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The People's vindicator. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, April 09, 1881, Image 2

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L tel. The ler t$e tWU divided hInto bat prob
.fa sixlrtita, with a esptuimfr tset~, sad N3t5~n
day f Axed r. te datea fheglaals th Sa. war ea
and551 rewindep. th expi
Fukse his hutoed a ew 3psit sat. wV d
insas d the .tleats Is the vkdahy ef the JM
Tri ry oes were blojaded by people d.rer, o
desure to to t I the beads. aaluml
loa the twelve months sided March
I,t1k total iab.aeo dboi. parked l* ('hi. ANA!
ease Vs &,1.W.., lbs larreet number ever
w psahud Is myimllnw d Iean s oro
A eUu strike of the PIttsburgh 411S
1 retmtmuldeus Is threateed 1im" wagesrla
' ar a ed 10 per td b~s.L e ethe let o to be 6e
Tlr" A anualMahsoad the Kill. 1Kt a~
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as sa lsWeal nnwrew Aa odela .tobeheld AT
* godsmah.Apri 0sad T. Peema a
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Jim. ett wsa revrtabeo a aegre Arm, severed
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4800 with the affair I" hat the tilcht. A a
.taftkhrl Mr. Best, dug hiS Bate, lhatsa
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M eguat asped. Tar
"ie . .alL m Lu tsrlow, Vue t>orge, dittoes
I Icn U t~ImoIý' h:, we set twisn ai ledo by it bbu mi sad oft
hut wes*fCuPgid tadwbteto eptuve. The spetl
:mtlom far prebmbly ben arrested. `d1 Pa
$ mr Kmi tUL, a t0Ar agM crosl
e uthi II, war reeemt)tSeully aiu 'ierd is kagld
M hbs h.M about to miles what of Cadlir' AT
ply, Kalil, L W. Em ot s#tbr'r Ibmd :a fatty
tea ether sI brow hits wile * eM Utin,, 1V
plead. Knox ant Kiutchell bad 'beesbar- Cps.
l rso1me IhIg i lorb abl the latil'sdupled i~nnld
110. 1 dI), eihhr, and them.
Wis n. % atsbrkrw er rdbyalyo
s e ·yUJilllot rthe' tte rdst them, batwb
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.Biº>lp T Malt has bnr wentehuA d 4
the sau soabtasr o ~ o ~a
11- a stmhsl umma lopa a you, gtved
he >u3UtIS4 rrallneofJoble al, ilyot
eas > e IMPIh piOtt of ta. to-boet Jobs ' 'A
M w mwreadeathe rich Lmkldsluly M
ham 4Ist~tr the beakto the river.
"c '' SAM Cror, 0*164 was 'stagd tits1
lade., s. C. , is ]±hI* 1h5 L
et s*Iesd th s quarrl shet swaoman:. (b
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ww ttll Rebind NhieisIou. Tmg
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def. . eqsreMs amassqw of . bipeer.
tmamei. lhau a lrwimes, tain l ld
stw alSmsde, the sentl e th teuad by
I iw by a , harts
IM. UILWAT s nisos al aý Paletine; The 1
that ý1._.. th tath ..ý.1t4 in tn. dwtt at 41011(
bemliagkl eip---'r estpeed. rQt
R' is mmi Me, SI~rAy,:huhadhlmr I
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.winkiwr~~u~r~~ai, 5
uo~ru~tn Y. L BnU~Bo~~iV 1g
U at Nottltagm , eIgM tali easlt of Clove. b n1
lad, t ht the im i lid , while runling
t a al high ate speed. lEglaeer John
L Le and lremasl Headerson were killed. (Pre
N. Messengr August Sebeider war severely The
lI but probably et fatally ipured. No pa- publish
4 NUsr! wee Injured, though all the for. the lan,
Sward ear were eoasiderably shaken tip, and the cat
the express and bggage cars were bIndly (l ner
w. wr,hed. the are
S JANAS ToIt.w, * an latse wife.-i. 1overn
Sdetrer, rommnlit,',l .ulde In his cell at the realise
astum lIn t. Peter, inan., on the lt. knownl
Syear lb
l A MAN giving the name of Willias act
or was arr.ted at Jrdanu, MStnlan., y tbe `her ee! e
o Freebohrn (bCuaty sad taken to the Albert sultiva
Lea Jail. The charge against him Is swim. re.
dling farmers by the patent hayfork trick, ring w
Sseurlag signatures to a note reprettinor it le lat
to to be a metract to a ct as agent. Williamson men w]
is alleged to be a member of a band operate .lg, an
Ilr la In ws. the i0
AT St. Petersburg the leading idea sollusi
seems to be to serve the Interests of ltu·oan
peasants and landed proprietors. Capital. dense,
Isle, manufeturers, soentlits and literary whleh
persos are said to be disalfected. Rouses.
