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The People's vindicator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, April 03, 1880, Image 2

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513. 3. UUU' tSY . i r o.. .
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·..;~·ri ·lr~cr~zE34
PI;E~ aiw
DemomSlesi ie
are mhalt ill
Soy , So Shegrelara h will
te placs gast November. The
uoat, bhis to be oesaf more
teha Meamw mto mme d aetiiy.
pree si u moue s
Ia Sart aspslnt dad may l
aM aeulatnsi th poUtse ms*
eMaay lid apeest of the VsuMs*
The Dem-l wl Mew that
f y Io h a IY o o dt
ith; the Se hosmw e
s" hl sluedeop wh wily Yad
Ussetrplow ollrt who will
at kiW mte It employ  y us
pUIelpehS -as obleasety sod
bw llo t o a t pha1stge or,
the goversmeet, .eves, It heymat
amd olie -ty, Io als I their eap
she reoetautholty. Om almidb
ave Stheyinp ls the rdeevi de
bairsede his ashodly ma dgismy
she rstll oeeop at tol as eas.r
.4 pola s ad the pIlabl tope
ebir p.,el.d o la Amless a
deviel ai ptlotlem, tem mahood
and aigalty of ebstaster, s towap
prove sad seept as ast of oadem.
matey nmipstaes.. No ther people
es Sb hiee of God's grass earth
would bave quietly obmitletkto
n aos outrage upo theilr Ibeiraes
ad be lmausboem Y that whIbchb
w ppaptsated lI 187. But the
mae fhat tut Ameleas - a
lbertyleoi bpeoplSlled tbhe mt
Udege of Sb volmeo of wath,
which we ready to birn frth to
Ih rlhby adbhyaas t hlbra mob,
.ladea ad4 burals lava~, tS ladig*
sly, perpetrated upos them. 'Tmes
so a ss b ear loved Caser lees,
but eq m n. uam lae d lawlest
lam .outruaged ms tham, wha
they had hopes of doalg It without a
.What hbs bees the sslts? The
SepMhleta party is hoilg diided nip
n ds heto, ollowlgs the varlou.
diegogses who apitre to seaure th
Peaidemay. ThPey ae overrllle
every preedest established by the
eitty dad attorfol Pruideats of the
fenasry Nay, more. They have
eooted as the gs Igute head frt
tsheir worblp a idol whichb will be
oveSthrows sad trsppled la the dii.
by tmen ial bots of D.mocrao).
U., ' ,mlay he popular citise,
it aW hbut it t is arely to be
sapposei that the me of Amerieum
votesr aibe thmems will ernpor
dlrpreiealoms to asotsht trm 1
stPsrdeasis lhair. Bis aomina.
do' will prve She trmpitr m eloe
whit ahall hone a hit puoellm*
hyth o Sasidowlrb ut Inad
paiale tu gmt*ab*lu Is a ever as
mewait llemd She terfe dia"
twehea the miambwe aeused,
hewa ath Wtimbess. Almeady
~Nrnth m o m alen
yIS~thak Is.Uu dlrie.
5 a hablelatesalesi
- -pr. W sther paan
sbee b gilse sehnoer
pelumba idee tSa t She m mee
ba doo haamea ofr Shoaisiea
pgbsp wedsheamssmy *eheuk
She eiu Othe OeDysuayi hU
r4w*4t ahel rr npt· rt
thslnts m g Sbsab are
lh 14 ad1e
tak atam
PM hases is aber
taketeelbea t.n
iewIlas Noti&
A 30oo03n 10 03.at: wa -sraons'
3ags mW ar. emawm s +m. us
s£a .scomm sz-sp a
:&121-.. - 1 ·l l i
*ul a!-lw omw .
saw saws #arosurn
eas5 ,
(ýwsl Guosrasssds~ee of the To.
