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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, March 10, 1891, Image 3

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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rT,in?*-e<?we,l I pi Car? ta???rt ! Pasteur??"?
.n.t Traln-lla?r?d?lla!f t?a*<i**?i?~?fla>
aea l^e?e??--t.eneral Not*?*?.
?. m I ?an ??able toth? Dl*lr?teh.1
n. March M Tkn blinrar.1 in th?
. ?.ntinufA, though th?
_ ? ?. ? l..n ?? milder.
f Kent nn<l Su?s?v are
V ? ! ?1 aril the neighboring
.-, *,?-.<!.?n w. I In* hnrricaiio
.?? ! tin? ?ti.iw-xlorin pilM
, ?? sul?*, ?topping all traffic
y - nani upon the country
, ?a l up in a ciutiuf*
? in ti)?' drift. A
... i?, en?, nt to its re.
i: able n.* >
I trai II.
? ( ab t/otrr.
?* W found.
ah? re along the l.n.?
Rhi raaaa A search
- Dg mail car
? th? I'-t ??:
D m a snow-drift.
?red up m a car
r? . : ail la?t iii^l.t ami
'"Wth.it the
v Bt, O? irj-e'* cium.
- oth Wale?
H fl ??. atoppad und
r. . I '< r?, t-hirc, Ilamp
_ ? '?i.???? nr? ?
. ?'?!?:
, ?'--il-l?'. In th?s??
U Leen coin
! irin. rs suftVr
' I'.
? n un.
? (ii'eailc,
? r.ili . weather
h 1? tt Cbariag.
?nicht f.?r
? In ? I .i ;? snow
I : ? pa
k thi?
?? rc-unouely
? I ?than* und Dovrr
. ? ri for ??,??G?.
? I Btttiagboarae
' "'iiltl'.cutloU
. - I ANK*.
bw th.?
? comi
?.? -li ?.,????.? ???!
? tying ?l.i-tri, t?
' '???.??.
aj ? dettrtb of vai
..: ii from ???
' 1? aloni* tbo
- ia and alunit
? lowin-*
. ?boot
? lapa
?? p?.
froto all coni
tOWB ol
li .
? nil en dai
! mi'! ?? vera] ??f
? ? ?. t: ?
? timo fishtriu'n
ched Culai*
battered ?
? ?unir? adrift
- ?. :'? ar when
hip t?>
Ii : meaaa ? if
tion ulviitii'e 1 i?
? from
? - ? ! ? ? atop at
.; Boable to pro?
? : th? ?SOW.
- * v? ? t, rn "railroa ! w
? : : ?? train* ta that
* .
"1 BACHE*?.
rting the Graat H
: rBwliah nnd
? ; u diKpatch from
raeht ? ippbire,
of ?LrlHs?.*? w. haa
Mr. M l.arr waa
IB DI "e ?
I this afternoon
IB that
. .1 fury und
thi? aft'.r
*..:?. ? ? ? ut that
??, battered bv the ?
> 'en ton? ?
lb] .
.?. ? I.. ? i. carried
I I. ? 7:IK soiltM.
-?: w hat I?? en fall
.-; 1 th?
tart, t>nt in ?
ind and
.. 1 ? gal? h*?- 1????'?
'- lfaft
Biuineatat bristol ??
, Dal
w ?? r .ing 1.1 ?
j ;.;t . a. waa oa
; l ioni u. The blit
?, n\ ? i*.?rt'i!:,
twaatv t?.t
. l-l'oat? were,
wagiaa hark t -.k
While trying
'.?I Wia? d?
, !li,?rs idle in
? ?m-Dce of the
? i.niatt, It i.Sald, to Kit
?tuli ||
' an cable to the OUpatcb.l
: .. Mr. William 11? r\
I tl ? Ir.ii.urv, rt-plv
fBoa? to
t. wild that 1,?? ??*>>
.?'.<? a ?tatteiii'-iit in
? non of the Labor
. M-Xt.
. Mr, ?lohn Aird. iiKfii
? ? ail) Paddlagt??,
.? i ? ,?.?.? ???t,
o 1 erate trtulivunioniat
g] - in,tir bid, will be
??? '??g? Obi?! u? ?ti Order ?A'lilch
lai I'uiInIi A?k to H? Kerereed.
-r- ai, cable to tb? Dupat?"h-1
""li ??_Bir William Gordon
i aa order fron? the
h,s aoL?otu for ?Urn?
? Qg ihedtffeiidant?
.Uil a del f the
. irut *a>lth?Abi<tl he
?... w of the fact that
; . (ify the acte re
?? a, ?..??|,?,? to the court to re
i .-. ? ?? the app?atl it
Tun Argr-uiiu? Le?an.
? Aiii-ri.?.? ,-,?? ?, ta? id?p?toh.i
. M.ir.b 10.-A (lienatoh
1 h?? Jtonrea? here
new loau. hut it
?? I...1 h?-re
tohav?? retsour-*? to tu
'*'?? .Mance.
' "tr'. "?????#???*???????? LuaMtey Cane.
* Al ?*? -Anjerb-a? oabl? lo tbe UUpatch.]
. March I?.?Dr. Titr^*raldrBJ*wd
il??i Houneof Corninoli? to
' ???, of Mr?. ?H
Isuffiwd who. it U al?
..saiicaevlttui at
?nl I.)r. G???
'?.-? ?.? ? p w. true that Mrs.
-??Lean bad Util attitW by iotu ??rvaxit?
| Balta?*? a oaat of ?A1 _T_t^__\ ?n?
1 w hoi her it was kmTXV__?_ ??urt? "n'1
?1er what wa* calhiTV.? ??l * P*r?? n un.
?-ont?, ,? hi?*?-h?r ,??G?"??? W ?"<
medical "ianilnattoV?VsSi ?LHT,Tm' V0" ?
cert!flo?t^Ton hed Wn ?,?<3? or ?
??-'.v ?2?^Aisr ? tefer
th.. Strand o?toU.th? u ,W*n UUu '*
was ?tirnty f? mi 'V.'?;. ??* ??rta ?,,? ,t
t h.? tri7-urc ,..,?.,,,,,,;'. *? ^'i'1?* whether
??? a.lded ilm,al'' s ____**_* "?tempi,
of tho luna.?, acts Wi '?*1 CW?*???????-??
Trrm.of. rr.,po,.d A.tl.r?rw*Hu. Cow
?. ? p-frasasn.
G?? Anflo-Amrrloan oabh? to ta. Disps.vh.1
Dvaua, March lO.-Thc? ???*??,,?, *al
naj ???1,?>- tap thai "if a fawTtihwwitr?
draw fr.,m tho ,,.,???,,1 ,,,?,,.,, j ^? :
the Und wonld b,? quelled In a w?.-k t?
??g m thou bWi know th?7t *' Jr?e
th? I arnrlhtiiK th?,,. ?,1 ipo? .,?. C()Untrv
to foil tin'm."
Mr ,?,.??, (Vl^ary, who has Mtai tho
J ari.*ii committee haa wntto,, a letter for
rfa?AV.? ?G^???? ?'?'"?< ?hat ?,
?antis iv his leadership __ j,,,,,, ttH ys
PamrOl tosa te an laja?$3 S?
,1?,? r|?Mrir"r.thy in * ?,,,1>?]?^'???? article te.
??? /??.?? , balares thai tho Natonal
F?deration holds ths vote? and the ?.-?
h. i?,w,r. rha power of the landlSrd? ?
Mr Mor!',<;?,,1T,,'1r',ov &0*-* 1,",i?"'?
' i.ni ?^'1''' I,;,,H? ,s "?' ,l"1 ?d? W
in , ?usi ' ??'"'?'?"?ii "f on,? man . ?mm.?!
imponith,? nanas ? f n nation.
AN ANTI.l'ARXrj.I.ITT. G?????G????.
?Tho draft .?f a tionatttntioa to h? sah.
rnitted t.? tbo nBBBtine of ?tnti.ParueUitee
.--tor Unii, thli oity. dtrflnei tho ob
; the National Fedention as beine
rule- laad law reform; impi-ovi
mont m the statai of ths mass*??? ths
Boelal an.l political rights of Lalsorers
ami artisan*, an.l th.? developm.
Mali tadustriea nul resonre?
ment ..? the grand-jury
? ?bliaument of a? educational iysl
ton, based on the principle o! ?
inn toavas all sect iotts of the tri?t
i?l". electoral registration reform in r??
tard to Parliament an.l municipal govern?
ments aad other rjodiee, Bad the repeal of
?? r.'iuii act.
A riedite will also b? proposed binding
all tli? member* of Parliament vsh.?
Nati?.nal Pedarationto vote with
the party. Ii is als,, BUgeested that the
chairman of ths? Iri?<h Parliamentary j.artv
should also be president of the National
Mrl'artnylara Approved by tbe IrUh
HI ?hop*? tloCarthv Ci.iiipit?
?vtonat?? 1'isrnell.