LeI, the man h aresed for throwlng the
bebmb that iled the Cars, is bling tortured, Ts
diis ald to have ande a oafelon, al. *
tough the report is not entitled handr
to mus h eoedeao. Another statement
givn pubiflty is that In the
I msant plk~t was foea d an ngeniously pro
isrtletbld with vitriol, Bar.
Stmldy M tla a ercury, altro. te
girinue and pyroxylylen, the whole weigh. sien d
t aing ix pound sand. thre ounces. It is a ole
r. said that a revolutlonary proclamation dis. ti
nrm, varm d at Roussakod'e domicile declares qualet
I of the Niblhtst will contlnue their work, and
l mg war the new mperor to beware of ble
i to ather's fate. A e
bt A DIstATOR from Rawlwns says the for a
se, late and most ftlable news from White al 1
ty Rllhr appears to point to an outbreak 4 the clmp
lug, Ute early l tle spring. de
Tvuaxxv now agrees to make, the ad. peare
Pd9, ditional eaesles to Greecen to Thesaly forge
It and cede mrete lasteadof llpirus The Em. had 4
sa baumdonr referred the proposal to their re. thus
The speetive Governments. It Is statedt atsev. irst
6rnl Persian tries, under a PersIan General, had ,
bd: etosed the frontler toward siagdad and p11. were
On gd several villages. hame
lier AT Charleston, Ill., the other anght. 'dpa
adt e arty of masked men took out Syron Mar. sour
Mil( tin,, Wm'. IVweeny (allas Ennllth 1111) and with
av* Chas. Sott (allas Grasshopper), returned Pate
id bondea fri Jolet, and hung and whipped p
theamtll life 11 r nearly extinct. They were was
and them wl'ned.to leave the town, under pen ke a
by alty of death. 't5e threnien are alleged to bOa.
mn, have been the leaders of gang that duYtg s
erd ear pst have coanlat ted niaeroaus ''
grses eaucashii i bu ry, arson, eto. e dlers
arm of hi.r suspected .ofdegates were also *e
ag given notice that it would not b,eoduelve C, a
totheir bodily welmr to remain longer in lad,
t e ftown. pro
A osmrtnm social sem tlon is now b me.
ingt enoyed by, sondal lvers to Eritn , w4l
rused by tee elopement of Count Herbert tl
v~n Alidmasak, on of the Cbalnddlor with slo
ath a rlcs eUllsabeth of Carotatheuthea b
rite a Prince 'har·o; of Carolat)Sethbea, wtl,
Ss At file areb, eta fr,
TuT Cotte Compres at Jaekl e, ttl
eas., ws burned m the night of the lth 'te
with all ts eateants. tal loss abouts tS, deed
ery, t l., beelaadated, 4d8, epoa
. n a gaseret / auin of buslne.s, sad a, s*
4 y prep ety loss a1t001. prl
Ss Ta Bartls lo works, at iNew. d
orypert, Mas, was burned es the 1e. the'
;The less may reem 180000; insured for 1
th of 1eeA. '
per. O snrs seemr to be alfte,ClnCuuinat1
rala eildmrea. Theodore Kolly, Inl bi third year,
ys reently disapperd being last sen la the had
ngs armm @1 one of them.
edt I lstaoLu , hSfIsdrLevi & Co.,
·VIa.rs.o tri yeslers; nsaew ayr, eterk, atd
h P 1rik sUtatsoim, pIabr,: has bern ams e.
,uWilgasnloe Street.New Orleaus.
rm;, T lo3hav epo~9epl (et British qg
mat, te.rms e(Jqase Titapeprovide for t1 ma. .wril
Jan. sattlga h tie; stt w'pmu·anitpp~
AdU and etbriw~)sputy aptrIen by eittheY ad m* .
shn bes tetsrodthat thbireassmaI shell st
tas' hettmeraftestt, a byl the'byd 'epil
' l o snad t',S Su.ttt th
dire i  'o io lirs. l~e
eel[dsre, ,. ,-., .
. dedsppdo , wu
*rs. , " wu l ? uj &uai . . . .. .
I e ledg list of saomlshstm st weseaath, 444
P* aoligon thw Meo Ipcetat' helg the fat. 4
3 SPe5 4 Sw1g #ia.x Ulsobevteqe Celiecto,:el cit
'Lud. ;4ia amis* 'Por'tof SwwY6qct W9 tter an,
YWork,, Charle d'Aflirs, Denmarkt Lew. La
is t#dllat, akiahla Ii&tsh Chaebf iitairs, ut
4 suak Judo at he Courtwtelpm;i s i
IS 4670' Sheldon, of Ohio, Governor of New IM. at
Soule d nsrofd 1itha'sij "'* I 1mc
' 8ax4Aoa Vooanezs' resolntoii An ir l
erncet the daWtddid'bi'ih wi Wasi gatuh
allteC I. r Jai~blab t d boil
T he itk dimvtg u
$h da, Tea 8panisbllaustqy tesigsd.oon the
igonng debheipsHud ,e f' esmA..
