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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, July 29, 1884, Image 2

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"Un. I.AIt.T WHfaTX-M ts emtveret te tah.
B-vrti-Mii at rtrrrsBB cann vet -*-*-*. i*?y*>~** *?"
tbs tetrU* -mlUv. B?ih-I al SO tm* aanaai ; ?*
?sr?s* -*?*-.._*? tl.to ter tbr*? me-nths; tOo.t*t
erne moo Ut.
Vb* tEW-arBEEl.T lilEPATOB al t? pt* -*??
-ma. or tl rue ms aiesi--.
lix. VI I.KKI.T IU?rATCH at S! "*** *n?ani.
*kt*B-ert-_*lMil la sll **_*-* *-aya-"* In atlvause
wal bo e.X**r *.,bU?--*I Bf-**- Uk* explr-M.m of Mi'
tia* l--.il f-?r. testi p*_s-a?-l**s mimaj-ir'!*
etoee*. ot rem**aeet letter, t^erreeey -cn. hy ma.
will lie st ll* ix-Be-ft-e emOte. r-st-serl-er* a.!*!).
trna Onie | o*l*oBr? elias _k4 Mast sive U_*t. "I'l a.
well as their ere peat-e-tee. aampUo*>_>t*s (ree.
1 titre..-t R(
t Hmi.-- I ->
S nsse*............ 1 hi
ex-em. - 7l
is as**-*.-. *> sc
1 SBIlBlt*.-.. 0 M
t tarni"-*. HS Ol
R*a_!ar BaWlerilB r-adlne-n>*!i~r in*- *- linn
e km tl: in tafals leeOeS 7ft emt*.
Card ol rata* fcr more spaee fanUs---- cn sp)*.
?******?- ??_____-_?
Al! "?**?*-_ a?S wi<rr_m- ntmi tia mlttteotrc -
Kde. ie*) coir.atanK-stton* will not las r-lBen*-".
Ti:__snAV.?hly n. int.
Tbo I xtra Sesalon.
-tavern or <_m*ooh lui* called an cxtn
session of tbe (lenora) Assembly. Tbal
body will mrc* in the Capitol on thc I3tl*
of next month.
We are not surprised tbat (Jovermt
C-biron did bil dulv in thi* matter. Wi
felt confident tbat be would act upon hl<
own Judgment, and not Ive governed bj
snybodr ab-*. We will not laud him tot
simply performing that duty, but we wll
for not allowina any partisan consider.!
Cons to blind bim u to what big dut* lr
tbe premise s waa. We regret onlv thst hi
did cot convene lbe (Ieneral Assembly ci
his own motion. But eren of Ibis we dc
not now feel dlspostd to eomplsln.
Tlie .tate will be redistricted lor tho
election of electon of President and Vise
President of tbe United States; and it the
_-nr*r"*me Court of Appeals should contle*
sci nd to decide against the const itut ional ity
ot the apportionment bill, the Legislaturc
will bare to pass a nets bill redistricting
tbe State for tbe election of congressmen;
Imt we shall not believe that the court wfll
do such an act More lt shall bare benn
done. A Judge will also be elected for
Judge Pk-kimsok's circuit.
Wc tru*t tbst tbe member* of the Legis?
lature will como to Richmond determined
to do tbe work tic-fore them without delay.
There need be no difference* lietween t'lt
Exeeutlve and Legislative departments of
thc government. Let thc session lie a short
and pb -.Mint one.
Con the Repnbiioans bo Dismissed t
Ale the i-rople of this maali", their own
rulers? Will thc I'cpuh.l-.-in _______ il* tar*
render tbe (iovernin.-nt lo lbs man _*"-*_**_?
by lbe voters next November If thi- nun
shall happen to be Ihe Pemoerulie candi?
date!' These .-iiexitioiis have been pressed
by ui as touching the (ill-import.mt Issue
tbat will be presented to the people at the
ai preaching presidential election. For
twentj-four yean the Republicans have
luled the country?most of thc limo
with a rod of iron. For twenty
four TOaiS they kata revelled in power
and lu wealth. For twenty-four years
tbiy hare esrned thc kcyi of thc trca
?ury, and nobody but Repiulicans know
what the condition of the books I*.
For Iwmty-fotir years partisan PtmmomUtt
and Secretaries have had control ol the
kuniiret's of millions of dollars annually
collected from tbe tax-payers. The result
Istbst tho*e itepulillcan oflkinls bave be?
come not simply insolent, but they profess to
believe that they are to continue to rub:
this m untry by a right that t* akin tu the
"divine light" to which Ile Hoyuli-t., ol
England appealed so confidently but in?
effectually about thc tims CiivniK.' 1. I nt
his bead. This new divine right is the
right of thc Republicsn partv to count lor
their nominee thc votes of all tie States iu
vv Inch the negiocs constitute a majority of
the popula-!(,n.
We -ay w. bttt warned the fer. pie. and
especially Hie northern people, that such a
coit*;>lr_cy wa* on ft,ot. Th.- LoaAE letter
of BBS*, hu** e, IBM ked up by ciU'ona!* In
varlet!. lti.iiSK organs, made if an opsa
nt nt that there wa* contemplated an at?
tempt to repeat thc Wttrnf, o'. Lgff, .vii it by
Tilden was defrauded out af Um
We have been successful, willi tba al 1 ol
ttl N(w Yorl. Graphic, tba New York
Wettd, and other I'ini"( i.itie j..-mia:.-.
And how lites lbe rcail r ,i:ii ? - Hu'great
organ of Ihe U-publieaii p?tly SS)
rhnrgrf How dsaatho llaa i
explain lt away? We answer, b> d?wi ?
rii-bt fal-i hood and mi.-ivpre*..-ntilioi .
Our language is actually ini.(|iioied, an I
words arc put into our maali wbleb wa
nev ir used. A lon.,- telegram from U'.i.-h
iuglc.li is tba form Id which this (Uah ..f
fltlM tl"<r'f- i* s.tved up. 'll.e 7
tiuotcs the Jjisj'alch n* savin.:
- The Booti now. as in 1 Vti 1, oat]
be let i!._K'."
_.(4 si.eh "-it.t. :ne ap"_;u- in "-ir edito
rlol. We kare it to l.n- doesa. Iii.vim:
men arid tSBU * to charade: ize such urois
- Kai mation. or rather vile Inlet-hood,
ai it dena rve s.
