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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, March 05, 1885, Image 1

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WHOM? NUMBER. 10.507.
Democratic Rule an Acxm
plj3hed Fact.
Cleveland Takes the Reins of
Magnificent Military and
Civic Display.
A Wilderness of Bunting
and resigns.
Solemn Ceremony of Taking
th?? Math.
Solus in thr Stum. Ifiiiinlirr nilli iIhimI
(br lupilol- -I'Hrt Borur hy
rrm!iinrnl Urn.
I I. Bataan to Hie l?sj*?t!.ii.'
t\ \sin\(. ki\. .Mureil 1.? Wus'i
ingtea entertained lt.-day a lniiulrcil
thousand itnagara. Tnev began io
tillie before (lie dedication ot tlie mon
tiinctit. (ind tlies liase Lien COBBIbig < 1 ay
snd ui^lit cm r sim e. They have come
in family j.arlits. in elabe ami o.iii
iiHJiies. ami in reg??Mite. Thc lintels
were Hied ? vseck :i_i>. nu.I private
aeart?ng-houees snd dwellings have
since done wli.it tiny . Bald lo lodge the
ihatterieee ami feed tin- hungry. Met
itifiele<s. nut a less Bl tin Intel f.mci s.
wl.t. branghl little besides their patri?
otic ini'ini.nc- an.I exultant hopes,
tiuiu|.i(l thc avennee last night from
i ? isit] ami breakfasted this tnorning
wiih the coffee- iiml landarich-venders
ai .uni kit-, ami the *treet*coraer*. The
iiioiniiig opened hazily, i.ut with excel-,
lani promise of ian Breather, which was
fulfilled h. L.t. U ..'.h.. k.
i:\iti.v mini s.
Throngs sven abroad carls, walking
and riding from point to ju.ini t.? iee what
thea comI.i of the public buildings.
'.arks, statues, and BSOnU?*entl lui.ne
the great ivtuls ..I lin .las began.
I ilintr Hiitl ilrun:1111m-: amt the mat-chin
nf tlul.s nml troops were enlivening ihe
elements ..| the curly torenoi.ii, while
iiiorniug -eiiiiailes tendered to popular
peliticed las..me- served to amuse ami
interest i>itrlici*i!iiit- umliiowils. What
<s.t it iepossibleto do with scantling
and 1.ohhIs Bad bunting and ?_:* 1 v io be?
deck the l?.\s li fbi all OCCBStOU. Wash
iagtOB BBB undi!taken ami performed.
I?l.i (Ht VIM.-' HARV] Bl .
The Barveet of the decorators sad
rnepenters began tea daj igo ami thc
noise oft?err inering ami potinding ami
the clit k ol' then tack-hanunen baa
tx. n beard dav and Bight .sci- Mince
tin\sn io the tiiuineiit ..f thc starting '.I
the piocc.-siuii. At lir-t ugl) erection!
afranga timbei broke out al! alone thc
Bfonoeed hue of match from tlie White
House tn the I 'ii pitt.1. ci is.-ri ic the door*
and windows ol ihe -tuns ami dwell?
ing uml tilling nj. thc Inti.* parks incl
openings, anti bbsm these were tacked
B-vertieeaaeats oi -cats t.. nut.
Later flags, liniment, .treen*****, iiml
t it-it i ii I .I. s ic- iii show* cull,is con
tu.lett the rough woodwork, and then
building front* tiegati to tilossoio ..m.
Tin . oiiiph (eil work is tcrj beautiful.
Mini tbe staidest ol Atnerict?i svenues
hu* been transformed imo a moving
lua/c of cs.s colors, ss lii.h titlni'is tv|.
htaa ihe heal 11aese of this city's wei
collie lilllie BOW Administration.
I III li NSIOV li Bl s! Ill Tl.HIM..
Ihe building ?t the conicr of Twelfth
?treal ami Pennsylvania avenue, occu?
pied bj/ ih. I', ii-!,,n Bureau, was per
haps thc stost claoorately decorated
stitiiiure iii ile* .its. itml tic decora
lion-, were al time plea?iltg and uiii>|iic
Ia.ni; Inns ol stiesniici s Bren impended
between the .tag-staffr on tin
? Ins; in h.vs ihe cases, nu ciihcr sn),- ol'
the buildiag. ea immense golden eagle
clutched lang luio af red, white, ami
ldue bunting, ss lu. h wen ariisii
eally nos cn .nli. a inst net is oik
covering thc .'ititi building, kt the
nitci'.sciii.ui of thc linc-- "I' banting
-hone vtais'.i gold, and framing the
silicic dsaiga were ?widsoror shields
beariag tbe munee of tbe States .if tbe
I ni.ci all linked together willi ._:* 11
thain*. Al the -ec..in! st..rv llendei
ats?a i.urc jt.uciiil tri'eal ore tl standard*
tilth thc names ,,f BJ?Ml SSlioils I'rt'-i
tienis i,i ih, I tuted Slates.
Ihe ss est tn.ut ot thc building repre
seiited thc h tgialathre loam h nf tbe Gov
trniuiiit. A mammoth pu lure of the
1'ipitoi w:.s flanked hy a great Rotnaa
fotett, S?d, aht.se all. eolosaal heralds
soumieil amana. At ike touter of tbe
building tbe Godden of Liberty, ?fined
-nih ? sword ami shield, represented
the evttutise hr.inch ol thc t.ov
irmutiii. A.. eagle bearing thc na?
tional shield sar?taunted tbe Rgure.
\n cm eileiit oil pot tl sit ol heroic lise
of tin* President-elect was susjiemlcil
ainu e tba shield, bearing tbe Baan* of
Ness fat. Mille. Oil tin -Olll il lice ni
the hil I ld inf* .lll*tire. lt.lllldfolilfti willi u
?eraafl and scales, repreaeafed tbe judi?
ciary. Altogether, the cfl'cct was rori
lill lilli li.s.
The hotels ss .ie tastefully thc..lated.
Hillard's s* as profanely draped ii.
fill feslooiis ol _?11 \ -cohn ctl t'ahi ic*-.
voids ot vnitt.ini erranabl ia tinsel
?dione abo ea *n iniineusa btaaiagetai al
tin- doorway, anti a jxreat arch of ?***?
tauts sp*lilil-tl the tillie .*Bc|o-ll*i* lill'
symbolic ?*bwl bead " af the Amt*rictts
< lu- ol I'liilsdclphia. Khtsnt de
mjciis wroaghl m 1 iiiiiii?i*,ly-vv..scu
I'tiuiuag tianajarasid thc aaarbk
Ucittie ?.t lite \l(il<i|.<)llt*|l lill" s tb?BJ
ni ben?ey, The Rbb_i w*-. f?iii> ????
?*r,*d witta flajv-s and pfc*tB~?HBa 'IK?rr-,
sii'l tin other hotels shotted ??reit 111
genuity rn ilr'isin;- pies sin*; ind original
adi. u> allon*.
in ai,1.1*.01.11 ti. i..\ i-ni:i:.
