uOBAPrB X.i ;- , nan
For the first few days of iA IW igs
reet.idSe Io Athean, nae in p,+
tented to remain' withins o. " M
fathers death still fresir in her e% A
ry welgwb.ed eavily on her yuithh oe"
pits. As ab &d pever nbefor 'ake
been in the renowned Oreib e, tleti!
trtopolls not. had llivd in such ee lI
ncd and luory, moet o: bed rtt t and
ra Quptt ý-to hamti b
Lrack ib1Ib ot. * hns ohet a o te b
ro pdln e. She sauntered among doloi
the exquisite statUes, plants' and prie
fountalns'that embellished the beau. as it
tiful rdnes nd flnilly having last my d:
i.i:r er'dulsity wlth those oJet ger
of headofratlono, she begged dil gem
BsPJutlto ascotoay her throu!b wife.
those uagnflocent vtas, w e _I moM
wvet studded with arhblteeotrtl fOtalI
gems-the gldry of the far famed bet h
il ever daetre wd, gratifed 'by
the IndulPget sorceress; sail now we
every suOi~t5v5e evening found the Canal
two femagtit aerslgn the splendld Wilt
avenas othe ty or Mierv As emost
tey ror6ed own the streets the asb fh
sorceres ei ed to delight i ear. aoums
rating the lifory, a d legends con* .ee
pected with eY object of curiosity. MsI
They wandered int to the Bill'ot l ~ I
'Mars on whose rocky emlneUe as .
the Areopairs, the highest court of dal
Athenian Judicature; another eva* The I
iqg found the~a strollingl Pltheboad er
enclosure of the , whose large disco
semicircular area was excllasIely vet
used for pOblo assenlblage; oa the I
other the rustle AIYan wraped Ino ere
n wonder, stood amlust the seelptlrtd barr
i, Gods and Heroes of the Aerpo thou
The AMorm or Imarketplace,the u ed
tiful temples of Theseus, e marA
and the sods of the winds, yUta Pre
naslum, the Stole or Pttos, the she I
handsomegarden a s rodgveiAbos "B
mala tile immesethetureof Baeonas, thy c
respectielY contributed to s evna* part
Ions lnstruto 'and entertnOment t ho
oad were all objects of the  !e
enthlnuastle admirantlba
One evenalg durlng their M -
tlqw they met with a e M orI r St of
Lature, wbloeb ewicllh h o.le
alarm to the moterl, M . gra
They had proceeded down the ou*et IwMS
Ssome distance from their bome. ,As set
rn closely veiled, Vms elad in the oWa
deep mourning. Bh wo no ofa-' eve
mene wtve the beaesti hll a i St
that inns had ie rlad whe m
servea to pIn bI hr wp ell rtdtob
egert "The
g !eno k' O~us b the . ,,
s 8urounded u she Was by
wamen, who, i they adei tha
t ion' ofi jeIeb the rustle ed: alM
b no"t reI the po e
I nabog .:tI
19 ,.4 ,',; " .
w not, an e"cetion t -o ' .O
thu. tlidip lc QSi + wis lnlin e 'o'ee
*R . and
Abe rob~. of the
been e""
l I. Mr
0 I Tee iD'
eTh aen, s t wa thuedj 0
• ml err to d to -oe .
tehest a edifice qf lms
beu hetluw bulled wth t a
mitisheapedulsao herelf hr
letate daughter. A r barup
uenE the.a lesy oh
-be a¶
use. I'
my-t erMIqra1fifaflW and ye
will kýdi "von.
There was'eoaoellis a fasol n
ting In bI.WIeMMl eI e fd'one, that O
I the rage of the ýq.mere3s was quite
disarmed, and'' delistened to blems
with great auatipt le,-
""x mp hev "IA to"
mansioo anih eTb d&re his fair do- .
mius. 'This gem whihob I have st
uIIaonenredy asesd tfrau this yes
I wm br Pa oe .l ownGi di l
a beittnelbei got tc iBlase sm
Slee wi [email protected] eal+aind
1 analedra eellm.. dmsb @
4 beat evl er shodb s Irt 4ide 4
Shad evi,r aehot e an It, assgivebý
,me by the matronly queet o1 tb(
doelsabs: rraceful Pbthiai i1
dprised it above everytbhing .omoSg A
Sas i did from royal bands trouls sb
my dying father. In a imoment of
Sgenerous impulse I jave the pro
Sgem unto my afreoonete Aunty the o
b -wife.of my unole Oansnaess, and swh
Smaber of the fair IJrr.,LA :The an
ifownsate IcVltla worse tihisolap i "i
her bet bai the fatal evening of ahe di
ppp aueo, ..d now iets disoveryis dicl
y tte Urstelue we htaveound byrwhicb IL
we can teack the habent. maDdea. an
e Onlst thou wonder at my redboees
d Wilt thou not forgive me now? And
, caastthoU n tell me.iyoynn *omn nI
e ano from whenoo and under batoir
r. umastanes thou buat U a.
