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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, March 07, 1891, Image 1

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,vllOIX, N?MBBB. \2.X>*. RIC1IM0?dT1^^?TORDAY' MARTH -7. 189L THR-M_0Bj^Pjg_?OP^I
? ? ,\k R TALKS OF THE
f" . . -v?,?sT CONGRESS.
? IMMBplMMi "Mot Hi? Oar*
I*** ..:..,,. IIS l.ll? ??f thC
.., natural ?...?.?*
tlmn of
liai. r ol the
!.f. f..r
et R>| nblieaa
of ill?? Fill]
la boaoo
" n the
? .
i ' oaqoeVhall.
? nf oratory
.. .
were ma.].'
- It? . .
: . Cha '
II ? ?.lint:
,, o H
i. 81 \ ? '.
: w .1 os.
. at ..?t his
- kej.t
i ? lloro of
It TO HO?a.
to din
- . -v ?tl 111 tilt?
I,of Maine.
1 v. l>r.
?v.-.l by
gl?*. d the
! ? I
? , : : ::'?
?: <?ur
v ? we).
- :? i litis
.:. party
a by being
" '
|t;t tile
lic.'ilth of
SI it
d ?ileoca.
'. Sim uV? -
? - ening.
. op.
It I a] -
in? ; M '
. iltook
I ?
".?? goods,
' -rtv most
? r. tli-n
lit ? ?!
-?? low.
, 8?S.
? ?point t.? th?.
I r the
ro done
. We hero
..- when it
? :
! from
. ? ?? incr
rose with
daring th**
? zistence.
- am d, "for
I re.
the ?lost? of
traed by
!. aiitJ
F r,:CHMD\D.
,i Baal ?Ks-rord on
.1 i RlTOl
? ?' I:- ::., od, v.
.- '.
. let?I
. sioo of Mr. J.u
.1, < ?hi
h i was owned br th?
(,f which
which -till
I long.
d L h - an evidence
??:|> i.n 08M
?. '. *? N< irf. !k and
. me ?Ja\.
500 per
ir or two she
New Y"-k
:?t faviint?'
fu the
_ - .- ? srdsond <ift?-ii
? intor Ht.
? r<l and
.:. 1 II.irtf.ird. ;*
fc U ui_bi'at
: FIR?-3UGS.
DaMiOfOOl I?**t Mghttiy
? ?? riweliingi i-.n J)ar.r??
,r ?>f the
?i a bricht
. las* night.
M be
? ! t<> alarms
' Itl'iIiS -l
itee t" 12
?? i,fi:-l..n. but
' ? the lii?lif.
, ' M -i 'lrti'k ?o. 3 re
t ?iiii'-r was put to
. the Born re.
: pretty well do
11 was 'i MYerod.
were tho
. k:i?I wert?
, ? raot they
? ' be BOO. rt.il!i?-?l.
, o irk of an ipoon itl
oases ? * r?
? ? 1 ? were
? i toeztead through?
I ? ?
? I If - was ?.tane-l in I
boor th?? wheels and '
its of f??ur horses
?"'"rtiir i ???im vr?r BaoSotf-a?1
-toptwM Head,
?.: of tii?' W.inuin'sEx.
t by at tic bead?
'oni-B?on, ?Sitfaer Fourth
it the tale*
Of tl tin? IJttM V?'l
tf. 00. OB on was
t ??v? r ih.< work of the
-'?"???>? uionth.
j. ? , MM cflOfiXM.
? ? ofleerg lor tho ensuing
1 t.i Mie. h. jf. llawe??,
nt V?'. h. Uoberl oa.ii?I ?ido?
? ii'*' *iX*'*j(t> Watt, BOOOad vi>?<?
*l8*_r??:'? ?' **'? ??*?Jor ?ilyson, thir?l
Mro. NY. T. -iehardsoo,
Mr.-. George N Wood.
"l ng ?-.?cretary, aud Miss
?MOO, treasurer.
**"*" T f MiniiBm
I Ifoount Work is a
: i ?broM?tiH..i?1 which now
ImiLf'u_f l'""p?-rity than evs-r before.
??-rwiuuvU cucuiatton??? ?end their (
*r?hom \?nl "ta"0" hy,i"^ '?? ?*ai
T??r in. m. Onlv in ,,?r (.,.rf f ?h
Which the goods bring i?keptS\Lei
***** ?ndthia ,? Mod t. Uvf r i
??';.pl?.w.?.-,t ..f two or thr.ve'Udi.sw
keep il,.. rooms ?,>,,,,. -n,e ? * ?
' ?ta this ?our?.. iw?-nR not *???*,,.??."
maintain th* expenaeol r,?? I? j
' "f I-? rear U 1
?ttoia, who Bombar over two honored
. ? ?Maal t.,f the ?chanwTal
;H'k,?lr,c, v.'tt.T.lnv.'v.ii.nw. an I ZU*
!.uti];[,!;i:::,',i,'v ul "", vv"u'??'??- ?* ?
A liaatata and Inhibition nt the Y. II.
A. r.tiltdlnc
'?'? ' ?? ?-?n BBaaaal exMMUoa ail
a ?-..*?'?'V\ri,M''-'' Association I:
.??ion halatta? lei.vf.rtat ?f a I
cal ?altar? by l*rofeeeor w I ii?
?ea. whlcb waa rolloaret??] l? olnil^?*J??
by bta pupil?, Tb.? aud.en. , Wa? ?mailer th.t
wouid liai,.,..if tbaweathar had ,'r ,.
o 'l,rI:xi:!;:i,,,,',,,i"n,u-'?-?o'*''"??'e"w?
10 II a i aueily (,f ?pt'otal.t-?. :
i rofeaa ,r i?.??,,, ,,.,,, hi? hearor? of tij.? gw
??l?'.l?-.iH,;r,>. itndtM.attl.?You
in,.,,, i l;r'!<t"M* Aesocfatl.'u was <l.,r
f!,',V '"" ** ?'""'? '"?* ?? '??II????' Hum
?Udrtllbvtl? ? ? ,?.,, wf.t?i-?rll by ?
rr?nJ,. i*"" '?:.??* "r,!"'''""* *?"> I '?lug by,
' ? wiac raattatoaa frora Randolpb MaVaC
so?kin-iiy ?.ataied : l*raf?a?Sr King B
5a?L_aW?.??:?riil,m"* *? *' ?til.H r.-K
?.??.?. aiiie Parker, ?ud bortsoaul-bar ?,.,
..]' ?ilBaoBY? fin? work
i.? pa?. ..i i.-ir* by ti,.. taailen.au of bo
. wh e? wa? appiaodaa and mocn ?ajay
by tLc SMS '
The (?rent Tobrtrc Combine.
Theealeof theWhHlock eberoot-wor
t"i!?.- American Tobacco Company w
of lunch comment on the fl<?
ol tbe ?change yesterday. While the
to '..?' effect the very general belief
IBM the negotiations have been coi
sud that theWhitlock plant will ?
i" conducted a-? a branch of the Aim-run
i I any.
It la said ?hat this com pan v ha? ai
purchased the establishment ?f 1'iti/
er?, of Loutsvillo, Ky., and there
in apprehension on the part of
a sufficient number of plug- andeberoo
? ?? will be bought up to ?rive t!
nt strength I
n< be? as well as cigarette
Hi.- murk.-t le gaiet and developmen
or.? await, d with interest
Mr. I'tilllp <?. ?ivtnalon Dead. *
Mr. Philip Overton Winston died vete
daj moraine of congestion of the lune?
thetwenty-OMl year ofbiaage. Deoea ?
on i Mrs. Lelia Winston and tl
late Joseph P. Winston, who uu? ??,-?1
a brother ??f tl
late Lieutsnant Donald Winston and tl
Ut? Mr-. Lewis M. ilnrtln.
Mr. Winston ?*:t- particnlarlv attache
t-> Mr. Cr-'!?i!i and wa? i v. edingly grievi
i.t his --.'I lea sad nntimely end. It iri
be rei that thodeceased wa? v.-i
kindly remambered bv Mr. Griffin in fa
?"??H. He b I manly your:
L" ntlemej re of all wit
? town m contBct.
