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The Constitutional. (Alexandria, La.) 1860-1861, August 04, 1860, Image 2

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F ICi. AL A i 1.! T
P. BOY'1, . .... .. ..-O
7 AL.L'A' bllA, LA.:
1TRD.1T..... .. .....AUGI'.T J'
p"ra, in ad
ntru..taox-TF',ur lol P1 rol nth'
lante; if n0t jtail within 8ix t.oo, I l rm
ti.e of c bhsrrt.bng. Five Dollar, t a
don taken for a period of than
rcta.o isrerted at the
S. p.-Advrti~mnl, o ten line. or
tat to.LE Dollar per vud Fifty C, ut. for
,r the first in Artlm rti1custeaIr
S"..i adltti-zal pUil,.' beA . chrge eah
:.ing at in.'rva. t p.blieation, Upon
, the o a lib:al discount will be
7týa * rave,:i' in' r
*. -- uwhin over a slluare, will be
eTar , 'ar , ntt sof adr in.
c r . n; t tl i . '· "
Pnrm~l4tal E:ct:rs :
T.-. L ELt(+fPr- I'stTrTr..
I. Risv ie GarrT.re, G. Dup ri r,
t Rand'l-l Hollt, J. Iavren,
I.cselins 1)neanl Cage,
J. O. Fuqa, II 'M1. 'avrot,
T. 11. Irewis, V. 'ourn't,
John Ray, B. I. llodge.
Coausitatlon:al I'aiou Puarty
P1:tt"os r:.
errMs experience has demolstratc(d that plat
brae* aldopted by thb, partisan CCnventions of
e c.ountry Ihave had the rtfct to mDilkad and
-tesive the peoplo, ad at tlh same time to
iden th.. ic!itiral disisi, ns ot the coun:ry, by
be ereation and eneuuragerl:,nt ,f geograiphical
red ecetional parties: Then,r fore,
Res.red, Ths: it is hbth the lpart of pattloti4m
I ofduty to recogn,.e no l.,litital alinjde: l+
er than
Tull C"cSTrrTTr' or rT. (:.tCo rRv,
Tut It'o)N IFF. T!IE StT ET., An
Ttr. I'Yron'l:MrNw T OF Tirr: I.AIwS,
I that as rep.er,,ntative ,.cf t1h Co,stititional
.nii men of the conntry in Nati,nal('u,.' *tin
emlled, w o h pl're l .tg~ vurlv'es t1, intvin,
tect and '! fitnd, .'',,,rrtely awl it it ,l!y. they'
at j,,inciplesofjv b:ltli!bertyand ratinai:! Ff..
against all en nml S at horn,, aul abr,:' !. b,
ing that theL.-hy Iearse t:iny oDnc tr*m' e I r'.
nd to the re'uztry, tl,..; i i;,ilhts of the Pon
an! of '., r ,. r t.." n'. . I. n. "he (,, -
ow-e -(r, . i , that c, ' !. i n j.1-::'
C U : lit .tit, ' '.. r t . ' ,, .r .T "
tld , ir, e ,i I.. i, tn I , L t I I ' . ,1 : :!
I "a nor i." f t iriuon, .~,.a.l;.! . tilcer . it,;,i
ratic tlam.p .i :t1-, i,r,.vid,, far tlh • ,',r, n, ,: .
D", ,pro f .t, h g n r:.l wilfa., a.,.1, ". c,.' tt+.
Dings of lb. rty to onrslvl'. and I ,.mL ryfy '
fter tlds date the " 'ostitntioral"
issued regularly every )Mniu,!ay
at 2 o'clock. Advertisers will
take notice.
thel', Nnvligation, ac.
sorryv we have it not in our piwer to
a ctan:'' in the hot and dr"y ep.. t.f
he 1.' has ltiot bt know, F.i ft.iv
in AlIxsuthia, tl,' .and is so ,l .r
pick our crosilng to go frontm cou
tree t to thm ,ther.
y we hav. a p'renai"' of raim frm a
y, and it is Ihlived w. had s,,ven ,!;,ps
y last. Ev ty Pine Woodis ('tik i.
up and alnost all are out of iast, rn .at l.
-rilh'"'? of the unp.crall,.!ed thoight, v.',
ite a stat.hint of one 'f oeir smua' i.l.Itt, 
C'alea i.l who ha plan.eel ,.vonty-Iiv, a..
aii",",s t. gatth :" s*v in iil. isi o if c'a . ~ 1 .
.w T ctioteins ten .in i splar,: thbt will net
ten bUnh,'ls of .torn.
lhe dtigteht has d'n? its worst and the only
_t ,now to bi ,taih'd hy a ood rain, w;1! be to
t. ut tiiti:l ia nt w.e.hiug water nal to settl,.
heulb1 I t t., .It .ti vrry assiri;: vehicle.
