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jffiOLK NUMBER? 12,426.
PJLY authorized to
,, line "f *'rr,,Mor*? Hlatnr? und
' f i lie Fnilur??Creditor*'
.,,.-, ,. ..f < ooprrallnn.
, . ia ihf i>i?t>?t<ih.i
of the Davi?
, 1 . ? Hon. .l.iH.ph Day.?
? ??< tlio Shoo :i!><l
? thai afternoon. Mr.
\! a it?M Storey. I*).,
. I the meeting had
,lv u dato Mpoajtbta m
i litora nalga*, appoint a
I with the assignees
. ; ? .-!?t of their advice.
i n hard at work
. bal h.id l'<'??n nu
. n h 'it toadaf.
i rn puifti*.
? . tli.' history
Ha -a. I h dated back to
V.r. Dans was
in the firm of r.nkam ?t
? oTolvad with Shaw, al
t know it. Other
?. ore ? n Um daatiauUua
. rty in liieh
Mass., the ?in
wh;ch can
i tap ??nsion of the firm
I D, ' ( ?neinnati, ami
Ott H il Company. I cM
? .? broke the earners
, i t Um aaakjaaaa had, j
? r. Um pow?r to con- |
Inn .if the partially j
. .,'. the company. Mr. j
bad m i? powt r,
I to I ive "II BES*
-, rt of Um orndttora.
a pwiH.
I |. ? DMCliBI 1 ?neflv,
A i '.v httd perhaps !
iinlise in j -
v had laree , nlers '
M was MM ?
.. n hl< !. there woulil j
? at ; whereaa l
? at there would be a ?
. 1 ? . rjMoa woulil t>u
?: ? boail
\ ? 1 to authorize j
? :?? manufacture
i IB] .:.. ha-? iu
e, to luauutactur? I
.:< \ < M! Hiv exwtiui;
; .: -1 ick .
- v. :? li neervsary.
> BAlMHi
? m .?.pointed
gl Ba; William
? ? tb( i r-" man's Nu
i ihn P. Bpaald
1 . ?oUMi.i'im :?. of
? I C ..of Boat'ii :
1 Edward K.
- ?. ? !'?<? Men and a
iron DrowataaT*
: atrb.]
While HJh
' known and popular
oiinty. was out
. '- v? pt.-nlav Um
? ? i,, whirlpool and eap>
. ? ?.? ? lily "no of the
sg ia Um water and
i ?th him.
: . ted her pirl-com
inking the third tune
i o!, Ilir. THIRP.
i ing t-> Um boat and
Bheltona few minute?
aavad the three
? of a prominent farmer
harm it an aooom
. .??? If'
. ' i., t . r.ii ?.nrcloii, Commanding
? -Ht- \ -tiran*.
; Melk]
Qenara] Gordon
? ? his
fir viHvfAKTEBSl
I ? } '? I . . I.AK-. f
. m..' n, un. )
\- Ma larftteMnure
._? fonda f"r the
of Jef
-, ? ? t appeal, no
D in tbia canne.
?? ! lot?
? enlist in tbia work
. I . I all our i>?-<>i>l"
: ? -.- t o 'very inte
? ? ? country, ami a Aneere
? \i!i. ricana of
? ? will build monnmonta to
inspiration to
???:.?::?.?. ?- nul w<< will erecta
hieftain, w
a h iritbont f-ar
hi- eonntry
? imaad UM t>\
indita of all hia
? ? ilaunHaw daro
aroly a |iar
? Um necea.
i. be entrusted to the
iatione, b4
, ? . :/:it OOf. but
? I by tba s rathern
iteelf lurc'lv eon |
. i, baa waued a cull
tli next '*!<>
-1" forward a eonrea at
: i tbe> metboda
. I ?riaa, ! Ibara.
. ?ne-tlv urn?'
.;.. i'. H t<. BMMt "?
: rp ?? and all Ooi
ay organisation to
? the move
-?...1*1 efforts of
?eat t.? Juilk'? W. L
will uct a?
: all remittanece, ami
...k U) the credit of the
I. bV (loRixiH.
i - lerato
I the S'.:i?of Coafade.
of patriotic
! aaeun i
f. H. GoJUXjN.
'?t lUMImorr, Pmmi Aw??.
? tli. l>i-i>nu-b.)
?id Harrison
-ideuce after
.. ameba. It?
f the bottaal battle!? of tiM
; ? a agent toi
? '.r.iijt. elected to several
the <iramJ Army 01
I ?a' appointed
I ;
I r< iir.-Uiuut from public
"?-i? fer ?nejara at ai.
ta? naaataavl
25 Tbe l'nited States
.. ?! imiaead the writ?
? apon the refusal of ?M
1 ireuit Court to grant writs
' ??- in tin. <&?*<* at HiJibuy?
am, Joseph Wood
iewued mur
? Hint;. Judge Wallace
i the I uit*d Btatci
of the I uit.d
' ' ? rt. ?u? tour ?en will
?H.| m ,4 f#.w daya, a?
I irtbai kagaj hope.
A lUllwajr o.anfc-r. Hand*.
m pa t.j ttio DUpfttcn.)
W^-.^.lfay 25.--The Atlanta and
*" **-Li j A changed management to
S^^na^BoHorft K?
atooU.1 Th? n.,w f! , ' '^rectora waa
VaAo^m??! ,,rM'>n, .^nninna ai l'oVf
iust wi r.? '">,,lt ?" ,1:" Atlantic coa??.
MaMBNaWa. Mat?*,.- Voun? Men Wanted
for the MlnLtry_A Separate and
Independent Colored (hnrrh.
(Hy MagMat t<> Hip Dispatch.)
TtniVTsoMAM. Ala.. Mav H. The Boat*.
em \ roshytonatt Assembly aocomalishcd
?great deal to-day, especially in educa?
tional matters, a eommanieation from
the American Kal.hath Union was read
tuning the World's Fair not to keen
open Banda p
morrow" <1'M"1'd to 1>ray f"r rain to
A a 'nnimnieationfrom Charleston aflkad
mblj nol to ?end down the
Mfced in th, OjarchDMoipllnaMgnadbi
"? lieO.ytery ol Wincheater. Inferred.
lue Lommittaa on Kcturns asked that
MTaanah Presbytery be Incorporated
? ? ?1,,ri(l? Brnod. Adoptad.
?hall i tery waa transferred
trom Arkansas S>n..d to Ten?..
CNivntsu.TKTH r.xn.mrv.
Universalista will not ba allowed to hold
serricea? Praabyteriaa ehorohee.
I he \ astern Texaa Preabytery were told
thai women could apaak ba public, hut not
it." ajraodkal raoorda of South Carolina,
Alabama, Mississippi and Ueorgta, were
found correct and adoptad,
?T0? ??portal Um Board of Directors of the
The ?logical St minary at Columbia, s. <?.,
showed no room f.,r additional atodanta.
Mere are seventy-three atudenta, P. C.
Thompson and c. <:. Hearemaa were
elected proteeaors. It waa reeolred to
raise 910,000 for the aaminary and w. d.
Moore waa appointed financial agent, it
sv.i decided to appoial a aaoratary upon
a aalary of ?2,000 annually and to raise
?jo,0(xi for ?ducation thia rear,
harsh runos ami t os. sasaoa
Ina diaeuaaionof Um rahjaet of where
to educate young ministers, a?rerai breth?
ren nid harsh thine- ahout I?r. Bri^e? ami
Ins peculiai opinion?.
An executive committee was appointed
oyi education. All preachers were in?
structed to preach the first Sunday of July
on the importance of getting young men
into the miniatry. A committee of ten
local preachers and alders WSJ appointed
on evangelistic woik for colored people,
with A. 1? Phillips as secretary.
a mrABACT OOL08BD cnt-Rf n.
An inatitute for the education of colored
Preabyteriaa ministen will l?' established
in Birmingham. The ai te baa already been
donated. It was the sense oi the i
lily that a separate and independent col?
ored Presbyteriaa Church be established,
and A. L Phillip? w,n appointed a oom
ions the colored people
and aee ahout < atabllshingit The colored
delegatea present also favored it.
lU'pnrt on the Freedman?" Ile lia? Proven
a (.noil Capacity."
[By tetagrapk to the Dispatch.]