; f: OTD li
? '. (iriic
thi-? afi? rao ?ii at 1 .?'?
Th?< Batanar tiifuun.icd.
The police have br ??.._ (i t no new i videnc
t within the print few day? in th
f Bessie Palling, the little girl wh
tanlted last week. Public inter.-?
in the matter, however, still continue
very great.
Run ? Uns the BITesI ?.f ?mor
? !ity railway f..r tt,
criiii.' bave been at!>>;tt, Lut investi?atiu
: them to be entirely witbon
truth. These reports a
i rest ?d one ol the men employ
c.l ??:i this road for an? ?ther ? I
tting along rery well ani
.-? I t ? be out of danger. Bh
? ption "I her a->ail
nut, bowevar.
?ir. Trwaaaaa HeXaekla Bftsstsc?
Mr. Trneman McMeekiii, n blacksmitl
who worked for Mr. Joseph Davis, hn
s'il ? rnoon h
.*> o'clock, r.t which time be left the sho|
t" go t.. the Blennia Rouse, where hi
boarded, If. he a< ?
'l l,.' : be missing man are ei
ngly anxious about him, aa Ii?h iniii?
was somewhat anbalanoed and they fea
tl <?: be b is ?. me to -"?me barai.
Mr. afcHeekin ?about thirty-four voir
old ?tul five f ?'t six inches high, vYhei
0 he wore a cutaway <??>.it,|br?>\vi
hat, an 1 gray-striped pants.
?a DM Wat steal the Horae.
Tl bum Bostoa (oolorvkO was before Jus
; ler.of lleoiioocoanty, ye?.tn?-dii?-, cbarg.?.
?put taking ?way abor?oau?l ntabl?-, the pr?>pcr
ty ?.f bimoo JaossoB, andar false prataaoea
Tt? <itniBa\l oaaslag IBs i-uiiir">er?v *nsi
bca?t of ?dvaui-.>l decrapltud? uni niarkod an
tiqalty, Boxtoasiii .iack-un fartticl tegetber
and afteT dlaMlrlni parinerahlp tbe prlaonei
toro di.w?? thttciable and ?-?rrled l?oih th? luni.
t?-r ?rid th? horso to a pi??-? ho haJ reatad
WBeraapon ,I?ck?on ??v,.r?. ...it a warran
rtiiirgiug btai with taklnc the horse and ??at.
un lag fai?" prataaoea
1 be ????? ??s dl?nil?s?a, a? noctitnliiBl ofTeuc?
had Lec-n cominitled.
?las Basaaa ??rccrt.? Slni: ?? ILiltlmor.
Emma Better, tbe welUkaosra and
1 -..primo "f the Pirat Baptul
church,willBiagat thePeab '?lv svmphon?
? ?noert in Baltimore aerl Saturday night
?i rti vtrll t.. nnder the ?lir. ction ol
Mr. A :? r Haincrik. ami. like otbara given
m th-- past under the aame auspices, will b<
attended by tho elivofthe Hoaumeatal
City. . .
Berger will Bina a acene in Aria, na
Antoni Rubenstetn, which is ?m ezeeea
int;ly difficult selection. _
Opening of the Hase-Ball Season.
Burton Potadexter fcolored) wae tricl
in the Husting OouH yeaterda?; on the
charge of breaking iato the offlce?of M"v?i
Trier aad stealing a l?;i-e.l?ail bat, ih?
luv r.turri?'?] B verdiel of not puilty, and
m another ease la which th<> ssin?> prisoni i
waa changed with atealing money from
: ;,. offlce a no/k proseq <> waa entered.
The jury wee aot called upon lo decide
whether ?itcaluii* a bat mo* a greater oaTanca
than stealing a \>ti?n._
Mdnry Lodirc
I?, pite the iaclemeaev ol the woatlicr a
rot Good Templar? fron H ?
ncy and other lodgee aeeembledal Bel*n
| ?ill ltt^t eight, an entertainingpro
gi tmme wae renaVred. There were two mi
t andconsiflerableamoaatof bnel.
:? m disposed ot Mr. ITiomas, of Rescue,
made M?me interesting remarks. Ibero
?ah?, a chorue l?y the lodge direcU-d by 1 ro
r Cocker. _
T<? t <?r?lder Tbrea Large Appropriation?.
At tho m.mthlv meetiiif* of the J.oar.l <?f
Aldermen next Monday Bight ?av?rai un
leirtaut matter-twill necoiisi'lerrd. Amoiij*
them will be tbe following BOTropnattoBS,
whi.h have alraadv paesed the lowai
breach: One hundred tbonsand dollars
for the aew City Hall. *p75.0oq for aa el..-c
IncJigW plant, and ?rJ.O?ii f*;r ,"'" ?'r''1-'
tionof a new Bcliooi-BOBse in rulton.
An??tbrr Might ilnow.
The weather continu"? inclement. The
citv wa? again Visitedbj asn??w.nt??rm yes.
tordav winch ? <?miiienct?d about 11 o Bloca
in the morning. It deeceadett in lat';?'
rluk??-.. I ?ut ii.elte.liie.il ly M rapidly as t
fell. The gr.'U?d wna wbitened with it.
although it wa? not ei.tir.-ly c'ver.-d. At
1U o'clock last night the Baow hu.l iiiostly
disappeared nucf the weather had uiode
rated, although it remained cloudy.
Tb? Aradrmy'? >?*t Attraction.
A contain?' treat in . ?tu-'iv i? la ?tore for
our Wlorias paoplaln ti? l?-gatsWeeot
Hovt? comedr ?uc'????." A Br??? Monkey, ?t
A'?.im>?f Muet? i bandar. JMoas, aa?J
-i?urday nl/ht?. ait* Saturday ...aiin-e. ol next
NiTw York it Blare?! ? 'n,>,t prosperous cn??g?
???Mief ?a?er*liTi..uti.? ?t tho Bijou Upara
Mout T^ng....! .'.rupaa, wilt present tb?
placa ?are In It? entirety.
Widow? ?*n<l Orphan?.
The Board of Directora i-f' f be Od.l.T-Vl.
low?'Widow? and Orphan? ICelief a
,?,., held a mt'ctini: at the 0*NOf ?????
? r Vi i< r y?aterdar afteiticm. 1 l'"iI Wt?
, .^."attendance aad ^>'*^Zi?ct
??,,,,. natiaftt'dory report, lhc associii.
? si,, a healthv erudition and mcrea
.".U.. Mr .1 W Kerilll??ori, ol Kl.'b
o? l'tft'TBburg. secretary._
Mrmk with n Plow-Haaaa.
A difficulty occurred yesterday morning
..t s ?7k?'a i)<?ie Plow-Works between ? (
? ,u\h naned Kesder. who is employed at |
i le e?"abliHb.?ie.it. and a arar? who also
work? there. In the course of the liglit mo
?eJro Btr?ek Kessler on the head with a
pX of wood, iutlieting a paiulul scalp
would. No arrests hare bee? made.
The, most popular gift ?o'fdey. ????J
nniab. Bee that thou trade-mark label is
on every piecav
Richmond interested in the
tersburgaweldon franchis
Si.i? hli, 11, r, of the r<-t?r?hurc Comp
Moinorinlltelhr? N.irlli ?anilina Le?
Clalaturc to l'a?? Hie III!!.
As v.-.tI Stated in th" ?i h?MM of |
paper yesterday, Um bill to renew
" ?rtcr ?,f the aVtatoht?l nn?l W.?!.
railroad, la whleh .1 great nany of
oitiseaeare Interested, ponotid tli? ttt
<-'ir,.!lt.:i BOOM ??f l)i-!c;.;il, | on
?? ??? night last, ond it w.?.-? (hoagbt ai t
My ?hat il would u a natter <?f eog
POM 'he Benote. Sine then a mol
been Biode in the Boose to roeoaMder
roto by which the bul poseed that bo
? 8tr ids ? f! nt Is being made to del
ti.. deair. -1 legittlotton anleos the Wilmi
ton in ? w |<] ,;, road will from >
. Uona which ?1 i n
[ thi-? ni'ti-in ,-i lai
number of ?tockho tiers of the Peterabi
?asi tnbled jrestordoy momia
obn I?. WiDis
?* Son to ti i ?i m for the prol
>f their intci
I ... -,, ? . .
bv pr . . . John I. \fi Isa Hot
port. Jr., H-vrl-v B. Munfor !. Pron tit
milis, Daail Ii. Gordon. Iti. hard L Mao
AU uin lei < . . . \ . ,? . | | s,..>tt. Willn
1 ? i . .i i : ' ?? Hazsll, William
Gibson, T. C. Williams, .)r.. I?
