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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, November 18, 1884, Image 2

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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ATtM flAll.T HlhPATCtt t* tWlvere . f? ash.
arrvTaersat rtttrer* cbttt* ow *e?,r?rsM? is
tile ranter wvHIv. Malled st SO prvauu.cm- tl
ta, ka mme**; 81-60 for three mer.Um I Site, fir
BBB Mi ?ath.
tfafRttSl-frREELY DISPATCH al SB pee **
atna, or 81 fur rn, m.teib<.
SJ*.-NV PP U CY DISPATMI al 81 riWMtiuwv,
Bnhetilhlmtk In sM eaees payable la *8vtaee,
awe an l arter ,? aillam-1 after the llaMraMua af Hi*
Hud paid for Bead r*?rt-ofl)ee m?ney-<W'l*r,
Marti, or reaT?-ert-t! lette*. Currency ?eni Ly tnsi
w4U SS al thr rh* ?f tb* ?*si?Vr. twjl.vr1l.era wlOt
laa Hutt pwal-flBtee ehsnerd maa! rife I'e-ir ?ld ia
Wtll a? Usetr new it.wt-r.aiee. SampJr eui - fr-v
1 lime-.8 Ri
8 Buna. 1 88
S ti mr*.. ISO
0 iimea. S TO
IS Unca. 8 ft
1 mMitfl. ll RR
S moiitlta. IB OB
Eradiur BSSaNpatta rraiflns-mitit r lyre
StVutl: is ar Hr lt a.lrd 74 eent,.
I ai'l ol rale, fur more trace |tiri>!,h*<l nw irrieT.
*"*' ' "' ______ ?
All k-lten aval Mrrsamt innat he addte-aed te
Till DIM-ATI I! i nNlPANY.
tlrtf-ctcd eomuiktrileattoua will nal Se relumed.
fc-oino Trunks Wc Have Gamed.
Rarely doe* a t>nli!l".il parly i'lln it vi -
toil Which doe* in-t eiu,e Ila iii'-mb-r. lo
T*jitlee nf Ttl-t mure l-eeilise theO|
perts i- 'li feat-d ll.sn tieean-e their ft adi
parly ls tuccc*sf;il. And even m., I
Hm ocrats ol \ Irginis have aluin.I mt ri >?
unit tat :.i-i!i.n:; n-.ir tan downfall of
Miiiovf. sud .iver Li-1 tii-lTiTiiiiit ta the
papjfJtni fioin which the power to di t tass
OoveriiBient pA'ronatre lifted him. Ku!
notwithstanding Mah ink ls nothing mire
nor I. -? thill) a !.'< |iu!tiic.tn, un J tht defeat
of the Repuiii:.ari pally i" in u double
afOrd- Hie delea! of .M.tu, vt, j, I Un pi
doaiinant feeling which at jtres.-nl po,..'.-.-.
ito- B8BRSBM of Hu- good paople of Virginia
M ISM ere af r IBitoffretMAts, bul one thal
is eharnett rlxrd ht ''good will te all in- a "
Th'J r.J'il." liter what they haye "rained ?
not over what others Imve loat. They re?
joice because the li|essliu> tint xv ill lc
theil> will lie bataaHMii lo th* BstTthara Bee*
p'e ;;a well to Hie pi.|il", in ii wa,ni, r,f (lie
vt hole lind.
The southern jteoplc hav,) Ruined ciujI
ity ol rights sud f**bb)R* -tl taapttrtaalty
with tamar bo 11 bein bfeihrew. Pswiwaaly
v. ir. ih'-v LiiNe h, tn oajBCts af saspRfkta
ni, thc prirt nt the imrihcrn people. They
ha M- In ea treat td a-1 'riuli.il! -oiiv villi prod*
igsl. Th's-Inst ii il mil. In fSB denied all Ul
bonni, ind euioliiment*of BbHbbbIoflce,
but IreiiU-il a* if Ihcy ought RS be ? intent
wot Ut bB hanged. No svouh r IB* BBMRMfl
nt our tM'ople rejoice orrr their vi-I-ty.
They ure not erglag "Beef!" "Ile i!"
hilt are tVURIUS Of OT UM (aol that thev nie
heiieelnrlh to he BS fl-' a- !h"ir liretlll cn
nf the Nnrlll.
The sollUielTl P".'|il" hav :. inp'I ? I - ?' i x -
i-iHiiee fi om un iBatafrBtablB, evil?from n
itimiiial wrong?from outTBgeotls lajut
tiee. Ever -ince His war betweefl tin
Males eiul'd lin official.. Of UM Ked. I'll
Inn i i linn nt (uni all of Mem. nf etBSTse,
hut loo many r<T theluj. have heOB BO*
gaged in sowing tana amongst Ike
anni lu rn wheat. Trnv Imve v. np after
yt ar. month rifler min! h. ami lay/ after dar,
endeavored BB tsetse IB Um minds of the
tli-ltk-sfecliiiii-i of loslSBarf, ill will. 'Ulil
eti n hoslilitv. Bgafflei their employer,.
They hive tittil the neg nu ?? the Basel atti*
rsgeouv falseliooils, un tl worked upon their
fen- in Ihe mo-l unlit.IK, Mit nunner. Ky
tiny and liv ni^'ht tbtaa eaesaieeef their
country made it their Inisini ... lo anav
the blacks ngnin-i the ithitc-. Truly
it will be a -/aili Uni riRBBOl
lie ihr-ri Hud in w dds to lui ve friend
insUad of enemies lu the pint al serviiie, in
the iiitri-nal-rev.tiiie department, in Hie
Judicial office., un.l wbesertf etee Federal
agents msy ba aeoded. Surely it i? a great
good gjiiiiil to feel (hut Hie Ui'Hi-and- of
tiovi'inment agent" who are aeattered
tluoiierfintit all -ci linn" of tl:* lund ara iii
favor of rratatlagsod petlafiRMlBg a atsfe
of con.tinl perice and t-oiitidiTii'* and good
Still Im tween the twa 1*1888,
The south Ima gained immensely?or
yallul' will gain immensely?in her matcrta)
interest*. The different <? ls tween it eniiili
liou of things Hint may inuit any day la a
riot, mid the condition ol things that will
exi-l w ben whiles unil Marks shall hate set?
tled down into s -tat* ol roiitentmi-nt ami
toutideiic*. i- -ii greatly In favor of the m.i
lertul welfare and vu conducive io the
jiccuninry inlen-t. of ihe who!* c nin
try thal ii i- iBSoeautbrS that tbe
pout hern |M-iiplc -hall not derisc bcnefil
from the new and Inproved i Ireomstaoc ?
invthltb they ttill boob find Iheni-clt??-.
4 apltal ia timid-proverbially tim: I.
"Tin re lt i.otliiii". .?o towardly uss million
of dollar* except two millions'" onoa .aid
{senator Hfrauvb, nf Kinnie l-land. And il
I* (rue. Why, ll N amaaliurthat the soutli
trn Klutia have dons n? well a, they
kavr under Bepiihlieau rule and ll iml'lu-.m
eftorts la sow ill-tfoid between the negroes
and Hu- wbtteo* art ween de etapl 'ter and
thc etnjiloti'. Hereafter we shill -n he*
neath our own vine anil liji net xv is D none
lo molt vt or make ii, uti'.i'd. and the
wegro will he av happy a- his employer.
Both ts iii he fm mort pruaperoua.
Roll) Bttkti pruflt hp th* nan condition ol
Ihuigv which nn III follow thc Inauguration
nf a Oetuut-. die Kreslilent of the United
RUt ca.
lt ueeda no argument, therefore, to
prove thal the sotithcra people are re?
joicing to-day Itecause of theil own pros?
pective good forton*, not lus-jtu?e the op
poaiog iwrtf bas " slaked all anil Inst all."
" We Must Not Forget."
I ndu the BbBTO c?plmn (oloni-l Tnti
Whitkhkaii gives to ihe readers of his panel
DtoAt excellent advice, ile -at.
'?The liemociHcy Ia going into power.
ll mtt-t tint forgil Ibe rock whence lt wav
li-un. um tbe pit wbelie il was dug In
Vllgltila. A direct a|i|,-al tvux rna .le to the
white labor of lina state, and especially in
mir lille*, lu Hie ?hoi??. fae torie*, foundries,
loni a .-.. and mill,. The Republican p?rtv
itu. 'iiiin d Reen" lue friend of the white
w.tikinguien -lt alrxadv bad Ibe negm haily
aed foul. H cried protection for labor.
We exitoaed it. fraudulent j.n lenee, and
the white la'.s?r wt Virgiaui stood le Hie
jKinoiiatic gun-, mid WO have won a
great victory. Fraia every workvhop mid
fut -tory came nu." thc ten-hour min
rudd and lnib-|K-ndiTil. who proclaimed
mr pilly their i>*ny, ind our tenders
Itu li Hiern!-, .uni tv* urged turra tn
aland ly lin-n jh?<.f?!* and mi,.., und Lhey
stitotl like "i stone w*U. Wc mu-t not lor
itel tbU. Our Suu vtiis imperilled; civil
HlK-rtv eiidangertkj. Dal in the night air
4-r.uic ili.-ve lutrd-buudi'd uieu and BBtSB d
lo Tniker iud Rani, 1, .mil vutetj fur
Dcntoeiaev and Tlrginis. Tin v must hate
the tdrfeieni-e iii eiery rlty. They inuit
aol Ir- forced to romtKUitiaa with liupoibsl
j'?i.|*i- labor In (hiusi.- and mines; n .
ft llb Uh- un-ki!feil. RJBBiaal, nd shillli?
alive* of Iv'ail'.-itli-u'. ec-tonia-cd for eic i rn
piirjitii?, and theo left io t-beapt-n labor,
our own Virginit aferuneraiie workiag
Btea must hat* all tb* eat..iii.iv- rhal the
Jtemooratie party, DtuiiKMitiv t.-gtnua
liopk, Irt-uios ratie launieif ia lilies eta give
then 'He thal providetii not for his own
lionel hold hath deoit-e) tb* faith and ia
worse than an infidel.'
