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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, May 28, 1891, Image 1

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.?*ttl*t*?al ???*. He llatlfled hy th(,
\ li?nK<.r??u? Vt p?rimant to
RM >1<!>(TR?T mu.
i?? t??c ni'iintcb.)
v' ? LBlrtoB,
Mr. Ctrl t.?n Mr?
i rii ?'??? tut^ineaa.
?v with ? n-jct-.?(.tfttivo of
inrUiooininc con.
Bt*1 t? BUBlt.
1 ?; CoOTtttt
; ' :t til ?
to brine
i I ??<> and
?? 0001 I
I ".'Il ut.
IT to i enpre
that i o BMttOt wfcM (?>rt
tttOOMSI not In
! wtabet Of ||M
? ? M MUhmoI
ttta ?gata Into
. ? : t ' I : 1H-H.
? I -il \|.-w thnt thn
? 'til. that
? pi M ?.'tt!. TV. Qj . f |1 ,,
? .'. WO M IM a don
?? : afttabMara >m<i
: .r D :1..' ) : .
? ".? !
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' '-'?? t? In
I !?? \*/ti?
? ? i ??.... highly rr
? >?
; i UanrtUe
, . I In bta lower timbe,
: iu t< rrlblj abucki i
) Garllek CI???' tkO TcKtl
. gutnenl ( otmnriirri).
?.? i in the
nj ol v ? -
. [NUMB.
M wtt
? In u.-t, i.- r, is-;..
i lutol
?V?ti r
: (p'!n a \
? iK. {'called
l?i. I
. ? , I
- ! t ra nil
?? pHi 1 :
ro oarer
? :?>? form of to?
?. i1 r board ut the
i. and teetl
. ?l til"
- ?
lo be ii
;.t her
?nu ol moral
??? ? . .
hUdren and nn
. ?
i i : :.: re?
ek and
i.. > >. Armiatead .'?"Hing
? r\-\n laoaleat N?'g:ro
? '.!!.?.!?Otlil-r Notn.
' .. . . \
pera o?
. ) 11! 1 !
I -i ? .-.?:i!jiit1'> ? '
. t from
?.^ and Is
1,1 ?. ? been In
i -
. VF'.KO.
an can threw
In ''iit- of
. ? ! '
? ?
! taken
? lent of th'
to-daj ? -r New
r placea.
d In i ?h?rt wl?o
, -i.-H werenar?
? -. The
? .. northern
i of alar]
i ? ? ?
-. . ?'.'. .'..?
h of tbe bride? pa
. r. H.
? Hoi).
t( n\ lartaM Ac-rldent?
? ! I. !.. i: Itrokrn.
' ' .. J7. Mr. J"hn A.
mc*t .highly
i with nu 'i -
toaJe. Hawai
- to Hi"
. id iriKi ui*m
. Mr. <
daed tbul 4iii">utatiuu
??>? from Um ti Iwrnlt?.
! I ??nj.fiV-h.1
? Mrs. Mr. M. Al'
. , are via.tint Ml?
'?. Khii bat t>c?ti r'> 111 t',r
. bne
i ? t "f .lut"?-.
* hare
I ? ;* ?
Ul* Mea < o tue. A ti bu? io Oeeano?
Mir. n.| vuruiltN.
?!.> |wja?HaJ
i ka Kury Depurt
1 nn iir*t ?own irora
ft Ai-apuluu. Mril'"t
i! ued j/urhult of tbe
ll?d totoocb at 1'aiia
? i\i*-ltMl the DeparUiifUt
. i ii< it bad beea da.
... the <-'iH?t, and
u( Uf. butrd troui at
? "''port, i'n? nrediuilou waa ful
^ *?* iwaai waUa Ute Caafltato? a?
?. ? ih?"A"1 Y" S "*r ,Tnm ????? "now
<*I m,H, , Wl" '"??"?.! from, f.
??I ifiit? Ketney, r,,r ??omman.W. rnnorte.1 th,
a!? ?r^Sf?! "' ?? pi^wfo?
Water* ?ti . i .ir"' M"< *"" >
'"?,',, '".?""?'????'"?I thM a rwnefl ?III .
? -orne !,,,,?,.? announcing H
urgente ofu
Ute? state* Oorwi
? !;:ri.ai*|?rf?llIurTlolalk
KardMcr l>r?,|,?,,| ,? u,,?Bri ?e,p?
Itfninrritllr Oppo.ltlon.
., ";-v ' M Dl?|*t.|,.)
, ?UnnlMi,-!,,,,,,,,:,;
>M ?.n i. '"T""1 '"??"K -.i?.-, t?," real,
or U>, C1tt.Tr?
? ndRt? ?? funda. A lengthy opini?n t
I I ? W arwtok WM rea?, In ?htm U wr,
ru-t, , Mr Bardaley had U,
rfht ' i ?that the pow? t? ,1. Vi
??".A and,
,,,.', I *'? '""""V" C?l?e4l lltuaors
I--ti w?h ,i,.Vi ii,?,...? airain-o. ,f
^ofvMr'I!(lM-l.v, ,,'?
I H llir
? it Li (,.,. | '
??;"??? -f parliamentary la? ... oetay WX,
UaV?d S
- S. reajgnb
? -y after tho ?nwirtmm al Hard
? Common cS?
,'"*" : ' lor the parpo** i
ro mark tnek'dfc.,
lion and tho
V.' ? ,..'","r""':: lamber?
' M .ballot ?a* m
? rotes rtxwdi
nagorof the /:
I :??'? '?',,. o i.,... w k, iMrr.uiK
? to nu the unexplre? it>na of John Bard
rtty treasurer and tli<> convention ai
j' orne i.
two city naunm
?i will lake effect t
IV and then ttilladelpbla ?liii.av
ow three nowei
?? rday elected M
: tho ( ?iv < ounetls, wt.l.-h cam
?. who?
: ? ? (hi for tli
o In n compU ited one, an
?i.i undoubtedly be one I
tin ? In ( ,. |
? ??! only to elect a ireasurei
'"' '" commission and ni
l'ii??< ounclls, although by
? i.??!???! th ? mm
man a* the City c . . ,:, the abstrai
dnnytheauUiorltyol the I ityl
?''?'i. If 'the Councils' claim to ele.
? correct and the Commissioners Hr
the Council* may approve the sur?
y cannot ?sene the eommh
lone by the Uovernoi
who, ..t ooor? . ;n the present utatanc
?: bj the ?? lurt In m
rernor'? appolntmdnl be can lam
the commission, i.ut his right to approve m
Is doubtful.
m -lb? Clty-Cootroll?
Tbompaon i? at pr< -
Mechante* Ban
: by Ktate '! rosHurer Boyert
act for the p V ndulcary aget
? the ? ??-nvciiti n ea?
chamber and au ordinal. approving th
p? was preeented nti'l n
1 '.'i mlttoe. Tin- oommtl
. n the ordlni
? Mr. Oellore'd luretlee and sorei
The ordinance waa ihen 11 low
t>> be prim ? 1 and ?ill be ; tni Ooun
The U memben of the Coanctkune
while the Joint conreni n waa In pr .:
? ? tt Ki Iwood In right, Hi
?? Bardeli ? I
waa develop! 1 lo-day. Be brought Olendun
tocki which were ii"
? him by them. The evidence 01
|ve,on<! ti"' dedil tlon Im, 0
Raged In trann
with other ftock-brokerage iirms, urn
ly epeculatlvd
'1 he II .:.1 Brm wl
? ?nil ninall pi ul
m "m 11 waaM'lii thai Mr. 11 trda
?i tiiofini
ipeculatlve ac
to-day, and It la proba
?.nu. ?? . t thi
m the memben to appea
befon their booka. In order that Un
: Mi. !'. .i.i Ii ? \tb it mu;
Asoiin.v. WAXKAlfl ron 1 u."-i KY.
Phtlai ki rma. m i> 27 ? Dlatrl -t-AttorneyOra
another warran
for Mr. Ha ilng him of pel
. Ulf,' pubU
IIDaUflhti rrotiiiiition Leader? IttPw
lnl.lc ?'olltiral BftMt.
[By tok graph to the Dtapal ft.]