' ? ??. M. ! Mourv's executor. Char
tins. Charles F,. Wortl ?., 8r., Laneasi
j I '? ? o, Hiram Hibloy, K. 8. Bosber,
O. Ko ting;, B. H. U Ich. r. B. M. ? ron
end James T. Cray und William Jl. Palm
trup.tr. -.
nmruil MKMO-UL.
On motion ,i committee con
n \ rrl? !.. ?Junford, Charl. g I'. Wortn?
w.. John l. Will?ans, Alexander Coke, a
William II. 1111 .,ti w..-. apnoiated t?? pi
? i otationtol
LegisUitnre of Kotth Carolina setting o
the ?tatas of tho rs, un i urg?
tli.tt bod : ti pat ? the bill above el I
Tbia committee wss also authorized
pro? . ace to Bal. -ii und arge up
1 i Legislature the justice of renewi
i eel - i i?l the company in which thi
pe ; I?? 'i iv.? ?nrested ill ?ir mon. \.
tit ???>> i beinK ownero of the stock of I
'? irapany tli. gentlemen, ?>r some
i ? m, irel ir ?? Ir int. i -<l in the moi
,'., nil of whi
Intereste un? injuriously affected by t
action ol the Legislature in failing to pi
tho bill tor the renewal of the charter.
why n ta opposau
None of the gentlemen mentioned a
Interested in imv way in the Wilmingt.
and Weldon railroad sm! are powerless
Influ. nee l ' that comp
? stated the <pp ?aeni ? t.? tit?, passa
of tb? Petersburg ?????in.-r insist thot tl
Wilmington and Weldon road slull su
render -?.?me of it - charter rights befo
?ill consent t" a renewal of the r-hi
tei ol the Petersburg and Weldon ro~roe
Many?of these at the meeting seemed
fee) noapprehen ion as to the iin.il on
com of the i itter, believing that tl
I ' '? irf?i Carolina when ful
infurt?!?-<1 a-? ti> the facts of .in.? case w
Bot hesitate to pass the bill renewing tl
Charter, tne withholding oi which wool
?.ni. destroy the property n?_'lit "t pe
pie who Ii iritiefi ?
: company and bring loss and incontr
*?> the St;it'' m: I h? r peopl -.
riie Memorial Prepared ami sent.
The committee appointed ol th?
holders' conference held a meeting lai
1 prepared the followii,'
to Boleigh by il
night mail, to be presented t?? tbeNort
Carolina Legislature this morning:
.,> tin- Honorai ?? 10? Qeaetol AtJsr-mbly ?
North ( 7ir
Th.-.... i?rslgnt ; rtap? .-trnil? represent ihi
otaini?ritu? Hit-. ?lay ti??l I ?n _ia City ofRlcl
moad i?f ili<? stockholders auj ti ?n lt.il ?. i
of tho Petei i .' mpeny, a rosoli
tu was a ??'. ' ? i auti ? log and dlroe
i- g ?: folio? -.-? !.:-.itr?-i? ti? prepei
and i?- ? ?? ??? to lb? (ii.irr.nl Aaoombly i
North i'oroilno a n Ulng torta M
Status of thi oompauy r.nU petitioning you
hvtiir.it?1'- !.. !y to pass th 'ore? It V
i .heel irtei ol lb? Petersburg Hallro?
Company, which lis? expired t?y limitation.
In punaoace ol Ml? resolution wu ?ie.'ira t
?munit th?? following 8tat?!ineiit relative to t!i
matter lu hood.
T?;?? proforrod stock ??f the Polarst)
rood Conipoay on?*?its to nbout fZ;
i ik th? iin?u.i."-.-i.?-1 commute? represen
persons owni?i?- <? larc? ma*ortty, 1*1.omrooi
stock of tbe company a-n -i.it-, m 81,000,'00, o
v.ht-ii yourcommittee In like manner speak f.
1 ? owning In Ibe aggregate orei ?
t ti.? mortgage-txmIt o1 tbe road ?eitstandlni
amount to almiit 81,700.030, wblcb are ?i-r.ii !;
Hi? general public rerylorgcly ry trust fund
bart-g i.n purchased ?a *<? .intl"!? of higi
dignity ati.l nnqoeoUoae l safety.
mi nrnss?sr is- the w. ?*. w,
Tbo pnrtl???ownliiK'he?:??i,saii'l se?-iirlf1'>?b?>
for?? Blinded to ,iu?i for k!,,, n your ni??mr?riall??ti
81 on', an? in no way Interested In it." Wllinlng
ton and \V< Idou llallroivl Company, an 1 bott
h .'? ly no v.iii.-? in dotonniningitsadmloi?
t/ntion or to Influence It?? ?.?iiimrH-i"? with refar
nun ti proposlU? do, ti;" acceptance or rejecttoi
< t eblch os und? rsiaod I? sought to b? m? le lb.
? in the reoeeolOf I?O ?bar
t r .?? i s Pol r.? lurg Railroad Company.
Ills true that booou?e ol the re?,i:rat,bicai lo
cit.o-i Of Hi? n? two ratlr.-.ds they lorm Ifltpot?
ism Units in tbe groit tystea exteud?if fro?
Ne* "fort to I lorMa, tho uiiintorruplcd oprr?
tioti ot which les-i lui|iortaui t-? tl??' |iro*perlt]
OOd I'.'i gr??? ?'f Virginia, Norlh ('nro'liia, an !
the wbol? South I? threatened by the delay it
renewing tho charter a? prayed for.
In view of th?> atore recit?lo your memorial
lit-? re?|?o tlully MtibniU thnt Ihoy have a n?ht ti
aak ati'i sip? i-t st th? baods ol your b.'iior&blr
lioly tho pOMOC? o' the bill ronowing the char?
ter of tb?? PetiTsiiurg ?allr.ia.l company to Un?
ob'rcfsiitnl provisions of wblcb they srs advlit'-d
ihsrs in do objection fri-?m euy quart-r. It II
10 1 ? u to tiHik.i Ih? sime defendant?
suf?ttr tb? retultt of a oooteet betwoen yourbtatt
and another of It? oorporotlO?a
r.l'i?T id PSOICUTIOM.
TotWmeOSOrtalUtt n?!ires?ut alarg?numl>(?r
of people who. relylns; upon tho hiKb tesa? .1
rtgbl wblcb ha? ever characterised tho ?Htat?
ol .North Carolina, hav? lorooted their money la
the?ocuiWoo"f thl? raiuoad ehortoged under
lor law-?. They f.av? a right lo look to tbn
Mato for legitlation to protect their prorieriy,
not to Imperil It. The further refusal to grant
the charier aa prayed for 000 ?ml/ten . d !??
pri-claio the nmrm-t value of the?? ??carltiet
and r?'t'?i rather Ibao encourogo tho investment
of i-aidiai in your ml?it
listpeclfully sabmltt"?!,
M?r?Ri.tT R MtxroiD,
Jobs i . Wiluaiu,
Al iumihk Coca
Willii am II. AU?SOW,
MaoStaa of the Boeeattve Coaaattttee?<
Name Adopted and Worli Outlined.
The Kxccntive Commit!.f the Public
Lihrnrv Associatifm helil n lorgely-atteod
ed meeting yooterdaT ofternoo? at tho ofc
See of _iessrs, PageAOartar.
The gentlemen preeeat w??ro: M<'?-.-r?-,
Tlii'i'iat- N. Page, prasideal : K. T. l>.
?iyers, Tice-prooident : Henry ?8. Hotsler,
i?.??-]-? Luv: wyndhom R. Meredith, tressa?
rar; W.Av. Archer, ('. c. Baaghmaa, .i. v.
