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I ',ler thin title, (Nays t11h N. () Pieaynne,)
W' hiitier, "the QUlaker-pot." supplied.the follow
i,- '-lever copy' omf ters-.s fr an agricultural as
S-,,iatjiot., at its nmlanual faifr atitmwhere in New
I i'r m1.rninmg of the. first sad Fall,
lPoor Allam ma lm ] h ei i
fat iln thl," hl, i of 'Edlen's wall
ttat ,n th,. .iuta.r side'.
She ilia.liing in her fig-Irf suit
iFor tl.e cihasit suMit of old :
Ii, sighing .','r hii bitter fruit
For Enl'.ia dimles of Kold.
BD-himl thnm stmiling in the morn,
'lThiir forfeit gal-hn lay.;
lief.t' thinm iw ill with rock and thorn,
ThI dI. .srt streltched away.
They h.tardl thll air above t'hem fannedl'
A ligh,l -p 'in ithe' -ward,
And I,,' lhi v saw h. fore tbh.,n stand,
'I he . Ai 'l if the Lrd '
" Ari " h-, said1. "why look Iwhind
WIhen hope is all i.for-,
A pati,.tt mil ail willinug hand
'tour lots. may yet r.estore 1
"'I leave with vtou a spedl whose power
;Can make rii.e desert glaIl.
Antl call around you filit an flawer
As lair as Ed. n had.
"I chlothe your hanl* with Iaw-r to lift
The curnu from i ot '11 out 4,1
Your very doom hnill s-,,m. a gift,
aur lotf a gain through til.
"Go. t heerfully as yon humming bees,
To lah-or as to play."
Whil. giimmering over Edti n's trees,
The angel ipassd away
The. pilgrinl of tih. worl,- wr'utt forth
tOl lb1uit to thei world.
Ail ltoiln , t hr."-' I thimy tilled the e'arth
A g:t f, 4,f the Lord.
An,! th, i .rr-i re's a-t tht.ir ,'vil fruit,
t111' hhaihed w thiil philt :lull I.'ar;
Al .?-h I grt-s anmt trodlten root
I- - i% , t h.'l a:l ti - itt I ll-.
11'e share our priimal ,reuts" fat.,,
I i. .I i-i , mmv :r t thtn 'l.hi 'I
.1 , ' 1' .i e tit. ia t - tit a
\l . M:al ali lu.st 1UM Ili".
Ra ' !ill ,it -l his lnit' skiesi'
tiTh,' ll i is' t." - lll' I. t'..
SI h' te ho.m h '1 il Iar"ldi"
I 11' li)·' 1.11 ?1:\x11. T HI'w I
i' i til; 1.'i i"t+a"t- 'it' ,-i!1 IJl.\llI';,T.
Ill I NI IIl t Ill.
I Il l' ' fi n om ilt th'', . I ,,1s m os '
.l ,I ' h ,lie m.sh witl tii 11 -:y
1 .I' * tf ' t i, t it, h .ii lrt-,. t it- If i th"1 fr . '
1 .. ,',.1, I htrinl arw ;
i t i .1,, .it k i ,- i',,. is4 hi, a il p th 1 tl m' hl'ht
IIh I ''t' h i-- ha..i r'attm 'l; t ib . mma1 I m m y it' , ajt''
t( I t , ,,' " 1 .|,PT 11 1 I' II 1~ , . -I .'
Ibit t i "r, ti- al tamil.,' '
-I fit'' lat f wir s" tm fatrg ia" a h it'
i t, ,h ,I I,. it , an. t not k wa "
t!I -i.. ' ti t. way i it'. le,
11 I. i Ill, -Nt' t" tlp I' ;
I -tla t thai al-I, rti, hull-' bath niot . w, . t
Lti. ' lfi i t,'- tr:tumlal t, a"o 1 -;
-l i . A lit, th. Ilt IIt I.lrts ll'i. ntll i'? rt
' hI a t I ,'.' ir lu .tha lt u1 l a t , t i tith.ti
! i lir iv. it fr fanl t t rit, t. 1h':ri itt '
It I* aoa th%. Itht;V be.
a., .. lih.-.' i, t h. l,,Tt , tjr - h p it t.,
Thi. fo ,, stlngh h, o d ' i,.'ieatnr,
-·--- *
1 li. k tt - t hatlIasl crtIll- ll t' l mit e i
' tn .I h ru ait t1 -it l aa it .t,''
' j,,, i lat h l -l.-;t' 'tat ti-i i  eai' ftl.
Ti ,0' lan l o f h is h irth :
h fa.''' of Uh tits love: th' hills that hl uwe
s. twidle or. his firi is, ail the vrom of ti'
le .t"114 h1 hI it. t Ii I 'lit , s it c iu he last wet't;
I," Il.,' " hurowed; th' Money he spent;rit
:1 4t thit' tllhings i ma, I h'li'vc, may fo rget.
i t rh. the'I worsl -ill forgetting; hi yet
, tf 'i i( .-.a lihtl .iai.l' ,,h ,'-It - ilm
That t .Itlit-mhjm 'itte t h f ia'-r l oaitn
I li,, t. t i, t . o-17 tlia-l but t : , i.- , tl hii s h.
'.cht 1t -a1. utt. tit.n aua'acwtl pirns u wit s kIll
. . ..... .un. ; . l. troub .| .: .-.. ..l... L. l . hi. . 1 1 ... t
Intl flrli otluc to this1ethe ns 'p f OrstI tms.
. ,itv af Sawihtl.i i .llet.iry lastllic, wand a r oth
'..atid of .. +l ., It I," "'th" .t.,-,,l,,'d wl a • hroth.
"But can the wiles of art. the' grasp of power, d
Snatch the richness of a well p~-nt hour I"
"R,.,''eng" ! revenge for ,our wondedl i comrades ?
I)Death to the' invader'!" was the battle.cry of Jack
llollodav,(as lhe was famuiliiely called,4 while
fighting at tie. fatal h)ltitle or rather massacre of c
the Alamo. IlHe dealt death to many a foeman,
but all in vain. Hlis comrades, overpowere'd by
the. supe,,rior numwers of the enemy, were slaugh
tered withou, t merc.y. leeing that all was lost,
Jack, with ve'ngeance burnmig in his heart, darted
'rlhen did Te'xa' daughte'rs mourn for the brave'
who we're slain on that dli'astrons bay. The sur- a
vivors of that gallant haud swore eternal vengeance
on the alayera of their brethr'n. "llememn-rr-. ti
Alamo." i,erame their hattle-cry ; and the implor
ing shriek ,,f the enemny for mercy was answered
in startling tones, "R.ememtber the Alamo!"
.Iark was weoundell. Ibut he was manay miles off
brefore, he dies'ovored it. In the hurry of the ll t
he. had no time to think of hurts, but now, when t
cooled down, it became painful. Hurrying on as
fast as his crippled state would admit, he sought
for shelter and refreshment. At hlegth whea
nearly overcomer, and ready to sink to the
ground with fatagne and ezhaustion, he saw
through the. forest a ne.at little cottage. He hbur
ried towards it lie arrived at the door, his mind
and thoughts in amaze:; he strove to elase the
latch ; his head became dizzy, his brain whirled,
and lie remembere'd no mIlore.