".v :ire i;tverthel.-s .lad tba! thc Tri
tune tat called the atti ntit.u of a ;
ol lbe HWIJOIll public rn our artiiic. lt
will row reach u.any people who other*
xv lae vvo'.i.d not have BOOS il. Ut- tru-t
that tl.e \Ycrld, Ihe Cr
nnd otlur V. vv York Journal*, will
tl.i* n.al:, r . pi.i ed in it- trot li.h:
their .cadell. Our article waa and * .
follow-, i
FREi. 1-- -Till :!.- j. i'l thc
*__-BK~*-*ati ml. thc corni rj by bs
-Imll Ilse Itetmbiirnn-. rule lt !
'I bl*, lbe New York (j . i- n
uuesttoa ~Mii.ii il would eena "rom .
Itillcattoni tbe->eopk< ol the I'nited
will In- sailed upoa lo . ballot*
i. Ni vim'11 next. N ? more tnit_s<i
tsnl (jtiestion was ever ta-milted to apopu
. t I 'iii', ii lint ??? .
lien max li - ,t. d _
Shall seel
triumph in tin apprva bin
We .ai. again and mtUW maiad
.* tbat v*h''t is .'.'ii.-.l -tl ?
o " is nothing but a result ol
I s -.itft Korti. !
as atvs
now, t?e Blvrsr*-, -urgrossivi*. Th*
i hind i >'r
van i.ioiiii.on. 11
.-..nih labasit nnc ?i> to unnumbered otu
in ih'- S"oith w :uld pro I
' ic least an iiini_ri
Tia- lu tin";' ~u party Bs sectional turi.,
war party. Ii woald harrtiy baloo
much lo UM i the North
lu the sn- -ti H is ? mere
pail). Without Mu vcte* of tlie negro.*
ii w< uid I e in so small a minority In
sou thi rn Mate that lt wouid have no ino*
live (or running a candidate for ant
officer except thc -vldsh desire to eatabUtb
a claim io some Federal position, or, a.
Hr. ltiddlel).-rs-i r taught his parly-friend
BiVtrgtaia la tbrtm ?.<.. ? -. j>t tho a__fl*h
purp-x*-. lo be - for Arthur because Arthur
' i ti*."
Tbs Kepuiiilesn tarty has created la tbe
North apu-He. seDtlinent which proscribes
. t ei v sotiUVrn man. Thst -varty som. t.
nominate ? soutb-rn mao for eithesjPreai
dani or Vie.-I'rtxiid_nt ol tbi) Xiiitr,)
matta. Tbe IJ-rmocraUc party dare not
nominate a south*.rn nun for either of
tho** edie*-*. We hire sever _uld a word
against Mr. Bayard in this taper; but we
well knew before the recent Da*?aocf_tie
NaUonal Coor.ntion met that bia merits
and claims to tbe nomination tor t'resl*
Beat would not commaud the tuuport
of oae fourti of tba voters in that Cody.
Mot tbat anv Isadiog northern Democrat
baa tof jtf-judtcs against any wu.h-.rn
northern jvt*oplii tb* notion th if a " rebe* I
c.innot be entrusted with any odie**, and
thst a ??rebel i.vnir-ai li later " I* '.worse tiwi
a rebal. Th* Republican party Ifl thercfon
a purely sect Ional party: yet it ha* made t
lsri*e portion of the noithem public Ih-IIcvt
(but tin liemct estie prirly I* sectional wbll.
ilieil 1* nat lonni.
Thc North ii the ruling section. No can
(tl("*te can I-f nomlnalrd by tither parti
for suv national office who 1? not acet-pta
I V lo the North. No jiollcy csn be origl
rsted by either party with any pro?p:"ct a
surest, unley, tnat policy be sc
lo lim North. VirtrUiii, for example, dc
mindi the rrpcal "1 thc Internal taxe*
Ths Republicans tofft, ber to seor*, anr
evin ile northern Di meemi* deprecate n!
ar-ltel.on of thc p.-rvpo'i'.'i-.n. Why? Bfl
, i). south, ni j* opie aro not re
gnidrd or Irtaled n* If thtv hld ai;
ritbtfl which northein ixeople aro lioum
torcspecl. .Million*) ni>on million* ol dol
br* sir spj r.prlul< .1 to pa) 'U h pemloni
lo northern soldiers s? were never bafflfa
heard of in Ila hWory of ihe world ; inn
jit so powerful snd prevalent I* Ut* Ida
tint tbe North mu*! itara ivervlbliig iaj
cf lt* ctngrcwnii n demand thst even south
? in DimoctTtr* unite willi aortbern Bapeb
lb-n* nnd noll.em Dcinoeia'* in voiin;
away these million* of dollar* of tbe rev?
enue collo uti in tl.e Soul li- ,
which cannot hut hapo*virBTi this Matloa
The South. then-loir, ts t dependant Ml
liiii. ll Ifl betplflflSsW to streak. It* peo
Bk iini-1 alvy fy* be oil their good ie
lav , nt'der penally of lit^ng cull M
?' rel ? I*. '
If they were lo make a popular dcnv>n
*ir?t!(.n sgnltist tbaopp*** BBloaiaad Br**OBt
of lhe Ft der il (icvernmeut, they would rh
so a', tie risk of driving all thc nert lu ri
fjemocrtiti into a new allisnoe with the Bl
publit in party. In s word, the Boath I
the Ireland of'thi* continent, and i* alvv r*
assumed ta le in tbe wron*..
A belplt -a South, therefore, ca'l* npof
the .North to protect free |OVMBU(JBi i:
this r oiinlry. Tbe Soulh ctn do BOtbing
txc pt ??sutler ind be strong." Hut lin
northern people liave the poWerBOW to sc
cure it free ball't and I fur cattai In thi
?celinn, snd ta prevent a repetition of th'
fraud, tbe tviftiig*, snd tina nurra,? to
Ifilf,. Tbe northern people have bal abu,i
dani warning. Tiny iiiive been told agni!'
and again ly trueulen! Bepablleani Ilia
ihe 1!. pul-lban parly knew tbs! l-'loriil i
Louisiana, South Carolina, anti Mimili!!*1)
vine lb ptiblicm State*, and Int-Tnb'd b
ct'UBt the vot.s of thc?e State, for the lb
publican candidate for President of tbt
I'nitcd Slates, (iencral Login, it: bi* lt I
ter of acceptance, says n I mo. t iu so m:iny
vvoid- ibat lin- next President l* to I.