Bidgood. Thomas K. Cortar, K. T. Crump,
W. _. Catahaw, W. P. b">>x, Charles H?ta?
hr Gas. Millhi'.-r, Virginias Newton.
Roiewell PogO, W. F. Hc.l.ly. Arthur M.
' Seddon. Julius Strati?, ('. A. Taylor, ami
.lu?|ec liiv. rli-v 1?. Wellford, .Ir.
At Utoroonesl of thoPremdoat Colonel
Cutshaw took tho chair.
C?TllN'l 001 r?-? WORK.
Th.' committee was in BOOSioa nbont tvro
hour-, find rnapped out many preliminary
plant? oeeeoosi- in l??'i,-iuuin>; such a work
as that in boao.
Mr. Merclitli, the tre-i??iir?'r. nis.l?' s
statement of the finuii'-iRl coudition of the
ans ?ciiitiori. Al'out ?7.r?ii has so far been
received, ond wh?*n the Finance Committee
?etstowork there is in? doubt that the
full umo'iut ooeded for this good work will
be speedily fo**thoo-iino.
It was ib'ci.lcl to cull the ?offfMitatioo
"Th'- Rosemary Pablic I.ibraiy" and to
eontinoe the j?r?.?sent olBcers for the cur
\ oooomlttee oonsistinaof Dr. Face, Ma?
jor Myers, sad Mi hlereditfa was appomt
;.,| tool tain u charter, prepare s i ?institu?
tion ??id by-laws, ono report to au ail*
iourn?'d laotins which will take placo on
Tuesday, March 17th.
Tbero was also elected a committe?' com?
posed of ('??lon.'l V.. B, ('litshaw. -Colonel i.
V Bidaoodj Messrs. Charlea llutzler, Booo.
well Paae. vixfiotos Newton. C. A. Taylor,
?laltas htriiu*. and B. T. Crump to report
totbeae-1 meoHng apian of op ?
sit ? f< r librurv, uniouut of tunds uc-ded,
,iUil other matters.
The enthusiasm and determination to
aucoeed, as shown nt the meetinn, is a safe
indication that the laiblic will soon have
one of the best conservators of order and
moral??a public library.
Thr? l*Slr? to Meet.
The I-dio?' Auxiliary Committee ot the
Hebrew Home l'or the Ag?-d aud Infirm
will meet m the Sunday-school room at
the ?Synagogue MetU Aliaba .to-morrow
niorni?i?,' at 11 o'clock, .'lh.i meeting is tor
the puni?se of furthering the objooU of
tb??0?o___i4vee is compuse of tho foi.
lowing la?l? M lames R.
CharlesStrau?, I. Thalhimer, Jac b 1.1' ?.
i f.?l.?n A. H. Meyer, B. M. Bloom
; . C Braner.aad Mvr Kirsh; Mi?"?
Berths M. Lowenatein, Eue Kraker, Fanny
M eJ b?cher, Minnie Lewitt, Ujrum
1 '. raid, l.ih? s.-iiM.if. BebeccaS. Vvbit
lock, u:i?i Emma Paahiaoh.
Virginia Delegation? to Meet In tVatldng
ton ?n?l See tli? Prealdnnt.
A m-jvemi nt 1? on footto gal the her ta
different quarters of Che State to - Id I ?;;
, .if lawyers t?i Washington to call
np'.ii the Atiom?-,-<;? tK-rrtl aad therwaj
d.'rit to r?- n- ; that Boa. L.L. Lewi
? id tl..- new Unit id States cir?
eur? judge. The deWationa will meet at
th.- National Botel. Wellington, D. C?, ^
m A. M. Monday, March i 1th, and It i? de
Bared by those interested m tbernatteruM
? ?ay will a? *?? d
I itinguished memlier of the Biea
moi .i i tr in c ?nv( i
report-! y . I ?hat Judge
Hughes ii i "' a candidate for tb aneMete
jinl??r-hii?. bul wants Judge Lewis, preav
?f the Virginia Court of Ai?'">al". ap?
pointed, "I know," aaid he, " that Judge
Hugh? ? iad ! BB
I -ii.i to appoinl Lewi i, snd be bee
written a letter t.. the President sad tte?
liver? d .t to Lewis, argiag the latl
I his '-oiirt ' r. rr. ? I ?tablv
if special ma lera, which
will be equally aa remunerative sa tho
.'i 1 they will, ii" d ?u'lt, be
eagi rly Bought after.
Peat?. Of Ma?. Charle? II. K.iiif"!t.
Mr. Charles H. Kanf tdh I ?
tardsy morning at S o'clock at hi?
residence, No. 814 C ?ire ?rtr--? t, after an
tllni h "1 five v.. eks,
rbe deceased, who waa one of the moat
pr ?minen! citizens of 1 olton, r? ; n ?
mon Council from 1886 to ihiw. B
forty ?three years of a"?? and leaves avv.f?'
ai ?! four children. He waa a member "f
Fulton Lodge, Order of Tonti. \ ?r.-inm
Council, Legion of Honor, and o? loe
i. . arcanum.
One ??T Ou- Vlrjrliili Town?, (innlnriw?le,
u; < ?- tnge eounl
ii snterprise
which is revivifying most ofthetowneea
this State. A land and development com?
pan*, nndei the
?; of Mr. N'. \\. Bo? ??. of Uii b
i ! at, with several aubstantial aad
enterprising a lociates, is now engaged in
the w ty to develop 11 e L'r?'.'tt
natural ndvai I .- icnlar lo?
t:"i!, and preseni tbora in bui h form an will
b ? Bttrai t theal th ecking
desirable lave traeats. The c. apanybai
bada competen) ."rps ?.f engineers for
seven.l montl ? engage.! in triangulating
t ? , lands, laying ofi itreets, ind ?
lots. 'Ili.-v are about brin fing these labor?
toa close?, and will aoonbeoblel
.'irr-itn accurate t ?pogrsphical map
of the Gordon Land Company's property,
? the old town of Gor
donsville, and is admirably locati 1.
mi I brj lim
I aaville o. cupiet m arly a
aition in the State, an I lies at the 1
the Southwest mountains, themoM i
ly rsagc ??i Virginia, and :? on the i
,'ide between the South Anna und
l . rivers, Thia ia ti;. high ' p-?int
ipe ike and Ohio railway b -
two. n the si icost aad the Bin
1 eing some Fifty f ?? r high? r than
'? ?He, which ty-one mi!"-?
further town has a b ?u itiful
supply "f pur.' apnng freeatone ?rater,
; ped from the mountain reser?
our 1' ore. The m mntain raage
sweeps northern and v. '
side? of the town and afford? gn af protec
ti .n from tl ' "t winter. The
winters here are remarkably mild, even i r
I ot Viri
l he health ?>f thi :j pro?
verbial. In it'- exemption from malarial
ami Ir.un typhoid-?eve? :t p
. 1 contrast tooth? . of <..ir
pr vail generally
throughout tbe tidewater i ? ti. a , n.. !
- nerally p.
beyond the Blue Bidge, an i
i tenl in man
Yir_::iir.'.. After a residence of eighteen
years in Gordonsville I have not known ft
eaaeof t*n>hoid-fe*i*ey?IBarigiimte bar?.
"in* fin?, agricultural a
and Greene, lying north of Gordonsville
atribu? try to it. compri ? a class ol
. Lndnstnou . eomen who
l.y their farm products have ma? lo < lordons
vill?' the ?econd heaviest shipping point on
the Chi speake ate! Ohio railway. The
lut" discovery "t coal oil In ? ne of these
counti ' . which baa bet d found oozing
from the niriac- of the ?ground and
i ? lating through oellar walls in form
? be used in a lamp
?in being refined, is likely in the Bear
i t ? lead to lieh developments.
No efforts bave yet been made to search
for it Ir low iht.? ?surface.
Uoidonsville, from its central poaiUott and
the topography o? tbe surr? anding country,
tiiu-t it: n.? distant day 11
road centre. It has at ?pneeattno Chote,'
peaka and Ohio railroad runatag east and
west from the Atlantic Seal.??an 1 toe trans
Mississippi connection with tbe ?Pacific
railroads, and by a late tra kagt arrange
menl with the Bichmond an 1 Danville
railroad trains running ut ahon interval?
