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The People's vindicator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, August 20, 1881, Image 4

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las IghE Vdi Ms w eo a-rPm id
4d mmaf olI iss, X. T., Ma
bo algM e ll ts 1lut l agus . s1 n.
Id -ass, *. ad ma. J.me
Dh esd o iupsal mn iWas sam
Bind rHn, n mo Odvm. nbq ,,
Iris m alrw tIk Ilmqhls, who o
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dailid Igdk l  ohm
dam li, on asiathe mi i o
eaf to Ilhw sene Jail, dwhD.
mit wta ho owrakml  w
seMnshmkheU r llmis eiL
On teln Iw m Jal.m, a d a
M J. . m. mld, ae iMempst -
StMt a o le, se. m t ae., T1
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enaid a a%,wwh le8 o a slsaes n
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s w ----, hs abi she lm-a- r a
alem.u..r.sa.. hlOswtag the .rtll Ie
o MeM,~~ w om o part win M o
dm t ..u.ma t us a,..4.. . . idos
Uyerwbsamyae It iut b ul to
m . i ra y will mbtda the
lebom s Mh m e tala, hae. l
S bafstd at e. es at etlski lb
sme somjg a asedsls.m andw .
. Lrl TT!"·,,_& Iat neSea M Loges
mi it d'h Iim i sl 1w,
h,4iuil msS bo,.ib.n ..,g, ,
inisammp s d. ssmte
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h.. ". qm g e. -
. bath mi+imoatbing
ski s i ha lw
age St eikassm mtml
ua Wi dmp wit what -44".. sh
,  yw s - bis p1k ram
amt sawr mat lMst The mOet "Oa
adn - u mrm l m a '
ft me mh, v aan m aieded ba flt
prty to loins, % b agon, bbmi their fthi
.hluIts to ate a u pa thI e wih
bee o sad bg "". - dewy1 isms
keep Suhi safg the glao. A JinhS Ma the I
them dee Mvrnal to ~ ar wartmu be the
a , e there ls a se a he rl at rows
rmuar a sthy wn the vueeMt m.ames seU
in ehrielidam. Theu bihee the Napebi* bees
smss ily deeMed uhatsuae they welM law4
pml the pending seat s VIrgiwsl, he»
but ao thehdlm poet.eo ms ever ass bee
bir their eppet. Nw, that they have pmrel
deeledi me of the DI.ete jaeermab N.
ha rla the l Y Knats ose at pe
raees. TIb sied met be. The Dea.. pert;
ray at -- Vrsals aMby led. lthe pm
pis at the rate hava sith In the thadm Stab
sad the platelpts at the party, e asa.. bead
elated by their p~lam they will up. elaie
poet it by their vetm, sad ehow thir gpal
bilk itnt me and measu mby aoveb oem
whelmiag viteey. The lemse in aquarely bra
es tht dbtqmeie. wir wer to e geo"
iatepa ia by thetw ad
pat pUre at the amie Cmmea they
fwealta Whaat her * IbHUmarsll* aty
mams easue*y emdad, ave by th era
thepe ple at ybglmi. 9aM
The jeurals talk .< Readesrts as a ties
d..i . .erg..a..aa..e; th a .tml siw. era.
Dememrsens; u4"ir eapblleaes; o s I
deMbt paylagi Dnaemrat; * Cameervat. sal
Demsses, am debt paylag Nepm llsae pow
VIegib ams te have ammea the mae
mm memalea padie aso that deseelbed TI
at the New Numpieammi Mimasematta Nm
LegMlatra Is wlen "twe4Mtds of the haw
earpbie as ea Deimats, sad all S th n t
Dm--el a ami twatUrde alsprble." ea
Thiat .ly pe* prv* that pary Haessa will
the Stea., hawebeesemaarly ebltterated rem
ai o di tlet reii, ad tho po - hb I
pie a I.dd Ilm uetimaat eily em heal mit
lessee. wlln
The Is a dhpatlemt ipam the The
marked duageases in a Na emal easeet dat
a d 0gM the battl ever mem sat s tehe
amimes. Thae, In Ve!ai ppl, the ams joi
tes wase waged ever two ohemm lbades., me
wihlsthe party Blae when, , eiaa pia
whelly amapea. teamktampa task plies, lad
ad aeamdesdas eaadadtewwaseemgbt spli
t the ftet lead the Desmrile heess as
New a- the Inids aeiem., masn- p
beakers, sad Napahihase easbiam, whe ph
pespas a sma a Ind pimdet Dimseast d4
a th h seat the teest with am imlee wk
Istd speplabag at the ahs adveatsea lta
aet :aspess Maesl hts to t is tah e 1
, All theI thi p"elamb, what im bel
I ply tat d peopl s meaumsder the s
et p, .a--- smImy a dagle perty, big
.ad deheshange-if adt apelaslple, lg
Sat esat Is the ahmiler and wtsimleI beh
attas mrrewhs to b . atheirires. th
t Asha ral tbhee Is a peMet apathy es
same th meem at the gals. Thie s as
mre. appot aery day. They as grl. ma
a lrgtheir timke, attetis a laber to the tlb