? eatcd upon thc MBIBI returns, and liol
BBca the elia lion rellim-:. Tin re ts, there?
for", tlaiigt r ahc-itl.
We hiv that thc northern peopah .an
aware of tbe conspiracy alluded I". Tin
striking question of Um Now York Graphic,
which ive i|ii!:t( d in the opening of this ar?
ticle, ls u proot that light i* bi -ginni!!:: li
dawn ii** n the minds ol (ht prejudice::
northern BMBla. A still more sizniticnr,!
and striking itidiciillon is tbfl following
arllcle from Ih* K?W York World ol
Thiir*(lay. [Here follows the WorWi
The North must give Clcvelind a ma?
jority nf its f-Urdorai votes. Thal tvil) h.
1 he best way to tiiisvvtTsiu h thru ls a* (len
i ral Loyal and flirBitar Boar tad other*
have tlai, tl to make against thfl righi cd Un
jvrf.ple if thc Soiith to control their own
Thal article the lundfflng TrVmnt pro
BOaaCCfl "a vvitriiinglotlics'iuihirn li'itb-i'
that Ibey ?ta*) n-sort to bulldo/iti'.'."
though Hm whole :irll"l>- ls- addit*-id ta
northern m,n. Thc Trihuw calls it Uh
DUpateh*t "npp-cal io the Ihi'Mo/c fl td
bring out (heir ?.hoi-gum. and repeat the
I'aiiville and Copiah bli*iiuis." It quote*
Hie Graphic's question as our*.
Wl,y ta*** fahchood and niisrepr
tion? Baaiaafl thfl XVaMBM mci that tlie
BOIthCTB ] eop!e, not thc southern, lisve
ur.de up Un ir minds to "turn the ra-cil.
out." Vie chronicle with pleasure thi*
proof that the northern public ron-a-lcn'-.
ii likely to bo awski ned to tim ti uo condi?
tion ot thing* in thi* ootmgry.
Mahone's Influence.
lt ii natural that General Mahobk's in
lutiico among thc negroes should wane
willi his waning fortunes as | vmdet of hi*
parly. Thl disastrous defeat Bfl rmflatad
Inst year cannot be explained away -lither
by telling woful stories of the DaavUlfl riot
or by predicting bel ter luck next time.
Nevertheless, tl e (Jen. ml is still the most
Influential member of the Bl -publican party
of Virginiti, and can do much Inside tin?
line-?f that ?: r:y, h .vvevTr weak he may
I fl, winn ho undertake* lo make war agrain*t
thc DtTiioiTiitie i inly. A* liariug u-mn
(hi* subject, vve copy from the Ah-vatidria
mmetmro Wamhttkghon letter the tw* para
i-rsplis following :
?* A letter received here lt
fri in < il li- li
me. tiru- R iib via at -i ,?? . |q blt l
for the Hep a
tiict, ind t1
thc ii* liiiiii'tioii. ba* no folroixyii .
iT-pt lb ,
rr*, a n n I 11 a I om bari b - n t
', i riot gtvllg bi'.: th ir ; 11
Mr. lb.oj 11- -a.* the ll | I
dtatrlct an- di*gu*ted arith Mahone's ty*
i:.miv, bave del, nnlned to submtt to
i, ard will mate I
i] i an nt al the ii;-* opportunll
??it is a currii,' rumor hen i
Senator Rid I
indepeadeace ol Qeneial Mahon*, tb* per
ti nu! rein,. .
thing ait* than ("-r.ti.il. and th
tTli! iivnila ..1 opportUI
j rj esk dtt]
; contlnutfl to ia bi* ? rsa, trio.' **
We IQipc '1 thai this ian er |
Ira*. Mr. Bb hit uki".i:u eal I
?ti atta pla] -
Uaboki. Tia ic is ii tiiiiig either ia Gen*
ira) Y* is*4jVjnt'i i litton oi abttitiia tb
titos inn, to tr.M | ,-,.-. ;.-n- I ll Ml
i whj
Ib< Virginia ?< a itort toot I
1 to distribute .-- mu ii ot thc
? in \'lr:;i i?i
other. Both ?' them tagetb a c ra
? timi will Induct .
to vote lhe Hcpiiblicnn t
.;. Mr. Aiiiir.'Hli.i
e* li** iud':
li.i.i violated :.'.
may it-i Ix ?-? readj i<. -;
i-r ;!.i- ."isn*-, bo -.
hi.* mr.ie upi n thfl rob cf Vi, -i\.
who f iib,i - ,i to lb,' .,.?
frat of Un United ffeatca. Mr. Bid
Is a better ipe ikei il
I ,'aw
and ii
?? in thc ? ;'
should bc
tl ..i Mr. iii" i
f..( in iii Bl int n
: K.te I.... nv
lu !bc l'i li r,bu,g d tri*, r. Ii I
.- 11 thc whit** in olhei mp.
Will il- b,l
from tnat dtatrlct oBgbt to
Thc (sat that i it ni ra! MiBOiTI BM I . -
d in Baking them iitrrcodcr fhfltr
lislJl to ll. BM il Icu i* pr. Hy ?.',,.d evi?
dence- thal he lilli bsa with them iiiliti.ti th
?Trough to : n:?.'-(? him to indi',,', tluiii lo
iiomiuati Air. Brun ever Mr. Hoopkb.
In Ihe National Demoerutic CatTs-fl
ray* the cincinnati CVimaili'Cliil-C
Mr. D.VK. Mivvimi, of Altuttiv, Mr. v't.Eva
i.iKD's special uinuthpii-ce, ehall-ur-..
scrutiny at once of the private ..r ptiolir
liri' Ol Mr. CllaVtt.A.M)
We are glad to bear Ibis. .Mr. Clive
issi) ran for t'ovemor throu/h this * .m.
HU Ileus mud. l'eihupa tils immense ma?
jority In lt*VH2 was owing to it; or. Ut keep
up Ibe illusfrslton, ix-rbaps it proved to
be an accelerator of bi* si-c*ed Instaui of an
olitruvtion in bl* pathway.