Iew OmaLass, lMarsh e , 11o.
laasal ll are bKlamg to
;a sa bsin . of publs at.l
tt eaal Mids .1arom
eidlits re adoees the clats
of rhel trorites to the aeltloee
tbe  ade by the Desonsralea mo
. whbch istags Is eleasdtl
Ih clb t Is e. ol olther p b,
hMsl amlas ae as meeay Mulds io
LaleImaae as Gee. WinaAla Bootf
Haesock, His record as mlitaary
Governor of this distriet daring the
dar da of recoratreaioa b as e.
,lesed bim to the whfelaople and
his tady elsitmnsethbat be 1 law
vat pjaamount to military authority,
makes him em lnently drtr to be
entrunted with the olos o0 pod
dnst. To orystatllze dad Inlee&mt
to thle .mtl.m at h wl le h o,
Haaeook has Imapirrd theo pbopl of
the state as nformal ng was
heldIo this Otylo i8taroday oight
;t, wbhik was attended by many
promleaset IlasIsa of New Orlenss
Mad other t of the State.
eGer . Kdoilne prelded. At this
I metlnr i was determined to orga
ie a seveet Ihaviga fIobjer at
the seer ite of Loele, elm
votes _ a the eoeventlod for Gee.
Sasnook. For this purpose it was
decided to form a estral ooamittee
is this eity, with a breach committee
is every par, to press Oe. a
onok's oaims before the pople, ad
secure delegatons favorable to bhim
to the State conventlon, whichb meets
lo the 1ith or April. Anobher mee
ing was held on Wednesday, and a,
I'ditires m dd to the propae of ttie
State lving the reasons Of tre as
eocllation for pref*rring OGe Hen
loLk before all other andidates for
the anomintion. The address is as
In asesourmi he Ilnitiative where we
nae so beg f Hlowed, la the mattet
*t be ' hon Iga a standas d bearer, It
Sdeemrsed prop r that the onneidera
lae whicbh impelled to this coure
,h.eld be made known. The oa .
vaMion aseemblhs to choose our
p.srldenI..l ca.dki-te estier than
usual. Whil, the R'pabliesa4, drill.
ad and diselelled under ezeoutiv
ratrouseg and governmeat py, bold:
4anstised Oaucue on, party aw and
meseres,. the Demoorso havse
dbaertagi e of farmer admo a
too strug Ameriae ass evurpr
the beth elals that something
muest he dose quishl to heil the
a l thatwtll ab.bl l
pstelos amdtrss ma leastaggle
t tg eds enet;os the ad.o.s
..a.... s. a id Sa a
I trew of the berme ofU the ipelle
muthemste a o theia +tha u
maIm s towas atine new
r tho 3 s mep t asthe arirar
aslr as Ar the prots.
1100 tho Soo. of the
heasre ster y
___ stham the
teeder ao mea*
ma pa or r r whis k wllu
. as
mtea onmesta ma
age .e1.Grv
off~d dl~wasia
Ie large mejon4y in the tate
'3s caIOUAr AD ars. o oSOV.
The Baton fe C.t4ls I its
lst lssue Indulg Il suoae Ul-ate r
i4 remarks about Mr. clsgrte, of
Natobitocbes. That gentleman, as
I have already 'sited, opposed the
I o of $141.000 for the te
the B tton BouWe State House.
e lorse this was n~dieas to eI
cite the ire of the Cpieisls, and Mr
Coagrove is charged with belog as
ttuated by spite, and unmeadful of ble
. obllatI sa pa p lPlaitorl thbl par
auler matter. Tihe hIot I, that Mr.
Coagrove was not opposed to asuf.
AIueIt aDoelaOn r the autos
ie dvocated what, In his opilon.
* ,suob smolbent amroprlat o,
naiuy: $100 000 from s
s 0 from Rioa B ouge, or $10,000
more than the Baton Rouge delegates
tothe eoeasltetloal onvention as
erted wold e necessary. Tbi was
the se of his offese ealUst the
(CaI W, sad upon the ssue thus
made up he an affwrd to stand.