Iran ;ill ,,,n' :.ttitt't, .ur..lv-es with an occa
ai t frot a ,t nti,',at. Tite Newi Boy wa
iet bat at out Wharfl the ha!ance having
painWdl IlOw towli. it'llt"le ti, cro-, tht. Iar in
-t o' twi. Ab,, I u. Lai ir'ation is entire!y
p.'n0l1d. , 1,ip? i-u fli r 's :ll v', , who hay0.
a storl1 hret :lll I tI , 0lan. **f shippiing at
4. Tl.. i: rlbsn , ot , ., 1t tl. I : '.: drnaul ht boit..
Wte,l hla.t ittlhid dwi at r.,t in thri.", feet water
b *Cantlih ;i atve-Yard. hlie mill fthd within
pintg tnniy il"l rpnii., ionna entoinbel beneath
-J-'ar wVatrl. (f .1s 1. d.
-he only rerndylv 1. t t,, onr f:inds above wili
to rvtuiuto the. good old farshion of hlaul
ih I a pripi'muA mart ant to hant around the
b-." iptn ,t o ft,, "Gr, at C. ntral te8m Rail
ad" of JI:ge Ilvre..
oame think thisb inl 'nrtakiv Ia dram of delihuil,
pit we i tlb .i io ii'o le a Ii, I t'i t anld wet f ,'l
dthat Jilg' l.'' w21l up :il his imonena.
la iathr tIlau ' . itj f.luro,. Th,, Judg,. ht.'
~-ill, a rnd mi L.s money there is sure to be a
Oturaa- ., lHotel.
-l e int.:nd to d.ivot, mnll't of our spIace to
-matter, we hIow of no er.!ct t-(.t t;: con!u -n
town and! tie ttraverlir i ,eitontni y liort
ly taln !m , th leading of t.,- natl rl,
he name Iy whtichit h' iI tel i i- Ium m n'wm-w;!l
-,our  '. t e thc rtut ll of .ntli.nitg-ft r a
shudtd t umn ., ,s 0- IS w thittk *fit :,r i*
-thel' I,1 il ,cur iL.s at the unotical
id fa' ~ , "I til; * i.
e' wulhl r. . I'ift z7 < l','t to th,' ent,.rpri
t, .pi 'oe!r*l .' -.:? (> f sl-ctinZ sremi
u yA " :. t nli. tl1110, or itl would 11o ,u lAv
.nd I..: fal- -?'l! ,it. n )t I1n dlu.t h .li |-s z t ,-e su
a few . r.zfhlr . i. n "I w Hi. i, iw fri ILt!. w.e' r:Il
lthe wh!l" i\-etttiim.i ,.f agt 'l.ri.atl' n i,.le
wpe f';n.1 th:,. 1t. ; il i! htih r than "The
-Lf ll,,l.." Ti:- Ir . n i- pi, i y. slnouds well,
it is fit tfrat t!'. i.'.t ,v . !re.s, rvrcan e and taste
uld. Ariajl. ,h(:b t :kil IIe a Itistmn repr-snta
in the. cor ,,it,, c" !,i, ,n h:' t sr . Comlte,
em 5,reept ith- dr .-,.m r ' n*. sad hl..,r
arh;nukir I*".
k IP'LAN A: T OI&.
In pIr.infg at t t r! e c.,I'n:.insi
frT :' a c! atiy ctt: : :. ": , ' . :;.! , . ,..
in the gift of the p,.i:. v.. ' . n in "
duty briel;y to explain tL,. r. ... 114,l ,.
course we have th.uhll! rl,.."" r to, put.,'.
Party principles and ,1: t organiza
tions have recently undlt' r "t, in:la k,'d awl
important modifications ; but neverti
.Oa there must of t,,.ecs-ity be in
every popular and free g,,vernlnent two,
sets of opinions--the one radical. dip,<>.-ed
to innovation and to ha:ty progres.; ti(,
other conllervativ", adhtl:rin to th i. i,
policy which (t..xpi. -- L.a uam:.wti,' I,
and indip ed ti ;'.ir w , ,t.'rt .i th ,
by nu e rl '-s tnl, th '. i U ri t i. r. ti thi
iiffi ion of int.l1" "l;;,:,'. am, ' h. m :1 . ...
