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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 29, 1893, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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it rir.KS
^a pn ? it House Has Many Story?
tellers, and Good Ones, Too.
. ... II telieaon, l?verait, Tat
,i ?IPSptoa, CI???? ?>?d ???? and
| b] Am?? ( iimaalnff?.
: the Htchmood Dlapatcb.)
\. ? ? ? ?!.. ? :?; lit ih,?
th? Ill.lVt l'..fll
wh.? 1.11 ihc
i>. aesaetm?, asrsaever,
? ..t ??. Um p<>tnl at Is
?! .1 in.? In
' Ingtoav. Wlii!i?i.?rn??.
rap be area in
: ? !r?.tn ham Mm
? a griddle, and <
: prsasuted ???
ir to nil ctrcarni
? atorj "?:?!
I . ?:-'.?? in Ills ni
ii in
' ? II .-?? Ii.?
H?? found it th?
' ' ' neri .?s w.iiil'l ?. m
en of story
? ? mad?
? i Illustrali..: ?
ile, ahile
? ? orlgiaaL AU are
lull ?? ?- -? The ?n? ?
? ' ' ? ? : : . Ho
? for l< n d
polnl ?'hl ii
? ? "'li.
hlmaeif to ? its
would mali
Ii : ?- i-. i? dont
? ' ? ' ? ' . IV? ii
a rth of ? itton,
. ? ii?? did not
? bui h h pi opoaitlon,
Il . ? that i.? rroul ?
? in abey?
??? LO 'SL.
? of min??." Bald Mt.
torney for a ci rtatn
? ??? to ??? ?
? itile killed on the
legal qulbbii - and
1.1?.. m
: impany
pon ru ?.
? I Ilk??
.?- ht
? ? ? -. not only
: u ???? it?? att
Finally, tho
: ? ? .il It 00 kMlaTl r
I . li til?n
three y cai
reala! aw u claims a*
? ..m doing, only ?
t torney
l tu ri my
?, but n.iiv It Is
lote? Mr, Coop??
? held li Ih essaseli ?
arni t.. d ? it he ?rant?
? ingibk ?? ?
? sraa rei ited by the
? ? ? .i
'. !':'' ' ': Ol '
aad ? "in?? tu the
Mr. Hut
"i wh re 11
regatl ? - " od The
id road ..?. '
t ruction, and straight
? , ' ?? tO
re two
BI ? IptUl ?,
in tbe congi ? g ?
lo his ?? -? shouting, "i ??'
? .? n dis >ere nig*
Od that it mi
' it. take ati
bul if ).?? did be si
? ? ? ? ? ? m ih?? was,
?;. man from Ten?
ni t.. ? bop aloni the
? ..? iy through the a ii
from the II
I, Dr. W II?
?. ..f M ita Hi waa
: mlnatton ??!' s.im?? gen?
! kemocrata?
la?to End poll
Bome pali of tbe stl?
had a ?rondi 11 ul
.1 cal in ??\? ?> b
lb ?. ?? minded him
ri ita poor ? ???
:? in l.i.rliiil. Th?
led to pro? li?? ii? sr
they ?rere verj
I .r III. in at
. .? \ kindi :
rtali great ad ver ?
? ih.it made patent
Hing t.? furnish th. m
penny ? ach if u?- y
? ? m? "is ??? be
? bey thought ti a
I !. il m, that
pages of adi
? Watts and Dod
? ? agra? \ to tb?
carni duly print?
ra u to the chun ?. "ii
rnttiK tho model rhrls
Ihought of anything
? ili a verj familiar
the congregation
.1 .
? tra Jual the thing.
? did;
? . hill.
.?? luto uncontrollable
? it tt> Hie
w.is told try the Hon.
.nj? a dag
1AM ? \y.n.
" u la He a Ml as had i!?- i
? great deal of carmcUi??** t.?
? tb Bide? of the TfHTMim
? iialy ani patiently
I. in ti.
?, in
'??? Hirt lmlr of iiouiM.rs, put
'ti rear The imi.? ratios?
school i?:.? n. ?.t morning ami
!"?y aloiiK until l*c looked
? ?? ? the ?Iiiiatlon, wtu-n
a?,?."'?'.' 'JUt ***** oitf whimpered. "I
ila? u?*?, pitJiU|> j UOul j^,,
whether I um ?????? lo SS-Mal or roln*
back boras "
The Boatta ?ut .Un?an'? statement waa
. with BT-Sl litu;;lit. r.
Not long BfUrWarBa, In referring to tho
ricoper?.? -trotta ..f the bankers to rhoke
off Hi?? hilft men. Mr. Titl),?rt xuld that
charity f.?tl.ii.|,. thai he BhoaM say Hint
' , w? '"'"
man MWaVtr, .??ill.) think If le?
<ll?l not s|H-..k. To Illuso,,,- his l.'l.a. lu?
,! '' s:i la ? ?tu Carotina th?r??
-BOB ?Mi?, lilt, | ;. BtWysr once t<?
conduci a eaat la court, ?? th? ;
V.-.S ii,t talklna exactly to suit him. he
'k.? ? few remarks, himself.
I he indi:??, of coins.', niu'le hlni tal:?? lili
? .t Ht go? up ? ira in, aad iht ladet
riia.lo hito lai aWaln. \ third and
feirth titue this hs| pcned, and tinttllv Ilio
old tanaer v>t op aa*] Bald, "W.ii, Jude?,
wcn'l ii m. u?h, area ? roc ?? t
??? ?hink???
"\\ ir., certainty," repBed th? Indgs.
"Well, .iii.it;..?? be ,?.?!?, "J think yon
? ra are a great act of
? .Is."
in Marring t?? the altegatloai that the
Hbertosn act had caused bedevUmeat in
ih?? country, Mi dd that th??
f that mil i him of
something thai happened in North Caro?
t after tbt war, Ornerai Klto-v
i th? b \. u Boina homo.
All ?.l'I I 111? : ,; ??)?,
had a very ? at boi . want out to mei ?
Iht General. He rode ap t.. htm aad
thnuKhi that Kllpatrtch knew film.
? morning, General," ht aatd. kii
ibe salutation rather
lly. ???? n lumina to one t.r his
ling a v-ty poor ban?,
"Od o? thai h ?? ? " Addreaalng
1 ? ? ontlnui i. ??<;? t down >??t your
Ipi.irk did n? bt v. .
then Kllpatrlck said, "Chance your aad?
G ?? nini t" Roark again, b
"You g ? ui?.ii the poor I"" ? ?." Row ??
l Kllpatrl? k
I ..ff. Tinnirli, toward him, Ro rh
?aid, "?'?m I apeak t.. youl.Yes,"
replied the General; "talk quick; 1 must
' MC "
"Well." salii Roark, "I lust want to
say ??? you that ? have ?"????? Bwapplng
I, l'Ut this Is tb
time I ever traded without I imi any say
in it?
s' it was with tl Th ? had to
s\\,i?. their money for gold, snd they bad
it all, tx - ibc of tbe legislation
which was forced upon I
In referrine to Mi Hart r'? speech, Mr.