Sinee my last letter the fouse has
ased te State House bill through
itv seoond reading, with the appro
pelatlo of $141.000 retained.
It oous aocanIoes IN ar. CeAuLIS.
On Thburday a number of dcitizens
from St. Charles parish, Including
Sthe parish JudgeT alled upon the
Govraor and asked for assistance
to check a large number of negro
i rloters who bad taken pceaelon of
the parih, and set the authorities at
dfilass, It appeas, that on oon
Sd last, the labores on one of t
p n storstruck for adollar ads
Thoy wee geing seventy-.
eas). ~ot led wlthrM tho uatlion
there tojoin them. An organiation
plpamtioiinwas raided. The negroes
; who were unwllllnotoJoli the strike
were compelled to-do , in many ma
Ss so l violence beingle used. At
the Te t theo ommittee widted on the
Governos, slataIen plantations had
been amld e, several negroes had
I been badly whipped and two or three
employers had been shot at. The
workmeL on the levee had also been
eoeapelled to cease work. In fact
S ithe stire prish, I which the ne
Igross outnumber the white toen to
ue, was in full possessloa of the
Sriotes, and the autborities were
powerless. As soon as these facts
Swere placed in possesslon of the
Governor, he ordered the regiment
of Louisiana Field Artillery, eul
Speduas iuftry, to the scene o dis.
ra urbanoe. The troops left the city
,t 4 o'clock yesterday morning, so
I mpainled by parlhjudge Augutlo,
Swho buad Issued writs for the ring
leaders. Is a few boursn tereafte:
mest of the warrants were executed,
rthe leaders of the rioters were Ib
usreedy, and quelt was restored. Th,
apperayn e of oe State mlitia In the
parleb was u M.ldemt to quell all ri
otous demonstratiuns, wibthout a sin.
Sthe mlitahry movenient beulg neces
tery. The autborities of the pari14h
resumed their foouisoon at on('. an,
up to the present time every thing i
Smoving smootbly in. The a rik
"I4ll oontllues, howev.r, and to, r.
TI vet any further osubreak, and a
jhepquoest of Judge Augustin. tbh
mliUtl will remain In the arish a
r ror tw, onger.
I b e i.f4ilr shbow the necessity fto
I a well equipped State mlllt. Ha,
P eot the Lobiisla Field Arteller)
I been set to St. Obarles, the labor
m syetem of the perish would havr
- ee eatrely dlo ned, the per
Ish would he remained a the met
m a ow geastu atlons beums fornlshed
br *5ies owars Although 15it oIs
abe srvie of heta thet e
Is Isoavalable feud from whlob le
, ez tesso be defayed. The very
r dmgthatthe mews of the riot reacbh
Sied i ty, the ouse had rfused
to a~t amendemet to the s
l bill, prolln for the
fo a $17,560 for the State
im. S ,o he. preet oyear,
Ibhee is no prvisione whatever toi
tie epeses of thre llsl when isu
Sbeousme secssary for the Uoernor
.tol pll tlto service. This sayre
sui Ileoserious embarrassmet to the
, hate.admlnlteraob ad Iisto b
hoped that the iome wIll reconsidet
- 33 APnagOmAle 3aLL,
w w takea upnt she looWe o ed
aeoe, ad atter som e amedentod
totheu a oi I
S!ver t. ttlm ero 16i an d about
"Ieh~ ste appropiation for legis
SWhme intin1o. S at b eref 0
*of the feavnes of the Stat euder
s the ovena and llaas hills mow
Snuderconlsderatio, w es them at
ad WIeebills are materially
Samended ito theeate a te
State will e as mch embarraed,;
astheyhavebwen atanytim sdi rlg
Sthee pst teu yee s
wa rm savauns asr3
has n je.s een actd on in the
the pinl eos ISn my list let
er, thatthe bth will he materially
U la a i that body. I
i e(New Ofiame. For thre
letdhe opo oll e smeall
sef ssk a sto its coneld
teat asesirs. Freally, the
Swhe seqires s weekorhts
ult wa s disposed got Z of b ha
w blllla w was gath o u ofth
I tro ded Inthe rouse
Sright to 1 o'lock on uday
and telegraph o00N. 9-stares I
will not b permPid to obll lquors,
eocept upon prescrielon, with a cer.
