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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 04, 1884, Image 3

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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Mariintalile- lt* Patt and Ut Pre tr ri I In.
?r*sraienri~ Ile ai y tHair T***rr*
t bar. btt. Ar.
I Cr*a-a*a|?ort>Viice of Hi* Richmond lllipaleh.J
Makii-.mii ir. i),!.:!,cr '.'. looa,
Tl*** duly DtSfoHh naobeaaoreal 11:111
A. M. (he dav of puMl.mion -(wentyfonr
beran tn adtoaeoot the Baataaaon and Sew
Yolk i-apep.. It c mies Bit Danville upon
the IVanville tad New Uiver railroad.
Marftnivith is a ihrifly, growtog tiivvn.
li i? ibo count] s, ,t,,( 11.uri. and i* tony*
twa ml ba from D.auville. ll H incurc >
tated, ami pn teat! a hilliness ttaraet, lot
Mailinsviilt nt lo dav I* v.n ditl't real (rom
Bbl Martinsville of Ihr.-e v tri
Tiri* vlllatrc a v - -iel only ot
a few Irotoe dwelling*, .me country hold,
and f, ur or five small BtOfl s, .and Bad ap
|tsn nlly no loton '.'.(on it. Now then
arc to ht teen werhtota hostly totaoied In
coiiiiinciiiii.' htadrwwt atone, private
dwi -itu* ??. lobat ? neiories. tad wold.
iriui-s. (ti- ertlraotedthat thetoueao!
haodfod aotkown i topi ived,
In tbe i our* of r*onpk*tloo are four tobec
co fa, torn*, (wo tobacco wairbouaat, one
la' , niacl'i?e--l)Op. A block Of lil-illes,
lrou-rK. ora bili!. In dwelling**, and oil,
!i. All are being bud! of brick. The
Bather used lo build Ins is cut in tbe coon*
ly, rind tin brick! arc manufactured a" (bil
lillie, itu ic ,ic lour brick-yard! hore.
Amor,ir other improvi-un ;u- is a mu
ami wi-ll-ai i-oini il Bucblncrabop and
fonndiv. owned li Unveil ,v Co, The
pnin'i,*! bnsioera of Martiosvlllo la the
BBauiifo-eliirr ind sib of l
i com.iv of Beary, it i- well-known,
lais.s i luperior ela*! of dark nutmeg
ot mabogany-eolored tobacco, espscially
adapt ebewlng>tobicco, which
ara) I- with t ,,ii -a,- and d) rn indi
I Al pre-,il!.
lol I - ? ? bal iln n- an three largo
wan )ie);s, - -i'i,.un'- warehouse, Brown
,v -i io,ar. |' 'i i-i* ?'"is : Ortno Company
rn . Smith, I lavis ,\ ( ,,.
i w m house-, ll (ir-;,ui ,v II.ml, v.
pmprieton. All time wen- built during
-. The number ol
I | ? bau lied tic hr-! v. ar
lb:: ? ?? irk, li ! bi n was, i- -,.
i'i.- milli 'U-. 'I
lt a ? *n iloiii.le tli.; I, ..
(, : i ?'? of it wi ' be shipped In
'IV. a. it is the in
i of ile ni ? to Lin all thal
. bad. ll i- ".id lu a lt
. i.i- rai* ! intbc
r jin: !t ;> ta ? .el pei
i , ? n n Henry i
I!- ?, ,| is wdl '
i aod l. li i
a m< if, narrow ai
I KT' 'vv ii . xclll iv iv in this
l ? demand
thia count)
and town, - I lt bM
? ?
1 Uli-lll
fac tn i ni* of ibe
i >
' r in maui *?< ction*. ii i
,,'. md sold * lb nu count) to ? icco
? '
Vi ? :i rn o;,, t is paid foi
, ,,f l ie
? unty ;
raw i for I
ii fnrm -r ii
I me* by
' ' Ta, h idiny
md ,:i vi ir.
. II. C.
I - -'. . Georg ?'. -I mes, W. M. -t ritz.
?\ l nylor. J, li. &
I . I: Br ??
v.. 1'.- i '. (J. Vt. Lester, B. -I. tir
nd Pi on, Watson a P >nn. I i
i :.-.o.o.?i i nundi p, r -.a- m. '1 hi
tr"in tbe mid ll, ol April !?. tbe ml Idle ol
nor ?';:;.] eyed ii elderly
I - -kil lil and .-.i-i!v
lb i).
Abonl Ihe town of Battlmv
i ? ? n th) im -' r idlca chai
-? ? In !--_ there wi .
tim, -mali l.uiinesa-bouaea,and very little
II vfa* invest,,! in m .
Now. i-s4. : lix) ? ,, mi
linns doing bmin, n ippolnt
edaouac* ten ?! them handsome brick
?I. B. Lav- I
ind, r. .1. I. Bead, !', on llrol . .s. .1. i,\
eifiei At ) . 1 .i>. Hun! a < .. >] ?
.v vi athrow. D. li, j ii. all - ni i il raer
efaandis) : - nith A P r
Hah. drugi ? ? Hives .' Munford,
hardware; .--. ott .' I thin*:, i
Tin te arc s ?
rotor, tl. 'I!,- i: iptlst* bav, n ?
It ii exjie,'- d "in iviii I., i .
boldtb, |] . k.i. I
B. ll ll vi , ? - tb, pasl a.:
ireh i- !.-,-:.ti 1 ir, a beauiifu
ijtovi mar tl Rev. I
John i ? Tl l' - ii--' church l<
> - )
P. -. Rb .des, |
' . '
? . > Iiurch in th, I ,u i:
i ?
I) rs in tbe SI Pretby.
, near I the vii.
-? ,1. The "tyl< I* I!
i!t ol brick, and is very han :
Ri v. R. ) ..:-'.
VI ,
11 - ? - -
? ;,-. and farm ind othi r kin I
ol labor an- v -tn in,piov.-d sineethc clot
in. , f thi soloon-.
? ! ? I k. Th
is H., local pal-, i .'i.iiil lt*
lo ia, ,.i build up Ihe material Inter?
est* ol Martinsvilli and Henry county, lt
patronized,and the -'".ri work don
by Its< kb i.
isl l.
Pi V , AND V1C1A11 Y.
A l-r.-i ii I ii,.- Nuiit.uai vi,,, a. l
li. rt el oiil'n BMW, rn Hi.ntl amt I a .in.
? c ID
I'XTI i BU. Vs., Oci*j i .. I ? ..
nm ; ? fact wo* well esl iblisbed
l.i v.-I. rriny'- eventi al Xottowaj Court
- v i/.. tbat Ibe lb publican v ?? :
lb, c..uiiii i? overwhelmingly in f
Brady, You
??ut i< it ihe pulse .I ih, people on th
tod, and tia- universal nntlnent i- timi
Kviiti- will ? arri thc county b] a large ma
fjoritv. i?n" ol tbs leaden "f tb, lode
pendents wm beard i wager
? ; aould nol i
oo) handr) il v,,n - in lb) county, Thii
Bray I - i emaii ? tunta ti ol < 'ol u IB
fm! can h ii
di Bled tba! Ibe great bulk of thc ll
ian vote- will ia rael for Evan II ?
Bel B i Ire, ri 1 I
I'd, i-!,i,r.- friend-, nol lo mention ,.!!i'i
inducement! (brown In, bli
Ibe t ouii-hoiisi- would have
-ii,-ti. \lae '? rilli- of the county
Republican! ?en friends of Evans, and
when Oovernor Cameron s|M>k<- be bad
? bel., lo i.i ??' li io- v train< inn d '.v n
la-t . v Bing, di " tin- ?peaking, th ? . ? . ?
vi .t ibe S
tiona werea
li:. ii Who li ll
through th - - il I- burn
I >.- Kt m - ni
N otto wa i I
. i'i ii .. I d'.' il. Dlnwiddle, Bi tins*
wii k. and Mct-k'- inti) -. -.11 f
vain. li. if 1" i onlitbiitlv ellimo I. b< Will
... ic BVJ lo t.'"" Hies s.(t!i??? ||| i ,
t.vi.??,nc tis i. ,.j-'i i'i'-- that < itonel Brad)
mai in ? in i -si ula rc. ll is even asserted,
vt itu i v.n "How ol -im :"!i. ii. il Iv mi
vn'l cam I', lera! rn .-. I( Q .vetrnoi < uoe
roo will ci.-.-i t le loki i i-i
ii Infuenoe will eertiialy be ii ll ob
Hu da) Of ilicti'iii. ll- p.as.-.-, . Cn- COB"
Hot ne. .,( Hie .ailon-d |? OJM4 , and BO ipoke
Hu iruii, lister,i iy at Bott ?woj Court
blltra when h. -aid h.- bul neve* appealed
10 thc |s-opli h.-rc in vain. BOO tba! be
?iiei? inti randi nv trowed h"> po*
aition. it b believed thai hi- voice wiri b I
Itttjiicntlv heard in OMNMdtton I, Colonel
Jiiadv botarata 'hi* tad etootloO'day.
Mr. John **. Wis,-'* only faJtfoacotOOUt
"ui-i.?sioii!i .ghi in bil ipeeeh teater*
diy wu* to tbe ' wet thai if he J iv* ?! In tb.
lotirth dui rut he would root tor Brady.
I -ualof \\ lthert Will *|S-ak lit l.le'Us
Vilie and Prince GoOffC i-ourL* in -Nt WI IR.
il wiii hoboto Beat woth to tttead tho
Beoakraof tbe firand Comuiandery of thc
Yir-rinia Kniglitt Tempten.
D i* difficult to foretell tin- action of the
iMTiocrati, Conv, litlon here next. Week.
The atatafJou ol th* ex pcillincy of a iiourin.i
liou it excitinx aluc?t a* inueh tolOfOtt as
the fight dow going on belwen th<- Repuo
in an lactlom. The Conventiuu will duubta
les* act wisely, and only after a full inter
al'iiioc of opinion. 1'be delegate! will
?ernie Irrtb from the iconic, who kaw. t t
bc opportunity and ,l?. 0"V * n**? ??*
he metier in all H. Imihrm t2? 7
..cl. t" iM-aaid on bott, Mde**_ c N
lt I* hinted thal the Itiftur-ncccif ihe p^
n til* cont, st, nn.lt!,:,, 1. ?n,d,'bo :
- outr in ll.e simp,, nf a rtvogni.io, n
.lop.l Bnidv as th,, rt?rita*.. .
