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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 08, 1893, Image 11

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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, ,,,|r??n?l Are? ol ltlchin.iri?l?I'm .
??rete li?'???1? "' U??"? - " VVei
. I ?iiervoM.lelIng?." I I'.
I ?? r Kr.
... . h '? good rtaal ??f IBB
? \ alls) ??1 Vir.
..? mona?
it cunlics.
loah Valley,
? ? ? .-."Hie Vall-v of Vir
i -.?it ,.f iba grael
r at ? ? '??? '? ai
!? fr.tn
ll ! I OB Ibi esht
.1 Mim?- 111 lo.'fll
same dlstiec.
? t be
. asmes).
:? f? mi ti.??
Its Metern
?. Ktdge. eall ?rj by
? llord
? ?? lb?)
; 1er, ihongh
t the
? . ! ?
?. .? ? ??
rValkw?, Big
? ? whole it ebnnld
: ? ' ?? R ita?
? the I
? Weal Vii
, <'!ark<?, W ?r
? l: m,.ko.
vYrtht. Smyth, and
? > irgiuis,
? ?
. is ? 1 into
? ,' ? ; I?! ??
rpi - ? in ?alii- ?
!. ??,!
? I
\ illey
I? I ?,j|. till,
. :
. '. at e ?I irons
-. ?. ?
: .-.t lier up t??
? I.
- IS fellow? :
.' . : UnlC of (GG??
? nt '..
; ? aa i rae
, . idra. For
???? .?! battons
: row in pair*;
- '
rei it, ?.?
?-.?. and slops :
? ?; SB SBgli ol
i :?.? . uni
, th? linder
: ? ? -.'let .us, I
- ! ? to a point at ? .
: : . B?i Ol Hi?? ,
?? lb? fold? ?.f tin? skirt !
.t the hip sod ..no at th?
... ...
' ' - lie, th.? bip.
? '.,? I a? il breest
? ? r ?! D
-ta'., bi gbt gilt, :
'?it, .1
? iin.!iu_ it, large ;
tt ri?jr diameter, ?mall
i mu troa
? I men will I?" "f
. ..? made looso
foot, of lll-'tlt
- ?,'al ofloan
K-liiu.i cloth
:.? reed f..r .? ?\
'. ???! !:'it Will 1>?'
. * ? ?
r , buff silk Bel
. t.. bo twice
? ? behind th,>
ttend r?
Seen, Rue
tripi ?
: older? 1 on both
?. r | . the ele,? of ihe
tha of aa i
?!ar : tl:?? ?
ly, tho centre on?
???? inebM m t"tt.?
J ? :-. ihri'i'-toiirtli?
? ? timi''
. eight nairj
? li.irl?- j
?. two iti i?? - "f fold luco
nd one
Sash, bull- I
? el -?? ?, ? rotulo? ?.
-. < \ ? ?, Va.
. .? ?.. ir ju.-rv
: ? ?
i ?? nt to store '
? arc Is rstoi ?
Put the* may :
Bits fl
ubiti rail ild
ll re, by which
? the ro >iu mighl i">
- G. ? ll"
l itton :
? ? ? '
Dp to the
? ire us
.?? thi boat uni
? I, when the
? itra will be
? ntilitioi mar be ?
c ?11, an 1 tli- liest may bo
hagren 1 I ?
all iwad to Miik
l-_re???, which
t ?Baratara
Mie weather turns
? tha leev
?.. - ,o:u sin; ild be
- t 11 fu ke. ? the
Fronj thai will not
:? ? -urla"?? Of DM SO.
.???.!.' u* thissvmp
? liie-1 ou tbe
Iras ? Im'"
rrOBB ling ?r, the
? r?stenlas .t i-?uuot
?I ??! the safe storsi?? of
later-rira Repaire.
j "*? ? ? ?? ? .?.-,-/,?
PI bag wat?r t., m
? lu th? rrroejad, Ko
h ?. nor Im eny .
r arai l bave cm,
? M -u au?! a!?..!., th.. owner.
1 ???'? bsre Iba im.??? repaired.
' tberk-vrdo. Health?
??.-'.? ?in ?n..: auihoinv le
?>' '-? ". th. traiei arreiige
" ?? ihe hens? 4rt? put i_ order.'
*?'" lupe ?upplving any bouse is
" " ?a te? ?treet, the wat? doparimout
reiiaira the break. If the pips is broken
: on the promt??* n ?? th? dutv of the ocrn
pant or owner to mnk?? tho ret>*ir* The
owner or ?gent should repair all broken
pipan ii|..iu inities from the tenant.
Ih?? <>r?litinniO* MBsjaj?) a charge for all
ft ?ture? on the prrrni???? so long a, they
r? mam connected with the water -pio???,
! but if a fixture ia out of order the occu?
pant acsiu?t whom tbe wat?r bill is made
la notifie?] to hare it repaired. It i? a
.|i?-?t, 11 i>. tw-on th?? occupant and the
?wrier or tii" event a? to who shall par for
? "Pairing.
TeoeOaia in 1'nhnr Bekesla
7. /'.? / li'.f ff the ?????Mi'tri ?
II.? onotrtloa M .to what extent tho
BCDOOl Ian.? <>f VirginlOfiv? PTOlOtODOO 10
graduate? of th? State Norm?! ?SebooJ over
otbot ?a^pltenata lo toaoh our publie
school?-*? question wbleo ?ken greatly
?agitated too pooplo of tho state reeeatly,
? ? ? ' In p ..?.' : Mi?*?, s A nn I Ii are re,?i
denUoftbt ?me lonool district. Mi??a
was prineii al of tb? onblie ?rinded Mhooi
bold? a fir?t-er??l?? ?Mr?
11 11 cata bol i* not a normalit?. Sim ap
l i?'..| ? lataioot for tb? approacii
. .n. a:, ? ?..? strongly eodoroed tor
? tficteney and aatiafactorv condnel of tb?
previons session by tblrty.two ont of poo?
ii] ?potr?n?, reproaeotiag
Mvonty?otgbi ont ??f ?ighty-tbreo pnpils,
\?!i?. area h r ?reappointoient
Misa ?*, ?? ? Dorma) gratinate, an?! ?lop?
not cooanlt the potr?n? or spsok to tiiem
on tin? ?abjectof tooehlng their obildren.
? ? .?? the appointment by the dis
tr <t tmstsea
I'he natrons tben preoenl a ?olitigli to
tbe trnsteo? asking that they ?Sa ?allowed
to elect by ballot tbe principo!, 'Ibis r??.
quest : tVriiit rclr???.? have tb?
? itroo?? A Pano?.
It i? toe doty of distriol board? to Ms?
teacherB, Tbo low aaanuna? that In
the discharge ol tbia tmportool duty the?
. ? to engage the best taooher?
available. Bo Hint th? question pro.
poiin.l. ? ???, dui ??' rrespondenl i? ?properly
?ii.le t.? th?? district board.
w.fliimc F%..?-n???.
Mi sine ? Coonrv, V?..
7' tar /;'.' r rj*"lrV DuwaleAt
l'i? ??. answer tbtf ngfa your Query Col.
limn the f ?Mowing
What ?portion ol Ihe wedding expense?
Is the groom ippo. I to pai ;f tb? een
??. ??? . I ?. ? [formed it ohorofa '!
groom ex pee tod to furnish trans
portati nao? for nahen frota a
men ? ?. ?. G.
Il ? noi the costoni for ? groom who in
married in church to lotir anv expense?
?! . a mid doI iiear it h?? wer? named
eli iwl
? be groom to not <-u u?-cl opon to ?bon
expenses of transportation for bla ubera
ironia listone?, ii?e tubers nod ?grooms?
men, however, ors frequently the ?gnsst?
and all tbeir expense? ara
pani by him. Everything dependa upon
? ironmitancea and flnaneial oiroum
have lunch to ??> with tho matter.
It ia safest lor a grootn<eleel to offer tu
rubile ?Scheel Ke.iulreriierit?.
KOBTH I?a.nvil:e. V\.
, ?tor . ? "?? Dlepateh ?
['lease itate tbe age ? i" roon Ii ?required
by law to attain before I?. ing elioii.l?) to
teach iu th? public sebool?ol Virginio,
2. It pnl ia BO a teoeber when
un 1er t!). age required by law, who n* re.
sponsible and ?.?ha! ; < the penalty 1
I, All applicante for liceno? t? tea?'li in
tbe pnblie sebool? most bo at least elgb?