Hetee 21.id,!t thi d:-rupli I: of :
which huas ,ucc lur r. l in.l i R "1,' 1, .' .,
thoughtful t:ainil may sitill i. ,rl: ti., I
great atltag, i-ticia pr im , ,,t . i, 1.I
anid Contrvitti-u arr,'.,, ^'
other. In forwe, r v,:.. ' t.
party wals th ,, p)r,irt:t(nnt ' . itn tilyi
Hucevss fl I)re'I.1' .rk to ::,,. . :,
of the wild ail reitkhlss t-i ;t .f trI ;,i a1
Democracy. 'nlT at i .rgr ,z.:,ti, i. ,: a ,p att
nmadle its Lu.t et,:: in 1 . t:.. I ilt , -::, k
into ianacti':iy :w"1 d"n- ,i,'u; : "'. ;N,,::" i.
sectioiuM.dti- hl v t I y i.n 1 '.1 i '
strI .gth, "thd ha lft ,1 : ".ar.1 • ., , J1 ht I !!
debris of its f Ir ,.r ii '.'i- , ,-; ,. tI)n it .'
riiuts of W lhiggi,,yv at.- :i. .i .,i"::
party--an orglaniz:,.,:, . , wii
bound and some ,.tc+L:.,t i . ;td t!:,.
;eedls of its own a aii i ni: ii,:t i intt. :ri, 1
dling with taos(, ,im t:,,:.= ,t iel;; ,
iwhich thi C I'nstitutin 1.::i pr, t ,. llv Il':
to iudlividual eounciece a11.1 ;.u'l,-, ul.
Meanwhile the radical lh.riill it, th,
North continued to lhie t.m:: t: std in ti
intotirantt and nao issive charncter ,,I
llaick Rtepullic.v'.i:.in; mand iin the. ,t:u,
in th, fretful in:iatiene :.t (. ,::-; tt:t ,,;
restraints and a growh r ,. on, h, : ';,
i ,art of rith a1, unsc)u!.hal.: - i.1;i n- i
to di. solve the, 1 fnioi. T'h, :. 'i Ii,:s of
tni::ervntitn behla lirg th"--e ahnt_, r.p.:
: xhi!itiOns of s, :,tilm ,.t, }''e1, ,ru,1 t.- ..
while that inL the lti:n a :wrattii hitsv)1 Iia., t
still be fiun, a st .ii hi:t ar: 1 i:,1,ai ' 1.
',up orter if the (':orst't: i,,:i aw: l t!I
h' itn. But l1s8 ! tih ir h.- .'. "," *.- f ' .
L ,iti v hattl t:.t rei¶t. . la i t h ,1 viO l :,,,t .r
-",,n l antagoni-Im n Lit' l "" ' ,1 t ::
p:-riy, and ot.the '. p : , 1,.1 r ::t
which ha ,d u tplpei :t , rt- 'its !.,' i
,,.re. The h to,,ry of t!, <! -i , f '
h,.t.., tt It . N or'th .ri a:.tl h,.'S, ''.1 4lvl,,
rwitu , of I)l:tocrticiv. 1 :;t. at t' it t-t i,
tunld cun'll u.l with i :))v.: 1. + :;r:y1 :.
1I ititatre, ui::l it cu: ti. lia . , e l - .1
hispin, wi!h a a4 : d' -,- ".ft c ".,';,i.""
:lmonstratAs to r'lca 1..: I ,
like \'Whigiery, I L, ,, :. :. I
powerle..,-, ,td th:.t it . t .:. v :. '. !
of outirring ilett',t:,:. r. ,:- .i' .i;her to tl:.
Atholitini .t.t- f t1he North, ir to the I'.
wnioait:s of twhe Suth.
In this extremity, howev,,r, I!w wrovi
denee which has ever watctt. .1 r ,itr
beloved country did net de-,,,t 1i'. It ..a
raised up a new andi l;r,,t. .t :i izatttit4n
which, staunding mit'.:ay |hitwt,.,n th,, in
lighr Lawn. t:! the ,si.pri, ,i .
i1 t . S-,.e, ..-ti, i.t-S of the 8. 1" , '
atad its u itiring ailvt 'acy ,1 tte -a'
me~at of the laws. tighttiy vi: ed ill.
i"tatrrv a'id d:tii-t ioiltit.: l ':e:, . -, 1 'I
ha :tri i corruptaot , lullt a. ,: - ...nii:-, ,,: 1:
,h.t a as it.i sIv n 'tp. : ,. :) -.8 :h d h t:. n
i,,ns w o ," th. I :< ::.t ,i a - -t t i tz t i.
aftaur (', A l tit.ub a-.---.l 8:11 I t:!. I . l
_o a:,-- i ,: a cit I W.i I) ] Vliiut . 'i'T. -
of elte :. :,".tustt -th. tha:. k:d iu o::.ve
iur- itL'xi o u . th a co lte . ,: f , the ' ni,. it-: : t .
eul ant inthxla Iv h- ta-e-,, ' hthd a j t.. ,,
l.' irt latu--a ca' gi ft'( (..81, 8T'. I
:he Union, th,. apure Ii::irot, tle illu-trid.
irigor, t!'t ati eI . . t,.a : wat n, waht in a l',,td
d utt br,,1 .n ct ',,,r ,,'. !it-rn - y and ph l i , ti-t.
