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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, September 09, 1884, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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M VH-H tl 1 -1KI ST. >
Ntl UV.-so. \ V . .,'| ?finis r S. 18BI. '
Mil I M. ll a , '.? ? a I a . -? !,'? I
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int ol tl. r di rn n s--t- i?
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ntl. a v. Mi i Hast ?
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Wild L IM'TlEs
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'MM. IflflPUM Ks. rOfl f i-.IM.lt -I I
l P. TAVLO-.
IPI I M.!'.
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''ItKIK. liLEAUFAsT and TEA ri ?.*lI.:
in isac* of ie* IBO t*ut> fur 014.vu.
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***** 1Jj7 Malu tl**u.
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RIO-MOOT) KK.MM.t; INspj.a ,,.
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HVtMBtV n:,:,
Hm BALLET it. hammil ram??._,
Lal ti. Me, il l-Llit^pby.an., .-.R-t^g-Mn
rn.,. .-?? a CHAR] i - n wis.r,,s. M
Xa"" Male. ' "
' r, una.'sT.iv,
air ..,, ,v. ,.r Va* -ir i-,,;i,,.,' ,
?-?I Hiller*
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till ? . .
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* N ! SiAMIN \Tlt,\ OF AKIM.I
U\ i vms....I; .M'tll?'..\ TO Till
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? r as rail be cart-fall)
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I? HVt Ml -'. MIN ARV.
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? Milli
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?': Yul M. I. v
' i.N '?' .; :? INIVI ISSI I 'I II I ii ll
USE vi, ? ) i:..:.! AMHERsT, VA.
i ?' "
"v " H i . . . .
H. j, itru. lui In I. ?
Ml>. i ll AUK Ks HOW %RD Vi i-'!l -
.... . ."ii- e. -
? letti ,n
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. I . . li I NOR. M. A.
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. Ml VIV ttl- THK VISITA riOS,
Min I _ MART V.
ia. viiPN..- i sn i.w --. Hool. , oR
?>?,. -_a"> '?'?' V' I -l BEET.
? I Ii:-T MoMiAl "^iUl B.
1)1.111 - - -< HOOL,
1 ' 'ABE At ! NIT.;
Html i ni: v., N'.
? ? pu vimt; i- i--i.
? '" .
JOHN , IT 1 l I - v -
I | I'M
Uh. -vi.\ ani ? kkk:. ?
BOABHIN'G- AND ll VV--I H'.nl.
1 OB VU N., I. VDIK-.
BETA Hi Ri P. VI e P.n.
>. n,i - LAST tlllVdllllli, -
? - ' and al Un
i 7 : ...-, \ I ic.".
C? Iinui. i-iii: yoi \>, LADIES and
SJ PITT il ..ILL-.
Bo 7".', ,.v-i liiAXKLP* uriiri.
<:. l| ??!.. ll. V.. l?*l
"i rm ii-iiti.sf.,i,?,i.i mil.
Latia. I i.i.--.,. ai I tri,, a, ? laii.lit Rv eoinm-ieiil
I I v-ilin*
K-iH VU Na L ADI KB ANT) I l t l it'.
i.i ci -,7f7e_.i Franni,, ?tr.*-i. Thoraaa- M
rtdt d i ?? tn tbs yarlot- dsyartnaen
Tmv.I I... a, um flflaMoo. wi.ieh win ??*?
,-1u M.iNliVY. U I'TPHItM, it. IHhl.
? i ? , ,r lt A -1 I l- i |
1 . r .ia .1... ai,|,P. lo
Mi-.- J.-sir i, I POLISH,
7n7 rt.t Frau'lin
I >\N li'!'- M AllEMY, neat. i,?|.,,|, ...
Villi V ...Rr BO Vb ind vu Ni. Mi v Fully
UTI Mlii-li It'll.. -eli.Uo,
. . Pst I lu.AK VtlMiII-. |'H., |,?
IOUN P - VtlP-llN, V vi
ly 19-eeflfln Oo-fVlaeiatla
Ai i LAY-BTREE1 ll vp i is < in itt ll
HOKIIAT sad TL'sUHlAY I'.UMM,* at 7
st- 7
*.. nu 'ml Ad.lrrsi ai Centenary Wrihsdlsi
< hnrih-Inlrrrailns KrMBrks rrrm IH.
POOl M hllrhrnd.
BUflday ni^ht Hr. Foal Whitehead de
flvered I nu tne.rl.ai addi*,** on the life and
eboraetrr of Bbntoti Qaegfjfl l*? Pratt <.
s, nn.r bishop ol IhO Methodist Kpi*copal
* burch Booth. There were present a
n .uni tba following tota*
laten : Rot, v. a. Merson, pastor of
the church; Rev. Br. }->l!. Hannon. Itcvs.
A. ( . Rk-dsoe, Tl,om.,* 1'. Wi*c. William
l v. ght, and iii- Hi'.-!- J. UfBttf.
Lu \\ hltehead -nisi :
ii', neal man whose death his ores
-ii 1 , i tula - i \ le* "- .-upi,.! fi:,- chief pates
in south. " rt only by rnratoo
f ;,!- nfl ' - lb* -'nioi bbnwp of our
. ? still moa by rmroon al bal
1 -?! -. ni,I trreatn, *s, lr, depth md fcrs.>r of
piety, breadth sad strength of Intellect,
nee and power at a pit acber,aagai itv
and - nservatism a- an eecleslaetto baiter
ivornor, be ssa* without a pcoraaeong
!'-. Heel Sirs 111 k'.ujii: :. to Hu-tusk, si !
fer t:ii of a porti t bu character and
work. What 1 ahull do will, however, b*
d* n. . nore. Ob bo om lu* Hi-hup
li. ree mad* I stronger and more favorable
Impreaaion ti ti on ma Irnm thataoaneoi
wben I t.'.-i - nv bim curer the room of
? rglnia Conference to preside over
-' i. ti..' Ht-r after his
i . !'!.. ii in the full algol
ol bia earl*, maturity, a model of manly
. ami Strength, wit li au eve like ail
-. wRh Un port aod grace ol a kin;'.
a elie* rmi -o'nrlely and dignity.
t a touch ol pride, vanity, or
I, b, thc lass of kindness
; ? and the btolng-plaee ol tho
-.'\ti- on hi- brow?
Bf ta !? i. membered.
i Iii opening praj rea* ol that
? fi ' ?? 1 neill lin tn
. ' an entire reneratlon.
i be g, .'in -? of Qod gav* to our
i hureh thc scrvlcci .f thi- noble Luna at
an early sge. H began to preach al nine
lu n..'Hi he vs :t> -pa. e, l tu; , I es mid thro."
iud-t, ii. I'n ssa- al !?? this year, in
thi ,; ""ia ol ,'? i mars, lo c, lebrste ssl, it
f. tv murri, di pl ever ace, uis ?? golden
tt' ih::' Minn hall a century be
,? i.':. inili ti.. Gospel of Christ, Thirty
;.*..:- and n I the office of
a ii-!., i. :. mihi: the i ?-.?. rfnl effort*
istratioo and pr* aching from
. .tu! from Ken
to Texas. He luu ii rj, a* it
i hy, so* --
ii-uii.. i I.;, a seal thai would
nor alway* wit
. . bat i ; '? I Into tbe
niatry a , ntury'i
work m ,:md with a con?
ti es, ll
. past ninety
' ?? a hundred
' thi (Mll,e
i < 'ni-! he kn* is
- ??? ?? S iv "' in response I ai
ll ? ...fi.-'
nd till h's !,. sith actually
ii iio ll] pi
I propose to com Piei se?
1 ti-:. '.- i
I .ii mi .'.
I. Ai
' I no
::...:.. Tb, iii.-i.ils ,.f hts be iring
made u] n mosl p, rsom thc Impr, salon
thai he sst- Lill though nol portly. In
md weight,
fu gul trly ss. Il'knll frame and well
1,. i uti, ned flgun. ul blt fae I, for*
ls th .- in thi
. .. If, ? ? volume of
m ri;,,.- IV. T.Smith
I ll . None ol tbe
? - I bas, -? en "i bbl i pi earancc
?ince :? i. There i* a haggard,
wiaiy, ten look
- . rue of I Im. Even in
: od x
? him that the
,.." ivers have '
Ural .res to
..i.t. lu-, .-c iud . i marred th*
. . .,..1 - ht la
"f -;i b -i much
, t lb* charmin ; light that it had In lt* Bi il
and perfect form. Rut to thi last be ss-a?
i ol s .iii--1 , personal
rai - was es bj iltttude ol
nevei have primped or
iud for in occasion;
that ssa- a- Impossible with bunal any
.\s io bi* - a man I may tay,
In gem | little
? ak eccentricities
?..-.,! many a goo,I m in ;
? r liai he any leaning*
ugh tin j might ili.Se !.< ell bl*
! s int. d have 1 ???:, the Plot and
? :. of many a greal man? and
fault ot t m:
p, r. db oi spirit, ll,- waa readily
ni his
of Im . and .??;!ul nm P.- -'irpri-i-d
toying or doh
tn and '' neath the tistisl i- rel
"f Itis chi rm t* r and .if, .