A great lara! ladder. u*ihiii'* lo thc
intil iii a busiw** boase on I'eiiiisylva
bib ss tutu, hot* 11*1011 its null's the
noni--, ">)?<?'I',*' ?? ihyur," ??Hov
crnor," " President," thus graphically
symbolising the life-work of the Presi
ilcnt-dcct. All the (iovernment l.tihl
iiign on the linc of march were gay with
hunting;. Larjrc American Haps encom?
passed tho gray columns of the Trea?
sury, and long; lines of pennants of
every hue of the rainbow ran acro-is thc
granite front of the great building and
ra Merreti its severe architecture by giv?
ing it an appearance in keeping with the
gala day. Handsome rosettes snd de
88JM in parti-colored banting adorned
the State-, War-, and Navy-Department
long befone thc hour set for
the movement of the procession
thc martial music of hundreds of
hands heading the myriad organiza?
tions seek inp their posts blend?
ed in one confused roar. Every?
where the shrill notes of the fifer and
thc kcttlc-drum were heard. By 10
o'clock the entire population of the city
seemed to have deserted its homes and
occupied thc streets on thc line of
march. The crowd was something un?
precedented even in this city, accus?
tomed to receive outpourings of thc na?
tion's population.
Men, women, nui children pushed
nrul elbowed in the vast throng. Vet
it was a good-natured crowd, and evi?
dently disposed lo do justice to the oc?
casion. It was wiitin*: and anxious to
he amused, and plucked fun from the
slightest incidents. As. for instance,
when an unhappy-looking individual
passed up the avenue in his shirt
- levey, pushing a wheelbarrow, in
which reclined, with self-satisfied air.
another jierson bearing a flag, shouts ol'
laughter and all sorts of jibes and
(jiiirks greeted the eij.iipage on its
I ratall, A large crowd congregated
amum! thc White House, and an?
other equally as large around
the entrances to the Arlington
Hotel, at an early hour in the morning
for UM purpose af obtaining a view nf
the President and the President-elect
as tlicy took thc places assigned to
them in the line, lilith gentlemen rig?
idly denied themselves to visitors during
UM morning. Thc members of the
deneen! Inauguration Committee met
at the Arlington before 10 o'clock and
placed their services jil lin disposal ,,('
tin IVcsidcnt-elect.
arthi K's Mov i vu vis.
President Arthur breakfasted willi
his family nt tin White House about 9
o'clock. No one was admitted to the
house to disturb his privacy eye.-j.I
Senators Micnnaii. Hansom, iiiiii 11 ii vv -
ley. ol' the Senate ('uiiiiiiiltee of Ar?
rangements. They bad a short inter
view willi the President, and soon nile!
Si natur Haw ley lift, and proceeded to
Willard's Hotel, where lie aaa Joined
by \ icc-l'iesidiTit-elect Hendricks and
thc two prut -ceded lo the White House.
They occupied :i handsome open bu?
rulu he. lined with crimson satin and
di awn by four beautiful while hois.-.
Tbe equipage was hired for the occa?
Thc \ ice-President was heartily
cheered all along the short ride to Uric
White House, -lust as he ana entering
the grounds President Arthur's car?
riage, containing Senators Sherman
and Hansom, started to ihe Arlington
lor the I'l'csident-elcet. This carriage
wag also an open barouche, lt was
drawn by four spanking bays {rosa the
President's -tables. The seats were
covered with soft heavy black-and
white btillalo robes.
thi: m:n \ ron ia i, COMMITTKK.
The senatorial committee were Ushered
Hilo the presence of the President-elect
immediately on their arrival at the
Vilihgton. aad after a short delay three
gentlemen appeared at the south cn
trancenf tho hotel, took their seats in
thc carnage, and were rapidly driven
to the White House, where they joined
President Arthur and Vice-President
Hendricks and Senator Hawley. Mar?
shal McMicliacl met the party at the
WhHe->Hoase portico and eacorted the
ITi'sidcnt-eleet to the presence of the
The President-elect was greeted with
cheon and way nig nf handkerchiefs as
he drove along Sixteenth street hom
thc hotel. Ile kept his hilt raised in
nit ton af Ihe compliment. While
Ihe party were at the White House
il.e chief marshal ol'ihe procession and
his aides rode into the giounds iimi ti.
lilied thc President-elect thal thc pro
..?nm ins ready to start.
li was precisely ai the lunn sol?
10:30 o'clock?lhat thc presidential
party entered their carriages and took
ihe position asaigned lo them ia tbe
Inn-. Thc party entered their carriages
:is follows : In President Arthur's cai -
risge.President Arthur,arith President?
elect Cleveland on his left. Senator
Sherman facing President Arthur, ami
.-senator Ransom on his right, facing the
President-elect. Thc second carriage
? ontained the VicvvPreaident-eleet, with
Senator Hawley aa his left.
v- iii. carnages drove out af tho
gales and entered tile line the occupants
wen grei ted willi thc wilde t enthusi?
asm men shouting, women screamitBf
.?md waving their handkerchiefs, and
all seemed carried away with the ex?
citement ol tho moment. Thc PtCtU
iliiit-i bet iind Vice-President-elect cann
in lor the piineipal share of enthusi?
asm, iind esch of them raised their hats
:in>l bowed righi iind left to the crowd
vi bu h lined both sides of thc carriage
Tho Ural division of the procession.
escorting the President-elect, llien be?
vlin IN mareil to thc Capitol. Thc
Mines on Pennsylvania avenue almost
baffle description. A great sea of up?
turned laces hid thc sidewalks. Above
it stately buildings were covered with
i lollis ..I gnrgCOng colors arranged in
patiinlic devices ; a soft, sprink-like
braes* bully stirred the innumerable
tings and sn camels: special aides in
brilliant uniforms clashed hither and
thither. lending animation to thc anana.
The police regulations were perfect,
anil thc broad avenue, with its haul,
-n ....th surface, was completely cleared
of every thing that might obstruct thc
Tin: i nii un avTATJM ri:('IT.ar*s.
Thc I intel States regular troops
came til.st. thus departing somewhat
ii'im the oi 1.1 of thu programme, with
the piobsble object of ensuring dear
marching space. Marching in division
lVont. their ranks extended clear across
the avenue and presented a most im?
posing appearance. Thc I'nited States
Marine Corps, with its magnificent baud
iiioiintid lu fha occasion, followed ar?
tillery battalions. This section of the
proccssm* proceeded ss far as thc south
front ol thc Treasury Department and
then hulled, came to a parade-re-t. in
order to alford an opportunity for the
presidential party to fall in line, when
thc iiisrth ans resumed. The Presi
(Jitit's elegant carriage was precoded by
('werai Slocum, chief-marshal, ?nd his
staff", and thc First City Troop, a Phila?
delphia cavalry organi?t tion. Sur?
rounding the carriages were a dozen
mounted policemen.
A OBEAT ov.t riox.
Tlie parly received sn ovstion all along
the line of march ; men -.leroi, women
waved handkerchief* and clapped their
hinds, and the greatest enthusiasm ws*
evinced bj Hie -rest throng. PlB-V
tlent-elrct Cleveland kept his silk list in
his hand snd bowed le the right and
left ?s the csrrisge rolh'd slowly along.
