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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 31, 1893, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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WHOLE NUMBKIi. 13,182.
? irsVoKMl at iht Final
two RepresentatiYes
? liivided.
PN and Nineteen Against
11 of and Thirty-Two
i Kepul
jj r Senator Explains the
a ri? Occupies.
, ? ...... I t.. Ni II Tul'??
, \ i.i?iiiIm I'. ?-..??1?!
. .t ?.,
. .r < urwpoBdiit)
g ? ill
: ? . \ t. Lnla .?Tel
? ? ? :ii> ill?, I?!? ?I.
?? '? '? . '? ' -
and ?mi tly nine?
a, 11
v.in. made ?
? k in
: ' ? .Ki'il!. II
out ?oli for
It?, Beverley, ?and
? Ita 1:?Hills? mu?
Ib Wi ' p? mining
. ?rr- Bt "Wticr iti
sfili und
.,;.? r between .?~'t.
il.? i.ft ti???
?? rough! up
?.. ? niiially, \?.h? ??
prol ably ?go
? tteraon
t ? .n Madison
? ...? ??? i
Ol 111? St.lt. .
? ? ?|??< I ' ' Fi il. ! ?
.. ?. ? ?! ump or
tb? candidat?
; t luv??
? .?? of I
.t only beard him
la?! ? ? I ?o tn.inv
pirli d
?mil ta 11 H
, ? thla la not
,?.?.;.? ? .m win ;t.
? I8KD,
? ?? appears to
? t ? . ? ? rient ??
, .?.<? Ihiit
it wli? it ?,
. ilgn, In whi
. ..... t lembi ? ktent.
? ?
"the until
an were nil
t tint m? ?ting "
. u ha m-1 ? am?
? ? ?
| .. ...
BJ riij? tttilz? * ? ?' ?
? . ?;
been '
jim ? .?. t
knows that
: wi ??;? Hi? ?I ' Ita in tl??
:i about the
? ul t ?
Virginia ?? mbera
i ? . ;il .?ill
? ..f th?
: . to t'
but tin*
! ? 0 ?,'?? '
. bill la
? BNT.
I '? :
? ??. \ Irginta, after
?? ms s|
? i lally ?moni
?li thai l ??
li lined ii ?t lo
' ? i', itti?!
Hl .? . ..
i ?
? \?. !?. ? ?
? nulli?.?,
? ?r ?
It will
'? ? '
. Btatea
riff, ainl there
. I|
ol ?d-gaetng the
bj l .?t? order
M .?V; ,:. ? ||
' I s????.?? \\? . ks
niltt.it a in.iti ???
lueatloa i?.?
I ? ??'liilii.
' ?.\??|.?????.
', ?,
a lively conte?!
I .? that j...
? ?rgoUe
? ? .? .- ?
? ??. ?
It. i- . \\ ?
?ho l.i?t
r of Mi
I ? Mr, Thomas,
IB ?'?.II
befor? thi?
?niiiiiifr. and
I ?U>. u i.i
'?" waa backed by
I ?'??. w i? ?t the
??? 9m. Mr.
o <?f W.-.i
. articular <?t
la? y of Mr
lag i.ii.i to im.i?.
">?K l?l?Cf? I? >
'"? ??t? dis?,. ? ?????
I to su?*!, ??
11 datili wj! u*. lu ?Il
?p? ' ??"? of th? piac t0 ^
?mauri oonornott,
oa? ut Um ss*i?taui door?
keepers of the llmim?, who returned this
ni'Ttiiti?? frtim Richmond, reports Hepri
????ntative H'lw ten ? ? i?. wru\ n,,t
if w.ll ?t???????? t.> Hinkt? iiny speeches In
>? ut t smpalatn.
-?i.iatlv.? Tyler has relornel from
Vlr.miH. where he imiti? a nun t
Hi aaya Urs orgaataatlm in his
?llstrict Is well In hnnd nnd h- looks fur
? t If majority for the Bitta ti |
l.err.?. iitativ.? .Ion?? wa? a ftlltrr Ihls
BMrnlBg ?t 9 number of the t!.;:irtm??rits,
hut he says ? . ?UK f,,1
?lar worth m?kln* public. The Cabinet
in.ive Nliwly.
? ? ?Ma eMgtaaaaaaa haa ? ?. ?-. - t tutor?
nistit.n ?trieft lead? rntn t?. ?,-??-.
th.? anointment of ?Seeoad Asslstant
Portaaaler QaaaraJ win not ha laarli f..r !
lima, HithousTh it was reportad ????
??i.il w.-.-ks MKo that the President was
' in this mutter.
? Pi m I Ott, ?of l.ynehl.iirg, has
baca urged for thi? ?position, bad there are
many othar can p .
?toller ??f the Curr.ficv has
??ti?.ra of th- National
Murine lui.k ?.f ?Baltimore as raaaraa
?Stonai ?Bank
HAM JONM l'"K .????,?.
A nuiiit?.??. af m? tels 'if Mr. Main .Iones,
il lotte, arc h< r? t?i do all ti
io BBcwri for him th?? appointment of
? nlt.-l Stftt s Circuit Jii'l?.? t.,
district attorney urnl??r t!.??
?/eland administration.
North Carolina will h,iv?> a numi??-r ?.f
: Ul Ol ! ? ??.:.,?.? will ondi.,
her in th? preaentatlon of name? if ail
reporta are tru<?,
RANSOM has Tin: CALL."
The talk i? ! .?? 111 . .nsom Roltu;
??n tin? ben h has ?orni ?rhal up
??!? ihn ?., and until ti.? ?. , finite,
ly wl ri ?he will ?permit hla
nanu to bt ?pr? aed thej will hardly kn?.w
li'iw t
Mr. Krank ?Smith, ?>f Al.x,.. iii. V . ,
? ? propoBlng him
f'?r th.- vacancy, baa, it is now under?
?????'!, withdrawn.
?? Tra? y, ..f Mew ?ortt, is
.? t? ?? crams to t??? absent Viratola
.?u..I North Carolina members urging them
;?? in time '?? rote on tb?
... ii. ?, It comea to tbe ?House
fi ..rn it ? s'. nate,
Mr. Kope Rilas la:??= ?returned t?> Ntirth
Carolina, aa there Is no telling when the
will disposi of bla ?
' retimi??.1
day morning from North Carolina
arrivals Includi d .1. K. Mnr
phy and wife and w. w. Hardwlci
v. if?, Riel ?. M. < 'ornell, ?Troni
Royal: Colonel G .1. Norria and n ??.
? -ni w. r. Dance
.1. M. Ti? man ?.f ?Sail bury, and !.. ?.
?re re?
! gtstered ai the Nation ?I.
Virginia arrivala Include Rei
North I ?.invili??: William II. \.
| I 'Irruir. Roai k? . i ? I r 11.11 .?Tei li 11.
?.???. n ? lunty; .1. \v. ?Harrison,
md; Major Peti r J, Otey ?and ?'.
. .? ?' Kit by, Front
Royal; ?;? orge II. Sha? :.? ford, dram???,
?and S. L C
K C. Hackey, <?f Durham, X. C, Ih
I In mi? .?. X. Glbbaon, l.a-1 En 1.
Alexandria county, vi.?? ?:, .? Lewla, re
moved; It s. Porter, Merrifleld, Fairfax
. vi??.? B. M. numi. regioved,
?'m.? A, B. Church, /.?????
vllle, Watairua county, vi.?? Abraham Cot?
lu. rei
That Is Um linai Vol. on ?.Im l'ep. al -
s.iiaie piaeeodtagB.
(Bj t. i, graph to tbe Dispatch.)
WASMIM.'lt >N. D. C
? roa ?? ? th?? morning when
ait?? mt, and a roll-call showed
?? nee .?f fifty-two senators. A?
? ihe Vi?-?? ??.?:-! lent ? ntered the
cl uni?, r. at p a. .si., h- announced th tt
th- S. nat.? had resumed it. .-? ? Ion, an I
thit 1I...I-- Mil No ! (the ellrer-p
?? ; al bill) wai now before I
Mr. 11 ?in t. n (Virginia) explained briefly
? a l hll he ha ? occ ipled, and
still oc? upied, on the ?repeal bill II.?
the ? ????'.?.: >
1 l'imi.un?. whi? h demanded the rep? ? of
the Sherman law ? i? should v >t?
Il u he 1to ? ?ready to ?Join hi.?*
should miiv- earnestly an.I manfully for
Mr. Cameron ? ? ? - to nia
?position, and cat?' hi? vlea ? on the MIL
THE G vi I.l il. in ?ii:
Mr. Morgan then took the floor, and
? ?? was si?? il ?uri i o'clo i, ?,
preached. Many of the members of the
(Including M? ? rs, H| ?
Bland, Fellows, and (Jolssenhainer), en?
? ,? ? ii imber and either t?)"k retti
which liai?!?? m ? to ?he va? ant, oi
arraind a! the ? ?ir of the I ?em icratlc si :
The galleries wer?.rowded that Ihe
outer door? "" to bj
many ?people tryiPR to Rain ?admission,
..n! Anally the diplomatic nailery had to
\ leid up t?? itT? ordii ?
