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The Constitutional. (Alexandria, La.) 1860-1861, June 01, 1861, Image 2

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,Il ' itr it 4tl" o lt uI . au
. I' f t T.-- .I t E v \I . LAu [ , I ,'I ::i1
B iW.- Y l-' -F. : I 7 t u'
ALEXI%D IA, LA.: h,, lI
t l, \ Y ............ .... -
t ... . f hh.l
rl'. Iltllf r Iv-)' ouilr IkD lars.ir p.r :a1"aa. ,tI. I al
v"an,, i' d t ,ipon l within At' 1 ,t'u -tt t h e
'lYpiaG te at intfto1a.t ill b.al ; ii a . , t~a t
t.r . ta hef a rar iog." ,'o l '.iv I .a. Ntt -,t - p.o-gt i
.earlyn takm ,0 n for a ae it, utal t. lth.alt -n t x
A lN0lR YlNo-,T N ,1vrrti' In, n°" ;a ..'f,0 ta th. b
rh rat. tf h 4" relglar r a.t'.u 'i **. " " t. 1 h ,. r , )s
ta f"tr thCo ltrmt m.teattt. itral ,itht CP .. nt o ta
eth ads litio ail pith lie atice . Ai t ar t - .'tat: t - ot I
,.paittr t at intre a5 atati ha* .e g a, t' l t iath
ndrian tev e ary . ona , lirant ,'lhli'aaefi r Nt ewa.. p.ae
OyPrly a ns rte,'entt a li.ry di- t prill - 'o
ehtargtad tat e ragulat 'ta-at l aaI tasterl
" T'i h ' tin. P tsa-,.ga 'r ja ,'k ,'t I .- n a
Pll)E, CajIt..1. 1'. i)aaw I '. with I' al. or . I.
1Ill..-ToW in thie aariac, nill armivat at Ahax- not I
andria ,vtary Motidiiy, ad l,:na . tatr Ne-n.
Orlamns every Wdamesday. prol
_. _
I 'RIev. . (i. lHoward 1). ), w'ill o;
prcach in the (it"y Hali to-uurrow moruing ir
at it l'chlok.
111' .,. l ', N .Ti~ '. -- 'l'hr h,-Iat cti ' t i
South hliritian a are' hohlint g ra ae.r mneet
inga thr tite gi', ial objeci t of cl'ating for aoi
Sor o mi trl v and ii diefe.tale''. . \ iml ti Ars
i, 'o a "t. nio: I "n l anr ne.ti will hte behi l
at the t . tthodli-t l:1piscpal ('h.reh in
Ale,,andria eery 'T'hursdav I:veing. at
ao'clock. .AlL at1 r urgte ntily 'Ir lt te'l to urr
aurtt ]. 5.011
Ala.. \ltn y 2.tlh. I,;l. 1 t '. fill ': -
l: :' 'tlfl:R A10 , t I ea .-.-- he weather.
tihough a little ha t, at, might it s xl, cteal
iat this tlie aof the tIar, c anti ,ts tHn lt
propitious for the grow ing crops. We do t '
not rememblnler having ever seen aittter
stands of cotton and cant' than tholse an
a' bich met or gladdened view yesterday
w ,ilst on a visit to 'hnnieyville. The I
corn. .af which an uncommonliy larg,' crop a
hadl been plahntd, i t, on'many places, fully
gtro n, and has comtlmencaed ri'penming. A it
houn.titul irovi(denlc, has indetd smiled Onl
uion us, anml th llessitg of an abundaut t
aield is promised the harvester th:s year. otu
:.APtl. ''rT CaTNT lit,.ta.tMs.--Ve have, re- 1
rei'tdi a full cotton bloom wh liclth opend t,
on Ila plantation of our esteemed frie tl, in
the ih l. Lewis 'l'exad.ll, on 'It',sdA y last. tit
aW Ilarn that one alst had b'an t'i. l on 1t
Sumilay la.ut. t"la' h, plautatlon otf Tl'ho. ..
Natl, l'se. 'h'se are the eatliest cotton r
bloomis we have, heard of this ,eaton. A
Titr ('ni1/ " l ann.a. Intltr n 1 w -'T'e"
Iarbtcue givn at l'haonvvill~o V y,'-trdlay
Iv lit citiz-ns ti t haz ts t iatonv nd vic)iity
i hiutnr of (bapt. h:,rv '- i t li m ati anyt ' 1
in hich it about to depart tfr tha w ars, wa'.
a mtngnifit.ent and onrderly anflair, anti gacvt
intiit pleasure' aiind snatisfaction l. all the
partirilpants. T''hi Southetn (;l tu's (of
which we have the unitr on 1. in a min- t
her) were in attendance as invited. gust-ts,
and were hospitaibly re .c-ived alnd etel r
aind Iby thel paopl- tpo a Ioa;,tn li',ef atndl
4'hen yville. This cnmpany w'erel very
kindly tendered by Messrs. II. S. & T.
K-Smith, thet uost, of t'l t cars for their
conveyance, frn-ee offchar"g.. Th.l llnards.
upon returniing to th0, Al .xamtrit depot.
Inanifested their grateful acknNt wldgemettent 5
by givitg threa hearty a.h,,ets taar tht
lMecre. tithl and three mir,,t wart, alhiaad
for tha noblet and lov,,lvy :,lia..a ,t( tolenav- l
' il,. a'
4)ur iutrry at this 1tji maaojt.at prn', a'nts I
otr giving in the present issuai all tht par
ticulars of the day's proawating. but .i
liall endeavor to furnish a full daeb''riLatiaaia
of them in our next papaar.
Tus Zoan AV Rs."- te rllb.bratd at
tiMes perforxaad at this place ,nt t " d.a
antl 1adna'dm.y last. to mtaatttv, audia-t
(r,,. W,. were dulv ot hamd th,. f st 1
.,aaInlar,,h.nd la ut lthita l ,, iti Itrat . , ao , t'
-.,'~,.. f.e'w. hola v0' r e lha ' ,,,-a-ta .l tti a t.lattli
that was Sait,.- .aanad tat . •
anud wh'l aver tilay w'a ltd jllajaltti1. ,.
a well anti I tht ,r.-.tta-n in:t it tar " r:atat,"t
that su tly titarn mutlst It a-attta,' titg at ,tV
* go l'," u-naulid apalta i .... If a otht r I
auI aa trtnupe ..htlouhl ver .tati thi.-. t Ia
again we advise t a' t ,tin:tttar. t,,
sl.dl ala,,t. rpit ta-rn ta l-aatha t h.
t:lkhki .Tg tiat-but. Thit thiiit -t li.-ta.iit;g taa
'a r,.l. is antv tttiag Itta il,, .:-:t , .
gi. ani ,xhibitin la. -t l u..--day :ttt! \,'-i
st-da la" ht-.t. is t!aahtha thaa. t .,t .a - , '
tal atin,,th it th i" a, . I a ,'- ttntat an
a r, tpr, ..-nt td tai tht ta ia. at. T h tl ,1 .,a
:a ' t ,at *" tw o itisi t t t tl, ! i- r lit- a , 'a
IIiV i , h "t 'aatr ih sayi' "t "t.,s, bu
a' this i tarr , w,, thik th,. .,l " at
! l: |" aln tl i t , 11 I; - I" ':-:: -
a,,: , .,. ,a'I I ,/'t- '- -- .% 1' t'
l :t ,'h t , th , a " ,,! T -i' u n , d - ,d 1 I
a-.,, ' . . ' a t- h it :
.Iti t t at ,l. T ,.a t '. il a. , "
aa..i ct.. , , . a
- t -a.e jah
t *- '
b .l..iI0 OIF ."N'I; #41 S .I'ILo
*% I !'h,.r,. ;, no ll ,ý4, :.V e1..:11.' .,- to tihe 'Li'hf ,s
º t .. t ý'.. , . 1 .:l ::,.! '". 1 " (u'o ' W 1.' -t '
I ''''' ta 1l ie a.gtiiuS 'c
t 11 r . _ . ( ,o .t t . . t tl'e iptlit
t ! .,!.-I'. ..l . I 1 1l.,:1:, de'. "'' I Itr.itr Stolth. hli
iit.t"11-111 ai;m - imm .e it Ith.eriel rifced by
i ,Ih,,lseml tlhe l:akled det.hir ity If till. I'reince tlhoutsand
o1 f hl. I ih.' pr-otes-ing,t with l,'ir liips, troyeL fo
thatit hev huad no in tt nton to inv:de t,.h' gy, or' II
Su,,th, tlhey have,, Anl h t h.' wite, been tnak' frntit the
i.e1 their intg'tniity to raise' Itin'l;aI(1 tl onet y that ther
.I, ' that r.r r.res 1,erposr. Every artifice, in whic
t lthit i .ter.d mndic've and 0u i;; ("11(1 in- f)reigner
1 ent, ha. i , t ad: tjt. i to lull into :apathly f our tr
elt thi .S'e',,Id SIiat' s, u tilti ti'y v r wie ready course Ut
t1 1 nxrt h up'l l, i r .,,il relations
-, ti(ul :'n.1". like whh ' I -th. " t le:ml Nerith only crel
I'm.' ,d e, t, ` 1 f0t her fr i,,'t teAb 1 e' will
W 7'. i"1_, E,. l- geh, l it4, t II eun;:mr.'"
