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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 26, 1894, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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umili?: MMI?K1!. 13.334. BICBMOND. VA., THURSDAY. APRIL 26. 1894
. \ Thi;;>an?!s of (Onfpil.raies at
THE ???G,???? Diai'CVTION.
? to th? 0;d SMiers to Mm
in Richmond Praatol
Wn fair sponsor
' . . .1 n?.? ? hta ?? <>? ??id u?
lion hi lh? I .1.1. an of Soul!??
? ?.? liment?
?,,?' I all ioti,
? na ..? ? Diale?. ??
' ?
: valoi
? '?
? th?
, ? . ? ' :
reunl >'?
I \\ e
W ?
? ?
I ? ?? ; . ile
? ?
I to 1
.' ? ?
11 tn? -?
In id?
In war.
.. i'Ii a
ill Ilei
. :?? iv- u.
? . lo >k Into tn?
? ? ih?
a ! .? t
? 1 know I
. man
I Mesa
? ?
In 1
I wish 1
, thai Hi.
? t Will
? ?
? ? I, in?!
? ?
? ? ..
? am It ??a
' I ' ira ? tha
? ' "'' ? v- :. |, ,| ,,.,
? r th? frownli .
' ?
? ?,.?.? thanafn
r Aba bants l
I,, tl,?? Bra
? f seven ? ??-, ?
? ? number, Bad two a
re tbs ? ? ktura of ???? ?,?
ai Bar from il.
'? BUI BBS) .-I'll M;ill:i
?I th. ??. ?. A?d g, Alabara
?"Ouaii liiV* *?"> ll nuble in BYSMcUa? I
moi ?m- \?:il furnish her ?11 the
?les ?. sani? (Langbter.) Tas
tin- r!;-?i ?<dl Of
? d the tini!,.-e ?,f h.r
piare? her to the front rank?
oui laai meeting aaaap af gar
? n fatten frees Hie rank??
t Klrl.y Htnllh
Villi, e htid ? '.'??
? Btaisamen, bare Joined
' eyond tbe ?
? ? return th.uiki.
"f sil ' in I of Un? arrent
Btat? . , G la ?in limitier* ??
I \ '?: \l..\ . April 2G,.--\?. L.
??? ?.. <;.i. .?
u.?? ?. union frota tbat piaci. '? '.!
. i-'i!... ???
' :i 'ti lb.? effect?
r ?? at Lbe Charity
Ini ai?? now lying
: ? CO.'? ill, lr?
M ' ' Il L .:? k W.iS ., |.| ?
? beaks ? ii.r.ioi ..filie Cosfedsrsle Vete
? ?.?. at till im ??*??.????.
U1RMIXGH VM. ALA . April M Tbe
, ?.
ol ?.?? Colt?
ri bl | ??? !? ?.?
? ? ? ; m United
tl Chick
1 ? ? , National
. ? ??;?? lead*
I ? ? .?. on i ni
? pn .ed, aii'i
Hut ?' ? and legti lai un ? of
? ; ? ally our
?? . ?? '??,>?-? in ? '
' ???? Iy co-op? rate v??'h
? the
....?.? ? him in furtln r
woi k of . ?tabllahlng lbe park."
?..iii? im si,i,i,i. Ksaaevis ? Bat-b of
Kepabll? ana
N< >l;,?. ?LK, \ A . ?? ? 11 .'"? fBp?
?, ? " y dl? ! thla morning at bis
[tran 'a? ton, In tbe
: r of 1 age. The d?
ilth for torn? time,
! I. ? ? ? .?: to tl !,?".-?? Binse
a ? I four chll
i ? f biS dl all..
? ..f the city.
a memtx r ol tb
? ?
? the meet
Academy al ! o'clock this
p l will ad'li .-1 anoth? r gsth
?. batch of IU| rei
from il t ? da> l.y Coll? c
. M ? ?. v. ill be ?
of th? forre al the ? : torn
? ??? p? rally,
? thi : " lury De
. ? ? commett?
ine iii
. . ? ? ? l'oint will !"? aboi
? - - Atlanta bai
A Colorili lloj ?Iole a Pocket-Booh I ????
lalnlng ? tableen Dollare.
ROA N< ?KB, VA . Api II . ? 18] ?
Terry, a col m d boy 17 y? ?
Of ?'??? !?? rv in ih,? H US
nt Un. !
at coi the |
une ?... Il ' main
lt<la ?-iiii.ii?
?lx w? ind ?
? rtlon ?.f ih??
II."II. \ I
t N? "i.. Killed by ?? inni Train.
I w 8, \ ?.. Api
! Ill I) .
36 \, ,? ...
g:!', wl. ? ? , o.ai
,;. "!??? and .
IMIili u., - from North Carolina, and
king on ihe ' 'h< apeake and
a deck t and for
The Coroner'i
? ,i ; rendered a \? rail? t I li.it dec? a-? d
own car.
nd that r In ? ?
?.?. .??!?,.'
\ ?-.tiii..ii for White and RobtnaoB.
MAN ?SSA8, V \ . Api 11 ? tBp?
? ?,, ? ;.,\. : nor < ?' Pei rail, from fortj
? Mui
? .,? ai liai 1 lai? ? for Rol
,,? I l! hl!??; ? ?!-?> :
? " ? and , thei
.., n I tills ??.?\
, ,.,.. ? bj ?;?? i?..\. mor until
to ullovi ? II. '" apply
error, and II poi tibie obtain
? t'i..l. _
Virginia Sen? Itenae,
?. v. ? ?r. ?' J. I. ifferty, editor of the
?? .. ? lectured en
? lay m-m at
;.. ?, tl ? tiurch,
? ?
? In?' ! Mn in?? In' UI .n
my, a hlch two month? ago :
to pull OUI <'f ?'Iii Bglf, Will on Ma'. 1 -,
' the city in
? .. la m, Hall g llenahaw,
,.. i.i of the Virginia Inlo Ihe ..fli? e,
, with the Union Aaauran
Lou Ion and the Grand Rapid?,
? ,. .Mi Ihr? " compii
Mr. w UH '.'n ?, Julies d ed on l'a? d .y
r .m ?, ? Ma K Im ni- m ,i\. nue,
,!?>>. are. 11>? was a
m? ml. fu of ? H. Mili ? ??.. .
11, luce il .li-- un ? waa foi mei ly chi? f
ri. rk of ?!. Lln ? of ab
??. m lea wa? a native of Virginia, und
?. ni to Hall mor? to live In ? ???,'.. n?