The BRM reception wa* sccorded the
Vice-Presidcnt-elrct. wbOBI carriage
followed. Next esme the National
J lcm..eratic Committee sud thc Inaugu
ral I ornniittee in carriages, followed by
tlie District militia, headed by the
Washington Light Infantry. The march?
ing of this organixstion, with its un?
usually brosd front, wss almost per?
fect, and it succeeded in making the
difficult wheel st the southeast corner
of thc Treasury building without
breaking?a feat which even I'nitcd
State* regulars did not attempt.
A number of colored militia
formed part of the First divi?
sion, and presented s highly-creditable
appearance. The local divisions of thc
I.rand Army of the Republic closed the
escorting illusion. These movements
were executed with most commendable
A (tarsias Ma**-Arrlv?l ol tlir Prraitlrutl*!
I'nrts - I iiir'in* Ihr HniMtii*.
Before 9 o'clock fully 1,66*) people
hid congregated on the broad plaz/.a to
the east of the Capitol, and the terrace
to the west approaches to the building,
both for carriages and pedesti ians, were
Mack with strangers going to and from
thc great structure. Ob the streets
north of the building thc military com?
panies and societies ..vere forming and
preparing to march to ihe centre
of the city. HundredI ol' swank
who had passed thc night in Hal
timorc and who had arrived on
thc early in..ruBBJ trains lined the
thoroughfares. Members of political
orginiy.ii.tiona who had found BB?iten
for the previous Bight in thc smaller
hotels in the richlily <>f tba Capitol
stood goeeiptag bb tba .subjects of tba
day. Their conspicuous' Ugh huts ami
overcoats of light or dark material ami
gandy bndgss al red, blue, or purple
silk were abjects nf curiosity for the
uninitiated stranger. An occasional
muster dssifB ornamented the head
cover?igs. I be people on the eeat ph??e
stood in gronpa or promenaded the
length of thc Capitol with resident
friends. Occasionally i member
of Congress sshnse weariness from
continued sitting seas oonspicaoiM
strolled with town or coaatry oanatitn
< ul-, and pointed OBI objects ol interest.
Many strangers had been unable to lind
a resting-place during thc night, sud
their races um] clothes mort covered
with dust and dirt. Many ol them
carried carpet-sacks or valises in their
hands, while a few held their risiting
.1..ihes iu nrugs siiml bandboxes,
st..Mi: RXPRRIRRI i -.
Tslkative individuals related their
cxjiericnccs of pail inaugurations. An
old white-haired man. arith heard a<
long as IUp Tan Winkle's, entertained
tiiiini with lu- aci,nut ti'thc Imrning
..I thc i 'apitol Ks the British in 1814.
Ile saitl lie ssas nindi-tvs.. years old.
aiui from one of the Brat families of
Virginia. ?? Little did I think." he n
marked. '? vs ht ii I saw that building
burning, that I wonk) see ti rover Cleve*
land iaangurated ia 1s<s*i." * Da the
last steps at the House side ol'thc Capi?
tol three or lour bundrod people had
seated themselves, a lbw af tbe
cally bindi had secured choice posi?
tions at ii ..'.lock and held ihein
with ebaire which they had brought
braal their own heanes. The western
terrace was trow dod with ipeatatotfs
looking upon Pennsylvania avenue.
along which the PTOCeBSiOB wa- tn move.
At this hi.ur that thorough?"TC ssas
tilled almost from curb to curb with
sieving humanity. Policemen who
stood at entrances through which per?
sons were to bc admitted to the Capitol
were vigorously engaged in moving from
the door naya hundreds who had con*
gregatod about Un m.
lits *..?< inSlstr Hr inti ii ka T?kr? llir Omi.
Hr. I .liiiiiu.U', V u.m's
Dnringthe BMBfanm recess af tbe
Benah?from > till 11:10?thc appear
ance of the hall Bnderweat a change.
Ruiiett leather hacked -nias and luxu?
rious aiiu-( hails frotn the cloak-room
and the oottrmittee-rooiBi were brought
iii ami placed around the vacant space
before thc Clerk's desk, nh_o two or
iluec humired split**bottt~n chairs
were place.1 where var space could be
found between tbe seats of senatora.
Senator Garland*! tlfsk bore a floral
ladder with several rounds, but bo
other Rowen were, ta be aeon. Voty
ti vs Miiatm- many lc-s than I >|iin
liin.?were foand in the hall when the
level of the President calle I the
bod* tO order after recess, ami
the process. > of legh?atioB were
univ constructively rnhlg <>u dil?
ling thc iii st hour. The galleries
were opened at 1" o'clock, ami iauae
.liaicly ticket-holders beena to throng
in. quickly niling the entire ipace to
which tiny were entitled. Theft ss ci
lew showy ami t,<> conspicuous cos?
tume! to bc -ecu. Th.- ladies were
clad in their travelling aul street
dreiser, and tbe gcntlemea in ordinary
bink or business garb. Thc assem?
blage diflered at aa respect, -<? in as
appearances went, from thal which
may be BBBB ia thc place BB the occa?
sion ol any exciting debate. A little
before 11 o'clock thc doon af the
I'ltsidcnCs gallery were opened, and
thc people entitled to admission urtu, ?
es. nited m. Among them Were Miss
Cleveland and Mrs. Herr. s|steis ni
thc President-elect ; Kev. \\ . A. Cleve?
land and wife and their two sons ? Mi,
llastimis, nephesv ni the President*
eleel : Mi*s Hi**tl~g*l, Miss Nellie >,,?..
muns, ami Miss Ann.-, feaeaaas, nieces
ol tbe l'residenl-eliH-1: Mr. ami Mts.
Bacon, of Toledo; ami Colonel and
Mis. Lunion!.
THK l.llidM A lit BRIa-RRVa
The blue-tapestried scats af ih"
diplomatic gailary remained tba
loagaal vacant, hut they. too. were
tilled by a i-uattcr past ll. A i-uoruui
of senators havn-g arrived, the batt?MM
of ihe Senate proceeded, with beynon!
and long interruptions, while awak?
ing tba action of ihe conferrers on the
appropriation hills. Among the early
arrivals upon the floor were Senator
elect Kvsrt* and Payne, who .were
warmly greeted by s dozen or more sc
I'liaintanccs as they came ut at thc mun
door of the hall. I'ominissioner-of
Agriculture Lorine; c\-Senator Tip?
ton, of Nebraska; f'eneral Murray;
.Mr. Hit-sel, law partner of President
iles eland: ('ominissionrr* Ka ton. Thom?
as, snd (iregory, of thc Civil-Service
Commission, arrived in their turn, and
were greeted bf friends ami ac.-uaint
snrt'M and conducted to their ap
pointed places in rear of the Republican
seats. Only the events of early pweed-*
ings which were not upon the programmes
were the outbreaks of applause which
greeted ihe announcement of the paa
ssge of the Grant retirement bill and
the lucption of thc President's mes?
sage nominating i.eneral (.rant to the
newly-created vacancy. The applause,
which was hearty and prolonged, was
not suppressed by Mr. Kdmunds.
