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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, March 01, 1890, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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JT??? RIC-?Dr?UNir
i A..'r ?-?ton in?; the ?tenate It?
? I ' Aci.iii.l I ,,n?lder
IBM ?latter.
St Ota l?y which thr?
1 "1,-lVt lllinic'li ,?.
i ? ?? bill prttposiag tu re
: law provldlag
? -h meat*.
? Marily mean the ?le.
re?a .n m?:, ty-nlae
? .
? ? ? ? ?
S ' ?'? '?' ?? ta I ard?* .?
: . latter ?So
lu . i i an? h ??. a? the
whether it
- v err.
I? a
ir Mr. I
ir inoi ? ? ? ral
?? i t . i Mr
? le in
? i.i 1
hi lull, op.
.' ! h<?
tllUf, \
, ? ' !
t? by
? (lues?
es, 11;
II- lie cite.|
Mr. lliitri
,\ had n
. 1 Mr. Hiirn
Kenate come
: ? pass I v.
? ? p ; ? pvcry ? n
..- n,1 ir. He wanted
.. v. : ?. Be was m
.; act, Inn if
' M-lltM
He thought he
ght? r.d ? oi c
? that their very
neb? o? l ?id
c. O? tune,
?day ho v. ?
Mr. Beaton, who
too 1111- ;
?in l.'.ll'l ,1111
? chamber on
had r<
? WOtl] :
-. otion to
i .
. .Iiibari?,
? -. Slliont,
bols, Jordan,
-. Plea
"?1 r s . mother effort to
?'? ' . - hi i- do! ut
? into force
I ....
? . iti 'ii "i the ?? uirts,
? ?
..iia'?ie 1 1
'??? .! Aruionr ?1
rill ?lo fa n .t precisely
? ? the law
? .- ? ?
? ew o?
. . m. I ?v hen Isronght be
courts ??ill ?jeelt f??r reli ase
Ire? ' r th< r a.?? nts l?y writ <>f
?h-. 1 oui I nitcd
? iri ait C 'urt.
frastsss Elected M?reet-RaUv/a)
i A u niiiL'? t't ( oui?' Iit.tt |. I'.ir
AA..tk? Ml?- 1er. ,iii-I, ....
.rued met tint if the M nchestes
C ? la held In-: I . ?? t.
? av.!? to the I'Usiness
: :..,t !??? .??:?? a through with ?it
;. ii meetint tv\,. ?,?.. ? ks ?if. und to
? oruii
? !'. iduc call? d the body ?o or
;., when the I llowtu ? oth? r
- ? ? . vi
. r. John (il;-., n, H. C
' Philip 1 ?' mea F.
I \?. r. li.trt, iin.l I...I" rt Harris.
? I? rs "f the
I rming the Council
.1 II I iby, .1.
I C i?, fanner, and
i mix ra ??! the hoard expire
? ' ?i
Ii d to go int?: the elec
. Busby, Perdue.
Losen ?is tu? ir own buc
? on.
', iring moved Iron the city
i." tv it v? . iry til elect
n his stead Mr. Weiaiger
_ .' B A: . ? :i ,' I the
'. \ I ?. Esq., was pre
. "?. ! - rdne. Mr. Aiid'T.-ui.
a : be si eond ballot.
II .,| 1 !:: 1 I IS.s.
. offered s t. - thitioa Batbor?
? their pr?>
treel lines given
-.-i rarveyor than the City Engi
t , f th- rc.si.lii!inn is t" ?if,.nu
? ? rs that n i- not the doty <>f
? give any other thuu
tnnnieauoa aa? read fr.tm Mr.
? Ka., it-, u. general manager ot the
i. Laid and laproveatent Com
isking ?permission to change the
, d this cuiiipaii? '
? rough the any. The
? ? ompany having aatnirad
? the Kichmond and Manchester
?nicks "ii S
the aew i., ii. Hske.i for I* U|)
' treat bom ?seventh to Civvardiu
thence t" fliauiaa? aveaoa, and up
? r to tin- corporate limits. Als?>, to
? eta line <m C, vsunlii: iivi'iiue ?rmii
?a Hull ?treat, ?Bonnectina the two
i?|U?-st whs ??runt.-.!,
i . passes int" tli?) hands
I ?.' .1. It,,., | ,,?. ? .- luvt. ...
' tisid? (. iiupuli.t t"-dny.
mtbbkt w.riYi.n.
I -v offetad a reaolatloa au
[tin Btrast Committee frum to.
ploy n Mpenntendent ii<r the
? ilia n ds at u salary of ?J}1U
I ? . A."? . rj t".
.'.. n iv.,. sd'.ptt-il ll?l
- umiifte. to hive n stuhle
ih>. n-_r part of th?- j.nl l.,t, at a
leeediag ?p:**-1. fur tin- aeaoassBO?
'? ? teams aasa la street Improve
n ! that Uh ???tt'le sli_ll he lo
jj1'" I St ... i,it-lu-nt plans, so that the
, ipei m. iident ??in l??isk after the
? ?' t-e.s much loss of time from
m UMNO 1-rJiviiTS.
A large BBaber of bu?ilitig permits were
'? I" tit ion end.,rse?1 by two memben of
?-.? (.?itoiniH,., ?n Kir? D.-uartment ?as
'???-1 fr?,m Mr William Beider, asking t?s
??"pair nn old lfUi_tt building on upper Bull ?
st-rci,!. !',,,!iW is RrP_5*_l! --?- ""?'lo a ttrii
?tatemen! in ?behalf of his petition
??.-H.cil after l,..ar,j,?,{,.,,vi..M,.
Bradley, ar
...,f ' ,,|^'""k* granting the peri.,
?Mbe opinion that such .-, bulldii
?Pi ithertsuulrementB?
? , . r' '""',, lUding? toi
? d ??n Mull ?ti
SA! All ,1 ??,. ,
i radlet offered a resolution whir
vvii-reerted.,,,,,,!,,,,,,,,, th^B??i?i
:" ? ' fl r ?hall 1
per annum, payable monthly, an
?" officers be fiV
- o pei month.
-.'. .
v' ; ' ?"??i';i ap an crdiaaac
;,> """'!'? .? re-miring a
" M.il'ctak?
?'V -*"1' ?i.wners.
iplv with this pr,
. "1.
I "t l ? ll PAVKMBBTS,
ti/V.'"'' ."..r,n ":" '"'"i'*1"' snthortata
"'I "ininilt.e p, ,MVl. ,,_,. ,_,,,
"n ?ne ?ide ?? Fifth street from Hu
"i r.lv.-iith ?tret
?bridge, and ..?,.. aide ?
rter. .Ail o? the?
? hip.
'.'" BKOOVBAai im,i -mi.if?.
r ill ths .?.mii
offered the following, vil,,
iiKii-h adopted :
r< ?s il is - ,,, ,,,? Qj.
limen! ?
,;1"."'" a Manchester
ai l whereas th<
rtv well suited f?>r this , ?
l!i. i. fore b
'" ': - City Council bereb
' ' persons .|. sirin ? ?
nnfncturing estai Ii hn
ty, mi I will eheerf-iiiv consider pr?
p ? in ? ?
concern? hen
to tie m nil
? incnts which may be in the pow?
?i ti.- Council t..
?' "lis ? : \-, ,-.
-< mui ition wo? rea?l from ti?
??? Manufacture
.11. ami -.
? ? ? . mi '?
- '
' '' -i.',? 0f cur
the Richmond end of ? I
? ?i land i??
? , ?
' Major Walke
? that the firm authorized
ition the committe
!.. taki -ii.ii n, tioi
matter at they mav deem
Commerce :i
ulvaneenienl of the cit.
1 do all th< ?. au to <
Inn? i.i ' i m inufacturmg oui ;
prise? in ur midst.
"' -1 - i?h Walk? r, ?i member "f th?
1 , ?ipi? ii'.-d ?.i
the Council, und m a brie] ? p -, h ur?.'' ?
thai the site be .1"!, ,t.-.| ; , this lii
said he app? ared al the ins? in? e ol tin ?<
!_'. ntl. men. who, b< thought, tlei il
t!i? city should make them the off? ? M
I authorized to sat I In I they woul
- h? re ii the Bite '.ta- ; u
?:. i. ?I Ihem, i tuid t?
lum hi : 'it very hop? ful thai thej would,
? Mr. .("im-- "ii and ituoth?'! :
one? ru who had visit? (1 til- I", i
t.'ii with bil
advantages, being i1 iirtt? d wh( r?