Vie return thanks to B. T. iii n um.
Ksq., for (what we wanted) a copy ol bis
brief In the Loithan case, which, a* wa
bave btrctofore statad, be gained last week
ta tba Sarwe-extax Court ot Aixrxssls.
Wost Vlrgtola.
Wc know th* people ol West Virginia
too well lo have s doubt as to the result ol
either thc October or Xovcmt-cr election.
Wc bsve ssld ss much before. Certainly
ll there should prove tobcanylsltlngofrin
thc liemocrsllc vole, it will lie owing not
to any d'**-.!tsfactlon wltb the nomination
.f t -'i:\KLA~an, or any peculiar satisfaction
wiih ll.-e nomination of Blain**, but
10 local cause*, ireh as thc a*st"*?menf
onl. rs r.f C.ovcn.or Jackson. Hut
bow ran there !?c ?ny considerable, di*
satlsfaction evin on aoount of Bum
thin-.-* ? Mr. WttAOn, tlc ivmocrsllonom*
Insefor ("o.rrprr. t-BI mbnji and every*
wi, i. dir.ouueed in lil" pBbltt et
I!. astostnent order* of Gove: nor Jack - tnt
: i-d of lia At-.diicr. nd tia *_Bt**iaf-_l ot th"
-up:;ir.e Ci.nrt of Appa ali lu refer.:.
tl. a(. order*.
Rut lt will lc tatt th t WOmtt an-' -iv
I ri:, Iwo of MM Supreme duri j
tv (te nominated (or t ? they
were. But tbi* IM only gats M -.invctliat
:!r fttMe ticket ls a c
B-BM Bp 'rein 11?' i I thc Demo*
rrstlS intly. _r.d one which will MW
? *ful in a president hl-c-lec-tion yetr,
as this yt i*.
ore ol cur _""**__-Mf_l h's thc lollo\vliib'
fsia^r.-jili in a Wa*hit .ton lel'er:
? Si natur Hereford, of Wast VtrghW,
is in tlie eily to-dav. Bl SJ Ju*t from hi*
BtatC Ile sar?. tl._t the tali, 1-. t i
m new**- mwraabool deni uallatiO
aiid defection in fhn 1'ctnocrBtic tanks (bete
i* thc most unsiit.aliintiii l~udard.*-ih, a**d
lioufb tbero wss a squabble in tbo
Stat" Cotirenlion about the (li-; lit! B Ol
c. Hain DOMlastieas fer Mitt, other*
1 nty ls ru much of ;i utit ni eyer, and will
xlvc lt* BSatl majority."
We I.!)'vv of no latSOB vthaPver to
(b ubi wbel "Mr. Bsasroas ssys. Ws hive
io vi I before bia BB !_?' 1" BBMI ti- of Weat
Virginia to le so ai'.in- ind zcaloui a*
they ure now. There never tnt before,
we think, fo large a Convent;"!) of tia
party asst inl.led together as wa* fie COB*
rentlon of )a*t mem in rvaaat-Bft, Tv
morrow Ihe Republican Convention will
meet; 'ut it will ba abie to boaB of no
srcii QM nf iH-dllHlilsliad ti ii as w.-ii (h.
roll of the Democrat1.- (pOO vent ton.
Will it be said that nil the raiirr-sd com
' .-ii-i' | In AVi -I Virginia will USS tin lr in
ibu ii(i- ta defeat tbdDeuaeratle neaslDec
for Governor. Wa don't believe a word
of this story. The Olrasspaatrt tad OWo i ?
one of those nada, The li.iltlijon- nnd
Ohio i* another. Tieee two roads are *? old
stag! rt." Tin y arc mt run Iv poUttefaBls.
Mr. Hi.ainu':' little road i* nol worth "asa
Honing. I_?l it do what ii will.it eannot
ebaagetievoB ofaslagli oouaty.
How Determined?
Brer** Mil wblefa li vetoed hythe G iv*
. rnoi mn*t afterward* bs p "?-?"!, if tt all,
by a two-third,; vole in sae] hom ol tbs
Geaersl Assembly, da-atoras escfa mob
bm, with hi* veto Meeta**) uss in
Wbkfa UM lill (liu-iiirlcl. If in both
- two third- of all tbe ?
seat vote lo peat tia bOl over tbe veto.it
beeoBiet a law notwlthtttndlni tbe objee
tii'i.s of tie Go**< raor,
There ls plain siilir.g so far. T'ic cbfirt
<fi!.t Constitution lesli - no i Ol
doubts, Don sar ebert fail ns {asl tbero,
or does it !_.v dew nf ur I ber din- tem
will sall iv tait bs tbrengh sll dlffleatttesf
Lei us look al it. it -av -:
" lilli in all such ease:. lbe votes ol both
boners thal! ie determined bjr sj
rn (s, .uni the n?mes of ti,
lot 'i,.' sgala I tbe bill or Join! resolution
shall be (Uti red oil the .biurnid 'f
lu nae rt ipeeUrely."
'I bS t .'i:-t:i''ili.':t ? -ijs thal i'i sll roch
- " of both ..
bs "I>kti:i:mim!-.ii ' bj av
.- tl .it .lear :.nd explicit SOOOfif
'1 lu matter would not be ?? d I
if unybody could afterward, hnpeaeh tin'
ii cord.
lt se. bm ?,, I,- ;i greet pity ti ,t there eau
lc nothlns lubstantlal d dean*
ing i in.-innati.?<
We dont ihink th.il in tb. i .
lhere .-.n be found a better ''nidus*' for
cholers than < tn Inn. li, onie I licit city
ry lum ii improved since
There were thea I
main Btu. t, and within .
lie Gland Hotel?bouaei wbicb bad no
culvert et till-,iiioiis. Th i reader noa
:.-.-ii?(? v.; il they ilii! I,ave. Bl
? i ? o' 'i-t' d ??? Ith ni Innati,
i iii. -j .? ... ntsb ?
? ni)', of ?, visit i" Toni ni .ind
. orrespondi ot i
*? 1 I ate iii: ill ii liti .