His , : ". ?:- ?:? miine and
il, ?? i. d. Tn ,i . sinccritv, humility, "n
? nc . rt, voidness, heavenly-minded
nc**. ? .... world,'
these grac, - were in him
-.-. His exp* ii- ii*'- n u
Us * - - tboi lugb c m
school; he bell red in
\ m| lided religion 11 tbe ? si* 11
in, i.; i. ? s : had ? oust lous
. rough our Lord
.,. s Christ. : ni r, Jot' ed in hope ..I bl*
. ? d io tl, | ? - mi ??<,{ power
.ni f l r, and ol a mund mind." lt
thal in full
-i ,. '.., . I itt us, he
??Ail 1* ' Ii
? -
bc departed " In p.???fu ? \, >ce."
Ha was an ui , tlifed Methodist. Ha
approv ..tul i.1 ail the peculiariti, - I
di eli m. Hud us..-" i.i bil * 'burch. He
? .: ';!i.i - have nc, med ?> -mei-,-.ut old
? ? i.? even leaning towarde uetarian
ism. Hut what bad this appearance grew
?nil of bl* lul.ol." lu , Ol l ?,"'-('<"-;e/.;.'/v
Methodism, which iii-nos to retain the
. m.. ted with tbe great "Belurlou*
Mus", men) "f the 1 If bf, nth Genturj " bo
called, aod yel cauueulate it hythe prac
tli i nulllScatlon of ii- in"-' cherished
I ,-? . m. Justl* i .?!.. i upon tba) a*
ssurrender to tbe world, bs tplrltuak .-i'i/
.'ti/. \ud svith it he bad no patience, but
?mote ii bil. and Ibigh with " the sword ol
the Lord and of Gideon "wherever ha found
il. Be tiad no apoio.'i. s lo make fur li:*
* burch; tin iv sv... m him bo sptog ol
otb* m. nu cringing to the assumptioni and
i retenslona ol ut:.' re. <?f a broad, genuine
cathollcltj ,.f heart, be held oul ibo righi
band of fellowship toad who ktveour Lord
Jesus Christ in sinccritv. Bul be held it
..ut standing on the platform of equalRyand
Hil ./"-ll.,." '.* rn: 'I Was of tin- -ni:
which attests Itaell everywhere. I" p'i
'. (te consol-;.tnill. Ul I del hoi jive lind)'.
in Hie Bishop'* chair, In ip wspapet arti*
.'?-. .ml in -.lin. ii-, Hu- tokenstn a deep
wi re Inini, ii ?'? 'j Riv* "?
Nothing ft,,'!,,; f,ii om Ls the way. B?
ara ped v. it i, tb* bold ol i mo ter mind
s- Ital, VI I calli,- no ir lum : ind I llBBK) sen
tiiioe I;om in- upa often had m il Hu* -I"'
BTaVitl ol gt ld.
ll. Abb uhtbaps presiding In annual and
? i ral L-oofereooe*, boldiag district con*
1,'iciiii-. and travelling through the whole
Methodui * burch Boutb. f. r thirty f ir*<
be most ic viewed, ,f wa would not kaw
sight of Iii- ino-t ."ii-pii nous work.
Bore he wm evatt and fAerouoA, bul oo
? lu kb r for lucie tetimi. alilie-. I!.B*
Lined -lusilv and tiniines, in ni PBSiBeOl
degree. He ssas, without doubt, the nn?-i
popular of all ihe bishops bs it presiding
..Hit >-i. set rn, man would have dated ?"
Ililli willi hun ot attclliptcd tfl brow bent
hun. Be ga ve bo just ground ol ??offence
toJeworOentlM) or tho Ohoroh of t*euV
liudeiit. I (lOBailBlllli. and fur-sighted. In'
av..iib d trouble- and steered uro,iud rook-,
and, without -triking *ull <?r taking B buck
track, nus igatod thcshlpof eliureh govern
nu nt through inany rt boiling sch. B?
-avul time wi'.hoiii resorting to thc drill
of ,i martie*-!, or Hie harsh and violent
tactics of some BtOSiding oUleer* who til
to tone a body over which they unfurl u
ii ult rule, as Hie .li husot this world drive
n t. lin ni horse.. There was never ans re?
luctance to vote hun thinks, and bbl i'?
ll.in to any conference wo* hulled will, t*e*
(Initiations ol delight. Hi* .mod-humored
r, torts lo uicint.er* w ko onaowo'oed lu* ral'
my* ssiih feclliur Veto remarkably hupps,
nnd enReYOUy dU-iriscd erltlei*m and th*
. . , i inj.k of paintul iceling* iii Hie Btme
Hine. Ile dlspe-n.e.l Hie courtesies ol the
ehslr in introduction., nanon!IS speeches,
tlc., with a rare fel|o|ty ?, ox,intt!on. *
hine* and sentiWMoBaaaM al .peech which
ndflrtl interesl to the occasion"'
He eomiiiitled fe-tv error* Iri tleeision* ot
tiut'tilonsof law, and nits remarkable for
the brevity with tv Rich be exnresicd him?
self. He replied univ ??Vet," or "N'n."
whenever Unit would answer;' and, If OOO*
psttsd Io SrIbbjb, rarely went lievontl a
line. In a famous ran' at the Vi rv I nit
Konteri nee of Int*', ),p ?n*wercd eleven
i nt Bf nlniteen law i|u,.*tion* with " Tat "
nr "No:" one t.tlicr with "lie tiuifl.t
tint"; nnd four stbsrs witl. "Yes" or
"No." q_H__M flsj i iriagta NHS of expla?
nation. 1 tin no In] alice tn so .rent a
1.1 illation us bl. if'l add that I think he
,.cuiMonally had Hie' i'liirtuity nf some
ejreflf cDif judge* mt*} toe rna* sud ss-ped
leo soon, md Into mnr, l.y not traroax
lo get all the lielit, and I have llioilfrht
ibm tie oeeasloBalrs miTo?o_oi. not fas*
ti nlioiially, upon ibe prerogative of an
annual conference fo apply Ano to Ms (oatt
?J tat eat*. Bul bc bad ? truly j.
rstt of mind?impartiality anti' m.aio,a
fruin Ibe -II.).', si ions of RR,* nata nnt ot
dtffkull sttalnflMUl in Iii- case. Finn,
strong, and decided m ba waa, then wa*
nothing in hbo ot tdotnituertng -sjurit nr
iiiai imaeked "f tyranny. Hs .lid nut
keep i,i* ottiie a- ,i radar alwayi i:. -i-'ii'.
nt r Obtrude it cnn-tantlv in BBSU- face
Ile knew intuitively when he ou.lit BB
yield, oi eould yiela, and, though of un?
changed opinion, could make concession*.
IR tn vt r Hoi ll "nu the hi-tic-t *tc|) of lu*
:illt;)< ntl'," never bora linn ti OppOsUtOU
Ry flSCTS wili-povver anti the assertion of
prerogative. BeMhare rule" wt-ha plea*
suit hand, nnd few nun clmf. d under it at
ant time. Hence tbe universal respect ami
luu in winch lie was lu lil. ami io the
"nat, >t degree vvli.de be RM known lust ?