Sa bjees whleh will $d to their wealth; do
0 ampled praipalty all ever thi scmttes. oh
& Thial ael galist alga ,d dmeaseas p
sI rem. d eE si the prlseatlie o wpe. al
  lhtial cyst ma the wathwerda, ad pe
her days we hae aelaely iratlalat d
th deailyrpeats snhalebed by the tab -
1. gam elatve to tW eouditiea of the
o Upen MkhphyitelqIam we havetake
hwelemb Isud the .psid e seal*rb
a,, htsphyirim DgsIs all the. dars,
ad hiv melved lintl mesragemest
famthe esalmeas meadla mme. ose. a
*i O( saaahvuya, a rt *hveralat
art uage pnsadver th ltidatS, mum
4.w m s reSting. B A
at dIleded palhe, 5; t amperstUra, 0.5; :
Thelsi bulbtiasmet aghem ever I
can senses or m
Cpve uha walete am
at naIe I
p~ m ~ tktkrl~rF. kr
4* -I·
siwhose we puMl I fall the Aret
pdrrrr hr pw Imb"YLghsT d' ar
_ýdagmtte& ISMMy dt yh  N T w
(a Ies. P er me webk the papers o e
t ggest metrepides have b teen asseling
with ecamnts of sander, rape, arose, md
rlims d the deepes dye, perptrated by Jvu
St hoesles,~ sa sagd t s of all, by Au
these who bll paltel positos as the,
reward ofl services politial prdmi
aneas. s asceas mad haluos have Je.
bee the outrage commttled, that the I1
law-abidlng elemet of society, elargm at
baser, probity, property mad peae, have
ese compelled to bUna the gaeatloa tot
p 4laime ar the purpass eoumesltaed.
blo d
New Orleans Is a Democratic eity, the
pest hod sad lea der of the Democratic kNl
party oe Leusliana, with this party is a
fall pmoesaiao of every branch of the
tat. goaenmment. Yet at these very J
hUnqaartm, in the psaneme o the u- L
elam of thelr own a leetion, the peoplse or
gaulin themselves late a secret vigilance 18o
cosmltta s to put down violence; to en
r. those very requite. of evoery goo tore
gevremab-petaetlea to ia, liberty D
and pepty; to uppe.s, pasealdy, If rs
they ea, thregh the law, Iaebly, it r
they mat-ri sad roewdy ; to c De
aa puIblic servants lato the fall, faith- Dl
l anmd farless perbamanes of their et
ties; to apply the revenues of thq gov- un
eramest to its legitimate use, sad to thbet
tise lamous ripe; to eno*ee the oriail- D
nal laws; to put a limit to the pardominalg a
power, and SnaIly to visit just puaish. L
meat upea unathfMl pablle servant. Mn
Th task asummd is an bmen r holida
mamemnt. Per leug yeas the hoodlum en
have eatreled Aethe etiens .ad trampled ten
In the dust the ights of the law-abidting
elasesta. The question naturally armes,
will the mean adopted snuoe the desired A
redlis I Will no se ret ageaoibs oe met -
by like a-selatuu t Will not this Cim
mittee of ladty lead to a coulset which
will break out late seta o ope vloleaie l
There who love brato ibem ua who i.
dulge i it opeTly, glorying Ia their am
stregth to adtes them immunity from a
just setMriate, will net be apt to easily s
eoamb to tie demands of juastleS, rlght t
pane m ederdr, matter bow lunisah aSo
igly the deam d may be mule.T This
piuit i begottd of evil Ioas euem sd ms
a eoireupt which is a eproach upon the of
eat meropes of Leulasrls. The peo- a
pldo wel to rid themlves of the bar- f
Sdm, to eradiste the foul blot ad sta tin
which l bislging her amme and famn Il
Inate dimepute. m
Pr Tsdy, Now Orles is ea the mald to a
magniloet presperity. Into her lap is
. being emptied th wealth ofneghborlng
SStates, brought hither by etended iron
highways The mighty Mislasippi low- -
lug past hLr depa is pe uing into her
ha.m the rishes of the gaMes harveste of
the peat West, sad everything proclaims
Sad p tats t e th ity, as about to beycm
a ase of the waltheest, mot powerehl sad Ti
must eaergtei commerelal emporlums of
a i lad. ib Loulaislana is these who
des t wish her the realisation of the
Swildest dmam of her most esaguine citi
s e. BHow Important is t the that peace
. ould po huand ln hand with her insemused
a prosperity.
. I it best, is it wiseit for ecret aso
- datlioatol arganised to seaus msacha t
Sposae b i dealedf Will It acomplish
, themquired arelta? We mueh questie. s
its paetekMdlty, med rather bar that l
ty wil but pelpitate weas evils L
than those whrblh the deeIro to eramdiest.