' '
c vet}
v. i ? . In lt
ill ll:
light '
? '
wiih prh si-, and i . .
pl] ( I I
vvhtn !?: .i bt ll
-I V ll' ' . I
I ll'
i r:
?? li.
! had beei
: lui), acron
s| ( nt in fi"
rll intent than in -
. . r- ? .
tr corruption fund.
Mired Balli* u> Civd. *oce_._al,;;:?. Kuia
hg an 1 lucii'li "'urra.nf.
A ( li v. land (Oh
i ?
usa in An;eri( a WCBt lEtOopenl
? ?
md -trt ' Ballroad i'oi i
have Ju*! corni lated a t
nneassfel iii
pnr*y i gae**) lo chinga il rsteto,
cooKirisIng on r twenty mlh i,
:,i ll*, d WI*
tlon ol thc iiri_ti.il jiu! Knight and Beat*, y
stsi.ins, sud Hu- current was tarried ort
i uderground **onductors l~:d i,i eoadutts
Uko those ol cable reads. Th
started, aud stopped, end rev cried M i!h lbs
sn steal case. Any number of ear* up to
lifteeu can le, mn ut one time db S ?
circuit, and from one mach ne. which Isa
ri stitt not attained by any of the Euro*", ni
systems now in operation.
?1(H-I)ii-. Brea-t -*-*--*-_*~-_*ii<iii
makes biscuit that even dyspeptics ctn eat
bot. This cannot be said ol ordinary bait*
int powders. Take -ail*. Horsford'*.
Tbe Philadelphia I*ress callfl lt the ?* peo?
ple'* eau**." Well, it ii the people's
cause cgatast Blaine.
Th- Proteus Inquiry 1* to be reopened,
nnd fJiticri.T is io ls* a wittie**. Alas,
poor (ihBBi.r, why wr.i he irscued?
A contemporary say* tbat thc cholers is
a gur*t Ibut mint be received with cloan
h:,nds. Thc Republican pirty Wool
ter look out.
It ll rcn .irked that stBM Mr. Baa.
1*1 l-tlir fr. Tallai**-!*-*, with
, ( bam-li'I aboard, his be D crul*
(Bg out of reach of r
Wert Virginia I* excited over a rhnst.
?:-l!cm.-n ii
which ' "inly
Tho IM.iisili iphh Vi ftaflasm .ilb.de
Brteabiek md Prohibition movementtu
? ll *. ,.--1: .wv. li
li | Hi ai k moil ment bl
political ride-show.
*.Le rafi Ik il ll en .f-ne. bu; i; r.
ry* nd* ni on whither i fellow talki la bia
. a*\d Ul'. U v I
le,*. __________
/treliibald K-iri rs is a. vvori* on a * orv.
( oi*Ht II Hst. Who r ;?"!! , ?
I Austrh, ia about to
I mt ii Bate Batata a lb never rani
Mt i'> a pot ii ni!-i- lint, v. bel nc loai
fiieadflkfltcbcdbb i*ly,andtbti
pi- '.ure i-i now on exblbltloi In I...mion.
Tl; j |1 Ibe
capital 11 Idaho tbe other day, an i tb
li.'oh '? Uta*,
. ?? (, rverni r Bi
Iti ?
I>r. Koch I ab
ganimai life iii Ut v*i lom forms, and
Bad oilier
?port* would spend boura watobiag a atari
. I . ate ?. th .. bits of a worn.
Priam Kropotkin*. i iih-r
st, ti tr, i, i.i Frei
.. ll a ;:
nombi r 11 commission ? from
l to tal np bl v. tl len o In Bog
Mr. Max Maller, tbe famoui or' rn
! v. - <jt.: Hy in Norhi n '. i i, Lon
don, a ? i me I i the tran
: oa ' I tl" ?"" rt d i ?"A*
India, ile wonu I
of bool
T 'ii t ??? .:. bi ' . ??? ho sras ? black
? muli i-t Norwteb, C on., bulli lb
I lejfcll (Ter I:-,al in Aliiefi ' .. if tl '.
(i>t d, in tbe v, i iii) li , om lil rd ?
wheel. Mr. Cox i
"?I. ?h-' i.
aft! r ;rn ext i London, i*
. to !>? rlin and \ i, . . ? b i*
.nvii lien* from the Btosl ditting
people to practice bi* profession. '!? in*
I Imltal ir*,
Mill I
Irv to twin in:'--** the EngJ
Iii Kl mOBtb, Iliad" a visit lo this ?
! by ! "r ? :
wno I* n pro! In fact, tbo
? rut!* in i( ?? i imilj. '.a i' dbi r ind
'.- r -!'?. d i nd ? niim tnt ? In lot
ih-: lo arte
Ar-1'- expect 1 ? .
In io of very lt ns '-f:' il
bolds a ms once
lc* '- :i f. in '..wu to ton n; bu' bow, at h ?
positii iiti, ?
Polar ?
lit- ? i.-iil ' ore.
A fi
? e'-iri ',1-flll! .
' ?
? ' ' '
M. Ti
Ly tb
vv l.i i' .
' ' :
'i indn Wilde*, ol Ibe i'sn&c, took
? i 'anil in
Circles l-otil thfl fels I
.ire tiovr Iviroun. i ?
th: t the c.'iuiiiiiii'b'r ?-! tin Tanti, had di?
eu tion to do anything f r Bm n imf i
the ship returned too
ila (act that t .il iiil_t*it.. with fifteen
?ob'ic-rs. was .. nt i.iit mi a thkttmtni
? oini.iin.di-,1 bi In r ow n commander, under
a foreign Ung and without authority t
trul her movement*. I* regarded at a shift
has inetboil of attilupting to accomplish
en tain result* in thefaceofjgrave danger*.
A high officer, and one who hoi watched
this expedition from the lime ol lu depar?
ture, in summing up the facU m they are
now known, say*' "Tbe following point*
controat tie paries who had control of
matters at this tn-': T(?, of,,m of (,re#>,
directei him to .art ,,1Ilh nol hlltr {Uin
S.pt.-mher 1. ??.*?. uidthemeasiin-sof ndlef
were therefor.- Rdxpted tot'int d~te. Orr-ely
left bbl Station at ,-.?, r on ]M3
Franklin J**iiind. on .\u--u-.t mh. and ar?
rived in the vit*i..i.y ,,f ivflr Inlet, bdow
Cape -ssmne, a dial iM., ,,f ,,vr<r ...^ |nj)p,
?? Se-ttrnitHi- -.".nt, r?||,)VVll)1Ci T|?. (liffl.