1.. tween Gordonsi di" and Wa i
city. <'n the toutb of Gordonsville the
Keysville and Orange railroad im now in
ooureeof txmstraetion. Thia road when
completed will c inn ? ? Gordonsville with
N?.rih t'rir.ilii.it by nearlv an air-line. Tbie
road will ia all probability ultimately l?c
comeeparl of the Pennsylvania Central
system This company di wowua the i a I
running south fr. -n Washington City t >
Quanti?-.?, a distance of aome thirty-four
miles. Bj diverging ilightly to tbe south?
west at t In-? pout hordonsviUe may be
rea .'..-I u n ?li.-.t,im e of lean than sixty
miles, through a country admirably rated
fur railroad eoaetractioa an?l over a
route already surveyed, und where
by tue t? atimoay of the chut engineer
a railroad can be built at the nm.
cosl per mile. With southern conneeti? na
at Keysville this route would shorten the
ce between Washington city and
Jacksonville, i la.? bv at least our? buadre I
miles as compared with tho present route
between these two points. Tbe Pennsyl?
vania Centrai has Mrveral formidable com
i for the paesengn traffic betsreen
the North and norida. aad haviag heavy
amounts to par for trecluge facilities over
it.? pr? s. nt r m'.e will i Bl I 1. frill to avail
tbemselvea of the advantages whieh this
hu?, offen. But in any aveal the railroad?
we now paeeees aad the one aadercon.
atruotion will givi n? n.ly and direct
con.m'inicRttoii with every portion of
our ? ?iiiutrv?North, Suutn, East, ami
The Gordon LendCompaay ixmtemplate
soon tbe erection of their new hotel tbe
"Gordon Inn." whieh will occupy e high
eminence overlooking the town andcom
ig one ol th.- inost extensive and
beautiful m.-ws snywhere t? ? be found.
Btandingon the eite of the hotel aad east?
ing yoarevea east, snuiii, und wist, you
have u *vrae-extended view of u gently un?
dulating country, only boaaded by the
curvature of the earth, and BOObstTBeted
in all this wide Bxoaaaa by a single moun?
tain. Turning your hack apon this view
and looking toward? the north and north?
west, you have the grand sweet of the Blue
liidgo stretching tret towards the north uu
tilitapeaka are lost in tbe dim dietaac?,
wh?-tt the nearer ran;;? of the S? utlr.v ? t
mountains is in plain view for It? whole
longth until it.? cliff? abut un the Jasase
riv? r.
The (?ordou I.ar.'l Company have alr> ady
eeeured bobm twelve or Ifteea manufar
taring plants ? aeveralof th.-s? will employ
a large namber of opataMvea, One plant
this day(4thol March;seeuredwtB work
thr?'.' hundred operatives. The ueceesary
bail lings for theae plant? will b.? in courue
oi en euoa duties* th ? nest thirty days.
'I .'i ? ?'omputiy will push to a rapid cum
(?letioii the grading of k? ?tr.tts. t.'i?' area?
lion of us hotel, the ??tahli-thiuimt of an
electric plant, tho building of a Urge num
i?.r of teaetaent-hoaeee, and other contem?
plated enteri>rise?, and will at an early ?lav
P.' jr? pare.l to a-sign to its stockholder?
BBea lot? as their ownershiii of stock
entitle? them to draw. Imm?diat. I
this drawing of lots the company will
offer for aale by public auction il? re
aerved residence and bu?ine?? lot?.
I hardly think one in search of a plea-ant
nrr. 1 healthy home, or a remuuerat-.v.- In?
? nt, "r a desirable location fora buei
II?',-s enterprise or a mauufaeturiug plant,
need look Cevond Gordonivillc.
A section of the Htate that ha? furnished
to tho oouutry a Jefferson, s Madison, a
Monroe, the Hivetrtes, the Barhour?, and a
host of other men and women of marked
dihtinction, has at least furnished some
gu?rante? that refined and cultivated so?
ciety will not i.e wanting, whilst churches
of all denominations snd our ample fscili?
tiea for the education of the rising genera?
tion will afford all the inducement? that
c ?ni.I i.e desired in this direction. And to
all, from wbateyer section they may come,
who may be disposed to cast in their lot
wit h us, we extend a cordial invitation and
proauM thatu a welcome greeting.
Hlanrot'ier Mokoe a Tender of the Money.
The Sec reta-} a hip ?if tItg 1'owhiitan
Crab ite?i?xiiF.i.
T!.??rc will bo o ??pecia) session of the Po?
lice Court tit u .iV.iiik ML to-day lor the
consideration of the rase of Mr. K. J!.
Gmnc-, tiltil rooeaUy clerk in the City
lt?0?B108'e ofiice, charged with the MB?
icnt of money belonging to the
city of Kichmond.
Hiere will of eo-nrso bo an iauBOBM
crowd. Boadred - v. .11 be present in the
oopocity i f sympathizing frn-nds ami liun
more m enri?os speetal
Tii" conn-?. 1 fur thedefeoos will be H??n.
QeorgeD. Wiee, Major Charlee S. Btriag.
fellow, c< Ion. 1 M. I.. ?Spotawood, unil i.'an
toin A. u. Qnigoa. Coounonwealth'?-At
toraey Smith is expeetod to repreeent the
proeei ution.
tur rnocrrriiNo??.
There is little doobt bnt what 00 ex?
amination will bo gone lato. The Com
nonweolth'e witoeeeea hare been ra
sd and it is expeetod that U." defeace will
I?* ready,
The proceed inpst-i-dav WiM bOBOStoO the
?enero) warrant ior felony, charging Mr.
QrymoB with the embexxlement of the
omonnt of tl". four billa If BofBoient evi
<1 di<-<- ?a a Idnced In this ease t?> {natify the
I ?? m Bending the oecoaed ? n
grand tory,thoo the other foarworranl iwill
be im rged into tlie one case, it' this
il n?' each case will have to he h?-ar?l ?m it-t
own roerita unless tho exatnination be
WOiTOd. -
mo Tnr. BBCB-TAaTSBn-.
Mr. Qrymea reoterday sen! f?ir Mr. Proa.
Ion Beivin, of the P. ob iton Clab, and
handed bim t!i" fonowing, written on ?
sheet of the letter.paperol thai organiza?
liiciiMONi), Va., Mr b
PtVtton /.'-,?-, /.-,,.. PitSssVaf;
J)?'.irHi-, ?ease accept my resignation
? tarr and oe o member ol tfa Pow
hat ?n ?'mil, to toko effect imme li?t? ly.
The old Powhatan will always be r
beted by me. end it? members caen and
etrery one w 11 forever occupy a warm placo
iu my heart. Von.--? truly,
r. H. (rat?
io raUIICI 181 BOBOOM?V.
Mr. Peyton Orrmeo. o brother of the oc.
ease I, in the presence of Messrs. UeorgeD.
Vm?. . M. p. s,. itea .".I. iitnl A. B, Oa gon,
In- eoai el,yd terdsy tendered 11
Childrej the amoool which Mr. E. W.
Orymee's accounl was alleged to be short.
In doing bo it wao stated that Mr. Grymes
in noway odmitted hi? brother'?
for the money and did so simply to pro
' bondsmen from Ins?.
Th. rreooOrer ? 1 i ? t no! ?ceept the money,
! to ?lo nothingw I
vi- e ??i the Cil ttor ley oho, ij it hap.
pene I, v..i~ not In Richmond.
?? Stope Over Cot a Day Ketur.ilng from
I lie North.
lo.?.,;-'.! Pitzhogh Lee sprat the gr?ai
part of yoat? rdoy in Bicnruond. ll?> ar
riv. ! m tin- e it y on the morning train fr?
the North, boring l.o on a business trip
; i i itou and Hew V.-rk. and left last
night for Olaagow. Ile stopped al Mur
phy'a an I hel 1 unite a leree the little time
. .t the hotel.