When lee returned to, consciousness, he was in t
a strange room. The' flnagrauce of flowers tloatel
in at the half-opnu wenelow-the melody of birds
enlive'ned the air wilthout All this he saw, felt, '
and heard. Where was he I that was what pu-l
zle'd him. Ilow to account for his being there,
lee n -w not; gradually he remembere'd past
events, dim and shadowy as a dre am. lie re
memirnlered the Alamo, his flight, escape-finally a
his falling senisele'ss at the dour of a cottage-all
else was bIlack.
TIe rustling of a dress wa.'s heard, and Jack,
turning his eve's quiewkl y in that directicn, saw an
lppsaritsun, w hiceh Ihe' f years afterwards renmem
betld. It was a yo y g gill. sylph-like anil grae-.
ful: Iher features regular and of Giecian mouhl. i
and hleIr 'ompnlxionll Ipre and cl:lar as an atIugl's
w;tb colom enosugh to impart a rose-like hue', ansd
reudered still mimer, teatiful by her glossy black
Lais. 'lh, gram c." ,'t, cry mlmo've:lnl'nt comnlpltely 4
capit, ti i' It .:a It of eour hero, and hie could hase
g ere',n fir-st es. m,' I e t ser tiredl, at Ii, r alnost asuerl
natm al be aity. t
.i,.e enth.eee,, tIe" roTm nue·nscious of the inte'rest 1
shlm creatld in l:.i, : lll t,,tally Iuniaware of the
eye's fixed pIn her : iand Jack having raiNe el him- i
self uponl hii e'Ilbow at he'r ,enltracl'e, remained so.
with Iles yea lixed iupel n hler sa thl,,,,glh h lee ws
alml.atd it was, a ,sitn. , atnd el I .r:nhiels Sqeld
dle.uly hI, evyes twr raise'd, awleI I n eouIeC ee .l1 heis,
at he l a ilhush. t.eautifulJ a a un'w bl,,e ri e", , sur- ;
fused her f:'' an nd ec'k.
"tlailen." : I .le'k. at last ,reakilng the , spell
ul.,n hiu, :awl httllllg emtte':ineI'' ; "calli VYo tell I
mr' whe'e 'ie Iaw. iu o s I :elw , e .11, hl h i,; I , ..i.
"Y. ... . rlie,'ve,. with fi, ilt. a, to hlow
yos c '.'a: .:" . I k ol emnot I le'e t,lllld uot
Vwortdu ll I nlc ,l 1* mse'l,'s at ti'. door, slp .i',n.ill
d iI, ; htet, Ithank t.eell , y.lu ae rece'iv llng.
"llw Ilol h'ave I I ,en lIe llo "
l"The.' days; We',' fouwl eyo on,' s l enlllv e'
niit', andcl it ies uimow Wv'hie dl.e
"1I' 'r I hlr, a'i s, ie , alll that timel'.
"uY hi:i, "
"I kinow nint how'le te a'pere'ss eny thalnks. bmutI
shomld yont e'ee e"l"I ti.e sera , ces ei a fris mml, Jack
Iathdllay ill be. re'te'ly teo aý.ist loee."
" )i'hanks are eiune e s.ar'. we have leone no
. ree Itlea, oullr edlyt y
"l'htty or net I a lrnl nle. the less gratetfll.."
"llteally., sir,'" hel' said naively. "I melt cant'l
euit ily insltruct'ions, andl tlei'y aie t tIl let "joll
conll'verse ' till oe Ii ee'tie. s,.isili, ;" iso if vil' iare
grateful shIow it by win'lsra t lst.''
.1 mlioh pas.se',,d ove.'r aml the' iinsalied was agstain
s.t:eereg ;cl hael' tilh' whal a Jearing it ('wst him.
e eie , eeeeeih t , hil I ee e'artd to lev, time' ge'imtle
I ableella. A t yet li. lhve had teleml Utmill, lli llless
Iih. gl;l ei',.' ilf lii' dark eye, s a d tlehce lidrll irateosn
hit very :nets e· - lIare,' ihowerwd it le his coernllaieet.
"is.eak it, lihe cicd not, aiid hime ae'e'rrt'id lto
hiem , t i hisf a f legliert' oerde'r of beings.
Nighlt caitte', h.n tifnml ane serene', hilt withe it
,,r, e n' , jy iel .lat'k. His he'art war Oee' iee.d'
IetIle th,'e rll ell tti f t~e.enierreiiw llll ee was tio g
fetihlc ir the' def'ise of hi.s e',etlry'. P,'ehap fi'
the, laest tine he' e' sat iuI cmenve'rse 'e, with hims kinid
frie,,el, tin wihm he lewed hIce Isf, lhe' mld ~s'are,.
ly" keej, tihe' . i irs froemi e'ninmtili' delewn leie 'ic'e'kse.
'lierel wIas. anilrtlher, tee, e, It e ese, lest
with lh e ' ,le'a ,ie he,' sex shie' este,',. tee al le.'
irt ceil' ''rell , in t ell sho' t tit e he' ht I ll . ten
tog 1ti,'lert, tl se twieo kisle- ', he.arts h.,,l n,ilir 1, tee
hev,'. yet wtih the dnluness fcr wli'h l'eve'r, :ee,
proverriial. ne-ither l,.ec, ivel, the,' ire I, ie: ofee
It . tl' hier.
T'he' hount,.che,. ha.4 gcac to rcset-:,u l,,it the
stranger. 'ill,' with melanreltey. lank wer in
no hrne r fier c 1e,,e. il in v''erl te 'i,-s. the I sldl
yet ticticeg hsoucers, hi tse,,k a ttihisseecgi the'
!r''l''i. :il e mit rri the' ,1, ' ,f ' ,,e e.e,;,
fereset. eishl, ril" h' he.l.i'l Ie. f . . 1 t ,ic s,.
evieje ntlv in arrest [ecerec r-'t', 'ni. At ih tin,' e t f
whe'h lwe' writ', mets ei il.. hi se "-steae detal cef
tl e ' ri.'tesi', sarsl ,'s , ry c ie si' ees,' ''.. lsec,',ev.'e'r thi
v il, see ehe,',.s.ni, suse ietit,, Mee ,ni., c :euttjeleei
fe ei'i':sdl, r le see r'd I il,,siter rieh e' lee'
cee'e lwar wiihset hIseic,. hI t
".hie." said a veic'. "eis tie li , u s.ay thie at
1 e ci. ', '..,5 tie' li ea
S\ ' e ,', ','t. ttiik esight the' le's.xs'aei IGe miner
''l tire ' hc e', ie,1 1,, h a.rr.,'
'iee vest c,,l , Ic' h, it's la l .,,ml esti lsthe whsle1
T'exaier nac11le, ('eei .i e *i' . 'lt , set l i ,f e ie 1 tres'
"'I ,ce isue l ew de v ,u kusw tihat he' es li'er'e"
"lw d,, I ces '"--.e i~' quehtis'-i'es treer; do
you ctee.ii , c' I ili t'ere'g, es my ', egeraicc' ' tee, er
eson dee eot k s mice it s en e, e do is eeorc' s' ec
geami e. s uipmir h.'r. s h0 ie' elisrni'c.d sn. I esell
kee',e mre lrci, .r
"Ili' t ehle,'i les ecething tc ,lee, tic tihait."
