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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 08, 1893, Image 9

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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? ? \ ? : ?G??t? saie? 's PronouDcetJ
Not a Fair Test.
? : : dihts settled.
.Brrietl lastest in Light Airs,
Br?iiskrli-St?f BiMtes.
U.nr These????? of G???1? Vttte??? th?
j,,,,,? .1 f.'.iii ah ??.it? ot ( raft?
S,ii 1 rial G?-Morrow.
. ii t?? th? Dlsuateh.)
\ ? . fobrr 7.?
?i .?! tl ?? -
. Kyrie
lay by
?ni al
: . ? . ?
But to
ill ihe
? ,it .s ^,'oriiin
? ?? I
?. ? ,r Hi??
, ? Md, 1 .idi?..;
the vicinity ol Sandy
1 !.. I lo 111?:
? .'?? low: ,
US t N1>UH ?, ? ?.
? , ?
l aiit from the
. :
? ' . ?
?? < '.
: i
'litutlve. Ou
' ; iVfll,
. . ? ? ? '
nu lui
: :
noun? ??
? HED.
|1 ? , ? :? : ti
;?. log
? ? ?
: I her m?1 li
t to covet
? I ' ?:?? to
? ? few
In the lead, an l
? l awaiting the
md? ?
HU to the north
. .. . Knirllsh
? ? get oa
ft] ti I ini.
' '
? ?
? ' w ?ml
An ? "? '
? in
? ,th Ima!
? ?????.
tt? ntlon
? li
\ ? . VT VOR
??? ??.. r
. : \t Ihe
? ' I
? ? heii ?1 way, I
. .it the
. . ? : ? ? .1 out ri '
but tin I'??
warning, si
? both
g tl ? le s Iti
?. splnnak t.
I ? ih? Val
? ? ly haut?
. Ball in lt.- i
I] _N ?' <; \iss.
. I to gain so
' it un?
I e......
"?. Set
I ... : .
.- ! . ' ?
?.'. ? . ?
hanging lin
ill I In
? wi t h
a hl ?. nil ? ? e li iti_.ii
1 ' ??.
M . ? led I
.' ? ? ?
? rie Bra
. '.
:? .??-luj, ?il? !?.
? rj in? Um
? Th? wind ti?, a
? ?o.ivaid s\ uh tha
? a, the
, | rtei fa mile
? I:, ^ up Wie ?
nark It Mew ?
ind in
I ?
la stays ? ?
., hoisted an
, -.? : ad stood foi the
reach The Vaikyn.?
? ? baby jiU-ti.p
'?'?Ai. timi?
" ? IBB? to the
?. M iiiiii'ii. a M pee?
? ? ? ? sec
that It look
l'alkyi ? h,
? ' ?? ' , . ?
?as rea
?filent, as tho inn? of
? - ill) p _,.
, Ih? ?liter tiirii'f
* *"'<? la u ?? in. hat
'' ' ? ? ? "
? Util? foi*,,,?! ?if (he b?,itn, It
?? tie ??mijweet. u *_?
??I u, _ ???,,, ?, ?4> _lltl t>,>in
retnarhahly <tui?a .tane,
uI "'? -?curnloB beate b?m_
, '?> up ?Uh ,hem The yiir?lte
"???! t**,iv? ?nota and the Val
"??? I-.'/. . h*r*,?f ? ?VHH'-r heal on
1 of sutti,^. e,,?.,, WM ftwl _
?harn,.? of ?sail on the reach hom?. nnd It
? ??nt that the Pnslishnian was
rapttllj saining ?in ?he Yankee, and would
have overtaken her, hud the course been
a ItttJ? lonuer. Though the otTlclAl records
rh?>w only s gain of thirty seconds for
the Valkyrl*?. sh.? ruined at least three
inlii?itrs. hut after th?? Vigilant hs.i
?1 the line, the wind suddenly ?li'-il away
from a fresh *>r?>?ee ?o a Unfit air. so that
the three-minutes rain of th? Kn?llsh
cotter was reduced t?> thirty rw.-?nde with?
in a dboaric?* of on? fourth of a mile.
T'.ioniih ?he day whs perfect and the
American boni Kalnci an hon-st victory.
It was n?d a. Bteaaty wind from start to
finish, Hill th?5r??fore not a fair test of
the tero t>?*t*.
Som?? fa?ts were ascertain?*!, however,
and they are that In tin; 11,4ht airs tho I
Mullen! I? speeiter than the Valkyrl??. |
??nt In u freKh br?.z<?, nnd In a nach t*ne j
English iH.at in ??ip.-rlor. This rnakes It I
fair to |.resimi?? that the Vaikyri.i msy j
? n Manlavs mc.?, if the wind blows
Bt? ..ly and str?>ntr.
P.\? ? B?htafARY.
Pi!..win? Is the otll.lal nummary of
Course: Plfteen mil??? to windwnr?)
Valkyrfe: start, 11-JI?*?); Bnteh, ????;
? time, 4 OC ip < ??t?* t.j tun??.
Vigilant: start. ll-JBrM; r.ni**h. I.30.47;
I ? ' 17;con eel 1 time.
Outer mark?VIejllent, IMM; Valkyrie.
tod Ihn?? '? rnlri'iti-s,
? ? .1 be irotra ! ?he sona?
tortai H??, one leg (and th?. first if tbe
. 1 1 mil ? i- lag to ?rind
?Honorary Baals Ills Own Itr.? lime al :
?; .11 m..r< - ?n'i?r 1 reala
' Un ? ?. - etch )
RAI-TIMORE, mu. October T.?The
1 : ah, with favir?. -
I track, brought Its fall
ley and thi
? ? hui - lay and Friday. The
? ?? eot a ' ' tending
the far| 1 ;,* .,,,
""GG da) , I?. It ??
? were ?posed of m
stallion ? years old.
m Vivandiere,
ind drlv? ? by ? ?
Ila, ol tii? Tuscarors
i't. 1? rick,
! ! "f Ifi 1 '
Iln - 19 1 I
?'LASS 2 IS PA?CINO. pi RSE ?? ?*?.
11?? nnlshed Friday.)
. 2 !? 1 1
I . 1 I ;, ? 2
. 7 t 1
" ? .-, 7 | 2 :,
. t ' 3 4 4 ,
I (drawn) . I ? . . .
.?. ?
. ? . :. .? 7 .
!?? . .
"! ?.
