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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, May 30, 1891, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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...? 1 hlnh. tlir Keaalt Will
l,r ReaeHetOj In tli?? tuli Cain,
ptlg I 1-. ( unni?? K, turn?.
Short l'umi?, the only
? ''?>'" n/Wea no ?ntoili.
I ' V !.i> -.Vi-lit, were
? 11 '???? |. -:. r.Lk?. after
?ffbtly Um
. . :.:k egiTl ii m .\t>H<>r<Uy'a
Lodi r ori received
\ '
r<l wen! y .
? ?.
' < ?.let ut th.. ?'.?..
' -
? it? ??tiling Mio rnniii |ai
vntf, worn ut
? '?<!>"' : !.. ??.
? <' latent
u Thurs<lny'e
? l'I the l/llst ?!?G.'
??? ?>? t> .? i...,.f inspectora
. v,,r,. s. i eral y on m ajto Mr.
? ? candidate ter !t,?
? TOimon
> prominent
V: lb fi present lime
nil Henrloo In tini
Il .?? BbMBDW ef tlie
? ? ! Bb< rifT
? . ?- ? Vier? hant, tie. ?
?,? e bintorV Veli,.* Tarera,
' .'.ti. J his pertico?
M kl? ?;.- anOWfl l'( DIO?
?. .1 aererai years
? ?: le on tha? t?. ? -
?"?? ??s chair?
..' ? ??
. ?? ??|?. tie'
? ? ? ????? IN f! ????G?.
ein ?'?:. t tl'.e -ttntr*
I nn ,m. ??, va- -
- IhrougbOUl the Mine.
?ed ?ah ???? result of
1 ? !
' la in tie? |e in?
cur Democrat*
? ? !? otto weu
-l?"??- inai ?
? : , I
?? therlctory. The tri
r. wo fought
? .?? - ?hai .-.?? i?. ii,,?...
? m .1 bard work.,
. -? r lay's oooteal ?111 be to
? " ? ?? glalattTe tight in
: the ?u ?.?..,..
. ^''Hin mean* flint they
? ol the people, of the
? m !.. rlaUlure ?ill bo
.? majority,
r, allo? ourselves to be
? It ? [?G?
[wealth, for 1 have an
? putita
: my lionrtteut
of the Stato
lid on Thursday."
Off n.
change? apparent
? the negi ? - ?^ the
the ?ne In Unaik
? which is Mr.
? Bi urn's and
? Ion I ne D tOOl tti"
high above
! ling them totke^ndgee.,1
. mrnt
? ? oraeUni Hau (cot?
? i aupen tor over
ra? bi a matorlty ol :!"..
..?. ? ?Denw eral) wm
. .NuniitiUy (Ho?
! In Ma
lt] "f ????.'.p 100.
: in llover Hill
- ' r nil the general
? opposi?
Ibi Democratic nomi?
t revenue In the First
???? that Mr. \\ ?
: Kepahll
? 'li-tri t. Mr.
? ma> rily of twi nty-tUree
? i- mi I very Offliwr In Nel
> Bal tli?? ???? ?? ?
? un to the Pfcrnajfa]
? election in
:? quietly. < ireal in
altbottgh the heavy rata
??. the poll?. The Farmer?'
? ihi ? ? L, bat the
? P. li * ah. ??, farmer?1
? asan ?.. an ? .1. li. Pee
: ? ?
J, H Peebles by
u. ??. st.w n- m. i W. n,
? ? >., mine? ?fori ommta?
. ti !iy ele 'teil.
; in tbo ltoea
i'v is Mm ('?TV.
? ?: ?? Dtapaetfc.]
?. 1 Qovtng Is Hm
? ei ?? niel m Ja ?
? -? .
? ? omini nwealth's attor?
. Armiatead (Independent
??. t?.? rats inni?? te> nomi?
M. Damon ? Republican),
. l.l?
? -??; l..orge ?.
. ? 7?.'.
? ?asa l?L-hi rote, not na ion la
. tie? Dem?crata latbeelee
? ow themselves
.- ?. thi ?
-, a gum of one for
, i\si?. DMO
? Haj 89, He? wannest
:~ foi the Commonwealth ?
le ?, reealtlug iti tho
-. ? D?mocratie can?
-? of th.? TUO Alli
v r John Scoti Dem
? ? -
? .? ienneniKlela'..?. ?.
ette'.unas?. ? h
Lnrladlng Alli
rnt) ?en
?: oTer H. if- Camp.
kjorlty. *'He '
'? - ! kd iioepi^.?CIltu.
'. ?.KkliM K4TIC.
ito the im?paMavl
, . V .?. ?.;.. Kink.' and i,"ie-ii
? ; .1. ? . E ii.H'in, abe
? r. and W. f < o'irt
] .'.?:> Vai HO Ko
? Del ?.
.> iTB'ICAN.
ii, ,?? return?
t the estreme
. ine Republican,
.?. , ? ????
?, an ? Kirk Batt, ooumiie
.s:. WI.STKOKltl.ASn.
? !?.)
? Haj -'? Ta?ale?>
. defeat <>f tin?
-heiirT, ?bo
?uiuouwealth ?
rei m ! county?
tt Haj :?.'. \Vi*.lfolk
???ut 00 ma
QWealtb'e attor?
>' : MAiOBITT.
- HM IHapatch.!
..mt ty haH
... a binali innjority-about
??????G?? city I
?? . : ? , ti.? Henal ttj?
"?. TbO l)-ni'?-raliieaiTy
,'iy auJ eleot a fullt?ckoi?
? : ? Kit'?.
? ? Vr.i t'.K Ite reniur
met a
;.. Old liodericlt 1? true
? ????? BATrLK.
? granfe le ih? ?>?*t< ?
fei the Doinooratlc
?? only one In?
otont, aiiiUUat wa?
' the revenue In the upper
[Deaanafaq van elected
? ? ?. AKxr mvANXA..
'? ?. M?y ?,>?.?Tlie ajapjHal for
... mi bwuo betvroeu
')!.. only .on
nere of the revenue.
? . indiato Mio rtweloc?u? of
,? tu Mie Dtapeteb.)
v*.. May :.'!/. -raU all
' -? ... J'y hav, lirrtod the
um? aliice Oie war, and liad
???... ? ? . ?Uh ? attorney ; H. H?
I "f ; lugar Whltloir. ueaenrer; V. P.
? ..,?...,( ? Holl?la?
M. ii?uilii, ?upenrWi?; J.B. 1-ek?,
" Mewi. Dr. L o. Dyuvuve, L. JL Lacrwee*,
???^p?- T.";, ??? It ?. Topping
?astsdl^J?^?^???. and bay?'aim
Kw-WI'Vn ???? *????J???rs?.
..? h,.7 BXpscted ? walkover. Now
rasssja sbassa* Beans*
""^"^Titri m iim
?e WM ni*, the cat? b, Kit?? Ueorse ?cm.? ??
? ??? m ?amisi, is um
j^wteiMegnpfe t., th.. Dbrnaton.]
U Um Republican ,.,??,?'.[, ? ,'?'?
kith/, attorney. Hh-rm, amAr-alorer
of ?Lh ., i, G'1? '.'G r'""li'i?t^ f? mi tana
,,, ? ??p??.??,??1? ?** done on botti ride!
," J'i' ?'?.??? ? ??'" WjrtheYUle prsellMteUM
; ? ? ,..? n'i ""l aM" "?G"^???-''?? p, ooont until
? thin moraine. The county went Demo.
irati.? by ,?,? lino majority lust fall.
sal (tlacrua to th-> DUpatcb.]
Ami.i.ia ( ornaoon, VA., May ?'?.-In tbe
".''?'";'""..!V'<^? <"?'?. geK/Uylorlaelr
.? telegram u> Um Dtspaloh.]
TafTAaAMXOCK, \ a.. May'Jit.-'Ihr
.. limolai roturan
not yet, mad.? up.
"-p.? ini telegram t.. th.? Dtspasah.]
J'.fCKiMiilAM COOTBOCn, May 19.?On a??
counl ol blub water the election return- hav??
not aM come in, bat the Indications sre that tho
Republican hav.? HMM their whole tl.-ket.
a noooo is numi uKtiWiB.
[Spadai Uilsgrsw t.? um Dispatch.)
PITKUBI ?... \ a.. May MX -I nom.ial returns
from Prince George county t-tiow the election of
it. BoUlng WUlooi (Republican) for Common?
wealth'? attorney orar .lohn J. Cocke, th<? incum?
? ?-?. It is mM UmI Mr. WUlooi
o the KepnbUonn ticket agame,'
? -, a.i.? that Um probability In that bo
will Dot ????.-. even though elected.
Mr. W. B.Boleseau Democrat) 1*sleeted-borili
by ? majority ..f 4. The opponents >>f Mr. Boll
?as ?.'?;... end Mr. Boiaaeeua majority in the die?
rempleton an.l luv.?? was 230-Hriving
a a majority <>t t. 1(. T. Daniel (Demo?
crai) trae elected treasurer without opposition.
K. U. Brown ..-<??>.???.? Republican) wan re-elected
eommlaeloner of the r.v.i.u.?. The Hoard of hu
pi rrisora is Democratic.
HU IK put m iK Disw'rmnE.
[Spada] t-legram to the Dispatch.]
Plftiune, Va., May '?'U?lMtiwI.l.li?? .riunty
Is utili in doubl with ih?? exception of ? -? eoi \v.
Id, Democrat] reflected treasurer. ?
v.Tv Ughi rote wee polled in eonMqeeBceof th'<
Fall of rain during Um day, bul Um re?
turn? received up to this afternoon Indiente tin?
election of Mr. John V. Barrit f..r Common?
wealtb'e attorney,and Mr. Walter Young for
?h. riti, all Democrat?. Later return? will b?