tsoate appended tbhat' the rono for
whom it i inatended Is sick in bed. -
The bill pased Its second reading by t
a large vote-yeas 65, Mays15.
has not yet been taken up. There Is
a dispoettoon manifested to consider
it in preference to constitutional leg. 1
Sslation with which the calendar les
crowded. All the papers of the city,
Oazept the state, are opposed to the
bill. A strong Iobby, boear r, is
working for it.
The following bils, moen many I
othere, have been Inltroduced In the
Oeneral Assembly during the week: I
By Senator Cunningham-Senate
bill No. 18, relative to curantors and
eustodisas of Itlardloted persons re
siding out of the State.
By Senator Parlange-Senate bill
No. 187, allowlng plataintifs In ijuno.
tlon and third opponents claiming
the property to bond the same.
By Senator Lucas--enate bill No.
188, relative to the claims of the
8tate of Louislan aganltst the Unit.
ed States for suepplies furnished du-*
riln the war of 1812.
By Senator CunninglhaO m Senate
bill No. 177, relative to a justice of
the pease and constable In the Fifth ,
ward of the parish of Natchitohltoes.
By Senator Newton-Senate bill
No. 17, authorizlng the State Board
of Publlo Education to sell certain
lands, and relative to a normal
By Repredentatfe Lancaster-An
set to provide for the Issuance of war
rants to school boards for amounts
1 due snlce 1874, and providnlog that
Ssuch warrants shall be recelvable for
taxes or converted Into bonds under
Scertain conditions.
By Representative Ilelnpter-An
act to appropriate sums sufficient to
pay the second and third Installments
t upon the price of grounds and build.
ls ig lprhsed by the trustees of the
I Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Baton
I Bou . under the authority of joint
resolution No. 18 of etra session of
178.taproved March 80, 1878.
By Representatidve Reary-A joint
t resolution urging our reprmont
tlves In Congress to maw the Mss.
Sary eftors to soeure to the 8tate
soeretaI moneys owed by the Federal
i govermet.
By Representative Blihu-An act
s declaring bunko games a orime and
providing for the punishment there
By Representative McCullough
SAn act to confer addltlonal powere
Suponschool board6 of- the State, the
parish of Orleans excepted.
By Re.presentative Bnepherd-An
I ect to provide for the sale of unsold
rixteenth seotions, and the datlte ol
officers In connectioo with the same.
By Representative V4ugbhan-A.
Sot making ano appropriation to pA)
rhe ezpeoes of the Bureau of Agrl.
..ulturo and Im'oldratlun for ths
years 180 anod 1801.
By R· reseaLtaive Fraenz-An Sc'
so prova,)". fgr the* Uzsweaiuall ,t 4r.
zuw zaws .PRnbULOAO.
The tll *wing asU teav- been pas -
h by both brancges, wre lW t0"
Goveruo's qi tellsb iWUU S9plus
A act to carry nto effect artilel
133 if thee .nstttution, an to impoue
% penalty o the ofcrs faoling to
emtply with tbq ears..
, Air ast rlstW to pllO juriles and
he appoltment' of pli, jiror nuu.
al the nest greneral electlon.
As atto smpad sand re-enact sec.
. cn 907 of the Revised utatewe o0
1870. to regarl to cballengep of jo
Srurs aIn tral.s of crimrad eases.
SAn aot to provide for the trial ot
, *.trses where the penalty is not
Seoeosarlly imprisonment at hard
Slebor or deth, OsS8VEB.