" I If 'PI'IMi. PURSE tP'-'o
? . 1 I 1
M - . ;t 2 .1
1 11 .1 r. r>
II . ;i :? 1
in ft .14 4
.I 5 1;
. g
.", 7 1
? . 7 ? :?
Ite.) .
CI. .Hfl ! ". TROTTINO. PURSE -fi.000.
. 1 1 1
?? . 2 ? ?
. 7 :: 'j
. ? 4 .?
. : ? 4
H.innv Wanderer . E ?; I
? 1. 1; :. 7
. >? g 1?)
. ;i 7 p
.I ' In I
IT*., 2:17?*,
? .1 1 1
1 . E 2 2
. 2 1 4
?. ? G? '!
? . ? ;: :,
. 1 7 ?".
Ni lile I?. 7 f 7
. S S S
PIP I Vll.i.N'.
?? ?? ?:r- ? ? ? of Mary
I the I listi ? ? ? imbia begins
I7th, at the Qontlemcn'fl ? >i >
| October 7.?Fully 7.0DO pt*rsons attended
the rai t thi b* autll U Weal
this ait? rn
sta furlong? ?'??!" Pcy? rn
Wuh lim Bi ? third.
v,..n: ? ?? -? ?. Illusion third,
? '. :?
turioni ? ?, Jlobblna -?
: third. TTnif,
Fourth ran mile and ? sixteenth Mary
Stone won; Prlni ? ? .? rgi eeom !. ?'.? ??
?. ?. :? third a Im 1:49
? won;
., Will Elliott third.
Kl .ih ? - ulatlon
won: ll.'iir.?. \ Kli
?? Mowing are th? \i irrl Pai ?? rao? en?
for to-1 rroa
? .?.?? iu.?.? f'.'irlha
? . ' ..?? .?. 116; Figer ?, 11$; Frog
?l... w Imi ' urllni
milage, IP; Queenlike 11., KB; Hat>
Ornus, 104;
1 Roland Ri
? ? race handicap, all ages, <>n?? and
one fourth mil? a D01 \ 113; \ Icto
104; i'" knli ker, 100; Illume, N;
? . :?'. PI loll? .
Third ?? blon atakes, fillies, two
ourtha of a mile Btone
ii -ili.- ill; Kentlgerna, 11?; Melody. IU;
rathflower, HI; Florence,
p Inline, 106: Nahma, 105; loia, Itti
. ? Queen, IOS: Antipode, 100; ???p,
Pourth ra?.ne mile, three-yeer-olda -
?1. 114; Restraint,
: Wain-? r. 110; Clio (colt), 110; By
i'oung Aii.'ii.
. li'l. P?
Pifih race three fourths of a mUe, nil
ild, 117; Ml?Ml.ii.n. 114; Ben?
? 10. : Enfleld, M.
race Hing, three
. Intght. II?;
: ,.-.. ike, 113; May w In, 111; Lorl
n. -r. un; Red Banner, 108; Captain Wag?
? Melante, ICB; .\r,ii>,
: .u 1. .? ?, Hiram, lui.
I ,>?! It il w 1? *?-cl.??nt.
(By telegraph to the Dtepatch.)
NKW HAVEN, Kv , October I. A ratal
? 1 ,.,., ui 1 1 on the ? I In) it -1 .'reek
R .?! tiiis ?.'ace. on
; tii? Knoxvllle division ol the Louisville
ihvllle, i?t ) ' o'clock A. M.
,?,, The first section "f freaghl train No,
. u ??. parts coming iown
. and tho . I
; on the bridge. In thla a 1
an engin* er, whe b ? 1
on ih.? train.
? m came, 1 *?
? .?n the hu lue It wen?
.:. ya, .: Um ? ng ne, engineer,
? ?. n cars of ? .al ? 'th ???
gtneer? Hlgi Burke i?r.? burled
under the delude and aritJ probably not be
found for sonic time.
?.t?,.-?????.? ? ?*??,?|>????.
(Py toUtftmpm t?? th? Metratcn.)
FORT BCOTT, KA.\'., October 7. In the
realdi no? portion <>f the
?. M y.-t rPiy. Miss
Agnog iimr, a pretty young soeJoty ?ro?
man of fine f.iitiiP. ?>*t? bmtallj asoeulted
?? ,. big sorsTO, srho hoe eoi mmtm >?'
. , 1 ,.r i i. Btlfk 1. I'??' antorO? the
. ahi no "???? i?i" ','?? *?irl wa* nt
..?;i after Um outrage reno?rati
I . 1 r lykgg wooaMcteofl
,, the BOoe. He ran south, tfil ? POOJB
l> in pursuit H?' will probably be caiiRht
and Lynched.
Valuable Hors?? M11 roed.
(By ? ?? irapti to Um Dhasatch.)
p?.pis\ii.i.p. ? v., Oeto?or 7.-The
large ; M? et the B. L Bvoroon
...y. Third Btreet iOar <?r?.cn. was
destroy??, hy "re this MOIBtng, aai forty
live bore?? IT?*? burn??! to death. Borne
Of UM animals were very valuable. Th?*
loss on horse? un?l vehlcloa ia eatlmaied
nt ??*; insiirar., bTJUbbb. I/rss on buill
Ing 17.0W; Insurance not known. Th??
a , ,?? ..f the l.ulldinr. four stori???
hUli. was divided Into Dais, runt many
people were aroused Just in time to eecoi.e
u ll.-ry desth.
Nmrm in Arkssasa
(Hy telegraph to the Irtepatch.)
MrPlrtVIl.LK, KY., October 7.-A fetal
P. 1 Journal ai*cl?il from Uttle Hock says:
A tervtne wlnd-sturm awept over Arksn
aoa last night and dkl much damage.
In I'ntou county sevcrsl lious*?? were
?iJown down, four w?imcn were klllfd out
rlsht, end sevi-ml persone were seriously
?mure*! Ths town ?*. eldorado was bully
?Initiagid, hut tiu report of loss of 111? has
I?, ? iw.|y?l. In the vklnity of Pr??ton.
1 l-'uulkner cauuty, two poisons were killed.
O'Fsrrell, Kent and Iltinton Speak- .Tndf?
??Tannane M?..r?. Huo.l and Ilnb
liarrt at Aprontados.
(<"om?*poni1?n'?? of the Rlrbmotid I)lepat.-ii.)
