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Mr. Wallace Asked a Meeting bot
Mr. Bryao Declined it.
Feellsg Aggrieved at the Time?'? ? riti?
rilo, and Hein? ?? to Itelrart. Mr. Wal?
lace The? Sought Satisfaction.
Mr. Jefferson Wallace, secretary of the
City Democratic Committee, was arrested
last night on a warrant sworn out by
Special-Officer John T. Hull, charging
him with committing "a breach of the
peace In sending a challenge to mortal
combat" to Mr. Joseph Prvan, elllor and
proprietor of the Richmond Times. Mr.
Wallace was balled In the sum of ?WO
for his appearance nt the Police Court
Monday morning. Mr. James T. I-Vrrlu-r
kecaraalng his serety.
This arrest was Ihe culmination of
trouble that had existed between air. Wal
Jaco nnd th?? Tim?? for BOOM welts. At
the BBBBtlng of the City l> mocratlc ?Com?
mittee on the night of t???"!'mbcr the
P<th Mr. Wallace , ffetod Um following
? ?tlon:
?. ivei. That theBaocoUveOommlttee
of this bo.ly s.?? ihe mar?acir:"aVdltor of
each of th? dolile?, and request that they
lnvtriii-t th? ir reportera in future only t??
record the action of the committee in a
brief way. ?"I not comment ?ui ?the View?
tir expreealona of individual member?.
In speaking to ?he resolution, Mr. Wal?
lace, while disclaiming personal feeling
in the matter, Indulged ta some criticism
of the ? .?? i'a ?rep ?? "f a ?jtrevloua mei-t?
ini,' of the committee, and of an editorial
? .per referring to ??aptal
nlngham Hall, ani Mr. John i?. Murrell.
wi.?? was the Time?'a ?reporter ot the meet
lag of tii?? l.'th. and ateo at the ?prevloua
meeting, repll? ? in kind In his report
which appeared In the Times of the nth.
Mr. Wallace, feeling himself aggrieved,
had a personal Interview with Mr. Bryan
on the .l-t. and asked him if bo would
publish his (Wallace's) ?reply ??> the
? criticism. This Mr. Bryan cui?
to do provided it di 1 noi ? ?tata
anything, which, In his Judgment, was
offensive When, however^-itbe reply was
submitted Mr, Bryan returned it t? Mr,
Wallace v? "h certain expression? In it
mark I, aad the statement that it would
?. printed if these expressions were
eliminated, ?
Mr. Wallace declined to eliminate these
and at the meeting of the
city ? on the night of the 27th
?- .I bla ?reply ?before that
bo ly, mad . in which he
attain sharply criticised the Time? ?sad
Mr. Murrell, ?aad the lauer, In his re?
ihe mi ? Bag which ?appeared the
? he chs ? .-? . ' li iracter
? s r- mark? aa "assenlne"
? ?a tbe aarae m ?rnlng
ham Hall deliver l to
Mi Bryan a note from Mr. Wallace?, ?in
? tbe latti ?
? demand a proper and satisfactory
for, ??r u retraction of,
f the article ? Mr.
? report), ami if your
ol arhai la due m<? does n?.t admit of
retraction or apology, will you do
'? favor io advtee in?- If I may look
to you fur r?- Im-s.s?"
Mr. Bryan, in answer to thi??, made
the following propool tlon !
"I pro] ose that tbe objecUonabli ? in
guage shall i?? submitted to three gen
tlernen; one to be chosen by you; ?hip by
Mr. M u nd the third by tbe two so
chosen, ;.n?i thai the facts of t!
shall be icari by th-s.? ?gentlemen) t<> ?be
?? ? by Mr. Murren and yourself,
with such testimony as either of you
may choose to ?advance. Upon thi
shall make an award,
..??? I theli i i., tina!, an ? if
it Is determini ? that you ?have bt en
wrong? i. l will ?iis?. the award t. be
published In the Times, and will expresa
liliali regrel thai you should have been
u ? nged m Us .
Mr, Wallace, In a letter dated the 29th,
declined to admit the propriety <?f ar-n
tt.it: .n. Iterated bis demand that the
"offensive ?language" of the report of
the 28Ui !?? ?retracted, and In conclu-non
"In .as,? y .-? deckte not to multe fil??
?:m<n1 honorable, do me the favor to say
er ? may look to > ou for redn as.
My ?friend, Captain Cunnlngbam Hall,
wbo ??? ?? thi note, v. Ill call fo? j our re?
ply to-morrow ?afternoon at l o'clock.
win :. ? Bptaln Hall came for the an?
ruer. Mr. Bryan took th..? position that
b?? was desirous of ?having the matter
Impartially investigated, but would do
nothiiur, unless tbe last two ?notes of
Mr. Wallace v. ere withdrawn, and after
consultati??!! With Mr, Wallace, ?'aitala
Hall withdrew them, the former*? under?
standing l?* inu'. he says, that the with?
drawal was temporary, Mr. Bryan ?then
Bubmltted the caee to Judge George U
Christian for Investigation, and thut kch
tleman, after hearing the statement? of
u mimte r of the member? of the com?
mittee, ;.n<i "i" member? of the pr??.??
? ? . ? ?ported the meeting of th?? oommlt?
tee?, gave as his opinion thai Mr. Bryan
aas iinlcr no obligation to ?Mr. Wal?
lace to inali?? further reparation to him
through ih?? columns of the Timos
\ ? I ? lit .Mian's report was
sent to Mr. Wallace, by Mr. ?Bryan, with
a not?? from the tetter ?stating that it
appeared from tin? report that The Tim? s
?. me Mr. Wallace no wrong, ?nd r??
grettlng tint the controversy bod arisen,
and on yesterday tho report was returned
artth the following nOtoi
RICHMOND, VA., October 4,
Sir.?I have your tetter of this dut??,
through ?he bunds of my friend.