?lui c m I.- I ad w:ih all ??I the rail
Mr. I- ittie offer? 1 an soluti .n pi
th it t??? ? i laud in th?
e-t i?, donate I t,. Messrs, Johnson
A Co.
Mr.Pcrdui I oppose ! th
tdi. Be thought tin one just ad('i?teil
w. nr far ? nough, and il utlemen
<T uiiy other? wanted t" come her? and
! 'Mtl.epr 'p. rapplii at ion to the < !oun
cil they would I"' 11> erally ?l-ait with and
I every possible ii t. In the
first jtlacc. He nod not the slightest idea that
Mi l liiisuti ctsnteuipln! g to Man.
cheater. He is a man "i enterprise and
pieaiis nn?l will it?.' ^'" anywhere
that is not very decidedly t i his
? ity should
II v. mi li an ? ?tablishment to
iteil tat I '
n rai ? :?.. ? could bard I v Im heard for
If these gentle.
men want? d to con ? to Man? h? I
would certa ni?, 1 - accorded every fa? ili? ??
ad no mi ml? i
C?>un? ?1 would go furtherin ?bat din I
I ? ? .i . n. ... _ i .,. come and ? ly wh I
I ? ?, want and they will be almost mit- i.i
be fur better, he
.., | ropriate t c mom ? and bu) two acres
re than to establish axle-w? rksright
tes of the . iiv's lu.
oud where the city's only ground t.,r it pub
. ii. -
i mu "\ .111: TA1 r : .
Mr. Perdue m rouolusiisn ?aid be was
willine thnl the Cl??rk should lie direct???!
ml a ? ?py o? til? r< solutions jn-1
? M,- i-s. Johnson .A Co., or thai
a committee appointed !" conf? r
with the committee from the Chamber ol
Ml -is. lie.'.Itl.
.,: th? r. ?lution of the former und
?. Walker again urged its adoption.
M?. ?'. n . ? 'I liked t.. be
forced ' he resolution, and
mi :ge*t? il ti ?' ' laid "ii the table.
S'.iu', thing mi ;hl di v< I ?p * efore the next
? ? thai would in it- rinlly ??! ange the
i iggesti ii i" lay ou the
table wh- adopt) d.
i., '"i r\i'.:.
Mr. .1 D a ? '? d to t ike np n rcp-rt
concerning the remodelling of tl.Id jail
building, bul for reason? advanced by
other members he witl Iren the m ?tion.
Mr. Uriel!. \- invited tin C on? .1 t.? re?
pair t , Leader Hall and ?pend the re
r ol the , venins at the cavalrt
;:,,,. u!,, re b? fa ?ped each m? ml er would
??? ?d s". or p?o, " I la ?ve." he ?aid. "thai
? m. il adjourn and that we r< pair to
the hall wBor? the Pr? aident ?hall treat to
crt?am." and the Council adopted tas mo
ind ut 10 o'clock adjourned.
He " :it the
military ??nr la-t night und Messrs. Polk
tdill? r.' Henry I. Mill? r, V. W, Mill? r.
Withers Miller, E D. H?>tehki s, Walter A.
Watkins, and H. S. Wat kin? rendered
?.i.m.- mu?',' a I I e ?inging "f
? i . Miller wa
t iiii.ve 1. There will t?e a donkey party for
the children to-day from 9 toA
IVr.uiials ?nul Uriels.
The paving ol the roadway of upper Hull
street ? mulcted.
Major Ben ?null, hash and Mr. H. M.
Smith. Jr.. wen in the city yesterday on
? ?ion il b isii
Clerk DnVal issued eleven marriage li
luring the month of February -
,-i\ t.. whit? and five to colored couples.
Mr. David ?- hi!-!..-ii and Miss Ida L.
n were married Thursday night at
the home of the bride'? parents, on I-ourth
street, bv Rev. W. A. Laughon.
\ ...? hu? been recorded in the office of
. rk ol the tlustin :? Court uom
William H. Cox und wife to Amanda !..
C,,t,. , ? . rtv-scvon feel "II S-V? li?
tre, i i.etw..d Hull and Decatnr.
Intelligence re? eived h? re u to the effect
tl it I..V..I. H. Ktringfellow, who recently
had two surgical operation? ?..-if ?nn?'?! m
n. ? ?. irk, is ,' tl ngalong verj weU. Mr.
Stringfellow wo? formerly paatorol Mead? -
Memorial Epiacopal clturch, thiacity.
Ket JobnJ. Cl ?pton, rector ?>? Mcade
Memorialchurch, is dob in South! arolina
and writes that bis health mi graaUy im
proved already. He will beawayf?
time vet and wfllprobablv go BS far bout h
as.lacksouville, Flit. _
stream Already *??""" r",,r ** -'??e Kpct
Al.i.tc lin- I MSal I--V.-I.
The recent ra : ? -?"? baea quite '
heavy for s considerabls di tanca up the
country tributary t" tb?' ***i**\ 'll"i '?1"1
night ib? iiv.-r at K"?-k?tt?had risen ?
tw.-.ii fow and ti rs feet abots tht? ordinary .
*Therewss. however, little or no ?ihu-in
along the river-front. It w.ts not ??xi>??t? ?l
that the fnjahet would increass rary much. ,
A spetrfal to tlua_paiier front l.vuctii.urg
last t?gbtSSidi "N?. iiidicatu.il ..f afresh.
,er,. Th" river is oolv ab??ut six [eet
!?,i, th? "i?!in>"v 1' v.l. Mid BUMS t\%Uen
several Sanas SUMS IIOOO. Very little rum
New Knglaii'l i'rr??.
Mr Kruik A. H?yw???sl. of ?Spriti-lMd,
lf_t_ wh?? is arranging for U* V Irff?ua ? v
I- urBiou of the N.w K.,gl_ud Press Ass,,, 1;l.
t,?,n writ.A-ih-t h?-will ???? ?. the city M
Friday <?r Saturday ?" "?'-t week.
Vn- Cam Bbkab Vr a Had Cou> by the
_____ u?o? l?r. .'?vues rJtpector.nt. an
old and popular mtalicin- f.?r S?,re l.ung?
aud Throats, and the bi?t of all Cougli
r ?medies? ?
The Mod?, of Arranging lite Item? r.re??ly
Mmpllll.-d-Not Many Material
? !?"_?? ?:?!?.
The appropriation bill is now before the
Senat? and will probably engage th? attea
tiofl of tlt.it. body to-day.
it prsacribai the mannt tot disbursetnent
of the publie moneys fur the fiscalj ?
1810 and is i.
'I be aggregate ?.f ?he money set apart for
tl,.- various departments of th?- govern?
ment is about - and besides this
thereare many special act? distributing
fin?is from the '1 n iisiiry.
The Senat? Committee on Finance and
Hunks held a n of two I
ye ?? rd t\ mi ; nine, vvli-n the bill <?n
which tney have f>een at work forsome
time wits completed, snd soon after the
was called to order Mr, Moore made
the ri-jK.r?. l he mann ripl ?va- sent
direct!., t?. the printer with tbs h"p?' ??f
? the printed copie? to-dav.
' ooKl i a n vr
Tli?? lull is drawn in heiter and mor?? !
t!it!i heretofor
I eing a. ranged topically in I
alphabetically, and ?!.>? amount? being
words. Tin?
nnablea any one at a glance toaee what is
proposed i., be done without ?
through th?. entire bill to find particular
?1 ?. K great many subjects are not men?
tioned !?' tu e th,?'. are iii ill with by ape
, tin : appro?
priation? Bs.forin tance, the military run?!
and I? | lotit expoi es. Some of 1
ry appropriation?, however. ur>. !
' I in the hill, for instance, for sup?
P rtof lunatic? in jails.
AT Illl ? Mil"!,
I Auditor of Public A?.un? ? is nll'.tv.
?d one neue clerk al - 1.000. Except in this
??. ,11. _ce
are uiade as to thi Capitol or other public
i ni i" ixsriT? n<
Litern an continued as
. ? j
i- appropi?at? I i" the Parmville '?
Sel.l. m -i -
? i ? -, i-iiv l \ ? nbi? h
is to ho used for repair-, and improvement
to the buildings.
'I he colored .- 1', tenburg g? is
? .-niai- ? rdiuary appropria? ?
!'S'. lums .';:?
? idditional is git n to in. ritaunton
Ast lum to i ut up u Iditional i".
I i'. tli- Central Asylum at Pet? i -
burc i' rih?. same purpiose, and ?*,!
t?TB Lunatic Asylum ?it Williams
work .
of Richmond. Vu.,
OU p. r a:.i,uni, >.',f,iii> of which
is i?, In . ? : equipment?.