O? tot? r 7 -Yesterday was court-lay here,
?ind quite a BBgBBJ I row.l wa? In att-id
ante. lions. W. H. Mann, K. \V.
llubanl, and ?. ] ?, B*|ead BeBN present
by appointment to address the DaBsO
crat?. Mr. .1. J. Wilkinson, of I'ltt
aylvanla, who was advertUted by the Popu?
lista to sjif-ak, was also on hand. A
proposition for a Joint discussion wa?
ma?ie by tha (halt atan of the ? sawn latin
party, which arra promptly BSCllBSd Ly
?pnllsta, whereupon the Democrats
repnire.l to tha court-hone?, and the few
member? of the Psophr*? parly lai
Matte on the eo?arl ??:'???, and wr?
?ddrwsed by Mr. WllUnson. In th? !
court-house was a 1 ? .? < row! of t!,- ,
Denteer?? r of the eooety. I
I"." ?I Introduee-i .lu?;?;c Mann, si?-aklng j
Of him as a favorite ,,f the Appomattox ,
people. Judge liana's epssch was a .
masterly effort. Coniinlne? hlnir. If sanstly
?aghi forth fact?
and ?????? to ?how that the affair? of ;
t!i- suit.? had been ecoaontlrally a?iminis- j
tered ander the last Dtwnocratlc sdmlnle- '
tuition, nnd convincine; Ids audieri..e that
t Piter, .?t of th?? state woold be
sotiSi-rwi by the ratmttM of th? iMn -
erats in power. He called opon the
? SoathsM? Virginia who ha 1
foiiKid bo gallantly under sdvene cir?
ri? s not to ? ? liten? ?
now, bui to Ughi bravely on, withhold
lag Unir crlti.ism of the national D -
mocracy unUl they shall hare bad Urn?]
to rarry oui the pledges ol >
Mr, Hubard was the next ??.
thi pn da ? .r of Mr. Flood
la '? ? ? Settata, und t? very ? putar
??? ..f our citisi n?. ??<? ??
iker, and 1 I the Third
? ? off. He <???11?'.1 npi.ti
like hlma 'If,
! had formerly affiliated with the Republi?
can pai f.. to ? de the Demo, ratio ticket I
? ng election, that by so
.' i|n| they would I any of
? ? ?o. i: l. . He made Ihe point that
the I.ph's party had not en >ugh com?
petent las ??? ? In th? Ir rani s to fill the
il positions which the next Legisla?
ture would i>" enii^.i Up ,n to mi. and
' event ? ? of that
party, - ?? wou ? have in Ign irai
clary, which would be I ' cur?.>
? ? fall n?. Apropos of hia
remark? on that line, your correspond tit
?? ?.'.?!??! . : a case which came under
tlon ? ?'?in the la il tew ?.
A jui lice ? . who ?vi?? ,
by the People*? party in this county ?,t
betwe? ? two ?, whleh in
volved the possession ?.r a bulL The Jus?
tice decided the case by claiming th?
bull in the n.une of ih?? Common?
and a p ling the parti? ? on t" tbe ? i
jury. Thla ?? ?? - ;
that mlghl % he Pi ??
??! '? | ' ire ih?? '?? .iirtH.
V.r. Wilkinson, ths Peoples party advo
? iten ? Into a tira le of abuse >.f Ok?
in?..?? : tss, and ?,.??? ? : p
out of the party the only lawyer among
their until!.? r in this county.
Altogether, It waa a "fleld day" fir tho
Democrats of Appomattox, andwyou may
"???!"?? ' '.I results at tin; .November
Pepatisi Ornraly in Jotot DlMoaetos-?The
1 li?? Olino? rots Triumph.
(Correepondence of tl...? Dispatch.)
BRISTOL?, VA., October 7. A Joint dis?
ti ?- rwran p in, R. c. Kent and
r l'i, ?? Hunt it, 11.li?
mi?. W. H. Qrav? ly, Pi pulii '. waa hi Id In
' ware-houra hen Thursday night
? was noi large, ss the ? ? eak
in.r was i..?.ir!v advertised. Major Kent
; In a very able speech. He re?
ferred tq o?.? wise sdmlnlStratlon of Gov?
ernor McKlnney, ths Improvement In the'
public?! ?? m under th?? fostering
care .?? the Democracy, the fact that th.?
penitentiary has not only been made self
sustaining, l'ut has booome s source of
? t,, the Mat??, cui th?? sble ?t.d
anner g? nerally in which the
Democrats have manag I th Itairs of
th? ? ? ? Commonwealth, He asked the
? ? "?, ??? if it was ?policy or ? ?mm? ?
io linn o'it faithful servants, win.m they
had tried and k:: w. an ? pick up sotue
thej ..il BOl know. No party, lie
?aid, coul ? have don? mor? for the people
? ?? ??? rno? racy baa done for them
throughout i? s Illustrious history. Major
? tine Impression, and was
loudly applauded
Mr. Gravely followed la a speech, the
. ,.r ?\ hi? h wss th? advocacy of
Inage of siivi r and kicking at the
D?mocratie party. He had nothing to ray
I the ? ? ubtlcans, clearly < rlncing
that li.? expects and i? seeking their bup
II ? . a i-.ir talker an ? holds up
his cans?? quite well.
| Senator Hunt?.? clossd Uli discussion,
He dwi it mainly upon State Is lu? s, an l
?poke in most laudable terms ot th.? Dem?
ocratic Rtate ti< Vc-t. n? w ii as tha ?
? i, lai? ; for the Senate and the H
he ? is observed them. He ask? ?1
the ? ?era? ? ita lo w ?rk, si ui Ins thsm
tha? i??, .?u? we win Beata "ms h
the m mat? ? V hi ? I
Th? ' ? Democrats am
at Ablngd? ? Monday.
G???????! Convention a Fillure.
(Special telegram to the DUrpatcb.)
ROAN' >KH, \ \ . I ' lob? r 7. The se
calli l : ? ivi aUoa h? re this aft.t?
? ?? ? ? a fi'llur.?. Only twelve d< ile
gatra were present tbree from Mont?
gomery county, f'.ur from Roanoke eoun
' tv, and i'\.? from this cBy. Th ?
gates expect ? from Craig county did
p .' materialise. ?. H. Richardson, of
Roanoke, ?vu?' elected chalrtnan, and T.