Thc arrival of the Diplomatic. Corps.
fifty strong, clad in their uniforms, va?
rying from the silken robes and manda?
rin caps of the Chinese to the gorgeous
gold-bedecked dresses of thc Kuropeans.
occasioned a Hunpenmon of thc buzz of
conversation for a moment. They en?
tered unannounced, and were escorted
to seats in front and upon the right of
the Chair. Jnst before the entry of
the members of thc Supreme Court (ar?
rayed in their ample black-silk gowns
and preceded hy their marshal) the an?
nual act of turning hack the hands of
the Senate clock was performed by the
veteran doorkeeper. Captain Isaac Bas?
sett. Thc Supreme Court Justices'
were placed upon the right of the Chair.
President Arthur was now an-:
nounced, and his coming was greeted j
with warm clapping of hands, in recog?
nition of which he bowed gracefully to
the assemblage. A moment later the
buzz of conversation was again sus?
pended in anticipation of the announce?
ment. ?? The President-elect af the
I'nited States."
Mr. Cleveland had already entered
tie hall with his escort and halted
within sight nf the assemblage while
his arrival was being announced. The
applause was clapping of hands at liist.
and then cheers, loud and prolonged.
welcomed him. Then a stalwart voice
in the gallery ams. above the dla de?
manding "Three cheers for Grover
Chm land." This was not held by thc
BUnMBblagO Ul ho i" good taste, and Mr.
Kdiiiund.s's proclamation that ?? order
must be preset veil or the galleries will
bc cleared " was a supcrlluity. The
Vicc-Presidcnt-clcct was now escorted
into the chamber, and without delay,
but with the solemnity and decorum
befitting the o<?ca.-ioii. the oath WM ad?
ministered io him l.y the President pro
/, mp,,re.
Mr. Baia*ta*ada now turned to the front
aad said:
Senators. Wc now close another
epoch in thc course ol' the republic
nader the (.'(institution. This brief pe?
riod of our national estateace has by
the exertion of coordinated forces ol
the national and State systems brought
the 81 pei Jamill of free, social, and po?
ll! nu] goiiTunient tn an established
;ind a secure triumph. I think I may
safely >n\ tor na all that wc believe
that long y.ai- to come in the fu?
ture ol the republic will more and
more iacreaae the peace, liberty,
older, and security of all the people of
our country. But perhaps it may not
bc improper lor mc Mt say that in view
of our recent experience it may bl
doubted whether Cougrcaa can con?
gratulate itself anon being the beal ex?
ample of a legislative body, conducting
its business with thal deliberate and
timely diligence which bi the laaepaiaalc
handmaid nf wisdom and justice a? well
in maning :is in the administration ,?'
the 1rW8. ll is. I think, an cv il ol 'large
and growing proportions lout measures
nf the greatest importance, requiring
inn. li time foi pinpi'. .'Min,imition and
(li-cii.-sion jj. detail, ar.- brought t?. our
cou.-idiiati. n so ihiit ii i liol possible
to deal with them intelligently, and
which wc are tempted, our tempted. I
f.ai. to enact into laws in the hope thal
fortune, rather than time, study, and
reflection, will take care that the re?
public suflcra no detriment, Tbe Chair
baa beard with deep sensibility of the
resolution yon have kindly adopted
concerning thc administration of his
duties, .-ind he begg to cypress sincerely
his gratitude for it. Ifni the course
ol'th. execution of his.lutics be lia:- (aa
be sometimes may have dene) wounded
thc (eeliaga of any seating ur officer of
tin- Senate he can truly say thal bc
bas mu intentionally given nflence io
any one. and in closing tins session of
the Senate be asenrea evert senator,
ivhiTliei retiring or continuing in the
public duty, that he wishes for linn
every friendly good wieh, add hopes
thal be may long enjoy all happiness
thal can be realised by rhiaea or sen?
ator. Ile now declares that thc Senate
is adjourned with day.
Mr. Hendricks now took the gavel
and called thc Senate to order m extra
-es-ion. Prayer in. offered by tho
chaplain, following which the Vice
i'n si.i.iii linnie a brief address. The
new seneton were swen m. and aftei
the reading ol the mt-naage af thc Pres
ideat convening the Senate, the pro
..--ion was formed and tiled its iva.
toward thc platform on tin- central por?
tico ol Iii.' Capitol. ll Was iii the lol
lowing ordei : Mar-luil of district of
Columbia and Marshal of the Supreme
Court; ex-Prcaideata Hnd ei-Vkx
Piesidents ; the Supreme Couti: Sal
geant-iit-AiTii- of thc Senate; < .Minuit
tee ol Arrangements* Preaideal and
I'li'sidctit-clci't : Vice-President aad thc
Secretary of thc Senate; ineaabers ol
tl..->enate; diplomatic Corps; bands ol
(Upai tin.-nts ; retired < o-ni-ral ol tin*
A i my. I.iciiteiiaiit-Celicia! of the
Anny j Admiral of the Navy, and Offi?
cers of the anny and navy who by
name have received the thanks of Coii
gics-; members af the House ol' Kap
lesintatives and members-elect; Uer
(uk.is ami ex-Goveraora of the states.
oaVeta ol'the Senate and ..thiers ol'th,
Heans ol Kentrearntntlree: all ethel
?peisons ?ho bad been admitted to the
Moor of the Senate-chamber, (allowed
by those who had been admitted to thc
l.i I itu: BMX ATOM i\.
At Ihe basement entrance lo tie
front of the Senate wing both inen sud
naasra weir using their aigiiMaa lathi
pear era to influence thc officers, but
without na; ti faa. Tin..ugh this *m
irniice aenatotrB gained admission. ** Let
thc Senator in ' " shouted a large-si/.eil
officer on-sent, as he gave a dozen or
nioic men and tvoinen vigorous shoves.
Senator Cameron, ot Wisconsin, was thc
Rgg-ty to enter. He was wedged through
and succeeded in aiding half a do/.cn
ladies who accompanied lum m gaming
admittance. ** Let the Senator in!'
sgain shouted the otticcr, and Senator
Conner's slight form was si-m-e/cd be?
tween thc two men almost as closely
united as the Siamese twins. The few
ladies who accompanied the distinguished
gentlemen were thc recipients of no
greater favor than were the senators.
I h.y weic pushed through and lilied
from their feet until after they had got?
ten beyond the threshold. Their bato
and bonnets were subjects for genersl
repair. By 10 o'clock thc procession
began to form in the streets and ave?
nues east of the Capitol. On all sides
were to be heard strains of martial
music. The tattoo of a drum-corps
roming up one side of the Capitol min?
gled ai(h thc sound of the bugle and
brass i,anrj 0f troopH advancing on the
opposite- side.
The Tammany Society from New
i ork wt* one of the first organizations
on the ground. As the Tammany Sa?
chem, attired in aboriginal costume,
catered the plaza he waa accosted by
*' Cgh," "ugh." anti other characteris?
tic expressions.