?.. Applicant? ?ire reqnirod to certify
their agi ? to tb? -up. rintendonl condnct
Ing tin- exsminstion. li au applicant moke
n false stotomenl u to bit age, upon evi
..f the fact tbe superintendent
?honld revoke hia certificate. If a sopor?
intendent knowingly issue ? eertifieat? to
an ooDaioont who to under tb? ?proaeribod
age tbe roperint* ndent ia ?responsible to
V.i? Hoard of ?Education for so doing.
? un. ..ruing Inatti.
Auisvii.i.e, Va.
Te " ? SUf/or of Ou IM ; ?'? ' ?
? How con tho nervo ol a tooth ?be tie.
I without injnry to the other teeth 7
* \ tei the tooth has oommenoed to do?
cai i-tiiit ?be preserved by ?being filled!
!. Ha* tobacco am tendency t?> i?re?orvo
the teeth ? I? soda injurious to teeth 1
1. Cau a person who baa talee teeth speik
' uctiy aa one with natural teeth ?
i. Any medicin? inffl cien tly powerfol to
ii? nerve to dangerous except in
tbe han?!?? ??f a skilful ?i''i 1 -t.
2. Vea, if the work la promptly nod pro?
perly done.
:i. Tobacco m iure? mechanically, but
otherwise it? tendency is boMflciol -,
though ui" ii tbia ?point dentist? tliffer.
Soda is Injurious.
4. If properly fitted no difference iu
speech is perceptibl?.
I'ortralt <>f I'ntrlck lienry.
fxtttor of On Dttpc
Id tb? Virginia Patriot of 8d .fune. lSlfi,
Jiitiit ? .Sarrrl!, vnr -?u-Iy proficient as phy?
sician, painter, and musician, and Who wa?*
for a tim? one ol the ?proprietor? of the
Kit-lini nd Museum, ?advertise? a lottery
? ? paintings nnd engravings j 600 ticketsat
Among tbe portrait? list.-il. pri?e 970,
?? ?me of "tin? lare Patrick Henry." it
would be ol mt-rent to know a bo pointed
tbia portrait, ami if preserved, iu whoso
?asion ? ii Dow.
Warrell copied tb? works ol other?, hut
it l? not siateti that tbi? portrait is a copy.
H?? painted. In 1828. on tb? ooeoeioD ol
md visit of ?Lafayette to Atnenra.
h.ieportrait?of our generen? ally ani
of WaehingtoD, now proaorve 1 Id our City
Council Chamber. 11. A. ?Bnoon.
?Secretary >t tbe Southern Htotorieoi So?
UiODtnood, Vu., September 25, 189.1.
Virginia PreBI A??uclStloii.
Ci.iv.w rota, Va.
Jo A? EMorot the Kyp??th:
Will you plsoee give me th?? ?boobo? of
thi offleen of tb? Virginia ?Prom A asocio?
ti D, with tli.'ir ad.ir'?-*?.?-., atul alio th?
tune ami plat.i holding tbo next meet
I..M. 11.
1'riMib-nt, J. H Lindsay, Cboriotto??
ville; Secretary, E. C I.. Scott, AsMantl ;
'ireasuror, J. O. flf?b, Norfolk ; First
\ ?eo-Proaident A. 0. ?Smith, Bristol] Sec?
ond Vioo-Preaidont, J. F.. Booker, Su/Tolk ;
'third Vice-l're.Oileiit, 11. N. Kobinsou,
Oraiit?o: t;hapluiu. ltev. Jaiut? C'aiinou,
.Jr.. Kurmvillo.
Next meeting of the association, the
ne conti Tuesday in July, MM, at Cobb'e
Aero? m ltu-timoml.
To 'he WiUorofttm D?pett? .?
Will v??u please state how many acres of
land tbar? ar? id tbo corporation of the
c.itv of lltchtnondi' Bt ?MfraTOTD.
Niiiiiber of aeres in the city bofot?
taking in Lee Distriol.8,254 59
Kiiintur of acre? in L?e District... 269 03
Total nnmber of aerea in the
city.3.623 62
WooJ leder (iroiind.
Malvekn Hill, Va.
To the Editor of the l>i*??itch :
rot durability or lastin?? qualities under
ground from one lo five leet. relativelv.
how doe? elm compare with cedar aud
Ol Ii? r wood? : L W. B.
Muriiuf? wood under ground to such a
diith that air ia excluded, aav from two
feet dowi.?, will preserve any kind, since
the destruction by fungus grow'.... vnl
garlv called "rot." caauot tako place
uuder exclusion of str. 1'here would,
therefor??. I?? touad bo difference between
the eliu. to? oetlar. aud other woods.
Otherwise the cedar ia. of couree, the
much more datable wo?>d.
WOMee fe I ..rr.-? ..oil l.oil??
No notice will be taken of anonymous
co :n in u meat n.rn.
Nor will anv attention bo given to long
"strings" of question?.
M anv ?men??? are not anawered because
slimier ?mea have boon recently an.
We cannot undertake to ascertain tbe
value of oil coins. For th*t information
writ? to some dealer m th?m.
We caiinot tyidortske to auswer queriea
l?v ..mil ; we can only answer them through
this column.
Addreea "Query Editor, Distatcb Office,
liichmoud. Vs.
Old psptrs for ?al? at 39 oeaU ? buadxod
?t IbarA.ca ??fiiue.
Vrtaran? ?jvh? ?,,,_? M%rr,ir,, fo . if#
llrorn, an.| ????>???_G??????? of
iblll and Prowtss.
(Ne?B York World.)
Thar? is i,ut imi.? disfanne? i.-twe?-n
UM Itrltlsh soldier of fiction end the
Brlthth .soldi, r of fact. The men that
BB nnd In the pages of Charle? |_rraa
or Kudyard ???????. or on the can
raaaa of un ?:?!???*??? ???????? er a
I'?talli.?, ar?; thi men that really fought
nt Waterloo, !lt p.ul_kl.,va. and Bl Tel
? 1 Ke|,ir. ?A-vcr with hi? satire, Kip
IBBJ with hi? cynlcl-m, sWSBlMth Thomp?
son with lier brush dipped in psUanlaBII.
sud Intaille with his. p. ncll ihSrfBSBSd
b| national pnjnene?, bara not ?.s uhi?
t> either Mrallss <.r ?iilgnrBB UM flsrht
???? men of BhehBMl There Is a dra?
matic, ...n g tt:.;,tricnl character to the
English army. 1?? uniforms ?lire paudy
in ??dor. tanctful in (Malga, IB salted to
-?? use, mad? apparently only for
??how. Its tactic? ur- m itti ? ..'? I It Is
enmeshed in traditions, it i- small In
? umbera An l yt when Its da] of
pomp ?? passed and Its day of work com m
n i? a BtagnlBoent body. Not ab!?
human machin??, but an aggregation ol
Individuala each on? of thent with thi
in? race earasatness,
naeas, and tenacity.
Tha spectacle now- on ?lew nt the Madl
son Sui re Qai len Ulustrates with what
fidelity th? writers and th?? painters tun,
???' pi? ?? d the English soldier.
.u they maii'i past in nvlew, the Uft
Quarte, centaur-llke; the Black Watch,
with springy steps un?l undulHtine; skirt?.
the Connaughl Rangers, launtily, with
metaphorical chipe on their shoulders.
the Lemon . Ih? Hussars, sad lb? can
m like UlustrnUons of
(?lili tho raraance aad the history of theli
They in not men in actual service, if
they were now serving undei the Q
colors thej would not be her*, Bui Ihe}
ur.? \.t.iiii!M who have Htarched to life and
drum, or bagpipe, or who have nurwered
tin? trumpeter'? call for "1.t? and aad?
Imagination has pictured these feBows
'?. us just .? we now s-e them.
The giants ?bo stand statu? like ?it tifi
Horse Quarda In Whitehall sre n?? on
Madison avenue. Then Hlghlamten ??
tbe Pot ty second an thoi ol whoa ?
:? da in t! ?? past we have read. They
ihare with their cowindes of th? Ninety
second the Uordona the eplaodleal mil
lary Ki'.ry of Scotland. The Irishmen
the Connaughl Rangi rs ar? lbs devils ol
the Eighty ? Ighth, the p? is of Plcton ?
brigade In th? Peninsular v.,u?. The V.
?'.'laid?? are the fellow? i? h,, dally mount
guard at St. Jame?'? l'alai?? The Hussan
Ihe Eleventh, Prince Albert ? ?????'i an ih
noted "Cherybuns" the onl) ?"???t-sii reg
rs the red tro inn of Un
? soldlar.
