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»* .(-•. ^j. —-^i* *". «* v«| .^ijf i*.'# ijm UB^Ilili^
- -. - __* __ ____________. i_*_—___ §
IMmiml Cam.
T. ». WW. t. T. CHABDLCa.
HAVE fcnaod * eo-panne rxbip io
the practice of their prof ration.
Ofltce: over Drug Store m the
North*went comer at Pfchik SqUfe-e.
Oxf«*,JaJy 5ih '66—vln23tf
«*h* _
jorrtcE n Atom wukh )
OXFORD. - - - - MISS..
WILL practice their profmion io
the County anti Circuit Court* of
North Miaaiaatppi. Prompt attention
given to the noiinetieu of elataat of
every Jeaeiiptien.
Jan. 4th. 1866—vln61yI
i lava e. nuaeenv aurw i. .
•illwmeg* .It jLmw
Ox roan, * - Mi*s.
tJjT Ojftct at Mrs. Wilkins’. Jtf
Jan. IS. ’(»—vln»1y _
wa. x. lackuvd. alxx. nabtib.
.lUmrtsega J< Imr.
No. 91, C«*«t»ct Stbxxt,
Marrh S. IV* W.l« Ijr
■ ■■■— ■■■ ■ ■ ■■ 1 . . .. ■
CommtistuMd Amciioattr,
Oifvtd, - - Mut.,
T»V~, tbit nr etbod of enooeoeing tol
ibe pubtio that bo hat a oowmietioa '
a< AmMMN. AM bada*e »■>*—d j
to his flora will ho nreeerij a*d{
pmwtuW »w i» had *o.
Y* - >r——w. —_ n
OXFORD, - - - - MISS
WILL do ail kinds of Job Work
aad Guttering on abort notice.
Order* wltciiad.
Jaa. 4th, 1866—*lt»86to.
Mriek-L,nyrr Jt CiUtrn
Oxroao. MiHiHim.
&K8PKCTFITLLY informs the
public that he is prepared to do
ail aerk ia hi* lino, with dispatch,
and in good style. He baa associated
with him Mr.
Who will aUaad to Jobs of Plaster
ing. They will Ube oostraete in the
reentry, and at anr point near the
Miee. Central Rail Read
Oxford, Miee- No*. IS. l865-nir>«a
ON the Bask of WIST TENNE8
willbe paid. >
* 1. MM-afrtf ,,
MY place on Woodeoo’a ridge, five
mrtea east of Oxford, m lor eale
contains 790 acres, 400 under fence,
125 acres goad branch bottom, and
running water ait tfee year in every
field, with com for labia bouses, good
gin, bare#, stable, tribe, he. he
Arraagemeau ran be made ao aa
to make terms easy. .
July 5,1866-3m
Waxud Immediately
TO rent or porehaw, a good Ifilcb
X Cew, »iih youog calf. Apply to
At tbe University.
Oxford, May MWHf
d»QA A MONTH: — Aoearra
•rwanted roa stx mTixstr
sew a rnetja. Addrrss
Oxford, Mtsa
8. T. KING.
1st, M5—Tla2-tf

Mu. Fima Hiniwi, and hw
daughter Miaa Am* P. IttOM,
anti epea a School for young La dm
1a Oxford. MiaaoMppi. an tba aecond
Monday in September next, in ad
dittos to all the wal biuncbae of an
£■*"* IW.
Haw will># HM.
Tn7»" ili’tiMl* _
M 118. LE W i S*
Stb Ajtnul Samian. .
TV riterVw •* (Ml lieMin wil be n.
MMlalktlrt V Napt. »■*
Circular*. atatiag chargee hr board
aod tuition, may be bad by applying
to. or addreasing
Max. C E. LEWIS,
A eg. 16-tf Oxford Mm.
BxerrVw will ba rranail UomAtj, Mm. l*tb.
A ibick'manilla malting baa bean
ordered for tba acboel-room. Tb* en
cioaure will he completed and rfinib
b»ry planted oft Apparatus will be
procured ae h may ba needed, ele..
etc. No paiaa will ba iparad to make
this institution lbs delightful resort of
the youthful rotaries of Minerva, us
the Aihesmtun of old was of ths
scholars, aad poeta, aad orators of
Tssxa, per quarter of 10 weeks,
jr 24 school mamba. 10 eurraaey, pay
■taty hi adeaaee: Primary Unde,
»10.0O-, U*; »1
A^wguUgue j
gd*. STFfW; ftsmanaotal Music,
817,00; Use of Instrument, St,00;
Ornamental Department, tl^fl per
Lesson ; I nr idem cl Pee, $3.00.