?n item . r WoO.000 give? arrearages t i
The S. Idier?' Home gets |10,l
n d.
'I h" institutes thai hold BtSte 1'"!;
' in full, a- .
Th" Agricultural an 1 Mi -ha!;: i '
(at lilacksburg) r.i\, i $2,500 to complete
?uni eijuip a mnciiinery hall.
I. m ,n? y to n ?titution ? and a lylunw .
i- i" I"' paid monthly iust? ad "i iiuartt-rlv. j
If th- Berry lull goes into ?Meet tl,- pay.
ment? - le, o? eording t?> it- provi?
sions, by t!,.
Literary in titutes are required t > ?how
i-"-! "ii I. mds, as w 11
? ? ?? . ilarappropria!
1 und i r??vt?i ?n i- u
i ? pay f"r the
tration ? i bur!
i B , II i.i i.i..
I ' nmitb now ha- before it the
tax ?.'I!, V. ?rich hflS !" -11 pa ?-?"! lie ta?'
i ; I be lull will I- reported to-night,
and with v. ry few amendments, il is
thought. _
Meteorological Kepi.rt far February.
The subjoined table give? sunrise, mini?
mum and maximum readings of the ther
m<?melt r, th- com ud it -un? ? -,
s amount of rainfall for th.- month
..' 1'elc .
The reading! ? f tic- thermometer were
taken iu an el rated portion of the city,
the position of the m truments being free
11. in any in'.iii' in I le a!. They
are self-registering, "! th- very bes? l
i Hin-, and tl, ? figure? are i- li? ved
? . "In',' ly col :
, Tat lljr ' I ,;i 1?
S ! .f,' loi
t i .' i i
', I " ?
?n l l-'/ir
It u.iv I
i udy
, le a
I, i lear.
udy is?
.0 -Cloudy ill
. loor.
?.-j i i
?.'?"? part
H ci.iy, tteav] tog n
Average temperature..
Meat, tempoi atui e,
ightratn at lotervala darlas o?e day ami
.lit misty rain lu iba f-renoon.
tu. l?an (ta I si .??? al nlgl I
ip Snow and rain until su ni n
? i Ight rain as 1 ?n t? all day and night,
i.i -a tw and ram n:\ ,lu>.
(T) Light ?b >wor? daring iba forenooa
(t \ f. ?\ dn pi ol rain during ties forenoon.
i Light shower in lb? t-' ? ?
' i -lit rain eai i> In ibe foron? a,
ill) Kalo, with lliuiu'.i rsuil llKlitumg ?' night.
'..' Light ?bowers m Hi? foreiii?in and at
i ? t rala in the forenoon and at night
il n Ligbi un:, in tbe foreaoon,
KdiufBii f, r ti - month, t.'.''i lachea The mr>a
?ar. a ?it* were inken m a lulled s:a!e-< tlgaal?
?ervti ? Instrument
'i be ?no? ?ta -'i fell daring tl,? m-uth did not
remain on Ibe gruuod, but molted upon rea taug
:.. It Will be noticed that there ??h-, rain
on fourteen day? during the month, though oa
, 'in- .-i t? then ?a? riiiy a trace left
m tin? Instrument?not enough to Dioasunt,
There were tm! ?Ix dais on which the ?ky was
id tiler.- or lesj overcast wnb cluuds at the hour
of .ilscivatii.u.
in the table below will be found the
mean temperature and the amount ol rain?
fall during i ponding month f"r
?le pasi ten years:
.V"in Rain.
Tix-'or?, Incht?,
\m. i ? -i
.i;..? '.'..t
1"'.t-.l 4SI
..'i.V. -17
IBS, .HO 4.1"
. V
ign.4an .>?'-??
The average yearly teuipeiature for the past
twelve years bas n ten '?'..' degree?, ?o it will be
.- id. mouth uf lei ruiiry Just p-isl lo-kcl
..I I,, it.if up lu the But u i ave.
r?.-?, ?Ahicti Include? the hot month? of the ?uiu
ii.? r.
City ( Ir. nit 4 ?tiu-U
B l>. Caalklev pa. ('it?- of Richmond.
Verdict and judgment in favor "f the de
fimdsnt. Motion o? plaintif to sel
th? verdict overruled and leave given to
file exceptions any time during thi term.
1 ami? A Bra 'h >?-. Del? rare Williams,
sed for |?V).
tiste?- Brown as. same, Judgmeutoon
Suit iBstituted: Kaufmann A Co. m.
Elizabeth A. Courtm for 1-500.
M. tsrs, Samuel W. Williams and John H.
Pulton qualified to praetios law in tins
lilelttiitind I Itetitre.
One of th- l>.s! _o ,ivn ?if Am. rican j
comedians will lu? at the Th??tre nf-t
week, This is no other thru Charles L
Davis, better known us "Alvia Joalyn."
There are probably few who have aol it
some time or other laughed at his quaint
sayings and Intensely humorous p_ut?>
Mr. Davis will appear in his new play
" Ou.' ?1 the old ?Stock." and tus BBgSge.
BBSBt i-- fur M"iidiAv and Tuesday eveuing-s.
The In mn tint?.
One of the most successful entertain?
ments in the history of the Literary Club
was given ln*t night. It took p'ac??. at the
resillen? ?".t He v. Hartley Carmichael.
Mr. Philip A. Hi ti?-.- presided. Hon.
lie verlcy li. Muuford read on ?assay on Mrs.
Browning and the ?nhjt-ct ws* ?riru"- "'
by Mr. Cbarle? Dudley Warner an! } r"
William P. Trent, ol the Soithcm
Selections from Mrs. TttowainiC* >0,r",,,
were read by Mr-, \?. vn.lhnm B. M?--?*tn,
Miss Rosalia Plee__Bta, and Mr ? **?
Charlea Lamb fin ?^?whrfl a? th?"sriJ''rt
for the next meeting,
A large number of proaatnent ?????pi''
vi riting in tbe ? ity wore the guests C 'he
LseCaasp t?? Bava sa Autiiiary OBrani
At a meeting of Las Camp l.i?t nigh the
following resolution, offered by Carteia
A. A. Spitzer, was adopted :
i . , of f
pointed whose duty it shall be to fttou
the names ol such ran? of I :"?
Camp who ma) make application? wth a
view to their 1 sa a bo ly
c. remoniesincident to the unveiling ?>' t,">
Btatue li, .'li, -1 i
als., t.? take into consideration I
bility of making thi? Junior bodv a tar*
? an 1 auxiliary organisation '
i.i i ?amp, Ko. I.
I ' < "iiiiu'iml-rappointed th- follovlng
committee: A. A. Spitzer, T. A. Brartler,
c. P. Bigger, J, 1. Ferriter, David A.
A .mi :!???" w is al-aa appointed '
fer with th?- merch
' to the purchase of unifon
such in.-ml?. r? us desire them. In OfJeT
that th? may be of a lik- wloj
and t ?? ?c t n r<- a r< ?olution
the cloth should i- pnwhaafd of 'he
Charlott? sviUe woollen-mill?, prov
Dot cost too much. That for In?
trousers is tn I - o? i at y-Mue. and for lbs
the well-known Conf
now in nse by tbe members >.f the Camp
WOTh ?if (he Aliiliulance.
There were two ambulance call? !
lin,. ? ? It, to N ". 1419 esst Mun
street, tt here a white woman a
lie -Uli, ring from mental d
? ?n t" th- all ? ?
'I he other ? minute? '
..". 1,-k. I" the f rn-r of Pwen? -fourth
id a white youth
whili at work in a planing-mill
line- r- badly cut with a r r
i m? ther
band was dressed and he was left at ta"
Hon. William McKinley.
n v ".; ? ley.men rofC
fr??m v?
?>,P"d at i'
? a? by
ther and Colonel It. C. '
Mr. Me] the floor >?f tie
M last night
A ( '?nt let'? PreedoBt,
IT. nrv .!' ? 1). who W ?
victed in tin C ?Ui ' ' t Pitl
?n Is81 of hoi iced to
ira m , m, p ? ? don? d
. rn r McKinney up n
th.. reconnu? ' irgeon of the
I e< t'iie at Klcliitiottil College.
air. Char]??? Dudley Warner will I
on the " Be a
i mto] ?
'I helectnrc will be d livered in th?
and be open to t be public
Personal? end lirief?.
Re-, Dr. Charl? s II. l;, ad has bren nt
home i? '- f? r over a w?
Th? 1 ?-' ? old-wave pr.
a:- d.,/.. ns o? "tl,- r- bave d ?ne this ?ea?! in.