t1u1, with an unex preted and t ,ic1e hehm- deeper
n illn attatek. eith'he redluce her to .ubijection. receipt
or blot hlr trolm exii'tence. But we could "copper!
le- not he deceived by, their specillus preten. DavI) a
\e» ,e.s. 'I'h.eir ptlrpoweC were foresee and sneak wt
provide'l fr. Antl now we are in thee, best Feathern
los-ibl condition to meet these Northern wag on
inlg lbharimre tlhough they I',me like a delug,, and an
,n our borders. 1Wei are firmly united We I
e monitg ouerlv'r. We a% hundreds of the indi
h thousandsl o brave lit.arts and strong foreign
ti ha1'it . We ,'iea all tih sinl. W of atr. We cnn
Aui , Aeei \ e.(r\v a,1l Ul,,rv ae ,ur, eteat the eati
he11ld ald in, rtltitlti'nt and ,li~ 'rcm', r e' a theire. of week
I 11 it is true that tmhe cirUmstles '' Wlich ghishma
St surrnlwl ius re e palieg. 'Thely shout men an
seeu111nelece ', 'l Il tl e il ti d t . e 'xe" its ui. n tiny uf
":. u -r,'itl i;: r '\i ith ill ite untlt andl in- reliAhI
tlr. isrila:tl hrror-. Earth has no curse the Dr
h ke ' I'e.' to hltr'edi tturned; there' is nte eeon ra
t' e rif'te o li itter Iland relentless, as that le- enting
s ee t'd m IWee k itelred ; there is nIo war so, fiherc' bad,
ttr nilt exte'rminating nt rivil war-for it is a and pit
thoe nl'r t'fellw-citizens, effrieni l' . , if ki'ndrel d. to s
tre But the war eis not one f d our own seek. lmtters
Sitg. It is n' ged in spite of our :lrn'st scriber
crop an indeesatIti retnmiwslraflte"' acaigltt it. i
l'And it is an uraligrm'ant antld iinitive ni, of the
Sll it is uncalled tfr. It is a swar of ie'vat.ion have, 1
mi t1e'. i n t m' Ce e'. anrd of the deh tee'i ' ef acll festati4
tileet that is ,cear,'et to, ut ir hlmitr, ael kiimired aic,
mit t h ti.' hr. It is a war for an ide0a ot trctr-t
thie one 1' ih', and r htf l and ati te.rnal it- mnothi
'vo re- jhci'lt n th'e it ler. It ie a war aeillt;,. this fi
pened the l ivin' i'm  'ernmt on their silet, a::d to be
frictl, i1 5','ipii , i 1t' that l vIeimt'IItI t lltt o ours ; for, iortlt,
v lat. theirl tittim of -latvnry, to deitt ey which to 11.}
h .d on has l t,, hi i:s an,+ v.r*l,, l. na ainst us, a}y :
T h'irwm t s 'i':it a ,, ite (; ,,,e hi i it, and w a' lin t
ll1co'tton endlri .tt' i i :1 H tl st ' ti Iue i l ' Ihrist a:I l h i in 11s
Ape ,-tls... T ,''e r'euhlt, l w ever, li. bcry eoe te
-'1' l . e s ,' :lt, i . 'lI!e' ,,'en of ilspiratimtn gulf ;
t e're ' ,e',rs-,' d the i -tIe i t,: ie conflict i ti e te
',rai - ',', i 'm , r,l ; ''l :i't I ' ill rem rv''e' iomte
i tar fr'etm 1 it the' N rtl , , rt l , t 'rmy, and mill eill i
,lriv' i,' I i :Cm t ,a i. c: ., i.: ., cmld ih ,les,,late, se'e :
\t,,h,' h .h el t+ ,:' "at a, and his bi- busi o
l te ' i art- t, 'arls th,' t m, -t .sen; a d hiM his r
l t e't ' n 'fm s :ell c e:rm utp , nd his ill-savor throi
rls (of shall c'.n m, , lhcau hii hath done great giant
1 tnt- Wtl' "' e n'o ' tl t tertlai l, , a iqu tellon- a go
e .is n , :i , th, , a. t i lt' result. It ulir mten d' at, e
I nand awl, m u'an art inadeIuate to expel the claw
llu Nrthen tar1,aritnu' 'r,"ti oui r n ol, rather Ai
t vy' U wth sait l '! 11 fi, . tald l1yt so. ingloriou anti
1 1r1 ,e 'I .n 1 m. th itr g tian el e ill .pread t on
Ili, h i,,.- '.n, tlhe 1 i. -,, and smite the in- the 1
r :i t I, 1- .i ith a + r r ent of cletiale tmlper' witeh
1re 't e att t hl'r colr n \ill th e' i;ItIi list
'hen,'?y- (omplIa p from "Old Itaplh," b ho ,,u -rl t
h,, par- f,,r N,.w (rheas, where they arrived on a
eji'tie" hav,. r 'ciive'd a hils"t net" oft) at elate' fo wn
tlme " mdli t :rll 'atrit tic ,e eKm,X, theim
,t'e, ar 0etd,Irlv Sereeant of the "Ite1'itcile'hs,"
I'te-di'i" w'. h itn 'mi t ,it it ev'ery one ref tll
au i 1- c ,., :,r,' -: ti '.', and , g 'rnf'r th
th , fi ts t t 't'r , p a'
, , re I te m,, t, m at'i, e e~,~ctl t
' ,ctr,,,I h' .e Sl" .i" ' 'c in' ·
, ' ,,:. c l ii ' ; I, '.,'ir, - , e1 , 1,] tV * ie " )c
,I-ti, n\ *'. i f- t n c i 1 'c c ( i
S i\il t e ' ',e Sm tl'
ri.-. l[ ttii smtt iri., , t't th sh, l h v, t i
timrs" , ,'rivil' r f 'r ,c, to:! it t ' - 'ii t .. T h,.ti ti
kee,, e tec,,h te i l it .r .: ,e u nm" tl,..,r c' r,,te', tim m.all r
hteer.- e I i. , tu 'in,, ' h ,, i 1, i i i t : r;,. 1 i
.ttctr: . , ', vi. ,cc r,:v. T ! ,.! t Cl tee
ir'' , I . I e . i . I . ,i . ' ,,.I e l .it r ct ,1 1re, l
em'i I
iittiii tlh 't
. Cit.e , it' .i '. .
1,1c i", ' 1,ne'- c
'''Cit " ;I.
, ,C '- 1 tin t cei
, 't h.' etI' , ' " ,' I .' h l ei m ift 'nr r
* I'i C.... e ' ] .,.i . th , .' i. e rs th' ir t
t: ,:e '-'t, , , , . , i.',,e,'m ,..
'..t~ l h.|', :i.,::." , It'e''',''''l , 1 - , err
le Tihe ,*u-gr.ting trpic tof the tinmte-thle
Ul W.ii-. o far as we can itrn., colnllnda e n- lt
, te attentions. The publitc, N'orth and I prom
it South. hailve not vet, boeen graltiied or hierr- cotnmumnu
iel riCled by a coHisiou in which forty of fifty with our
we- tllousaud men in the aggreg.te, were- thes- )tI trip
i, troye',l for smie special puriposes f strat-- ant aud t
i'- g y, or whnt not. We have, however. ing the c
k-. froin the New thrleans piapr to the Ilffct we marl
liv that there has ocrnrred a unalil quabblei Smoker '
ice, in which about 6t Yank-ees and other They le
in- f'reigners were killed anti somte :o or 60 comfort,
y of our troopsI put kers d r,,m/at. 'Plhis, etf bered by
idy course uutles there are some' near and dear left tlte
relations anmd bsomn friends inr.terted will iuarttrs
.rth only create a momentary excit-euaent. (h large ho
Abel will probabhly pnush his hahlas a little we lived
,m-. deeper into his pnntalwoss pocketa upon r
ion. receipt of the news aml in jingling his ('atop 1
auld "coppers" curse the ('onfederney--Je f to comm
ten I)Davis and the balance of mankind, and
and sneak aderthe st tails of old Fua and mUa to
beit Feathers; but otherwise the world will "lO S
tern wag on as usual, and leave us awaiting ee p
lIgia and anxions for the Inture. the inet
itced We have watched with no ilthi' anxiety
Is of the indications of fater or prefener, of ter, low
u foreign nations, in this contest sad as yet millions
we can gatherlittle. The Organ of all der---tl
S-at the pjatriotism, has been filled tor a cot ple, blinkt
arit. of weeks, with the twaddle of a stray En- opal" ha
li!a glishman, but the bearing of hit ideas otf was n
oubt men and things, wars, and the future des- tItre of
ijot tiny of the land are probably as correct and n 1
in. re-liable as if the aforesaid Johnny Bull of li
ure the De)mocrat's intense admiration, had
s n11 Iaeian raised in the cottonl growing businu ep.