Dun ?t, Mica., Mar 25. In the Preaby.
? mbly to-day the report
1 ommittee oa Preedmi d
" J be present genera
? ? will largely decide the
eharacteroi al! the swarming generations
who Will cone ufter them, and who for
s.l or ill will so gravely influence the
rutare of the country. The only eolation
nstiaa education for them. No man
ran tell bow mach a negro can learn. He
? irt. d. Bul tw.'Iilv-tive year*
ban prored a good capacity. You will seo
to-night several young colored felloa
lo.k as well and can preach a- well as ninny
of you. Then they are coming to the front
in various lines of business. One of them
iu Arkansas owns s street railwaj
just baring another. They pay taxe* on
?1,900,000 worth of property.
Two ohurohea have t".me aelf-sup
portiag. There la encouraging progress at
Biddle university. Charlotte , N. 0., st
Concord, K. C, Crockett. Tex.. Cotton
Plant. Ark., Augusta, (?a.,Ahhevillc. S. ('..
Danville and Barkeville, Va., Charleston
and H.auf .it, S. ('.. and Tine Bluff. Ark..
and we hope to have one in Mississippi
under the pair mate of Illinois ladies, w a
rec ived from 1866 (our first yean to 1888,
?136 298; from 1870 to 1880, ??14.836; frota
1881 to 1891, ?1,188.490. Total In twenty.
six yew 6.21. Total for last vear.
H76.3J6.90. Thil does not include what
the rreedmen have given in self-support
l ? , ? . ? ; rniasionanea Wbite.14;
colored, 12tt fate, hist- White,4;colored,
cher- Males; white. 16; colored,
64; females; white. 32; colored, ML
Churches organized m the vear. ,. Toui
aamber ol chnrches aadet onr board. 2*9.
Mis-ion-, 17. Communicants addedduring
the year on eertiflcate, 193; ? saininntion,
1 x<:>. Total number pi eommaaieants,
total nui.ih.i of ^?^bschoola,
,1 .iuiiio.r ol pupils. 11.029: total
aamber ol teachers, 07. ?umber ol
lurches eontribnting, fc?l? S"?***
school? contributing. 831: women'sjnit
aionaries and bands contributing. 1.1?.
"^?Th?Tfreedmen are here tostay and must
be educated m the South. Thfrehasboen
much increase ia their wealth hut not
? i. anv. improvement .:. their moral
condition Religious labor ??ongtbem ta
fruitful as almost c ?where else. We bare
mainlv been laying foundations ; we must
^X.-.-'uord.rtomake.nu.il of what has
'"iM-ulildhv pood ol.se vers that the
ti, . ? otMnmn is changing m faTarofja.
tic' Dr Briggs'? appointment or transfer
l7e it'oHnson professorship of biblical
Ill? Charge of Kellgluu? Iitolci anre Mrt?
UN Nnn-r l.-< Mon l'\|.l imc.l.
luv tetaajraph M Ine MapaSos,]
OsUK aeron, S. 0 . May ?ft. Hon. Ira 15.
Jonas, Bpeakerof tbe Bouse of Renroacinta
tiv.- uml a member <>f tin- Board of
Tnuteea <>f tbe South Corolina university,
in u letter t.. Ina Nhei <v,ri Courier, replies
to tbe charm of religions Intolerance pr?.
farred ni Irofeasot Alexander against the
trustees because ProfeasoT Alexander was
not ale ted I i ? ?hip in the Uni.
i ? . Speaker jones says Dr. Ai
himself brought up the subject of religion
the board and thai different main?
Lit? of the hoard queationed him about
Unitarian i eliefa, but that Dr. Alexander's
religions riewi had nothing to <lo with tbe
Professui Alexander was nut elected
8 profese or because bis ?>1<1 ebair wat
abolished in tbe reorganised college,
Speaker .Iones ?avn: "'Hie board simply
dni DOf s.e lit t.> make room for ur.
Alexander in the reorganization of the col.
lege by supplanting some opt riso."
Another Disappearance ; Another Short?
(ify Mtaaynafi as the Dtsuatas?!
r*TrusoN, N. J., May 25.- Cornelius A.
King, the Now York business manager for
the lluifhcliffe Brothers' brewing concern
of this city, has disappeared, leaving, it is
state 1. a shortage in hi* aooouaM esti?
mated at about 420.1100. Kiut' was for?
merly a member of the Tax Hoard of this
city and had the confidence and astean of
ip)e. Be entered the service of the
Binehcuffes four years aso and begun
stealing, it is alleejed, immediately, con?
tinuing his them ii|> to two week? airo, ?
when M Bad. His method of obtainingj
u'v wa- fin pie not crediting cus?
tomer? with the amounts of cash paid.
Heath of Hon. C. T. O'Frrrall'S Mother
V HarrisoDburg, Va., dispatch, under
date of Sunday, the 21th, says: Mrs. .lane
L. O'FerraU, widow <>f tm> lata John
O'Ferrall, aud mothei ot Congressman
Cherlei T. O'Ferrall, rlied last night at 9
o'clock at her home is Hridgewater, in this
county. She was in her ?eventv-fourth
voar, and had basa in failing health tor a
long time, Death resulted from heart
lailur*. following a serious attack of ili?
acas one week ago. Mrs. O'lcrrall was a
daughter of l>r. John C Green, of Irede
riek count v, ami leaves live children, .she
was left a widow many years ago, and her
life was to a marked degree ouu of moth?
erly devotion to her children.
B>?4MaaSnS*X Appointed.
(Ppsrtel i?)egrsni to the JhspaWh.1
Washington, I>. <'.. May 25. -The follow?
ing postmasters were appointed to-day for
Virginia: A. K. Debuek, Drydeu. I*e
county. MBfG. 0. Joesell. removed ; R.1).
Thompson. Mt. Athos, Campbell
count v. eier W. Leuspey. resigned. North
Carolina: K. F. Ming. Itildnd. hdgcomb
oouuty. Piet C. M. Oohb, reeigued.
An Oprra Kinder the Cause?The Nshlc
Seriously Woundod In thr >rrW
by fill Adversary.
An affair of honor between the son of a
nobleman and an American gentleman,
with all the essential features of a genuine
romance, was settled in Chicago <.n Sun?
day, ?ays a niiecial to the New York Ib-mhi.
The American was practically unhurt,
?bile the blood of the nobleman flowed
freely from a dangerous wound in the
Huron Hudolf Kalnoky de Korotpstak. a
noph.w of Count Kalnokv, of Vienna,
mu I,, his first visit to t nieagg atsmt a
month a;.., registering at theliiebel.cn
merely as "Rudolph Kalnoky," of New
i'trk. He was handsome und distin?
guished, appeared to be the ?
unlimited means, ami. while evidently
suffering from habitual saelanchoh
b?same a favorite with the few to whom
be gave hi- friendship, The object of his
stay in Chicago was a mvsterv t" nil
except Manager Carlson, of the hotel, to
whom he partially told his storv.
ojngn nathauk's uninxuaa.
Kalnoky. according to his own i
fiion, was st one time the staunch defender
and passional o admirer of the erratic Na?
thalie, of Berna, during her sometimes em?
barrassing visits to the Austrian capita).
He had abo been a chosen companion in
the ravels of the cay young Crown Prinoe,
suicide shocked all Europe. Be k>
ing changa in America bo accidentally met
Miss Mittie Atherton, a member of the
Duff Company, during its IsstChlt I
gagement, Sim was the posses 01 of i
VOlCft of unusual power and melody and a
charming tuce.
She lea tbe Baron a doleful life both here
and in other cities to which lie followed
her. she constantly kept before him the
fact thai ahs could nevar become his wife,
as her heart was already given to ?me for
Win M sake she would shortly end tier
?tags life. Kalnoky finally became con?
vinced of the truth of tin? and r<?:?
behind when the company left Chicago.
T<n days sgo ha again weakened, and
mad" a flying trip to Louisville m one last
effort to conquer the pretty actress.
Wbila there he I.ins to have met one of
bis numerous rivals, though not the suc?
cessful one.
unowssn tiif.w ojuef ToorrnKK.