?.linit ? >"' ' ''
|ng ?? The two rows In the
ol the I' ? family; a re
.? Mi Morgan was etili speaking,
with t p of i" brlnj
The uncertainly ol the
he m al roth s.I
?? the members of
the other hous? withdrew from the Ben
Mr Voorhqea showed eli im "f hu*
? ? interviews with '
of ?ievail ?. r ant! rep? il
rs, llul Mr, Morgan heed? I not,
.? nt on with his ??poech a* il th. ? ??
wer.? n?? n??*??! of hurry.
M. Mr. Morgan ?said that
whal he had de
He had pre?
? ? he ha I no! wished
Btate of health) to mak?
In an ? He I??"
? ?? cl with th? knowlt dge thai the
*t. . ,
Mr I'eat then sunk?? briefly, dosine.
in tin?
.1 campaign would ? e ??quality
the ? ople, and Justice to all men;
. io'?o.y in mining an ? no centrali?
ui finance.
; -,? | ? ? -. occupied the
? : Then ????>? a?? ? M? aai ?,
.? i.f Mr. Dubois s remark]
,. hrief lull In ti!- ?Senati. and
i aun .?in. ed that tilt?
M w -s before Ih? B< Bate mil
Op? ? ' 'its.
Mr Pasco Immediately moved to take
ui. th? ' ol ? he gave
notice last Saturday, to appoint :i com?
nd silver bi tbe ?? I d ty
..' Jan . . after which silver dol
. ? ? in? cob t.i ?t u ratio ti.? d by
? ?. ani to be
This amendment, Mr
?. ?.?. was now ?n order unica? thai*?
? is on itber am ?mimen? t.. preci h? it.
At ? rt, hurriedly
g th- Penate imm it.?? lobby lu the
inn "ta.'? ?. sail ainl'ist
Mr, 81 lent r<
? ?>f ?...' I Iti Th .
? thai the amount
1 in the standard dollar should he
. and ibi ? -five hundredth ?grains,
mendment waa negatived without ?
. Thi u .'?' ? Intent
tablish a i.-'w att
of 'JO to
In a brief interlude, Mr. Gray, from tha
lign tlel.lt'
Mil amending the
? ?a Mr. Peritine (RepuMlcan),
.? ia, sh ' timi th- bin be ?nada
? ? ..ut-i for next Wednesday, but
Ml U.iiir that the subject
* was ?? ? ??? ??? disposed of thus
nt 1 ti. . alendar, where
: bv a majority vote
Th?? vice Presiden! airain aald the Voor
i was before the ?Sanala un.i ?>?>. n
ndmenl, bot ?th? expectailSa ot ?
Mr, i??t!?s (Nevada), cxpreealng hla ex
uni reluctance to attain
a-k ih- ln?!ul?rence of t'??? S-nate. said
p ?alble
...?.unieiit ??.- commi need
1 two week* ano, and wa? Int?-rrupted in
I on Kt Lb? y last.
At ?'? -"'? Mr. Karris Interrupt"?! Mr. .Ion??*
nn.ti?>n to aa'Jours*. umll 11
. t.. morrow. Mr. Ham* strut?.? to
i.is motion, an?! ?vas called I
by vit Vuoili-?s. who Instated thai ata
? to tt'ljoiirri wi_? nul debutable.
Mi Hartls was ??< (?1st?nt, however, ami
? i!K until Mr. Voorhees, by
un?ritiinotis ?oeamt. ?.t????? a Btatemant
in wl.b ? li?? ur.T I h-mU'r? ,? r? Innlll
until the vote w*s l.n.? '?' taken Mi
HarrU was thken from hi? f.. ? try Mr
,,.| to yield further, and
w. at un with b!? "?'*?
?11 ? PCS CAST.
At 6-5 Mr. Jon-? flnlshi-d his siieech.
Kti.l Mr l'.ffrr bcxan ?|'????????, ??.yliig he
..nly occupy lifteen niliiiite? of the
r th.? Senate. I!?- w??* exact as to
the time. flnlKhlng at " o'clock. Mr. llsrn.*
?ooke ten minute? and was ftajlowtil by
l, win ' ??)? m ?im t'"' l'I''t?lo?'V
remark that "the die is cast." Mr Stewart
??Ki?e<J at! 1 Oi. ?rui then the Vlce-Pivsl'i.nl
staled tiint If no furtruT amendment we?
ottertd. Ih? vota would new bo taken oa
th? engrossment and third reading of the
tv. . VOTK ?N THK "?**
nn,l then Ih "?G7" ,0 wlth.?ut a dis1s?-.n,
?W^ta^?2iaa?^V_^r, y? "'?'1
ed ?mi i. _?P^^*T ."" ,h"^ "illl ???* srnni
f. Mows:'1 WM t-W-Sd-geaa 43. nays ?-*?
<?,Yoden "?^?1? A?M?"-? Hrlce, CUI -v.
??., ? i-J.i?: v :,""'>:"? ? ??vis.
'' rrnat. ?1'""G'?G7?? f-*?.nger Gibson,
1 '^ ill! My'.*,,t',?' ''^'"V Higrln??,
M rh..'ll ?l?? ^G?1',?? Miuideraon. Mil'?,
iwti.r ?*,?,?>??,M"rr"'? M'Tftiy. l'i?''.
So r.%V <L>;J.lariHOm? ^t'-miin. Smith,
? ? ?kS,_Kk,,ri',K' ''"????. Vil??.?. Voir
???--. Uashbum. and White ?La.??IS.
? ?.?.>?G,?.?"',p,?,?11"?? l,B-?'?. Horry. Bla.?'-..
l ir.,, Butler. Call, Cam-ron. dockrell.
?ok.?, Daniel, liiiooi?. (j?..orge, I
It'.?. .lone:, (Ark I, .lone? (Sev ) ??.?.
Martin, Pasco, ?'.?t?,. ivrkins. petti?? ?v.
?e"n'"r' ??* ,:*?h? '?-seh, Shoup, Stewart,
1.1 d Yarn ., Vest. WiCthall. ami IVal
?,T.f'V ,("llr'v,'lnS w"r" th?? I'flr* Messi.?.
Mitchell (Oregon) and Allison, ('handi r
nnd While (Cul ,, Colquttt and ?
I aim? rand llansbrough, (?ordon nnd Mor?
A? soon as the vote wn? announced IB?
Senate. :.? 7 M P. M . adjourned till to
BssrroB at m on.
To-morrow th? Secretare of th- :
?111 appear a! ths ??.??r of the House with
? menage informing thai body thai ths
bill bu.? ??-en Baaaed with an amendment,
end requesting the concurrence of th.?
Houb? ?ni thai ?inondili.-nt. The nMsanga ?
;?nd i,in muy r?-m_iu oa th?? ?Speakers
?l??k until 11 Is convenient to hav,? it luid '
the body, or it may be referred to
u .,,munit, .?. ,,? th ? S.iiiitv htm? uditi nt
may ?? concun-ed in aitho-l ?? f? re?? ?? to
any commute? and i?v ;i direct rot? of th?
*?. .t only wem th?? renaal i.'ii brought to
??? termination to-day, but also wa? the
abnonnallv long legfalatlV? ?la.v of Tu? S
.' ??.. the iTtll ol (?, tober. The Senati a ill
mi-i to-morrew al noon, and th??
v?T?i !..? opened with prayer and the ?jaual
H01 BE "K I'.I'.l'KKSr.NTA'l IVKS.
Mr HuaUr ?i?? ruoernt), of lll'.nol?, of?
fri.-d the tollowirig resolutions:
"Resolved, That the House bas received
with astonishment snd Borrow the an?
no incement of the violent death "t ?'.ir?
ti' H, Harrison, Mayor of Chlcrago, and
formerly a member ol this body,
"H*solv?d, Thai ItKMe resolution? be
published In the Record, and ???.?t tbe
Speaher of the House cause .? eopg of
the >.im<? to be tranmltted to tb?? family
of tbe
Ad j.t. l unanimously,
Mr. Dingley, from the Joint committee
to Inquire Into ?he status of the laws
' l'Oli .?11. ???1???", | Mill ??.??? II??, I Mi?
le'.! would result In u saving of |u".to.i or
mlttee on elections.
Mr. ??,it? called up bis Mil to amend
ili?? naturalisation la? ? oke a!
|< ngth upon it. The bill wenl over with
i.ut action, and then the bankrapticy bill
?was debated until l: ?, when the House
adjoin n< I,
(?ur llnnk.-r? iin.l G.??-??????? ?leu DtotOtt ?be
I! fleet? of Kepeal.
The action of th?? United states Senat??
in passing the bin t?. repeal tin? siiver
purchaae sci sava srrat lathifaction in
? and fin.inci.il Circles In llicli
mond, li being assumed ? hi? t repeal was
n u .m accoinpHahed faci the CM
? and presenta this morning the
ntatlve m< rchants,
manu fact un re and bankers a? to Iti
upon business.
Mr. Aubin L. Bottinare, president of
th? ru ' National Rank, expressed the
vl. ?v fuit the ??ff.? t would he to put
business on a sound basis ?mi mark the
h, ginning al ? ro pt rttj
?"I ok you for letting tn?? know," snl?!