. .if to the lume?fnl candidate? for com
mlaslonera of Um retenue ami supervisor?.
0K>.KK METOKKEK IS ol.ot 1'K.xTKR.
[Spadai lefogram to tin? Dispatch.)
Qioccarn ?otnrraoi su, va., May ift-Ikm
waa *o much acratchitig in yeeterday'a election
that it was Impossible to get accurate return?
until thi?morning. The Democrat? eiset Mr. K.
P.Ura] treasury by sight majority ; Mr, Qsorge
i:. Hsy. ??? ol Ute revenne by twen?
ty-eight majority,and Mr. Maryua Jon<
monwealth'a attorney by fire majority. Th.? l?. -
pul ham elect Mr. \V. 1. TbomM eborlfl by
[Bpsetal Usufisiii so Um l)ispatrh.l
Bi dm vi~i ?, Hay *?.?Tas slectton nera jas.
kt lay waa s vry .|uk"t one. There was no
party contests, Ute lamo beug th- licensing of
the sale oi Intoxicating liquors. The wet? elect
. ma;..nty of tbe Council, snd Um dry?
. three. Uogb A. White, Esq.. was elected
mayor. 'Uns was o'.ir llrwt munlclpalfluctlol),
tt?il a full Vote \ilu* ???11,.?.
C?MEL? ????.?? IN G?(1?.
[Bpaetal telegram so Um Dispatch..]
I,^??^^, ? ?.. Ha] '.'H.?lieturns from UMStse
tli.ii hei.l yesterday In this county reoerred here
to-day eliani;.'io some eitent ther.-Hult as tele
L'rai'h-a last night. On th-fa.?.? of the return?
KepubUcan, for Commonwealtha atu.r
- three majority over Parks, Democrat;
t bapman, Republican, for sheriff, Bre majority
over Rosser, Vanner!.' Alitali.-.?, an.l Broyles,
farmers'AUtance, (or commissioner of the rer
twenty-sis majority over Uaye* Hopubli
i petty. Democrat ? bo vote is m? .? ot<e,
bowerer, that tbe nsult will not bo certainly
known until Um ocMal eoaat M lia'!?
...t.NDhKlN ?>()???.
[Special telegram to the Oit-i^t.-h.)
Wti illusili??. VA., May 2I?.-The entire
DemocraUcUcketIn Yort la elected by alarti?
majorit? *Tiollows: Bydne, BmlA fer O-rn?
monwealths attorney ; Thomas N.'wmjjn .for
r Bborlff; t.twarJ llryant.
,?TnWt1h^,pWltill .h,,?K-raIlev.ctory.n
York for van-, and old Yorfctowa tobetai paint.
eU nd to^.lay by a Jut liant OTOWd of Democrat*.
MJ ??'?^????? ?? ??.????.
[Special tSMgTlBl t<> the Dispatch.]
Bvabwws Va May BsV-ThS vote win llpht.
Th're ? no .|.l^itlon lo UM regular I?. m
Satto Sehe except for ? few minor dWrlct
offices. ?MW waa no slsctlon i'V?yoffl-?
exe.?,* lor the twasurerahlp, ? which Huge wae
ro-elocted without opposttMw.
llBastsal t.l-gram to the Dl*patch.1
KAiFM Va. May sU-Tfea eattre DenuK-ratle
ti, k,t ?a? e?sTe.i in Boanoke oounty y^terday.
\!^?^:\ fair vote wae paitad
henry rains.
lai telegram to the Dispatch.]
v.wViKTiK Vi Mar Wt-PoBUcs and the
Fanm i^? A'?? '>''l t.ot SBtor la? the race for
? ombrala Craig. AU the offlcers elected
?r,? U.-mK-rats.
[Sputai tolegram U> the l?ta|?tt-h.)
?"" "?;""? '.'"?,,?,-'? ? -1 y, Commoawealth??
???: Joliu ?. w??. Csrrliig
extremoly bad weather.
(?B??SurZ Mar --'IK-The elmllon In thj?
'" ??Tu. ?-Cl IM TOT NOBTT.BBN KM.
ttwlal telegram to the DUpateh.]
,Spe,iaiw.^ Lancaster county
WabsaW. V ?., May -"? , ltlllprof revenue, Is
Lee a>omo.rat;. f< r ? "?'^ (Den.o, rat),
,,fH> Bi?KLtu>???y.by??,k:?,,WIim?
,, r ,?.?"?"?"?'"'? .'?.1 Sauuders lUepub
,? Sorthumherland H.ul?^"??
Commonwealth .*?*^ ?*F~?
"Tt'^orX"fT,,.U%r:nuDemocrs?), for com
I- Weefmorcl-nd^J^T^SSTS^
^^ CAarBBU-'ec^ANiwirr.
Lrnciauito, yt^<J?L ott quietly aud the
war rery llsht^? u ?a????G*.
^pecUUelegranttoth^psUJ,.^ ^,^
j. ?. Whltsiisad. ttnaaiaii w
riff, and Oeorire T. Risen, Commonwealth's at?
torney, had no opposition and were all reflect?
ed. Por onm mission er? of revenue there was a
number of candidates. The following w?r?
elected: Blrat district, f. II. Tompklns: Second
'listriet, .1. I. Carter; Third district, J?aa? I.
White; Fourth district. Major C. W. Y ?atee.
rSpeclal telegram to the Dispatch.]
fisr.iKi.Ami Coikthoisr. Va., Hiyffi?W
flclal leturti? give Colomnii, for <<nnmonw?altirs
atUirnoy, a majority of '.?17 ; Ailnnis, for sheriff,
a majority of 144 ; Klipnln, for trcnsurer, a ma?
jority of ?
? ???? 1? ?GG???????.
(Special telesram to the Dispatch.)
?a?p.??. Va., May ?.'?.-Floods D?mocratie
majority la 07. The oth?r candidates are about
the same.
a JiTx;r.'sTKKKiBi.K rata?
[Speclnl tel.'?min to the Dispatch.]
Chatham, Va.. Mny *?1??.f. vT, cary, on? of the
judge* of election nt UUsprectnet, whil?? aaaagaa
In ootintlnr th? vote fell from one of th? oourt
?Mae windows loth? groiiud Isdow. a distane?
of twenty feet, hp-akliig ???? right arm and disio?
'Ming hin right leg. Mis Injuries, while ve. y
painful, an DM considered of a dangerous char
ssjeaaaasua rkti rmcaw.
(By Associated Breen to Bee Dispatch.]
llAKiii.sovr.iKi,, va., Mny a?.?A hard-fnmrht
county election yesterday result??! in 20
Kepuhiieaii majority. Two years ago the county
gave 800against Mahone,
A Lynchburg Murderer Arrested In Nash?
ville?? Senxnttnnal Klnpemrnl.
[Hpoclnl telegram to the Dispatch.)
LYN.'unrju?, Va.. ??? 2:?. News ha? jupt
reacbed bar? ol ? tragedy in Appomattox
early this morning. William Wool, ? farmer
living near Mix's ? rose-Roads. dBMOVarad JacOB
Morgan, nn employee, ta a eiirnpromlrlii.j poet?
tl Ii with his wife. ID-procured ? sh..t-gun and
when Morgan nttemjited to escape by a side
window Wood fired nt dim. Tie? load tool effect
In Horgaal irata, An alnrm wns given, and
when th?? height? rs arrived Morgan was found
to be dead? WOOd surrendered himself to a
constable in the neighborhood.
Thech'.-f of poll.?? of this eiivis In receipt of
Information from NnshTllI?, Tenn., flint a negro
believed to Im? Jim Kcott, who is ?anted 1?re for
murder, ims been arrested and e now in jnii
there awaiting orders. ScoM is wanted for the
killing of ? young whit? ????,? named Bat Hums
an ? the woondhsg of Joe Bpencer and a white
boy oamed r'ioyd on the Iree bridge In Mny,
In answer to the suinmons th.? repreeaatatrfai
of the electric street oar company were before the
Hayor this inorang bul they [.roved to ins Honor
th.at they had Htree months ame in which u>pr< -
pare their Une before they forfeited their fren
chiese. The Hayor remarked that the Ctty Council
should ha re "estende ? thetimo to ten years and
been doll? With It."
? ??.??G???????) DKOOM.
A asasattoaal Bsapeaaaat look pine?? in icust
burg< Campbell county, a few days ago thai has
tost leaked oat. The following are lae facts so
far as learned: It seems that Mli-s Little wns en?
gaged to a young mnn named Hunt, of Pitt?
?ylvanla county, ami the wedding was?? have
taken place yesterday. Mr. Hunt had purchased
his ?eddmg ?.utili, had fiiriiished aoosybome
for his bride, and imd ?vi ?. procured the mar?
riage license, innny people In the neighborhood
had been invile.? ?? th.? marring?. Miss Little s
brother had come from ?? distance, and rester?
dny morning Kev. R. W. Watt- w.is on hand to
perform the ceremony In spite of of tie? pelt?
ing rala. The disappointed groom did not
put in appearance, having been notified
in advance thai "his bird had ?own.'' The
elopers bad Isiardod th? train nt Narunn, went
to Roxboro, N. ( ., wer? married and return.?.I to
Gladys, where they were mot by the groom's
fath?r and convoyed to bat home. The preacher
and the guesU WOO had gathered before bearing
of the elopement returned to th'ir homes,
AN ?????? bKKli.
A deed dated starch, lhl 1. Iiom Lorenzo Dow,
conveying to siith Heads a trn ??? of land contain?
ing Him acres near Bpartanbarg, s. <?., is among
the old r.irdaof the Clerk'? office of the Cor?
poratsoB court of this ctty.
The Nude Murdered llody of a White
Man Discovered In College Creek,
[Correspondence of the I'.lehmoiid Distinteli.]