pad desperado, wus taken from the atir
fbt sked medaue hangead ti atelegirph 5
*; T ac hipq. 6 Abo's s n ow
,ie adI b JIages-ar peeldePtal Pek Af uor4tl m
L25r LL Wa the alhto toahin
st: a Sitt elibN tiheasandir 4
aso Uek 86aNi, re'taiudted h .
the savted prise, he was
~ark4I~~~P~n ga
. Th W1lasearl J du draeb-A IlgemdU
(Prom the Washigton oe, Marh I.) 10)5.00t
S The press dispatehae whclh have been bcript.
published regarding the recent arrest of -TI
the land swindlers in St.Louis giveloldeaof Craig_
1 the extent of thl fraud. The omcials in the for six
Y General I.:and':t! .ce in the city regard it au ion w
the cre:strst swindle ever perpetrated on the 1lnw I
SUuvrernm.nt. anl its immensity ea only be ritL),
* realized when all the facts In the case are Car l
known. Its Inception dates back to the ,lJolai
year 154, more than a quarter of a century I_
ago. In that year, on the 4th of August, an atl)licx
i act was passed by Congress graduatiug val, 141
I wse of ubtle lahdls'to setual settlrdal d a Ind s
et eulttatersfrom 41. to II 1*1 eonts per 7 elaa
acre. Just atter the passage of this Pet a o:Jer
, ring wars formed in hissourli to obtain pub- nt
it lie lands by illegal methods. Some of the peiledt
in men who engagvd in the scheme are still liv- -
Slg, and it is believed at the Land-office that
the Government ofcials must have been in
collusion with the swindlers. The latter pre- pace
pared and brought to several of the Land- op
odfices In Missourl a quantity of false evi- OeV C
1deae, alleging that the public lands for mo
which patents were desired were aetually 'vails
settled and ealtivated according to law. went.
This was sent to Washington by the Regis- whol
toer and Beceivers, and on the presentation -1
of this alleged proof patents were Issued for Paris
Idandredsandthousads of acres of land totbe red
at swindles.u All their well-laid plans seemed years
to prosper. Then the war came, and all for at
y Southern and Southwestern Missouri, the and a
senae of the swindling operations, was n a the o
" state of cotsIo. During the tiq it is be. know
h leved the swindlers made the most of their Each
opportuniattles and abstracted as many patents diplo
as they could ind. When everything had torlot
quieted down they commenced to sell off the -
nd patents in a manner that was as plausible as cided
It was successful. It was as follows: Mr. as nt
A ese to Mr. B with a United States patent on 10
Stora certa number of res. Itwas gen- be.st
ite niae patent, though obtained by fraud. As- cond
be eompaying it was a deed purporting to be Agait
made out by the persb whose same ep- or co
rd- peered on the patent. That deed was a JEgl
sly forgery. To obtain their end the swindlers thej
m. bad cominitted two crimes. Some Idea is ou
re. thus given of the enormity of the fraud. of tl
v. First hundreds of t,afdavits bat the signer )iog
al, had actually setUted and cultivated the land ther
U. were prepared, when the person whose
same wasallixed never existed. Page ater last
t page of some of the entry ,pklp In the Mis- at
aourt Land-odice have beafouud to be tilled ew f
nd with the namesnf flctititls persons t whom that
,d patents wereissued. Then, having secured thun
ed a pstatt to the and by fraud, a deed which strut
was not worth the paper it covered was writ- lon
e te and handed to the guileless purchaser as The
ito bona tde dvidenef that his title to the prop- at In
Serty was complete. There was another and def
m'ere carelul way ti which the skillful swin- the
0e dlir worked. Mr. A appeared to Mr. I, the I
a bo wished to purchase as the agent of Mr. Ve
' C, a tlhird party. ' "Mr. C wishes to sell this the
land," said Mr. A to the victim, "and will
problply aseept your offer. Call around to
moerlw at 1 o'clock. In the meantime I L"
Swil ".'bim." It is needles,to saythatts and
hta, 'pndirt e a "straw mdn,'" who neve e
oert epstd. When S appeaed nxt da A eie
rith ~showedhimeed sdas with C's name,
en bt whie really had beesrawn up by A
n witli an har after be bad left the day be
fore. A if toguard sgaiast any possible de
0 OSeetidb dt ffud, the swindlers used 'what
th 'they alled adsmoked deed." This ias a the
b, deed diseolrea bysmloe or sades, anad
msadrppeaof e eleat age to eorre
a- spend with the date it bore. They grew it
d, e ust thi praetie of smoklng freihly he
re deeds that te deceptiosh esaped bd
ow-. .isce The linvtigation which led to
, thu exposur eI the gigaate swindlers was on
for t a ittle0 oves a yjea ago by s letter
saeeed b crentary Sebars. This stated
ati t eye Robert P. Ladsay, of t Loul, s
whoe father tLd aoe been Ina eharge of the in
SLtad-o*SetL rooton, sad who had thusa
had aeo ,a m eotwentsand rmeords of the met
*oee, pOysiau me or two boxs ailled with D
Praited1a tamd p atptcqMllch wetec- c 1r 1
staily IsImulawIse a4hqh I4s4ssFghuhave
oadbttatldemby qsestioqale meas. The
Sl ettee rlled th, i;, koptisbe kbeas eqas
eosideoovedtheit lhb.alth, and bad k
Ib queer deallgp with quer'peopla The
S- 0wrnia wnk.* u ree eo a friean to
Urn 3.hnamp s stqytm ,ke that i. dI 6
mide mlghot. ,to l~k lit'o s te atter. The. I'
shll stalteeath t ' lette * doeeed otsueh yas
aelte Inta tha* ti'dsAotary at oace 5. te
bAstl Sealt A D. PD Terll, of Ithe @td
men Trieuva Dseglmst, 1 wes w the ewrk e.