!. H? kerand I uther \.
I!, tli,:. ? : ..ver a week,
are able to be out.
Jir. John H. Weyrnouth, of ]:. vi rl? . W.
Va., formerly of Richmond, is on a visit to
relative? in thi? city.
On and after the 12th day of March the
: ??. ill bo in- ? report all un?
licensed vehi? le?, '?"i..-1, r? i 't i, .' c.
Mr. Harvey Davis, sonofT. Wiley Davis.
Esq., was :i|?, terday to succeed
Mr. Wolfe m t: ? wor'i | Mr.
l;. 11. Munford) office.
Mr. und Mrs. W, !': 'hur R ?
-.il.i r w
o'clock P. M-. at their
residence, n< ar the Exj osition Grounds.
Mr. A. ?'. Harman, who 1 ? ! ??? d with A.
\v. Oar' ? ?? ? . or a number of venr?,
will leave this ? ' w Va ,
where h ih a r? al i
Mr. Dudley F. Voung, of New York, wh >
? : '
... ? v i ? '. n Kiel mond,
is in th- < .".. II- a ill ir i-.: hi? family on
from Brooklyn in a ?bort I
A telegram was received in tin I -
ger Agei
:? t.. the Southern
? rth, 'l ? ?.
Wonderful impn
John l'"i" on and ab m? his fana,
: ! John
! ifoni '
and I!
A Ri? , who isa medical
? Mi l-CI Ina, b til giro an ad
dr. is on Snndat afternoon at Moore Me?
morial church about the condition of the
Chinese and what is being done there by
Christian m -
Mr. W. R. All.-ii I it H? Pfad I
wer?? man I rrYli _ I buradav eve?
p bride's!
ncr.r Shields's Grove. Bev. J. Calvin Stew?
art offlei.1. After the r? cep
? !?l at the groom'
on west Cary str et.
Mr. ?'. !'. EL Burjrwyn. theengiiie??r of
the Lee M I . who
.'???ii the statue "f
i .1 wie, is authori I to rcc? ive or
rejee? the w..rk. left here f"r New York
lav iini will sail foT Europe to- ! j
1 bampagne,
Mr. Ames Hill, a tnin Rocietj
of Friends, 11 *. r ? i Carthage, Ind., is in the
city an I will attend Friends' meeting at
ice "f worship, < 'lav street i
First, at 11 o'clock ?sabbath morni?
i? the chapel i n Twenty-fifth
sti.et at ? o*i lock In the aft? rno n.
R v. Peyton H. Hoge wiU preach nt the
Fourth Presbyterian church tomorrow
night at 8 o'cl? -!?:. II- was thel t ]
of this church and but many friends, and
e-p-i iallv thi ? his f.r-t eliar ?
?nil be glad to have this opportunity of
hearing him. He now mm; r rs to tbe
First Presbyterian church of Wilmington,
William .l"lm Chamberlaine, the noted
i Washington and New . -
a comnanied hi- Mr. Joseph Clark, of
San Framisc... arrived in the city yes?
terday and will leave for Old Point to-d
Mr. Cnambi rlain has lei the c mtract ? r
his te w hot? 1 at the Point, with the
dition that it h to be completed and ready
for "iviip.uicv by the 1st til January, i- ,
Tbe work h ,s already been commenced,
cording t,, Mr. ( h imberlain
hotel will be the most complete rummer
and ?vint- r resort on tbe Atl inti ?
the P? ace de Leon at St. A
London v..:.?.
[Kv Anglo- 4 men "in ca'.le ? th? r>l?p??"c?..1
?, February 2*. __he Northumber?
land M , d by a
unanimous i iti n t to support tbe mot -
lii-i t for a reduction ft' the workini
11... trii l for iii-tii.u ? t libe] brought
by Morrill M? R n/.-;-, the n ?tad
Bician, against the ?. ./.
f"r publishing statement i of 1 M
ment of the lab Frederick
of Germany, commenced t]
ai d was conclnilcd this afternoon, I
m ry awarded C5.5(><) damage? to the Hot-t-.r.
McKenzie liad a ca? ? the London
/.?,????. and the jury in thai ease awarded
bun Cl
( oiilirineil by the ?M-nate.
'My telegraph to t>.0 MapaBen.1
W-aawaioa, r. bruan I Bsoal
t"-?:iv .....
Richard G. Bank , collector of customs f? r
Norfolk andPortsn troth, Va.: W. BLMoss,
postmaet? ? : J., t.s,,,., Tenn.. gad P. C,
Sliil.hvili s!,,,irvi,,,r,.f tl,. census for the
Third distrii
Hnads Aamaa ? A
IKy tatograa* la th? Di?pat?_i
Wasiiiv.T'v, Febraary M. The l???n<ls
A?I^il" ^?'?^??iVsatlt?.-?.
A? ., BBBBB Tonic
ll" n",..K,0,tl,'H Aa-ii. Phosphat-.
1 have used .t tojrrand efi,K.t In a rose of
neuralgic-lever a??l ?, uterine difficulties
____ A v^^y? a K'""ral tank was
need?.? . lor a nerve tonic I tbiuk it is the
best 1 have ever used, ?_ can rcuommeud
it moat confidently." .?.?.ism.-?.
Iiemnrrntlr Caoru? Laet I'venlng?Two
?l?nlct*? Nnmlnaletl (?( II* Fleeted
Tli" nin?'ty days' session of the two
(thai rfil Assemltly ends Mon?
da?- and pav ?hen ci?i.?es.
TbatWO hlTQSSS have it in tlieir power to
extend the BBSSlon for thirty days!, without :
eompensstiou ??? tbamsalvas), bat there
? . be no di-position to do it.
Theprospecttherefore istbat "ti I
Bay next tin? two legislativa halls will bo
particTilrirlv radical decision fmm
the Hurrr?.Court "f the United St.it. s m
the d< ? other great ? mer
genet ma? canas the Governor t" recon
ven?' the C-iienil A--"!ii!'lv: but if D
<.asion anses there will he no further
U1 til I >eo< ml ? r. 1891.
Tin-. BBcxin strsa.
Sn 1, ha? i"'.-:i the deluge of legislation
recently that "ii yi terdayall the clerical
force thai <?? ?id be muBtered about the
1 ? ugaged in engrossing and ? n
s all the ln'lji 'hat C lonel l
nnl It. Pendleton have been able
cure thej can hardly keep ui> with the tu i
- s. rapidly arc lulls being pa I.
Ill'-- I. though th? ?r ft:!! ful and O?
corpsof acribes may work all day and all
,, for any rest on the
11, i' seem? cerlait: that tl.
will close I. fore all the lulh-eau t. p ? i
"f!. ? vim i ."i. and corrected for pre?
tion to? ?. nor.
i ?If ?'!q hard pushed
lerks. I na- i. not allowed him I ?
scrutiniz a? carefully as be othi
the measures presented for :
; i
I'l.lVT, ?TO DO,
For some weeks the two houses sat
here with no business to ?peak o? before
th< m : I ? ' thej bave f an I plenty
.-.i the grea? a
lal i"ii is of a l"."d "r privat i chara? ter.
raordinnry diii ? dc ? he ihown
today >'ini" public meu-iii
i the I tail
bill, the military
code, the bill I? r : be repeal ??! tli? m?
??section law, and the oyster bill from
which n great in? rease in the revenu., was
TU!', ? tt ? t's.
The Democratic member? of the Genera!
ni the
; two hours
l : ' tu it business -. i
randidati for countv ju : - mnty,
: ?i ? i . I 11 ?Tied.
? I. W. Orr. Esq., ' ?date,
and was m
An exceedingly warm and -? irited con
. . . when no nina? n re de.
clar? d in ordi rT r the racnney in the Pif
t. ? nth judicial cireu I caused by the
r- ngnal doll M. Brown, "f
1 county.
Mr. liu-'.l-r. ,f Oravson, nominated
II"!'. D. W. Bolen, memlier of the House
Car? I, ml Mr. Kent, of Wythe,
nominated ? i imuel W. Williams,
of Bland.
SpeakerCardwell seconded ?ir. Bolen'?
i tion and Mr. Downing that of Mr.
? ?.- and it <vi,j
as n ached,
Mr. Bolen was eh..sen by a very di
'I he ? aueu?. immi liately adjourn? 1
"t Domin?e ha.? ? I his county two
. ? "I V.
once - ' B of Carroll. He is an
i be most popul ir
members of the Honse and is a
ly oourtcou? and affable gentleman,
Halt iota the Newspapers to Give Him a
Slion lie AAill Gel It.