"I tell ves le liii; he' easn t.hcer tihe re'
rii titli, renel y t ,l, leee'!'.Is him. T'l ttie k tihi at I
*lie, bte'el lher feer yiiear., I. ss I ' etc hslet [eve' tm
willing to shied nec tee.el in hler .ie,.- -Istilel h,
d aemis.l; c is hlee' who haes keieeWii hr trh' Icrt0.
short erctmiih, ahoueihle hte lee ed. ire' tltsnrhet ie t;re
d ,'m imm ; I will le' re've'iigedl , tl,'e iley re, e.imge'd tert
her I wIll show her what' it is, tee slpmlrtt - Imvintg
h,.ert. dlaispleiut thi' hope.s of y.e'ars., .etatl disturb
hie' erirrenit olf a life,-tieiw
P.",. h'l. 1 ht 'em ,'eso 'ir'+. '" ' ,ic . e , tr. r' te e" I
his generous hlestesu and lovely dln glattr. he f lIt I
Certain iad his was not a nature to see. injustice
doe his countrymen without a struggll'. Oulir
o'cloeh-bm had still time to aid then. ('ar,'fully
and tidlelessly he retraced his steps, antd when w
beyond bhearing, he, hurried tol ardl the stable, sad
dling a horse that was thee, and in less than ten ti
minutes he was speeding an ay as faItt as lthe horse.
could carry him.
An hour elapsed, anl then another, asi stillhe "h
had not returnned. SNitirlye ha had not provewl re'
creait, andh left the beautiful Isalbella I to t inhe tn.r
mercies of the vindictive and exanlwrate'd loser !
No surely he would not prove sd base. Half
past twelve-suddenly the cautionus tread of fet,.
was heard approaching. Were they fiituenls or
foes ? The. moon, which had been obslli' v by
clouds, suddenly illuminateel the scene for a nio
ant, sinagain disappi.ared, leaving still more
gloom than b 'fore. Bet, hy that light w:er ,seen
the stranger followed by tw nty stalwart sIed tar.
inag rirlenmen. They entered the cottage'. andl '1i
was again still.
When Jack entered, he sought the r,.om o,f the,,
mothetand qilic kly infrimnied ther ef th' cennitg I
danger, and the mieaslure.s he had taken to thwart
the evil purpose's of tihe ,' " my. He' I It h* r ti
hreak the news as best she might to helr daucghlt'r.
and hurried back to his comrades' t to direct thenli
how to prepare for the attack. All was prepare'd
for the attaek. All was preparep d d and thly aite.: a
is silence for the eneny.. I
'One "'clock camn,, anc dark forms Iight If.
seen leaving the gloom of the' forest, and aldsniil'- "
ing towards the cottage. It was surrounded; a loudl
knock at the doour resounded through the hlouse.
A louId alnd l uthtoritativ'. voire ordlired the' innmat'es
to open. Noe answer t ils r.etueii'ld. The san.iii'
voice' was again hiard ordellling !he' troop , i it hout
to ieree the ilrear, tIh. e'ralhi f ti" s.lphii:i,'l't 'd door
cwas tihe' r.esp.tIs' , as th' y I'i. cied in. cilnfiel'ilt
of bloodlles victory'. S' hil, fccIli e f itu l tolIf IIh.
darktness a dozen Iron tull,,es h!,a.ii'ihl fortlh their
nlurlderoUis  lUtnllit , aIiii the' ,irtling iattl,-, , , 1
"Remembe r tie Alamuo." echo,'el thlough Ilt.,:light t
air, with tlhilling eff.e't. The assaliants aiffiglt- -
ed at lt:' repeilatd dis"harge.s, confuised iby the
cne'irpetted resistance, and the fall of thbeir coe.- r
red s, lhad not tiee' to 'form ilef tee tiie T,'xir.ts
were Ileton them.
"Ieath to the iniva'lers, and retl, iler the' C,
Alnmo,'" cheered the heart and nervedl the, arts I
eof th,' Texans and Amerie'aus. One by one', t'o o
by two, the' t's fell Le.fre the armes of fitedom's 'I
solblie'rs. They we're' ;sacrificed to appelnse the'
nuin' a of thi,,'' that we'ir sltghltteld sat th,' Alamn. g
At le'gth the' surv'ivors retrea'ted in v. 1, milee
flr their ,'tv lives
"Hurrah :ir eour gilitut Colon 1 ' --hCrralh feer
the l'rase Iiiscolu," e i. I the 'I :' it t inese
which rang inl perid
"('C ol l ii' liti, said .l1 ., Ve'rnon,, ;n t 'c . ,' f
surprisei to il, hero ; which'li is he I"
".tMaltul," saidl .lack, ith prile " n hel eelu
sinecoIed t ,i" in 1 die.ct ,'s . 1. I w t ic'is ,m tiei ,t
nmw Col. I.iunc,'ilni thatks role
"Cul. Lincolic,'"' ee , ic.l Iss.l.lla., tih ,e miy'
lram of t'bliss i< over."
'"Y'Y mic;sIain," ie ontil c1 .TIti k," "iun ilw' veond
belhoild ("Vol. Lite clu. and vt o will imorer enlaute.,
Iio ' hai pyt.'ss well0 gl;i iteude', w,,u t l .I', Vi'. n, ,
!it, c c:l'I thisi girl ili h'
As Lincoln spokee h"e movei d tli thi ' i-i." "f IJ,
letela, anl to ,k the' illihl, '. t ti l',ie 1 -i h3 eleec
"Isa..'lla, i'm tdis ns wish '" said .hi -. V'eruol
"It is."
"Th'en tak'' leer. ('e,lonel, w'mcl laii Ileav,:en bies,
youtr ntiecn. ams I to'"
"llemuah feie our 'olonel c:itl his' tt:1 I,:ih ""
ralng itn stulltorianii chel r florl the ga:llianti il.-l
Lin'elnt returnecl It let. n.llt. anld teclek a noile
inlld promu inent pait icn thee lilya'ioe n oi f e iris c.lntly
fitoll tihe inhuman oppIres'sion aeli'l bcile:e.cge' toi
Mexico. W''h'en the itrigglll,' ;ts eov,,r, : id siSh
took her ela,'e aiimong Ie, r iots r sti: ,'. he e't iiui
ed to his ii. , andl madle the Iu.tty i-al elilRl I. (
wife. Thie hei was hIppy, and if sometimeslUc heie'
thoiught of the' Alimmllo he' blssedI the' hielour Ihel was
wounded and iuand his way toe the, rural ct,
where first he saw his Ientllt"ous Ireli'.
One more scene anld we, are. leIn"-. 'Th'" illa:lit
who led the plarty of feui'ie'-ti to thee cottage to ac
complllish his rv.llnge' inu :La dIe-n.fse.les wun n. cs
.enped the ldisa'ie'us olf the iight., :lail I1 Il t, tie'
e'ntinee of the emellte'. 'lclre' in e'eeciiec nice" ee f
it;h dleftlet he wiai I-keld iulpn 0ii a sly' whiiie hind
uInred the pe.'ty to thteir le'.tecietion, acii as "ltch
he wars collrrt'-nilrtialeil : !;" si ite, lie wastm diathll
and hie was e'xeC(ute.eH aceerditg!y.