Uly Antli>Ainr?rK-?o Babis to m? Dispatch.]
DtrnUB. March 10.?Tli*? Nat;.?!.al Pede.
ration opened in tin* city t.?
dav. Mr. Justin McCarthy presided. A
(rom arehbiahop Walsh was r.
which the Archbishop -?ai?! tl.at four fifths
of tbe oonstitnencies were ready to follow
the 1?'..'? ot Kilk. ?my. Mr. l'ari. IPs poli, ?
t the destruction ot the work ol the
Issi t. ? rears. Letters of approval of the
adopted 01 the MoCai
read from Archbishop Croke aad :
?hope in Ireland.
Sir 1 ?. ?arv of
iTcntion, ?tated tlmt 11:? ori
id seni d. I. rates and thut letters
bad been received from ninety other
organ! . hese or?am/.a
ald ?nppurl Mr McCarthy,
McCarthy ?-ai.l thai tti. league had al.
lowed itaseli tobe ??.?|.p!???1 In a recreant
tra? by a ** crow-bar hrigade.'1 Tbel
tion. In? <?.?.????t. .1. waswsll r.<l of I
liona! Laagna. it was thought by s.nio
. thej bad waited too long for
the leagnera to take action, bnt they bad
and to bold on i:i th? ???>?><? that the
j.artv would romain unit.?. 1. For Mr. i'ar
nell he bad no w..r.l? bnt tho-o of com?
iln following a wroiig oonrse Mr.
'arnoil's fat.? as !>?wl?-i of the Irif-h I'arlia
; beeome sealed,
Mr. Thomas Hexton, member <?f i'arlia
1 Belfast, dnting the p
made a ?tatamenl to the effect that .'.urin??
the Boulogne negotiations the r?j?r
f the majority of th.? Irixh l'arlia*
mentary party offered to Lav.? tbe ohair.
i'v .??on for a year ?t
Mr. Parnsll wonld r* tiro t.-m|?orarily from
Mti ?n. The oegotationa pr?
on this baaia. Mr. Pimell's leaderahip. ho
?.a ?I. 1? n?? 1.>??.t within the rauco of iirat.?
tKiil politica.
EIlCtTTIYr. ?????GG??.
An (-.tecutixe eommittae was ranointed
consisting of Messrs. McCarthy, Condon,
Davitt, Dcaiej. Dickson, Murpny.McCar.
tan, Artiiur, O'Connor, Beaton, Bheehy,
Sullivan, lud Webb, and ?l?-?' Measra,
Dillon and O'Brien ii thi yum willinj; to
Barre. ________
Tltroo Maugletl Itodle. Ktrnvorotl?lour
Others In tlio Ituin?.
?Ry Anelo-Amoriran cablo to ih? Ulspa^n?!
OlatBOOW. BOOaXaXO, Marcii 10. -A BOB?
In the manufacture of arnino.
ma at Duon'iIron.Work?, iu tinse iv, ex.
ploded tn-dai with tcrnft.? force, 'Ihr.?.?
inariph'fi bodies were recovered from tho
? th.- building. Four ? ther bodi. -,
m hiding that of themnm-t-erof the works,
are etili buried m th?? ?
francs?, Knclansl, ?"?I N>svf.mnsll*q,l.
iHy AuKlfs-Ani-rl' an cat.lo to tto |)1.?p?U-h.l
??1.1-. March 10 The lasBBBt say? that
th?- negotiations between Fran.??? ai
land on the Keirfoundlnnd (mestion have
1 in un agreement which w?l be
submitted to the I rench and EIngUab l'ur.
linmants at the end >?? Um wi
??-.??? atwnxiBa,
The Chamber of Deputies has pu.,sed the
?ngar.boTaBtiss bill.
rniMlaii ?)?????? Srliaaf Too "l^revlou?."
|Hy Anglo-American csll" to tho Dispatch.I
??.., Marchi?. ? h?? central I x
pcutiv? .nal Liberal pari
nouneea thai Frisian Deputy Sehaat who
. d to tli?? local committee of the
Nineteenth Banorei division that l'rmco
lelected to contea! the bye
hotit tho authority of
the exit utive in so ?loflu?.
Ths? at*salBB IJ?b?>r f'rlsl*.
{By ?????-Amoricsn cablo to the DUpat'hl
HiUHt-KiJ*, March 10.-The ('.uncil of In
duHtrv of Labor bas ; ted to the
chamberei petition in behalf ol employer?
ploycs. uro-ini? the Oovernmant to
do its m-nost t.. avo-.d the general strike
wujel! ; . 1 if parliament ?loes not
??,'G??? t<? nj?Tt^raaliUafitsga.
A Innrh SorlalUt Warn??.! t?> l.onso.
IlsyAu(rlo-Amenanca!?l?U? tho Dlsj.sioh.l
?-.?. March Hi. -Ocusde the French
S..-i.di-t. wh.? bas l.p m tins cit ? for
son.,? time past artantjrina plani it the
? cei? oration, hu? been warned to
Belgian?!. _^
One of th* I'.rtlelpanU l>**?l-The Other
Ua.Ur Wound,??!.
(By tol*?Ts?A to the DUpavh.l
Sax Dikk?. ('AU.ManhlO. The narticn
lars of th- killing t>f William Itimi
Frank ('oto at Fl Oaion form a sansa.
tio??al stt.iv. ir ?,,.?? r had been courtmi?
,?tef, but was objected to by her
relatives. Vest?.day the rottUg mon Btet
?nd Coto forbade Trimmer to call oa Wa
.,-ain. After a quarrel they decided
t, flgbt a and. Twenty paces w.r?? .stepp.-d
off aud both begin Bring. Alter a few
shots Trimmer fell dead, while foto ro
Sived a sevr? wound in th? V* ami
balk. He has been arrested to await the
action of the grand jury.
? ss.? Tl.uu.anl M???, ?>?'? ?'? Employment
for a Month to ? om??.
[By U'lefiP*' ?? ?**? 0'?????'???
?-?t????????, 1?.. March 10 Th?? Ed5r?r
Thomoson Hteel-Works of Carnegie's, at
lei 1 ck Fa.. Which shot down te re
a,rs J ve'r. s weeks BfO, will ?BO? resume
perai.ms'.r some tim??. A general re
oj.eraiion* 1 r t , ( . th? employes
ahi? W^k S! tnVSm hasdeCle?! to CO.I
tbli wi?ei. ?????" - , mouth at
\Zt ?bis a?" iou Weuf?)rces ...lleness upon
??rlv ? men. B?oos .;..?>d for
the continued suspension.
Kay If?-nlltoe* Will Prebat.?!.
(By wlsgrspl to tt* Dlspaicu.i
?_V/>__ Murch 10 - Hurro.'at?? Ransom
1 too to probate. ^'^?K'^
n?ris&to& aira/se,
rool-Koom. J?dir*7l^o.tj|ln??d.
. '.? 11? March 10.?This morn
We doing a lawful bu*in?ja*.
A Mayoralty Dsssllo?^.
I By telasrapi. ? the l)Up*tot? J
A I'ecldedly Hard-looking Citatomer ?
Vl?lt?-d by SiippoaKad Pal? ritmi Atlanta.
Muk-os Will Write HI? Ilo.,k.
?ipeelal telerranr? to the IRtpateh.)
L*fl??*iBBt!Rr>, Va., March 10.?Samuel
Dodd, a white man now in jail her.? ?,n ili?? ,
chargoof niurdt-rin Atlanta, (bt.,who wrote i
the Mayor a few day? ago that he waa inno- '
cent and b?awjad fo be reletaiied, receiviag
M noti?-?? from that official two ?laya ago '
made an unoxp?ct?*l ?onba-ion to the j
Chief ot Police, hut it wan keut prnfrmmlly
s.-cr.t uutil to-dny. It now transpir?.? that li.?.
knew ho was wanted in Atlanta, and finding
that h?, was Wing held ftvlh?authoriti???
<f that i-lace (.onfesse.lt hut a man in Atlan- :
tu whose nat.io be doe? BOt know threw a I
r."la**???f bearla hi? face nn.lthathe ?hot
nnd killed him with a pistol, th?? same one
be bad on hi? person wh?-n arroeted
li nrj.r-nrrxHcr.
llessys h<? 1 .??!i'?v.?? his victim threw the
? ?blind hini that he might do him
eoreeerioa? injury, aad thai be ait??.I la
? fenoe, bal wat drinking at tbe tune.
"on was brief and pointed.
No amount ol f??? tinning can eli? it a
word more than he < le.?,*.-, {,, t.ll. H<- |?
a man of gigaat?o Ir..m?? ami iron will, and
a o -i-iilclly hard-look in?? fusionier. Huf
? faci that a poUtMBiaa Mvered him
I wh< n arri st.-?l hen th? r?
would have I,?en a tra-????!*/ m he drew his
weanoa with a rapidity which showed him
bu adept in n.? us??.
? ?.???-? st ? worn?'.