'/(/n bm, in Qtorgta,
111- i tl ll > ff nee iis ii leader Of ecclcsllstieal
opinion may Re weil Illustrated i>> tbe fae!
lint, though, B hugs majority of the Gene?
ral Cnnferenes of Igflfl favored ;.ud actualltf
Dossed a inv n roving all UBUtatloaoftune
Tram the pastorate, BfatnopPierce pravailed
tn -i. ur. a resoBiidi ration sod tn. |, un nee
? f lbs law ns it now Handi laing toe limit
al four fi ar*, in tbs eonservative rei* lion
of Iii* mimi again*! doubtful ebangt s or
-u| posed luipiT.venii nts. lie sometimes neut
n o fur. A.* an example bm] l?e cited his
Ideas about choirs and organs, into wbieh
lie fell partly because of Iii- lack of linnie il
(Mfaand iBstntcttoa, But.though frank
in tbe utr, ranee of Ri* v tears, be wa- ni Ither
intolerant of other nen's nor rash in tbe
.. 11 v mg oul of iii* mi ti in tin practical ad*
mlnntratli n of tbs bishops.
lu thc delicate and drfficul! work of Ma*
Honing preacher* be sn remsr-sbij iu -
cesafui lie treated tbe Connell ur' Pre*
Kiil.T* reith all respect, and elieited
all the rnfonnation a.al advice be eould
procure. Sometime! be would cutaOor
i.!;.n kn,,! Rv ;i quiet; ii elston; non and
tl., u he would make nu appointment on lu*
niui ju.tiiuet.t, after Mme special light lc
liail obtained; snd then irkabli
exampln of tlie wisdom --f such sets,
doubtful m tbej -.cin. il at ii:-t. In all, be
?I OWi d Ibo mot! marked ?yin|.titfiv for tlc
preachers. His heart wa- full of concern
for th- m. ami win!, be held them ta i iii .-R
-tai..laid, ol consecration, it via- vvi.at be
ju cribed to Rims. if. He wm eminently
: (Table and i| proachable, b. arin- vv ith pa
llenci tv-ii wr.t be thought unreasonabh
and ill-tinied.
Ile loved t j attend district cont, n
enjoyed Ibe opportunities t.. preach and
? down ilk, ? man," as i one.
heard bim phrase it; and bs li ul a re*
nial ka ti lt '.i,.y .f I.i- ownol probing tnat
t,rs iiiui bringing oul the interesting
tliir..- connected with tbe couditlon ol i
ill. But be nil! b. i-.Tiiritnio'!?? ,1 lon isl
a* a great Christian pr. a
I". !> re Iii* eli ctlon to tbe i pi.pacj b
bad attained io crt::! lame. And lince, <ln
ring tbe )onrneying* of thlilj jean, be
bas been, in old conferenee* and nen, lo
educated: citj ndlenct -. and in tbe _*sern
- f tbe Indians, the Mexican*, and
ruiiv' pioneers, at csmp-mcetlngs, confer?
ence*, and in school-bouses, a grt
? d minister of i pet. On
the whole, be mn never excelled among
bs, ib old time nor in tbe present genera?
tion. We -hail pot ?- .? ti :i i Vi r MC bli
He hail fi, a! natural iriii-: a trie person,
,, i.nil,!.' eRin --. rn easy and natu?
ral ...ol MM SCI, ? tl '"le t ? ll ?.
deep, round,mellow, at it* Inst, ol prudi
irlout compass, melody, and lympathetie
.ji.alilv: a power ol kunian.-, and nben
ia lull career, >?! somehow overpowering
nd sweeping away ali befor. bim. These
invsluahle "aft* li-- brought Into tbe ser?
vice of a vigorous and well-trained intel
I. ct, ind, boots all, a eoBverti ,1 sad bi -
lieving soul, persuaded ol ii- "c,ii" n>
preach. Bis man tn r of sertnonlsing btm
peculiar. Ile wrote nothing ordinarily;
[be manual labor of the i? n a h offensln
R-lum. (II,-med to tell bow be averted
from liim-'lf tbs calamltt of election a*
conference secretary by railing aUentlon
to bis nretehed, scraggy cbTrograpby.l
He therefore worked ou! In tht ught In*
outline, and, I ir."-! think, much of bi*
rnrui <,r matter, loo; for be could, on le?
on, reproduce it with wonderful ex*
a.-tiiis.. There were m bh sennons no
labored processes ol argument. Il" "li?
llie results of his tboughl sometimes in
pithy, graphic sentences, short, and Tallin.
in tjtiii k -ii'-e,?*-!< ii. like explodings_*lls;
-, uicttmes in ? ili.lu where Rt.mtv of lan*
conveyed, aa it were, \n mid-heaven,
Ibe more beautiful freigbl offal* imperial
imagination, and i krftj or tender ->nt;
m. nt evolved Itself to captivate tbebeart.
.omelimei bold Bud bolr InveetlTc, or n
Brea! trum] 11 W uri ol warning rang
through a paaaage. If be n*ed ex
as he sometime* did, il was rcmarkabl. lor
clearness, directness, simplicity, and deep
Insight into Scripture. While bis matter
wa- of such force, tbe deliver) via*, iu tin
highest degree, effective. It was, compar*
itively, instudied- truly sisnntaneon*. He
w - ai orator by nature, and honestly em?
ployed Ibe rift. Tin rc wm no stagii i <*
about his manner, nothing in lone* or gea
lure* that hinted ol tlc mere rnetorienui
or elocutionist, lt wa* a
,; ti" witli tbe 11 ut li of Ihe Gospel
? ', mala otinr feel and know
i -, /,, ,(?/. fie spoke usually with
m indi cribabU unction?aa anointinr
nf the Holy Ghost, which gars posner
to iii- word.
Tbsre wm BeecsMril] laMjuallty la tbe
priaeliiiL.' of wbirh tbe bes! ipeclniensat
iain, ,l ?'i great excellence, Tbsre were
titnei vviitn lii? mind worked dully, when
in- body seerned jviled sud Incapable <-f
rising iu aiiiuiiitiou to tbe demand .-f ibe
nee ,-i, ,n; when lie was i lear nnd BOW and
thin tirUCk fir*, luit. ns ii whole lacked
power snd warmth. Bul if Bil Hun.*
favored, tbe nBBB wno bad pat before beard
bim never forget tint serfaon. Who thal
iva- preSSBt :.Ui.iih; u-Will, while BMBIOTJ
last*, loee tbs n_|RtsBslnas of bis tir-t Ber*
mon iu Virginia after he beeaiBs bishop,
at UiaiiRv-f-treet. N'mfolk. Deeoasber 1
IS..4. \\ liiili e.iBti.iiied tin- paSBBgS about
God'l "l.nkill. lllli-ic nu the crnnked.-t
reed cut out ol the awSBBps Bf Barth," and
that KdHcrniii.ir, Barn Who "like shipping
with Jnnab and meet S -torn) wiihout a
vvliale." or that ?r.ai. r one at BKaabeth
. iii. N. C. Nt.ven.Rer '.'-. 1-.",:. on "Y?i
ne Preach Bot Oursetvtn, but Christ Jmus
lbs Knnl." etc.. in wbieh ws* sn'oiitluir-t
u! elotjiiencc. the most thrillin,' to wlueh
1 ever listened ; or that in Qraaby-Stn-et.
after the wat. November _0, UH, on
??Preach the Word: ba Instant tn Se..*ou.
Utit of Season," cte., a tri**' "sermon for
the times." or the wonderful seri* in Ac*
co-sac, at tba IHstaict UoBsersBce of 1871,
in wini h wa* the (N.w.rfiil dncuir*.' nu
Zaeliiiriaa and Elizabeth, wini ?? were both
righteous lu fore i.od," duriri"; which an
appeal t.. irr- bjrRBH busbaads Bl icli.i >u
iv iv.- f,ii likeli'iitnin. Rpan a reek j ami
closlBg with the -?r.n on ?? For in < 'irl-i
Jisii* Neither CirciiHieision Avsileth Aur
Iblag nor I'ii-ireunicisH.ii." pretched al
I inane.ii k the day we took thc boat ? Am!
thou_b with shattered vni-eand weakened
body, bow grand and ssrasHy overpower
ii," the semi.tn nu the willum and thc
slBhflstni box of ointment, at Petetsbuig.
in 1S7S; or. that lu?t ut a Virginia i oaf. ?
cute, al Trinity, in this .Itv last Winter,
mi "Simon, son of Juna*. I,ove*t Thou
Me ? "
A few of his "leal discourses have Reen
printed, being furnished to tbe ure** by
Rim-elf. Ile delivered funeral .uni memo?
rial d lacou raes concerning bi* colleague*.
Bt-bODS (aper* and Andrew; and noiliii,
eiillld U' filler of lt- tort tblill the BBBBBgr
iii ihe one lu which be turned to Bishop
-niile snd addressed tbe inlriareb ol tin
gpiacepaey. nor thal in the oilier which
delineated Bishop Andrew at a prei>BEY.