eiat- eating mean time, pickled pork and corn -n n
itrcea bread, instead of feeding upon roast beef. I
I is a and pudding, had playing the subasrvient wilt, 1
areal. to some rtoal gentleman. Mr. lullrcl's With
seek- Iafters are probably gotten up for the slib-i , '1.Ie In
reet ,cribers of the Times to gape- over, without eth
It it. Iis possibly having any more knowledge Kno\
v", , of the real conditian of thing- than we. il tl
anion have, here in our conntry. froin the inani- rawii
if all festations from albroud. W e, have 1s we ,
iadrcd nid, nwatched the tort- anl chlu rnet.r o1 i 1
ea on traous-athlntic iseuti,nt lt a a set we '-, w-e,"
itint- nothing indicating any ,,cidld pilicy in et
-,a;,at this f(tsa f ours. The ( te-.t f a It e, m- S t r
and to bel relasling.-witi ..tv.s' i t nded, int
Sfor, doubti, carles. lfr the tit- i bcit' , -ut ready
- I t' aloait
ltichi to hliug an]i a:tary aff !ny" :aldvantaglt .a n iut l
at us, may aeci,.l-lt:illv n'i'rlt i-,an tih' qluarriel i
l, was l 'a " a ril aa:t nl lar -r ,. 'ivems." $pail .I
tl lii has iRadlt' mtllatmfisf+tatins ,fi k ie- ping a lit-r
by no i lot I tttr Io kount f;i r helrinter,':tIts in t Ihl,
iratian gulf; Miico is as btally sptl itip alid t al
list in dlon, as we are. l.ouis Napolei has,
-ilmo i- one nothin in favoti r of "lthe intlie. Mnr
ul . ill s illtisr i" l ; i n thae '" it., n`, i-i l
late - seems t ti quietliy lttem ling tI hi own re
is hit- business,, yet very posiitaly as he twir!t l
cd his his royal moustache, of an e'venili hbe may t -n l
l-savor throw now and then, a very Pe-lf-ui n ient,
e great glance towards us. and our attair, ad ilt i r
reh'n- a goeii "gin" sigl tit y thai fr ti," itt, in l rin
Ir titn diate tina- beiig he will put nt (raiwh th iinit
l t elaws upon the troublll d la:lil i'i domuain.l in '
rather As for the very mnodest o11l g"atiletnlin. i i
;loriout anti.grasping d.ill c4itht :it wvithin hi, owni
rall domaine-J. -lill, ls1., l ta- hr lookitng 'ver
the in- the linl sea, towrtls It aeilyv dignitied, tll
iler. with ant i-ilde-nt alit :t-f t .li Ilit t til;e ,i t
"r,d'al,"i --ia vild t .ll h ah.i.l u,. sta l a w.e i.- "4
Sa list art y. -egarlled hbyi thle "hond tf tLh tlt I
"ll rvit , ,r " f tlii' woirlhl'.a aflfairs. alrt il" ia i t
thair pl' tian f,.alairV Ixi in. tith, tltin" sit,
Ito it fr his mnaw. Wate have had a griol -r i nll
on }ri- the old iinm at Na-w (hleatis, in rigard Io then
Iapiae the stiopping of the veastls at ihth mauth tll
riaed on of tie Mi-aisaippi, loaded with co- thel
tol, aitd outward boutni, tut uppoit thi' bi
oX. ton whole tht- venerable old beast has not lay it
icihli&a wrinkle, twist or twinge of visage. given the
aift .ign as ta the portiot of thut litile c,,lti- t
f thi nt which h, wish-s tt put hie vetllat
r "paw tlptaot. h"rant the hblahte.., in i'nin- h a
ttiaitn t hleiwI vat, w tik thatt thi e t elu ,inlg lt
p l, in il i· f~ava ar ii'- ke iph, in Cie, tta ti~ltu-i- util
it ul- . I ti.-iilig l. ai '-a " n tllti'" ati atiir io i
he .u b lilern . f, :J,+ll,. A ,::h:ill ) net..+) ;
a l ) a lii italu in rI i a, w .llX * ialel, ,n ht i nti :
. l, .hiv " ';i lita..a1 1 xlu t hi t" atlit' r if talr- l-i
S t in "k . , il )hinC-h t..elent Iva- iliao that
rit.1i w ,i" th, li-u pr -ld lo.ingly irrtnd l Hi
a u ai the tir.,at of tht Ilack Rh' ut lican bil"'d T
ia- tha ttt l iagla himn, to our atlvaintage. 4 ti-l,
r. T lit ti g ia tertain--th; iotlth i$ tniit-d. and to
,, tat c ,l r eah!I to cairr out her view.a , in regard lt
tat , it h 1,r iwi cul lilar instiaition; and to be t
,i: ts h. 1w ia, an indepindent lteahliean iin
a it, a , I lov lrlnwit.
7"'n a I. "-,"I flun o " I',/i:at is , n a S r ,
,, ,/. ' , 'h v, land lher\ah lrulihla h 1s h,1 a
rt f . ?.'> i " " ' u n, , a na ,,x t.a , rd ina:y ' -n* .
at Ih a i a--it i , fi,' ra, l ,.t y, i a ,. I
• i..,, t sIhial I,.t, it;g h, a t o le p id .Wve, y l t of I
l.-,d , ur a ! ..... 1",I -" ait . l ll -- t - ally ii a
i Et alv a lY. i ia ipir .t"- Mi. iaW l i'"a -
at"tb-ah - ...s. . i. -ltiank sttit-t, the laxa,,tt rUta at)t
ith ub i ali -rat , a r rd. r l a l", 1,'y h Ci aitilie tlii'tl
a" : , l gliia Sil inad. ouie ttiit, when
ii 'i thun his a.t,>:tini , ilt playing. Ipocke-itl his t0
w 11 ,, r ,,w.n hall, ua-,v-iil l ot !,ee ri hi in t lt atri-g.-
u in a I. ' V I b. lvi i cart-flllv, inala, liara- .ht,,ie.
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:,r:'.1 aI, i;. n'uo. "X b " .:ne "undr.+,ts auy co t
at 1 hI l' or- at c-.mt.lli taill -recatr' .
ati ari.i atd . . _
a t ;atlt ,an,, ta,' Iav.r, tie nov,,li+t, -si at
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,,.hhr to t. ,-- or ,, th1 . oithis tin
d i rt Cýu ',M Yt.es i promised whet' le'Ut Alexata'elca t" !' wie
coeuum nfivltt' to Yc" hei. fac'ts cvoittc'tte'd llwt
r hachuseti
Swith our trip, wl kecery cll now aittd e apt.
O u)r trip sown to N vtllens w ih pleas- pern u
alt and agi"'shle' tn li naties, Tcon'eiisid. of tlac
ing thee creow that to en the boat whenc I l
lt we marhe d abocared Mucrl is duec to Capt. two it
S m hnoker and the . o tierh . L od.f l, from hir
per They lft aotti.ig Wdy ti, ' to add to our.in i
SCm.fort. Wlh ich I ho l will he ' belig, rece,' a o
~it ,red i by the good . rples of n t apidpeet . We r aot
left the gonod old Fent anwtd took up our lr i er a
"' ' lia p .'ll sl Fern y il ''iPi,':. , 11ithu" will le-ic.
' qtuarte s ' lthe wn's oa, a vi- ry, i er
tie lived like ti' g t" "it 'g t o',s an r d, .enI am- It,
nsere mt we we w v iv y, lth to leave it fr td l.fli d
iM ('amp Wal ker. iut ,,w life' a . edi ,ers had ," lo
" to commerce' , and onl', thirh d daly wo re- A , "
re 17 he tc irmotto The bov* h t hse ern I "
th l iniv ed orders te shotl' r oi n re.c,. ts and thi, t alt
I frm inult.he:ped pon qjur, niil (ot lao ii I an
n ,d mart ! to that u arr. t', and i e'; etost tin-  , a.s. aet
mi u trikabl camp Irnot d hnt thicr. n- i a h eiad t it-er. fl
ug ever pukhed m pon 1b erei. ie a tee I Ni-e
' most" on. It rpre ee e itcle' to de'ecrile ee 1 eot n
no y h h iti+ winni.- ut ,n~ h ,r'.wn " il to iepil till
e'tiy the inc dive 'nienc, o] at plar e. No wit- ~ ' . t t
of ter, low, damp gh oun antirthusandand nlel.
yet millions of n ohll ite f the a ghaebi or- i.. ite .