Two ilny? a:?, two stram-er* cla?Tiiinp to
be ?run Atlanta ? Id, ? nt
whether they are oflcera Incog or ar?? on
?(?ine oilier ? rrand 1? not kiewn. They
dtoappets-ed and ?to-day tw>
rfo-uadooklllg character.? called an '
? the prteoaar. Tli?? rtMaecl wi ?
gianted after they had been thoroughly
???????rein-1 f?,r "tools." Th? ? proved tobe
pala ?.f J)',iid aa ? . ? ut when tbe
morder waa ?oommitted. Thev came her?
t'ii iliivs BfO aii'l eiii/ii?,?, d Work at the
'"ttnii-fucti.r.V. I'll?? p.iliee iie'ileve til"
stranger? w?-r?? paving th? way for tur
Btahiag Dodd with the ? .?..?.
A IIARK? ??.??,
It i? iindiT-t'.ii'l that nnwanlof ??COO has
fared tor bis apptaheaBioa, and it
i*-?iiiit,? e.rfi'i. that he **???1 i?- retained
?itil callad for by ih?? (?-'?re?a ?a.
thorititw, which will probably be within u
davor tWO. due of th?? my?'i-ri ?- ??t.
KoiievouciiHufod the information that Dodd
irhaepat In the ?moon in which the
murder won cominiited.
A LABOR ??G???.
Th? united sia?, ? Diatriot Oonrt, ?Jadee
I'ml prt*?i<ling, convened today. ? I ?
?lecket is the lurg?-?t in the history of tb?
cour! her??, though ther? ar? ao v?-ry im*
ii'irtutit ?asea, many ?>f the juror? drawn
had not arrived and nothing importuni
was don??.
??? ((?????G? G?.?????.
A meeting of ?toolholders of the I.v.neh
borg Female ('"11???,'?? and "repreaeotativea
of the liiv? rni'iii Land Company was bald
here t?.m.-ht for the parpo?? oi signing
the |???"G?? ?1 ? lag tin- contract f,?r tl?,?
purchase of th?> grouad apon which the
*ewill be located, Prof, ?--or Smith.
of Ka!idoi?,h-Ma?'o!i Oollege, la? aeonred
the requiri ?1 |1(JO,(JOO f..r i*he establishment
of tho collega und ha* n handsome varplui
-? r. i a early oommeaceBstad . f work
? buUdinB? is now aaaared. ? c<>m
iiiiit.?<? having been appointed al Uli* Oie? tV
mg to 8('!('Ct the ?
Arrival of *>!. tliodUt I ?Hecate? at Kua
"BOBe ?A Washington I'arty.
IfjBSMBtl telegram to tbo Dlspatcli.l
?????,??, Y?., March 10.?Delegate? t?>
the Baltimore Confi renoeof the Methodlel
Bpiaoopal Church, Sonili, which convene?
?morTOW morning, have arrivi to?
day in lare;,? numbers, and the seaaion pro
tofbeone <?f more than'naual Interest.
Biahop Ibin'rix, of Missouri, will preside
over th?? Conference, and many d ist in?
f'Uished ?liviiie? from adjoining Sta:
,?* present. The ttptnifig sermoa waa
preached to-nighl to a large congr?
nl the(?p?????-?'??"???1 church by Kev.
J. P, Slump, of Mooreli?lid.
Secretarv-of-War Proctor, Attorney?
Oenaral F?ller, Quart<-riiia?ier-<i?'nL-ral
Hatcheldor, Senators Fry? of Main?,, lian?
?lerson ni Nebraska, (Mander? of .Mon?
tana, Hawl.'.v ?of Connecticut, and Caray
of Wyoming, with member? of tbe House
Of neiT'-enlatives, other "ihVlul*. and
newspaper-men arrived here tin? moraing
on a ?peci?, train from Washington tw
r.,n.', to Chattanooga to attend the meet
in;.' of the Chiekamiiiigia.l'urk Aaaooiation,
'Ihe party numbered in all ?boni fifty per?
sons, union?,' them being many lu 1
ItAll.llOAIi OrFlCIAl.R.
The train left In re tlii* morning at 8
o'clock, and in- ?ooompanied a? far as
Hiist?.l by Vice-Preeldent Eddy, lleneral?
Bnperintendent Hipper,amici,mei Fraak
Unger, superintendent of tranaportation,
of the Norfolk and Wtctero [iaUroad Com?
pany. _
law ? WIW ? Laatbar, and ????*?-<'?G!, (un?
?limed?Tin-? I.?is?, s un,l laaiiia-x-r.
[Special teloe-ram lo the Disi a' -?..'
Kcrroi.K, Va., Manli 10.?At UhU o'clock
tonight fire broke out in th?, taw*mill of
Jolm.-oii k Andowon, near the Union de?
pot and immediately on the Snfloik and
Carolina railway, Ihe fire depa
iiiiii.-ili.it '!\ r? ? ponde 1, but th?- mill and
its contents with tbe lumber'in thi
Was devour.??!, M ? ver? 11, ili?." ?fa? dry ?"
under, and th.- whole place w.<- env<
in flamea in ?even minate? from tim tim?
the fir?* wus discovered.
JohiiH'iti A Aii'lr? tri valued their mill at
about | '? -'? which the? 1. id an in?
suraiir. ' ? Dennis A Irnettown d
the lumber in the yard, of which thi re waa
!',,?! worth ?i*.,!???) or in
which there waa an iintaranoe ?.? ?.',????.
Two Norfolk aod Western box-cart win?
destroyed and one or t\?o hat* wer?in?
,'ured.* i.os* ii'nout > l,?>CA), who'll will fall
upon the ?Suffolk and ' .ilwn'?
. ,!,v, a? the ears were on their truck
u.i.t.iil?' ti i.?? loaded with lumi.? ?*,
The dry-kilns of Johnson ? Andrews
wat? m Immediate ?"langer, but wan
If thev had In.rue.1 the i-l.itnc-i.?_?ht plant
wonld doubtliBsa bave been swept ?way, a*
n i- located ?m'y ? tew yard* tr?,ni th?
The li^'ht? were shut off for Bkhorl while,
a* ih? polis wire ,?n tire. Out b?
been turned on. rheflra i* nowvif.lOA.
M.) under control, hut the lin ?neu are etili
ut work ou it. _
The Annual 1.lection ot ?llicer??l'wo
**.?'>? l'r??????? (?Mler??l.
(Ily tel-grai li to tbe DUpatch.]
NonroiA*. Va., March 10. -The Consoli?
dili?,1 cu ii-Cm|,re? Company <?t Nor.
folk held Ts annual meeting t??-d iv. Gt? ? -
ral V. I?, tinnier, of Noriolk, wu? r??-??!??? ?!?? 1
pr?-ideut : ??. M. Stuart-Wortley, of ?Sog
land, Hea-prat dent, ami l'crguu I.?-id, ?f
Noriolk, L'enei al ii,.uit?"i?r. Ihe eompany
h:tsapai(l-Ui? "0. They ar??
cow negotiating for two new ? ?ii;;?
so as to mak?* additional provision forthe
cotton received at this port.
She Wa? Temporarily Uepalred and Towed
to New York?French Initnlgranta.
'Spectal tolesram to tbe Diapatch-I
NoRTxiLK. Va? March 10.-Th?? steamer
Havana, formerly ot the Vork-Kiver Lino
from Haltiuiire to New iOrk. arrived hero
to- lay with lier machinery disul.led. Bb?
paired temporarily aud u Norfolk
and Westoru tuj* lelt with her in tow to.
night for New \ork. .
A iiuinl?? r of l'rench uiiuiigrant? iirrived
here to?lay en nmte West. %
A IIoo??-nreaker lieu Tlir?? Tear? In the
Fenlteatlary?A l>ar ?" 9tA%\
rbpeelal telegram toth? t>lM,a".'h.]
Waks-W. Va.. March 10.-The County
Court ?>f Northumb.rland.whi'li ha* been
ineeaaionat Heathsvillc tor th?* \M*t two
dar?, ?eutcun-d Adoniram Bail (oolor? I)
to threo vears m penitoutiary for hou?e
Hiram ?eat, for easanlt ut>on Weatley
Veney (both color?*?!), to one day in jail
and ailao imi>o?>ed a fine of fa.
lu-atr? of aa Kx-ronfederat?.
?Martinebur? (W. Va.) BiaiMtaan.]
Mr William H. Harman died <?n lustflun.
day morning at hi? home in this city s aged
?ixty.two yeitr?. He was a highlv-rr?spe?W
???, Bocikl in his cvery-iUv life and ex.
tni|?iifi?'l that "noblest work of Uod-an
honeat man." ^m
Weal ???wa with Tweely l'e-??en?*r?.
fB-f t-legraph t,> the IrUpatch-l
???-rnJt. Was.!.. March 10. It Is rumor?d
that th- mtnnmnr Bu*.k-v?i want down in
? he Bonnd between Edmonds snd Arrpl?*
Tree core with twenty ? ass sogar* Re"?,?'
night. No confirmation is yet obtain?1'?'',
but the b??aoh is *tr??wn with the wreckage
of what appears to he her cargo.