CnoAoo, It?? IT. -A hi-'ciuI dispatcl
fromTopoka, Kan.,n.v8: The Prohibitioi
i ut the i'?nit ni Un? mi
-, in Uie Kohrer origina]
[lackage cane, hold
tl mi. County-Attorney Welch, who bad drop
rged wttl
? ? ? uoi after the passage ..1 th<
bill, will now continue, and the wax wu
? ?! with deti ?
i- ? it"',, trii tho political effect of tin
?.. Una-inn nullt thai
1... noiKMl tl" ? ? ""* he tnk.'ii oui
? it 1- no longer a politice] <|ii'-t*
., ?and tt e 1 ? I Ion of the blgheai
tribunal In the land ?ettlea the matter ao far a;
the hi ! :l""!. ' ?an3
? itlcand K. ;
. ! go ovei ?
1 ninoe the People'a Tarty ins Ig
the question altogeUier it will give tv
llstlnd advantage In the approach.
: partial iinide onUu
llnnor qneatton,_
The IMinser to lleiiu?)ll<-rti?lsni?IlurrUor
Agntiiftt t'leveliuid Agitln,
(l;y t. ! ?;-.:i],U tO I
Hctchtww?, K*"- ^lf,v 'l~- At f4II1,,ptini;
Ki Mil lican editors ol tho Berent!
.: dit-trict aletter from ex-Senatoi
ly applauded.
party Is confronted with great problomi
, ' upremacy. Ifwoar.-tuMi
t deal with the 1 suea of I
,it with slavery and State * rerejgntj
rear?ago. The Ri ? ++?**
urn must i.i;uMt ilM If to tlnM-lmnc...l .-.inlit-i
in An erk-an life, or It will peilah. 1 wi-h t,
SveTfrom thlsfateby reca^lug the eplrltol
I patriotic fore* oftite
Will ... waged upon eoonomlcand |.mti^a l^^
,.,?,?,., apon memoria*, .??""g" ?
minatod. and Cleveland ?in ' ?? '''" ?";
aD Austerllta. If we dicker^with pop???
with unprincipled lead? re,
an.! nn.-r"It" hZeel dlfferen ?? of todgm*?? aud
opinion, it will bo a Waterloo.
N? |aw, However, to I'nnMt Them-An
Biaipeftrfl .fury.
[Hy itiif?r*- to um Dtavfjeftv]
Kr?- n La., M?v W. rii" p??(>
*?*!';, ;n??.n.'i"'i ?"???"
re&s wtiB
? tak.u batntw th.Mi.it ???? uuv
rropoeedTrl Slate K.b.bit -t tho World'.
Fair I? ?!??**
"STti STfa-tfSo. S^jVun
...? <,f fhatt*noog?.*
tire men
? rrltory known ?* tD"
? t f?7tliopun^of
ultM 2Ttbe World. Kalrlu
wnX\x* ? "-''";' ''???V;7,, ;.,?tu,., waa enJtod for
?ni beaakedto ^"?'V-ttM.u"*? J>",e 10i" ^'IU
; "vt eral hi u*r?l delegate?, U>
.,?s L ?'?wJl5^Ab^A..r.np?:w<?u
*"^ Sl, president of the Vrfm
mi A- ' " V/'Turner, who ha* been the
i:iub, an? ?eorge VV. ???^ja, bav* ?ecured
bo*lne??-n?n?g.-r ? ? ^ ^, ^ ^pnr.
cMitrui of tt)* l,r"l"ri??r??ro filed I**? *on*
ta?a?z n..kl?K th* uan?f?r w? m i IB???ge.
?**y. It u. uudewu^l UW? ? uu4.,, .nd Will
Kogus Tlekrt? Ont-Ailvlne to Negroes
Speerbe?. l.??t Nicht by ?rle.sr?. ?later,
J-Tournoy, and f'srdwell.
Tho Banrteo Oouty PtanoeraMa Com.
rii't-- ?iih t ?t tho PowtUStsxa-fXsb room
yesterday. All ^kt*fiMHttit ?aig |>lOsalli
and tho final arrangements fur to-day's
election was made.
ied to tho committee,
men m ehMgi of eaoh iirecinrt. and the
Virint-itiifinofthecoiiiiilete retrirn?to-un,'bt
was injured. Ev<-rytM,iiy aygg m the boat
Ofsoirita, and no fears were entertained
as tu th.. result of to-day's IJUnlMt
J'.O'it'S TICKKTi.
TeaaardayaftanooattM giinaMsnsni hadgnt
ranoui several bogus ticket* one of ?
headed ?? Derao-raue lVket," ne i...-. it the name
of UeorgeW. Thomas I? substituted lor that or
uonwey R, Sands for Commonwealth's atl
Another, headed ?Con rvatlve Ticket," bas
an the liepuUi. an candidat.-? names mi It ex.
cept for ?.?um of m?- minor ofBcea
A abuii o ?t either ..f theae tickets will dlsct.no
the ra.-t tiiai it Ih not retrain-, for the recalar
Uera ?-ralle Ucket Is handsomely and fan.-r.iiir
UTtBOOIuraKD, while tbe luntatloii l.s plainly
I'tlnt 1. ' *
Tbe following ctroalar was distributed traite
extensively throughout theooanty yesterday:
????i< Mururnaa' Mitrara -raer Bai-tht
1. -We, tb? spiritual advisers ofthe colored
of this Commonwealth, not wi-hlng to
tase either aide In the oomin? j?oilticai ?
the county, deem It o ir Christian duty tbe love
every good shepherd should have f,,r bis flock
to dira 1 them aa ?a deem beat In our Judgment
It UaweU-knowafactthat the leaders of tbe
Republican party In the count}, II
ward. Ander-.and'I humas, have l.n ur-lnar
pie as mere tools, sad when we look Into
the character of these mi n. we Bad that they are
all without tbe fold ..f the Church -one a bar?
keeper, leading souls to perdition. We think It
time for ua to enter aa earnest protest 1
"<lr Peoi I.ipp niriir them.
V a nave acted wisely In placing a ssesroa
. tl ket ot roar own people,
jrhoarei.1 Christian gentlemen. Wo would
? I entreat yon to support this ticket on
' lay, for ibis, In our Judgment
keynote and the only way for the 1
recognition, and la the true solution of
fe- rao ?f in roar lodgment
no! care to t ite (or th.?g >ntlemon on the colore 1
and 1 1 not go near the polls
on election-day, and in thlawa- rebuke these
political di mag.vu -s. Southward, Anderson, and
rhomaa, who would bring you to shame, and
th< m hereafter yon in?'
??i?..! ( hristlan men of y...jr own color.
May the rood Lord be with you and guide yon
? our bumble prayer. Amen : Amenl
Kev. John Jasper. Re*. James H. Holmes, Her.
William Troy. Rev. Daniel Tucker, Her. Wil?
liam 11. Harria, Rer. Richard Wells, Rev. /. li.
Lewis, Rev. Evans Payne, Rev. Albert P. Dun
bar.Hev. Daniel Williams, Rev. A. K. 1
l'.ev. Wttoam w. Browne.
TIPK < [TV M.Kcnnv.
rt is Importaal thai the Democrats in Hlch
oould poU their lull strength to-day h>r
John K. ChUdrer for City Treasurer.
Dp to last night the Republicans had not
openly put up n candidate, but it Is rumored
?ki : win be ? prang daring the ?
the purpose, at 1 set, ..t creating a feeling In
favor of the hard-pressed Republicans In the
county, lt.- this a? 11 may, our pt ople at
? the polls, since a light v< to is ala
encouragement to toe opposition and detrt
mt Dtal 1 its of the \).-v..ratio party.
Besideswhl htbevalaeof the babil if voting
should not be underestimated.
TIM iinai Maetlag Moid i.ust Mght.
Lee-Dbttrtct D?mocratie Clnh held a taaas
rieetlng la-t night m the sch.-boose al the cor
,1 r of Cary and Mead >a arico.
The attendance was not all that ooold have
-ire.1. but waa very birgt oonslderlng the
'?itretne Inclement jr of thewi
Ju the abeence of President Phillips Mr. \\. R.
Ban 1- oalle : thi m
do 1 the - p aker . tbe ; 1 rt of ?bom ?aa Mr. E.
Bevt rly Slat.-r. ot Richm m.1.
i R first t.. the trial ander Republican
rale oi a white lady of Uenrlco by a
rate, Mr. Blater forcibly remln I
- that this is no compromise Qght, and
that there la no saca thing as neutral granad.
?.I ill TO lil'.AR IT.