_t all der-tha y would bt .1iee thro egh nthree y-,l
a, w ,t i .- St-t.,,,. V+,',r ,:,la y l ,"d I '+.'+*,i' l "p,~ ,i,
re hl, e eit'. W laten  whroight to r in r in.' ' -
Tlhe n pnIr.,, atl< il l. ~t l.. IIl i. .i"
( flr ilarr, l I t, which te' e lt , t,,ee ed or hir t t
ot i n,+ bhee., ha: rei n " v from thenrr stem -e ;s, t i,
ur e oth l ice watt r. )a v n r,' i de, is t all . ;.,n
legro- Rit h or in,º is r h n i. . r eiv ht a ill
ani nth:ke a tre, n a hcetdi at I nrt ll ordseund t.big.
of tbeg hee y or a ie. uk T, roti h s Clown teo ntr'
lited. Il tlio' ctwla rit h, ,in . 'nlc t h ere i'c "olh d h r lo.e
ha + lu litre 1h, f X,-lrn h,+l ,.. lu w th N-m"ith,."
li'iI I L. 11 1
- 1, e' h et ",, w ( I.d e . It "rida.ry e.. , h-' U- -i
orf t u4 'ae d m eived ' here o il the' tolie wiuel Ft i- t ou e ita
dan d i. tee rtoat oe s tinK c r cr.w de tl
Tih','l"e "" ". " 1. 1.
i Withi ladile eie.'i hreith 1 , Al'lcllcn i 1 tle u t lir - at
enl. ith Wlte ue tsie l j1t . lAeu sh ower I h ,oier j. ti T l.r
te'he ' lacdiei seer ll rigie w-'--f l o lte'c t h bem. Iec p
l tt iun g iti the exceptionf lattae tog' and itot
ig ec ilie, t. ie ov atit t uld ler te in at k.
nwe N ln c, as t t ir . li t u l il. t
tiH e', hae,, . l'h ox, x il lt t he  ein r r cIf (it is te1 tle
I' i,-" rwci i . itt g ttig all rigtolei Shite re- iktr ni
tt'1" an' h ro inia. Sote n hnou h wrll
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'Yt i hn Sm ierns n ,Ihi 11 South Fti~al k "
ern (''nf,",eracv. Ills poeliticalfre ndln
i r. I eieg:Ie, ((n f r it,, zviill,) we as s oi. e ah tiui'd
erat;1:1\" or seo ceferth' we a nrri d, icy t h' Noll)
, i hI t i tesn l of the- Krile.. ovl I, le it . ; r. -teck
i.ere  erge . Accl . uc h ,l ns t e ai s ir out nl .king tli
i1 I ri" ' c rlt i h b t I ntie k el. let- i ig al y cll it
ý1 i )ll~ll'il
1i retlie e i l r tcli. r l t .elSt' Fre lse e ih r. t it illcat
A lit -h. awa, tUnit tn and bl a ngrte
ori t iaeic.w toe.s'n attempit to sirei t hei ntit
1. tll, o uin , t,!ak1ng ighlr" ll .
inh from m"-- di ,,l.,0 enanzt -uc l..l, 4 t
te, a in glii ie thee'iee- et' e'e I L r nill huelr pl"
'gtrlll ] e~n it ll, t1tttU. l
i4. !e lele .ptrC l tne,, r ta e c-, 'e of hi ..an.
ýtae i ts icgnt :e1-e, ne1ti o,' f t1 tld ttI, od i 1 ' ab~:,,.
S.;ltar 1 ith , 5Aj- ,- t, ,t tht untier telil tid
V rc.lt, s ;:e i, h c . '. t-r.e r h' ('let €, it-' - ere .e it-ct
ni-t ' tl
linte w ier tA . b th
1t*+ . 1 "is till, (aine "' rt e ` d L t -,',ti to '.+"r ltn noi!c -
u'l' l r .Il o un t ," +  + \ , 1 ' o.'r sti- t tt, . 'lly , -I r tr ,'a h ,
r "erelfciti :l ci'tg. 1 e m n wiit clepl te tio.d
.t"-l ,t i ls , b .t ' r ok pn r 1 . u -h ,r it h t " ,'. ,r *a y x c -".t : I l 1 ' %i
tieih fro le t . I -' ,, l,c i e e , i ,mc i- tr l ite I N i.
T i l lI l i t ' I fl
_ pla'iti'ee lg .rc'et -c.i' 'I,- e pt-i ae-iu h e-t,'lliiee tmt ice tiseg ce! h--i
i, i- at er- iii+t:t+ i,, i, ( , m . % , :leqih
nrl"."ieh '- c ,Fe-u cy. f-Utha , l~ieicee.+t ,I e c.i t:,;,c l
, t-l Tin ' lt c ipl"nt . lltha lrtati , l e it,.v.r IeIR
] iiirth t'; ie~ n tau~u Sri.ta , n th tba ire te th,.irf" 'u:.
iit -~, tiet b. . t+li~i.t tPD ,..'ibil,-.-. ect.,
t,, t. 1ri \ `"r\" (l-cue-. It i-, r e i t-. l l te.'," t.i I ti... .
. IV O tic~ NI- nctic \lio:. tier iO +' te'gttt<et.e" t ' arli,-e
Ie'ieenr. } e . t" 1r1?''t
C- .'cl li clue t.'l i e' he CCt I t. ts te<ln,t+l- l.~'l"-.c ii
hil , tite1v vii clel,"' it vet teeo ---e 'ne- /ecn
et 'r . Illie c a-nt'c u. 'il I- re .-h
. ,' I t i; i b e t U l p ti rx it i e e j rl '1 i n , i 11i. 1
7 , - e l e: t l:llt C - ' in. \ I Ce it t i c e e e. . " tc l1 "' "e 1 . "I ..
A,\ any reliable iti r srllltl ioun l' tIhet c:It olre cIc at
'-* state ,t lPublic sa.ntintent at the N(otltIat ifliet.l1 ct
this tim.. w ill l.e inte'retling to rour rc.lrl- WIliaf it.
to ers, we talker ptle 'aire in pli'lli;g -h the tht, e with
,d fulluwing le.tter fromn a ritizen of4 M *sa- S'IhUr t
achusetta touhi brother in Lo.:iniaua. We egait yoaUl
are personaolly acqilateid with the latter the latty
gentlemnl who has imsidted in the jarisl primal ca
of Catahouol ft' the last nit venrs, but " r
es who with his brother was born ant *deduca- inm of i
t ted in the NortL. The original letter we' are
go. from his brother is in our poeaeni., and tt ia yet
our indicates very clearly the true feeli:g r his eeLas
Wamong the masses of the North on the the moti v
subtlject ,of the existing war. Ilend the aosibty rCc
our t 4l , s"c55s
letter and tle reply. south we
ry .In(t•eretlr t, iMASi., Ia..y Ith. It'I. qtesltion at
ay Dner lIrn.ther : e'as5 ti-a
- lYouIr h'tter arril'ved l trlht days :after datet', :,nd usine' ithe
tisll tile' tI:heatls tfl "Nil lill o."  melw'hnt sirpti - Delar
fisr rd find i e. , a.t i11 --4't. I ha t icellded (If tie 4
bad Iyo 1 of ot-'',1el e l ,,rslIf up a willitig :ac'lifiee on (Govceertne
thI,. .lt:,, t ite ('t. s. . ,f A. I will say
A I As ellI h;avei nt, ctr I]ha ll It, "K'o''i down to wich it l
anul tht-i wn.." I trust) (ll llway not for e.eleil4 riaolns, utn l at Fo
chlli I aInolg which is that you may have Ie proud l t Tny as
tin- satisc'etjeu of aIying in all c'omiag timIe tlhiat AYs on that
: sis r struc.k nor stlod in oppl.itiWu te.o -ei gl- h ettlede po
l" riolt flg--tle- at*s and Atrips. certain tie
a tee I wi-lA I might get pape.rna ceitnithiig Tul:ch of hre is strut
inter",t regarding this war to you, but will cuts- tirst blow,
r tent myself with trying to crunvelt you with my The FIT
w In- p" ". tclisting tlint itethingl will diatur b the tr:anm- tilhe o-nser
mlissiion of Our crrre-lspondel ci. mlate nol
land Ki,,n tilst of all that I atladtnew wnre I ha." I. ttcr the
or- in the pant. and always shall stand-ae li r s-f and Ono 1t
tIy eirtlt'lya flag, aind a de.fr-nde'r h e-n wantc-. . vinecEd a.l
hrce YCe,,Ol kiow i:s w. II as anlly el-rirsn iringm tha:t I and arcc
F il ha .vel eeiatlhie d largely with the Igu.illt in the they uasc
pnst, ntld I :, re you my syrmptlaics ite willth ie-llici
h ste tir to tahy w hen'l ceneid r the aen.s e tfthe iters- tlne of de
i lt . r* g t. lY I I e li nel erl tender any eircn.U It l i nc I