W.Asiir.i.i'ns'. February 28, :- .
Mr. Q tion from
i' 'i tl ?.i i ountr, Miss., fortbe
: rer. and in
i the hope ?satirically l that ?uch a
d would ii"t h- considered ot.
of dislo' ilty or evideiiee that Mississippi
had n.'t a r? publican form ? f govornment.
? '
it "'i Ir? "i thi K? ,'? : i
lri'ii- and ir. r> Bskil
iron, ??' '.'. nnd coke be put "ii t]
lutyoni crap t n, - rap.
', -., be r? duci d to ?\ per cent, a I
rmai ? lented the resolutions of
the ?,. neral Ass? mbly of M irvland, a
thai 'I -.isi.iHiii. ex?i t? d by the
: ra?.- army und? r G? neral Jubal
Early from the authontie ? I Pn d
Md., be refunde?! ami re?mh ii
Mr. Morir?n offered a r??solnti?on, which
Teed to, calling on the Secretary of
?' r inform ition as in the rea
- oren ted the sale ??f the
coal lands in Ala
of tbe act "t March ::,
I for ih- - ?pi? - ??? tbe I? tt? rs or
relied upon to justify the failure t i
eotnplv with the ? ?
Mr. Blair call? 1 the attention oft]
?? more t ? the d? reliction of the
press "f tl - c untry in not gi\ i
attention bs the pro?.bugs in tl - Si
articular!., to the important facts
? by him I" t ?re the Senate in his
: p ' -h ?ni th.- educational bill. He charged
its reporter fail t" perform their du?
th?- matt? r.
Mr. Hawl? v 11 ide an ? tion, show,
it the An ?' . ' i lid its whole
duty and supplied t" paper? throughout
tbe country full abstracts ol tbe proceed
in-.'s of leih Louse?.
Mr, Hu??- .?ir,- ?ted attention t" tbe ?liffer
tween the American pre?? .
tion t" - :.-?!? ssional del a ? - and the Eug
and Mr. H ar found excuse for tin?
:: the habit of Senator? and Bepn -
seiitiitiv. s prep'i"ii: long-written si.
It!.'? d? i.'.-rilr '? "III !" el.lpfV I'-Ilfll' S.
Mr. lilair treated Mr. H? ira remark sa a
! allusion t" himself, and d< ?
nia disregard ol the Sena? ?r's inuendoesor
"other '-d"-." 1 ii?- discussion wa?<?uite
-i i in.'.
Notit.f his intended absence a
ceived from the Vice-Preeident, and Mr.1
i was elected President of the Ben
- '. i.. Mr. Blair said tb it be had
i' c? iv, ? this morning n letter. I
many such,) complaining that theAasoci
: rea? and the n< wspapers of tbe
? untrj failed to give such reporta "f
in.I".ria!.i matt? r. i ?. del ate in the Semite
ild properly inform the people
touching tbe affairs in progresa H- read
ii.?- letter iu question, which came from
Pittsburgh, asking bim to forward In? ?t l
n the educational L.il and stating
tint* tin re wtc hiindrtrds of thousand? of
people who would be glad to read the de
hate, but who had notnaansof knowing
what had bisen said. This.-aid Mr. Blair,
is but a specimen ol general complaint
throughout the country thai the press, to
which the Senate furnishes privileges,
?uni that tic ' d Prca?, ?In se
reporter baa tb? privilege of the floor, I
n the discharge o? their itpnor
tant duty in connection with legislation.!
1 have had occasion t?? advert to this in re-1
latiou P. tbe matter which land oth-rs
had collected with great effort as bearing
? ?ii th? merit important i
known as the educational oUl: andl was
to unfortunate ?.r fortunate ?as the esas
i pr< tty lihtTftl
cudgelling In conaequence of *??
But 1 ha??' not observed that the
takes aiiv interest m the circula?
I bepn -s has constantly '
intimated that the reason ??f its alleged de?
linquency in i,"t publishing such im
portant matter rather than the reports ol
prise-flghts and tlog.i is thai my
t" ?eh WU.S nut etitt rtaining. I did not u?k
to? puhRcation of tl. speech, but of the
? uingoo ths merit? of thequi iti ?n.
I am not rich enough to ?Bstributs them
genrraUj throughout the country, although
i bar? spent man] thou? ind? of ?1 I
?o doing, and this would have beanunaa
bad the pre? Bot i>?'?'u ?-?1 ba?
ieva) maaslad sad iatia_??ated, umi false
t,. itstru.-d in tint regard. I la?., besa
told by a responsible aewspapCT-man thai
be Assfiflistsd Fieas representati
ins floor doe? nut transmit and has not
transmitt. d to th? press ??eiierallv uny, or ?
areely .my. ,,f the facts whieh day after
lay have i.een plaoad before tbe tseuate,
ml which ?lioulil have gone before t.io
?tie in ord? r to affect its judgment iu
t<> ilu? great t|Uestion. On the con
rarjr, ths ssasssa have been ?ll?-il with
il-ehooil? una lies and BI?BIS|BSsaillStton?
if a gran? ??baracter beariug OB tin?
of the question. That cami? * OS
ccident That caimot be ?vtaassnls
I'll.? press, wliich is our only medium of;
lercurse with the people, OWS It t" 'I'6 ,
ic'.plf to dtSBSSnlnal? iriforruatti'U whieh ;
? brought forward hero. It does not do |
. Ot that I complain. And I pnx'u????
? letter, wbich I OOOld follow up With
?tbers, to show that the preaa tails |
in nnswi-r.iig the want? of the Ameri? an
publie m thai rsgsad it is geiaoBipli
nienttirv f., the Atiicrienn people ??? tell
them tluit the ?greaUnasa of unimportant
"M'-titim, -.|,.?,.tenon- -matter with whn-h
the hunes ..i th? oouatrg are flood..?! lath?
sortof pabulum whieh tas American peo?
ple desire. The ??r<?s* should not eater, it
'?? me, t.. t!i?. worst side of humani
if it ?upplles its owners with a lit?
re cash. It owes something t?> th<?
country. That those wh?? have scessst ?
the floor of the Senate f(ir ths psr-rpoa
enlightening the people on matters of gen?
eral mteresl shonbl fail s?? egragiously in
aid Is. I think, a proper matter of
t, m 1 I insiit upon it that I am
rendering n gr.-at pubUc servies in calling
at', ntion to this shorteoiiiin..'.
Mr. Hawley admitted that there WBS SOU?
siderable justice In Mr. liimr's criti?
cism : i ut bs kii"w that, n? regarded
I - ciated Press, it performed its
?'n'y , .- Mr. Illuir would like
ittod<>. Ir sent Irorn Washington everv
?lav quite a full abstract of the proc.I
hil's of Congres? in both h"ii--s. That ah?
nt to New ?ork and -.va? forward?
ed from there, either entirely or stUl fur
?i". to Se? 1 DglaniL
:.; to the Wee?
iwn to .?Il - nab rstl
New Ei ?land and western paper? publ li?
ed th? i ? iof GongresM much tnller
? rop ?litan pap. rs did S'<
p.p r- kept up
the old ' a .v ? f publishing the
of O ngrees ander the regular
-. but that had gone out of fashion
in th? lournal? of certain great cities. He
had no i" r-,.1 al complaint to make of that
. ht that there v>a- a d
? , know v bat a i
in Congres?; and he himself wondered
why the n? w?p ?: radid not givei lore at
But, ho repeated, from his own personal
tbe Aasot ist? i Pr -? per.
forme 1 it? whole duty in the matt? r.
Mr. Ii.r.v - mid I - hod observed fora
that some rar:
?i ih" reports, und be
asked Mr. Hawley ho? that happe-:-'?!,
Mr. Hawli ? r? ulie I th it if such a
?f the null.
Ii '.v -pup. , i and il"' >,f the \
Pr? --. ? i mere ph ?
Mr. Hale di .........,t.sj. _..
. n? ?? I el ?en the brief tl re?
portsinthe American paper? and t
? irv r, ports in the I -..
i ? the fact that
landing the little attention pud
by Americ tti papei I
? a ' onstant d in i
p irt for ;?? ' - in or?
der that tin r- might !?? full and i -
reports ol : ?? pr H
I that
the way i :' pr ? ecding in tin? countr
entirely different tr. .m what it was in other
? '?I.