LaM Friday morning bs returned to the
Biohelieu, having given np bis original
idea of following Miss Atherton from Louis?
ville to Pittsburgh The same night the
nan whom he bad encountered in the
South dined with bin .it tbe Richelieu
restaurant, the two seeming to take % mor?
bid interest in together drowning their
mutual s irrows.
A too free indulgence in the wine, how
|[vi r. quickly ended the friendly character
of the meeting, in the parlor % few
minutes after dinner a cry of rags was
heard sa i i heavy tall. Kalnoky liad
knocked his companion down for speaking
disrespectfully oi the woman he love.i. An
hour afterward u friend of the southern? r
appeared with a reepectful note, demand?
ing a meeting. Kalnoky at once accepted
in a note which he sent to s friend then
stopping ut the Richelieu, amito whom the
s utberner'a second was referred.
With the exception of the rash act which
gave the excuse for a challenge, the atlair
was carried out with regard to every Dice
distinction of the code. Ou Saturday
night the Baron was informed that all the
details had bean srrsnged, and that the
meeting would take place at Jackson Park
?it daybreak of the Pillowing morning.
Kalnoky'i second having the ehoi.f
weapons had selected rapiers, the Baron
being unfamiliar with tbe pistol, and the
arrangement being satisfactory to his op?
ponent, who claimed familiarity with
fencing through student life abroad,
i aXPaJam ron the worst.
Last night Kalnoky expressed to Mr.
Carlson ths intense satisfaction he felt at
the programme for the morrow. It lie had
the hick to fall.be said, bis opponent's
lilade would hut take the place of a
weapon in his own hand, as his wild Ufe
had caused him to be disowned by his
fainilv. and suicide alone remained for DUS
without borne or love. Mr. Carlson, be?
lieving that tbe aff sir would not end eri.
onsly, even if it did actually oome oil. de?
cided to allow the mutter to take its
eoursa. The liaron settled his bill, left
woid that if he did not lUTViva all bis be?
longings at the hotel were to he sent to
tbe woman for whose honor be had fought,
and quietly retired to bed
\t I o'clock this morning lie entered a
waiting carriage and was immediately
joined bv his second, On Prairie avenue
the] stopped to take in a prominent young
physician whom the liaron hud known
when the former was a student in (he hos?
pitals of Vienna. At Jackson Turk they
found the opposite party. Tbe seconds
walked about for some time, selecting the
most favorable fighting ground, This was
St last found close to the Fifty-ninth
street entrance to the park, inst westol
the small briaga, It was an ideal spot for
an affair of honor. On one tide it ami
shielded by the high boat,I fence which
separates the improved from the unini
proved portions of tbe park, am) on the
other t.v a gr.ut knoll surmounted by s
heavy growth of bushes and trees.
At ten mun?tes past ('. the sdvei
were facing each other, sword in hand ami
Lured to their shirts. A moment later the
word was given, and like u flush the south,
enter commenced. After some sharp tight
ingthe southernersucoeeded in inflicting
a slight wound in the right leg of the
Baron. A little later the Huron made a
clever luntre which pricked the skin on
the right shoulder of Ins sdverssry. i he
latnr, however, parried admirably, and at
this moment, to the horror of tbe seconds,
the Huron appeared to slip ami literally to
fall on the point of Ins adversary's sword,
which entered his neck. Astraan of blood
gushed trom the wound. Tbe seconds st
once stopped the combat. Baron Kalnoky
was assisted to an sdjoining knoll und his
wund hastily dressed.
After aaoertaining that the result would
not necessarily be fatal the southerner and
bis friend left the field. Every effort to
identify this man lias failed. With the ex?
ception of Kalnokv he appears to have
bean unknown to all concerned His ap
pearance, however, leads to the belief
that he is the son of s prominent eitixen
o! Atlanta, Ga., famous m the South as au
authority on the code of duello, and who,
though quite young*, has taken an active
part in several affairs of honor. He is
known to have boarded the Cincinnati
train on the "Big Lour," which left the
Byde-Park station ut '.i:45. two hour-, aftas
the termination of the combat.
BaronKainoky'sexact whereabouts aye
Beret, but unless be was able to go
Bast to-night he ?SStill at the residence of
the attending physician or of friends in
Manager Carlson, of the Hicheheu,
while deeply regrett ing the affair ami an
Doyed that it should luve become known,
peassured that th.- young Austrian has
basa wall cared for and that his life is not
in immediate danger. From conversa?
tions with him, bowevi r. be fears that ths
Baron's misplay was nos a mere accident.
but that finding himself facing one not his
equal in swordsmanship ho took that
means of honorably ending his life. If
tin? was tbe case Mr. Carlson tears that
Kalnoky may follow tho failure of this
morning by a successful attempt upon his
own lite.
?IP/ Anglo-American cable to tho Dispatch.]
Vienna, Austria, May 25.?Inquiries
mule here show that Baron Rudolf Kal?
noky de Koiospatak, who. it is announced,
f..u"ht a dud yesterday in Chicago with a
young southerner, is not a nephew of
Couut Kalnoky. of this city. Count Kal?
nokv has no relative hearing the name of
Rutiolf Kalnoky de Korospatak, nor has
he any relative now in America.
At l?ravesend?Tournament Defeated?
ltrrgen Reappear*-?!*??' Notes.
(By telegraph to the Dlspateh.J
Okavemno. N. Y., May ?.-Tbc feature
of tbe dav's racing was the defeat of
Tournament, the horse for which Mr
Foxhnll Keeno recently paid $.?.500. It
was his first appeareuee of the season and
he WM a ied-hli favorite at odds on. He
appeared to be going well within hi.nsel
for six furlongs, but when called up. n at
?le turn for home ho tailed to respond
and was never in the hunt. Jockey Martin
Berge,, who was threatened with the losa
of lu? license for ini?t*-bavior at the post
list Saturday, spokgixed to-dav and was
allowed to nde. lie received a |?erfect
ovation wheD he made his appearance on
insu M.nitmeut. a A) to 1 .Lot. and then
went out and rode a good race, winning
,JT-??s?'race-ystlrUkes.fiLOOO. penalties
an' allowanees-1-rontouae won; Liv-ma
second. (Parley Post third. Time. VAX
Second race-handicap sweepstake?,
?1.000 added, one mile and a quarter?Se?
?orita won; Prince Rots! second, Ken?
wood third. Time, 211V
Third raee- sweepstakes, for two-year
olds, ?l.0i)0 added, five and a half fur?
longs --Airplant won: Npinalong second,
Haj.pv lohn third. Time, 1:10,
rourth race?sweepstake?, for three
raar.oMa, *l.o<>0 aided, allowances, one
ghta railaa Port Choeterwon: T'no
(Irande second, Chatham third. Time,
Fifth race?wiling, sweepstakes, for two
year-olds, tl.OOU added, five and a half fur?
longs Disappointment won; Antea beat
Detroit and Guilty a head for a place. The
two latter ran a dead heat tor third money.
Time. 1:09 V
Sixth race?aelling. sweepstakes. ?1.000
added, on?? mile and three sixteenth?Mas
teriode won; Virgi?. second, Hoodlmn
third. Time. :
First race?fivo furlongs?Democracy,
Patrunonv (colt). BRtson, Peruvian, (lon
doltn, Kmg Mac, ill; Pendenoe, Juliot
(illy), Zorung, Mi?ona, ?Natalie s.. Fiona
tilh .. HettM, Jesu?ta, Tarantella, 110.
Second race?one and one-eighth nule
Bon, 118; Banquet. 111. Madstoiie, Claren?
don, 113; Text. ML
Third race-five furlongs?Coxswain,
Merrv Monarch. I .ester. Ottoman. Hi?
OVaSS, Victory, Hex. Hellgate,
Mare, St. Florian, Happy John. Aish.ift,
Airplant. 118: Laughing Water, Adage
till i. Binds Dwyar, Jir?.
Fourth race- mile and a quarter?Bolew,
Warpath. Algernon, Kunel, Foxfora, Ber?
muda, l'l-nicker. 722: Ambulance. 117.
Fifth ra<e_milo and a sixteenth Ban?
quet. 138? Isaac Lewie, itelwood, 118 ; La
vima B 11, Text, 114: Kingsbmlge, 112;
Lizzie, 108.
