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Tuonan-is or Then Will Be Cast in On
Wmary To-Day.
Itet rgeath? People to Turn Out Karly
Pull tie! t.f thi? dar.,1 I.l atra and
Who They Are.
All the ?lftulls for the Democratic BBB>
iiblpal primary wove completed 1st!
night, and the battle of the ballots will
eommrnc* at ? o'clock this morning and
continue Hi thlrt?rn houra.
The campaign, though a friendly one In
nil r?specie, haa been vfry warm Never
before fra primary haa tbrre U-sn bc
ihftr?.ugh a canvast of the city, nor bo
many candila!?? In the fi?ld.
There are all told 1? aspiran!" for office.
Of th??.? twanty-n'.nt ?re on Ih,? Baga*?!
ticket, and tha??? on the ward tickets are
distrii. Bed aa rattoarei Cktf Ward, tt;
.leff.rso? Ward. 2*. M..r-h?ll Ward. 2S;
Monr.i? Ward. 21, MadlBOa YVard. II;
Jackson Ward. 8.
i.rsY at HUDQUAttTaUssY.
Tor n!?out two hours y.-st? r?1ny after?
noon City D'iti?orniti Headrpinrters wr.s
?. btaklia Th.? m ambara of the commit?
tee weir angiaged ta distributing ticketa
to th? candidates for the BJBgaggl offlcet
und to the BrSrd superintendents. Knrh
can II sals fee ? SBBssral ofllce received
1.000 HtBSta. and Bfl Boon aa ho could get
through the crtath and BUPPly his friends
In and ?round headquarters started on a
tour Of d:'ttibuM"r, through Ihe city.
A? stai"! yseterday it is expected thai
i,.-twe?ii Mil and MSB) vote.? win be east,
nnd to Count the Vote will take, the know?
ing onss say, until lute Fn lay afternoon.
Nominations are to be mele fot every
municipi?! elective .ft',"?, for I full Com?
mon Council, foil JueUce-of-tha ? Pance
ticket, ?, If ihe Board of Aldermen, and
a nee City Commtttea U to be elected.
The retama win be re?ivtd at Bniagar
Hall, to which Ike City Cornili it-e ?aill
transf? t its beadquarterB lanaaaaerUy.
THE "'HAIKMA.V.S AI'l?l'.M.-.S.
As the vote win i?? vu>? large, Ihoea
who ? .m do ao should go to the polls
sartp, so thai they ir in the
afternoon for those who BTC Bl work du?
ring the greater peri of Uie day.
The follow it.? address, issued by ini
cliy chairman v. : t.i lay att.rnoon, Is on
the righi line:
HDQR& city DEM. I l IM.
\2\) anal Mala street,
RICHMOND, VA., April Bs, I8H
T<? th? D?mocratie Voters ol Ute cuy of
?:,, ? ,,
jt is tiiy duty of all Democrats tu (,??
to the polls on the ttth, and caet their
v,,t??,?' for tbe persona of their choice for
th* Bevete! offlcet to r?? f1ii.?<l al il"? regu?
1 ,r eli, lion to be bel ? on May M, IBM
Thai ??.? tlon win almply ratify the action
of the Democrat! primary The Demo?
cratic ? irtj . the ?'? minan! one in Rich
i.i md, I the enti Uvi ? ol Ita ??,??
I be eel? ?ted at iba primary.
The wall of the peuple aa > ??pi ? ? ? ? at
tb? i?dis is pi.ii.i opinion. Thi? must,
,?1 bi ,? ?? ?? I. Thi r!?h1 to ?? ? ?
is noi a ?an,ral right bui ?a a privilege
granted by tbe Bb ; ? to individuai??.