? wld..w, one daughter, Mil a Lu??**
?: Mil ma, Charles If.,
n. .ni s. muel A. allies, all of
whom li?, in Baltimore,
n,. ?. Weir Mitriteli l-eada Hla Drsssa.
??? -' \V? Ir Mil hell, of Phil? leiphls,
rama, ' Sir Pram la Di-ake,"
the Mi Vernon Hotel,
? nlghl Tbe pro
? the res ling will be d? voted to
Roanoke Irland, th.?
? : ? First Belli? m. ni. lu?
ll I. Virginia Dare
m-? North Carol ) Ian, waa
? the ? land, and M ibleo, Um
: . waa I iptjxe I Hi? r.?.
? ? ol Ol l l'ori liai.??.?).. on th.?
. ? h ? ??! ? b) the
Memorial \ ballon,
und? r who e aus: Ici?? t ?a?- leading was he >.
?...., gi? M Iule Inp Trillili.
\ STA, Aprii -?'.. The ?..\. t- mi Bl
day m tli trial Of Ih?
In e lai.mil.m: ti.?? faci thai
. ral parties
ng thai tin- whip
t . pr?t enl et id nee being
given I rei nmi ni about violations
..f the las ? the pro ? cu
\. a man ord? !'? ?I
I the ?, ??? tniiiit ?? ?- atrick?
. a out, an ? onh one ? emains
< lerg-ruaaa < ?.iiimli? Sul?l?l??.
?. MISa, April ?:?'. Al ger?
r. Ret ??. K. Buttar,
an, area found bang
? m Ins room ?it Hi,
?. ? r ?? where Ii b ardeal 'i'h??
li an an ni.-lira!ila
,?? - ! h?? .?.iiiinltl.il
Cl / I l.y phj "deal agony.
. ? ais at Atlantic
?. ? . .1
? I ?|..'.i?i?.? I ? ..n.iliiv.
grudge tin? little ???>???>
? ; ? r. - r. phis Plnater eoata
and tbea when they ,n? nuked with pela
? . ?.. ..i fioul tin- BoresMai
from .? cold, Ibey win apeol ?ny
amount ?-f money to relieve tbe l'aln. H
. i ' . aa "1 Hies.? wulld re
aowned pieal rs oa hand tiny would ?*
saved nnl ?if ?uttering and t>?
ik her. At tbe iirsi ?ign ol
?tiffnena ? o,? }oiata ammtf ????? ?if the???
pialler? without any tleiuy. Tl?..? ????????
??..n ??- gieatljf ???''' rag al oafs, and ??.? ?
? ? It will be mone)
. i; ra Ibera <.n band, le ?a)
nothing of lbs comfort they bring.
i'a luis contala no irritaiini
Voi.? t.. .luv f..r William ?. Tanner,
ilio ?-perivaced nuancier, for Mayor.
ioxeyites in the West Tafce Possession
of Trains.
Surrender to Them on ihe Part of the
???? ????.,,,,? M,ir?l,ul nini a CoKiinoiiirssIrr
Hhot hikI ????rlou.ly IVoiiii.le.l-.llor?
? ron I.l?? A|>|ireli<-ii<l<-.l.
WASHINGTON, April Bl OaenrralScao
? ?. ' itnmaadtng lbs army, basi night
arai a telegram t" Deaerai Merritt, ooea
atsadlag tas Department of Dakots, hv
itraetlag htm, by direction of ttts Pn
1'i't, to hav,? a Sufficient fori?? s?nt to
? ii?? t .,!! Parsons engaged ba lbs unlaw?
ful setBure of th?. Northern Psctflc tram
a Batta, Mont., and to bold th?? trala
and nil ?m board until they ran ? ?:?
iiv rad t?. ih?? Halted Btati ? Mai ba] ol
Montana, subject to the orders ol Uta
United Btstei Districi Court
In lbs ' pillion of tt,?? fOTernmeal ????
il.iis, none >,f tba so-called army move
meats of tbe unemployed ars bo formlda?
? is tin- f.n>? along th?? line "f the
Northern Pacific railroad Th?? telegrams
rsctriTsd ),? i?? state that bands ranging
from CO ?. 100 men are eoagr? gated
along tiiat road, with Hi?? BToared Intsa?
tlon of conting to v. ? Ulngton, bj peace.
ai:,? m? m ; ir possible, l"'t by forcibli
m? .m? ir they must Air? idy one or two
trains hsve rs ? ? ai laed, and ?
ting othei ?.
Attorney-?',, ?,, ? ,, ' Hi I '?' ,?' ? I ? t? I???
graphed the United States Marshal ol
Washington t? use every means in hli
???.??? r t.. maintain thi peace and the se?
curity "f property. 1 be ? Blted Btates
marshals In Montana, North Dskots,en?.
.Mm,,, ota i,ad pr? viously been lasti
t.. Hi?? .-?nil. , Beet an! all of thi tn SI
directed i" promptly notify Um ''? par!
n,, nt of Justl ?? the n. i"? nl ''" ?? ?'"
un.,??!?? t,. control ih?? populace.
TI,,? ord? r of tl,?? Preald? nt f? r th?
t.?, ,i|.s ??, int. rcepl Hi?? North? m PscBk
train, snd srrest the runaws] H Ban con?
. ? solely i" command
reap, ? foi thi mandate "f '!'?? United
.Staus Court and was no! In ?
n,.i,,m.,? im rferem m ? ?? ?' affairs it
is ? \|ilain ? al the White House last th?
Butte minera bad applied to the Northern
,,:',. lab? (thai road being In tbe
hands "f govenuneni receivers) for free
. irtatlon to Washing!? "? and when
th) aas refused thi strik? p
Beised a locomoiive,
: cars to form a train, and win ?
ili?? Uniti l Btati s Court granted an In
ji nctlon agnina) thla action and It it* ? an
?.,i thi arresi of Uu
and the United Btst? ? Marshal atti mpt? ?
. , ute the orti? re with ss
?. ras able to aummon to hli
ail, bla force? were overpowered, ani
tii BtOli n ti.iin ' - >I" d?
Wh? ? these fac? rere rei ort< ? to tl ?
i.. ? arimi m "i Justl ? they were bl
?,, the an? ii 11? m ??: i! ?? ?? aident, with
ih?? i,.co?t,m? ndation "i th?? ? tl
Ocneral that the Federal authority t?
supported by ii""|.?\ thai being tbe ?of.
live left to tii.? government
i'r? ,-i i?'iit at ,.:i,?.' called tl,?? general com
mantling th?? arm/ Into consultation, and
fully ? ; idertng the matt? r, ?;? :.
