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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, November 01, 1893, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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? Not Wish io Succeed
;r Bond.
I?'1 ' "
H ... ,l ?iM-nk-ra In Ihe
dedalei ????? ????
I. .-...aliti*?.
? . tletober "i.?
.? bla
u.th the vacancy
. : ??? M I
? I. He
. t? with i:??
.vs that
, . ."iv deaenr?
t.? betatg
?. t? natii?.' to
t ?simplify the
North Carolina ??
iran? an?! ln
. '. .iHX.
? ' . [
; o:?? Sie |??.? ? !.
? ??t? .
Mr. R
?.? ? or John W.
an i ? 'iloti? I Ham
It I? an utile ittr.iv.
? ?semen
I - no) In ti? ate?l yel
? . ? . a. |,a '
? t . agreeing
? ?
? ? ?
led 81
? .. T las t??
' ?
tariff bill ai
? . ira t?? i??-?
. .
ni I either Vlr
? all? b
? .ni t? Il v, hit
fusi a? likely an
p to a Mary
?. itti Repi ?
' .if ?.f Mr.
? meni .-???
It t\,'."i
.? m? ? ?
? ?p Elections
t died t?>
? ??? WUIbuua,
iroltna con
? ; t argument,
The m? m -
? a Iti IhC ellv
stti mpl t?. bear
O'F trail, the chalr
? pai i?.
? ? .nulli
\t month.
of North
of ?? u ?, ? hair?
? Hile?? ai. I .'
?? ; eel Ivi ?s.
n? pi ..pi iati..us foi
Il IRE? 1RS.
? 1 \ ir.ii.ii. It Of
hardly ?
?. ? - imlttee
b il until Januar).
iti o! the ?? a
? , ? opi letton -
? ? ?| > than hall
;. thi t bill.
.a the
this morning, but
? ing to the fact
Is a! ia
? lam ini ?nit a
; . ' ' ;
! Ii.ill
is ? re
?. ?,? .; ounce
month ? ? f4 ?..
re tu
been at
? ; . ? ?- ? s ?
. itti I
? ' be ? ??
but f roi ?s
?.- ? ubi!* ??
il ??: tbe
? I ?. ??
to supporting
, ? W IBHINGTt ??.
. , t'a I Ity 1?-?!_>
m ....? Worlii's
? ?-. during ihe
.' : ? '??
thi Hon :
.?. was
. in th??
thai \ir ?
? ti that
oi little
? Rap)
. ?.? .-xh.bi
?. ol Tem ?
..., but ?
b ir ?m
? t II iTi
ring r? -
Ibi poi Itone ef
, - .? ? ? ?
. t I
?r Btaunton;
?unty; W.
, .-? ?;? ? county,
? Julian crv
.1 lit???!
? : Win?
... i a Mil to
. I t y. of Al<-xan>
? fur
v. a r
ill??? met ???
?, ih?? North
Ute fallili??
time to
rs ap
'' ' ley. at
I t Sina?!.
' Hupply,
t y AililU.
- <'ak woods
Wiik?? county,
? aa purit
"? afBkikthMB Sit.
" ?1?.mia?.
? eher ?.-The
' ? Inter? -?. ? ?, ,?
-i. taken
? ition wit!,
As fast as
? ', taeekere h*?
? ...
ami _. n -*-??rr_ aw
' <"i of the wire
1 '"'?e with the va?
**? UUlUl?. ol Uw
J| at ?
Be White ii
Ijsnls. 11? ?
succea? of the measure before, the vote
WBB recapitulated and simultaneously with
the annotine?ment of the result from the
Ylcc-1'resldcnCa desk the wires ticked off
the information to Mr ? l.v, land that the
Imttle was over, the day won.
Rev. K. It. Ilagliy to he Chaplain of tbe
House of Itepre-rnlatir??.
?lty LdcKraph to the Idspatch.)
WASHINGTON, o. tober-11 -The House
!>? in,.< riitlc caucus to-night on th?? ?.hlni
(?allot BBBIBlsd UM Re?. L i: l'.agby, of
Virginia, pastor of the Ninth-Street rtirls
tliti church. Washington, to till the posi?
tion ?,f ??hapiiiin, mail.? vacant by tho re?
?ut death of I;,??. Mr Hadduway.
There ?ere els cajull IhL-? for the nomi?
nation ?cv. ?',. C. Woodruff, of ? ?
tteati i:<???. bsae ?Caatar, af Washington,
Rea. .1. ?'. .ion,?.?, of Viritela; He?. If,
S Thomas, and It????. Mr. fhlllwislg ut
Washington. K'? Mr. Cantor, who gen?
erally offici?t, d for Mr. lladdawtiy durlnir
r?g llhac??, ?nil ."inc.? hi? death
has serv.?l the II ? th?? favorite,
lut after th.? Hi^t balkM tl.?? ?..?:.-?. wont
largely t,, Mr. l'air!.y, ?rho had beCB
? by Rear?
?in Allen, of Mi-'.-isslppl. BBd he
boas? by a . . ???.
?Mr. liai;)..? I? hlKhly ?-ducat???!, and In
??very way worthy of the B?_B?tlOB,
TB? h.lectloll of ni'llll'Ct? of Die I 1, ?IO
i ?mtlc ' ' ? CnaanalgB CToa-unlttee,
which wag expect? ? to tw read? st the
caucus, ??a? postponed
It l?Tliooslit Mr. Hill? Proposition TVII
1>? l!e|torte?l.
(By telegraph to th.? i>i-patch.)
WASHINGTON. I? ?v. Oetober mi.-The
Senate today adopted t!i?? folioning:
? v.d That tin? ?' .miniti.o on ???!<?.?
?.?? itiMriiit.i t.. tnqulr? and report to
the S.nat. w hat revision of ?.r amendment
to tin- ini??-, ?f any. should i.- adoptad
? ' and Ratlefactory
.?i. position ol it:? ?
? ?????.- u,?,,, _
????..-. Introduced providing foi ci?
aure, ??lilil? nave _een refeired ..t varloua
? . ?!,? ? 'omntltt? ? on Hules, and
from these it is expected theta may in?
evolved ;? rule which will in? satisfactory
to tin- rnajorit) and pr? v< nl unamited d -
bate upon any onaeabjecl under discus?
? Ion L t- p,? ?fen r.i impr - don thai
th?? nil.? introduced by Senator Hill and
'rt. rw.ir.i n intr.,.lined ?,? Senator Voor
Im? m ?tin )..,
report? <i This rule pi thai after
thirty days' debate on snj
l.ill. <.r resolution, it ?hall be in order
for any aenator to Bx a d iy on ????
' "11.
leu Ni it (h*?- it Brsuaswleh l.oiv I>enth
BaSe ..??ii.- ? ,,;,i, ,,,i< ?.
?Special t.). ,-iai'i to the I ?Ispriteh.)
sswu'L'. ?;.\. October ll.?Ten
new ossea of yellow-fever wen report? ?
to-day, but no deaths. give of t)?. n, w
pattrsnts an? wrtit'f, a? roSows: Bennlt
I'r.uikitn. Stephen Onnton, Joaeph Lelke,
? raaSM r, ami Harry ?
? ?n?? hundred and fifty-seven cast ? ere
no? ander treatment thirty-one whites
I > olor? d. The total rati ? of mor?
tality is ? rs ? , ai. -ili,? w< ather i.? ? nil
COOl, but tin? win,Is 1.1
iiii. preventing froat. Thi
tratlng wind, having a ta??ng effect on
people ?., think
thai it is cider th.m Hi.? tin rinomi 1 ira
abow. The fever Las been cbeched, how?
. ?? r, and while ?ii , by ??> mean?
over, few ?till now be'stricken. The great
Ised villi p ?
and tii?? lot?. ? mie is
a monument to th,? ?kill of Surgeon Mur?
: his ? o ??.irk??: ?, both physician?
and dui
ITookkeeper IM. Blngham fumi al
following state of the commissari worl
troni th.- dag "( the opening to Oetobei
28: !:? li f commit! filled, 19,046
Individual rations ls-u<?d, 48,889; rations
t..r th.? :(.'k issued, 2,2 figures
mean an enormous quantity of provisions,
Tli.? number of people who have received
rations is estltn n. ?! at I 500 < me third
?.f this number are supplied each day
with il"" 'layi' rations. These 48.181
rations would feed one person 126,687 day a
? ?r a frai tlon over 147 year? vs it is,
tiny have supplied aboul 1,000 famille?
f,,r tw,? months,
Dlghl th" ui;? Is growing warm
? r and Indtcatlqna of rain ar,? piling up.
N,. hope for fro-t is y.-i I.i rdghl
ircoll Murray late lo-nlghl ?an:? I two
men not t?? bring Ih? Ir I
mit ted plain
p by disobeying his warning? ani
a third person is dying now from fool?
ishly returning. People ?re anxious to
gel ' Lack home. Lot it : ? ?.? it? r t.. stay
away a few days longer than t.? incur th?
danger of another ? ut break, "? this Une
? , rneral *?? yma ? lo dai
? Murray tins?? ?tori-.: "It is a
mistake for people to return t.?
lirunswlck now. Enforce prohibition to
?ur ability. Secure co?
op rati ?? of ?li?? lo Ules."