Tn. lr ii ??.-. ? sre superb the ini,
mounts for aoldlei . they an do? lie at
re '. fieri ' Iti a chat?;''.
tu t? . la rea of tbe garden tin
few hundred men exhibit all thai
? li-m of th"lr army. It?
pllne, iis peculiar und Individual ? rait ^
?.?.?? features, Its ?thistle spun, its
e? ntests <.f s Kill und prowesa
it ? all ?ion? with true Anglo-Saxon
earnestness In tli.? bouts, man to man
in tin? melees, with bayon?! aad lane?
Blth t->\ .rd and stick, th" spirit of ? ?
t? St Ut keen.
Supremacy ?? sought by every comb
tant. Tier.? I? no perfunctory \?????
done, it Is competition, not exhibition.
Th?? audlenre la quiet, to grasp tie
genutnenen of th??? displays. It !..
conies hit -reste 1, el itted, and ?titillisi
astlc. It takes Bides. It sel.its champ?
?>tis. Th?? mein ?? a war of cockades
red and white, ?dik.? unto the emblem? ol
? ter and York. Th? ????? strive to
cui then colored toft? won on Ih? hai
with cuts und thrusts of long
ticas The team? ara at Bret ol ? qi at
?. imbera, bul as tt-..? defi it< ? combatant?
oui Ihe action becomes a battle
toll 1.
Sympathy Is born for the weaker Bide
The developments of the action often
leave a tinglo iombaranl opnoasd I
ihrra or four antagonists. His cocked?
is now s m ire ehred of c.ior. but he 6>
feiuls It a.? a true soldier does his en
sign. The audlenn applauda it shout?
The worn? u wave their hnndkercbrefa
If perchance, Fortune amllea on tt,?? fir,
gle fighter, there la ? shout thai Shake?
th? foundation? of Stanford White?? mon
umental edifice and endangen the safet]
te C imp ???? tower.
Human natun ???? ? contest shove
jii thlnga it Is a nUc of ?">r primeval
The tournaillent begins with a marci
in review of the whole forte, l* I? a
brigade in skeleton?Infantry, cavalry.
and artillery. In advance th?? band ?tepe
out it is attired in the embroidered
tunics nnd bearskin? of tha musician?
of the Grenadier Quarts?Dan Oodfrey'i
corpa ? falls out Of line, and as ench
representative letachment forms. ll
playa the special regimental mar?!?..
Regimental esprit de corps exists in
? ngUsh army In It?? highest form.
Recruited ?? all of the cups wet?. In
the | t. ani as most of them ore to-day
In the particular province In which each
was orlginaUy formed, then ta a s?-c
tlonal ind?? B-enented, which w fostered
in many way?. Distinctive badges, bul
? ? chevron? an used on dltTerenl
uniforma The history of a reglmenl fui
? tinnii.? r of Incidents from which
?n derived Bpechtl feature? Th? Royal
Welsh FuBlleen ?re invariai.lv beaded <"i
parade by ? milk-whit.? goat bedecked
with th?? regimental en I
In our army a similar ?tate of nfTalrs
exists, hut In the absence of authorita?
tive sanction and public bilami It VCgw
latea and tve know little of It.
The s.'N.nth Cavalry, Coster*? old
regiment, baa In its <?,???? an ok) charger,
the solitary Itvlng thing that escaped Ihe
Big inun massacre, fra dren pandi
the gray hone stands ??n the rfuht of
the lin??, led by two aergeeate, Each of
our regiment? baa its march, too.
When the Connaughl Rangen pa?? ????
the l..:nd strike? up "St Patrick'? Day,"
the nudi??nee breaks forth In applause
The tun.? 1? rolli? kin*?, nnd braid? s. a
N.w v.,tli audience is bound tO BB more
?ir less Irish in sympathisa These fel?
lows ur?? genuine ?'cits. They are the
Mulvaneya af ?.whom ?\\?.> bara /read
Then men are ffrom Cannaoght and
Kipling's hero was In the Pluck Tyrone?.
Put then, us the old sony goes, "nil
Irishmen ar,? brotbera."
The Lancen?, with their mortar-b<iard
I'oiish caps irot past, their pennons
Buttering, and then the Hussars, with
their busby's and their froggnd coats.
And last of all, the Artillery, with its
teen? of six horse*, roll? and rumbles
Thi ?Jti'i! I? not wonderful. Our g?l
Unt Beventb baa isixuit us for stub
, - and how ubourj our Waal
Pointel | '
The boraeinanehtp 1? remarkable. Thn
nati rids f,ark'?-lv. llltrh-stlrrupeil,
they Cling with th?-ir knees to their
Stl?. ?Is,
Then com?? the display of skill?the
wrotring, the fenclns and the tent
l?-?irl!ie. That Is reallv tournamcnt-llke.
With lance? well p,.|s?-d. th? rlilers,
Spurring their horses to a wild gallop.
1?_r down on the pegs Imbeddml in trie
gioiind. They impalo them on th?? tips
oi' their lanc?e, and, with a twist of >??.
Ultutlon, hold them aloft in triumph.
It Is not rough rldlr.g. such as cow
boyi are proficient In, and such as our
own gallant ravabjweu induig?? in. but
It is marvel.msly hkillful. There is
need of a ?lush and isMaiiiiliiBlhHT. a
Butch eya a straight aim, and a muscular
The tent-pegg-lng Is the hit of the ?how.
It excites the greatest enthusiasm. As
r?ch rider In turn makes the attempt
the uudience watches breathlessly uni
eau? rly. If lie misses the thrust th-ro
In an "??? !"of regret, if he aucceeda a
shout of satisfaction greets lilm.
The quickest and surest of these tent
P'^ici'?? i? Hurgeant-Major Lee. He rarely
misses a potiit. Anotlu-r of the experts I
is Lieutenant W. llawson Turner, who
adds (he difficult feat of making a double
coup u p.-K at each end of his lance.
VNhat may be termed u military vari?
ation of the "haute ecole" is the musical
ride. The sixteen Life Guarda, in scar?
let and white, sllver-culrassed and hel
ni.-t. j an?l white-plumed, mounted on
???.a! -black horse?, walk, trot and lop?
through a series of cotillion figures,
keeping step ajid time to the rhythmic
hen s of a maaeurka quick-sup and a
As a htwlc a bit of military herieca is
lut injured. It is an attach en a torti?
li' d poslt'loa-a but, the doors and win?
dow? of which are pierced to enable the
garrisca to welcome thv encm> with vol?
Lancers in a|i armies serve as recon
tioii-iiiiK patrols. Th? l.'hians of Oor
many scoured Pranee miles ?Bead of their
main arm..??. ? patrol of nine frish lan?
cera advances. They are fired upon.
The man make thrir honra he down, and
from behind theee living brean-works
return ' the fin. The ?tittle? trurnpetar,
prototype of many a gallant yoath, la j
??undid.'He Is reaoan by aa oflkar, |
?vii.? carries him ?iff slung across his
The cavalry retire. The Infantry ad?
vance* In open onW. skirmishing. The
artillery rush?? Into line. Tbe ?ix-herse
team? ?t???.?? a wide circle. The guns are
BBBBMMrai and the etockad? I? shelled.
'?Vie infantry charge, hut are repulsed
by th? garrison, who wt.r the gray s-r
vlce suits worn In Egvpt. nnd ?.lengarry
fatigue bonnet?. A second charge Is made,
th?? kilted Highlander? In advance. The
enemy Is dislodged. Tliey are brave men
.'til form a rallying square, but the
heavy ?cavalry breaks through and the
mattili drama I? over.
Th?? ?.em? I? most exciting. The evolu?
tions are _r1m1r.il.ly planned und most
realistically executed.
The ?iidlen.??? ar.? Inrge. Women nrc
prweat In iiiimbers. The gong In The
Qfnnd iMich'-ss of C.ernlsteln," ".I aim??
bar Ina ? music. The attraction of bra -?
buttons Is It rralrtahl?. and ]:>r.? they
have them to their heart's content.
The aras com?? to the ?how for Its plc
turcsqueness or Its ?lisplay of skill or
its rliling. The w?m?n come for the but?
tons. Fashion I? now turning It? BttOB?
tlon t.. the toartnim.pt. It I? filing the
!ki?"?. The signs of h fad are visible.
"It*? English, you know!"
Preminoti Offered flaog? from Five Cent?
to Six Handled Dollar?.
(Wiiihlng'on Star.)