? ?., e di upon tin
commander "f the Department of Dakota
lin ?? iiii h militai y ??? pai imeni ??
?. .d? piaci ? ?," ?? nd a auffielen! fon ?? ??;
to am ' ail persons ? nga ? :
? ire "? Hi?? Noi n ? ??
train at Butte, Mont, and to bol ?
il,,? li.lin and ?>? r?ons tiiiiil they could
I?, ,|. Iiv? red to the United .?-tat?-? Marshal
i u Montana, subject to the Distri t Court,
Tin.?? dispai nl bun nicht to
ileneral Bwayne, ??!,?. I? commander of
the l ?? |,.,t tin? nt "i l ? ??.,???. with head
quarters at st. Paul, during tin? absence
in Euro].four-months' l aw >?? ?,
til w ? ?. ?. M, nut.
Tu ST< "I' Till'. TUA I.V.
Tl ' moi : .?':.? ta learned fi im armj
ofBi ers al l.iv Ingston, where the '
road to the Yellowstone Park ?
with the Northern Paciflc, thai the stolen
train had pass? d that point and ll
Colon?.?! Bwayne, orden were seni to
?.,? ?.,, n ii.t ,?.?.???? ? John !?' Page, com
mandine For! Keogb, Informing him "f
Mi?? President's orders, and directing blm
to maki? arrest?, and under no . Ircutn
i m, ? s t?, ??? ? mil il? ti.liti to pass Mi!?
This afternoon, when it was learned
that'the train minili !.?? some time in
?. ;. hing MU? ? Cltj. ? 'olone] ? ige was ? r
? ?? ? ??, malve the arreata with as liti!??
delay as possible, ani it is not unlikely
that he may pui troops on a train ?nd
make an effort t" capture th,? min. is'
u.un to-nlght
There is tome apprehension that C
? ? may in? ? t a ? ?
, irrli ? i"- ord : - Into effect, as ti:?? mi ?
m possession <? ihe train are undoubti II)
ili ara,,,?. and have already abown a
il ion toward lawli - aneas
nee Is ? It, how? r? r, In Col ,n, I
Page's being equal t,? a ha ? ever emergen
may ai ?
WASHINGTON, April BL The follow
in;: telegram, which ?\.ij received at th?
White House to-day, was obtained from
Private-8ecretary Tburber this evi
li ??.is from Governor Richards of Mon
t.??.a. and waa a III? .-? ?! to tie G? ?
of tbe ? nit? ? But? ?. ? be dbipatch Is.
,? ??. ?, ?,a. Mont, and rendi as ? ?
1? ?, ? :
"Information reaches me by wire that
the Lami of Coseyltes fleeing the st.it.
with a stolen train ??a? overtaken nl
Billings by deputy United stu-s nur
sh..!.?, uh,, were trying to serve ? wrii
emanating from the ? nlted stat. s Court
A Aghi ensued. Oae deputy marshal was
wounded, and the leader of tii?? Coseyltes
u., wounded. The deputy marshals wen
, ? : powered by Um Coseyib a and
off with revolvera aad other weapon?.
The mob then Surround, ? the deputi???,
ani Dow bold ti,? in prisoners
"The train la ?r?tala ? few hours' run
,,? i.itt Ksogh, it is impossible for tbe
s ite militia to overtake it As Governor
of Montane I hereby requesl you to ?)1V,
11,,- ?<???t,?? troops at Fort Keogb Inter?
cept the Coseyltes sad am Bi and ?. i,?
ilnin subject n? ti,?? orders "f tt,?? United
st.u.s Court bttuing the writ referred to
it" th.? Coseyltes pass Fort ?? ,??? orders
Can 'inarate from you for Heir appre
liihsicn. ? reqrjeai that BMsral troops i?
ordered to overtake tasan. Promptness
Qaagrmd) "?'. ? RICRARDS,
"Governor of M mt.,.,., "
WASHINGTON, D. C. April SV ,s,-.
? lai ' Bi ports hav? ?>? en rao bred al Be?
lie? hsadojUBrters her? from tha authori?
lias "i other placas showing tt,?? atrensth
of tl?? various i-oiitiiu?. nt.? BOW moving
oa Wsabtagtim a summary sttoara:
Coxay, at l-'rcdeni k. Md.. X?)
Retry, Naola, la., LIBI
Fri.?. Terr Haul??. Ind., 1.,..,.
Iiv,? s BastdBd division, Mil^ansboro'
111., ?,?.
Grayaoa, Piatti ville, cato., wo.
Galton? Lovehutai, ?>., ..??.
Handall. CkttSUTA '?"".
Conttngaai al LRUs Kalis. Minn., loo.
Batta, Moat, at?).
M<?-nmouth, 111, Mg
Ottoawa, ?a. ido.
Sullivan's for????, t'hirago. 1,000.
?Viitingent ut Anderson. Ind., lfd.
Aubrey's forco, Indianapolis.' TM
Total, 7,0(X).
RasporU from the BOtttS authorities In
th?? towns tltr.tiKh whl.-h tins,? ??????
BJSBtS pans BN reivlvrd her?? daily. News
BggBaT latagraSBB reduce Kelly's strength
lu ubout I.??"
Tlie r.bove statement drws not In.-lude
any of th.? partial gathering In Caiifur
liln. v. to gasa not y\t got out of that
Stai??, nor those in Oregon along the
| Northern l'aaiic. These combined sggre
,lt,. paveral ??????? m-n. but they ar?
;;' pei .? ????? ?*?>? "ff?
,1? fr-# ?onllngent Un-nlng I'.ailway
Tie? ami ? enees- l?e?p?rstlon.
TPPRI. HM'TK. IND.. April ?.-That
eattagaat of Ctm?ft army na?? con?.
,,??! ?f Oesesal .I^uto C. Frye f rcbiy
ook poBB-sslon of an ?aet-bound freight
ratn G BVtag bare at 3 o'clock this after
,??, -?,,. Banani ot ?"?* h*m ?'???p? *?
lave paid tb? lalBand aapsay for tgaaa?
?2a a, far BS ?r-.i1 twenty mile?
?,-,,-.. Haute bal hftar th.? loading
,f horras inwoaa eaenaaf ulenena, and
ilankete, tbe 'r">n l,u"",J out? ?*?*'??
he Irvdustrisls m ths cltv. Tiny apea*
n.t night near hen. aatng the raUraad
,?,,any'.? fences end ties (or fasL one
nun waa Kid.-traik'.l t?. pr-vnt the
?on monweslera from ??.?ti'.ng it.