Military organization*, preceded |,-.
a single drummer-hoy. or a band of one
hundred pieces, as Ina case might be.
followed and took positions assigned
to them. The sun shone brilliantly on
Ihe uniforms of the troops,, and their
bayonet* gleamed iu thc sunshine like
a sea of burnished steel.
At ll o'clock the crowd had in?
creased to 6,000 or 7.000 and crowded
the plaza. General Hancock and Lieu?
tenant-! ieneral Sheridan arrived, and as
they ascended the steps to the east front
of the Senate wing deafening cheer*
arose from the crowd. Twenty minutes
later the President's carriage, with four
horses fairly BSBBRJ-g, entered the west
end of the plsy.a. Prior lo its arrival
Ihe people stood rn masse over the east
front. The policemen on horses rode
l-nong Ihem. and with shunts and clubs
cleared a passage-way. The carriage
began to move through the BBSSBge-Way,
preceded hy the military escort. The
people cheered at first faintly, but li?
the vehicle proceeded hurrahs merci-ed.
hats were lifted and thrown into the
sir. and handkerchiefs wen- iva.ol
?linne heads by both ladies ami gentle?
men. Tiny Hags, held by patriotic
children and elders, were waved, thc
bands seemed to '.lay- with greater
vigor, and drums were beaten with
greater vehemence; the life's shrill
sound was more puning, ami the bu?
gle's |,last loader and louder. Tin
Carriage was driven in front of the east
-lips and around tu thc pa-s.-ige-wny
ht neath them, lt had hetti expected
that the distinguished occupants WOOld
ascend the steps ami enter the building
nu the main Door. When, however, it
was diecovered that they would enter
tbrOUgb tin- basement [iSSBBgS a BJ,
there was a nish in that direction.
Hut the moment th.- President ami thc
President-elect, senators vs h.. had ac?
companied th. ni in their carriage, ami
thc Vii i-Pi i ?sidciit-elei t ami his com?
panion were within thc building, the
limits Mile closed. Mr. Cleveland, mi
thc aim nf Senator Sherman, went to
the pi irate t-ntraace of the Senate cham?
ber, ami proceeded immediately to the
\ ii e.I'u si,j,m'., minn. Pres..lent Ai?
linn wiii'. to the President's room.
where lu* Calline! wai assembled, snd
a here he engaged himself in signing the
messines which Congress was rushing
through th. legislative balls. Mr.
IL mu nks. mi the ann <>i Senator lian
ley. enli led thc apartment where Mr.
i lev eland had previously gow.
* Krill nut I ii.S'.il-lirsrlaml's VtaiiitiT al
tip**!IBB ttinilni.l.rii a UM Halli.
The -tami on wini h thc President
was expected to deliver his inaugural
address gras erected almost ..n a level
with the dot.ts nf the Senate and House
: ml directly in (root of the middle en
trancc to the Capitol, lt is about Inn
-mian?the lergest estr before
.tc. l..l mu jiu inauguration?and"wa"
covered hy 2,000 chairs. This,
e.ie i. copied by wnators and members
of the Drplou?'tic Corpa, judges of thc
Supreme Court, members ol tbe Ho?m
pt Represents tires. Ind press represen?
tatives. Before the President left thc
Senate chamber the crowd in front ol
tbe stand had itniia-cl until it became
one s.iini mass of humanity for nearly
tour hundred feet in front of the stand
ami more than mic thousand on either
sitlc. The crowd continued les* solidly
m Un rear ol this multitude.
I'P IS i'm: lilli I
In.-iii the ::rc;it lawns were lilied
ami tools ol' surrounding da ellinga were
severed. i'n tbe roof of the Capitol
sntiic ino or three hun.lied men and
boy* congregated. In approaching the
avenues ind street* the military wm
panits and society organisations were
massed iii i nliiiuiis. forming brilliant
vista effect! .ts lal a- Ihe eye could
reach. Oneleveted stands enterprising
photographer* had elevated their instru?
ment* t.. perpetuate ia photographic de?
signs th. assembly on the stand ami thc
sea of hst*, ind laces that'moved con
tia nil lt iiisc waves of tho oi cm.
-I M liV 1 M M IN -I .
This immense throng was variously
estimated as to numbera. President Ar
Timi- subsequentlj s;,n| it was ??simply
immense ihe greatest crowd he
saw ." Senator Haw h-y, .is be looked al
il, said be though! :i numbered about
! ,ii.huh people. While waitiag for the
ai rival ni thc President-elect some one
wonld occasionally venture to the front
ol :. platform. His presence was thc
lignal for reheated cheers. Precisely
at 12:10 P. M. the bead of the proces?
sion appealed rna*?lg 'mt of the main
. a t door ol the < apitol.
HUM vi BIRO lin IXAI '?! hm..
President At thur stepped \p the front
ol thc platform, followed by the Pre*i
.',ill-elect. Chiel-llisticc Waite, and thc
Sergeant-at-Armi "i the Senate. All
uncovered as thel stood lacing the
crowd ami the sast assemblage cheered
again ami igain lb* Mien] minutes.
Person* who were to assist atthecere
i,nines were seated mi the platform in
ihe following oilier: t-ief-JuS-CC
Waite ami Senator Shenaan sat with
the President-elect, thc Committee of
Arrangement.*-ot ? upied scats immediate?
ly lo ihe righi Ot ihe Prcsidcnt-clci t.
rx-Prcatdenta ind ex-Vico-PresideBta
and Associate Justices of the Supreme
Court. A'ice-Picsidcnt. -.ciclary, and
members of the Benet.cuptcd seats
further an the right. The Ihploinau.
I mps occupied -cals t.n Ihe left of the
President, and tbe head- of the depart
ii.cuts, retired (.cudal ol tba Army.
Uctttenant-General ot tbe Army. Ad?
miral of the Navy. ami officers
Of tbs army and navy who by name
have lecelvad tbe thanks of Cesgrees,
tiBHiaafl ami c\-(.nvfiii.>is ol State-,
ami ex-uienibcis o\' the Senate, took
thin seats just behfard tbl Prcsideiit.
ilembeti ami aaembers-elect of the
House orcupied scats farther hack on
the platform, and other persona included
m IM arrangements occupied the step
ami it-idueof the platform and portico.
At l-*_i P. M. President-elect Clcvc
laiul arose and began his inaugural ad
rlrees, published in fall ea tba fonrtk
HOB MK. CLRTRL-XB " -*? ?'?'?1 ?*?**".
Ile was elad lu u fall >uil tl black- -
Prince Albert coat, high, old-fashioned
standing collar, aud black tie. In
..peaking he held hi- left hand closed
behind him and emphasized lu- speech
bj -.-mies with his right hand. He
sp..kc without msnii-t upi. bul acea
sionsllr consulted a small piece of pa?
per bearing notes of the heads ol' bia
discourse. Hi* voice vms clear and
it-sonant, snd he slowly enunciated hi*
vs. itis. ?nd eecB-ioiislU turned about st
pauses as if to note the effect of his re
When he began the crowd applanded
whenever he paused to take breath, hut
after a while contented itself with cheer?
ing him as he made his principal points.