Sixth race one mile -Mission, 10f> : Aus.
tral. Jioughroma, Ful.ian, Blacklock, 104;
Snowhall. 113; Tammanv. 110; Adventure,
Lyceum Beqneace, (colt) 100; Falcium,
I".: hitty T, 114; Baldwin. HO,
L?TOsna, Kr.. May 89.?Ta the second
race Beeponee threw Jockey Ivrkinson at
the three-qaarb r pede and broke Ins leg.
There was a ebarge that Lilly held Robe
apierre ia the third race and that jockey
waa brought to the judge's stand, where
he had a bearing. The pane was paid,
lirst. race selling, mile and twenty
rarda -Jubilee won : Mattic Allen second,
Happiness third, Time, IrH.
Aecond race one mile Vortex won;
Palmetto second, Woodvale third. Time,
1:1 ?
'Third race- a frae handicap sweepstakes
for three-year-olds and upward, one mile
and aeventy rarda Val? tl won; Mora
second. Fli third. Time, BegK.
Fourth race The Kentucky I ripie event,
.m- ami a quartet Biles - M ifielle, Pepp? r*a
entry, was drawn on the ground,and BOOg,
g?n Brother's DoUlkins was entered,
making these three starters: Semper
Fid?le, DoUikine, and Longeehore Bempe
Fidele won by three lengths; Loghshore
second, and Dollikms third. Time, 2:1o1"*.
Fifth race .maided fillies two years old,
four fin long? Matilda won: Claret second,
Astrakhan third. Tune, JO .
Warhinotov. 1). ('.. May 38, ?Following
are the resalta of the games of base bafl
played to-day throughout the country :
At Cincinnati (League? : r. h.it. c
< ?ncinnat?a 101000200-4 7 2
PhihvlelphiaaO 0 0 0 0 ?_> u 00?3 ? l
Batteries Mullan? and Harrington;
<lleason and ('lernen; '.
At Pittsburgh (League) : r. n.n. r..
Pitteburghsl 01010000 0- :t 2 5
Bostons ....2000100001 4 h 3
Batteries Btratton and Mack; Nichols
and Bennett.
At New Vork (Leugne); The New York
Chicago game waa postponed on account
of rain.
At Cincinnati (Association) : n. n.rt. r.
CinoinnattaO 0 -' 1 1 0 0 0 I l? 8 h 0
Athletics. .1 (I 1 0 III) 1 0 1 0- 4 M 1
Batteries Crane and Hurley; Chamber?
lain and MUligan,
At Cleveland 1 L ague) : n. n.n. v.
Clevelanda.1 u 11 0 0 0 2 0 0- 5 9 4
Brooklyns.losii :t 0 0 0x-12 14 l
|:>?'i"ti.- Vian and Zirunior; Lovett
nnd loin I ? n 11 y.
( liampiinitilp Dull lieront?.
W< n. \jtmt.
? 'lil.-aires.1 h H
Pittsburgh?.14 13
Cleveland!.18 1 ?
PWtaderphiaj.14 14
IVostctlH.II 11
N. * forks . .18 M
Brooklyn*.Il M
( iii.inuatis.11 17
auaaa *?? Man unoa.
?Tl U. Lent
Itestons .80 Id
Baltimores.??.'.'I 11
ill.?.'1 17
Athletka.10 1?
i Indnaatia..1* 89
boa .1"> '-.'??
Wiens. 11 ~;t
st. .lohn'i i.mife Me?leea Over Klrhty
l.ailT Member??Interesting Ceremonv.
1 meeting of St. John'* Lodge, No.:?'.,
An.uent Free and Accepted Masons, at St.
Alhans Hall last night wa- one of aausual
int' rest, and the asvlnm presented a rather
novel though brilliant appearance with
nearly 100 ladies press?t.
The hail was well filled, there bei
about '?:>i\ persons m attendance. The pro.
?ramme01 conferring the Master Mason's
iaugbter's degree waa fully earned out.
The degree was exemplified bv Worship.
ful Brother James H. Capers. Worshipful
? II. Bay, I?. 1)., nn.lMrs. l:. Llitch
lcr on the following ladies :
THE LAPir.s.
Mre. A. S. Ow.'i. Mr?. I., f. M
Mrs. T. C. Kpp> Mrs. ( . A. Mer er,
Mi-.- Lola ti. Bpps, Mrs. (i. H. Miner.
Mre. U. 8. Colea, Mrs. J. I.. Beveridge,
Mi-- Panul? Jones, Mrs. C. I!. Dorset,
Ml un ?i.-.i. a?, Mum Minnie Hnyder,
Mrs. K. r. Weither, Mrs. C. 11. Cosby,
Mi-- Waltber, .Mrs. Nannie H.ramn
Mr*. 1). W. 1). Silva. bell.
?rfi . M, W. Varrim;ton, Mrs. I'. \V. Cunninchaci,
Mi-, l!. i:. Elmore, Mr-. Henry 11
Miss N. a. Rppa Mr* u. 1. M
Mr-, It. L Reetder, Mrs. .1. M. stielten.
Mis:- Husl? WiDfOeld Mis. \v. r. Bnelloa,
Misa l.une Pt?lDpa, Miss Pearl Qoodanan,
Mrs. 1. a. Goodman, Mi -. Q. W. Rppe,
Mis. W. !.. Tboanaa, Mrs. .1. M. 1
Mlaa n. K. Perkins, Mrs. Albert Witte,
Mis/ K. !.. IC>we, Mi>. F. II. Ne-t,itt,
Mra. W.T. Jonee. Mlaa Ltawood Carter,
Mis. William Walsh, Mrs. K. f. Carter,
Mis. Maaken, Mrs. .1. K. (.?.??le,
Mrs. ('. W. KaKlanJ, Mr.-. H. A. Jacobs,
Miss lia Ragtaa l. Mlaa Mary DLIierson,
Mr-, c. Patterson, Mi-s Kan?le Dickeraon,
Mis. H. I', ?ratio k, Mrs. R. W. Thompson,
MteaCraddOck, Mrs. .1. I? Hrannau,
Mrs. Kotiert Krear, Mrs. .1 .lui Poe,
' lUirn.iu-hs, Mrs. .1. i?. Capera,
Mi .R. A. Schutte, Ml? Josephine Poe,
Mrs. (?. J. .A.lain-, Mrs. B, H. HerndOO,
I a. Cosby, Mi .'. 11. Toot?,
Mrs. ... W11.H1 WIM?, Mr. W. 1C Lee,
Mr-. \V. 1?. Sulli.rlaiid. Mrs.?'. LBeSS anil ?la
Mrs. J. J. Walton, 1er.
Mr?. CharleaOaaaer, Mra K, R, Nerthern,
Mi-, a. m. Bo per, Mrs..!. K. Boas,
Mrs. Walter Moore, Mrs. K. II. linticrtsnn,
Mr-. J. *'. llowiiian, Mrs. .1. I'. WeeOOOl?,
Mra -i. I- sutii,tUii-i. Mra, il. a. MeCordy,
Mr.. s. m. Parda?, Mrs. w. w. Measure a
Mbs L. C. 8auudiTs, Mr?. J. KnKleburg.
After the impressive ceremony the craft
repaired to the upper room, where an ex
cillent repast was enjoyed by the lodge
; !.lv.
Letters of regret were real from Most
Worshipful : Howard Wavt, grandmaster
Bight worshipful William II. Pleasants,
deputy grand master, and William B.
[aaara. grind secretary. William!'. Allen,
grand treasurer, aad .Alfred B. Courtney,
grand junior deacon, were present, the
tatter addreaalBg the assembly m the in
tereat of tha Home. Over fifty of the ladies
I.came subscribers to the Home.
Itandolph-Macon Defeated by ltlrhmond
College lu a TennU Tournament.
The tennis tournament between tho
crack players of Hichuiund and Bandotph?
Mii'oii colleges drew a large asaembly of
lads and lassies to the aaajmaa of the
former institution yesterday afternoon.
ihe prize torthesucct Metaats
was af7Beckmau special racket offered
lv Messr.-. A. K. A OL E. Bchaap, of thia
I -srs. A. L. Moffot (tennis raednh I
end Harvey Hatcher representad Richmond,
uud Messrs. L. P. tblend bal and P. T
Hyde Bandobih-Macon. The latter mado
Some l.ciutilul and skilful plays, but the
Itichmonds gained an easy victory by gain?
ing 57 points to 37.