Captain Cunningham Hall, who, for
rraaong most honorable to hlms.lf
and satisfactory tO me, now with?
draws from this corrcsponlencc. ani
this note ?111 bO handed you by my
brother, Mr. Wallace.
I note that you inclose a letter from
Judge Georg? L Christian, which, of
course?, I cannot eonaeoor. and herewith
return to you. m
As yon refuse to retract the objection?.
able reference to me which appeared In
The Times of the -T t h. 1 have now only
to usk thai you will ?accord ir ?, the re?
dress which obtains among gentlemen.
RolteVlllg that you will do this, I ask that
you will ?lo na the favor to suggest to
my brother the name of some one of
yoar friends who will confer with him and
?nanga ?for ? ?minting.
1 ?have the honor to be your obedient
To Mr. ??.?.;.h Iityan, editor of The
Times, Richmond.
To this communication Mr. liryan re
RICHMOND. VA., October 7, 1S93.
Jefferson Wallace, Ksq.. Klchmond, Va.:
Sir,?1 have Just received your note of
the 4th instunt. by the hands of your
brother, Mr. C. M. Wallace. Jr., and find
In It a riHiucst that 1 will "accord you
the redress which obtains among gentle?
men," and In expressing the belief that I
will do so, you ask me to "suggest to
my (your) brother th? name of some one
of (my) your friends who will confer with
Mm and arrange for a meeting." This
being a challenge to fight a duel, I have
no hosltatiun In declining to accept it
for the following reasons:
First. I profess and try to be a Christian,
and the Idea to such an one ot settling a
controversy by a duel Is utterly abhorrent.
Second. I am a law-abiding citizen, and
In every way, personally, and as the head
of The Times, tee ulcate ob?dience to the
law of the lai*T. which you well know
ocnuteeuis as criminal tbe course you tn
Vlt*~me to pursue.
Third. The method you suggest for ob?
taining redress from me Is, in itself, ab?
surd and barbarous and no longer "ob
taJuS" among '"geeitlcmen"?and never
should have done so.
Fourth. You have not the least cause
?f Just complaint uxainet me.
Your pretended cause of complaint,
growing out of some statements In a re
pert ofthe proceedings ot the CKy Demo
? rvtlc PommttU-e by a reporter of the
Times which appeared in the local col
nmne-of that paper, was, with tbe appro?
bation and aid of your friend, Capt. Cun
r>liigh?tm lieti, fully examined by Judge
(koraje !.. ?'bristtun, and his conclusion
was that you bad been correctly reported.
Were the author of your owa position,
and th.* you were errtttled to no repara?
tion thtough the columns of tue Times,
as you hart deaas-ide?!
I cannot at your reojueet sesame the
resr?n*lbtUty for the tsetiirs, conse
ouences of your own efsor? of Judgment
end InteiTipeeance of ?sagus-go. aad make
such "orneada" aa yoa ttatnk would soothe
your wounded vanity.
1 have treated peu wich gasa* warotfli
?tarir.*? al ?ho ooajoG*? tate eoa?
troversy and Investigation, hut you have
now put yourself out?lde of the law and
our communications must here end.
Yours, Ac.
l.SlMied) .??.????? FIRYAN.
HANI'r'I) TO ? ? ? POM?'K.
Mr. l?ryan then addressed the subjoined
Beta t?> Major Poe, the enclosure referred
to being Mr. Wallace?? challenge:
KlCHMnNI?. VA.. October 7th.
Major John Toe. Chief of Police. Hi? h
rnond, V??.:
Dear Sir.?-I ?Bd you for your Informa?
tion the incloy. 1 note, received by i.i??
tids afternoon.
V,;r?. _C?
?signed) ' JOSstPH HI? VAN.
ThB note was tr.ken t?) Malor John
iv.e ? office hy Mr. William U Rapali, of
th? - Btartal ?teff Bf the Time?, and de?
liver,.! to Mr. Wallace Washington, tli??
i ('hl?-f's clerk. ??. Major I'?"? is ShSSBl
j from the city. Mr. WaahlBgton ?''tit It
! to Captain Pleasant?, of th? PtWl Dts
trict. noting chief, aha ptao ? H in the
headfl of especial OfScar iii.ii. Mr. wai
? ?? arrested at hi? home, on south
: 1'lfth Street at),.ut 7.:;?> ?, M. and taken
to the .Seond S?Oon-HotlM, where he
was hail I, BS ahov? Bi
They Will Meet Here Till? Week?Cenerai
Irsternlty Note?.
This ail! he nn Important arrak to Ma?
tons of Vlrsinla, Two ?.ran ? bodl
meet lo thi?? city. The Grand Chapter of
Royal Arch Masons win be
?onte Tempt? Ttteadsy al I P. M,
llosl Bxccilenl w. Lewla JHrrlra, of Cul
- grand hiiih priest, and will pn -
side. No vary ser ? ? onte
before th? Grand Chapter, but all
i Arch Mason ted I" Its doings,
; and the attendance will be quite lar??.?.
Righi Excellent George \v. ?**, of thla
! city, ?? tli?? third officer of the Grand
Chapter, ?nd at the election on I
, . .,? ion win trf? adran.l to the
position The procecdlnga wBl I Wed
iy evening.
; on Thursday morning at 1" o'clock the
I Grand Commandery, Knights Templar,
? k Green? ?? ?. ot ? ?? 1 ?Ik
commander, will essetnble. The pi. I
thla body will be Ini
I short !';. to ? fi \\ ?? ars bi
Commander] meetings wei attended with
favor, end now tt,?? ?
i.i: iness."
Ob Thursday nighl Ui r<? will be .? Grand
t al the Temple, at which
of the Richmond "frat-i '" w;'i ap
j ear. Thar? will I ?? m
These occasiona will draw many promt
Beni Masons from ait parts of th?