-nl triumph,-, :ha. nrvrt.," l::d a slur i:vi'
jigh-niaw ,Il .In ,' i- ns. n ta :a Wi.;. - und t
li), ann : :h ! t ]'- l ,K - ,:Ii '- u"uni alike
utiati' ofth p 'ri . )e l..:-uv . :: tll , tath 1i,,1.1
Ally. II,. id th,, r ti-.aautali-. ,.tf pri :pi
,wu S,)th are la 'l.'k ul.- , ,ihi ani.-m its-lf,
,hile hts-ou.tiess is uttyrly inpotssiltthn.
IbRt.t. iii Evra.'tr', tn the otltwr hand,
:pr, th, a . emabodim(nt ,rt toutd, niitional
,.ximents every wh.'re, anl will be as
,rdiall' and entht:instii: liv ,-sttlin,.d in
'ill section of th e c .,ua : rs " , t. in a , ,tie r.
our choice. W,. gi, . , ti h. Itr. ,., t] *
the m agic w atthw ,,ait 0- i ' "'I h ( ,tstitu- :
tion, the Union, and t.. Iaa,,rw..'aent ,i
the Laws." 'tadcr this b'mtr wc shall
rtsh to the battle and ehagei , in it what
.ver of strength, eurag- and skill we tn:y
toin'r : '" "' " T.Ct, riqu r,-.
ýW,' !!,tl' dIrca:nej a few .4w
li ih,.*n :. " I'i!l, a4s we then
-! i . ......'1 "' , l -'i :! us a m .
-. :." T'1' i:: It f .ar- cn::nl t at w1
.' I. , ":ih'l. 'iThe ii-Ih on dry land dies
t:,r t:.: want of it.n :i vtiAt'..'l,:llt; he birdof
lofty t litl.t s.',on we. ,ris i d , the : ul*,n
' ich it relYt ; si, lmA'n may ..:k his dai
ly ta.'ks inrk.-,A ,utiad uninh'alhle, but
,on ,t ,'r t di't.' 1, h ',A.n !tu i Vl - tuid jhiie' tfr
that wh'll(i !Al ,.d a cu( tO. S, A ith our
.lves, "iA thouA,'h, of rest and a c.-sation
frotu the s-iv.l,hii:: 1 laiho:'o of tiht editor
A iutitd tlil.-.,t ,,- : l whirm., that were
for the tilw irr . s:.,l. ',; :,!:.A f r l , X11"
., ,n 1 i. ,,1 t" ! . . , rt. : . :, " i: - 4 \%
I 1.: t . '1 t , ,' t t u::
1 . l, ti, r ".... . . ." 1 :. , 1. . l l . ' . o
" .". . . ' " : . ' a ' I -
1 I' I 1: 1 I. .
.:,:. . t I
t, t v" 1 ..1 : 1. .-,:t.. f i: . 1 i i t.. . l.
S'1'. 4 1 ": ",il.
.. i . . ..1 ... hi ' it |', ., . ' : '.' . i" {' , : . ' -
::1. . : ..' . " . ..'I  .:1
,i . 1 ' " ! .:", tA . . I. ;
ca n... :. . : , . . .... . !-'. . : . . .
:, '.. . 1. , . . . . . . _ lt .,,..i
t , . ., l i... . . . i . .. " , :1 --' , ... `
.. :. :
cEII l- . . h n
111. 4 .. . .. "i ," , " '
: .. ,1' I ,l . - t . l ' . I , . . t . , ,'',,,
,ii 1" , :. .11.' " '... :
..I . . i . 1. . . ' . ' . ils .t.. .. . . , I . '.
A , . ' ,. < ' , 1.8 ,. . .h "
" . i ' . ..r b :" :. . i .: ,r ,. .t , 1, . .
: . : ti ..." i 1' ..'., - I t !I .