Um- icinaikable example of Hie power of
lu- preaching occurred In %a**afm in IAVI
ot ',",7. Win ii st borne it ben In tbe cunn?
ii >) he prcuehed often at a scliool-hous.
near by. At thc time referred to a great
interest was aroused. One ol Ml favorite
i,,pic* wa* Jointly religion, amt ono nigh'
be broached lt. The oanrre-ation wa
!art;c for thc home -nd neighborhood. ?'?'?
every .i,],. were vehicles .ind hor*e*. It
wm, kowi v.r, the hu?y season, and few ser
v.mts were to be seen. Enlarging upon loo
duty of heads of fumllic* to train not only
ehildn n. bul domestic*, in the way of the
Lord, win n nil felt deeply vvhiit bc had pre?
sented, he rcfcTcd to tba full atti-ndaiu r*.
hut noticing thnt they were nearly all
whit,. (Miainicd in thal tone that thrilled
the dullest mul. "Where are your nr
Btoe* '- " .\ planter lorgWl liirii-if and il!
Nie , vu i ti,,, inotiirs-. and. seapiog 10 Li
R11, ss Ufa ta -lifted hands..- ilhd out: ?? Wv
<i"d. Mus tire In th*.Hon-tlehl. and the
werner bard I ft. r tin tn '" The Hi?hop
tonk Ile r> spense as a frosh tcxr. and tn>
pli.d Iii- doetrjne tsi'h aOBh power BOO
pla,Lin-, that tbe nevi Dight a,ul after?
wards the e,,| ,rf.,t elemenl was lufflctently
ri prcdiied.
BM we bato loni him! IV. shall nev.r
catch tho pkaaaot twinkle of his eye, -..
the play nj cordial good-will about the
soi!., ts ui bb) mouth, grasp the lund given
n* in I i ,thens trust, or lear BgU_ the
matchless role* under sshi.ii s,, BBBOV
thrilled mid ,;? Bed. Hi- hom-, aa W, ll
aanted ??st oshine," l* vacant of hi- ptna
(,,'?' I.-dis. and be i* BOO* te j lill ill Lo,lt
ii"' n ii table father and tbe daughter,
who died -in. ethe "gnh'.MI V.illdillg." ill
tin ism Increasing eotopany of th* c sn -
i.i:. of tbe most path, i i -gea la our
li'" I itUre i- l! the close nf one of William
Black's looks. The terrible "itorniwind
of the eaulaox" had th* night before
swallowed up in tbe aravea tunta a w . ol
oin:, nt- ih. univ s,,;) and in ir of tho Mac
hod* ..f Dare. Toe ss rivi describes tbe
brightness of the morning wheo th.n
shone char and strmi'.'. when over the
ss iti I- th,. Babelbku'i boots came daaclne:,
ind lit'lit and hope do!Iud again thal
pfctl ti tque svi-f (i.i'-t "1 -"''land, Bul
tb .. mates of i:., , m baronial , raith were
crushed by their cahunity-and ha adds,
??Tin n i. ii lenee lo Cai ls Dare." s .
stace Wednesday, l have been thinking,
"Tl., i" I* silence ami weening in Bun.
?liitie.*" The light i* u Lp-, d then ; in n
Hut long ha] ps- tu m. tin shauna ol its
"Teat, -t JOB* BBd BOTTOM Iii - Ilk' a pall.
But, thank Hod] Ibe gloom i- n 4 tl ?
despair ol hearts thal koon nol thc Gospel.
Tho hope ol eternal Hf, break* tl i
thc darkness?
?? "ni npe ti "it -'' . ' .. i .- hath .nv. d,
?lin- l" i ? ?? i ? ? ?? ",-i yeat an ? i I
SVeiill stud: nu, I ia IU ...
Br faith we sra oui glorified friend and
lather in tin (..-pel in thc reit that "re
wain' iii unto the people ol God." After
life--toils and cores, he theres thc Joy ol
bl .Vaster. And few will have a greater re?
ward, or mure ( njos th".,el.,v of there
rj<, bu '.
S I'pnri ion itii-nl td, lu- 11 ii nil roi riiini .run! ll I
lurs i ri n. Um Ailaatlr, stissisalepl uni
?H to Hliilr, a.!.
The following v .rtioniiii ni made by
tl.- Board ol Education i* ai th rate ..f ii.
u Dispel b* adofsel ll -n. andoon
-i-t* of the .-Iii 0,00 ol ih. - d' ? I i'i" Atlan?
tic, Mlksitslpi i and Ohio railroad, ordered
to be applied totbenrrearagedue thc public
fri o icbool* by an a"t entitled ?* a i
return to the public frat - hool* a portion
of tb, money divert ed therefrom," approv* d
April '.i. IS8S. ana tbs accumulation fr un
thei-rtiiiiin, paid in bj lb* suditor under
tbe provul ms of thc law lop ij 11 public fri e
i. b. "I- thi nilli's net iparl bj Ibe (
tufton, at bj act approved March 6, 1882;
Uti twoaum* amounting t ,8188,180,23:
Aecomac, fXl"bM\ A
I eil . -I.l ,*i..',!.; '.
ui dri i county. 8312: All, .ams.
Amelia, fl,(HT.28; Amhct>t, 81,717.50;
Appomaltox. $9G7.<5; Sn rust i,$l,fi05.75;
iton.flll.75; Bath, $116.50: Bedford.
12.-::*,: Bland,8473.75; Hot, uri, $1.2T6;
Brunawi,!-. 11.509.25; Bu, bai
Buckingham, 81,609; ( ampl>el!. $1,828,23;
t sroliDi ,91.62 ?; t erroll, 91.273 J",:* hurl. -
( Itv, *,'H',".'; (.'lia ri ??".-. ?1,|0G.50; Ches?
ter tVM. fid*.; Man - ,9470; t larke, '
|607.25; Craig. 9346.60; Culpeper,81,255;
Cumberland, 81,088.25; Dickenson, $375;
Dinwiddie, 8l.3tO.7S: ) th City,
t-s^'s.7,-,; *-*ea*x, 11,082; Kan?.. 81,415;
Fauquier, 92,128.1
Fluvanna, 91,01**.50; Franklin, $2
Frederick, fl.158.A0; Winchester, $130;
Giles, 8801.25: Gloucester, 11.107 M
(,.? eblsnd, 8015.50; uris son. *i.
(?irene, 8582.75; fireensvine, ?*
Hal L..\. ?*:??""? ll mower, $l,i.i i.8fl ll n
. (1.472.75; Henry, 81.009; Highland,
84*.'.; I-!.- ,,f Wiajjit, $880.25: James I Itj
(including M'tiliiln Cur. . -'M-.'J',: Ring
and u,i,en. -.' .-.-.?',: King (.? ? ir* .
Kir,:; WlllUm, i--uV : l.aiie-i-'
la.. |l,7l " : Loudoun, i 2.1
I Isa. "I.T*'.- Lum obtu r, 81.187.50;
Lineal ids. 11,228.75; Kadli D, 1944.25:
Mathews, |829; Mecklenburg, 92,508.75;
Muldleses. tfiM.: Montgomcr . ii .693.75;
Nansetnoad. -M.'i-'U: Nelson, 81.849.75;
Sit-. Kent,850n.75; Norfolk city, 91,673.75;
Norfolk county, 91.902.&0: Northampton,
8884.75; Nortbnmberland. 8788.75; Motto
was. $1,(185: Orange, $1,844.50; Ci--.
$878; Patrick. $1,202; Petersburg. $i.
1*00.75; PitUylvanla, $4,150.85; Danville.
$631.60; Portsmouth, $802.50; 1*. wbatin,
i 8717.Ti: Prince Edward. $1,401.50; P
du.i-i. |776; PriBCf William, $A64.25;
l*iinc,-. Anni. 8806.75: Pulaski, 8811.75;
Ra] palmi.i?" k. $949.75: Richmond city,
8*..-':"*4: Richmond county, $710.75; Boa
nuke. $1,891.76: Boektoldge, $1,829.25;
Rockingham, $2,787; Bussell, $1,387;
?-.(itt. $1,754.75; blienandoab, $1,688.25;
Smyth, $1,1.1 >; -"nth impti n, $1,627:
-pot-', iiiinia. $951; Fredericksbitrg.
? jo; stafford. $744.75; Bu ry, 9587.73;
-ii--\.$957.60; Tarewell. $1.252.76: War?
ri n. $658.50; Warwick. $1911.50; Washing
: lon. $2,277.50- Westmoreland, $**25; Wise,
$577 50; Ws tho. 91,388.75 : Vol I.. 87" I 25.
! Total. $139.'l6e,25.
Sim (inri Trcslij I erinn < tinrrli.