Wb? ? the tra?na uto -rtarted this after
looa ths M aasdlerB Basala a mah f??r
? freight aad esptnrsd it. Th- ?-ngineer
l that the Industriala had rall
?oad m ? In thttt ranks, aad lhat if he
?efueed to ft.irt the train h<? trouM b?
[.iit off. and On? *** thtft OSTA in? ?
. ? ik.? the throttta The trainmen
?ere unable 11 prevent ih'-m from riding,
,? tbe Industrials were d termined, and
.?y resistance would h;;\.? rasaltsi in
Brasil being la tbe beurl <.t the indiana
???ni district, ani hund?an? of rainera be?
ni,? out "? strike, then may be serlou*
trouble, "ni?era arili, on account
,f being ?? lap' clabg the charity of
the city In preference t>? the Industrbus
The m? mb'T.? ..? ? >y they will
eontlnue te ? ?rn the raj road rompaay*s
until th'-ir blank? im and cooking
are brought bean to th.-m. Th.
irmy wa ' ?nd a de
? ,,, ' ; pobos Mirro unded tbe city.
regalai Tiaopa ?ui fern B**bat n i?oe? ??.?
G??* Mile* < ill.
M1LE8 MTV. M"NT. April -'?.-The
government troops st IVtrt Keogb ara
in nadln ? to march at a moment's n??
ii. ., Minn ti,?? expected order la received
t.. proceed to csptun the Northern Pacific
tiain, bow In ? a of th? 19 un
employed men en ? iute for thin jila<->?.
? ibable thsl tbe csptured trsln arili
lay up for the nigh! beton reaching this
city, ?? which case tbe iroope will noi
be moved before morning; The nuthori
tl? ? are being kept fully advised of the
movement? ..r tin? trsln by tb? Northern
Pacific t? l< graph ?? ? ratei - al? ng tbe line.
r risoti ??t Pori Keogb consista ol
GOO m? n. with a. Qstllng I ittery, Colonel
; in command. Tuo probabBltjr Is
that tbe leaders will be r turned to Jiutt?
under militar) escori
While nt ?. gin? ? r of Uu
fugitive train went to t!..? aldi tra? k an?1
took two empty box-ear?. Whit? then
also II?a.?.m got s mi tbat UlS blnlT.
three a rom < ? tbe Croa
tion. hsd been I wn up, ?
rook to alide on ti.?? ti
? '?: t!ie Mon?
tana Division iool-car | 11,000
woiiii of tools. The men push? ? the cer
off the aide-track t" the main line, when
the em In it and < >uph I it t..
the train Two m us then
taken fi m track Tbe train
i bul on k a? Ing tbe j ard? th? cast
ini: pulled .. it of ' ' ink nnd the
tram broke In th? ml The engineer
? m to tbe i"'in l-houae left his old ? n
u'd took 11 on the di?
vision in ihe mean i!m>? the men enter
. d tin? ? ? ? : ion tool '??? '- I nd 1
? irge - f ?hov? la and pick?,
runnlni the train.
H an old Union Pacific an l M
? nlon engin? er, and ?? a* one
? ? ?'? v. ?. i. r. gtateri ?
si one : Cleveland snd st snoth? r
as Smiih
Th? trsln j ? ? ? ? il mi ?
operators, snd men ol ? ?
Ihe Cow He? ge reeled.
SI. PAUL, MINN . A,"d . ?: .
ted nt 13 ? by Colon? ?
it Foi m., 4?) mil? a
?resi of ?? ? Keogb.
One of 11.e ?Ulli??,? alni u ?oieylle ?ni
oil?ly U ?Hindi il.
BILLINGS, MONT., April : ? Bl I
bloodshe ? resulting from Iba < buhes ???
III ? law and the industrial Bl ?! ?
movement which Is n,.w sweeping ovei
the ' luntry In a wave "f monster pro?
. waa wltnei ted ii re to day.
II ? ,t ?? ??? loci thla mon this litti.
, t? was thrown Into wild ex,
by the announc? m? nl thai the train
?it of the ' ' ixey army was
rushing Into the city on ? Northern
r train frnm tbe Weat ?it a high
rat?? of '? ly fo red by a train?
;, el of Uniti I Btati - ? puty marshals.
? iti ??:' ih?? Btatemeni waa ?
a few minutes before noon, when tbe
train of I',??.-.ars ran Into town. The
t'oxeyltea ??.,?? overtaken by the Bpeclal
train with the mai ibala just as tlicy en?
ti l'I tbe 1 mils nr' lie- .ity.
After their arrival it was learned thai
tl,.? marshal?' train ovi rtook th?? Hogan
contingent jusl as they w tre pulBng away
from Columbus (formerly known sa s ut
water), and attempted to arrest the pro?
of the train bearing it,?? KB unem
ployed who ur? In poaaesslon of tl;?? train.
? ,, I? adi rs woul ? noi yield to ti,?? de?
mands of tii marshals lo give up the
train, snd Instructed their men to go
which waa done. The two trains
came on during the forenoon hours until?
ity was reached, when ;? stop ??,,?
ordered, the conflict between th?? two
?? near a? can be learnetL Marshal Me?
t? ord. red tha leaders of the cap
? : train t?. turrender, and when they
? to ?lo BO, ? 1? ? Bt tt:?? marshals,
? , ? ? in?.- ? COI im ili ? to do BO,
ii:?? I upn Hi, crowd of men on th.- cars
? ots wi re qui klj ri turned by the
Industrials A number of shots arer? ex?
Ine parties before Mar?
iti Di rmott could regata coatro] "f
his men. During tho Orina m.f tbe de?
puties was serioui I] wound? d, and one
of Hi?? m.n on th.? rear I'lattoitn of a car
??..s ahoi in lh? groin.
HcDermoti deckled that his men Brers
hot ? ? Iks ? ! la aa daai Uh m. and
orden ! his man to desist urine, which
t?,? y di l. The captured tram boob aitai
? died ou! from the depot aad McDi r?
moti notified iba authorities that bis
force was inadequate to capture the let
arbo W'-r?? del I to retain ? ?.-??
? r,f tin? train.
Al Bte latest adi iptured train
is continuing its wsy t ? Mllee City, artieri
?- ,? ,??,? . ? rj thai ti" Federal Iroopa
win arrest them, and recover the train.
M IN ? ??? ?US. MINN., April ? it I
stated by ? Great Northern oBBcial thai
? | ' , .?, I IBS ? al of tile
Butts contingent and that tabi is Ike rea
son be l? ft the Gres! nortk? m Cosftnae?
CoBsntlttea snd returned to .Montana.