I!" mu glad, efiid the apeak r, that tat I
as are still cursing and swearing al the
Hen,1-rats. f..r it reminded him of the story t.-i 1
go a good old Methodi I minister who, 1
??ama ft .nu, .'ou.].'.aim .1 to the captain that
? cursing and swearing. 1 ?
tain toil him thai vas all right, for aa long a?
pt 11 up it ahowed thai the ship wa
but wien the ! to prajlag ii
. n . t dni'i'.-r. 'l'l.o-lorm, how \
tin !?? 1to r ' worse, the ?aves being w> high as
throw even the aallon oil their feet. When li
was at lte height the old minister could
ir, and ao tying a rope around his waist
be crawli 1 oat over the forecastle ?here the
sailors were. Potting his carlo the hatchway
he listened a moment nmi then ejaculated,
"Thank do I, the) are still swearing !"
Dwelling briefly on 11.nirseol Waddlll on
the force i.iii and ti e Ignorance of negro
In general Mr. Rater ahowed in a few sorda the
locratic candi.late toy the
ifflce to which he aspired. Closing he warned
thi a thai the Demoo ata naat do their duty.
? ?Nll.il TO ."KM.
Before Introducing the next speaker Mr. Sands
wished to state that the addres -
lated during the day signed by several ol tn>
Rt ; nblloan candidates was a malici?os false
1.- i. 1 here were not three m< n on the Repub
' I I lid Dot Bell out ti.!l.er
li-11.11. w. Flouraoy, Secretary of the Com?
monwealth, was the second speaker. Hi
by rttatiiuf that while be was DOl a ,-i117? ri of li n
?asacltiaenof tie-state, and ?hataf
fecti d thi a affected him.
Two years ago the Democrats of H enrioo served
notice 0 . the Republicans by electing a deleg ite
t.. the Legislature, To-day they most perpetuate
thai notice li had bet n chant .1 that be waa tbe
lemy the negrohaa In one way in-war-,
1,ut to his mind the worst enemy of the negro was
the man ?ho organised them against Um ?altea,
For seventeen years the White people of Hen?
ri.-., had been in servitude 10 negroes and ?h te
mi n ?one than negroea Tbe pet pie of Hen
rtoomayln time pail baveatnaad. if - -, 1 :.- ?
had certainly a* nod f"r It.
It was no use for a man to talk utHV.it loving
his wife and children and then sitting at home
on his baoacnea and letting the negroea and
scalawags take possession of his government
'i o-day was t?o-ir chanco to changa thi.s order of
What ?en the negroes complaining oft Do
the white 1.pie Interfere with their contracts or
property rights? Is then a colon 1 scbool-bonj s
or church In the stut? that was not paid for by
What the negra wanted was to rule the white
people, which they would never do. Tbe white
man who wanted the negro to do this had a heurt
blacker than the skin oi Um n.-^-r.-.
Judge llournoy toll the ?lory of the boy who
was a BepubUcan because he ?anted the ooon a
man of that pol?tica] faith had. This is the con?
dition of Andenon, Thomas, and southward, and
if the negra did not han a rots ho? ? ng wuuid
they l-.ve him '.'
1 he heathen eaald raire and Imagino as many
vain things at? they pleased, hat Henri
ts- , MTU 1 t'T thS while folks.
1 reryl odyshould get up soon an 1 see that bis
neighbor dM tbe sann-. All the votes that did
not coma should ha satt alter. None should bo
If the white people have not tbe right to rule
? ?ho baa!
AUiut t his time the band arrived, and JOdge
noaraciy congratulated the Democrats in a 1
raaoe on their victory, and wished them gooii
Bata H. II. larlwell, of Hanover, was present
Bd "- II.'? man WhO had red.-eme,! his own coun?
ty from the negro bordea 'lhelast time :
a bite at a Kepubllean. he said, was In il.
-, Pines. <m that occasion be h id m ide
m that llantiver wasin thlS'oiigrcasliitial
district, aiet as a result Mr. southward soudsnly
lost bis congressional asplratsaas.
Mr. I atdwi II, aim.ling I" tbe card Of the li'-gro
ministers npudUting the present Republican
office-holders, asked If the colored peopli
1 low tln-m, how could the white people do
no 1 These ministen said the Republican ?madi
datoe were without character. If MM colored
people thought o! them like this, where would
I ion the day of reckoning?
The carl was the worst Indictment nehad ever
aeon. Just Imagine what would happen if they
Wl r. to be tried in the ll.-nrlco County Court by
Tno-nasl Poor old Wash. Thomas, who alw%y*
HK-ked like a turkey li. 11 trying SO ste.il away
from her nest, ir.vuling easily so as not to stMSJ
Hhi re hi? political l?oJ was.
Mr Cardwell spoftS highly of all tbe Democratic
candidates as men ?bocooM as represeaMUn
citizens ably flU the oillc-s for which tbey wore
r"n"waH neoessary to asset tho t utlro ticket?
snnervlson, magistrates, and alL l p In his
county they had made? dean sweep many years
ago. The ftlmoephore bad been better -ver
?Ince. Things had gotten In such good shape
ttiat to-day there was BO opposition JO th? Demo
? ?tic ticket, lie wished he liv.sl In lie,,,,,.
he would vote to-day early and often. But be
was wollig U> Hanover to voto. It was tho solemn
. dityot'every wan to vote, especially if be was a
i "'-le did Unot expect to see the Henrleo people
1 ...?i,i until Friday. Then he wanted to sue a
; At, h!-.r aees showing that tbey bad done
i uo'.r duty to Uiem*elves,tbolr country, and their
VBm/' It. W. Courtney on tho part of the dub
retun.cd thanks to the speakers for tholr
?pK-uUid addrosses._
Meeting of gtockholden of ths National
Itulldlng end Investment Association.
A mooting of the stockholders of the Na
t?oLl HuihiinK anJ lnvwtuient Associa
Moil'oV Virginia was held yesterday at tho office
^?er^ofl*. boainoe. for the past year
^^W^A^waTiUed solicitor and
""i rl-mleiaiid Mr. Th.11.ae L AlfrlenJ
eram nor .< t ib-s wm ? ^ utiutu
sbvk in the ?vent of the death of a m?mr>er,and
to report at th? neit meeting of the board.
Th,. following offleen were elected: 1/tl?
Wiener, prpni.imt; A. Plzzlnl. Jr., vVe-pr?<>t
?ent and arsaeursr; M. v.. H'adley, iw?-r?tary.
?> Wllllamfl. S -, tt. .1.11. Klain,.lolin
Chamt^rlln. J. p. Hs-Meii, A. Plxslnl, L. Wag
n<-r, K. W. Cunniagtaax. Juan A. Plzzint.
A. 0. Bat.-ock, .VI. K. Bradley, .7. W.
1 in t James L. Robinson. Trustees? W.
1 1, andJ. B. ElMii.
Inquiry Into the Friday-Mint Collision
and the Vous t'aie Continued.
Notwithstanding th" drizzling rain ??'nieh
' ? the windows of th?. Police
' .-? mornmg tho attendance upon
t as '.Arge when Justice Crutc?fleM
ar-ni^l th? i.ench.
'? were r?pres?nt?d In the
STOW?, ami th? i/'aln attra.-tlon which drew them
> nt that the eases of James
rand Lewis Williams, th? driver anl
nn.tor-man re*p?--tlv> ij ,,f tl,.. honk?'and IsrtrtsT
tm.-k ai -. wwJeh collided la*t Fri.iay
stoke, i., iii ooane ap f..r tovastigation.
I* wan taken up th? Court
ig o( the minor
nia HEAD WAS SWPrfHlw;.
m T. KI, e. an old one-eyed man. who ap
i to have just emerged from a hard-fought
battle, ttmped forth " ben hi-name wa? railed to
anew? of drunkenness, Th?r? was
a good-humor?? smi? anhla tac*,bot a hizy
light novi his visionary on
? Wan you ?rank ?" in.ju.', i in* Justice,
"No. ? r." said he, ?* my hfJi-1 wiv? ?witrimint;
Just a little"
llsunetion between " a swimming In tn?
i and drunkenness was sufficient Ju
ti, n f. r Ute jri.r ? ii*<harg?.
William Smith, a negro youth, wan ??nt on to
? ni Jury for ubsaultlug < . K. Harri-with a
THF UlllgltlUnOn PO.TPONgrt.
Wh'? ' William? and W?lm?r were
called a large Bomber of witnesses perhaps a
respond?? t.. ttteernenM*. Wiiiutnr was
In court,
lier (?athrleht and Browning were
at i m ami ( blef Puller stated thai tl ?
not appear i mc*>.