Sir. 8. U Kelley, en alumnus of Rich
mond, in his usual aolid and pleaaing way,
delivered the handsome racket to Messrs.
Moflet and Batanar.
'fte Itichmonds were quite glad to eee a
number of their Kandolpn-Macon frit-nd*
during the afternoon.
?teetlnf ?> Carter'* Store.
The Democrats had an Interesting meet?
ing lost night at Carter'? atore, on the
Charles City road, about eight miles below
Richmond, and etirnng apeechee were
made by Messrs. J. F. Flonrnov, T. B.
HicSa, (leorgu l> Carter, and B. B. Ginn.
The buggy in which two of the speakers
Nvdi! to the meeting broke down, and after
changing vehicles twice they returned to
tho city long after midnight.
Plenty of Maslc?Speech*? by Messrs.
William II. Sands, ?I m on Solomon,
und Charles IV. ( hllrtrrj,
The power of music was never more
satisfactorily proven than at the Demo?
cratic meeting at Jones's Store, Henrieo.
last night.
When the Fast Richmond Band entered
the rooms of Brooklaml Demo< rath Club,
No. 1, at s::io o'clock there was not a single
person present. This was .lue t., th.- tact
that a heavy ram, which ha.l not entirely
ceased, had come up altout an BOUT before.
The hand writ out on the portion anil
began to get in its work. When th" music
began the small boys gi?h?re.| first I
the votSTS be .-an to con.T-'gate. At first
thev Straggled up singly, then in pairs.
ami ut last m small groups. ... that by the
tine the mooting opened quites goodly
crowd was on hand.
I hi speaking was heb) fr..m the portico
of th.? club-room.
In the theenoe of the Pr?sident, Mr. 8,
B. C'iin. Mr. Binon Solomon, candidato
for Sheriff, called the meeting to order.
A? the first speaker. Mr. Solomon, intro?
duced Mr. W. If. Sands, who bagan bv
saving that the issue was s.mplv whether
the white or colored people should rule
Benrico, All the white people were tired
. f -. einu the neeroe* holding the positions
of constable?, magistrates, and commis?
sioner? of th" revenue.
Anderson and Southward, Mr. Sands
said, were trying to use the black men tor
their own selfish ends.
< l.sing, Mr. Sands briefly endorsed all
the candidates ami warne 1 tttOSS present
to make no compromise wit h the .levil, but
to vote the cut.re D?mocratie ticket next
When Mr. Sands had concluded Mr.-Tack
Lindsay, .tr., presented Mr. Binon Bolo.
nmn as the next sheriff, with th? remark
that he was worthy of every vote in the
_ Tho Democrats of Henrieo, in=i?ted Mr.
Solomon, have a clear working majority,
ami all that is necessary is for them to turn
out and voto.
UM bepulilicans know they are tienten
and are trying to tave Anderson and South?
ward, tmt if cannot tie done.
La.-t Fndav night, the speaker said,
Southward advisctl the negroes to go to
the poll- with bnyonetl and pistols.
Taut was very pretty talk, but the whit?
people of Henrieo did not propose to be
bulldosed They can goto the polls Thurs?
day with the knowledge that they Will be
allowed to vote peaceably.
Mi!, c. w. csuxrasr.
This gentlemen, who is do nominee for
commissioner of the revenu? from the
Dppt r district, was next. Introduced.
Mr. Childrey told tbe it? ry of the old
fallow whose son said he would cut a pret?
ty figure walking the golden streets with
u bund halt.r around his neck. This re?
minded him of his own position in being
called, as he was. "the dude on the ticket.-'
11 a hand played severa] iirs after th?
speaking close 1.1. frsahmsnt -wir..' servad,
and the meeting was at an end.
The closing rally of tbe campaign will be
hebt at Shoemaker's precinct, cornel <'ary
ami Meado I ittet ta, I .-morrow night.
Final riatnliiatli.n? to Iteeln .lune SSV"
Closing exercises.
The regular monthly meeting of the Ci?y
Sei,., l Board waa held at de Richmond
ibool-huilding yesterday afternoon
at 0 o'clock. Present: Bon. J. Taylor El
chairman), Ron. William Loven
stein, Bon. J. 0. Dickexson, Alonso L
Phillipe, J. Ii.l.r Btrstton, <lsi
Cap rs. T. ?). Stark . R. Id jar Shin.-. Wil?
liam F. 1'ox (superintendent), C. i'. Rady
(.clerk, Ac).
? i BsUWTmrDsarr'i monthly report.
Tr ifeseor William P. Pox, Superinten?
dent, a ubmitted his regular monthlvre.
viren shows the total enrolment to
be 11,775; monthly enrolment, 10.1?6; ave.
rage attendantx , '.'.??J: percentage, M '?-iu.
l ? Huperintendent says that the total en?
rolment has increased during the past
I he Superintendent reports that the
final examinations will begin in the Bigh
School and the Colored Normal s, hool on
Tuesday, June 2d, and in the district
it liools on 'lhursdav. June 1th.
cxosrxo iksih'"!
The i losing exercises of ths Richmond
High School will take place on Monday the
ISthof .Juneut Ifosart Ball The Colored
Normal School will have closing exercise!
ut First African church Fndav night, -lune
13tb. The district schools will close at
their respective buildingson Moi.duy.June
I he board decided to build an additional
room to Beilevue school, to accommodate
the demand in that neighborhood.
After the transaction of a large amount
of routine business ths board adjourned at
a late hour.
Deeds of Sale Hurordetl In the lUchmonl
nuil llenrlcii 4'otirt*.
The following deeds of bargain and sale
v re r.irded yesterday in the Clerk's of.
t'n e of the Chancery Court :
.lames Caskie and wife to William T.
Randolph, svfaet on west lids Third ?crest
h Jackson and Duvsl, 11,800.
Bauben I. Chewning and wife to Farrar
? Moore. 603%'feet on south side Preston
street between Thlfd Bill FOOTtll, 92,100.
Robert P. Luck, Jr., uih? .lohn K. Day
and their wives to Maggie A. Johnson, i i ,
feet on west side Morris street between
Main and Carv, ?l.Hoo.
Samuel II. 1'ulliam and wife to Almeta
R.. Wife of Libert .I. Hundley. .11 feet on
China street northeast corner Cherry.
ob. lia V. and William Stuart to Gaines
? ('arter, 20 f. et on north aide l'avh.r street
between Linden and Beech, tjajO,
s. L. Wooidndge's trust, e to Joseph E.
Polkas, Il ? j feet ..h north suie Leigh street
n Sixth und Seventh, *),TJ7.
M. C. Staples and wife to William Daf
fron, 114 feet on north aids Boyd strut
.? i uuneen ami i a Boyd street
northeast corner Dmnee.i *1.'J00.
Charles rheimer, sub-trustee und Eliza?
beth l. g :inn to EL \. Manama, 29 feeton
north side Wood street mar Bt veutceuth.
The -i ite Commission and the Olcott
( ..mitlitt. .? to Meet Here Tuetdaj.
The State Debt Oomnlsslon has been
called to neat hers Monday next and on
th-- following day the olcott Committee
Will, it is expected, arrive, when the
fsreuos asked for by tho latter will be
The Dobt Commission is composed of
Governor MeKinney. Lteutonant-Governot
J. Hoge Tvler. Senators Wickhan, of Han?
over, and Berry, of Amberst; Sneaker
Cardwell and Messrs, Tyler, of Brinco
William, und Dabuey, of Albcrmarle, of
th- II
Mr. Olcott, of the Debt Commission, Is
confined to his home bv sickness ami has
been for some time, but it is expected that
most if not all of the other members will
be here.
No details as to the correspondence be?
tween the Governor and the Olcott com?
mittee have transpire 1. but it is under?
stood tbut in a general way it was of that
preliminary character that took place be?
fore the visit of Sir Edward Thornton to
j who appear to be close to the com?
mittee say that these gentlemen wish to
have a full and freo talk with the com?
mission. _ _
That City G*ts a Big Oosernment Con?
tract?Hon ?fa K?v?lntionarv Soldlsr.