ern- .ell(., l cOtllmei'llt to le I inleOn witlh any or all the and srre;
is to aSilietlwitra ll, ,may "" Nhdli to bring. lThe whole- Iceven
and thiug in ridiele.u4,s ht,'eshefesl, and a Iriinllg dl- wIthdraw
'grace-, th lts picple. I w.ulll not tler:Ilte, a tul,- ('ousititut
rn t r o thir f itie hulh tlhe Icetltl wc'r.' lswl, t, eics that
e ;u i w te anlll ll'k. fromn IlIl, fatce oef til.- e'arth.- - Is. Neil
"o N ith,.r wcnld I e lenlit if ty rtl, al ' ere tie' cllet 1'
'imean -f hitlinlingl a slve: to e.very .q.uar,' foot of pueli r
land in the Norlth ailel lnt.-t. I go fer "the I •ien ltimplyib
--li ght or wlong," lland was nelvcr lillire proud of tiLt irill
I'ti- llt 11ag than lnow, nor eIleor tlrl- linelid to slop- Hatred9,
iv ,fd itpit it. Tl'hl South is mllost wilfully nisled and of hnesa
Ie-dl.lelu.,l. 1low ldianltrolls to nil iectins muslt enthusia
sthis allietllatiouls el ! T re al vyour papers, as I d l etao d th
llconsltantly. I ane not Only us pr1'iel lbit ~athi- ical affe.i
ilet.. ,l. H1ow lntiy nl1 nor nn I cIan thinls. much lieve' thu
ithem. ies pr tt :'ti! p.ntd s Ie aI. ,such ai therlii a to-day ft
acnd wer-tions staeggrlis my niluses. tn.inng
Iand '1Trnly. as you say, tlh'ere will be a dreadf-c Stries,
ie n n k' lakeilng when the confllrt elitel,- fr it will le Sfepaugi
Ia rciutlict of mui llt ult right against wrong alnd very clt
f O1 rlleew. May leave in 'vert it ' I iln Irppl eirat tailledl
he re- the titive  which led the icest ,eportionlli f thl•e- When I
Sonlth il thlis miatler, hut whliat gain ral pIossibly able rl
l .wn il ueIl tee either retinlli, floon e.vlin ireif'uil ne-.- lwas the
in ion-I feii to see (eIeorgei, thlis cullrey 'i n't.- ismn-wl
i'r thtilihh Inll.s sunlitl--it is felly to assert otth- of t.ttl
,0tithl- - wils'. ItRot I hadl lit intended to dclfel or at- andl Eas
tlrk e itlhe r Nhorlt or ,iulith in arnelln-nt for si- repren'e
ii l iir n lra c h''l n said that the anbi'e't iS tallse.- m-n wl
thit it Colin we til facts ald i eproejndli'e"d statnllta. r by the
t e'lei, to le Iebomlllardmcent of F'irt Slmpter ithe i,ole he
SI i Nolth was, as it linhad ten. apathetic. lWhen the fieatioll
cc %Ifr. sllllke i Iof that little attack Int elplare I away. sle- i. r sc
c ittelhitill ilne i.L Cthe Neltls, the mightyi North,. ", i the
.king ,lang to slln with l(,Ine wi:ld vIIl oft re%, -te - feo 111 ele I:i
neatrl y : l i llt , te.1 le . I'atits p ;.judiCire. N I'l -n l.- light .t
cial !diet- "11ie1'"- We tr." en,,t.-tue i hile yoih tl aned tle te
t if Ie agt" ctl ster I l idarlltd thal tle, the like' of wicle I i
e i l i no it ten timel tetn "I'uif. ilc:i, is' lik,-e ) iolrlc ( U ll anl
1o0rt hi)ee . I wish von r, lltl with .... sice',.l - 'It
-l i g :eg i n :g ilet h'i ih,, Ithe,' Nreih at this t lit . N .
C i li: ) itd wih 0ie t a s tall v - iXe pxltion teile ti,' lie e
I ills  th, e 2:lKee a lnd si cbii . l'e not ,Ih , c ivce l d itti t
ri c ,n 'ie atr it,l,( f the .1 th i,- lilt nlew ui.le tedll l . South,,
l l tlhou'ihi it hals he-, n tf-rie, sly. ZWe know eyoeI illn l
- i i ,i - "' ti.i- to :lll liin eil l . r 1 po esition, it 111 el ed her
Ire was can e', t ite-- i---ei', er Ih1-t- t lr any lth er itcult ll t ST
. l;th the the ltinllplh of out flagi by ab
" hre are- io t,' !w L, th, i sh th," heep' and ex- justice
1 > 1 p i'rtati-il the lie ihll.' ies will tise auhl help lii tie motle
Iht let wokll. iut they pie e fcw arti alw:ays "iltny
ice tio, ene-l del II. Jer aliey i:lt I coenceie0 titol, y we-Iret
i lg b1,lie ,. il :, l.: i t ,ic in ti.e tl:eic,. l'd stands in lng ol
:e I 1in .-.licv ti iialy il e i r 1p it pt " .- than thaetlt :l f fpr
.e lme ila:i iinlg" the linor Of i'er tti" t. Yon h' ar that I
ei r- : hite, ilit' e-,. of l'i cnti,, eitt I know smietehing ,t ot" , e I
,lc .aul . eeetlisil n t hluer : il s Iille, 1 c telr , o li .t i tllst n . en t .1(s
e r , e gistiid on, thei v ,luet t .e r lisrt t Iif r thiety ncil plain
S la la 1i4 of .:ilu:l fa:i air a %" th'e' tub 0 'i and fr t
p l! 5 s,, cc. l n I'n I i i-i' !ti 'ttigne
ee', " ''.i"l,' c..e1,'i- '-- , . ;' ' "- ila , Ir ell! t u.-- t i II
l in l l - h nI, c ,- f l Ile""e'I'' hiee- i e,.. fo . ..i itI Ia ,' -ihle,:e
n r ce,.rli. . i l t en ,iIo ," e t 'I, < I,!'i i i. . i;i,, ic l, eti e
-.Il e* it.rr,,r p.r nr,el ih,, et c tire- 1 hill . 1eil kieeiw I
e'ne c, eel ithec tle r t 0eef thle re-l coiitc i in if ihi ;. at th,
- ' ` oii ,,i" .' nf.t lh in e ' ii the L"i " ' haw " ie vl
7:it. th , t 1ar- , 'ipntfr e'd l '.tri1n ' :r i tl - i .l si'o n 11t r
1 - l ci,, l, t ,r the nIrlie- iiitllh lIcl0e, nh:i al wi iti i
v:lnit lil. tlevw pr0ifeicely., leett if itucT hitu eeg I Il0ef e li ilih:l- fr
SCl. i |til w- ill ihein the I le ,e Le e l Cci iti 5't il l tie- i eelli- pr
- ( lo I le h itin s-ill el ilsl,. I- ,re i- t , C-e |li al lV f t,1 thi Acd A
i~td c j ll iitiheti as been re-,reel,! aen r m ire e necn t le,-ec
S.t'lcTre.d tha i an e l ee ai, lvIe:ii ctt,'u-ly ,li-e . ed of. ie-i
*Se- leet it etre nu-l- i fli, t tee e 1tietin li.theic i to tlie eet
to repel e:nis i vohlni c ,iu , i w tl lo t ,h tits l in di -'i e-
li C le- u n . T .h ' ' - n o f :er o f sce , t- i t sit- r --t
S | I,,r*h, fin , 'ltehli',ll ct thie :.-. - e . . ", , te:ve- ie
ir el icit i ,- ; u.- t h"e tl l c t k i t e .,i i-l- , e elet . h
-( t I i c l- lh - e tdIoic tlit I ut1 enl- f h 'e
• fee- - ' whe-n ,he ste k. et ii!i eliif feet' c t
tellr e 1i e |- i ' n ' kit i ,,] ic tly tL 3 t 0 hetc o t-hI h*) t tI- nL
l- ,,,xrrllni~nt tha'it ev0i xis 0l iian ehaeghi 1,wn 11
te t 1- - ,, ll'itcti0eni a j i,-cpelrcus act1d ete ll ti re !1i it - "leu,
lit I'" ' he ,iiut i thi- puritel, ieeietri -s eetIh after
-le i .i I - I--C- -elewni tie-cs eeds of hib I.wn 1.eilteu.teem t io n t tc
i ,- e .feheeni ,gb ti-veC li- tlwar. Aire ltel ce I, cii, ani"
ie -torisi. i, I is eepph-elit, ernetl Se ,i i iti ic1 e f eeiebbIce weil
ah i h- ii lac e l-te-, h' Iit.h ,f an tll ety cc h ISc- : einsr ic- just a ld e
I ec- r uc" einalerei T e a e u iliteied.
glt el'y " I I cu e--I Ioathe" the. the- ii.lee "r:bflO lii rit'"
- tiovlel| -,r I. :i "].petep hlie'n," while i' the, celii, lhung,.