,f tbs^colored candidate or bl ."bathS
? by ld* friend* bj ? tjtn-ti.n ,.f ,',,'
Ut lt Might inline,,,-,, aouie of (|?.\
vl.oarclnoklne forward to 1 he cnTovinant
f lbs Govi nunent'i favors. "."'????
Ti,,-woods tin-r.uti, reported ta lids
..in... vv.!- ptoduettveof reVj i,ti:.- ,1 t,i
TbesBBgsRtlM timi Bm apara Pinafore
?*?7?3 ?'??Hypinduci ,v ,;
liiit.iirs of l'l-tei-biir'-. be .,.?,,, , , .
bebeoentofthe neeTy^Bciort'oplSuJct
roo bave been thrown om ,.f emtdovmenl
'"'-vuM.uciitfivi,,, TbJobkS-rTS
.''i""^''v-t:.pera next week, and
treat many tieim* wm i?. ,,,,, (.
.n.oc.n..,..,, |,,s ,,-,.? ,,., ?-,?:?,,',?,?
lu- L-iiiliineu are voluntailli buying
,ii- in -., each.
na in, and ow water butm4i -'ill
limln?bteg. Boru abur.
le.... I illina nu.I BastOefll lulu I rum
I 't .nb ni ol' lin Tottn, , ii \, ,. , ,:,|j0B_
Ile I InI llrlek.
|( one |.eint i el , | ||? II',-|,i load |i,. ,-at li.I
(?mun?;: :;. |ss|.
Captain B.''. H< radon, ol the I
inoclatlon, gives the -nie* of |, il toliac-o
or bad rm otb Bl I.ST7.99S pounds, and the
verngi B10.S9. So large ;i raul ..f tbi*
uantltv wat priming* thal Captain Hern
on tiiink- it not fur to compare this
v< rage with any other avert i.
1*1 ' qiMntlt] ?"l'l lllirill". HM tob.l."-,,
? .ti ' ndlng . ii ib.- soth of >-i I mit
7.54H.014 pounds, ind t - \ajfl.
i the pi. vi. :i- year, St%A08,ll'2 p undi,
nd tbe ::xt ralfe |13.43.
i be crop sold in Ihe year lust cloted w it
stlmatcd al from tlxti to icvcntj \i r.it,
f un aviragei roi,; thal -old ii, the pre
? dins xt rn- vx;i* itu nv, i.e., crop,
i nt MTcagi ' i tbi ? i.| ii .tv I, ing cured
i \ irglnla md North I irolina . ?
twenty lo tweuty-dve per li nt,
i.ie r iliiin the .vi . and tv
:. 'i : i from 100 to 900 noun ls p
ml tin- total vii bl i* mtiimtted
il'i t> |., r cent. ,,f ,,m ., ',;, 0| [,
I" III Iw, nt] I" l ci nt. -bolt'nf xiii it ll
Hld bave i "t n but for tlic drought.
In th. crop now Im ing curt d,
1 lin Iii ro?
on think* lhere xv ill ,,, para I dr propor
on ol leafy, Inri -bi wt ->,"t- and -?, 11
di -rs and
i ? ' ?'-. ind lt ?- than the usual propor
i -. Aub
itb all, I..- think* ib.-r. i* u fm prospect
i thc plant, r and di ah r,
ne regan lin I to the cr >].*...'
X'. . -I
il the pio-j.e,i- for b '*lnes*
i nd points , ciin .'.i with billin, --.
Hi rndon tsj twenty
'?->?, xvi 11-aiTai
lat of O
itt y,i.i. uni mon Binn Hie usn,l annual
? dwellings and other b ? .
? combined i
< :? Huber i f ("oinmercc
? lt, r it un* ; avi been rn ide ntl tin ddi f ir
? ? ? - f, ' llX " "'.ll'' , | thi
Ri v. pr. ni ,t Mi?. Martin li ive n turned
I luring td i mox t. ol
l - arson ige and the
I ibe nen one Ihej uili oe ? ip.
? ii - i D ' F, Hui' .X" eb mv
Pl -bv: ri in
? ul* ct iuv i''it|ttii luv Itei ti -
t ie to the marriage of Mr. J
?it ken*. ,,f Know lil,. i ? nn., t ? MU*
n f Mr. Dani, I Mcdill, ol
' .. ti the Ttb instant, and a rc*
. nth.iipleal Ihe lu ut. tl Mv.
.'. X. H ken*, ol Halifax Courthouse, on
? i* iti.
The 'ir-: bri. k ol tbe Mount ?
[etbodisl i burch was I .i.i yi -t< i lay, Mi.
..' ii R. Pat '? i uttin-- il down. Tbe
ci i;d wai laid bj Ri x. J. McX. Simpi in,
a Alpha.
I.-I Sf X ||il ills Pi i i . ii Bfl - X ( .it.li" elli e
. X i io' X|, iPs i 1.1,.lum .X-,i.i l.ni.nia.
?' e .'.?'. 'ti-.--ii ! Iltiuati li.)
ll:: 3. ISSI.
ii,, ( flirt ? 1 \|.:.' ni* ii-; .-? I t f tbe
. ' i:-io, -vi -:? rd u ?
-. P. Shirlo} . J. E. B . from
. ih. I h cn a i.
!. I'. Ketklei .1 - L'nlon Bink ol
,r.< Ih ? ti r. Di cn1.low affirmed.
John VII wt jj iv. Tin Ballimore and Ohio
llft.l'.l!. Ile ree below attii'.iiul.
kc., .. dzc, tte., from Pn di -
Deci ? bel ?? iii rmi il.
.1. ;?. Had. ? intj ol < I irke.
< cn. l el w n versi d.
-??nt Episcopal Educational
. Church ii - ilni.str dor.
rom Augusta, Argut I bj Judge Sh
rappel I ' 11 ? ?
. ( od,rdi ! . iill.l . , illili in ,|
i :.J-_- Ultu HT.
- of Staunton arc tully
: ? rrent r's w irk, a itu
i, Iv om thousand pupils: Ihe propor
.-. ix lilt. -. ):.."?; colon d, "-IT. Mr.
. s. Bowli a. the illili' ur -inn rlnti ndent
? ? ?' rms, is in e'.i i:?_? .
atkin X--'ei'llii.ll
ton i* t .kin.' sb i>- fi r the holding
,- -? elation ' "ni"!' ni '? here .1
? fall, to vvhi ii all ?
? ?
. large Dino
? :7. Tb. .? ii - .
. ..i w :.i' !i 81,000 l- 1 ir ninnlug
id trottlng-hor-es. i oloni I A. VV. il ir
ii, lin- president, and ' ar>1 titi Juli in
tai . . very "liv.- in their
c | n miiiiii- i* ii lin ' tiru-.''- for tbe
milson., -t baby, and a commitl e ol i
;. - |, i- :.,. ii i. .i" . -? I, ,'? !
. decide 1 etwi cn IheeomiMiting l "!? om -.
Hon. Ran. Tucker ls actively engaged
?vv ni canvassing *tugusta county. A
Itizen ol Staunton lu* pul up BlOO which
, wants lo bel thal Tu ker n il!
!?irid. No ti.r. i ;.i I n pori i.
I bi canvasi i* waxli tn in this
linty. 5 or daj i?sse*
ithoul public speaking In SI ii ita ?? li
ie county, < oloni I J. IL Skinni., one ol
ic I st stump r* in the Btate, ti i* b - n
mole on account ol Indispositl m, to
i.t r Un ii>t, bul to-nlghl he will I .I"- tbe
.-. iii put In -oin.- heavy work al
.. !>? in ? ...ii,- hotdqutrters, on Augusta
Tine Pell,nu I lin I hil- I le i tl: If b, IVU'll
I.il,In v nml lim lull- l nun IHBIB
? ,i, Richmond Bl
xxii i MM-iu bo, October :, ISSI.
!? lill, - ran high al 1 orktown yetterday.
!,:. e *? |. u itt ni' ? ting* w !? in progress
I the aame lime. The Democrats wen ad
M inn- .lon- -. l'-'..,,f Glouce*
, from the po '. orktown
I. tel. Ili.ii. r up tin- itreet, al Bent's
1.1< i. tbi Liobej men beni their meeting :
ad Just rs ros* tb, - i' t. nd twenty-five
dial mt. the Mitchell crowd were ga*
hired. The last-nained wee iddretsed
. BBtt-Mabone ran lii.it.- ter
. . .viiite man n inted .x tami,
ol Norfolk county, url
^ , ,. pondi ii rrrlvcd al N ork
,.i,i u xi., .md lound 'pm i
i botu ii! the court-house (County
.uni 11 ina ,n -. --ion: sod d Ihe bead*
iiii.it. i- of ,ii. !w if Mahoni -
, .. xi of til" Bil?'" J Hld! wore i
. .v..* not present blmsi if. bul fl
ni-, med by three or four colored ufoee
. among whom wi rc Ute eustoin
?ttieei- ot Yoik aad Xewport't Sew*.
?i vu .1 of the ?acotee men were tcettered
n ninl tryteg lo tsonvutce tbs lollowsn ol
iii, b. il tint they were iimum^ Um irand*
kt i tin IT live*.