: c
:I (il AA. I A ': v ; ; ll, ,.A ' ' , IA
,. . 1 .. l .. i ' A t • , A
I. . 1 . i , . . • ,
S\ I lt' I I i t '.l it •
r l- :iwi4Anj tAt ki tl't. '.: .t to 'A.. 'o
u,,...- r d . . . ...: - 11 ,,r ! ..-t (. , , ,
ILi'Lh , h -, ::, i., ,i- ih. ' ' i L , r mi, , o:j
l}i t .: v.
it' IA. i, i: I e.. . , .n .I ' : .!.., :
, I 1 :1w* , i Ill ! Sl ri t. tol; 't A·':'.;. '4i ' ,l 1 , it i (t
A t he ,,. t , n • ::i.,I hi_ , e l act - ,-: i "
. pli .' II . i".. . : "t h': f. h -er b ', .,i i : - a r d
r It 'u .utl ilioat . r . th , I tot.. . h .t t . I
!Ir aMitL' e 7
pon, this of I e!
ent. As jp
yr duty, a
ad, t.
ena to en gus II.
Beli and ELwetest
Defamen -,still li i,."
ho(ped ,b r the sake of h l
Aect.an-li'," they l;ad
thlir (Owl di.gs.. 'Thit scie
litiation i'1 the character 'i. t
idu alh, , h i t p'lhe',. flthe tl
c iliii 1tf eii: L il ::axt I'tn c rat, wa il,-,
S,: .t .till !: ," ,t 1. V to ic"t I
!i :. I 1 alll ,' ' ' :- ' t'. T' 1. i crime1.
:'. g'4 .'! 1 .. t 1, t. t.tl'.' ji...1 i.e hi. - ;
1... 11:t' . h '. m ; ., u.: i :' : l;,.ldiza1 d ity" ' I
at - I. the ul vt , wh. I.
i' ..:i t conspt :. . , ; ' "ik;:·!tou .t
\ ' t - h 1 'v , 1 . .. , i t h , i n to. ti ! ! , - rf r' i l k =i
fr " :t r t1. ci!:, . < : (,u thl lie!:
.in' <: i
. ! iv- " i 1'I I '..v i c' f . :''i" i
S, -. " 1 " 1 - i* , ,,
0 1
, . , .t . .. ,
. ..
. ,. ,I ... .1 : i .1 ll 1. . I' i .1.'I: : 1'I
. ' : . i l .
U. . I. '. f. :
. . . . '
S ,: .- -'tIt,.'
'. w .. , ,
. ,,,. ! , . r
I . I *
' : t J . ,. ,
, t . . .
i, , 1 II, . -: : •a ,
a sat u'- , I.etween li. . ar . cix hundre -I
, l... . , - '! -I,..d i i;.:iv LI t' couItI '.
After:st' ,
tip on the palt of theA
diUan i o n cicta iLt$s
,n ratific tiou t wias
2-th .July, at Aloxandria.
L6g was composed of all
tnt of numbers was quite res
Ittling like as numerotesm ;
the haleyon days of tt .
natiould Democracy. From a
vey of the sceae it as `
from the Fpirit of the audit,
the tone and charatcter of t
that the oft triumnphant
tihe ,tA .:-.ti it is aInst in th . sam
vt l;w h t.f o decy -fiemort t7 t.
ias so l ::,g tI:%:z,vernied the cooat , at
Isit t..ik:,g down un'O" the ,.
: eigl.t u' i.ts own corrupltims.
Itw vt fire tiro country disa;mar
:,.t. .n t'o angry and irseonl
,:i . . The onie hciding up'iofl the
.,1: ta:ter-.d and ti;:e-wt tirg efint n
w1..., while the other has gathered toý,pd
. t:r;, :h t.-,aters and s' cc.siouist of th t
6.ath, aud ::re n:arching u:,der
sdn..l. di.g of d i.m nioa. 'T1, " pire
the cotton t ates in a rv'.-,lutiot" is thoe e
,!, 1.': ble mtt:o i;:t:itcd upon their id
Ký of
IThe orator:: of :!t d.ay Wier T. C. )tan
:.-. l'l., an ol line WiN', of m wn
,..1 1 i. \arru ý,)ise, EVq. .-$ouh
........: .: I' :i n a n4at, go l
-'... !i ' "" '..·i re e iwas
. ' 1 • ;u.:., n,: r, creant to .jh
I I, :.. .i it ,, :a.d that the sltez toe
i: Ci:.lstot ad lialtiimore werb'light1.
.:l:njl :r.,g L.;Il theU(.11 :VetI/i'I .e s
a:gt i:u...:.g I:nminatiu.'unon a sectiD t
. e . . .i. .g , M r.iltm.n i ,g 's s p e e c h E:
.. ,; .:.. ...: g.od an alrg~ti:llt t eudi
:. 1..:C t . f tilU he tma:tmu'IloS Ft kUlu:. it
... d to ).tch of t:.e ctur-.ruo:n,.anl
.. thue ttum p it i . . : t- t 1.e:tiTr,. ti
" .t ca' w t initl. .j..::. of th . ..j- t..i hi
ig yn thil:t wa\a to ;-..d (v,l -d~.- Ito
.::....r s"ottiug fter -bl e.inu b" anr id
'Jr. 3loise-i wý ! ;, woll!, n ,,: Bed LRivcr.