*? Let ti* luster our labor, let u? lake eire
ot our (sitnoli. workiDgmea. l'liev are
Ibe tkonc and sinew ol Ihe land. Let it be
UBfierstood Hist Virginia intend, to make
this Stale at h-att Hm ? bad of.lhc free and
tbe bone of tb* brave.' and that tte will
isre that bu bom ?t. iadurtrioiu, economical
Wohiagmaa with reaeoaable Judgment
ami irleiligime, shall be abie to build up
a C'tOifollabie bouse, ediiral* bis children.
nail br Up something tor old aire. There
artauauy ways ia which thr aTemocraUi
patty ina do i hiv. WV nsu-i take cat, of
our filAnvid*--tb* frieud* of free govern
sarttt ead the role ol the bent twople. Let
Ms ga to work-reform and economize lu
al) fMbJJr affair*, liberality ia h-gMait ju to
ItttsBl ttMbaalfk* and labor."
fa p? ty csa albrd to lorp 1 sQeh pronv
BM Jm'"mn.uk ?ul> ia tva a.a'.kiliaaLta aa)
?ta m srore BtatM w tee aswBieat'BBOo w
vianrtoht dettag t*ve HM Maspdca. Tbeae
**eciUBgmeu wee* appealed to rf tr after
lay, In the paper* and oa the bu-dmr*. not
to desert the DemoerHt'c parly BBBBBM
tome of ll* leading men wire opposed ba
protection. They yielded to How ippia!*,
ind Virginia waa save I. Cir- thousand
vote* clisitired fi om fi.RVBt.tBB to Ri aim:,
ar the italie ot protection to Amcrioaii BB*
[lillirie*, or any other i??hc, woiiltl hare
|4(h!ii((.1 * different rcjult. It na law
xitnule lo place the Virginia H'.nimti
a!:o f;tvor protection at fire lunts five
Ibf.iisnnd. ( BB aR I WuniMiRvii U noL
lim-self, a Profeci ,|,(sl. we think, bul be
vhva)s?liiit!sto andabldea by his pledget.
lae paella B ibbb I ?".???'
l-l-'lion 1* nrtajresBj*1 and fJ:>t ??-? I!
npiltiiiu RI sli'Wii by soiiHicrn RaamfMkaeea.
Rad oratora is In a hiihly ?-...
t'rii." fBC llrralit i, righi, ?? Thli cbc
IBM ts BBMBjreM*' ill ev IV BMSC nf thc
word; but th" fad i, tleinin-'r.
li .a by mn ll,"ru th.-.n by vi'it'ern opinion.
\v '?? rm it 1 tit ii tlc I ir rn fit's comp tn n
bf aaytRff thal n-irtiurn efdBhta m ahewa
bf northern uivvt;iipt-is and or..' ri h
RI a highly i ii.otii ,i,'ln/. slate, ll \httOt
Ibm -i few of Ihe Ri vim; orpins are
ttitl very (len-r, but tbc*c ito not Rel
, thy frean. llir- irenor.il run of th
i -:i|ip..rtt tl Mr. Ri vim:. Avery
: [ead lilu'liati ni of lin-i- afforded by Ibe
p.Hi-I Ba Which the I'liillili'tpliil fW#
; -t /? u c. up the New fork /,'''. ra l
un I'liii.-.iirip! ? v ihe tw >
m Ramedrontahtfcl attaetaeBihe
.olid Booth, in.I gare ttarir meters 11 n t
i. ? ? I a tip- rc-ul: of Rte el ctl ia
w-ni lead ' n:yt!iiiu to uiiivi-r-ii pat.
aTe abeee aUacki tbe Vslt ff re* i |
f-.llov v :
v. -ii raaf beth al Mmsjr pubuabed violent
^..liis; the Stitui, f?r betag Ir the
: : coateal pretrktely T?int they imped and
ib-t-l.-.n-d in dctobci ii would not be, and
; bo?Mild.
ion im grave Ineon ' n y in t!ii< which
need H'-t i" bi fi i sough! to- to to d ?? iv?
titt. ti '?>. a nil Intelligent, :
min vu'i admR, moil unfortunate thal the
Mutta to aolldlj D' mocraUc; ii would, h iw
?ur, bc citi-tily Mifoiliinil ? if the North
Olidly Bi publican. Hui all latel*
Ilgeut, lalr*mlnded mea trill aim admR that
l.e I'eljpn'lati ' S.iiiilt Ins moro MRM fof
ii- poliUcal kolldlty than tbe North weald
YVc cm lind no evidence whatever, no
lot aor Utile of it losMtatn R?e charge ol
in- 'tYfbume "lint eeourh electoral rotes
In Routbera States rightly bolong to Mr.
Rh.inc lo s,:it him willem' ref-rui IO the
(iii of New Y irk." or "Uni tout hem
lecti. n rb th"ils" are ?? i erin i
?-.'.'iip.i civilization." much lem Mi
?lena-e lil !i'il!(Hi:ll evi icu???-," or 'Ul d:
ci -i-.auli." or, Ittdeed, thal they aie bet?
er?er Baree, -av than BOthcTfl ekeeUon
BCtQOdl ll- eariiiil out ill tile lalji
?di-. 'Here i-evil iii bolli. vv,- believe,
Neilin r tin we lind any evidence whatever
ii our (Ntu.-ive southern exchaare
Itt, f the aUrtling fact* menUoned by our
mia-i neighbor, the Press, to the (fleet
Int "Uk- devil or Rte south i. break in*.
ou?i: " thal "Ibt exult mi abouts will fail
vitb ominous .-' ninds on norlln-rn cir-;"
bat ii ki ""pee more ht thc saddle;" or
kel "the m.i-u-r -pin!-of the old rebel
Irineiil Caanol r?tr.ii:i Un ir fnllngs of
liiinipii." Ail these InteresUni bu! Bp.
ntfeaily purely.iBiagiaaUve facto wt cm
iain of fr.un no-oiillicrn source, hut from
tu (--in nu d contemporary only. Indeed,
linn- information whleb come* up to uv
rom np' south i-nf a direct ly opposite
The 71i< inn.i, then proceed* t" '.'ive
oine sinti-tic- of the Industrial progress ol
be .siiiiib. pi'ctii't-. that the solid Sooth
iii! break np, and addi:
YVc cannot mike the South Republican
y railing al iLbyUlrrlag np Hp- idUer
pinoiii. ni tin- war; we abell make ii
urger* Re|>ublican by the policy of fra?
?rnity, patriotllin. truth, mid Ji:?'pv.
In pit dieUag thal Ihe Boan will ba m ute
HIM ly RcpilMieaii the ItdBSPaTBa llpall
,at the peafde vriii divide oe bc mumu
ue.-tioiiv. BB)d in tbi-. a? well ns by the j
(bole lane of |!, iiriP'le, il -ll-l-lills till
(iviiion of UM Bm toil Oeratd, thal "t'ti
ksetton li progreaa."
Mr. CoiikRu^
There la a niniu- paaeBtf reaad through |
PeBtttjkm thal afr. Conklim; i- tn be re-j
urned to Ute CattedMtatea senate by tbe !
adc., of DetBoeratt and st dwarf Repabll* I
nos. Wa da not eredll tba motor, one
nore Ih inoiiat nt the Called Btatce Sen-I
le would leave the Republicans in oonUol <
if Hiai body, and give a mw import mee le
ll a hum: and Rilli i hi,ia.li:, -ppp ,-. the
late of parties in that body iboald be 89
:, publican-, Inehidlng Ihe two Virginia
?(iiatoi-. aad .'iT Democrala; who vvoiill
ic i.tnilii'-d by loch a reduction "f the
!N publican lniiinfy :- YVe would, for our
mil. much rather the BepMbllcaM should
rive at lear maj,un, witboul the vol.. ol
bom two Besators.
Agata; Mr. Co.ni.i.ivi; i? an auibii phi
iHiin: ii vam niin. or rather a proud nam :
in able limn : :ind Her from -tain-. Ile ll
ino proud cyr to engage in ray roeta
-clii-nii'- a- Ri UXR mad" his fortune
in. Ile i- UM proud, al-n. lo OWS lu- elee
Ut ll In -Hell il coitliliotl li* it would la?
ncet .-a: y fora par! of the Republican
ineu.li. Pl ol the New Y i-rk Legislature to
m.ki -willi Ute Dcinocrat- ol thal bod* i;i
order to i'd Vote- BHSMBgh to secure Mr.
ti'VKi inc'-, (lection. At iiiiy rate, thi- b
oiirieiiiiiaic of ip- character,
U|>ce tniif.-: Mr. ? omi.iva ba- never cul
loose from the Ri-publican party tn - icli .tn
estes! ;i? to jn-tify the public in clasetng
lum willi the Deaaoenta,
Kinallv, thc Dciiiocrai- in New Y'ork do
not ciii-iihi Mr. ( ovti inc in rympathj
willi thciii-i Ive-. Why di,mid tlpy BBBaM
in scntlniir to tin- I'nili-d State:, fkraste Mm
gfeabtst man in the Republican ]ui'ty, and
tl. nu -t BBBBBBBtBi !eader--tlp fmaiit,).!
pititr t-hifftalii in the Inion:' They inty
do il : bul wc don't believe they trill.
The Southom, Negroes.