Tail.? it said timi it reminded him "f lbs
m,m wi , s Inquiring "f a llttl
standing on the road the way to a certain
bouae, Tin? little fellow replied, "Well
y ??? ro tills w. \ half a mil? to another
road, then t.ik. thai road and ro about ??
quarter of a mile, and you ?ill im-i a blind
|..ith. which will lead you to ? swamp;
then go up Into the mlddl? of the swamp
until you And a tremendous ??; tree; then
im up int.. ti,?? fort f thai tre . and th"n
if you ;tort i"st, ? ,<.ii dod rotted it ? ala ?
a l ?utehman.
"That, ' continu? l Mr, Talbert, "iv
about like Ihe talk of my friend from
olii... i til..i t.. follow him, but ?
took me int ? a swamp, then Into the fork
.? ? finally l ?as compi? tely
? '
Mr. Talbert in ! ii ltd th.it h?
till never written a speech, ns he did not
like to be both? ? d with notes, H ? und?
t...ik to mal ? note? once
them all stirred up together end mad?
complete failure, it reminded him of
what happened t> the old preacher down
s?...p??, who ?"?? He boy? what portion of
ti,. .-', ? ipturi ?.? m? ?' li '. i" rea ? for tie
mornlns lesson. The boys Andln
place glued two pages together. The
ni m morning the old preacher ?
? the bottom of one page:
"And Noah, when he ?? ? a hundred
? hlmsi it' a wife, a in?
a -."
Then turning ovi r the leal
"A hundred and thirty cubits long and
forty ' ublts wld and made ?titir? ly ???
gopher wood, and pitched within ati.t
This puszlcd tin? i;?""! old preacher, Hi
t""k ?. ' ?G??'.-? tin in, pad
verlfled the ?
"Well," he .-til, after drawing a l<>rm
? ? . tin?, ??, ? had not Been it In
this here book b I ; know it ?a
r it would not have i" en Ik re. it
. vi,leti.??? of the assei Uon made la
another portion of the Hoi) Btbte, that
man ? fearfully and wonderfully made."
?, ?., , a on? tint threw
th? Houae Into convulsiona.
? m the nest day Jerry Simpson used a
ttory i" 111 '"!l;1 ," '"s ?Uver
Bpecch. He aal ? he i??"! ?" a dtaapp ?Inted
,,t the poverty ol ol i,?" oppo?
sition, it reminded htm of a atorjf about
a gentleman wbo bulli a Bteambi
the III er, It was it a Cm??
when tin re il rivalry '" set
whkh ."wi'i have the louder whistle.
The toan bulli a ataamhoel with ? atvsn
f.i.'t botter and pal on II a nlnc-fool
whistle, when bt blew tbe whistle the
low ail tht Btaam w< at out of tfct
boiler. This ateaaed to be t .?? condition
opponenti ">* free coinage, Tbey
i,i.-w ..p' tvsry !?? "' ,l"ir
an ? hi?) drifted
Into tin- rush.-s mi th" shore t ? .
steam .
Jerry*i ttory took msgnlflcently. The
? ? mi h< ? at ? ?tent that he
f uily -t mln-.tc BCrateh-Bg hie
i\':i:wki.:.. vain wuki.iv
In h; t.' "' tht*
Stable Champ Clark ??f
text with the
??ualtit.'St ttftO. ?- ? 's 011-' '
? ? th. best atorj tallera ta the country.
nut IBs .uily paragraph In hit ipeach that
m that
if th. BOBae I'al'l Ih- bthlltl ??f tb?*
bondholder! and made a gold
ataadsrd, la a he?drsd years Ott
p? ?- reduced to tbe condlBona
? 4 iti?? Knasten aarfe <>r Mexteaa paoan
The bondholders would hav all the
money In tht? count iv. for na old Jim
e ,ii- at Bl '?? u*4?"' to suv. "When a
dollar ?<????* down ???!?? their ?capacious
This 'luaint ut te? ame brought down
Ih- House
While tht Ho?. Charles I* Meses, of
,. vt.is awaking for free ?liver, he
w:i? mneii aanoyed bt ewas-tene from
Gsotr?! Groavtnor, a landing Republlt-an
fu.m OMS Mr. <?r?>nv?>nor wss very
nt with one of hi? question?, Final
,? -|. ., ? ..,, d to 1 lm soil said:
? \t\ fritad, ? had almost forgotten
vmi until vu rr>ae In your place yesterrisy
Ilk.? lilt? Van Winkle of a past era. You
RepuhUcaal I filiti rn*? of the old netyo'i
ttrraplii down In Georgia. Ho cut tfas
bead off the terrapin and the next moni?
li.? found him crawlln? around the yard.
"'Good God;? the old darky remarked.
'th.it fool tarrnpln don't know that he Is
?ion?? dead >(.f ???
Tli?? laughter snd applause was terrific,
and Generul Grosv<-nor made no further
attempt to interrupt Ml
< ?no of the huM ?t..ri??? told In the de
bata on 11?*? silver tini eaaae from that
brilliant young congressman. Lai? Pence,
"i I'.!..r.i'|... H? sui I thai 111?? i-ople tn
Ms country could not dlsi-rn the .llffer
eaos between the dollar of the Treasury
"f to-day and the dollar of the Treaeury
under Joba Sherman. To Illustrate this
f;?. ? b? Bald lliiit bac?i In Marion county,
Indiana, there is a little town on th"
Johnsen county line, of nbout 30<1 people.
? strane? t came Into the town one Sun
day and walking out from the hot??! ?aw
a llitle white church and a crowd Knlnj?
In. He noticed that It was a Lutheran
church. H?? ?rent ?>? and In the next
block saw a Uttle brown church, and was
surpris??.! to see that It was also a Luther?
an church. He went back to th?? betel
and told th?? proprietor that It ?truck
film ? rather stranite that a little town
like this, hardly al.le to sustain one
church, there cuuM ta two churches just
"What ?? you mean?" asked the land
i ?? ? Th? stranger told him what he had
"Oh," replied the landlord, "y..'i ar.?
mistaken. Those two churches are som<?
Hke, but not lust alike. Over In
the white church they believe that the
aerpeul tempted Eve and Eva tempted
Adam, and Adam fell, but over In the
brown church they think ttiat Adam was
a bad etri,' from the star! "
The majority of th.? ?.??.1 stori?-* t..1.1
in the House come from the s..uth an.i
?Veut They are usually ortfrlnal un?!
given In dialect. But In the crowd of new
member? who have entered th?? v..i con?
iti, ?.? in. none who lutrin to ap?
proach John Allen. His drawllnc Int.?na?
il?.? In detailing life In Mississippi touche?
SVerv Congressional midriff and throws
til.? House int" COnVUlatVe merriment.
Miarle? |:, I'llnt un.I fompanv I'.uy the
Truck Morcnn-1 In?? Mtam-lilp.