Al mil So'clocsspsflklflg was co amence I
v tbe Bibil> laetl ia, which flffl* IU
. iH.i !,. bx tbs Mitcinii bmfl until tin
,.,i.., nt Mlti bi ii bfi.lin- m treal thal
(iii,ii, ll m.) Li* crowd retired to t m
tide ol tin- -tr.it. oin- ol lu- leaden
?.diing out, ??Tbi- way,freemen." Small*
.vend, wlms|aike fruin a Libbey itaadpolnt,
:.itl tbaI it tu- had blt w..v be would whip
vilteb.il for hi* dtaobedleeee te tbs Bepub
i.:n, iiiliy. tad Bint iurlflS lbs div* nf
(lavery oben i iBBawsy aegro w?i caugbl
in lir'at tliii." tbe xx Int.- man vv mid <1" SMM
Ostrip bim uud brand i.i:lu willi aied-liot
The libbiv nun bad Bm ?rger crowd.
lim li fact inn eou-ui'icd about two lt u l. -"
Ima te -ttcskiii";. Tba number of Darno*
?isis arba iBRoaatl tu Mr. Jone.* wm quite
argo. Bis ipocirb bm weil reaaitsd, aad,
vdglflg ITOM tht el()*eattention Ki*(T?. Will
?? produottvi "f Muebgood ht rmi moIiob,
t M?fl USS tint Democrsllc spSOOb timi
tm htut delivered In York (luring thc twin
nalgi) Mr. Jones i* tenth a pleasant and
[mellie speaker, and take* wet! when vcr
lie is known.
1 wit* informed by a gentleman wbo saw
Si crclnrv Lincoln at old Point about two
week! sxo thal lhere would be no uuvell
ln< ceremony of thc forktown momumeot
on the lilt!-, or at anv olhor time, a* re?
Most of the time of the court wa* taken
itpto-dsy In the (ri ,| of | negro for ?hiol
Inn- I member of :, dorcd *er.rct society
knovvn 1* Ibo s'h rbi Bead.
The coiirl-mom revooiai li tho condition
it wa* when bfl bj thc Malone OtBlOB
non some weeki tara, Boat tl Ibo lataJ.
ture hus been repaired. Oolf BOB ti I Bl
nilling In Ih, rear of thc bar le'maln* stand
in*-. Tba talk ..f mdlottag Ike leaden of
the row has, I think, ibout died flit.
1 In M.ilioii, ten vv ill. I learn, open ? r'' "''
tog-room ben, whleh will bc wed ttoeked
With Ibo Ra,Heal literature, and rum BJ 1 tn
alloat that il thev can make their arran ,'t
BMWli ralM toe fitnils? they propose to
OM ii I hotel, where all af ll"' T-ii? 11r?11 vv ill
I e liken In. The lintel Hm prop.*,* shall
he i" romain.
A mass.,,;,.,.|h,c.,i,,l fl,it:-raisin.' will li?
ll,'I,I Ol) HM l.'lltl (eotirl-lli.V). Ulrl'T Cl"
BiamtoMol Um Cl) viand and Beadrldu
( lab, Pottf or live BMBaOfl Will bl pre
it.I. BBd n big lillie |scVpe.-ted. Tho ipeak
11); will ha ll) Ihe eouH-house. ff.
Iii rpi:r<> I BT.
iii.- foll BtaaqBi laatilie Hm ? hoiera.
ICrri-iairileiirrof IhePlrliiinin.l IMiptltii.)
KiMvsii.K, Oetobcf ?-'. lao*.
Thc Hotttourt Airiieiillinal anil .Vii iiiiii
eal Kai.- opeoed here yesterday and will
en.. ? to-BMMrToo. The exhtlittof lire st ,ek
ibowi ll -I Daidourt fanner* are nli\?? to
Hu- luipi,,venn ul of i|tttlily md I.recd.
Tbera an more boron of liner btoed Io
llat deportment than wen over exhibited
bet, 1,clore. 'I'll,- di-play of fattie and
sleep i> not ns large, bul i- good as t i
quality. Tbe department of produce, do*
m. stic and li'inrian pioi|:i, : . (mi's, Unw?
in. Ac., is will ito,keri with line v.n ii lie-.
Tb) ce!',-eli.ill Of lippies b tbl best I have
i Vi I I'!!.
Tb ladiis' il, ii i it in a nt lb-i rves'ospc.'i al
mention M being thc most attraetire pan
of thc exhibition. Botetouri ia lie* know
!i,,vv *i. -.-,-! onanehthing*; andtbodbpby
of fancy-wura rodeeti much eradll ni ,b
the cMtii'tt, I*. Every kimi of domestic
ma niifiit lure, (loin ii fancy pincushion ii
ibe handsotne*l illk-polch quilt, i- execul 11
IB Ibe ui'-i lu wit, bing -ivie.
Thc poultry c mp* an vv n iii!"d with
choice tow I-?a department too often ne
Tie mineral ipeclmeni are not u nu
men.in a- 1 . \i i ted I,, lind them. Ill thi
tounty, so rich in mineral wetlth, th, n
ii. in to be a much larger calla ti in ol
ui - 011 i xi'il.Hion.
Th, di .ugbt continues unabated, and ba*
I,' ec, uulte -i i i"ii-. The farmer* at?
ti I'lliiiv lin- Pair report va ry ii,iii
ion ii. and i'ie-oil incl ii i1 .le ol pr, paratl ':-.
li.rn ? i. >; > was ci.ns, |. rahly ih irtei I
by tbe drought, and pasture-fl Ids en lure.
I re ha lieen no rain hen lo soft< u tb)
1 for Cn ? months, and tbe dust h is
dines! covered everything-. Stream* are
-<ii ni-.' low.and tbe water quest! in i- likely
" la COI lt i -i ! IOU! eli I. Il ,_- ell ,|,'| | j.
lng to i Lu gi , \fcnt iii pirti
i!ii- county, and several "f our large
[amii r- have lost aim ??; Ibi ii-1 ollr -t wk,
?in ra li ne lost i ir fi ly.
n nourishing l>'iii"i nile cl i
uetu organized al Glade Creek precinct in
Ibis county. Tbb i- Ute lin! time thal
nllar org ml
ind I I) .un thal Hi,- people are th u*n
i'oi.-i ri. Major Daniel has i? rm Invited i i
- 'ot in tomi timi duriiiii iii.--:n .nth.
' I hat .. foiiii-?.! ll t irio,i, pf -
. nnd the vote ,?( thi* old
? . .
HALI I l.\ ' Ol NI )'.
Daaiel'a TriamMaai Marri il rb Tram
Ur. Beirar.
-I. | tel In |
.-..'? .. Issi.
John Vi. Daniel i* undoulii, di-, m .
a triumph .1 mai -li through ile- end ,,f bl*
I .-: il i Dan
club v.-.- r, rmi il with unb ,un
To-nigbt Major Dani) l speaks hen. Th ?
town i- crowded with visitors. A* I wril
ire nilli a- il'' i- uri ??
from thc nain. The question with oar
pu pie i- u!.. rc will Mr. l'.i ?, .vi in
win ii tbei . - me In.
i m.i:.
I hi train h.- iu-t arrived. Tbe crowd
taught -i.'lit <,t R, F. I', ?irne. Bi,.. ,ui In
ii a> i ? l 'nc Hie, and in response t i e il!
lie reade brief bul eloquent md pal
r, marti ir,un thc i ar platform.
i lr Atti ada are Pilli trw ) bare tie*. ?..
[Bi portetl fi i tin- i.npneii.i
UXTHA.NT < ilil'if. )
h\ci >- < nv couNTT, Octob) ri, 1884. v
'1 he lii'ini.ir- ni itu miin ?'? al thi open*
! a -1? v111_-,, i i^iii ministers* and ?? i a
l;ni-. was ;._v no mi mi i itisfaetory i" Ute
lospil ible pt opie "( < barlil City, at
cp, ? ?' d tn icc ;,s many, Tbe opening ser?
le n wm preach, d by tbe Kev. K. ,'. ITir
? 11. I.'t-v. ).. Anders ,n was chosen mode*
itor and Rev. P< yton ll. Hogc temporary
Two new churches?Bon Air. in ) in?
? iii, ld county, and Aberdour, In Greens
lunty?recentl) organized by Kev.
W. V. Campbell, presbyterial evangelist,
.vere enrolled.
!;.v. T. Peyton Walton wm received by
.lillee,' mun Palmyra Presbytery. Mis?
ti ai i. \ i all from the Portsmouth church
,v: - pr. -lilted and acei'ii'tl Cv Ml. VV.li?
Rev. lt. Hendenon, formerly of Ports
. wa- at bi.* ottii re*|Uc.*l dismissed
o - ivannah Pn - ? ?? ti rj. He laki - i
,! a cbll ll) Ol > iv.HUI ali.
The in imam ni Committee onJForeign
Mil* lons w.s i.is'i nd. ii to apportion
imong tbe churches for collection, Inequita
i.le i jin ii.i-. tbe sum of -i.:t-'i. asked tor from
bi-Iii-ly ti ry by tbe Ueneral Assembly'i
tnnmittet* for the cause ol foreign mis
a DAT.
(>, rOBRB 'J. I*-!.
.-.vi:.! dditional members, both mini?
td - and i Iden, vv, re enrolled io-,law
A call was preaented ireiii the three
!, ir, bi * In Accotnac t ounty, Makemic,
noan,',,, k. ru ,1 Powellton, tor tbe i -
-i i vic?,r R, v. William Cnlnn, an I tho*)
, lu.ia ie - v.. re authorized to protect! I -
call before Ihe ) besaprake Presbytery, ol
which Mr. < binn is a member.
Thc Samozinc cbutch presentetl a call
for Rev. T. T. Jones, peal r..( Brunsw
church, for one ball of hi* lime, i b,
ind eburcb, - concerned were edi d
i . m p- 'i' before Ibe Presbytery at tn
adjourn) .1 moettng, lo be held In T ibb?
-ie, t eburcb, PetersbuTR, on Tuesday,
i.i r nth. at IJ M., that tbe case may
ia di citied afb r all pu i i< - tie In ard.
Tbe next ipring meeting wai appointed
to be In bl in Kn thi f ksburg. The time
Vila Hot li.M ll.
Kev. W. A. < ainpiiell. prnbyteri .1
i v ingelbt, nari n r, pori ol lu* work tin ??
?; ring Ilieeti'U' Of I're.l.Vt il. \
ri solution wa* p .--? ?! - ipri isin
Ci- -',lien-, ij.plana: and ici', rn m.
The Ri v. Jami - P. -iuii:i. chairman ol
in Biotic Missions, prr*
?. n't ri ? concise report Betting forth
tbe committee |; u done, and i nsentln;
Ihe demand! ol tbe work 1 ir tin future.