Board may be secured in the
family of the Principal, or iu the
Oxford, Aug. 8. 180G-tf-vla3S
The undersigned having secured a
building pleasantly situated in the
ruburba of Oxford, propose to open a
Male School, 00 Mtoday the 2#ih
May. Beiag under our exclusive
control, we shall spare ca labor to
make this a first class preparatory
Tuition, per month, payable in cur
rency, ball in advance, for session at
five months:
Primary Qssa, - - $3 00
Intermediate Class, - 4 00
‘ 'ousgiate Class, - - d 00
Incidental Fee, - - 40
No deductiea made except tm pio
traded tilaeaa. R. i. GILMER.
Oxford. Mir*., may 24,’86—27if
* y reduced 'ey the undesigned
who, having permanently located is
|thia place. rawMSduMp 1 a.wi m e.
the ctussas of <\fe*d*ed*4j»eit y that
ka la An 11 a nranafail hue —--* - mfl
work ia kia liae witit Basra* as aad
dispatch. Having fourteen years tape
Iriasae ia hsaiaeae, ba fatten Uaai
who ran
ism, wkiafc arwaa _ ..
by a itseeraiag public. Ha cwpiai
family portraits, works of art, am
greviags, Daguerreotypes, wraps, ete
With perfect fidelity way swasher e
ptotwree eaw be made front w aisgk
•attisg. Ha takes ptetwee fee Iseketa
breast pies, ete^ OB eoanoBad sbe*
! irow. eoawtwJIed paper, etc., hr aaperio
to say beretafere takes Sootb by th
tbe presses. Rooms Baer «fa of ok
tqtaara. Phaser maps, eswd am, taker
et #2 00 per dcaea.
P. S. AH kiada of prcdace taker
in exchange hr pietarea.
Blanks of every deeenpiioe, pnm
ad -vilh nestoers sad d»ai»atc.i at the
;•* *. Terms reasooabla. Send n
your *rdtrs.
Ikt ©rfori pulton.
S. M. THOMPSON. Proprietor.
*r *3 M tmm
f ' r^r™ ’ ^ «eT I^tb*. *i»S
- - aac noatit. ’ 40 M
n« - - oae year. lit M
- « ■»* month*. 7* M
- I Bra* month*. 40 BB
1“ “ “mw —mb. 34 at
Qw. ~ “MW rr*r. 74 BB
“ - “ *U Month*. 40 a*
■ “ “ three »o*in, 34 M
- ■ “ ntawih. U M
The *We« r»l** a IS Be atnr ity adhtetd la.
rigmal notice* to rrntt ace bar.
Tribute* of >lint. Obrinart »** Marriage
Mica, nwidwi i*a Itew, charge *4 regular
CBarged doable
; AoocrriiMT* - F*» Hi Wool aad
*U4e »dwi. IU. Fur Cuaaty <A». 41#—la
I Hiring lately a*ib Imp eddWiaw 4a aar
3ub‘*l irgtrlMr*:. we are prepared to do ill
| kmd* ot week at abut* notice, Bad ta gaud
! tar oath.
The Address Adopted.
The Appeal to the People.
At LIrem to the People of the Unit/ri
Having met in Convention, at Uio
city of Philadelphia, in the State of
Prnnevhraiiia, this KWh day of Au
gust. 18M. a* the representative* of
the people in ail section*, and from
an the State* and Territories of the
Union, to eunauit upon the condition
Since the meeting of the last Xa
tionnl Convention. in the year 1*#»,
even to have occurred which have
changed the character of <w internal
politic*, and given the United State*
a new place among the nation* of
the earth. Our Government ha*
pararul through the vhanituili* and
peril* of civil war—a war which,
though mainly wctionel in it*
character baa, neverthele**, decided
i political diftrenrt* that from the
very beginning of the Government
half threatened tha unity of oor na
tional existence, and haa left it* tm
prem <leep and ineffhecebie upon all
the intercut*, the sentiment*, and the
destiny of the repuhti.*. While It ha*
inflicted upon tiie whole country *e
vere kuna* Hi life and in property,
, md lias imposed hardens which
moat weigh on it* nwoorens for gene
rations to come, It ha* developed a
'degree of national orange in the pre
sence of national danger*—a capacity
I for military organisation and mebiev
ment, and a devotion on tha part of
the people to the form of government
which they hnwa ardataad, and to
ithe principle* of liberty which that
[gi Tsnimant —r deaijpied to pm
* donee of the nation in
Like all great contest* which mow
the pinion* and teat the endumn<-e
ef nation*. (Wa war baa glvan new
scope to the ambition of po»»eal
pertic*, and frtwh I m paler to atool
duty which,
I—6SSMr r.wter aa
State and.
under that Sag, the
■ uuSSmi
how beat to
that Union wtokfc Is again'tba oigect
lave, and thaa ■
the bWBfi of liberty to
.jwnem, that** war fc
nation b again at peace.
the teuddntaa htaftof theHipuhtir.