"if you come acro?? an oil collection of
? op; r cents In an out-o'-the-way corner
..?? Bin ?I,? well to examine their Batea
carefully," said ? Sealer. "From the point
of v!<-w of the numismatist their valu??
dependa largely upon their condition Por
? sample, lor ? mat "f 1793 In a fair State
of pr?servation we pay I*., hut for a speci?
men of the same Issue in tlrst-rate con
ii'lon vi .? WOUM pay from 110 to |2.'>. and
for ? perfect cent ot I1M that is as
??right as tl v. Si Ut? ?lay It w.i? rattled
re will pay flea. The bronn cents, such
? In circulation BOW, v..;.? lust coined
Ifl IBM, None of th? M beni a premium
? pi tl, ? ? ;?? ' f 1 "?77. which I? valued
it .1 ceriti.
?Sonic old aahloned h-itf ocntti are hlgh
i of good condition tbe
dalf ceni of 1 rth US "The Issu ? a
of UBI, IBM, IMO, IMS, IMI and 1831 f? "h ?
neh, while thon of 17BL ITSJ sad <l - Be
? II pay 1' spiare for. None of lb? nickel
cent? la worth s premium except that of
?*?'?. with ? flying eagle, whleh you can
. ?1 for fZ A Oc ni? kel of ??? I? worth
-?. and a nickel tt-cenl ptera "G ist>? ha? ?
market value of U cents; there I? no
premium on pieces ?,f ist; we pay " r'?n:?
!i for. while thon of ??7?, 1-?.'. II
ISM m, \?,.ti!i ? cents each; none of the
oilier; bear s premium, if yon ure ?.
lucky aj to get hold of s brenn t-esni
piece of W. you will have no difficulty In
Ing or n for ji, but no other Issun
.. any extra value.
"The ran il ind ? ? 1 desirable coin of
il.tr mint retire 1? the silver dol?
lar of Ivi. which bJ worth i?ni u I? ne
:., ? ?..? . i, that the authentlclty
,f the ?. ? hall be full) pr rve ?. ?
1er?? ;,r? many sltered dates in the mar?
ket, as well as 'r, trikn' mad? at a
lati ? ? ?rlod. Tl?.? all?! er .! ?liars of 17' 4.
ISM, 183?, IBSl, and I8S3 are worth IX
?oh. v.!.il,? that of U ?I le valu??! Bt PB,
-liver half-dollars and 17B1 are
worth I.?' each; the laeue of ISM, wlth
?ut arrow-hra Is ?>r rays, we will pay ill
:or, and for 'hit of 1'?"?. with a sm??l!
o- tind.r the bust, v.?? offer $10. A nil?
rer quarter-dollar of IB! i< ralo I si
-;?>. while tb? Inus of IBM I? worth BO,
Twenty-five cent piece? of ??? and l?:s
? markt tald?? nt Ji each.
A rilver dltn? ?>f IBM is worth $i; of
I7B7, || .? .'. }:-, und of 17'??, ,2.Vi
?diver half-dimes of IMI will fetch gi"
ach. Silver l-cral pi???? ot ?lutea from
ISB to 184J inclusive w? offer IK' each for,
t? Id!?? on? of Wi I? worth ISO, A good don?
ile ?-agio of 18(1 Is worth WHO: a half eagle
? f Ihl.'i ti? worth the same ptic?, likewise
the hulf ?agi? of US.
"Half sagln of ?7?5, 1W7, lira, and
kM can be soi.i for from 116 to BM ssnB,
Iguartei ? f ^oid herrad in kw,
'"'?7, ami II | in valued ut Ilo each. The
?..'?? gold plen ..i California command*
?. premium of from aio t.. fis, but the
12.5?, t;.. flO, BB), and *Bn gold plecn made
from IMS to 1S0I by private firms and
ibi iy itti.-es in ?'aiiforniu, Colorada, and
>i .;,,ti. beraun they do not come up
> mint standard of purity, are mostly
? par
"Por the same reason the Mormon gobi
?oins of Utah, Issued uniler the direction
of the late Brigham Toungi and largely
Ircttlatsd from IMf to IBM, fetched very
little more than their f.e ??. Al! of the old
Colon!?! coins have high valu??. The 'pine
tre? shilling' Of 145?, Is worth (BB. A
Maryland shilling' <.f IBM is valued al Pu.
nel ? Louisiana crown, coined In I
.: BM, The rapper threa-penee of Con?
necticut, Issued In 1727, IS appraised nt ISO.
hue ratiety him tho Inscription, 'I'm a
: pet ' ..: ? ?? rtoth? r has Un devi??.?
t ...? ax, With tilt- xvunls, ? cut my ?s.iy
A Florida silver half dollar of 1710 Is
worth Jin. while the Virginia silver half
lollar Of 177.' 1? valued Bt |.'. The p. Wter
Continental dollar of 177? we will pay S3
.or. A gold Vermont doubloon la worth
1 a Vermont silver half doUar ?in
'.?tch I'.OO. Th?? Massa, lois?-us cent of ITS.?
? valued nt HO. Washington silver pieces
?f IT:':', bearing the bust aad mime .,f q,
Washington, will fetch l?". All of th??
Washington coins, both of ether and cop?
ier, were minted la England ?? patterns
for th? Ameriwa oohraga, bul the design,.
were not accented, because it waa bob
?d?nd contrary to the principle? of our
government te stamp the bead of the
??? Bident upon our coins."
The Virginia G?p???1?? Opening.
(Waahtnston Post.)
The Virginia campaign h;u? ??.??? form
ill) opened, and from the present time
up to th?? ?sconti Tuesday In ??????!.. r w
will have dallv i.-mlnd? r-i of th. fot thai
there Is ? polltii'iil light in progress across
ths Potomac. Py tl?,? action of the Repub?
lican tnunagere that party has practically
? band MM 1 the State for the present, with
the hope that the Populist paf.y may
galber enough strength to make a break
into the itri*-.s of the Denrecracy. if this
an b?? ?lone nnd the Virginia Democracy
? lecomex deraoralMa 1 aad dinorgsni/? ? si
it was ?ight yean ?go than wtH ba an
?pportunlty f?>r th.? Republicana to step
? and erganlW their party on s .
fUl lint??, us thi re ar?? very few who ?u.n?
ine that the Thirl party movement con?
tains many germ? of permanency.
Bat the Vlrulnia I'emocrats fully ap?
pr?ci?t?. Uta condition that confront.?
them, arni no stone will be left unturned
to prevent such a stnte of uffalra as their
?pponents arc- anticipating. When the
Democratic ('?invention met nt Richmond
last month It wa.? practically unanimous?
In Its choice for governor, and, In fact,
I.?.for? the SOB nation met the campaign
for the election of COL ('Ferrai to tho
goxcrnorshlp had been Inaugurated. The
.lily thintr that at ths present time seems
to contribute any uncertainty to the eam
palgn Is the sentiment of the Virginian?
?m the tinanclnl question and an occasionai
revolt growing" out of the distribution of
Federal putronage.
In CoL O'Ferrall'? opening speech he
seems to Bara devoted Ihe major portion
of bis time to the flramclal and tariff gura?
tiuis. The candidate deelarwe himself to
In? a bimctalllst nnd cites the fact that he
voted fiw all of the proponed ratios while
UM WIIsou rtrieal bill was pending tn the
House. For the lirst time In many years
Virginlft finds herself engaged In a cam
patga without the State debt as an Issue.
In fact there appears to be a scarcity of
State Issue?, and very naturally the Dem?
ocrats turn to national question? for fuel
for their oratorical fires.
A perasal of the remarks of the speak?
ers of the Third party Indicate that they
have no concerted plan of campaign, but
are simply determined to talk hard times
and preach calamity. Jerry Simpson and
his political colleagues have thrived on
calamity, and very natiirally they are dis?
posed to nourish and prolong the Idea that
the country is on the verge of great mis?
fortunes and greatly In need of the care
Of the Popullstic physicians. If the Third
party wins its fight In Virginia tho coun?
try will bu greatly Burprised.
Spok???'? Elastic Bselal Pusetloa.
tSpokane Daily Chronicle.)
Spokane society dotes on receptions. A
reception la the most elastic, convenient
social affair imaginable. Jus? a little'
stretching of the rules will make It a
grand ball, a concert, a banquet, or a
prayer meeting. It can be ailjuated to
the crowd, th? weather, the political
situation, or anything else. The only
trouble with these receptions la that a
guest never knows whether to take a
prayer book or a copy of Hoyle with
htm when he starts to the meeting.
??^ns?? . ia
1.II.I, an Apparie.
If you have lost yoar appetite it will
return to you if you apply te a druggist
or renerai denier who eeJU Hoetetter ?