His reference lo thc prohibition of for?
eign contract labor called eui loud and
long-continued applause, but his allu?
sion to civil-service reform fell pretty
Hat. At precisely two minutes after 1
o'clock ha concluded with au invocation
of the blessing of Providence, and turn?
ing to the Chicl-liistice and bowing to
him. said : ?? I am now prepared to take
the oath prescribed by law."
Tin: linn,i his mothkk OAT! him.
As the Chief Justice arose to admin?
ister the oath thc vast assemblage
cheered again and again. The Presi?
dent-elect stood facing the Chief Just icc
with thc crowd on his right. Chief
I Teri Mi Kenney, of the Supreme Court.
stood just to one shle of Mr. Cleveland,
and held the Hilde upon which the oath
was administered, the President-elect
also holding it with his right hand.
The Bible used is a small morocco
covered, gilt-edged volume, pretty well
worn, lt is the BibMwhfch Mr. Cleve?
land's anther gave him when he
left home as a young man. and at
his special rc(|ik'st the Committee
of Arrangements had itin readme** for
the ceremony. The crowd preserved
perfect quiet as the impressive ceremony
ol administering the oath was taking
place, hut when it was concluded, and
M President (Icy eland laid down the
Hible. after reverently kissing it. and
s'n. ok hands with '.he Chief Justice, vi ho
was Mi-it to i ongratiriete him. they
cheered loudly and long. Kx-Presidciit
Arthur was thc second man to con?
gratulate the President, and tin n fo|
1 lowed Chief-Clerk McKinney and
i Senator Sherman. President Clave
i land was then introduced to
! thc iciiiainiii'.' Judges ol' the Supreme
j Court, to Lieut!Tiiint-iiencral Sheridan.
I aad General Hancock. Thu remaining
per bobo on the platform then preened
forward and many of them shook In
hand. As he reentered the Capitol he
, was again greetod with cheers. Ile
walked to the basement entrance, where
lu- Hist caine into the building, and en?
tered the carriage t.. be driven ia the
procession to the White House.
iii. rrr?iiiinti.ii rum si n..- Mblet Maa*-*
I'.i >.. ii ot the I'r.ii rssiun.
At the conclusion of tho ceremoniee
; at the Capitol the procession escorted
the I'M- -nd tituil paity back lo the White
House. The two carriages which con
. tamed Preaidenl cleveland. ex-Presi
; deni Arthur. Vice-President Hendricks,
iind the Senate Committee of Arrange
: inuits look positions in the Krai divi?
sion, and the linc -tarted. The great?
est enthusiasm wax manifested all along
the luiiie. The crowds on the side?
walks had so iiu leased that il was
impossible to pass through it, Many
people were fi.iced mit into the road?
way .tn.I the police had all they could do
; to keep the avenue open for the proces?
sion. When the head ol the linc
, reached Fifteenth street ii halt was
made, ami the carnage containing the
1 President and ex-PreaidenI loll the linc
and proceeded bi way of the Executive
iiirtim io thc VS bit. tioii-e. which lin
patty entered bj the rear door. The"
Wee-President's carriage proceeded up
Fifteenth street nearly to New Vork
,ni noe before leaving tho line. Hr.
< Hendricks, however, soon joined tbe
President at the White House, and
when eveiything was in reediness tba
entire party proceeded to the reviewing
<tand on Pennsylvania avenue directly
m flout of the White House, and thc
order w;is given for the line to move.
ON THK ITT IBU l M.? I y \n.
The review inn-stand had bena pro?
fusely decorated With Hags and bunt?
ing and presented a beautiful appear
! ance. Thc President and ex-President
were placed on a projecting platform,
winch aaa covered with Hags M. as to
make a handsome canopy, and at the
, s.iu.e lime so arranged as to alford a
clear, unobstructed view of the procett
, sum. Arm-chairs were placed upon it
- for their "se. but tbe President re?
mained standing during the entire le?
vien. Ivy-Piesideiit Arthur sat au his
left. \ i.c-Picsidciii Hendricks and
Members of his household occupied
seals io the'righi and inst back
ol the President, while the rami?
nea and friends of the President
and ex-President sat in the front row
: nu the right. Among those who occu?
pied -eats oil thc presidential stand
were Secretaries Krelingbuysen, Me
| Culloch, Lincoln, Chandler, and Teller ;
i Postmaster-! it-it-cral Hatton, Lieutenant
(?eneral Sheridan. Major-!iencral Han
' rock, Messrs. Manning of Sea York.
! \ lins, ,,t Wisconsin, snd Endicott of
M.. -a. lumens: Senators Bayard ami
1 ?larlaud ; Colonel l-aroonl ; Mayoi
I t .iii. c and c\-May oi looper, of New
York, ;ind a Urge number ol otbei
prominent persons, including many
officer--ol the arra j and navy and rocm
b.T - of thc Diplomatic < top*-. I hen
I were 8 gnat many ladies ou the stand,
! and their rich costumes added bril
I Haney to tbe n ene. I' is estimated
I that there weir on the stand about
l.i 00 persona.
lt was ten minutes past 2 o'clock
: wh.ii the I'm si,lent, escorted by Colonel
1 Berrett, of the Innuguml Committee.
j took bis pla.e at the front ol' tbe stand.
j and Hu- bead <>t thc ptroceasioa started
lunn the corner of Fifteenth street to
? paaa ia review. The President's ap
j pearance waa the signal for a great about
j fioin the concourse of people who had
gathered in front ol'thc stand and lilied
thc stnet lui several hundred yards
both way. Thc Pretddcat quietly bow?
ed lu* Bcknowledgnaents and took his
scat, a geed deal of confusion was
reused in the vicinity of the grand
stand by the 8afort8 of the police to
? lear the street for tbe apprueebMajas-o
i cfs-ion. Thc woik was I mal Iv a.voiu
plisbed but arith great difficulty, mount?
ed pohec riding into the daasntb*rnagnf
spectators and driving them back aub
their batons.
A i.KAMI l*A(iKA\T.
The renew from the presidential
stead was ;i grand sight, and it was thc
geiicrally-cxpre?sed opinion that no
more brilliant pageant had ever been
witnessed ia this country. All oigam
/.atioiis gave thc marching salute j
tlu-y passed the grand stand, and thc
President at first recognized the com?
pline-lit by raising Ins hat to every .sep?
arate command, but the length of thc
line ami chilliness of the bice/.e which
?urang op compelled lum before the
Second (Lusion passed to keep his head
covered and in most casca to limit his
si know ledgmenl.s to a .-light Im*. In
view of thc fact that thc proecsaion was
time hours ni passing ii is not a matter
for Baratria! that he had to abandon his
inteiilion of standing with head uncov?
ered throughout the review.
Thc First division, composed af regu?
lar I niltd States troops and local mili?
tary organizations, presented a tine ap?
pearance as they passed thc stand.
The President saluted the Chief Marshal
and his aids and each of the companies,
which marched in particularly good
foi m.