11 First and Second Presbyt., i in
churches Lase lui n worshipping, sine, tbi
ah-! un tn Kui'p. of IPs. Dr. Hoge, in
the -, pond church, under the \ istoral care
of l.'cs. Mr. K< rr, ol tbe First i burch, ssh..
onKundsymorning ssa- assisted bj n.t.
Dr. I'lehai'.l-oii. At Hut service ala
person wi re received into the rn mtiership
..f tin- Firs! church. Aft* rward* tii mem?
bers ol tni two (iiurclii - joined in p.ir
taklng ol tbe Communion. Th(.igre
gation ss is very large, and ssa- marked by
di Toni -dilution, excellent Binging (choir
and congregational), and by a charmingly
Instructive -cunnii from Mr. Keir.
Tin bi s? house of worship ol the I trsl
ehureb, ob west Grace street, will be In
isiuii earlj in -lanuary.and while i: i, ?ub
il mi: illy a reproduction of tin- building as
lt stood on Tenth and Capitol streets, ll
still have such advaatageseil rltetbal it will
|..ok larger ami more lorposlng than '..-.
Iii all, ol n \ MkiiiliU. Ill ILiIiintore
Mr. W. L. Woody, formerly ,,| t!ii- eitv,
dicl in Ilaltiiiu.ro la-t \\. .In. -.1 iy lathe
eightieth sear ol hi- ng". Mr. Woolly w?s
t.keit il..ssn on the Beth of dulv svitli a
-imk. nf paralysis, and notwithstanding
the best medical attention and good OUT**
ing be received, lu did nnt rally. Mr.
Woody leave* B widow, who i* now in
Haltimorc: one daughter. Mr>. John J*r
ratt, resMtag in Now York etty, and tot?
so,,*?two in Petersburg, Va., and one in
Italtitnorr: the la-t ba- been connect, d
a Rh tho American tat sixteen rears. Tho
other son is tho o.'itor of tho t/asoa
Rridt/t hitler, piilili-hod in ( a ito 11 couiitv.
Henrie.. I onnly (sturt.
The Ilenrico county "rand jury ss ere in
.. -sion si -tci'd:,*, and through their f>'i'>
iivin. Thomas ilohii-tou, BflSL, undi' the fol?
lowing presentment-: Robert Brown, a
true hill for felony. Haul Stith. a true bill
for felony; Rolx-rt J. Smith, a true bill for
felony: john Simmon*, a true bill for fel?
ons:' .lanie* W. Kubank, a true bill for
misdi?lOROf j J. L. Slaughter, not a ti ni?
hill; John C. Baily, not a true bill; Jaeob
Kinney, not a true hill.
Tbegnrnd jury wore (lisiiiu-'d I'i Um
Peile* t wurt
Tha following case* were ili*i>osed Bf
ve-teid*r morning:
.limps BOotl (colored) for carrying t ro?
ded Woa|Kins. Fined $20.
Peyton Anderson (colored), for liking
,li*ordcrly and using Btu**?I language on
tm street. Fined $5.
Mary Wren (colored!, for betUf drunk
md disorderly in tbe itreei. Fined $">.
Lewis I.milieu. W. Price and I us id
Ilolloraii. f.-r fighting in tbe street. Fun tl
aj each and costs.
Hod. Hackett, tarBHOWing hi* premises
Iai be in a filthy condition. Fined $_
spcaklna et ( heali-rllwl.l I iiiirlli.uiic.
Mr. W. R. Meredith and Major Hmja
inln ll. Nash sjiokc yestcrdsv at CbSOtBT*
n.ld Courthouae to a lurgeund appreeiailve
j., I,,i cm!ic audience.
Mr. R. T. Hilliard addn ***?*! u crowd of
negroes and a few white people
erne* and In. id- iii. at Ibo Eire?I'lre
iii. i. flinn mr- by the Ural- Le- ?? ? sad
Sunday WM ? bVtgM, clear tiny, and a
civ quiet one. The sun Rent upon thc
it'., m Uh never a cloud lo bads hi* bun er
.reek fha force <>f beat: and in thi* latter
o-ptct tbe wind wa* IBS I li?tlr*- agent,
- arc-Iv a bsnssa of cniisi iiuenee htdag ob
ert.tl. Tin- rtsiin na* dial after dmr ?!.
WUn llie tiiy wa* unli?i;ally -lill until ale.ut
-,'. loch in the iftarnoon, when an alarm
-f lin was soiaulid fruit BOX 7, at
tie encini-linL-se OB Miln Ret ween
twentieth sad Tivetitv-tirst stria-;*.
ii Ivs ii.iiTit, s lbs second alarm wis
urned In. and 'ii- relied oul lbs entire
ire brigade anti , rri'i'.i eonsidaraWeex?
ilement, A* bot a- it nae, men and boys
min -di part* tt tbe city made their tv iv lo
lie tire. The -tn "t-r!_|* -,! Idrllly fntlll'I
irtty so great a* to makeU impoasi
ile to ncc.nun.ai .to the patronage otfcred.
p mai -tiled
ii :. sit-.-ie street-car t!iiiii are-Hatred to
Ids on a regular railway eaaob. Tbs
un iitity of linne ! faces wm rem irkeble al
he scene ol the lire, and tim pi r-piiatioii
* s i qunlly mai
Thc tia i robs "ul in tbs buil.lin. ,,'c i
a,i ii by the J. C. smith Ice Company nan
i. warebouM. Thareare severaltheories
.?to its origin, tba mo*! plausible ol which
* that th. mum wm accidental. Anum
* lit bbsU boys had been playing aboul
? iragcroom, in v. l.i.. wm a qnantil)
i e. ni nail nd it ls 1
? ? . iiilliii. -,f a match,,,,.- a
lightt ii ? -,1 the Rn-. CouflrmB
: if si i- given to tbisi in ' tulon l.y the fact
that etie ol the b. ;.? vv- tbe Irs! 11 tin
lbs alarm si the engint-bouse, which ls
-uiiy little more than i square away,
IR.' lit" pru were SUickl) OB ll Ul'!.
They lound the let>hoi?e fully ablaze.
Thc building mat partly brick and partly a
wo.,.len structure, and .t hui ned fn
'? d on the corner ol Nineteenth and
i ?? treet*, and directly opposite ia Henry
Metzger's barrel-factory ind cooper-shop*.
This Ts a larne brick building and wm Hied
with thousand ? ol bSm li ol different kinds
and material fur makins them. The win
.low- had l et n li fr opt ti -1 urd ij night,
sud t brounh - . itroy
till ir iv iv, "in! | ? i
? ni n Inti iia of tbi bulldut : wai s mass
ol il-1? -il ?. im. -. Il nat
?rn i '.ly i lac to - nt. r and an awkward
to ti.lit Ire In. owing t> tbe ra?t number
. r barrell tbal wi ri it. red therein, l'ii,
idiiliiii ? . nu were R...'!v d un?
til, -'..cl; 1 lu--.
V'lj ining Metzg. >'- fad ?.
1 r billa liliana
Messrs. Travera, Snead A Co., {ants. A
large quai lily ol thi- .
lu re, bul fortunately, iustead ol it
il CoL,
ninl il acti ,1 v." v much to pre-. 1",
i "i- and tbe int. i lor work ol the build?
ing. Ti eel. rt* ol the In men I,ere vv r ?
? . ecessful, sud tue flame*
?.'?..pi ed here, t In th. n< r b ide ??! i irv
of My. ra Br tiber* fl Co., and i
time il wm I. rn -i thal ibis
io, I ul tbe u indon ?> vv ?,
ii i ii staTf, ?: ?! tia roof, and II
-av, d, Tbi .- lavornbl
i'll.-;- all precaul
Kow r down on I iry, bi I
and Tn. ntl. th -:; >tl . n. Kl to rn,. |ge
bonn . is < har!. - ll. 1'a, e's .il- nd
van;. 'I a Arc ? xtend. I to tl - ind li im!
Ibe - fbi. anil - large qiuutit) ol a o I.
'I - ? flrem. n niece, di -l in arrestin
ress ol the il im. *; nt
HOD, I!!,! - .1 il a eon-!.!
i"ii and vv?.,. I,
i- "T BKl -. t .
le it ol ll: ? ? lir.
many ol tbe In mt n. C iptain
I! : ? Paul, "f Sti tm. r Mo. 'j. li id to suc?
cumb i a: Iv i ? fl;' Ight, Rm in ? been seized
v* it I. coi gerti, u ol ti" I pi-'-. K . ?
c. dm rn li il tl rough a l, it. bl av ?