Stomach Hitter-. Basen y?u are m pos?
session of tars helpful ?tonic, you have a
restorer Of app?tit? wTBch is unniifing
and prompt, atareover, tt restore? drgr?
_?" ?Jt**!_7*M_?? *???.?*5*? ?~* ?-se-ntea
the howeln, tfoar, and kidney?. ajM pro- !
Uula Jrwa Jtfom sasiaaU i-d rb?___W |
| III? Kxperienne? at ?he Vsrliea ?baervs
tories? Amarle? Abe?? In Iiiftiro?
meats?rrefe?ter narward'? Usual.
Proreauue ?. ??:, ?nanword. of the ??tM
I BtSBtrvatOf], the famous discoverer ot
? thi. fifth surellits of Jupiter, arrived here
! los? nlicht. says the ?San Kran? (eco t'hron
. if .? I.i'k. lie l>rt.ught a beau
rlth !'im. th?. gtfl of the
? ? ..-my ?>f ?Beasnco, it.e rne*.?tl
?''?Ing the Irlande prlae. f.?r th?? great ?
?/?.ery of the >>;.r in ndtmnoniy.
? ? ? rofeeoor to looking anewllitgly wet\,
after hi? long trip, IJMMMJB. ??? was a trille
ttar-H-Btoteed wh.'n s*fn. ?? l
With ?nthu<lrism of what he Raw, and tie
?great aetrooooaeia he met during Ida ab?
sence. Ann ng? tho Setabrutad astronomers
Whoa he met in Europe wer? Camille
? ? immai ?toa, tul and
? ?? .1, h?? told a story ot
absorbing ini
?? -??? ?Barnard lofi her? in Irabru
?, h:.v:ns been ?,r.mt??! a ?Ik
month?' leave of ol I ?ar? of
Regenta II.? ?spent ???trie tini?? in rtatt
. ? priai it?;i ol??"?!?.a??." ? of ?. ?
ml then cr????*??! the Atlantic. He
: .?t Liverpool .?? May tttb, snd it
rol till .June :T<th thut be ?;i].p. .1
abonni a steamer at f????????\.?? to ro?
tura, ?During -ill t.'?i; tlm? h- wna aa
t cuidl be. in England he vtatted
?- Qioeanrtoh, tbo ??????p?. Captata wii
llao. NobMs, the ? 'atnbrldi.??. and Ran.
otreorvatortoa Then he crosead the
chaaaaj to Prance There be rtattad th|?
...?tioas? sboarvotoiTt* al ?Parta, for quite
a While, and then rol,, out ..n I trata to
? 's. und BOW Flammarion, and ?'
??* ?? shy-piercing apparatus of ht-? t.l>
i itary, ?Wem there he pruc.-*j.#,| to
Italy, and saw ?Sshlaparelll un? teic
It took him ? Good \\hll??. I "it he
got MirouMi ;lt ?tost, and th"ti crOSBtd t?
? s, ?.nd bow the obsarrotuty at
Munich. Thence he ?proceeded to VW-nna,
ayed r?r a time at tbe l:oyul ami
areni to Oermaoy. At ??rlin he ?aw
Royal and ?'rnnta ol>??-rv.itarie?, nt
??. ir?? AsteophysicMl obeen ??
Ht ? ??. ?tatted the ?:??? ii observo?
* ry. He also visited th.? ?Royal Ol
: ? i :. Then he went to !:
; exomlm ? the apparntua ?? the Royal
In Bramata, he yaw
tin- ?>r. Terly oboervatory **r i/ouraln.
?? tii!-? ?aad much mor? th.- dtocovetor
nuli .-.?. il:??? oi .tii.it.r Darrotod
in an unassuming ?ray, "i went ?not onlj
to Bee the Instruments, but to
who managed them," he mid, '"?ni ?gain
r ? ?oiill In tl.?? way of Informa?
li would t??? ?i- ful I?, th?? I.i.-k oi.
servatory. I can't sag I found anything
ly !.. iter than n?? have heti
? ' ?.t e?.? dam, where possibly the
: ' !i it bet* r 111 ?giving
'? ry hm.n]?,..ir..- Then ere, ?generally
? ?. two in.ih.Kis of mouatlng, the
an i I hi ? ???? man, but ? he ?Potsdam
".? ? ???? combination of Um two, an!
Inuoua expo
"\ great many point* ? noted ire of
? me thing l learned was
Hut Am. ri?.m astronomers .?ml InsSru
ment makers are fully ahi? to take tare
itnunenta of oar
? perfei ?
? might be, ?,ut in equatorial lota?
. ?.. not to he eoca
wlth ua There la ?no comparison
i. At kluolch in mei ? taut ? ii? I'?
Instrument? thej ?re perhap allghtly
abea ? of ita, Lui if ... only in ti .
?oui? ?ix months ago a curious -t rrj
?*? publtobed about ?Flammarion having
ie .?f In? hooka bound In th? ?*??? or a
rung lo.lv. ? did not believe It ?it the
time, thinking it purely sensational; hut l
visited Flammarion, handled th? book o
lota astronomical work??nd found Ihe
story true. Tr?.. ?tact? ate ?diese?: Th. ??
Was ;? yoiin? lady ?, I.o whs a ?great ???
mlrer of Ktammairton, und the ?great as?
tronomer ?roa an ui leni ?admirer ?? h?-r
h? luty, and especially of her shoulders,
"Well, aha dh ? u ? tofl ? will ?saying
rh.it Um akin ol ?her ?staouldera ?should be
presented ? im for binding on? ?,?f bis
look.-*. Bo th- skin wa? actually removed
und ??nt to a tanner, where II wss cured
and then r? turned to Fi immartan. He
hn'l ?air of lile l.oek? Pound with it, an.I I
s?w ?and handled it. tt wu* .? beautiful
i'iit-eiined volume, und ih? cover looked
like whlttoh-gray partrbmsnt, with litU?
dark-colored spot* it was on June 17th
that 1 s.iw an ? Inspe? ???'! the ?
volume. Flammarion la very proud of It
"Ootng from ?Letpslc to Iterila ? found
myself stane ta ta a ear with a man
whose ?picture it Btruoh me ? bad
nmewh? t*e, ? asked htm t? ? ? waa
not from Amertcs and from ?Hartford.
Ho ?mid he ?ra it chancad thai p ??? ?
M.rk Twain, und ws wl aad tail
thrao ?boon together, l ?got an ii.a from
? he aald that he did not hove mueh
confldenee in the et.u?.
"I.or?l House's tel-?,-ope 1? th?? Idirirest
ever constructed I weal tato It, and In
the middle ? wu? unable to to?i?h tho
top. Th?? mi: t..r i.> ?dx feet across."
Then ?Profesor ?Barnard unfolded tie?
great B??ld medal received In France f??r
hi:* dtacorery ot th? tinh satellite <?f Jupi?
ter, on ene skie of it was Inscribed!
On the reversed aida ??** th?? ral?cd
h? I of Minerva, With the words: "In?
stitut? of Prance."
Professor Barnard will probably tanvo
for the I.lck observatory to?.lay. In r?
nurd to ino report puMtabod Mme mr.nths
aa;o thst BO was shout to accept th? poni?
ti..? "f chi? r ,i?ti..n..iTi?r at th.? l'ntversitv
..f CbJengo, lJr?.f.??.?r Borasrd intimated
thai ?t ?.va? untrue, and b? Baked that it
be em?ihatically denied th.it he ever con
t?m|,!.it?d reSDOtnlBg in the Kast when he
toft. He -ill tbe ????>???? t,f the t'rilver?
ity of Cnnforn! ? had bren very klud to him
at, 1 that h?? WOOld have t.?a un?<n?tifiil
to have gone East for any aackoporpoao
??G?. Bernard aocomponled the pawCaonor
in all hi? trovata.
It act? witn eitro?.r unary eftloacy on the
L1VEK, KliiVf V ? AM> HDWI-I.s.
/n efle?-tiiai ?peolMc for Malar.s, Botrel Com?
plaint?, l)79p*?i>?ia. *>i?'k ll^aia.'h?, ?.'< nmipa
t on. Blltooaneis, Klluey ??!?? '.????*. Jaundice,
Mrmtet l'epret?li?!?, l'olle.
It ??a ar? a miaerai-Is *uT"rnr with '.'casttpa
iios, Dyaas?aata. f?ii?-w.- ..? *-*. ut Kniaer Affe
tlon?, seec rnllef at end in ??miiion?* hirer Re?
uiator. It dee? not reeoir? conrnrual ?loaiug and
roam buta trrfl?. It will .-are yt.u.
tar-?.?.? <.K.\Ll.Nr*._aJ
nasour/Stami? i? sar? &n front u wsirrrs.