The Manchester Tobacco Company has
been awarded the contract f.-r furnishing
1W.0O0 pounds of chewing-tobacco for tho
I'nited States navy. Mr. A. H. Calligau.
the secretary and treasurer of tho com?
pany, baa received notification of the
award. This contract will be the means of
bringing about $40,000 of Ctovernmeut
money to Manchester, besides giving em?
ployment to many person*.
The meeting at Leader Hall Sunday
afternoon under tbe auspices of the Rail?
road Branch of the Young Mens' Christian
Association was largely attended. Mr. R.
E. Michaels presided over tbe meeting.
Kev. Dr. 8. A. Goodwin preached an inter
eating sermon.
Tho Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield
county st their last meeting received bids
from firms in St. Louis, Lexington, Kv..
?nd Cleveland. Ohio, for building a new
county jail. A committee was appointed
'o examine some of the jails in Virginia
built by the linns above referred to and
to report at a future meeting of the hoard
Invitations ire ont to the marriage of
Mr. John '/.. Walker and Miss Addle L> ?n
ard. which will take place Tuesday after?
noon, June Sd, at 6 o'clock, at the Central
Methodist church.
A large fore.- of hands are pushing the
work on the street-Oaf Baa on Deeatur
i'c.vond the Petersburg turnpike.
l?v. W. C. Jjitane preached at the
M- ele.Memorial church (Sunday morning
and night His sermous were interesting
anil impressive.
In the Mayor's Court yesteidav morale :
Thomas Jeter (colored) was fined *?.ht) for !
assault, and required to give bond for his
tature good behavior.
A match game of baseball was played .it
and Beichte yeaterday afternoon,
between the llaanhealaia and the Little ?
Giants. Resulting in a victory for the !
Manchesters by a-acOreof 88 tog A large ;
number, witneised the sortent. ;
Mr. Powell'? Condition Very Hopeful and
the Others Are Doing Well.
The condition of Mr. J. H. Powell, who
had his left leg ao badly injured in the
elusion -ti Main atreet Friday night that
amputation was m oeaaary, was very hope.
ful yeeterday. Be is indeed much im?
Dr. llugh Taylor sail last night that
while it would t.. probably ten days '
hi? patient w.uhl he entirely OUI ->f dan?
ger, he was doing very well indeed and im?
proving hourly. All the symptoms are
Hi stamps rr wrr I.
Mr. Powell M perfectly conscious and
suffers very little pain considering the na?
ture of his wund. I>r. Taylor ?a>
be is a man of wonderful courago and forti?
tude, and eonaidering In* mature a?e.
stands the wund very well. Be r. i
no internal injury whatever.
<ir>:,f bitereat has beenmanifeetedia
1 Mr. Powell's case, und acoten ol ce
made at his house every d iv bv personi
w:th whom he is acquainted. Bra mis?
fortune his censed tie? most profound
sympathy throughout the cit.-.
ran otiifbs d ino wbu>
Captain W. T. (rathnght, of the Book
and-Lud.br Truck, who. aft. r Mr. Powell.
received the next omet serious injuries m
the collision, is als., getting along very
well. Be is still confined to his bed, and
not allowed to see visitors, hut it is ex?
pected that be will bo out in a abort
Dr. Mos.s p. Boga, Jr., said last night
that Mr. James H. (iihhs, one of tho tire.
men who had hi* finger broken, wae im?
proving very tust, l'h?re will he uo neces?
sity to amputate the injured member,as
was at first supposed. Mr. Qibbe still
suffers slightly from hru:-" i received by
his fall.
Mr. l.ewia WilliruiH, the motor-man of
tho electric car which collided with the
trink, i- now oat of danger. He was able
to go out for s short while yeeterda
it m expected that be ean return to work
inafewdaj ? Be received no internal in
paries, .is wa- feared Saturday night.
The Knie Ag-elnst Mr. S mils Continued I
I util the Ne?t Term.
Saturday afternoon a petition was pre?
sented to the Henrico County Court ask?
ing that w iiiiam IL Bands be aummoned
to anewer for contempt of court for not
placing on the registratioiwbooka the
names uf certain parties a- ordered by the
A rule was issued against Mr. Sands, and
when he appeared before the Court yester?
day the ease waa continued unt? the next
Mr. Sands claims that be has resigned,
and was not registrar at the time that the
order of the Court waa given; also, that he
had pr. seated ins reaig? aten to the Court
and it In I been a 'cepti rl.
The petitioners allege that Mr. Sands ia
i'e r.ic'e registrar until his BUOOeeeor uu.ili
fii i, md m (iuc'i should regiati r the re?
jected pcrsorm whose right t? re?. ter was
confirme 1 h-, the County Judge.
The Court Grants Ulm an Additional
seven Hays In .lall.
F.. IL Orymes's ten days la jail prepara?
tory to being earned to the penitentiary
expired to-day.
In the Buatinga Court yesterday seven
days more were granted him, presumably
to allow the petition tor a commutation of
sentence to imprisonment m jail to be
presented to and toted upon by the Gov?
Lewis Hooker, who went to jail on Satur?
day, is -aid to be .pute low-spirited. He is
suffering from i - are distase, which
makes his coafiaemeat doubly pan ful.
Judge Marshall, his counsel, spent some
i [th him Sunday.
Itrllllant Legal 1 <K><ts.
At the annual meeting of the Virginia
Par Association at the White Sulphur
Springs < ii July nth the address will be
made by Hon, W. C. P. fireekinridge, of
lb.n. A. M. Keiley, judge of the Inter?
national Court at Cairo, will deliver an ad?
dress .m tho "Judicial System uf the 1'h.i
r. lahs."
Pap r- will i?> r.ad by Hon. B.T. Bar?
ton. >.f Winchester: Major John W. Rilsv,
of Halifax; Hon. J. BandolphTocker,of
Lexington-. Mr. Randolph Hamsun, of
L\ nebburg, and perhaps others.
The banquet will be an elegant affair.
J. ('. Car'.-.-, of New Vork, Will re?
spond to th>!' toad "Virginia."
Ex-Judge B, c. burks, of Bedford, is
pr?sident o| the association, and Mr.
Jam", c. Lamb, of Richmond, secretary.
Death of an Old liallread Man.
Mr. Martin M. Tucker, father of Mrs. W.
0. T.vl.r an t Mr-.. R, (Jay, of this city, and
himself wall known here, died yeaterdai
at Covington,Alleghany county. Hiere?
mains will Tea. h here at B:30 o'clock this
morning and funeral aervii ?* will I ?
ducted i?y Lev. Dr. Cooper at the gravo m
Bhockoe cemetery.
Mi. Tu.ke|- was a nativo of Hanover and
for" many years a resident of Una city. He
UTS of age at the time of
death, forty-two of which bad I
in the service of the Chaaape iKc and i Ihio
railway. On account of his old age he re?
tired two years ago and aetti, d in Coving
ton, where the previous litt- < :i yi irs of bis
life had been spent as ear-iaapeetor.
Notes About lla.c-llall.
The St. Peter's Cathedra! hoys are anx
ra leoond game d base-ball with
tue High School pupils to redeem their
lost honors. 'Tho latter have not vet signi
tied their willingness to met the cadets
In the gamr of ball bctw en the Fulton
and Sidney clubs, played in Island Park,
th-former won the victory by a acore of
seven to five.
'The Journey men and appri ntiee boys of
the Richmond Qranite Company ci
bats in a very interesting game, which re?
sulted in a tit. at the end of the ninth
inning. Another inning was then plaved
with the same result, and the contest 1.1 1
ro be .alle.l on account of darkness before
it could bo decided.
The Alleged Centenarian.
In tho repoli of the president of the
Roar 1 of Health for the week ending Sat?
urday, May tt?, there appears the death of
an old colored] woman all.-g. d to l*? one
hundred and four years. Dr. Christopher
C. Tompkins, the physician who atien led
th- deceased, luid that tho womun certain?
ly died from old age, but as to her baiag
over one hundred years old he had no
knowb Ige. bat simply took the word of
members of the family, and in certifying
to her age qualified it by -ayiiiK "sup
posed to bo" of the age mentioned.
Falrfltld Independent?.