... •-44-- -
WVAt.K(Et'i ExPie.emI lec.-'r'he w ,ieek
Herald publisiaL, the fellhewinig letter fri e ccii
;:eit of ilicdluras, now residing ill N.'w c l'ock:
I antlce' in the ie'e aild this ntlooiiiRg s ri'ei- t tIhal
I ;'n. \Walker Icd Ie'romtc assoc'int.ll with I ;,'i. (oi
t)ele:lP, ex-l'resiilent o'f Ilonltdras, tnel was to at
th'iclet all ve,''rthrow of 'resi'lelt I; :irdireiela.
I 'heeeei-' hieing the' l'i'r l nil t uini r th.e l ib i'
thCi Iiheial iarty, the' titiat'eiw'tt evil i-.e :iI tle''
ileelee hlire' if allwei'd tee gie ilitee',ti :it'h te l. I, ieeg
n re i,. t of cllat repnhllic. I would lela the i c
le.gie e"f mcrrletilng it through yeiltr wil, ly chilc. l:t
te'e1 joirin !.
'I hIr' ic tle tle' l'hat tetecrlee p tied' t Wiiv"1i
iCe llat y ile Iel,' 'er ytci eyat i llhY cc:hi le'r feie tl II
Acid.'rl ie, tI' In .Ic e .h'.. IM , i >e Idle i iv CtC 1re'e,'n t
the" lhc r i " th i e llat Je:it--l et , tlle cIijili teec e great, i
wi, the, cc c ii e el ieralciteel ic lurep ' int :t is ,, iei
he' ices reicelh t'ic ti p ilit ' Iif'., ait1 hle die 1n 0e1itical
asphati,,i , t ie hl' - iaci.i w:,il -,:, fI itcii
hidt site i rty.
It  ulic ille' l. iilalis foir W,';ilker tei atteetihet, t,
rc'me'he Ni'ragiccr e lice' Crem'g lieerlttre'c. HI'' slcecihi
lre'i' te Clii'l' I Ieet . lmhetih i ,e l iiral, iie. wolever
Cloun,' Iei, lli , r1 ulrihCTii Ih , er ul01r. , Ilre te in
cii i 'ieul01 ri.e ?t e', 'leege ee, : cle',ieitieel'
t;intetll i.ec ei ' i'eeldi . .f Ih, el t:e,,
i i' ,. e lci,, 't ' teeiie,;ear , "h thie ni 'e''. I evinic
eorn re'".',ili ' .',.,c't'l 1 in an eee,. 'i: ii' I'
vote. tHe' ii ci lirte ft e tl e ii 't' el,,tu .A eec' ri.'.ie's
and 'nfm'erge'.0 cciltiin. A elite . 4 ' li I'' ii,
srtj,,t ittn ! e.eheci ti/iee le:ce spi ,te' ,i.e ist ly le.e'
grci e'.d c' lu" tee e i ''es-ee the' I it' et "'tal , -,
chi, i e 'ec r'- c ihem.. , ', ; ', i:.me it ccland ei th,'
thn0"C jeirtieen ',C ih,, i'teitcttrc. te i irtic, ll c a nei
cltee1e- oul'tearltc' tihm. 'tite' tra c. f th* co'eetnirv
W aet'.er ii tlii' h:nie' t e ll legi ieilim ' t.e* ercetioin iin
I" uC iicl A.eri',mc. an' oI eie. t C ,,e' s t* l.r bhi' oicr
Ci lviern wii'nt. T'l'l r,' .ir'. ,e:l .e.' siaun rie.l
incg ini th t', it' en c i i-,' l ,e r'y a't' le' n.r ial
- if ci i will Iw 'nlange'red liv 'Wialk,'r's inviaieti
It is a iistake that eV:'lke'r htns hi c.l, in ('entral
Atetrica ie ie unie n .t all hatied ,ci'l -',leleerrc d.
anil, If egmih m'apture'd. his fat' bI, *ll-i.
W.e. I' It" t'l('IA.\lIl. of !'loevdlirns.
The Lii ingeten Ae:,. ).es"rs e'r and the l'roy
(Ale.) Amc,rkian. thi' feerme'r he're'teef''r,' a ne.ttral.
and thii latter a l Jtterati' jotrcal, have de'"lar
eel feer Is't.L ascii E' s:T' in the' p'nili: can'
thena Parmen Br.wnlew will Joei II
the Dem crats.
An Arkanacs correspondent, who probably
Reant.d] to "wakae ,p ' I,.v. Mr. Brownlow, of the
Knaxvill. ('T'ltl.) Whig, wrote to the latter et
ing that h,' hiadi h.'arn.'d with pleasure upon what to
Ihe cna"ih .red. r,-lia'll'l aulthority," that Mr.
'nwnl1aaiw wo a o;tlatt ta, join the. lm'nloctata, and
skal fair the pIatanhl dant. -f that iiantr'nating
,' alrratat'e Mcr. tllawnlaw gavn' tihea date', or at
'ast |l:lta for thte dlat', a' fllatow :
"K]rnxaVIl..F:, Aagiast t;.-Mr. Jordan ('lark- r
I have yaIar l..thr tf Il, :atth tilt. anwlh al t.tn to af
et you kn.,w th,. prc'ia' tin't when' I e.xpwttt ta,
ont,. (itut nnl farmally :mnatnaiate' that I have jied ,at'd
'he )aeo,'rralic party. Wh 'n the l hin shinel at
rnlalight anad the, nti,,oI at anidialny-w hen men th
foag-'et to, h, s'llilih. or l, .,' thair inclination to
at ni-- .{t'hnl hnttar,' --t,|,Pa la'r tonaward mnarc'h to
r .t. r all lthe wa.t Ia itt1 tot in Ame'rict flow ) .p t
twa;:ni- wl," i , tlai 1o ia-ta thai' a-ilar a.d tres. .
Chadi no l,'iavi's---wha.I, lahiak talk, a td heads tof
lint.In laughl-whalati aio-t al pilita swav'p hell for
IT a',tr, Iilh tills au lr."s .f ilIght. ni l ay thorm i,
ith, lh.tt in naan wh; -k, --wh'ln itlpaaoibliti'a
mI.' in fatlhitnt, aal no Iltno1ta ititaa is tmoo aharl to
I,"" ha lita ,'a1. yiiu nlaa cr'edit thI' repoart that I have
joina'ld th.i I I .tlnocratI.