In Blu?*?1,?.?!:;.? Ma lonry an Inti ?
? :. is who will be the :
deputy grand master. The present In?
cumbent Mr. William Ryan, decline? to
be a ' andldi te, and the race ????? ma
t... between Mesara. J.. T. Christian and
W. ? ??p:?.??.
??f the Bis lodses that have recom
' I, three have given theli ?.
Turner, and three to Christian, Tri?
t to ? mmend. Mr.
Ryan baa held tins position for three
Mr. John P. Mayer left yesterday for
Chi ago, and from there h
to atl ??. i the Bupr? me ? "ouncll of
th?? Anelent and Accepted Scottish Rite
ol Freemasonry. He is the acting inspec?
tor-general for Virginia. Al
a grand commander will be elected lo Itti
the vacancy caueed by the denti ol Dr.
James i: itchelor. Mai irt ?nt
m it'.rs wUl coni?- b ?:? re the ?
rtaa Lo ir- of Perfe? tlon, ? ?.
Ancient und Accepted Scottish Rite, met
it St. Albana il ill, an ? ?
ferrod th? .J? gr? e of "? ? Four?
teenth l'ebree) upon two candi'??
? popular Western-Union operator, and
the other ? prominent oy? r merchant
of Hampton and Richmond
In the absence of the venei tble ?
Rev. K. P. Williams, Mr. William Ryan
(Thirty-third Degre? ? presidi ?. ? h?
p/ere units lally Impri
T?vo Negree? (.<> io llie Grand Jury for
Assnuit?Other CMee,
In the Polle? Court yssterday Samuel
Pryor (color.?'!), charged ?it h felonloual)
Btabbtng and woun ling Henry ? ?
with a knife, was dhichsri
affair was ths result of sn accident.
Marc? Ila Randall and .Mitt!,? w Jeffreys
? were Beni to ti.? grand Jury of
Hi?? Hustings Court for feloniously strik?
ing . nd cutting Stepnen Morris, M? rrls
was cbarg d wRh being drunk and dia
ord rly and creating a disturban
annoyance. He lived in the asme
with Randall and J??:
had farc? very badly at their hands. He
had been cut with aome .- ui of Instrument
across the forehead The gash was
very ugly one, and had been aewed up
by a physician. The Justice thought Mor?
ris had been punished badly eaough, so
dlschargi d htm.
J. W. Oarrity, wlio keeps s bar-room,
wa? up for sciiinK liquor to Harry B,
'l'.'tty, ;i minor. Totty appeared to be
about a or _ years old, and the ess?
was dismissed.
The case of Willi? Tyler (cotoredl we
? tponed until tin? 10th instan! I!?? wa
chargi l with felontouslp assaulting An?
drew Jackson with s stone.
Lewis Wade was assessed t? and cost?
for ?>.?????: disorderly and ligiitinK on Um
premises of John Rankln.
Jnmra Tonas, who was air dad by
Policeman 1'uc.in on ? ChBTS? Of being
disorderly on th? street Mas discharged,
as h'? had not misbehaved upon the
Mes? n'c Notes.
Richmond Royal Arch-Chapter, No. ?..
has recommended ES, ?.??>..?- Id? for Dis?
trict ? ?eputy Grand L cturi r. The dis?
trict i-i composed ol : > ? chapter? Three
luv?? recommended Mr. Ide, and two aav?
.?'. mmeaded John R, Charleton.
Joppa Lodge. No. to, Thomas Whlttet,
w. M? at lu r? guiar meeting Ti
night, re.eiv.d an oncia] visit from the
district deputy grand mast r. ??
\\. ? ?. English read? a happy speech on
the stability uni spr.?.i ,.f r
and uiso read to the brethren his manu?
script of a history of Joppa Lodg?, Which
?.? had prepared ??t pubUcatton. The
lodge recommended i. T. Christian for
district deputy grand master,
I nito.i Baptiet fluirci?.
To-day will l?e rinite ? ?t????<1 on? with
this church. ? bey have bullt a new hoii?i?
? f worship, one that Is an ornament to
thi City, and th'-y prapOM to receive the
Sum?as -School Association in their base?
ment this afternoon. They only net
into the baatrment und ?ven that is not
complete, bat as it ?? it will entertain
the association handsomely. 1 >r. Whit
field ami his hand of Bobls Brorksrs bops
to see a large number of thtir brethren
and friends.
Tli? IX ? m Scheid.
Mr. ?. ?. .?afTeiix, house father of the
Reform School at Laurel Station, was in
the city yesterday, and returned nt night
to his Chars?. He reports the nchool In
a flourishing condition, and that It num?
bers 7:2 bo>?, rangln?; In ace from ? to
?0 years. From letters received al thi
Institution, It Is learned that some of
the discharged boya aro now Ulling re?
sponsible positions. This Is true of a
boy from Norfolk, who at one timo was
thought Incorrigible.
Trip to tha TV?,rIrt'? Fnlr.
The ladles who have charge of the
endowment fuinl for the 'Children's Cot"
at the Retreat for the Sick, needin?,' fun's
to aid them, have arranged io give at
llroad-Street Methodist church, Tue^ay
night, that pleasing ent*rtninment en?
titled a "Trip to the World's? Pair." with
full Illustrations of all th? scenes and
buildings. They hope to eoe all of their
G?>?halan l'Ini).
The Executive Committee of this club
will meet at the club's quarters, 310 north
Kightli street, at ? o'clock to-morrow
evening. The committee consists of about
twenty members. The ettth braves are
preparing to put on their war-paint f >r
the pending canvas?.
Tt?? Colles? Filling G?.
The number of students matriculated at
Richmond College to date is 163. ? >n the
??orrespondlng day of last a.-eslon the
number was 170.
Bassa?? of tn? Ami-k Cara.
CINCINNATI, October 7. The fame of
thi? city as a centre of medical research
has gone to the ends of the earth. l>r.