Mr. Wyndnaa K. Meredlsn, ooanesfifof the
motor-Ban, orge ? the < oort to prosee? with th?
examination. He said that In his opinion th?
accused was arreate? without anfUdant g ro?ad,
a- it had been showr. that be dl I bta iluty well
In fact, acte.i heroically and tried his utmost to
avert Hi" ? olllsinn.
Mr. Meredith added that ihr- al < Dl tatMM
? r'.ty. and natnraUy i t m
dieiiit. M ?lio sere not
with either th? city or tin- rallwr.y .-ompany.
.nan aotod with great
Mr. Mere.iith. however, urged the Oonri to g,>
Into an examination Immediately, earing thai
,:;i th"
odium attached to the ??' ..ire...
f Puller Insist oontinnanoaot
I tsitb until th?
11th ot .lune.
V03H was ?ornairr.
Tip. eaae of H. s. \ - ?
? -i the Dispatch, was next rnltod.
The prisoner waa charged with falsely swearing
the Cli rk of the I] i-t that
Martha atia* Motile Amos was twenty-oe
old, when In truth an* war? en i y sixteen. The
. .!?. Involved In the Investigation appear
th her father. Bbe Is apparently
? ii'fif... :i years of age an? quite pretty,
havings ft >abcomplexion and handsome eye*,
Mr. U ytiha'm H. Meredith, ooonsel fur Ute prl -
oner, aaked a eonUi . i ral Wlliuite
w. r,' al
In the case ?-n< therefore postponed on
t 1 Tuesday, June 2d, and the accused was bail
c I m the sura of I1,000, with hi* mother, Mia. I.
He Mas Hail No ('onf?renre Atiunt the
Lynching -I.IUei the Monument.
Archbishop Janseens, of New Orlenna,
wh i i tin gnt ' of Bit hop A. Van de
\ \. r. Isiti I ii,. sepfa'i Orphan
; bay morning and gave the pupils
n si ort talk. II" ? tor to this
Institution, lu Wblofa he lui^ always taken a deep
?lay afternoon a Dopatcsj reporter
ind bad a plea?
sant chat with btsGraco. TbeArvhbl boplnap
pearanef* la lust I a i. when a
II ? does ni t ?,. k u da*
liant InaUh.
fHgt BUD I HOli
When asked about the reporte? conference
Baltimore ls*t week
with reference to the Pope's letter of Inquiry
about thi New Orleans lynching Ih* Aren
I that be ha I hear,I nothing of au h a
?i I ho bave a conferei ? with too
Cardinal on the Mew Orleans inatt'-r; tbatbe
was In Ball more Ihre.. days anl fr,.m th p
went to Philadelphia ami while In that city be
? I irdlnal dati i Hal ir
, ?? *?? - mule ;., aiiy ruch
i ring t,. tn? lyn ?hing, tt,.- Archbishop sal?
? of trio <w-e-,
?rable excitement prevailed m New Orleans, hut
in tin-, bad entirely subsided ami
tin re wa i rfl Ci Older.
:! KM ?tvnst?.
'?in driving through Inectty." -aid the dlstln
, i pn late, M I have ol ; n I I .t many
improvements hive been made In KI I
since I left This morning 1 went out to see the
That Is a grand pfs ?.f ?,,rk.
I think It Is une of tl i es I have seen,
11,< trcfabl.p Inquire i ab ut other improve
mi nt* ?
up his resl len ??? in the South ten years ago, He
will remain In the rity until next Toesda;
day morning hi ?in occupy the puinit at >..
A Foreign Stcunmhlp Agent Kxplres Sud?
denly nt the Hot*! DoiUon.
.Mr. W. T. sfadienn died raddenli wssjtor.
ilay afternoon in bii room at the Hotel
, ?in re be had been a gn
,| er-.
Mi. M ?digan eras the West Point (Va.) agent
fur Barker a Co., foreign steamship agi
Ne? \.,rk .Mty. US WB* quit? Wall known in
iti ihmond and b id been here since the latter
part of lad week. Hi- fatal Mneas probant) re
ciilted from exposure, which caused the recur
i an old trouble of the heart and long ??
Monday night he was In Um office o? t
as i o mplatne i of feeling onweU. i
morning he was unaMc ko lente his room.
A 1K1K1 II ur**ji
Daring Urn ?ay b? grew worse, and intheaf
ternoon Or. Lewis i . Bosher waa callad I.
him. Tin- Doctor found him a ?ery sick num.
Yesterday Hr. Bosher visited his patient twice.
ai out :t o'clock In the afternoon th? boy who had
been waiting on Mr. Madlgan, noticing thai he
was breathing with difficulty, called Mr
it.hrk ol the h tel, ap I i the room. Mr. Wood
isl as Mr. Madlgan died
rhe deceased being a Knlghl Templar, mem
idery were notified,
and aonmmlttee consisting of Messrs. il. U Ps?
Ions* ami i>. B. Richardson went to Ute hotel and
took charge of Uie persona] affects of the de
oeasod and placed Uta i??iy in charg? of Mr. L.
T. Christian to be prepared for bnrinL
Mr. M'eli.-an reside I in N"W .lersey, but was
stationed at West Point .luring th? shipping sen?
il* was forty-three yuans old and leaves a
wife an i severalohUdren.
Telegrams W* re sent to Itarker A Co., anl al?.)
to the family of tho ?*oeas*d luformlug Uwm i.(
his death.
The remains will he taken to New Jersey for
I.Ist of Medallist* ami First- and Second
Honor Pupils?Final Fiert'lses.
The BftftOB He:,-his School had its
closing exercise* ?ti Tneedaj eveniag.
There wa* quite a larg? gather!
ami fri.'ieis .it tins their iirst oommonc?ent?
h, r. sUss Mabel OUnn, baa I.s en?
uring b i mak* bar school n as
Uie final showing that sh* ha* socosi . i
Th? medal .. Brst
honor. Kohl me l.il. tii Tyl.-r, penmim.-?.i?,. i -
ver m
1 1rs) Honors: Kva Tyler. Mary Wilkln*, Kat?
Gltnn, Nellie OUnn, Myrtle Wtngfleld, sVUUi
. Alien V.'iiiL'tieei. Mamie Tyler, i
Otoy WUklna, Frank Hirten, Aiii.son Ureebam,
I .r Uresham.
ill : r?: Harry Thompson, Nat. Wlng
tiei.i, Blanche Barton, Florence 1
Itiui-h" TUler, Bertie l>av|?s "njnnto Farmer,
Wl -lev Oary, and Matthew An, hi.,
The school wax addro*--e<l by Mr. .lohn Hr.M l
lOf thetrustees. and tho following pp
gramme woj. very successfully carried out: S.ug
by school, "Th-puie,.": Poor Celebrated i
VT?, KateUUnn, Nellie OUnn, Alle* Wtagneld,
ami Kva Tyler; ??lull Smith." Oastosj "'?>'
Mllklns: song by school. '? Ilirlle'sTall "; "Billy
i.rvn,,-." Myrte WInxfMd ami Mnmle Tyler;
duet, '? Far Away." Kra and Mamie Tyler ;
?? Johnnies Dlsobedlenc*," Kate OUnn; "Bold
lor the Right." Frank Burton, Harry Thnsapsna,
and Marshall Hurtoti; Wanted, A Little ??irL.
N'eiii? OUnn; The La>t Dav oi School, Mary
Wllklns, l?istonU. Wllklns, Graywon ThomU.n,
lhCosby: Teaching l> ihlieS. h.?.|, Mamie
Tyler; press?t itl.f medals uud honors; song
by school, " Farewell."
The ltslo lieueral.
Tho heuvy rain-storm which has been
predating tor tho past two days seeoistohave
ry general throughout the State. Al the
Western I Dion lelagianli nflVn last night the
ihn i npamtor reporte.Hhat uo damage bad been
don" to their wire?. . .
The river al Columbia last nl;rht was fire feet
above low wat-r-mart and at a staud and not
raining. At other points west of there the stream
showed uo sign of rising.
To Commence Swinging the Club This
Mr. Forrest C. Bailoy, the new police?
man who was elected a member of the force
Tuesday, passed the necessary examinations
: i y and will be assigned to duty in tho
listrtct this morning.
om.-er Thomas MeMahon, who is a new mem?
ber of the N.-coud-dUtrict foret-, bas been trans?
ferred to Ute Third district.
The Ladles Delighted.