-lillies ind de . ?? - of -i? jon?*-* "bretton.
in-ftobrln-fh!m to the ,?,|f,t 0f relief be.
bind ihe Betes fixed hy the pri'vlnti*!.
arraneid pbm. Im abandoned ht* imat* in
.?,1ir to malt"' tun., r * 111 >- ead ri-tit. ul ly
, -.,, .?fin-/ to tm ' a r, li. r nation at Sabine.
This was a natural , ?. ;in | the oat baal
which he retained u ,. sufficient lo eirrv
lltep riv an . j? ,,?, |(
' ' tone r.' .,..,- Rxpccted off tba
"? It may lie ima
i\h.-t Hu- feelli -ointmentsnddls
. .incur mn ll ve I "ii arbaa i,
I :,xinr crib d out 1 - , ri of the in-trn.*
C.ons to the letti,. ' ? ,,.i nothing to .
lum .--t Ibe pn ? i p. int nf -,|,. or
I ut a dew rt. d f ..;.,. ;,? ?|,| ,..-nvaa, nnd m
?'liv ot tl. ... What <??.
: - ib?rtv- ld m i ilent.
*ll:?y utilized tin ? nt, in which -ber lived
h lbe hu - inii Irvin.- winter, al*)
dcraonstratinj- th .*_ the
the fir-t niau did
? nttl J i il: ? Best on. in
- whlcb ??vii! i
Wand rs for
ttl lbs mote
.!'.? in-, i-.'i'.'.!.'. iii
tbs hydro) i oft). -|l ? ar
\ i.id ui. ;? a revised Polar m.-ip. Tbe dl*
. iTciy f ? rslusbl -a*
extension to "ur
Ver.w I (!-?. of th ..'ir ol tis
kw-1''. ? tad. 1
I sod ph] ? ainl
' io c irefully
i' i?? ??? i add the nio*i \ ihiable
ter v l wi Uti :i ..f 1' .l:ir SXploritl ill.
f Ylrtory *hnlt bc t'.vlncrt* Work
Must be Roue.
Ca I: . ? Va*, i
.Inly li, ISM. y
Baiter af tie i>;-patch:
Ar. latch rlvlnr
' .,!,? nf
parties lor - psst
?? c.ii) th ?
Democratic party
in \ ii. Inls i ive .-i. ? n it. i my I
taki n. ' ul I fear i
tbat the I ? ?w the
Heans)-(avein IB83 i l-u-.'.-r vote than
the Di nu ci i div 'lone In former
yean ibowB tba! if VinrinbTs rote la to bs
to Cleveland sad Hendricks thi* year
-?: be done by :nu>th.-r itiprems tnorX,
.: _ads In i "> :n Ui- ile raperb tnan*
; "f tie lb .h. .1 ibn *. Bu
11 ?? minions of Mabone sn not i Ile,
They f; liv iindentaud tbat iln-ir political
lins' depend apon tbe incests of Blaine
I ?. not il lon Demoerats to be
? ved by-tbe absurd Idea tbat Mabone*
r i tr .id that Blaine a iii not re. o ?
i it \heta nor rewsrd their labor. Such li
i nt tbe i --. 'i'ln iel ur?
ti i tbat bas riv<"i them vi torj In
iii ii past li now ht lng prepared. Th -re ii
I \ ,r"ii'.'.i remote fr.mi r lUroads, si
ham sn '. Camber-*
Phi Mabone hi oohmen sra
liri. n'l know tbe valli
ti i ie.
Thc Di i.i "-Mis bad their clubs Isa! year
civil ib-tricf, and til.".'
t from 1 '.'<?_ iii
iir ? campaign. Tie
alive t> tbe dancer "f
. the, vx. nt to the p ills
n it. The il inger h not pu .
', M .:, ,ii. i-i,i or some
id vvill -iill live in Vir.dnl.i.
and some otber
.. i, I.. I.ii ne will totally
base '. "ii
I -I..
Tbei er ol Virginia riving Its
vole lo Bl ill -??
i- ? ' ; | year. Bal Um re is
fe i pie of
mel in i- dead, It
i- ii I, lt i* mil writhing, but n 111 Ls sble
I ono that
poison thc :i ii',, ii vviiii li virus. Il
??id t-iv. a -. ?. that
|. -Il't. Vr'lllTK ll W.t..
A Ca>ol-IZc'u<lc_l Itutlro-d Engine.r.
. ler.|
Passengei mle Ho. 7. "ti ths Ben Tork,
Pi nnsylvaal i sad i I road, which
reach) - this city si l ?:???? A. M., B
li structlon Thurs*
? a-. i';_' N :.
? .im ?? fourths ol s mile north
i." .
iii).' which th. ? i
:. -len s lew rodi iii-tl.
thc train wi*
r Lari
. . lt tl ? f th
. I -till further ":i tbe
iallj Ulled with
I, ind wii'-n birt s
. ii the en rim ? r dis*
?.I thc
ld the
. when
'. the I 'ide I
I car
.". an 1
i Injured Ix j nd s . -
? ?
*:i.ts<* ana
I kl. iti:k.
iv VA",
... _
B RU o v .
u k *x> v a a j ix
bbb a a nu mt i* -;_to
H K AA k (1
HRH A A AK I. . '
.. h aaa k k i. i h ?? aa
L_JU A AK. XII.* H.I (.Od
ra* oo w w wiitin rvr. rrr
ll*," (I ii v WV* WO lill KKK
_Ibo Sl-lX_
r-pilE Fl UM OF JOH_i VT. U II.U..M
1 (sf whloli Brui Um Uie JOHN W. Vf ha a VVI>
vu-Hie **ncr*l fariurr. iiml tnxsclf Ute ai^cinJ
r imrUta !i*~t-n tllwlxi-d i.v hi* tlaath, sll
lii.li-t.u.-ai Uirn-V.iire hereby ra.|__*lrtl to
Ili.ke UBXIBtDt IO IBIS or II1J MI.,rni:T, SH. BU tier
* nuliHiftiBcIsliiia -wnliut UM) Bria will peasant
Um iii Itu ll(.t__tUlloii. _
Sairxivinir PxrUu-r.
jyiiS-lw her Attorney.