Th pple ertaily moan wvil, bot is
thi saeb preeedt to estaMbish, to ea
Omthe laws, mad to seeare toallpa r
icas fall ltisila i l Ilbertyad SI
peoparty9 Thso lgotS lsa 8iave one and a
seeds m im amelderstionq.
I Wemastl au edo m we s *gtot
rti cl theultuge, ogr1laes, eur Im
teCn Mr. Thea eIokmea, relative to the I
e ahveasse. Nevuit asem r detrdatio
A. itb, berom Fanautl. O.,L.,as
as "Te gurm of yhLeh yoswrute is prerl
-a fem the ued, au like ue m ,ab I
pass, whisk It somewhat reau es in t
. erlewtb ewr spquires pl bang
" lt l to i th e Cilhrd urly
Stmd a w milet. a teapt
h na iu th. o, , h mo, noy I
japt tak kth seysho bemadpeo
o .. a s.. . we a..sem. ary
ap Arkasas
be harrrL d~Ils o rd aeUP R
Sly i VI .r ur Dtp
m Idkwr Iied rkewrI5n
' *'r~ir~~ dt w
IHIR mewn, f the Bml url .u ompig the my
T bSW yndleste thi Pari h, an hreeby a97
uaed. to meet in this city, at tihe Cart U
Heem, at I1 'clock M., Monday, Anuaet 0, or,
JULa K. Muse, President. fail
Aug. •ta.
Ts o. . Ould & a lvs. Mrs. J. P. Campbell. O*
District Court, Parish of NatclitowlIw. p.
No. $A01. hiM
-T virtue of a writ of Fl. Pa. Ilsued in the t.
Sabvs entitled sad ummlhred suit, and K&l
to ne dlreted, I have sehed and will oler shah
ter sale a publlie auction, to the last and
highest bilder, at the ComIr HloUs door, in
the city and parish of Nathtches, La., on c
---il, ie d davlepieumber, 1581,
. IS o'clock M., all the right, title said in
teet of the defendant Mrs. J. P. CamsbeIll, .
l and to the follow Juadgjnta to-wit:
Judmment i sait No. aWA, entitled Mrs.
L V Ca bell, Neural Tutrix, e., v. J. .c
N. rke, rendered i the Distriet Court, IS1
:'rish of Nachitooe at its December tery, 4all
189, ter the sum of 301 43-100 Dollars, with er
Sper ceat lateret fro g 1t February, 1878,
and tand 10 per eat on said sam as At
terac'e sa f aert to a redit of 113 ~-iN pr,
Also Jagmet ia salt No. 8550 entitled, him
Mrs. L V. Campbel, l, atral Ttri, e., ties
vs. Josiah N. kett, redered in the Die- "P
trit Vsrt, Parish of Natehitowhes, at its
Deseaber term, 189I, for the am I f61 74-10
Dollars, with 8 per eat Inaterest from July
9th, 189, and easts. sf
Also Judg t in s No. 559, entitled, -
Mrs L V. Caw l, Naturl Tutri , ec., eat.
Aa. J. N. and T.. ikt, readred r the K
District Court, Parish o stehltoehes, at its sU
December term, 180, for the sum of 10 Dld- 3
laIs, with 5 per cent interest from March
9th, I , and cost.
Als Judgmeat in salit No. 869, eatitled iha
Mr. L. V. Campbell, v. A. W. hampton,
redered la the Distri Cort, Parish of d
Nateite P t ite Marth tero 11,.for the
sam of e17 S0 Dollars, with 8 per eent in- .
teest from 17th day of July, 188, sad eost.
Ttrm of ale:
Cash-e det to mt.
Aug. U.-3t. sheri. InI
5 Seseeleu Bale.
T virtue of sa order from the Hoe. the t11
i1 11th Judical Distrie Court of Louis
as s Isad for the Parish of Natchtoches,
sad to m directed in the above aeesesleom, si
I will ei f or ase to the last sad highest ri
Muir, i the tow of Clleatrville, na
ih.dae , hlbrsib d Ut a mber, 1,
to-wit: I
The undivided half Interest of deceased In s
and to a trt of land situated i the Parish
of Natehteeohes, aewn as the usafret half t
of the. e. Rahal atotan, situated sad i
suded as fllows: bouded below by lands O
to Jealm JLam Dedleelsea, I
shoe teeeI b04 katagl to tie
ueseiue VdofVeter ea1, in the rear
bandeb A. N. Ral and Lmis Jean ns asal,
sad flet by left ak of Came river, ede-s
Property to b pring s at.
Aug. I.--4t. Administrator.
TRAED hbefre me the nadersigned an -
ithei , Isaiah Mlde. one sorrel to
IPl, abiot idear y old. No brand or
t; p i T. LeBras anud P. -
w ar thn mdereigmed Jus q
tie d ttJo,atten dollare.
I Aug. 90.t. J. P., 4th Ward.