]I isa g:tatleraan o0fhen1ial teumprt nt,
':.,. po.-'.- . * .ocial t:; litRb of drie hi,,. :
<t;e.:. t.t er,:' ,:d tl i,1  is C.xrtg uni t4 Yit
Si: ., it
.on'. :., L, }.. .' _s. ,t. ;t
Sa ns
... . "..- aaI bat u oriw-u n
j ti:":'. 01 Lt iuttrt'r tie ft.ni.i Lidalade of
' : th;r t'.e tnt',n ., ti."el secute,
:. .'.l ., 'ik,. ,Ir. Malnaiag, hb u n hi t
ih '" ý, iý' ..na,+:..t : .;, what he teruled Mr.
, . re.- o - :pqatter sovereigut)y t
If, ... ir., .l the arguments of his col- tl
. l g:, , :, . :, v l..I:, -a l in conel' de
fti .n tote t & .bougir. :. H e at
tlw t.ecuuive ct::.mit,''. I*o I.)
u npl.as:,untny • u "rrl, .tt
'. , ; .,:.,' flr ak Mr. 10 i:. , , As .. ,not
. r all cou'',nu.'nto to appo., it .
. .! tit; ' c. lho:v e t:: ; y it i.. to
. L at any e'*ur? It Mr. a
. n j,,',jt is nOct i n ,orane with
,i" t: l),:ln ,crtd i: l,'trty, nd u
, ,... ' ,ll' ttte p':utv, lt.n ll tli se'eders b
i :,:: .t l nIL right to ure;s.,'m- .
;::. ;:.: .i : e candid:ues
( ...',: ' id ;,,i ppoi, pi :. ',u.ts dilegates from I
en, t'c:i n." i r,;lr.llttc,: ; : u !r tit lhtt was O
' * w.,i. the uo ...:::t t':m Louisi
1 I: .1 5 I, a uno
: r1s1; t L .io. ! .. v , tht " h'g
,,t,. ' , h ,. th .. ," .. . . . ...
" , I " r : I . ; . ' ' . . .1 . o , p: J . ' n
l to :i.,. + i. v, +o '.a .. -
. : . c,. . , a l , • . " . :.. ' to .
the tuc jintentitn of ith : : l.
i ltitiai ly extcu:tt'tl.
.,iH' eliar' ,'d Mr. .1 with, Ivir.g vot.. d
.r.r tlc r. Ceptito if 4tuittion petItiou- . i'
didl ler, .Itenrcrvice U:.rt, whln tche vot"
d a . tme
cuel t o hoione from diay I
datio and siu,
Naszionad Mo t I
of is countJdy
altars arte e 4r
tro whbI 3rk a 1e
U11. teI up tb
with t ut .s
di,ct hi i the narrow ,aR ")
saai. A.*o A san who ,
in hewal rlli br
ntrywomuen..C40 t Y. @
tI~dox, the beWt' a wiss tou!.
ter he has so f.iithfnlly pq ay'L
In preyl! :ing thi- paper to the pIbl
tit editor and the numeroun frie j.who
hJA4pe hint to the undertak ,Giro
t'iexlaes to thie commnunity the iumztr
of ; p >rcd~.j rowthetitle w .. 4
recty .iferrl that -e. •deia
1is s aposete t opiadilB viws
entaaia Conaftittiioial Union
drty- n thb npiripflint natoiorl as!jects
hici havt ken :'se to the coutrover
ii. which Javo rc:.ched such an a
iteinsityv.,t±:t url~s they are alkllyed by
an exlhiti.,n of vir'tuous patriotism and a
gener: l t .niiu't ,t 1'f cunciliatien will roon
bring ,pon Otur n)ti;,n that crisis which
:.i welitit,,w:' ,n,. titen. cre. not ' Lot
,i'l,,r:'. A f,' l.cr desitn is that car
p p,:r at,1 'i . ' as a tiklil, of public
,cou, u:eU~ ., .: c.G.i ,exapj'uion, and in
which we Rt, die cL,·e'rfllefu -give aplaee to
nil calat1.:2t:uu; haviug tur their object
the prnuinmlgulsn of'natioznal and patriotic
sentiment, the dnination of knowledge,
the ad anomenc t f tlerat d moqr
tbh nmation ; public abmue, anad in
ie~ all purpose ,wourth . a respecta.