. Frank Leliees Popular Nenthly.
' The April number of tble admire
hi magapinse cose to us very drhb
ly freighted; the oontents are Inva
erisbly brillantLa the literary and
Srtistle departments, bat In the pres.
eat one are eens'ore so tb·ao usal.
• 'The New Irishb Movement," by N
Bobinso, gives a clear aInght as to
the political upheavals whiloh hase
led to 'Obhtructlon" aod the agits
lon for a "Peasant ProprietoTry."
S"Sketboh of Tilanid iCharaoter'"
iats of Sheep F.risg qnd Dpav
e et "Gentlemea George,'" by Al
. afred un e s artiole of
I o tmi of
-BnglBad, the trial of Queen aro-,
Sline, et, ~M. AmIong the numer
e on llurisato are portrauits of
I Georga and th Quaee, trisces
SCharts,. PMrP - Lord
C ihaeod ddi' of c5 oumu.
, el who were engaged in the celebra
tI ed trial of the Queen. There are a.
Svarlety ofi atileel highly mertorlous '
sand unusually InterestInl; stories.
Ssketebus, t, by EttpW r is ,
I Eleor 4aiatham, Ideird uey,
SFrnk esLieb and otir polar
e =iwto Thero e p me by
g Hartue, o. A. Davis, A. Alphonp,
Dayton, eat. There I, In fact, an
abundance of good things whloh will
, prove to the readert a oroe of the
Et highest grtinatlon, entertaloment
uad lastrtion. The number oon.
Stains 18 quarto pages of £rst-olas
Sliterature and about 1 llustratilons
admlirably exeeted, with a hand
esome colored trontisplee "Happy
e Days" 1The prie of a slngle espy
is ionly enta ; thesanualS ubserlp.
Stioan, ; sa moeathsb, 1.60. Address
II Franok leslie's PbMleblr Bouse, s.
I, add lPark Place, New York.
"' hi bels bleap yr, we uppoe
I- the grl swll be mor addicted tha
* ever to striped stookbgs and sue.
: pea de g-re. It would onet a
Sgloom over elvilistlon to witnes
a the hir.oerezurn lreplngaabout with
I unbleahd Jalblga bhitced un
lder the knee wlrlC geoton shoe
a stringa
PndL Ziward bhm
Tumt~ or Yvsto, .
WiLL.oeIV uzauvnow oN TIn Pzrxo,
1wnru, AND Eaus.IwgTlruuss. Vo.
fUt SUI;sqsjA.
(TAinmso o1ýS Imvamua,.
Jul r 9r baY
Isteti of thswihu Upeative Cao.
POrsuamt to call the Demooratic
Parish lhaeottve Committes met
this day at the Court Bose, for the
parpoe of determlning the manner
,f oboosing delegates to represent
tis parish in the State C ,venttion
to be held in New O leans, 12tb prox
The preaiding oti.er being absent,
Dr. eo.. E.Gillesple was call.d ts,
the Uhair. After some discusslon l
e a finally decided that as the time
intervenlog before the Imeeting of
tthe State Convention was very short,
it would be most advisable that this
Committee select thedelegation. Mr.
&. V. Carter, thereupon esbmitted
the followoing names to th. C,mmlt
tee, and moved their appointment to
represent the parish.
M. J. Cunningham, J. Hi. Cosgrnve,
R. E Jackson, L. Caepari. U. V. Por.
ter, Joe. Johnson, Geo. E. GOllesple,
. A. l. ilard, J. J. McCook, Joe.
Ienary, W. A. Ponder, Mathew Hert.
zog, J. Alphonse Prudhomme, James
U. Molae.
The resolution being ulnanmouslh
adopted, on motion, the Secretar)
D was ordered to transmit these pro.
oeedings to the New Orleans DzEMO
cahT and the Natchitoches VINDIC&
Ton, for publication. The Committee
s then adjourned.
JAium C. Moist, Chairman.