Ithl i litertae of the codnstry is now
SJadeW. W. Howe thNew Orlesa t
JeabIl mh 'I auaa, leat , tali a
i~tie enterpri. Martin' Hlst
at leamlsla haso elsbieanes d HuaI :
I the shelves d theb ssaks l is ely go
sleally fsadi iosaso of the Anti- a
themust ndla otale.,.vi. e,
1ss th list d wtle that I lstrated
Ilw 7iU 1J . t5leIa5. Ass Atorasy
u smia Waa t a well astnls is
I l eos map e o. 0rsOr a m, by Cl .'
I N rleI . ..l "
n ~PS N m Toiuan k
Ai blsa tork wpurtasees sess
, avetherrs.
a mes . . Gres
of· New 0. m..
91 M a41 a m
lssi. Pre a ttuo. hepad,
sad by that name shall u... ..1r', : .e a. nd hare
epeto esLae for and during the full tIru
Speriod of aasetyaine years from the date of TI
tie execution of them pceentsl uanesm eaner la.- meel
srlved I the mannerr hereialter proviodea free : wait
my smee and be eal, may haul v al anal persmnal mle
mty, ay cake uiltracts, may reeMive gruasts limul
at ld or permnl plroslerty , aeId shall pssesa all era
the pourenr sad pevlleges wlhalh rorlractioSe ale tenl
or may be by any geneal law of this State, ac- reoue
thaisel Ito Iamen; alndl scaid eIUpanlly may r - eri.
e-rcrse its ewrpsate powers within aney eate' of the ue
fIaited itates that shadl autheorie the salll-. 'II
Artlide L..*a*pital Woek. anl
ac--coo I. The Capital Storwk f th1i. Cr,qurn- a'cue
tis is beereby tixnei at Five lIuelncrl lThucceusaed talt
hdslare, s. prcented 1y Five 'l'Tousuld larrc of writ
one huntreel edullarc ach, with the right to ice
erranw said capital sluek to the Mlillienc lIdhar :
pieotkhd, that sakl ewrlrrallne shall ie wrganize-l
eulder the inuaoralerator" hler-iel ucaulel,. of wh eo,1.
Ilugh B. WalJaley, W~'ilter W. Blarzeaule. .IHlaeen
N. Coygenve, hler" A. Wanlmley, Steplheia W.
Kilo, anl Mitarlshall il. Carver anid L uldd Caepari. A
shall eatwtitute the tirt IIARll OF4 DIRILIECORS,
ali shall hbol their edairce until the
e1t . When Filly TIhouIsIIel Ihllare
of the Cal Stock shall have been sulacriuerd ('le
the Ua of Ditrturn are auuthorizal to ceamc
meare thee cestructlki of the Ceod and tco carry
out the provisions of this charter; to enable thlen
to do this,ubheriptios to the Capital Steak shall an
be de nall ayaile as herein provide-l for, when sail
this ameunt a ubeeen subscriedl. art
14cr. 9. The time and maUoner of paywat for the
stock shall be such as may he determiunel by the
Ilucl of lMiectoer: Prolvied, Ihowever, thlat ino T
call shall li maee of cre than ten Isle' cent sI e
each share at any time, and thirty dayses Wl t elapeI le
he-fee another rall can he nmade.
the. 3. No stockholer shall be held liale or
respuasabhi for the contracts o fault of the, Con-.
pony In any further sum than the unpaid balance m
or hbaanes else the telpany ci u shares ownee by
him, nor shall any infcmlnalitie bin the orgaulls- I
tin have the eitct of annulling this Charter or
exposri a stlockhuler to any liability beyond the j,
amouat of his stock sulb riptnk suulnid. viz.
Slir. 4. The stock looks aball be kept at the Fit
eiee of the Compmy, whence certilfate of stawk tin
shall be lisued to the subscrieers. but no transfer asi
of stock shall be binding upon the ComIpany ulil typ
made spun its stock boks, ad no stock certCi. A
rate shall Ie lnesed esceptt for full psll sieeL. It t
ie'. . In ease of fal on the part of any al d
submrriber to pay the unstallments on hise stck as
rtquited, tlhe hir n of l)irectos shall have the up- -
ti, after thirty days written otice, to the delin
quest, of fafleiting his stuck, or the amount prea
viuaaly id thereon, anti no stockholder shall
havte hrih t to vaote while in default.