ble aL To cur e p oraries we
weidl say (after payin; oir rsqecqs as
.v co;ime:.i in the rijt4rnity), that though
1r'-inst tE::i iP1 the advoci'y of
*i .,',,l o.i:i n:s azl in tlhe support of
:.. :nea whom our f.lw-pmrtiasu anud
ourselv~s have choscu as leaders we never
thelds feel confident that they, like our
pelvee, are aninmated in their purpose. by
a foeling pf interest in the national wel.
fare, ~pp.c rdially invite them to take
part w IhI the amicble discusasion of
all subJicti tending to the promotion of
those grett gneral ends on which all good
Americana must agree. In unfurling the
banner of tlhe Uliil parly, we are confi
dent of r.'cciving the sympathy of many
of those in this portion of our State who
havo discerned with much anxiety the
Iogres.ing estrugement from each other
of the vari,,s sc ti.,nt of our country, anld
w!,o entertaina the opiuion in common with
S',urhclvers that th1;a eX -trangclement is the
result of an unconscientious partisanshi~p.
Politic:d duplicity and the perve'rsion of
tl;e C ,-'stilution and laws of thu land have
.efn carr:c l to suchEl an ext'nt that to
.a,y g r, l citiz~ns they appear to Ibe dis
ch,.itable, and party schemes brought
f;rth thn-ugrh th,. most inmpnue motives,
S',d of ,.,:hg the reprel:eension they
..:;, w.i:.Ih ,hy atr, devised aud too fie
:,;ltly cJar ;ed cut. 31any of rour most
. :uiinllI; puhi;, mnwn whonse talentu, if em
il,,yd uore co,'n:uuddaibly, would be an
t;. .r to th, c,,ut ry, lnve ",tt.ijiied a h:gh
,.1:o of ecx.ce!leince iln tlhe rie d'epartments,
rad wah t: .t ,ijau:lO wlhich talent nmust
;.1wavs coIIIIIu.d, h.eth.:r it beo dirccted for
g, ,l or evil, hn.'-, been th,. cause of the
- g,,t:,r,,u; f1;.l1;~is which now pervade
oar l.l-a 1r .,I,".-:ity for aggression in
one qjtirt.r, ti,i an eagecrness ibr resist
nl1tC iri the, ,tl:er.
It w tR. th,. woth!,y ,lljct of the virtuona
I .... lt:',:i mn; L w ', k]d the 'uionu
. . r t c'tc *terunt thelsu prniciotls
S.....i::c.. thI e r'rganization of one great
,..ba,.nin c l'on i.ltonded to eomnprik all
c:tizens eif rll se"til:nf of the Union favora
ble to tL; re-;:':.bL:' :.r.ent of confile:lrce
t.u i c..C,; iV:y, anl .ill:ng to make all
er.vurabl.l c. .. YEs.ueas uecesary for the
ren.orat'.,n .,f Z.itrnoy and the preierva
,ion or th Unio:..--conceseionu not on the
o'w side ,f presumed rights, nor on tile
,,!hl.r ride of preteasion conflicting with
Sthose rights, but a suspension of coutro
vers v and • nrntual forbearance in the
S ,,,- c'suse of u:.;j' i'" V cvl,- i,.
_ wit ' tLo
smb rasio* platform u iJch lha
r porattion o(l great
lth egairat
q4lled anrty
' which is now
S t plan o
4 grganization
4*una givren a
dhitrtedr tdness
4atoe. The
the lead iin this
" *ation of Ede anrd
taidel S of 4afiinechn
hal,iers is held
. thi rights and
equal magnan
imit',º1r the lomminatiot
mauadbitk propose in his -
stead. Joja s'ltanboru and raised
in the Site; who has through
L of hi eer been nu edrnei t
p teeter of seathern intetest, and who Lut
Sisi pot *So emattio aiad conscr
wo Kye boeb to them the Illost
i tie n t qaMh have screctt d;
~"iRicgheoUs ri'Fly .does not ,rsnd here.
members resurve this nelj c, nce
 d tion umtil they have rece ived
r. IIerutta connt to be the non , te for
second oice i se a ation. Sech an
itance.ofo lincal courtesy and couces
sIlas ade I been witnessed 4uad es .
ces t teie I sil)'*yatri'tic iupui..:'b of
L the merits ot ca.]didatew', we
.peak hereafter, we hope, and
trist, that aer -a *orret i$ nation A
thir lIstory r uffd fiil them to Ie es
* o onaedientiousdy think they urc
tue American citizeils, loverr of the Un
ion, Spuporters of the Consti',l:,in, dýc'.ei
ders of the rights of all cUiz,,:. 'To tlie
imbued with priciples liLe ,ur own, bit
who still sti4d aIlof in doubt ,n, to t iet ~
bIlity and stre~gh of our org.,aiizti.n:, we
bgive sualient tmnourngjI e:lt t,, rmite
anyiu,rtio.tun as to our r:.import te:l'e. :!.,!