C. Howard Strong, of Cape Town, South I
Africa, ha? been here a week Investigating ?
th? Amlck cure for consumption, an?!
takes rmck with him sufllclent medicines
for alxty patients. He sails from New
Tork October 11th. Dr. Joaqu?n Pitti lis ?.
secretary of Cuba's delegation to th Pan?
American Medical Congress, was also suffi?
ciently impressed to order the Amlck
medicines, and yet another delegate ob?
tained a supply for Venezuela. In far
off Alaska an American physician. Dr.
Arthur Jordan, la stoppln* the ravagea
ot consumption amongst the nati vea on
his ?land of St. George with Amlck's
help: and the Cincinnati discoverers offer
to physic.ana everywhere a free t. si of
the asedlclnea tor any number of pa?
tinata, it Is m eagerly accepted in the
l<raeen ?North aa In the southern tropica.
ritrf.re and John Dselel Ameni Th?
.-?-ir.|ieeke?e Tl.la Week-H'bst Th?
IO pi ili. i? Are I>olrg.
The State Democratic Committee will
j mak? the campaign warm and t^gTOM?T*
| from now until the day of election, and
' each day until that date there will be
Speaking In all sections of the State. At
cratlc hiertiuni I sia th?? ai sani?lion
of the party is h?lng looked after thor
? ?Highly, and ti.oiigh very little, fuss has
lad.? about It, th.? forces are being
wtrrked rap to sptendtd fighting trim,
?Bz-Oorernor Lo? will make his first
reguter speech of the rompoam at Ha
. i-',.? Monday, and will thereafter con?
tinu?? on the stump until the cf.ntest is
decided ?Senator ??..???? will speak in
,? county lo-morrow, ?and ??:? the
- ?rill be ?mad ? by Con
in Marshall at tauteo, Judge
Plournoy and Colonel Whltehead at Cbee
, Courthouse. Moo H. R. Pollard
at WUltemsburg, and Colonel 0*Ferrall in
. r ? ?.? roe? ture
running one of their own ra??.? for UM
? ?tii the fai t that
the Pi ihlMttoatets a? ? the ?Populista have
also made nominations, ?then are four
Rlchmonda In tha ?fteht Tb? ?Deasocreta
are, however, null unay??!. ani if Hay
fall to ? an ? tha county, it will not be
are not working.
in addition to th?? appointment? for
I made by th? ?Stata Chairman,
ina diatrtct ?and county ??hairmen are
. ini for meetings within their Ju
? Borne of the county chair?
men are ver) aggressive. They are, as
..ili. stdetrai king sverytbts
at of port) It is
? in Plttsylvanla from thirty
in??? tings will be held under U a
Immedla ? of the county organi?
sation is true of other coun?
ties. I '; st Is available i ?
? .
The sui.-? oinniii lees Of the f'ity Com
ti , ? . consider tbe q
? r ???? ?? 'i?s of meeting? ?In
Richmond be ? - not ? ? t m ule ? :
?port. Chairman Pstteson wrote to Hon
Bourke Cockran to secure him for an
yet re?
ceived no reply, and effort:? will be made
??, ?gel other prominent ?Democrat? to
come to Richmond. This week will mar::
?jlnnlng of a serie? of ward-club
Id ? ? ? y local
? rs.
TUP T'OPPI, ?.-'Tr?.
In the matter cf ?sending out campaign
-??. business continues brisk al
? rs. an ? the force there
to be In ?!.?? beet of ?spirita Tb ?
party will make its nomination? for the
? !< :.??!.? a ? mbly for Rk htnond and
H > on Wedm lay ?next, the nth m
Prohibitionists neve already ? il
th Ir p. -hm? ? ? ticket In tb ? ??? 11, bu!
? r \??a k thi y ?are d ring here I
being conducted very quietly, They have
for Mam
? n ! ti. ? m mi? h sti r Senatorial '. ?
Their main fight, however, will be In
and Roanoke count!?.-. In thi
ty 8am Jon?
for a '? tmb r of spec* he?, an ? on
Ith of thla month Hon John E
M isaey will l >em >
?t. .lotir,'? Oaraaae I'hurch to Celebrato
lis Pi ft let h Anniversary.
sr. John'? German Evangelica] Lutheran
church, situa;? 1 at ?the corner of Eighth
? Mi ? I win ii Rev.
Paul L* Mens? l is poetar, orili ? ?
lis fiftieth anniversary to -
morrow. Th? Dlspatcl
?save a full and Interesting sketch of the
church's tata I ? ther with ?
: of thooe who bave ? nred il aa
The anniversary ? - arili ?????? at
... when tbe Bun
day -?? 1.1 Will h tv?? a ??? I??!.ration. At 11 A.
M. R v. P.. H ui?? r. of Baltimore, a I
will pn a? h, and Rev. Mr. Men? 1
will rea ? a ?paper gt\ Ing thi
ii,?? church. At ~ M o'clock te the ?
Rev. Mr. Purkart, of Baltimore, ?rill
The ? hurch will I-? elaborately de
le will be reo Ieri i by a full
nd ?band under Prof'- Id I
Ii h.
? ui Monday the church nrM be open
fror? 2 t.? ?'? f..r ? ?social gathering. From
3 to ? tl. will be ?special ?
? -room, consisting of music
and speaking. After ? o'clock ?
menta a III ?? -? : ?.? ? In the ;
? . . the ?Flauen
? Verein
in connection with the annlversa
f thi " pastor ?rill al w
ty-fiftb ? try as
Mr. Ui ?rife some time airo,
an lh! child, b ?rn on O tober Ith,
??ear, waa pi iced in the care of
Ifrs it iber, wife of the Baltimore min?
ister, preach Sunday morning.
Mn Huber arili . ? rt| her huaban l
' and will bring with her thr
little child whose Bret birthday will also
1 ?? ?, ? : prtatel) celebrai ?