Is. it. Al rbes rldative to the declaratios of
Sdividads ar divsiona of prota as well as the by. Pa
laws oat the Company, shall be made by the doe
aend of Directors, but aid rules and b-laws tor
shall bo au to repeal, change or wodiation
by the re of a rtity of the stock of the
Ompsny at their meeting, the
ca. 7. The doeicile of the Company shallbe to
the city of Natchitoche, and citation shall he ie
served thereo e the President of the Comlpany, or
la his absence on the voce-Preslent. I
Artlce 8..l*Generl Power. Ba
The said Company is empowered and athorisel:
Fman To laste, censtruct, lease, own and use a
ailroad with one or more tracks, and umitable bed
t roaue, of such gauge mad contruction, and up- 2
Sn sach a cerns. or ate as may be deeineed by a cal
1, messl of the directo Comanye mot t10e
,, sepsdhnt, beinnat a poIt on theb lieo Ieu
r ilver ne I via the City of Natchitches,) run
ning thence to a poaint at or near Sabinetowna,
Teas, and with such lrauches as the IBsard of r
, iree-ters may dens necessary. lot
SaroNi-Tolorate, construct, leas, run, mian- rec
tt a sad usch tbeanch railreads and tracks as a q
+ a ority of the Direetor of said Comlpay msa sr
hrea time to time deem proper and expedient, adri
n for the aterest of said Company to own, a to
Sase ad lesse, and they sh t be reetrlctod in
If t exercise of this priilee to the State o Lo- lot
d Ia utmay oeenect their main line with any in
ther W or lines in other States which shall a. 6
thoise the eerelse of said privilege within their la
limit sad the said Company shllhave a right to a4
i and maintain proper fre t sdle e
Se depots, said to eonect by tack ad
a, eewith lied river and hilnie liver, at such
s pelot r poits as may be deemed met conve. ea
lest for the paIbie iterest and to ae in such for
rn, asteamw nbs and other vessels, and for the puar 7,
pose of such dpt, tracks and ferries, my ac
quire prpMty by exropriat .
Tn -Ta o hatrt, estal or purchase, and I
the.ofste to own, ke, maintain ad use uitable se
wharves, pier, warehouses, yas, steamboats, lear I1
hors, dept, stations, cotton compresmes and other
s appurtenanees connected with sanl l ci
dental to a railway and its connections, and to of
rea and manage the ame as the Directors of the pa
- sid Comlu y may deem to be moet epedient, and w
el tothe w of aid m rp ti.
, PotMuar-To take, transport, parry aal convey Ia
Spomn and roperty upon its said railway, ama t
S an it tsr t f stem or ether power,
ad toreve keeping, sand to stmre see
chand and property in it yas, or wareb , II
and to reclve fermion transpotatio, askeep ing
or storam seek tlls and charges M fr time Ia
- tt hei establihedi or atbhrised to le establish. d
ed by thte Dtrectorn of slid nl l compny ; to be
make advanes of money or credits upona merehanLu. t
die or pa ty, forw t ae made by ether trOs o
ora vareurass, to uch extent and uop sueh I
aad umi ti s as the irector of sai Ceaumpn a
mayryom time toiee establish or authorie to be
c errFwt-To obta and reeeive by purechae, grant 0t
e rtoue uanted Staes o otherwse, rt lilt, p
dovleis adb lhe , both ral ad persunlPdprr
ty; to halve an tob ud mb re a dl pers l a
tateforels e aet purpsmes ad bini.
naeses h .uh- n '
1un--To o struct and mintain its rski riall.
Srl uy prt o tb e same, ad to lhave the
rightof wy tlrshee armrg or upon any
wtr, water m~ e rliver, lake, bay, inle, street.
he bh rway,t pike or a, which ti couarse of
ad anlwaye may iterse, toech or crmes; prvi
dd, the s p a Ill prsve ay water
sta n ywy, taap e which d
t pa~siwa w arop pon, along er inter.
Seae teoaai ereus, ma not to impairit unaeful.
Ui* I U the ad cmpany shallll a a. a the o
mmtilah ssrstals, irn tsings a Statethat ite C
i heand thel eel
mCedI Y1cdg ei-al toaahetat draw 
er " u e,:::*** - m srhn* a, Q
hi se sad whea requi ylaw. (
ma syaar.-Te vobtain y gr a otherwe,
ean- f ldoiainyowpr ollagleda alghts
Slaes or sy any of saidpri e ts,
sViUas may ea s to patin rsferaonee tothe
malatamr u e a -9 mat and us e
- cIt -Te w leiof said omp nyI eadto, a
*o ethlrer aleadte h.aineriathi the timot s
iv. Ubul )" "taepopr 'ateptrJopety e-seun-g to
r mlaTva.-tero hs, nterleaptw am wuite i
uh ltlas casnlsneenter the tr ofols
hls useaOth ate ilat , i( a its
n . maei , o t e lradeepo
I Zral ne en fura u epthe o asy M
itsdenn ua
ae d rs toset uauerdat iasy lortedm omfi
tc louspur It. Tnee ta rrsete t els a
hCarm smu -To sew manliae l eer uh or
-,,,ewat, , i r lfc, ,rt psipue. ..
inher ltded a reidecs of tshempayt
od ra . e ormanu r ucru m ans, orth par-o it
acaeia ers tie schpport, t Isue Its os
webn rw r omwlaaos n ot harin itereast at
per ee swu tam s te Iutese e lect,
an dmdeo b ysbt a e egladort hl moaneay
SU a, t sec times adjree asm a ysl
ornte t. e .etm a oei Its
Ii blepuqas irepny toayll mete
I 4 cuella br to hepa l
sty. ell aromp- anal p .i
1 inmusastis
" ,
Artirle 6u.L. UiqaldstINe.