The New York World of Friday r.?
porta that th.? steamshli? El Cld, re?
cently built ai Newport New?, ha? been
sold by Mi. C. I'. Huntington to Flint ft
? ?.. and that sii?? t? t<. i.. converti ? tato
a Rresillan ?rarshlp. ?p,,. \\?,,,?!.| odd?:
Mr. Edwin Hawley, th.? aaalitant gene?
ral trulli.? manager >.f the Morgan ?.in.?.
? ? by a World report! r yesterday
afternoon with reference ?a El ?'id's
???? ?as n..t db?posed ??? volunteer
any infoi inai Ion on th?? subject, yel he
answered freely enough the ?
that ?.r?? asked. Being ask??! the
direct question if the Morgan Lini had
aold ??:? Cid, h?? replied:
"Yea, El Cid baa been Mid,"
"To whom'."?
"To Chart s it. Flint ??? Co."
"How much iras paid for? her?"
??; don'l know that it is necessary to
particularise on thai lubjed ? :
s?! waa aotd, an?! Bold r..i a good price."
? u an tl:?? pu.-.? asoO.OOO?"
"\\???. that is about th. figure."
'I thai aboai a bal ? !l ? ?d is ?,? rth?"
"uh, no. li is two or three times what
ahe ?? worth. Th,? company was able to
get a ?:<'?>?? pri.?.? for her, and aold her,
although it will be necessary to build a
new boat at once to mppiy her place In
the regular sen Ice of the Hi
I?? ?..11 know, Mr Hawley, for what
purpose ?? Cld eras purchased?"
"Well, I eint say thai I know, l.ut I
hay?? a pretty strong suspicion."
"And would ym mind telling wh.
:i Is?"
?? ih. com.? now." sill Mr. Hawley,
laughing. "Vou are a newspaper man
and you ought to bava suspicion in the
matter of your oa a."
??w.u. ih.? general Impression tl
got abroad among those who know of
BI ?Mil's sal?? is that BUS Is lo ta l?ld u.
carrying arms and ammunition? to Pre?!?
dent Peixoto'a forces in Brasil and that
very likely sta will be fitted oui as an
armed cruiser in the Brazilian navy."
"That aounda like a very reasonable
explanation <?f it." said Mr. Haul?..,.
"but Of cours,? I know nothing about it
further than my own general m
uhi.-h are of no mor? valu?? than
those ..f anybody ? Ise."
???.Mis p. Huntington, ih- preaid
th.? company which owns th.? Morgan
l.in?? was not font:.I at hlfl ? -
IB Park avenue, but al the Fifth-Avenue
Hotel, where he is staying. H? s.'i.i thai
h?? had aold tin? El <"i.l, hut for whom
Bhe waa purchased and for what aervlce
h? did not know, ? broker, whoae name
he ??? ? not give, had bought th.- ?
Lut whether foi Charlea Fllnl A Co, he
; ? iy, Th.- ?.ri.?.? paid was
more than $500,000. Tin? BteamCT, hi
? ' o? build.
\'. h? ? ask??.! fth'l his opini ui was as
: . ?!?.. d< Btlnatlon of the venae!, be aald:
"My Impreaalon la thai ahe baa been pur
chaw ? for commi ra In South Arm
Mr. Huntington mid that he Intended
t.? build another vessel Jusl lik?? ;!i El
i-ii. and that she would i?? begun at
"Kui why did you sell this one'"?
"Well, trade Is a little .lull, and we did
not renili ;:??. ? her at present."
\ ? u... h bervtee.
, (Lynchburg Ni ara.)
it is a fury timely s? nrtce that t!,?
? , binon ? Dispatch la doing for thi
..my of Virginia and th??
Tin- communication? from eminent law?
yer? which it pubikdsed on 8
Las! in rasponea t.? an inquiry as t?. what
legislation, or change of judicial pi
i- i. qulstts for '.h?? m"!?? apeedy
tory .'..linlnlstrailon of the
criminal ?a? this.? conimunlcatlona, v.?
iriil ii?"??! undotibtedlj
salutary tafluence m tn?- Oea< ral I
My in' quick.-niti*r lbs i? gialaCh
aclence upon this all-lmportanl to]
it is us. i.-ss t? declaim t1**1 lyoch
law until malefactor? are mor.? apeedlly
ill.?I. more certainly ctivicU-i WtkSfl
proven I ? be guilty, and more swiftly pay
ile? penalty of their miarte*?*? Judges
? ?...? in?; in granting contini
,::? 1 writs of error, uni jiirl? s who are
too lenient In their verdicts, arc lan?ely
tibie for that ini|iiticr:t pubi
ti:ii".'ii which usures the functions of the
courts and decrees hemp-cord ami mal" -
vin? i'idirmcnts.
?: Is useless to declaim against tbe
on?? abusa Batti theeu is a chant:?? for the
better in the other, Along with the pasma
of de?p|yrd love, the insolence of ..lile?
and the spurns that patient merit of the
thi tak'-s. must be BUBaaafad with
oth'-r grievance the law'? delay. Yes. the
lnw*a d. lay. fur more than anything and
all things else, Is the fruitful ani ???????
etoua parent of th?? disgrace of lynch
In a*.
A Delightful Entertainment.
(Corr.'s?.on'leiic?? of the Dispatch.)
ber ?.?Meeswa. W. h. Hayward, n it.
Clarke, and R. H. Trtpp. thne of our
Bngllea residents, i.-ndercd to their many
a most delightful entertainment
at the (jtterburn Sprintes on last even?
A string-band from Richmond enlivened
the occasion with charming musi?.?. Th.?
. portion of the company were In
full fveiiln? dress.
' I cannot enumerate the persons present,
but It Is sufliclent to say the the assem?
bly wax select, refined and repr?sentativ??.
At H o'clock a aplendid supper waa
-i :??..!, Mrs. W. H. Hayward meting ns
hostess, dispensing a gracious and court?
ly hospitality to her guests.
Old papers for sal? at ? oent* a bun-lrsd
at LUeMAaam omce.
Chris. Baker and His " Subjects " at tie
Medical College.
The Rt-f?rtr? Bobber aad His I'r??,ut
Work -Cheerful Among torp????
A ? > i??.? r I? 11 Isct.
The day of the ghont hns vanished and
th?? name of the man-eating demon that
haunts graveyards and revels In the
gloom of night has become almost a
memory of the past?.if Cie past that
trembled with superuitlon and laborc.l In
th? darkness of Ignorance.
High up on the parapets of the Notre
I ?tune. Cathedral, and hundreds of fI?? I
SboVS the bustling Ht.eets of gay Tarla
I?? low, the visitor ! In massive
the weird dwarfs that one? aWod
the foolish people and made them shudder j
al th- thoueht of oesnevcrlta. Hut sci- \
enee, th?? enetnv of fra'el an I the fot of
superstition, has nlmost eradicated the
foolish tradltteSi of ad, and only In *\- i
ce|?tl??ti, tht valsar BOW give ear
to sueh silly tales.