Anneil >i??r YVllI? " Manners of 1'eac??, "
Mhl? h Aio Deadly Weapons.
WASHINGTON, April .5.-A special
from Ki.?!? li.'k. Ml . to tii.? lOst says:
Asida from the attest? in? nt in camp this
.?.?nini; there wiis another Incident that
was worthy ?,f in.!??, as psatasatjr overins
?me of ltrowr.e's ?1 ep-laid silivnTs, He calls
it "i>Huuil?: bsanera ot peace*1 t?> the ajen.
It is iik.iy that las waaglasjrtoa authori
ti. s would term It making an Biased bodj
of th.? Commonweal. The "banners ?f
panes ' are Battei 5xl2 Inches, made of
?mion. and printed with "Paaos an Karth.
and Good YVfil Toward? M*n." They ar..?
neither ratnsrkabls nur foratldabss, but th..?
BUM BS >n which they are carriel are four
foot ouk clubs an Inch sijuare. ind heavy
enough to bratta a man at a blow. In ad?
dition th.-y an? to be shod with an Iron
?ecket ostensibly to hold a bayonet, but
?aton UU? men are armed with these
weapons they will be a formidable body
Browse may be perfectly sincere In hi
sjrprseesd toasts ear peace, but a aatalkti
loki-n would have Betta much lesa expen?
sive than the atad at ?ak. The ?tick?
wvre only received to-day, and It ?
thought that the heretofore unetplalne-i
lay-over here was to allow time for th?di
manufacture. Th?.? men on picket aYaU
around the camp to-night are equipped
with the oak sticke.
In hla order to-night Browne announce?
Hyatutown as lbs stopping place to
morrow, Oalthersburg the following
night, and Rockvllle on Saturday, ac?
cording IB the ? hedule.
Small Po? Following Coxey.
NEW YORK. April Zi.-Dr. Alva H.
Doiy. Chief in?pector. Division of Con
tagloua Diseases. Hoard of lleullh, says
there Is great danger at small-pox being
ageaad an aver dm aaaatry by Ce??ry*a
army. Dr. Doty ha? had much experience
In fighting disease, and gives warning of
tho Impending menace to public health.
He assert* that nothing ran prevent the
smalt-p??x fruni being carri??! from one
city to another by OSBSfS folios era.
An All? je?! Surrender.
MIN.VKA I'm.IS. MINN. Aggi 35.-1 A.
M.?It 1? BtatSfJ St the Nrthern Pacific
in adqaartera in thi.? ?ity thai the Mea
tana contingent of Oasapttea has Barrea?
d id to th?? isgahua at Btorayth, Mon?
Ilenia! on Ihe l'art of Ihe Senator of a
l'ertalo BaWSSSl of It.
IiIR.\HN<?IIAM. Al.A . April -V-The
report sent eat from Montgomery pur?
porting to give an account of Bane tor
Merga_r*a apaseft in that city Saturday
night last hes aieated great indignatimi
union? the Senator's friends Ths gana*
t.,r hinv.'f destre? that a nenia) '.a
tarad for tb? beasfll of his friends
throughout the country. II ? Is h :
day, and head? t?? tb? goutbern I
} ? ? following statement:
"I have never been more wsrraly n>
ceived that ?it Montgomery on Bsturday
night. Indeed, the outpouring of people
ani their cordial greeting, sa well aa
iheir kind attention t<? all thai I said.
s d anything I had a. righi t ? . I
pect Oenetnl John W. A. s.u.ford, ?
distinguished man In this Stai,?. Ir in?
duced m" t.? tin? ?p ?|.????, heard my
. ani aft? trerda asid t.. m? : The
reception t<> yen, General, to-night was
as remarkable for its size and .nt!,
aa any 1 bave ever seen accords ? any po
liticai ?peak.-r in Montgom? rv. and I have
. SB th? ni all for many y? .u I, It
???liialled that sccord? 1 Mr. Yanny In
i?>-> up..n hN r. t iru from bla tour in the
North in advocacy of Rrecklnrtdge and
Lena and lhat area 1 notali.? ,?\?::? In
our city. The hearty eh?? ring duriti.; the
speech and lb? v. .id outburst "f applause
at ita conclusion show bow your speech
?.nd you ar.? regarded by ..ur people.'
"I d?. not esh that ?his maternent be
?ent out by the Bouts ri A soclated Press
from any motive ol personal vanity, but
I do wish tbe pe iple to know the truth
as to bow the principle? I uphold are
1. ? ived by th?? 1?? ? ; le of Alaban
A gseeeeefSl G????????? Vieti? Hi? ?h.i
If.uiie-shi'ip Killing Dsg? Canght?
WILSON, N. C, April M.?(Special 1 At
the last meeting "f the city aldermen ?
was de ; ?.-? to put In ? wster gauge at
the police headquarter? to enable any on?
? the atnoiint of water ?u th?? stand
pipe. This will prevent an* i
of dispute us to tbe water suppl) In ca ?
of lit??, ntil. ii occai Ion? l som.? ???
at lbe last fir.?.
Mr, li. .1. Herrick ima purchased half
Interest In tbe \\dis.m Mirror, and will
?? political ? dltoi of th it pap? r. Ha
will movi ben ?,: oui Ma) ! ?.
Mr. Cullen Battle end wife, of St. Louis,
M..., formerly of Wilson, are here on ?
vieil t?. the family of Mr. l: ? Rhod? 1
Mr. Ba ? a ? mlnently - u
m ids wi -tern horn . aad hai .1 ? imulati 1
s rei il nights ago sonn- doga killed a
sheep on Mr. V. W. Darne?'? place The
si. . ?, w? re then pul In the f?.! 1 st
Bight, but the doss, upon aheep Intent,
would vigorously attack tbe fold and en?
deavi :? to - ale the walla t.. >? l si th? Ii
\ leti me. Las! ? m?? m u watched
for it??? canlm 1 , and when tb? y 1 am?
1 upon them and put t!? in '
High!. One dog bit the dust Tbe wir-h
for fewer dogs and more wool,
11. u ?. ga aoid "ii this ra irk t la
tur lav for - cent?, lower Iban in several
?at* pi't. which Itili? a?? s that there If
an abundance of thai product.
The II...?.ry la tory ttiililn II..? G.????|<-?
liny IN ,?,?? Deotroyed.
COLUMBIA, s. ? ., April M. Pire this
aft. : noon destroyed tbe boelery-factory
; within the wails ef the ?
?.iry. an ? operati ? by private parties
The building was own?.? by the State, and
was a total ??.-1, there I .... irano .
t?..? building was ml I 09, The
loes was 130,000, Including th.? machiner)
an I stock. Th" mill w...? op? lit? I I,y con?