Wii.i.iamhiu.'ko, Va., May 29.?A4 an awly
hour this ni'iriniie wliilo two colorad men,
Washington Vaagh and Idward llngbt, ?are
rowing ii). an arm of the College .reek near her??
they suddenly came opon the nada body of a
white man lying near UM edge Of Use marsh.
where It bnd drifted with the lid?. The Anders
wero naturally very much staitlod nt their
ghastly discovery and Immediately hastened lo
town and reported th? facts to tho Mayor. The
body was taieti from the water and placed upon
aboard. Alargo assemblage, composed of UM
coroner? Jury and cltlzeus, viewed the body,
? be ? oroaer at once Instituted ? preliminary ex?
sVnnatlon, which revealed the Diet thai thero
had basa loul play.
?rocana, on thk ????.
There was a bruise across Use BOM and Others
oa Use body. Over the right eye was a Dlet ling
woutid which resembled ? bullet hol.?, bat
whether made a ball or some abar ? Instrument
win ?..? found out when the principal examina?
tion i- luid. The body tins been delivered to an
undertaker and taken lo ins rooms, where Um
Coroner will held an kaonast this afternoon.
A st Ti'OSITlON.
The Nidy Is ?Opposed to be that of a young
Swede who Is engaged In th? Balling business
down on .lames rivet mar the mouth of the
o.I "ho was i;eeu on thu streets here on
last Saturila}'.
Their ??.il.- Arrival at Norfolk?Death of
Professor II. ?? Coloniali.
[Special telegram to the Dispatch.]
Nosrou, Va., May M, lata morning
the iaptain and crow of the barned lurk
\ isbilia and the captain's daughter arrived hole
from Burner's ill??-.-ivmg statimi, on Ute North
Carolina o??ist. The Captata noted protest with
Hajor J.Hardy Bendtea. lie accounts for toa
burning Of the bark after she stranded on the
theory that UtO cabin lamp turned over alt. r
thev left the Vessel.
M m. George D. (foal, the D?mocratie scrgeant
Ht-nrms of the lloueo of Kepreseutattvi s of
?tilo, lain the city.
G?..1 h-MUt COl.ESAN in:AD.
Professor H, K. Coloniali, a well-known educator
and formerly of Hanover ?unity, died at Ch irch?
land last night, at Oi? residence of Mr. K, 1^.
Carney, where he was visiting.
A largo number of prominent liipior snlions
had to ci?se ??-day In ?????????? of tho Ju.lgo
of tho Corporation Court refusing to grant tie in
license to-day.
Funeral of Mr. "Jock" ! lier?..o.
Tin? funeral of Mr. John Hanckel Ellor
Bon who died Thursday, will take place from
Dr lloge's church this morning at H>::i() O'clock.
The following gentlemen will act as pall
Activtv-Mossrs. B? ?'? Crump, W. Benjamin
Baliner, Thomas N. Carter, ?. ?. ? abb. W. Tal
ley, K. A. Lancaster, .Jr., John Rutherfood, L C.
Honorary?.John H. Montague, Mniwel! T.
Clarke, R. 0, Begrain. W. W. Henry, R. S.
Archer, John R. West, Samuel Smtou, T. ii. Bey
Company V Association, of which the deceased
?as a member, will attend the funeral in a body.
Dragged In the Htreet by a floree.
A white man ri.linc I horse which was
caparisoned in a new sot oj harness was thrown
from the animal's back yestenlay morning OB
Twelfth and Cary streets and painfully hurt. In
falling he by some meaus became enunci.-d in
the harness and was dragged a (vmsiderablo dis?
tance. Those who saw the accident hastened to
stop the horse, and thereby saved tno men be?
fore he had reserved serious injuries. His face
wns tmdly cut and bruised, hut he was not fa?
tally hurt, and left for his homo a fow minutes
after th? oooatraaoa,_^^
Good Templar? Open Meeting.
An open mcctine- was held nt Bclviiler.?
nail last night by Sidney Lodge of Good leu..
V ?uinteresting programme of song and recita?
tion was nlc-ly rendered, the following young
Indies and gentlemen taking part : Misses Livi?
Martin. Stub??*. Last Bethel. D ?remue, Klla
I nurniid. Yager, Linie Maurand, Klla Brown,
in.ey B..tl,rl. Tulaiie. Annie tora Martin, and
Messr?. Herbert K. lluk-e. Professor-Cocker,
il?rTs rt ? l*u"?r. ?. ?. Ilaiiraud. and Krtth.
Mr. J'-icph IL ?hepiiaid delivered the adoran
of wekv^e._
Threw Vitriol in Her Tace.
A colored woman named Martha Child?,
who resides at ?a als Charity ?Meet, wa? badly
ml red last night about 0 o'clock by an unknown
? ale X) threw vitriol or ?me other'corrosive
a^? on ??er. Marthas assailant called at her
h . se sad aske?l for her, and when she appeared
.?ant..?" the deadly U^ukl in her face and then
'"Tb'fpouVe at midnight bad been unable to
-?.?riain who the perpetrator of the deed wa*.
^a?s face and eyes were badly, but not
?tally tmnied. It Is thought that rod pepper
was mixed with the liduUl?_
A Nulsaoce to Car-Drivers.
The street-car drivers and conductor* of
Richmond have been much annoyed of late by Ut?
il SsstasTasa? "hite hoys as ?ell, for that mal?
?e; S8 pwlsl in stealing rides b)r ?winging on be
?dnd be cars and Jumping otf when observed by
? ? nau m charge. This practice has become so
????ssaTgafelswaiiirt? *??"*?? ** fjfi
na?iv.lafiasU upon by ???0>t????1?,fe> aaatgfc
t?? hat of the un-hin whenever P?wthle, nod as a
re^uBoneariverreaiiedarewardoi three hats
yesterday. _ -
nealb ef afra. C. B. MeCluer.
?_ ? E. Mt'Clner died yesterday after
Mrfc. ?so o'clock at tbe re?ldru<-e of her
"""l?'^ .ft?r an l?mese of six weeks. Mr?.
??ALua^wA^lfcBs?Se Christian Udy. be
tSSSS^mmtSVSi 5 yet been
made. _
Hereford's Acid Phosphate,
JU ?ta* a/ea-sa? 5?- <"-*"?**
The President Report? Steady snd ???
eonraging Growth?The Meed? of Con.
gregali.>ti Schools?Other Mote?.
A preliminary meetinir to tho snnual
conf.-r? n.?.? <.f Us? Atlantic District of the
German Kvancolioul Synod of North Ame.
rica was h,?! ? in St. John's Herman Luth?
eran church, corner of Marshall and
Bfffcth stretti, at 11 o'clock yesterday
Thero was quit? a good attendance of
b"t h clerical and lay delegates, and many
of Um member?, ?,f St. John's congregation
ve. r?? praatsH,
Tha ssaaipa was opone.) by the SfaaV?
dent. Rev. K. lli/W. of Italtlroore.'wbowasfora
number of yea??? pastor of S'L John's. Kev. 1'aul
I.. Menasi, of lUchosoad, acted a? secretary.
After Ih.? organization was pertocted Ihn va
rioaa eomaUttae? wen appointed, the m<*t Im?
portant of which were:
Committee lo offer resnlutions on the report of
th,? Distri t Prsstdant B<ra? N. Hurkart, Paul
Schelms, an.l c. Kir- hmanr.
Committee to sflar resoiutlonson the reports
of offiesn of th- entire Synod?Rsv, Pad L
R. KsterndabJ, and K. I. s-hmidt.
With the transa. lion of a few minor matter?
th?? preliminary meeting ?jdjbsiiiiifl
Just before the opening ?f the regular session
of th? enafsrwaee n?a dasaastea sad lay mem
born were Invited to tho lc-t urn-room of the
ebarca, where a tempting course of refresb
111 ' ? 11 ? - war? H-rv-i.
At 3O'clock abarp President Hnber called the
conference to order, and after prayer and song
Um regular hndnos? wan bsgaa?
11.rsdsattsla of Bte lay-delegate* were snb
mltted by the Comattttsa en t redeetlala, the
following gentlemen being Konausendsd as sa?
titled to fail membership: Me-sr*. August
Bchroeder, Perry Ball, Md.; Richard OntemuUt,
san Hak.?, ?. ?.; Herman K?ufer, Si Paul's
Cbnrcfa, Newark, ?. .1.; ?. ?'????????,t. William?
port, l'a?: G. Itali. Troy, ?. Y. : Henry Met?.
Btemn'l Church, Newark, ?..I.; William Harm,
Columbia, l'a.; Karl Kr.-k, St. Mattti-w ?ehiir. h,
Baltimora ; lonut Spebr, Albany, N. Y. : Prede
rt.-k Bembnck, AnnapoUs, U?. ? li. <>. Miller, st.
?lohaniies ?. iiur-n, Richmond : Fredertok Ntor.-k,
fork, and William Kam.?-, s -rantoli, l'a.
The only congregatimi wbuhaenl do delegate
or an saraae lor not doing so was that of Saum
church, Baltimore, ? he matter ?a* commented
apon atei th?- congreg itton la open to r> proof by
Urn Conference, if It repeats ale action it will
be ruled out of the District Synod according t?.
Mtatton L'.'v. rnlngit.
G???????? III liKk'.S 11?????.
Prerideai Habar Umbb rand Mi sanasi tepori,
will, h was an ana papar, Illustrating many
interesting pointa. Il- stated that within Um
ir considerai le progr?s? had been nudo
Une church bad been bout at Bcrantoe, ?*, ? a
Dew congregation -,eared in Italtlmor??, thatof
st. Peter? ? burea, which ?as lakes charge of by
It.'v. William BatSi a -Ite had at last 1.? s?
cured, hot nere would be a ?light delay In the
erection of th- building, as assistane.? will be re
quired from the Hiaalon Board; lbs district and
siicnt *7.',o during ti,,? year for charah extension
work; harbor wort ?- t.-ing oondactad at two
siati...i- m Baltimore sad aas in New York.