thdht 'lil opeu1kag~rlA s a;thqthirgea aopt s.o
rlaik ,e Jq~q ep~ipt4 dit published,h
sV arh ve)a coe Lihe n a nearly ev- o
- ery y t 'the Qili~ier, si e ersnmsl bj
1rk sad 'nee Atd S tariWIn the pine woods of 4
do bt hibsesll a eawmlil oneer or prdpeetor,
it uill tBeamtma.eiWs s~taIiqatorn 0ap- p
,: Illist who wsted to buy a large quantity of
i/ud a thp southern part of Missouri, and a
n e anxious shi ah fo the ral owner p
u the :prperty. 1In hiw investigtatioa he *
ut, f thatthsramlleatbonm of the swiaile Vid
e. extended to Pitt.lufgb, )evelelm4 and other, pr
red tee., I Jg on rwerp tcroaied wli. t
Sra; , pay rreste f ca*
. lN n iv i W mre 9a trl,, t lisstste4 r ~t ti
Law- .Ltadrolle that the riQhaobWnal ed fraud-: sp
airs aleplntOa.to morn thean' million aeirsof wi
SIpard; thalargur Proportio or this vast are th
' ty~pdth ve sad to laoeent settles, who are i
,ip n uowiviia) jlese atiqild hbippy hear~th
g nt f ' Tldlly they hdv .to title to the lahBid a
"t vet oe, alnd tbl.e'wGeament ean osuse N
Mhz' it tMelhe WeStahted ts. Will tht in
'aa eoursX bpuniAdis  qtiestion whfeb an m
niiot now be answered. Governnuent otliciits a
i ' whirn e conversed iflith·'tily iss';that it at
'agat Witll rt With tineSicetr3' et the Intelor m
'j and the Attorney-General todecide wvetherl th
,elvil puits abUl.e re t a tonse to vacate .lo
talaa ts,tn the uis. Emsb tlbleve4t lihat, 1
wh' wiwern determine6 uponj it will be so T
e ebt aagod that'.the blowr shall not 'alll too
'beavsy lplk thethousandeof duped eettlers Ai
h lrhel 3itherto, ndispaldd titles to their t
Sthem, i vebSon renderetl valtse.n at e rte
o woop b .ashqxpaoprm h,
r. , s -, ., - eIc 1 •. ,
,j 4 wsima4A6'td-da IIatthe hi, eGfrauid'Ion.
" piracy, the person being Mr. John Brady, o
J(.,qotarpl,'uli4c (hoJa casQ d ~ ithbakv- . i
I Iai .188 nad a .frauduilt uakowi- t
a ort the stolen land in Butles County.: '1
otb, rtwwaoWa tbrlewe hin hImeIateis y a
Safterb eisre 'e kitonily' antaljtdale a
R4 1 gi9 i'isitke b oil b oeen eamitte lin
7 tWe wn t will hbeno
iseobsA tVwit.De. in southerne r l ~ot~hsren i
SMiseaorl, but be alwapviis to4 I t t
u mIledtnilmoI kR9dWialOPn!a litu Iii
,,- : theahlltteresmgap theprl ab 4hd ,it.
gi MatttedituY ti ld'le Is id1 *i I
Sabout tbecars at ni
FUOIiEiG GOI 1P. road at
hours f
-The Vatican Library contains The gr
105.000 printed books and 25,000 manu- and th
bcripts. I with ec
-The bleak and remote farm of so that
Craigen Puttock, Dumfrieshire, where be got
for six years Carlyle lived in deep seclu- The pr
,,ion with his wife (and which he has ca.h 8
now bequeathed to Edinburgh Univer- Yew r J
.it), ca1me to him from her. Mrs.
Carlvile, wre WeLhh, was a descendant of How
John Knox.