So n? ? eveloped -it -< ?>;? ? ,-,|?'>
Illinol? 1.inn? ?? |). tei in'imil Thal Mur
dsiera Khali be Ptamlshsd.
(By t?'? - : .1?1? to the l'ispatc'i.)
? > ? s vii.li:, ill , ????.'., ? ;i. Dantille
was liii.i t., overflowing yeeterday with
, s, ?. ., :;?p??? vs who came i" te
li. ,i the s. ut? nt'.? ill t!'?'? Cas? <'! ???"???
,-. McJunckeii. Prank Starr,
larvi ? Pate, ? ?. uv.li?? ?
, ? rom ll to ?. ?? in?
?? nl, ?),,- nun ll r ol !?' n u?> i' Hi BI V Hel
elioni they nttemptcd to ??
mer? all pleaded ?guilty aad
? n ih?? witness-stand making a till
Tli.? farmers thought tl- '
? a-altei would prot
give them nil ? penitentiary sentence.
They cani'? int? town wtia a i?ader,
, . ,,?,? If Ui.if fears liad
?. d tin??? ?v.?;??? determined
1,, lynch all four of the prfaKM)
Dlrkwalter sentenced Botool and
?,, ti,.? peniti ?.' ?'? at .loii.-t
11 ? and Starr to 1?? r___g?d
?.. mber 8tl it 1 ? 'clock.
? nteno? ra???-1 B*aatnl approva-,
It Took i'lnkerton lllm-df to I'erret Out
Ihe Thief.
(By L detrai ?? to the l'lsputch.)
NEW (?HI.KAN'S. LA., ?nt'.t?. r SI.-Tho
rana aupisuead to knee ul ?? " lea moumy
pudseus* ?eel Bg ths AnMrteaa s_tprass
my from .\>?v York-L? N?B oil? an?
.illy lo.-n found, and Is und.t ar?
rest hers. Th.? robbery area a ??ry clever
one, ami for u tini?.? pU-zleU the ? l.'i.a-tlvs.
The Lank of Commerce al New forti
sent a packai??? of UtJtU to the Whitney
.National Lank ?>f this city. The mon. y
| of St. U'uls?rath? r a roiiri.L
aboul ??.:.?. when the packagr? ?raa opoth
hj t> bank it ?m fouad sBs_rl
treel linniclnUk-ly began
Th?? were at first Incliti??-! to think the
?heft had .., 1'iirr???! IwtBSBB Ken York and
-t Lou..?. Finally Pinkerton himself
,.,m, h????. BBd ?h. r, ?ult Of his LUVBBtl
I? the arrest of A. O. ?'.urn???.
n.v clerk of ?ho American Kxpriss
?ompaiiy in ihi? city, who Bt__d_ charged
with ths theft. _
The AugUMt? ??|???????p.
(Bf t.l.?rai>h lo the I'ispatch.)
AftiisTA. <;a . Oohaeer ? l
L, trick Walsh of tl??? Augusta ?.?!???'
nd a oomraltt?? ??r directors left
m u, L> ext i.d an Invi?
tation to President Cleveland, Vic? Presi
. m, and tb? ??.vi>i?ict officers
to attend the Augusta I'-ix'-Hion, which
Opens .Novellili??! i*th and cIomch I ??>** iivU-r
14th. -____??____??___??-.
DURANT, Mlt?S., December 12, ?RB,
Ortie? wi J. S Ko.SAMo.N'I?.
Mesar?. . l_ppi"?*ii Urolher?, Savannsh.
Gentlemen, Wl.ll- I" San Antonio, Tex.,
last surina I mw your advertisement
I'otaaslumi in the pa.??**". *?t th*,.cut'e ?'
rheumatism, and thought I would -try a
Utile. Finding eutb gr?at relief from it
?n my retimi home I had my druggist.
Mr John M<(*l?llan. lo orO*r me a ?uo
uly. After taking, 1 think ten bottles. I
have not had a pain or ache since. Pre?
vious to that I suffere?! for twenty-five (_)
years and could not get the least -rin-ftt
until 1 trl-Ml 1' I?. 1'., and, therefore. Uke
pleasure I? recommending It tg.??i___.____
Yours truly, J. ?. ROSAJMONO.
It Will Come tip for Coaalderatinn Tn-day
The v?an, , of -ajalurallzallon
?tlier Con-r.-??ioiialU.
(Bf telegraph to the Dispai*-.)
WAHHINdTON li. .?, October tl.-In
the House of Representatives to-?lay the
('.?mmlttee on Territories reporte-i a hill
to enable the people of New Mexico to
form a constitution ami Htat?? govern?
ment, antl to he admitted Into the I'nloii,
an?! It was pla'ci upon the ealemlar.
.Mr. Sayern (Democrat), Texas, chairman
of the Committee on Approprliilltins, ?re?
porter] a resolution authorizing that rom
rnltl<e-to nit during the recess-to I? .11
v.raed at such times aa the chairman nlay
order, ?ml It was agreed to.
The bin a mande lory of th?? nnturaitzstinn
laws wan th<n taken up, ami Mr. ? ?at????
went f.n with the argument In fas or ?if
it which ?ha began reeterday. Ua ?_?>
? '?? i.l alien lui.-nt ?, MM of ?t-M ?
being that nothing In the bill ehall ?be
Wnatrued us affecting ine pr?>|.erty rlarhts
of allons.
thi?: BILL ????:?????:?>.
At 12 y> the Secretary of the Senate ap
!?? ??!? I at the bar of th?? House unit ?I??
; a maeeega from ?the Beante aa
nounciag the peaoaga ?>f the aBver-pur?
chaae repeal t>iii. v.-ith an ?amendaient, in
which ihe con? urn-nee of the House was
As the meeeaga wom delivered, Mr.
Fitch (N'eW Voikl. ami Other members
In his vli'lnlty Indulged In hand-clapplne,
a?* a farm of exultation, but it was
hushed down, urn! there wa* no attempi to
continua er repeal it
The bill was banded DP to the Speaker.
?iti'l lai I ? 11 his? desk, svht-r? it vs.is allow?al
to remain for the tl??,<? being
The eia uaaton of ?toe naturallaetlofl bin
was remaned, Mr Oatea yielding the
?va minut?e i"ft t?? him to Mr. ?Sold
aler ii? moerat), Indiana. Mr. Campbell
(Democrat), seised notice that he waa
: to the 1)111. Mr. Ooldaler ahm
aerved a ilk?? notice. From the bottom ?if
his b.?.?,p be -was oppoeed t.. tha sj.lrit
dictating ?such a Mil He served notice
on the ?yenttoman from Alabama ??G
that h??. as one of th?? nit 11 all/a
ttoa cltlsena of the country, ?matdered
hbneelf as good, in every reaped, ea any
man born In the country. Tbe naturali*??
ti"n dtlaena ?bed well earned for them?
"lyes ?the r'.arht to he treated ?ft <y? ry
t. 1 ? ? t like nil oth'-r rltlz-ns
Re had stood recently on the bettle?
ii? iil at ??edetickaburg, Va., where
Meagher led his Irish brigade, end orber?
his men had cemented their love of the
country with it.? Ii
stood '?? ti-.c? very spot where his nearest
of kin bad fallen, leading on his ?regiment
in a forlorn ?hope. As he ?stood there be
thought "f th?? str",'!tn of blood of ?
-.sh?. died fighting In the
of Hberty. The atateesenta in ?the ?????'?
Ih? ?large propcjrtkma of forelgnera
.n ibe almsheuses, prisons, and Insane
aeyluma he aaaaltod ?as 1111??r?>- untrue,
snd srhen Mr. Oatea tried t.. Interrupt him
t??) t., aeeert their correctness Mr. Gold?
iter dei lined abeolul ly to vl? id. It 11 ??
committee, be said, had goni to the troubla
?f consultine; thi cenetuhtablee, th'-y would
ava penned Mich an Infamoua alur
OH th<- ; imi f.'irne of the iintnl
.Mr Crane ?fPraae) oppoeed the Mil,
and aald that its title oughl to be "A 1011
to resurrect Know-Nothlngleni in Ote
I'nite.i States." After some furthei
?i??i.m tin morning ?hour expired ?and lb*
bin went over.
Mr. Livtngaton (Georgia) asked
mous consent to has?? ?the aUver bill laid
1.. r..?.? the H..us?- and considered, He
? k. 1 thai the debate ?should ?go on to?
day ami to-morrow, nnd that at .". o'clock
to-morrow the House begin to vote Tn.it
IIIon, he said, was liberal t?. ?
who differed with the Senate and it.* eon?
elusion?. He a?1?.".! the friends ,.f ?repeal
to ris.? the opponents of the Mil they
\ red "no nvr??, n?> leas."