Thc Second division wia compose'
entirely of the Pennsylvania National
Cuan!. There were about 7,.100 men
in ihis tlivision. snd their good msrch
mg snd fine military bearing were
praised on all sides, (.(.vernor Patti?
son, of Pennsylvania, rode at the head
of the division, by the side of ex-tiov
ernor ll ai tran ft. They were recognised
uk they neared the reviewing-stand,
and were loudly cheered. The Presi?
dent and (.'overnor Pattison exchanged
salutes. The President also raised his
hat as a token of res'iect to the battle
torn Hags of the Thirteenth and
Kighteenth snd several other regiments
of this division.
("enersl Fitzhugh Lee. coinmsnding
the Third division, received sn ovation
from the crowd in and around the Pre?
sident'* stand. He bowed to the Pre?
sident, and the latter raised his hat in
The President paid the same compli?
ment to the Sixty-ninth New York regi?
ment, the Ilochamhcau ('rensdirirs, and
the Haaeh Zouaves, of St. Louis.
A gap between the Third and Fourth
divisions gave thc surging mas* of hu?
manity around the President's stand an
opportunity to close hi ami again ob?
struct the line nf march. Tlie police
not being able- to keep the stn*et clear.
a detachment of regular troops wan sent
to their assistance. TbI united efforts
of the soldiers and police only sufficed
to make a nanniw passage-way through
the dense throng, and the various orga?
nisation* which followed passed tu rc
v lew nuder this disadvantage.
A large number of colored troops
were included in the Third tlivision anti
their soldierly bearing ami good march?
ing elicited much praise from the spec?
tators. The Nen Jetee* soldier* in
their plain uniforms with lad blankets
roiled ah.ive their knapsacks als., at?
tracted attention, as did the Washing?
ton Infantry, of Pittsburgh, clad in navy
blue with black hakos. The Fifth
Maryland, about WO strong, in black
helmets and blue suits, who are old
favoritics in this city, were warm?
ly welcomed. A striking iiulfol?1 af
BUVe green willi black plumes, which
attracted much attention, was worn by
tin clark Qaard, of kugaita. Ga.
The New York Sixty-ninth regiment
was in this tlivision. about OOO strong,
and its tine hand ami excellent march?
ing fully nut tba expectations ad?ob
hail been raised as to the appearance of
this re'.'iiut nt. The ??renadi. I- BO
ehambeau, of New V>rk. wore alee
nell received, Tbe Busch raOuaves,ef
St. Louis, wore the most elegant Bat
form of its kind in the procession.
Company C. Sixteenth Ohio National
Guard, in a showy uniform of gray,
closed this division of the procession.
i iii: CIVIC ORO wi/athins.
Tba Fourth and la-t division was
composed entirely of rlvie organ*sa?
lient, and was cummamlctl by Major
I bomen J. Luttrell. The Jackson De*?o
.ijiii. Association, of the District of
Columbia.cai ry mg rough hickory stnks.
acted as au escort to the New Vork er
??Dilations. AfterthemcauMsixIndiaa
braves ia war paint and feathers, heir-1
lng Tammany "s uni.jin banner. The
'I annually m. ii. who BU?'bored shoat I
1.000. i-.med silve*-h?ii(!tt! ?t,ck*.
at their shoulders, and marched nine
abreast. They were followed by tbe
Tammany Knickerbockers in their
quaint ancient eot-turne, with Rip Vin
Winkle hearth ami bair, carrying long
gold-headed slaves, with which they
heat the marcliing-tiiiic mi the Bspheil
past tm nt. Irving Hall was represeated
bj shout ..ne hundred gentiemen, all
nearing silk hats ami -| ring overcoats,
?nd carrying cam-.
? .dinnie's mundi c hand heralded thc .
approach of tbe County Democracy long
before they wen- visible. Fifteen ban*
tired ineii. rn light gray overcoats ami
silk bats, carrying canes with cleve?
land's bead wrought in silver, ami wear?
ing put plc ami gold badge- on the lap
pell o. their coats, represented this
branch ol the New "ora Democracy.
Thc Albany PhalanI, numbering eighty
men. presented a neat appearance, clad
ii in ow n .oats, while heavers, and car?
rying silk umbrellas. Ihe Kings*
( ..utily Democracy bad about I.;.", men
in linc, dressed in dark blue overcoats.
:iml .allying the inevitable cane. Tba
Uiillalu Legion, iii dark cloth. i and silk
hats, brought up the rear ol' the Pint
In thc second brigade of this division
ihe Bayard Legion, of Wilmington. Del.,
was (be lir.-t OUtaOf-tOWn club and OOM
followed hy the .Joel Parker Club ol'
Newaik. N. .1.; the Iroquoia club of j
Chicago.#aml the Columbus (Jlee Club.
dressed in gre) and carrying miniature
breoma on the laaolaof then ...ats. <fm
.it thc neatest iinih.mis hi the line was
thai ofthi Duckworth club, afCii?inna*
i.. consisting of pale green overcoat, dark
trousers, and gold and purple badges,
I he members <<f this organization 11um
bored uincly-six. A colored man clad
:n i sky-blue, iwallew tailad coat ami
bl ghi nd pantaloons, and wcaring on
bl! In cist an enormous silver plate bear?
ing thc name of the organization, pr. -
ceded tbs Jackson Democratic Club ol'
j Columbus, dhu.. Its eighty tu. uibers
. weie dressed hi gray and carried canes
j ai a .salute. Maroon overcoats and yel?
low k.d gloves distinguished one liuu
dred members of the Amencus Club of
I Philadelphia. The Samuel J. Kamlall
Association of Philadelphia had
: al.ont an efpual number af men in
| line. The Moyaiuensing legion ol
j Philadelphia hail seventy-live men
' in line dressed in brown and
ml. The Klesenth-Ward Kandall Club,
, of Philadelphia borea magnificent bau
! uer of blue plush anti gobi with an ex
t client portrait of the patron of the
Club. Uno hundred men represented the
] Central Club of Harrisburg. They
WBia grey overcoats, black hats, ami
I red silk badges. The Calumet Club ol'
Ha! I inion- presented au excellent ap
pt annice with three hundred neatly at
: tit eil men in line. The topeka
flambeau Club also made a fine
? appearance in white uniforms. The
look-County Club of Chicago int ned
j out about forty men in gray overcoat-.
j silk huts, and badges.
Some comment was excited by the
j appeal ame in the procession of the
j Blaine Inauguration Club ol Maine.
' A -plcmlid banner of black and
gold flouted over live binni red men
representing the Crescent Club, of Bul?
more. A uotsble feature ol thc
procession wa* tia* Flag < 'svalry af tlie
? District of Columbia, in which the
; electoral votes of the State* that fur?
nished Cleveland's majorities were
i represented by horses--one for each
vote, arranged in States by color.
I hey were followed by the Cleveland
? nd Hendiicks Club of I ewin ville.
Vs.. sud by s number of mounted
clubs weiring colored sashes.