I'.ent ..n < kanakas of CasaBBoree Room?
Wit! M?al tiie tOtter??? Charg?.
it h ? not i? en determini ? o hi ? the
new Chamber of Commerce building will
be formally open? I. Ind.I, the ?
ol ?knee when it will be
? ?. though Ihe \\ ?t h of finishing
it m? la being puahe I ran rapidly.
There are nty rooma in the
Ive ??f the chea ber*a
quartern and about bait ?>f ?lu?n ?bave
been let, ?and options have been taken ? a
it is expected that when completed and
? the building will b ive
?shout 1140,000. Th?? ?.'round cost ' v
making a total of ?QOO.OOO. No doubl La
tlned that ?the ?renta will pay the
Interest on the bonda and ?permit a ?rood
sum t?> be ?passed annually to the staking
lisaiii ol Mrs. Whltty.
Mrs. Katherine Whltty, mother of Mr.
J. ft Whltty. of this .i.v. and W. II.
Whltty, edil r of tha Philadelphia Tim? a,
? Ii? 1 in Baltimore yesterday ?.nlng, ?She
?ra ? la 1 rear of her age, and dh ?
from ?Use.? old age.
Hart?n Iletsht? Is Non In Cinte Touch
with l?fhmo'iil.
The itreet-car Ito? connecting Rich?
mond with her pretty suburb, ?Barton
. v..is put in operation y raterd ly,
an ? now ?h?? many residente al the de?
lightful place have the most perfect facili
ttea for going back and forth Into the
Parton lMchts Is a well-grown infant?
nn InfOBt that Is ?growtag every day and
petting prettier as the months ko by.
During the pr?sent year tt has tai
its proportions by eighteen DOW ?houses,
either compi,-ted or now ?being bulli
though the boom market Is de;i.|, this
number lar surpasses that of former
? need to say It was a pleasant
Rummer retreat, but DOW they aver that
it is delightful for all seasons, and truly
it to. it ins every thing to make it so?
the advantages of el? vati?.n, position, mu?
nicipal Improvements, and best of all.
the advantages of excel] nt society. Th?? I
??ass of people who populate Barton
Heights are the best In th.? State. Som?;
of them only intended to live there tern- I
puarily. bnt a few months' residence in
the suburb wedded them to the place. '
There Is no place like home, and M
better or sweeter than one In Part?.?
ll'?-hts. A residence there Is within!
ia h of almost every man. and the In?
fant Is not shy. b-.it holds out Its arms
In\ltltii?ly to strangers. The new street?
car line \iill bring Hart?n Heights Into
Immediate touch with Richmond.
To Telei'lion? Nu li.crlbcr?.
Telephone subscribers who contemplate
a change of location nre requested to give
a week or ten ?lays' notice of such In?
tention In order thnt ample time may
be given to >?ulld the new line.
It. H. ROOD.
Mansger Richmond Telephone Kx
The ladles who are working to establish
a "Home for Incurables" will have a '
meeting at the Young Men's Christian '
Aaaoclatlon on Tuesday. October 10th, at
12 o'cpick. All persons interested am
cordially invited to Join them.
II??.nlf.il I'bolugraphjr.
The extraordinary merit of the Pictures '
made at the Davis Gallery, Broud street, ?
la attracting universal remark and ad?
miration. The now styles have the merit
ot an extreme delicacy of flnteb that la ,
Wary beautiful
Improvement? at a Formier BestaarsBtea
The Tivoli, corner of Cary and Thir?
teenth streets, has long held the position
of a leading Restaurant In the commercial
centre of the cfty. It is known not only
a? a place where merchants and othcrs
could refresh the Inner man with th?? best
of liquids and solids, but as a sort of an?
nex to all the business exchanges. Its
enterprising proprietor. Mr. Henry Reu
g. r has. BOBBrar, determined to add to
It? attraction.? ami popularity and conve?
nience In every respect. He has. there?
for.?, thoroughly -emodelled the old Tivoli
and refurnished It In elegant style. The
finishing cf the bar. cigar-stand, and lunch
counters Is in oak of elegnnt design, the
. traila have beea draotatei in rich though
subdued tints, an?l the general effect of
UM renovation Is to make one el UM
prettiest raOBB, In the city. The new ar?
rangement give? more space for the con
dttel "f IB? business and still leaves a
ro.iii for those who may wish to
convent over a business matter. No cx
p. ,,?.- has I.? .par. d to render the Tivoli
complot? '" :l" Bi iiooointnients. The bar
and cellar? are stocked with the tin? st
Wine? and Bquon, thi brat brand.? of
Imported and domratte ctsara win ba
found on the stand, and Mr. Reuger's
cook cannot b? bent. Fran the lunch
count? r menla thai cannot be . -
. .:. rve ?. Th ? att itdanc? at the
vili continue as it had always
1,? . n polit" and effld
Tbe WIlllSBs? ?V (i ?id? IVink at lirydtnn.
Th? I'n.i!?.? In! InaUtuUoo recently ratab
WlUtants ? Goods at
?i, Va., the remarkable sucera? ?>f
ly noUoed In the:'.?
columna ! mother Btatenrent August
let "i ti?.,? busmen done and the condtUon
Of us finan? I - still further
".ui to tne bunk, and fully continus
?.. heretof ?re p! iced
on t!?is ne? Ut for publia confi
and patronage.
Th? first cslimat,? made by this bank at
th.? , lose "f buslni. ? April 5th,
Total ? Bouro -. SI T, ? 02; undivldi ? ? ro
? ?)???.its subject to check,
, of deposit, $11.
its itatem ni al tha ? lose of busi
1st publlshe I in another col?
umn, la aa t ? e?, $??:.
I_.75: undivided profit?, ll.'?:?.. ?
? to chei k, 117,6*1.43; time certlflcates
? ?