Mr. Ciani objected II? knew that
many members wanted to leave th? city
anil ?go horn", but they bad come ?here to
? ?.? ?the business ol tbe country and should
?tts here for that purpooe. There was
nothing ?n tbe ?repeal bill to has? || treat?
ed differently from other Mila it was noi
hedged about by auch peculiarity that it
??. 1 .? t boi ? .? on contrary to the
of th.? House, When the bill came
up to-morrow members would has?? an
1] portualty tO say what mluhl be prop? 1.
i'ii.? bill ought t?? com?? up in its regular
order, when It would be op. ? to amend?
mi ut
Mr. Livingston: Thai h my proposition.
Mr Flan l: Every ?gentleman who wants
to be heard on th?? bill must have the
. pportunlty.
Mr. Livingston: That Is my proposition.
Mr iiani And, for one, 1 object to
taking the bin up out of ita regular order,
The fi ? ?rj. 1 ti.iii is made. Th.?
bill will ?then fore ? main on the ?Sneak
k until to-morrow.
At I o'clock the House ?rent Into ('??m
mltl.f th.- Whole f??r cronsMeratton of
Ihe bankruptcy Mil, and so ?remained
until ?"? IS, 1. e ? tt.?- committee re
tin ?House ?adjourned.
The Senat.? trenaacted a ?good deal ???
buatnees to?d j Among other thlnga it
Rial ua it came fr..m thi
mlttee on Commerce, without ?further
amendment, the New York nnd New
bri Ige ??tu. Diacuaeton of this
bill ?and pro). 1 am odmenta occupied
the ?greater pari of the day'a aeeeton.
Mr. tiras moved to take up the HOUSC
bin to emend the Chinana act of May
to make u the "unni
buelneea." Th. vote was announced as
"I t.. t., but as theSl was no quorum voting
tile 1111.tlon \sas ssltli.liass a anil the
?Senate proceeded t.? executive bustnesa,
and at 4:10 adjourned until tO-moiTOW.
?.?.hi Beeeeve laereaelag.
(By tetograpb to the Dtepatch.)
WASHINGTON, October tt.?The gold
reserve Is near!) tt&OW.ooo to-.lay, and
bi.ls fair t?. reach I 00
rate ol iner? ssitiiio the next ten ?Ins
The curn ncy is running doom, being to?
day $11?.???" " ?. The debl statement t?? be
laaued to-morrow will ?show a toee of three
or four million dollars during the month,
but th.- general balance will stand over
one hundred million dollars.
Norfolk Harbor Improvement.
(By telegraph to the Dtepatch.)
WASHINGTON, October SL Mr. Tyler,
of Virginia, appeared before tbe House
Committee on Rivera and ?Harbors to-daj
in supi?*?rt of th?? proposi!I?>n to deepen
the ciu.iiiiei ?between the Norfolk navy
yard anil Hampton Roada
Commit!???? of Hohlere ?if Ihe Consolida?
ted :.'?.
(By telegraph to the Dispatch.)
NKW YtiKK. October 31.-F. D. Tap
pen, Atlrlan Isellm, Thomas Denny, ami
IV. Ii. Rooeevelt. controlling a large
amount of the Esst T. tin? s-??, Virginia
atl?l (borsiti railroad cons??li'lat<ti T.'s,
have been appointai a coniinitt.?? to
look after the interests of the bond
hol.li rs.
The committee has It?* headquarters at
tii.? (?aliatiti National Hank, ani holders
desiring to co-operate are ri.niest.l t>
, send ti? Ir a? Id resse.-* and the number of
they own to F. D. Tappeta, di?
luiti National Hank, New York city.
The committee has In view prompt and
rted action looking towartls fore?
closure of the mortgag??. unies? the cou?
pons are paid within the three months
allowed by th?? deed of trust.
ft5M.H4!? i;.<? Ipl?. ?14.000,000.
(My telegraph to the Dispatch.)
?HICAGO, October 81.-With the grand
total of i.l.l.7.-'l2 paiil almlsslons, the
World's Fair was ofiu'lally i'l"-??'d ???1
night. Though thee*? ?Rures rsvpreeent
the paid admissions during the time al?
lotted by Congress In which the exposi?
tion shoultl be kept open, yet It Is calcu?
lated that at least l.UOO.OUO more tickets
will be purchased before the beautiful
White City Is destruye?!
Wht-n the fair cloe-tl Hunday night the
1 total up to that time was 21.a*.0?. V. hen
? the receipt? wt-n- cotint.il last night tlie
tulal was .l.tT7,'J12. The total number of
admissions on passes was '?,\&??&, making
a eraud total of *jU89.?00.
1 After the debts of the World's Fair
| tove ?en paid. th*e will meaia at toast
M to be distribute?! among tbe
From the time of Its organisation to
yesterday morning, the exposition has
paid out Sy.Ufi.M9.0t, or Hire?* limes the
amount the managers expected to spend
when they commence?! work on the fair.
The gate receipts ?luring th? exposition
p??rlo*l proper were a little aver HO,<W).?iO.
l.-vy ?.300.00?? had been collected
from concessionari??* by Mr Klackmer'e
?l^parrment. and nearly 171)0.000 had l?*en
obtalne<l from that source befon? he took
hold. The retiirns from concessionaries
w??re one of the big surprises of th?? fair.
Nobody was reckless enough to predict
that that sum would ?be realise?!. The
Parla "ipfHrtlW cot hut pirtVMi from that
soin?.?, while tb?? Centennial menaarers,
beeng better traders than th?? Fr.-nchni- :i,
got 11,?10,000.
NO Abatement in Ihe Ferment Over the j
fcaaaaeaa Mellita.
(By cab!?? t?. th?? Hlspitch.)
MADRID, ??.tob? r ."l.-The statement.
Issued yesterday by th?? War office to
th?? ifr.it thai onlv twelve men had
??? ? kill??! . t Beaded,. In- j
dudtng eleyen officers. In Sunday's en- j
gagament WRh the Klfflans around M'
lllla, ?s believed 1?????? not to ftoririr" th??
full truth. It has Invi no effec! what- j
ever In allaying the popular ferment,
and the d'mand for veagOBBCe against
the ?RHO?M shows n?>t th?? slightest sign
Of ehatemt nt. Th?? belief |s almost uni?
versal that the Spanish loss In the llRht
Th?? cable to MeUlla ?haa beenaa us?"-1
less. nn?l until repair? d mnll communica?
tion vain have to ?be depended upon.
It is rejiorted that the Rlfltana In great
force s?. r<? attempting yesterday to
throw up entrenchments one third of a;
mil?? distant fr.uii Fmt Cammelloa They,
>s..rk"d ?ander ? heavy dr.- ?from the fort.
The Bpanlah troops d ? not relea their
Vigilance by day Or riiu-ht, f'-;irliil?; that
the enemj may attempi them
?mi tak the fort by a- ? lit
Q DeTal Marcili.?, th.- Bpanlah com-'
mand?? killed i.-i Sunday'* Aghi t
? ??? ri??. 1 sslth full military
honora General Marian, now In command
of ?the troops, dir? ? ?? d the ??? ?? m ml ?
('.???? ? |? ra that the pr? s
erit for.?.? of 7,600 neu at MellUa Is T.ufll- ,
ctoni fm- defenatve purpoeee, but that at
'?-. ?sin ?be required t.? ali?.ss <?f
??rr.nsive operattona by th?? Spaniard?. The
???? pirn; up a desultory ttre
upon tlic fort.? to-day,
He la (.uopi 11.d to Camel ????.?.?-??? uta
.noi (io ?? lo.I.
d:?? telegraph to tb.? Dispatch.)
NKW FORK, ( ?? (ol,? r ::]. ?
t ?. ?Dee Molnet Governor
Bolea la a atcb man. Instead ?.f b-lng the
lead Ini speaker in a big meeting which
1 for nini ?;??.? last night,
- onflned t?? hi ? ?? -I in ?.?. bo
Waterloo, Ihn at? ned with a fever, at,.? the
chancan seem t?. be much more than ever
b.? able to tak?? any
further part In the pn enl I impalici!.
He has ?taken a m rere ?sold ss hi? u is com?
pie at? ? ssith a bilious oonditlon.
Th?? Governor ? ia iking twtoa
nearly every ?lay and h ? . am?
?pelted t.? teak? long and fatiguing trips to
n.?? t all ins appointments.
I ai .1 r.iiiie ut a lire.
rapta ??, th.? Dispatch.)
o'clock mis morning tbe boerdlng-house
"f Mrs Mary M. Ge? . -n C " ?? t alley,
.?.!. waa discovered t?. be Inflames.
When Hi?? landlady and !
aere aroused ail mt ans ol ?