The list brigade wa* composed ol the
Veteran Fireman'* Association, of New
Vork, drawing their hand-engine; the
District Fire Department, amt a Balti?
more fire company. Tho olher civic
organizations rn the line were thc
Kruger Engineers, of Newark; the
First New Jersey Democratic Bat?
talion of Camden, H. J.; the Jef?
ferson Democratic Club of Iln*rin
nati; Fast Connecticut Democrati-'
Club of Norwich: R. S. Pat tenon Avro
elation of Philadelphia; Hancock Vete?
ran Association snd Young Men's Dem?
ocratic t'sttslion of Philadelphia; '/.<*
dendevfer Club of Philadelphia; Thitd
W ard Continental (Tub of Philadelphia ;
Jackson Club of Philadelphia; Cleve?
land Club of Philadelphia; First-VTard
Democratic (bib of Philadelphia;
Aim ri.ns Club of Reading; Taney
Club of Baltimore ; Democratic
Central Associatioa of I (altimore;
Democratic Inaugural Club of Port?
land, Maine ; First Cleveland Ung K?
cort of Mobcrly. Mo.: Daria Demo?
cratic Club of Piedmont, VT. Va.; ami
National Veteran Democratic CIu'i of
The civic organisations made a very
tine display and were highly complt
mentcd by the presidential party. TV
members of mos, of these organ-sat*****.*
saluted the President by raising their
hats and canes aud cheering by linea.
Live roosters, which were earned by
the Tammany Club and County Demo
raev. of New lork, were made con?
spicuous as they passed the stand ami
caused much amusement.
Taken all in all, as a combined Rtrti
tary and civ ic display the procession
was undoubtedly thc largest and finest
ever seen in Washington. The num?
ber of men abo marched psst the presi?
dential stand is estimated at 2S,00t).
Vice-President Hendricks Mt hoiim*
what fatigued, and retired to the Kseru
tive Mausion tor rest before all tbe
civic organizations had passed. .Many
other persons also left the stand before
the parade was over because af weari?
AT M NT'll.
At the conclusion of the review die
President and party proceeded to the
dining-room of the White House, where
they partook of lunch prepared tor
them by e\-President Arthur. There
were present, be-iides the member* Ol'
e\ -President Arthur's Cabinet, aft.
\ das. Mr. Maiiiiiug. Mr. lamont, and
several OtaMffn.
/vi/ GI RATION notes.
I in lints.- tiranna ltl-?'1- sici.rusll
..-sjw-.? in! lileiilHIil to the l>t*|-*fcl:.|
W ys,|||\t. ins. March 4.?Vim
did a 4th ot March open iu tins
country more auspkmnaly than to-day.
I he weather aeeseed to have been las*
polled from Honda for the occasion,
while thal on th- hist inauguration .! iy
mus! have came from ihe.vr.ti rn-.
The exclamation ol everybody ass
thal no such crowd ass over Mauri
seen in Washington. A feature ol th.
display was the niinibi r af splendid
citizens' elabe rVoen all parts nt the
Country. I have heard it tauufiu^ly
saul that tbe northern Democrats are
all laugh people, but never iii my
life have I -cen liner looking men
than mari ind to-day iu line. Ka.di
club wa- die.I in ll ni lol tu sty le. i vi ll
to-love-mid canes. Tiui untidied as
il thoroughly drilled, and their black
silk hill- looked a- ll made by the BRRRJ
honae. A seasatea ni commenting on
theil -ob ndid Banoal suet-, said to tn*-.
:is vie w.t. walking lo the Capitol:
"There are men la that line
who are uoiil. millions. ami
every bram li ol legitimate business has
prom meat ma-reaBRtati*>*eeaRaaagthenB>^1
'I'm Iii ii i ii ni .md tin t i.linty I lemo, i.,,
New Vork, thnnsends strong. aaraMMae]
inc bl then bealing aopearam- and
pu. i-i..n in mai. bing: while fha OMah
cent Club ol It.iltmiorc. the I'hi.sgo
(lilli, thc Auieii'iis ol' Philadclphiu.
and seines ol Other* | could name flinn
as many cities, looked su-H-rbly. Their
badges would have done for the fsvoi
Itc- of folelgll , ..lilts.
i uk MU,n Alfi i IMI
lumi North. Benth, Kasf. and West,
ami gave an \ uki knii au idea of a hal
BO anny of iTii/en -..Idlers can he raised
lo ii -isl foti iga invasion and to uphold
thc Amen, un lag it it shall iver be?
come aeeceanrj. Thc blue barmoni/id
with tin gray, iind a lute and colored
ti inp- man Ind m line to the same niu
-.. Ibis would have surprised th.
poor ' ol.ucl people nt the South who
h;nc been taught that thc election ol'
Cleveland meant Linty foi them and
theil ? liildi. ll.
nu: \ un.im y linn; m>i:.
w lin h was iu (.etui al Kit/,. l/*e's di?
vision Slid . "llilli.THiled by Colonel
BlUBgardner. ol' Staunton, presented a
soldierly appearance, ami did credit to
then State. While the other regi?
ments came as oigaiu/ations tia*
rir-t was represented hy three
companies thal I felt proud ot.
I knew how splendidly they hate
time and again ;u .putted themselves in
military contests,and could only rcj-ret
that thc r'irat ass not lure in full for. c.
Every -cition of Virginia was repre?
sented here to-day by Well-known Di tu?
on ats. and the delegations from Uicli
'ninnd and r redcricksbiirg were "very
nnineroiis. All bore themselves welL
The Stonewall Hand li om Staunton
headed thc Virginia brigade and wrns
highly complimented. A good many
\ irginiaus left this evening by tu*
??Coast" and ??Midland" lines.
Kx-(iovcruoi Smith to-day, after wit?
nessing the ceremonies at thc Capitol,
walked as briskly as thc young men
dow n the avenue to his .garters. Ile
gi rat ly enjoyed tin restoration ol De?
nn* lacy to power.
THE Fl RE Wot. KS.
t Plicir. Sal, Ui-sU, sr I ..sr., rt, ,1,4
UssalB. ear*.
'Ihe public 1 ciel,rai nm of the day
.Tided aub a display of firework*. In
character it was like all the displays of
fireworks, bul in volume and variety it
is said to have excelled any former py?
rotechnical exhibition upoa this rnn
iiu.Tit. W ithai it was successful
to the minutest detail, although Ow
-'??lie of preparation late in thc after?
noon was not encouraging. Thc scene
of the exhibition was th.- White lot,
an area of two or three hundred acres
diping gently away from the south
front of the Treasury, the hxecutive Man?
sion, and Stale Department. Tho night
was moonless but clear, and un?
counted crowds began early to And
their way toward the spot from every
quarter of the city, lor an hour er
ini?tc they waited, walebing, for want
of better entertainment, the passage
from point to point of torches ia tba
limnLs ol' workmen or their attendant*
who were putting the finishing touches ta
thc frames, snd commenting mean white
upon the singular appearance of tha
monument a hundred rods beyond tba
fireworks' enclosure.
A (.ill-KIT.V -n.ll i.
The lower third of the shaft was not
visible, but all il-ove was dimly out-,
Imcd like a ghost of itself against the'
black sky. and reflecting le ita peaky
Ike rays of electric lights ia the ea*/*
K, ax Tia 1 ku ov lilian i-agu.] "N

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