President Uuber lai.i great ?tree? upon the im?
portance of maintaining Um Individual rights of
th-??-tn.'ts without byeodotttg losing the vital
connection of Um Synod at large,
? be repotl was referred to the eommtttee, ami
will probably be finally acted upon to-day.
During the year three ministers Joined the
(..of.reii.-e si/.: |{.\. C. Frits??!,, E. I>mg. an.l
0. Drewtts, the latter having taken charge of St
Peter*? church,Waahtegton, wht.h can ismst? f
the ?id. -t sad most important oongregsllon hi
that? Ity.
WA*T G?????p???????. SCHOOLS.
The . ? ? Ongregatii.nal School?
mad ? a report, which WSJ read by Kev. Paul I..
Menasi, cnatnana, ta which Um asessstty for
congregational schools was strongly advocated.
Il ?tate? that there a-.? 5,000 children In the
Sunday schools, .?it of which only 100 attend
congregational schools of any denomination. It
I e advlaabUltJ ofUll? .lassof tti-t rti-t k'li.
Dot from a national point ..f view. Lit simply to
obtain th.? benefit? of religions lntlu-i.
This report was commanded by naarty awary
??. and a resolution waa adopted providing
that it be -eut (o the Central Board on Congre?
gational S-h'K'ls, and will also bo dieeu.-.? d in
this conference later.
The Besasen adjourned UTJ ? oVsosfe this morn?
sermon- t? the nm.KdiTE*.
A special sennon preparatory to the dlstrlbu
of communion on Sunday morning was delivered
last night by Rev. l'ani Bcbellha, inulte a large
montier other than the visitors wer.? press?t.
1 he amount* recorred from Uta collection of
?in??.- and contribution? ? corred by Um Secretary
of the District Conference yesterday wore as
follows: Widows' and orphans' fund, ?4<?;
aged ministers' fund, SSo; church extension
fuud, ssoa
??????G??. N0TE.S.
Before the opening of the preliminary laaalon
yesterday morning a charming lunch was
the delegates in the lecturs-rooni of st. John's
church by the ladiee of Um eongregstton. Shod
addresae? of welcome were delivered by Mr. II.
(.. Miller and Rev. I'aul L Menzel.
Id?? hours for the ii'edOBe Of the conference
?refrom ? to 19 o'clock hi tho morning ami 9 to
?> in ti a afternoon.
Dos wer- ooUeOtSd yesterday for the widows'
and or,..h ins' land and the age.l-mlnisters' fon I.
and contributions wer?? received from Um
cus congregation? ..f Um distri, t f..r Um church
extension land. Theae mon.ys wen- paraed on r
to th- secretary and treasurer.
All th?? proceeding?of the conferenco are in
German, wakfe is something novel in Richmond
Nearly Kour-Seorc?Add ret? on the Ep
???? tn League?dedication.
The ffovi-iity-sixf li aiiinv -rsury of Trinity
Methodist Sunday school will bo oela
I rat..I Sun.lay aftcVBOoa at 4 o'clock. In
connection with the anniversary the
"Cln!.Iron's day " will ?ils., bn obaartad.
The Bonds* school will assemble it in
o'clock ,m Sunday morning and begiatbe
,lav with sjiciial ox, reise- <.f sinning and
sddresaes. After the lUimiml ->t the
s.'li.ni the children will join their panati
and frieinis in Dtonuog aerrioe, which be?
gins at 11 o'clock, at which time thepsj
tor. it v. Dr. Peterson, will prnsrai a ?pedal ser?
mon suited to the children and lo th- gem ral
l?oii. At this service the pupils of the
BChod will condii, t th? singing.
The anniversary aXSRaae? will begin promptly
st 4 o'clock and lorthBooosslon? mostlnvlUng
programme has been prepared. whMh wlDoon?
sist of .horns singing, r.s-itatloiis, sol.w, Ac. The
main feature of lha anniversary will be a mag?
nili eetit representation of a [Mirtloii of -Kieg
Solomon'? remple." This l.eautliul golden
stri.tut., is nearly twenty feet broad and MB
feet high, and occaptea the entire pulpit pis?]
form. The front Is three -tories high and Is sup
ported by ..ver 100 sntdad .oiumns. Over 160
?iiitoWM ??\ . light into th- interi..r wtdeb Is
lltt.-l up with haiid-ome damask -urtain- 10
repus.m ti,.? "aaoctaus lancsortnna" of King
s..), inon- Temple ant .-?intalns a representation
of the Ark of tbeCovsasat and also the golden
oaadlestaskl that were used lu the tempi,? a r
The temple exeercises will be conducted by
eleven girls uYSSSSd In white, who will give red*
t.ni.'iisand singing suited to the servi. ??. 1:? v.
W. II. Atwlll will givo a short explanatory
lecture that will add interest to the occasion.
Hey. Dr. W. V. Tudor delivered a lecture
at 1'iiion-Stati.iii ? hun h la-t nitriit on the
"Object of the r.pworth lei???' Thoepeaker
bagna by liiipi isaliis iuhii his hearers tin? ba
portanco of ridding themselves ..f all defSObJ In
their 1K> s that would impair their eucoeee In
whatever undertaking they might enter. 11??
gave a nuiutier of Illustration!, showing wrier??
..ne ntti,, dated bad altered the ehavaotsrsd
great men. def-ate<l the attempts of great war?
riors, and preventing the happening of many a
g.ssl de.-l. He urged that every i hris'.ian
In entering the warfare for Chrt?t pu?
on the whole armor and work Intelligent?
ly with a determination tosucceed by th?? help d
Oodi He ?aid that there were a great number of
men in the world who bad time and again ?tart
?I todo better, bat who after a short time went
Badi In the ?ame old way. "Khali this ?am?
weakness continue," said he, "and your Bra?
end a completo failure when you hav?
Dtunber of things that Tou might bave doue to
administer to man'? want*?"
Dr. Tudor urge,i that every one who heard
him ?hould cheer up and eee If they could not
? something.
After a very beautiful lecture by tbte dUlln
guished divino, HeT. ?eorge 11. Ray pr
to organi?, the league. The league take? Its
name from the partkh In which John Wesley was
BSfa. It? object Is the promotion of personal
piety, loyalty to the I huroh and the encourage?
ment in works of grace and charity among tho
young people of the I'hurch and congregation.
caraca dbpication.
The Cowardm-A venue (hn-tian church
in Manchester, which wat? burned down
several month? aco, will bo rededlcalod Sunday
afterrusii at 4 o'.l.sk. Rev. Jab.? Hall, pastor
of Seventh-Street church, will preach tho dedi?
catory sermon, and an Interesting musical pro?
gramme has been arranged, llev. I. J. Spencer
will commence ? eerie? of revival? In the church
at night. Mr. Spencer during tho past week has
been preaching to tho workmen In the Richmond
and Datum- shop?. He deliver? hja disooorse?
during their dinner hour.
The Naahvllle paper? speak In glowing terms
of a grand sermon preached by Kev. In?. ? err.
of this city. In the rtrst Presbyterian church of
Nashville laot Sunday. Dr. ? err is on his way
borne from the (?-aerai Assembly and will All
his own pulpit to-morrow morning and night as
Dr. Frost will occupy his pulpit at Letgh-Mreot
Baptist church to-morrow morning and ?t 8 P.
M. Dr. M. D. Hoge will preach the quarterly
sermon before the Missionary Society of the
church. .
The Hev. R. D. Wilson, Ph. D., of Allegheny
City, Pa, to vtolting friend? in the city. He will
preach tc-tuorTow morning at (1 race-Street l*res
byteriau church ou "Tbe bible," a ?ermoii
delivered a abort time ago at the Theological
riemlnary st Princeton.
Rev. W. J. Cocke, of Radford, Va. wlU occupy
the pulpit of the Third Christian church (cor*
uer Twenty-sixth and Marshall) both morning
and night for Rev. K. A. Cole, who remain? over
Sunday lu a meeting at Radford.
Kov. Dr. Judklns. pastor of Centenary church,
la abeam from the city to preach the bac?a
laursats aormua st Bowling Uiesu ??malo
?jmlnary. HU pulpit will be ? fled to-morrow
mornlne by Dr. A. <!. Brown, and at night by
Rev. ,f. Wiley Hied?*, .
Kusign Dundas, of the Salvation Army, ?cribe
?Staff-Captain M.Farlnne. of Baltimore, will
r?e in Richmond Sunday, and wiu lead meetings
aim? Army Hall, eorn?r of Seventh and Main
?rreet*, at :t and ? P. M.
Rev. Dr. W. V. Tudor will preach tbo sermon
astore the ?oung ? ??? Christian Aseoeiation of
Itli-hiiioul College tc-rnormw night at klo
oclock at Broad-Street Methodist .hurch.
Petition for Commutation Prevented to
the Governor? It??? ant ?HfVrecl.
C?olonel John B, T'urcell. president of tho
Richmond Elevator Company, 11 which ?.
HafoM i.rymi's was nt ? no lim? ?m|iloye.|. yes?
terday BTSBUBIsd a petition to the flaistata pray?
ing the Miuuutatlon ol i;r?me s senten.-e from
Imprisonment In tho penitentiary to. onrinement
in Jail.
There w?re eight hundred and forty-two names
slgn-d to the petition, and th? list Bmbracsd,
serval of th? City Hall officials, and all rhe jury
who trl?.| ?b? case. The friends of Grym?s say
111 have obtained ninny other signature?,
but tn? time was approaching when th?? matter
ha- to be 'i.is?d up.
tMr. Ran. Norri?. one of the Jurors, was nut of
? -ItT when th? petition was being circulated.
but was telegraphed to by Mr. Leali Kawllngs
alsslon to append his signature to the
paper, wales was grant?-!.