.stairs \\<]c cut of! Mr.-. M ? I. ??, leading
I. leapt I ?sith her Infant child In
1er arms from ?? ?Mcond-story s?
sh.? was ?badly brtrlaed and cut. The
baby's ?kuli was fratturi?.! and
Pel r McDermoti Btrucb the side?
walk havlls, f rait urini; hla thigh. He Is
? ?.< "ii M iloti? s .' II
from a window, fra uring hi? skull The
is, six in number, ss? ?
cued bj ii;?- Brenn ?, ?? ???[gin of tbe
!.:? is unknown.
Iiinefal of Mi?? (.arlalid.
(Ity tell graph t.. the Hisiiatch.)
LITTLE ROCK, AUK . Octobt r U.
The ?funeral ??f the late Miss ?Daisy Gar?
land t'...k place from the Eighth
Methodist church al 1 o'clock this after?
noon, The i:???'. Andrew Hunter conduct?
ed thi The remains were fol?
lowed to Mount Holly cerni lory by a ?great
concourse of ?people, and there, afti
propri?t? aervlce, all tb ? rial .>r
the ?gifted young woman waa ??laced in the
Norfolk nini Western.
(By telegraph t.. the Dtepatch.)
1 PHILADELPHIA, PA, Octo?bei "i. The
n.t earnings of the Norfolk and v.
Railroad Company for ?September were
l, a decrees ? of 150,073, or
nt. from th.intinga of tl.?
month i;i ix2 ??'??? the nine months ?from
January I I to ?September 1Mb the net
? eaieines s?,. ? decreaae of
tSl.SS?, or f.iiir per ceni from the earnings
j of last year.
i? legiaphln 'rr-?itie?.
, There was a killing frost at C
S. t\. ?..t.
; a l'ir.? in Johnstoarn, Miss., Monday
? night caused a lo of I
?Father-General Boriti, founder of Notre
Dame ?University, South Bend, Ind., died
yesterday morning.
Emperor Fran, la .b.s.ph has ac?
ci ijie.i th?? resignation ??f the memi
the Austrian ("allinei.
Newg ha.- ?.? received at Austin of
the destruction .?f a lari;?? pari ??f the
business quarter of Lyle, ? ?
????? Clark building, a tis?--t,.i y brick
structure in Dell ? burned yes?
terday. ?????*. ?00,000; Insurance, 175,000.
Andrew lia.--, a negro, arrested in
Atlanta far assault ? ed to a
murder and several other arrisas crim?t*.
?Four hundred thoueand dollars of New
York clearing-house certificata, ar?? still
outstanding, but these orili ?? ? cancelled
to-day. ?
A -pillai 'rem Washington, Ind.. says
.Tames St?.???, the s? If ? irdereT
?.f six members ?.r th?? Wrattan family.
has mad?? ar.otlu r, this bin;; h!s third
Th?? London Times of to-day says: Six
more L'nlted Btatee merchant shii?* ?have
u? n purchased by the Government of
for us.? as warehlpa Tins . .
that government ten ?sew vessels.
The Prussian Cabinet has appr. ??
., svine, and bOUTOS tax bill. The
bill win be ititi.? lue??! tn the Bundearath
tv Pruaau ahme, Ihe ?South German
opponine the propoeed wine tax
on th?? graniti that it is t<?o hlnh.
Krank m. Reeder, clerk ?al the Carleton
Hotel, JackeonvUle, Ha., has left and
t'enlv f??r parts unknown taking with
hlm"$l.i???j belonging t?? T. S. Humphrey.
? guest <?f th?? hotel, erboee artfe hud
placed it with the clerk f??r aala Beeping
in the hotel saf?.
The licrlln Post announces that Kmpe
ror William svili open the Reichstag in
- ? ? that th.? Hanover
Kamblini?? Mandais Brill be dismiss,??! at
. g ? urty d ita, and thai disciplinary pun?
ishment will bt meted t>ut to all of the
compromised oflcera,
Advlcaa from DoaaldeonvUla La- t?> the
effect that lauiie Van p.??t he I
shot and kill.? 1 and Bt-ge-Drtver Denaud
badlv wounded from anibiish. indicate an
attempt to rob a mail-coach, which was
? >nly .rust rat.??! by the running uway of
th?- frightened hors??*.
Commissioner Siahlman, reallilng that
the Georgia ?State Fair, t?> t??? held .it
Augusta from November Hth to ?
ber Hth, is not a local affair, but on- ???
only of state but of interstate Import?
ance, h:us consented m make e oae cent
per mile rat?? for a radius of 300 mil??--?.
The impression prevails In Washington
that the Judiciary Committee of the Sen?
ate will take no action on the nomina?
tion of Judge llornblower to be Ah.iot Lite
.lustie.? of tie Supreme Court, and that
it will, therefore, go over until the regular
beaaton in ?December, providing, of course,
that th.? Senate adjourns.
The Tennessee Midland Railroad Com?
pany anil the Paducah, T?rnnessee and
Alabama Kallroaul ( ompany are now
.n the hands of VV. L. Iluze, of St. Louis,
and John overtoo. -Jr.. of Memphis, as
(??int ret-is. is. bills hiving been filaci
no 8atunlay In the Federn! Court at
Paducah. Jacks..n, a.id Memphis by the
St. I .out? Trust Company as trustees,
and ihe order appointing Messrs. Overton
and Hum Joint receivers of the two pro
I? ? ;',.?* having been made by Circuit .Indire
Lurton at hla chambers in Nash
In He.?). Water.
Like Incautioiis and weak avirnmsrs are those
?ho Incur tbe risk ol chro.il ? rheumatism by a
neglect of safety? This can be insured at the
Mart bf that hre presera! ?? madie-ine. Hostet?
tnr't snjfns -h Bu tei?. U-eumaium oisy attack
the betrt. There Is no aaletr ibeu. I??restali
trie ebrooae ?tage of tbe matadr try oatng tae
Butane, wbk_ ue.uAlly ?fricaci?n? in malaria,
drspepsts. tirer computai. cosaUpauou, end
kMaey alaerdea
Tb? Church Beautifully Decora,*??.?A
I-iige Irowd I'rrsent-Pctalls of
th? ILipi? ?.?est.
(Special telegram to tbe -IstjBtcti.)
??./????.?. MI)., October 81.-In a
rhurch crowded to the very door* and
with a throng of hundreds on the out
?!?le, the Rev. I>r. Henry M. Wharton.
the widely-known evangelist and pastor
of Brant ly LtapUst tabernacle, was mar?
ried last night. The br*,le was Miss
Kuli- Klmball I'ollrird, a daughter of
lamen Pollard, an attorney of this city.
The ceremony took place in th- Kutaw
Plar* Baptist church, which was lavishly
'?? rnted with flowers and potted plants.
The nuptial knot was tl?-l t?y the groom's
brother, llev. Dr. W. P. Wharton, of
.Norfolk. Vu., assist???! l.y the Rev. Dr.
Krank M. Kills, pasior of the church It
which the ceremony took place Adml.?
? the chunh was by card only, and
the usher? handled over M of these gBBBB?
The bride wor? a white satin dress and
orange blossoms, and carried white flow?
ers. Her ornaments were diamonds, ?
gift frr.m Dr. Wharton. The maid of
h.inor was Miss Juliette Pollard, a sister
of t)i.? bride, who wore a companion ?1res?
to bet sister. The bridesmaids wer?
lle?s|e Pollard, of Richmond. Va.; Miss
BVB Row es. also of Richmond, Va , MM
Kva Urantly, daughter of the late Rev.
Dr. W\ T. Brnntly. and Mis? Su?? Strib
linr. of Mar?lnsburg, W. Va?, who Is ?
g?.1-dauirhter of Admiral Strlhllng.
These young ladies wore. accordlnn-|?l*lt?-!
dresses of pink silk mulle, and carri?'?! pink
chrvsanth. mum:?. Th?? ushers were Mr.
: I W. Moffot. Mr. Andrew S. Ct-S?
.Mr. Clarence ? ?? lt. Mr. Roliert D M?
Cordy, Mr. ilarvey K. White und Mr.
I S Fl'd.l. Th.- Lest man was Mr. M.
K. Wharton. Th? ushers and ih-ir t?iv?
W?!? attired In full SrSBB. Dr. v/h
?oin, wore UM conventional ?V*Bing
tfter th?? ceremony an Informai recep?
tion waa held nt the residen.f IB*
1?rld.-'s parent?. Only th? relativ??? and
Intimai.? frl?nds of Dr. and Mrs. Wharton
present At the deas <.f the even?
ing they i-'t ti?? citv r?,r an extended
rlh. On their return they will gito
a putii? at Braatly Tabernacle,
Th?? l.rtd? le a handsome young woman
?,f about 24 years of ???'. BBd I? I
of the Re?. Dr John Pollard. t Vir?
ginia. Dr . Wharton I? also a native of
Virginia, and i? o? years of ag??.
visitin?, cri..-, is
Among the Invited guest? were Dr. .in!
Mrs. M It. \? I art pn, of Virginia: Dr.