-atI e. tei dtor el that ptyiv I h- th" ci-aea
frot ill .e-i e h ea d;ue e -ei' -dl0,tn Itha pu e-it teff eu l ai a lit
el ,tirtitiel teel hekonecinl Uahmis thee-ni in thee tinturte--bnt pe
S'r l i n iteh :i. - I ableeer tlic-u ei - itis-l thtl t el--, I i- ad ar
-hit thi - i ,,, icc ,- t -lI one - thriai.te-r - n sttikce*n my c,un- f
tl- ttual iee c: 1 tic' ICth- all n teild elisteiled io tl., i ell., and etl
I c'- ,k he ,~ le awl eIuate ' ,10lee s \V tlcihin .
tu:ci, eI I ",l e- ,ic tilhc tefr the icccith I t i the lha t: en
ut --rtl j e l c-rt ct I enll edy el -h tlh, -eie I, >; etiiinteation
ac I Ilille fetI n e hr r h ih , c-c a i e .e011-e,.
ete i-p thtte. I. tuet.cl you l n-ilc ,ic- ,e I t o k io or ne ine-il -g
e... /t ,flri-- ," u.,me lI et ihe, N, 'h fer infoenati0,e n
ati I i r." • ii e c li I .; e il s-tie c tier e've-r [y
cile nelee is e " l. F" . | . ', of
..j ie clt 1 At- L..xe ., . 1 I:. M , 30th i61.
i tsh i .) i i JltF1-rr:
c -n lil 1 i, ;..:.t, ,,f the' 13th ine1t, was rClecci'eid yes- 61
i--c ttl I ':". -, I' i-r otiou l ite l cclnt'rlutc I mllllt in
' a tii eiliteil uat all mail c0emmull 'ietionrl bweeell ha
Mer r el4t the,, i ei e l te and I' ont elira, te iaUtlit.ie aleeal to
llih -,li -rn ,lr ' hnd th:r t I earieet lv rliegret that a ict a
i.,Jw-l , ,:clle,., whia'h u for niely ftliet'n y e0-1 lee i
- c-dc lue Iehitg leut w etheg ltrch tuhlti-cu-d goive- e
c 1- n-ll-.c een pc-in e.!. ,
At.i I tine. ...' t the vnelit i to tie . il ...- 1hat l.y11
thii I i .ci't ev will e'hang' ', cllr v c-c ir ri-t
tei e . , Cecl t.r , litli l rou tlc e. Inrt 'e iiv ecll rl-Ie I
' i ',, i c rem, word: i . , i n - el"ih i ,t vo n -l Je,- t
e o:* . t. as feiatee ee i t- 'ceclitie in
, i- 'rf i: : . cle c-, e te, f ,c ls r l ui ,c "t : t , i rl b
S er.el ' c l , i - i e c-'l ,i1 ' I ti .
, il d C/ " ' " I -' e c"eurmhig "a racer-- pcet.c.e-c I :,i-n, to
beeaictl _ ',. . 'h te - ,' - a and their p ct.rity." Th'I te j
ins, . u ,,"c r ee - il c-t hb vine g failed for seleatcl -cars tee
1I, tre I "i.e i aic' ncr is 's" pijinpiq. and tualiv fcllen into the
Ae'.; elile' I'l c ,f a jelrty w esee dit.einctice prieleiple-s
-.u, i cC e lt.e , ,li-t till eot the plaineet c et-cntidlttiont l
c' .,l unie Tg+s c- tih. $- ',uh with their prolerty and ori'al
1oil ti"llt ili atl wcb Il el abe frt tnrlemte y ir hieicnhl' .
t.is Iei.diant ,i-el-c--c. Ice d uteliehern S.tateue cd e t lernlt:in td to re-eel tile
tic-i- es tee 1 i i .e. --et- thc v had origin Itiv d'ilegated tee the
b he -tl- r:e C ,,., ir -ient, and te retire fomit a Ia nio0
, i their fte'e::- e i .e , i "':r I t r theeec- nothing but pulit:ali dieg
cii c ac- " 15 : +er tI' acie-eeuneelafl!-a . W'eidttve-tr yOU fmluiP
ce- tr. pati  - ! lte *e : ee.,. The (G,)certilIliflt wh ch d.-tived
vti .'"--ee, ;i ,i p'Ic re trorj. the Consen' of the governed
tic.-ile--o do haer tal.-c te ce-c: :,e- the ends for which it wan en
at"+ t!-4 c ?'" . +" occ-" t i hc'" *b-rn 8tatces to alter or abolijh it
li *.-l. e --n i~rd i iclii c c-e
.t `.evtcrect'eit wail ltrsttet guiarancties trer esrtr teu
ture setl ity. Indeted ,owr us ru were the i jnrries
it inflite.l on the Math by oherlorthern brthren (t) As a n
whil' in tl, 'nion that ye are so siaglatrly ue
fortunate, not to say iteourastent. as to sytp- readers 9
Is those with while yud condemtn bhr Iou ay
"I vttpaeethijr dwel with the tlik who .m age
Svun.sider the cause of the press at .rest,"--ad eate ta
'e gaian voU say, "At the door of the Black Repub
lir a paty I lay the cause which ias produce'd tet go
or the pent effec't." Youn Are rig"ht. Theoaly and th( new
ai prinml nattr of our separation was the na war
fare uppu our dearest costtettiomnl r ta by a
piarty wickh nad that warfare the distittiah in wteil
a- ntery of its orgatlenm, and if necemary sr'd i or a
fence againtst the further a gn'emtel of that
er * ae anompelkd to "trie frt d and f e cents;
atat is your misfortunt, not eoar falt. I the For a
RSautA a man's friends dont give skId ad comfort cents;
f to his enemies. You aay thatwhile you appreciate An ad
It. the motives wlhich had the honest portion of the tieial ha
Soth in the matter yon fatl to see what gala can
ie possity result to either se'ellon from even PIaea-.
plui ee',ee'sie, It woulld bhe my toshow that the in t
touth would gain imnuwnsely from it but the- be.- Pf
quelsti at iesue invelve 4ileIy. the right of or
tcash et-as to its probable rasat your opinion o1r o" t.
nil mine either is of very little consequentce. "Dies Adver
i - eslarasbt."
led Of the duplicity and treachery of the Federal Cea
Oil (Jouernent towardse the Sonteru Confee.lracy,
I will say nothing. Of the ma.erahbl artifi.e-s by moey
to which it forced Mouth Carolina to fire the first clas
u, gnu at Fort Sumter, it Ie unnecessary to speak. 1o be
ud iat nsy not be amiss. however In your reflection" ted, and
pa on that " inslteu'd flag," to reme-mher that well f irto
lo- settled preinciple of law whkich provides that under a,
certain eirenmataniees a man need not wait until or a
hof he is struck be-fore, in if defence, Is e strikes the cent" fe
ra- first blow. For
sy The Federal (lovrtnment prlf-,sse. to regard cents f
ns- the- s"ee'ssion of the t',uthern States ne the leIgkiti
mate mid only resa belli, buit I te('egnise in your In all
:e I stter the existence of quite a diaelirent erttiat'Dt, stamped
r ef and ono too whilh for weeks I have beent con
t*d. vinced actuates the masses of the Northern people
it I and ac'counts for the enthauiasm with which Sent
the they are rallying to the suppert of their Btlark ere feel
iiith elhublian master. That sentiment ir simply
rea- ma of devetiet to "'he StarMr-8pangled Ilaner." eXe-d
si- It is noe longer our seisure of the Federal fIurts With
the rd amierals; our refuesal to contribute to the'
hole' sevenees of the Blaek Ib-pnliian'a Tre asury ; our
des- w ithdrawul from a Union eenceated by a violated nemi
rpe- Countitution and governed by our avowed rne- ter;
ept, eeies that has trayred the North in arms against 'eri-e
e.- a+. Neither is it thie' determinhtion of Lincoln to
the oellet tIhe reve-nu, and hold and protest the ter;
lt public ,rplerty iu the secede-d Mtates. No it is PiR,
uion simply bseuse we have "insulted"-i. P. in fair In al
el tie elt reiuniplwd over-"the Starsm and Stripes."- terly bi
sle- Hatred, envy, ree age, and al the worst p.easeon
,and of hunanity, these are the motives of military 5cribMr
rtst enthnusiasm in the North, ated you probably onun- Will
I el. a ilt' d the only correct idea Yut have of our polit- W
iec- iceal affeirs when you said "I eons'ientismay t,
ruch lieve that not aile iu five thousand stands in arms
eil s to-day for any olther purpose than that of main- ter;
t:ining the honor of our Rag." "Tbh. Stars and Fri
tdful Stripes," iand "lour glorious Reg." asnd "lithe Mtar i a
ll le Spaugled Banner" ae m to have exerese'dl you terly i
anl very much, since your letter and post.ript eon
eciate talined ne he-s than thirte.ens allusions to t tem.- scriber
.' the When I think of this in connection with your
eiluy abe- rvie,"s for many years to that party which Sent
re- was the only legitimate foe of Black {'.publican
n,,-- isn-when I r.nemhebr youer eloetten't advoeacy b f
nth- of Southelarn rights in the eoetumnsof the Northern exceed
r at- and l'Eastern peres-aeklwhen I re-fSrt that you Wit
for s" represent the serntimints of thousandse of Northern
ne.- men wiho have ieeon h.trayed into afalse teeitiout
its. by the isgwims ftelse of a falsee patriotisml I aem for eat
or the iverwhe.inl with feelings of the bitl rest morti- Stt
in the fication anld lisge.rt. What is there senommenda"' ent f
eway. le oer s itrible in yoir declaration that you are,'
Veitll. "toe the tierioee, tighlt or wrong !" What d, you
a,. flu m" , n y irV taiin thtt within the Union yiu would rd ar
,n light ltei tIle rirth I t, the lat I Aaga.net whom fre t I
ch an. ,v,idl ! r hI- toirt tifor her "Withlin tbh' ii
w tee I n "et' her rytiv e, nemie. were thi itl','k It pub"ie t re
re e:rc inesc; rweuld pol have ti. ht fter lr hegainet e
I.u,- I-, ti'r n ral tvenvrnmtent "within thle- 1 ui on '" In
tim . e.. I acrk, riot atre fr'arfrlly tIergt'eh I mepot 1"' t" erlý
I. th, ti irhone .tly in error with regard to our politicalb
-ied dit'tt renl,.s. The Smeth. "th" urcarl, in"eritst -
irtel. Mouth, ' love l "the I'nion" and "the lital-Ser-n
" ill zit ! antr r" to th", last. Tre the, t - l Iet e l ish- Not
t a h., 'd her hbod and tre-:a.sure en the.m b tlb. T' the 110!