Rbattix Wasb., March 10.-The report
? hat the steamer Backeye hs?l be??" MM
near Kdnioud* with twenty-five passeo
por? sboard wa* disproved to-<iay by tne
baie arrival of that st\ea*ner.
Greet l>am*sr* Oon* to I*rop?rty-Terriee
Storti???farmer? ?a???,?.
(By tetogTsph to Ut? DVtpatcti.l
Memihis, Tkn??.. March 10.-A epecial to
the A?.p<<ii-Av??Jfiu>Ji. from Okalona, Miss..
Ke|?.?rts just ro.eivesl show that
dSaWage has l?een done tbrontzhout
the country hv the floods Saturday and
Sunday. Many bridges end turnpikes
l ave t ? en washed aw a ? and it is ?p???t*?"
ble to estirnaie?! damage. The Illinois
Central railroad is Beinling its fast trains
..?.r the VickstaUJ, and Meridian ?nd Mo?
bile and Ohio road- ? rid Jackson, Mis*.
a Town cut orr.
At Lexington. Mis?., tli* storm watthe
meet destructive ever Known thore. The
town is almost entirely cut off from all
eommnnicstion with the outside worm.
The Illinois Central'bridge one n.il??-???-??
<?f that town was entiMv destroy?.! ana
great loss foDowsd. Ihe track was washed
up in many places.
Kii.tr.n ?? ?,??pt????.
Siitnrdtv stening Minnie Bray, aymng
eolored sebooLteaebar, ? " her?-,
?? ?s Btraek by lightning und instantly kdl
? NX
Brida??, bolli wooden and iron, ar?'
? away snd the roach? are impassable.
Farming operations ar?? entirely ?uspenoea
and ploughed land i? badi ? ?rsahed, de.
Invilii,' planting two or three weeks. I en ?
aioli).' tl.recks are eotnplet? Iv gone. ? ??
farmers are great! edel tin? out?
A tornii.? storm passeri within three
mileaoi Brand m, m ?-.. lete Ban '.? aUfnt,
carrying d.-siruciion.
? \??.
Fvery bonse "? s. B, Dona!
away and bs snd bi? ?rife wi
ri insly injun d. 'Ih- splendid ???- id ?"' '?
,?f th?? h,:. Dai id 1. >? il ? ?. a. ir ?
? ?.? ther with ever? bail ling on the place,
was blown away, 1 ?enng only the floors
and the foundations, Mrs. wdsonandan
lined, with tbe 1? d upon
which tbey wer.? sleeping, oui into the
fron, tard, completely covi re 1 by :
snd ? ?iT.lv bruised, and had ;.. remuin
out in ? pouring rain all night.
trjoosTA tal in wATT.ii.
. ; t. Msr b hi. 1 be greater
portion of the city between the canal an 1
the river is ander wster. All ? a?
? rj -?1. I be nv. r ;- thlrty.flve f??> t
? v.- the ordinary level.
The wat.-rs ar?? receding and iiodanssge
has been ? snsed to property?
No llroiik? U|?ort?-.l Ihn? Far-Precau?
tion? T.skoi, ?|*??.1??! ('r?vas??*??.
|lly MaSglBilB U> IBS Dl3pntc?i.l
rfaw Oblkabi, La., March io. Ho in?
oli concerning any breaks on th.?
Louuiana line of 1 I
np to to-day and the State engineer? are
hop. tul thai I will sue.fully
h in th.- northern
porli.? of the Slat?? there are
levees abont whose --taliility som.? ?u?i?r.'
h< ? ion ?- ; ?
? h.? w.ii. r has not roachod the ????? ot
lai t year' ? fl. ? d snd many of tbe
bavs bei ? re ? ngthened so lb tt
? .'?- ? Dgineers bs li.-v.? tu. re .
dan er than there was Issi rear. The water
iialmoal np to the crest .?f the 1.?\.?
Bayou la Fourche, . and fear i? felt
ther??. n- tii- l.a lOurch?? int.t?
? territory richly dotted with
tugar plantations. Tbe Government
engineer here ia making ammiro ment? t.?
charter patrol-boats to watch the danger?
ous points along the river and to obeoa, it
m the incili?-! !
Lieutenant M?lls, ol the government ter
in 1 St.it??-Engin,?er Richardson have
gone to the front on a tour of Inspection
?nul t.? ilk- precautions against the in?
roads of the Mirri tti |*f**
KITect of the High IVafer? No Further
Trouble Apprehrntlod.
tfiy i>l?gra;>h SB ih? Dispatch.)
ArorsTA, (is., March ??.?Th?? city i? in
darknest to-night, the high water having
interfered with the electnc-light and pas
oompeniee. i rathe will l?o resumed on all
Irosda to-morrow. No mail wen.?lo?
ll \. red to-day and business wss prsd
suspended. No lerioni damage t.. pr...
petty has resaltad and no tether trouble it
apprehended from ths hititi water. The
river reached thirty-live feet six inches,
and has h'???ngraduali? recedine; all .ii.v.
TI,.? ' inni.? ilaii'l I allin?* Slowly.
flly ti.lncrajjh tn Ihe l)l?i>s'.ca.|
Ni.snTn.i.r., Taxa., March lO.-TheCnm
I liver bits been falling slowly slid ty.
At d;irk the gauge eh. ned 17.7 feet, a fall
during tbe twenty-four hour? of t!ir??
I .fa foot. lh> rise from abovs is
night, whea a rite
of a foot or more is anticipated.
Saved from the Wreck of Ihe Ilusas 11.
[liy tole.-r?i.!i to tr?? Dispatch.)
Nrw YoBB. March in.-The stcamsliip
ga, winch arrived to-day from the
indies, had .?? noard Captain I
Bon. the mat. mid fourteen men ?.! the
British ?hip w. ??. K.is-.??, wrecked on
Isle of ] ? I
r Penseoola,
The Itosi It tan Do.list Now.
(?griot t.. ttie Dlspatch.1
Bacbamj aro,Cai., Mar ih M, Th?. Damo.
cran.? cm ?? I agreed t.. gi ..?
complimeutarv nominati na for United
Siat.-s ?- - u? ?r t .Messrs.Uoncher.0
and ? ? ?? parate day.
_ BECKHAM Died,at7:10 o'eloel ?
da\? morning . \ a., in tbe :
fifth year of bis age, ft, v. S BOYALL
BECKHAM, r. 1. M. indLucy
?;, b.?, ;. ?
BOOKl K. Died, March 10, I'd, at the
?..! her par?ni-, at
M., BEAULA M.. olde-*t daughter of James
F. and DoraM. Bo? ker.
[hongh ca?t d. wii, we ire not forsaken;
?h afflicted, ? I
Thon ? . -? -
? ? ? bj tvil? be none;
Thou basi left us and we miss thee;
Badly misa thee, Bi n u dear.
In vain ve list? ? for 'hv footsteps,
Stili we an? thinking thou ari
H. K PaJt??aBaB,
Noti- lifter.
more pap ?>y. ?
CJIAMIi! ? Died, on the nth
? on Brook 'pik??,
? ?i:.? C? . .YNEj aged
All I
Yet nothing, Lord, is hist to him
Who bath njBlosi ? bj trace,
Fri.-nd ?, ire invt? I to attend the funeral
service? al the Piral Baptist churen TO?
DAY ? \?? ?In. ? *
DBASE, Died, at ' .?. 7ii
south China stre.-t, a! 3:30 A. M., March
?.?, mi, JOHN W. DHAXE, La the titty
etsbth ige,
Ihe funeral will take place from LaureL
Methodi ? Epi bopal church W ED
NL8DAY \t 1EHNO '\ at 8 o
pi'ctfuily lu?
titeli t.. attend.
Petersburg (Va.) papi .??v.
' M?
HAMMIL Died, at ber residence. 2716
? street, Mardi 10, UBL Mrs. MABl L
DAM Mil...
I am! silent now
BaDOs thy bright -mile i? gone;
A mother's hoj>??, a husband's joy,
J Ii Death's cold arms doth li')?
We niis^ her-words cannot express
: 'II.
is ?- in Heeres at rest.
Oh! why should we oomjdain?
Tho funeral will take place from Fnion
Biation Methodist Epl ? >? d chu eh i'HIS
(Wednesday) AFTEKNOON at 'i o'ol?Kik.
It of familv ar? invt? 1 to attenti.
Salisbury and Oreerxiboro1 (..V 0L) papers
Xi -
h?v. ?. ??.?71??? HKADIB1 will lector* on
"IIUMK' st llosvatM'tS-Urov* aelbcxllatetmrcb
ll'-NKillTatfieVl.*;.. G???>??1? forbauefllof
Ladles' ,\,4?oeleiy._mh U-U*_
I I.lb-ial .rsi r . f Kaiuso?, J. K.H?MHBI')U>,
?t a..iiiic;?iio lini!. ??!{?..??? Urea ? strs t. W'Kl?