J. H. /RIUN ? CO., rtttlaluiiihia. l'a.. '
bole I Top ? ? lore. I'rlce. ?1.00.
?* ??? *?\
IPorous Plaste
08T 0U( ? AS FUliN'ISfl LITTLE
MTklMKNT beoause aa eesentlal coaatt
tuest (Cocos Butter) baa been removed.
IH ? Ui E.5"
hklAlNHIT. eoS-eoUp?
I had a malignant breaking ont on my le?
I below the knee, and wascaredso'md and SB 1
. with two and a half bottle? of BBgara
I Other blood medicinn had failed __3_i_i_V ?
tcr'jm? any good. V. lu. C. BbATV,
Y?>.k??Ue.?.<' ?
T$W?????^'?r >
mk '
? wastronhtod from chiblr.o'd with as
grnvated case of Tetter, und tlireo b?itt!>"
cur?sd me permanently.
Walla'-b M?T'
??? M_?o.i
11 r liook on Blood and Skin Ptse-i?.?? :
Swirr Sr?-trio ?Co., A?anrj. ?
JAMES B. MliNr.A.., JAKr? R. TAT-,
PnaMrail \ice-Pr.?? lent
Prie? "(i cent.? per ga 1 ? l??'bo harre!. ??'.O.
??Halt?niore. hlchinoud. Ncrt U, Krano??.
Any onecan apply lt. Seni for er-, ilara. -?We
ur? tli? Urgent mana'acttirer? tl h.x.f Pslnt
tn the world.'' Sena ?II order? dltvt Ui u? orto
our ageiite-FIArtWeul? BB0TBRS8, Btda?
BBMR1 WAi.iSK. .Norfolk; K> ^ N-? HU?>
TIlKlts. Kosnoke. - , | -<U4t
?"???1?? NAVI04TIOM__H__
C ?I Vl l'A ??? ? .lAMKs It!'. ? ? ?w&BaBBBBB?
LINK f.?r Norfolk, Portsinoutn. ui I P "tu, New?
port New?. ??G??????. end .1 e ? leS-Uirer laud?
ine?, sed Connecting at "id Point and Norfolk
for Waefetngtoo. Hilton, re. ?nd ttie Sorta
PB1DA1 Al , .'. ??
Ele?'ri--cur.? ,|,,?,?( tn whart. r'ar? BLAS
! sun?! te Norio'.k, l'ortsmouth. 0*1 l'oint, ani
j Kewport New?. Music ny a i?r?n,l Orchestrion,
l'relght rc?-eiv?d daily toc stieve-nim??!! ??;?t>??
??,? -..i points in Esiter? VirglBla ani North
? rt-tdeat, superni ??<??????.
Onerai Offieni Planters' Panw B illdin?.
Appointed ?ailing ?lay? F>?ry TtfBBOAf snd
? l.U'AV at 1 P. M. snd ever? Mi.NDAY at >
Freight for Tue?d?y?' and Pridsys' ete?ra?r?
re? et red til! ?allin* lio'ir; 1er ?OBday*? ?"?aiaer
till t# I. M. ???tsnUy. trei_Bi rr, ?imi im? un?
til G. P. 11.
Pare. M.
loi limner in'?.rrnitlon apply?.>
Cener? Luthers Agent. (>nve Kucketts.
\\. P. ? ?? iibsToo,
_ai7 2a_li on ?ral Agents, PhiladelpBia,
i.i) DOM I Nit) ?
m.ui-vyk'.m.y ? :\;: for new
stnenier? leave It ?ehm nnd
k.VKK? rUBADAT and VltlDAY
lock ? M. Manifest dosed one hour be?
t?r,? ?ailing ti"'"'? ....
Mesmer? lea?"' Now fork fro ? Pin: "?. North
Piter. lor Richmond every U E.i.Ni:-DAT ?ni
BATI k?l'AV nt :; ?- ?., artivug m Klcamoad
MONDAY und FKIDAY MOiCsl.v .-.
Pas?nser eceomasoua ? au nu?.?!"., issea,
Cabin fare to ???? '?"!? .netudlag
?ad berth; ' ?< Jarnee-river route -$ ? 00
' Koiind-trip ti? kets. limited t?> Dili ty ?lati
1 alter ?lut? of issu?'. H On
Bteeragn lare, with sul?sl?te|icc.. BOO
Steerage far?, wltheot eubelatenioe. ?? oj
i cat,in (are ???? Casaapeak? and < ?BI ? ? u'.
i way stit BtebmOBd end Pnt?wb'jr_
i?.ilriHi.| (ti. ket? liiiit??.! to four ?luv?).. !? 00
Ro and-trip ticket? (limited to thirty -t-.ysi M BO
Ticket? .-nn be obtained it Ktehmoad irsnsfer
Company's, 801 essi Bsls sir.??., ? beespeeko
and Ohio and It' 'bilioni nu ! ? ?' irsi 'ir.; ?epOiB,
nul ai Un? ootnpany'a offies? ' ?"i Mam street,
ami wharf, Socketts,
freight lorwar I? l and thron???! bills of lading
?.?sui'l lor paints beyond New i. rk.
Preight received daily until 5 P. M.
Passenger* leering klchmond ?n MdNPAVH,
WBDNKBOAYB, 1 11! U?1?AVr?. and BATb'M
imy? by theCBeupeako un? Oblo railway imi
Newport News) ?t :t P. M. BBd by tli?? Ulctiruond
and I'-l?r?biirg rs!lroi?l (s;ittie ds??i it :?:'C P.
M, will mske connection at NOBPOLX wttri
?twmer leaving tho??? ?lire.
UEOBUI U. Al.l.bN A ''<>?. Ag-nt?.
No. 1301 'm.ii street,
my ! 1 and couipaay's what I, ltockelis.
RA1LIIOAU l.liir?.
'tOUTfT4"-1^ i? ?'T''"t tk* "'? ,?,':?
?:?() A. M. Pailv, w.th Pullman for Ni -
folk. I'ort.moutn. <J|.J Pi?? N?j,
Lort New? ?ui 1<??*1 BSt
3:00 P.M. Daily, witti Pullman, for ?..?ist ?
tioai. Newport Newi?, ?Ml lila
Norfolk, aad Portsniouih.
?:4?'> A. M. l.issl trslu, eid.pt ?undav, alt
1 . ? . r ? ar. for ? . ui-.n ro ge, ? ? .
Beet?Bl i;ordonsviUe for Wa.?niiu
inn. al Vlrgtsat Mtdlan 1 .function
ti.r l.vnrbbarg, and ai Stauuioii for
2.00 P.M. ?\ onde-i air special daily, with
I i.iltnan noi VWBBstM?TMSsSan ta
Cbtcago. Aleo loache? ou Nos. 1
ml ', for .?taunt .u and Ich-il st?.
? ? . Veals eervod nu Diuing?
? ur?.
?-.10 P. II. l>-*stl train, ?xcept Hiindav. Ae.
.??nnuoriatlon tor C?arietlenrillo.
10:00 P. M. bsuy. for t;incinnati and CBieSSJO.
P. P. V. witb Pullman for ? in-ina ?f ani
loutsvlil? and dining-car Cllfloa
Pew?? to Cincinnati. OOUMCBl al
? .?iiigten. V?., 1er Vlrgiiiia llol
Hpriag? ?lally. Muli ?ervnU on dln
P:uo A.M. Daily, with Pala.? Car fur i.yncbhurg.
l.exingu u. Va., and < iiltoa
l'orge. Connect?. ex?-ept ?uniiay
lor Koeney, an.] Craig ?'ity.
4:30 P. M. Kxcept Sunday. Lo-at accummo
dation lor ?...inuihi?.' ? ?.
BUS A. U. Dallr. ft,un ? ??. lunati.
Pini'. M. telly, ina Norfolk and Ol I Point
?.'???) P. it. I? ?.:??. frcm Uncluoatt and Louis?
7-.?0 P. M. Daily, from Norfolk ?od Old Point.
7??.? P. M. Bseept Sunday, fiom honcererte.
? TKAINSAHRIVP. i.liiil ? ?-?????? STATION.
! ?? a. ? Kx<*?pt son I ?.? inni Coin????.
0:10 P.M. Haily. from i.yn?h burg ?nd riiftoa
Porge. JOBS I?. PciTs.
an ?I.? Diviilou Passeugur Ageal.