Iii V ll VV Of lin fa I Un', we li ile!"- li rilaW
ing more from the general treoiurj to aid
? le dmr, In s ih.,n thc elim, I
ibe Kn si.yti iv liav intributed, il ? ,
- ii as probabl) i necessary mt
that the appropi. ii."ii- lo -in'- of tbe
i burch, - long aided li mi Ibb fund -
? ntl i ul. This feature of Ute r- p ?n
t licited an Interesting discusi
lati il to awaken th. chure -- lld il bj Hus
fund t.. rio nore Ibeenselvi - f * Ibe sup
f tb) ii intiii-teis, tbat tbe mi.
tnlghl i"' nb ri d to soi ic (Xteul from
thii ,!i Bund, and thus in ibl) il I i dd Mie
,, vv churches and million -I dion* "J" n.n
a- tue work of Hie Preibytery Isexteodod.
lire lu I'aarlMiit.'tlli
The KoitMiioiii>,-ii,,ii World n re bnra
ed yetti rday. in.un d.
Sot inlUm tu Lennans..
| By aattt te Ito IMaoaieb.j
BXBIIX, ni t dar :;. Tin- V,
lette bateau* ihe lae*roaM ol Boelal
isin in Germany, tai.iaiiv i" the
iiuiniiti o( Socialists iii parliament,
who, .! i* . vpc'tnLwIII often holli the hal
ai.ec , f pawi i in i vote en important gin ??
lions, lt also calls attention to the ia ?lei i
Hon and cauiH.n dbpbyed in -i fi idlng s"
tiaiistic iioctiines in contrast lo tbe toroter
. i.-i-.-i'ti" petto* ol that party.
fspatilab Loan tu ll. inn. the ? ni.mi
I itv cthit to tat Dtantte.1
Mahkiii,Ociolier ii. ?lt is runuuari tatt
the Bpeaara fioTaianial in- Bogotbrad
w c h Piiri?itn bankers for a loan of ft&aWL"
,Hsj to relieve the Cullan treaaiirv until i'?
tluatlng debt can be li(|uidiit(>d. It i* ibo
,,i. il that tbe Hunk of Spain has already
li.imleri lo (he treasury ?jo,000,OTu) on t*>
ciiiiutof thc jmytnent of urgent expenses.
Toothnehf it killed by the great Conquer?
or of Pulu, St. Jacobson.
?***???-?? --?*-'? st-a-xy a?
Wind, Pats lt I. ,he Houbin,! (dump, ir
SIM DeclSrdly AsBln.ui,, UspaMlcaat.
A Chicago special lo the finclnnnll
kitgmrrr Mys: The st,ic Ii,.??>crslic
tentriii Committee li dtroting mssj
of i;s sttsntico j?.i now f() ?.
hg thc Independent vote of J the
?tate. Attention ,, pm* iipwmBt t0
Aim-rican Br-publican* wbo are opp,ted to
Blaine aad ... Irish ItetfloembT^rbow
vie for the Miine min. s,n:lu sh,.,.u (lf
|ir.-r!nvel,ee??ui toevsn yotl?./.pn
liint in tbaBtateoolaldeof cblea io Tami
number over two tl|,.t|s;??1. g^oi .;?.?.
.lils it printed a re.,,i"*i !?i-,.?,, ,,,? n.imP,
ind pott-otllce addrrases of di American
Republican* wbo om. Blaine, all whn
in- undecided, and all Irish Dim UM ms
wbo:,redl*-:li,tiuI viii:, ( I, v, hud. Ad
rterabflva bessi received Iron alton! one
toouaand preeloeta. Tbs retaraaaM n ny
'???iiiinir in nt Ibe rate of fittv tn one hun
il ru I a div. Those rseeteed make b abo w*
Rb] thal i nt nie,' turprlslng and er-tify
Iflg to tin I)c;n,.eratic BBRtagen Tiny
-bow .-tn storage of five Bepoblicant who
h.- oprs?ed i? ni,ii,,. |(, ,,?, yodBgweMRi
?Hict. while the average of dita?Ulled Iri-b
Inn.men!.- ti only about one barf of thal
number. ?*.. rea of tba retona deehan
tbat th.tc. ian.. dliB?'ecllon iii the localities
from which tiny come. The rd urn- ->
i ?: i ' Ired i-ive tba mom - al al.I liv.
tboiitaodRepiihllcBM who ayOl nu Ntl
for Biiiine. MbotiM tin-rem dui,,; preslaeti
five tbe -.un. BTarRRBS lotalof ten tlini
?and or twelve tllOBMRd will hs found in
Illinois outside of Chicago,
.PjB clotft in lott?BIS Of lim lri.li tlef,"
lioii cinti'it be given, Mnnvof tin-return*
?"lue fruin lot littles oben are very few
Irishmen, lt is bell iel. however, tbat
die Bomber of d?au?ned Irishmen will
imt reach more titan OVUM) .,r 7,00010 Hu
stats beyond lbs limits of Cook e milty.
Another showing made by tl, tereturai
is tb.it tbe undecided Bttnumlcani ire th mi
tonal in iiiiuii - r to tini*e wbo opp ne
lb line. Tbi w Ignrc* do not lu hide I ie
.??ne:,ii* xiin. b,iv,- bolted Btate?. Gene?
ral l, -ib, wbo lu ? intel ii ehtr pe of th n
work, deolan * thal lhere n ill be not less
iun .-'..ii o Rei nbltcan German* in Illinois
ivie, will vote f?r Cleveland.
i be Bellin.niti ? m in ige ? take e i i
from tbe n tull ol thu canvaa* in ht.re waj -
li. n ' ne, ii,ey believe Mut if ohio -',
I ipi ' ll I" go l'"ill.i. lillie IQ, V Will e il. .
al -. lin ligurm ar.- ilao taken u an
ndicatlon thal ( loveland aili roi run fir
, bini ll .n-i*. n. xx hal be losesi
be hiah ind thc Gi rn?u Bi publicans wbo
r, le lor Harrison will be Bude np am "i,
in- Ami i i -ni loders ndi nts a ho will
tot, for Harrison, Th itv., sourc - al
rab * imii loasc* arc expected t,, balance
Dr. B, ll. XXnrrrti Say. he tn. In,ovum-,I
vt !., ii Be I net mn il thc lit,rinh, r s, ninliil.
.\ Buffalo -p.ciiil says: Pr. Samuel M.
\\ :n n h. wbo obtained a ihare ol the uni ti
rial li ? ?? ii iii,. ' , ib, '..ii r alni
It n rs xxl.., have i ngnged in li,,- bunn, -*
?f maoulai luring L'lcvel ind scandals, ha*
.ul hi* con-,-ian,-" i v.
? in! fi ir of puniihnu nt, and rn ikes an
cont.n. Tbe follow ing '
published this evening explain* its If:
" ?; Neva:
:, v. ii to present this Mat m I I
? ii ? hi roy behalf. Tbe i level in I
i.iii mle i I., itt, r has been wide I id md
- ?,! and tbe Marni ha* all li "ii pul on
mc. I am wt] tobi -ii- ? uno oi v. bul n il
bat been gi
wa* all
und r thc influi nee <?! Il ,n.r in Mr. Wi -
ford's - i -.I i lcd into a* heme which
I v..mid nol lu".' into otherwise.
? i gol tbe documents an I ke| I
tin!,, and Onallj ;..?,- them np
Ibe Sews. The dUpal ', - k ni
to il., - were wi i t. n a! Iii*
i (jin -i. ll.- paid fi!' ''?? rn. 1 il i
in i il 1. nd ,"'.v f ii t* in tbe case, but ik
? 'ik.-ii Into
iii ' ?. Il lUttJ, Cte I li:.-.-;,
?j. i, i -, lion- "i,, ii,, - ii, tbi- matter, ol
e, Indi 1 nu inn..c. nf. I hive b. ld a tod
i IB ? ill Lull .1". i ni b ive .bur fri ind
rel lix. - who tufter now for mv folly. I
mb :i-i. tba! I ikill Hoi bel tami i | ir more
IIiihi i- my due. Tin .i! :n I is itijnr. i n i
ni - ? n uch i* in; self. Mr ? leveland li i*
- ff) n d bx lt, tnd I I*!* bi. frlefl '
io I e yindi,iiv.? in their censure,
? --.?ii n. If. XV vihts. M. I>.
? i J. I--I."
t?M ul l>V Ihe Mme ( uiilliiil'cc tn thc raith
fill lor linandal AM.
x p. s Moines -jM-ejai -av-: The Repub?
lican State ? antral < ommltt. e yeaterd tv n
-, oflfidi i,ti.ii circular in xviii,-h they
relate the earnest endeavors they are puts
(lng fi nh to tare the Mate, and thal the
tame involve a lai g, , x\ endlture wbidi can
,i ly tie md by tbe voluntary eontributi mi
af those Interested. The parties receiving
the circular?which i* evidently only in?
tended for Keib ra! offill -hebbt* -arc n
iu. -'? i lo n mil ..* i'" rally at they
[eel justified in doing, and a* prompt'}
t.*i,'- |blc, a, thal the commitb ? will nol
;?? r. i for iviu-.i ol tunda. The cir*
ruiai con tin mt ti follow* ?
Every Federal offlce-bolder ia tbe State
ii n i entlv ibe r, ?, ib ol ol i similar
. ? i ,v:i--. iv ii -Reform Association
if Xcw Votk cltj warning him aol io..-,in?
ri bu'.' t", national, State, or other political
ration* funds for political purposes.
lilia is bul a device ol i ur p illtictl enc
mi, - io crlpj le tbe woi lc ol thi H ?publican
.ra mlzatfon.
I be *' 'lion ol thc law quol -.i by the
i in tl* ' irculan ,- h< re elven i.-. full, ind
wit . conclusion i- r.??u-b. d i
This does nol in iny sense forbid officers
f.'iin voluntarily contribiitlni to p-1 .->u-.
nm Federal officers for political purpose?