??:?1)??,?*???a?????, ?IS ? M. Subjesst. ** TUB
AlOdTl.rst.ir i.iIl.rlTY. ' ???.ytxisly Invlt a,
**p?>cially ilo ral Unnser*. sta *-*?*
?xci um?)>?*. av.
limiti ktotl psmpb?ou d*sM*rlMaf felly m* __>
raon*o)?ii?? for nur uitiot ?citta ?'?aaou of u?'ir?
now r**dr, sud vau b? obtain. J <?n ?opllcailou.
???'???* tOoKattOI?,
aia-Ita ail *n?l ??? Brt>au?*By, S?* ??&
Cause of the Knro?nt?r the Klna-PIHow
Law ?alt, la??,, Win* Arhanta? Land
Ritter ?erlint and the ???????*.
iBy telegraph to th? DUpatch.]
MiBTHta. Tran., March 10.?Mr. David
H. P?j??Vin, a prominent lawyer of this
city, was thi? morning shot and mortally
wounded hy Colonel H. Clay King, a well
known citizen and also a member of the
Memphis bar. Tho tjragedy occurred on
Mavfstnvt opposite the Court rViuare.ard
occasioned great excitement on the crowd?
ed thoroughfare, which was thronged, in
addition to the usual crowd?, by a large
numher of lady aboppers which the bright
spring weather had brought ont.
Mr. Poitou is a member of the law firm
of Poston .V Poston. and his family i? one
?*f th.? no t prominent in the city, and well
known throughout the South. Hi? father
whs al?n a clehratcd lawver.
Colon?] H. (lav King served with ?lis?
t?n? li,,n in tin? Confederate army, being
o?mimarider of "'King's Tigers": i*ur>ril
linnt lawver. has held diff.*r?-nt ?>rfe-<m in
Slelhy county, and istlie author oi King?
Dig??! ?.? tl,,? l.awsof Teuai leee, which was
for a long tun?* a stanjdard work.
The cause? which led to the shooting
hay.? il.eir origin in th? law-.uit which ha?
? ? ? ? ?-.? celebrated in Loth Tennes.
?udicial annal-*, and to
ll. Clay Kin : ?nd Mrs. Clideon J.
Kllow. wife of Gideon J. Pillow, ?>t l"??rt,
Pillow fame, were the principals. I h?? lit
igati ? la- I ?? ? pen.ling fora nmiiLerof
?. ar . and grew ,,ut of ? ,-rtain transacthnp
between these partie? with regard to A*.
kar.-a?. landa, eira. PUlow claiming th? ti?
tle 1 tain deed? signed By King,
and v. ?. ?: | -?? ?? v.-r executed
a. far:.- delivery ?is coBCwrned, autaiag
t urri'iititi'i'i
of th? m. i
| ?KL.
The Brag ft PmUm wa* of
ttra. Pillow, ih? romplalnaat,
. aroused betw* ?
tbe parties to the litigation aad ?vidence
lumini lo the social reputation -t both
v?;? ?r- el. addueatd. King's ? ittern? -*
Mi-, hilo? wa- m ? meeanre
ire 1 to David ? at ??, the leading
?I. The main ease is now pending
in ii ? Bnpr? me * .??irt of this Btate and is
s.?? for th April term of that tribunal, it
Lavin ? : tithe 1 wer c^urt in
Colonel King was standing in frontet
r ..1 ball ? ksi H o'clock
. IB 111- ll ? I. A U'oIIH'llt
lat''i Mr. f -t.-n can.,' along. Without a
W rlof warning King Stepped ont from
?' lo ?rway, an ? ? pistol?a 44
calibr? igainsl ???. ?
Ural. 1 ba wounded man staggered blind?
ly for ?few seconds, when mend? :
t.? Ins assistance aad ??arnad hin Into a
near-by ret ?uraiit. ?p,'_' sto.nl still, pis?
tol in hand, and v/h?? arr?-'? ? ? few mo?
ment later. Ur. Peat?n wa? taken t.>an
miiriiiary -moa ?iter the -mooting, aadia
< t in a piecariou* ?oiil.ti'.n. 'Ihe
attending physicians say he cunuot ?
Both the method and resulta when
?Syrup of Fige is taken ; it is pleiteant
and refreshing to the taste, and acte
gently yet promptly on tho Kidney??,
Liver and Bowels, cleans??? the ey??
tera effectually, dispel? colds, head?
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation, Syrup of Figs Is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro?
duced, pleasing to the tasto and ac?
ceptable to the etomach, prompt in
it? action and truly beueficial in its
effect?, prepared onlv from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it tho most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figi is for salo in 6<ic
and 81 bottles by nil leading drug
girta. Any reliable druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any ono who
wHip?* to try it- Bo not accept any
LQUmttlE. KY. mtW YORK, K.t
Ja -Su.WlwjAF'oti.tcofrJt_
: ? >*.???* ?
Notliimr can be tni.-rthan thaU differ?
ence in material makes a material OSes
?nee, Look at two men win? ttare just
como to the end of a Ion? j ?urn?y. They
have travelled exactly th.-hiime distance',
but one present* all tho cvidenc ?). of
w.-armi'ss, whii?? th?) otli?r is as fresh as
tho proverbial daisy. ? hero is a diffvr
ence in their material. Troiirier? undergo
exactly the ?aui-j ex|iericnce. One pair
will arava] the same dietiiiu'o a? another,
and. if it is of the right kind of fabric, it
will reach its journey's end in excellent
simp,. ; if it isn't, it will tell a sWy of
dit!', rent material ro-ikinj,- ? material dif?
ference. The trouble is that one pair is
apt to look a? good aa the other at the
outet. If, isditlicult to distinguish be
tweeu them and, unies? your judgment is
infallible, you mu?t see to it that your
custom ia given wh.-re your confidence is
dams S Berry.
OF P.-Thc members of ttrl? lexical
wllla???*fnble at ?chiner Hall, ?M t?a?t|j
Hroel atr-et. THIS ,W?"?*"" ?"?*>? I??) AF-Tj
TBKNuoN all o'clock ?harp to aatou-l ^^^
tb? (?nrrai m our late hrotlier, L. CBAmbbb
Ltiif, Iron? lh? Flrat BtptUt eburch at 4 ?Vcioet.
Iljr order ol Ite? liai? ?-e I lor ? ommanJor.
?nhil if a. T. IIBACH. K. ot R. ?***?_
"AN AI.J0UHNE1) ???'??? OF
1a? ?toctlioMer? of the RIAL K.1TATB LU?N
DEf-OMlT COMPANY will U> bel?i ?1 ??? offle?
of Mea-ira, 1'lo.no??? A ??po??ww >?l, Ninth ?nd
Mala ?treet?, on ??G?80??, March lath, a*?
P. AC A fui? al?enla??? la dcalrcl.
m? liVI?_ *notoinry.__
Tin; ANNUAL Mi:i:riN(i 01' THE
?tivckhoMei. of the CLIFTON ?????
WaTBH co?PANY will b*> b?,d al tb? ???
cha? ?? Hotel, ?a Ibe ct.* of Hlctimonl. Va., oa
??'.?*1)??, April ?, l**l. All ?tocthoKler? ar?
r?K-ae?ied to be pre??at either lu pereon or t?j
ily order of Ih? Prvel'lent. _
nia (hSuaWta B**cr?iarjr au-1 fretwurer.
New York Life Insurance Co.,
34.6and348 Broadway, N. Y.
JANUARY 1, /Sci.
WILLIAM II. BEERS. - - President.
????? TUCK. Vie*. President, KCFC? W? VVIBK9. A??tusry.
AKCU. a. WBLCU. Second VIcsvPresMent THK?)DORB M. BANTA, CaahlOc.
A. HCNTINOTON, It D.. Medical Director.
Pwmletne._.:.-.-.-.-.tW??sWs,?v, ss
Intero?!, 1 ?*?*,?*?. 4.818,830 "4
total income.-.???-.??.mtv>,ino m
DI9BI:RSBMB!IT account.
IV*.th claim? and Endowments.~.? f.OTM?? ?W
Dividend?, Annuities, aad Purchase?! In?ur*a???*.-. 8,801.871 84
TOTAL TO POLICT-IIOLDBRS.?.?J18.178, !>44 08
New r?llele* I??uod. 4V7M
NewIneur?nco Written.$15?,8??,0?6 OB
CONDITION .???G??? 1. Irti.
ASSET?.i.?.-.???,???.*? ??
?Divisible Stirpi.??, Company'* New Standard._.$ ?\?G.?11 M
t Tontine ??uroiue. ??. <?r*n,sw M
Uurplu? by State Standard (4 por cent.).|14,*G*?,4? S?