' il, and Fin ni in Figg tv
- ...plii,,. . b. -'. ind vv ?- ? ? h -ii. . a
cltizt ti vv hos. nam ? oul I n t bi ase
t,! V. a- -trill'', "li Lie In ld and -eveiciy
burt i j - . ? ; timber. One i a
I ul tbs rt tn ind. r f th.
Theft Honing ls n corn ct li-- .1 th. I ?
ami insurance:
J. C. ?;.?.'ii Ii ? < "in; st, im ? ?!? "il
building, 88,0 '..;'.
Niagara Fire-1 [Kev
l'ork, tf.SCO, Samuel ll. Pul
(1,900 in Hamburg-Bremen. Johi W. 0 ?
don, anent. Travers, Snead A Co., -?
I'a.soo.it '?'...?. iFire-insurance 1 mpanv,
Samuel H. Piilltam. ag nt; -.-.'.'.',,, in tb
(Hai. of Sew 1 ,ti.. ......nu, l il. Pi
agent; fl,000 fn London Assurance, John
il. i lait?
The Richmond and Danrl
i : iimnt oe ned Ihe '. . -
Mi. M. tzgt r and Mt irs. 1
? . for iu 1
North British and "-."nu in the I! ?
l mee < ' mpauj. w. il ? tb M
a." nt.
S thei Mr. Page nor Mr. .".
insured at all ? r. ll Hirer's lo?* is
:,' ou' ,-'?fi 0. He 1.1- n ntcd i
? vi nj ko i i. i ' on a ith lils work.
Mr. P
iii-ui.., J, C. Smith Ii ? ?' "
u iii iel , act tbe lo-- by i .
Ti.. > |< -r :i in of their art* or ! ors ?-. aid
iv ,!? liven . '. lal iv ..I
continue I .do io nitboitl Interrupti m.
11:? TH va tr ti Lani sticht.
Tin- twelve or fifteen hundred young
m. n and in- ladies) wboanxioi
the Theatre last evening t,.?ee i magnified
illusti Frenchy band .1 -
have I"en lor -Inri Illuminating the cltj
i hi, li v., re torn down
Rv order -,f tnt Mayor * lew hour*
Ihe performance)! mel arith a - ire
disappointment. The andlenci ol men,
?? pa.k, -I like lardinM In i
and sweltering with tte a*
Ibe night, vier.- all cxpe tati >n to
-- -? som. thins l;'.- t ? ' uriaian r in-csu.
The) pref.dthej rtormsnee with veli-.
i ai-c ills, -..ml ui:n -iiaiip ,1 stamp ..
-ia?ik the building ir un i i' to dome, a
fi Riaie doorkeeper and distributor <>f bills
bad welcomed tbi* arr a "f expectan
Thc dettounttnt proved t-, be in ordinary
vari.iv performance, such ?>? i- Hum ami
time again witnessed in tbe Theatre, only
tin- |H if,,nu,-r-. orchestra band, ind all
were composed >>f female*. Hurlng tit.
??.tau,! vocal and Instrumental ti rte'
it wa* difficult to tell wbetbci tbi
audience or thnae upon Ina stage were thi
perf,,nner-. Tbe vocalist- seen 1 ?,
pur b j* rpi. zed to interpret tbe boisterous
guying of the crowd m tbe audlenee nert
pe rpi. zed hon to -how their apprei lationol
the sh., ev. . ?! , oursc tho bimdr-ds of men
wini were pn sent win. nhea i-k l. ? ty tt
wa* Just what they expected to mb. lt
vta? I BOVel -i,ht tn ace fcHLiI" perfOaTB-tT
i,i evening dress occupying tbe orcliMtra,
1 nov. ol ot Wita, l.'t.ll.r'i,
Ti., funeral >>f hUss Kale MeGllvray,
daugbtei >>f K'i. Hr. Gilvray, took piers.
from i .-ntcti.il v Mrthodlst church 8 indar
afternoon, ind was attended by a larg ? eon
mgatioa ol fri-nd* of tbe deeensed latly
ind ..r lier father. Ber. P, A. Peterson
I'.uiducted th.rv ic.?*. assisted by Kev. A,
C. KIciIm-c .Hld Kev. W. II. (Tn i-ti Ul. Till
rrin.ll'k- nf Mr. PstflTSOB Wide ia .?>?! Ititi
consoling, sad tbs ahundanl tribute* ol
lowers Showed bow nlde wm tbe circle ol
lbs roting tady'i friends and admirers. Th.
bural wa* a* Hollywood cemetery.
t1iiiiil.irl!iiliii Journal
Th /,?,.'.".,m-f M, rem,till and Manufac?
turing (monthly) Journal, ,.f which cap?
tain Biebaad EL Fray-er i- edit,.rand pro
prletor, Bm entered upon tbs MeoHdyaai
of it* existSHOe, and i- tilled with labial.I.
matter rekORsg tn Ku I.mond iinlii-t:a. -.
IU adv, lli-ill.' column- in.li. atc thai it .
mil supported in ii- laudable effort U
keep before tbs world lbs sdrsHtagM ol
Ki.'itinonil a* i B-SBU-BCturittg and mer
eal-tilc eclllre.
A Revere III.nv.
Sunday afternoon Charl.- Debney, a set
nnd boi nineteen year* old, struck aiiollui
colored bey, iLiun-it llapbBB Anderson, or
the left temple with i brickbat. Thc tWt
reside ea tbs Pateraburg fRHifrttf several
niitf* 1,1'Iitw Maaebsster, and ifni int.. t tin
lleulty shout some trivial matter. Thc RI.nt
was a severe one, and it was reported lu
MflflMRRHtcf rretarday thal it might prori
Young Moore Head.
Mr. William Mo-rc. of Manchester, win
on Niluidav ihbt him*. If baeaHSflflf disap
poiutii.ent iu love, died Sunday afternour
..!. p: 1 i'll, !..
lames-River ImprereBBenl-Ttte linc ai a
?< avrsgrr-Sharp Spat Ahsat a TM.puoar
SldP.y for ihe Fair.
Tbe n gular monthly uiceHng ol the
loan! ,.f Aldermen was held y-'crdiy
vening, tin- foll,ns tnt: laphafa botog
iresent: Messrs, Adam*. Hark-d de. Bur
sdi. CabalL ciiatHii. (Sob abner, (rump.
)lcker-',,i. QbnrgOW, Page, Power-, H ,!,in
u-oii. I aslm. and William*.
Mr. Bas* Lom:, detained by tijuana, on
notion. Mr. Hark-dde wa, re'-iui-tcil l??
ake lite cltair.
The ( :< rk ta ml tho mir-ute*, and they
s rived.
lAMM MSI.il IMl'l'OSuMLVr.
Tin ,i mmtttea mi dun - Blverlotp i
Bent pr. s. nPd ft r.pnrt. asking an appro
ari.ition of ?.'i,,hai to build a .crew-dock.
iud for "iii. r pu poses of hnntnoosnant.
11 : i ri . 'ii-il ih" fud that if tha appro?
priation wore md nude the tug Henry T.
.'liii-tian vvmiid be l"-i to tl. etty, ss dj
I'lilly needed Kpatr-. R* f. r. d to the Fl*
sance Commllte*. ssi:i, authority to rape**,
to * it'..cr i ran li "f tba Council.
i: rt-AI SHS. AM) I'ol.Ii'K Tfl.EiiKll-u.*"
Thia committee asked for an Bpovuuilas
don of $200 :,. er, et a fire-alarm koa at thc
of Roan* md Uoddtn .Ire's. ?-,..
hrrod to Finance Committee.
No report* Iron other rnaimlHisn
ii ii r.i.y t.riii:,: uuamu.
The Hoard eoocurred in tlie follnsving
retoluttooi and action "f the ('oinimn
i ounetl a.- t" i. rtain r* ommend iti.ins
from Hu Mr**, t (*ommlttec ami tba Finance
Committee: Toe arranging sad Knotting
icbeduie of pay in the gaa deportment;
regulating the obstruction of street* In
f illness; placing the ?"frat i-,*gi
m. n's uuii'is nader tbe control ol ino
i ommittee on Grounds and Buildings; the
Mif rcemenl "f thi hog ordinance: pro?
viding forth* recodlfytng aod printing of
Ina oily ordinance!: p s ing cbtiiui sod rod
art,? "f publl -s-iiuoi ,|. pai'tiu.-nf.
ii.i Hoard ronald, n d rh. -ellon ol the
Council amending th* ordinanc so aa to
put the marl l i der the coatrol ol
[beCoi unlit*, oo Muk,ta.
.Mr. William* opposed this ma' I
?pe ch.