Mr. Vest : 1 would like t.. n '
to do
Mr. Hale : I do 1 ?'
thing al m it. the Se?al r fr.?m New
mplained in regard ? ? .
the di.- .nil I
.! till!
t lie sain- thi in regard t" the do
Mr. Has 1 ? in r? plj to Mr. Hal.? re
ferred I thai in tl
there ??'. i ' report published every
.'. "???'. v bile th to
ition ,n l.n lai 1. and
?;. I : ' m p ipera pave pretty
full reports of p irliamentar? p
Mr. Hoar - i ion why tt...
gave -!i-h full reports ol
??- the fact that
there, when an important question was
taken u until final ? I
public interest was kept eon
centrated upon it. But here a man sat
down and vm t-1 -.it a sp ??" h ihr.r four
any measure came up on
v. 1'icii i r? d, and theu gavi no
I1 ?'.. be a ?' d. ?? ?
1 ,o til! their c? I.
mini? with the report of such a pee?
delivery of wh ch ? ?used the d erl
.???.. iv sea? in th ?Senateevery day when it
began, except eat of the col
of the man vile, was epeaking.
[Laughter in th ? ores? gallery.]
Mr. Blair said be had made the
ment and read tbe letter in ..rd-r to indi
.-? the demand on the part of the people
for information which il could get only
from the pr. .-. i
c inld not ' ? 'l. and therefore
such important information could reach
th? p -i'!- through tbo press only. The
r?-mark of tbe Senat? r from Massa? huaetts
'.Mr. Hoarl might or might not hue lu en
oal application.
Mr. Hoar: Pardon me, It bad uoper?
sonal application.
Mr. lila.r i wiU per.Inn the Hen itor, but
I will proceed. His ? or Ins
" otherwise endoes" [laughter] have no?
thing whatever to do with the -a? which
that is, that there ?
m mil ' ition which the press does
not satisfy liiere might bea provision
eral ? ? irculation of
t i- ' ? Record, That pi ?
? l. -". made. With i. gard to the
? l i I am glad t" bear what
the Kenutor from Conne ticui Air. How
i; but I i ave le di told hv a re.
spotisitdc newspa|ser?raan that it
true. If it be true, I am glad to know it.
Bui if be ii"i h ue, tl ? ?'. ? 'ii- del i
., -m! i rit :'? ?tes t1 ai tbe repr - ni itive
of the ?ssociated Yteaa bas hi r., the thing
: 1 I,.- remedied.
11,- matter ?vu- then allowed t<> ?Ir p.
? solution her? tofore offered by Mr.
? lands in Florida claimed
by th- Florida Central and Penin miar Bail"
: ad C mpany was taken up an?l discussed
i ami referred to
tueCommitt.n Public Lands. The de
pendent pension -ill was then taken up. Mr.
Davis, cha M be Pension ?
explained thai it was the ?ame lull ver.
aahadpassed theSemttein tic- ln>t
vi- d "!' action in the
House. After disuussion by Messrs. Davis,
Plumb, McPherson, Vest, and Moody the
-.t over without action,
bill for the app inl mont "f two i" t
repr? ?ent the ? tiited States in the Int? i
national Conferetie? at Madrid in reference
; ? was p i - I,
After an ex? utive session the Senate at
1:53 adjourn? i I II Monday.
House of Repr? ?rotative*
Aft. r the reading oftheJournal Mr, Hen?
tc,i thai the B
into i ' ?' the Whole on the
urgent deficiency appropriation lull, th?
vote resultini ? toil.
Mr. Bland, : Mil ?uri, r lised tbe point
of no 1,11' .!
TheSpeakjer could count but 155 mem.
i -a,l of tbe House was
- I,
?Two hundred and thirty-eight n
responded t" their names, and then Mr,
Henderson's motion was agreed t?-.
After three hours and a half consumed
in the ii:.-, aci?n of points of order the
.-.1 the bill wai ?
It up: largeat
ing an appropriati ?n of $21 l
forth? payment of tne pensioner? of the
war of 1819 and tl " in war. The
remainder of tin' aft? rnoon was devoted to?
the consid?ration of the private calendar,
hut m, lull- were passed, and at 5 o'clock
the House took s recess until 8 o'clock,
??ion to befortbaconsidsra?
tiou of private p? nsion lulls.
To He 1 ?,? .tt,-?? V-tr Mr. Cleveland*? <?jun
li v limn??.
[I!y lBlBglB|lS to tue ?Upatet-l
W___JBrioB. February 9s, Bis! op John
W. Hur-t. of. tbe Methodist Epiaeopal
Church, resident in Washington, to-day
mads the fir?t payment <?f #?V,MO f-r s
tract of ninety acres "f land lying just west
of "Oak View," ex-President Cleveland's
forim r country bome, near this city, t" ???
of the proponed new Methodist
University. Bishop Hurst beiden option on
this property whioh bad not expired, but
owing to the generous rasponi I I
for contributions for the university bs ?rss
ni,!., t" conclude ths purehass st aa
date than be had anticipated. The re?
maining l'a? menta of the purchase money
will bi made in instalments, and it is ths
Intent! t tin? balance of the
m.iiiet BBS led In this oily, wh.-reall
thus far SXp? tided has Wn coptnl ut.-d.
it kg estimated thai at jsaBtonesad a
half million of dollars will beassded to
eraet asosaasry budding? and properly en?
dow tbe Hew institution. AU BlilX-ul Will
bs ina?b" for fund.? to tls_> Methodist
Church at large.
Ibsbi.i? Hurst said to-dav that it hud
heeii d.-.id.-d nut to have a c.illeirial" de?
pitrttneitt it. oonnsetioa with the universi?
ly, but thst the ?'tirriculum would eonsiet
entirely <?f eoarses of higher studies for
post-gra?luutes studyiug for profession?.
l'un!li raed by the Senate.
flAy 'uiegrapu to tue OUpatch.1
Wasbixotox, February '*-.?Harobl M.
Bewail, iioimnated to bo Consul-General at
Apia, Samoan Islands, was OuafllBSed
by the Senate yesterday afternoon in ex?
ecutive searion._
Whst is home without a baby or with?
out a bottle of Or. Bull's Cough Syrup ?
Tlirew HI* Wrenched-OfT Arm Into at
ner?-TapltalUU Murd?*r Trial?
I i-i.r ?1. ?-. t ?..,..
fSpeciol r?:*gra:n to th? nispat-YI
LiBUUMiao, February 9. C. 8, Broc
employed in th?* baryte?mill below the <-i
?net with a terrible accident tin.? ninrni
AA hilt Bitting "ri what is known BS a a
veyer,which is alar-.? trough m wh
" worm n operating on tbe pru
pi- of a mow, his cat was cauglit m i
machinery and be wasdrawa Into tbe ar,
tore, which, bowevar, was too
1. w the body to enter, and one am v
caught an I t.. n to ahred?. With agr
?i! ?rt be i ra a it tbe ?
ami gave a heroic wrench, which actni
tore the limb from bia body.l? ?
ment? of flesh banging from i
oder states after the arm v
-? ;.i"l tlown and piel
rated limb up. and gazing intan
at it for i brew it over i
corner. When ?medical assistant ? in -
story. 1
? nervy a
ander tii.-ir not. und
bears up ander the terrible ordeal ?a
marvellous fortitude. I5r, ? ^ was aC
federal' I a i? known a? a ?
ol recklea tl Is fifty years
( lillv \'. ? ' ipaii who s!
Will,am Stephen?, ? t rest? 1 and plot
before the May ?r this mornii
who fined bim fifty d liars for carryi
lid tent him to j?
A number of capitalist? of Boon?
have purchased 50,000 acre? ?>f ?'"?d laud
AA'ise und Dickerson counties, and v?
al mining immi diatelj. Th
t to i ? largs number
i'"ki'-"V' i.s and ?i S '.th Ott
i I . lientas nuil'
reg? o.
two car-load? of ! i ?ad It
,i hi re last night
iy to tbe mining region? ol Pot
\ bs aas thrown through
passenger-car window ou the Norfolk a
Wt tern I I ? --t r.lay when the fr:i
was near 1 rank. No ons ws
A petil ulated in Wytl
Ih? (ml of Flora libbe, a ?'? 1-r
i rc-i-'! "ii the charge "f the mi
imuel Tibbs a month oi s, bi
will commence Monday next. Kbb
was recently analyzed and n
mistakable et ai lenical pola
tii-,. \ i
Petersburg's Mortuary Report?Taw C<
? t.-.l t luir. Ii s,,.,at.l?lc -Un. Meat
1 ? it, A c.