PtBBtBBttB Force.?. . 178.1*9
Insurance In Force.$5*8,?*<,??? 00
In.T"???? In Inter??', Rent?, Ac .$ SSI.frl?. ?O
lucr.?a?*ln Beneflt? o PoUcy-tioldere. ?,.???? 88
lacrease in l'omlum?. ?.?4?,8?? U
???t??*?? In Total Income. 8.*s4. ???.! 84
????,?????? A??ota. ln.9S4.J09 01
Iocr??ise? 'n ln?ur?rico Written.????._. ?,4?V8.977 i>l
Incrriwo In Insurance In Fores. 7S.TSS.75e 00
'Bsetoetv* of th? amount ?pectally reserved?? ac>-mting>?at llabltitr to Tontine Dividend Fund.
tOver and above * 1 per com. roe?rve on eiutlni pcllcie? of that ot*??.
N?w In?nr*nco I??.i".j. Inoiranco In F was Asset?; Annasi Income.
In 1*80.1 *??.??':.,9<8 | sfSI. 1. 1H??1.,|IS.r,7n8l1 1 .Ian. 1. ISM.$4?,1??*?,?14 I la* ...| KIVM.Tl?
In I--',. B-.-.-'l.fJ .l-tn. 1, 1??S. ?.???,?00 1 Jan. 1. is??. M.9M,--?.! I??s5..... ?',???.178
Ini?.'?. . 1 ??. ..:-V? I.lau. 1. IMI.8?B^8J?vTBl I !an. I, 1181.115,847,810 I 1X90.. ..? 82.158,110
Tbo mi?rsete??! I por cent. Interest 18 ani *> Ye*r-lnv?i?tment Bond? of NBW YORK LIBI IW
"CHANCK COMPANY hat- ? r.mvo.j a m.?*t popular competitor of UHiM.'ND RENTS and MOBT
Deytru want low onst In?ursnce with m?xtmum ?.?cirlty ? Tho New York Life'? Nob-Tortolt
\ne Ir?? Tornine ?'.ilioi??? *reuuex-?U.i I In l.iiiorality. Protection, and Coavertablllty.
out a ?luirle esatsssad poll?.';, the past ulne year*
J. G? I'AtOHORN.Ueneral Agent, Flamen* ?a????*. I'altimore
a I?. HoWt.WI).Sp?_l*l Aeent, ?a ? South ?**??!, ???11???G*?
(i BO RUE C. BOWERS'.Specie?. .Asp-nt, 1311 F ?treet, WaehlngWo, I). 0
J. E. JACOBS, ('?nera| m^vw?,?^^
?'?, 8 ?South Street. Baltimore, M. D.
?H. C. WV8OB, Publia, Va.! [W. B. ?????a?. Lyncrtbiir*, Va.1
WYSOR & FREEMAN, General Agents
GI'.OR.rk A.dllNlN, Mana^r. No. 1 north T.voth street, Richmond, V*. mh ll-W.Wu'rt
Trice? for Money. Ilond?, Stfsek?, Grain,
Tobacco, (otto?. Ar., an.I In Con?
nection Therewith ths? Wea?
ther Indication*.
[By telegraph to Uie Dl?patob,l
Woalhor Indica!?on-.
WAsniNijTO!?, D. C, March 10.?
G?.recast for Virpinia an<l Korth
l'aro!in." : Fair; warmer; south.
erly wind?.
was clear and pleasant.
Kauu'o of th.? tinnii?.met. r at the front
doorof th? IN?Bsafo!t<vffleeyeateTdaji
? ?. Il.33
DA. M.40
? ?. li.?
Moan temperature.45
Nbw Yobk, March 10.?The ?u>ck market to?
ds? wa? ?till dull ani tho strong tone of yester?
day was lacking, although ?jino further ?llfrtit
upward progress waa made la thrf early d.?a -
hilt?. Th" narrowness uf the market, however,
ws? tig* a eutlioioutl? demonstrated, tuo trading
being purely pro'e*siooal. The selling uf th?
forenoon was contluod lirai to Burlington, Btt
Paul, Hock talari 1 and Loulsvllt-), but Lat'kv
wanua wa? attacked later and Afchison followed.
Tbe genoral lint showed a f.-w marked move?
meni? among tl:?? inactivo ?baro?, among which
a.lropof G? tu Now llavoa, equally large fl.ictu
r?ti> n? in Oregon Navigation, ?*t.l a les ? of 1 ^ In
Muffalo, RSCbaStsr, and 1'ittsburgh were most
proinloent. The d?claration of ? quarterly
dividessiei ly, waeth? Immediate <-*us* of ihe
toovstaent lu Navigation and the oilier move?
ment? auioug the general list were lor Special
Th* coal ?took? wore th? last to feel th? pros
sure, but *(ter moderst.? leSBSB ilio attack tsiu
duKoutinuoU. 'Ib<-general li?i rallied fully in
the afternoon aller l?ese? which oitendod to
I _, bui ih? final dealln?;? wwru again rttBsg
heavy and tLe market closed svlUi a. vory mod??
rat.? volants of buslu???. The final change* aro
tu all ca?t>? "ligot aii'liiulto Irregular. Salo? of
?tucks?Listed, 1*?),000 ?liar.??; uulUted. 17,4100.
HONEY AND ????????.
? .?.?Exchange quiet and ?toadr at 4sM?
nin-r Ul bill?. 4M?, airs? s.. Mouoy ni?r
at ???My,; cioeing. offered at i, Sub-'i
'? coin. 81M.818.U00; curren-v. s-.r'..,.??>
Government? dull i..?t?tnaly : 4 percoliti, IStMI
ij? ?, MM stai?? bond? dull and fcatureles?.
Alabama?Clase A, a to ft.?..?ion
B, 1.-.
North Csrotlna ?-oosol 6'?.?1\
Berta Carolina 4?.?. *>H
??.?atti Carolina Drown?.
Fmssssss ?'?.1U<
Tftllli'W" 5'?. ?"?
leone????.?'? eetllement:i'd.., .. tUH
Vlrirluta*'?. 60
Virginia 8?, conile.-. ??
Northw.storti.-.1 "????.
f4orthw.??tern preferred.141
Delaware and Lvtawauna. : ?.
Rrle. II
gast I BSBSSSBS railroad. d\
Lake !?Iioro.10*??
I en is ? il ? ?? 1 Na*ti villo. Tli ig
.Moniphis and Charleston.? 31
Mobil? sad Ohio .
Naelivlll? ?nd ? balianooga. 1)1
Nrw Orleans Pact He 1st mortgage. UT?*
rk ?-'entrai.I'll %
N*ifolk and '.V.istern preforrad_ .
?i Psctflo. 87
Nortbeta Pacific preferred.~\\
Pacino Mail.? -TT?.
., ? sad Wot Point Terminal.?.. 17*?
Ro?-k l*l*ud.???, ?
SU PSBi.-.-.
St. Paul prorerred.110
Toia? 1'acltlc. 13
TeonesMS i\?al and Iron.?,. M\
Pulen PaOtSu.-.-. 44
NcwJersay central.Ill
Missouri Paotflo..:..?ay
Weriern Vniou....._. e0?i
Cotton-oil Tru?t certitleete?. ???
rlrun?Wtck. 18
Mobile ?nd Ohio 4'S. 6?
Silver certificat?? (Western National Beak
New York certificato? i??u*d on deposit of
Chesapeake and Ohio. i,\
Chesapeake and ??bio, Ont preferred. 49*]
Chesapeake and Ohio, ?econd preferred. t"J%
BAtriMOil, March 10.-Virginia8?, 14H ; B*U
tlm>re and Ohio, x*> ; Northern Central stock,
08Jt; c*n??jlidatod .u bond?, lll't ; ao. stock, 47.
1 Reported for lb? Dispatch.)
MaSCB 10, 1-0!.
Auction offerings on 'Chang* to-d?y 71 pack
*ge? sul 17 taken la: hlghot.r.iai-J: low???, $5;
?verage for brighi?, ?18.77 ; for darks. IS. Offer?
Ings ware comp**ed of 89 brighi* aad II darks
No loi?se-toLacco ??les to-day.
Hevenue oollactton?: rigai? and cigarette?,
tl.I80.lu; tolistcco, $2,897.09; total, 1^63* 19.
Private sales: Killers, 8; cutters, 8; wrap?
per?, 8; darks, M?total, 71 hogsheads.
Dark crop tobacco lu hogshead? I? arriving
mor? trea'y. and break* of ?uch are growing
larger, while loose sale? hereafter will taow a
corresponding decline tn th? Richmond market.
Price* tsvslar ?how no chang* worthy ot men.
lion. .
M ABCU 10,1*1.
Co?M.-l,ia) buehel?.
?ATS.??0 bushel*. ?
WBIAT-?Longberry, 11*81.10, Mixed, Masa
11.09. Bhortberrr. ?MaalLOB,
cos??.-Whit?. tM?k\ Mixed, ??????.