. seeion f this valuable Jewe"l'.~
: Mumnt saw the necesseity ofet
iloo edlth cooloess and . d
it r heen .pereption miede f I
o danger to which they were uletted. sa
I. The seret of Icmrta's abdnuctia by ol
A her master was on the of being oil
Sdiscovered. She was d led to a
v avert be danger by eteri sing il of I
. the Iogeouity and dieldmolation at thi
t her command. She evineed no ema la!
Sbarraesmmet the youth'edisdoesle o
thoub ber mind was soely perples
Sed wi the mystey as to bow As
:I m .rapr·naredthe cada
s" From her seat, with dignity drslo , hi
e she replied,a
S"Iludesby there is no excuse for
Sthy conduct. Thou hast acted the
SI part of a cowardI Ooaesly bast -
f thou laid bands upon an uptotate pa
is ed gir-thy galantry stands im- s
.d We will not sewer thee to
a. fMwhence thiseelap wasobtaied,
mfaor bhe art uderv the nodelee
t of women. Thy lnoovl is a dism -
. raeo Athenian manhood! m Whet 
SIlwaseborn, bred and reeaed4 domes a
a grebheli to uh s ouIe etmlatlon by dI
e ou nolib braves, abha acme date be
a" eves thao tes. m ah l es lay b
s p aedht of5 d upon their dellmate to
to bloy ({parers after Sthat" ebitrld u
a Measenisa. she bra 'Arsseese, tb
he bow i' maberlut isb-lad ,llere *
b rand yedt ! Fort asmM w
ber tdseaib ogste e b e si
es frter thlat tus n
mt.,1 iSt Jldis is eatdmedhatcs, 'u!
1! fad , Iti " r' 15 ita ( <<:. ' m
g MtoutuinegaPllelene -neee
ed the speech of MaUhib3b
Olt lw':abo r abbalbr dugale str
+Ioaul bsU eks
"ub dt.dow1eastob w
Ieihe rg5herde rc thoerahe
oman, lnawau U
.* b l mhbl uies
-. be i Sb
oii sdsmorw bylesbh i
r Qlla -; Im pVi t
1 U lk aah 4tulr OlF p
piLbs eenteats .ll canima a
aseetes willonae
1 .ý'  pa l, R" ,,U" . o -. '-M.,"-,7,
beMr t ue umi4 .
ob l bO dl il to bOV 5': 36ll
ps 3A0 otsheIm , I'
..ý ; is to howl l"
>. red p 10 h fir
r~~e uý.~.o4SIIe~I
ead, , lto~,
ith all ab M1t b
t . to bm. U .. f l I
I 4
the I
Ail im dit1t.fnIMti1otM
Ak eld ;,b head
j'n', -
" t ll w,-1AlN.
14d tiued bku VWr3
` n iothe hes oite . abblol1 0111
. TI
taIPt e .era p 'ý" qat , s
e MelbeMlog f oag*enow l ie
b eorso to thge s e
• La ºp t, and. t pad ý
m ulo- resha delihen ion weredýd u
I. ll der mai d r
Hy** go, a Lt
r m loru 1a' to I
e tos dt euu a a rotorIo 1s M
Saminddetd -
4. sees aI Olt 0 t I$: p ily
•. ntiv kths he' ma t,
d aer laled heo t eal
Sobbe dlad--be gaelek su Isto- ai
L- wbne aS I1 tI el
IS. mw as .eaubme-- ud tt.eb. I1.
al 9walll 'b apurr dsdr -t
3, tofob t he
0* NM ,i Niila. ' Joew
osm t aer for davl or
o beusless to Monssalt of this iietl
ad 'a
I ks
b n'
P ?t
her (or isOneZnar
Tbindellub~ i
The It on bls r d
SyuT5 tlOk~d dl &thil ha
bat bad. ·ti i.
hatO hmL
' " Y~~tblg t; ýb
Ii jire adhok brflm
ho~K mu hARWn we
ý 4 tdp pq sl `PNt"
L; I
The tfolfoJgtiour fuile t phase o
the Spoford-KeiHor case:
The minoority_ e as¶__IladM
* Tn1i ,oII.oloI th l g
"e 1 ott3 r erl~ ,h
to mane
Jouldy w bi
elude a
i bW.'e irWo..
a l
id o
d -
ih to
It eeeseee~e ý
TI 77
1 I
hh 1b NMý
BhE IS,~ A5
1 uraginwuuu uin.

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