!:?. ? ? the ? uison of these Be
? unexampled
rtty, end when th?? reader rentem
that ills hav?? peen ol
? me when ?!: ? very fottndatl
the Ariani s of t!.?? country ar?? tumbling,
it Bpeaka volumea for the wi.-??? aad care?
ful and ? nt "f the In?
??. ; ?.?.? banhs running ao short
? time acni? ? In the highest tide
of national prosperity.
Thla bank will prove a great advantage
as well to Boydton and
? he .?n In ?-?? ? it. The ? ? ?? le
?:..?? wi ? feel prou ? of such an Institution,
and it . - Islng that it he ? th?
community at s
titii,? when ? ::h ? much
I -ll.
? .,? hi??.
Nowtaa A Co., 90 east Main street.
an now opening elegant new designs in
? ,? plain
:; id, gold enami II I, and Jew? Ik I
If you ha? - rent or snle and
It, let .lacks..n. Bnndt
? < ? pu ih II an acU, ?
\ ?. UQ8 Main ? U
(??. r_ :lt?r?. SB ? ?lit?,
??? ?. ? l another supply
Of thi '? r.s at Be.
? ' ?mi quii k .. you s p? ? pair.
SO? Broad ?<
Magnlftc?nt Kniii.i? I prlwh? I'laoo.
A Bnc Etano, niperbly-flnlahi l case,
ir months and two ?
quite low. part of tli?? pui
pal I. SBd the Piano can be
got) u fi ?? balan ?? bow due. Regular full
?.? , irant? the Piano. Manly I!.
Co., M-tiu strict next to corner
of Ninth st,
NOwlaa ?? Co., '.--I east Main street,
are ? on opei rb line of ? Bamond
Ornami Pendants, l-.'ar-Drops,
nd RI .
rvereii ?? ?no Cbsap.
A I? invtlle ? ? itom ?r used a Cabinet
Plana . . d?ng In busl?
! It. l'or . BSh ? can bfl
.:. one-half prie??
lar pi can be g it
ten on th?? Installment pian. Call ..t
Manly B. Ram? ? l Co., I : Main street.
Rli tunond, Va.
Davenport ? Co., banker? and broker?.
lu.i Mam Btj and nil Virginia
Richmond bond?, ami
otii.-r Brsl I In in,"nt Bscuritlra.
Call on th?-m.
? i .?liions foe November.
Paris Album of ] i.?? ?? ? Ton.
La Mode d? Pert?, sn ? all the leading
Fashion Bo ka and Magazines for Nu
vember at LEi ??SARD'S,
? sat Main
??ipnre Plan > ( heap.
We ! n? d t. . 1 ? .e out a lot
of seventy-flvi Square Pianos, and will
n.fii-??? no off. r that is at all within ? ?
?, also, on? nie ? ? M ?. ..? 175,
? on Installment Manly li. Ramo?
?\ ? '... Mam street corner Ninth,
Brutal Blfta
Nop.laii ??",? Co., !-'. Baal Main street,
? opening elegant new ?.??????< in
Bterllng-SUver Pie? Itable for bfidal
Ali? !
Provide for your country cousins. Thf
fair is coming. Bedstead? and Matt
tor Bali by
!.. ?del ? in Furniture
Fin?? I I in..-Tuning.
We gu?rante? satisfaction. Two tuner?
? woi tunen Ord ? -
prompt! ? pairing of Planoo and
? ? - by ?killed workmen. Manly B.
?, Richmond,
Th? htdy mattai p .,f Um Retreal ' r
the sick cor.t. mi?!.it?? having aa ?
World's Fair. Those I? tiring any
information can ?? ??:.11 ri it from the mana?
gers at th?? i:? t? t
Knahe l'uno? (heap;
M ??st Mala. Pace Block. R, B. Lee.
% tor Over Fifty Ve?r?
Mr^. Wiaalow'? Bootbtag Byrnp has been
u?e<l for children leethinir. It soothes tho
child, softens tho gutus, aliava all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the bust renici)'
for diarrhoea. 25 cent? a bottle.
? 11 _ nn? ?.. ?*?_.?? >? and Organ?.
1!?? ? ll . , all slz s and styles.
R. II. Lie, 8?? Main street.
Oas- and Electric-Chandelier? aad
Globes. Now designs and low price?.
Johv Bowaaa,
No. 7 ?overncr ?treet
Mante!?. Grate?, and Tiling, in Tarions
?tyles and low price?, at
John tsuwaara. Governor ?treet.
At 30*1 Broad street you can bay Ladle?' Silk
Beiti at lUc._
M. L II. ??I ???'.??
cured and Ita retara prevented by th? nse of
Da. David's Liver Pills.
I'rl?'?.'?Oc for a box of twenty-five pill?; flv?
boxes for a dollar.
fJBJBBB A llixoa Dam OajSrlBT.
).'. Luiju 1, Vs.
At .103 Broad street yoa can our "House?
keeper's'' U/bita K.snnei at 7 cents per yar<L
Anuostiba BlTrxa.? are endorsed by tbe highest
medical authorities bere and In Europe ae a pre?
ventive aad care of Salaria and all Summer
Piscases. Keep tt in your house? tn flavor your
dnaklDg water and all other beverages.
At 30.1 Broad street you ?ran buy Foster
S?ven-Book Ktd (llores st 11.
flnard Against III?*???
by keeping tbe system tn a healthy condition
wltb Dr. Davit's Liver Pills. Tweoty-nv? cents
for a box of S."? pilla; 5 boxo? lor il.
?is un A BisuB Del. ?,???p?t,
Richmond, Ve.
At 303 Broad ?treet yoa can buy Chenille
Portiere*-three yards long-ball fringe? for B3
per pair. _
If yoar back aches, or you are all ?ora oat,
food for aoiBia?. II Is general debuity. SSOWB'S
Iaos BtTTBM ?tU cur? y is. raak? yoa stroag,
clean?? yoar rtvsr, aad give a good appeute
Are You Open
To Argument?