'I RB st. Louis <Jh>bf-D'<ri')Ci<it (Rcpubli
ciin) trikes itv own view ci the ttMUaeta
situation. Inter adu, it sari:
"( levelar. l's t'leetion Will do Hie .-.tittil
aaed bj ahawhjg thal all ber dllhculruu
tlid not iiiiiic tM-.-an-e of Ibe Republican
partj licius io bower, aa the his always
declared- She wit' no lontrer be aide to
deceive bcraclf with the idea tint her pul?
ley ti ward Hie negro was a nr'es.n* tn
(iiii-c the Deinuu.i. v did nm control.' Rut
will -be chiiiiue that policy, knowing tb*
tba! may come by lt ol a Dcinocriitiv
revMMl Mutufc-ily not. Then thc in
ktincu oi the tgaaraal aegro ure safer
than the promise* ol the domlaatlag and
; tlatellhcent white."
If "lite iiisfitutx of the ifnoi-.int negro"
| hud leen "v.ifi-r than thc promises of hal
doiiiliianni; and intelligent white," tL
I I" wiiuld ntvrr have bees ridden. *
bc ba- I cen for tifteen yeal - and BMII
l-ootetl and rinirred (Hrpet-barixCi
aBBBBMBJ had T x en of any vallie B/f
be could not have ' eea tineivcil
by thc beiirtlcv- ho. de of uusruip
iioithi iui r- slit dm'.cd tlnwn hi
.sntitli a. .oon us tbe wiir ended,anti s md
bun in adannn'ire ch.iius. If hiv .e-callcd
initiiit-t- bul nets invtini t< ut all, he had
not iillow cd biiiivelf lo become thc dupe of
aspirin:; |K)liti.iaa*. sccklBiT plumb r. not
Rut all that i? over, let us Iio|m>. Tb*
future al Hie n,".'ro liuivt be b(d|,.r ttiaa
hit IBaaf. He will surely learn who are bis
If Ibefollowini; paragraph (rout Ihe New
Yolk 'DitnuK of yesttrdsy doe* not show
(T.t.VH ami to be a Man of Destiny, what
docs il show | Read, and learn kow mary
thing* cenaptred to defeat Rlaixb. The
afi-foonc ?*ys :
"One Bj*BB* before thc rlivtioa Rlaine
and Logaa Iud a sure tad easy majority in
thia State. A run of worse luck than that
l.iit wick brought has rarclv lieen seen
Tue Delmonico diaucr ali niated many; the
?Ruin and Romanism ' turned muir thou?
sands; tbe sun .linne for tbe Democratic
hu-int vx.ci. p. while the rain poured mi Hie
R pt jii sn.; tbe Republican night iti-ptoy
nstss latrmtred ia Ibe ssw- way. WNW ?
tiVnoertvU had clear *kb? md dry pave
ne?A* for theirs; and tinsley w* hil ?
rainy erection-d*f. which ilvTiy* ni^ni a
Ballier IP-publican tote. Yet. of all th
ooiyOr, lHin-liaril was futlL We Btf
luaidof sslii.toeon.-reL'itin InHrrtikltn
where a nuofired ateo had ".i"1 ' t1"**'"
fUcdgtag frees** I vet lo fot* '???' WtftM. mil
siter twantkagaf Dr. ..ureiiarl'* rentf*
nlpciy-ttYD wcntanrl deOMBded tmtt th'-i
sicnciure* stiould tu- erssed. A
other asseatiejruarw RBtrkoi ste ? ?pin-.i.
nnd e.linm-f -verv active Itepiibiien ba, in?
dividual kn 'vtl.'d ???? of still olli r-."
AoftliingUnt BBSjtwta th" p. kori i "f
Hie Iinji" i -'iii. liihanLlvu.liTileeil.tniin
iiiinv lieiii't'ial..- f"<.<M.i.i Mi Ctsiis'i-rni/
<ic trite.
-Niter mind'": Wait Two yea-, sui
Irate iincpi'.-tleil Hie law prnvidln:: Lir
di judy mar.l'ilr. nv oversee election-, md
then fell us bow yon Bb* BteSBSN4*w*SBf
five or tm ihoiirand dnputy inir.-iil* re*
| i.'.p!ia,T in ( ineilin-iti ''thtj SUlbBrltf Of
Ibo Inn. al Mot.!." Il i" v r.vea-y t. i ul
?I Ufa In moeia!* laNBBBMT ffsBf stajeel ti
om rawed hy Federal iifficiils, h il
our <'ineiniiTli cntiteinftonry will he -\
I t iittu^li cniyi-ri lo our ?i le of Ile- '| RSh.
lion R* soon a. be SOPS a BTW thm-it I
I'lpu'y iitii-lia'. eleetiiut'-erinx f>rl?
.-itiiiiiaies for Cob i -
The .N.iifmk l.imhnnrl., aft'-r exultinj
user Up c.orion. victory af Boa people of
th* Unit! 1 -"alt-, adds :
' In Ki dimond there b to ka nr<! I -,
deyajrraadoatfjonrtagol lner>e*plt tbs
?I ?? nf our beautiful capital. Tlieae
xs i:1 b* li int"! ed m un all pelts of the
-tale, Md what a grand / '> m ii lo a
i nil, ila- country after soots irrae! ul
. met, 12 tletorj thi artpraaehla* ss a.
: I] ;n lt iti'it.i.i will bo ; ? lbs !'? >ple of
Vii gunn.
?i ,p . ni thal is ll nay i> ? -i:-. .i .-t !.
rtieu for Hu future, and i mnroied la our
purpra ? ;?. -I ? thal ?? bleh ii right, and lo
avoid Hie wrongs none hy oureaetale*,
nr' ..i we bare eTcrthtutTR kt Ihe late
: I ?! i- tho righi dOcfrine,
The i-r.iiit Royal .\n bens baa door good
penrice io th" Drnoeistk pul*, lt tte*
-usc* well iii the country. Hut il sn- tao
j 11 u?- -nr lt* patroaage. Jadge it..rm.
ba , therefore, reduced rta Bloc. We always
read otu rTrgrobi exabaofei abelberwe
pj any other papera or not. rm I nn-" know
tvhirctil' ste ailinn svhen we ,ay that thc
An-: Bra bsa ail Ibe Mbm seea Ute right
traci theed af h. Rad "ii tbe inn" p irsoed
A thaUgbtfUi ;,'f-n! Inman *Ug?e*tl lint
Hie peuoiiv liiinrMii" 11,? lh* rear in ti
aight'e procession '.'.'ii bealnosl suffocated
by the .lu.-! BaRae tbs stn et* not pared bo
wjiiei.il t.i-d'M. Il ia lil.'ly thal tbtt bas
leen tboogbf af hy tba sjeaHofliefl aarlag
the natter la charge: bat it- BteaUoa here
will flo no banu.
?Whenever a Ni s. Yo:k Iieniocr.it i- - i -
BBded bereaitor, the band ougbl to play
??Jae Watch ti" (le /.'??'!'?." A tlgiiaat
ts ihIi ladesd did the lalhuil New Torkort
keep up fm <e:i d it-.
Tbe Blseksbnrg '/?"sa aaaoaoces that
ii- pubttcatina will be temporarily hiv
pended. Mr, Ltbbooe'b health li fl >:
New Honk ot I'semi.
/?.'?i'm/.-..h. Idyl oj f?Vl Virginia,andWH
/?(iMii.v, lt Ma!,''- Ki skim Ai.Lti'ivi),
A. M., Krnie--'i i' Languages Male
High -i lii'il, lanii-vill". Ky. Si-'-'iii'l
Kdiiiou. Jobs P. Mobtos .y- co.
T in- jti*-- . iit:i|ilii:ii'nti (hi* book highly,
mtlKV fv?1/,H/-;V7.
Ti, Philidelpbia /'/???-- latinrtlea thal
Ibe 31 Ainu reed* thal paper. We should
lodge thal tbeMudiroi DoBfrobi readi ii
Tin- only difficulty in OUT wat- in fomiog,
s Catrtnei lor Mr. d is n t- o< losistt In tbe
Ort that Mr. < lkvplnvii BUgfll not agree
with Uk
MM. .11 )T\tvlnle elephant
A n A si FOBEl
dead. So iv the tvbito ejrphuil of Hu- ll -
publican party ll it toed year on white
The i'hil ulclphls Ttatci ny*: "Looa*
nay ateril praise lat dignity, bul it looks
asl! in- were struck apeeehleas." Dumb
fouoded. sa it were.
Ki ti\p wea eertahtly a deadrhead la a<
* teing. He got a free adv crtUeneat tor
Um -.a lind Talune of bis book intonearij
? st iv leadiBg paper ni the co'iutry.
The Ti itt"or concedes thal clim ki tv
M elected. 'Iii" TWfnne lt wakiag up.
We will nol be surprised il tin- Ti
?hally et ip ede* thal tbe svai- is over.
'lin-riiilaiiclplii i/' mya: ?? We will
ni-"is.- ''li'ink-uitii-.g-tl iv at usual, bul
iImc vs,ui"i te ant turkey anthe Bepuhll.
i p Pilli- Mu- Niiir." So; you still hare
lO ll" ? Hit. Hied Willi el,INN.
M . lil iota waadera ibrough a colona
e. ike National Kepuhltcan in lelling sv m;
defeated blas, and nteoot the narR ofter
.ul. wini di i.iieil him imo be expressed
iii i-vu wonia: -? Coiumou hoiie-iv."
?? Th*'/i-i/ju.ii* iv rory nook dittrssaad
ii cause ii til-lies e? i ifU-arrrlco reform win
ba e,uhii"er,'d under PrssidSBl Ci.kvk
i.tsii.'' An ihe '/ri'j'Ui*'.-, idea of civil-M-p.