?.. Locket! secretary. After resolving
?Ives tut? s cauens, from which
rs "f the ???? ? w< re ? sci ided, the
, convi ntlon pro ? ? to ? on il ?? r the
Hty of nomtnatlns a candidat? for
th? s nate, and Anally adjourned till
lay n. xt to meel the d legal ? froi ?
erb? u it i? said u nomination wBI
? M i::.?..!.?. I
Colo i?l (?'''errali a? lltackitnii?.
(Sp dal telegram to the IMspateh.)
BLACKaTTONB. VA., October 7.?Oolo
nei O'Ferrall arrlv?sd hera sbotU noon yen
in ? has ? ???? tbe guest of Coun?
ty-Chairman Tussle, 'i'? ?lay at : o'clock
he u?i in sssd the eltlaena of Blackstone
and su-.?..?.iii-iiio? community ?.'n the politi?
cal issues of Uta day. It la Bsedless to
say thai tils BI.Ch ?me ? gOOd on??, and
: creale?? the giratesi enthusiasm,
ensur for this county her usual large
Democratic majority. Many ludi.? war?
pr?sent to h<_r tht.? dlaUnguhtbed orator.
MoeUioee??' ?'?>?'??'?1 ???t?????.
rsp el ?? 11 gram t?? th? i?!sp.it?ii.i
HARRISONBi'RO, v.v. Oetober 7.?
.Ihn Ctonveattoa to-day nomi?
Ohn ?. thrwntan, <>f Creas'Keya,
i and William n. Bowera, of Tlmbervtlle.
as candid iti?.? for the I.??isluture froBi
; Rocltlngham county.
The llu.tlnii Court.
The following WiW th?? casi?? trini in
? th? Hustmg? ?"?Hirt yratarday;
i Sarah Williams, ehars*d with rastatlng
policeman Poster while m the ??
! of hl* duty. Heut to Jail f.?r nix month?.
William Dolling, charged with unlawful
gamtag Heilt to Jail for two month?
i und lui???! I'1???
1. wit linwn. on a charge of unlawful
?? Suit to Jail for one day ami
tlned if?.
Ida Anderson, chared with grami lar
?BBS*. Plead guilty aad was sent to the
penitentiary for OBS yea?.
Mrs. Ill .?> 1 ??? Dias fra-i an Aeold???.
A *?,?< ?-, iraatrad by the Dispatch from
ChartotteavUli last ni_ht ?ays:
?Mrs. I\ I ltl?.low, of Htihtnond^w ho
_B8 I." vis.tin? her BiBBIW, Mr. T. _
Paw? r?, near Whlu-hult, met with an
acektiat Thursday nigi'i which prov??l
fatal. Sho wa? dr?c?-n?ling a |>alr of step?.
wi-.eii she fill, striking her h.ad. and
fracturing her skull. Hhe died this muni
ing. She was about TO years of a*? Bar
funeral will take place to-morrow at ML
Morlah church.
Nrw? .Not?? ftoia I nit in.
Mr. Harmon Doeppe left Friday for
Mrs. VVUllsm Merdue, who has been
I quite Blck, is now very much lmprov??d.
Mr. Miles Kavho. who was hurt quite
badly by a horse running away with
I bim, is now very much Irrvprove.i and
? able to attend to hia grocery business.
Mr. WlUUm Oayle for the past week
has been suffering from ehllla.
Mr. and Mrs. M J. O'Connor returned
home lru?t Tuesday, after a brief ?visit to
Mrs. ein Plack, who was Injured by
a vicious row about two months ago,
dutd on last Wednesday from the effects
of the Injury.
Mrs. T. Kscho continues quite sick at
her residence on State street.
Mis* Maaal?* Johnson Ime returned nf
ter a v?-ry pleasant visit to friends in
West Point.
Mr.. Thomas Wetmer, encinar of En?
gine competiy No. K. left Momlay for Bal?
timore and Washington. Mr. W. ?
Oayle, who was to accompany him. was
taken very sick at the last moment and
e???.II not go.
Th?? n?w sfntncr Pocahontas ha* tx?en
tak'-n off the line b*?twc?-n here and Nor?
folk ami th<? Ari?l lakes her pince.
Mr?. Aldi?? Normen, of West Point,
is vl-Htln?/ h**r father. Mr. John Carter,
on Nicholson street.
Th? Method?*! Hunday-Pchnnl Pnlon of
Richmond will meet at Iienny-S'r??? t
church tils afternoon. An Infer?
programme ly th? children of th? Sun?
day school will be r-ndcred. also nn
a1dre?s by Ref. I>r. W. <~i. Young, of
Park-Place church
Ttew Clan??? for Hoys?X. ed ef Fund??
*?? mnsslniii nn.I Order Work.
Th?? fall work at the Young Men's
rhrl?t!an Assoclatliin Is fairly under way.
; n ? tha' orj nt? Uofl baa the promise
of a xiry ? m"< ???ful soar. There are
ihn ?,. g , ?,.. ,? ??, th? ? Incnttonol .??
piirlm?nt this fear, and tins feature wfll
Brrnmpttetl mu? h. The n?w branch's ar
r.?"-.?.ritiiig. frsshand drawing, and wa?
ter-color work. Th*? latter two ars bethj
much more tergety attajaded then was
I tl are an nttraeth I
? HI d-partm?. tit of the
A) the end of tho y<-ar pupiu
nil be abta to make an excellent ??
iii.it of ??, ?.- m irk. One ef t?
? p ??.? building haa been set aside
r.s an art-room, snd tn this will ?
played th? ; ? drawing? of the
pupils, sad those loaned l?v the arti.???
of th?? rtty
Th? stenography rind bookkeeping c!..?i
has the tergasi ?ttendance of sny in tu??
? ??? atl inai d parttnoot, there being an
, \??? teal yar. No new member?
all! I received in tbeoa cteeae? nft?T th
l.'.tii, and ?.illy a ft ?v mor? appllcanta c.mi
a Into the stenography ani
keeping class Mr. \v. it. Hatcher, of
>nd ?? ill. ? the teacher in th
arithmetic and penmanship elesoao, u?. ?
gres! im? reel te b I
The gymnasium hi in s nourishing con?
dition. - hi? ? 'II .wl.li
. \ tv Mood ly, Wedn lay, ? ?
? ii ' .? a! I ?'?') P. ?., ??? compoeed .?f ???n
of the must prominent merchants and
?? | in? ?i la ti ? city. ??
?m? run tii- ? end weary frati
theli day's work, sad, aft? r a pull a?
the differ nt ? ??-?, can fully an ?