The pleaaaut effect and the perfect safety
with which ladies may use the liuuid-fnut
luxutivo, Kymp of Figs, under all condi?
tions make it their favorite remedy. It ?
pleasing to the eye ami to the taste, gentle,
yet effectual in acting on tue kidneys,
liver, and bowel*.
Superintendant Adams Kndorses This
Idea and Explain? Hnw the Cost of
Making night Re Reduced.
Rnporintcri?Vn? w. C. Adams, of the Citv
QtsvWork . who attend -d the annual
meeting of the Wentorn Gaa-L<ght A
turn r.-cpiitlv h.-ld in Louisvill?. Kv., said
lust niffht m a ronversition with a repre?
sentative of this psjpaf that th.> m all im?
portant anattcT d>ciissed at tho conference
was. the trosatioM if cheap gas.
It was th.. nnammons opinion that san
should I?, fnrn-shr-1 o-n^inun at a prico
ranginp fr-m |i to r'l.x) per thousand
carde feef.
Mr. AI. -t, i iM that many of tho gas-works In
the ?astern ? ities an now fornlsniag gas at ?i :
ths- Marly all th? plants of any alas in that sse>
tlon arc now making In part or wholly water-gas.
now TO I1ET CHEAT ill-'.
Mr. Adama i .1,1 if (as .-ity of Richmond ?val I
fumi n the proper facilities gas could be fur
ni?k. I 11 isumers at *1 per thousand and the
rtrywouid ri
atfj..".0; that If th.
gsss- n . yean ago It would h tve ob
f ball ling a wati-r-hoM-r.
Several m ar, ng.. th.-re was great objection M
water-g LS ou soco .
properties, but the Improved methods now in
use obviai,, these otr] ?two*
-What would a water-gas plant cost?" asked
tbeliHi-ATci! man.
"Twenty-tlva thousand toDan," Mr. Adams
nplled, ?? w. aid be tatadent to esubtlsh such a
plant. ? used .u at? auxiliary to th"
coal-gas ;
Mr. \ I that OS l"r UM present system
tatbfscitj ib? i is greater than the
holder an I ; urtfylng capadti of the ?01
e t.!'.;?!?.v a larger
for.-.-. r op? ratlvea and the Brea haw t',. is. kept
ODdor the retorts in older 10 supply the hoi len
when nect svary. Very often the nensn idle.
bnt If He r.. wen tot ? and an
add?l nal hi lera smaller fore? ?oaM bs rs>
qolred and the works .ltd I omlcal
tyran soold be no dang** (ma
. Un dark, cloudy days like yesterday
an Immen ie quantity of gat* Is consumed, an I it
'his thai it I- found
iry to keep large tenes on constant duty.
a i-i.i taswi TRIP.
In c ncl ling Mr. A lams s .id he had a plea?
sant tni?. : h i rained a great leslof Informa?
tion ii ?;?: i ... mid interchange of
views of the leading gas-men of lbs
? til.- st -si,,n of the association.
Ottr . rtcient Superintendent thinks when
Richmond establishes another holder, as|tw,?i
!.. l..f..re many years, it should 1" 1
saw i ; . ths West End.
The r'nriinilrf >?'* Report?What the Rail?
road Will I?.i?Action of the Council.
The completion of Um Pinanoe Commit?
tee'-, report says the Washington Star,
Um city to have a dear Idea of Ils
h. re hi no? doe tic banki
t'Jf,ooo, which represents the outgo over the
i -iiis ume. The present sp|
leu, bill ,-. lltureof 1107,
:.'K..v alb) the estimated re? elpta
fot the wim lime win be at-.ut ?ttl.OOO, leaving
? srol ible led. II . t some 116,000 neu je u.
The i,, ... i expenditures, which nr" ?
this > t year, are rendered
v i.y the extensionol the timeandtbe
Inaressu of Its acttritlea and popal ttton.
TIIK mir i: lb - an-wek.
The Railroad conference < ommtttee of the
in il submitted a reporl enclosing a letter
fr. m Suj . intendi nt Kenny, of the U ashtngton
M.v- ol th.ntnlt?
1 anthoritlea
u in fare; will not pave
\ Washington
v.ill put Up IV
14,000dep t h.re if the. It) will by ? i s
' validate th" use ,,f Henry street up well
ICkg of IbS railway,
no: cm cot v H.
Attt I meeting held Monday nlgb!
til.. MS lulls w. re nil ugr.
Ith n discount "f i ?
t payment. So change ?as made in the
license taxes >>X'*tj.t ih" license of eomn
i nts was reduced fro ? , er en
1.0 ..
re add
bo lit s shot ?? s-,.
,i i be retained o it of tbJ dfridsnda
weal ? ibmttte i in theap
latlonbtUtbi following estimate for next
year: For salarles, ??.? i(.50; police and extra
. - ?, i; public schools, -r;."iii',
: rapatring - I): I?*ird of
is in jail, 150 I; pu
-?:..o: printing md advertising, gilflO; pourand
-'?.'.in); uro di ?
. nt #5,500; nre-plugs, S?OO; the coarta,
i; repain and expenses ..f pahl
l-rty, |600; expenses ol City Co indi, 11,000;
contingencies, S10O:
? n nts, 1100; I. aid of Health, -
i i bile debt and Interest on same, 134,000;
. :
f 1,000.
i di. bill w ss laid over until the next D.ting,
. tes i? Inr requlrt d for It. |
? leren mem 111
To Fleet Count limen To-lluy?The May
Ii ?tlvil ?IVrton ?Nun 1 Ilrief?.
Tlie Democrats of Manchester Will to?
das Vote for councilman. OnlyflTearato
of ti.Id members bol i
over. The nomines are: Ku -t Ward, W. K,
Htarke; Second Wsrd, John i:. !
War!, W. i. l'itt ; 1 ourth Ward, K. U. Welsigi r
si i h I.. Toney.
The May Festival at Leader Hall attracted
aie.ttnr full boose la-t night notwithstanding
the badveatber. Misses Drucie and Lily Davfi
sang several songa Um cherubs ?en rery
amusing an I Intero-rlng. The pantomime I ?M
.'..-11 rendered, and the May
. It repeated.
The Randolph-Ma Orchestra and
(line ri.
opening of the Carnival June 15th ander the an
; tin ladles ?.( < ntral Methodist church.
The body of Unton Nugent, the little boy ?bo
was drowns I In swift creek Mori.lay afternoon,
baa ii.en recovered.
|ir. K. Matar?an, of N w York, Is visiting his
a .Mr. I. i v' ? arl in.on Porter street
Rev. Charles Uelloway, of Gloucester, formerly
of Manchester, kt oa a brief wsit t..ir?.-,. .
rol itives.
Mr. II. II. 1>>- n, Of 5 ..'I ..way. formerly Ba>
? i lodltor of Virginia, waa In Manchester this
?eek. Mr. D] I i with the lu
tcriial rcvenuo department In this district.
Miss Saville, of This Cltv. Married to Rev.
Mr. Trainliam.
I?pv. C. Wirt Traitih.'tiu and Mis* Annie
Saville were marrie.1 yesterday afternoon
at 6:15 o'clock at tbe Second Baptist church.
Bar, l'r. W. W. Landrum performed the -.r.^
Ths bride and groom, preceded by th? six
ushers, entered the rborch through the mal l
at Is a- the glorious strains of the LoMagrinwed
ding mardi poaled forth.
The following gentlemen were the ushers:
Mesara. A. Esadka, John F. saville (a broth rf
th-bride), CO.Trombo, J. .n. Johnson, II. F.
i ? ux, and \v. it. Tralaaaa C* brother of the
groom .
The weddlns took place at the 8
of um Third Baptist
as Hi" latter edifice
repairs. Owtag t.. Uta slcfcaess of Ur.
Hatcher Dr. Landrumotnclatt I.
Mr. and Mr?. Trainham will reside In Can.line
i he Pride, nho Is an attractive and popular
yoang lady, is a daughter ol Mr. .John T. -
ot this city. Th" grOOSB ?Si for many years a
SSadStt at Kichinond College, and is ni* pastor
of several Baptist churches in Caroline county.
The Committee and Reporters F.njoy a
Ilaniiiict of llreatl and Water.
An adjourn. 1 in.cm;: of tho Comuiitteo
t,I. Relief Of the POOr WM hold vest. r.ttt-V
ev-miig at 0:30 o'clock In the Council t ham
vamlne certain gra-lce of flour pr.-para
p.ry to awarding the a Btnct for thai artide of
tood for the "Ity almshouse. PTSSSlli Messrs.