-l-The exposition for inventions and
azplic:ation: of deectricity to hb held in le,
l'As is to have exhibit. from tei cuany, le
I' glanmd, Helgium, It:aly, Spai:n, Swit- the ve
zd land, the United States, and perhaps sel
other nations. The (ermnans expect to licitin
mimake :t sensation with locomotives pro- the fa
peiled by electricity. so age
t --Tin totl completion of the St. naspor
Gothard tunnel will very likely take nd re
place next July; the railway is to be lea
opened in July, 1882. The madibags are visitor
evet ndw carried through the tunnel by b~eauti
messengers when rough weather pre- thatt ti
valls upon the mountain. Arrange- ,,Si
ments 'will, be made to illuminate the bu t
whole tunnel by electric light. anl a
n -Three voung women of St. Denis, tittin,
r Paris, were married recently and dow- of fint
e ered with some gifts provided many " It
d years ago by a benevolent gentleman j Baron
11 for annual distribution to " three poor I the se
s and meritorious' damsels of that city on 6 ,
a the occasion of their nuptials. They are "I an
i. known as the three annual rouitres. ;ad h
Ir Each of them received $1#0 in money, a and ,
ts diploma certifying that she was men- I comn
id torlous, and a silver medal. valua
ie -The London Society of Arts has de- come
es cided to award three silver medals for mont
r. as many London houses as may be found, am s(
at on examination, to be furnished with the 'Th
a- best known sanitary appliances. The exam
e" conditions include proper provisions Jew i
be gainst frost, infeootion, (lamp, and oth- it so;
P er cognate evils. The comment of an me ti
a English contemporary: on this is that if that I
r..~e-jeggeus hape to visit the metropolitan urer'i
Is houses until they discover three worthy Tp
d. of the prizes, the peripatetic labors of liver(
er Diogenes will be trivial compared with, a mo
a their task. in h
'I -The late Prince :Imperial was the and •
,o last ?Napoleon that set foot in the park the
Is- at Malmaison. He was playing there a was
ed few days before the outbreak oft the war a vig
ut that cost4 him his. inheritance, and a culai
ed thunder-stofrm tiring, 'the lightning woolu
ch struck the tree planted there by Napo- "1
t leon I ' In the p)eiee of Josephine. clain
s The tree gradally, withered, and it was "1
'P at last cut down *ith other decaying and inde4
ad def her, ad as it happened, to "i
in- the ' f o , the suerstition of old,'
' the 'SO bo od try' people, on the "i'
r. ver y a' t l a-ssegas laid- low man
his the rince. . . "]
t --Previous to hit marrige, Mr. 'W. thou
e L. Ashmea4 -~artlett applied for not
a and obtainedL royal llense to assume
vel the name of Burdett-Coutts, which he $ervl
nameto disa pesr, it would probably orde
Share done had it been placed before exl
. that of. BuFdeC tte. This change of to'
Sname h ing to do with the winof ougi
ra the Duebes a t Altjnp but hae been
d made in order thatMr. Bartlett should, d
as is not unusual in cases of marriages lg
with great heiresses, bear in conjunc
he has married. Mr. Bartlett will apply e
at once for additional name of
S Cottst la ommnanm w ith m injaano
tir tlon laid downin the Duchess's will, to
td the effect that any husband. of the pos
aessor of the bank propett~ shall, with- T
theIn six months afterthemarriage, assume the
bus 'the name of Conts. By this arrange- last
the ment Mr. BLrtlett will omplyff with the tion
rth Duchems's will, and *will, in addition, TYo
bear the name 61 the barl as;. the
5' U**W *s s **Ie said
S" es," said Uncle R"fu---srnamnedto
had Uatch--"I'v6 watered stockla nmytime, qje
ThE 1Iut thiis arn'otheg horpt It.wuaers itself Pi
II And doubles without watering, and are
Sdoble in value fasut ·as it's issued.
'the I've ,naK , Qrq'g n go~,pe from .,
mueb raising Vie Aobk market td marketaing Ca
Sthesifok raled.' We hall have a stoek and
he exlhage' where it won't cost 80,000 ag
men; yeur'for standing room where roa harv
pts o put your elbows lin 'a u pekets, y
hedirhen qe,p4t ~jl trasea our
m ed Isn'tthatcaptaht erts4a"' ."
sef All Uf whh i srs or lesspertien~ aft
Itao; t the fac.tthat the ravered r h~th t . h
UP* uts and calls has become the :spdar apt
tofg naw 'cgapny akipbiitnqdsW;t 4 p.
and s. bi:g thlng.i cattle ralsing on the e,
nor plains..