Bystematlcally dlrcc? ? by tbe new phy it?
esi director, and a bath, they do not beat
tal t?1 expresa th? Ir c imm< ndatlon of th?
work being done In thla department.
if ?.?-.?? dealrea to ?.ntertalned for en
boor and ? half in the evening, he ran
Hi 1 ra? better place to go than to ?h?
Christian A ; ?elation n m
In session. Tl ta class meeta on Tui
iturdaya at ??) P. M.
illerles ai e ale lya open to vteltoi
both la men. The stern l
ance upon this .1 ?- fifty-tour.
While the physical condition of the
.1 y mug n. ni been careful ly
nstantly I? la 'by lb
? latlon, forgotten tb
bo) a ? ' '.? ag< ? of II an?l
16 yea In pi leal < ulture
on M< ?:.'? ? and '? ? at ? P. M.,
and s., r ? : lay m?>i nth] al 11 o'cl ? k.
The secretary has determined apon ?
new departure in hi? work. IP Intenda
: ? fTcainl/?? chu ea h) a? Ithmetic, t ?>
manshlp, modelling In clay, and In ? ?
. work, for boys between the sges
of 12 nul 16, who canno :
dated In the otbei ? Three night?
win i?? di voted lo tb ? ? itlonal woi k,
and ? hree ? veni
auch a? games, reading-circle meetings,
prai tlcal tall - Th? ? ?
privileges \?.il only be given t?? boys who
have not tbe opportunity lo attend day
? ? 11 >? makes a atrong
appeal to ell charitable people for funi?
for can yin:? on I Id and very
epartui Ile Baya ?t i?* ? -?
?*? liti .i
p m? mbei I to carry on
the work for the ?.?? ir. Many cities In this
Bl ite mut h smalli p ? con
. *. ? to ?.""? for thi
their Young Men's t'hrl p \- iclatlons
teal yi <. whlli sh ? only ? ??- ?i M.
? he 1 ? ill be?
lili tii? ? - iiiotn
im.' al 1??3 o' lock, and will couUnus
ewry Monday, We<lnes?lay, ani Fri
hour '. ' . ly thlrty
two nu m her.?* of thi
At ? o'clock this afternoon the young
mi n'? asrvlces will commence. The mu ?.?
a ill be except! inali) line, and the
W. P. lili?? s
m, ill deliver s ? up ? ?
drunkenness Thi ??? ? ? ara proving
? ry attractive, aad the attendance upon
them !?* steadily Increasing, Master Q.ge
M ' ley and Mr. I u Mia J. nklns wUl
sing sol ra at the ? . noon.
tie t*. Ill It? In St. Paul Home Week? Longer
?tundir ? ? of the Stck.
Colonel W. P. Outshaw, City Ei
? t-tiil confined to hla bed in a. l.
In hi. pani. Minn. Ite la ?nipt? ?\.
it will be some weeks before he will be
able to ?? 'arti home. Colonel '*uti
r, cent ? ? pa Inful bb I
neri.ms one. While entering; ? bath-room
of hi?* hotel he slipped and felt breaking
bis wounded teg near the hip. He ? bb
taken to the hospital, orber? the Injured
Hui? ?ras ? ? and t.? ? ? ?-1 the best
professional ahlU. ?'.Pun? Cutshaw is u
man of r;r.,it will posrer, and even though
lying in thi?* condition, be k ? ? a
up .? conatanl coraeepondence with Mr.
lvhv ini s. Bate?, ??? di . aith
? ? . aft,in? pertaining t?i bla depart?
ment of the city government ii?? has
. ?. ??;?.ii hy man ?' p ten la un? .?? ? ?
mirara In hla . iffering. Dr. Hunter Me?
Quire ' of the nature of the
? i'b Injury, said he Wi. .11 BOOO 1"?
? well as ha ever was,
Adjutant-General McDonald, ? ? i
quite Blck, ?v no better yesterday.
Th.? condition ?if .Mr. .ii?,..? . p. Kearney
waa mora fai ?reble la ? . Mia.
Kirn - Kearney p icned thai
dtj upon their return from Eu rpe last
Bight _
M.llisrj Nule?.
The tenth annual banq tl ?;?? wirt
hier I, Tr op A, Fli
? .'
r.. The
Invitation Commltl ? In charge ?if th.?
I alt ilr conal its ??. Lb ut< n.r.
Branch, Btrgeant C. U Marsllltot end
? !. Btowe, Jr.
Owing to the reta?.val of ????????? it Hank?
the I mot?* ? ?
have been made In Company l ?, First
Virginia '?'.? rtment: Private? J. T. Ford,
! R. P. ' id T. B, Herri ran !?. iv ?
(hen made ? ind Private C, P.
Pi?; ii, ? ? a nuda quaiter-tnostar ??*?>
? p. UcCtelland an! v. !
1 : e ? ri? ? -? a. I '?
An se klent ?.rred on the Richmond,
? ? railroad
morning. In
j ?.? hieb hurt
? aad a a
| Ta?? accident happened at ? ? lar's cros.i
.?f I?surcl
llneer of the fast mail,
?. ,? at ?ja m
eea ? I the accident
1 and teli eck to thla city. The
? ? ..t the i ?cal ?freight which leaves
: Richm ? ? hours after t; ? l
! mull. v\h? Instructed M li**;'?? out and re?
ibe ?
tas to know how the accident
happi nod,
l'rnnl Aaotoat t??e tt?n1.
Mr. W, C Moore, of Manche; ter, who,
fur a numb? r of yean has baasj ?he sssi?*
tant Superintendent of th.? Mctiupoiltsn
Uf? Insurance Company of New York,
hss NaaaMed hl.H position to accept a
tluttering offer uf a similar nature lu
Wilmington, ?DoL
Vi.i.t..) his business assoclatea gath
together Bad taat? lu:u farewell.
Mutiy kind words wi-r?? BSaJMakSSa. end
the meeting closed Mr. Moore was
presented with a handsoni? storm ovi-r
co.t. He iicktuwltdKed the gift in mont
fclimi luiiKuage.
? A O. r.iiimli.
Mr. T. (?. Uurbour, treasurer, has been
spcullng the week at the World'? K.ilr,
und will rvlurn neat Monday
Mr .lohn A. llancock, luiymaster, Is
enjoying his vacation at the same place.