II'. , ifil-Se IV ice ( ',1,'iHlli-sloll l'-' if lil--'
. No ni, mb, r ol tbi* committee it a
I-..I. ral "tb ' r, and every Pedenl officer cu
?ontribnte funds to it voluntarily without
.i-i isl ility ii;nl.r tbe etvil---rviu- act.
tbe enemy dei .-iv. you.
lilt) I.'.' ?? if l?- mt-itali .,. ion
i ,i fork W'.rii.)
Xi -i. ni iv Grover < level ind, tbe bones!
mi honored Governorof the Empire Mite,
? nb red i Hain In Albany and a u
whirled to Buffalo. There were no stop?
pages tor dcmonitratlons, bul everywhere
?ie rom.- tbs rtpoph ihowed their ap
lion bx wax in. Digi uni laluting tba
train ia lt twept dong. Al Syraeuaeand
I toe hester, where brie! Bto|a wera mad-.
i rOWd-S of . lil lilla,! I-.lie I )? i.'l'e-ri'- XVeri- Ofl
.,, uti. ..me and chi ? r the next Pre* -
ib ni in * ipontaneo i - w iv. linn.- w*? no
r, ar-plalform exhibition and no wot k' d-up
tntbuaiaim aloin,' the route.
At Buna lo tout man "f bumble beginning*
Stl'I liolltat purpoi.-B waslll ttic Hli'l-t of lui
fi imda- thc people vdu. bad kaowa lum
from bivi., od ;" rnaabood, Md who h;i l
->t u liiin ri*e from tbs IU?Htsi of local
honor* lo the proud position ol Bxseut *.
ol iii* foremost .-state of Ihe lui >n aa I I
ebosea standard-bearer of the greatest ol
ihe _-ti-.it pf iii iud parties.
it ms tbs lir-i v;*it of the Governor t ?
bit old In ii.e ilflce hi' nominattoo for tin'
i ;? ndi nev. The web- tine thal be i''-r' ired
M li.it div uuii llvln Bi
proud of. li waa ot,.- ti, it the e ku ti
at tin itrongesl endorsement il,*'
tbe candidate cn have, for lt comes from
tbe people a bo !> mw bim best sn
are ti .i able to Judge lum.
It ivs- a rainy <i ij snd ? drt?dr n -??' '
.. and V"'i 50.000 ie..;.;,' -t,,.,,! In th '
it re, t- to wi I' onie the flex! Preai l nt.
The whole i tty wa* Bb?ts a th
and bursting with cntbus?sm. Unll
clubs fi,un all tin lOWRt Ifl the
roundabout wera lhere, nhl lLOIN -
im.' t..n iel eon i* ? Baaed In ri t k Ix f ir ?
??tbe man of destiny.** Tbs represents*
liv. un ti of tbe city-tood liv lu* lid or
lii-ili bed in the pr.icc?I.tn. It WA* ?Hc!l i
di monttratlon ai Bud.do aever mw I '
Thu -'iiuii in ttifcatiition at toe home ol
i,.,i, nu vi lett land i- bm n rdight cvldeti
Of IBS 'celine. Of IBC !'? BM JRCJ "( lie '??
lire *<t:iie. it wi* never mon rat
mora horjefnl, or more M's?tire of ric*
lory. Prom every quarter conic- ' ii ??? ??
regiment. Tba Indonafldenl Bepubllean*.
wi... sra dst ermined te rabuks th
iioiiiiiiition of B??kV, are Btaadlag in*"'
fully Ly tbs cii'-e "f honest government
nail n form.
The Mata ol Ni w York ii aertain to ea*
Ks tote for Grover cleveland. Event* '??
lilt- |,a.-t wuk bflVS c iiitlrined tin*. ?? "'
fi .un now until the day of election ' "
.au*.-which he represents will '.nw an'
itrengtWi wBI tts growth.
The Dsmoeraej) ol N**? York teni gr*1 '
hil' and words of cb. er to tbeir slr"
brethren in Ohio. Tho hour of UftUMPI
(.anion Kv, apt arr* Barber.
,1.. cable u> Ihe IHtiatch.l
LORROR, Octotier t.?Sir Evelyn Birm?
in* tent a dispatch to Ihe Goverinndi' ,!"1
(ieiiorsl Gordon, atu-r bavinr; bombarded
Berlin' for some time, effected Bfl ''''"v
Into thc place and recaptured lt- ''"'
r-bels and hostile Inhabitants fled win " ""'
I uiiibaiduit nt ceaaed.
?*-"AA sJXAiJL/rL J., V/UIl/JJ
Th" "?! AtTrr the Grnnrt Demonatratlen
'li' i.nirrnor Beeelvrt Hil Trlrml,.
lily iilrrrai.lt to the Dltpaleb.J
Bj n tit., <Molter *..?Nearly everyhodv
In Buffitfj ?? inUcineio-day about the great
aen-fonitratloB bal night In honor of Hov
enior '!. v, (mri. The wendi,-r had ara
2. ??nntlfnlrv clear after yeiierday's
''".'"? ad s laure number nf vliltlne- or.
gani/iuians remained In town for the pur
lKis,.,,f pni,,;. ,'?.|r reepecU to the dlitin
gOaAbed vi-itor. After hrcnkfast at hi*
roomi with bi* Alhanv friend, ho re
eelted tbe Ur-t caller* at 9:M A. M.
I-rom that |??|r ?B(atil he took hi*
Hinch,. -, ,i ? ?;,, ..-..lock (hen- wa* in un
iMerrnpted itreaa ?f visitor*, Including
I" rtoni In all curiiti ms of life. For each
he hail a hearty handshake ami | ptoraant
word of -.-r., tirir-. AatOBg (hose who vi?
nni I,un were many of bi* old friends ami
ic'l'iaititai,,,, |q Buffalo who had known
him w h. ti bo e un.- bon a poor hoy. Thi*
sn i cor n the Ct,mo- drove about the
city, viM'in, Bia old friend*, many of BJasMB
Bi bid ii." taea since bb election to tba
gubereatoi il choir. TbbeVamhag tho Gov?
ern or dim I ..t the re-id- ncc of Mr.. Waller
I arv, wi.,,.e rrjtet Be wa-. VIr-. (ir* BM
beg Ix cn prominent in thc Itnrbett loeb! cir
ch- ofln DaeenCity, har elegant m nobra
an Di b? in avenue, n?. fnart uni honO
*' meal tl,,i..,i ,;hf:.re in Buffalo, wm I i
raeneofa l rfllbni ptberlnglnbonorofthe
?"? ' :i.loiii,ICs ?J I'lin-s, i.
HW UMiiaah ''? ott Dtanoaob]
< iiicm.o, October 8.?Notwtthrtandlng
tbe favorable chaoge in Mr. MeCQllough'i
-?' ndlilon, be was quito viobal tt
Hine in, - v, -i, rd av. Rab, in mel, pra ?
lieally a pt boner In Id* loo':,, under, the
lUTTelPance of Pinkerton detoetteoa, who
'i*1' i r<" j ii ill ibb nat to ainu*'' him ami
dtatraet bim (rom bia primal detormma
li'-n lo go h. Ii.troit, which vvnil,I hm
I et n tbe ia -t point in hit tour, nnd pin -i
cal r,,r,, ii oi iv employ, d when it ls ib>
Bolutely nc ..irv. Be wm allowed to
ible eui ?.ml dine willi a fri,ml yesterday.
Opiateabave been idmrafstored from time
lo time, and ia-t night be w a quiet, and bb
fri) " li !;? pc f, r g.I lean!'* from bil
nlght'i i- it, Mr. Coner i* expect* i I i
?nv, i? ri. an I it u anil ?,.,,(, ,i tbat he
wiri pt rstiadc Mr. McCullough to return
wi-li hini to S vv y, ik, ,,i i i s,mic place
where le can bare i ebano of recovery,
.ami Rive up hb idea ol going on with
le* -en-, ;i. T |:, a. loi's friend* kepi u ;wl
uni il bul i;i';lil what tr inspired in his room
sfin hi b id bet n torclhlj ? .'. a to lt. Bt
became quiet after a time, ind sat down to
a iran e i f card* with one of tbe di t ict'ves.
I irii ?,, f Hu*, le- wanted to leave iii- r >om,
.ac1. |?i -ii i-i .ii falling, tbe detective bar
n d ' i. wa,. v. ben be flew
I n cane anti f, lied tbe niue. ?? ?
floor, sentries*, witbagoah sevenl i
loiiv i;i I.is s,:,";,. Tl.tin i- of Ihe vv itch
n rushed In and overpowered bi a
11,r I lilied Mutta uh tl0*1 Utter Ile
luce.i I ri.ncc mil ITiiua.
| li, i ? n i i I*Us ," ?:??!??'> 1
WAXaTNOTON, < iiio'i.i- :;. Inquin il th
I>. pail i ni ol SI ile (aile I to elicit eitbi r
roi iii' th ii ? I ri. obi i f the dispatch in
l lon I ? ? ibi ??! i" .'i
ital inn ii.:-'. I i Ile I Mat, M nbb r John
RihscII Young bad arri vi I nt 1 i I'-ini.
sm!, a, lei j under Inatruction.* from Wa*h
ir ion. bad inf, rmi ri Li Huns < li mg thal
tb. Iii ia li Government had requested the
ition ol ile Knited -cit.- <? i
nu nt.
Mr. . tly visited lin- Aineri -an
I <
d .v, be h - i r, n t,, Ti, a Tsli n, which I*
v mil - dbl ti:', fr on
, n he ha I an and
with li Hi bi < hang, bul w i*
on the p'it ol Fi'itiee i ;? ::;? illation, Mr.
Young prior to Ci-visit bad had teveral
conti n Bees Wi.ll Hi,- Vic, lae. i . a-,,:! un
vt I,, H.,r < dina vta- di-i.I to take an)
ate], toward a ii tt'emenl i I the c ,ntr u
vn-t with France. His recent visit wa*
< len i. bowevi r. li i ni ide i requ il for
teems, favor
lucba mod' of settling their dispute, hut
neither is willing to lake tbe Initbtory
Pun.*. Odo!,er il. ?The Ministry deny
tba I the French Government has asked the
United **iites io aol a* mediator iii the
i ' ? shall.