" I jn thr It) mrraata .'-N',ever, aln laag ata. tIhert ,
are a'f'ts itt ahiarhe11 l .i-a w"aa i in gl:arllia.-fl~."a in
Iang I. 'l ia.l- iet ill 'i't:I--,l , -ua h- a . iq n f:amili,.'an
woan, with nsati an-..-watt,'r in the' or, an-hlal ma ',
in A aa 'ria' a,a Io h a' %a- mait atn 'ran e' N'ta..ltar- tt
'Itn ( lark. y' mar, hnpa'-~nu pl:ay ca.,,gratiallae
-van mayil raaaaaaa--{n nait tat i " ,t-ait thalt It
.innt.t ht, . 'iT' thiill .. .flth. I lat 1 all. atl- th l
'inrt of tl.' 'taiai , .'---tha gava rila'n lltala af lit,' It
'worldl. nany all 1 ail a tl a.1, umbla" iintaa I rini--t tE
Ni.' WV 'orl I ,a ailiunit tht, natinal l attiahl' af
li<..,haini h ti4 I .iaa. 1l1it nil tlhli ii t'-t taai l .
a Fr. I j'in ti,, IT). ,. a: '
' pain /tha' lr ,, rat f.\frd.n ( : r a,'n L i w
tt at . at vail 'sn'--t ia - i n I i.t il the' I an'rut arti'V
the' l yt tf I ,,'l.a ill -,i fai th,' 'a thltlist ('hult 'l
- '{Inn .T al, . i t u , 4h lt. f A; ia'aa , i' I'ra' id'nt
,I tihe Iaalapblic t I ;ra':,i Irif:itan by univ'r' al nifT
rag-' ota at c'thint, 'I lt , l.0! -- a It nt i t(a'1 Vhi'tf ria
r-iita t.1 ats la ', ai'. i' I ti. l in i ''. Alh, rt !. aI
'tiiuty ca'tliait hat I ':a:1 1 ---'It, IIt til a a hi y law
oi 'ligia .l:antai 1i,,1 t a.: at: a t i malty a ]a:mt l a.a " an i .
ii.',na ha -- ,a'a n tht I',. l.a !,',a- t h, ( t ',pilt I it
Va'tahigtoi t an I-i, - it; . i. .--at L. it l.t I an
ah r ,i I tlila ii :1 1. N\a al,',,n tt I'it .i'"' a itt' el, a'ta.al
S ' fat as t ao a '' fS ti a-it l. a ii- W.,'ail
g'ooud i 'n a'a,' I. ' to "" ta . L I  it , a " tr ;l ha t t Ift
i, ll- h n tlit . .a t 'i - i .I n. I - la .
w h it , n a I'i-l t , . a I- 1 a I .'i , fi t na Ia: a ,iti' a I . a -
h ' th atl i It h I . h, a(;.0,'-- " ii a ii l 1 t l i , t n . a;
aatait ai t., ta tal. ', aal,, I a. a rfI . at ., I at, hht.Ia al
" Ii'pp l a'o i ' ii alt ' i t1a , tnl i , I, t i tr 1til
nat .a y'a u II.i Ia-. . l inea. win l well
co' ' 'ut II ful. a i't II o rat. :an! t 'a'im -
ll."a thlI' t.1a a'I a' .{ . 1ft.ll Ialt . a ta i ii :
' lL ,,t.l i t I ',, I ,r t ,, 1Lt . I' .
p ' I Th. all. at.n V a i atlt' rt1 . r i1a "
a -h I \ , . r If- i' a -ppl .u' ill a I.f I l amilanfa ('I'
For Salt River! i
.i011' " i --t i 'a
T'I 1: I'll 'I; .1I. 'it\l.alI'
I)I "1 ý NI()ý !
1WIll.l. -, r t n,,i hIa I ,itt ii, I, awt T a, l woast r:
' at- a t-l ; a 1 ts . i l 1. i II: al ta. t a t t of i t
a., ;,. I ai' 1 t; . , i I ; ,( i.f art. 1n t' , )h, Ir a ili&
aca 1 l fh i. t .  ll I
Mate - - - JOSEPHI X LANE.
.11 sal.
J'.t tIlfa-'aitt arI. 'al tI Wamnr.nt 5tai Sati Iaii(tati
stia II'r (' - r l. -- i aIo l'I'. N Ia-a: , i t'l h ' a' a
Ir. , (1, it . a It I t : it i:l. \a r Itia ll.lt t , 'l'ltlalS.'
'.11 ,y - i1 ' I :nl, I, u -f
I'T ,ts ,'--II i;.h .al.at a' th. ,1 ! t Coni t
lear ht',',ap r.-.-A (;" "TarllalT.lC , C-rF;'i'aJN I'
('tubai Ilaa.--f 'N '1" . t1a ai3. .41.
/Ioat aIh'UA'a--.l.astta. (attnlttN IlF:NNI:TT.
"turgaran--aalta. '" ',i.l.'ass'aam llaua t
La.,l .Idrisaaar-. A I. .alAli -
lapaartr-I-.l it I a l 41t.1 a .
V '/ttambL, aar Maid' - .1I ta f. i ' , a . " ' a looalat.
Is , n-'tt th' ha att, ly Sttr ',atal VI u'a
It a 1 I1,r/s-tht ,,lwa- ,/t I.! / , - Ita tt i lt aatar
" hii - ," iii antla' t.tr fir ti Irtp at taltoava', tlsail
b ri a ft'nI , oti thla' tha lt T"| ..-,lta" itt Naavamnlb'r
tixt la r a:.aa,' talqa!at to TIM. CtIAVI: iNS or
(il t a ,VI. 1 l!tl t .;E. a'aaral Tickit Aga'aats.
4 'tal..I.111.- 11. G.A hlt.Alll ij. aau nit Agatat tia 1
it'' at' at t.ai .'a I a ii .
I-tar tiiifhI r iatfornmalian aalltt3' ani raardI or to
.fA+IS If. lItEI'K, 1". E! . INIM,, II (. I'R
NEITT't. atia othatr Yamai ita',,ah or-atatai it Knaucki.
All at,' -i ' Cast otal thai hIaI line. Haul in
hataf ithank. aive ha aat tat aan the lailatara
"' a. ftr,.Vv,,'iw, II, a ta rihatt , It,,a ha,.a. a..
"a- ' r' a t f, .taft " Ia''" 'a l t, ,h -.-,.
•Trl; (fIuE;AT I 'Nat t'alrv.-It gra Ia, lika
'' 't itt tita gl', i hat "titlt<|ilitta, tafthr ra -rshirt
'litoi a'. AtI ai-ht ih lhtgit r talat1 nwra tiah roaaal
lhat lit tha. tat.aitig ii ia t htara.-tr thant ii w'a at
aigl.a fita it irwa all htthl lik0. erin. Evterv nan
htias a fatiafalt tr itt hia a a lnriata. that aj-'ake to
hht tn hi,- illah, tantd I)aettcratt lad Rijapbhli
Th, liola.l. hithtt f will 1" with , -atd
athtr ,ataitt ai0 t t1atraots lat:thlra, fom talli lat
alafuntita paft'',. art' ,'ltafiaig iu fa taka' flat- hlcsa-t
,t a-tat ' ,' rh 'lf't wtatn tht-v shall ratirar faotaa
tha' Sat,'. "Tinik ;,, wa hLvs now a NAt taf.a
AI. I'ti.T¥. t' hia t aiia hiaai l ; t1 atrilhti tt'atttaa ii
to 'ahip s aa',ua,;.i'at v.-ryt thira' The ution itt
Ttila La,,'iaa.sT -'ai.t--.in eIchangae paiptr
saya alt-ri it a ita.ll at aifuaun. 3-, 1a.s., whirbh raft
pattaunda. To t h;bh a tIIl1 p'aper rt.aponda :
'"Tat't n-thing: that' ia at 11.1 in thfi Conatitat
tiatinal I nitn aiti l li.t, h it eit g  eard all ovr
.l-t U''" tt . ....afaa.. . a ata a,-'.'a -.. ' 1 Ctj, analaT,
3. llmadli to bring the Primae or
Wales over Wlamara Fna oem a
Tlrght oRepe.