I he GoVi n\..r had not opened the papers when
h? left bi? office at the Capitol yesterday eve?
ning, and eipreaawl the desire that that they
Should nut be s??n by th? r.[sirtere uniese he
hail acted upon them.
The (loyernor off. r?d a reward of ?TOO for th?
?rr?*t and delivery to the pro|ver nuthorttiee of
Malcolm Palmer, who killed Henry Cannady In
M '-' ..'inly on the L'3d of this month,
and made his ?scap??.
Tli? Qovsraor yesterday had sent him by Oen
eral-Managi-r Davis, of the Richmond Loosbm
???? Works, a eommunJoation on? of lbs sai
ploy???? of that establishment bad received from
a |Tece-gooda man tn New York. Th? ad ver
tleor am..ids forhls dupes n |ilan by which they
may make a fortune by buying his worthless
The communication was sent to the Governor
M for whatever action" h? thinks ?' beat to lake."
W. N. Hunter. Treasurer of Norfolk city, visi?
ted u .? ...at Ito! realer day.
Tat Capitol ossess ?ill ?*? closed to-day.
The Justice Alun Require? Security?
Forgery Case Witness I n.ler II.md.
Tho continued oaeeot Thomas sfeCann,
charged arith aaMaltlng and tiir.
? ' is Larkln, an employee of the Loooti
Works, S? taken up In the l'oli??? Court restez*
day nawniag, The ilnmiinlsisioi a anected
with the arrest of th? neensed on Wednesday
were ri'iH.rted In the DlsPATill. Ha was fined
costa nnd required to give security for
ninety day?.
i;. J. Fletcher, a one legged man from stana?
ton, who claims t.. be a book agenUwaa charg?<l
with forging the name .f Colonel w. B. Cutanee
lo ? check "ii th?? Mat.? pauk of virginia fot
025.75. owing to th? ab?enee of important
wine -ses th.? cas? was continued. Th" alleged
offence wns committed som? Urne ngo.
It SI Claimed that no forgery can be provenas
ime of Colonel Cntabaw I? "Wilfred'' sad
not William. Fletcher came tva.-k to Richmond
a f. ? .lays since and was ?Treated.
; b Mealy, nn aged white man. wnsehnrtr?.|
witt iteaung a wagon-ioa ? of bacs, the property
of Unson I Addlson. There aas r... .
Whatever against th? accused, who j r? .?
client .-hnrncter, and BO ?vas h morahly fits.
obarged. Tho m.?si prominent wttnea? in th?
<???.?, a Bagro named Frank Miles, Who was th?
principal ?censer of the prisoner, ?a? himself re?
quired to grroaecartty ? Utsaasa of 4.??>?.
A Hem del ,1 Association Chartered?Case*
Meant and Stilts Drought.
Judge Wallford, "f (ha Cito Circuit
Court, yesterday granted a ohanar to the
Old Dominion tleneflctal Associatioo, the ol j-?? t
b fat to accumulate ? fund by the colle?.
Hob of dues from its members ?? r the purpose of
oaring for Um atea, barytng Um dead, and pay?
lug death benefit?. The capital -t.?-k a to be
Bot less Utaa ??,??? nor more than 125,000, to
lie divided into shares of 1100 ?BOB,?il
.nay be held not exceeding one acre In
?ny city or town, or 100 ?ere? la any county In
the state. The following are me officer?: Presi?
dent, .lohn .1. Crutehfletd; vi.President, A. T.
Btokes, Ir., Secretary and Treasurer, Samuel
Cohen; Solicitor, D. c. rlicharusoo? Director?,
the niH.ve and Messrs. Samuel H. Witt and li. H,
smith, Jr.
Iti lie'case of A. ii. Klllott ,v Co. SB, th? J. L
Hill Printing Company, the evidence SSS OOtV
and th? Jury adjourned OVO*, until tl.is
QatsafeBrown??. A.8. William*. Jod|
? f Um plalntltlfor ??:19.21.
ih?? following -nits wire instituted: House,
Ui rnpstone A C. r|. .1. T. ilotts forO&OO.
l.eojsild S. It? 'dberger * Co. r?. U.M. Meyer
for llaO.
Paul .Iones r?. Charlits P. Winston* Co. for
The Itooiim to He Decorated?Ladles Who
Will He Pr?tent.
The Ladies' Auxiliary Committee of the
Rosemary Public library held a meeting
nt th?? r.ioms of this organisation yesterday
afternoon nt ."> oviock. Mr?, ?. B.Camm,wbo
was elected president of the committee pre test,
presided, nnd Mise Mnry Morris Junes acted as
it.. following committ??.? was annotated to
decorate th?? rooms of the Horary for the book
reception, which tnkes place Monday nnd lues
lav, June 1st and -..'I: Mrs. utway S. Allen,
Mrs. W. A. Meredith, Mrs. S ame i ?????, ?>?
Henry Taylor, Mr-, artbar Bed Io-i.
The ladles present who .vnseritcl to reasfVO nt
lifferent hours on the occasion of the reception
we.,?: Mrs. Philip ?.?????.?, Mrs, SoddOO
Braca, Mrs. o. s. (lien, Mrs. H. Peterkln, Mrs. -I.
Addlson, Mrs. K. B. Addlson, Mrs. Levin Joynes,
Mrs. R, f. Chambers Dan-, Mrs. J. N. Culling
portfe, Mrs, s. w. Traver?, Mr?. Maria Blair,
Mrs. J. H. Toaag. Mrs. A. Osterlob, Mr?, s.
Cohen, Mrs. A. II. Mv.-r, Mr-. |ir. 1.1 i|>i.?nhimer,
Mrs. M. C. Branch, Mrs, M. West, Mrs. II. Taylor,
Mrs. A. eedoon, Mrs. w. K. Heredath.
The library will be open on th?? dav of th? re?
OSptlOB from U A. M., as usual. ? ho reception
proper will be from IS M. to 10 P. at
The flSSl I la f Igfel Proposition Present,
Hut No ljuurnm to Consider It.
A joint gaifitlng of th.? fJomaxittaa on
Finance, Light ami Electric Light was
called for :> o-osoofe ji?slsid?j aftstaooa In the
Chancery Court-room to consider a preposition
in rognrd to ulouttsj lights for th? cltv.
The proposal in iiuortion whs an off?r from a
Washington oamneay to furnish the city with a
plant sum.-lent for supplying MM) arc lights for
????,? Mi, payment to U? made m Isih.ls. Tho
company offer* to lease th? plant from the .ity
for tweuty yean? at an annual rental of 110,000,
the city on its parttafnai 125,000,or a difference
of 016,000 for 4M arc baas?. |l bow oostoths
city about F??,?????? |.?r yar to light Its streets.
ras pressai contract for 134 lights stands th?
city 9?.?.?7.4"! per year.
The only cominitteenKii present yesterday
nftern.Hin wor? Messrs. Steel. Christian, and
Hughes, of Finance; Messrs. Brandor and
(?rimes, of Light, and Mr. Bowden, of Klectrte
After waiting half an hour, deploring th? ab?
sence of a iiuoruin and bewailing the BOB attende
ance of tbo absent ones, those present left.
One for Ilegnlar Huelnrss and the Other
About a Nuisance.
The June term of the HasAtnga Court
begin? neit Monday. The following grand
Jurors have been summoned for that day: Jo
slab Ryland, Byrd Warwick, t?s>rg.? D. Plea.
sants, J. It. McKtnuey, John Knd.rs, Sr., iiatPB
U, Tlusley, and W. B. Lyons (color.? ?
Asptclnl grand Jury lias ls-n summoned for
OkO IStk to Investigate the alleged nuisance In
the shape of a pool of stagnant water on ? be lot
between Harrison and I-ombardy streets and
Franklin and Bark avenue.
Th? law provides that whenever five or more
property-holders shall enter complaint In a mat?
ter of this kind a special grand Jury shall bo
summoned to investigato lt.
The residents of that vicinity claim that a
great deal of sickness has lately been caused by
the pool In riueetlon.
Personal and Other Items oflntereet from
Across the Jmmes.
The citv offlcos and hank will be closed
to-day. Suuday hours will be observed at
Mie post-office.
James Brown (colored) wa? fined go and sent
to Jail for sixty days yesterday tn default of
surety by Mayor Auk lesoti. Brown'? offence con?
sisted of striking Albert Rufus with a brick.
The heavy mud Is Interfering no little with the
operations of the new horse-car line.
Mis? Anule Blanxenebtp has recovered from a
epoU of sli-knees.
There wtll be a matinee performance of the
May ?Jueen to-day for the benofit of Meade-Me?
morlai church.
The Blver High, but Falling.
Owing to the continual raine Wednesday
and Thursday a freshet in the James river was
apprehended by some. The stream yesterday
afternoon was 17 feet above common tide at Co?
lumbia and ? feet at Soottevtlle, but receding at
both placea.
The wharves of the Virginia Steamboat Com?
pany were on? foot under water last night at 0
o'clock, but no serious trouble Is now eipeoted.
?a this was the bulk of the Do? from the moun?
The lUeulte Were Unexpected.
A young man residing in the Went End
Is the victim of a peculiar result from eating cu?
cumbers for hi? dlnn?r Wodneadey. Ue was
seised with terrible pains through bis abdomen
Wednesday night, and a physician was at once
summoned. He pronounced ih? trouble cholera
tnorbus in severe form, and at once ?et all bla
skill urto operation. At last accounts the young
man was still in a crttictl condition.
No Action Taken.
The Bons of Veteran? Military Company
held an informal meeting at Mie Regimental
Armory last night ami discussed matter? per?
taining? to the orgeuuBtlou, bat took no action.