'l'hi orEwporatihli may hee diswved at a iigener;al
*iellng iroi.ve'il flr* that 1pirpeell. witl the a,.
:ilitl of hitrlla-llmh of thie Istak re .o rchsentel d ai
;il anrrtiisg : and inll alw of le nh liatidoliIIIeiion th"
inlallatir shalil le erllledctell by tlitw ee ,',,,ieia,e
a  .lertul by hielalt at tsuh Aaleti.n. Al tfll
tirmiuatiiion of this charter, the liqlidallAnl sh.,l It i,
'oumluctedl IV a srillalll r lUI|an Of threw rolunlii ui,
sera, to le ii the oani, wavy elected at a Lgeneral
u.eeting olf liockh oler.is .4ivcur.l liir Ih:at ilr)u.Ia,.
'ThiIe ilicu. ull pjiell l mll. ollire, ill fle eit" iof
Natclhitiieiiier inl tihe pl'cile ece II. I'. Irearele1.
adl John A. l~arlow. lawful witnusses, residing inl
thic Litt, wIiho have ihele.nt, signed tIheir 1alel."s nc
hieclli. tgi,"lth.er %ilth tihe satd ipli-areLs aud .llil
ioitirl, o1 I le AH t. llull it al iealr hlo.ill fintl
written. aft. rreailing the whole.
II. B. W.AL.MS.:Y.
it'. W. It1EAZEALE.
.1. II. COt1IGlV:E.
11. A. W .AI.SLEtY.
S. W. KIIE.,
Attest : l.. tAi'.l1.
II. I'. Illti:. tZEAl.E,
J .o. A . .Bf.u t w .
:lerk 1Ith itirt. t'eelit anil ex-Oltlci, Natarv Puhlice.
I'a"isih of alehlitwheie. )
Having examined thelI within act of ineorpmoation
anl Ibeing of lhelpinioll thait the pInrpo m c ctlI,
jects ofl ti nlme Ici as lWm'cilhe ill said aet of iic'Ojrlw
ration arn legal andl that nonIe of thie ilouiiontll
therlli .ioltahinedl are contraryv l law, I ioI helicliy
:onsent to and al lprove tile saule.
Thu's dlone iand iguril at the city of Natchite
tihes in the Pa'rilsh of Natchitiwhes, State iof Loullis
iana, thi rtlay dy of Jullne, A. I). cIl.
]iatrirt Attorney 11tlh ilst. of Louiniana.
Judicial advertisements inserted at legal ratas::
viz-One Dldlar per square for first insertion, alind
Fifty Cents per square for each aualmluleat iner
tion. A square is the srACF. of one bundred w(Ids
solid matter. and measures eleven lines of MImuos
type in these columns, or one inch.
All advertlasmeuts of a Judicial nature iunerticl
in this palper are subject to the alouvr wneasurmerut,
and tmust hw ,ai dl for accordingly.
Successle Sale.
B Y virtue of an ordnler anl decree of the at
lon. the D)istrict Court in and( forn the i
Parish of Ntchitothes, I will sell at the °"
door of the Court House in the eity of Natchi- 'e
toches, on iI
Weddesday, the tt of Alult, Is, ii
the following described property belonging 14
to the Succession of Istelle Prudhlomme,
deceased, to-wit:
1st. A tract of laud on the east hank of
Bayou Julian, parish of Natchitoehes, being a
portion of Lot 1, Sec. II, township 9, range
7, wet, containing 22 76-100 acre.
W1. Another tract of land in said parish, -
being all of section 23 (except lot No. %,) lota
2 and 3, of section 25, and east half of north
east quarter; section 26, township !, range
10, containing six hundred and forty-three
09-100 acre. to
3d1. Another tract of land in said parish w
con.-isting of lot No. 2, of section II, andl i
lot No. 1, of sectit '! '1 1 f , tiion 14, (ex- tla
eept the north half of fracrtioaal north east ,l
quarter) and lot No. 2, of section 24, town- c
ship II, range 10. containing Five Hundred et
and Sixty-two acres.
4th. Another tract of land consisting of
lot No. 5. of section 24. and all of section 15,
in township II, range 10, containing 630
66-100 acres, of which 90 acres are in the
parish of Natchitoches and 540 66-100 acres
are in the parish of DeSoto.
5th. Another tract of land in the parish of 1
Natchiteches, being the north half of soth I
east quarter and north east quarter of south
west quarter of section 18, township 8, range
7, containing 118 .5-100 acre.
6th. Another tract of land in said parish,
being the west half of north west quarter and
north west quarter of south west quarter of
section 18, township 8, range 7, containing
118 35-100 acres.