It is sail that M. Blondin hals ddlired the Iel1
lowing letter to the Duke of Newcastle. proposing n
to bring his Royal liiIghlas into Amerlca In af
wheelbarrow on a tight rope.
NtsaAeu FALL, U. S. A. u
August 2J, 1860.
"To his Orate the Duke of Neweutle : 'P
"DEAr St :-It is important that the l'rincs dh
of Wales' entrance into the United States should
iprnlueft a sensation worthy of the country and ea
.f himself. fot
"lie' will prohahly arrive among us by the way a
ee Ni:agara falls, where the- great natural phllenon hit
enon of this continent has Iee'n running over isx
tholusand ye.arsn n preparation for this event.
"In r rder that the oer'caionl may be fitly improv. Pa
-el. I propose' to take tle' heir aplparent to the e
lritish throllne across thie falls in a whlel"Ibarow,
on a tight rolne, free of exp.ense. ti
'"The prcrcess of the trip shall he divernified by in
tire-works and varieous gymnastic feats. strtl as the n,
,reeasion and the laeliuations oI the Prince of a,,
Wales may nuggest. kr
"In this way thousonds may see him arrive who hl
would not have an oplletunity if he come-s by
tail reaed or any ordinary ronveyance. l.
'"I it would ple'ase. your grace, I shoul bte very be
ilppi to bring yoe, over the samne way, and other
e.eertnnUls ofthe Painte'.s eit.' which it-e may de'sig- t
"If any fe'cidenllt shoull happren by which his
II thin,-ess or any menile' ro ef his party shouldI Ire
prI .piltat, l into thee gulf l lohw, (of which I as- tl
,n.e e.n,. thIe., is little or ne dlangerr,) thie mouneey
talsken i mie the- Cp .cetathrm shall h e promptly - lf i .
"ll.':,e .. h.it this pr,,,position to is Ilighnluiie .
ieil f:sa , I.e ~ with a reIply/ aIt your eaili, sh t ,o*n
"I ae ytour (la...e . mest t iee die lit
Tihe ('hnlssr%.
|h,. rombitl0 in:l o tlt.' I lomn l owlall,li m n tl
with the Ie,,nion p:ty. w it proba:lly earns the- fol
It, int l t S t..,- :
i t 11. h ni l tgas ""
MI.e-c-:. h t ,e-tts .... ..13 7 ii
1:hI,.l lani ....... I 2 2
S' ellllli l ti' ..... I :t :1 a
N\ew fork ..... . '.: I ':e
\  . ..- ,y ... . . " :4 t.i
I', lal-" v.n, i.i ....... '7 I 17 je
l,,n:. ...... ... ..... : 1 2 w
1 V .i t.sin ...... . 1 4
I;neis .. 11 : t+ e
S,,I.. i., .. . ........ t :. 4 i
Stlihtirlni A to ,-it 7 :t 4
Fl) I ll
, , it,'l II ' ;at, i ..... . 11:1 ;
r e3l lill
W . h, li. t IIt.11- , l L." e l .Ctel' y the eih , T1le. w
;ull that the r, uIIt g ill ien t .oit liel' hI fniC ,, tIeh to
i l.l, f. e i till t i. I,, t , s lhoil at te. Ch
In lI".f1, X. e. CoCl le.t ' Thchanan t
li I C .Ct* N.-'.ea Y-,, ik 3. ,, ltnehetnalCn
anld I lh uee,,- .. . ..... . ....... ' i'l.C I le
Ir|"n nt.i ..................... ..... 7"1,70 fC
i'unie!ar iia,':iee l I -' r t 1-ren. -t..... . 4Il,7'77
This year the el. ,fee elti Cf Cll-, .ward lmen will il
n eeeC lth:nl r.ui .tetl.ihalanie the lefetie.in of th .
Adnhinistration it ten, al thie I liehn Tickei w':lII n
t.. "ure to wil by .i0e,e110,. majority This result li
,I, fiats Lincoln' . rrer if h, shoadd rerry creietler a
(Irre Slatee in I n cls ti
I" nsyiite i, in l 'Ce . g , ve If t C, i . 11
Ia n:i aw l I din i ,- ... . ..... ... ....... .l, 3:11 ai
1'reont. ........... ...... 147,:1t
- it
.f.i.j.rity gt.ainst Ir'rement........... 1i4,9I~2 id
ie will -inppes Lincoln ee ainls i; l.I'J b
:li the Ihlichanan ne ii ill tihrow t
:eaell. .aInt sut. .... ............ .. !.'i,' a
itti Cii I cn. , a Ct ,.. s. re nto rarry the' I ltie iee v
-.-I.olli laete-,,ity it,-l I.it 'eirh cat.linot peesibly l- i '
elecet 'i wiiglce it g,-ttihi,... e rry ether free. State ii
the In i . If he- get e.n e y oi h .eti r, he wouild v1j
h ': o ,a mee ,jeri? y -f fiet 1r ,i hte a Ihe t . , i y a l n ,' t
aV. tI ele I, al e hh .Je-re.y- is wihe-r, she waci.a 1e h 'i .
Iliw waa it tlei i' ihcihatiian inel lillmore '
got ................-.................. -"-- - 71 ,
MHtjleriatya teiltt F'remot--....... ..... 42,77
I thee ilet -h:eni:ene i, c h.ie tI al -o feer lineiin, a
thie. C i,,n I e ket i ,I Cel I h lice ltiele tel liet In-a -
t lieii ii.ii C Illt tt-ajirity- l Lin l is defiat
AiiI hl aw i5 it wiiiC gIhia -ti anle l liina ? Ice
I .dt, in llit n,,i- Ih i h+le- :e ,i
Filuee i hevt-l - -..... --............. .... I lI,7:hi
rl ilit --............. . .... .....-.... Ni2 '
n l ori' 1 iagainL Fre motic. ........... 4,450 '
votes in faver of Lincoln. and can do no lmore in
l9feit id aw the" tont-!n-ed I'tl in tick- t n;il hlcve'e
40.010 majecrity !
In lSti'l, Indiana pive' lule anae n and
F ilhuur r. .......... ....... ........-.-'- i.
Fre-enit- .. -............ . ............--,1L6
Mayorret it F'rrmeew t-...............i7,242
There Illclt bei n' g reeee, thaln rlr4 |lte'hansanl
ni-.I new ien this Ste., tlh. I hine ticket will ear- t
rI it he 4.-,imNi mIajority
E-i terdl veet, of lflinois -..... ....... I I
.. . a Indiatna .............. . I
.. .. New .Jerey7............. 7
,, " a life ,s ,ia . w h h 'h in
if.',G ;gave a meajorciy of.54,Lt,6 .ittst
F r -nien t - ... . ... . .. . ... .. . .. .. .. .. . .. ....
Thee Suth-...-........ ............-120
A nei leihe o hi i di f alet d, ,el el n ie fh.- w e .re t le .r.
ry Ne wa York e": l!entnil Ivania '
e Th I "tioth me-n and the Irelega- men are not
bel -tg tBe air"e Thle' are- fighting foir t.eenthisg,
Ia-li the.y nwiall t get it.
r ide.ntial coutenits, and have n.Vr n vet made n ma
terial ernrr asd we" conlidentLy predict IhtAt if the
Presidekmt is elctee by the people, Jons i'ELL
- will b:' the- nean. If it goes ilhte the Hfots, Bell
e- ane Eve-nett will be' the first on the list. If it goes
r ntothee Seflate,, :IcwARlan EVErrrET willhe the'
! . . 'ri.,le lftl la r 'ith . C;e- tal. r '.