.1 S. What ton, of Florida: th.? Bon. H. IL
I',.!! "I of Ili' limoni College, Virginia;
Mr. and Mrs. Krank Tyler, of |.'r?-.|erl_k?
BUTg, Va.: Mr. and Mr?. .1. H. Tyler.
M M Rusk, ..r Luray, ?? : Mr. nul
lira If. ?. Wharton. of Luray. Va.; l'i??
Rei Dr. and Mrs w. ? Hatcher, ot
Rielimond. Vu. : dOVWHOr ani Mr?.
Northen, of Oeorghv Oovernor and Mrs.
McKlnney, of virginia: Mr. sad Mr".
Hanre) ?'link, of Richmond, Va : Mr. ?ml
\ w. ? .'.??', "f Richmond. Va.;
Mr. and Mi-v ? II Ell? tt. at, I 111 I
Ellett, "f Richmond V? : CoIobsH and
Tnhb. nnd tic MlSSefl Ta!.I?. Of
n trnpton, Vn.? Mr and Mrs. L. I*>.
p.o!?rt?, ?f Norfolk, Va.
The L'eoi ?In? ,,r ( lilrag..'- Murdered Minor
Vlcirril l.y Thou?Hiiil?.
fBy fii..graph IB ?he Dispatch.)
CHICAGO, October H Quietly snd ?ith
nn utter lack of ostentation the remain?
of Csrter Harrison trera this motntng
removed fr?,m Ms late realdenc t., ??,,?
Municipal building, that ??.?? people ? f
. is th? -. ore? of thousands
?if visitors from abroad that are tempora?
rily in tlie cliy might 1?? allowed a last
opportunity of gaslng noon the familiar
of ths dsad ?ml pay their tokens
of re?)
R.fore the casket ?vas removed from the
? ?? this morning brief service? wen
conducted by Dr. ?, N. Morrison Only
the mem!, rs of tlie famllv and the heads
of the departments who had been selected
?: ? ? of honor Were present. *s7hsn
th?? service wa? concluded the cask? t ima
borne to a hears,? in waiting. Th?? Boule?
vard sraa pack?*d with people, and beads
trera reverently towered as the solemn
|.r?n?. ? ? through tli?? gal
Th? cortesa movi-d slowly down the
Boulevard to Jackson street, and then to
th?. LaSaiie-stre.'t entrance of the City
Hall. Fully IB.) ? ? ?opte had gathered
around the building.
The members of tin? City COUncU ?v.r.?
in wajttng, and ir.?,.?!? ? th? casket int.?
ti.? corriilor. whll?? a Land rendered Cho?
bin's fun?ral march ?ml "Nearer, my God,
to Thee." The instrumental musi
way t.. a ?...al (election aa the procession
mot.-t into the rotunda, and tin? strains
..f Buck's requiem, "Lead, Kindly Light,"
; rverberated through ili?? building, A
' the d-ad min was placed Bt th??
lil Bf ???? , ..tafal'iuc. and a massiv??
Botai offering at the foot. The doora on
t rMe of ths structure were then
opened and th.? thousands vtim bad ?.a
patiently w-.-'ittng commenced to pass in
The remains c, ill He In state until 1?)
O'clock to-morrow morning.
Tin?: rUNERAL.
l.at-t.?The funeral of Mavor Harrison
??.in t.ik?? ptace al li o'clock tn-taorrow
from the Church of the Eplhany. at
As),land Loulew.rd and .\?lams sir? "t.
AB hour bat-re that tlm?? the remains
will be tak.-n from th?? City Hall to the
church, accompanied by the ?__?? guard
of honor which to-day brought th-m
from th?? house. The rUfferant organi?
zations that vtill participate in t!
. will form in the ?treet? In ?he
vicinity of Hi- church. The column will
be a. large one. Many societies, civic and
military, hat?? appUed for plMM In the
cortege. Th?? Fifteenth Infantry from
Fit Sheridan, -will tak?? part in the pro
? ?? i.'.i'iit will tiumbcr ^?0.
He Aildre????? a I.nrge ami t'nt?iu?iii?tlc
Aiiillcuce-HIg Y Ictory Pr.-.H? led.
iSl'celal telegram to the Dispatch.)
LYNCHB?BQ, VA., October 31.-Colon"!
- I'. o'F'rrall arrlv-d lore ihi? af?
ternoon from Campbell Oonrtheas?, where
: Ireesed a large gathering of the
suffragans of tt_> countv to-'luy. To
nlglit he spoke to a large meeting in
Moorman's Warehouse, and his address
??a? r? ?elvcl ?vlth mui-h enthusiasm. He
??..k.? encouragingly of the progress of the
campaign, and prellet???! an ot. rtt helm?
ing liemocratlc victory on Tuesday ii-xt.
Just prior to the .?peaking the Hill City
Band serenaded QqIbbbI 0 Ferrali at till
hfitel. and a salute of sevent-en guns was
flr.d by the I.ynchburg Artillery, Blues
from Moorman's Warehouse lot.
Priu-tlrall? Pro, l_lme?l by "v-nator TfaHon
at I.urny.
iSpeclal telegram to the Dispatch.)
I.KRAY. VA.. October 31.-As previously
announced. Hon. W. L. Walton, of Shen
.mloih. aildri'ssed a meeting here to-night
In tiehalf of the Democratic cause and
??jmltilates. The Issu?? of the canvass
w*tt presented In a concise and practical
manner. ?nd the speaker was given close
attention from the start. Senator Walton
has many friends In this county, and git
j efforts will tend to bring out the Demo?
cratic vote. He will also speak at Rlley
vlll? to-morrow night, and at Shenandoah
City on Thursday night.
Kleren Suit? Against lb? CItV-Two Pollce
iin'ii Kuapende.l.
fCorrespondence of the Dispatch.)
PETERSBIRO, VA., October "?1 -The
eleven sulta brought In the Hustings
Court of this city by the Oakland Improve?
ment Company, of Roanoke, against
citisene of Petersburg, to enforce payment
f?r certain ?lock taken in the compaiv,
were dismissed from the docket by Judge
lurnanf on the motion of counsel for ine
plaintiff. The defendants claimed that
they subscribed to the stock through mis?
representation. It Is not known whether
this action of the company's counsel will
finally settle these case? or not.
At a meeting of the Police Commle
elenors held to-day the charges a_-??rt
officers D. P. Ban??? and Joseph S. Moody
for conduct unaeooming an officer were
fully e___nJn?d, aad the decision of th?
board was that they should be suspend???!
from duty anil pay for th? period of thirty
Mr. Oeorge Hall, a well-known barber
of this city, wa.? married to-day t? M <
Maggie Sfammeli at the residence of ?!??
hrkle'H brother-in-law. Dr. George Pot's.
In Chesterfield county. Tie? ?-er? mony was
jierformi?! by Rev. John Rldout In Ih*
presence of a number of friends. The
couple left on ? bridal tour.
Mr. Thomas Andrews, who was killed ty
the collision this morning at iAmtvrt's
Point, wa? a native of this c!ty and a son
of Captain James K. Andrews. Th?? ?1? -
r?as*?<l had Just return?, from the World's
Mr. Oorge Cameron, son of eg-Gover
nor Cameron. Is In the city in the lnt?-r
ests of th* Governor's book. The e\ -<;???
ernor himself expects to visit his old
friends In Richmond and Petersburg in a
few days.
Hon. ?. B. Munford. of Rlchmon?!, and
II ? W. K. McKenney, of this , ity. will j
address the Democrats of Ettrick en Fri. ?
day night of this week.
No further particulars have yet been ol>- j
talne.l of the severe beating of the white ?
aliatali Mettle Hooker in chesterfield
county. The women Is recov? ring but i
her condition is b;td.
Thieves last night committed a robbery ?
almost at the very door of th- police- j
There wre two alarms of fire to-day I
but the damage in each cas.? was very ?
Mr. Ferdinand Ttirnbull. a well-known I
young citizen, left to-day for Denver with ?
the hope of benefiting hts health. He was
accompanied by his wife ami sist. r, hUM
Mary Turnbull. _
.min I "?inference.
(Special telegram to the Dispatch.)
WINDSOR, v.\., October IL?The Baet
ern-Vlrglnla Christian Conference met In?
annual session to-day with the church at
Mi. Carmel, isi? of Wight county, neat
bora Little business ^was transacted.
?ave the appointment of th?? standing
committees, readies "f reports from th??
various churchBO, an?l th?? election of offi?
cers for the ensuing? ??ear, which resulted
as tollOWS: ?President. Kev. W. W Stales-, ;
Tt. d.; vice-president. ?Rev. J, p. Barrett,
i?. i?. ; Secretary? T. ?'. [?trence; Tren?
surer, Alexander ?Savage, The conference
orili be in aeaelon four days, if not more, j
O rarely - Hearer? K??vr.