Ali laecniloii In Kentucky.
!'? tell .ru I; (,, Ui.- IMlpatCBd
I..I :.-di.i i, KT., October S.?Wish.
Fletcher I, elm, dj wa* to-day banged .
Paducab. Ky., for tbe murder ,,f Amanda
?I-,, kaoi in August, 1883, Tbe murdered
woman was the mother of Pbteber'i mb
tn s*. Be became eoraged ar the daughter,
ami the mother wm killed lo defending Inr
dlUgbter (rom Hs-aul!. I hons inda of peo?
ple, mostly colored, wltneooed the exaeu
ti, ti. 11, teiicr aililrt ssial tbe crowd li i
loud, timi voice, bur in a rambling incohe?
rent way. tor -ni lou-. Kev. Mr. Ri
preached bb funeral sermon from the gal?
lows. Ki. teher prob sted bb innocenoa to
1\:> !.:,!, -Alitl orlVe Ila' lilllie- nf l-'ivndl,
? au,', and Prank Borne! (negroes), and
ino while men m the parties whocommlll I
the crime, lie knelt on tte trap and prayed
f,,r everybody,, ipecblly for gamblen in I
vvlii,ki v-di inkers.
I'.il.lii'iu-itoai-li Rare*.
[Ct ,. lerra ph bj IM Ditprti ii.I
Nw Yobx, October '. i-'ir-t ncr?
1250, divided, for ! :-bi beeb n il
Brighton in i--i, tbr, ?? ? ri ol i mlle?
Barney Aaron won; Faugb-a-Hallagb
omi. Battledore third. Time, l:slj.
ml nee --ame pr:/' l, W Inm r to be
auctioned, one mlle?Weasel won b) tv i
I i; Ch ? K,:. jilin i -ec md. Dan K.
third. Til:.i . lilT.
Tl I race? purse H nt. divided, handi?
cap for ni ages, one mile and a quarter?
\\ ave ,,' Ligbl won: Hazard ie ;ond, Monk
third. Tune.-.':17.
loiirih lace-?purse f*250, divided, one
mile and a furtong?Woodflower won;
Kio renee M. second, Nita! Cirri. Time,
VVIlcrenlMiiila o! tilt) Ibu Ii.-iii.ii.s.
i Iii IrtajTBI !. lo Mr In,nat. li.I
i -.-MK. Kv.. < "et iber "..- 11 "I '?
transpired tbat tbe (acts publbbed lani
evening ai a itatemenl ptiri irtrnx to come
from Ge, rge A. lindi.man were gleaned
!!? ia a letter writlen by bim i" a gentle?
man in Ci* iii v. aud an- perfectly reltebb.
li bm also been developed th it lieorge I .
and Andrew Buchanan vv ri own on thc
i ? inti. Hamilton and Dayton train at
(layton, Ohio, by a gentleman of thb city,
Bod th v .-.rel tn .! they won i n nutt to
Detroit. Ti.ere ii bo question nev fut
they have crossed tbe river it Detroit, tad
: resent il Windsor al the house ol ?
A nol lu r ITra.-Mar-.lial Rllletl,
i Bf lt Mar art, lo me Dtapateb.1
, ic too. October 3.?Captain Dave Bea*
ion. leting Fire-Marshal ol this city, wm
fatally iojured b) being thrown out ol bb
I.UggV vv bia OB bis w iv to i lire Hus after
noon. An enxlneandtbc Manhal'i bugg)
collided aod Kenyon wm thrown over the
dish-l* ard tod run over by thc heavy
A VI lek sr tliisiueas Ta! I ll rea.
ref aiiani't mi u io-.
Bow Tore. Oetobei .;.- The builnc**
lalltin * throughout tbe country oe
in the la-' week number for the Hulled
? i't. un! tor Canada .'? total, -IT.
il 213 lat! wei,. Then ii nothing
| illi'illai- lo Hole il) ''ollll, iii',ll VV i"i l!,: -
i,ililli. The failures are mare numerou*
lb hi ii-iiai in thi south, rn Stale*, and light
in S'l vv .'.uk ? lt) a- col , I '? ?
i iou* oeeks,
DlalretaalUK Drowning Accident.
: ic. r. ?-. .. i ? Um l':-|i,'i'ii.i
--,. Ia i i-. Oclol er ?'..?A special I ?
Pi t. Dispatch from Mexico, Bo., -n
Jackson lin'in o,bbdaiigbter-ln-bw,
? i 'u,i f- tn ut ri-ii wow drowned n hi
tempting to eros* t Broom mar Fl
roe county, to-day.
I lie I'oMniastir-l.cii, nilibili.
i Hy Iaw*e*rat0 Bi BM n |
v, i BixoTOX, 1). c.. nd,,: i- J.?The
I . ii d of ten dav- dian ll h Mr.
Hatton nay hold tho offlce ol P .simaster
i.literal expire! to-in arrow, cid i' .'.ill lu?
ll.'icy to rieaigiuti- or tppolni penna"
in ntly -oin,' pt**tofl to lill Hi ll "iii ' lief,,re
Booda) noroiBg,
l.overaor ll, nilrl, Us I.oIiik ld Olllu.
|l!j ttlfir*|.li lo Hu-lila)
Imuanai'oi.is. brik, ttotoher I.?Bx
i.overnor Hendricks ha* accepted au invi?
tation to vi.it Cincinnati and deliver an
.nidi-ess OB October lotti. Ob the lilli hi
ii tn vi-it I 'loveland ami make a *!><?' di.
A Hilo tn aaOW l-l.
i Ur Irlaarai'li lo thu l.la|~l.ii.l
i iiu'Aiii), October a.?ai ii"' Cobago
Dritlag Park lo-day Coraraodon BHlieo*!
pacer Johmton Baatd I nita in J:<h>|, the
previous record bein-; 1.10. Tl.OOdi"
tlom were all favorable. John *iplan dfOO '.
? oiiar.awioiiai Nominatloa*.
lilt teleariuh in tb, lu iat.ii-1
Waihisuthn. October :|- ~' Joogroralooil
nominal loni; Deiuoir.itt-ilv'1' Wn, >u
sln. A. L. Smith: Bopublicaot?Xlnth Mi?
aotirl, Dr. J, H. McLean.
Ralelsh Lt position Mst** -f*IUIeal-Rle
I'rlre tot Tabarcs.
(Special teleSTsrn lo the tMspalcti.t
BaUUOR, ff. Cm October I.?Tbs at- |
eniiancc at the .'slate KxpnlHon Wtinuet
foiMl. Thu military baye ill left Hie eily,
ifter recivine fie Hunk- of GOTStROr
larvls for thur maa:"!!'"''1' bst?T?? and
inc sp|M-arancc.
Ye-tirtliv (teiier.il Seal.* rid York bert
a Joint disc?aloa did oomptetety worsted I
lim. This momiiiif Scale* bell i roreptloa J
it fl., residence of Jlr. Rlebsrd ll. Battle,
iminn.nn of Hie stat- I), mir it B- Commit- !
? e. Tin re were many ttXb rs, This after- I
Jo ni Hie GefleSsJ left lor bil home. Rt J
IrriBflbllR* 1 mk li is goos Ba*t to speak.
fiTtird-iy'-i joint dltSIItsIoB wat tbe list I
et wc q these candidates.
York, who xvlille In thc WflM Sfltoflg
vltile nun would not stitt-wicHier lu w i*..i
? a lbpiiblicit.. now rn bi- -irriv.il in
be coutiii.s win te ti i Begrom tn- Bumer*
aousei - Hint lu- Maadi ob Bbdn '*
datform. Many near nm announce thal
In v will lint sui ]> nt Ililli.
Thc negroes rr*re have ?? pulsed Clari ? j
and and Scab * c'n'-.
i ii"-,itv ii Mr. Munt, a vrv rsroflrlnenl
ind wealthy citlten of Bash county, wm
,' i- ned witll sirvditiiin pul il In- f" ' b
md died from tbe iibi-f.. Mi* stouuc'.
I i- -, nf lure t..-.lay to Hie -
or examination.
A aeriel of ftTsnd exeur 'his from the
Sen lin-.i nu! md Mid.r. st it i to tee Rx
otitloa tiiivc been imaged. Tbs fir-.t
till i i rive next week,
i -dav nt ibe Kxpoaitlon .iii:! to
il.. tin n-waa i. bcauttful dliplsyof leaf,
liiitly dolliirs per pound vv u V. ili/.'d,
iiirpeaaing Hi" prl< e -tw, ni ri liar* , ? I
icu laal wei k. and bi rn i I
? il?ed ::; t:.- world. The attend
m. e <f luvit* w.i* burgs sn i tbe entbuti*
icr'a i ti Sweat Maa] teaaela vtr.-ik-.l. witt
Breal L?a* ?r [af*.
lil. i.i l. i , tl ?? ll,-;.' , l.|
I.e '.pi. s. i .etobei :;.- lot" lllgenc ? ti ts
? ? . ? ? iv. .1 lui" ol i terri itv dist
, irrlcane rn Icelai .1 on thi I Uh o! li*:
* pl ,iii,i r. Aci o'.;.!- ihut I
-linw thal Hill,Teen ll' aili .
ttbiiiK ie ats vure l "?' an I I iirtv-tw i -. "
lets ulsalilcd. Tbe mo I ap| il I
if Un hurricane a u thc ! nt* ,,( bte. Thc
met ni I th. ? :?
i-ci rs dur I, mit ii i ? l ?! I'.-.u to
. v er j -i,ii.
ii.li. inunction ?i Wane* Ut the Coal
... ? .
Bun vim chm. <-. tobi ?
io tbe Press from Conni INvi lc. Pa., t
i bc ic eui lu I. r ci nt. ?
mbin Iron ? , mn ian v ix .
tended to th. Merri!! ri Wheel
Works opt
inf ni'.', irda of 1(1') men, ld
I heir tools and the. .Th
I :;ii vu iv ;!"> cn'* |m r vv .'"ii f,i- : i
, ? al, and lid cents i ev
tliroi rhoiit I ;
is very dull,
tte Coluinl
m a gei
i.tte.i xxt.i-t ley *-? Recall.