L Secretsary.
J. S. HILL. J.3. ale. I !
Natehltteee, La.
Dealers in Farst & Bradley sulky
plows, riding and walking cultivators,
bay rakes, &e. Kingtoue corn planters,
(plants two rows at ones). Bobbius'
family washer sad bleacher, and other I
labor saving machinery.,
Ofoeand Salesroom at
April 3--mm.
NEW ORLEANS - * Iaallsma.
THE largest and best assortment of
RY and solid sterling SILVER WARE in
the city at the very i
Repairing of Watches and Jewelry a
speciality. Apr 3-ly.
The law firm of Levy & Scarborough,
having been dissolved by the appoint
ment of Wm. M. Levy to the position of
associatejustice of the Supreme Beach
of the State of Louisiana, all persons are
hereby notilled that the business of the
firm will be continued by DanielC. Scar
borough., t
Spring & Summanr Good!
Dress Ooods,
NOTIONS, of all knlds,
March 10.-Sn.
UrTErD  raS LAND Ourrsc.
Natchitoehes, La. Mrch 6, 1880. I
Complaint having been enter1 i this
bloe by John T.Warnook;,Nt ts ee,
La., against John Brogan for abimn
lug his Homestead Entry No. 1395, dated
othMay, 1878.u.,oan the West balfof
the North-east quarter. eotion fS, towo
ship8 Nortb, raon West ran West, in Natbite
ches pariah, La., with a vinw to the Can
eellation of said entry: the said partie
are hereby summoned to at this
olee on the 15th da- of _%h, 1880. at
19 o'olock a. in., to respond and furnish
testimony concerning said alleged aban
Marcb 13-30d. L. D
L ONT between our Ofiee end the Court
ione, in the city of Natchitochesb, a
large envelope containing several lec
aonats, sad the following Promissory
Note for thesum of 8isteeanlundred and
Seventy-sI Dollars, with eight per cent
interest from 187I drawn and dated,
Lonlisaa, - 187 In favor of, sad to
the order of W. T. I. Dickson, and sign.
ed by Samuel Hynes and V. Hynes In
solide. The said Note being indorsed by
the drawee to our order, all persons are
hereby warneoa ad notfied not to trade
for, or receive the amse, as It ia only val;
id in the bands of the undereigned.
March 17, 1880. Attorneys.
Lo. siana
101, 80, 8.1 ad 8~7 Oravler street,
Sash. Blinds, Doors, Mouldiap loor
ing, Ceiling, Balaustsr, Newelsonsants
Wanut, Mahbogany ani Cypress Lm Lr.
SAUIN 53305, OSSulwIWIS,..
Meyer, Weis 4 Co, vts. Ma
District Court, Parish of Ni,
No. 8328. th
BY virtue of a writ of seizslr
issued in the above euti
numbered suit and to me di n I- J
seized and ill offer to the I
set bidder at the door of the
in the city and parish of N
Saturday, the let day ofl
between the legal hours ofo
lowing described property, t
All that eartain tret
on the right bank of Li
cending. and situated isn a
Natchitoches, State of Loeh
the same tract of land acqulre
H. Cunningham of James Noj
his Attorney in fact, 8. M. CI
passed before Wm. Payne,
the 8th of December, ll2,imi
by act passed before said
the 4th day of October, 180;.
above by lands belongin.
f. m. e., or to Rosalie 1
legatee of said Jos. Perot,
lands of the estate of Jno. 3
tier, sold from boundary for,
quantity it may contain, mg
guaranty as to quantity, ss
uservation made in the a4
to Nobles, of fifty feet fronts n
at the upper corner, joining J
f. m. c. by a depth of twob01
tity feet with all the bnildle
provements thereon and
thereunto belonging, aeqii
Preston, deceased, frow ,d.
by act of sale, passed before ,
gun, on the 5th of January, l,
Terms of Sale: '
Cash-subject to appr"im - -
March 27,.