Vice leforill la lo kc.-p lilt la-eal. Hi.il !i:i
caii-c foi depr --i.ir.
Chilli Mmri- is BHflbtiai (Milli a -pi'un.-J
ankle, j>ail in a runaway, and vii* limps
atsaood Ike stage u CBMagw, where -'ie i,
Hiv, M. K. l.iaddt.R. on* nf Hi* nioal
prolific of Kugli-h vtoi ?y-svi der-, in pi ir it
lift- is NKs. Maxwell, and owns np lo lut
bag reached lbs matine j-e al Wt-etx.
Aliieil Mitchell. | io,*, utinr; a?loiii*T of
j Belini.nl entmly. \Y. Va., ha- rOSlgBed bi
nliie,', in avoitl pttaMMtyfiat |,i- l.r.>:!i i.
atmiix i! MiI-Tp-II. nnp >. jp euatody charged
Willi llHIldi-l.
Mr*, Jese* Kutuain, af OauT*r-. Ma--.,
cempleicd h. r oue-hnntiredth year ni 1'ri
itiy. doini (,. Whittler paid bis rtPaJhsett
to tbe old lady, who i. ihe widm, of a
nephew al that man ofuottytai. buae,0 s
stsJ Isrori PataaBa,
Ma.ltuie Moiljeaki :-i.--iiii* pj h*i limn*
in 1'ol.md, and it iv tindeistood tbs! -h* n
dfTaling inii-h of h*i kBaart :? a |in-|tani
tien af aa Bagtwh Bifspsstloa ot ?? Thara,''
a play WbtCOJ bil" been Widely -Hc'.'-i-fitl in
the BTflBBBtB eiu)iii".
Tk* BMrf, Dr. >\ dhan Kean. Nvhuarnt.il
at Sew Voil il om I bins s few divs as...
R - a miwionsrv anions tbs Chilies* fm
llty years. At th* age of .es*iitv-euiii tbs
'tuv-rablc Rapt)-! Maru lt pa*- hi- de
' taiag yen- ia hi, native Kin,1.
.Narlh, Carallen* li*:.I Trial*.
: -PC tal tclturani tu th* flt .paleh. 1
Hli-H KolM, N. i .. Ntiveia!."! IT.-Thc
day vsas clear and lh- ground a little raUfk
in.I hilly. K, th" BBsasber -tike Oaithiiii
Nnri. !km! I'lins. BSCtftpdi Hr. uk beal Di-u
in* Novis.
la the Poi-,);*! .uk* the w,nk nnierallv
v..- ssMafj, lannuaiiT lu.it .Iiuj: iHOke
lieut Kulla Rookh : Lucia ran ag-uiu-i .lui
not yet decided; Scout heal Bang Ban,;;
Mug hem Luck'* Baby; B*Bha**nTb*g beti
Jill: Vision beat l.-iel* \ Kids Korup. -*c.
omi. Prill Donald, -erond.
.!. I!. I'ills. sinner, lailed lo-dav.
A li.nevolent society.called i ?? Moiitlifu
of Breari." lu- haag -tarted in Paris. Ita
object is to rendel- temporary av-istm
those who ne ont of work. A lump of
bread sud a glass sf water, lafBfBd willi
vinegar, ar.* alien lo all who ask for relief.
The vinegar i, pul in the water lu kill ihe
microbe*, which swarm in the foul Maa
waMr, and Hie concoction d-tcsn'l ta?ie
murh different Iron the ?>ur tvirie ordj
aarily used ht Kn ni m..
??''nick, .puck. .iuii'k." -ant th* ,1 ici.ii
alien he found Or. Bull's tough syrup lu
Hie house of almost every (tatlent, hst his
bills decj eised and tbe people were happy.
Prue Ji ccttlt a bottle.
The Senate wa* called lo order at 1J '
r'etoek b* Hon. John L. Hint, Proaiilent
fra fmfrore.
.'BOM rcaamRPa*.
Mr. Wirkliiii. from U-e Committee on
Finance and fi mts rcpmted, with .-, .tity
stiHiie therefor, a bal lo direct the < un
I . ,?,,*.a Ute -lt.'.xiO',' Kiinl to culbet
all iltur.-i which bsd BB**JSed up lo and
IretudliigJaty, PM*, Bfea the bond, nur
i Ino tl bf Itt-ro "??1rr an "* WVW&
Yf.ii,li Ci. IfM, entitled an net iippr-.pri
Hip- Hie publie icvpniie.4 for the innl
inti* !?#? BBd BBBaaj Bini lo invest Ihe ?y!?e
in Virginia rt per cent. **M*4 i?l-l
upihi Rm BCt of Hie Henna! Assem
iit cf Vrt-giaia apprcired February lt,
IsK*, entitled an act to ascciiiin and
(hclsrc VMRBtta'a erpill ville sb ti' of
ih, d.-bi rrmMed besBPi ami aetiiallv
, x'.viim.' at Ute line of 'be p.iiliUon af RM
territory sad rc-mircr-. and te arel Rte f ir
-. nee of bondi wiMaeg Bm tsate,
mid thc ugalaf ,i"'l pi-nmpt pavm.iit al in
leon: BBM, a till!, willi rec nu
ei-riiiiHon* that R tl" not p*-. foi Ike re?
lief . i I rik- -inri!!, of Wis.- t mniy;
dm, e. iib un uni' ndiipnt. it lull iiiitlmri/.inc
i syn.in' el thi RaMBBI dBi the ci'y of
i;((.|,ni,; i-i bbs aaed "ti the p '-di??
??roi-ti'ls and bUtnliBBB of the Mate ; and
?) e f- Itowing Hon-' ''IH*:
I'nrdioi' R. .1. Caldwell front Hie Bare.
?ral of a lin'.
per the lathrl et *ehR Mcclure
Km thc ia l:"i of iii'' laK-ttaycr. nf AB*>
?I iiny c(.lg.
for RM Pl Ul f nf the e.; ite of C. II.
Lynch, of (cu,;.bell cn.ni)', willi am ud?
na nt.
Mt LoveMl la.from the Commntee m
Public laatttutloai aad Bdueation. report*
ni || io! Ti'iil to amead and reCMo! in
?u.."In- R ard of
Vtoiton ' f tts Virginia .Mild.ry Ind
lo be v p..!. d jul the ipr "uti'p :ii ol a
mw i.. ard, approved B rreae, hs*.
Mr. Twyin.ui. fr un Ute I ommrl
Fish tad (i ' ''"' Btut ?
therefor, .1 li.ll io m. n I md rf u i an ie
,| po ted UarcB ?'?. Is"*-'. ?Rtled
of letnos in Ute
ereeks of HM WBBtte* ol Ai ma md
Korti Hi.p'oti.
ci mot mn of Mr. R"i.or, the Commit
i , nu County, City, and Town <>r. intra.
- - discharged frost I o' c mal ' ri?
ll, ii of House bill cii'iii.-d m nel t" im ,11
md ri ut ni --.? i m I" of au arl approve I
iiiic -, 25, I- 14, milli -1 m i ' to ia foe.
ponde Ute Iowa al Oreen ?IRe, Aurssts
.?om.ty. ti!i hts furthi ri.i iti-ni. Rte lilli wai
,!. thc i ileadai.
IMIiolH I RP AM) lilli KIHtl'.U.
I'v Mr. I.dp'iiiul-: BB! tor BM I ?ellet "f
( . v;. \dkii -oii.'if HaHfaa ounty.
Hy .Mr. McCoimick: R'U to lathorue
Hie sin un,doab Valley .Y^riculluriil m i
etv to borrow RHMvey and le aeeara t mi
ID bondi :iini deed ?r Irani.
liv Mr. I bf- bar (Ra? Mr. Cbrtotlsa):
SuftttUute for .-"ii 'te bill fa lawed and i?
maci MBctapproved March ?"?, WMB,eatl
Ued .-ii ml pinliiliitin-'tle- baullagof telue*
in tbe creeks oi the roBBtka "f A' 'in
and N'.'iliiiiii.pl'ii.
Rill lo inc'ip.irali' Um Norfolk ami N'.d
loway RAllraad I ump mt.
By Mi. Ftonary: Hill tor the relief of Hie
ti tret let of J, ll. Rinir, iii:.- trearorei of
Wtoc county.
l-l PIP -PK'H M ll-*.
(.ililli! Wickham iBlroduced 'lie fol?
low in:; joiiit reaolutioa, which Um over
innl, r the rilli-:
I,..i.I,,-il o!ie Hoii-p ol being it''- cnn
rurring), Thal tbe < ommlmttMMhra of ihe
Sinking Lund be anUwriaed ki employ
counsel, to have exehuilve control nnd< r
thc diri eii"p "f Mid comrolsaioncrs, of all
tulti :iiiil matter- in coatroversy, ci'imr iii
ihe-title or Federal Murta, in which the
rights and obllMttons nf Hp- mu- ol Vir
gmla relating to the public debt of tbe
-i ne oi- nj p.-vrt tie r. if :n ir lie Involved.
\il :a ,i ta, or part- ol ictd in
i with Ihe above irehcrehj repealed.
Tit hill to prcacrlbe in what bank- tba
nu.ney .1 Hie .-tile -lull !),? kepi, being IM
? ordi i . the iiny, wa- i ikeu up,
read i iccond Ume, the amendment* pro.
posed by Ita Committee or Flnai.and
Ranks tareel i... aad the bill irvjrred I i
ii- cngroasmi ut rad third readlag.
nv; ami qCRBR H MBHMir.
Tin- < ha t laid before ibe Senate a earn
ii.i.iiii inion from Hie Governor reporting i
vacuity in the JudgMbJp Of Kin: ni I
Um di rounty, created by the rtoigatRon
of Judge .1. ll. C. Josee, The House of
Delegate* hat lng adjourned, bo Bella i w i
l-il.i ll In Ibis ll after.