OAta?Whlt*. Ne. 8, 55*55),c. Mixed. No. 8,
Maate. *?1*??*4.47sMc Winter (tor seed), ?ta
Rva-9f???9oc. ____________
Nbw Toil, Msreb ?a?Cotton quiet: sales,
to-day, 188 hai?* : uplands. 8 Ij-l?e. ; Orl*ans
[ ??,<- : Bet rec^i?, all porte, Bi,StV helo; ??.
port??to Oreai iirltata, 9.TS? bale? ; to loe Coa
tiBttUt. LISO hale? ? ?toen, evc.W bal?* Southern
I Hour <.ui*L WUsat?Ta* aarktt dull aad ua*
?eitled, closing lower with options; Bo. ? red,
f l.i ?all. 1?!*? In elevator; optlou? oneced H al H1
lower on an In.-rea?? in Iho amount ou peai-age
ao.l freer foreign ?rilingorder?; reacied ??a ,.?.
<?D an un favorable Michigan is tat? crup report and
tbe Weei buying, and ?old .Iowa ',al I?*?, on real?
?' ???. cioAlug w??k at Ualffe. under yesterday ;
Bal red, March, |I.13*? ; May, H.0WV; Inly.
11.05??. Corn uii?.>iilfld, closing firm an,i fairly
a-live; No. ?, ?*'Ja?i),c. in elevala*; option? ?old
down ?tc. ?u mei eaee iu tbe amount on paeiagn
aud full receipt? Went, reacUog 1??. ?ii western
buying orders, declining- VisS'c, on rcali/.tag,
and cloning weak ; Mardi, ?.I?,.?.; April, ???aje;
May, eeiee. Oat? bluher and quiet; opUonadall,
lower, and weak ; May, MV'?; liny, .'/.'?.alUJ.c. ;
?pot prtoe? : No. l!, .'>?a?*i',c. Bop? ?Imi but
?rteady. ("trfTee?Option? clo?r*l ?toady at iaiW??.
up aud quiet; March. $17.s.->?ii7.'viii; Aprll.ti:.**?;
May, $*7.?i'a?"17.7S, ?pot Kio quiet and firm;
No T, I is. us'??UK?.'?. Sugar-Maw m??r?? attire
and Arm ; fair rrflnlng, SS?'- ; centri fugai?,
?ij-teel, r,*..*. Mola?????? New Urleau? qutot and
??????1?. Klre dull but ?toady. Petroleum ?pilot
audetoaady. Cotton-?'?e?l nil ?trong ; crede, ofl
grad.?, i4iuf7u. Koelnsteady and quiet: ?trained,
common to good, ll.Matl.in. Turpentine dull at
11 '?ally?. Wool .pnet and firm. I'.rk a.-tive
au?l firm. Bref ?lull but ?tsady. beef ham?
a-tive and ?troug ; quo??*?! at Hi. Tlerced beef
?tca-ly aad quiet. Cut-meal? dull ?nd tin?
?????nig?!. Middle* firm : ?h?rt clear, $0.8*?. Lard
?-.ronger and in fair demand; weeteru steam,
f'i.1."?, ; ?fly, t5.:iie|6.;*t ; March, ft.U ? May,
fH.'.i? bid. Freight? to Liverpool weak and quloi ;
coll?n -.J.; grain, lid.
? ???G???.
rnictuo, MarohM?Caah Quotations wer? a?
follow? : flour arm and unchanged. ?a S ?prlng
wheat, 9Jn??\? : ?". II red, |l.(ila$I.?Jl',. No. %
cru, "???*??. No. U oat?, SUS?'. Moss-pork, per
barrel, til..??*.?. 1)5. lard. IS.*?', ?hort-rt!? ?lie?
1, ?.*?,?,, ?*4.7?JaH * 1. IJi > ' ?alt??l ?houlilcr? ? board?
%; inali.IS. Short-clear ?ides ?boxed 1, ?JSalo.'J*?.
Wtii?k?r. per gallon. ?1.1?.
11.?? 1,-aliug future* range?] aa follow?:
ivn bat. Optmnc. Bosneet, Closing
M ?ret?. IJHJ I.UO1, '? _.
May... l.?*?* LO.?*, '.jl-l
March-. 69V M (19K
May. ?0>? M
May . B3 61'?
June..... 50, 51 V)%
Miir.'h. I1S? tlO.OfJ t ?.00
May._. 1U10 10.?? 1U.15
Maroh.-. 8.75 ? HO 6M
May.-. ?V'.),? UaiH ?.??
March., 1.75 t?i I.TTM
May.?. 5.00 5.07H 5.???4
rUi.TTMoeB, Mardi 10.?Cotton nominal ;
inlld.iuaf, !?Sc. Flour dull ; llowarJ.-treet
?i.l -vestoru ?iipor, Ilia?*?..'*) ; do. da extra,
t?,7tiat*..".0; do. do. family. ??.n?alS; citf null?,
Kio brand.?, extra, i\i.'>af*>.'f7; winter wheat,
pattu?, tV.iifijyi ; ?priug do. do., tM5al\75 ; ?lo,
do, ?uaigfit, HV.to.10; da da extra, t4.3DaAi.75.
Wb?at-?^Uaetn quiet ; Kulte. ll.U5ail.0a
I.<,iigia?rry, |1.0;atJ.i?; ?a t. ??,??; ?tenu er,
No. i, red, ILO?; western higher; No. 3 winter
rod, spnt, ?1.0i?4a|l.u5?4 ; March, |1.05ka$l.i*i? ;
May, ll.O7kall.07M July, ll.'i-i^all.?".'*? : Au?
t??i?'.. tl.ni, *<? lor*. Corn?Southern firm; white,
yellow, miaTnc. ; western streng ; ????.'?
?pot, fi7.ee/7-??".; March, t)7i4ae7j?)i*. ; April,
- (jieivrr.-. ; May, liaae*!.??. ; it?aiaer. rue. eat?
?iiriing ; uugrodod *outh?rn aud Pennsylvania,
Ss-a.'.'?.?. ; (to. wettern white, MaMc ; do. do. unx
r?l, Ma'inc : grad. <1 No. * white, Stia-x?ec ; da
do. mixed, Ma,'5.?. Kye. flrm ; cboic?, |la
11.03; good to prime,'.?Jal/*?.. ; common te fair,
sSaJ????. llay ?lull ; cuoio? timothy, f 11 : good to
prime, luxatlU-'a Provision? ?leavly ; m????
pork, Old, ?10.5?; new, 110.75 ; biilt-mcal?
il.??.*) -hhimlder?, ???; long-eleer and ?-Itar.
ribalde?, 15.7*1 ; ?ugar-prkled *hould?r?.to,5U;
?iigar-i-un-l ?meted ?boulder?, M.?!; ham?.
I'.'.7*,ail0.su ; lard-Keilned. tfl.50; urude, $4.
butteraoUvn ani s!r.,?g ; receipt? very light;
cmnatnTJ. fancy, ISaTo. ; da fair to cUmlc,
?????. ; da imitation. Ma??*?. ; tadle, fancy,
BOalta?, ; do. good to choice. a?ai*Sa ; roll?, flan,
?Sa???. ; do. fair to good, titan: Kgg? ?teady
nnd ?cari'e at 1?V. Coffe? quieti Bio cargie?,
fair. tlJ.75a|?i; ?a 7. fKl?)a|l-?.7\ ?UBar ua?
t.ltir.1. (upper active; refined, $11.75a|l?
Whlekey quiet at ll-?latLiB. r might? to Liver?
; .?a per st'aiaer deli; cottoti, at.?.; Hour. In
art?, lue. per hundred pound* ; grain. i\t
Cork for or?.?r?, -??.yd. K??* el pi??Flour, 10.0M
barrels ; wheat, ??.OOO bushel?; coro, 36,000
riusbeU; oat?, A.UK1 bu?h?la; rye. 100 trUBbeit.
Sbipment??Flour, t.sis littrrela; coro, &???
bushel?. Sales?Wheal, 150,11(1 bushel?; ora,
W.*XJ bushel?.
CiKCiBMATi, M?nh ?a?Klourla good demand.
Wheat tttive: ?a I red, 1MB lern ?trong and
higher; ?a t ?railed. ?JaDl??. Oau a. t(?*e and
higher ; ?a S mixed, ?a ProvUioii? ?Mager ;
l'or.. $10?5. Lardt?iJV Bulk-rueais. ?.*?|d;
Bacon, tMbniXtXi. Whiskey ?toady at $1.14.
WiLMiserex, ?. C, March ?a?Hplritaof
turpeuuue quiet at TT??". Koslu firm ; ?train??!,
ll.??): good ?trained, ?1.2S. T?r firm at ?Lia
Crude tu'rpenlno, r.rm ; bard, flUO; yeilow
dlp aad virgin ????a
N'sw loas, March 1<X -cotton-Net receipt?,
?.US bales; groa?, W.OXT? bale?. ? inure? cloeed
?leady. Mil???, |?<???? bale?; March, t^-??--?l?t*t;
April, |r.:o<A|N.71 ; May. li*.7??4?ri-M); June. tKV??