IVrhapH of alt tii? nt * the n-gro will
cling hingest lo Ibi te ?- G In th" super?
natural, and Ti*re, ?'ver In enlighten. I
Richmond, they bars their fears und su?
perstition??, aad it will ?- decadet before
these silly MOBS vu;il"i. V? s. ev?-n in this
?Ity to-day, he ? irkl-s have a nlne
tsenth-century ghoul iha? fi.iiy eanaca up
? tlfioatloos and ira' ?? Hit blank
folks qvlvtr In their very hoots. ?11?,
what is ninr.?. the ghoul la uuettte? la
hlnis. If mi Ethiopian, and stranger still, he
labori in the catise .,f tctence. His name
Is ?'hrls Baker, nnd he ttrvta as Janitor
nnd general utility man nt the Medicai
of Vil
Chill Is to-day a prisoner within th"
walls of tl,?? honortd Institution in urliteli
i ' ? ' ? ! ..?ti?!, and only nt ?he
rares! Intervala Qo ? be venture nut into
the streets. He |i a s? I Mmrtvir-'d t'ti!
?etf-mcarcerated man, and nothing can in?
due?? him to partake of liberty. It wa:
liberty or death with Patrick Henry, bul
With ?'hrls it Is?nceordlng to his I
liberty and death, for he thinks that his
brethren art ctemoring for his
gore, nnd th.tt his appearance in their
mi'ir-t would mean his destruction, He ??
?cap goal of the Afro-Americans "
east ,,f ins race, and "thereby hangs a
His history Is nn Interesting cm
S stilly of Ms life would make I
as weird and ghastly as ? roman???? from
th?? |, u ..r Victor Hugo. Hot let
Introduce ?'hrls with a pen-picture show?
ing him ns lie appeals to-lay.
A Ulti well-made 'larky, with glng?'r
I.r??.nl skin ami aUghtly rheumatic ?
is this nineteenth-century ghoul. During
hit woik-li "iis and he
busy a Mach BkoU-cap adorna ins ? ?
ly-ahavcn cat,ut, while a long ollcloth
apron covers his Clothing. In his mouth
.-. ?lay pipe, like tbe lummll of Vesuvius.
? Inceseontly belching forth Its smoke,
a hite around the ? ha lips ther??
occasionally plsya ,?. sly amile, ?'hrls Is ?
Jolly little ghoul, and con perhapa be more
il in the praseni.f ite or eight
than any nini iu Richmond. In
,1 at all If
there wasn't a dead man aomewhere
I, lor his dUt
?ectlng-room throt day.
The society ?.r "?tinv- is ?,, him what
' 1 t?? to th"
social lion, and 1 ?? th?? <.?.ful,
?t til" le.St
i, ,?r .,,? v? :, ? ,i :o?i ? ? I. '
?-?-) to ad rani e th?? ca ?
Bdence, To deecrtbe Chtll without UJtlng
? peep at hi ? bui ro ?rim?: - a oui ? be like
seeing Hamlet without the melancholy
? takte of t be ? oltege be
be ? eery ordinary, every-dsy little darky,
The dlasectli I delight
of his heut -is a place well calcul?
:?? ti,?? ;?\, rage man, for ti,?
rrmii the cadaver? is simply frightful,
and tie? new student! tumble over by the
? h? ti th? y bear ti. ir lit -t lecture
in the pace, Right here it should i"?
how? ver, l ite ol afr..irs
is unavoidable, and ? : -. ? ? i. ; 11 ? ? -t n,. lack of
? .?! the col?
lege faculty. The Institution from t"i> to
ti"!t"tn is g? ? us ?, pin, hut the
" ? a- from ? cannot be ????
? < pretty so? ? I
??. ??? ? to I'?
When I first taw ? '?. ??,?,
by tii" way, be i- ?.".tier shy <>i re
I . imber
which leads to the dlssecttag-r.p ?'?
soin.? reason or other be talked quite
willingly t.. me, and a small "pour boire"
his face to shine, and his tongue
to a n Illy.
Th? re were > ? ? ? ?.? ? ih? h es ::i the n om,
and on each ??.' ti line of Jars.
To a ' a mal obaei ver that ?? I
who didn't i' '
the plat ? looked very much ?: if i.
havi b ? ti an ? it for
th.? manufacture of mixed pickles, but
horror of horrors! when ? resil th?
..? those Jai I on
on., was mark< ? ???? ITS anothi r
? 't'tas didn't * ? ni in th?? I?
? and
at his pipe wl
? :n illy, wlt'.i the hosptti-litj
.? ? h< cordially .ir. Ited me Inte
?,.. ,ite! in ? ?? marchi ??.
There oren nine toi ???? stretched oui on
ti,? tables, hut I'm thankful to aay th??/
were all covered up Di oil-cloth and no
? | it portion? of th-ir heads wen?
in and out among the dead
I th" cheery Bttte Janitor, forever
puffing bla pipe and busily examining
that bung over the
While we were Inspecting tbe placa a
student carat in I
of tie? cadavers. ? worn off
whit ? poor suh ?
Nos the ? ? ntury ghoul j\i
beltevei In th?? motto "Dt Momils
Nil m? Koti'ii'i." for be prompt!
.oi y. r looking for."
With tbte ' of his
rtngty chunked l
? he i? llevad in ghosts
and if he feu. 1 1
H s reply bod I Of philoso?
phy in It, for be remark I
living ghbeta, bat Ihs dead ones can't
??? ?. .,?;? to la pry by this, ? au
that bt of some at
tempi on tht ? ait of hi.?-, colored brethren
to waylay and annihilate bim. At any
hilt isn't Hfrall Of Sbotta an?'. I
ran recaU aa Inatance thai pul ids cur
t pretty ? ? tew? in tin
?it <.f the College there is a "plck
Bng rat." te which the cadavers are out
Brat 1 . ht t.? th.? taittt
Certain chea-tette aw used to praatrvt
th.? r ? aft? r th?? "stiffs" are
t ik.ii out lime Is put In the place for dis
Infecting porpoSN. One Bight ? drurken
fellow, who wa? roaming about th?? premi?
ses, broke through the busemi-nt Windows
and tiinihl-sl Into the vat Ht ?
when? he hud landed, and thinking that
be was In th" presence <>f th?; dead, h
B tnlghtv Bowl which iirous.d tmm
?luntberlog Chris and stlrrtfd up things
? ii.rally.
The resurrection of the dftink didn't
alarm ?'hrls In the least, although the
bacchanalian look???! as Bpookllke as poe
?ill.' II.? waa covered with lime, end
kg fine-looking a ghost as ever sat
on a tombstone, ?? wiped his feet on
. . m. i.rv turf. This was plainly a case
neither live nor dead spook* fright?
ened the darky, for he had the fellow Br?
and then retired Just as If nothing
had happened.
rhrls has learned a gn-at deal In his
peculiar way about anatomy, though
deetiy aj?svrta his Ignorance, and,
unlike many, he doesn't profes? to
"know It all." Ho Is a ftrst-clas? skele?
ton manufacturer, If any of you know
what that is. In other words, be clean?
the bailee of Um dead men and fUee
them up for mounting. This Isn't a very
pleasant task, but It doesn't affect
f'hrlse appetite. After the bodies have
baau dissected he bolls the bones. The
caldron he uses for this purpose is a
very ordinary-looking affair, snd not the
least bit suargcatlve of a witch's kettle.