?????-...... . .
ISN'T it a significant fact that tlicconverts aro .ill
to ready-mail?* clothes. One by one y?#u are un?
derstanding more about ready-ma?!?' goodnetA
The waste of time and money having clothe? made
to order is ?becoming more apparent.
We're gaining customers.
The tailors are losing them.
At one half the cost is a strong argument Our
?guarantee to give you ?satisfaction or give you your
money back?makes the experiment a safe one for
you to try.
If your tailor is to be believed you're a pitiably
deformed mortal. lit! tries to make you think there
is something crude and unfinished about the gar?
ments voucan "jump ?rightin." That's all bosh!
There isn't a custom -hup in this city that can turn
out anv liner Suits tlian we've got OD our counters?
now. They can't buy any finer fabrica than we've
need. They can't trim any more elegantly?make
anv more carefully?cut any more stylishly?lit any
more perfectly?than hundreds and hundreds of Sin?
gle and Double-Breasted Back Suite -Three- and
Four-button Cutaway Frocks?Double-breaeted
Frocks?Full Dress Suits?and Separate Trousers
that comprise our inimitable stock. The ?same fashion
plates direct our ehears as theirs. We keep strictly
within the bounds of ?genteel, refined effects. And
when we eay $15, $20, $25, or $30, we don't wonder
it's a strange Bound to your ears after the $30 to$60
askings you've been in the habit of hearing. Bui
the only difference is the price. You can't get such
clothes ready-made everywhere, though?nowhere
else in Richmond. You can pay mon?but there
isn't our variety?nor the same high-class work to
show for it. Their styles are n? >t up to date?they're
lacking in the line points that you are used to. But
the price is there?$,") or $1*> more than ours. We'll
leave it to you?we'll leave to any impartial judge
if better Siuts can be produced. We're as near the
top of perfection as it is possible to get.
Tbe enfr?es and eihlWia Dromi?? by far the beat ?fftealtaral Fair ev??r bell by the So**tety.
?L???? ?vili be ?x jvyH->uu'.i7 Un?.
camber? 1,\.??? entries?40? more iban ever i.?f. r??. au.l tbo artangemi-nt of thi* ?xhlbit i/iikes it
especially uttrn :ii?o an.l uni.jue.
Olii erlips?.? all ??roTHis efforts.
The RAfSS will be a ere it feainre of tb?? Tu!-. Thn entries presa las moat liit?r*r!!ng ani ex-It
ing ?port.
Numerili* am?;?*lii(r entertainment? will b??m ihe sronnrl??. KR ? ? ?? ? G?.? in. ? ? Itti?? ?SOG ARD
????? ? litt l >. BALLOON ? ?? K s?? IONS. PAKACHU I f. DKCBN*>10Nrt, 1 ?W?K .11 Ml i.V., ? .?.
Alfoe??'hc-, tti>? I air will 1 ? ? epleaOM .'il.il ?? ion. wtinlv no nu? ?-an ari. r 1 lo niifja.
7 my and tan .Military Capes, ?
?? from B6.00, Co.?, ?,?,.?.?. and 1*2.0?.
: Plu ' . size 32. ?reduced from
B0.00 : ? *?'? SO.
I Kewmarkets, ?iz.?. .?t an?l
1 brown, reduced from ??.?? t?i .;
? broom ?and black-etrtped Newmarket.
? . IZ.0O.
. Black Cloth Capes, ll*rht-webrht, with
delicate >??<?1?? braid trimming, siz"?* si ani
:,??. ri dui ed from |8.r? to li ?M,
1 'l*rht?welaht tan-cloth N.wmarket, size
. . . .fil jl?.'.M tu ?UO.
Th? cloth Iti tn-se cloaks ih worth moro
than th?.? plica we ask.
1 brown-cloth Jacket, size 3?, reduced
from JB.0f to mo.
I ?Mack boarer-ctotk Jacket, size 32, r?
a???.?.? from OS.00 to ?also,
1 pie..? hi.ui*. aad white Plaids, half
wool O biche? aride, at Uttc.
1 piece black an.i white Plaids, 37 inch??
v. ; i.. ai
.? pax ? -. 22 Inchea nid?, Imitation Scotch
Plaida lue.
Almont all shades double-fold Cash
merea, 21 Lnchea ara. . at ??2c
is pieces of rolld ?Diaconal? and Illumi?
n?t., ? ?Sera??. '?'??'? bache?, at '.:???.. ?rorth ate,
12 ?piece? of all-wool colored Cr?pons,
?English Corda and ?Diaconato, '?? Inchea
aride, reduci ? from Q.00 ,ir..| ?.'.<?. i.> GOc.
We ha\?? also Mm? very pretty goods in
mixed Im-ss Good?, ranging from Ouc. to
(3.60 i???r yartl.
Black-Qooda Department, as usual, of?
fers manv attractions?.
Black Cashmeres, litt. ?'?, 374, 50. ?35
75, M. ani il.1?).
Black Henrietta, a beautiful quality, 45
inches wld?>. at il M,
Kli?ur.'l Whip-? Ori, a novelty, 33 inches
aide, ?t li.t/i.
l'Igor. 1 Granite Cloth. IO loche? wide,
at Be.
? 1 .Mohiir. ? : .at ?SO
.1 nd v. ?
Storm Berge, ::<?. up t? Ji:j,. Imperial
S.'rj.:??.? t., ?ri ...
^, SO to 75c.?, Broa?lcJoths,
p oo ??
Bengallne, ?SOc. to 11.00; Black Silk?* In
ii sin, Surah, Falli ? ? ?
Cbangeabl? Bilk
Illa? . Velv? te? p ?. '?' and
Silk Velvets, il OO. 11 26. up to ? 50
? la ? real b bi fa p. Black Pannar*?