?*.?'?; July, ^<a<eaVt--V7; Auguet, , IKma|4.IX);
rti-ptember, tt..)?a|aiM; October, IV.OSaW.i)?;
November, tt<Jil*ta,l)4; Deotniber, tUWalU'JS.
January, ??.?*?*?1?.
?' - ot?1 ?"?' "?
?uriaaM..?. 6:*?7"i rlluil G???.
?UD??u.? 1*1? I Boning...fjcis
??t?? ??t?.. ???? I atwaalaa.?-a?
?steamer An?., 0?ta Norfolk, raerchanll??
and paaaave<a??r?; U B. TaiutB, vl(?a>.pr?a?id?a?
Meamahlp Old Domtatoo, Cayucb, New Y or?,
m r sbandite and ".-*?eeu.?r?; (ItKaTf? W. Allea
A ? a, ?genia.
?uoainer Qulf ?W?am, UIbm, Philadelphia,
merchandis? and pa??eng?r?; J. W. Moc-rrio?,
?By Telegraph.J
ABatl V su.
StBamthlp Upland?, Bavanaab, <x>ai?*l atta
?atind for ?rea???*.
?tnaoMbip lUturn with bar?? McCaaley. Bo*?
ton, to load coal.
sieamthip Caaopua, 0?th), Uv*r<pool, m?rchan.
siiooner Job II. Jackson. ir? Boaton, t? coni,
?xUoner F. aad T. Lupton, Providence, ??tati.
fOta OF WT-BT POINT, Mtscg 10,1?L
.by Telagrapa J
?tsaatshtp t^ttMatsai, Pro-tiileiic??, nxetchau?
Steainthlp ?Thariot:?, MlaBUe, BalUtnor?, W?H>>
chaudi?? aud t*?aa??n(?re. ,
steamer Bim City. BvsjaS, Wslke-itoo, mat?
Hteam?bip Cbaiji?a?, 1-tiUy. W?taM?rl?a. m?r?
chad la?.
???am?r Bica City, Xvaa?. Walkaiato. atar?
#'?. ?'?a* ?
A part of the tn?-?aB? in the fiai?
of the spring exhibition ol ?ha tbe?*
?and-and-one now eff?.?cs? aro lise little
oees of priore as they go Iron? oae to
tbe many departments.
Th??se Finov and Plain A U?
Wool Cheviots,
( heoke, ? f
Sv.lide eta ?10
inches wide, new in all their t>aaringa.
and the price only ?t?5c. What a anb
atantial and handsome dress for the ?????
of a trifle.
Ail-Wool 40-inch French Hurnh Twill?
in tho n? ???? shades of Tans, Otaya?
Uhi' ?, sud their kindred ihadce lor
inc. a yard ;
All-Wool 40-inoh Imported Serges far
Glance over thi? counter ol Freaeh
Novelty Suits. French msterial and
French taste in hsnnonious oomhinetioa
of bleeding that make the raicea aa
they are figured a bargain. Our exola
?ita importation.
Tho ?i>ecioe of Dress Fabrice are not
conf?n.??! to woollen? alone. ( ?rentsdinea
snd Silk materials in a number of new
wares, all of which are among tbia sea?
son's newcomers and among the things
to be admired.
-Vain Floor?Middle At*l<\
Whit a comfort in ? mmmmmmmm~r
when it fills up ? crooked PIUqh)
corner of your furniture?_
'A)0 handsotn?) Printed Hat-bbbbbbbb?sa?
teen -size 20 inchea sonare are
ia eight ?badinas. The price le 68e.
each. There will be no more after three
an? gono?at least not for this price,
Lounging-Chair Cushions with head?
roste, covered with Mttoen or linen.
$2.61) eaob.
Hand-painted on boiting-ailk scarf?,
n?>w il??eii?nB, ttt__ to ttiH.
??. J???*?*???aa?a?ma?,,_
moro bea a tifili
Parasole*** _____}______
. fino jrLatio pinch
is witli the style andlielongings. There
are new Umbrellas with novelty hsyndlaa |
in them a full money ? worth?children ?
parasols, too.
When you hsve road thif oall lot
lud aioixsf_*__>_??.
ilium sud ?lark gray;
All ei/es from 5, toll*;
The old 81.1 'J grade?you hare bought
hundreds of dozens here ;
The price will bo Ma, only lor the rest
ot this week.
Mor<- than groat in the mind
that ehisels ?neh an t^ffeet ?into ?
I Year al
Dress Trimming. Ur ___*
_* you look
with greater woikI-t on the beautiee
tbe little lingers hav a wrought into
shapes and blending! ol tnagniil??
Wo invite you to an inapeotion.
Hee what a beautiful scailoped-bordar
19a will
buy, or the
small -snal
loped Embroidery for 24c. French
Mull, an eiqmeito imitation of Linen.
Their kindred from Scotland would cost
in the neighborhood ol $1. Colored
bordered hemstitched for ladies, Ho. An
ocean of New Handkerchiefs. It will
pay well to look over them.
Think of
Baking Jour Cakes
without tbo uso of greaee that is at all
tin??j the intruder to your pride in ita
tust?. The l'an on practical exhibition
her.? il a nini pie and wonderful contri?
vance. With ite uso the cake it pre*
vented from " falling."
You can greatly improve your cook?
cry if you order your Kitchen Utensils
h.?re, whero all the improved aa well aa
tho general oidi r of wares are sold?
only the best at tho lowest prices.
Hevetal hnu<lr<<l handsome orna?
ments in I ' I (samp 1 o
prioos) will P/?///?r/y ?5? Bea 0Q
sale to-day. ?LUl^'U About ball
the USUal .L.?m___?_____4 prie a,
il, 13,15,17F. Broad Street,
between First and Foushco street?,
\j golur about representing Uivruselv?? a*
egent*. Tie? p.iblle ba?l bettor ?ate ?? reine?
???p?* tally ladio?. and w'.eu you want a waicb ft)
to any respectable watch-mater <>r Jewell?! aal
you will get tn artici?? worth your money a*d
save yourselves siany bitter r?gr?u.
1). 1 ?.',???.???, .. .Id?mltb,
mhll-lt* Ililirtisvli
- ****** ?*??~^,*-?*~*? ??? ? m? +i**M*_t?_n*m 0
???? t? lend.
I Leve ??varal amount* to I.jsq on Blchstoad
City Heal K*iate Iu ?um? of ?*>*> and upwards.
?. W. BOWB.
mh i:-8t_K*al l?tate and Lo ?a*.
di', iti ?? ? TO LOAN ON GOOD
O' .??V/U?./ CITT G???????, KOH IO?M
io live; vK.va? at ? pbb cbmt. with
?iNBTIllliU V lit? UN. AMr???, with dftscrlp?
tion of ix-oparty, MoMKY, Poet-offl?* Dos II
li an Ansi or !?t?? a. p*r valu? of ?riar?*
to. Payment? out expected to continu* l*_geV
than e ?l.teen month*.
:??? retary snd TrMSBJW.
_f* u-tMbi.1 _ ai **?t Mata ?er**?'
?:? DBPosiTM or o.NB ooLLAa on Mona
MKI (.TION ABO DBPOaiT ?'??????, ???
east Main ?tr?s??. DAVID W. KBIMRAMT,
fe 13-Im ? Besaetary and Trea?ur?r.
Richmond, Virginia.
LjTTrn-. or CR-Ofl.
lasSMct on all the principa! Citi??? of
tPfiiltUTi ?1 ??if!??' ?t-t-t?t ?rt "1 '??'?-?
Osw ????"?? or I*v?tw*"T?. <?* l?-fa?? ??* *f ?SB
_ mh|_tw 1 b. M? Bsaaie* H?a?_ la Asms ?? <?* |*a?*J
_ir U jtsaisseU Vy ? bssai? ?y?- ss??*?*?? yl-WI s
?Taa mm s4aUraat ta?f -a.1*.
??aastag usa* ?c?li??a s.?pa?-_. .
Siero* Il ??au?. ?, ?*. ?? ?*?1 ta tlss .?__?,"
?t.?, ?stsga
<?a_ ?MSaTasaB
-?? ??*_?,*?
Ldepoaiuugauy mor* atottey 1? __ 9___m
Bent eher? you g?t only 4 per esset, __ ?at fa
or write lor full lefot-Tuattou as to lew ten ?sta
lavtMiin ?m-,;i ?_???_?_ enei g?? aeteafartner
?:euL on y ?ur *M*_> but a ?Bat?* la ?_* |sr*4stt
?i_>, ?ui.h wui %d*abtesiiy Maltas MB bit
cse.it profit Iu oeitjrv* /?strt, Our tav*_BS***aSI
moud (Vai ?try rwvpsKty. Ot-TalMsaB? aM
prx.au paid to lav??!** t? HKliwaMt
m*r oo-tpany ; ? net casti. r?i4 -?? ?
HI/ osa U?ve*ur_ee_ ol It ? ??0_?___G?????.
ttJ? luvsaUB?*o| U_MIM*. ^^
?liu!i*r coepany
St. A,^

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