The remains of the bodies are all care?
fully collected and burt-d. and under no
crcumstances are the students al?
lowed to exhibit or expose them.
But why and wherefor? is i'hrls. Baker
the outcast and the scapegoat of the col?
ored race? Ah! there's the rut?. He la an
cx-grave robber and an ex-officlo body
snatcher. That's wher- the dark and
blood-curdling part of his life? comes tn.
His dissecting-room snttcs are nothing.
In point of ghastllness compared to his
former career, but all the same, he Is a.
Waefaar In the cause of science. What he
haa done Is only what was necessary to
aid the study of medicine.
In olden times, and even up to a few
Paure ago, the corpse* of paupers and
convicts were not turned over to th??
CoUsrgB as they are now, and the Insti?
tution had to procure "?tiffs" as best
It could. This was not an easy Job,
aapeeJalty as the collog;p uses at least llfty
cadavers a year, whit? the school at the
Cnliarutly of virginia require? as many
n.ore. And so the material us-d had to be
stolen, and whet? .Is?? could It In? gotten ?
except from the last rostlnK pia????? of the
"fis true a few corps??? were I
?hlpjied from northern hospitals, but they i
were hard to obtain, and t..wants tut
the premium on OsMsl men rose so hlch j
that the institution really could aot ,
afford te buy them. The cadavers, at !
the lowest, would cost ten dollars, ajid |
than Mi?? fri'iifhi-rates would add greatly
to the expense. 'As a ?renerai thing the.
defunct subjects were shipped In barrel?
and morked "oil." To avoM detection
th.? barrels containing the bod i. s Wer?
made t.? ntertapaod in weight with the .
arti. I?? thev purj.orl.'d to ?-oni-Uti.
THK .\t"nt'?urnr:s KNaTW IT.
Th?? authorities, of course, knew that
grave robuert?? wer?? a Deoaaaity under |
these circumstances, nnd so they Winked
at th?? hodr anatrhlng procem or Ignored
Il alt..?? th? r. Bui J'i-<t tafOr? th?? present
law supplying corpa?? waa passed, the
public began to gel stirred ap about th?
m.itt.r. for on B?Wal ??? ? i.-lnn? th?? r??
"f reapectabte people were ?
iilzM in th ? tMasei'tlng-ro' ins. .-;? ?
?ml times I'hrls. and a party of
?t udente, who went forth under cover
Of darkness to rob the grave? of th>(r
dead were ??..in about the cemeterie?,
and nn effort was made t?? captili??? them,
? ? i[" ? ???- thing got into th??
and the negroes throughout the
city cam?? thoroughly alarmed and put
all forts of rumors Into circulation. Som.?
of the clore?! PCOpl? bcilcv.??! that ChrfeS.
was in the habit of muTdertug his bi ih?
ren In order to gel their remain?, and his
name was found in every Afro-Am rti in
household. H.? ?as ostra.is???! In burnt
sienna society and fasblonabte cir. km ..r
?n w ai.i knew him a ? more.
But rhrN. and the students kept on
stealing corpses all the same, and the ,
ry oncers Rot t? watching them
gloser and closer, Finally they wer? . ;??>
tured, or s.? near being captured that
a grand expose followed, Chris, shook
the Indignant dust Of Richmond from his
ghoulish ta< Is an ? stayed away from the
city for sevrai months. Finally he came
. h ? -? .luti, ? at the Col?
imi likewise, his old hai.it of steal
ling the dead H:-? party was captured,
nnd while the Btudenta escaped punish?
ment at the bands "f the law, the unfor??
turiate 'larky was sent to Jail.
- Bah," said Chris . ? railing the lu?
ci?!? nt, and describing the Ian
I cornatane? m me, "they catched m
In Jail all thai Cbrlsl
they catched me auin the nest year, and
. I missed Christmas agin. Bui I wouldn't
eat that jail 'viti? Is.' for th? ? used 10
Bend m?? tw> meals evei . '
On one ".casi?.? <-hil?. and his student
friends went forth ons bitter cold nighl
! "for th?? intention of snatching a few
. but Just a?-? the) began their
the] h.uii th?? cemetery watchmen
approaching. The Jolly ghouls, who were
I well armed, took to their he.i?, while
: the officers followed and Snail
,.i them. Ali ol tb ? fugittvi s hi ? them?
selves t? bin I tn and d**dk>ck en?
? sued, for ti
and the Btu leni; ? oui In I move, it was
a plain case of "freeae out." I
bleak winds whistled over th? grai
? hlll.d the Very tli?? ghOUlS.
The tii.rin .m? t? r kept going dOWTI
region of Chris, until ht?
? for a ?????.?, and I
; think that anything WOUld ta pre?
ferable to his situation. While
, behind the tree ha philosophized
I thusly: "if ? ataya here I'll be ?free?' if I
il I'll f< t shot rn ?et shot." and
; with thai be Btuck bla head around th?
: tr.?.? and eraved ? mg as ? Ila?; of tru.?.
\ ; .il surrender thi ? foil ?wed
in vain I tried l > net Chris t.. ?
th?? number of to Iles ta h id ?t iten, i? il
in, and
pretended th it he didn't know.
He said i' used to be bla cus?
tak?? :? lavera in ? Ughi
? ? ked him if he p moved . b dies In
iti. ir cofllna, or left the caskets b ?hind.
"Lor, sah," said Chris, "we didn't want
de cottine, De ?>????!??? ? enuf for us.?'
Th- pet aliar little darkey t..; ? me thi.t
he bad practical!!
the ? ollege. His ? been a I .un?
ii the Institution for real
-t,n does work there Chri
janitor a1 th.
Ile h
ri? d mau wl ??
? Family neaalon wf ><>i??? <>??? Bleh?end
; There occi ?
Thur ir?, snd Fi '? lay, "? to
i tar i7th to luth, a reunion of the family
, of I?r. J. WI
srill ??.? of taten - to their many
? friends.
! There gatht re I al Ita ? "?? ncs "f the
;? ,. Cart r Helm J<
? ?.,.. Btrei t. every m? mber ? f th?
family now living t" have one more family
.. befon the m ? ?????? Bon, Rev, Edio*
Pendleton Jones, and !? en ths
1st of N irles to Cubs.
The party consisti ? of Dr. J. William
.iones, now chaplain si tbe University of
Vlrginki; his wife, Mrs. Judith Page
Jones tn. s Helm); Rei ? ; :? ?? Helm
now pastor of the McF rrall Me?
mortal Baptist church, Louisville, snd hii
\!rs. Annie McCown Jones, and two
children, Catherin ? Page Jon ind Car
?. r Mr? .k?? Jones; Rev, Edio? ?
and hi? wife, Mrs. Fannie
ion.??: Frank W Jones, of the I attheiu
Passenger Association, Atlanta; Res/.