Mr. .. V. Allison, of the firm of Allison
?V Addisoii. wlnn tb?? reporter ran? him
up by 'phone : nd advised him or Hie r??
p< al bill's pasme?. "In my opinion it will
Bol ).:?ve any Immediate marked effect,
but buslnea? will steadily climb up from
Its present depression, ? do noi ka ?h for
any wonderful change, but for steady bu?
"it can have but one ?ff.?-t." replied Mr.
Decatur Axtell, vi.president <?r the
Chesapeake and < ?li?, railway, "It ?arili
restore confidence to ? very manufacturing
and 'very other ini. test In the country,
That ?s tin one thins needful for the be?
Major John I'. Branch, President of
the Merchants' National Bank and senior
member of the linn of Thomas Branch fl
Company, said: "it Is the host financial
. ? since the war Confluence
ivili.now be restored beyond question, nnd
business will commence to Improve Imme?
diately. Money will be trsry easy, and
eaaier to gel when borrower? Btve aatis
securlty, Tas, from this time
forward business will Improve, slowlj bul
sur??!??. We can have better prices for sll
agricultural products, ss cheap moBey will
.nail!.? th?? Cannera to hold their pro?
Colonel Archer Anderaon, presi.i.nt ?.f
the Tredegar Company, expressed the
opinion that the effect would b? ol s moni
? ?araci, r. He did not, be said, loo?
, for anything speculative, bul thought all
??? would show u healthy ?reaction,
v. tin ? would :;o on until a nominal COB?
.?ill.m was .?
Mr. Moses MiMhiser aald: "it will have
th?? off? t of bringing tb?? de?postta in the
banks Link to Unir normal condition, in
thai w??' enabling th? banks to again
resunii' th.? discounting of paper as be?
t?r?, thu? bringing business back to it?
normal condition."
Mr. B. 1' ?'liriMlnii ?aid h?? was v,rv
glad to bear of the action of the Senate.
"I think?" b?? said. "bUSlBMB wl.'l slowly
ami steadily Improve."
Mr. il s. ?; .st. r, ?d th.-T. C. Williams
Tobacco Company, sat.? buatansa had ??
n ??iy begua to Improve, and be thought
ih?? tendency would be to further th?
Mr. T. William IVtiihorton paid the
New ?,.!,? stork mark, t bad already ?'.??
OOunted Ihe effect. AS a matter of senti?
ment it v\.i!',d bave som,? immeillate |,,,t
nve decided Influsnre. yel ultimately it
: would b.? t? It for good In a Steady busi?
ness Improvement.
? ,,-li.i!l Hii.l Tucker.
i?-.p. .-Lii telegram to tha Dispatch.)
BTAUNTON, VA, OctolM-r iln.-Hon.
Janus Marshall, in his olii home, at
Mount Solon. tO-nlght H'lilr?-ss?'d a splen?
di ! au?llene.? of M SIIIISBI?III Democriti?.
n? made ? -??!? n lid kapreasloa, aad *?it.i
?ii.'d the columna of ??'ivnaii und ?
Mr. Marsha!) and Mr. li. St. Qeorg?
Tinker 1? iva for Washington to-night
in reaponse t.? ? telegram fron speaker
??rlsp. They win retara Wcdaeadaj
?ill speak at various points In the county
until elocMon-d?.v.
Two Important Nominations.
(By tei.--.rapii to the Plspatch.)
WASHINQTON, l>. ?'.. October? U.?
| The President to-day sent to the Semite
the following nominations:
Edwin F I lil. of Michigan, to be Assis?
tant Secretary of Stata, vie?? Joslah
Qulncy, resigned.
Jumes lt. RuOSiVtlt, of New Vork. Sec?
retary of the United States Kmbassy.
London, England, ?rice Heary Walta, rc
I .it. ,i from the Wire?.
Twelve new case.? of yellow-fever at
Hruiisvvlck yesterday; two it Josttp.
Lasard Frer???, Ne?? York, have alvlcs
of nn udditiivniil shipment of OfB,BM ?if
Kold from Southampton, Knglan.l, to-lav.
A. J. Ourney, chief BteBBS rlSrh In the
olile?? of th,? American Kxpr.-ss ?Ompany
ai New Orlaaaa. lia.? Ufii arrestt?l on th??
charge <>f etealing the package of tSLOi?),
rseently loet in transit from New York
to New Orleans.
A disputi b from Melllla states that th?
Hlttliiii? late Sun,lay re.suni?'?I their attiuk
mi tl.??- Spaniards at Melllla, that the
fighting was dtssrstrate OB both sides,
but that the S|Minl.irl? siicceasfully main?
tained their peatflHB.
Among the incmlxr? of the staff of
ion. ml Mare-olla, the commander of the
Spiinlsh troops at Melilla, who was killed
? y during the Ruht with the itlrltnii?
vle?lla, wa? I'rlnce Kerilmunil. of
Bourbon, n-i.h-w of the ek-Klng ot
Naples. H?? has not been seen sine?? the
light waa at Its hi-tgtit. and it not known
?sTnether he waa killed or fell Into tha
hands of the enemy.
? ' ? ? ?
Honor to whom honor is due. Mellln's
Food received the hlgheet award which
was in the power of th? commissioners
of tha World'a Volt to lieatow-? v??ia!
i and a diploma.
Home o? tbe Murdered Mayor Shrouded
in Gloom.
it Will Be Taken to the City Hail
Thh MorniD-i.
KcsoluMons of Mwiipstliy with the Grief,
??til? ken I'smiiy, a frayer
an?! the Km!.
(By telefrsph to the Dispaia.)
CHICAGO, ?-1., "etober 30.?All wss
slirnnl;??! iu ?glOOM an.l quiet In an!
th?? qaalat old Harrison horn? st? ad on
Ashland boulevard tu-day. Th- I
rrowils about the palings were 99999t,
an?! only a few pedestrians stop? ? ?
they passed to ga#> awe-struck at the
Irawn curtains and th? black
badea of mourninic at tl,?? p'.r'al. Hut
licem.in was on duty at th?
gat?, aad h<> had <>m> to toll ail inquirer?
that th.? family tit slre?l uninterrupted
quiet ?ml tint tl,.? body would 1?
in th- City Hail Um t- t,, ramato
in stata for twenty-foar hours. Two more
officer? qtSetty patrolled th?
block, but tli? y had little to ?lo. Tiny
ano paaa?d -topped ?bul ?? smeaeel to
converse In lindert ?????.?< ?boot th?: awful
calamity and Iban pea? ? on.
l'aller.? wer?? \nv f?w, U .ill conilo?
had ?been offered Saturday evening
aad :?? ind only an occasionai
messenger-boy with a noto or telegram
of Bympatby disturbed th- alleni belt.
Th.? drivera of earrlagae aad vehldea thai
? involuntarily ?brought their horasa
to I walk, ?and the ?inlet of an i?ll?? thor
oughfaR prevailed In Um ?neighbor?.L
All of the ctirtHlns were tightly ?Irawn
sac II,.-. in the ?parlor to th?? ritilit.
rlleet callara was the
family physician, and b? ara? cloee}y fol?
lowed !.y undertaker C. ll. .lor?ian. who
saw that the detalla of preparing the
remains for ti??? casket atra ?properly
attended t . The body arili ???? plac* d
In the ensket to-morrow list |ief..re It
is conveyed to th- City Hall.
From tiirr?'t. dome, and Bpire of the
White city's ?palaces hun.- t!,? emblema
of the nations at mournlnx height on thle,
the dying ?lay ??f th* World's fair. Th?-?
?people came, and li-kiiu? towards the
sunlit sky ??f blue, ?realised thai no!
oaly chii-u?.? mourn? ?. but the whole
world >f humanity a* represented at the
exposition. The) came in much ?smaller
numbers than was expected at ?sunset
Saturday, and they found ?no ?vidence?
of rejoicing over the crowning; ?achieve?
ment; no music in the court of honor;
rry throng?; no celebration?only a
?solemn Btlllnes?, ar. unparalleled tribute
to Ih? memorj of Chicago's Mayor. On?
?grand symphony "f sympathy for the
if a loving father, an Illustrious.
faithful citlsen. and the choaeu chief
of a million and a lialf of ?.? oi le
?Sven tii- noisy Midway Plais?nee was
quieter than usual. ?'??? ' piti?.ns of the
strei t ?.. ? mi ? to share in th?? cenerai
?? row. In the ??
men of the fair returned to th? It
with saddened hearts, and a gloom hum;
over all.
Ai il o'clock the ?committee of twetva
whii'ii m is chosen t?. luttons
which were ? ad to tl
tli.il Mail met in president Hlggin
botham's office. They v.?r?? Pr?
Poti ?r Palmer, !.. U Saundera, ?:. V.
r, ?. ? Mito!
Commission; President HlgglnNitham. Ly?
'nao .?. ? ? in Walker. ?' \'.
Roberl A, Walker, ?'. ?; ?Davi?, ??f the'
I ..f I ?ir??. ! .? s.
The resoluti m : at some
? -? mpath? ?. bin?
ai the ? m
???.. "i delivered a eulogy
upon the d? ?? ? Mayor. < *n? h? t of the
ti \ by ??.
otham on ?Sh half of the ?. of
Directors, and another by Commissioner
. of I?? law..? . for the National
? ?>p. im 11 ? -.