An Investigation Showa That Lighted
Matche? Were Dropped Into. Trash
That IT ss In the Daietnent.
Four of the male pupih of Leigh School,
whose ages range from twelve to fourteen
years, were suspended yesterday by ftuixr
intendent Fox for a very serions offence,
though not committed, it seem., with any
malicious or criminal intent.
The sot was of a character that involved
great danger t<? life and property, and was
one of many in-t:in><-s where fondness (or
fun outweighs prudence and leads to rash
The sentence is not for any definito
length d time. At the noxt meeting of the
Board the matter will be brought up, and such
final action as to that body may seen? proper
Will then be determined Upon.
\ f.-w B?BBtsa after ;t ?clock last Tuesday af
t-nio.ii a .?uin'liv of trash in the basement of
the l,elgh-Svhol building was found in flames.
An alarm was turned In, and the department re?
apoaetag asJctiy stopped Um tire bet?? it had
begun g,?.?!.
?Shod officials at the time ascertained
that some ,,f UM t?.ys were probably ?he blame
fDf th- mvurronec, and a quiet Investigation be?
As a result of what was developed, Mr. Pox
early yesterday morning visited the Mayor, who
to also president of the School Board, and laid
UM fads tiefere him. ? rey divided IfSa an
official Investigation, an.l proceeded to tho school
to examine some of the scholars.
depositions takkv.
The first step taken waa to direct that ther?
?hook! be noreeeea given,th?? object evidently
nada m fh?? tnejalry besare allowing ihe
acholara to assemble and discus* th? ?abject,
ovsrwhleb there was itwsMleisble sfrltonianl
seven witnesses In all were examined?th? four
toiys eusp,--ted and three others.
The testimony was to th? effect that about 1
Paeaday a group of boys were talking
alunit the s<-veral large ? ??nflagratlotis that have
occurred recently and one remarked that if the
b ill.tlng was set on tire there would be a
lug hla/.e. Th.? matter was talk?,! ever, different
suggestions were mad?, and som.? of the boys
produced ?ever?] matches. Two or three w. r?
lighted, and on,- while burning was dropped Into
lb In the ,?. liar through an opening Im?
mediately ov.-r It.
When Bahod was out that afternoon, Principal
Morri-. it? i-i passing from one r,?>m to another,
noticed the smell of amoke? lie summoned th.?
Janitor and tho two mad? a search. In the cellar
they found the Darne? reaching lo th.? Joists
which wer? beginning to teoreta and take tire.
The principal, without taking the risk Of trying
to extniganw tbe Ore sent the Janitor ...it to turn
111 an alarm. Two of the toy- ?. Whom suspicion
afterwards pointed arc said to bave been BSU
by at th? time, not having left for their homes.
Hut for th-fact that the trash WS? damp the
Ore would have broken oat tooner, when ichool
was In testi00, and a panic would necessarily
bav? followed.
TuitB atWassaOa?
After hearing all the ?vi,lenco yesterday Su?
perintend, .ft fox, with the ?auction of th.? prest?
lent ..r th.? board, impended the mur boys,
1Mb of the officials are .vinilici that th?
boys wer? not actuated by mall?? or eliminai
intent, bat that their i-h-a was to have some I in
an 1 excitement, without considering the aorlous
Bath Confederate and Federal Veterans to
Render Tribute to Their Deal.
This is Hollywood Memorial-.lav and
Federal Decorettoaday, and the ladii
re thai Ite cbearvane? am bs very gase?
Ih?? Capitol office? and the banks will be closed.
?.? boato eoi win be transa rind at Um ftebtbl de?
poto ot Ute several railroad? after 8P. af., Sun?
day hours will be observed at me pswt-ofBoe, nn.i
there will t,?? no delivery by tho carriers. The
city office? will not b.? dosed.
The ladies at the Hollyw.? I Memorial Associa?
tioti, th?? veteran organisations, th? s
Veterans, snd Ptarat regiment, ondar eoa
of Colonel Henry G. Jones, will assemble at th ?
room of the 8,.nd Presbyterian church
? Dr. B?ge*?] al ?? o'clock m the afternooa prompt?
ly, when.?.? the prneeeatoa wUI move to Hollywood.
The Howitzers and tb? Stuart llor-e Guard bav?
notified Colonel Jona? that th?y wie particip?t?
In th.- proc?s- ion. They, too, will ass, uihle at Dr.
G?.eremonlea at the cemetery win -..iistst d
[-neri.y Dr. Ilo,?.?, hymns by th? Isiys of the
.Mai?? Orphan Asylum, an oration by Indg?
1 beodore s. Oarnett, of Norfolk, who will arrive
in ttie city this motulug, aad the ?trowing of
aves with flowers.
Th? earamoate? at the tVtoraj saaMtorlH?
Cold Harbor sad Seven fines wiU be under the
general direction of I'hli. Kearney l'ost, ?... l I,
(Irani Army of th? IC-public Tho full pr.*
gramme waa publiabed yesterday.
Mr. William Shields u'D.-ll aud wife, of Wash
UtgtOB, arrive.I In Richmond yesterday altar?
tiooti, accompanied by Mr. Klgar Allan. Mr.
Shields delivers the ..ratl.il at I old Harbor
cemetery this afternoon.
I'..-,, Department Commander Jetasse ?.
Barks, ,?? Washington, who will deliver an a<i
? Seven r?tea, arrived in the city night
before last and is ?topping at the Exchange, He
? panted by Bra. Burke.
Commander Urahaat, of th? Monitor Bast, and
bla command hav- been Invited to unit? with
rtiii. Kearney Poet In the day's observance and
the Ini dation has been accepted by a number of
the officer? and mea.
Dr. I.lndsev's Address?Invitatlou II,??
ce I ved ?Delegates Fleeted.
At tlu> meeting of I.e? Qaasp last nicht
the beautifal and ?loquent address of It? v.
Dr. ? ii Isey delivered si Righara, Haas., oa last
Sunday evening, wa- received, with a p.. im DJ h'.
1 .?Ili!dreth, of Worcester, Mass., dcdlaited to
Le- Camp
Dr. l.itnl.sey was Invited to deliver th? address
before the O. A. It?? supposing ho was in tn
Union army, Wk*oU?e Doctor rsostred Ht? n>
\ La?!? li it appeared that h? was a Vlrglulan and
In in- army 01 .Northern Virginia, und-r deaerai
1' .... it _ lee. II? ,sas urged to tiiak? tho ad
drsss, and so admiratil? was It that the Uraud
Army of me Republic bad it published.
An invitation ?a,r.-.ive.ifr..m the Confede?
rate Society d tbe Army and Navy, in Baltimore,
f., attend the opening of tta.lr home in l'lkuvlllc,
Colonel Garnott, commander Pli-kett-ltu
chinan l'amp, Norfolk, was Introduced and
mado a line address.
The camp decided to attend memorial servi?, s
at Hollywood aud will meet at kSO o'clock this
evening. They request 'heir drum corps to moot
with them.
The following delegates were tstatod to the
(?rand (amp which meets at FTededekaburg
.lune Kith: Charle? P. Wgg?r, J. Taylor Strut
ton. David A. I'.rowu, Jr., ?). li. McKotiney, Miles
I. I'hilhpe, and A. G. Kvans. Alt-mat?*?Janus
T. Fermer, ? -< ? (rump, D. Hmlth Bedford, An
diew .). Wray. .1.11. Kra.ker, and I'hlllp Samuel?}
l.o? and rsokett (amps will visit r r>-1.ink.?
burg on June luth, and will give an ??i.un.loii.
The following was adopted an 11 rdared to be
sent to the Treeidcnt of tho (Jakwood Memorial
HuotvtiL, That a cordial iuvltatkm Is hereby
.-xt. tided to the Oakwood Memorial Ase,saatIon
and friends to visit l.ee Lamp whenever its BUM t
their pleasure to do so, and that th? Adjutant
convey this invitatlou to tho association.
Mr. Carver the Successful Competitor lo
This Literary Contest.
The medal niven jointly by the Mu Higma
Hin? and PhiloiogTan ?tarary societies of
Hicbmoii.l College to the bStt writer was award?
ed yesterday to Mr. W. Owen Carver, of Tonase?
s??, 'ibis nodal, which is of gold, to valued at
SU and is giv-u to th? author of the best article
appearing In the Htehnumd Cvlirgt M'auiupr
during the session. Mr. Carver won the " tost
debaters" modal intheMu Baiate Ito Sodato
In IM*,*, su. tie la to be congratulated upon ob?
taining thto new honor, especially as his com?
petitors for the "writer's medal" are men who
wield pianatali Muent, and ready " point* ot
Mr. Carrer to the newly-elected edltor-ln-chlef
of the Jf???*?;/?r for next session. Tho present
business managers. Mesar?. 0. (1. Trum ??, aud
IL T. Louthan, have raised an extra *7? and
thto session will get out on ho-page .timmence
tiient number of their college Journal, whi-h will
contain a cut of Hon. J. I.. M. Curry, and per?
haps of other prominent educator*.
Mr. E. C. Jamos, who graduated at Richmond
College In modern languages In 18HW, was st
this Institution yesterday conferring with Pro?
fessor Boatwright about the German universi?
ties. Mr. James will leave in a few days tn take
a year's course In tho t'nlverslty of Halle tn
Southern Herman v. Thto Is tho institution
which Professor boatwrtght attended whilo
there. ______________
Jacques Hroogbt to Ulrhiuond.
Mr. Charles P. Stokes has jmt received
from Charles Tucker, of Stanion Depot, Tenu.,
the highly-bred English seller Jacques. Mr.