Mr. C. L. Hutchison has been appoint?
ed assistitgit pii>mH?tcr. Mr. ilutcli^son
has been an old and faithful ctnpluyee of
the treasury dcpuKnifin. aud linecrv*?
ht? pi*oinollon,
Mr. P. P. Oaynor, chief clerk to the
treasurer, has tender?d hla resigriatlou,
to take ?ffeot en the 1st ot N?
AmericV? Champion Wins. Hut tbe Contest
Regarded as Not a Va'r Test.
rreau* of the Tobacco Tax Not Yet Propose?!
In Committee.
THE SILVER BILL? Announcement by ?-.
V corbe?? that sn Attempt to Pecore Men?t?
awSBB Thereon Will Be Made Wednwday
TUB FT ATE CANVASB-Democratie and ?? ? i
ll?t Dts-ussions at Many PUveee-n*F*rrall
Kent, and Hunton Speak-Judg? Mann and
Messere. Flood aod Hubbard at Arpomattox
? Nominati, mi.
M.\HY WA^IIIMOTON-Th? Crrn-r-Stone of
the Old M orci m ant Ketuorrd and Opeoed
Th? Contents Saturated with W?ter and
Decayed-It? History.
III8 SATIVA ?8G? Th? Isle I)r. Petsreon
wa? rielo??! ?r.d Ke?pe?-to?t in Petersburr
An BW?I f.r His riemains to Heauttfai
T1IKY Ml 8T VACATE-OffeneiT? Tertlians tn
?he liest OstwnSBBBI unices?An Adire
Morsineat to be M?iie In N.rfolk.
G.????? CIlKSlllliF.-lle Will Re Conse??atei
at Tarimm*, N. c.. hy Biibop I?man-Pre
Intis from f-eTernl State? Will Be Preeent
TAI'.-lilVEH BAPTISIS-second Psy's Iro
ceedinRS?????.???\'??????. BBS?) PMseSBj an I
Home Mifaioni Disci????!.
Tbe bitter Decline? M Flfht, Tare? tho Lit?
ter Orer to the Police, and Mr. Wallace I?
Arreited end Relied.
TU CANTASI ?? armino G? Orawsl Lra.
Senator l>?n!el,?nl ??there to SprahThh
BTsek?What tb^ G?.pnl'sta end Pro!, .
Ist.? \rc I'? ir.g.
MHS. >t]|.I S ON ??? FTANn-Her?nstlmon?
in the Meta. lai Murder ?ai? Vol'e ?emi?
t? ? ||~Shistesee fi.roi? Damaging Aditi?
Areh Chepter and Kutfht* Templars t.
Bata tatetaattag MsaBBga Bera G??? We.t.
"Tur ??.? nrrowj?M* want can .too
II!? Ob?-r?atloneon Men, Women, liable?.
? b cfcens, BBd Oofs.
iiii?'. BTATI i'aih-It Prema?? fo ?? aSo??
re?a BpleadM Poultry end Ms -hinery His
playe?? .???.) iroai the 'JrjtinJs.
BBBAT G????????? BitsBBia Biography
of-Owenl J? ;.(?? fohasBat?WBoPeogBi
Menessn??-- STIMI the Western (ami a.,n'
IraraB Othet New Hooka
???.?, DBBBS Bftlifin ???????? Follow ths
???n-rel I in?? in Hi?? NaBlM ????? ?????.
knfl'B?, ??r?telo?, aie! Renan? Ar? Inverin
t ? ? By?,imen Viaitlng lionu?Military
BBSS ???.????'???The Trae Story ot l'r?
Basai I?s7is's risut?'ii ne?Mentir?.in?ry
Wss Nevrr the Sieve of JeCc-rion Parid nor
?? er [H? PriTBte s.? vetar*.
f??11?_ AND ANSWEKS-'?be Valley of Vlr
Ctnia-Iti adapUtSlltT to A*-ruultare
Rounlarice ani Aren of Hictiiuond?Con
federato iBBtgntaef Rink-?? Wat roll's Lot?
tery of I'smtlif.,'A ?.
I?r. V .Hi????,, t.. .Harry lu 4'lnrlnn.itt?G??
litica?, l>r.oniil. ?t.
Dr. William P. M ..thews, of thl? city,
?? ? Misa Anale laaborn Graham, uf ?"'.??
?. il Ire manici Tuesday mora
? Od ber 17th, at Foreot-Avanue Meth
church, Avundali?, Cincinnati, Ohio.
TI ?? brkte-elect is a duughtcr of Copta ta
D. p. Oraham. formerly of Chenternoid,
and Dr, MettMwa I.?* one of the beut known
and most popular young physician? In
late He ?will atavo fur Cincinnati
n? ?! ? iturday,
Pr. Cbarlee Davte, formerly owner of
tbe OM Tavern property, on HuB ntreet,
died at hii* borne near Doawell station,
Hanov r county, Frida) night .Mr. Davis
Was born to Bagtead In UM, aud was a
? nt of tii? city about fifteen
? be area irell known ant highly re?
spected. Hla remalm ?'.;i onte? .?? Dyr.i
r?treet .Statimi at 141 P. M. to-day. and
Hill be taken to Muury (.'unnici y f?.r in?
There wa? ? lar,'?? meeting of th? Dem?
of Ppwbataa ?t Bin? Creek Mills
1 ? " rple from all sections of
? ? . unty wen present. Judge Waller
p. Btaples led off hi a apeech ot an hour
and a half, replet? with argument hiatory
and wit. Th.? good effect of hu poererful
appi ? ?rill b ? h ? on the lay of election.
All who h ?ui hlrn rnjoyed ? rare tr?-at.
'i rara Hoher and Mien, the Democratic
nominee? f??r th?? Rouse "f Delegat??, ?and
Mr. T. M. M!ll*r followed In ?hurt
??'G Um speaking, an elegant
Brunswick stew wan served lo i1
sick stew an can be mode w ?.
. re plenUful.
The grocery atoro of Mr. A. B. Long,
on Hull siri.t, wa< broken Into ?
night ani a Dumber <?f article? Btoton,
An entrance was effected by breaking
through the booh window. Barerai
. . . ? m.? un.? attempted to break! into
Mr. Long's More but w?re frightened off.