Th? Rev. I pintor
? ?f th? Fourth ??
I thi pi ivi r ? Ith ? ? Ich ihe funeral
gatherim . as II r? all) in Th ?
Invocation contain? ? ?? feeling reference
?.? which Im?) nini I Ihe fare?
well cert trial meetlmr.
and appealed to Ih Throne of ?? ?
behalf imiijr.
Following tils as 1 op? nlng. which
brought tears from the usands
gnth? red in the gre?! li ill, ? ime the
formal announcement b) President l'al?
ni, r of the Mayor's death and ?
meni iba! all esercii ? of a festive char
act? ? would I?? omitted. Th? ?resolutions
were then present ?! without anv
panylng speech, ait>\..u_'h many el
?,.-r.? presen! the r?solution
pi?.?? sing In ? timi nta
all Hi
? ni fainar then formally an?
: "?t in compii in ?- ??. Il h
of Congr ss the exposition was ??in? i. 111 v
::t ail ?? tl ;?s a ? ,,. an |
after the Rev. Dr. F liad pro
' Ihe i. ne 11 t( ,? and offered up a
shori prayer, the ?gathering ??f mourn ?rs
Thi World's ?Fair, like Carter Harrison,
was no mor??.
Story of the ??-:?-?!??.?????? Told in
I >c (nil.
CHICAGO, October KL?The story of
Mayor Harriaon'a morder and atatementa
of phyi ? apk d Um ??tt. ntton of a
coronel s i'i?v at the Harrison ?residence
for an hour yesterday morning. Except?
ing a technical description of tbewotmda.
little waa added to the iiif.umiti.ni al?
ready at the disposal of the officer? of the
law. The verdict recommended thai ?Pren
for the murder until tlis
! by due proceas ?.f law. Coroner
M?llale an.l Deputy John Kelly reached
the Harrison houae about I ??'clock.
?Before iii> arrival Deputy Kelly and a
?? isengei had ? immooed a Jury. They
1 a number of prominent men who
w re residents or* the district and at
sh"it notte-. They were;
c. ?v Kohi aland Boulerai-,
Judge of th?? Probate Court
Charl?"? G. ?Sime?, 238 ? ? van!,
machinery ?manufacturer.
W. .?. Chalmers. ? ? Boulevard,
?? ?? nt ..f ?Pr?ger ?s. Ciminiera Com
Scribner, ?M Ashland Boulevard, of
.i.ner, Crrighton ?: Co., l'ommiselon
merch mts
l'Irle King, tu Ashland Boulevard, com?
mission merchant
P. R. d Itreii. ?? l'ark avenue, tobacco
Th?? jurors mr?t at tl?? ' f??re 10
o'clock an?i organized b the ??election of
Judge Kohh Teman. Th?
lay in an upper ?room, and the jurors
moved ir? stilts to view it t. fore hearing
testimony I m was transferrod
\ /or further proceeding to the Bouth hack
parlor, on the main ?So r. Th?? jurors.
es, an?! ?? few ipectal
around a large talil? la th" ?Centre.
PrendergBSi sat or stool In a corner.
With l.leutiT.ant liais between him and
the ?loor.
In the wi...? hall leading through the
centre of th- h.ius,? from th- main ?l....r
to the ?broad atalreaae at the west end
visitor? wer?? thronging an?! pissing to
Um upper rooms to view the fa???? of their
friend and lemler. Th- morn In which the
] Inquest was in proiir? "ff the
?hall Through Its half-open doors the
..rounl the table was vi?!l>l??, but
i their low voices falliti to attract atten
; tlon. ??nd few of th- visitors noticed the
William Preston Harrison, son of the
Mavor and publisher of the Chicago
Times, described briefly his knowledge
of the tragic affair. He testir!,?d that
Mayor Harrison waa M years old and a
native ,,f Uxlnarton, Ky.
"The last time I saw him alive, con?
tinuisi the witness In reply to an Invita?
tion to recount the affair, "was about TIH
o'clock last night. About ??2 o'clock 1
found him Ivlng on the floor, having been
shot. 1 heard shots fired, but was In an
upper room and did not see any on*
sh?-iotlng. I hurried down to my father
and spoke to hltn nini asked him what th?
in, .to r whs. He said he was shot and
' t'.-t Annie over at once, was h!s only
"He lay on the floor where I found him
about twenty minutes end then ?li-.l
Some one ??slled a physician and others
came In before he ??<**!."
John Wheeler, a ?police officer who eon
: Prendergast from the Desplalnes
Street Station to th?? Central Station, was
questioned about what won!? ha*1 pasead
between htm and his pr??????";? Hi? testi?
mony was short and added little to pre?
vi?, ??* Information. _- _^
"\\ hat did he sayr' asked the Coroner.
'?I asked him." replied the officer, "why
he had shot Csrter Harrison. ?H? said It
was because ihe Mayor w mid not ap?
point him Corporation Counsel.
Interoet centred about th? story told by
Mary Hans?n. th? domestic: who admitted
Praadarfaat. Ihe told o? bar position la
? ???&Z&-*h2&a?J?i
th?? household, saying she hail been em?
ployed as eeeond girl.
' Knrlv last evening." she continuel,
"then- was ? ring at the door-bell. I went
to the door and found a man I did not
know. That was about 7 o'clock. I ask??!
th?? maw what he wanted, and he said he
wanted to see Mayor Harrison. I told
him Mr. Harrison wa? eating supper, nnd
n?ked him to call again. About 7:45 he
came back, and I went to the door and
let him in.
"Mr. Harrison was sitting In the second
room to thn front. I told* him there was
a p?.?? In ?he hall who wanted to see him.
snd I left the man In the hall and went
te the kitchen. Just as I got In the
kitchen 1 heard several ?hot? tired and
th-n I ran out from the kitchen to wher??
I had left Mr Harrison and the man. I
saw the unknown man running out of the
door. Mr. Hnrri?on stagger.??! Into the
s??, ? I room ftn-1 out of the door to the
hall, wh-re he fell."
"Do you sor? the man who calle<17" aflk
ad l'op.jtv Kelly.
Th?? witness hesitated and the Coroner
' I? that the man?" he asked, pointing
t?. Prendergast
Still th?? witness was n?e sure, but Pren
d? rgast helped her out with an exclama?
"Y-s, I saw you last night." he volun
H- was told to put on his hat and face
th?? witness.
" she nnswer'd, "that I? the man I
Bdlng with Mr. Harrison, and that
I? th?? man who did the shooting."
"After he ran away." continued the wlt
I th"?- went for doctors, who came
Hehl away. Mr. Harri???n ?lied about
twenty minutes after the shootln?'. When
I ?aw him he was bleeding."
P. ?I ta son Klshiirg. the Mayor's cmirJi
fiuta, who was first to start In pursuit of
? ? and became ft tarmi for one
of bla biill't?. Mentili???! Prendergli st.
"When 1 heard several shots Bred,'' said
B?. "I ran out and saw a man standing
with a r.voher In hi? hand."
"Do von s?o him now?" be was asl."d.
"Thai !? ?he man." h? answer? d. point?
ing at I'rendergast. "He was pointlng?
hls revolver at som?? object In the second
r ? ? of the house, and as I open?-! the
door to ir-i in he pointed It an BM "nd
tir? i Bul 1 "hot the door before he
? I rake aim lit me nnd ran back to
ti bara ttttt my revolver BO that I
?'.'ill r?> and Oaten the man. Then 1 run
around to th?? front to se* if I could find
Mm. but COOM tin? BBS him. I saw one
man, but It was not th?? one I SBW in th??
bouse. When I w?i?t lack to the house l
?aw Mr. Harrison lying ?in th?? floor with
s. m.? doctora ?- tiled ?heal twenty min?
?te? afterward. I ??as eating Banger In
the i.a?k ..f the boas? wh?a (he shooting
'??h.r witness??? examined wer? officer?
of the D?spla?ies-Street Station.
!? ? McDonnell, Patrol Ssrg.ant. id-n
titled the revolver he had taken from
" /. Barber, Dash Serge.??t al ?he
D<-splaln?M-8tr< t Station, ?aw Prender
gaat surrend? r t> McDonnell, and heard
lutin aay tint h? had ?hot Carter Har?
ns?.? because the Mayor, he said, bad
broken faith with him in fnlllnir to ap?
point him Corporation tTounael. Prender
gnst imi t"id him he lived at fi?r.i perry
.rdlng ?o the post-mortem examina?
tion, results ?>f which wer?? submlti??! to
th?? |ury. fia? bullet wounds mad?? by four
?. r?? found in the Mayor*
'Ihr??? bulls remain???! In the body, ? in,?
lodged in the muscles of the back. An?
other passnl through the liver and Was
j ' in Um i.ovvls. Th.? third struck
lie stioui.i. r an ? ranging downward
? : under the skin
"The jury retired a few mitiut??.? and, re?
turned Rs verdict.
On th?? verdict a formal death-certificate
? ?"ici. The finding of the Jury v?. ,?s
also th?? basis of ? mittimus ??? for the
.! itlon of Prendere ?
lu the cours? of th? Inquest D-puty
Coroner Kelly asked Prendergasl if he
had a statement to make, but th? prisoner
? ? l to speak
Winner ot the Bps?!?! Nwcpslakes at
(hi? Siro- ? ili).?. Ml!? at.