?Satin, for lining, at '. poi raid.
Outing is grsatl) us? ? now for night -
robes. A'?? bave it s ?-,',. ???, litte.; also sa ,
extra-heavy Outing, an Imitation of
Eiderdown, for wrappers, at
?? Plaid Ginghams, at l.;.??. ; ? I ?
I'l.iid ?Domestic, at
KM Unbleached Sheeting, at lie : ?
p.leach-1 Sheeting, a* ??.?.
Our domestic fito'l? Is full of attr*?ulv.?
Unbleached Cotton?, 3 to 10c. ; Bleached
Cotton??. I to litte.
Calico Comforta, So Kc. 11 Ok up to
iL'r?. Down Comforts, tUH\ 11.30. an?i
jo.'jo. Silk Eiderdown Comforta s
au gr.i !??? of Merino Cialei ?rear, foi
todies, ?"titleti.eii, and children.
Children'? School ? mbrelUa, toe : CHo?
ri.? Cloth I'mi-reiiR.?*. 75c.; .siiw Olorlo Um?
brellas, ti <?) t.. ?JS.00.
Kid Qtovea 79c, 11.0?, 11.30. up to ?..73;
OaMhmere Olovcs. 26c.
r'.?r g?ntleni??.?! ami boys ??? hav?? 1'n
lsundered Shirts at ?SOc. euch, the best
you ever saw. Canton ?Flannel Drawer??,
at ?Sto. a pair. Sock??, 10 l?> .">???. a j.alr.
Suspenders, G. t?> toc. Handkercblefa, i
t.. Me. ?'uff?, l'i M to i.'.'..?. ?Ollar??, lu
and U'-?c. Nlght-Shirl?*. 3"c. ?Boari??. ?
and 60.?. ea?'h.
We offer an Immense stock of ?1??.?.?,
?? lt.\ |??>, .???.- ?li tbe ?landaru sorts. ???.? lb?
n?w varieties of l-'lU l l??, O K.N A BJC VI Ab
lKKt>. SURI ?.??. ltiis_s. s..? WbolSMleaud
Itetaii. To dealers we can otter stock on favora?
ble terni? and tbe best faciline? for packlug
and shipping. Ca'akvgue? mailed on applica?
tion. AtiJtSTB WA.NTSD-aalaxy or ooairuis
?? I
orncf, ?is maw bthiit,
BlahasraB, V?. ec 1-9?
i-l'AliLlMll.D Pila
K?l M KV OK. A Urce sseorltneoi .f eli
IrTAMJARt? liKsluNt? and NUVgL DIM? IMi.
KAMILY l AllKlAUK*. M Killt?, BKililke,
PHAETONr, and CART?. kM'KKSh-, ligLIV.
KltY-, and yLSAsCKK-WAOoSB: DiK'tuBiV
SVUOI a>. A niraoer Of SB? ONlMIAJtD Ve?
PAI.Nl'INU d?io?tntbe b-st manner. Ogkeaad
Factory, 15SO?TU X1.N?B bTKBaT.
BOOKED ?>?~???? N14TLY
?.\? ?.Mil, r
??. I
?SAH. DfPlMll ? o ,
OPRISI - ? ,
I?an? and dl??o'ir>t?
?>v?r?irait? * ?
1 ill? r? ????*?!?
Im? fr. rn ?t-it- ? ? . ? ,?
ani Stater?
Porahure bai m
?' irr? st ?spei
< t.??*? ?l'i 1 ?
Profu ?? ? ?
Tota! .
Capital auv ? j):? j ; ,
1 ?divided ?.
?? li- : tal
? ? ?.
; ?
?T.rz or Vtaen .
?. ?? ? '
?r. ? '
nf ? cbruoa I,
ut??.? f'a ? ?
Woosie.ige sa I
Swnrn f?
d?7 o: ?
Ccrr????.? ^ ?
oc A-lt
?' POI ? <?G I
or the ci
ki< iiM?.?. ?
Al ? il ? I
? ? ti?
? ;.?G ir.?"
utb??r ?t. ?
? . ?
- 1 : ;
. ? 1
? . . . . .
Indu !..
?Dna ? ? nal tal t ?a!
I. I. u
Bwi ra ?
.?ri? ??? ? ?
. ?. ??
?) ?POI
! . ? ? ?
??. .?.?..
i BU : '
?. ?.
Lotted BUI ?
.|.?[.. -??.
Bgefl ?, au
U m . ? ? ?, .- . t
? ?
? , -
1 le lang - ' r
?Is, ai 4 .?? ????_
?? .-s ; a ?'.
. ? ?. :
? ... . .
Cerini?? ? li la
L'aile I Stai ?
I' .?? t Btl
> .
Stats or ViBotxi*. ?
1, /.
I 111?, loi
| : ,.? i -
day of ?. :
Corra-t -Attest:
M 7? i
* ? OrtCAN ' ?
Aisets, ? : : : :
IrMUtainC? L
riiiso'il V
?Mid ?.u?:.;
hBm? against Fi ?
?tu kmotioiis c ?
W?V*r. os ?
On Accc-v
Agencies in Every To?
? Ja*. ?. PALM!
w. u. r ,
?-M^J ??
t.???? n;n -
?00 AND..<".' BAU
%yi t?MtmVk ?
That the beet ?? a ?
COO?? 1.7 ?!'? beoc? ?
aiul-iatl. ? uf our Hit-??? '
aa ?sell as
Fancy GrocerK Wiees,
Ju.t armed, ne? ?
ani Si pe ??o COsaaai "
au t ?-rtell Brau.li?.??. ? ?
or ? su...
(all al th? .
SUD* of HKl.'*.*.*??- *
JtV? AM) Ml' '
" ? p. F. V."
Fifteenth ?nd Conf **??
sajf II

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