(fpec'al telegram to th?? Dlepetch.) I
CAPI CHARLES VA., October 0.-1
Mr. \v. ??. Qrarvetoy, of Harttneburg,
Henry county, ? a , ?the ?Populiai candi?
date for Attorney-General, addreeeed a
small ?audience In the Town Hall at thi.??
place this evening.
Note* frinii M .an. ??.--t.-1.
Tha Aimsinus.? ?Committee met and
went out t.. the almsltouse yeetenla
ternoon. Superintendent Allen a.?
panleil the committee, and the Institution
sv.is found tt? be In Bret class condition.
The Inmates were all comfortably quar
' ?? l seemed t.? be contented with
? :
Torenty-two men were put off al the
I ?.invili.? shops yesterday. Th?? men were
taken trotti th?? moulding?, blacksmith-.
and palai shops.
The clear store <?f Mr il A. Jordan.
..? Mi.ii atreet between leventb ml
Ktghth, sv.is ?broken int?> Monday ntitht
gnd .? lo! Of ?igars and a sin ill amount
of money were ?! ?ten. The thief broke
the VAitldiiV, OpOn.
Klug'? lliatigliter? Meet.
The semi-annual meeting of the King's
Daughters w..s beld yesterday att?
ui the rooms of tli?? Voting Men's Chris?
tian Associati??n. The attendance was
? luit?? ?large, and the meeting was of con?
siderable Inter.-sl.
Several matter? were discussed, but
ol the time was devoted t?? the pro
ri t.. ui ,? li:.? Sh? Iterfng Arms Hos?
pital in connection srlth other ehartta-le
work of the society. The visiting dele?
gates win lay this matter before tiidr s,..
and report to the secretary the re?
- Lilt.
Virginia'? Mian y Premium?.
Th ? New York Tob-CCO Leaf ?.f this
s?..-.i? says that Hist premiums have been
awarded Messrs. Cameron A- Cemeron, of
tills city, on their smoking mixturas and
? tit-plug tubai?.-o. This makes twenty
five premiums s?? far heard from awai led
to Virginia exhlbltora, Othera win ?pro?
bably ?be announced.
Person?is and Itilefs.
Mr Q. W. Brooke, of Petersburg; was
in the city yeeter ? ???
Mr. W. T. Claud, ??f Portsmouth, Is
hi re on a visit to Meada
Mr. II. !.. M'.THt, of th?? YVashingbm
post, is at the B_ehange llot-i.
Mr. ?. P. Berhem, editor ?if the ?petera
burg Index-Appeal, woo at the Capitol
?to-day en buatneee.
I The Bergner Ar ?Bagel Brewing company
! the first prize on their exhibit
j at the \??? I Is Fair.
Mr. Edward w. Welle, of the Times,
I left yeeterday for a two-weeks' visit to
? his mother, in Far ?Rockaway, ?. Y.
.lohn \v. Quay, dr.. qualtflad in the
Chancery Couri yesterday on the the ? -?
of .lohn W. '.'nay, Hr., ?!.??.?. as???!.
The ?L-dtee* Auxiliary ?>f ?: ?. Lee
lamp ssili h'.l 1 their monthly meeting
this afternoon at ? o'clock at ?Lee Camp
Th-? Police Committee met yeeterday at
r.ooti In tin? office of Major John ?
and audited the pay-rolls and billa for the
month of t iitobr.
Mesara. Warner Moor?? & Co. ?have
beei advkwd thai they were awaaded ?ir~'r
premium on their Anchor Brand Ihna U
th?? Columbian Bxpoeltloo.
The lieiigious Herald Company, of this
City, ha* bought out th" Keacoii. a !'?,?
eeekly long publiahed in Waahlng
t..n bs Mr C. C Heador.
Past-? Irani Master H. T. Cralghlll. ?>f
?Lynchburg, was in the ?city yeeterdaj
II?? Is prominently mentioned a? su??<??.?
?tor of th. late Judge Bond
Mr. C. A. Raaraoa has Just rct.urn'??l
fr??tn a tw . weeks' vacation, ipent in tbe
. mountains of Virginia and West Vir?
ginia, and Is much Improved.
The Hoard of Police ?Ommlssioneni will
?meet ??-?? crow ?afternoon at 5 o'clock
to Investigate th?? charg?e preferr? ?
? Policeman ?Pillow by Dr. W. li.
H tit.augh.
! Mr. ?. Walter Carter left the ?
t.-rday for BrookneaL \ ? . t?? attend tbe
inuring.' of hla cousin. Mr. W. H. ("htl
: dress, ??f South Boston, to Miss Mattle
Lao Haiv-y, ?.f I'.rooKn.-al.
The whole numb?T Of l.-aths in Rieb?
mond last ?reek was 19-10 white and 9
colored. Th?? number for the coneepond
ing week of last year was ??. There were
i four deaths from consumption, an.l two
I ttOOt heurt dis? a
.Mr?. ?Charlea Keyser, formerly m?ts
Mary ?. Dv.r, of this city, sister to Mr.
Oliver H ?Dyer and Mrs j n. Bradley,
died at h?r home, in Canden, ?. ?? on
Monday, tne Cd Instant. Her husband
an.l tiv ? children survive her.
I The monthly meeting of the ladles of
th?? Richmond Indian Association was
hei?i at v? o'clock yeeterday in tt ? 1 ?
lors of the Young Men's ('hristlon As
, ?oclatlon. The session was very brief
, and no buataeea was traaaaeted.
Dr. ?! W. LOML Of Kati'ilernan, N, C.,
i who waa recently elected profeecor of
disease? of women and children in the
Medicei College of Virginia, h 1 located
i at 112 . Street in the onice lately
occupi?'?! by Dr. J. S. Denary Cullen.
Th?? last number of the American Field
(???Mains an excellent portrait of Mr. Wil?
liam Harper Deano, of this city, winner
tir?t prUte at the last annual sh?i?.t
??? tournament of the Virginia Field
Sports Association, held In this city.
Th? police have bo far been unable
to lay hauls ?in In?? negro fiend who
male two separate attempts to assault
lali.s on Church Hill Hunday night.
1 ?ffiei-r Hall believes that he has a clut!
1 as to the brute but up to the present
j tini.? he has bern unable to find him
While driving out Brooke avenue be?
tween i and 7 o'clock Monday evening P.
8. McGowern and R. J. Kelly were thrown
out of the buggy and badly hurt, but n.it
seriously bruise*!. The accident was caused
? by the horse running into a pile of bricks
in the street and capsizing the vehtel??.
? E. Lee ('amp has extended to the
ladles of the Oakwood Memorial Associa?
tion an invitation to attend the dedication
of the new mess hall at the Soldiers'
Home Thursday evening. November 2d,
at I o'clock. The president requests ax
many members of the association as can
to attend.
Giovanni Norvelli, an Italian, who has
been begging on the streets here fot
several days, was before Justice Crutch?
Held yesteplny morning, charge? I with
vagrsney. When ?irrest??I he had *>; un
hla person, and he Is thought to be ?
fraud. He was onl.*red to leave tht
city at once.
A largely-attended meeting of thi
??allies' Hollywood Memorial Associatlor
was held yesterduy at noon in the lecture
room of Second Presbyterian church. In
the absence of Mrs. Joseph Kryan, th.
president, Mrs. ? O. Crenahaw occupies!
th* chair. The reports of various sea?
mittees were read and received, and othei
loutlne work was transacted.
Richmond Arrivals at New Y orb Hotels.
(.Special telegram to the Dispatch.)
NKW YORK. October 31.-Mm. C. O
Wortbam. Jr., Oeriocb- O. C. McOleroy.
Imperial, J. U. Derbyabire, WeounlMter
Opening of the ( ?iloreil Stuir Falr-ltovernor
tiiir nnd Auditor Knrm in Deliver Ad
dr?-??e?. Which Are Well I'.crL.sl.
? orreepoodenc? ol tb? Kichmoi.d PlepateB.)
RAI.KICH. N. ?'.. October jl.-The I*ree
ttyterian Synod of North Carolina met at
rarboro' thla evening in annual ???????,
rhe annual sermon was preached by IBS
retiring moiierator. Rev, ? M Ros?. Jr.
>f Fayettevllle. There ar.? IH ministers
?ml .UI ruling elders In this synod
The State Fair of the colored people
began here to-day at the Stute Fair?
Orounds. Secretary Williamson says ?h -n?
iir- UBA entries, and that ? counties are
represente?! in tli G rernor
Carr ?|????-.| th" fair to-duy.
In his addtvss he congratulut.il the ne?
groes of North Carolina on their bnprov?
nf'tit and their constant atta
sin ? their emancipation, and de
that In no State are the relations Bet? '? ?
the races mor?? cordial. Stale.\ndlt,-r
Furmiin followed the ?;?>????rnor on the
sume general line. The BpaaaBBB BBie
well re????ed.
Rev. Joshua Bro-kett (colored) s(>cak?
to-morrow, and ex-i'.overnor Jnrvls will
deliver the annual address Thursday.