[Corr ? of the RI ?hmood i?i-.p ?????*.
bo, \v.. February
Th?? tsro negro boys named J t
and John Fisher, wno were cl i
o retiunnt it?i ol old iron fn
W. M. I ' ?'.'? ?'?? I :,'''" t. '-?
for nine! uing. Th
were afterward? arrested ou a wann
rith forging the n mi
Mr. Erne il M . ei . a in his cil
BI I s. nt on to the Hustings ('"'irtto u
Bwer ths charge,
: .V.
The police wer ? notifl d of i ?ngul
i burglai. ?? .??-ti occurred in Chi
; at tWO mil s from 11
cuy, \\?>!: - og. 'I Wt) I i
. . . ?i in this cit; and ??? i
i' Alt. II. \V. Brown, who ?
a his bouse, and thej ? ffectii
an entrance, pr - ??,!?? 1 t.. take aa
ever) . due in the house. Thi
told the w ' bey had purcbam
from Mr. Brown all bis household s.'
The house '.?a-, prettj well ?leaned, tl
thieves only leat ing a bedsU i i.
i it
The report of the Health officer shot
t' at dm ? - the month ending Fel nit
96th there were M deaths in t bis ?
those who died 23 were white and 9_<"
lored. Nined I I tion ar?-1
ported aiie uu. the whites and !i am
colored an unusoaBy large nnmbei F?
>ma, ~ from
grippe, liai .'I !r "ii 111 lit-'ii ; ?? i ?
wer? 22 deaths of males and 32 of female
Eleven death? occurr?*d among cmldri
under one r< ar of a :<? and 7 uon-n
i ? included in wen- t.ari'
I - . On the ? itimated population "t 'tt
fjOOtherateofmortalit? was2fi.tc_per 1.0
j -r annum ; on 1 2, ana on tl
t? per i.m.
I,, mil ii sqc tniil.K.
If all r??|-"rt ? h?- true there was a live]
Baiuabble among the members of the Han
olor? I la
? - i the pastor, fl
I; v. Gor l<sn. It meetin
I until nearly 3 o'clock tin- morninj
ni"! that at "ii- time it > une Bear endirj
outbreak. I he pustoi i- r-i orte
? ? be m command ol tl litnatioi
Person? living in the ucighborfa.I ai
c< mplaining i - ince.
A great ? I? til of interest is fell here in th
.. meat lew and tbe ?if .rt mod
m tb? S.u.ate t" repeal it. No .i
have yet been appointed, though the la1
p.? int,, pfleet on ?he 1st ,,f Mar I?.
Mr. Reuben Bagland is ?pjitt? sn-k at hi
[Special t. legraai to tfj? Pi-patch.1
I'f.ti ? .i ? . . \ \., FebraarySS. The p<
lice this evening arre?t(?d Pleasant llrow
v. . negro boys) ?>
! b< ing tl parti?- who eilt. I
?I th- residen? ?of Mr. H. aa. Brown, I
Chesterfield county, on Wednesday nigh!
At the I ". Mattox ill th- stolen pri
i ? und I be burglary is <?
ed to t e . i- of the !.? .1- ; tuat his ev<
tu_.ii pla ?- in tlr.s Beighborbu 11.
??eeoiiil Dsv Of th?? <'iinfer??ne??.
?DWiespAsOdeiK? of the K! km -i ! DiaMSaBj
Ai.r.xAM" it. February 28, i-10,
I ? . the virgini
? ace of tbe M tl list Episeopi
Church was opened in Trinity churcl
her-- with prayer by Bev. Dr. I'.rt ?:
liish"i? Fitzgerald ?ra? in ? ;r. Tb
time? for the s..?si.,n of the Confereu?
I A. |_ '?? 12 P. M. Th
di r-iphne (lueston was then taken dp, ai
Vi lam i I ? m iter, William H. Hen
dersou, M. W. Atkinson I.. P. Shiptaan, I
M. Bundy, and Samuel C. Morgaa wen
Th?. conference was a<ldresaad bi Rev
Dr. hyn-tt. of tbe Church Bxtensioi
I tbe ' ncBtion "i the mortgag?
on the Methodist Episcopal charca I
Mana a-w.i- ooBedto bis attention, am
? et, -thooley. and Bisbo|
were appointed to confer with b?n on tb
subieet. I h?- meeting wa- then address?,
by Dr. Leonard, ?eci tarvof tbeCburc)
Society, l?r. Clarke, assistant
editor of the N iw .or? Wiriitian I
uni othi r r- pr?sent?t! vi s of church boards
\V. I AH-, er w is admitted t?> ful
membership, with .Messrs. Mays, Myers
n, and II iverhilL
Mr. c. W, St ?trena was continued forfirs
i i transfer of Rev. Charles Lyncht?
ths Booth Kansas Conference ?at an
I non need.
Mr. Havener w?is called up by tho Bishop
and after be was isk?d the usual queslio-i
be was elected to deacon's order?. Th.
calling of th? oommittees and the an,
aouncementa wer? tuen mude ami the Con
ference ti?ljuurned until to BSOSTOW.
The Norfolk anil AVectern'? New Oepot
??po?lai telegram to in? Dtspatco.l
Fakmau.le. Va., February 2s. -To-raor
row at i o'clock Hiitlrna.fCommissionei
Hill will ride into Farmville on his tour o?
iusi?e?Hio!i of the l'urmville and Powhatan
rauroad Tbe bridge seroso tba ApaoBBsa?
t?x will by that boar be near enough com.
pleted to admit of the passage of his train.
( I am informedtbttt .t wiilmiuireaiiionth'i?
work v?-t t?. romp?ala tbe bridge.
fhe UtegraphlC apparatus bus been put
in pi i? between Farmville end Kennud*.
a distance ,,f KMM nuit?4v-od?! miles, and
; Av t- found to answer its purpcsttc most ?at?
lafactorily to-duy.
Mr. P. H. C. pies bus been appointed
i agent "f lbs Purmvilltt ?nd Powhatan
i depot at thi? pla?.-. and will enter upon
th* duties of ins new work fis-niorrow.
A. t., for? stated lbs hrst traiu for truffle
will be ruu outtroui here Saturday, ?arch
At en adjourned called meeting of the
Town Council held thi? morning tooop.
stiler the proposition made try the Norfolk
i ?ml Western Companv to erect a BS_absNM
i Btationto cost t24,ixio si this poiatapoa
tho eotulituin that the town authorities
would appropriate h sum neceasary to make
accessible approaches to the new depot,
tbe following resolution was adopted :
iiV?ols?-, That a sum not uceodiaf fl.ttQ
be appropriated for tbe purpoee of making
a suitable approach to th?? propasad new
depot ?>f th? N? to dk and Went?-? railroad,
sud ?ippr"priitti"ti t.? \m ma.le whenever
the aflea eoaspaay will agree t<> put up a
d?potai tbarearof the Davis lot at a cost
of not less than ?'.'O.fiOO.
A Freight Train BBBBS Down an ITmbank*
Or?. i?l telegram to to? msi-**ri.t
Ciiir.i"Ti_, N. C . r''briiarv 2". A Char
Bi >l freight train wn? wr??'li(?<l on
the Air-Lin.- railroad to-duy. I ).?? t run was
running ??t a rapid rate along a high embank.
mi ni. when a wheel broke, causing tliss en
tir- train of BIBS <ars to I?, derailed ami
go turn I ninety f?-et down th??
embankment l h- cara wsra alssoal a to?
tal wreck, but bs tbey were loaded princi
pally with p ron tad ??? al there i? no
ni?r? liaidi-e damage, lb?? ?ma*h-up ?le
layad lbs r. gul ir Ch'trl<>tt?'-<?"un?l p-?eeu.
ger train three h air* and thirty minutes
to-night. '? .urt.
s,,,M, .-.t,ir?i?.
(Ity fnletzr?! Ii n th? l)1ap?tcr_1
Cnit-A';??. Pel ? ?\ .'-. A liu'ht fall of
BBow ta?cc_rred here last night. I? began
again this asorning and at II o'clock it 1?
?tiill falling, driven in f.'?"?'* bat? - i -;vr,,
wind, rhe focal aignalservice report? that
iten I. v-r Northern 111 -. ?.
Iowa, Wi "ii,.n. ind Michigan. Thuafar
tLetoll ha? ti..t I.-.-ii great, tnebaavM * I ?>
mg at Or-eti Hay, where it is twelve
UP bSS deep.
The Seas.m and New York F??hii?n Ra
gaarfor March, tad all tin* other moga
Bines ?an he band at N. Leonard?, aosl
Mam strei ?. _
Vegetable and bartulees, yet .-? mon->t?T.
r t" any blood t mit. -A. B. C
Alt? rativc 1'iy it.