I o' - . ? In .
li ..,'? r rt -1 Til ? .
Wolseley'* recall b yen
vc, slthoiith il I ?
altandi ned. ll i
?? 1 Ls,
thi !? fore,
Renter'* I ? b ? i e.: ('timpani
* ,v- : The n call of ti nerai Wols,
d i- li'iiit il , ii ?
Thc .; -i ;ii li abu f ite* timi tl n ri
b i- r' ri Ived i b i
;;. .ber hat!?. n rec ?? ? in il fi ?
who, however, up rn their i ?? icu iti ni ni
the i I 'l in nu, iv ni. i ?.
XXnrk lor Hie I iii-iiiptny t d In len,ie,
By, '. ? , ? i,
l'n.l-. Octobel . i
i :tl-ni.t Council yest, rdsy thc .eel m
the dis tr, -- n m kin. i I
i - iv.,* dis, listed, i tie f.'abii I - inc
Honed a eredll I Innes i ii
the purp. rn' n lu ililli-.' the i
lortincatlont, and ""is provide work foi
tbe unemplovi d. I ie ri inf it.
old foitiihaihun vv iii be comment ed Imme
dlately. M. Raqual, Minister ol Publl
Works, lu- ngned a cou in un
di i round rallw tv.
lapvrlintiils r.nii a Iliiutlreil-l'tii
' By ,.',,-.' ,.
Bri ? v. <). '?' . r :: ).'? i i inn ni- w ii
made here to-daj with i bundred-ton gun.
The chance of powder, weighing ".".
pound-, wi* ii ri d. and th? pr. |
trail il a s.-liii. idcr irmor-plste of h un meru
tt, . i. -v ? fl. pOlind I ni.ilile'i. and ?, com
poi ml Brown pi ite. the S I
w:i- broken Into three, th ? Brow n pl ne Int.
lOUr, nil ll" il e lld.) -1 N i
4 lin le rn Notes.
[Bl Cal ll lo ?
Hour, < ictober 8. '?
. -four hours nive a I it il
Irean i a-t - nd 171 death*, airaim
e i-i i and I;,
twenty-four hours
i. -" CIS, -
and -l
A eSrii I tintern lt citied v.
:- In i
I't", . ? .' '"! I' '. ? !. '
the hospital -bow il, il sulphide ol
i- ile ! es' i.; fit to r. I ii trmal ac?
tion ol thc i owcls in i i-e* ol choler i. Ii
lu- res! .red to i is in thlrti
second* bj sti-ile I pniit nt*, who, previou.
to ii* aili.!'. iti ! Sfii
cv ii the pricking ol i.li. -.
raiiaairlal Crlaia in Boplee Feoeaal
le vt, . i ictob, i ?"..- lie 'ii.1 ol .N i
regaining i!- usual B*pc< t. A
in commercial ad dr* i* fennd. li
ol i i':- i
: I .!! Ill lt 'itv.
'flic french SiTivv.
; By .
I'vill . " i ll D
!>??',','. publishes an arth'li on I i i
:, v v. ebirgin.v that ii i- Inefflci m .
stating thal if id nil*?i ii- ability I , sustain
war xviii i bin i.
Biota ut linly
i:r ?-.'. i , ie I
i i niv.i uh.I ci-:;.? Kurili, race
come io li uni of riotin : ni the co
south ol in ie. All mk- have Imm n
on person* tielonglng to the uppei i issc>
by m. tubers ol thc lower cl i--"-. w '
peeti .1 thal Ihe lorim >. i ored I
poison tin! i.
i or Um BewaRl of Itaee Rt ?Benita.
, Iii rabi* t . -,? In .
I.om.,,'.. u !,,!,. r a - The I
Hom . ni i . --' ii.
I., ih, ll, rim Unlvortitj lor thc i.. ?
I our -tml' nts,
Keateoeed Bsa fentecatlMB ?OBre?a
1 ,11 lin
coi rt here I
from three monti ? ri prison fo
.1. wish |s i -. ".
Tale Ile idler K. i?orl.
IX'...-nix. i.".. 0 to i ' l:lH .!. .'..
!?'?.!- -ii, Midi \ state*
ii".: w, iiiin i', l.ic ii rains, i
in a -' b irtton,
w 'nil-, slight ii-, in temp ir a titre.
., r H ? South Atlantic States,
fair wed lu r. except in extrem.lutlicn
pmi, ui, In*? I ibowen aad partly cloud;
wi.-ii. i, fn -li t .i I. rta wind-, In niim
. in arly il ttion try tempi ?
THKWBATBKR ii ITRBOAt '.'. a* cloud) an
I cu.MtIMKTRK TflsriBBOAT: Q .X. M.,7.)
?a A. M.. 7J; noon. 7:,: :l B. M.. 77: t; 1
>B. 7ii: mkntgbt, Tn.
M' un tempe! lt ll If, 7 , .
Tba tllk ol btt-killa. * t'liH 'lutll'li
with ponslmd ".Lim i* mid by 'I- Art Am,
'fie to lae very rsMBflsOB kn A ,,itt hi pw
eirv. When these uaderisld gems ara ski
tully -et it ii diili. ul' t i detect iiictn. but
may be dom- Sir botdlag them in * stron
unlit, xviii-n tin- suit'it-? where tn- stu]
and gla-? meet I c ams ristote.
Ali BtgflBtflM harmar rnabm *? ?
out iii old tin-can* tORRUO-oafll in I tl,
like?by rigging them un with a lilt ol oi
imii suipentled in tlicin like Hie tfii,U' I
a bell, iintl liali^i:i?' Hu ul BB Ul A C0i'H-:ie|
where the wind wil, se! ih tn midi.
making such an unusual iud BBOXBOOtl
noise lhat crows xviii not dare ti rem lin I
the field.
Nr.w Vont, Oetobor .1.? The -tock mar?
ket continued dull, anti with the rx,-c|>tlnn
of Botibara pantie pr finod and Ti vt*
Pacific, the aoaaani in Bileot todayon
lesa (hall one per cent. The ami ?
atetot (hal thc trunk Um * had a Bled theil
dilicnnfi* and IfOtond ra'', had t geed
,-tT, et on Vanderbilt", wblch tullin-' I '.
each for New York C. nir.il ami Like
BOOte, There were BO !r.iu..i. Ron* in ('au?
stin soudurn or Mteblgai Cootra!. In
(.riii/.T*. Noriliwe-i. . i ?. idvaeelag u>
9U, declined ta til na t ooeroMO to oara
, ir tin- f Hirth week in toptem -<r;
Norlin ni Pacific preferred ''...lui, tl |;
Ti \ I- -'oi!". aban etoted M i
decHoedto Vi iadfeturneili.il. The
i : .-ul lir:u but n*JaOta Co I
with la-t t.i-lit . closing, price* are |n|
bigb r. Mea, ijj.nw) N nf*.
BO,...,.- --..:,. .lull in,l lover. MOO**
la-' |.r . ni. I I I Bf, 1 ' '
Bili abort, ls.:-.!s|. divert!.!! lit* Otttll.
-! iii - .
y." .,/. Bxeba8a*0i Mig. Moao*f, in}
ncr cent mib-Treaaurt L*vhmeea->Oa .
8120,634; cuiivnev. HMO, GontvMBenti
ii id* ; -. pei- et nts, liol; ;i i*'r cen!-.
10 i bid. -tai,- boa ti
Ataberna - ( toot " v," I to i. B
??lt." V^. -mali. Bj
i,, I i ri ni'-.' ? i
io i la 7's, ti .:.-? ?. o'l) UM
. . 'u ii M
North I ,o!i-l:,"-. ll' iv.(lilli, ls
K< inn arollna funding.fbMj '.i
ti Hr..wu i on-,.!i... I,i .
'I i un --" ? -.
\ Irgliiu (J's.
\ iii'iini consol*.[bid
i ? ikt inri) "bl ' . 7
) im !.- ' and S "i iivcs|..|',..
I'liica-e and North wi -t -,-:i pTd. lal
Denver tn. I Rio Gr inde . Bf
Erie. 13
Lan 'I ? ic:! mr, Kilima,!. !'
Like -hon. Ti
I a,, .ll!,'.inri Nashville.
:'ri- and I'liiil.'si-it*.. li
Mobile and niuo. ?)
r!Ue and Chattan -,. -,
Kl VV l . .i '
volt en t ral.
Ki rfolk ar.il Wet ,. 'il
' . I?J
PaciHi pr , mi. ii
.?;. :
i i.
Ri< hm< nd nnd Dinvill ?. Al
I , ",i,i md Wc-! point Ti
11 ck Mi nd.Ht
Si. Paul. TH
- nt ri.c.;
Ti ms Pacific. ll
i ti i' .
I . 1:
. Il
lill , IMO! I . i '? ! l li ?;'-.
. .. V'oi ,
KU IIMOND BTtM ii K\< li W I .
I'lCI'iV. fi ' ' i :;, | rs(.
-i'i ? ! I. I share* Rich*
- BO.
/: '. A td.
. 31J
v .
'? new3*i. air
North < I'i. 81
? i B'l.'
: ??!.,! city O'-.111
. cit) i'l.'-a l"7
Pen rsburg , lt) o'-.Rsl
. Pl 'els!,ur ' ell) s'-. -pc I lit IX.I ld
Petersburg cit! *>'-.i
BAILI ? ,-? e.-'ms.