(I!j t? 1? graph to the I >?-?...f, h.)
HAWTHORNE la?'i:tiia?'K. nn.
CAOO, (?it.d.er .","-Special sw-.pstaks
: I ,,i nt. r mil.'.? Clif?
ford won, Yo Tambi?n second, i_imp
lighter thlr?l. Tim??. _?*%.
?'llfTord w,.n by lift, ? p lengths. Bet?
ting: V?. Tambi?n, I to I; Clifford, 8 to
l, Lamplighter. 1'? to 1.
QL' \Ki:? i'iTV TRACX.
OIXTtrcESTER, N. J. Oetober nn.-The
' rai?? one and ? quarter miles ?
ir.r ?von. Lilv PiUalfer second,
..... | .,
? end raei five furlongs r.obln Hood
lack Lovell second. Traveree third.
Third rue?four and s half fur ?
Early Rlossom won, Jersey second,
'Itisi.? Gardiner thir.i. Tim.?
Fourth race- -flve furlong? Sonora won,
? ..?. Bryan third. Tim??, im
i-'if?h rao f. tir and a half furlongs
?'itnden won. Theodor-"*, aecond, Po to
a ttotnie thlnL Time
en furloags Quarter?
? v.?.,,, puny leeoni, Kingdom third.
Time 137.
ELIZABETH, N. .1.. '?.toh.r 30.-Re?
sults Of to-dt.V?'? I
Flrsl rao five and a half furlongs?
Armitage ?? on.Furai ? second, Harring
ton tidrd. Ttme, ? ? 1 ? l
s,, ond r.?<?.?- one mile I'rin.??? ?
a Rolskin second, Conhtncne third.
1 ; ?G,.
Thlr 1 race- ?_ fnrl won.
In, le Jcsa Second. I'liv or Pal third.
Time, ii?;. ?
Kourtii race??one and ooe-alxteenth
r ,Roche \???p. Raceland second,
Blelpner,thlnL Time. ! ?
Kift'i rae Ix furioi ? Poor Jonathan
Strnthmea?l second, Olilswlek thir?l.
. Time. 11?'.
? ? race??ix ?Orion???Bolero won,
Rico s.?'? ? I, Mis? Kittle third. Time. Lie.
Following ure the Elisabetta tnrf-?ntrie?
for to
I'irst race?five ? ightiis of a mili??King?
ston. 124: Wan Jim, ISO; Ray Lochlel, IM;
Rival, I?; Derfargilla, HA
Second race one und tjina-eighth miles?
? n. IOS; Candelabra, IOS! "Oxford,
i".?: Copyright 108: The Ironmaster, ????;
L.tlon. ?7: Tom I'lviin. '.?7. Hasty, ?JO;
Marshall. M
Third p?.-.?ti'.?' and ? half furlongs ?
Muid Ward (gilding). 'Ill; Ttinculo, ill;
Florence, UO; Drum Major, IOS; Enfleld,
108; Factotum, 108; Natimi. 104; Intimidad.
103; i:??.immisi, let: Lengbrook, 103; Mer
ritt. i?". ? ??...p,,. M; Biberon, 'it; Captain
Sin? ?tir. M; Clansman, M; ktaggt? smith.
Fourth racc--three quarters of a mile -
?'h.ittaiiooira. 112; Tartarian, 110; Shelly
Tuttle. ins: LTncle Jess. 107; Lansing, KB;
Will Klli..u, HO; Sandowne, 108; Midnight,
107; Ingot. ?08; ??ur Maggie, IB; Faithful.
Fifth race?seven eighth.? of a mil?? -
King Cadmus, 108; Porcb?eeter, 101;-Void,
100; Kilkenny, :?l; Reynard, '.?-': Metucben,
S); Harry Alonso, a); Detroit. M; Town?
?end, '.??; Plenty M
Sixth rue -el_ m. I g hilf furlong? -Will
Elliott, HD? Madstone, HO; Mord..it??. 110;
Aerollthe, il?'; Midnight. 110; f-wrshitance,
107; Ainu?? Bishop, 107; W-st Lark. ?7;
V'erbln, ?7; ?Pirate Chief, ?7; Dauntless. &.;
Enfi? id. *2._ __^^____
Major Rah?? I*. Lee Un-nili, Ini? l'optili?!
(.riiVflj -liide|M'iiileiit (rank ?peak?.
IBS? lil ?? leg-ram to the Dispatch.)
accomac eorimiorsi?:. VA. Oe?
tahar 2n.-Major Maker P. Lee, Demo?
cratic candidat.? for the BsMBB ?>f D??!??
!:ijhi Kllzablli ?'ttv and Accia.u?,
and W. H. Ora v. ly. I'opullst ?.and! lit.?
f.r Attorii-y-General, met In Joint di M itts
sion at Accomuc Courthouse to -I ay.
Major l>e made a splendid sp.-ech. over?
whelming his antagonist and ?resting
g-r.-a? enthusiasm. Mr. ?Irav-ly had but
few If any sympathizers in the Immense
audienci?, but he was given a patient and
r??. pi'tful heating.
After those gentlemen had finished
speaking, Lalvan Lewis, an odd eh? I
who I* running a?? an Independent candi?
date for the House of Deb-gates frota
Accomae and Northampton bi-gan a
rambling harrangue. *^ut the crowd
laughed htm off the stand. In leaving the
the stand I_fWls said It was the roug'h-<t
ami mie?t Igncrant crowd he had Seer
seen. Thla (rented great merriment. Ac?
comac will give a large majority for the
Another Reception to His Krolneuce In
?l'y telegraph M the Dispatch.)
HALTIMORK. MD., October IB Tb"
students and faculty of Rock Hill <-ol
leg.?. this ?tate, came to-day to Calvert
Hall, in this city, an.l uniting with the
students and faculty of the latter Insti?
tution of learning, gave a grand re?
ij Cardinal Gibbons, In manifestation or
their Joy that hi? Eminence had roun<l*?l
out tw??ntjA-flve years of hi? episcopate
In great ami glorious work for his church
? ! ?untry. A choir of 3U? voice? and
the orchestras of college and hall gave a
Very line musical tr.at. and a Jubilee ad?
dress wa? read by Mr. Richard i. Davis
of Norfolk. Vs.. The Cardinals re
was most felicitous, and he was
heartily applauded by the student?, pro?
fessors, laymen, and priests present V"???"*
litter all being graduate* of the two In?
stitutions. __^__^______
laves? Yo<ar Change.
A ?liver quarter Is about' as much a?
some people care to Invest In medicine
tor Immediate use. Spend this sum for ?
package of Simmons Uver Regulator pow
dT. 1?? th?? wom-n-? filiad ??'_??' "'"?
Headache In the right way. and ?guUklyi
tool Jail aa good ter lrilte-saeaa.
The Exercises In Keeping with the Gloom
.ef the World??*-Fair City-Some
Music, However.
(By tslsgrapb to the Disperdi.?
WOKLD'S FAIIt Ollo!'.\'Dl\ ( It?<?(.*>.
Dctober 30? In harmony wtth the World's
Fair city's sorrow came the closing ?f the
Worlds Columbian Exposition this day,
is directed by the United r?tate? Congress.
At sunset, 4:15 o'clock, th? colors of all
nations, which had been at half mast
since Sunday, were lowered together, a??
they were unfurled within sight of Presi?
dent Cleveland at noon .May 1st. Six
months, with the exception of ? day. have
p.?s.?...l, and the (?lory of the exposition has
?- ? ? ? uvea Into the history of the worlii's
4\t th?.? word of command from ?rtlllery
aflkan th.? guns of a battery facing the
?Moa waters of I?ake Michigan belehnt
forth the signal telling the world that the
World's Fair was dying with the netting
sun, dying while tear? Vai? heftig sia*!.
When th?? sunset hour arrived a hundred
m? ? stationed at the various flag-staffs
of the nations' colors on the ?lepartni?>nral
buildings BtOOd ready to lower the Hays
Bad liar?? the ?poles which should tell to
th- visitors to-morrow that th?? Columbian
Exposition waa at an end forever.
Tt was am Impressive sene, t ami the
thousands of visitor* who viewed the clos?
ing apertaci? coui?i not refrain from sigil?
liti:. an?l regretting that the exposition
was at an enti.
The only music which was h? art ?ant?
side of Vi stivai Hall came from lane?*?
Thirteenth Regiment Bead of New Tor*
city, which played in the Court of Honor
during the afternoon. The programme
which th?? hand rendered was tii- bbbii
whl??h It was Intended to have ?._ gfren
in Musi.? Mall aft.t the floeing ?viclse-t
beginning at r, o'clock.
De vaiai thousaml vMtora aaeemblad
around the band pavilion while th.- Lan!
?played th?? ? losing aelectlone, At th? sun?
set hour Conductor lane? ?played on tin?
tromb?n? "Th.? asa shell waltz." one of
his com:??? ?'!: .n.t. While th- nols.? of tin?
cannon waa ?heard on the ?Lake ?troni ?and
t'l?? Saga "f th?? vanishing city were being
furl-.I, the Now V??rk hand waited to
play th.? (feretri ?? t?? Um fair.
conductor Inno? tilled th- hin i.v playing
"uh. ?Dear, What Can th?? Matter I'??'.'"