The polle? ere ororklng the
The Democrat? expect ??> si .?re a great
victory at Cliaseaeflalil ?Courthouse SB mor?
t ? ? ??.!? nel Whltebeed and Jodg? Flour
Boy will be on hand, nul If there bl n
Popolisi th.re Who want-* ? Pvlston of
time he can iret It. ('.??'.dilates Macon
Jeer all? atoo be pr? >-.-i?t.
l'i a eleven trump?*, whoot arrest was
reported in Um Dispatch, wera before
Mayor Maurice yesterday ?swrnBur. Them I
be?!n?? no e?ld-n?? to show that they ??*????
In any ?aray .-..-inected with tbe burglar*?
tools found t:p the Panvitle railroad the ;
afternoon ; -.,?, .(,?,, wwrw dlscharc'l
and given fifteen minutes to leara tho
John Robinson, allas Charte? E*ep* icol- !
?MB), mm chanted ?srtth hein? a BBBBf? ?
ctoin charachw Be was required to iri?*
i??nd in the sum of KT?, tn defau ' of
which he wa? sent to J_ll for ninety ?1...
?lohn la a Richmond negro, and was
' with the tramps. Charles For?
l? wn? fined $r> and cost? for
slapping hi? sister in th?? face, and th?
r Jame? Higgln*. charged with as
aaultlng A. B, Tyaoa, was continued until
: iy.
PB??aOMALa ami lmiKFS.
Mr. Jame?. r\ lira.'!,??.? has irone to Wash?
ington to io k iato securing a patent for
?? lavmtkm he ?s int. rested In.
Rev. w. u. Tratnham wBI preach at
?'??wardln-A venue ? 'tir; Oui church this
tnornlntr ani to-nlirlif. Atra at leader
Hill ut ? o'clock in tha artrnoon.
mi?? t*tereBca i-.v.m?. ??;' thla dtf, de
: th?? member? of Lee ?'imp Friday
? tth sevi ral .-hole? ri < ?? " -??..
Mr. and Mr?. W. W. i: .l?nson and
? r. of Wllmlni?ti ?. N. c., und Mr?.
M. ??. Keellag, ol Norfolk, arc visitimi
Mr and Mrs. ?. ? Kit Igt raid
Th.? Woman's ?'liristi.? n Temperance
;'ni?.n wiil bara a meeting to-anorraw
th? ?? ????
? church.
? ?? !?.?. of West-Knd
'1,'ircii. will preach a blackboard ???rmon
'?ii.? morning at u o'clo? ? Buaday
\ wchttloa will meet al IrSs
?'clock. A LitLSH by Judge 1?. A. Han
David C. Moon, who hai for a number
\ its hWB a teach r (a th?? colored
.niiiiio Bchoola ot tin? city, 1 ? nstsasd
: Btton to attend ' !?? rlin (?????".
iter?? I:.? hag gone to preparo for the
nimicai prof, si? ?.
Cspt.ln Waller OssVsg South.
llB W. O. Wall-r, for ?.neral years
?v? editor Of Th? Tunes, BBVW t'1
?II irrow to Spend the ??inter with his
r la Northern O ?orgia. His health
i I Mi f'.r HBM BkOnUkS, but h?*
by resi ani ? luti??? ?if climate to
- thoronsbly rratarad by 'h?? spring.
employees of The Time? adopted
lions expressing drap ragni that
u Waller was foro ?. tv reason of
, ' ?;>!. to retira from
,p, r work f"r awhile Cantata Wal
r has hosts of fri? nd? bet? who hope
that ho will soon be ntirely well again.
Not Wanted Here.
Captala PUsxaaata, aettng Cblef-ot-IVrttra,
said yesterday that he had bee? notified
if the hit? st of the negro In Alexandria
Who pav.? h!? rim?? .is Cole? Miles, but
who ?ras supposed t? be Mose? Hopkins,
irderar of Heary B. Parsons, but
... ? not balk ra lb? ? an "? i; Hopldne.
The negro Mil??? Colea, h? raid, was known
. , ,? pot) | li :.?. but W?? BOt want-1
? ?? aayttttne. battasi be ?? a much sleet
? than Hopkins.
G rd ?t? ite fu ?eil-1
(P.. ? ?r hfoKhUMT ? fhW r? r-ed ta
? illteia. Pools? who ??*?* con?
>ici-l !n taw. Pdtmty? Court of Cul?,? r :?
April. I.vso, of bv>oe4?!*reAkfng. and sen
t?nct to rijht years In One p*J?M -ritlary.
I Carter M? Rraxt"n. ?
ima b'.cti npp**ilnted' by '.' ?)>i
rraor a delegate to the Real l
.; ?a. ? !.,?-t, meets hi Chicago ?
?.??? r l.obcrt Raddick, of l .
?railed**?..??'!? AtXtfUiVo ?Bice y
harto? tsfJbs*?-1 at the V?j.ur<i U
tory 1 ?. ru?tw ?? y.juth ??at?? .:?
the Mayor*? C*jaar*P?** -**??.
Clovernor Mcttlnnsy^.???-..^ l'?-d M ti?
letter of uovsmor Jone?, vT" - .? ???'.a.
In which th? latter disclaims the inter?
view on the Roanoke affair credited to
hlrn. Oovernor McKlnaey, after thank
In? Governor Jon?? for baa bind communi?
cation, says that he had not sven the
alleged ? Interview, but he knew that
Alabama's Chief Kse.-utlv? sjoa MO | ? i
a friend of tho Mother state and of 1.
Oovernor to say anything unkind ?
either. As to the Roanoke riot, Uov
nor McKlnney allai.-s to it as u*?si 1 a
m??st regretabl?? affair born of the pa
? on?* ot the moment, but aspre*
hope and ?belief that It will prove a It*
son that will not be forgotten.
The Callage Deys .?oor-,?
The friends of the Itchinoiid I
tram In this city are very mark .?
at the result of the football com?
i'h.iriottea?.111?? yesterday, as tt ?? .
?.? -t tteBS that a collette team trou
Old Dominion hud ?uo-eeded to s
against the Pnivtrsity ??*.??????
Tho collego boye went t?? Char'"?
ville minus tero of their best ?MB, ?9. >?
Puk??, full buck, and O. Winsle*. Baft end,
? hen made th? touch-down yvst?t \
A ?' i"sra:n iscotsod her? by eae rat t f*
eoUege stadeat? stated that the ?.
1 on' pleasantly and no eoe r. ?
The college t??nm Is errnngtng for ?**
ern.1 other gnmso that will be pla?v<?*!
tho near future.
On? ?gr? 1h. .its tn-ther.