Mr. Chaffin n ; lied hotly thal Mr. Wi I
lin - wa. Insulting in bis remark*, ind
?nf. i. nee* ts. i- , nurdi tie ,
air, 1"' ki ison boped :i." ord!
st.iii.it,. adopted,and idvocatedtb* same.
H.- did not think Mr. \\i;'i t os in ,?[ posing
tbi "t.liliane, in, .mt i" be offensive.
Mr. Williams though) tin City Ena
best Judge "f what i* t l< d. it
might i. th ,; a i. ? , i i
I ut n;.. ml ii would Le throv
uss ny toj ii [niprovi men
i ? ?: mee it - . .-i ?:?.?. .1 In, .mis
ib nv voting
?? Mo."
i '.? , ? '?;,am e rn ia--, nal 'o ki hogs
iitiiii i its limit* ssa- reported.
Dr. ( abell, rn' tbe Int* r< -i i f the p ">'?
; - oj lo, though! ii- gs ought,to
nd be mw no I
allowed to i i kept in. i ? -
Mr. (Haigow ssa: I ter referred
t, tb, ( ? i ? '.t- ? " ? li
:!.- ni '.. put ,n '.'.r:: :, win :!t- i ??: not a
bealth-glvii anim il. ll knew
I bi li. .-. md u i,i- ! un* In th, eoiuttrj
I ll finn, ii- hou*' .1- p -?
iffensive n il
I'r. Cabell, in r ply. said Hut it the h..,
wen' allowed t" go ,t larg* in th ?
thi s ss .,.' I !?,' ci ii , ??, ?? th v ii .? n '...
tg ss t- inatural scav* nger. lt wa?
it oard-bi Bri* i n - is ir* to .!? p.-.t- the p > ir
ll prlvlh ge ? f k< ; m.' a bog.
Mr. Pow, i's v.
hots . r cattle ol inj non to roam tho
-tin ;-. RI, hmond wai arrow lng I i
was in favor ol rei
ordiu, itt! ss ii Inn
'i i n ;;n m, ss,.-. -i Mr.
, i ? , .
t! ii,.
t:: MBRB I'irosi . :, ,
Mr. i ..a!!.ii :."i
du aril -. I- ?? to fill I ii ra
flem < Mi \\ i.i .1.
ll. . i|.,l-.-(l SP.
and in- was d ' "i.
I ;M i:.n oller d th followln j resolu?
tion :
/ - . . I ' , '? "ll lu -
i to in
timi-- t. mond 'un for aboil!
two si ,1 -1 lid tor al . it the
' w . I!. William*, a ti,, inlier of thc
?' *. ? Itj "I Rich?
mond owns, only a -.jiu.", oft*, sn engine*
hous, wli .-ii should bc ti." pr, ;?? i pl iee for
Mr. : telephone
u ss pu order f the < 'om
Belli f ol i: .' I . .. pm
tl- tu n -'"!.. vithMr. '?'.. i i,n?.
Mr. Dlel i- .;i - ited that Pun' cismiuit
i'i re-p'it- . '; linne
in Mr. \
Mr. * - exanii
and ? ? I into,
goto th. Ri ?
un ni .uni il
Mr. Page said t
ri ads li . :',' matter.
Mr. V. illiam-i - -ii be I i tha!
mitti" consisting ,.f ,,:?..? front ? itch
ie inquire into lh< " a
wiiii tbe tele| i elli
Iii- part of the t-itj. Iii never *oui
ive Hu
Mr. < baffin, In reply to Mr. William*.
si,.. Williams
i feet. Mr. ( haffin tnrni tl I i him, ind
??tsii,.i,.tsn. ? lr: I've gol tbe
- ? ' i.t h. down, bu*.
. \\ | mis refused to take bis seat,
ind isked thal tl.(Tensive lau.''ugo be
laki n down.
Mr. DI* k"''-"n in -i '.. , point -,i or?
der, -i 'iii- i ia! 1." a id moved lo las on
the table.
Mr. ul,-.' ? ?.! Mr. Dlcki woo to
withdraw the motion, but Mr. Dickerson
;. and Hie resolution a is tabled.
Mr. * in.nil, object* .1 to b* Ing i il "ii.
-using thal Mr. Williams had lieen iltow
od to make a long *p* *cb, ind he thought
i: bul ju** to allots bim ... reply.
Tbe president; ?? I think sou were al?
lowed lo do so, '
Ml. * llaliill : "I call a-stii, vol, -ir. I
in bal half done I had only begun bi
warm up."
rm: -': ITO ctn*.
Tbe re-niiitiuii appropriating 93.008 for
t!i-n.linn', displaj u tin Virginia rstate
Aigriiiilf in ni Fair ssa. taken from the
Mr. Dickerson and Hr. Cabell opposed
tbe resolution.
Messrs. Glasgow, William-. ?'ballin, arni
Barksdale warmly advocated th* ippropri.
bi lon.
Tbe sesoluttou ana .nurtured In, mils
Meters. Dichersoo and CobeU vottoa
?? No."
Mi. I?ii ki i-.n ventured largely iatotht
orstorieoJ tit id. coosutrdog about ti,re*
quarters ol bb bi ur In Ihe three tun. s ttin
b, took the floor ob Ibis quartton. Dehau
waa finally stopped by a call for the pre
ViOUS (Jliesfloll fl: ll! .Slr. T.ivlol, Who ..III
be ??didn't wmt to -'av all Bight foolin:.
aliollt ., lliatti r."
iiik mia riuc i.iiiin.
The resolution organtstog aa Ki.?errie
li rbi i ommittee wa. als,, eooeurred in.
Adi.h.rued at IQjfje "',-look.
t ,-:. i ii .1 ) vi ii rsiouisi -.
s i rterday the followlag satntoofaol tn*
campaigns tround Rtcbmond and Peters
inn .. in, -.lnpanieU bj Minn,her of fri. inls,
arrived la Ihe etty from r\wtraa
Monroe ? fa I beaapeakeaod ohio railroad
Captain W. A. Read. George ll. Allen.
Aluin ?- N. Beawravea, Benoni Lewis, T.I.
iirithn and wifi.nf the Fourth Khodi
i-i md Voluateon; Thoma* Benth, ol tin
-cu.mi Kb,de [aland Volunteers; BJ ij,
L MOBchoslir, of thc Second Rhode Island
: Volunteers; Welcome O. .Inliiisoii, Second
Rhode Island Volunteers; William Holli'
was. of Hie -cveiuli Rhode Island
Volunticrs; F. R. Darling, of th*
-(South Rhoda Island Volunteers; Jo?
shua M. Addeinau, BeOTnbafJ ol SUI.
ol Rhode Island, ii thc Tenth aud Four
tecitth Ulindi i-iand Volunteers; Wilbarr
P. Johnson, of the Fightcetitht'linnetkui
Volunteers; ll. Whltteinoiv, of the Tw.-u
ty-dlth Ma-s.iciiUsi'tis; Hov. Bk C. Fastou
of the Tiveuty-nin'h Mas?acbusftt*; Rev.
Virgil W. M.iitoon. of Hu- Tweniv-fourH:
New York \ 'oliinteor**; Welcome it
-.ivie., John ti. spark*. \. R. Lewi* au,
wife, P. H. Kelli v. Martin ff* Young, f
M. Kenvell. C. II. Humes.
To-morrow the excursionists will gc
Bttl to rilifi.u.g. Tbs roexl day tats
will return and go over tbe battlelelds
around Richmond, and Friday will visit
Frederisksburir. Thc excursion ls siren
under ihe auspices of tho Fourth Begt
ir.cnt Bbods Island Veteran Association.
The reKular monthly meeting of tbe
K. ard ..f Iiirectors of the Chamber of
c. minerce will ha hebl Thursday evening.
The city, ro-inty, and district committees
ni the Democratic party will have hes/t
u'iarro to_ether hen, probably on Main
Paras.IBpha In Republican paner* Indicate
Hat Malton! ha* no disposition lo coax
cameron hack Into tba party. Thc breach
i pm! ally a permanent one.
Yest' rtlay and Sunday' were scorching
t! ?>-. Kt opie who hate returned from the
eruntry 'tish Hiev hadn't.
Tasterday Coroner Tailor ww aaHnJ
uj un tn view tin* body of an old coloy 1
woman nan,cl Juli i Condo, who die.! ud
tlenlv Nturdar Blah, at ber linnie. So, a
Hague street. Ko,-', tt*. She was uh) tl
ba ninety-eii'lil tears old, and the Coron.-,
thinks she died fi om old sec.