Vi hll?? the last (tag In tin? exposition was
being pull-? to th- ?ground in Um Court
??f Honor Iba New v??rk ?band ?played ?the
"Star-Spangled ?Banner." an?i conili ? .?
with "America."
A cheer went tip from th?? thousands
ambled within hearing of th?? patriotic?
? lina, ani after the ?sound "f a
from th.? Administration Building, tin;
World's flair ?became a r.irt ?>f history.
One of Them Itrlnir? ll.uvn Mi? Victim The
Othei -Threaten? lain 111 (?oillil.
(By telegraph t?? Um Dispatch.?
NKW TORE. October '?". -i-v. ?i.-riek L.
Mathias?, wh.? was sup.'l ITlt-n 1? lit of the
tew ?Poetai Telegraph Company*! building,
at ?Broadway and Murray Mtre'is, was
fatally shot ?.? th?? abdomen this after
? .?.n i?v a murderous crank, who nave
the name of Thomas Bradi
Bradley hud been lurking ?around the
building all day, and ?had once ?.? or?
dered oui ?if ?? by Matiiias. il? returned
? ?., u ? o'clock, and hid behind a pile of
brick?. Mathias ordered him out ?gain.
Bad was answered wltb, a shot, whl?ii late
him out.
The police were Boon on th? spot, but
the fellow kept ui? such a lively ttrtni?
that tin-v w> re obliged to sho?>t him before
thi y could capture him. 11? was
wounded in hi? pistol arm. imt even tli-u
he fought like ? wildcat, und it t.???k all
th- tn-n wh?. could gel hold of him to
subdue him It then ne..l.?l still more
t the man fern ihe er?.w.l.
Bradley ?said he was ? laborer, and
without ? home, ?He ?rambled In his
?. and opinion anioni,' the polio* m? ??
who cam? Iti . ontnet with him Is divided
as t.. whether h- is a lunati.? or la in a tit
of delirium tremen?
Another crank entered th- otii?-e c>f \;\.
win Gould to-day, and demanded K.flOO,
which amount, he said, t??? bad lost during
Ui? t.. nt strikes <?n Kansas railroads.
> Mr. Qould humored him until he saw a
eham??? to telephone to est ata
tton-house. An ?.nicer then ?mon appeared,
? ? took tt.rank away, He save his
?name aa Mongolia Andrew?, a telegraph
opt I .1 ??.-.
? A dispatch from Kitisa?* City BBVI ? ri
drew? was employ?? in tit?? western
I'nlon office in that ??tv, and tha! he
obtained leave of abeence t >? ? weeka
ago t?? vhrit ins -id ?home, in Weet vir
s ni.? He has a ?rife and two children in
Kansas City. Andrews was nui popular
with bis fellow-operators or associai
he was t???? much inclined ?to argue .??
lectfl iiiHin which h* was tioti- too w-11
inform"?!. At one time religion was his
hobby, and he was a member <?f a church
nt Westport, ? ?f late be had I ?? ?? ? t ? aJ\??
iiie objects of the American ?Pro?
tective Association.
W'hil.? he was ?regarded as lifn??rant and
eccentric, none of his asso dates s?m
. to have considered him dangerous.
Som?? t'liaiige? Mudi? by Hi.? Hoard While In
leeatoa Laal Ma-tit.
a regular meeting of the ?Board of Fire
CommhMtoneri was held at the lire de
partaieal beadguartera last niuht. i'r-si
i H. I'risitikorn rii'>>si.l.'d and then?
w.r? present Mesara F. P. Burke, J. L.
Levy, .1. R. Bheppard, and ?. Watt Ta\
lor. Captain Charles F. Taylor was out
1 of the city. Tin? Board decided to change
; the tini?? of meeting to the second mil
fourth Monday In each month.
?JOlutlon was adopted asking per?
mission of the Council (as r?-?iuire,l by
law) to on mise and equip a Chemical
Plfe-Engtne Company. ??? chief ?reported
th?? crown altee! bf No. I engine as
l.-aklmr badly. The ?Board ordered a thor?
ough examination by tero ?speri engineers
1 ami empowered the president and chief
; to have such repairs as may be n
A motion was adopted giving Ibe eliti f
[ authority t.? have the horse-shoeing ?lotie
; at such shops as ho may deem beet f??r
th? horses.
Mr. Charles Stephan, who has
the department for nearly twenty yean.
I sent in iiis resignation on account of
continuel) ill health. Th.? resignation was
accepted and Substitut.? J. J. Whit.? elect?
ed ?to till the vacancy. Mr. I'. O. Ran?
dolph wils mad- itibetltute vl'" White,
Samuel Steinberg was elected substitute
In No. ?'.. Il i t?? ask the Water
!>?'partment to put a fire hydrant at
Twenty-third and Cary streets.
The next tire-alarm box will be placed
at the corner of Jeff??!???!! anil Cary
Furloughs wen trrar.t.-l .1. F. Kersey,
F. Low. W. H. Sears: James T. (Irubbs,
an?! H. !.. Oilman
Captain ?Redwood, of No. l engine com?
pany, a>k?'?i permtaaton for memben ??f
Ids company to organize a ? ?ub "f as
many men an the chief-tun spar?? to go on
a trip mirth next summer. They want
? ntertalnuK nts during th- win! ir
?money to carry a band, etc. The
Board thought It a ajaeatlon of ?time Im?
portan? and decided to lay it on th?? ut.ie
until next meeting,
Billa for the current month were or?
dered to lie paid and the Hoard adjourned.
? tiiaml Attendance Last Xir?rit ?New 'hm
I.el? ? lee ted.
Th.? attendance at the meeting of I'h'k
ett ''amp last night was very large. An
Invitation was received from the (?rand
Camp of United Veterans to attend the
Augusta Exposition November ???, and
was riled.
An Invitation from R. K. I??e Camp to
attend the op-ntng of the new mers? hall
at the Soldiers' Home next Thursday wa?
Th? camp will meet at the Home at t
V. M.
It wae resolved that at the next meet?
ing of the camp the Peninsula campaign
would be the subject of disetM
Oraad-Comniaader T- A. H runder was
present and made an address.
The following applicami were elected
members of the camp: '". N. VFyatt,
! I_ithans'e Battery; Michael Carmo-ly,
St-..? it.?. ArttlWry; M. S. Lrddy. First Vir?
ginia Infantry; John ?J Satterwhlte.
T?nth Virginia. Artillery; W. ?J. Fuller.
?Second Virginia Battalion; Va'. J. Blnford.
Fourth Virginia Cavalry.
Captain E. R. Mason will preach a tor?
mon to the camp at Orace church on th?:
thlnl Sunday In November at H p. M.
The camp will assemble at the hall and
march to the church In a body.
For Vellow-Kever HaaaYerera.
The Dispatch lute tvcelveU |? for the yel?
low-fever sufferers of Brunswick. Os.
The money wa? contribu????! by members
of L?.t? Lodge, No. ?7, Knights of Honor.
City Circuit Court.
The following business was transacted
In th? City Circuit Court yesterday:
Charle? F. Taylor A Co. against W. C.
Dtliard. Verdict and Judgment set
J. S. Hauhar again?! Um Orna??
?merican Fire Insurance Company.
Judgment fotj, the plaintiff for t?T.M.
The motion of Cornelia <'ram, admin?
istratrix of Henjamin B. Oram. deceased.
:?> transfer certain share? of stock was
docket???! and continued.
?'.?...?..?? ?li.l Itrlrf..
I'hn ? Mason haa returned from
IB? World's Fair. I
Mr .lum ? >& K.?.irn?v Is able to sit up
ml to rarMBV? his friends.
Mrs. II V, Flour noy, who has been
very sick for s?im?? time, in now Improving.
Miss Molile Strimrer, who has been ex
rnmely ill with malurlal-f? ver, is in .
Mr. ami Mrs. temer, o! New York, are
on a visit to Mrs. ?. ?
Clay street.
Mr A. L Rlchnrdson Is now In <*hi
csgo. where he has been attending the
World's Fair.
Iloti t'enrire I?. WIs- ts still c??ntlne?l to
ids bed but is improving, li- hop.? to l?e
out In a week.
The Anhctiser-lUineh Company tool the
bliie-rlblmn prlxe In the l..?er competition
at the World's Fair.
Mrs. J. II. Matthews, wh? was cill-.l*
home by the Illness of her father, Mr. .1.
W. Quay, lias returned.
Sii.ii.'r* V. A Little, of Fredericks
burs;, and .lam?-s ?. Stillili?*, of (Houceati ?.
? i? In the cit?v yesterdiy.
nr it. ?Randolph?, ?Bau cnit.d ?stai -
army, ami wife an? guests of Ju?lgv ?. T.
Fiiuntleroy. l'US' ?Para aventi.?.
Mis? Mary W.urtn ?. wh.? has been visit?
ing relatives In the North f??r th
two months, haa ? ?turned boeae,
Th.? ui1. s of I'nion-st.ttion Methudtat
church have Invited th?? congregation to .?
loclable, t.? ?be held in tit?- tabernacle this
evening al IM o'clock.