- I
O ?ring t?? the mflamraable mat. rial ,.?
th?? stork it was Imp get ii
?it.? und? r Control. Tin . "ir. let? 1.
work, an i had !.. en marched to th Ir
:. . Itami ? !?? atnoii';
them, .n.! ..m?-..r them assisted th.? gre
u ? n in fighting t!:?? t!:?:
The tir?? is : ipp -. I t.. hav I.
? a? n 1, Who was |. ft t.. lo.k up l! ?
factory, John ?italiani, i.r this .ity. ?ras
nn.? of ih?? principal owners of th ? ra '.',
The hoslen nmcnlnery .ml stock wer?
Insured for 19,000,
Prelly Mai')? ?.ilinai Ilo the Victim of
CINCINNATI, "111". Apt.I : ?..:?
GHlmsrtln, a pretty clerk employed by
th.- Pulvermacher Qalvanlc belt Com?
pany, area shot and instantly killed this
moti.'in; while OB h.r way ? work Th
man win. committed th.? murder was ui
rested snd gave th.- name of George R? ed,
aged ::", Lui lettera in hi- pocket Identify
ti ? ?? ? as ?? Catholic pi i? -? ? uned ? 'ath< r
? '..ii.ii.i. k < ?'Qrady, Inaai ..i ibi
girl ?md bar d? -ir?? t.- get rid of his un?
weit ime ait- nn?.us .-aus. I ih?? trage Iy
At tr.' station bou?? ? fOrady sti
Buiclde i> taking poison, but ?l proi pi
:, ??.in.? s.i\? 1 bla li? .
Hinting In l'ohin.I.
WARSAW, .\,,t ? ::.. A great strik- of
minets, ?ton- a?.???.? i'-, an 1 Otl ? : ?
vails In the Petriksu District of Poiaiul,
'. ? rioua ?i'.is ?.?.' : ilted Two
th ?usan ! troop? occupy the town . ?
:i"\?i'.i. where iii disturbance? bave
been most violent, ? ? t additional troops
ara now on their wsy there, In tbe flghta
that have aln-aly o* ? urn ?! Sixt? ?
strikers beve been kill? I. end a lei
number wounded. The Midlers have be a
? t,, fire Into the mobs ? peatedly.
Th?? prison sl Scsnowlca b filled with
Btrtki ? ? who h?'??? ' a srrested f^r riot
1 bree hundr.-d Pelee, mostly st
?., ? ? n s| ?. i.ii ?? ru? a la a church yeetei
d iv to ?. lebrato the ceni? nnlal of th?
r belllon of Kllonebl After th? serv???*?
tbey marched In a body to the botta? of
? ndant of Kllon-kl'?, in fi ?
which th '? eh ?? ? ! a.. I SbOUted '?
i .... . ? ? ? iwd and nrn-t??!
:'ii of th.? party, thirty-two of them being
tun Bits fresa Britain.
LONDON, April 0. A Mil was Intro
?: . ? I la tl.? I! :- Of C BU? Bfl tO-dsy
providing f. r sa eight-hour workli
for miners. It pass.?.) its ascend leading
by a rata <.f M t.> IK The bUI vas aot
a party aaeaaar?.
Th? i.ot. ? a Aa un ! ? la aaal a h 'ter yes
terday to Herbert Gladstone, Klrst Cam?
aer of Works, aaklng permission to
?red pla'f.rnis In !!>.!?? Park, s.inllar ti
those put up l.y the lebor Uediri in UN,
lor th?? May-!'av esisto rati., ? of the '??
tsraatioeal Solidarity Of Lebor." Mr.
G.1 idston?? replied In th.? most ?-art man?
ner ??? ?ltd,?, refusing to great the re?
quest, or to give any explanation of hi*
Cottoli ?..?..?. Trade
MAN'CHKSTKK. BNGV- April ?1-Th..
Guardian, lu its commercial article, ?ays:
ThS mark.-t durine; the? week has ???.;?
HUleter, with an ea.si.-r t? BBBSSM y. Among
thon?? anxloua for order* tin? number at
needy seller? Is steadily Increasing. There
have been some trans-, timis in ?-asea
whets si'iieni were psegnsed as aasept
rat??* which would enable dealers) in the
eastern market to sell at about the BBBM
price* lhat w>re current bet'or?? the c.l
lajiae of exchange. The trade with China
Is llfeler-i?, und that with Japan .pal t,
with a .???, re.ise.l demand. Th- foreign
Inquiry ga?nerally la trilling. Yarns ar.
quiet, and the business ther.in la rmale
Cholera in Lisbon.
LISBON. PORTl'OAL. April 23.
i'tghty-four fresh case? of cholera were
reported here yeaterday. The number of
case? now under treatment ta -il
General lian ??.? anle> '? View of the Cen?
imi American SltiiaHnn.
Washington Post.)
General 1 ?aniel Macauley. who ?pent a
number of years In Central America, and
probably as well unl.-rstands the true
situati, ? at IHu.-fiold*. in the Mosquito re
H.rvitl.in of Nicaragua, as any other
American, stild:
"As In th.? ancient world, nil roads l*??!
to fiaras, so In ?'entrai Amerh-a ull In?
ternational difficulties li.iv ? their mairi
?print, in th.? ni?, srags ? rasai aYggrJand
doesa'l want that canal built, unless she
osa anatrai it, as sh?? : m Ike BYses
"Il? ?v ar? Americans ln Nicaragua re
<:< in d and treat? i G*
""??. v ar?? S ill limad And treated with
the greateet kimin.ss and respect Th?
Nlcarageana bate a a?"rong ukimr and ad
tniratlon f..r this country, aad our <ttlz nt
th.r.? ar?? .,? BSl ?. an regards their liber.
ti,?.,, their Uvea Bad their property, as
?, th?? United state?.??
? ???> you uaderataad thai Ntimragua baa
nt last deeiiri'i bet sovereignty, snd
taken poeaeeaion of tbe reservation?"
? ? do, it is whit aba sh "ii: base dene
leasy, Bga Bh< ibould never for an In?
stant liu- | elded to England's casba thai
!:? f ? .? :?. ; rni. cons ted of hoi?tm?? ??
Bag and then sitting supinely down with
bo power.to protector defend it."
"But tbe Americans there seem t?. op?
poee Nicaragua'a control of the p
tlon ""
?*Yes? but p.'t'? ?' ? hav '
lucrativa conceaelona from the J
: ? olii,dais, an ! I" rtiai,
actuated by a f.ar that tbe Ntcaragr ?