Tin (i. sam; vere In Virginia eek tinted
tfaetr Anniversary last night by a garden
patie ai,- baRfROt,
11i-?ii.fi:'* Hr. ixl Preparation
ls rceiitiiincnileii and Bsad by physician*.
ir i- tbe I-*t and healthiest flBfl-hsflspesardai
To Suitor rt ho is* Ktrhnionil TelepHene
The e. ntral office *w!i. l:-l.o*tnl tr.ns
mltterabflvlBfl bean dHBHRninned, it I* un
poMibls tor tbs opsnflarsto mmwob onjoi*
timi* or sjeik (fl y..u at all on IbS
e.-ill-wiri t. Ynti Win flier, fore igpsdlOS
buslnen and Unprera tbe mttms by
restricting tbe nae of tbs tall Hares ll flM
?i,-ipie _raa___dsste41 of order*.
Remember that ran; rim. of ymir Ml
ut!:,at's thal veiir Order hi* bSSR eaO
cuteti. while two rtn-^ri ni .juic. succession
means "line ts Ib hm," Dort nlBflootha
levcrtn,, .|iii-:k!v. lave lbs .perstor time
to ung ' -
If f.-r anj reason mu do ant obtain m
liriiii .liste r.'-i ouse l i au order, d m't vent
y. ui -p:te ,n tba llBOgiadfllfl tran?initter
by trying to bton it up --r l.y beating il.
Tbatonly muk, - muter- wasaa.
Don't 'Hic-ti hi the day oparaton or at
tetnpt to engage thea iu > mversattoH.
Thy cannot talk back,
IR r.'t sail tbs central ofliei-, but simply
give your order nitbout my rlr rumlotw
timi whatever,
Alwaysorder wires diseoanselad m -.ton
as through talking.
' ? rin- -i.n't'.? "e .un,?ctiot: is made."
I ??? I .Ha- -i_T.it es --Pile ls ni ll* a"
Ordei connection with ts'u or 100 if you
want infortnatfbu oi desin to seek irmake
? on.ph.lnt.
-I. Wu .... Xint.'.r.
IT Too With to Heep t mit
try Antoni's -o.i i-vvat'r draWB frmn bl
splendid Lafayette fouutalus, a- cud a*
ic, iv it!i pur. fruit -v rup*.
Itt.- " llarvest-ST.Min '* li-curston T.a
I'oii'f foi ret that 1 - detigbtfnl trip Ry
tb* _riet take* place to-night, and Uni la
addition to Isl of ittractlonfl
off. r. 'I ri,- far,- ha* been reduced ens ban
Intents i'm r - ii axed, and children
? ? .
i ? ? ? in i. ? :,.:.bite K'i'U |..
- !,.-? .-. bul to i i' vent aa) > hm a ->f din
ill .u i iboard.
This i- plot Wy tb. isl of tb? delight.
? ,',i - i L-i -i>. >" don't f iii
-- ? card ol Mr, L. ? i. Wau ia tn ?? K lu
? tlonal " column.
Kr. J. Si vvRdi Ki, ii ;r 1- ii i- n m ive! hi
office* to hi* residence, N... 7 north >.\f t?
wh< re tn- ma* ;? , oasiilte I ia all
ebronii '. ranee. Ree ption-parlar and afr
L .- on in .in :'
The lr _m bo! stopped my bttsuMSB,
.v'.i orders nrorantlv tilled at 1.1}.', Cary
-ir.u: or Vvest-End, Broad ami borton
<". ll. Kv,lg.
\b-oliit. Iv Pure Spices.
iv!"..' and .-loan.!. f.-r nickling and
<erving,al B ''in-', drugstore, ".J! north
-? ond street, between t lay mil I_e4_rb,
ami in- Ri.il. rai price ti.ao mi.ci ..i thc
ti"-!, *old in man) places auder thc b_hm
oi spices. We also take pleasure ns saying
P . Bi ih i'--t lil, .ic ide-. Ill Hrga ni
-mill quantities,pul tri:, the I - B_annnr.
at very moderate price*. Tit him. Twen*
-' ? sp. rience.
.1 I ' i -v I Ha:-vi; i - -ii. ni
I- -.-?- !', .a a - t" ii.:., i d- sdi,.. i_a.
: . itu Material* Him you
? ni R'. ?.-. Try lt.
~U< "tv l M. .loll i'll I'.nv,, ii. u-v .y. "ai. Lil tbe
-!? ? . I!"i ...
v ? - ll*
ll ta ttu ia .*-. I'.'.t. p.*.. ? RBtaSpoSaH
B ni ii. 1, Triw ri.-.ir Ha* a
Hill tl Wltl, ll el,.lilli I'. \V
i '-.-itiii.1, s-i'hishvi, ii ii tat*flaw*
. ; :. i ?'. .I,, _ii ka, is ,.r Boon. SHH
JOH-Pl IX : im. ul lli.'-liorli -I in lice.
THE Kl.uUl.s. l. kil*1l1 IN'UAKK OF
?;.. rolla* ii _ i- an extraet from :, i,tr* r written
1 p. tin ?, ? ..?????. _/-.,?. >m'r. if t 114111 ?
\ ll! mpv, : ia - .
Jan ??:?< i. lia '!", Rr :? ? iaS v' .WhMSan
I till J | ? V i " I. ? Si.III,:...ll, ot
I 111* Vu-nv. i.fllil-?v. ar. -. -ir,- Huts. IrlH
! i,,.i ? ', 1- -ii,,- "it Mr*.
? f.. i,.ii,i ?- ' ? Hw sad anafla
?n_. .-,.!!. ki:. i itt ra, vn;-.
wis-r.-m ?- -oi i rm v.. arTRLT nllevn fln
iii,) from pain, _u.t rora* Syn tam ml ___?>
lt, fi. ii- Li, ,-.in-. r. du . - n.Sain.iiiatlou,
? I curies il,.- Infant -ifely
'!,, ;.. Ultu.-i? 11.,.), ll i-erl'orni-inraa*. ly
i-t to |. rfoim.. itv paw nt it?no?
il c..' -. vv, tu. Betas sa Mr-. WlMMn?
know her only ifltaaflfl Bm BraflM___BB ot tar
- r ip fe l ..illr.j. Ie tull,,.'." If Wi?
ll 1.1 um pawn ws bmM _mM i..r. a- -pc ts,.*
ll -avior la Ul. inf:'.... rac.. S.ld by ill
Tw.nty-ni. i eiit* a !>"Ule.
! ? . ' BBBlBO-t. BUrtt ' ' ? i-'-'e. 4 IR M..
Hi near Lumps's-altey,ns Anana
lem ia
i. p.. i ..UK to t. vp. iiirutt.iri, sraaflerv*_B_>
11- Liv...at, BTuaaflj tor lona scarfs are rich
iBU-tOUsaaa -iii*.. md 'wst't ? un .01,0.. ia
-rtni il.e .i.tor* ?rv uio-lly dark-tiid'*"). black,
I a -? -I Hi. Ivan- Rein* iii diu.'.i lu tile, but
slut ni Hie 1,1,-1 t.rllliaiu ..dort, five and aomt
,111, -, Vl.l .bade* ts 11,.-us,1. allti uioM lielutllul
tflfe.!-. Hunter's sr.fti ia BBS- very nrx.ly a* a
irruutil-li ade. and-.al-., ia roi Km?a new nui
MMra. < ardlui! .. ii ISound ,R*.|, fl ?*? much
le_sib.it. i-rititrly. In ihe mbRi laadBthe Rah
lt.*) clin-k* will uiid.iBbted;y ts-eonio (i-iialar.
flaasaa Bnaaa-HnaHaMSM black uni kssA Riaek
and 'ard.ntl. i.tsiwa and Itu. tad l.mwn sod ???y.
Vein, il, cut MfaflBMi -lri|s- at,, now f_s!,i..ii.i.
A. -Alts 1 (.'(l/n,
iiitBBt tlv orniaiTB posT-riirrt.'B).
Ito SI
?,?^-Hsr,OM *?,%_tTRr.?HHIlvi.
niMOLUtiWV. " kw?
Ea. If, BAKBBTn cinaeotLm witt, nw.
li_____<!___ _S_ \*"??W?nt-a ..ncaVs..?__ S, 'ft
Hi?Ui,l dt?Mi|ye,l. I.'.*1ennl.?_e tl,rr-_v,i__,., ,.
Ii-Tvtoft.ro H. W. * Lsnti'9 E-tiV^m-at JLaii!
? y, BM -t.t Br* *d if reel. ^ T ??.!??

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