-1 V I i a mil - r V--KP.
To authorize tbe MMhaard aad RMnoke
Railroad < ompaay lo ii!*.-,t m rad ipepaie
other luilrn id-aud Hae-pi'i'lalnm linc in
thi* mid other Stales.
To ann nd flu Otu and ,'th tecttOBS of
. bapter RO of Acta et isTl-i:, entitled an s-t
to lacorporale the At Mm tie ead Daarilte
Nairiiw i.KH^e Railroad Company and to
aiin another -> etioa thereto.
'l'n authorise Hie lip 'um,un! and ARogha*
ir iiiiroui or ii- -nen--..I company to
I-. a preferred atovk and to [Militate the
taman to Rion* thereof.
For the relief ..f D. W. Munn, late
Nreaaurerof R'.unl oouatr, aad blsdepu*
To confer iddlUooal powers on tbi l i
< oiiiii il of Lynchboi g.
'i o lacon ..I ii, the Norfolk and ? inc
lb '.iv Railroad l ompray
I.. prevent the prodding ol j
among domestii animal-.
To ainentl and reenact teetlon ld of Ihe
I 'i" liv ,'.' I.,ian. ai,' .
For Ute rehVf of <>. R. rbotttt*, i tte
er "f Flnvanna , minty.
lo pniviile for a new i-e"i.ir;'ii'in of tbe
vmi rx in . ?i:.iin pr.- linet* ->f flic .- unity of
I o:iu cpd and ia oiric! - eUouSSol eh ipter
Its ol toe ( ode ol lng, llntiUag the lime
io one year for cn ilton to thoa cause
distribution ol entail -.
Tot n ri i a bart in Mathew* comity.
i o iii nv ?., orge W. iinii- i" c kaUruci a
nag-way and errol s wharf or pier from
Hie main land of Btockfoy-HRl fans la
shin kl, y-llill l-l uni, in N.in-eniDiiil i-outi
ty, and tbcHce te BM old channel of -'till
tiver, for the pnrpoee of tbijiping lad re
eetvhag ll-i-jltt uml pi*BBS*,t|H.
\uliioi laing tM -iiivivlnsftru-tc ?* of the
Meadtvillc Academy le tell ibe property.
inn BJ nu.11 PABBBB.
For the olicf ..r Ihecatateef R. B. Blay.
lan innl bal w i'ii in Ann slay iou.
Toaamnd aad reenact aeriloo gs of an
ad, approved ttarehft, issi, eat tiled an act
poo ulin* foi Hie winkiiii and repaint)-/ al
public roads ami briilre..
Several efiorti to advaace other baaiaeM
w ra luadc, bul tm auuiuni lasing pr -en:,
i.u molioii of Mi. Beta ll, the -rmi, al
Jouraed n'l ll "'click to-dar.
Mouse of I).-faunie*.
J tn- llouae uni at noon?rBeakef -Hurl
ni (bc (hair.
ibe readlag ol Um Jmrsal wi. di
|'( ll-'-li Willi.
jam pea MN" wu lum,
Mp. Yiooklm latrodixed ? MRalhrariag
Hie Rodd ol SH|,crvisii-of Klag William
ctituitr ta bortew RMHtey in budd a |aH.
Rid'- were -n.|icnded. and Hie bill went
Upon Ibe , alt ndui.
A 0*1 I ol I Uh liol ?*.
Mr. McCaadliab moved la adleara, t* I
i-:i'|. il fora divi-ion in the count.
Ml. ( Bidwell called for Ihe ..,e. M)l\
mu..-nidi! wa. a-certaiiied th:lt lin u ta?
inui voled.
Mr. E< lim- RMrred a rall "f the Ham,
and thai was armed to.
JOSI ii tim lime Mi. g adi ISM. Bl Rock
liid^e. mme in and wa* x'iccted wi'.la ap
piali-e. ho pievcin e BMBxiBg a .pwiluj.
I br-alj-eiiiee* were noted : after wuiou.
on motion of Mr. (J ra res. the ntrther i all
af Bte ll,no. to. di-ia-ftvid wilb.
i up in , MBB* laYJLART,
Mr. smith ateted the follonins;. which
wai . rro.-d ie :
??Thal the Commute* mi Kinaine i,e ba.
4in:ctc(i io easstdet tBeesn4tdtssey ef re
BtertBg the valarii-of eifesH judge's to the
-ria | aid lliun prior t? t|?. redm-tion to
Hue pre*ent allowance, and in the event
theyehall be of opinion that the l,c.'i,l*.
ItMe vboiild luke Muli acliuii. lint |M|| 1(..
pert a bill tot BM .ame."
aiiKvpivi; sajj , RlVJ,vAi las
ll,-- InlllWrBfJ rta- atlentcd Thal (lie
( tmii.i'f" ,,ii .Imip-iarv Ls IbbbTbiUr! le
coaaldet Hie ea^dlBBtia ,.( ,0 unfatlinr.
the et Ullina! law as to require eav-h BOSatJ
le pay ha own titaatee* BBBeasaa. ami in
theeveat ib-r -nail .ooclude Mah ebaukfe
judi. iou-, ibey tBBMs re|K?rt a Ui!| aeeoraY.
stu limn ? iiMRlvsiovkt-.
The bili ?ubviitutme.a Itoaril of railroad
minmi.violin- for the present railroad
Commissioner w.i* reached ou the asleRsJflr
Mr. McCandlish bad the bil! reaj, and
Mr. Yt,mu cv plained tbe prorUioos.
(Hi minion of Mr. Urarey, the rR| wa*
pa*.ed li*.
ur-BABB 1R"S Ilia '.(iVKRNnH.
The speaker laid before the Hun,. t
'?"iiiiiinnii.iiioii from the Uovernor it
aouiieiBi; a vic m. y in Ute BBB at y Judge
*bip nf Kin.' and Hi.n. RBBBBd by the
t(-lunation of .1. II. ( . .lone,.
RBtaBBBB im> MlBtBBBB railriiaii.
Thc House was noUiicd that the ^eaatc
???* III ? ?- -?
sadranswd, win sotendui-nts, tl* toll ta*
jEleang Oie itoanoke ..nd -AuDoard rall*
voad ie Invest lo sad opeeat* riiir.taO aal
tTsrrspnrittton line* lathO sad other BtsUs*.
lutid before the Hm te and ph-?edon tue
flllXRf nOR Ur HYATS OPP|.!B!f*.
The Judiciary Counllte* raBOrtem tba
fotlowlng bill througii Mr. Birt sa, ebatr*
lnsii, sod it went on the eatond ir:
I. fie il enacted k>/ the Ueneral rtessot dy
af lirijmia The*wReoefer nir-.iti *r bf
tlie stale kt indeiki*d ls the -ute for n >n*y
(.nlleeted by him. or iinprnperlt drawn hy
Eba or upon bli ordei fr.m the paulie
lr.-p.urv dtiriu- bli terni ol nfl 18, st 1 Bf
t,.rdetnanit for Hie same by Hi* AU li't
eoatbtaet in defanR in tai ? mynsat of the
?nic. it shall BOt be !irvful,f,.r ldc Audil >r
Lg i:.ue tr. Mid offiecr 1 ty. iri.it filu B ir
pjg-UteTivaauiei to piv. ony wrt of trie
utpej atna, ar to beeoroe du* snub nih---.
until be "hull audie good Ri* ''??
f-Hllf. Tile ofll.-er sviiiivs SUP'/
y Rna wRbbetd nay, aVHTi
11, hu i"'''11 * in the i Ircult j'"'ri
a rflfknond eltr, mahln l i kawtor i
t-uty th.-ril". and priving the pivnrit '1
Jj. vsl.uv. The \), |,n,r -hill BBB** ' ''
.svirloHii" politlon, sud Ibo proctedln^s
shall he 8 ndliel 'I a- B BYlll n eu i'l''e: J I'
c. nilnc"'.l. ex ' |/ th * iii' i- ? aeod "?' R I
rurmceding* at nilen. Upon lbs |? "f
lukin ami read in Cn cant* ; i* ooarl shall
,'rcide thc rsrt ol indebtedness, aa I 'ii
right of tba officer lo drawbbi salary, nr
the right ol Ibe MaM in ere,hi tbe sam?
niton the Rtdebfedaeat of tbeaalorr, and
a jiidgtii.Tt univ ii., li- rtiader* l agai m
Ibo ntticcr for any indebtodBet* thal may
. - Mt ta . Reen ? f ibo menai of 'ii tsliry
m ea line, sad for the spplleatl ia by UM
Mate nf tool Briary aa imv ti treal
crin- to UM paviiu nt af Ibo debt, I ' '"
mich proceedingi Ibe Attorocr-Ocneral
[ante** be le sa lt ' red i i porty) sh til
lepn-i ol tin st,te, mid il be ??' > inter
rited tbe Auditi r shell e ipi o b
ii | to rep).ni the iatei <!r
?>. -ii,inn! the Officer ??? ry is so
withheld f il lo Ile ap ' lh|
i bm twelre i
ne nt ..! bl* nbvy iv ss Ithheld, the Au Hi ir
m ti , redil tbe nate upon th* ladeW ? I*
, .. i . .. sad un', ?
upon ile-1.k* ?'< "'-? ethe '?
::. Tims arl .ii.ll be in lowe [ron Ila pan*
,.,,.-,, YACAS ? ?BEK'BOI ITT08>
BET" ' ?