Is h The raising of cattle by priva tqi
istilI vidnals on the plains is estimated to yo
*r produce ~p assured profit of 25 to 100
wth een.,pent anndi , :and' ,'ti la dhimed dn
that evenr greater percptagoo protIl B
eust, can be reached wia lrger capita end
r il larger herds, provided, of course, the va
it U msanag~emet ,of 1the. comapany on the ha'
mud. spot is in the hands of experienced men
tboi who:have a.direct personal interest in
rea the business and who participate directly dh
warIn lthe profta.: .,,, . .
bth The se* company met yesterday
.au' saternoon at the oflfee of Mr. K. Siaon th'
u0ue No. 181-Br.adsay, to perfect its work- f
I tbt ing details.' It' has' pur'mcrised snd im' a
w cn mense range .in 8uthwestern Kansas, ch
Icii.s along the liie' of. the Chmmaron River,,
at it and nn' 4giuntry the is clildaed to hi* bo
srlior mans dvantages,.ver e
le thro the range,,which isf0pypmiles
aeste longby thirty miles wide, andincudes
that, 1,200 sqnaxe miles of all-gras Jad.
ba:so There is.salton theland, and the nucleus
' too forta large buqiqesq lreadytin exietence,
Ier since Mr. John J. Drew, the Superin- a.
thir tendent4; ;ls. eadupled portions of the he
S eke range for several years, and has 1,800: t
head ,of . attl~ uciir oi th~plaee. He; tb
ppts in $35,O0o of the capital of $250,- at
000, whiel ltiWit is iot intended, :to
ear under any, e i mt njq to increase. w
Ion. The plOt 6f' hid beIe ietween the s
Iradr, hol4Q ornthgr Kansas and re
bv* thed 6tlas,hthdlt is likhed em
onow- that the winter's losses in this district, be
a between the thirty-sixth and thirty. bi
b, ghtkip'alltee will, be .l'thua in p
t ,.Iu 4,..·le awhpsha. recently come bI
iMI m ' outher-. Kas. will not averag4 a
more than two per cent. for she seasn t
po- from present prospesto4 wvhei 20 or300 U
atra miles to the north t~h~yl reach ten p
it per cent. The Ii~es fa erage winters a
iti In our rego not been over one c
m II per cenk'e4lattle men, however, claim a
I.eeq i I.rfhtherd esa lose thirty per t!
mW.fi - is e tndb tb")
for breeding, nrnclpafly o'mi, wh a
ealveb their slde, to 15,000 ogtr.0 -
' head. . 'p it a mixed stok an -
t!he season, the omsypromisestopay ,
a-mive a ab fte.n. pe , r , !,
hut ttk sida t ait.tl m ute s s pers
to per Uatsa .0 a
road at ])odgd Cit:, and thence sixteen
hours from Kansas City, the market.
s j The ground between the breeding point
Iu. and the railroad is said to be covered
with excellent grass and well watered,
of so that by slow marches the cattle can
,re be got to market in excellent condition. ATI[
I L- The present trustees have paid up in
acash 8125,0(;0, half the capital stock.
er- Neiw York (Graphic.
How a Rothschild Gave an Annuity wit
for a i[or-lain henrice. De,-otc
Oi One hy an ldd w ,an!, eareworn, wrink- :. :.
led, feeble, nod: apparently tottering oni
the: verge of the grave, presoe'nted him- W
Rp sell before ;;on James lHothlLchiid so
to liciting the honor of an interview with
r thie famous bant:er. The old man was AT
so aged, s~ poor,. and had so dejected an
aspect that the Baron was irnnudixLely (S
ke inpressedl with a comlpassionate feeling,
be and this became a lively interest 'on Will
e learning that he was a Jew. The' aged :1.ri'
are visitor took from hp, bag, a rich and ! i the,
ire beautiful plate, so splendfidly wrought L. i.
that the Baron admired it exceedingly. i u
S"Sir," said the patriarch, "will you J.
he buy this of me? I have the whole set, I
and a service so beautiful must find its r
mis fitting pllaee in the mansion of the prince AT.
)W of financiers."
any "It is, itndeed, very fine," said the
man Baron. "How much do you wish for
oor the serviceP"
on " Look you, sir," said the old man, all bua
are "I am bowed down with many years, Pra,
es. and have not long to live. I am poor, I soth
Y an wish to end my days in comparative Court
en- comfort. \Vill you in exchange for this i
valuable set of porcelain give me an in
de- come for life of 100 francs ($20) a
for month? It is not much for you, and I
md, am so old."
the The Baron looked at the poor old man, AT'
The examined the plate again, and after a
ions few minutes' reflection said: "Well, be
oth- it so; here is the first payment. Send
I an me the service, and give me your name, in'
at if that I may have it entered .in my treas- ce s,
itan urer's books."..pu
rthy TJio splendid set of' porcelain was de
s of livered t.ie same day to the Baron, and
with a month afterward, while he was seated
in his counting house, a man entered
the and asked for the o.cond payment, of
)ark the proposed income. But the man
:re a was young, scarcely 34 years of age, of
war a vigorous constitution and great mus
nd a cular development, and looked as if he wv
ning would live for 100 years.
apo- " But you are not the man!" ex- rr(
line. claimed the astonished banker. trust
was "Exep~se me, Baron," said he, "lam,
and indeed, the man."' r
1, to " But you Appeared,at least 89 years
Sof old," said the Baron.
i the " But, sir, I am only 30SO," said Athe
'low man.