Mr. John Jaekfon, of this city, has ar?
rived aafely in Euibpe. an ? write? thai
he 1h having a d-lmhtful linn?. He will
return ?lurlnat November.
The regular monthly meeting nt th>?
Hlehiinuid ludi.m ASOOCiatloa Will !?.? hi Id
to day at 1] o clock at the Young Men's
. ??? parl?n,
W F. Pillard. Tr-usur.r of Spotsyl
vanla; B. M. Arbogast. Sheriff or \n??
ghany, and ?I B. Stevenson, of H.irri
sonburg, risited th.? Capital I rdaj
Mr .i. a. Lawaea. wh?? was ?tor a brag
whil.? connected ?ritn Murphy'? hot?!, hits
returned h.r?? ??. engage In bu
?baring ?ipeni bohm month? m ?Roanoke.
A stieak-thlef en'.t- I th?? lnallwav of
i; ?. Dr. Newton's ?residence, oa north
Twelfth strevt. Sunday afternoon and
atole a im silk umbrella and two hats.
Maggie, the ? rear-old ehUd of Mr. an?!
Mrs . ? \ ? t?,m, of ?.? ? ?Louisiana
atre* t. ?Fulton, died Sui Im r ?
mains wer- taken ??? Ashland for ?ter?
ra? nt.
Cat.tain .1. ?". House. formerly of this
?itv. died Sunday u WHIlamsburg; ?g???!
about ?'.' ?
s long time connected with the Oallege
R?v. ?: ? u ?derla, ol ?? t?r?burg,
brother of Rev, lu Hoodwln, rectoi ol ?I
John'? church, v.i? In thi cltj Binnlay.
11- tu'e.'ii h- d to a larg? eor, ?; tega Hon at
St John's al ? o'clock Bunda) afl rnoon.
Hr. ma-li ?bapUm ? thlrt? ? ? er p ? ??'
< Irove ??? nue church biunda .
preaching t.? an 1 ? : ? :a? ?n*. ?
?itili',?? 1 iu -
with preaching every nlghl by Dr. l.an
11 ?? ? m
Itishop Jackeon, of Manama, whs a is
?ailed Rere t.v the stcknees ?.f hi.? wlf?,
preached ,i Qrace Rpiscogal church Sun?
day morning Th? rongregatloa was large
und his senni ?. fiotn St. Luke 111., U
;i very Hin? eoe.
Cantala w, n Btratton, ????? ??f the
popular officers of th,? freight department
of tlie Richmond, !?"' I. rtcksburg ?nd Po?
tomac Railroad < ' >mp io;. has returned
home, after _ most enjoyable visit of
tw.. weeks at the World'? ' '?
Thsre wa? a Weil it tended meeting of
Richmond I_>dgi. NO I. I. O. O f., i-ut
night. Seven,i good ?perche? were mad??.
?,,? ?w?. candidate! wenl through ti?.?? de?
gre??, ?':?;? ili,? m ?< "!tir ?It?? I'd. e ?mi?
pleasantly entertained by Mr. ?'liarles
Rev. W. Asburj C_ristlan, the pastor of
Washington-Street Msthodlst church, nil
Ms attractive Bride win return to th? city
rioni their wedding ?rip to (Thi, ?
morrow afternoon t?. congregation will
tend? the ii.wiv-Hi ?ii.i pair a handsome
??eewptien at ntgln.
The RellSkMIS Herald of this w.-k will
publlah a lengthy ?k??;. h nt I >r. It? nja
ii.m ? inflitti, ?ectvaatg of tin? Ameri?
can Baptl : I'lililicutloii So-l'I?, who .lid
lesi Ti sii? .,t h.i~ home in upland. Pa
??.?. Orifllth wa.? wi ???>? known through
out the I'nlikB. and even in Richmond he
h.d bundreda .?r ?. ? sonai friends.
Mr. I. S. Kins, an Inmate of th? S d
dler?' Home, died at that Institution Bun
das at noon, after being contine,I to I.i?
bed for? about right reara wich rheuma
\lr Klnr '.?'.?? a menila t of Com?
pan li. Thlrti enth Virginia '?'?? rail ??
an efiiei? m soldier The funeral tool
from th?? Honi?? y kterday ail?.ru???.??.
The annual meeting of UM Hoard of Di?
re? tors of the Method) ' Bunday School
Bociety ???? h?ld Suiid.iv afternoon at
Broad-Street chnrnh. The annual r.?
porta of th?? prwaktent and treasurer were
?ubmitted, 'i h<?y show..) thai several aew
schools bad been organlsed, and that lhe
I eon?. .'I'hIoiih bad
been exceptionally large, Officer? were
At tlie ngul.ir lit. rary meeting of t????
McGlll Catholic Union last evening the
featur?? of the pregrsuime was _n ?labo?
r?t? paper prepared and read by Mr.
.liimc? m Power? entitled "What th??
Catholic Clergy Did tor the Pri ?ervatlon
of Literature In the Middle Age?," whleb
evldem ? ?! d? ? ? r - ir? b on the part of the
?. .md which waa greatly i-njoyed
by the members. Messrs I. Lotus rtulll
\ m ..nd TV. I' Redd?, r*?ndered rats? In
their usual g..?.?i style, t??.? trhole was
, led by ? choi u? by the Olas Club,
Ci. li ?.void Arrival? at New inrk Uot.d?.
(Special telegram ?. the Disputen,)
NEW YORK, ?>, totr fa, \>. H. H.
Cunningham, New Amateraam: ?'. Com
Btock, Lai reti, W. I!. Civ. I'runswlck;
E. Mlllhlser. Marlborough; L. ?' Young r
an ? ?. I?' Tanner, Imp rial; C. II. \\ II
liniis. Mr.? v. Newton, and Dr. I. H.
White, st. Jams?; Mr?. .1 n. BartoB aad
and MISS N. Carton. St. '
???G?-, Quick, and i-'ITertlvr.
The vaiiKiiil? curativa piopai-IB? of All
tk's Porous Plasters are .ju?? ??? the
r?loyineiit of the ?itgrn-st ni"dl?-.il an?!
chemical ?kin. Thej are purely ?ragetable,
end In ingredl.-nts and method hav?? ???.???
I, en ?iqiiall : -if?*, quick, BBd effective
In their action, they do not burn or blis?
ter, but soothe and relieve while curing,
and can be worn without causing pulii or
?|1.??G??.?1?? I.
Do BOI ?? -Lc-iv.il by misrepr? ?enta
! tlon. All other ??>-<-;ill--? 1 I'orous Plaster?
? are imitations, mad.? 10 sell BB thS
! talion of All.ock?.
1 Ask for Alhoi k's and let no solicitation
? or explanation Induce you to accept a sub?
Tbe (1.1pl1.11 Itrewers.
CHICA?;??, ill,, ?-t..h? r Ml Ths cham
pliTnshlp cup "f ih.? world for licer, for
which not only all the great ?????p? m
to? ? rs. but those df the famous Eurft
; r.-wing cities of Munich ami Nurein
burg were In ki-en competition, 1.
?I oft by the Aiihi'iiser-lfusih
Mrewlng Company, of St. ?_???, th >?
having r.celv.-d the highest number of
aerar ?? Hiid scored the highest jxilnts.
They were esiieclally conim-nded for Hi
'**""'?_?** iiuiity of their bc-r, as a pur??
malt and hop product, without corn or
?BfB product?. This makes th
h> us.r- Husch Company th?.? vlumpum
brewers of the world.
Piano? an? Or???? at ?>???.
We offer our entire stock of l7i.?X?) worth
of Pianos, Organs, and small Instrument?
at prime cost to cloae business. L..r,
dollar's worth must be sold by January
1st. Our store la for rent and Sstures for
sale. This la the chance of a lifetime tn
secure bargains from our large line ol
standard makes of instruments. Also s
number of aecond-hand Pianos and
Organs slightly used. Cull ?arly and taki
your choice.
100(5 Main street, opposite Post-office.
( brUtma? Money.
Save the tags from "Yarbrough'? Mlkl
Burley." The person returning them ?
tie December 21, 14*83, tv III rec?>lv? th? fol?
lowing prize?:
tlO.ii? for the largest quantlty returned.
IB.OO for tho second largest,
BS ik? for th? third largest.
SS.00 fur th? fourth largest.
MOO for the fifth largest.
??? for the ?Ixth largest.
Prises will be awarded December 23. IMI
Ricranond, Va,
Aneti?? Bale To-?ta?.
By A. N. POLLARD, Auctioneer,
24 east Broad street.
Large and attractive sale of 4M Ladk-a
Jackets to uke place to-day at 10JO ?. M
The ladles of Richmond ami viciniti
should not miss this ?aie.
Yours truly, A. N. POLLARD.
World?? Pair Award on Baking; ??wd?r.
Chicago, oetober hk?The award hai
been given to Hereford's bread prepara
Hen for nutritious and healthtnl eua_t_
?urlty, aad ?unarior feiStae MIMMI?
Official ?Estimates of tb? ChMaf ef eut???
ns-ers In the II aids of the Mease
I .???uuiltew.
(?From Onr Regular C?wr?s?????e*.l
WASHINGTON. I?. ?'., Octo??? ?>.? Tb?
estimates for river and harbor aparoprtu?