asitit eat aUiditut,:i ,l pac::;'. it :th.. ot
eirey state in the Unlion litea:el..i 1::-.,,
been held for the purpo .. :;f r.tlilf it.; I:.
nominations, and an enti. ui., t": i:W .:. .'
farestfe"edihllnouri, ia t;..-, t! i ;;'.
a or r£rot ajbr gia u; 'y ; i,, :,,.<
its progirs , and e e f Ulitl I itl..., 11,:" IF
gence of bundids of ye t',,, ;., t s
strength, fronm the pre"., :,t I i :--;a etc ii
.nest public and iutn:lntcal ,r:n.
Yancey, one of the z'-.ls upi,/-.t ra r,f
Desekinridge, holpes, th .^ ' a 1"^I' I o,:,,
melt, by olne coclt:, .1 m., n":iet .a :i",
preseiitate the cotton 'tnlt, s i it :., i." I
tioi;"' JohL A ,Jnes, nnotlhr ! ;.:.. 1,
the Richmond Crnvention, ili a r. t at .
ter to the Colunmbus `(:;.) (;.,Il."r .u; .w,
Said: "Let us lidlg t.hi " r1e. . 1 I
ion, for the thonmanu.ae nnel oar :c-o..M
which the thousand anld ,la., of u, nlv,;"
Rhett,, ot 8..l, ahe].,'i s ed tead t ti:,
,'cedrn' Convreutioa was , iet lil,.-l.
"It is," sayvL he, "a ectxiomnrl ,,r.-.;i. :I.
called by one sectcion of the :i..,:, I. .p
1 ,rt rights ani intere.tu beloi giig t a...
•ciion of the Union land nckeowil d(l',l
but by one section of til Un:ii." l.et . ,
e.-cepv it. nentimueut of kleadir. :-. '
ers of I'. .'kinri4g; and l.a-u, etai ' a
have publisbhe thei Le:,clre. ;' y
:ire now mwre e dang1rols . . -
ficaIce,e because te tine l:l.i I
leeeders' Conve-ni t , whor ;xl .l.: , .e ' "
gipate with the Baltimnpr lt-tla, *,t i;
the former city ajd endo t. L;,.i.u l.ida'
and Lane. Whiaat thi-n e to,,.ir inti
maentls, and how do they .:j : L; ;-,-tticl.
ment to the Union I let- the' record
speak :
"If ] had tho power, I would dissolve
thin govenment in two ninuate."-J. 2T
"Let us t;ruak up this rotten, rtilt iig,
and oppr;essive govcrntn ,t."-CGtna.
"lReistaace ! Resistance !! to Nst
against the government is what iwe
1..·.i,: It;,/,,,rmd.
"Break up and dissolw ' ... :,':'i L'-u-a
kee gvernmieiit. -J. L)|.1. dIbilna.
"l.,t theI union [email protected]"--l. ]. (,'lq/.
"3ly voice is for war."-G. 1'. Js.
()pp,,:-d to ill such di -,,r:ain,;i. drensa
goguets, ii.- Courtitiitio.akl (I uion p:arty
ouir in Johltill nh and EdJward IA ,relt the
phidg . nt' latiolalit: It1d n pr.. -rvat;uii
of the Fe'derl :o.d n :," na.i; ",.'! .al it
was haInddc (1 d)L tio us b1'. oillr L t-r1.
At a m ,eting ,,T t!,; ]l l ii ( 'i.:."'! ' ,'
minittee hladl thi. cit,, the f i:' ,wi'. , 1. ' ,
ticsa was 'nnbloi!lvy-l ]., ''d .
1.oldred: tha te thi 1.i:. f o thIr, (".i
taiitteo are d:.- t. it.h J',ri.'t ..- f .h,,
LouiRiana aId ,( ' \; ,,rii! I) ,.'., r't f.r
the jaroc'ed'ii c- tit e "i ii a , : .'
.irntificatin l nil ,i;in ;,,l in tl:i- Citv ai :.
Crda) the 1 ult t"
1 Two t/,ceifc, ioco.eiv, - iv. i '1 .
in cikilon foria givig ,. , i. ,.
nal:, and thae-ir fr;:nwui.:'-a , '-.. . .
('lcir uway therutlh!:' ' 1 ", , :''1".
UnL'iorn l]eo:i,,t.v,,, a. t tI !. 1 . .
iier lu, ,g. u1p a it.- . <V. Ve,
all that liL.-s ot "l iron ",i - I pirf, '
Sliving ,tame,, anM it I: c-l Fo,

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