"In fact," continued the. Baron, "I
'* thought your venerable appearance did
d for not belie your assertion."
mine "IhmwslmWode.fruiy tOcGY¶SI," obh
i he served.tha me" "Se i th asm1 f t your
tlett. generosity."
Emly The Baron laughed heartily, and gave
orders for the:payment of the money, C
. exelaimidg, '"(i, you are an'exceileit
eof omedian, and Gqve taken me in, thor
been "I am probably the first who hys
jkld done so," replied the Jew, politely bow- NE
!ages ing to the millionaire.
un. For yvearp c1hild paid the month
ly o ane. pocelain serviceeis
4 s6erxquisite that hedos hot complkin.
e o-Fore, Letter to Dayton (0.) Journal.
SSensational Literastre.
with- The Rev. W. F. Hatfeld preached in
smme the Washington Square M. E. Church ace
sage- last evening upon "Influence of Sensa
I the tional Books and Paper. upon the
iton, Young." In the course of his sermon
the cainister exhibited .an illustrated
sheefthat had been handed to him, and F
S, said: "Hear the nature of tle advertise.
S' ments in this paper. Here ire the titles
mmed of some dime books: 'Ho to, Flirt,'
time. 'How to B~ome. Rich,' 'Red Walf, the
itself Pirate" 'The Bsck) .t ers.,' Here
d are the titles of Mie five 't books for
seed. boys and _trs:, *A Woe '~s eet,'
,from Six-Shooter di. 'An E
dCatamount Bill,' 'A Lov r\'s '
'Boaring Ralph, the Ifg-tuiled
000{ a 'qt .h Prrie' Such works
_me o ralywe the young peple of New
Yor Th bosand girls who read
theti lor Theaf pepl oNF 111t h a
The young ar aapt to, hpe.'their Sie me
ti after the patterprese edto them. e at
who readi ofroblbers amd advehatrerss co
O apt to unconsciously partake of their sum
it spirit. Boys dream of maitying heiress. ('
es, owning palatial residnceand idriv- at
ing a teamof magnificeneitteeds. The
young ladies expect to marry some
W to ish and wealthy young 'off'er. A
S100 ook or newspaper that breeds such
aimed dreams and hope lis a fbe ~to mankind.
i Boys and girls are, ikcl to imitate the
real or imaginaf'ehk~ecters that capti
e, the vate their tiegrts. Pictures in our homes
n the have as mttc influence in education as
4, men oiops, aI nce knew a.minister to whom
re a woman applied, saving she was much
irectly ditresRed bout her sons. They, all
showc4 a tendency to go te sea. It was
terday discovered by the mimnter subsequently
simon4 thsthe house in which she livetd was
workI full of pictures of vessels and ma:'ine
un im· ir , Ubrms you keep an eyesto the
LLansas charaderotfyor ctildren's reading you
i needr, no't be sunrprised, larenit, if your N
har boy becomes an adventurer and your
p girLlope with a villain"--rNew o ork
y- mile -I
,l d. ,. Baby, or what Is Itt
tence, Mr. W. C. Benfrew, of Russell, Ark.,
uperin- ~ .i4 Capt. W. J. Patton, of Little Rock,
of the have gone to Washington to exhibit to
as 1,800 the oflicerA of the Silthsonian Institute
. He the "Eureka Baby," a specimen of
$250,- archiology fo6mhd on the 1st of last Oc
tendedi tobeatteka Sprigs, Ark ,The baby
iTrease. was found, ·hout fort feet below the
en the surlace, on the lot of John B. Rolbron, a ,
sas and resident of the towI, and it was discov.
dlithed erkd'by lab~etr'e"ni aed' F. H. Cainip
listrict, bell, while he was digging a well. The a
thirty- baby had a coating of a composition
than n about as light as pumice-stone, but this
try this covrring, varying in thickness from hall s
an inch to an inch and a half, has since q
T come been removed from the entire head and a
se16ses shoulders and the right side of the body, '
averag showing one leg edmplete. The baby is
SsesQn two feet andtwo inches long, and weighs,
p or300 with:tbde dmp~etion coating, eighty-five
ich tea pounds. The head and imbs exposed
winters are said to be rightly proportioned. The
wer one cheeks are i ffed 6Oat and the legs and
r, claim aris r plump. The general color of
rty pe' theba'by 'a blabuish-briiwn, varying in
r on mght .e , ' _babr. Ioks very much
a a Hindoo Idol. Br. Renfrew, the
t t eset o'wner of the bli has'fond a
9 good many people who believe it to be,
it' W ruh a Retrif ml being, but it is hardly
S20,00P cMsa totsa h that tis ppgiontn is not
ok a held by a scientist. The body is evi.