11eker to perhaps the beet trainer tn America,
lie ba? brought number? of sensational dog? to
the front at the field trial? bold within the past
eight or ten years, notably among which was
(?tester, champion of champions, a Kk-hinoud
l.iv-1 .log. Mr. Tucker, who l? now P. Lorrtlards
private trainer, write?: "Jacques to tbe beet
broke dog 1 ever handled and has few equals In
the Hold. See rei<ort of last Southern field
Trials, In which he wou in brilliant style, ill?
sire Is Pred. W.,a son of Count Nobl? an.l Spark,
and bto dam, (J,ueuu of tho Mouth, Is a daughter
of Sportsman and ?em. Sportsman to s full
brother of llUian, Gladstone Boy, Dan Ulad
?tone, and Br?ete Gladstone. Gem to by Glad?
stone snd has produced four famous fleld-trtai
winners." _
Epworth League Musicale.
The second musicale of the Epworth
league attracted a targe crowd to the Hroad
Strset Methodist church last night. The lecture
r.. m ot the edifice was tastefully decorated, and
the art In arranging the m uste-stand was well
oonoarrvid. Mr. George L. BMgood presided.
Attor a hymn had basa aaaf snd prayer by
Kev. Mr. Bay, eon of Kev? ?. U. Kay, the (?uow?
lag programme was rendered under the direc?
tion, of tbe Hterary branch (Mr. C. W. iluntnr,
Jr., chairmaui : uusf Ulto, Meng? Uaipin, Loh
man, Matthews, and Cunningham, " I Think of
Thee ? Bai Itone solo, ?alerted, Mr. (latptn ; tenor
?oka, Mr. Cunningham, who responded to ?a
mear? and sung "Believe All These Kuduring
Toung Charms ; Plumber, Dearest, quartette ;
Bass solo, ?? G nel?, Nad," Mr. Lotiman, who re
sponded to au enter* ; solo. Mr. Galpin: tenor,
?oto, "Our Mctber's Way," Mr. Cunningham.
At this point Mr. George L Btdgood gave hi?
rcmtnlseen<i*e of church cboirs for the past thirty
years in Richmond. He told bow the must?? was
conducted, and In this connection mentioned a
r of choir-leaders, ?t.leh showei bis fa?
miliarity with Uie subject. Ifumnrwte, (?oar
let??. ??! Want My Name Writ iJown"; me?me
" Health to the Fairest Lady Fair," (?uertnltr."
Th? entire evening w?e well spent an.? Wie
(banks of those present were tendered to the
(/.uartette. _
A i urge and Fashionable Audience?The
Singing of Madame Gramm.
The fourth Philharmonic Orchestra eon
cert, which was given last night at the
Academy of M indo, was attended by a most fash?
ionable audience, end, what must hav? prove?!
gratifying to the members. It was agreator finan?
cial BBSSasB than the previous performance?.
The member? were ?elect??! with much taste
and gave unqualillcl satisfaction.
Th? singing of Madame Ktnil Gramm w*j
very delightful. Bet fetos Is a moire-soprano,
but of groat compass. She was enthusiastically
asawaa at each number. Ou the tnenrr after
Rosele'? Aria she saug ?' Ah, Love Me" by ll?r
tiert. h la ta stich songs that her clear and pa?
thetic enunciation Is most effective. After her
Dein, by carl B?hm, the sang "Th? Sea with Its
Pearl?," by Stanley Cohen, and alter Welling s
"Close to My Heart " she sang-first, the "Sere
Bade," by Neidlingsr, aad last ?* only to Love."
by Santley. She was the rsohslsat of some ?sag
tliul (?n?quel?.
Mr. Thilow's Velio solo was quit" a triumph for
'his old favorite. Th? echo movement was ex?
quisitely ?woe?.
1 ti? or Mostrai numbers were deserving of all
praise. It would be hypercritical to find fault.
The last uuiiiNt of the oroheetr?. the Swedish
Wedding March, was ?xr?.sllugly pleasing and
???s played with much spirit.
It was a delightful evening, an I the suo-ose of
the series should ?Iicourng? th? association to
give similar concerts each month hereafter.
Chesapeake and Ohio Note?.
The CliisHpeako and Ohio m gettine
ready to build a magnificent passenger ?Spot lu
Richmond. The plans will be ready by Sentem
ber and work on tho BkOjcb-noodod stricture will
probably beoosameaeed bet?re winter.
Th? olile? of chief ?nglneor >f lb? Chesapeake
and Ohio has been removed from Cincinnati t..
Covtngtoa, Va., on rumi of th.? oaayayssgaai of
lie? Warm Springs line.
Mr. Henry Jacob, Um Chesapeeks and Data
architect who ?va? trn.isforr.vl from Richmond to
? Incitatati a year or two ago, has basa oranghi
back t.? Richm ad.
Hr. Ingalls WtU Vhwl Richmond t?ef..ro sallim;
for starane, 11? will probably be lor? the las?
Wcel, in .lime.
Mr. Axteii returned yesterday frem tho Warm
Spring? \ ?
Mr. Henry W. Fuller, general passeegsw sgeat
of the! beeapeake aad Ohio railway, arrivisi in
the city ? -st evening from Cincinnati.
Mr. s. u. .taokson. of Cincinnati, th? chlct en
gtneef of the road, Is In th? city.
The Hose Croit Last Mght.
pelican Chapter of Rose ('mix, No. 2.
ancient ?nd At? pled Boottleb Hit.? ,,? pan He?
?nary, hrlil s iiuiiillnglsat ni<bt sod conferred th?
. roti degree on three aapirant?- Knight?
of the last and West?to wit: Frank T. Butt, ? ,
W. P. D.'Saussiire, nil 1 Parker T. Conrad. Much
business if Interest was tran- e "e.t, and it 10:1.?
th? knights repaired to the hall of refection,
the Master of Refe tiens, William
hu? preparada most ertfcijobl? ivpnst.
Phi? was the last meattag of ffee Hois croix uu
Ul October.
I'heBooMJafe Rite Is progressing steadily lit
Htclimi nd, as it la all over tho world, and at th?
nest meeting of the Lodge of Perfection. UM
third Monday In .lune, many petitions will be
I be decrees of th? Scirttlsh Rite are singularly
solemn and mysteri?se, It Is said that more ap?
plicant ? ai.? rejected than are ris-eiv. I.
1 bunk? from th? lire Department.
The fdlowing letter from Chief Puller,
of the Fire Department, eiplains itself:
IlKAi'Di ?????1 RlCHBOMB Fikk ??????t????',')
Ornea o? Boaao or Kirk CoasrnauoMaas,
?????????. Vi., May 00, IMI1. J
Mtun. IkaaaaMvf .?? Murri*. /iVAm.m./, I'<i. I
Gentlemen. I have your favor "'Itti enclosing
check for 9100, and ??pressing your high appro.
dation of the effective service rendered ron, fee?,
a the no asloa ?f tho Uro on the tan in your
? in behalf of tfeOOffeSOt? and members of the
d?partui?nt phase act pt OBI warmest thank?.
Vory rospisjtfully, W, G, IMi.t ni.
Chief Flro Department.
The New Appellate Court.
Collector-of-('ustoiiis Jilm W, Fiaher,
?BO Is custodian of th? custom-lion???, has writ?
ten to Washing! >u making iiiqi?rtc? with re?
gard to preparations for Ute nee united state?
Circuit curt of appeals. This tribunal will
?et her? .lune litlh. l'util the ii"W Judg? ?
appointed it will be compute.! of Chlef-Justl. ?
Fuller, 'ircult-Judgo G,.,???, and one of th? dis?
trict Judges to I ? named by ch? two members of
. ii ref.-rr.sl to. Tho latter will sit until
the now memtsT Is appointe 1 by the President.
The Impression is that Judg? Hugh.-s will ),-.
bably bo .selet.-l to temporarily till tho place.
?? G ?? cil. oi Keeay on Jefferson Davi?.
'Ih? medili offered by Major James ](.
C?penlo Um arbolar tn sai ?nate- .lass ai the
High School wl,e wrote the Issi essay on the
Lifo niel ( barin-ter of Jefferson Davis was won
bv Peat?n Militili, a sou of Mr. William McHuii..
Fred.ri. k lllook, Frederick WlUsn. Allen
Vaughau, and Willie Crawford also Bateas van
creditable akntones of th? Coaredetale PflaaV
?lent, ih" winner of the medal la ?XpeotSSllO
read the .ss ly at th? Collllnelicelllellt.
Colon.-l John II. Can also offen?! a prize to the
ti.-st girl sssayaaoa Hm ?am? Mkfoet,bot um
ooaunltte? bus not yet aeetosol ui?>u th?? winner.
Personals and llrlrfs.
One year ago >?ster.lny tho Leu monument
was unveiled.
Mr. William Tardy, of Petersburg, was in tbo
city yesterday.
Mrs. Setllng, a.laughter of Mr. Julius Kluober,
Of this city, died In Baltimore yesterday.
Bishops Jackson and Wlliner will conduct ser?
vice? to-morrow at E manic I church, II?unco.
Th? condition of Mr. John II. Powell was Im?
proved yesterday. Ho restisi very well during
th.- day.
Mr. o. A. Mallory ?Old Hickory), who has been
at work in South Carolina, Is on a visit to tila
family in this city.
Mrs. Appiedili J. Id?, of Columbus, Ohio, ?r
rive.l in th? city yesterday ou a ?bit to her
mother, Mrs. Mary A. Casklo.
Mr. Robert Vnd?n, employed by Thomns Mo.
I., ii. hllii, on Lester street, wns badly Injure?! by
a fall whllo at work Thursday.
Mr. Eddie Blair, a (?.pillar Richmond l??y who
(or th? past two years has been living In Birming?
ham, Ala-, Is now lu this city on a brief visit.