Mr. Dartoo, Iron tba C Mewitt** for
. , urta ol .i. ft '?'. t'.l-l i i" f ?'l isvirir
ii,::, which xv; in u|ian th ? eil ad tr :
i. Ht U enacted hy the Heneral l.taetnHy
, r i rainia, I'h.-i: ii Bl am Un - whoa
,- octal Aeeeoibiy it aol in M*sl tn a
. v -I.nulli fo:' ans reasoa oe nu* lu Ibo
, r, ? i ol Mi .iii'V-iitii.-i'd. il -lull be in"
dmr .,f th" Treasnri r, kudRdr of Public
\,.ibLs, and tbe - ? >ood Auditor, or a
majority "f them, to eb "! aim* !i' ' ' '
??'?iii) t ip rs r-..:i to be the kttoruey
(itu. nil. which election they shall
retiifj to iii" Oort ruor, wh i shall
cause a i immi**ioo i" I"' 'I ill
(saned to imn. I'm- person io iel ? i
.1, ii bold tor office until lh ? end "1 th*
term ol the Ah 'imv-iiiii ral in wh r*i
be ssa. ciin-'ii, or noiil thirty days
?Itet Hi' i" El ----I.>? th- Heneral v
, mi ly. whichever abtll happen tir-t.
Should -nell vacancy rteeur during Ihe -? --
tlan ol the Oeaeral Ataenbly ii mall be
Ulled liv the Jolnl tote of Um itv . sou, -
?j. All sets and lui" of sets in c indict
svi.h thi-a." arr h"i" iy repea e I.
:;. Thi- act -lull be ia force fr -
A bill authorizing iii" repeal ol lh.
authorizing a ref ietf bf the count j ooiirts
,,, t|,,. deeislon ol tbe Juatic si ol Ute p sace
in esses nf nUdeme innr*.
llecUrina Mud Fork, in Tazowellcoun?
ty, navigable for ? ""ri na distanc -.
Authorixiag tb. Auditor io comproml ?
il-.e .-1 nm of < hu'"- nv. .Me< torrity, sheriff
ol Hiles.
vuthor! ting il" revell t "f the ll hup ?
Kri-la liiin ? ii ii i t M of V tr.h iiiin'nii ot,
?..ss York. Philadelphia, and Norfolk
i tilroad to pay noot-y lo the irusteet ol th*
- lid i lillie! .
Amending the < 'ode lu rel dion to tbe -?;
s't e nf pros, ? -- ig .in-: of notlc i to ii ?r?
For the protection ol ? ittou-planten in
Un Hate ol 1 irginia.
Providing the Urnc for the boldiag ol '
. iurta in in- Ninth judicial circuit.
Alfoning thc N'elaou Improvement inn- i
pony la operate its telephone and risc tm
si.' uni lo " poid therefor.
lt; relation lo oysters ia mintie* bot let
np- .-ni 'in i bern] 'in. ? li iy.
I'm thc i li'f Ol Ann I mk-, of ai ulbtoa
Allowing ibe rotere ol Koriaanptoa
county to tole on Ibe qiMttloa of abolifb<
lag Um present ia m t i nf.
Requlruig railroad companies t > t .m
,ii!n-; i attie guards.
In relaUon lo aim im! nv toe ' ode in the
until i - ol ni dil - ami decree*,
aCxtsaipting iniii'i- from jury terrie*.
dui lax euttiii. and ni lng lob* ??-?.
lin ni |.ni,i;iip. thc i-i ind Lodge ol th*
-- n- - i /lui Benevolent Institut! m.
Rxteodina th" time for the paymentof
i iv. ? iii the e.mott "i 1 ? ex.
Ii'c-i|,. i.uiii,' the Bishop Paine In ros
iiial School.
lu tebUtoa to fences in Berkeley i iwathip,
si i.t-yhania county,
I lion ponding tbe town ol li ivkiti.
IneorporaUng Hm i '-vd ol -mint - i?
? a,o',.-ll . ..lints. 8
Providini im local option ia Luneubiirj
i -n ni>.
Kill iii relation lo the r- H ii in; of I mee*
in ti aili .H ?- o tu vu . ? >-:. . nan UM
i ' ??. "!-.
Kn Mr, Paxton: Bill to snead sod re*
in.-i ..ti at t entitled sn iel lo gita sid ta
th citlzeni ??( VLrginia wounded au I
maimed during the bte wai while aerrint
'a i - i tr ma i iii* -. tpprofed I "fin in rv
.'... l?ot.
Kl Mr, K" ii : Bill lo ann-liil and !'?
-.Mi ii i.') of chaplet 139 ni th-(...I* nf
isT.;. in relation ta lee* ot .missioners
of account*; alto, bill to encourage adaea*
non ami to educate whRe female teaehora
tor the piililp ire" schools at lin' prltaaO lu
itRutlOBa anil college- in lbs -tal I,
By ."ll. Kilvei : Bill to provide far the
Usspsctiou of min.. in 1 appoifltOMBl of in
apretor "f nuaea.
Atijt uincd.
Mt nenil Robert Tombs voted aa Nu
feather iib for tbe Brtl nm* ?iu ??? :!ie
ll-ii vi. -ni', Ci ead I'i tit nat.n.?
idrb lb pa? ."'nt. te the taliM af attar. Pbs
eminent H.ion Lunif,thegreaiastehonbit
io the world, rays: ?? It la certain thai Um
*,.M:ms.? taine -if Boor snii bs latrena**! lu
pet cei'.i. by tbs aldi'.ion ol your Bitsad
i'i. j. m ai iun. md the ia suit ls ase bobbi nd
lae i'trtility ol our whoalfptUt bad been
iiieri a-, tl hv that amouaL"
ll I
P.IM'SVN. -1) r,l. at Ina rNttSSWBC*, I OOO BOttJi
1 winn-.mu ta ?(?!, Nonda ss .."ir. Net*?***
i Tm.... r.iii... lack, Mr*, hap ni a A-BROWN.
.el.rt ot Prank B. Brown, lu Ute Rny-**cwa8 y**i
after ar*.
Ni,h.-r.,i r.iur, ii hew
DI LOON l.-Dir.t. -um,',. gplifllhSI IRIS, al
S " NI. afirr a l.iDcauit iniaerln; lUii.-i,. DAl-r
I.l LIA NIAS V"Uii|r-l "1.IIJ ur Aiata aa* L. ni
Di?i-ttiii; ar*'i atna.pien ia.v?'b-.
s lu-p ni ?!' - i ? I Mea-a"d -.?*p.
I If P'Ii'Tji took |>lj'.r r*.!r.'l. t. *
fflRBlBTII 01*0 -luil-Jf. Nofnob-i Mau
alH ? clock E. M.. in l-i rr-nw'-"*. Ill Ki,-n!!l
s'D.t, Mr.. MAW VuPltl-l.tl . ia IB*
.rei'iul v-.-.n ut lu > arr.
Ht r luaaral mil take plae* from St, Peter*! i ??
ilw-Uriii lit DAN .it Berkie I a. tl. PrteaOB juJ
aV'iuaiiiijt.i i- ire invited ni allend.
Lfascttaafp. Bl Lew4*.am ? Urn.
reva ty papen BBSes* eaay, ?
NV AI.hK - Dirri, al
Yo. 4 t-a-t Rina.! ftirrl, at S.*B0 ? ? ? ' . A. U..
Nutrn.ljer ! 7. lt.,'. s UBRTB1 DK NV ALFIE.
a ?! se. sv Walk*, la rn* ihiM,-* na v*.r
? i ? ijr.
In BBrfBrl i>*ar*."
t tia*iul will lui.* itlav-e Mom Park-I'l. ? H?kB ?
kl rl.urcL I n- M /, , .1 I P. tl.
tu nd. and acqwaiaUaet.lectfaUy lavlled
,. ., ?
I iiweral Nolle*.
la* n a kl ?' LMV ER tNi.l. V i HUB-.
aha dan* al Banmln*. i??i-. Bun ? . lit, will
ul* eiau- inls | Tn. aria Tl aiuiininm al IO
o*tIocs, r, in th.- rtwiiiru-* u bl, mother,Me*.
liettrgl -ia il..!.. Ra, 8lf H f*tt| itrorl,88
i?W'U Pla**nv8 luifitj'i . rrienda itt**aaslwi*
am i- art rt pm Halli Melted M ain-u i.
aaa oo i
SeeK? mTi
B HO O . ...
a^akjr*. *j*j ? t A l_
SMltf AA I
RUO 6tt sal
t HO .J f AAAL
BBB A B Kil na B .UKI
Il B SA KK ll TIM r, i|
BBB A A KB ll X N N (I
B ll AAA. K K ll V It R u .Ml
ri 00 w w wdud aaa aaa
? o QWttwwr) urra Kna
o o ww ww Dag i r '
oo w w ooo ouaB 1.;
Tn tho tjiSisayoettl Baanya*****.
TATRWBrj. OwrtrriiOOTR, vt* I
November lt, IBM. ,
TB Die Editor nf the WsDo'ttfi I
,m Hie Lith of Murch tn-t. st the readers
nf || e Dispatch well reiiK mlier. s iliradMH
, aplosion neem red in I 'ie poe Unlit t* kYtltWj
rn thia county, hy which ono hoadpej
lind fourtern miner* were kill" I. A
nvrnl-T ol the heir, st law af thc
,1,-n a-c(! InstltMtefl proceedln/s iigtlMI
-.uilhwc-t Vir'.-itit linpriveurnt
ii minny, who owned tbs latoa.
?i d tbe Hrs! '??"' li "ow ,,n tr,al ,?"f,,r*
Jude* Fulton, "f Ihe Circuit c**BBl of IBM
ruiinly. A number et expert wtt?i"t*e*
Pin. ls en stimiD.mcd from Obie and IVun
lyrvaBit by both ?ides, amoeg BMM In
i.M-.ilance 1-cin:,''hr Hon. Andrew Ray, of
ohio, president of the Ohio Indi ute of
Mining Bstgiaeara. amt tat Um paal
reen In-jscor of Mlae* lor I wi stil '?