?Ions have been placed qul??tty In the
aaada of the members of the Illeso Com?
mittee by the Chief of Kngir? rs. and
soon that committee will be .able to get
to work. The rac-ommend_.loi'.i lot the
lending Virginia an?! North fir ?Una ?pro?
jects an? as follows, the amounts given
l>-lng either ?shat the corps thinks will be
required to ,?,.tup?ete existing works, 09
that could be profitably spent ?Ml year:
Jam.'s River, for rompl-tl?.n. !'.*V. 0*0;
amount recommend???! for ?next .?? ar'?
work. lino.tiw. The work has progressed
setlsfactorily for the year, the mesi es?
tensive part being n.?ar liliimond. and
,it? oaa be obtain? l finn llb??ral
approprlatlona lip M -I **????? > uc, the
amount < ?Hunted on Jamea riaer waa
t; ? -
Y.irk ?river, t?i complete. 111.*..???, for next
year. IIM.OM \1 itiaponi river, to tom
??9>; for n??xt veer. ??,???. !'?
munkey river, |7.n?>: to compier.? n?xl
vu riappebanaofh r?v??r. t?> c??inpi.?i??,
r. r next year, ?*>.'??'. Norfolk
hnro.i?. t.? complete, $&7,7?; for next
NORFOLK H\Kli?>!t.
Norfolk harbor, between I aaali?.!'?
Point and !'??rt Norfolk, t.mt.I-i??. H??,
?" Naaeemond river, to complete H?.?
?Sto; for ???! 9h AiipomatluK
, eompl i- ?i??mi for ? ?t year.
?? -nini ended)
for Oaanooch h irbor,
Cap.? Charlee City, ?harbor ?mi sp?
-. t? complete existing pi
NORTH ?Alt? ??.?.s \.
Inland ?rater root-. Mortola to Aih??
mairle ?Sound, to complete. M'.',*>7. for next
j?nr thai amount reeommenged
Beaufort Harbor, to complete. ?KW.
Cape ?fear river, t ? complete, BMit' for
Best year, RMte <'a??? fear ao?>vt> Wil
mlagton, to ? u?it>!et.*. BM.TM; for n.\c
year, ti?'."" Cape fear below ivilmlne
? i. t.. complet? to a depth ol twenty
feet, R.?*),*)?; f??r in-xt year. |l?*' ???.
New river, it.???', to complete.
Inland water-way between Newberno
and Braufort, to complete, ??7.00F; Inland
? u it? .ut .rr ?uni N.-w
River, to comi ite. Bio.?"?? m!.un! water?
Braj ?etwa ? ? ? itlver and Swan?d? ? .
t.? completa I
Tin: lim?. ?KiixiK.
? ', ? ? ? ? : . ' , 'Ti' -, ' !? .in.er?, iils.a
recommends m hla aaaual rapali that
?? -.???? ?.. ex ? end? ? ties! root <?i?
ih?? ?further Improi meni el th? i?.?t ag ? ?
riv.-r, un?! strongly irgea thai the -?
Loa ; i"? Ige ?? ra ? ? 'ti ?? ?rive? ? ?
Washington end ti. \ ir?;.? la bMi '?? re?
planed by a mere ?modern structura
Tbe pr.sent bridgi la eoa ?ih.si i.y th.?
Fi-nnsvlvaiua, t'i?? Richmond OOfl Kuivllle,
itnrt the Chesapeake and ?iM.? nt II roa. I?,
although f is owned ?by the tir -t and th??
other linea ham ? ?ranging arraaajemeat
over It. A ?new bridge will i.'iuir.? the >??
pondltura of ? larga buoi <?? money.
The work ?.f improving tin? 1'otomaO
?river his been vigorously push??.? for sev?
eral yeara ?nd the im; t rvaaaeata havo
been el ? WaanlBsjtan, Aiexan?
?Irla and ' ' rvlanl
I country tributan .itemihit riser t?> th?i
! mouth.
niellinomi al the ?url?i'. Fair.
? The 1'iitliv. !l .'?I,o hin- Company, ?if
this ciTj. ha\? iii-t I ?. ?? otlhlilly t I Vised
iti.it th. ? ?.?. e been ?warded ?IkIh ?goM
?Siedati at tl.?? W.ril s Fair. ????*?????, f??r
them. They compris?? toltoli s.< I ..1
the. Th? ? ? ?i II-?.???.I oil
mills, eotiii pre....?., w.m.I i. t. ???
drauUe ?pumpa nun king toi a< ? arami?
later aad cleaner, wwfcfng tabaco? packer.
'plug tobacco sha:? ?? l tiiresh.-r an?!
irator?all mad? in trim rity.
In ? ?*, r l'eut. Investment.
Cemm?rejal iiuiidiug and ?Lana Assoda?
'. tien offelS ("G Sale il limited ??????t ?if
Ita full paid I per ?ut Ito?? | peg
-li.tu?. Tin? ink Is re?le?mil.!e ..' an/
tune after om year at par upan thirty
days' notice. For full particiil.u t
PTUSpeCtUS ?all Or addr?.?!? ?? nun . relal
llulldlng and Loan \ <so< dation, ?ti ?aal
MatU str?. ?, I.l? lunoi: I. V.l.
Jll. l?? e Fiirrar'? I ????tore I ..nltjlif.
Th- . p ..r the irret t y llttlo
Bptecopal church at ?Barton Helghta nm
Btruggliag to < ?
to-night -In ? rill . ? ihn
Young Men's chi
of his ii ? ? MM I .lurs for li.? I.? ii'tlg
of the ohurch Th ? V.III ateo ?-? ?t c?a
.ert by th?? Miller corabh item.
I\ I ?r.l.
?Having purchased all th.? ?ird-r-h?." k* ;
the firm of ? J Nixon-??. Co., critalnli,4
measures of *lilrts and drawers, ?ve ?? ?
? ? ?par.d to duplicate any or?)? r ? ? ? HI|-iJ
by that Hrm. s ?: BISHOP,
Muiiufuetiirer.il Fin?? On ? . Iilrta,
, ?JB east Alain si
I'lsnos ami Organ? al l'est,
? We offer our entire uto.-k ?>f ?TVoU worth
of l'I.ino?, (ita; mi. ami small lustrum, fit.??
at prime e.ist m clona buateeaa Kv.-r/
dollar*? worth must be holt by .(smini v*
1st. Our Ht.ir- Is 1 ??. :? i.t , . I tlxtures for?
ai.? Thla :? tha chance .?f .a lifetime t?
1 Ml I r*.? lio- ut
1 r.ak-s ot Instruin? ills. Also a
numlsr of secotld-haad I'lano? and
Organa slightly us d. Call early ami takg
> nir ? hob ??.
WALT F ft I). MOSKS tm, i
lOitt Main str.et. opposite l?ost-?.rtl.?e. ?
?'. A. II .1 1. m..nd, I I.,, 1.1.
will open on Wednesday, November lea.
at 90? east Main street, a branch cut?
flower srore, where a good assortment o|
flowers will be k?'pt.
rae Over Kiitr toot?
Mrs. Winslow'* ?"outhing Svrup ha? been
used for children teething. t soittes tbo
; child, soltains the gums, allays all pam,
cures wiul colie, ami is tho b. at remedy
for ?liarrhus. V, ceuta a buttle.
v iniet?? MaAskil
Violets In gra-at abund.trn'.i at Hum?
Inwnd's, Ii7 east Broad s
Dr. William II. dray says: I take plea?
sure in beefing m?rite?! testimony BB tho
1 gr?-at value of ?TunileeUo Mineral Waur
In th?? treatment ??f dyagepeto, liver trota?
bles, renal calculi, cystic ?lljaeaajaea, rheu?
matism, snd gout.
Aha! Yes. that Is It. t
What? !>?_.!? rs In Furnlrure.
Where? 711 ?nd 711 east Itroad street.
Who? UTIINOR * HlNlrlKT.
Send your orders for election ticket?
to th? Iiispatch Company ami you wUf
gut them promptly. I'rlce? low.
Mantel?. Oratis, and Tiliug. ?a vnrioa?
sty Us and low price a. at
Jons Bowns'a, Oovernor itreet.
Orders for printing aent b> the Dia?
patch Company will be given prompt ate
t.ntlon. an?l the style of work and prtoa?)
will be sure to plea?? you.
I- leem.i. TlakaU.
Hend orders to the Disputrh c>mpaa|f
and have them printed promptly^ aa4
cbewply. __
Oa?. and Eleotrio-Chaadellen aa<l
Q?obea. New ?.esigua and low pneee.
Joaa Bowaaa.
No. 7 Qov?rnor atreet.
Our faril?t'amTfor sxetutlng an kind?
of job printing are iMMurpaaaed. tend ?4
yo?r order? and you will he ptenaed wttli
our work and pricoa.
Fbinips' Mgeeelbae tewaa
Cntike ether cocoaa ar rhanalalea? M ha
not greasy, aad though raatotolng all tea
nutrtsneot of tbe rickeet seaoa basta? H to
?o ptfpared that tt makea a <i\biknm taMg
drink. _
tor aheaakia
Oamptotoia, " mtowoM Wtmttm teaekaa? hero
r?a?arfcaate ?mate? ntmom, teM ?9ly M

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