There wa? a ?ll!!l?iiltv In llenrlco cour*.
ty teat ?night beyoa I the branch, on the
Brook r.ui I. ?between two negrec?
lamed Qeorge Koblnson and Willlan?
Henry, and the former was shot by tl *
P'l.lnson wrti taken to the Thtr?l P? IL ?
Station, ?nd the ?mbotanOO S'imm-u. :
The physician In chargo extracted the
bill, and th? man w M I Bl to Ma hoin ?,
Not M i'a!h??titi street. Henry Basate bui
??*cn??e, nnil tt?..inly BUthorltM? am
looking f'.r hint.
Tb? lir?????! eet line lln.n.
The str?Tt-car line to Bort?n Heights
was opened to the public yeeterday. Por
the present ? half-hour Mnrlce sail be
run. ? 'ar ? o iu ? ive too ?Height? .???? ? ?
i.? IrJJ ?. M., except on Sunday. Brhea
they win ?leave at ? o'clock, tend I I
tear? the eorner of Pint, and ?lay ?tree...
OS lato us II p M.
For Early Fall. :
Our stock and our prioei ar?? Ihe strongest po-- ?
k?.>)h :ir_ruiiiorjt. in favor of dealing with n* to I
those who desire to economize, in the purchase I
of Fall
Clothing and
You'll find all possible value! crowded iato
the quality and prices of our goods.
1/? -* T7_?l P---.!-. Careful dreteera and
W??? Q ie\ Sill \R ??******* buyers?*?
..UUll U 1 Lull UUlUkJ. not fail tobe totere?*?
cd in our Grand Showing.
'r-N m ?pt??p From our ininitii-M? ?is
? ? ?? ?? M,rtl'M'Mt' including
L) 1 Lull 1 UiilUUi every fabric and pri?e,
you can*t but be suited.
CL?!1 J^^-^'rM Oi-ni^ Thouaands of Suits
? G MIR Nil .S fr?? which t? make
111 lui Uli ? tJUlU?? selections, including
stores <>t original novelty.
Tlit> popular Shape of every
? ?? ?
. ?? ??????
Extraordinary Offerings for Next Week.
Better Investigate These Unseemingly Truthful Prices.
For 35c a Yard,
erenI oombin^tiua of ?'br.oe<:at-l?> IfopST'?
111K. t'ie esasM's Bi?Mt BtyUsb Dres? mate
na'. kverjbo.ly'e pru? is flftr e?-rt?.
For 37 i-je. a Yard.
25 dlrTerrni patt-rns of All-WtOl Tsrd
Wlli L'i?,?e i'hevi. ts worth at a!) times tlfty
For 50c. a Yard,
wa dsfy all competition, aa wa are offering
fid different olor? sul wears?, of AU-Wool
imported l<r.)j? stufi?.
In Three Qualities,
Pers'sn !?ior?lty I)r??a Goois??
II. :;, stuff will ???1 lor BSe, a yard.
?1.?0 stuff will sell for ?I a y ird.
?'.' stuff will i?ll for il.vi.S a yard.
For 75c. a Yard,
Best German Bilk Flutsh HeuHetta, }?(
Haca, ene ami on? quarter yards wide.
For ,ioc. a Yard,
.*!'-W ?.? Yard-Wid? Jet Black Benrietta
aal als?) storm Herges. You'll pay ally
cent? for the?? anywhere.
For aoc. a Yard,
Jet Black Cat ? a?hm r ?, ene yard wide.
For 59c. a Yard.
One and one half yard wide Jet Bisse Im?
ported ??torni Sere?? - tuli dollar's worth.
For 75c. a Yard.
Black ?I'll Haagaline?ths latest wear?.
For $1 a Yard,
I(tra Bsary Black Batta Duchesse.
For 75c. Each,
Cheese riotb Crii) ?omfirts-alway? aoid
lor one doltar and a nusrti-r.
For 39c. ? Pair,
a one dollar acd s gust ter 10-4 Whit?
For $1.40 a Fair,
a two dollar and a half heary 11-4 Fleece
For $5.99 a Pair,
tbe Bast California Wait? l'ore Wool
BUntst, 12-4 ?Uo.
For 98c. Each,
Figured Satine-Corered Bed Cosaforta.
For $7.50 Each,
Flftare.1 < hmi-Bilk Covered Down Quilts,
worth at lea-t twwlre dollars.
For 5c. a Yard,
100 pieces 01 Bust Dark rail Dress Cali?
For toc. a Yard,
Blue and Waits aad Black and Whit?
b'tiped Satine? for drxas purp????. Twelto
and one half cents IB IB? asnal prie?.
For 35c. Each,
your chiiL-e of twelve d'.lereut kind? of Is
tra H ?. ? and Large Par? Linee Fin? dalla
OaiaasK lowels. tied and faaoy truce..
Tbere are ? ?.e wortb leas tasa 3???, aad
?wuie wortb 60e. la thi? 10?.
For 14 J-4C a Yard,
10-4 Fine Bleached sheeting.
For 6 I-4C a Yard.
Ite very tMMt ten-o?ot Apron Cbook Olag- !
bams, is ir?*?? asd browse eoly?
For 59c. a Yard,
Silk BeBitsilaee la street and ersning ]
eliades (or uct.'i dr??see aad irtrs?ning.
For 50c. a Yard,
PUI4 Velvets.
For $1 a Yard,
Silk Velvets, extra haacy pH* Tbetuoal
one dollar and a bait grade -in all ?\il_r?.
For 35c. a Pair,
, Bilk-BUtched live-Booed Wulte Cors?!?,
I ? ? long w aisla, In sisee IB to 17. So bet
; ter was over suid for fifty oenia.
For One Half Price,
<m? han ir? t samele-wove Bblrts and
Drawera for men, ladles, ant children,
For 50c. Each,
La?liM' Half-Wool Bibbed Vetta, all sirs?,
perfect abaps, o*r?r sold ta? Ita? than 75?.
For 75c. Each,
a Child'? rtary-Kltie Double-Breast ed
, heeler, IB ala?? ?J to 10 year? ?if ago.
For $1 Bach,
? Ladtee Clorn Blaser Jackets, eeitd blase
1 and bucks, thai ?? havesoul ferivo da'lars
? and a U_if.
For 50c. Each.
? Ladle?' VT?i?u, s??dn M ?It-sreol dree?
? aaonei la aoi'd navy, i;la?k, ana red that ??
? eold for on? Bollar.
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