Mr. Bar ta hen hs lae f Bierce! of idea
a nev quemtoahelag r.ii-nl i* to Ute MUM
nf the explosion, the OefeaOe alleringtbst
,- >i Bre-demp, b <f Ibb uni dint. MBtad
RM catastrophe.
In cotivn-aiinn aitRBMBflataSeof mlalag
n:, ii ti -day. Mr. Ruy iMgge*ted the u i
- |J of Rte enr tllieiit nf I IsW far Ih ' pr>
i, r reg-*' 'tioR :'',,1 v-cniilai; ia ot ia
aad the ippolatmentol a State rolaiegta*
ttkfctor to see tl nt the tow th mid M er>
forced md ?? eyed. Twelvi SI il i have
I provided *uak law-, I
.1 v, rv . n-f u-i.iriiy. Roi only | i ?
- mining rasintitle', bm ib ipri
kcmwledga la regard to the mlaeisl
le-OIH'Ct- Of IbCtM Stuns, ll IS I).
lii red thai tucta i tow weald h- <>:
ont I. i ? i'i tn direct iag eapkal lathe
mlneral-fli m. ol V Irgiaht. ind wa
tbal Ibetli nersl \ssemblyotthU8titewill
t i, ve |fl this ina't. i tl an carly (hy. Wi
have b.uiiidli ts DilnrrsJ redouroee, .*!.?.-li
have ? nv lo v- ni ide know ut i In vii e ipl>
i i|.|o di ri lop the imc. Whj - iou I u il
.a- Rennsylrral i ia IO
the devi lopmeat of lbo*e indntii
. .. indi p p-p.i * i ni' lem -iT
i of Vii
ptoUd ' f the "rall'! "'I ' "n':1"'l A ?' ii' li,
we "lier tl
? i. iiiiioiu!. n-i -,' a'n.i'H ian t of tba
been i . i n
i nil::, a, ben ih miggcited, would fl
lop g. fell want, beside* providine for the
ly of our n -'i' i ? . rn cs ind
,! tbi re -rn??? , ? ol i dr fulfill
.. ?!. i tu r ??-'a-iiiriv horr .r.
Thoma i r
? ,vi .1 bx the u*e ol ? ' ?' tine, i
-nu ul Hi - iii,,I pr din>ii - tbe ?,'.'!i.vin nf tue
Hm. Extract* *
MASONIC Nm |( I . \ Red a
.. i ? Kir ll Mus n.-'L
li nnii, i.i'ii i.-lino . v. i i. win ii XJeT
? d v lui ti. itii . Ililli
I- - I,- . !.v I MM
Bf ? -ii IV. v|. v.. ii .1,'. . "
IV S. The med ? In lune to illnw tut
Inti tina
. o I I.'.. ll , I -?!!'
NA ROI,Rn \ t ni \t i| . \
, , .',,,?
? ? r ? ' ' i i-MoKiiovv
iM diieadayl Nliiili, N..rem lier I nth. at 7:10
?nd Marti
.til lura.i er* uT the ?>.]?' , . - '
rited to he pr
nt order nf Uiet until -
R. vt. UK WY
i -. '. :? I 1 i, UKOKKCS. IN-i lt Wi ^
\ul-.N | -. \ VH IH, VI. K
I VI I .vol N I-.
II! meet ll p! " ? ? .. -ii -I ?
low at I >'el ??'. I', M i , | n ? . n
i -t1'. tn i ,., pari in "'.mil ptrvi,
IS -I !: ? si I kiU.MI'Sat offlee ol Warren J
i: VI. i I v i i v. . v I - il i i'. H. lilli
* .... i i
U ?..nu-I. ;'i.irorni, and mi he, v-.m i .
. a I', nv ll V.'H
I'l.."V|| | | '. ... ?;,,- 1,,-n ;no ? ? io. il
ri ilmr nun line. Vj H. Ol VPI.I -.
ir, i i ri: i h.it , i ,i VIONRoi Vt Vii!)
Ul >!?'( 'li V I K (1,1 H IN!) lilt I H-.M, i I; V I l<
VOTPRS in I ii! w vi:o irei , i Ito
tl it. i nrnei of Phil I ind Malo ??????? ? nu
I IH -ll W LV I.VINi. Nt -; I. l-l. in 'oil Bi
.. :?? ' -i wk pruiiipiix. to i ika .af In tht d
i. I uluru., out .I,, , wm he provided
Hv th tn.
ROY - luiendini I HM r. -
poi! i.- mik lune und pl ? ? ? la " vi th' i ll i ?
hurd di. -,.i - Hld I-.'. I?? un a .."
I. I. 1 .1.1 V -ON. Pl
S. li I ki ii,-. Seen ?
'IMIl: MEMBER* OF nu. Ri il.MO Xl)
I , ni vi . -. v--ii-u rioN ano i ur Hi t ?!
I I.OVI di iTun; iv it I., ? I a. ,
? iek I I 1 -U VV V! -
iH.'viiuv ti,.. I rub. ii"- .inn.'io- ?iii h,n ?
ilrlhulpiu io iv. .
' v. '- I. IIOVKIN.
.... Hi-"! I'r--i ' ntl
i a* I .iii v i il "?> . i i < , ? io
ot Marsh au. un. .1 arr ansi.* Wau ns. I
? ? ? ,,, ,i?, . on , > ,
I wanly third I*. IL Tl -'-U'-.Y Un
l silt or N-.v. mlier, to pei Iii . IR
? a . demon ilrtuon. I nun ?
ia ll-, kt ar,, trttb L,
iii ike ll., .li ideal thu In.
, ri i l, ? ii wita
Ililli- !m , ll at '.?rr-lt -X|H1|| ,-. Ol. I luj|?- t-l ll" ti. I ,
n Ibe Hun. I.oi u hiv
P.. i, nod" Hu- .YIRI.
ill, li, nrriVi
li t '.\ ),,.. . ,.., to. |(i
fpo nu: V'iii;i;s ni- MADISON
1 vvviiU All rae rntert ol VUditou Ward
wi o ii) it d,- In '?' nerti i tte '-i Ul
? 11 ; -n v, nilii i will :i,4.,
Broad Incl ? I of flo- fSlj Us!' al
V). I t l . i li,, ii I.,
i: I.-- ti minite I free ti til
M, i -rois.vooi).
I I lief Ml.. ,.l VI."i in Wat I ' lu -..
i lt R xvii i vi - and I I vv i oa -i 'ix. TO
v. l-l n m. lc- 'I
Itu hmo-id wi, PRTRaaai aa Railboad c.i..,
a's mu. t.
lin iivpivn. V v.. N'.oin'."! IS.1S84. Y
X'nlTt E.- THE YNNI Af. VIKI: I I N't i
. * hold , viii na
heldal uij Iv rd-ind
l-.int H. to- - n Ul -OA', ll .? "Mli tn
? -.., ? ii ia ,, i? ?. vi.
? un iii ?
? ? jil,*.
io I.. VI. VV V Viiii'Ni. loN I
ll" tanral maetlug "f lue pk il vi, iv:?
Hu> io KK iv-HI Lo wo POTOMAC VNO
(i.'.vn i io? i loirvw win '..- ?? id i
VV ! I,VI -ll VV. .'lilli,,1 Vorerulnr. IMSI. ut Hie
"fie. I Un R .1 Pot.
mar K.nln.i.l ? mipu y. :u in. tit of Kn lim til,
U I'doVleel M. .1. B. WIN-I ,S
Pu \> s,., .
ilie .un ntl ineetlnir of IP* -lol RHOLDRRR
ol TUB UH flMONI). |-T||-iir'lH. K-lll .:,.
ASH I'OTOMVi H.villlovU COMPART will
ph held .it il.Bee of lin company, la the ell* ,i
Rh I,mund, op W'KDNK.SH.v V Sotembcr I?th.
t lal k*Ck M.
', td L n vvt.N-roN. -
s Ul si 'll N ls.
MATIXRR a (VI LOT t. Mi.Hl u ,
ULA' o ,
iii mity -ni vin ,.
I. illa**, ' ral* ta ,,ii pat nf ihe I ?
- ? .1-.... ..-nt ; .'niaii-u, I-. nen;.,
Nialil -dinlrtluo. li.Y 'riitt: I'anillT-.ar.'le. I
rent*;aaliery, IO reata; wearad wau,30cent*.
Hr., ?)-.". .ii ii ? t: entre. bo i?-n
I (.HIV! I'VLNIIVl, Ol I If K 1,1 Pt Or
( ll Ular, idaej liard at Ucoatl-tireel Melli.) lin
Iii .-ci,p.tl iliui-i-h )',., thlt I'ueulav), .-ruiuav. ll
l.wlpaaed n, neil rt R.-U4T I'.Vk NI NO. Mik
in.taut. II. Lil-.old r?r tl.,- iMfi will le; a-oudnn
Iii. --.-.ll in li
.* ADMl-sloN .,j
i.vi PMl:Kil!V|AV( . - Ol COMIC OPRRi
4 I INPIilt LI.I-'N IH) I'lilt ll -
wii.lii i: opr.t; v COMPART.
? i. ?r.? tatra* ia piuuipii- ind Merai. wu
pu -ill.