? meni would not coaflrm lh.
. which are extiesa? ly favor tl
the ? oui ?aatonairas I deem 'bis fear
groundless however, ? do noi doubl that
Nlcars ? la ? Bxlou : ? get and re?
tain peaceful posa? ?ion of her own terrt
? ? thai she win confirm all existing
?tons or grant new and equitable
on.? in their stead. 11 is also ?
that Ni, arsgus hag not be ? all
it ntle or dipi ?m ilk In her ? laure of
lite, bul we should be very consid
..i-a..? of those to knag outraged as abe
ha ? bean "
"How about the Corn Islsnds. Have
they ' t ? ' ?' ? ?? Bril iin; or
thai ' nuntry been ? la naval sta?
tion thi
??.v.?; it oannol !?.? s.,. I do ?
there Is dan .- r ot tl it '?
no ? ,ii't. let the L'nlted Butes ?.a?,? th, m,
and they ?t?? extremely Important for
; .?. ?. :,?. ! the ? ?? d.
Indiana Republican BoasleastlBaa
over twelve hours to-day and to-night
without ? ringle receas tor ? bite or a
sup. tbe 1,700 delegstea t.. tb? Republlcsn
. , ?j rol ? ??? msel
ti;,? making ot a party ticket t" ??? voted
on In Nov'in' r. Tins - BtraordlB u
si..n ??.?s lui ' ? the fact thai there wer?
no I 11 in forty-three candidates for
the t-n nominations, and, taking I
key-note from the ipeeches of ex-Pi il
,!? nl Harris m and ex-S ta Thomp?
son, both of whom suggested that a Re
p ibucan nomln itlon this year was equiva?
li m t ? an ? I? ' 'vai the supp irters of
? , '?, . u Itdate fought to tl,?? last ditch
for their I . As th?? ni t r? suit? .,:'
nine be .; of the roll, four nomi
? itlon - in ? been mad?? up t ? *. o'? lock
to-nlgbt. Th? ? ? were:
For ? Si u?. R? ?.?. W. I'
? ?wen?, of Lo ? rt, ? s-congr
and Presiden! Harrison's First Commis?
? ? ? ?.itlon,
l'ir Au lltor ? Bl ite, A. ?'. Datti y. of
I., hanon.
F. i. ' Ih il ?, of Evans
Attorney-General, \v. a. Ketcbam, ol
Ii dianat oils,
Alleged Manierar at in. ??.
CHATTAN? m "?A. April i ?? h
in ,!.1 'bl ,' ! Beoti
<?? . , ?,, ?. ?? ? ? ? ? e devi ! ? ? thi ; moi ning
when .? ihn Bk lion, ? h irg? ? with the
? r r.?? b, of tl
boro' i il over] red the Jstler, who
?.? ?? t!??? ti ??;' ' ? f, snd ma'! ?
I hi . , Ihounds wi re tele
? r,,r from ? "hall and the;
were soon put upon the track of I ?
? prisoner. Aft? r ;? ? un "f t? s
miles ?.?-.t the country ir- Bl ? ;
r.m upon Bkelton'a brothers, who a !
? thi ?,? i; id pisci ? their ? ?
? ? h'.r-? ?.,' k, ?. I hi ti ' ? gone "ii at;? ed.
The Bh riff en ? posse ar ? In hoi ?
an l wi'ii bl.? ly capture Bkelton
iii"i nil
Bonthern Pioni t'<>r Barone.
v. ? train "f twenty '-ars leaded with
t!. m- ?. ?? hi ?? this aft? rn ?on, the flout
for ahlpment i?, Uvi rpool and
v. Twi Ive cars go t?. Pori Royal
s. ?'., n. I two to Baltimore, This ?' ? n
is from the Noel mills. The mill- aboul
two weeka ago s ?.,,- ? ? > d twenty-thi
of Hour to Liverpool via Port Royal, thi
drat shipment of flour from a southern
port Tiny now make t,600 barrels pei
'!?> f,.r the European trad'?, and will
slip most of ii by ?.???? route thro ? ?.
Port Royal This makes Chattanooga
f th. ? ?' flour distributing point?
? ?i ti,?? country.
N, c Bteei aad iron Cnaaeay Meeting
GREENSBORO', N. C, April &?<8p
rial.) ????? ?,1.1,aal meeting ??: th North
Carolina Steel and Inn, Company wa
h, Id 1?????? i?, ? ,v. Heaai ? s. ??. WH? v.
of Sa;,-. ,,?. ? ? w, Gill, of Baltimore;
?:, t. '?ray, .f Raleigh; Mayer >ir,??.
Willst m, and ? 'apira il. .1. Fish? r.
a- lai,,,?,,?, ... ? ? . , ?,?. t?,,, company
will ???,?,? at?.iiber meeting in thirty days
Some offert were mid.? by which th?? pro
would b- put operation, bn' the
t, uns were not suitable. Nothing els?
could be ti arm ?.
Coinage itili? Postponed.
WASHINGTON. 1 >. ?'.. April ? Tbe
i? Committee on Coinage, Weight?,
and Measures to-day postponed till the
?, .? ' '.,?.,? -s tbe bill of Mr.
Meyer's providing for coinage of tbe
,.n ti,?? alivi r buIbY a m th.
iry and ti ? ? : r-cnt.
CoaatderaUon of tha Bland bill. nrovM?
t ? ng U:,? free ini nag? law
of lv.T was poetponed till Mag Id.
Il u : ??..n l.oiutty (heeled.
Republican convention met In TotnUnaon
Hail, and n ii. it. w. Taoaapsoa, ex?
Secretary of the Navy, ??as presented a.s
permanent ehalrm.m. General Thompson
welcomed the convention.
just as ?h?? rii.?b .??? ? concluded ex
Prealdent Hsrrisoa caate on tbe platform
and th?? aud ! II - If hoarae.
Besana an?! Bow BsalaedL
LONDON, April &??Sir Thomss Be
monde has given notice thai in the House
of Commoas to-morrow h?? win ask th<?
government t.? s-i?.? its asaegg t?? Uta
. ?.m of th.? Baracoa island.? t?? New
:, .(,. s tin,,.,ns themselves baring
r? p. itodly piv.n espi a eaten to tinir ap?
proval of such administration of their
Anirrlcan Bankers' 4'oiiTcntloti.
M'.W rORK, April 2.",. -At a m
of the Executive council of the American
l'..,r;k??!?' .\-?'i'-!afi,ill h> ? I today it was
unanimously resolved that the twentieth
annusi convention of the associati,,? ?,?
h? M in Baltimora on ?ctob-r loth and
llth. ISM,
Frank lini?.??, llettcr.