7th. The unudivided one fifth, and- seventh f
of one fifth of another tract of land in said
parish, being the south west quarter of south
west fractional quarter of section 8, town
ship 8, range 7, containing 39 8-100 aseres,
and the mllth east quarter of south east quar
ter of tectiou 7, township 8, range 7, con
taining 38 28-100 acres. (Chalybeate Spring
8th. thei undivided one third of a tract of
land owned in common with Phanor Pro- I
dhommne's heirs and Jean Prudhonnme, on
both sides of Old river, in said parish, con
taininF about 337 acres, being the lower halt
of elanm continued to Sonlonge Bosier, and
purchased of Successidon Pierre Chellettre.
The interest of the deceased in the above
land being an undivided one-half; if desired
by purchaser, the title to the other undivi
del half will be made at the esae lime and
on same terms, by the Heirs o4P. Achille
Prudhonmme, dee'd.
Terse of Sale:
Cah--suhject to appraisement.
July 23. Administrator.
Parish of Natehitoebee,
It is hereby ordered that a special Jury be I
drawn andl summoned in accordanee with
Act. No. 35, of 1880, to be eomposeal of nine
competent Jaurors for each of the 1st and 2d
weeks of the October term of the District
aCprt, parish of Natchitoches, for the trial
of all criminal eases, where the penalty is not 1
Snecesarily imprisonment at hard labor, or
I death, and the Jury Commission, is direeted
to draw said special Juries, and the Sherif
to summon the same. Said term.of the Dis.
triet Court to convene on the let Monday in
October, 1881.
Done, ordered and eaded in Chambers,
this 14this 14th day of July, A. D. 1881.
(Signed) b. PIERSON,
Judge, Ilth District, La.
A true copy.
i CL1.R'n rinicI, Natehitoches, La., July
3S5th, 1881.
Deputy Clerk, D. C.
Preedisp of Jury Cnmlu l.
SParish of Natchitoehes,
S 11ith Distrit Court, Clerk's Olie e.)
S On Sturday, July 23d, 1881 the members
of the Jur Comimiasion met In the Clerk's
SOMee, at Natchlitoeee La., according to law,
Sand parsuant to an order of the Hon.D1). Pier
. mo, istriet Judge.
S Members resent: Joseph Henry, J. Al
ph e PulehmmeChas. A. Bulardl, and
eorge W. KeoaMey, Clerk.
S When Chas. A. Bullard, in preseae of the
Sother Commisoune prsent, proceedIed to
open an draw frots the gneral venir Iox,
at one at a tie, the fllowi g named persons
Stoserve as tthe Petit Jurors for the Ist and
seeond weeis of the Oetobher Term of the
7 Di)trlet Court, in and for the Parish of Nateh
SItoehen, State of Louisia, to-wit:
i PFirngt Week..
Ward. Ward,
yE. H. Lowery, 2 Emile Chevaler, 9
J.C. Kesr, I TRnaqulin etoyer, 9
5 P.E.Bod,e, J.C. CCogmove, I
L.A..Bosier, I W, I. MeCutthen, I
0. 8. Walker, 2
meeela Week.
S Ward. Ward.
SJ. J. Miiddleton, 2 L. V. Jsack I
Isaa Manole, I E. P. Breedlove, 6
he .W. McCledon, 7 Oar Chopin, 10
he P. hley, 1 C. C. Phillips, 10
be L.R. MeYuarin, 4
The members of the Commisiou and the
SClerk,the placed the ballots above named
n)rnd drawn, in envelope, an sd ealed andl
endorsed the same with their sgnatures, and
r the week respeetively, for whieh they were
Sdraw, sad plaed the envelopes so endored
ae and esled, in a box for that purpose, and
e0 which box was then sealed'and delivered to
the eustody ofthe Clerk of the Court, to he
Ol oisep4a dqed at the October Term ofthe
Ith Judical Distriet Court.
. The Commissoners then proceeded to draw
e ghteen qualled Jurors to replace the
Muames drawn fre the lgeneral Vemirse box,
by whieh was then sealed, endormed antl deposit
ted with the Clerk of the District Court for
Ssafe e oag, roeodlnlg to law.
_notimonmy whereof, witaes our hands
,a oeSuly, an the Seal of the Clerk of the
Eev E th Jdieial Distrit Cert at Natebita
el. oes, la.t this 2id July. A. D., 1881.
et (OriCgi fsatle J0SEPB HENRY,
Ja Commhiioners.
S. Clerk. Distriet Cort.
SParish of Natebhitaohes.
Sert the abovetobe a correet opyof
aldm on sdr oand of ieeord ia my oee.
patsshol, ny of which witas"
Ih.enry 4. , *ixl V.. Jai. II. 11, N
Ilsl, tt t'-f.rt. Parish ~ N:la thtl o N lg
No. x, :.t . h
"l virtlie o'a' writ opf Seizure a.
l) rcl in the :111%.s tho\. *'tlilh.d llrdl-u
l-rell suit. :"111d a io ie ,liret.ed l, hi es.