M IHNL-DvY i \ )? MM., V ivrkiu. a '.*
i iii li-u.vv rv ts tao, Movaaaas -jo.
lill 111 ILK DIKK.
ipin w i vi vino Boraanksa -i
... iri.i''-,iu Bl 'Tim the o'tner |,i.tu
en i i'ii-i- ? I. t**r* 4 Mnehrs aaan
p.troi i v
VI V I I VI i -4 1 IlilMV 4 1 Bf ?. kt
lATL'BUAY rv kni.no. a BBABO TRiPt.l
RH i oh vi- Ol THRKg OPBRAM w| i kt
-i iii. ni Pan aa: QeaeaM a-Huttaiou. |0c.
rearrti eau.7Bv ; ismiiy ?lane,ajBe, i;,it--h?
np. i i TCKMlAV *tS A, vt. ?. u\-:\\.
I . i r."ti-..u aad til/til ir*, ei.iuix i ,
iiirho fae wael of N ivem'sr 17. 18^4.
vri'K.vt I 'I. ins RXTBAOMDIMARY,
tin- relrbtaie.i
4V||. WAIKP.lt UKAMATir ("VVIPanv
in Hu- r<>m tutu- drama in .1* arl".
I dramatic e?.,l. new teener* and an
tiuiniBii-llt-i pl iced in Ihe .tjfe III tpte.|i|nl MgE
Nulwlt i.tiuuina ,he h.-avr BBMMBS, Hw kiri' ?
Bili not H.- i*. ol.
V Tull -.. ai ?> Uv lO.eiiO. Rraterted mia Vt
i ic t, li, ern d trait .-an be had darla* the -U
al C. P- Jidm-loi. , Miiile-xwawe. No. BIB Mal
x'rr.-L _ nolH-.Vi
1 t HI'I IS. OH -4 I OPUS. Ac.
/ 'ARl'KTS AM) UlL-rLOTHS.-lhtiv
\ MM rttRivM mr fall *u>ek ,,r ,,H i,. i- vu
I'll-. OIl-iTirrHS Rtil.is. MAT*. SII.VOK
aud'HOLLANDS, iud ('HINli K- sud POLK
I.ACM iud DA MASK ctrRrilNs. I'vi'lli
llA.Ni,I.Ni,-,.f,ii *t,let. whirl m odfrnui 4
l,.w urterw. *
All order- promptly attended m.
V. .UAMNi.-.
Itt 1 etut Main tirr-i,
?<???-?"* IH.Rue.al, Vt,
HAV* Btjr
With every <Mser? l-..fluOil* ter UMfaei UM**
pear*. Owe
Ifiaeila.. T. J. Anterena. r#ca*sm**ill*8
??Hop lint, pv-'lo m's
1 no ?) two Isilllevf
Am ftiurrly cr I. and l.eirdtf *-*-a***d
H-H' ILilera lt,ev,ry ww*. J.D. Walk w, Bark,-r
' writ* thi. Baa
-II,i af ih?yr iliiNirveiiiioi I h,v? *f v*ir
a * * I lll*r?. I wit. ,lHle<fsl
Wt'li iii-liftiu it try ili'-nui.i- * I
nv.hi yeaa,. sui ii i u. simla* n**'J t* da
, adtll
I i.tl! I Incl Itv* tsMlfli of tm'- H?1? I-i"-".
mul tn my .ii; r'-- lam lu w*u tol.iy BB ever I
wa*. I bSffS
? N un HUT BBWJ al.niUot ?weoea.*'
? lu it ininti ami '
. '?
fa rosa ? ? n,i inuit ti too* aaataaSjsBtatf
eur, t
i an fi un hy .it I?,'u? tar, K.M.
BJ ia**, I US I'iili >"-ViVi rjn, ll.'.
-1 '
.... ,,., I
i i.i Iii ;.,-. ilion, k in i
a Nu.! i If. I Iiivm i-'-"
i.;,- - ?? . n ,v in,. !???. v tesh i ?? ? s
tad la li ,-'.-.?? asaea
t),..i ? (Ires* St
?? Kasad** i II"
? , wilt. Kaw: wa
Ni. '.-?!". ? kl I am
. . .
ll fl ill ).'? I.. Mull
Bill r ' .' Ntl k , i
ll" I -.
I ?v l
i s vi I :: KH.'I si snn tl nit.
. prvaa h ll I hi maav
uk*anti.i -I
hy ?.'.if ilir in ai renie.
',.- im
. . ;
iuiin MILL. Dru..
ll,,IAT 10. l-l ,', . ut i i, i.
Vu-1 | NI' .
.1 .1, i v ,, i young min
te-..ii In- ''.if- widen :.nl ? l'tti i .i ???
bia i if-k. ai rf wa* i tn bli
?t i, inti apon -wifi',
bim. Il
..-in.-,?n.l ii lu.
*tl healed mum wm ie ,. ::. B
killi Mr \. , bell . IH-'r. ... I
tl P. , Kl MI.KY. M. ll.
? ,. I.--1 ? ?'-,,. i, i.
ni HM.
KAl.Til IS WK \K! ll.
11- . . i . St I -!'
v BTE- and BBAIN'TBI s ru \ l,
a . , pp) ? i . i . ' ' t t ,
V. tv
, Wal il
Ulna ni ,r inI
. , ' . 'I" IV. ,1' ' .- ' Il ? ? I I v
? . -
: ti ?? brain or un i ?lUTl
kat Uni on- ii.Ut' i tn .mi""' . 11 ? ? n
bon . I'"' |S,sent bv i ill.pi ? ?? ' mi i
prue. WK HIIAll SN I KK vIN ll
a iv ci,.-. N\ Pit "i ih "i 1.1 r.. 'iv I t
! with t".. w ? will
to pi'i'i I Us "i mi. v
'til .Lu-, uti .-I 'iii,
I only bj JOII> i
treal I wilson rttea I.
i> sf-4Awlv kg*. Hk
i .i. BIN CORM .?- SCTHBR-esssaBBjaa
ll. LAND. tlPVi-IUM, isiiii:>?*?
-. T.'t I v-l NlllV MUKKI
t Uthlli, have l*ra ta
sHIIOI Mv. tt mud lat BET ALLIC ? n ? ,
nt-)- ne: ? I t i'ITI i. ISKKTS, al ! ?? in lee*,
Mount ry uni lelrgra tatt ard*
I,, 1 ,y ... ... I". ? N
l \v. BILI.KIN fl -ON.
In I I P VI-Hi ai, I NIH Pl V Iv I P.-."
|5l .; kau M u v m ur., i "ti lei -'.. ' ?
BCIlll! CAHKE-. -IIL-nl'D-. and Mi vi ntl.
i ONVEYANI K- furnished it al, hoars
Te.esT*Dh arden tit. uJ-J toJat nh night.
. Kt'PVi-HINi, I VHP!-. I NKn:
V i. PM i * N-I BOO vu - i k
paialargeai rtm*ntsf WOODaud META I
CASKS, ' nm- I i-. M'Kurit- CLOTH
Lr rs, tc, al low nrleea.
i ot,, irj ni Italaaraph ardars urumptiv nun i?d
)o ilav or nii'itl .lo 0-eft.l
i ' I .tt Hl'.-tT t!*0 BROAD ATBBB1 -.
Hu .ivti.vp. Vi.
W'lDD AVM NT I < I.l'l' lill!!.!'." N
lad all ?.Tis.
T^..arra. ?ru,- I.
I I- s v y ar* : "-i I lal i
SMllr'uLrs AV!) NNI-.VH.-N. FOCAflON T Vs,
AND PL N lilli' .
. nam.
t.p. I ii i *. i nina) l i
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, ITE ' 'Si in thee ty.B3 ?'
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tt'ml) Lona. -*w,u, aad RplH. Yard,
anal Norton ima I POI Cary tl
No . 108.
CHAIM r- M. PS..' .
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COOL, all ila**, si liar.,; j., ir. ,, ,.| porte, -iv
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i- io RasmpMeeMstreet aiwaxvarida*
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No. 4n7 EAST N| MN vi BEET.
I.v IS-. ..Il
r.M.Y C. JONES, l>. l?. -.
Dist a:, urn. t st.', tl n.r iiRbit ca-M,
tn ti A. Ni.". .J P. Ni.
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P R R T1 ST,
(forui.rly Wm A Mahony.)
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rT.-li.t ? M. J. 1*1 V'tvl-M A -i nina Girl's Sf ..eur.
i * e. P. K e. tl 7,0; rariyh In Lund ia by
emmie, i.'it. .iu.1 tl .0.1 81.50; ta .N.i|?-al t..
i ie-.,,. i.v'Curra* li . Dr.flrcersby < abu . 11.80 ;
Join Hull'. DitiijihU-r, IjT BM* BOT ot' - '"'ni Kuli
ai.tl Hi. Marni." ile: Dorl,, itv UV- In hew,
26c,; Mail Dav-, by authur fl' ? N'.MIe.J Back,"
sa* t> p-i johnston a < <>.
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1'1-Ixt - SHOUT MrlilOD Ol ERE4MN1 t
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an.I INTEREST ALLOWED ai uv ru,,",,' N rte,
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1)1.1 Asl: REMEMBER TH Cl
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ll ll P. 1. I R R ll i A.
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BRR ruy on n i i .ss- * v-t -soon
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I . l.twi- - PINK ART A,ALI
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UOl.PRs- CROWS ,>n I,au 1.
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ARUMS <BjrPI.IK- 4 NI) -I i O'- * I'
kind* na used ai lowe..! na .ie,. ?''
traits*,. MEBIt-IRRM.se.
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And DU Ut, ol-I - liol.t Hiv.
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PAIN la, WHIT I I.KAU . . ?
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1.11* Madlaaa xnaanr, ri, Un. vi rh ta.
___ aa at Tu i h.st t -
PAINTS. Oils. WlX'.iovY-i.! I"*
k AND I* 41 VP* Rv *l HM H - v.
l')IP.PAR>Xi P41V .- ll
ute. Por talah, CODI*I lt HU.tl IO "
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