The Independents of Fairliehl held their
usual meeting but night. Their regular
chairman and aecretary officiated. Every?
thing passed off harmoniously. Several
speeches were made urging the club to
stand by the Independent movement, aa it
was the only way to overthrow boaaism
and machine rule and substitutog.xxl gov?
ernment based upon honesty, wealth, and
They Deeire More Member?.
A meeting of the Sons of Confederate
Veterans waa held lost night, with Mr. T.
L. Carrington in the choir.
Much routine business was transacted,
and a list containing the names of those
not members of the organization will be
circulated. Several signed the paper last
night. _
Baptist Hoelal Colon.
The members of the Baptist Social
T'nion will have an entertainment for
themselves and ladies at Burkes to-mor?
row night. Rev. George Cooper. 1). D.,
will deliver the address. The aoctal meet?
ing will be from 7:90 to 8:80 after which
aupper will be served.
CHven I'ntll Inn,. 15th to Complete It
ContrarU for Iron- and Coppsr-Wnrk
on th? City Hall.
The Commit tee on Gronnds and Build?
ings me? re tenlar evening at 6.30 o'clock
in the ornee of the City Engineer.
On motion ,f Mr. Curtis. Mr. Bnstow.
th? contractor for tho WasftJM market.
w.i^ allow.'1 t. explain BO the committee
if in completing the building.
I !.is ,. nth-man stated that there was a
mi-umlcr-tanding a? to who should put in
tbo water-cock: thai Mr. I'hi'ip?. the con?
tract for the plumbing, bad isfussd to do
ths work b I not estimated f r
I l hat the Wafer
Committee had heretofore done such work
free of charge.
[ha City Engineer raggasted that Mr.
Bnstow un i Mr. l'h.lips appear before the
\v..f,r Committee and arrange the matter,
whi.h was agre.,1 to. Mr. Bnstow said
another delay was csnsed by the painting
of th.. doors,the color not being in ?
anee with the changes that had been made.
Ha aNo said that the lumber in the stall*
sad sbalring had bees put in during the
late wet season, causim ' is jointe to open,
i his. he said, would he tixed. Furthermore
tbe paving ia tbe market-house was ?a
some pla mm tauhy I . would
rein. .tied. ,
The eonmittee .igreel to give Mr. Bris*
tro nn?l Jans 13th to o. ophite the work.
Mr. rsrgnesoo was authorized to inform
the Common Council it ths nest meeting
irket bouss would be turned
over to the city or, lua. 13th, so that a
committee maybe appointed to take i barga
of lt.
Mr. Charles W. Qoddta pref-entett an ap?
plication tor su ch.itrs for his office. He
te-re.t to Mr. Bouatoa, s member of tho
committee, to inquire into the matter and
report bei k t.. the et nmittee, Stmdar ac
;i >n ?as taken m regard to an application
presented by Mr. .1.ph M. Sbelton, bill
?lerk m the Auditor's .trice for additional
arm totwj tiiedkub.
? week bids wer. poned for iron
work on the City-Hall building, and Colo?
nel Cutehaw, the City Engineer, was au
thonxed to award the contract. The bio
ders wt re .Joseph Hall A Co-, fl?O; Asa
Snvd.r .V <" ind the Treviegar
-.m. ? olonel Cutshsw last
night reported that he had awarded the
contract to the TredegarCompany.
?i. If. Eddins, janitor of the BsgtaMWtsJ
Armory, made application tor Inmarsats
0 pay. ile iommitiss was mtisnad that
his luties had ticen greatly increased sad
they agree,1 to recommend t" tile Council
all increase "t ?9 M r month.
The question of fure-eecapesoa the Mozart
Acadt my was cam laid nth- table.
I ."??-;? I>.
i?itls for copper-work oil the main f iWSt
new City Hall were opened. They
were as followa i Iteuben Burton, $940 : f.
S. Kendler, f>tS3; .\<i BnydsrJ Co., $$00,
'lb.utract was award-d t<> Asa Suyder
A (o.
Bids for pavilion in Monroe Sqnaro and
Gamble-Bill Square wen? oponed, all of
which were rejected.
Other < ommlttees.
The Committee on CbiflM aud Salaries
met in th.- Council chamber at 7 o'clock,
A number of lui!* wars approved and
ordered to be paid. Aft,er transacting
other routine business the coaudttaw ad?
A ii.ting of the Cbmmitteeoa Accounts
and Fruiting was csili.'. for 7 o'clock, fhs
Chairman and on.? other sssmbst were
present, After waiting for soma time and
? that there was no nhasvta of having
S quorum those present went home.
sir. David nyaflarsssaa DewSk
Mr. Lavid Pfsllerstoia, son of the late II.
Waller-tein, dlctt Sunday morning at. his
residence, Ko, 800 m.rtri Seventh street,
alter a ling, ring ii',-.
The deceased wis a member of the firm
t trallerstein Brothers, eoaiurisssoa mer?
chants, und was popula- with the trade
and a 'arge circle of friends,
His funeral took place yesterday after.
DOOn St (O'clock from th- residence, and
his remains were Interred at tbe Hebrew
cemetery. The psll-beerers were Messrs.
A. Gunst, D. Uitteldorfer, Sol. Fleishman,
Simon Fleishman, Leo Scnwarsnshild,
Julius Lewft, Ike Levy, und F. Abrams.
Mart toon Memorial CnlltirS'.
An interesting literary and mnsiral ariter
tainment was furnished last night by tip
students of this college. The musical
part ,,f theseteroisss reflected great .redit
upon Mrs Roes K. Jones, who has n.vl
charge of tin- department. Several dia?
logues and r?citations went admirully
rendered, anil a gymnastic drill WM
?a? d with greet precision end line eflv.-t.
All the exercise? gave evidence of tbe care,
ful end thorough training by the teachers
in this institution. Among those present
Mrs. Hartshorn, of Newton Centre,
Maas., and Mrs. Stetson, of Bimooek, N. H.
Mny<?'s-Hrl?lg;e Line to Me Opened.
Work on the Manchester extension of tho
MsrshsU-street and Mayo's-bridg? car Una
n rapidly pushed forward recently
an 1 will be c. iuol.ti dina few da) s.
Bv noon to-day the track ScrOSS ths
bridge will be completed. Ths new line,
after running across Mayo'l bridge will
?I up if nil street as far si Seventh,
out Seventh to Decatur to Tweuty-flrst,
and thence to Hull again.
This road will at tir-t be run with horse
cars, five or six of which will be put on,
but the company hope m a month or so to
supplant tin ?><< by slectrto-ears.
IVrsonal? and Uriel?.
Mr.Churles Woodbery. of Beverly. Mass.,
U l.i th
Mr. David Punstea, of (ilusgow, Va.,
t ihrough the city yesterday.
I Jr. D. A. Knyk, who nas for tho oust
tan davs been m ( .ncinnati. O., baa re?
turned to ths i ' ?
lb n Gonway H. Sand?, who baw basa
.1 lays by sickness,
i- aide to be ont airain.
The work of putting an addition on ?he
ids of the Clerk's oftVc of Henrieo
. morning,
Mr Charles Kills will probably attend
ths [ntemstional Typographical Lmon,
which conven? ? in Boston June sth.
In the Chancery Court yesterday the
will of Helen J. King was admitted to pro?
bate. The .state n valued at f 1.300.
Dr. Arthur (i. Cnbell. jurgeon of the
united States cruiser Newark, m.w on
dnil duty at ?orstown, is in the citv.
Mr. W. L. Sheppard has finished his clay
.sal of the statue of General A, V. Hill.
and in a few days it will be placed on ex?
I. -terdav was ths thirtieth anniversary
of the leaving of the First Virginia anil
tTipany of the Howitzers for Mauaa
sas Jum tu ii.
Ivanh OS I^id^o, Knight? of Pjthias, waa
instituted at Wilkinson Hall last night
with Oft si nbers and a full sosa.
pleurent >' oaVara,
Dr. Hunter M< 'luir* will probably go
abroad this sumsser, but the rumor that
bis wife ??id d ii. -liter will accompany him
is without fouuilut.
Mr. W. A. Stuart, of Saltville, part
owuer of th? Exchange Hotel and pro?
prietor of the White Sulphur, spent Suu
day here, aud re tu raed home yesterday.