The frost thi? morning Bag ?"??'"
heavier than that ?. st.rt.iy. SB- there
?ras tree The leaves are falling rapidly,
aud much vegetation Is killed.
I_ist ?Acnltig nine freight-curs were de?
railed at l.ittle-Rlver trestle, on the Ra?
leigh ani Augusta Air-Line. A truck
broke and a ?ir ?va.? thrown off. This
broke the trestle an?l the other cars went
Sown. The south-bound passenger tiain
wa.? deliiv.i s,??.Tal hours.
Th?? local eottna rvcelpta h>r.? this aaa>
fon are M12 bales, against S?l to th.s
?lut?? last ft ar.
Mr Thomas R. Purnell, a well-known
law?? ??? bet?, and Mr R L. Rurlthcad. of
the State Treasury, have securt?l an
option on the labor ot the 1.2??) cnviei?
!n IBS State. This OptkSB runs; until .lati?
ti.iry i. IBHt an! coven any employment
ut the peiilteriliary, at phosphate mines
or other Industries outside the prison.
Mr. Panali ?vas asked about the nutter
inn declined te go btto detail?,
while admitting that tit.? rssthM, was h-id.
it may lead to bnportaal rMune,
Th?? funeral of Mrs. Stack ?vife of Rev.
Dr William B. Black, of ??'?? M-tho.|i?t
Episcopal Church, South (ex-edttor of ?M
Christian ? its ?and now BMpertntend?
? nt of the Oxford Orphaa Asylum.
b-'ld here this afternooa at Ldentoii-Stieot
Methodist BplBOO) ?I I Lurch It Was one
?if thS largest fun? rais ever ? en tiler??.
Urs, l?'.'k betas unl??er?B_g beloved
L ?.Dr .1 ? ? ??iiitilnggini. pri'ddliig > id'-r
of this district, preached the sermon
At ii;?? penitentiary to-day two convict?
w.re received fresi ?Carteral and three
from Binden count?.
The color? ,I troop:? wer?? expected to go
Into .anil? at tin? tilr h.r.? this ?veek, hut
will nor do so.
R v. Dr. .1. D, I |aa as presi?
dent of tii. North Carolina Lutheran
????? reached here to-day ?>f the death
In ?iullford .inty of Dr. Nereis M.ndeti
h.-iii. a very prominent citizen n ? rep
? ? ted it? ?t county in the legislature,
and was ones th? ?Democratic oandhlate
for state Bnper_-te_>_eat ot Public instiu.?
I;,?. Dr. Daniel, pastor "f ih,? First
Prc-byteiian church ber?, continues verg
Oovernor Chrr to-day honored s regal?
Hition of the Oovernor of BontB CoroUna
for three men who asaaultsd an -Bacar.
?? I o!?? tiler Wanted.
iSp ? . mi to tn?? I ?ispatrh.)
ASIIKVILLK, N. ?'., ?)'to!?-r !1 ?>. p..
Wheeler, charged s, retal months ago ttltli
embessleinenl of funds of (?".?rg?? Vender?
Mit, and who tta.? under Loud? t.. appear
for trial at the press?t term of th?? ?Crim?
inal Court ber?, ?ras to-d iy in open court
called for trial, and failed t?? appear, \
caplaa for his arraal ??a? ordered and
ludgmenl nisi ??a.? Bhtered against his
?nan. His pr?s-nt abode is un?
The llizalietll mill ??Ilici Fient? lhe Fu?
tr?.?? for l'n-<lut.
(By telegraph to the 1'lspiwch)
EU/.ABKTH. ?. J., October ilt-The
clear, crisp, uutumn air liidi??.?! another
lurge crowd to cm,? to this track to?
day. The entries wen? first ,1 - ? .,? ? ?
?garda both ouallty and quantity, sad ths
sport was exciting In many (vanta. The
track was dry and dust??
The opening eveat ?vas ? daah ot ti????
furlongs for all ages. Roy Lochi. I wa??
the only withdrawal, leaving Kingston.
Wall Jim, Rival, and Defargllla I
the starter. They wer?? preferred In ths
Order nain??.! VVsJj .Urn rush???! to the
front in his usti I ligia and was ?????t
headed. Defargllla, th? outsider, easily
L.at Rival for the I?! ? ?
The secni race ans a go<?l batting
iiffntr. Candelabra sad stockton iteing
Well-backed ? li >I?? -. Candelabra won
ban 1 i I > l.y two lengths from Stockton.
Th? thirl raes was a ?cramM? for
2-year-olds. Drum Major, Kconoinlst, and
Trtnculo w-.-ie the ahotaas, bul aone .?r
then waa ever prominent. Fa-totunt, a
l'i-to-1 chance, aron from !!..;: i.nl to
Balsa, and Nabina, 12 t.? ?, beat ??porto,
io to i, tor ths place.
The talent regniae.1 g little of their
lost ein by backing sheiiy ??+??- off
11,.? boards In tlie fourth ra????. The favor?
ite won very esnily, Mary B., ths Outten?
burg contingent'? choice, getting the
Kavorites ??,,? ih- fifth and ?ixth races
aad sent th.- tal.-nl horn?? In j, happy
frame of mind. Sommar? :
? Ptrst .???? tu ? fiirtonge TTsk JhB
won. Defargllla aecoaat, Rival tbini.
Time. IBS 1-1.
Second race?mil?? and is furlong?
Candeiabra won. Stockton BSaoad, Hasty
third. Tim??. 1 v..
Third rac?? lit?? BBd a half furlong? -
' ,m won. Nahma second. Opart?
third, Tim-, ? ii
; Fourth ra???? ?lx furlongs?Shelly Tut?
ti?? won, Mary S. sec?>uil, I in ie Jess third.
Tim?.?, Lib 1-4.
Titti? rao?s.?vn furlon???Kilkenny
won. Reynard asesad, Harry Aionxo
id. Time, 1:30 1-.*.
xth race?six and a quarter furlong? -
Anni" ilisliop won. Wiil Klliott second,
Madstone third. Time, 1:22.
(?G??!'.?: CITY TRACK.
?;?.'il ?'ESTER, N. J., ?k-tobar ?!
favorites and |WO OataUerB captiir???! Uta
to-day. In thii third race Mariana
and Ri? liai fell, throwing their JuchSgB,
but neither was hurt.
First race? six ami one-half furloius -
Bdwafd ? won. Bolivar -ceoiid. Black?
burn third. Time, 1:29.
8? cond race?four and one-half furlong? -
J 1' C won, Vocaliz?.? second, ? ? tra third.
Tine, .MV?.
1 hlnl fojOS?st? furlongs?Bobolink won,
j ? j_ irtreus? second. Text thlnl. Tlm-,
' l:_?>4
Fourth race??even furlongs?Westches
ter won. Slmrock eecorid, (Crochet thlnl.
? Tim*. 1:40V
r Ifth race?four and one-half furlongs?
? Commodore Roughan won. Payche second,
] Mary Winifred thlnl. Time, .bi.
I Sixth race?five furlongs?Sir Jim won,
p.?!.? H.tond, Kd Bearnan thlnl. 'rlme,
SAN' FRANCISCO. CAI... October M.?
W m ther fine; track fair.
First race?five furlongs?Centuria won,
Saiidsf-rman second, Pulaskl third. Time,
Second rao?-one mile?Prise won. Re?
volver second. <"!a?|ii?r thlnl. Time, 1'4-H.
Th'nl race?seven furlongs?Paranietta
won., Abl ? second, Nioodemus third.
Timi 1:_W4.
F?>. rth rac*??Ix furlongs?Motto won.
?Crawford second. Rumair third. Time,
? site
l-Vih race-mile and seventy yanls?
Pescador won, Happy Day second. Duke
St?? ns thlnl. Time. 1:4?>*.
Following are the Elisabeth race entries
for to-day:
Flint race?Ave and a half furlongs.
min? ? -Son Malheur, 118; Discount. HI;
Fat .My. HI; Ornus. -: Joe Rlpley, -;
ytth? Pirate. -; Curawa. it?; Daly, 108;
Bon ile Meade (gelding). VT.
8?* und race?rolle ?ml a sixteenth.
han.iciip ?ighD?Raceland. _?; Slelpner,
115; PlckBOcket, lit; Picknkker. Ill;
Charade. 11!; Soundmore, HO; Herald. VA;
Count. 100.
Third ree-tnre? Quartier? ef a astta
? Six'
leven. ?; Marguerite, M; Balbi lggen, M-,
mentor. 112; Correction, -; fUeo? 1?;
Wamtx?ao, lot: *>i?<?ount, to. ?_____
Fourth race?rive and a half funooga
twelve)-?_m Bryant. Ill; Wattereon,
II; Little Fred. lW; Alrplant. WT; I? ?A.
If.. K?; INsatmaster, M; Vottitwt. M?,
Panhandle, urn-, Iretrolt, N; ?r Richard,
H; Halcyon, $1; Cookoo. tk
Fifth rac-?.m? mtl.?. selling (nine)?