M? ?rat buody occupied most of theday
with business affairs, but foand time for a
heart? I md-shaki ami a cord?J greeting
II the frien.la whom be met The
? ernor nerer looked better and was
in i o.- ?pirita. He Is the picture of health
?ad i--.uk. no older than he did ten years
?go when he woo only ai ilTuitor
to the capital of the old Domini, o.
To a DncpATOB ?reporter who called ap n
. a?, Hotel onda ko?! his view s
?b< ut tho i lit i col situation, the (ieneral
?ly said : " I am oat ?>f politi.
i prirote citizen, and so don't know
Thoreporter then asked the genla
Governor t.? talk alt-out the country in
v nerolor, in foot, ftnytbing; bat to this
ition, too, the (.enera) only replied
While in M ?ton Oi ocrai Lee was the re?
cipient of marked attention an I eoortesv,
?a he always is when ii" riait? the North.
He WM tendered a banqoet bv the Go~er
nor of the Hay Stut-, nul mOde a verv hap
py address to the distingaisbed ??
? ! ?I. It wu; h it h ?et speech In aay
f nse of the word, bat a little o?si-s? was
v?ry effect?rely sandwiched in.
TALK-SO FOll A I'tlll' ?sn.
Ho op?'ii?'l by saying that 1-'- was glad "f
nn opportoaity t< > spook. Virginia?i u!
ways wanted t? speak.andon this]
ahur oocaaion ho was n?>t nn sxceptionto
the role. He proposed t?> talk.and they
might ii? ar ami meditate. In fact, be ex?
pected ti? bold the floor so long tint every.
body present wonld become nr.-'l and
want him in stop, Iiul. ? ?I. be anticip?t? d
that thej wonld wool to get rid oi him so
badly that they wonld l?e willinir to run
their bonds down Into thou pockets end
pull ?.ut more money to be inveeted
at Oloogow than thoj had -p.-nt for
the exterminai ob of Use"Spanish moths,"
o peat that has so worried the people of
the Uni? that ? large Bppropnatioa has
been made to ~?-? \:r.? their extermination.
With this start, which mode ? great hit,
the ex-iiivertinr delivered ? speech which
captirated those win. heard him. General
Lee's Boston trip was an entireiy satisfac?
tory on". He found no difficulty in placing
tin? 1300,000 of preferred GUsgow stock
for wh'chthe Knglish syndicate default?; i.
The ex?CrO~ernoT spoal ? ihort while at
the Powhataa-Clab hoase yesterday utter
noon, ami there paet a Dumber of leading
Democrats who manifeeted great joy al I _
presence. He oleo had oae or two social
calls just before uight.
Met with Surr???? In BOOtOO.
The Disi-ATcn recejveil the following spe?
cial tel? iran? last night from its l>o.ston
"A dispatch from Richmond, Va., to?
day diocloaee the bet that ex-Qorernor
Pitxhngh Leo, who whs eatertained by
QoTet?orBassall whilo t?itino her.? tins
WOok, made his visit on?- of business as
well as pleoarare. The dispatch states that
ex-Gorernor Lee carried back to Virginia
with him a larga otnoont of Hew Kmjiand
capital for the town of Oh-gOW. This
statement was verified by conversation Vr.
dav by the D?patch oorreepondent wi*h
some of tho gootlssBOB interested ?n the
Rockbrid're eontpany.
" Yes." sni'l oae "f thi'm, "the statement
i.? true. When the EnghohlBOfl failed to
meet their obligotio?b. e_-OoTernor Lee,
wh?/is nreeideol of the comnany, with
Colonel Uob.'rt C'ftil.'tt an?l Mr.M. ML Mir.
tin, both director??, ?amo North at once.
'1 bey w??re very heartily welcomed and en.
t'-rtaine?! ln-re and wre introdm ? 1 by
BOOtOO OOOitolista with whom they had
had previous dealini:?. They gocceeoed in
raisin?; all the capital they n?e?led in a
very snort time."
Working On the Iladget.
A epecial meeting of the Finance Com.
mittee was held in the Chancery-Court
room yesterday afternoon, at which the
preparation of the annual budget was he*
This is the most important of tho year's
work and involves au immense amount of
There are first, s'ibnjittcd for considers*
tion requisitions from the various commit*
tee? of the oppropriations Beaded by the
retipective departments f?>r th? year. The
Auditor furnishes an it??niiz?j?l statement
Of the income of the city for the year pa?it
aud its prospective revenue for the pooling
twelve m.inin-,. The rooj?-i-OOS, pre?
vious appropriations, past aud estimated
incomes are then averieed aud the result
is the budget, or, t??chnically speaking,
" sn ordiuance making appropriations for
1891 aud caucellini; those of 1890."
The budget is then sent to the Coun? il,
and. t Lough it otten hongs fir?-, it generally
goes through oa preaented by the commit?
tee. '
Raker's I'roolnrt Club.
The Haker-l'recincf Democratic Cln>?
was organized Thursday night with the
following officer?: Andr-w Carter, ureai
<l?nt : Autoine Silva, vice-president ; Jlycr
Angel, secretary : P. K Wells, treasurer.
It starts with twenty-nine members, and
will hold it? meetings ot Hears'? Hull. < -n
the WilUomab-rg road, ororr Thursday
s?"bool ?ot Appropriation Approved.
The Mayor has approved the oppropria
tioo concurred in by the Common Council
last Monday night appropriating iH.*>.uuo
for the purchase of a site for the Central
Hi-honl building, when tho present one is
given op to be used for museum purposes.
Mrs. Partington uses Salvation Oi) for
rbenmotu and brown cretar?. It cotia ?i
Sermon nn Till? ?Uit.Jpct bv I>r. Xewtnn
The Preahrlerlnu In I on Service?.
The corinr ??rstiou at St. John's last night
was remarkably pood, considering th" a?l
??ather. 'I be ?'hoir and ?-h?rnt sung
: ? ifnllv under the leadership <?f Mr?.
0, K. Fitswilaon, with Mi.?? K. A. Fltr.wil
S'in presiding ;tt the organ au?l Mr. (i. \.
Srniinati playing on the cornet, ? .
Cunningham aaag two pieosa which ware
new to the conuregation and Blade B dean
ion, ?both because of th? appropn
? of the words, and als? bec?aseof
the feelim? Way in which they were rcn
rrnr.icvM? a.np sivNv.rt?.
l?r. Beai a'a subject was the Publicans
and Binnen, In .tend of the ant
that BBually ?-xi-ts between a pare and
good msn i?n<l 1111I10I7 persons, h.-r 1
the Bpotleas One a wonderful mai
? T. tion for th?s.- den
-, the part of the pnb
ucansand innen. They found In ?*<?ri--*
aympatby for themselves la their sin and
misery. They reo lived from H?m aastsin
u*tg power to keep their new-lx?*n **esolu?
tions ?if amendment. The asms loving,
helpful Bevtour w.is affectionately urg-d
by the serai it preacher upon the penitent
ones in the con rregation.
TOCI.or'F. r.?-MfinT.
The D.x'tnr enriched 1rs term m with
fine lUustrattoaa sad there was pathoa in
bis persoaal application of Its truths to
the heaters. ?
To-aighl will bath ? lut ?if these sp<>??;al
Berviees end a tore large attendanc
; If the weather te propitious. Both
Dr. Newton andCaptain Cunningham have
endeared themselves to the people of St,
Joan's by their willing and excellent ser?
vice there tins weak.
ITesliyterlun Colon-Meetings.
The spacion: lectui*e-room ?>f the Second
1 ?yterian church did not contain 1 b
people that asaembled last evening for
worship there. The overflow of the con?
gregation found room la the adjacent
apartment. Buch an andiene
lonan inclement ?veiling. Even
>w had 1.n cleared tr?>'!i (';??
ilka they w ire slippery with the
driuhng rain, which frozo as it fell. An!
:? in the rei
city. Nothing but an earnest
int. resi c uld h it itl tedsueh a c
re l.l
di? -. 1 w? re coaduote ' by the
Bev. I'r. Little In a very impr
le r. His th me 1 ; in the
1 ?mpli und humility an i p
tence awakened by a revelstion ??f the
vine bolineas, leading to
ration, frav? rs were off? red bj
Bi v. Mr. Steward, Rev. Mr. Campbell, Dr.