Wordlf the Wise.
Adversity is the trial of principle; without it, a
man hardly knows whether he is honest or
Tradition is more frequently the inventor o
Iction than aprearrver of truth.
It is the principle, and not the manners that q
make s he man. The principle in the main
spring; the manners are oely the figures on the b
dial. hi
The truly great and gold. in anfiction, bear a w
countenance more princely tiban they are wont; 74
for it is the temnper of thet highect heart, like the a
palm-tree, to strive most upwards when it is most c.
burdened. nt
A sceptical man one day conversing with the p,
ehicbrated Dr. Parr, observad that he would be- tI
lieve nothing that he did not understend. Dr. at
Parr replied : "Then young man, your creed will w
he the shortest of any man's I know." yt
Those, whon, in consequence of superior capaci- be
ties and attainments, disregard the common max- to
inms of life ought to be reminded that nothingl will W
supnply the want of prndenc-e, alnd that neglige'nce b
and irregularity,. htiing continued, will make ot
knowledge useless, and genius contejbpti- Is
ble. at
In matters of conseinrce, flrst thoughts are I
test; matters of prudence, last thoughts are m
best. P
Men are often capabl, of greater things than a
they peronrm. They are sent into the world with 8
bills of credit, and seldom draw to the full ex- -
tent. h'
To dre.ad no eye, and to suspcct no tongue, is
the great prerogatis e of itnuocence: an exemption b
granted only to invariablle virtue But guilt has I
tltwayt its horrors aol slicitudl's, and to make it b
yi't mtore slmhatnllfucla ,l detestable it is dootnedl to el
stail in tawe olf thoset t- wlhoma nothing could g
ive, initlllnt'tlce or we ilht Ibut tlhe' pacwe.r of betray- I
iig. d(
To rcvtiivat ' tih.' snsl,ilities much, and a taste t,
for rmlfance, at an early age, to the negl-ect of ii
mltorce solid a'cltuiritents, ins Iaelit as wise as to a
!a.w aerabl.- groatlt with Ieiapie's. In spring all oi
will Iee prematurecly lcautifcll; in autumn every
thing will le blleak a:1 iaren, and the'y will be but o
a draway residint, in pl oe. of a healthlful nour- a
ishmcent, to, bht r.eaped from the fruit of the c
soil. " I
The, world is a lazar-.~at'--bt' kind, patient ei
andI humuble'; it is a manqnrade-be prudent; it is "b
a battle-field--Ie, iCd. P
t'n'ti s tmnn have the prndenece not to appear r
toac hed by ihl' searran e' of a jester, they'sub.t
jet ti mwn.lveis ti, his pi. wer, atel the wissetng
will hate his filly :tuntoteicttd by a fool.
The studyi" of litra:nrt tnmishes youth, eua
taint old age, adornsot sp, lwr ity, sOlaeas' ad wtsi t
is dIl lightful at hon, nit. elhtrltive -broad, L v ,
it ntaot by day nor by niilt1, in junrueylinfor la
INVIF.tTtON r-oi ATTi 'rTIN '.rri RIA(.-A geIes -
can who resides nrear itydton Meeklcenbu
ci,'Otty, Va.. ha. a.jpirel'd a new sciese, that of.
c'n.trolling thc celuiJls in orle.r to cause it to rain'aL
will t t' th edeals opt~ ndilay which thmlat.en
tel cjp.ee t, r maki the i.-hatdi "give down," the
Il:wh,,n 1ispaltch says:
\tVith a it'ew of attaining this c'bd, he has built a
"rainrt.w nt," whi( In,,. e'l structtlre b said toe
:i, tfet diameter at th," lease, which size it retains I
to, the- he'ight of .t) f'ee't To the height iteontains '
f.uri finat., each 7 f(et. in diameter. The number d
,f flues is then reclueeIl to two, which runup e
vit,.nty feet hi;gher. the top of tht structure reach-.
ing lll altitlll' of ablcll' t)0 feet. The whole con
erer. :as .et, t. I a' a e -it of about $lO)'.. rThe
modes opertead .f cau sing rain to fall is as fol
lews: 'fit I- i's atr' illed with dry pine wood, a
shi'.h i vsIt ,ol fire~, and which is kept up until
thit' 1 ci "+-l Iff e: i-s Iele ,lurc.l on th,' eleam"nts.
Ili, theort is that thie ,r.ant hiat produce-d in tihe
:it aleve thll- "tow'.r" will cause' the clouds to
,oncentrate over it, when plenty of rain wil' fall
ip that vic'inity The originator of this novel.
idel is said to be a firm heliever in the practiea
bility anol utility of hi'"inhvention" notwithstand
ing th,. fact, thlat aft-r repeatd trials, diuring
ci hlil ih' ecn,'.:m,-l Ihaulreds ofeordls of woodl his
ten iri faili't ti lperolut a the ,jleaired teffect on the I
oitti, rtitionc heave-.s, he hacing been a great
I cltf"re'.r t'retm drclith during the entire spr~ag and
"AI'.TIMtc4 W''ati" ON TeS Et'l.rpEs.--Ar- t
tem'nh Wa~rd has aee n thc- eclipse, and forum a
very anat*ing article explanatory of the causes
which preductd it. We make the following ex
The eclipse is fer ed by a total darkness of the t
sun. Thu.s, witia the sun is ~louded theweath
e:r is tnot ms light as it is when the sun is uncover
ed. In thc' witier tie' aun does not shine so fierce- I
Iv as it does in suill.tc'r, : ld hence the weather is a
t0,a ccc wNarm in Dec 'mnlw r as it is in Jnly. If the
rca lir will by way fexperiluent take th11 trouhble
te, crawl Itci-ea two feather bed, with his
face downward be will pe.retaive, that he cannot see <
a we'll as hi- could bfore ie thuus obstructt'd his
vision. It is true tihat Galileo fancied that the
wiorldl turucel ronml, but as v *,cr persons have
;;ri.cd iho sam-: tinulu regard to Loauses, tables
tre-cc, but little i redence, can be placed in the
statement of "Old (al," (ai the' bays used to fa
mil'Keall himnt) es.pecially if the liquor was uas
lad g's day as it is niow."
--. o c-..
ICx. (T'rE I'RATE) r-clt., Aaivr.--The N.
Y. Iader f the' th says: There ic no !carther
uts' in concealing that A. W. Flicks. who was os
t,.niaibly execute, fer piracy on the 13th ult, is
still alive theItcl itl a altjnc.roius state, hut lik*'ly
te, r-caver the' full use aIt his facuitie.. and limhn.
The a~htof ihi ft eye is gmne. and l ie left arm
and leg cottim-. ',acralyzed ; but, apart fromn thit:
injtri",. he wce.,ld iclaicar that lie has suffer* d
nething. It is sail tat lickls was i, led ctep
only two and a half l*'t, and s.cepiacleh'l only 13
minutes . eing afterwards rastored by the rlecrto
chl Icical hath.