Meredith" Aahb) Jones, who la pastor of
the Baptist church >i Richmond, Ky . and
? -.tu.i.-n? ..r th.- Houthern Baptist Theo
li ird Las
.? ? . a ho : al th.? - Bstnary
. ?? Tusad : t. and Mia, .intu?
dus entertained ih?? Jone? fiu.il.
?t? I the fact Ity of the seminary at au
; supper.
nlng the five preach* ra
of the ram ply-ta?
ng ?p?.?? ?-in? etii:?; al the Mel?' irai!
Memorial chur.-h.
Thursday at a sumptuous dinner spread
? ? Mr-, Carter ??? im Jon a th?
propria te sentitaci ? au?! books,
and ih,? read tag of a touching po m wrtt?
ten by Mrs. J. William Josasa.
The while .u.'.iMi.n Has on? of deep ani
' ?, r bstei It tO al rn ti 1 ?r. and
left ixiulsvtlle Friday after?
,el reached lh?? university on hut?
n.il.lilU- ?id lllentl.
(Wrltt.ii for th?? Dispatch.)
Mnyl?.? th- j? 'trill?-1 woman la one of
those que^r persons we sometimes read
about, who are "pttlBtei with astonish?
Etpfcyt rhvmes with I'effer, but It has
far less wind.
Van Alen .11.1 not get in the soup, but
he may soon be tn Turin.
Th- sliver rejieal bill no longer re?
sembles a plugg-tl ?piarter -It will pass.
s. n.itor Hill's pMMBt attitude on the
silver question Is winning for him golden.,
opinions. That hill may yet become a
The peanut crop und the goobernatortel
campaign ure both short in Virginia this
I it other M^ssey was sul.l to be the best
Auditor Virginia ever had. It Is safe to
say that 8am Jonea doesn't think htm the
be?t he ever had.
Isn't it paradoxical to say of a man
who can't be stumped?Brother Miiseey,
for Instance-that he le on the stump?
Cncle Billy Culllngworth will make a
hasty pudding n?xt Itine.
It has probably never been so clearly
demonstrated before the present session
of the Senate that "money talks."
The extra season must have produced
a good many osata ot ''eatra dry."
Ad Unprejudiced Look it the Great Oc?
.?dental Metropolis.
Derivation of the Nam? aad Son?? Bag
u'tt.? 11?.? (iirl't Foot of National
K. nomi It* (Irtttaetl?
(Written for the Dtipat?-?.)
Nearly everyone of a scribbling tnrn who
has visit >il Chicago this summer has print?
ed bis impressions of tbe glories
of tbe great Whito City by the lake,
bat not mncb bas been said of Chicago it?
self, it may not be that this silence was I
meant to be charitable, but it it possible ?
that it was so. A Chicagoan would of
course resent euch an insinuation. To
him his city is the acme of ur ban ncbi-ru
ment and felicity, ami detraction would be
set down as springing solely from jealousy.
That is proper ??uoughfroru th? standpoint
of civic pride and patriotism, hut it does
not prove anvtbins. Ihe troth romains
the truth all the same. Now that tbe ex?
position 11 over, and all have had a chance ?
to risk life, limb, an?! lucie in thai garden?
spot of the Wggt, let us tiike an unpreju- |
?lie??,! look at the .great Occidental l?e? '
It may be said, like ancient (?ani, to be |
divided into three paits -North Chicago, '??
Bouth Chicago, and Middle Chicago, (Chi?
cago gall is too unpenetrtilile t?? be divided.
B?*" or by anything.) It frouts on Lake
Michigan, aud is backed chiefly by the
stock-yards and a very bad smell. It is as
flat as a pancake, ami Ita streets appear, to
? large extent at least, to be paved with
tin?-unie toothsome artici" in the plural
number. They ar? really cintilar WOOdOB
stumps. Its sidewalks, in soiii.t section*,
aro pine planks laid transversely, whose
ramshackle effect BO amount of repairing
could removs. It? aim tphere is tilled
with a griniv ?-moke which makes im?
maculate linen an ?uipot-il.ilitv for nioro
than two or throe hours at a tini?'.
It- liinldings urn saturateli and d_a>
figured with the same. Kxcellent black?
board? many of them would make, though
it would bo Impost-bit to keep chalk
white enough for use on 'h.-tii long. It
has ? river running through it whoso wa?
ters aro as Mack as ink, san be ? nt with a
knife, und emit a sten, h which would put i
t.? iham? a garbagt crematory ur a chomi?
tal works when at tbe bigbeat level ol
odorona activity. Its itreei-car lines are!
highways of ?hath und Ite grade croMingl ?
roaos to dtatruction. Its reetaarantt a???
tawdry, untempting, and dyspepsia.pro- I
ducing. In inen ?ire mal, voracious. ;
money-malting machines, without senti-?
ment suit e tal t<? litt tinta iiout-liigh ont i
of the imiti of their money.iking tor? I
didneas, and who shin?.? with the lardy
loitrt of a eattle-killtng, eannedUbeef
polish. Its tvi'iiieu belong to tht plain i
?. ..pi??, or Plain people, it can'l alw.i\s be
told which. ?o doubt, then are pretty
women in 4 hicago, but Ukeasin thetairyl
stones, they bava the power to render
tbimselvei Invitible. Itt noise it uiatrtot? j
mg, Iti mah maddening, its dirt indeicri?
bable, its air nnbrcathable. its water on?
drinkable, an l yet, notwithstanding all
tb? -" drawback!, it La undoubtedly a greal
oity and Otte ol tbt beet placca to dia in
on tins continent He wbo would not
rather dm there toan Livi there it not ?
, properly constituted, rational, reiponsi.
ble, unimpeachable bntnan being. And
how inch a place eould ever have t>r.>
duced 'i.it tl? :..? ot delight and loveli?
ness, the beaotllul and marvellous White
I Citi bv tbe lake, is beyoad all the m;
of mysteri.'s.
its rrri.E.
An eminent New fork philolog ?
tl'.st th" citv'.- nun. waa deriv 1. or ratter
corrupted, ;r ?m tie Indian noun ?
?iua. which me,us "strong union." 1'here
be aome mistake about tms. l do
no know what the Indian equivalent ol
itrong s aio ti la ?-, bot ? an suro
that it must bave l>*"n the original
from winch tl:? city's tillo
wi s derived. Cbicagoane, however, would
doubtleaa derida both o? tbett itatementa.
l be ? ity ?i :iiakiu<r great claim? to literary
culture just now, c?a ming to ti?? ? " in??
rarj eentre" in met, and it would there?
bt ostleet t.. trv to palm
od anything bo diaphtnout on itsciti
_dj p? of them would tell ?
red ir.'iu chicken and
curt;o, though ths prononciation of th.?