J. Hall Moore, and Bev. Dr Bi bar ! on.
Another ? ? n ?? s will be held this evi oing
at ? o'clock.
Bev. .1. B. Hani ? ? conducted
the revival servie ? at Clay-Btreet Baptist
church for the pasl two week?, will clo?e
1 . ? inday m ?rni ig. I
terest in th? m< etings baa never flagge I.
nine profeshion? of conversi?n makini
1. Mr. Harrison will preach again
to-nighi at a ? oartt rto8<
Oa Sunday night Mr. Harrison will e ?1 i>
menc with the Second B
meeting of the Baptist Bun
day-8cho ! Association ol Biehmond and
Manch, ?ter will be held at Venabl? -Street
church to-morrow afternoon at la
The Es ?entire C mmittee ?rill mei t s half
hour earlier at the -.tire' plat 1, and a full
a:.?l pr Ian? ?? is ae dred,
The EoPresldaal ami Mr. Royall Have a
??l'.-.rt Talk About If.
II ". \v. T. BoyaJl, counsel for the foreign
bondboldi -?. while in New \
bad an int. rview with ex-President *'i >ve
Inrid. -.. bo i r of
1 ippoii ted by Ihe Olcotl Coir;
?.ti the ? tent.
Mr. Boyall I Mr. Cleveland
the advisability of ting \ irginia and
i ing v. it h leading citizen 1 t- ?n
D ' thai if ; ?
I'r? rident manil ated ,t real interest rather
than b ,. rf inctory mutter, hu per on il in?
ftuence would h tve weigUt m brim ?
; . - ? ? hex.
1 ?? ? Il I ?'
chu;.ufe" had approvi dot a ; 1
meat, t ? which Mr. Boyall replied that the
i was not und -o d ? ?
p?o of Virginia. On Hr. fioyail's ex?
; liscuss th(
Vril'n Mr. I ! atitl point <?iu bow .'??>
could h."? of incalculable service, r??.. 1
! it did le ; manifest a d
any further discussion and th?? interview
terminated. _ _
I.e.? Cam:? Postpoaea It? Fevmatloa for a
\i': efc?Olfcaw Baataeaa,
The d "? ting f I.Ctcij? last night, not?
mdn .: the ? iceedingly in
weather, waslargeh attended,man?
being pris. ut. Axter several ?short ad?
dresses by members of the Camp it was de?
termined to postpone the organization of
the Le f Corpa :rt.i next Fri?
ght, when 1t la expetste l th il the
hull will i" crowde 1 with the lair ones.
Oeneral William B. Taliaferro wiU be r ?
quested to dehyer an address before tir"
Camp aome time daring th.? 1
Mr. 'o.e. Richardson, Captain Carlton
HH '.. ? I ??? ! l'm it IW, rt com?
Soldiers' ?ur?l Bailors'
Monument Association, will be pr
tUu licit meeting of the Camp.
flor-ford'? Acl.l riioanliate,
A Hi ?.i.niFri. Tonic
r.??''?'i place of Inwaas or thno4umOt U tefll
Aar???;.'- .''tiiiii?vitn atarataeewsttra
To th.? 1'ublie.
V.'r' are reeeiviu" daily till?' *foTk>Biver
Oyatera, James-Biver Shad. Bock, Perth,
ami all kni'lrs of Game.
Butti A (r'.'.rr.iis.
Tho:. Second Market.
Il.'itv.leli'a Dental Fluid.
An elegant month-wish,
lit to the taste,
Purifies the breath.
Heals and bard? na the gums,
Contain? 11? ? acid of any kind.
Ask your dentist what he thinks of it,
and buy it at the aeareet drugstore. Price
Mo. Prep,red by the Dowdon Drug and
Chemical Company.
( in? I?.11 ? ami Kgit?.
"Victory Poultry Food" adds greatly to
th" fowl's laying, a:id l /?mV 'KTfriuTi acute
cf '..'?i < in young chickens when it was
11-" 1. N"W 1 would as soon do without salt
111 my food aa to ??ndertuke to rame fowls
without "Polk Miller's Chicken Pood.'1
Wl! UB \V. Ilouaox,
J'? 'whutan county, \ a.
The Ezehange f<?r Woman's Work will
huv?' deetgas stamped, material.? furnish- ?1,
and the work oonuaeaeed (M oeata aatraj
oa any kind of embroidery. Also, new
menu cards and designa tot ioe-.-i earn,
"bon-bons," and "charlotte*-." Orders
foe infants' and children*? outfit? solicited.
Corntjr Fourth and Frauklm.
?: ??. -. Violets, and Lille? of the Valley.
Frrslt cut every day. Largest (dock in
the city. Flowers packed and shipped to
any point. Wedding bouquets and Plant
Decoratione furuuhed at short notice.
W. A. Hammond.
107 east Bn ad street.
CBrsHir? 8THAWBBBB1BS frozen alia pare
craam at Mo uta'?.
Frenchmen can properly lie c?iW "Kn'ghtj
of hi Table." I :-?y are good Ju l."? iu alt It?
ralaeaawfaaai Joiicaci??. in oniur tottirou
lau? tbe apronta arel k*ep the ?llfestivo omaus
In Kool nriier ttoy give pre-emlneore to Akoos
ttba Btrraas. Whan you try tbom be sure itl?
tbe genulD? ?rticlr, manufactaretl by Dr. J. (1.
B. SBIOBBT ?t SO??- _
Strawbbbbibii, 6TSAWBISKISS.?We ?r? re
celvlDg fretli Florida .-rrawbarri ?? dally.
_H^YV. BO ?ST A.
Tbitbd by T1111. Kor Broaohial affeottona.
Coufh?, etc, Browm's Bboxciiiai. Tsocnas tara
t.ro-ftt their eDlcacy by a test of m?ay years?
Prtc? S5 cents._
If you want ?amrtblng nlc? for daaert call
Talspliou? No. SrC ?0.1 you Will gel the boat In
town, or call at II. \V. Wobstab,
111 ?ast Mai a ?tr??t.
La-lie? ae?dlnc a tonic, or cfitHren wbo want
bu r liiix up, stuuld Uke BsowmM laoN HtrrsK?.
It I? pl?a??nt i.? take, curoa malaria, iodtgasil?>o,
litllou??.???? aod liver complalat?, and make?
lb? blood rich aad pure.
? . ?" . I
JAS. MAC?otUAIJ., 1 r. M? complet? outfit
for uiacksmltii-Mioi).
BJCHMUBU BAZAAB, 10 aad 11 A. M., Wtgotia,
phMteas, Bay, Jtc
Spring Humors, whether itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted,
pimply, or blotchy, whether of the skin, scalp, or bl<xxl, whether
simple, scrofulous, or hereditary, are now speedily, permanently, and
economically cured by the Cutictira Remedies *nct- t**6 *3est
physicians and all other remedies fail. The almost miraculous cures
daily effected by them prove this. No statement is made regarding
them not warranted by the strongest evidence. They are, in truth,
the greatest skin cures, blood
purifiers, and humor remedies
of modern times. They are
absolutely pure, and agreeable
to the most sensitive, and may
be used on the youngest infant
and most delicate invalid with
gratifying and unfailing sue?
cess. Cuticura, the great skin
cure, instantly allays the most
[email protected],
' rM?->
intense itching, burning, and inflammation, permits rest and sleep,
soothes and heals raw and irritated surfaces, clears the skin and scalp
of crusts and scales, and restores the hair. Cuticura Soap, the only
medicated toilet soap, is indispensable in cleansing diseased surfaces.
Cuticura Resolvknt, the new blood and skin purifier, and greatest
of humor remedies, cleanses the blcod of all impurities, and thus re?
moves the cause. Hence, the Cuticura Remedies cure every
humor of the Spring, from the simplest facial blemishes to the worst
case of scrofula. Sale greater than the combined sales of all others.
t*y " How to Cet? Dt?AiKi or tus Shi? and Puiod * mailid free to any ?Vrett, 64 |
31m 1 liseasev 5> Illtistulioris, ino t?tiiTio.v.il*. A brjok of pnceles? valu? lo every viirfcrtr.