T, Gr. Iolca roN.'. V WrIl'5iRAW '1. -Thl Aruatin
r 8ounthern Intelligcncr, Ge-tn. Hlouston's holmu or
gal, in annonocing his withdrawal, hold. the ful
T lowing signifirant and patriotic langitage:
eeWe will tat fan thlt tflslltele f c,.ticaliem, ar
aid in the cais' of I)iaamiaen. We Ar.- realy tc
t aid any national inien ticket, or ge, ler the candli
ldate. who ha. the best chance to defeat Linuclon
This muust t sonme one who ran -s t thirty fCour
Northern vOtes. It behoves National U'nin m*-n
to look to this. Brekinridge cannot do it. iThe
SNorthern pr-sc generally agree that e is deasd.
LHis 1oathern friends are crest-fallen. Let the
Sfri'-ids of tue ('oastitotion and I'Union unite."
' They ar- doing it, Judge. The skies are rll
' hright aetl hrightenin- Rell and I:vce-tt car
.ri dee ca-er. ,ncv :it. s a'rglal
y, .louu ,,ia,-ts J
and wall artqis this '
adAtltow b lle beserved (out bi
bhi d `bsb .. Befera qp11 hie
a tues weimwb''baut h . e
ceat--d.i .t at lu i~,p I a t
magual ohm. hlme her S* sl'a etr w a -
potaUag ever tto th Matrml. !,g w, the
to tom. snlw psd.. the 4 Sem,
alnute- -e ealm re boeas-tse
weeks-weeks m la h-mtcbs years, a.i
years wp'like ages. Every tellinbg of the
bell struck demp tre hlwhett, and every
took amseir thread bfrom his lag sha.
were the thebs less tray to her. Hope,
blessed mang, at besde her by day, 4
on her piluow bf5lsgh . a.m . there m
laughed at her holy leve-who smesed m
at her loer r--a paisoner lsaw. 'way.f
mattered It to her. Olibm might vse- -s
mained arm t ht beret sad mas. "Othes
poldi a mn Into prn garb, toling away
ma till ight, with but est ew to guIde him
Sh saw but the honest soel that might b
-er be lost--d woesn that she was, er
herelf to bear t jibes sad jeers. Blessed w
to bhli his blonly ell, words of love,
of kindnes, and stronger grew tLas hart
ht"n who bad truly his bette angel watehin
his unbrokL n asture. Each word from her
ened the hours as they slowly went by, and
ger grew the day on which liberty was to
Men visited him, and threw into his oell a
deaning thought on which his sdal must dId,
tremeeblingly shrink to the darkest siamer f
living temple. Then a leter from her weld
aside the dark curtains, and bhekes him to a
of sunshine, outside, and beyond hs pneeat
So passed Utp years. Friends died and o
over them. The sain was long since met
atoned for, and at last the little spot of
crept to his cell, sad entering by the keyhole
the door, led him forth into the bright rays of
arty. He was emductel to the e4ioe of the
by McGraw, and a citisen's dress instead of
praon suit given unto him, and into as
room, where she, who, yearn before, had
hefore God to be hies What a mbeting l 'Tis
fo L t eak of it.
.ve.niu train the two arrived in
were by onet of our divines joined
-We were a wituaes at the cer
shall forget it--never forget its
'with tears of happiness, nor the
higm .j the hrart that had so long waited
twusl. Slaved, saved ! May the future be
l vrigter for the dark cloud that so lokg
over It, and true friends be ever rady
htbelping hand. We believe in woman'
.- eatp's devotion- -the more after kno
arve atentd. CGod bless the true
w riraundl-Mdeeskie .estfael.
MTrDJ a."--lear, a pleasant adjective
a pronoun of possession, implying that the
spoke. of Is one's very own-aon's sole,
personal property,as with natural srlUshness
wolad wish to held the thing most precious.
dear, a satisfactory total, 1 rather bjec~ t teo "de
eat," as a word ineplyiog comparison should
and could not exist. Witness "dearest mother
er ",el'arest wife;" as if a man had a plerallty
,othlers or wives, out of whtr,,i he chose the
he loved beat. And, as a general rule, I dis
all ultra expressions of affection set down In
I once knew an honest andl honorable gent
-ble-sse, with the tenderest heart that ever
had; and which-in all his life, was only gives
one woman-he, his wife told nm', had never, e
in their courtship days, written to her
than as "My Dear Anne," ending with "
faitlhf'ully," or "Yours truly." Faithfu
wlhat conld h. write or she desire more.--M
FANNy FsItt.'s Auvtce To LAtitEs WHO NAI
J).nc'E WITH THs PwateCI or WALas.,-Wh
an e'cent among crinolinedom-to have eael
with the l'rinee of Wale's ! We are afaid he s
lhave much to answer for. Young men who wo
formerly ensidered paragoru of ]rfr.tiou I
these young ladies, will doubtless b:e nbbL
incontinncotly. A hand that has bnes grasped W
a live P'rince will not Wbe bestowed on every char 
comer de.penl upon it ' Have a care, girls! Drl
carry your head toe, high, or at least not so hl
that you may not have the pleasure of telling 4
your children "all about the Prince." In sh
don't be me poled up thatoen of these day.
body wWlpoint out a wlthered old maid,
somebody else will e'xclaim, incredulously,
yonr hearing-."What the Prince dance with
well, truly thlere is no sccounting for tast
Not thes meslatoy "Oh, but shl was very
oce"-will take the sting from the rejoioe
"'Is it Pessile '"
The Beloved Deads
Now in the still hush cf midnight, while
clouds hang heavy arounad the stary heiglts, .
the pole flowers reep with the night-wl-"
comes thoughts of th. 'love'd ae I lost " Though
of th" ldreauel'ss sleepers in necrepoli., and koe
for th'ir mtnemory
These thoughts brings agaio the day. of chit
hood with all their light, and shadows. Lt
Harry's form comes to met it the gloom w
heavens aureola alout him. )eside him is aot!
bhese des'p blue eye's. like tw!n stars of dest
ue' carne-stlly at me Thse same eyesa st
mny childhood slumbers, sd whose whole life
,ne of love. By her hanud she leads the tnag
Seird wite left us in the sunnry eprng time. 1*
(whose' tragik: iorm we laid by the bo.,kside' wh
ithe willow's golden tresrss fall and the sat
viol°t bloons. That was a little coffin, but
shadow fell dark o'ver the whole of mother's 1I
'Twas b,;t a tiny tomb, let it held a gem
which she s,,rrowed evermore. "But sch im t
kingdom of hbrav'n." And such ar, my gua--l
Sangels They ceme, to me in the purple twilig
they hover around my pillow in the lotg haours
night; and bring t,, me thoerhts of the' dists
heaven. They cmne asde strek, with their inl
bie flngersc the "el'ctric chist" of irrmagina'ion .
me,'mory, and loeek it with their ,aiz.-like fa"
with all my dre.an;t, al realiti's. San,
it is stated that ls.ly Fraukliu will also vi
the PaciFi,. htate's, lel will probably take cep I
residence next Winter in han I'ranciec,,. to wh
'she is adsied by her ,hybsicianir . Ihourgh
general geld health, a muild cliae:, , is n,'cesse
I to her, and therefeer, au F'ra,,,'ei ,. h1,- -,e"'-n
,,mmeroebrl. laely F'renklin en'e-o ' , . v'

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