BL'NDAV JCXT2, 180:1.
No. ???.'). |
Daily ex- No. 27,
B. A. I- ? BBS ?nu- Dsily.
_j _daj.
Lv. Richmond. Btli A.M. 3:10 P.M.
Lv. Petersburg 'in ? ou.
Statun ?. 10:00 ?-M. 3:43 P.M.
Lv. PeUrsburg Waso
lagu.u ?irsst.. ?O.O.IP.M. ?liai P.M.
Lv. WelUun.. 1 ?_; i 6 AM ?;!.. P.M.
' ?.. li?-.1? ? ?: ..... .D tria P.M.; ?:b0 P.M.
Ar. Duraam. 0:1? P. M BBS PJL
? Ar. ftaleigti.Si1 ?BIB P.M.I ?:00 P.M.
i Lv. Raleigh.? 4:-jo p.B.I B:la P.M.
; Ar. ?outhera Pises.> ?...t r.M.TuO? P.M.
Ar. Hamlet.I 7:00 P.M. 19:66 P.M
Ar. Wadeebere'. its? a.?.? ? ?? P.M.
I Ar. Boaro? .| 8:40 ?.M?,I-':40 A.M.
? Ar.Cbsrleiu ........_J ?,.-?? A.M | .?:00 A.M.
! L?. Moaro?. film la A .1. \ .M A.M.
Lv. C'breter.|ll:4o A.?J. V-':00 A.M.
i.V. Clinton..D i:4?*> P.M. .'!:14 A.M.
I Lv. Greenwood.I 2:41 P.M.. ll:.*>7 A.M.
Lv. Abbevlll?.I a.-OH I'M UK? A-M.
Lv. Elbertoo.. 4:13 P.M. .VIf? A.M.
Lv. Alberts.. b: 10 P.M. ?:1? A.M.
Ar. Atlauta.,...| 0:40 P.M.j T:30 A.M.
li -Dinner. ? -eups.r.
No. BI ?saos all Isx-ai itops. Connects at iiv
lelgb with Pled-cmt Alr-Lm? fer Aehevlile. S. C,
?ad all luit-ruKMiiate pvlut? on the Waiters
Nortb Carellaa rallroM.
No. BT baa ???????-?????! Hleepers Sieb
moad tu AMauta. Conn??oU <Hr?-tly at Atlauta
with W. a A. IL K. fox Chattanooga. I A?b?UU,
and alt point? West- ueeaect? with A. A W. P.
M. K. for Melili?. BsMtgomerr. N?? onswoa
aad ail points hu??????.
ARKIvS ??? :i.m<in,i.
???. ISA, Daiiy-A. A W. ?pnisi IMI A. M.
No. ,? ?',?? y ? ? ,.?? .-:?,__,?? Mail aad ex?
press ?n.'.o p. M.
-er ticket?. Pullman rsenvatlona, ??.. apply
at tickat-offlc? Byrdatre?; itauun. hi-flmona
Tr?u?f?r Company1?, 001 ??*? Matt BWeet, sad
comuaay ? orno?, ?Btl cas; Main sreet
Ueaerat Manager. OenereJ Bspertnt,
Traffic Ma0A?t?r. Passeager Agent,
U. ?. ???????, City Paeg'r Asms, my V4
Jt> BJ_?_ts*? AT law ?lafAfCM J*sMSrT
?????? ?ti l.l -ti
Sf-'UgDULt IN Bf] -.< ii*
IXiVK BJCBMOan, ???:->. ..
(MM) A. U. iiailr?ava.iii*? ?Ml .??"?.
.i*lLAi# UWUT4.L? -Arii. ?
K#iX U.-.? A. la. ><?*?>? <" .
tersbara * ?*?. ir. ?n'i ??
0:00 A.M. l?atly ?IMtraiPAWOt*.?.?:
ror l.yarBbars. itcaoiite, ?. ? ?? ?
rocAhontaa, a ?nova, ?
an?l Cr.*-.e*n*? l'u'i???. lit?, ?t
?'??per Merio.? to t tv :v; > wur?uu?
? ??ose. ibroo?ri c-cca # ? ^ :??
i.t aatea? ?? i.*ft?i??b?j7.
3:10 P. H. !?aityfor Norfolk. tnlOu?. *o?J t*:?
.?..,? :i, ,? ateusas Arn? ? S y
feik ?:?.?? H. M.
11:?0?. M. I???ty tor ? ?ano*.?. VatUerd, ???
ISBkli an?; Urial?,. Con ne H at
':? ann?- ,..'? A. U- V.Ui V.BNtjtBfl
?.insnd?-?a:ta.??>e?a:.tiaiu.. Pull?
r-tii ?lerp.r? Koeoofce te ?????
l.Di? ant New ?ir ?au?. l).a
irr,-**ar attach??.. Aise ?? t Bi'i'fUP*?
neak ??*?. tikftoru. aad Mm?
??. i.-n-Vaiioy Slvleiea; a?? 1er
l/ou-vville a.'.d fistlina U-i^vllie
\txl Naaiivili? ra'lroatt ??? Nxteo:
Bl . NO Reck? M ou a? en 1 all stv
It* ?? Wlnatoa-Jateta iti ? ?.en.
PUI.UIAMI'A LACK si.snrr-Kn?stwe-e RICH
MUNI) end l.YN. ?G.? llu r??4y for iv?io???ri'r
as 9 1?. U. ; al?H> Pullman ?'?.?.oer reteraberf te
i'rain? arrire Iti ?hn?.??? J rr^in I.yoehbnr? ?al
the V.?ei ?lall? S::>."? ?. M. ?ml 4.40 P. M
Krom Norfolk and Hi?? l.'i't. 11 A. M., ?n?
? eMibUled l#t:nlted 7:'?) P. M.
D'.strle? faaMasser Asunr.
W. H. HF#V"1LU
Cea?:?' l'i>s?c??ir A??ou
t.'eoera! of!. ?9. Poauok-v Va. ie.t
B1CHHO?0 ?."?0 PEI Krt**HT'??t> BAJLBOA0
I ? M ? ? ? ill.?.
Corameucmc :> ? ?* ? ? ? . fletaba*1 :. ism,
a? ? lOt ?. y... trains on trim mad will ruu a?
?IT! fear? ; Arrive
'? I Rlchmoad. . Pei-rsbar??.
? ? MiOOA. M. ? 0.31?.?!. Nonolk special
US' ?0:? ?. M. 10:0.??.?. I tui.iicti train.
41 ?1?.W P. M. 1:4.1 P.M. Avomnio tat'n
?-'7 ?.'1:1111*. M. ?:4.1P.M. .VlanTasi>?ct..l
til *'>:.'?? P. ?. ? 4 '. P. M. A .-'*!i?Tii,xl<?t'n
85 ??:.?. P. M. Mtir, k. ?'set Baprsm.
?I1..II1?. M. 1 .'::!.? A. V. ? ?\ji.iiuodtu
Leav? Arrive
Peteraburg. ; Rtakaaea 1.
i 'V-4M ?. M. ? 4?? ?. Bt ??? malt.
:i'J *7:4t? ?. ?. ?::,.? ?. ?. I A..ii!iiru.vMt'il
? '?:15?. ?. 11:00 A.M. Norfolk train
134 11*07 ?. M. 11:45 A.M. Alleata apoetai
i.? *? HO I*. M. 4:4*. I?. M. ?'. * W. ? il'fn
T? ?.?:.".. I*. M. 5:60 P. U. Ihroucb tram.
4it| ?:'.".) P. M. , :G0 I". M. , >oriola ape*H?l
rrrorpura it.A' m
Boa 14. 4?, 4?,, an t M BSakS no ato?,??. .Noe.
'<*7 aal 1:54 ?top Bl BelUeld an.l Stonev irei sa
signal. Noe. l'.'l. M. :.?*? 4M. and 7s ????
on runal a; MaiK?he?>ter, Drewrjr'?. t'ruirahi.
an.l - I, *i?r No?, il.', .>!, an.l 1*7 ?lil ?*:. ?? n
?igual at all ?talions.
1'ullmait Palaie lluflrt sleeping-tar on all
through train?, tin Traine No?, it." ami Si Sleep.
inz-t'ar? between Kiehmou I ail l.ynctibari;, fa
I.eavlnt Ktcbuumd at 9.10 P. M ?lally .ml ar?
riving at VVeldon at fitfti P. M., aii'l at Atlanta at
7:il? A. M. no 8. A. L. 'Ibrougb ?leopur??hicli
m..i.l ta Atlanta.