The inMaaraettea against the aOpreme
i authority ofthe nation haa been aup
I preiwod. and that authority ha* been
again aihuwladgwl, by word and
'■act, in ttwy State and by every cite
isen within ita junadJetton, We an
bo P.nt*r*f required nr permitted to
, Not only have the acta of war been
discontinued, and the weapons ol
1 war laid stale, bat the state of wai
no longer exist*, and the sentiment*,
the passion*. the relations of war
have no longer lawful or ffchrfh]
place any-where throughout oui
] broad domain. We are again people
''of the United States*, fbMow-eroaeni
of anerountry. hound by tljc doth"?

i «*<**<* *<*(**«.
*urreetionf*tSr rights of war—the
right of conquest nod of confiscation,
the right to abrogate all exiMag gov
1 eminent*. inatittrUens and laws, and
to Mibiert the territory eonqneiwd and
it* inhabitant* tnattrh law*, regula
tion. and de|>rtentJnn* ** the ugie
lative Department of the fJoyern
tnenl may *ee fit to- imi«>*e. Under
tMrmtheted Bcpr—tmUUkm Stta*
a—toa'aoi onV°fndano^nu*a«t in
tha Constitution, bat b at war with
total pcaetkw, which haa rendered j
cniitieM an attempts hitherto to — |
njjnlf, iJeCOwHP uitpnwtuw • a—w ?
odn^k^i of piftf, whk*h, MlABf COB*
iif— are meiufcd In ?^e^poaflk^k"ofj
anna to which they directly and ln
j—Kff jr)n—a— i
Ibe Contr—, upon which b con-!
fened all the le*rWativc power of the
National Government, contort* of)
two branches, the Senate and House ■
of ib pressntaiivaa. who— Joint con- J
cumssoe or assent it essential to UK
validity of any law. Of these, the
House of Rq—eoUlivei, says tilt ;
I Vinatitiltiiifl. hf Licit? <L) I
.j , » i .i f r.ixi r*i lafa -
h that body, even by an aamadBMMl
of the Conatitetion ftartt When,
therefore, any State la excluded from
aoeti reprgemtartan, not only Is a
right m tbr/tate denied, hut the
ronerttettonaTIntegrity of the Senate
la tmpglre*. ami the validity of the
OnrmuMMIt*»tf la hrorgght In ques
tion. But Congress at the prreent
moment thus excludes from repre
sentation, hi both branches of Con
gress. ten States of the t'nfon, deny
ing them all "hare In the enact merit
nf laws by which they are to be gov
erned, and all participation In tin
election of the Mm by which tboet
laws are to he enforced. In other
words, a Ciiagtaaa in which only
twenty-rtx Mates are represented, as
serts the right to prrm, absolutely
end in Ha own discretion, all the
thirty-she Mates which compose the
I'nion—to make their laws and
•boose their rulers, and to exclude
the other ten from all share in their
ivn government until K sees fit to
idmlt them thereto. What is then
to distinguish Uie power thus assert
*d snd ext retted from tlie mo**’ »ten
utc and Intolerable tyranny ?
Prtvftry' qf Ci&smafiip Rratored.
4. Nor do these axtravagaut and
jnjuet clalnanon the part of Congress
At powers and authority never oun
__ _ tatho
the Union. Bui Uii* »»<
■atop aa ibrtaslt to the enjoyment of
the right mad to the dteeltarge of a
July—U did not annul the owe nor
It «a created had been overthrown,
•ad Um State* M again rammed
their attagianue to the Con-tltuUou
uvd lam of the United State*.
Ssjsotmi—Sat » to asserted is ss»
port of the aatberttr claimed hr the
DMunmn now in iMMtonn of power,
that it flow* dir*—d v hom the law*of
war; that R to among the right*
which vtrterikm* war alwwyw ooafrvs
upon the eoaqaettw, and which the
eontjoeror may exerrtoe or waive ia
hto own discretion. To this we reply
that the
regard, ia a war waged hy a Oowra
mra! to wiiipwa aa toarmtfca of
tt* own people, upon he own aotl,
against its authority. If we had car
ried on Bucccatfhl war again* any
foreign nation, we might there
hare acquired poatwlon and jarla
dlction of their and, with the right to
Intbece oar tarn upon their people
and to impose u|>on them such law*
and each obligation* aa we might
choose. But we had before the war
complete jurisdiction over the soil o(
the Southern States, limited only by
our own Constitution. Our law* were
the only Rational law* In l>nv upon
; 5M
V ^hich they ww remgnte*d<>«r
known anywhere on the fee* at tfca f,
! OwmilliHwi n-rJfers upras the Gwv
eminent by which it was achieved.