WASHINGTON, At.rll Bl?Mr. I/rank
Hitton, editor of the l'ont, who waa
Btricken with paralysie fBBtBlaaYf, m Im
provin< slowly, and to-nlifht hla condi?
tion is even more encourairlng than his
physicians had hoped It would Be.
?lobee Bank I?lvl?len<1.
WASHINGTON. D. C. April 25-The
Comptroller Of ine Currency ha? declared
the grst dividend?one of 'M p*r cer.t?In
favor of th.? creditors of the First. \a
tional Itank. ?Nslartown, Ga., on claims
proved, amounting to fie,09??.
tOeorgt* Baase Officer Paralrted:
I WANNAH. GA.. April 25 -State rom?
ani islon?-r of Agriculture N'esbltt I ad a
stroke of paralysis last in? h' at r-tates
1>oro', wher?? h?? went to ?leliver a speech.
lie la reported to be quite ill.
Railway Strike "-ettlenient
??ommlttee of the A. It. IT., heaiVd by
Presi lent Dibs, has juat entered Int??1? con
ference with President Hill, of the Great
Northern, for a seulement oi tag sulk?.
The Woman Si Hie Future Will Regard
the lte.iiitli.il.
Th!? Is a picture of the w.-mari of the
future as drawn hy Mrs.. Theodore riitr??.
a well-know ?octoty leader of New York:
"She will not wear troupi?, ?m the con?
trary, her garments will le prettier, snd
?t,.? hetvelf will I??. ?f that i? p..?~|l,|.?.
more effeminate, more gentle and tender
than she ts now. Why ? Ue? lusa ibe ?? ?
reebSe, by being all these, that lar [??wer
vaili be In. t??.?.?-?"1 in ?? corr-si? ml ig latta
Woman s right* are Invanai , . !
In a laaa s in nd with th? loa , l
woman. Ih? woman WltbOU| little personal
vaniti?., ths wesaan uh., ?* indifferent
io her appear.ne .?. win wee ? l i boots
und areuld i.i.e to wear hle'i im .,?,?
make ??lier tncuanteas ? ti bis wardrohe,
??,? ?s ih?? rsigntng power now, .ni. look?
mg at things from Ih.? | vi-,oli,
??.?in h?? Mameli te? noi treating to >' ?.?
CSte In fBVOr of any ?. ? ttl icttvs
lo li.n ??: tl::s ?. ??? ?' Th. ?e vv.? be more
? r love iti ber day II.an there
.;: ? BOW, fer Ih? ti ? BBSl tbSl ? U " ?
u will repla?a e m ? nee. She
?.??.i be que I for arm... u ? ?-. -? '?-ar?
iti,- u. w ;? get marry for aupport. Ohe
will I- elf, and
wlnn ? I frill l" l>??'U
.?. signalai
?in i sv : md S 11 not te/?
tini li?!' ??.?, ? a- ! ??; .?:?! '>v< lopin'ttt.
Sh? grill ?? irleas an ? frank, and'will
have the . ivlcUolli."
Ail l u?.?U. ii. ,1 Ti-.liinoiil.il io the l>l?|ia!c!l
Sea ? your pi ntis : ? the ?>;rpateh
: ? nd you Bill not regret it.
All work <? promptly, n? ally, at
low avi glia ran leed
.-.? ? the fi II ring
Rli iiM' ?ND, va.. Apra o, ivi.
Th?? ? usi -.iti li Company:
Deer Sirs, Permit m? to ? ingratubtta
y..m- .id. Department on ? ;? appearance
? ?' book sbich 1 ha?l
printed there to-day. I am need to ?-urry
Ing Bomethlng "swell" in this Una bul
1 mu.?" . irged thla
! in any of
It is *o uu I so wonder?
fully ? a. ? . ... .titi?
lli, nt.
Tl 1.1? .1 I'll. I. !...
\v.? ar.? in ? of compbrneata
(?> th?' >'? aiK to
of tl,.? Wot 1 I" ;.'
fai pOW? r a I ? I !" I-'. ? It
enables all ? .'. r-, at a | alti y
sum. together with t'i ? cuttln
? ' ? ?; h, lu ??!1 . ?
vi.k tt.?? entire world and wee it le to
It! - .?
through the "Karoous Pabitlnga of th?
World," all ar.? enabled t? hav. an art
gai! ry of tlu-ir .?>?.... wl: h -.in:,? I
..f produi Ing ?. n???.
Bend ? cenu for
tbe number you .. urs t j
? ? ...?..? 1 o .ti.?. ?.
The st.it?? Board award? ? the con ?.
to Ilei ??' ? ompany Ini ?
? r ? ? . . 1.1.? ?
G??!? ? r \ ilte to go into th. ?
Stai LU - " es i. tt
Slate ?? ind Auditor
vaults i" embra? ?? all m d? ? ? Im
' ? M Audit or* ?
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th? St ?. ' . Art M ?! ? Ompany, Mr.
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..;? ..v. ?? I3.OO0 ? ? .?. ? we commend ita
shares to Ui? ?
Do you want pure Ice cream? Morris'?
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Vote to lay for William i:. Tanner.
tbe man who his faithfully served you
City Cotincil and Btate Senats?
? ? Mayor.
Th?? host cream -nl fancy individuals
for aaasitalamenta hi msde by Morn?,
'Phone eta.
The most delicious cream 1* made by,
M.iiis, 'Phans <?.
When Ba?iy wa? tick, wo pavo h.-r Castor^
Whan ah? wa? it Child, ?l.ecriixl for('a<toria.
When sho became Mi?, ?ho dun;? to ?'storia,
Yihca ?bo had Children, sh o guru tLout C?adtorla,
Trj' Morris's pur.? I..?.? cream for Inva?
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Sights and Scenes
et the World.
PART 17.
l'ut tir.? .s. ?? ,u out an I keep it until
igree o( dtPerenl numbers ar.? a. .uini
luted, then lut ward lln-ui, hgi.tb?r
end you will re-eiv.? tin? el?>gant port?
folio ot Pholoitrapb* si advertised.
?S? Bag t? ll'Tll?.. meut a, aOo'.li?!
To Subscribers.
If you don't receive ? -.?ght? tnd Si-ene? of th?
World " propiptly on your . rl?r know mal it ??
on r. ? ???,? o? tue greiat n.-l. or order?. They
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Tillt i)lMATCH ? ?-??'????
"FaraoBS Paintings''
of Ihe World."
Ont on! thro? of tn-ie eonpon? and
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