?ru??. oni.Y a?,?#-?.??. ubi ro nvuipoLK.
Hifhmon?l..*H:0'i A.M. Nerlolk.... il:.'. \. M.
Hi.'Utnoui..?.':?? P. M. Nortol* .. i:,'D H. M.
Norfolk.?7:30?.?. Kt? hiuonU.. Il 0 ' A. M.
Norfolk.*4?:?5 i'. U. hiebnionti.. 7*00 P. M.
111.? train? toavtag RJctaaMB)? at 0 A II. ani
Norfolk at 4 P. M. aro ?olia train? l??twa*n tii? ?
tso points, and paiiensere gi> tbtotigti Ottboul
etiange ol car?.
'trains leariiic Kii-hmonii at ? ?. M. ani
11:.".0 1*. M., au?! arruine at Kichm.ii 1
at ?::!."> A. M., 1:1? P. M., make ?doe? cunri???
tlon at l-Dteraburg lo and lr.?ai Ksrefilt?.
Lyu'libiirg, aud w?et.
?. M. I?LLT, rwanimtaPdml
K. T. U. Mvbk.. linuarai .Snperinten?leut
1. M BaKU.-i.s lr-i:'l ? Man.i.er. jy '*)
Kirlimoinlilliiiiviile Bailruad.Ce.
"AMI ;.!. rJPf?K gp, y \v. m IDBB.OPBB,
AM) Ki.i i'l.n rooTgB, ui ?. r.ivkR?i
? ? . Pit r ??????? in, lassi
lt*O0 ?. M. BOI ?iKliS IXPKI??.?. Jallr to
Atloi ? ?? an? oolsts Soasa.
lOoaectl Si lianvil'? Witti Hie
WVMl!S..(>N A*4U *?????
V\ H?l'k'KN \ i-Xl lili l>.l) UM?
ITBD, , ?aae a? al ?.r.-ensbor?.'
tor Dalbaia aad M?i ?ik?; at ."?alU
?.or? foe Western N?.r?h < aniiu*.
P?jt.?ungcr< .an tike ???????G at II
? M
|S:40P. ?. ???? MAM,. <lai!y, for Atlanta, Au?
gti4tn. au.| point? .i?iiitli. ? ? BM tt
st -Mo-.il??? with Ka. urlile set
i', wiia' ?u railroad ; at ker-vill?*
tor CUrkavtll?, Ost cd, llemi?rs-iu,
anil IriirtiTn, an.l at OreeuelOTo'
lor Imrii.iin, BaleteO. and VSI .
BtoO Balsa. I lnou<h ?leap j? from
DeovUla ? it?
?-OOP.M, LOCAL, asJly ?seept *>aii?lay, ror
Aiti'-lia ? ..iii'thon??? BOd lutormo
TBAIN8 ABUI .?Ga? rUOHafOstD :
I-lm ? m'I Kr,,:n Atlam* sui AuKu?ts.
B:oS a. .1. fron* f tita ? '"urthou??*.
YOUK-RIVER ?.???,?..??e8??m?i
TBAIB No. iu. klOP. i.
LOCAL EXPKKS??. ?AsUysseas? s-jniisr. ?stop?
at ail ?tallona, Al Laator Manor eoaaecta pttu
st?(9 for Wslkertnu; with liatumoro ?tuamsrai
West Point?
????? Nn. 1?!. II.". P. M.
HAI.TIMUKK I.IMITK?. ?lady o.cept Sunds?,
fir B'esl Poiot, cjijiif.'tiiii. w?tn Vork-Klvor
steamers for Haltlrnoro. Jil Haiti more ?trarr.er?
counect with Baltimore an?l Dbio railn#a?l f >t
VVatblnnton, Pulla ?.??|.?? ?. aal New York.
Meamer? leave Palli?? tu at & P. M. .Salir et
irrt Sunday.
Tratas from Wast Point arri?? at rtl?-bojouj
stilo.'. A. y 10:4?) a. a., and s.u.? P. a.
IRA'N BO. 44. 7:00 A. 11.
LOCAL niXKI), dally eicept *????..lar, leave*
Twenty-tb.rd atrent tur West Point and Inter
mediate points.
I icsei-ol?ce at ?tatlon foot of Virginia ?tree;.
Open ? A. M. a. ii P. M. sal rrv.ua ul'.ii.
18.50 ?. M.
tur ti. ket-oQlce??01 east Main street.
?oi.. c?.?-. vv. a. n.'Hi;,
1 ra:"..? Manager. !.? naral Paa?ens'er A? >.i .
W. 11. OacBN, General Menacer,
j. 8. ?. rnonrsoa, eupermtendunL
John M. Hkai.i, IraveiHnt Pas?'?u<er A.
Uli rast Main ?treat. Klcbmoid, Va. Jy ?'?
KI0HMOND, ?'.?:p??;???:?????;?<?
AM) I' ?;??.! \? KAil.ltOAD?Sebetiul?
aamaaamrtag JOLT ??', IM9. ?a?:era ?taniUri
7:45 A. M.. ieare.? 0?/r<l-i?'.r*r'. Station dati?/
(ex?'?i#t rniu'la?/'. Arrives at
V?a?Qiu(tcu at l'.iOl P.M.: Baltu
more. 1:17 P. M.; Puiladetpkla,
!i:47 P. M. New York, U:30 P. M.
1^:00 nooo, l?avee brr?l-*?treet station daily.
stops oqit at Aatiland, Doawe't,
Mllford, Fr? Itrl k?t.ars, bruuae,
and Viidawater. Arrive? at Wasb
. <? .? at :l:40 P. ?a.; haltlmore
,:?.'4 P. M. fbilaoelphta. 7.4??
P. M.; New York. 10:3.. P. M.
Also<??unect? at Maabincton with
. -1.? I' M. dallf train, ?rriviuc Bat.
nuiore. 4.'<ii G. M., ?u.t PUIIs4el#
plila ?):4?? p. M., and wita ? on ?ret
? ???'Hi limited (all Paliamo irarlor
cara and Penoayivaoi? ra.irv<sd
diulng-v-ar), leanoc at 4 P. M
daily a'N.ing at baiiuiiore, 4:;,4 ?
M., ani Boo York tt-.O? P. M
7:16 P. M., leaves Byrd-Otreet sutioa dstlf
*?l?epi!n-cnr* Klcbuiond O Me?
York and Wasbinctaa to Pmi???:?
, ..? ?.. Slope only st Asblsnd. l)j>
?oil, MllfurO. ?/reieri.-ki.r.ur?
Brooke, and Viidewsiar 8i"pe ai
otber ?tait?n? ?a Mmday?. A rrit???
at Waabinfion at 11:10 P. U;
Baitiruore. 1?.:5?1 A. M.: Poil?-.?!?
paia. J:* , a. M.; Mew York. Wet
?. M
?:50 A. M., e*rnva? a? U,<d-s-.r???. station 4elly
Sleeper from New Yerk. ? topa
only at vYtuewater, Brt#ke. Prede?
n-koburg, Milford. ????*????. *?.i
Aahland. Blope ?' otfcer r.a'i.-i
on Sundays. Learee M aja.??-U.J
2:38 P. M., arrives ???????? ?titloa daiir
stop? st Widewater. ????. PreJe
rl'-k?bT?r(f, Mllfor?, Unwe.T. and
AibUml. I^are? Waabtus'.ou 1'j i."
?. M
7 IA P. IL, ?rnv?sat Byrddltr?*M*Hetion da.'.r.
Btopa oely at ? red ara??? bur ?, M.l
fotd. iKewe?, sn4 A ?a .an *- f-x .
mannara tassi M?? Yerk ?st
WiiaiBgma. Loa vea Wasaiagt?*?
st ?:*d P. M. !*?#?? mi aaap at
11:90 P. tt, arrives at Byre-Street ????? dally
(?ir.??A Sasdav). LeaereaWa?*?????
toa at 7:10 P. hi
0AILY gxmwr SL'Btf. v.
4 00 P. aL, leaves ByM-aAreet iMatiii*. Am??
at Predati ?aaova ai*?4 r. a
a 33 A. kt, arrive? a? Byr?-er??t?H Suttoi
Leavaa ftidaastaasrrg ai ma. ?,
?.4? A. M?, lasse? Wlwv Airivsa at AAtlsod w
7.Af A? M.
0:30 P.M.. le*e?a asa*. ArMv?e at Aatlast .?
7-twr. ?G
0:4? A. M, artlree?? G~
0:0*5 A? ?J
T.T ,"1??

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