Ol .vt-r, Ferril-r, Biwdou, and (laines.
Superintendent Car'-r had I-lore the c m
mtttee several lt>aves of broad made of a combi?
nation of FllUbury Best and '
br.in Is and the Uallogo B?tent KamUy and tho
Golden Sheaf. TbmiionU-ere <J tb?> committee
and members ot the press and City-Clerk Au?
gust sampled tho bread with James-rtver
?trairtt, aud It was unanimously da id-i tb it
the broad made of the 1'llisbury flour was tho
On motion of Mr. Ferriter tho contract was
awarded to Thomas Foils 4 Co. tor slxty-ilvo
barrels of the Plllebury brand, which will bo
mixed With the Gulden Kheaf.
Will Te?t the UMT.
At a refont meeting of renrt sontattvei of
the building and loan associations of Richmond.
held to consider the proiioaed taxation of build?
ing-fund associations under tho Audit I
??ruction of the Acts of Assembly, a resolution
was adopted declaring that they will not make
returns either to tho State or i Ity authcritl.e,
and that they will unite In the defence and et
pense of say case that may arise under the
present construction of the Auditor.
A Milcht rire.
The alarm of Are at 2 o'clock this morn?
ing was caused by a slight Incanda? .nee, s." to
?peak, at Tennant'e ?tabli?, MO? east Cary
etreet, which was quickly quenched. Damage
tri?uig._ taHbswBBBtl
Arrestad for Threatening a I.ocntnotlve
Wurks K.niployee.
Thomas McCann was arrested yesterday
afternoon by Uftlcei-s Bnlnberger and Bedford on
s warraat "*,*T"g bini wUb aessnll and Utreat*
enlng Thomas Larkln, an employee of the Rich?
mond l-oeomotivr-Works, on the publ.r street.
Mr. Larkln ?uni? to this city y?*ter>lay from
Philadelphia, and was met at the depot by Mr.
E. T. I). My?rs, Jr. Whll? tb?y were walking up
the street :ti? prisoner approached them and
used abusive language and threat? towards the
Captain Angle told a Di.tatch reporter last
night that M.-Cann, while not one of the strikers,
Is known to bo in sympathy with them.
Thirteen of the Occnpant* Arrested but
Afterwards Balled Out.
Lanfnieht Um potto* of the Fint district
raided five borne on Hayo itreet whtob
nplatn, 1 ot by reftd?nts of too nolgh
il and others as being nuisances and 11s
lo Um vtchtity.
Howard and Officers Saunders
Butler, Tabnan, Werner, ami hearse wsni M
hicxt are Moa. 118, ISS, STft, tl7.
ami o.'l. Twelve women were arrested ami
.\ wh?r? they were
: for th.lr appearance he?
taw um rat?* court this morning. Their
? ' i i la N
Marren, r.'arl Oliver. Kate OMnnroy, Mary Co?,
Pannle Kendall F.ila hnroughty (whit. . and
Bue Jackson, Annl? Clarke, n, Dochte Wlnn,
Sarah Wlnn. and Su?an Uoode (c tared .
weeks ago M -l n pe~
' ? rned by the congregation of the K<
Synagogue ami otberclttscnsln th? nsfsjfe?
boraood,asking that Um bonsea above referred
to b? broken up, as tin- imnatfl i frequently need
. T language and ren 1er.
attending tho
service* at th? synagogue,
re.I the ?ommr.n'.oatlon to
Major Poe, eh, rao wrote i,, i
Pl*aaants,of tl ? Pint district, telling
or 1er ' . move forth?
with, tnlsCaptain Pl??sants did last Tuesday,
butas th? order was disregarded, th? actiou last
night was the result of the complaints.
Kendlllon Wnrraut Issued for a Prisoner
Wanted in South Carolina.
Governor HcKinney yweterday issued a
warrant of rendition for W ililam I r.is"r, an *s>
uvi. t from the penitentiary of loath
Carolina. Fraser was arrested In Norfolk and
Is now Intl fthe poUce i f that city.
or i lllman, learning of these fa.-r-. I
Ins prison on tbe'?9th of last Jane.
Bewasoonvl ted m Richmond county of grand
i be i I to pardon WIDlam B.
Campb i by the county Ooorl of
Rockinghara to tho penitentiary for petty lar?
Governor MeKlnneyhas a.pted the rertgna
tkmof Judge Rol ert Jackson, of (.?
The retiring Judge ha* r.?? : tbe ap*
lotntmeni of .) idg? Holhrook, of Wythe county,
or toe ??'tii.
fames \. i member of th"
h ol Deli : at s fi ? ' tabetb
ty, and Warwick, has re
iltlon of Com
BonweelUt'a attorn*] In Newport News,
This Likely to lieront? the Powhntan
Club'? Home-Hill Invited.
The Powhntan Clab "?;i probably par*
tbe <ir*iit residence, on Twelfth
street between Marshall ami ? lay,forth
nome. Il bopi i to take possesalon by July 1st,
although the contra i has n ?I ret '.n signed.
This proper! Jeff. Davis mansion.
unten,lent of
I ruction. Previ i is t., thkt it was ooon>
18 itesi ourts.
The eliiii has im. ? mtl. of Ben
York, to stop In Richmond either on his way to
Ingot the Grady monument President Belvtn
has requested Mr. R. L. Montague, a warm
friend ? i Oovi mor BUI, to wnte th i Invli ition.
A C ?rpenter Painfully Injured by a CBMS i
peaUe nn.l Ohio Shifter.
Mr. ? . ono of the cari
employed al the Chesapeake and Ohio
rosy s few ml
noon while endeavoring to stops shifting
train with a piece of timber.
ho? means the wooden bar flew back,
? him on the heel and causing him to
( ill ? iih his hand on the track. 11
badly that it had to
be amputated. Hi* bead was also painfully
nmmooed mil tbe
wounded m?n taken to Um dty hospital for
nt. lila injuries are not ootu
Two lira*? Little rvixon Hoys.
John and Edward Lort u, two I j i age l
its, arrived In
this city yesterday, after having crossed Um At?
lantic ? u i come alone all Um way fn m Dresden,
The little fellows have an and?,Mr. August
i i. In Lanenburg, Va., who desired to have
th> m with him. and their parents ant them on
? .? voyagi without a companion, but with a
?tg on their satchel which asked lbebelpof%be
isistance. 'I be boy*
leo Dresden on the 8th of May ami ep^ing the
Uls i ! inded al Baltimore.
they made their way t tble city, where
thev wore received by Mr. W. Hoist, el
p.-tul them to :
lleiirlco to Have an Kxhlhlt af the Fair.
The Henri-,, Farmers' Alliance at ta ad
?ouri ?d me ting held yesterday at toe county
court-house a resolution wasad ;' i providing
for making a county exhibit at tbe State Pair
next fail, ami instructing each lab-aUlance to
app Im one man on th? committee which Is
full authority In arranging for the
exhibit. At the proper Unie the county win b?
asked to make a soluble appropriation. Tho
Alliance .| '??, i? 11.. Invite the market gai
and llori-tx to |< In with them In th- matter. The
? i ommlttec ?ill meet ut tho county
, ourt-bo ise June Hth.
Itetiirnof Dr. Laiidrtini.*
Rev. i>r. W. W. Landrnm returned to tbe
rity yesterday morning from Bhreveport, La.,
after having ipeni aboul three week*conducting
a series of meetings at his old church In thai
pine*. Be worked very hard whiioaway,preach?
ing two oermoi ? every day, and some:
many aa four on Sunday, Hr. Landram will lu
hi ? pulpit as liguai on Sunday.
Dr. Lendrum conducted tho prayer-meeting
services at hi ? '.i^lit. Howa?
rd by a lark'.- eongrogation.
Health of Mrs. I.andruni's Sister,
Intelligence was received here renter ! ty
afternoon of the death at Bi nlabvUle, Klug Wil?
le l?. Ryland,
daughter ,;i H a. Robert s. Ryland and I
t. i ,f Mm. W. W. Landram,of this rity. Dr.
and Mr-, i,.i': i ti n ?ai k'o down on the 11
tra.ii this morning lo atten i tbe ' ? ??
l>e ith i.f Mr-, Mil,rune.
Mm. ullxakfcGranedied ut halt-pasts
lay morning at her residence. No,
8113 ropier street Den ? 1 -lity-slx
? ,.: ? an l h id b.eu ii resident of Rlch
mottd for forty j ira. She was highly res|
by all who kli"W her.