Whan l\n? v w*_ ?!ok. w? g*** h?r r?sterla
W'.?n ?net.?.? a ?'! . l,?i ? ?rl?d for ("Utori?.
Whi_ she r?-?:iie Mi??, ?ti* clung t>i ?'?etotio.
Wben ?he bad i -Idren.sUga.e?mtn Castorto,
PfHI-rTi.1-11 V? i TatTB.? A. B. C. altera?
tive ha? , ii?? d i . ? after phy _.
? tan- [ailed i" t? lieve.
und satisfaction ?.'iiaruiit? .1. <,...>,I work
done at an loa i rie? is ? pay for e.?m
m, ii work. Will cheerfully furnish ?eti
matee for printing whan d?eirsd. BssbJ
y.'iir w ii t , ? .-? Dispatch Company aud
thereby save a
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
?lolt ii oit lia,-.
Whan you ?m ih to have |ob pria?fat?ata*
eiil t.. the in patch Company f?>r asat?
nid you will find out that you can
sav?? money. All kind? of printing prompt?
lv executed.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Itook- and .Ittli-l'rlnlliig.
I? ..-V-si, Pamphlets, Folders, Circulars,
I.ett.T-H.M'U. Note-Heads, BiB-Heeds,
Ch.-cks, Drafts, Notes, l("t.d?. Cards,
Ticket?. Labels, Tag?, Envelopes, Invite.
tione, Hand-Bills, Dodfrars,Posters, I?.Is.
Certificate?, Contrac? ?, Agreement i i
Blank Forms "f en r\ description ex? cuted
iiromptly snd at 1 ?a r,t-s at the jn.*puieb
'riiitiu--il "U ? ??.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorf*
.(..It Printing.
Bead voiiTi.r.lersfoi fob printing to trrn
Dispatch Company and roar work will ha
?..tu pr-tiiiiilly. iii-afly, cheaply, ami ?utis
Children Cry for Pitch?..-*?? Castorla?
?loti I'rlntlng.
Tbe Dispatch Compaa* atssaHs job
printin??' in p'ond Style uml ut low prices.
S.nd in cur order? and they will be
promptly and?atisfactorily exocuteil.
I am ?(?111111 a gr-at goal ?>? RSBABBOW I
must think i'.at ail that I have sold Ba* given
satlsfacllt'ii, as l lia,,? at at I "f BS eernplalni.
( . II. Hua.-sr, lirugxUI.
.V M *uutn Plot, ?Iroot
Waatsttavary BaaaBor ant Repre
apitratlvt a*. WeaMogtoa a coupla ?sf
?? liKi.KiiDis. " ticS'laeli? powder? to
try. (A.,u know cungra?sm*n ?uffer
a ir*?', d.? tl tr..in ttiu in ?"lach* fn?ra
OM-rlftXliur Unir (train and ?t-raty h )
NVe ?Atiutl lu? ("piittllltiatewnf Uielr
letter?, bul o*wspaper ipaceciste too
mueh. "Bin Miii'i?.?'" Is sold this
way ui.'-ui-. t:.,;.'-?/refund.?.). Sold
t,y ail druggi--is. S/c par i? t.
ASBOSItTBA BrrTBBS, tie? w,,rll r'?m?wn<?d ap.
peti/_r au'l luvi??int-r, iinparu a duileloua
narr t? tl drinks an? cur. s ,l>?trsi?p?|?, dlar
rh a, fever an 1 .?em?. It y It hut ijtswartsof r-ouo
t-rfelt-t. A-.* f ? ? ? .? '. i u" Aiigi-ttur?, tuau'i?
fao'.uretl ?.y Dr. J. 0. Ii. Mogart .vistu?.
i-Miiip?' i??k.?_tibie Oaasa.
t'nllle ether BBCaas or eh ?-.,lat*?, it I? d?>I
gr.?**}-, and tbo'igti ronlalstag all the rnitrlra?rit
of Hi* rl I,est ci ?a t.. ?u. It I? so pr-psre 1 that
It will D.tdiBturii dlgusiloo ?ad uiak?? a deli?
clou? tattle drink.
Ilon't Ktpt riiiieiit with tin? Throat and
l?ngs. I?t..uly tfeeoM rirand-BtXBB'* PrB?
Coi. i i\ KK ? 'it. -r BaEBBAJ Ksrl.sn>??. Of lues?.
eulat'le valu.? in lictiliiy and I'neuinoala uoa
?o pivtalciiU All druggist.
K,iB THROIT lUSIASts, I <i('i,HS, Coirs?. MB*
eff,?tu?l relief is f-and la the u?e "of lli.icn',
Beemthtel Iteekm," l'rtc?s ?5 -enu. .vilui.i'yi?
b.'Ifi. _
"LIB" liii.LBKV. Mala an1 Tenth ?treeta
Beet Picture??, i ?nl FhSSSSBSI Ha, Sdo? f'r?lx;
(.at in?', i't.-lure?, |1.Mi fur l??!v?. I??veiy Pi^?
tur.-s, all ?i/.es- I.arg-? " l???o?ltsn uf ITustograph?
of i't,nf?derale Officers, Noltsd Baeoes, r-ll?
giou?. a.-._
\A hi!.? th-- es?etatl?l f-ttuns of l-Wtrr? AlTIAt.
t'il Is si'?"!ute safely, it et., ul 1 al*.? be .-einem,
tsered that it is ?I BO 1 '?? valu? on ai-oounl tsl its
illumioatiiig .pialitl-., giving a? tl do??* the
clearest, ?'?.?all?*., and most innlkiw light poasV
A 1 )0 WN T OWN M I BOH A Wl
*.'\ having p_*??m1 s?v*ral si ?pl?_? ulgti?^
? di*turt-?d by th? agoni** and 'Tie* ?sf a ?uffer?
Ing cbtl.l, and berooilng ?BBSSBMOi lb_S BUM,
I wiNsLcws ??OriwM nrn r **? jus? u.?
'? arii'le iiftsded, prtseur?*l a supply for the chill,
On reaching hume and ?vjualutiug hi? wtf? ?nia
what ho bad dun? sb?< RBlBSSSl to have it aduno.
iateretd to the -hild. n-t ?tie waa ?Irougry lu (avor
. of llomtropaihy. thai uighi __ ?*1M paso?.Ha
, suffering and Ui < i-vnl? wllOout sleep, llo?
l turning horn? ties day following the father
; fuuu'l th? batiy ?lUl wont?, ami ?bile aontAio
? plating an.ither ?Itseplitee night tb? moBter
?(epped from (Be roum lo attend Bs ?onm do
! iii-?ti ? duti-s*. and left the father wMb tbe._li?L
' During b*r ataen-ce ho ?tin. Id Uttered a porUna
| el U - Isoothlog syrup lo the b?_y and ?a?l
ntsthiua That eight all bunds slept web, au4
tbe lltUe fallow awok? in tb* morning brigM
and happy. Tbe in-Unsr wa* doltgbted with the
?u I'.eu and ?oudertul chango, ?wxl, alinotigbai
Cr?t tsfinndM at th?* dncrpUon i>r*tl?i*?d apua
her, ba? ivutiuu? 1 to u?e tbe Syrup, and suffeis.
ing, crying bable? and resiu,?* uigbt? have ?lViej*
p. an-l. A ?itigl? u : .1 of this Syrup urvw y?t
failed to relieve the bauy and uvttrostue the pre.
Judice? of the muUntr. Sold by all druggist?. M
?.?ut. a bwttl?. ?? ?V-eoS
_-???? . ? m
Als'CTION -.All? 1?? ISA?.
HiiMvi'Vi'Ht'A'i. ? ?ii " A. M., Bsraea,
mule?, buggl??, ?X?'.
? *~-***w-w--?-?---??--wB
1.^01?. SAl.K,
I ?Ii-, (.'Kill. .
At pre?*ol d?vol?it lu ?octety, g?o*alogr
f??? i .... a a '. ., ? laturt. Iu ginsd ?tat diu g aux
beiug lr?e 't.m poilu.al or oth?r ..rejuits?. ?aa
be ?:*.-liy ,? ?ut ?i i.sl tuto sa urgaa for any ,????
Pr???. t t-ircti ?lion. l.itK? er-skly. Plaol an?
?Allure? cump'.tite (?tt-ept pr?a?>. Owner ?tsbee
to give Ma attoBiiou to ?user bustaee?, Aa aa
erg "ii>- man 'tu make the paper pay.
For t? au? au 1 particular? adttreo? er coll ?1
TUK t. Ul UtorilCS, 1117 ?

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