O'd ;14 1 will tIill l fMor N;ale. i to t I ePI.I i
'.4t •ihlrn1e, .t t . I 1* .ur".e t tI. 4 el ttritl
tle' 6i1 1"'141 ,lu.r 1 oei f Naitc.lits4h " I' , ie.
Nalurday, 3rd dar o eptler
ia 1 oi' cloc k 11.. the tilllowing m 1b,  B1,
lst. A 1'cr 11 t ai Irhat of l'anliil fl,.
N:,tchittches,. ill thli St:at, .on therinh lft
of I.d rivr.1-, , .,,1in:.: k. tnl
I'u mt 1 r iv a iig f tan
i tee'. tle tf) ofi eel N hit lajtet lYillel
1eV the Inited State. tr s l enti I
dIl I4'ertilitute No. 141 . ler 1th]ee I.il.
: 1 1 1 t i l .f -t o u r u. e s , 1o l)4. 4h d ,u l r s , e b h Ia
of .1rs. holuhle,, nid in rear ht l- ae1]
eSnusl'eiifi olo Ltiuil. oaullt
2ind. Aioht.her I racit of lanl i h the ,I.
wut ltl or Ihill ir.et1lirV, 11ilN111t two .iles jilh
of the lalds first t4lescribel , w(et lllhilillI
hulllldred al ulll sixty-teil a ret, bing ti . uItl
half of ntrth' eiat lurter, the s hllf
-"outh cait i iartel r, :i th 141e l th . .est . alf of
o, lte t1 e: at . :rLt,, r, of , sec,. tion tethe
Iliortlh half olf sioutlh Wis t .quar.t.r, a the
teleith east tuarter of fte Month Aet 'laliti
of a cr etiol twi o'lle - Ittlu l 14111 thel i i e,
lrli'rt1e1r of lorth w'ent lloroter of llSetig
1W t'ltl-igiht, ill twlwaeshilt ele'tvj e , e l" ylf
seven' . wtet, with :ill lh,: Itth illill uoc flt.
proliVeiItlil"t I there'n'tl.l ii
Tielle oi" .St4 :
Crill-t-lllejclt toI ,siru i.nltl .ln.
e . AM'I. . P. I AINEI,
STTE ol" IAli'l.tt
Parish of -ichithitee.
A ,I4e"eial iii -.ohJrry T-rmli olf the tItlh Ja.
ei:al DIistrict al iill'. ill :a4ll tir the I'Parji l
Ntlchlitol'rhin, isl hrclliy culled to etlles
fill the
Seoend Imll day of Septemler, I 181,
at which tern) all Ihmeliui.. int requiring tli
illtervetntioni of it .li1rv will I.e tranliasee.
nllld tmhe Clerk of talil 1itriºtihit Court1 o4 i.
rected to give. eiitije of saidl tijwial Tern,
ill neerdcilnlt:lle with Sectiol I1tl of the 1t.
vised Statutes.
)olne, ordered and nigiu'e at ChaOiiler,thi
14th day of July, A. I)., 1l81.
(Sigued) D. PIERSON,
Judge, Ilth District, iL.
A trite eoplV.
Ihlpult Clerk.
July '.-.5t.
WR. HAMPTlON having difle is this
O Utlie, hie Provisional Aceonltof T.
torlship of the heirs of P1hil JIawley,,le.ed.,
with hil I-etitiohu aaild Ipryear, that tliih Iwa
lw hsotulogatel 1 4lltl iiiiie ue jludlpgel of
tlhe Court; uatilhe ils itrel, given that Iskale
oplllitiou to said ACetullt iw tihleil in tlhisof
tire within tnIi daiI.ce frelln tlii lllate, the pri
er of the petitioner will 10 gruatedl.
Aug" I13-t. D'yr. Crk.
Removal of
Te. M.. CAUETU.I NI 4 01 I
Where will bI fiimud, always om Lbas,a
full stock of
Spring Opening
81 aM 88 Wll,8 I1TMr,
New Orlesas, Lellg
On Monday, March 28t, we
will open more than ix
new styles in
comprising the latest novel
ties and most
in medium and light weights.
The entire line will be the
we have ever displayed.
Diagonal Worsteds,
III. hug.., Twreebmd a e.iU.
cut in various styles, i; large
and well assorted. Our s
sortment of
Boy's and Children's
is complete and will be kept
so through tie season.
No. 81 and 83 Canal Street,
X. B.-- .am.l,'and tin d nwsr I fIr k J
ariug waiUiagly a t urs alicatiu.
309 & 311 Canal St.,
Cornr Iercer St1ro
July ~3-Iy.
Garden Seeds
Al! & 09 Magauine street.
COitry odrws pn*uysy atgwch to.
PaIe LIki aGru4e Alutu ac qp sl4fN

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