The funeral will take place from St. Patrick's
Ohnrcb to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Another and Larger Deed.
There has boon planed ..n reeord in the
clerk's office of the ? Dancen Court another
,|.I of assignment from Ute liavls Shoo Com?
pany to spinney and Williams, trustees. This
,i.l corrects an error to the one recorded last
week, which was not signed by the truatioa as
r. ?iilr.-l by th" Virginia law.
Th? amount of th? UahUllles fat tho last deed,
whielt In all other part: ? il.irs except the ?tone,
turea Is Um same as that of last we,.k, lse'.?O,
ooo, as again.-; iU'?.OOO in the former.
Tea at the Soldier*' Home Postponed.
( i win"; to tho inclemency of the weather
Ma which w.is to have taken place
at Hi? Soldiers' Home in th? afternoon under tho
auspice* of tb? < ..tnuilttee of
the Hollywood Memorial Asnoclalli/n was poet*
antil Friday. It the we*th?r la again bad
on that .lay tin. tea will probably bo glvou at
boit," hull iu the city.
Rank-Hu I Id lug Improvement*.
The btuldin ' o.'cujiicd by th" Hl t
and Planten Hank is now undergoing considera*
1.1,. Im] I 1 the upper tloors when the
work IseosapletedwllJ be reached by an elevator.
Th- top story Is Is bag convert- d bit.rnforts
blch are 'luxurloiisly titled uj> with
all tbe modern improvements.
Will Not Btstt To-Nlglit.
This bf int* sigcaloB day there will bo no
meeting of the Uld Domini?n Dotnooratis Ctab
to-night All "f Its BatahSttS are Invited to at
at Powbatan i lub, where the city and
county returns will b? rauatrad. Tlie club will
bold It* next met ting on lhursday evening, June
The Davis Shoe Company to R-org oilze.
A gentleman broa BottOB who is in
i m the Davis Shoo Company was In tbo
city Tuesday and had Int. a views with Governor
M Kinney and .Superintendent Moses, of the
lieiillssiltaty Me says the company will proba?
bly be reorganized at once and operations fully
resumed. _
Had a Hemorrhage.
The city ambulance was summoned yes?
terday morning at H"-!."> o'clock to attend a col?
ored man at Pace's tobacco-fact >ry. who was suf?
fering from hemorrhage of the lungs. After re?
ceiving the proper medical treatment be was
taken to his home.
For a Good Cause.
| To-night rt tho Second Baptist church
: there ?111 be a musical and literary entertain?
ment for the Joint benefit of tbe Young Woman's
an Temperance Union and tbo King's
; Daughters. A fine programme has been ar
I ranged. _
For tho firemen's Uellef Fund.
Chief Puller yesterday received a verv
complimentary letter and a check for g 100 from
Meson. Devonport A Morris In recognition of too
services rendered by the department at tbe Bra
last Friday night, _
Mr. Powell Improving,
Late last night Dr. Hugh M. Taylor. Mr.
.1. h Powell b attending physician, thought
there was sotne Improvement In his condition,
btrusur houm ar? now oiitertalusd uf his recovery.
A Regular Service to Re Marled This
Morning?The Track firm and In
Good Condition.
The Mayo's-bridge car lino was formally
opened yesterday afternoon, making three
rsvt?. onoof whteb Is op.>mt"d by eleetri. By,
now connecting tbe cities of Richmond and Man
It was announced In this paper two or th re?
days ago that tbe road would soon bo finished,
but the work was completed sooner than waa
known to th? general public, and the advent of
the car int,, the Klrst Ward of our southstde sis?
ter was a great surprise to her people.
At 4 o'clock In tho afternoon Mr. George B.
Fisher, Superintendent Chartas Soldon. Major
Benjamin II. Nash, C. W. Turner, ami ex-Mayor
Taylor, of Manchester, met it the SBSawg of
Fourteenth and Main ?tro t.?. whore the first ear
was ready tibe started. Mr. fragte. In the street?
railway service, als.. Maed the party. Voter
man Bdward Kaiser, and drivers Bailey and
Miller were in charge. Mr. Dit h. superintend?
ent of construction, with a fore? of men. was on
to ass tnal everything was working
v. Tbe trip was m? b> saesessfaUy and
some twenty-five passenger* boarded tbe car.
i.l'.oa who were thus
sa\.-.| a long walk through the rain. All aiuig
the r.ute people OBSBS out <.f their-'..r. s SB. 1
dwellings to welcome ths pjoneen. In th" 1 ir>t
w u i m Manchester Mr. W. K. Starke I
Iks car as It passed for the tlr>,t time his place of
Fat the present the cart leave Fourteenth and
Mam -ir.-, is in Richmond and Decatur and
Nineteenth strsets m Msaebeatsr every ten bbbv
nteaaad makeeoaaectkai won the Maiu-etrc??
electric road ior oaa fon sttaet way.
Four cars will bo run < n the now line to-day,
Bad by to-morrow two more will N> added and
th" schedule will ooneequently be mach ctossr.
fbe new tine ?m be of gr.'at tendit u< shoos
sections of this city and Manchester ?alch it
It Is sut that a I,and?omelv-.>|uipp>v| electric
wiU succeed this pioneer effort and thus
bring s ill .i..-.T together the twoottiss whose
Interests are manifestly the same.
Thanh? for General Cooke's rieture.
Commander A. W. Araber and Adjutant J.
Taylor Btraltoo, of Le ? i amp, have on bebatl of
thai body ?rltti n a letter to nr..). !'. Walker,la
i.ey retuni thanks f( i the " excellent pio?
lare and splend i likeness ol our beloved com?
rade and i o'io;e I p Mtoomman ler.Gi oeraiJoba
In concluding the communication says: ?? With
all their hearts l-e Camp I I grate?
fully tuank yo.?."
?wiaaSMSS and Hrler?.
Kr. ?V hn A. Curtis has been salledtoKswTi rk
by Um Ulm moI Idsgraaddaaghter.
Mr. Mann 8. Ooarias, cashier of the Plsawan
Bank, has returned (Tom a two week's
Mrs. I, F.I!1? COOka has been called to New
Tort by the critical Illness of her father, Mr. P.
It. Amory.
Kcv. Dr. 1>0 K.Mser left Tuesday night for
I -. rnd will .-lsit Cahforula and Oregon ha*
foie his ?
Rev, Dr. J, B Lauren?, "?nete Larry," of BBS
?ill kept at his homo In AsbJ
painful in lutposltion,
Ths Ladies' laiiaarysf tas Baawssary FahMe
Library wn m t M. toda? at ib?
t the library, No. 801 east Main str.-.t. .
Mrs. : s and xl s. .htm V. Tal
i raesdar on tbe steamer tor tie?
N i bey ?ill be absent from tbe i Ity abott a
? a end District Coaf ranos, Method I
' i is next session at W -t
! Rev. Dr. Tudor ?111 preach the opening
?m .fames Tv' nflnedtottw
boose for several .'ays v. th i? seven attack of
rheumatism. II? is still unable to attend 10
bn Inest.
Mr. \. i'.Walker was In the city yestenlay r>n
hi? ?ay to Petersburg to attend the meeting t.
thS Ootrd ui Trust. ...?I the Cob rod Bar
I H,|.
granted loJ un a it. Branch
tor eli ? ..... I t. s. [.. Walter.
irlxol ".'. c. Walter, d ri lectric
railway signal
IS .1. w. s iti'hward, of Hsavrteoooanty,
? i led to tbe p. nltontl u> Pro Inn
? d to two y
house brt
lltbi last monthly condavo of KI?timond
??mlnent-C >n>
mander A. W. Archer.
The altered plans f.-r tbo new Chamber of
' Shu-ban beingpropan-tby Contain
M..I. Dlmraock, will be submitted to th" Build?
ing Committee In a for
Tbo Hoard of Dtreeton of ass Male Orphan
?ir annual Usit to that
-.11. A line .Up;'er nu'.I d
. Ipa d l"
s p| it-antly.
Mr.fl rge Waller, whew*? badly
' rueeday afternoon by a stray dog, ""<: -
be mad, waa teportsa last night to be
i. Ill" dog WHS .-hot III. 1 kill, d
by Policeman Ataoa
H bops Wlfaner and Jackson, of Alabama, are
on a stall here. The former Isa gUSSt Bl Bn? k
rat it. Henrtoo eoanty, and the latter is stopi Ing at
the residence of his father-in-law, Mr. Js
; Dr. ?! ft"*, u win only spend a few day
s about tbo first of
a of Mr. Wll
fisrdeety, while creasing front on.
the lak" a lea days ? ro, f< n
from tbe plank bridge on tne r.. *s and lai ? ths
und burl his head and leg very badly,
ly to swim saved him from drown
the stream w.itt carrying blm down, lie
Is doing well i.