tpet c:a.t eh- toek eherdfe.ly the spnitite or her gr.sl fror e
bey ai litin thieves. set Icpr I againet hope fur
nil ex- justice andrqual rights "wisthint the Union." Hecr r e'e
r the motivea tor non-reeistanýc were mis.'netred eetl e2 venl
,lwayse r'euly 1erv.rted; Her warning remonstrances 'I'v
Iirly were tegardedas "fall of sound and ferry, signity- el oe
nis in rng nothing." Her valor was sutireered at Iv trelk
1 c.,t elff prorverbial cowards, hob insolently pr ,..eim ,ed '
e ee at that she was totally depe.ndent on tIhe strorteg a, Ii
Mieg "t oti"c Fd"era (;oe'tnmrn t, and that "Ma.1et'c:- rote
rteei. -- ttci onidnlt make berotns enough te kitk hle ut iet
twicl re f the, I'nion " i ph.-e luted all this. c *-rec.e I tu, fl
tr until sh'6 was driven to tieh wall Nhe. sew Ieree- -
i.s icrn mes "within the Unintt" defeSautly ioletae tIe- ilp, s
tv neil plainti provisitmsofthe palladiu i f her lile,,rlir
.1 and for n le,.tter reason than br.cases' they w,', i.{' ,
.ign Fed thr th proteetiont of her pr,,l' rv., andl
r 'on- tiualiv -hee iaw the le ,desl lrive'iinie, ti ltr,'- init. , 5,.'
thin -- i:e:n. ,ef men'u whoese liv.'s had Ie,..sr" ern+ee rat,,l l
, hiu.- e w,"rk of her l iticil t a til aresl ruo,, amtl
I: . t wh-,.o r r e-en mp' .IS haI ,, .I. lreI tle (', ne-titu
i l t ie in, e hie , ilyhend of that (.: enr, tit, t ti, I , cint
I- st,," will ,heath and a covennt with hell- I"ie
rcc ,, le r iil a dignily ace- tie-eeirne-,s writthy erf h. mi e
t th , e ee.e sh.r t;rri ally re uin ,-d the ji,,wet aeh, ,l
Sc , r- giat dItthe- "ede-ral 'nirei arc- 'ir.eIlemni dc
I , ln r'tcee I h. e entn, tion with thait | rlrien totallr aend l y
heiror' ir eli-erel ed.
ttl u-h A-.el was he-re-titfor , the .meuthacki ni favorerr
ihi:fri the' Ne.eih, andl se,-ks only to wrk out the
cetiri- probhlm of h, r eatit nalitv in pjeaer.o t, i te.re.l
e-i thir Acd if-h ' rannetet e,,10e'tli.h he i ri-sine w:tt.ei ,, ell
cf se ,el-eerutd echia thetsands of'brav . eh e-e,- ' r, ade to
Sd ef. dir in h,'i et tt"'11¢ce, and fair daughters Yr hobe- .iyrce
enter tier Piethi. s:reil prceyers are' ;whollv crnec'erte trh h;- cr I
,.dacal i-n.. \ I, e..,r may br the r,ult 0I" thi' u-ar
gsC li - rr-t aise1rt di it will 11ct wi'itne1-s eer stlt,.jigreiin h i
h:r- thc ,cicrna - of the Fedelral t-v rcr- it. We'
r! kn,,ee ef n,, -li-giace- ao gre-at, ncr alsl at ,',ce- ere acy
ternis 'riilh,,norat.le as submicssion t,,e, r allnce
- we th, ti l e Jl. 'k ee i', n goVemn w, t. I will
I ' -.sy, alo h',t it is muclh ,.a.ir to thr,'ateln than t,,u
*:1t1'.',a,,ounp: |tour "annihlilation." h
if he' Tir c en. :,r" nialas- rtine in et 111 l,-tt,'rah,,ee t
) firee' e ir ing afft ,i . rat the' N ,rth and $rice w ene-. ...... I- Cr
t le. h 1 ne ains~d sincp'i'ity are r, ally re-Ir, .ehhie at tie
adlvancer nr ol u n et th' yrar It woerllt Ie. ,.-tren. - - ice
iaiw ly unikind in cre, h-ewe-., r, to neticth, ,,in ,,e..i l e
is -rct after vclnr vecy intge-nunnes ceolifressi,,ii that 'oue" i
Isecen1e had ert na -staggerei" ,v 'th, wldI thc-e-e i, ee
t to h and a.tr rteioes' of th,- iuthlrern ir'..
p.r Acid now Frank h asalre you I lave ii; et-ccn t-1,,
foregeing pages with nothincig hut the- kinh',cit n
e,-liugs twardseryou. Truth ir nee..e-eerwr-ily a l
e, re hope youtillnet Is* offirlrl,'d ae ,hetlrih.
i tehu. Otur ticer-rreb hair alway t Loee-hrf the. tirt a-- Ire
e -h ae- ent rharact'r, and I ioild r-gre-'t ntthing sc tr
nt auletIueh as to have our politieal pre-jlices eecak,-e' wi
iur.-'-bit 1ers' nal entui,.,. ' -as about to rulist fer ete
i--Ie war. andhcheile- learnestly hrpe I ctay nct hI, err
unti frurttunate' as to meet votuor .T:eIneewe in lhce ranka o
,r rl n fthene-nry,ifldo men.t vu ther-e I h,,l-' tee'"
Ite yeu tight neone th,' less manfully lceealie se*,e  'e- ts.
. n the ...r,.Iwi ranksn
t.Your Brother,'r in it .
- --- -- - Ii . I[ V, c.
iei I-Speaking of errr, cf the pr-es, re r
-- r-.ver' Pycerdt relatere in hit ,Ways and Wt ordee
I. '. of Men and Letter.," a coceverrtict hte t
had with a printer :
hReally," said the printer, ,,gcntlemet,
-e-I yea- ahouid not place such nnlimited confidence
I cutt in- in the eyesight of our hard-worked and
between half-blinded reader of proof,; far I am
tateicer- ashametd to say tha. we ttterl' ruine.d one t
ve-e lets poet throregh it luticrruts nctie-niht." "le
n rw gr le ed 1 and what wai the teelealy lini. k"
tht h.l sir, the pot in-tete,.d toI cnv-
-iii i- *ee the],ale marty-r in a shee.t cf tfir',;
en cssere icteatl of bhich we made hile say-'-' 'e
vown Jie tie.' pale ecertlyr cc-lkA i-e s/ice- ossfire.' (lI
$ert-t eecr-rse thee rc'vieiwe-rs meaele tire CutSt eel 3
a tbleunder toen rtaertaining tee tireir r.-aclder -
land the poor getunlemarn ia.r it:ver hetrd
I d il " li tore in the fieId of literaturt.
re tee li
In c~t.Co Linccoln'es ForJkcomiaig Mesg.- n
rg -r the Washington correespondernt ret the Iela
- | r , timore Sun, in upemakingof the forthcoming
Ien intr the measage of Prediehint Lincoln to ('ongres.,
pntiples says:
c an ein-a1 Some glimmerings of thc president's
,. c I neouer, intended message to Congress now and
r letcih:cele then appear. It is reported that Ie will
ga te- ti COi recom tnd ee'rtain amendment& to thie
- ccc a Inion constitutlon, and the submission of the
pucttca deg- same to the state le-gislatures. It i.i ,eveit
Ssaid that one of these priposed amtnd-r
.'r non ry neeuts will provide that the. Southern Sen
h:<uh t,,., ,d ators pshall ave a vote upon all h-gi-lative
be govern,.d acts affecting sonthern intcreetsin the mnat
nh c, war e- ter of slavery. For th-- reit, the leegisla
.ho hin it i-nof Cuengrese is already foreshadrew,-!l
- frrrec-,er ti. rtilrt.
n- lItsttewn or I'PouemIs W.