: fkich an cnlargraieut or abridgement
«»f constitutional sowar oan be irffbrt
•d only by a tu end moat at the Con
stitution itself, and such amendment
can Is* made fmJy in the
i the Constitution iteeif
; The claim that the mi
j insurrection agaWH__■
Sree additional authority and power
that (}ov«fB!ne*iL tepee tally that
it enlarges the Jurisdiction of Con
*"w. and rivea that body the right
to exclude Slates fn>m r erwatetliwi
in the National councils, without
' which the nation iteeif can base no
authority and no existence, surma is
as at variance alike with the prtact
plee of the Constitution and with the
l>ulittr safety.
Itoy to Ante ml the fbwhMfan.
Tkirtl, But It is alleged that in cer
tain particular* the CoBstKntion of
the United States fed* to secure the
absolute justice and Impartial equality
which the principles of our Govern
ment require; that it was in this te
-|«oct the result of i*uiu promise* and
confession*, to whkth, however nec
raary when the Constitution was
formed, we are no longer compelled
to submit, and that now, having th«
E~ ir, tiuvugh suooussntl war and
warrant, for its exercise in the
Be conduct of tba Insurgent sec
tion, the actual Government of tin
: United states may Impose Us own
; t^mtitvkmu. anil inw tin*
tton conform in ah Hu provisions to
its own ideas uf equality and tlw
right" of ms*. Cuiugrvw. at It*
bud atxukm, proposed amendment-,
to the Constitution, eulatgiag in some
very importan/ part "iilan. the au
thority of tin? G.-ns-nti < jovenuucnt.
wvp uiat uTlor ww ■ ■ mwmm «pM**«■* «ui
redudDK, l.y pridtrecd tli Wiini I ia*~
m. n». file reprmawn t»tl' ciw»»» of Um -
Stalw In wrlth-it slavery finncrly **
iatod ; and It I* claimed that those
amendment" may t* mode valid an
part* of the original ronatHuti.ni
without the concurrence of the Matt*
to be moat seriously affected by them,
or may be imposed upon UioaeHtat.-s
bv throe-fourths of the remaining
Matos, a* condition.-* of their read
mission to rcpnaentsUoii in Congran
a til? In the Klectursl College.
Full (Vrtjcomnwe tJu SUtie*
It iatbc itinptrrtionahlc rightof the
I tool vie uf Uie Inlted Mate* to make
suck changes in the 1 VmaUtnUon aa
Lhev, upMi due ttetfcwgUnn. may
dqmti expedient. But we insist that
lauitioll be made in the mode which
tins Constitution itarif points out—in
conformity with the letter sad the
spirit of Oast instrument, and with
the piteelpieaof (dffmeruiw*t and
of equal right*, which He at the Iwb
of our republican institutions. We
deny tlie right of Congees* to audio
the** eliange* in the ftmdamentnl
law w ithout the <•< incurrence of three
fburtli* of oil tiie Mate*, including
especially those to be mart seriously
affected by them; or to impose them
upon Males or people, a* condition-.
of representation, or of admission to
any of the rights, duties or obliga
tion# which belong, under fee Con
stitution, to all fee Mate* alike. And
with still greater emphasis do we
right of any portion of tho
eretoed^by Southern, and mot to he
tortiflad or peiftaled by u; thing In
the put history, either of those by
whom it Ip attempted or of thorn open
whom right* and Ubertle* * to to tahe
r fleet. It finds no warrant la the
Constitution. It to at war with tin*
fundamental prirntpUnof out ftxnauf
gu v vruxucji t. I f U>w-nu*xl in one In
futurc ’invaeioos of liberty and oon
.-tiLutiouai right, dependent seksly
iwm the- will at Use party in paB&
smns of fiower, and thus leads, by di
rect and momma sequence, to the
usu*( total aryl Intolerable of all ty
rannies—the tyranny of shifting an I
IrrespowdUe political (action*. It to
ajeeinai this, the must formjdabi <»f
aU the dangers wWeh oseneoe tbs
»Lai slit v of free govommenL that the
Constitution of ih^ l* oiled State* ws*
tu tended m<wt careftiDy to pro v ide.
We demand a strict and steadfast ad
herence to Ue pro radons. In this
and in this atone, can we todahasu
of ]K-rmatu-nt Cabm and peace.
i.iparity<»c South Cmfmtottemrd.
Fourth But it to aliened. In Justifi
cation of the asurpelion which we
condemn. that the omdllton of the
Southern totals*, and people la net
soeii as render* - *fe their readuii*
abm to a share 1a the Government of
the country; that they are still dis
loyal in -enUimnt and purpose, and
that neither the honor, the credit nor
the interest* of the nation would Us
-etc if they were reedui it led to a sharre
in it* council*, IV e might.^f—*•«
to thto:
I ^ i nail"

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