.r- ? n corrupted, tht high
a i?ii.nt?, ? "?v.< reterred to,who is n??
otber than the accomplished feline edil ?.
ol the New Vork Sun. evidently is not fa?
miliar with tie ??).'ul pronunciation of tho
city'I name. Which il I htcawgO, with the
at tn obicktn. It ht doubts
attetil any ol the btate-atrect
con? rt baite, where nativa characteristic?
and talenl ere teen al their but Ine same
critic thinks that tbt last iy I table of the
word would make ? g.?"il enough an i ap?
propri?t? name for the place, and flint it-?
adoption "would save mankind a lot ot
t..m it and relieve many peopletrompat??
id the mouth." Ihe suggestion is a | I
one. lmt the name proposed is too stnu/
for auch a large and pr?tentions place, v..
would be much mora expressive and ai)
ite with a couple of familiar and
bo tlv--Oggetti ve monoey lia blet addedto t'.
and at tbe atme timi w??ui<l ?.? dosai I ?
proph?tie of too city's fo tore destini al-'.
i'KiTfKr.a, ?-.?/OD and had. j
Hut ?very cloud litis a silver lining
tren the cloud of moke ti.?tt continual^
hovers overt bicawgo, and winch baa mad ?
its post oiTice, f?.r Inttanoe, as blacit as
Mayor Carter Harmons bat, ant alni.?
B-tlovenly, and aito tba financial olol
ti.at ? ow t, tagt over tii? ? onntry ?
11, ? ' ? ml first named itopB si,,,rt ? < I
lake -bore, ??G?? falli t.? obicnn trom voi?
tht really beautiful expanse of wat?J
wbieb. *?> l?r as tbe eye I?concerned, is i
oeean. and hktea not tba north aid? 111
town, wii.ru Mr. Patinar aa l many othw
liai magnatca livsln truly magni?
osai urte, aad where is found Linool
I urk. winch c mtains it very good statif?
?,f ti?.? "Martyred fraaidaat," pat ap jw
u patriotic citisen twho has taken no'll
Cart that bt likew.s. ?nail not be forgot
'??.,,; ot tirant. WBlSh is or*
i ably tht worst it: existe ?
,:irde and tueat-packnlc
. ' bieawgo'a ? lory and pride. ?*\?
word seeing on aoconot ol tuoir noveli;
and sr.? al o Worth going a thousand mil?
aWBV from on aci ounl ot KMaethl ?,
else. Had hwitt enjoyad this sight befi
? ? ?.mug Lis dtacription of a city show'jl
lie WOUM have lic.a able to add a f'-w r? ??
Iht ?hi have ltnpr-vy
ihal lltgant production immensely. g
na ? o ?.. ?
The l hicawgo girl's foul i? also u imittfr
ot local pride, us well us national renosi
ami i- pat down <>u a piatile walkway U
though it is meant, t.. at?? there. It is Si
good, ??(Harr, honest lMnch foot. ? m
eiiilaiiutioti of its origin ia atebablj thji
fact that |ba citv, so to speak, has tri?
foundation the nou-cs ar? many of then..
hunt ?.? pile??and nature has wisely pr,
vide?! sjamst the pooibl?* danger ?>f siu>
lug m tho quagmire underlying tbe st?
tuie, ih? fout, therefore, act? like as w -
an reseuble*. a pair of snow-shoes. 1 kn;V
that this is a threadbare subject not/
I.isle.thread barn oue, though, a la Jertj
BimpeoB' out it is an inismatlug one, a'j"
in?? that attracts every visitor to CI]
caw?*??. I had read a great deal about G
but ? ver believed hilf that I real until
saw the reality, and then'l knew that tl
half bad not been told. Ou tho prim i,f
that you can't bave too much of a go*l
thing, i'hicawgo ia certainly blessed $i
tbi- u undent feature of her greatness. .
t? imrriut orr. ac.
Reverting to tbe dark side sgain. it a
man Lee ?mes tired of living and baa aou
seientions scruples against suicide, he can
be reasonably sure of Unding in tbe Win ? y
l'itv a -pemh solution of th? difficulty, . I
, witnessed no less than tinea u irri *
es-apes from injury or death in as nu? ?
blocks on the Souths'tie Elevated, aid
more tSan 1 can remember ou the esA'o
na at. One of the three pot down ?is
basket <\nd wanted to thrash the gatenyau
for saving him from being cru?be.l ?
death. Another fellow refused for a
quarter of ? mile to pay his fare of.,-a
cable-oar, and did not state until the e ??.
ductor bad stopped the car to put him ff,
that lie was s fireman going to a fire.
These men, being craiy. were Cliicsgoaus
of course, in New York once, 1 laut niv
watch down in a hotel and went away and
forgot it. It wss found by a workman
doing some repairiug, banded by him to
the proprietor, who rsturned it to me.
In Chicago 1 leid iny ?tick on a table
in a restaurant, turned my baok for a few
mtautee, and I haven't seen tue i.'ck
?not?. These art little thtngt. but tbey
are indicative of greater, and as the city'e
boast is ber greatness, we mar draw a rea?
sonably safe inference ?? to what much ol
that greatne?? connate of.
tang Urn Tblo-go, ?yueots ot the Watt t
In gall and m >w go uuappro-v hably hi??!,
?a hiisti? and buttle and Muater aad Brag
-he leads, and hablad, you bet, never will h*
q. w. c
"Buckskin Allen'? K?ep? Herself and CBIP
?l : ? n mt Faro Winning?.
(Milwaukee limes..
Milwaukee was tbe recipient of a visi?
Friday from one of th? most peculiar and
interesting chnract?>re to be found any?
where on tbe American Continent. It waa
none other tbau " Buck-tin Alice." a wo?
man who has actually made a living for
beraelf and two ?lnldren bv gambling.
"Buckskin Alice" it an appellative for
Mrs. Alice Itatuser. by which she is kuowrr
throughout the West and ?Southwest. ?She
his o|>erated in almost every mining ?tamp
and frontier town in Colorado, I'tah, Ne?
retta, Arizona, and New Mexico, and bat
done it with sue ceas. too.
"Buckskin Alteo'' is a bright, vivacious
little woman, with a handsome figure, con.
inleriblj below the average height, a
pretty and waU-faVSBod (he?, and a wealth
of black, shining hair. She baa a ?????
poeitive way of speaking, emphaaiting tor
remarks with gestures ?it her plump little
hands. Horn of wealthy, aristocratic pa
ri'iits, in the eitv of fit. Louis, th? rat lived
Iht most careful and thotoBgh training a
child oonld have. Her father wa* of
hcotch-ln-li ?lescent ami a colonel in th ?
Oonfederatearmy, while her mother caino
ot the beut that could be fount] within the
bord? r; of old Kentucky.
"Buckskin Alice 'is th?) mistress of
neatly every gaste plagad with cards. T>
her gambling is bor life?her very exist?
Although the only woman in that sae?
t? ? o? the country wlio makes a living at
gambling, and although women are for
bidden aocCM lo the tables. " Buckskin
Alleo" is permitted to play in any house
on the frontier. Her face is familiar to all.