I v Kr.MRDiEs are ?old everywhere. Price, CtTicvsiA, 50c. Onct'tA Soir. 15c?; Ott*
et ?A Raso? vent, $1. Prepared by Pottbk Deug ant? Chemical Co*rO*ATtoM, Boston.
Pininh' T41ntrh\r ^L-in ?^??*-*'8h. -*- ***** ?s* ?*n<l hand*, pan-ful fim*?.
A Ull-Jl^', JL?lUt_liy OMU, ?,_, wl|Jl ^pci-.^ ??i,, lfe pfiventerl and cur*d by
Cuticura So.ip, incomparably the greatest of tkin purifier?, and heautificn, ?hil? rivalliii.? in
i.eliracy ar.d virpassin.? in purity the must ??;?eniive of tuikl and nursery ??apt. ?'lit i>n!y meji. altd
t '? M 1 '<?"*?, in! th? emit f>rt-,-cniier and curt of inflammation and cl.?c?-.ni- ot the poret, lb? causa ot
pi -.-.."?le?. Uk_oO, rough, red, and oily ?kin, and simple bunion of infants ami children. Prie?, 1 c.
.-- 3K55a_-".?'V ^-L-v?.
. n.- , i^5*V' ' . ?? ~r*
j% P>r?/WjV\|,?>t;n-feg
Tin? world has been eo_.ps.rsd to a
stage, an 1 v?v ?i-rtainly Lavo to ?Ires?
for tiie part.-? wo play in it. An actor
who is not properly attire.1 for his part
cannot expect to win popular approval.
He is pretty sots to Bad ont that lieiH
Biking a m."'- in-i-tiueriN.o of tin? Mff
formBQce, end be bos only himself to
blame i( the curtain is promptly rung
down upon hitii. it i? v? ry much the
sanio tbing iu res] life-?if your attir.? is
not consistent wittI tho part you play iu
it 5"our performance is likely t?> M a
failure. Whatever your part niav be,
wo can suitably attir?? you for it, ami you
will bo in no danger of having tlio cur?
tain rung ?lovrn upon you when you aro
wearing.'he of ?mr
HcAdams & Berry.
To moot tbe Incr-i/vtlng daman.1 for firnt-<*la?*
hotel ooooramoOotlooa lo t ti.'ago Mo?????.
Draki?, P-.rk.or & Co., proprietor?, novo Just
to thin favorito hotel. Th??** room? ar?? I tBSB.
uo?TTBO?tovsirrn it???, ?itbib?srasaasacrra
wii a BATHS, '1 a? ?BUS, partition*, and ?-??illugt
ar? eoootructod of bcioB and tile, r? uieriug
tt?*iii practically lire-proof.
burlo? it.? paul r-Das?.n O Ittrg' amount of
mniiny lift* been ?Xp<?nd?? I til llti/troiMdlN.;. OB*
aSOOOOTiaO,aod u*fiiti>?i to?? hotel, and In
Hi? se n.tpiKit*. as wall a? iu BMOOWoO, pr. .nipt
?ft 1.0 uul la everything Ooaoadotl f?>r tbe
comfort of if* guo*t*, tin- OKA.SD PACIFIC
may ?afely challuuge Hie criticism of tu? most
? ??/-til? if.
To? o RANT) PACIFIC will be MSSBMlOf lo
the tarue careful and liberal marin?r Ititt ht*
always charact,?rizod tbe aianu-joiuenf. Tho
price* remain un? iiaufr?! :
jLate&t ?tiabei-,
TLewt?i aOnadete,
Batters, and Furnishers,
We have accepted toe agency for the (IIASB
K1DK CAU.U M W ATKkt. win U mto tot?! In ..-a***
ot one domo batf-gallon ooitle? m ti.to p?r ca-s-t.
The i.l 1 ?II v V/.'.TKK will t rt ?Kill lu bill?, only
lo fivo-t?Uoo lot?: prii-o fl ?Mats per gaiioa.
Demijohn? extra, |i.-.'.'i ?-itch ; ?ame price allowed
for them wtiou ?mpty and deUvered to u* In good
onior. ITKCKU. LA00 A CO..
WhoUMl?) Drii*r?l?U.
foS_Agency lor Virginia -tuerai W*i*r_ _
81'UlN.is rollet?? Draper-la. Sour ?ad
Sic? ftowacb, U ?-art* Burn. lUai-rh.wt, Kldn*y
and HUililf-raltiniloot, reg?lalo*.).* i*w?_ and
clear* the ctMuplextoo. 1 hi? 1* a ?plvndut tonic,
??d many are roc*lv_ig great beneOU from It?
curoilv? power?. Writ? for otrcolar.
l?lT*9otl BiirSOTUl?, Vo.
Only a Table Full!
All Uve ODDS an?l ENDS in oat
Mon'-t l)i-partment havo been placed
upon asint?le tal?l??. V?.u niumi't blame
nu if you cant tin?! your size. All think?
ing 'People ?"in r?anil*/ see h??w we have)
"(IDiis a-.i.l i:.\!>S,! leal.?:i ..tirbands.
They like our way of pettinp* rid of
thcoi, too. Come and * o thoiu.
Our Specials To-Day.
Seventy-live Chil.lren'a Snitrf at 81.29,
You have your pick of all $), $2.70,
and ??OU Derbys, latest ?hapee,
Sixty dozen. Scarfa at tho ?rECUIi
price to-day,
Opposite ]\>st-Offue. '
|~~"~ " _'" '" __?_ s m mat
A Special Sale
Earl & Wilson's
2 FOR 26C
For To-Day Only.
mu7-it 829 e*st Broad street.
.??il .am '.:::> i?-..?.i
1013 MAIS' S 111 SIT.
f ?.-.'? 1 ta
rte- Tru?te?? of hi.hm oo 1 Collof 4, Klea>
?no ??I, Vx. will ?laet at lb? annual uiee'.ina, ha
3VsVt Nr.\l. a IK.'i-'rlssuK Of BATIIBV
ma i i? ?. Apt'H' ?in <u? witn t??ttuioui?ia may
be filed ataur lieu? Dolor?.' Jun? 1st with
mh3-aottts Baer?laiy?
M AN Lit?. N. T.
Right R?v. r. I). Ill N 1 IN? .TON. 9. T. a, Pras??
i.lno?. Apply to LttMitaoaut-Colouel W l LU AJ?
VBUUKCU, U?p?rlQt?n<l?ni.___ tah S-aoaai
Ta? flffh ??vtrti'iu of tin? iMioot opease! Pats?
r.i?rr liitli at IM9 . ?at Main tftr??t (otar T.
Konart Bak?r*?)-Mi?? ?i. R. 1'UYTIIBB?B.aHaaa??
pal. M ma M. J. DO?iWaU,U ????xi?Uj, wit* a tait
c.rp? of atataUnt?.
?ttouoitraptir ati't Tr rtavrltlat, Uiigtit to easts
pupU ?f parai? l y ?? wall a* ta cia?*, and carUB.
e?ta? of pron.-iene?? confarr?*?!. Barlv appilna
ii ??! U dnirable.
Coprtas of ovarr daa'riptioQ don? by seaapa?
t??Qt operator? at ?bort nolle*, fa lB-sotUai
l'ttlBTNAL lIItiESl', iLlrtt adtlaoa. ffftl
BABTIN'S INuaX lo VlttuiNlA - "EL
Vulutue? T*? (o M. SI: C( '< ?LBY'S CONB1
T ION AI. LIMITATIONS, stsUt adluou ; WO?M
BYIJMON BILL? AN1> ?UHUS ?ivLlll aoBUaa:
nilA-m.-*? LAW (iK l'?KSi.SAI l'BOHalCW.
t ?_, Law aud Uaaaret B?tikaali??a.
?B ?*??-*?____ Bkkxaotid. Va.
^1*9*9, axa at as?, aa? racat.
.Marca eta> katwaaa c^atsal
I BcBoal ?Od ?\ intk ?nal hatlana

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