As a matter of much importance to our
a- readers we publish the sunezed rates ot
Spostage between places within the ('onfe(d
ad erate Stlatles of America. This arnange
,d ment go. into operation to-day thrlaghout
a_ the now regism r
S Singlelestters not exceeding a half ounce
ag in weight
For any distance under 600 miles, 5
tb For any distance over 600 miles, 10
tt cents;
S An additioral single rate for each addi
Stional half ounce or leWs.
,. I)rop letters 2 rents each.
the In the foregoing cases, the postage to
the be pre-paid by stampn or stamped envld
It Of
) Advertsed letters 2 cents each.
Aral Coutaining other tlan printed matter
i money paekages are included ill this
Breat C l*t8 :
ak. To be rated by weight as letters are ran
o" ted, and to be charged turts.a the rate't
of loittnge on letters, to-wit :
il For any distance under 1i(10 miles, 1I
the cents for each half emate or lea ;
For any distaste over 500 tiles, 20
cents for each half oasee or tees;
Four In all cases to be pre-paid by stamps or
et, stamped enttelopes.
hch Sent to regular and bona fide aubscri
lboCk here from the offlice of publication and not
er." exceleding :3 ounces in weight :
S Within the State wlhere publihed
our Weekly paper, 6 eents per qunrte r;
ad Semi-Weokly paper, 13 centt per quar
eue- ter;
t 'L'ri-Weetdly paper, 19 cents per qar
the ter;
it is 1nily paler; 39 wcents l1r qrlairt.r
Sfair In all cases, the postage to l.e pauil ja nr
"" terly in advance at the otlie' of the iiub
Itary acribera.
nan- Witloent the State wlhere publihetd:
Poit: Weekly paper, 1:3 cents tr ,luarter ;
arm , Seni-W eekly paper, 26 co..tm per quar.
ma, ter;
Sand ''ri-Weekly pnpert. 39 cents per e1narter ;
Star in all cases, the postage to be pard quar
you terly in advance at the otece of the sub
.r"_ scrilbrs.
your Os rrIit btof.tt.c.
,b Sent to regular atn bona fide subscri
oe-cy bonfrom the oficer of publication, and not
thern excieeling I A ounces in weight :
It ye" Within th.; State where published :
SOta Monthly, 3 cents per qgertie', or I cent
I am for each nufter.
morti- Semni-monthly, G centas1 pr ilttarter or I
-da' cent for each nutuh.r.
u a An ahllitiotad cent eathe nmiibe'r for 4'"
would rv ad,|itional ounce or ]t't,, bey.,ndL ti.'
wh rm irust I ountirs.
in th" lli-Mlolthly or Quart. ri, I 'cont an
eain ea"nce.
.on*" In all cases, the je":tage' teo he p'i'l pi':w -
it '' tel. i n a(lvitnce at the ,1"' ot :'thw ri
liica l ays
"ano WVithI at tOh' State where Iniished,
I:' ish- Not exce-e.ding 1 4 oune0-s in weight :
''. the lonthiy, ; renits per ,tli:rter or cen~ ts
j for eaich nimnbiur.
er em i-.ionthly, 12 re.hta ".r qtanrter. or
ed ml 2 rents fhr each nnmbe.r.
tri ''N 'Two ce.ts nadditi,nal fit ev. r : 'lilitio.n
ig ii- al atounce or l.-, hile'yo.d dti, trcsl 1 '. Ion, -
,tig s ,it II13'-it'itlilv or (Q Lit ily, 2 'e4:it .-it
her ili I . 1! rl t tn t. .i p, t' r t L' 1.. , iri i:ur
t.rly in : tvir n ,' ' , 0'. I i l, , ,',', ,f :h ". i -
ate tie' .c¶'ialers.
Iitir uit.s TH s -11 :\'T I' 1:1T\'rI:D i 'I" I i.
Sre! '-,ry othir in'i - ,1.p 'r. irniphlil't I - "
,-int o lil'n :l tll a I t gnI im", 1:'l; 11 ,ri 'rlitrd a it.
rat ,. , 0'1,hanld ,illo l e;r', ra: in., 1'. ,x "' -
niu, ani!
i'e g (i|ile(i'S .ll :: ., h , a .t " t" t : 1 15.t
e1" ". I.l le aal c ':Ls s, t.I p ,- l .;-: , t., I , r, t:, i. i
h anl by sta(,1 , or ,ltamii i,.e . lve.I, . .
eut The feillowieg 1,er,,,,,S only "r,. ,r : utt, d
niii. t, the. franking pi ivil.g'. ',,i ii 'I .
to o .uti'tr'tly confined to ",i . cial hr,-awe..--'
l',,: -,t >fasher (;,n ras'
a1.hr liis Chiief ('lrk ;
thi war Auditor of tthe 'I'npir, " fr Il.' I
,i 4' () flt',.1 ),.part enta ;
I 24y li. t' I',to t .it /(
r ailialni t''q e ri i '' i'. . lI , ' ,ie-no to
|,ntnt anxi,.y hin r,.gard t,, ]"p ° - ,¢.hn .
. W ht n th, ( ', f , t, . ': "
ttrhli the !Mongotn ,ry A.,/rrt, ,r, ' .t .,,14 t'i.
i"fiP,,st tiv ' e',:rrtar t, r::' f
.. he , '- 1h ,.m : ic',. ' hrl;., ,n,,., I,,. n,, .,; ,: u,
in e i ) l ls arch tr te. fo 'r a leit t h ,, i I, , , ,i
kil.ti 't o wl a ,l trne' t l artirl.att n,:,d, t .,r 1 ' -',l :1
th m* Th,,, 1.w .tampI e, v,.ry I,.',: et, a,
:iin t '1.'- n conltrast with th, ,,i,. 'I ,. >i/.
(i a trifot ]irg nrn ir i; th,. ,,. .r ,.
. r,,n t v i,'w ) fak ,., ht ,,m h ;- w,!', k m. ", ,: ; ,
thn otrait ]pabihtd hy Sti.e..,,'. It w.i!
"iak' with 4 nl iver.tal appro al ion. acid i i;l ." -
ii fir ii ahhly mie t thu jiltaiic ev,' e:.'ly in .Iiw,
tr; , or ae, soon ther,.nter it' "liraorict hbl'.
op " ti .lajor Awt lr,.w .l. lb, Iin i.- ni,. it , i
t t,.-rie tiha field in a,.t'i .-.r\ ti' in d a., *
ett te S.,uu~h. Wit.,.* is I illnmere,. a leo
It "a. ran on thee' am tiek,'t witlh eicie for high
r onorr in l9'iG ? lIe, i- with I'-l-wird Erv
rini, o eir rett. . l i ifl I."- i,, atat di ii'u ! w i iiihei
4tor,] old Iby thI -ide o ",lh e", cil o, T,,l,
ation hun tlin'5 e1'. -
entlemceo i o, uha.tru' Ii'nner ef th,' I'thi eult., i-ti':;
e fid e.nce
rkeid and (liar town appjearelr'Iirtty livi,.lv, orf,
r am day evenieag l'n.t. 'T'l, , 1.r ii, t ,. W ill, w
,'tmt i'e eme tre'et lh-er I,,,ite wae r .. ar i-r,  ' . : il
it celild farth fie l.a' .... '4';-. Iii' kI -i'"
lin. !' kniives, a,,ry ,wrds aI l h n;: • ,". .
aey lini " a irin' ' i 'ta io rd , n ;,,. it'
i 1, a, ; r' . 'nt of te ne' ra id V tIC':
t if tire, A little blood fliwed',, a i.,,'.' 1r:.
nre' 1t brna,,n, said tw'' n'n wneri, p-l,,riy i, '-4
fre to take tea il- a tj.l.ia t 1 !; i' i 1 . -
r. re.tiet' Night i'!,Q;:'d t. awf l thi ri ni. ,h '. I 'p
'-' r hreadr te r. Tl'h.ey mucni't have' titir a 0 1 4 ,,1
r t rOnlg. "ne'thoidy" a ill get Ihert one ot t Iii"s
• e.--"Ioi' [ 'lThe folileu ng iy a .-.iupl' nif the
ot the IBal- ntemrot, letters coni'tantly r.ceivi.ng L r
,rtheoming Hloctette.'",s Sioriaah Ili.t're :
> (ongress, ' A erte4r s,,hiv 1:', '/
Mesars. Hleteetnr .- .math. ,'nu ibi r.e, I'.
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