endif ed deaflys4 poIprt, 4abe4 tim- 1
stopay portanquestio _to be d'mfetid' In con
..'yvitb o it is in  .to the,time
gaM.t e Pay d at the hberi it
se a ,.by athe .aigger Canp.,
or I bell. Whether itw w plaee there br a
gat relktae or; by a ?eresentative :
T th;i slliistrasbe_;d..t.rhb e .Lo.otf the
dg 4 d? mmithnso..0 Institute lledlupon
Fe r to deo de.--Chcage Di
t i. . E. nCC\E;E
Will pract ice in the Di-trict Courts of Sth,
itrche 's, d ier, Winn, Grant, Sbi" ath
lIeioto, antd in the Supiree and Fedl 't' n
Ctourts. u 3.i tlbe
- i:... :"TK S. D.C. c. CAtlita;ruC- the
ly (Successors to Levy & Sca:rbo-ough.)
in Will praeflee in the ltl)trlit Courtsof t I
I p 'i-i, ,f N;,thiiitah. s u.. 1 dt River a Or 
Sin the Iupr.'. ( Coullrtof the State. Pro, Os
Stttentlv in t~clvet to all b tusiness. ddoselpt CI
t L. I . 1 utkins, at Coi;hshttt, or D. C.
I otugh, N:atclhitochl. aprio.ly
) J. II. & M. J. CUNNI NGRAM ,
it I ¶1
he St. Denis Street, Natchitoches, La.
Will give prompt and persona! attenii
' all business entrusted to their ear ,
s, Practice in the District and Pa~tLh ,
in the l'arishes of Natchitobesaed
IleSoto and Sabine, and befohreu .e
Ve Court at Monroe and newOrleauh Janf,~P
la COhaplin, Dranguet & Chaplin,
le, Practice in the District Courts of Xatchlto.
aS- ch~-s, ine, i, eSoto and liedRiverandinthe t
Suptcme Court of the State. e nStl.
le. J, . B. . TUCKErl /
of Ccluselor at ititne at la
he Will prctliee in the courts of the Parishes at
Natciiitollhes, Sabinc- Winn and Gtat,aadia
thie u'1remue ( ourt of the State.
8X l Prompt attention givento all binesttd.
trusted to his care. mayi ly" I
-m, )--- t
. T. B. SAAM' S c,
Oh. USt-' y
oar G T 1 L.&i.bc
ave 8te t
tor- t
ow- NEW ORLEAN8, * oiJIiL 11
e Cotaigpments soiuI4I t
e.l Cotton, Rice, Sugar, tto. i
S nSales e aected aromtl sandte betedrian
i r i aend purc__ ses adein
arch dccountors my friend d. " -F +. S
Furniture F6I,
a I have mtu activeoperatlion a Sta ,. Futtr.
r actory and wai seBl d hi
Rh a dealers and consumers
dr etters dnit dre s ehote tnew sol
ostllyi md the .",,h , l.
The oWat hh s o . ...r t.... ,q ,.
n . I' . o to hom e-, o.. , .
ethe do and blssi,
rhom ONTO -
.,al .. * -
s was
ientl General Commission Merchn ts,
O th SB~oa PERDIDO rjturi4m S 0
your ulylO-ly ----
Iock, Condutecd by ' ' "
s Fathers of the Society of Jeu.
w the Location most healthy and lesann tL
a Alexandria hr anch of tle Morganl ero
D, aleast and Texasalhload twelve tV Its.
anude vnueso oak trees. Bui ..O LI.
i- able. Church new and magnaef dn
The service impressive. Fare '.u ;til ;
)to wholesome. Education paternal. cult.iaI
the heart as well as the dad, Cla.i.:, Se.
It tiS entitle and Commeral Courses. -Sp.cia "1
a balf tentlon paid to Jook.keeping and 5'y "i
f8 l l 1en ha e,. . . . t. ' er4 "
Opening of Session 11c e toL -
)aud Referenees: Pes0ideirt ent rSt o "I",.s
reighs, .ege-Jesuit Fathers, New Orleans. nor. .
sed" TAIKER & KINNY*i..
l and ealters fn
tobe, .- -
Is evi
St 1W YuTd-Corner Texd sad Louisiana Strees
In Con- one block from new Markct-houS,
Istme IREVEFOT, * :
All kinds of cmente wo neatly
P- Our Mr. Taber will mtke speelal 1,Isitsi
,q0a b eted. We nell thor .eele0eur,. pa:G A'"
Sototiue w htr d malleable iron fencing, tie 
th ne ountry. We employ no eom.
lgenta agnTiour tsrlveling salesenen emlt~d
ye thce imontshe or-ar. e geoulr~~ aets
tie 25 per eent- udsalCy givle to steat.

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