Foxford. 110; Bolero, 1W; Khaftaa, lelf
H-Jfry Alon?.. ???. T.m KWmore, ti;
leve?, f~. Marguerite. %. llalbrtggan. ?J
lilg Mid. 81.
Sixth race-nve an.l a half ?faitong?.
?ellln?: (twelve! Tartarian, ill. ChlBWlCk.
1!?:. Captain Wagner. 1?; ??peculation, 107:
Play or Pay. 108; Whaler. 10?; l**ru*/ian.
iu?; Nonsense. ?7; Hilly ?., ? ; U?eboat,
H, Bualrus, 78. N?lgb?n. tk
t 11 ?Mil I HID PARK.
NASHVILLE, TENN . Ovtoher M.-The
day s sport at Cumberland Park waa
good, and the public must have hit tbe
?moki??? considerably, as all the wth
nera were strongly backe.?. It, th.? ?ret
event, however. Merry Eyes fell in the
back stretch, and all of th?? m.iney fell
with her. she having- been backed h??avily
at th? short <-><Ids of . to 1 and 8 to d.
Ills rider, "Snip" IVrkin*. ?Aas badly
hurt, but not seriously. Mrarto-s covered
a mile in hand in the second race Ih
First race-five and a hulf furlongs?
Fred Woll? ? won. Little I.ewts se*-on?l,
Willi.? ?'.. thirl. Time. ???.
Be niil?? Mraxos won;
Emma Mao second. Soil Boss third.
Time. 1:1'.
Third race?-rive eighths of a mil?? ?
Beckrene wan, Detawr second, Domingo
tiilrl ? in?-, 1 ? i.
Firth ra??? one mile an?l seventy
yards ?Sarah Ham. s wr?n. Somersault se?
cond, ?Lord Wltlowbrook third. Tim?*,
ii' t :.
Fifth nice- nine sixteenth* of a mile?
HI Henry ?roa, King David second. Jim
Henry thirl, time, ??'?.
Sixth n..? lis tnd .a half furlongs?
Emprees Frederick won. Prituv Kliiitry
second, Tw S. t third. Tim??. 1:07 1-1
\ ii,.I tier ?Mir-ti.li. ?.,? M or.l.T-r ,%rre.te?l In
New York.
(My telegraph to the Dispatch.)
NKW VnUK, OetObac U.-Another me?
tropolltaa crank area arrest?**! early this
morning at West and t'ourriarvl streets.
The man was caught eni?av?>rlng to ?Mb?
vlnet? iui Italian fruit seller that one of his
appi???; was ., put of th.? miiiin.
At tl.?? ? hurch-slre?r poll??? station th??
prisoner gave his name as Uenry Frank,
but refuse?! t? tell where be resided.
Frank declared that he ha*l been select*?*!
to kill Mayor ?'.irt.T Harrison, of Chlcag??.
lint having sold his soul to ?.lenirai Kim?
sd?. of New Kama. coan.. and anting
tin l?r the latti is order?, he had stoup.-.l
In N '?s Voik to kill the Cuban consul In
order that the l?lanU .-.?.? be annexe* to
the United Matea. He waited too lom?
an I Pi-eiilergast wat told to go aheu!
Frank said that he knew Mayor Harn
layer well, and that Oenera! Rus?
sell wa? th?? "bead man s?f the society
Th?? prisoner was pOOTty tir?es?!. Jus
??tin eooaaatttod him for examina
ttoa as t<> his ?malty.
Mcmphl* I ?m liei ? ? ?> Pre??.
(My telegraph to the Dispatch.!
MEMPHIS, TBNN., (?ct.iber 31.-S?.m.?
time ago ?. Walker, charged with at?
tempted feloni..us a-uantilt on a woman,
waa taken froia the jail here by a mob
and hang???!, burned, anil cut to plebi ?.
A. I Mel.? n?Ion. the Sheriff, and a num?
ber ??f deputies were Indicted for ?permit?
ting the jail t.. t..? stormed. Phil, iv.dto
and three otters ss ?t.? Indicted for mur
der, Aft??!? exhausting ? ventre <>f u*t
m? ti without reeajivlng at single Jur.ir. tin.?
Attorney (?? ?.-nil discharged tx?trt casas.
Four of th?? ring-leaders of the mob wer??
liberated to-day after th?? cases were noil
I'nlon -?;.ii?...'? I:.?mil.oi.
Th.? congregation of iniiii-st.iti.in M -
thodlsl church ha?l a very delightful r? -
uni?.? in their tabernacle last night. Rev.
Dr Itiiv delivered an address of welcome
and "tii? ??? ? nd-reil son?? excellent
music The Ladles' Aid Society furnished
a ?splendid supper, un?! ill pros al enjoyed
? . caeton, which was entirely informal.
I nil..I Mal*?? ?Ir.nit Court.
The United ?States circuit C"iirt, Judge.
Hughes presiding, ?.is engaged all iojy
y.-sterdas in hearing evidence In the cam?
of ,?. M l'in, r on's administrator .?gainst
ti,.? Richmond an.l Danville i; iliroa?!
Company. Thla ia a suit for ip-vw dam
agea for tin? killing of Patterson.
The llarvetl Tew.
The ladles of the < ita? e Street preshy
t.'iian church will hold a unique enter?
talnmenl In tbe l"?'ture-ro?im of that
church to-morrow night. It Is call???! Hur
? Tea, and 111" ladles Invite all of their
fri? fids and th?? public to attend.
The Itergner and Kugel ?till II..-...I.
I'llll.AliKI.PHl.V, October Mi 1W.1.
The Mergner & Eng??! Mrewlng Co. De|H?f,
Mr ?'harles E. l.o?l*l.r, Manager, Mi? ti?
m?n.1, '. ?
?Bear sir, ?We lake ?sveni pleasure t<t
lnfi.nn you that 'I'M ? JURI at tho
cago has aw.ard.-d US
for th?? EXCELLENCY ?and I'l'IUTY of
Again we stand at th?? hea?Vof th?? list
if all the large Mreweries of tho WoitLDI
lrifortu our frlentl*.
Yours truly,
Aug. W. Woebken, Secretary.
ttlchmon.l at Ihe World's Kalr.
Th?? Cardwell Machine ?'ompany, of
this city, have Just been officially advise?!
that they havo been awarded eight gold
medals at the World'? Fair, Chicago, for
the excellent machinery exhibited by them.
They comprise cotton-se?-.l oil-mills, cot?
ton-presses, wool-presses, hydraulic -
puiups. ?looking-tobacco granuliator and
ctaeaae, aaaeklag*tebaoeo pa?-ker. pius-to
buceo shapes, and thresher and separator?
all made in this city.
Winter T.iiirt.t Kale?.
The Richmond and Danvlll?? railroad will
sell round-trip tickets to all the principal
winter resorts of th?? South ami ?south?
west at very low rates. Tickets on sal??
from Novmb* r I, 1SK3 until April TU. IHM.
For furllier information ??ali on or address
Travelling Passenger Agent.
1/19 east Main street.
W. A. If Miaimmi*!, Florist,
will open on W.slnesdsy. November 1st,
at '.in east Main street, a branch ?.?it?
flower st?r??, where a good assortment of
flowni will be kept.
Aha! Yes, that Is Ir.
What? leader? In Furniture.
Where? 711 an.l 7l:i east llroa.l street,
Who? ?YDN'tiK _ Hi NDLEY.
Son?! -your <rir?l.?? for election ticket*
to the Dlspat.li Company and you will
get thi'tn promptly. Prices low.
Mantels, t?rales, and Tiling, iu various
stylos and low prices, at
Jon*? Boweu'b, Governor street.
! Orders for printing sent to the Dia*
patch Company will be given prompt at?
tentiora, an?! the style of work and prtceg
will lie sure to please you.
BUeeiloa Tickets,
fiend orders to the Dispatch Compaap
and have them printed promptly, and
Viole??! Violets!
Violets In great abundance at
mood's, 107 east Broad ?tre. t.
t?a?- and Eleotrio-Chandeliera eat.
(?lobes. New designa and low pnoee.
Jona Bowaae,
No. 7 Ooveraor atra?!.
Our facilities for"xe<*_ttn?*" all kind?
of ]oh printing are unsurpassed. Bead aa
your ordern an?! you will be
our work and prices.
Guard A gelasi Me
qy aeeptag tbe system in a healthy
with Or. Dorad'? Liver Itua. Twenty??*? e_M
tor a boxer! ?5 pills; 5 boxes loe gL
owasa* Muro? Dan? Cmthxat,
ANoeoro-? Birraaa te ahaaaabaM weed al
over the world. Korerer Mljr ytmtM ? boa t??
verth*. to-u hy Me aurt* Hb eoa odi ?a?
ttoed io wara-ae ?paella aajaaaai ?MMMMM.
Tbegeaeaae ?metela aaaaaa_M?ed l^taJi
Gs, ?> Viegerl # eeee,

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