29, 1884.
Br 10.-1)14"-)./sly BB. lS*<4,alTa>'*loet A. M.
!'. -HI HT' C.. yor.u,*.t viii ?f ('. ||. aud Kati* A.
Ii.i.i; niritl ,lx month*.
Iii* f.ni.rsl will late tala** rrom (ly. rs?l'1*nec
ef hl.par.Bt*. No. tit Ar I- .irv ii. at 11 nVlo." V
Ttlls (Tie-IXTI MttltXIMi. rrl.ti4* ?'Kl **?
',ii?lB(ane?Brere?t>*srtfB"ly ii.vlict tnatlou'l. ?
CBA VT*"*). -l?t***l, July ''*'. 1 >*B4. St !i3lf-JC-*t*?
7 P. M., lt. LILLIAN, inf...* .1,richter ?f WU
llatns. .an,I V. ,1. CTSftOB ! am.I Itire. B-roBlHSBSvl
It.i t,t?.|v,,,tlBys.
tainui ri ll* rrsyl'Irnc 7'.:j north Fourth
? n. 1, at I p. M. T( tMDA Y (ba alu*, *
ICIPTI.KV .?!>??*.]. July ft, lill, at th. rt*..
?"niififl'l, rrptisw. L. VI .lal,-.. ! ?.. '
hy. Bil. MIN KlttTLKl , I ii tao rli-lilleth
)*nr of hla aire
ll. wa. r< h.. x ya>i***<1 r1l!i*r, ft ".ladlson county.
v , -herc .ilI knew him only lo lure si"'
? ( I rl.llaiiciiararl.i'. .!. H. Met*.
llOf*?It.-IH*<l. ?t L*-** P*rt. Mlnii'rst'la. *?_>
.liily/Sit.. W. W.H. ..-")'?-ti n Bet" ls lt.
rilli,. How. r; aped rtft-'.-n y," ire, it
Mapison-waki* rte*, July nt*, inui.
w\W:l> club will hold ix m?im* -n
,iill*|)VV M..UT al 8:15 oV.ot'i at the
fl.-un ry Coir- loot* for r~r?: .nl?it."*i ?
All Tnt*!* ' r Ot* wari! nie nitarxetc-l li) cami
sm! enroll th* tr iiutu-. ns BKiit*)*-.
.1 !
I rrur ci mr.oi.ti Dr-MCaTo*. mo*.- aud*
N Ul-U-Hilt" ? "V'lMNY. /
t::. I-'!- i', v.v.. .inly I*. l*3*ti. >
li, , i. ii- it.' ?'- or una ti.Mi'vvv win
i "i MONDAY. Anif.iat 4th..xl
12 rios. ll. E. BLANKENslllr*.
1/it-Hi 4j>m.r.rr"lil *????''?-_.
J I-IVV -V"l I. ' .- HtTt. HV U1VKV
111', i v -IT a I.vi. MKKTlXii Ol' 'I'M.'- s I'"' "?*
IT, VI. COMPAN1 I: i" I"" h-l,' at
Sea. ('seton. V* ..ii. WTT.Nrsliv',' Hie I"
,, 11*84, al J il M.. I rill.uni .-? ofr.--ctli.S
11 "ir', "f dir- elora to rn rv,- oas a, :ir. ami for nit?
rion of *njr r,th-*r bmi'ii.t lint siiy bfl
' r..; ad.i ia f.re Hu neelia*;.
r. it. it i IBO. t rattan
J* 2P-rt.il ll.irtiiinlinni lt Tlr.??'l ??..mr>nny.
EX4I M?I4)X*i. I'M-MC*. Ar.
fcXl IMc-iiiN
sim i.MUD hvnutI'MIU-ii':
in thi. sr vi r.
ST r? wt ri* tl 11 "''-t- ck bi ?:? r tba anemia ?
e*Binti!***. Ni. HqBor li v...| oa Ui aroundi.
. wier *-na*sai*ea> Qrosaos llrswlnatri t-y cai
t- ara litrhi-.
II. I" ilimcnt* :H r-liv
'I .-.."I len a, -HI' I-lil i Ul 1 il'!'.' sir,..'.Ve ami ? .fl'.,. I ??
i< llcreiy'l I RSDAY.comm.DeIn. Joly 19, IBS*)
o'- r. M.: lea.'.- Ihe Unk in thirty miaul i.
I.i li.rliil K- I':ive- VI, I..',! I'l.naur fait ll lj.il
A. Il ;arr!e, i Kichmond 1 A. M.
lutel I. r ?', r, aiial-ulp. .ino.; ckllitriTi u'i.1
tw. Ive v.ar*. IS*.
'Il kel ii ii "'? il Tlinvi V ? STAHKK t
B13 Broad ?tret t: n. ll. ) BKN( ii - ????? -
li,at; I., wait rv vi, ni: ?
III .1 Hr. i,.l -r.. i ; aad 'Tl L. I..
I.V ' c|( -i..i I'. K. BOOR.. lr -.,.-'
Ko. I,Ci v.
rn niK iTiivr.
RI, Lu. .ie' aad vi:...-: .nv rall road.
Xl ll N I) A V. Viols; fl, I - . t,
nut ' BR
IK.Ni.KIT Ol Ul-vi,I.Kl) 80LI
Tl.* rt'tcr-ii.-ei' lol* (Tia,
klBd saps it iiml eo operation of a
Ile. I'., r-'iil.e Ju- es
a k il e i ?.i ' '?
iHi-t inn! eui' v..- If time
.v Intoxicating: Minion iliowi I nn tb* train.
ll * irani sll I' .v.' tt depot il 7 IO A. vi. " -
i ' ii/, will leax* .Vlalil.-n * A,le.au,ir. ?
V B.
i. sal ati'ii ' m.-nt--BOATIBr). VIHIIINU,
I: v MIMI Ac -ie ?? tm
? Tir- wii' -, i thai - y- vj uni hill h ?
rxre [fla ni ' ' ,11-. -.
..-|i',|;t< t.'.mn.'I lii.iv U..liol
nee ,, uirale , I' Hie I uii|,.