Mr. John A. Fizztni drovo up town yea
terdsy tor tin? ?rsttime'n many months
ia very cordially greeted tiy many of
his friends. Ho is look:ag exceedingly
1 hi petit tory in the United States Court
was discharged for the term vsterday and
paid off. The Petersburg fireworks-factory
case was to have bees tried, but was post?
Litiuor-dealera are being notified that
all who do cot obtain t'mted States li?
censee by next Friday will be liable to a
penalty of 90 per cent, ami criminal prose?
Messrs. Edward McCullooh, of Belle
fonte; Alexander Hamilton, of Petersburg,
andex-Doputy I'mted States Marshal (ins
< hapman. of Fairfax, were in the city yes?
Tbe contracta for the various improve?
ments at the Exchange Hotel have bean
given out and th? work wil' soon begin.
It w?l require about four months to com?
plete the entire job.
A refrigerator-ear left the hichmoud and
Allegbaay track Sunday aud relied over
into the canal near ah? foot of launas
street. It was gotten out with verv etigh?
Bishop* Wilmer end Jecxsoo are ex?
pected in Richmond th? weet. ine
former will visit Brook Bill, Heanco.
The Literary Branch of F.nwcwth i>agu?
will haveamnsical eoclabl* n?<it rriday
night at Brjad-Street lietnodist/nnr-h.
A quartette consisting of Messrs. Oonaing
ham, Lohmsn. Mathews, and Oalptn will
In the Chancery Court yeeterday Hard
Wicke A Mitchell filed? K$ finvkn* 80 ?el
aside deed from the Davis hW Company
to Mninnev 4 Willirme. trustee*, to attach,
th.?i>ro|M'rtv therein mentioned and ??b?
past ?ame to payment of claim of #?,107.13.
Messrs. George and James Broeddue.
(athet end ?on, . f Carolin?, ?pent several
da' s in Biehaioad lost week, having com?
down to l.xtk after the sale of their crope
of tobacco. Roth obtained rlne pnce?.
The \omu?cr Mr. Broaddns got #48 per
hundred for his l*>-t and corresponding
prices for other grades.
rnhiie aasaasaa aw avagan.
There will be a public meeting of the
Prcgreeaiva rit)"."''' Order under the au?
spices ot Belvulere, Church Huh Virginia,
and Richmond lodges of this city to-night at
Senger Hall iSov. nth ?tn-eu at ? oYloea.
'Tim supreme offieers and other visitors
from Boetoo, M.i?s., will I... present. The
public is invited.
I Intime Bank? Meuiorlal-IK./.
It is the desire of fie oil? IS O? til* Na?
tional, State, and Saving? tanks . f thia
City t ' c|os.? on Hollywood Me'.it.rialxlav,
May 30. 1891. They reepectrulky ash that
th.'<e having notes maturing on that day
will please pav tho same on Friday, May
Those who have not purchased tbetr
Summer Hats and Buunets will d> well t.i
call on Mrs. H. W. OeOUy, M<: east Broad
street, who has the largest stock, best
style,, and lowest price? tn the city.
?......I I'ookloa
is one of the chief blessing? of every
home. To always insure good custards,
puddings, aeocee, etc., uae Gad Borden
?Fa?l."' Prand Condensed Milk. Dir-.
liona on the label. Sold by your grocer
and druggist. _
nano? and Organs.
ltTLiND A LtX'l,
10 Governor street.
Second-Band List :
J Knabe, excellent, fh land ?150.
1 Weber, excellent, 7?. octave?. ?300.
f> Piacher, ?<(uare at I upright?, from
Gilbert, upright. 7'n. a bargain.
I Crovesteen A Fuller, 7 s. a bargain.
< rther makes at fi'..i and #75.
tuneases Baeensjaea Ticket?
to Norfolk, Virgmii lie .ich. Farmvib*,,
Bedford, Blaa Uidge, Roauok?, Natural.
bridge, Baleen, Allegheny, Montgomery
White, ?ellow Sulphur, It one tarn Lak<?,
Pulaski. Max Meadows, Wytbcvill?, i '
etc.. ne Petersburg and Norfolk an..I
\V. -t. in railroads go on sab? June 1st.
Uulde looks and all information ii|M>i,
appli. at! m at 888 Hala met.
rennsylvr.ua Bedford Spiings Mine,
water ai Oaoaoa a. Buanutr'a,
F >r many disorders of digestion ami
hepatic troubles, Bedford Springs Water
ia vory valuable. |i la a laxative, diuretia,
and alterative. Hintib MoQotxa, M. D.
I?wga-aiaa Plweei cheese ai.io i
ebenso, andan uum-etat ? oenuae^aeaj
at On * v. lb siiutCs.
I'l.ui is an l <i. .v.?.
Rri.AM? A learn,
10 Governor Street.
Just received a full lin? of new Pia?as
and Organs. Priese am atylea tosuitalX
Termi e.isv.
Fine Smithfield Hams at
ttaOBOa A. lit ? ?lii's,
Pnasnylvaaia Bedford Springs Mineral
Water will prevent iliaca?*, dmsolve ami
carrv away the unpuritiua ol the bi.\.
and poaeeaaea Bfa-riving power i
that of any other water.
The only MM to l.ynctiburK and the t- mthwo? t
?rllb three dally trains i Pi ?t* and Mot?
folk nn.I Wintern riilr. a I l?lck -
in.m.I 10:00 A. M.. 18:40 P. V.. mid 1 I m I'. A,
Pullman palace aieeper Kwhmund io l.ru.n
burp, ei.?O per liertli.
Claret Lemonade, a delightful smnmor
drink, at Uaoaas A. H..m>uet's.
Note asaafai in Rorfoal aast Western ?ebe
.lule. Ttea to N'.rt.iik e?SE8ef than by any
other tine. _
When you wish to have j..h printing dorr"
send to the Dispatch Company for BUta*
mates and you will find out that you can
save money. All kinds of printing prompt
ly executed.
PS aches, die lirst of BUS seaao ., at ItOSSTA'S,
If your complaint is want of appetite, try half
a win, ({lass ..f Aneosronj bittkh? t>..u* a ?
aessredtanar. Bewereef asasnananae a ?a for
the genuine article, manufactured by Dr. J. Q
b. Mlugort Jt Son?.
1'nmran Peaches with purelee-i"ream, theflrsi
of the season, at Mobhta's, 111 east Main si reel.
For Dyspepsia, ledig. ?tl..n. and Stomach |)|v
orders. Use IlkOWN's Ikon UlTTBKS. The beet
ionic, [| rebuilds lb? system, clean- UM Stood,
and atreeitlien? the inii?ml?'i. A ?pleu.n.i tou#
for weak and debilitated patseaa.
? ?"
N. W. WiWK, 4V? 1". M., buuduig lois In tho
plia af Wsvnrl.-y.
II. SKI.I'ON I AYI.ult 4 SON.? I'. ?., .IweUIn?
No. 118 Nineteenth street.
?I. TlloMlt-oN Ilkott'N A CO., 0 P. M.. frame
dwelllliK No. I Ih so'lib : ' ; Im
medlnlcljr thereafter the building lot op?
P.. A. i ATI.IN, ll P. M., frsm.? dwelllnirs No?.
6X7, ata, and 881 norm Tw -uly-aeeubd
SI "CM in * 00k?ai| P. M.. brtck residence oor
ner MarsLall and Kleveulb ?ire. aa
KKANK D. BU A CO, 8 P It, ?tore and
?Iweiiings N<m. I luii^ and till north Twea
ty-fiftli street.
E. A. CATI.IN, 10 A. M., at N-n. I I'.'tl, IggSj,
i ;.!.'> east Franklin ?truel, lionea, boggtsa,
phaetons, Ac.
J. D. VALENTINK, 10:30 A. M . toot?, mat
tretse?, table?, elothlu?;, nutlnn.., Ac
? I ? '" .IB
There are panu that make one tired, eng
pant? that are cauaed by weariness. We do ao*
deal In either variety. We only ?ell pants that
St me ?rearer a* well a? the wa> ther, and wufch
ore at once attractive and cornfonab*. In the
matter of pantaloons nothing la ao important on
me at and the quality ot the fabric. Ia bata
these eaaenltala our stock will be foand to excel
any that ever laid an the ooaater? ot this tows.
Bifurtaled-Garment Ita?ctan

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