" I was born," began the fascinating lit?
tle woman, "just thirtv-ono years ago the
_Oth of last month, in St. l*>uis. Mv
family was as good as any in the .state, atti
WO live?! In t'Xi|Uisite stylo in a fashionable
quarter of that big city. Karly in lite my
parents thought they detected a talent f?ir
literary achievementa in _u<\ and after
!y nurturing mo through mv
younger veers, placed m? in Brtjods'l t ??
male Seminary, at Clarksburt?. W. Va. I
liked the life for a time, and was very sto
?I out and industrious, but 1 began to gr?iw
rattiest ?ml anxious to know just what
was going on in tbe great worlii of which
I had been kept in Ignorases?, except pass?
ing and accidental glimpsva that 1 had
" Obs night after all had gone to bed I
determined to ?nut the place, and stealing
softly down the back stairs hastened out
und away from the place, which I never
have looked upon since. I found an en?
gagement with Cole's circus, winch I
joined as a Imp lie-rider, after teveral
month! of training, that was fifteen vears
ago. Afterwards I filled engagements with
Orrin Brothers, Sel!; I'.rothers, and Fore.
paugh's shows both as a hurdle-ruler and
u charioteer. While la this business Intet
mv has hand, who was a gambler. II??
taught in?? faro, and 1 soon became an ex?
pert plaver ot the gassa, When my hus?
band died and left m?? two little girls to
support I adopted gambling as a profes?
sion, and went at it With a vim.
" It was down in the citv of Mexico tluit
I began this life, anil HMO then 1 havo
play td with almost it ryelasaof people
in this country."
"Buckskin Alice"hit rarely beoncvb*
tectedto the indignity of being robbed.
On one occasion, however, S wild and
woolly eow-pnnoher attempted to ??'t Ihe
I,, -t ..a bar down at Socorro, New Mexico.
Mi.? w is m I gain?? of l'un 0M night ami
had inai put at! *s stack of chips ou a
wui???ti_r ear I. ilouOlmg the money, when
the [cBtive cowboy grabbed the stack and
Btarted OB UM run. Alice sited an iron
poker sad siru.'k tht Seeing cattleman
with inch torce us to lend him sprawling.
She ? keil up her clniis and continue?!
h.r playing, ?putting just ?:$*_ ahead.
Alice is a Oaring bul -?luaro gambler, aud
. varied fortune, never being e?.in
' I rokt," bnt u lullv having pumi ?
ot monev. rAhehaa woo as high as ?_.l,2U0
. . '?? itting o. faro.
I u"k was agaiuat her one night. It was
. Col., where sbo sue? eeded
m losing her entire poei latioBt. Inelnding
iJi.iHMi ni mooey, an expensive wardrobe,
in I .?? stiv ?Inm,,mis. But ?-he was un
il i'itit. il. lor All'?.? borrowed tf?OO lrom a
friend, -truck another camp, and w?u
t? "iqttare" herself and have
SOIU?.' left.
Il s 1. in 111-..,..-,
(N'urf.ilk I.an.ltnirk.)
Tiler?? ia BO law iu Virginia prescribing
? when i'o.ouel <>'t'errali or anybody .-is.? la
bit ooeition shall resign, or when an elec?
tion shall bn hdd to ohoOCS a successor to
a congressman win? maj be elected Qover?
n.u- while In oflca. Therefore wo say that
th?? congressman ins a perfect right to n??
!?gD when be gote ready t?i gooutof the
M'at in ('??tigres- when hi* t??rm as Gov?
ernor btcina When ho resigns the Gov?
ernor will ketoe a warrant for an eleotiou
to hll the vacaney. It thorn ia no law ou
the bookl providing for it, there ia a
i law of good sen?o and propriety which
?lues, and it will no doubt be followt.il, as
it was when Mr. Mcrodith, of tho tighth
! lJl.trict. Wils elected.
Anybody who prefers to think that .Col
. oiiel (?'Ferrali should havo resigned b??
! fore this, or should do so now, may do *?>
with nt incurring any ponalty of law, and
1 thoaa who think dirfureutly may likewise
? parant tlu-ir lino of thought without fear
? of bodily harm. We thiuk that it is (??
i onel O rerrall'l business to decide when
? he will retire from bis congressional place,
an 1 he has a right to know that he is ?tect
a.l Governor before giving up the place of
I Congressman Moreover? as be declare-,
while he is Congressman he can serve bis
! friends and help to maintain the Demo?
cratic policy which carried him ami his
e? In agues into office. It is much moro
.nt to go to work aud ??teure a
rooting majority tor the wholo ticket than
it is to decide for Colonel (?'t'errali a ques?
tion which li'i alone can settle. It is little
tee? than impertinence, to u? discussing it
aa some peopl?? have been doing.
A ? nil?n. Mulini?.?.
European Edition .Saw York Herald.)
Fveniugs no longer suffice for Parisian
theatre malingers. It is in the daytimo
Huit t hey briu?: ..ut their novelties now.
il- peyfotmaoes winch, was given at the
Vertuta? October luth was very curions.
It eonaiated of a reaurraotlou of the old
van?lentille, preceded by a lecture Icy M.
Franemau? Sur. ?v. Th? speech ot this
Nstdor ot Parisian ,-ritici.jiu was intereet
ing, loiuic, ititi of good humor and of new
fact-, ami delivered with the exquisite art
of a comedian. M. rtarcey would have
nni'lo an excellent actor.
1 im lootur? wos followed by a perform,
ance ot "Tempi : M'.mus," whiohuthe
pieci with which the Varieties was inai*?
gurated m lw<)7. lhejuses in thi? piece
art much ?nor ? simple than those of our
lhe matinee terminated by "Le? Trois
F.picier*. ? vaudevii;?? of l-uo, which is
much nearer to our idea of the comio, but
whuh is of s s.mpliuity that quito disarms
? From the Fair or Near It?
?.Worcester Hpy.)
School had ppen?d after the Summer va?
cation, ar;d the teacher was QJW stioning
the little boys aud girts about what they
had been doing in the way of recreation.
Suddenly upspok?? Johnnie Joues :
" Mv mamma aud pupa went to the
World's Fair."
" What did thev bring you home, John?
ny ? " queried the teacher.
" A souvenir spoon, marm."
" Hid it have sny words on it? '?
" Vesta. ? For s good boy.' "
Teacher looked oval the smiling feces
and observed hammy Klept.?, evidently
?a.titig his turn.
" Did your mother ami father go to the
fair. Sammy ?" sue asked.
" Ves. marro, ti-ey brought me a big ill.
ver spoon."
" What wonls were on yours?f *
" ' Palmer House,' marni."
If the present judges sre not competent,
and Mr. ii. (>. II. Ksan. one of the letter,
writers sbove referred to, dtclares that for
the mo?t part they are "notoriously un?
equal to oope with the array ot legal talent
aud skill representing the defence in im?
portant criminal cases," we fail to see bow
ao increase of pay u going to increase
their legal ability. -Danville Register.
My calling into competition for the
places meo of better ability who would
not otherwise be candidates. We have a
right to assume that the coming Legisla?
ture will ta s body of intelligent and pa?
triotic men who will consider the proprie.
ty and fitness ot thing? rather than be
controlled bv intrigue aad ?Ire-smlsia?*?
Good at>lari?s should gut caed indar?**??.
Norfolk Uudiaaifc, "" *"* ???"

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