Committee 'I' An ii,'- ??'?;,? : Aii'irevv ,\'r..-:,..
i.: vv . i . ( .ii- iift.,ii. .?..-.aa,:in In; h. ll,
, i .rahel I iTne ar., xliut tata
Ct iiinule.: Joaej h ll. Kui ll '
it. -Milli. IL J. Ctaratv, ,':. I
1,',\( I l:*-lo.\' TO VIRGINIA BEACH
? Ttl - vt, IKE v.*,, ,,hid i: ll
-i' ?_'. 1884.
TrxlB ' ' i'l (Milo 'I.
ll I .
* for the roua.l trip Blcbmind lot
, ? ? I .
BI'S >S ,y ADV'!.-,
ly ge.23.2l.37.89.3l I '
ll . ' ItHH MA-I' VM.'..: aa' ii.Tib* i
THltOt'Cll ami Kio '.!) in i il ..vi',
I'' : i ''is ' -? r.10.1884,
I :ii?a-- -
di ,,r ?
o', wil ,,r.i- I wita
i .
Klee: lt. '.. Hare,
/1HA3111EB IND I'.*::1::
\ N -
".!'? ar,
I ?
i>i:i:"*it>, :
ll.av.' ?
HAM! .
AA. ni!
? ; ted
. '** I
i n'bmi
' '
I ' ?
? ? ? ?
, ' .
??Ard '? es ? .
i-ti n r
'aa i'.i
. i. ... 'ir itu' ta -. ?
? oort '-f th* -a"
s . ll'
.'-?*i>r sri j orllii'ia."
i,: r:i? of Tim I OlaTUaVSttSBI*, i
1U14 IAST .MAira sriiSBT
Un Tim.md. Va- i
7V> Ai: I'nrtlta fntertatni in 1/re??tionr I
? ?-, <ii?J P'trt.. u1.i,-.'l, ia tnt Accouutt s.i
Ta?i-n,-t!r...Th?t 1 hay*rix, 1 ii WE0VKs5D.1V,
tt-.?v(7lh,l*y?f Au*n,(. A L) I--il,a* the lim.!,
and my office, abner,as tl,* place, fur Ut tn* ttl*
al,' a f-na ui i.l acroiiiit and iniklnu the reports r*
porl' rmidrt'd hy the af-rn'ttld decree. aVatt nil
uenajB^lhiulBtorssled ?rt latrrtby ssrae.1 t*i?t
i.tren auder ray band thl* i8lh day of July,
lbt>4. J. A. I.VMI xii.
Co*?ml*n.iBir la Chaiieerr,
i.realt Couri.-f On- CoautTaf Henrlco.
R. T. H'-*abd, t'oanwl hr ITalntltTi. H. A.
ATKtSSON.DlT * til! LIAM, J.J. La** ITBB.T,
C0(UUCl .'or la-tvftuiisal*. Jy UU-Ta Ivs
rw-ronEB 1. IMA.
for cjt?l"rao nil Ires*
M. I- JAMK*-, W. -hs
ty ?o-.V.'tawtfwi^awAw I-sbb of tbe BsenBy
Kin;, nd SEMIS ART.
So i i .1*1 i.i; v( t: itur.KT,
!!K ll.-|"*.P ! V
JOH!* H riiVVKl,|..l'r'iirlt*?l. . ? ??.?.
Mrs l'.(.. i Shs. -? K. (.vnxrrr,
... ?_.
Then' *)??? I i tii-U ? ' 'wv -
s. timn. lr V i I M. I.-V I'li.
tra inl.
I"* ii" In.-I
A|,|.iy for i-iui.ri.-iie ii I. el.'-tkal >rra ">f IOSBMS
la I" ll
. i i: . v v i '
? Hl.'-Y MONDA V I*
? ?
...i.i (.
*..ll. 'V
urlrily limn n i- "'i'*'* ,..,,
W..,oit!vi\" Met"!
ix lB.-rn_^^
I r ., ii.emNr- of '
. rv. .via...srm."?,...?
I'- .1
? ?
n_rtl*_l .. _
Killi .-lt! Il Vt MIM.!
I ;7 ". - rl'i'tiiri*. '?
Ii \ \ i..',- i v \'.'i M ?
vii .-- m l 1 '"'"* ? *?' '
,? ,--,. ""."" r
.1.111.*. lt.-A'
I ? v
I . I. \\ ttltill ? . V. " ,1
\\M-.iiN'.I"N AM' 1.1!__ I Kl. _*..
? it..!i Iii th" . i- alu tlc* si I
broil 1*1 Mil la "I I. WV ii, I KS*
. N I ) I. I'm.. Location I n "il'liful: '<.,)eii-'
nie. -?
i ?
ROANOKE . OLLEUE - kl RM. . \.
r.'..i-i- ,
...i ii. ...e. : sid i'..sines* iii'l Prep*
? ?.: ... i ? e. . oki ?>.
rr-li tl..Url tttii lt. Ttl tn! ? ? ?
? ii.ur I ul tl. ti '
li il.i r..*n*l M
W*pi, I", th. ( .inili'iri:
, . l-l, e'en!.
V . . i s : ? *. v v.
llae.GB-_a ti t, ta sn vi. r,Prta-t|s-*.
? ?
i ' r.. i I i. i- i
ll Ililli!,t. *..|!l..f
t'-r lull I'lirtieui it'sfi illly tn r
tr EN Muli.. i n: . i-;i;-ii v il i
-? ?
OBX -:n I **ROM av-'ki:--!'. v v.
II. A.-ll.'' Hi'. . vi.,tl
III ;? v:. v., ie. i.. ,i . v i '.
I1. Il, lil Mt' , '
? \ '
I'll'ipov*. I.s.
i: ? ii" mn,
v4 E A i. K I> PROPO M.- .HE HE
? ,: : mu ;?? rt thk < )s rsi mo
.. -..-??.
I""i' Ull '1 .: Ol lill
in ia ? -. -i. krui
? v t.r All
' et-.
HA I'l
1 I MTU.
_**i|n re
Ti ii ?
ri;;; -i kkkk coal,
'] iii- v 11: i
I .SI V I 'IV i .
v.. ? rr*i
|t !?'
I vu:-.
I-, "i
? I
aai .v*-s,,|t.
Bl W \Ml Di.!),
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