!heh4Sai; f .H 1
Keyser & MeKenna, vs. Parilhea =
District Court-No. tI.,i
BY virtue of a writ of Fleti.i
Ssned in the above entitled sal
bored suit and to me diretetd.l t
setized and will offer for sale tIb
and highest bidder at the esssgej
Court House in thie ity sadI ggg
Natchitoches on
Saturday, let day of May,iI,'
the following described prlpt, teyM
Forty thousands (40,50) khd
Sor les,: arod and and eelst
constituting the brick pavemmat
ing from a point oppoesi the etutid
Masonic Hall, on Second street telib
front and around the CoarteHque
extreme Southwest corner'of tlg Om
Terms of Sale.
Cash-with the benefit
L. A.
March 97. Il,
Succession of J. Emloe aost, Dld
C'MILE ROST, having ied kl b
,F Clerk's Ofice his Finl M h
the Succession of J Emile ulu
Notice is hereby given to 0a1
interested to show cause will i
lays from this publicatlon~ lb
same should not ei
the Administrator discharp
bond can~ielled.
Witnuas the Hon. J. M. B. Tet
fudge of said Court, this 4 I 9 a
March, A. D., 1880. w :
ITle. JNO.
March 27.-it. Depoty CMht
IPayne, Damerono & Os., v. Li
Dletrlct doart-No
BT Vieteow a rit of VIPihse
ain the above entitled admau
sait and to me diroted, I hami
and will offer for sale to the i
highest bidder, at the ;i
oomt.hboae, in tfe eity d
rdalehoese. oe
laturday, the Itlh day tl ,~
art 18 m eo
Al eMrtaiu pl ant
singular the buildliniags atd ul
thereon, ituated on the
Red river deecemil nSie~L*
iama, Parish of hta hl
tweaty miles sbove the m
itoehes bounded above b *kb
lately Lelongint Et .
Scontanin a la 'huur. . q P
100 seres.
2od. A tract le ladt Ishesi
attaehed to said platat l
one bhundred ad tElrty'hlr
bounded on the Northwmr
or lately beloing to E "n
the EL bymtio No. 56
Sronge 9, ad on the Sot
2, township 10 range -.
3rd. Thme undivlded h mV#~pDm
land in setion 35, townshP
formerly owuoed by H. L, hu
- M. lyams, containig two
twenty nine 1-I 9010 -acts.
the Northbeast by laid moIqe
et belongilngto B esisjlalnC G s
a setion No. 6, townpshi ~ ip -
i. on the South side by sett
y bip 10, range 9, East.
d 4tbh. A tract.r par elf
It lot No. 2, and the East LIaWt
I, west quarteref seetioa No._, " Ite
, 10 range 9, West, conmlal _
* I dred and fourteen 7&61055,  I
a last mentioned tract. he  iel I
y desribed io an set of ale l .
u tance from & . W. 8lim .
e D Badwell ofdate 8theb.
I Ino the Beorder'e o9ee of , i
Cash-subject to apr ms.
March 13.tds.
Sueeessiem Nab -
Suoeieslon of B. k fub
DY Vlrteoef to orderql
D Court of the parh'
I will offer rorle to te I
cat bidder at thedoor t the
iu theclty sad parish of
Saturday, 3d day
between legal hours I W
log described propert i,[email protected] L m
The north east qur dm
'quarter;the north west Qu i
west quarter ; the south Jt
north west quarter; th
terof north west quart~'l
t quarterof north east q
4,township 10, rauMle
hundred acres, atd 1 h e
ter of nortL west balf; the
half of the north ea
5 east quarter of t -
Sad soalth wei MN l
r. enst quarter otf sectioe :1.
Intba l osofotion tl8
b9,09 qo tiy autknows
quarter of ort al
muth wast quarts *
qeartsr of north west
north east uoart eet?
of ecaion 31, tows
- tainlig seventy tht

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