.'..!. and (ina nvlll III '.'-....
bia Ali. 2d -'-.ti in, ..31
1 I,
lt. -hi,I I', -oil- il H s. > ?'. ._| ;
id D. told ?;'-..03
lt, and I?. 'hi an. ni ? -. 171
R. nod A. lt i;,,,i;. a..- T's.... Ul
Atl .n-i and ? b irlotb '.'.IOU
. A. and ) . ii' niue o's. ? \ lol .. .'
i .. f . md ,. i i mort. 7'-_los i >;
in North < iielin 17'-...i -
le Kb Pt! Hi' l-l IJ'-. -? , Si
1 Ul BOAR - li" Ks. /
i:.. r. ind P. ?? ramon_RRJ LU o'
1,'n I.tn.a,darri i'd. rs buri I "' ??(
i Pcb i-i in-,-.lui) ?_''.? BJ
Richmond A Ihtn.100 gi
Rithmi i, i ? id Vllegbany.Mi ? I I
C., I . i ila .100 ll
titi h.,1 ' harlotte_Kal 0 ' B*J
x -ii < ar .lin i.100 -I
V i. Midi uni e.mn.i u. l.'V
.-. Cai', j-. 23 .. .1
ls-1 i.i.M I. . OMPAXIKH.
v mia >Sl ile. .'?", .. : I
v , .1 Hoi. ii i ', jj
sn, Va*. ) ? il r I, i -* I.
it.?White, 21 bushel*. Mixed
? I 1, j huthels. Red, i.l - - lc
- I usb, -.
, otx. -w bite, J.J-1 liudi ls,
i.. hush, I-.
".VI . '-'iel .
I.vi.?Ut bushel*.
, nu !.?[ >i:kh.? 11 bush, '-.
lill i.-" I .i . 13 tons.
?Mi s 111IPOBTEB io -i ??,-.' r-.itr.
u in vt. Mi-, i. (jgObuih, li ul
- I- fair a prime I. "i.
I, nv al ss I,. Wc.; 1,1*3 hush, is (cr I
I rime ebortberrj
? tod "ii pr
! Vate !, . :..-.
i ,.|-.- (oo bushell pi ?
lill . - ? . ... ?,', il i;.'i;.
I I. ,, D !i.
We (jliott-: Kine. jJ;.-*-J.*, i; -up ni i
| . J.J".; lim
Pat, ni io,c.'. ? ,uuiry,
'?' ri., t verv dull.
\l vv 1. BK, IJ to< - r 3, ??""!? dU i
? -? ?
.; nel consolid ita I rec, iota, *).., I
norti li ? llrltain, I,li
itlncnt,'.',401 bales; weekl
i tm Ipta, M balei: . r..--. 31,532 hal' -
?i- -H. int at Bril lin, 11.*:;., bi!.--; i
Prance, .'co bal.-: to tba continent, 7 ll
?ales, ' iaj bali i; stock,
ll -in Roi :
a trifle better; ungraded red,'..'?!"!e.; Sa
'J ri d, -Ce. : , .clo',, r,
Ming timi ; Bo. 1. v.i -.
ll,-- l -'.."le i .'??!? li
I, -? '? I, - ' IIO|M lull ill
noni rial, i ? -; ' fair: Rio si, nl> i
33; So. 7 RI >- ip, t, -"Tr. ?
'.. .?? ig ar more at live an !
lao? to good ntl I . n Bm
? ? ? . i ,'. wbil
1 IA, '? ''.
A. i
i du I. H . <
rude, il .lo', for refined. "
t. Turpentine steady. Uldra Ira
vi tn iv s-, i,;-,. port Irmly b, M
HT. Mill! rn nomid ri; bra
J. ird op) ned Ja'. .
? ? ii sice,), tpot, 17.721
, ? -', - - Kui. PreighU (inn.
Baltimobb, "lober :i. ?Flour stead]
lloward-stnel ami weatera ttAperio
,*_'.,..: extra, cJ.T3.-*.;..'si; fin,,,
.,:'i- vii,!- -up niuo. -J. t
. .1". t ttl Rio brand
. ,r',.7a. Win at ? .?sot'-hem -i .1'
: western alaout steady aad inactive; tool
?in red. -Ta-,oe.; amber, rawaWc.; Bo,
" li.ieL'ii'e. bid; Nil. -. v. --.. 1
I i ai. -i-'t. s",-,.is*,'.'. corn?Boutbera lei
.. western .ut ir,! v nominal; aoutbc
White. ?"'!*-; BOW, ,'ili'n,'. J led.nv, lijjiil
. . -' MT) : lOUlhero. ..K.i.l.'.; tv.sl.
?I whit,. I ra abe.; iniM'd, aja;:.;.-.; Peaaaj
v..n: i, 32-890. I'i-i.ti-i.mscasi.-r aad quli
vi - pcrX.gl7.73. Bulk-meats?Iboalu*
ID I . l.ar-nl. s-.ri?, packed, Tie. mid 10.
I | Bacilli?-shoulders. >?,-. ; . lear-rih int.
Itt.; I.iiiis. l.-itaJiiic l.ar.I-R.tiicri.'.
1. tl", e .(iii, tami st,adv; Rio OIMatoea, Of)
nai v to fair, !.|al,,K-. Su^ar Beady;
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Bland, Monday, IR mb* ?(.
ii. h. vi sf.mn.
i lite, Monday, Oetobm g.
lb nu, Monday, October IS.
Bairiek.Tu-'vliy, Oct iber'aB.
Bi ekbridi . M I lay.O :.''>-riL
Ai i'oin.iii"\'. Thursday, October 'J.
xii. -luii;.. Monday, Oct Km r SO,
Kiuvuiiu. Moadar. Ort iber -'7.
Prince William, Monday. Ortebor da
Louisa, Mon lav. Ot t iltei ii
- rd, xx. dueaday, October I...
i lirfax. Monday, Oi taber SO,
I tuquh r, Monday. Oetobi r 27.
s. Il bl "i\
spn!-y hanni. Monday. October tl.
Louisa, Mon.i.v. Octoh, r Lt,
Pitt,.viv.un,, M.hy, ?., ; . , 11.
MAI ! IT? '
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i i, B * : I), '? tobi .- Ii.
1 tiri ix, ! .' ?tab r ju.
s nu,t. e. Thursday, Od tl er M .iii,'!if).
i ti lt lott, -vii:., Baturday, Ort >b< r 1*)
; . . rot?MAR.
B. ? i, . dge, Mon.liv. i) ? ? ? ,;.
Fluvanna, ii i I j.?I u sr -7.
v. M. Mil.KT.
xv.-t p ^Saturday.October4 (night).
(ibm,, -t, j-. Mond iy, October0.
(aroltoe, Bone?y, Octal
KWib: ? l.-'e.I .. I'Mi-ilij, ll. lober tl
(m rh .
Alexandria, Wednesday. Oetobm li
(Bight .
I?-. .. B >i tay. Ot lober ?-!'.
h. tr, i.. ri cai b,
( I .ni tt,. Mon day, nd-,' ? r '.'.
Amii, i Monday, O 1
li, ,b ii d. i'm -ii .?.(? tote* -is.
W. M. ? 1HKI !..
- .. Monday, Oetohtrr ?;.
Bot.!.,mt. M iflday, OctoBet li.
Bat.,. . i. *d iv, october ll.
-vMifi. OKIfVIM.
Kl ,.vd. ii;.-ility. I ).t,ber ll.
( ai ni!, M.mday, lido! .-r M.
r. vi i* j. V.
H. mv. Moodsy, in td ? i i :.
mkijui woona.
page, 't tm! iv. i .,t !? r j;.
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pinwiddle, M inda) .li r J?.
October JT.
i. ?;. uki.i'.
i.binn!, Monday, October ?-''.
ll. -. I'. ? ' .
? , tt, ni.. Moi day, (b-o'ici ii.
lb ruy, .iotitliv. nd.. .. r i.;.
B'.tt.-vlva'iii. Monday, o-: ,1m r J.).
k, I'm -.1 tx. u ? ,:, i- jg,
e. g. ? rrBBBs,
<.n Ile, Mondsy, ? n tobi ni.
. . , D'
n ? .. .. Mi ii- ?. " '?? ? r lg,
* ,.
i: itaalL rn rd ij.O tel tr 7.
V. B. Kill IT, k-o,..
w i l tpeak at Si w Kcal Gourtfl tut M i'm
?.ttl of (Ittob...
nov. john t. RA?ttl ts-- vu- t mm :. ivi.arr,
? .iirtliouae on tito
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SlMAIl'ltK AI.MAN'AI lal, I SM.
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Hits I Moral as ... a-.&n
v' ?'?- * ' . id
PORT OF BlCBMORIk, Ot roasu i i-si.
r I), ll. lag?J?flt, >li,H?... Kti-klaad.
tri Wandra .
etiiuoaer Veto, Sprtajrer, Bea ne bee, nv, Mn.
Ju . li.. .-.
e< bi* mr lita niiuhi.Crtamer, Kew Ti'ik, tait,
I ul ut t. xx i: null. ?, i < .
ir kleaora X'aodaare, uadfrry. I'tcJa
Aiiiinv, ra Ureas iro i. xv. il i arti*. Mtel,
-.i.oeitr Xltrv I", tarroll. I ar,ai,l, PlillnV-l
;i .^ ct ... - |. il i >
?nli.a.i..-i -al.:.- M. I....'.Uni. Locket!!. rt.lUdeU
II la.,-t,a,. -. lt. lUwc-.
\V , ..A.. I,el;.I,. , .. Mew Tart, aa.
:.. i ,.-,.. -. '.. vv. a iu-ii A ivi*.
?nvninrr lltiurer, Plait. Ph t.i.i. lidus. tneretv**.
. i latteasrr*.J, XT. vp t .,-rt.k.ateiiU
-ian..er An*!. liiSor.1. Norfolk, t'nllrd fUtSS
n nb iiiwrhaintlts. *ud i>a*tro??rs. I., tl. lataai,
-limit h ni. M. Hayes, LaiialH, Wileut,'*
alia rf. tn inatl wikmI IV r New Yurt; Vt-s*el, Cartta
M. i'arter.
Cv U f Of NI.XVPoBfa NKWS. (Kr. S. ISM.
I By Te)ea-ra|ah.j
-I .iiu*hl(i Uauli'Utati. stt-ifut. New TiHk aaat
-Oed lor W SSI Pnlnt.
?si.4ii>-hlBlirt>rt? tpia.ld. foalar, ProvW
anti -, l. ,i f?r XVe*| Poi ni.
Mhtsiiur Lavlir* t'..uipbslL Krsnkl.u, t
schooii? Styawtv. Hinth tm. Nea Yor*.
sa Loner XaovcrutH J. 1. snul.U. MckirMa, Pia.
vldeut-r. ?.,?._.
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