I'll" t:ay crop in Henri., It ;?? ' IS OdBSM
might I.e. Th" weather during th.. spring has
been si-h k- to m..k? it below the average.
Wheat promises a splendid yield, ?
Weather ill the next ?eck .r IWO Shall be such m?
to osase rust lbs formen will reap a rich bar?
um. r .in- nev. r looked better, but
spring oats ,ii,. h faltara
Garrison Guilty In lb? Second Degree?
History of Wheeling'? Tragedy.
[BneeJsJ tdcgraiu to th- lu , g i J
Witrri.iN.i. W, Vi., May 2T. In fiiof?-ir
n ion h urder < as., ?t doom to-day tho jury
mr.rl . gottt Sixteen Boon brought In a ver?
dict of guilty ot murder In the *.?.-. nd degree. A
ni.llon for a lew trial was luiui.sllal.ly eut. red
and sentence was ptttpuued. Mo ?sota
? ever been tried in tho criminal
annals ol Wost Virginia.
1 ?r. Garrison and I?r. Baird. tb? man whom ho
killed, were both atemben of prmaksstt fsml
1. Haird was a BTadaaM Of Washington aud
Jefferson College,ta the r-iutu- das- wttb Jam.?
ii. BlahM. Ile was icitr? m West Virginia poll
ties tstfiirn the war, b?lng an ardent Datao?rat,
He was twice mayor if th? city, grand BOBS?
mander "f West Virginia Masons, at
many positions of honor and trust Garrison
was a much younger man, and at the tetgluuiug
of his career was a BSVlBBI of Balrd.
They quarrelled In lsi-s, when Garrison de?
feated Bairn's son for the Dsaasctatic uomlcstlon
? le .1th Offiesr. Aft-r that th- f.-ud t>c.
fw.iu them raged BtBMriy, and It.aird was a man
of violent psaslBB, SJtd insulted G>trri*oii on every
posstbti ' . ?? ' or? It patiently
for a time, but early last year ?slued Balrd U)
d.?ist Garrit? u was defeated for re-etsetisa as
health tittle, r after a desperat,< tight by one vote,
and altntiuurd it to the Baird influence.
I ? ? ? gj alter th" defeat WM On
?I- IWIr 1 anpltel a torrlblo spllhst to
d and tbelatt.r ilemaartsd orairaetien.
: th? epithet and tiirrleon fire?!
twtee, kllllug I'.iirl a;m?*t Instantly. Tbecase
ha* keen on trial fee nein iy four weeks. The
penalty of second-degree mordet le from five to
eighteen yea.", imprisonment.
Russians Forced to It<? turn.
Bgnt.n?, Ha* 2t'.? Tho military at Rpan
<tau have f.,r. ?? ! |.,o peaaOsan llu.sstan mi?
grants, who were Jourti?/ln. l ist with
the inti ntlon of tunna: klufc- for Brazil, to return
loRuspii. _ _
Closing Hanks Hoaiorlal-Day.
It is th? d.^ire of the officers of the Na
- ate, an 1 Savings bunts of this city to
clos?on HollywoodMem.>rifti-iay, May:?), lnai.
Th.-y respectfuUy itsk that tln^w having n.>to*
maturing on that day will please pay the earn?
ou Friday, ilay '-".?th._
Just Received
newest styles Mason ? H&mlln Organs at
I!viand k j>t)'s, 10 Governor street. Ex.
reitoatOrgace) at ?30. t96. Sigo. djios, tilO.
These organs cannot bo excolled.
Pennsylvania Bedford Springs Mineral
Water will prevent diseuse, dissolve and
carry away the impurifica of the blood.
and posasses life-giving power beyond
that of any other water.
Sickness Among Children,
especially Infants, la prevalent more or less at
all Un-.o?, but is largoly avoided by giving pro?
per nourUhmeat and whotosome food- The
most successful and reliable of aU Is tho*lall
Borden'* Kagls * Brand Condensed Milk. Your
grocer and druggist keep it,
For many disorders of digestion end
hepatic troubles, Bedford Spring? Water
is very valuable. It Ut a laxative, diuretic,
and alterative. Hdmtbb McGciau, M. D.
The Norfolk and Western, 'tbe only all-rail
I line" to Norfolk, gives ijmok?s( time and best
: train servie?. Tickets and aU Utrorination at
?as Main street, R. W. Courtney, p*ssong*r
agent ; at Oarbur"*, IM1 Mala stre?t, and ByreV
I stroet ?lai?tu.
Ch??p Plano? and Orgaaa
Btxawo ? Lan'?. Ma 10 trovmaoa amar.
We bare left the following second-band
F?anos : _
Threo Fischer, 1 Knabe. 1 Worcester at
low prices and easy term*. Call early and
secure a bargain.
? ? ? ??
A vins-rta t BtTTgas were prepared by Dr. ?f.0.
B. Siegcrt for hU private us?. Th*lr r*put*tw>n
I* sucb io-d?y that they bav? brcotue generally
known a* the best appetising tonic. Beware of
counterfeit*. Ask for the genuine artfcie, man?*
facture? by Dr. J. G. a Slegert ? Sons.
For Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and Stomach Dis*
orders, use brown's Ikon Bittxrs. Th? hast
toril?, it rebuilds the system, cleans the Blood,
and strengthens th? mu?. I??. A splendid tonic
for weak ml debil?tale?! person*.
Theres a good deal of dinVrenoo be?
tween vau'tv ?ml ?proper Pdclt in your
jw-onnl np|H)arnact). Vanity leads m.*a
Bio extra vagancia and ptOptBf pride
giY> a extravagances a wnlo berth. Mo
long as people neither think alike nor
look alike so Ion? will it I?? our busineea
to lie. in a jK>sitio:i to gratifv every con?
ceivable variety of tasto. Ibero isn't a
parti?lo of reason why you shonld not
?CSV Jon what l?ooomos you rust, and
you ?ill find it ex.natlBfjJ dilllcult to
discover anything cheaper or more bo
couino, than our
Doiibk'Bf casted
McAdams & Berry,
Our ?doro will bo closed until H
O'clock THIS (Thursday) MoUSINO,
on account of MAHKINU DOWN ALI*
Bargains in All Kinds
Fancy and
White Goods\
113 east BronJ street.
Great Dissolution Sale.
[my '.'?-ltj
"? '- - - ?, ?a
largo whit? figure?, ?nly lfa . i
Another new lot ..f KINK HUM K . UALUBa,
regular price Z.V. -our prie* ?>'. ;
1,000 yards of 1 LAIN v\ il : g WilA LINaVf,
Hly. Ibis Is ]ust slK.ut I .if i
RED, IlLll?, ?nd GREEN MOtM?i I To NET oar*
300 ??ssatef ?kw LACE?! for trimming wait?
dresse? and cha?nes :
AU shad?* In CHIKFUN at 40, 4ft, and JOc, a
ZOO pieces INDIA PONGEE?, regular prie?
l?e?now l.'Wc :
Handsome styles In Kltit'RKI) LAWN?, regula*
pris* ?a -eat Bftos 'iVjc.;
LADIES' MilRf-WAlMS in strip? and pial*
LADIES' ?ILK SASHES for *hlrt-w?.UI* only
75c; _
.tii.-ed to r.'W. :
GENTLKMEN'b N10UT-SH1KTH (trimmed) oar*
400 pieces ot NEW 8WIXS KLOI'NCING rroat
Come and look at our new styles In POCIBT?
'?TNNrsri.ANNnT* reduced to l.U.-. a yard:
LAi'IKS' \S HUE HUilltD I ISLE -alKirt, baga
uecfc and lens sleeve, only 4,v. ;
Our 10c Ol'TtNC.Sonty He. a yard ,
New tine ol WINKSOH Tig? at li.V, ;
New tin?of BOv?'s fur ladiesaud ??auent*asnr?
PARCHMENT FANS. 25?. worth 00*. :
UM.N-rTMMt CHEVIOT, locwogular prie?
LADIES sn.K MITT?, were V)c. nvw 3bc s
40-iuch SILK GLORIA only ?i.
Julius Sycle & Son,
rnySS-a* Ra.lotaa?anas***bmo,

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