Dr. II.>rac? Melton, demonstrator of anatomy
at the University of Maryland, Is visiting his
' r ?bet, Mr. S. W. Melton, at Richmond Co'
Rev. Dr. Kerr B. Tupper, of Denver, Od, Is
Just from tho northern anniversari?? at ( inchi?
nati, and Is visiting bis father, Dr. Tupper, of
west I.race street.
Miss Amine llamnor, of Richmond, who
sang at the Academy ot Musi?? last night, nay?
the Petersburg radar iepeai af yesterday, is th?
guest of Mrs. J. M. Mullen.
The little ?on of Mr. carter H. Harrison, of
Varine, who fell from a true a short whllo agis
injuring bis head and ? vising ?aBOBassai of the
brain, is now much Improved.
Mrs. h. M. Willie and Maw fielen Young, of
!? 'w York, ar? In the city for a few days. Mm.
? ..ting has m.?:.y friend? in Richmond. The In?
dies are stopping at the Exchange.
Major Lewis flgseeg and Dr. Hunter McGulre
wllf leave for Europe atsitit th? l?th of June.
i h?y will b? gone sii Weeks, and their triti will
Include rti? famous wat- ring-placee of Karlsbad
and Vichy, Germany.
Th? Trayior Electric Light power-house was
broken into ! bun-lay night. Two heavy brass
boxes to be used as armature bearing? on a new
machin? w.re carried off. one of them was re?
raratei resaaasay moming.
There will be a "caudle talk " at the Young
Meus Christian Association Sunday afternoon
from 310 4 ?.???.??k. ? aullos will lie used ??Il?
lustrations bv Mr. W. W. Smith, who win deliver
. tosar? Mr. 8. J. Craig!? will render several
Major W. T. Sutherlln, of Danville, one of tho
best known men in Virginia, (sat the Eichange
Hotel. Major ttuiberlin was for a long time
'it of the Richmond and Danville railroad
and Is now president of Uie St its Board of Ag?
Pine street between Cumberland and Beverly
Is In very bad ooudltton and needs fixing up. In
a dozen or m? re olive? tbo ?treat Is lower than
the outer edge or the gutter, which prevent? the
water from running off, cresting numerous deep
The attendance at the ?notable at Hcveoth
Str??t Christian chun-h last night wa? quite
good In spilo of the its dement weather. The
evening sa? a very ol?ssant one, and the char?
coal ?ketches by His. W. Mac Joue? were par?
ticularly enjoyable.
Mr. R. L Montague received a telegram yee
tenlay calling him to Hampton. It 1? eupposed
hie service? are needed m some election -<>ot?st.
His in,usiti, Mr. E. K. Montague, was the Demo?
cratic candidate for Commonwealth's Attorney of
Klin belli City comity.
Dr. Roge ex pressed great regret last night that
he was unable to accept the invitation extend?!
to him by Dr. ami Mrs. Mason, of Brooklyn, to bo
present at the reception tendered by them to
Mrs. Jefferson Darts, Mies Winnie, and Mrs.
Jackson. U? was prevented by ?poial service?
hi ?fa church this week.
Mrs. A. Alfred Tappen, a popular and well?
known society lady of New York, who has be?u
speudtug a few days at the Bxchsuge. left yss
terday afternoon *ia the Old Dominion Line for
her home. Mrs. Tappen has many friends
throughout Virginia, ?nd bas been ?m ?? ex tona?
ci visit to them. Previoas to her marriage ah?
was Miss Ilia (J. Jonas.
Yung Hing, a Chinaman, who had been for
some Unie a resident of Richmond, .lied I ? Balti?
more Wednesday. He left this city that loom?
ing, and had only be ?? la Baltimore a few honra,
Death was caused by heuuartbage. The deceased
was a tblrty-aeooud degree Mason, and will be
burled next Monday with imposing *?-?>,>,?
bouon by Uie. cw^esv fcdgwi gf Be^iujgrtt
Presldsat Cars Bars s Prie? II.?
?ads. Bal Kot Aresptsd.
Mr Julian 8. Cnrr, >f Durham, presi.
d. at of Bleckwell* Dnrham ('^i-opsrstive
Toba.-cotOmnsny, snived In the city yeafc-rdar
monilng and fai at ihe Ki*ban*e. He toberate
the intere? of fertiliser? aud not on barias?? re?
lative to tobacco. ^__
Mr. Can? ?it ?nlled on during Ih? day by a
number of Inluentlsl men of Ktchmoad, as ba
le w tdely acquainted here. .
In ?peaking of tbe great deal between sot
?ompuii) and lb? American Tubsoeo Conkpaar
be stated that no sale had vet been mad-?. A
orice had beeu mart? t?> th?? American G????t?
iVmipaey. but It had ntyet ?????? ?,ve|>te?l.
Mr. Can-to known throughout >ortb Carotins
and the s. uih generally outride of his relation
as <*e of the greatest tobac??-nien tn the world,
as he Is Interested In all charitable Institutions
and public enterprise?. He Is a native ,g Chapel
HUIN. ?'., and grs.luate.lfr.mi the !*_?? I,nt?
versiiy a young man of very small mean?.
Shortly afterward h? weal West, where he
amassed a small fortune, returned to Durham,
Issarne Interested In Ilia, ?well s Toba**?) Com?
pany, and ?tace then has become possibly MM
wealthiest i Ureo of the old North Stale.
Sowjethlng Hellet,?n?, Our Peach Creso?.
Kor th? las? two week? w* have been mak'.iM
Peach Cream. If y?ti want something nica esos]
u? your jrder. No extra charge. II.W> pet
gallon _ V. P. lit sas.
The ? 11 -? In th? ?. ?????
At K?l. CuimulnVs -the incomparable Bed??
Lime Punches. Tiy them- limy prove their
worth. _Cta_UH_i
in?.? east lirosd stress.
It. Hj t G. R. tt.
The freight dejiots of the company will be
closed after ?? o'clock P. M. t.-.iay iMey loth)
Memorial-day. I. II. BVB_B, Age?.
Fai?? Economy
is practiced l>v many people who bar in
ieri, r articles of food boeaose cheaper thaa
standard goods. Sur-ly intsuts are enti?
tled to th? U'st f.od >!>taiusl>le. It is ?
fact that the (lad Borden " Ka_lo" BtraM
enden-.1 Milk is the b.-t infanUfood.
Your grocer and >lru__i?t keep it,
Cheap l'isuos and Organs
Hri.AM? ? li ? ' -, No. Id (?ovebxob btsktt.
W.? h ??? left thu following second-hand
l'lali? ^ :
1 lire,? Pig lier, 1 Knal?\ 1 W.irceeter at
low Bttoea and easy terms. Call early aud
secure | bargain._
For many di ?arder? of dt_,stion and
hepatic troubles, Bedford Spring? Water
M very valuable. If is a laxativ u, diur? no,
and alterative. ????t?? ??????e, Ml I).
Just Iteren?-!
newest stvl-s Masen A lluinliu Ornan? ?t
tiyland A Lee's, in Governor street. Kx,
client Orajaaa ut fju, F ?, ???. f ???, fno.
These organs cannot lie excelled.
Pennsylvania Dadtotd Springs Mineral
Water will prevent ,lisca-?? di - Iv. and
carry awav th? impurities ol the blond?
and possesses lilo-nivin^ power bey? in!
that of any other water.
??????G?? ??????.? w-re prepared hy Dr. J.G.
II. asafSBi for his privat? us.?. I'heir rap
Is such to-day that they have become generally
known as the best appctl/ing tonic. Itewar?? o|
counterfeits. Ask for th? genuin? article, manu?
factured by Dr. I, (i. II. Meg-rt Jt Hoiis.
K?r Impure or thin Iti. ? ? I. Weakness, Malar-?,
Neuralgia, Indigestion, and BIIMmanae? take
Shows s lana Brmaa ii r*?rir~*igib. Tuklag
-M pereoaa feel ? mug and young p. r>>ns
-tlong; pleasant to take.
Jt voiir boy isn't old enough to Laro
well defined tante-* of hiH own ho rooQ
will bo, nil it will dc(ieii,I on you to
u great extant whether Ina taste* era
good, I ai, I, or indifferent. It is jnut asa
important to yon ami to tho lx>y that hie
tanto I?? projierly educateli M it i? that
bo ? given les-on? iu grammar. There
isn't much difference beatosi tho cost of
dressing him well and tho eiisu-o of
attira;.?: him in clothes ti.ut no Luv eau
take prillo in. You certainly can haru
no reason for hesitating whilo wo uro
offering Loya' Huit* at 8-._0 to $7.
HcAdams i Berry.
?10, 810, $10, 810, $10, $10, 810, 810.
Better Than Diamonds.,
Diamonds an? said to th) ae good as
money. Oar 810 Hints at tho price wo
ask for them are actually better. Io
night winds up this Special bale of
of which we haro mado the extremely
low price of 810. Wo don't think they
are cheap. We know they are, and wo
are confident that no hou -? in this town
can begin to match them in quality for
the prioe.
MATERIALS ??? : lUack ( he riota,
Fancy Cheviots, Fancy Cnsaimeres, sed
?corea of Light-Colored Suite iu many
other material?.
STYLES AKK: Sacks-, Frock?, and
Cutaway?, cut in th?? latest atyi. aod
finely finished in every ios]/ect aa to
make and trim.
A apeeuil feature of Um ?ale will be a
superior quality of UHAND AHMT
SI TIS at this'popular prica-810. ?
ten-dollar bill never bought such values
in clothing before.
Among the many barvaini to-day wv
quota yoo. a fea; items :
All our $?.10, ??.M, and t_>2S Derby
See our All-Wool Striped Cheviot
Pant? al
All our Oddi and Ends ?*X W and $4
( lenuinn Four-Ply Collar?, ?So,
Osouins Four-Ply Cufia, ??a s pair?
The ?
Opposite Post-Office.
?yfy'gJT? -t ?as ?wj?tsm rit?!.

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