Fraud and cunning ar.? noi the charac?
teristics ?,f iti rh nei id ?
i ? . pari primary is the fountain
? ? tat! ve go veri mi nt, and im
j-uiity there will pul?a;?.? the whole elec
i ?) ...i ai t of the lasl General As
r-emhly if Virginia, appi ivi 1 Fehl lary
??, the rules governing primary ?lu?
ti ms in the ? Ity ? : Rl? hmond ..s pro?
ni : ,? t'?,? Executive Committee of
thi legali?. I.
All of ? tie requirement ? f the law have
been stri? iijr complied with, and persona
who wilfully violate them will t??? des?i
with ss ordinary criminali muter iba
Btate law. Thi amplest provisions bsva
i?? an un,d?? for thi aUon of the
? of the , ? ?> one ne? ?
..?., ? ? ni b ? tamper? d with
m dorn "i bll ch ? ? dial urbcii.
The vote of U ? 11 ? ? ? p? ? all ov? r
te, util all ? ?? ?,?, nata are meet
earnestly urged to participate In the
primary, : ? as to twell oar party ma?
polls op, n al 8 A. M, and clo :
7 P. M. Each Individual v.der aboul I aid
pre? ? ation of order, All can
voi ? wie. the assurance that th.? persona
: ll I t t. mil', r Of votes w'll
be -it nominees of the l)emo
crstii i'ii'y. These nominees win govern
th,? ? ity for ti.?? i.? x? two yema,
Verj respectfully,
? s. !?. PATTESON, I'lriirman.
FOT the iH-.sitlons of Clerk Of tho Hust
tnga Court, Clark of th?? Cbaacery court.
CltJ Collector, at.) Hieh Constable, the
m, umbenta are eaadidatea and have no
All three candidates for the mayoralty
are m rabera "f Uta Hoard of Aldermen.
Mr. di ki p ? who is president of that
b sly, is a harness-dealer: Colonel Tan?
ner is a retired manufacturer, und Mr.
Taylor is n wholesale grocer.
'lluro is a triangular Aghi for the Com?
monwealth's attoiiieysiup alao. Colonel
Elicti bas sever held any public olili.?.
bat im? been a leading member of the
i>ur for years? htr. Brrharilarn served tot
a kmg while as Police Justice, and Mr.
Smith sor\<-?i a term in the ?dike ba now
For Sheriff two nainee arc presented.
Mr. HugbeO is tho Incumbent, and Pap
taia Frsyasf is editor of the Rlchinond
Mercantile arid Manufacturing JoernaL
t?,?? ita;i.suier.ship fight gives ii\?? aantea
to ?licit from. Mr. Archer is <>f the
lu m of " ?lbott & Rons; Captain Clarke
has t" . loBtg Identili.d with the tobacco
n,. m? city; Mr. Phillips is with th>?
Richmond china Company, and Mr, Ry?
land and Mr. Smith ar? in the uniiiiis
rion bualnaea
Mr. K. .1. Warren, th?? present Auditor,
|S OtapOSCd by Mr. K. A. Halbe!, ?vlu?
res Ige ed the position of Deputy City ?'???
?? i-tor to offer for th? etnee for which
lie now aspires.
The contest for Commissioner of the
?;? v nue is an,uh,t ftraight light between
tl'?' aspirants Mr. Munfurd, the Inclini?
li? i,I. who Bag tilled the office for nove?
rai terms, nnd Mr. Chamberlayn??, who
is wek kaaWQ in mercantile OlrokYS
Captain ps has held the olllce of City
Sergeant for two terms. Ills opponent,
Mr. Smith, is in the Junk nnd paper-stock
business, and also BSTVOd ? tirili in the
edges several years ago.
The entries for the Circuit-Court clerk?
?hip lire three In number. Mr Meredith
la a clerk at the City ?Ja?-\Vorks, Mr.
KoyvoIIo la th?? incumbent, by appointment
by Judge Wellford, and Mr, Tyler Is
Dtrputy Hi*!. Constable, und a Justice
of th,? pean? In Clay VYard.
Aiiother race of three entries Is that for j
the clerkship of the Court of l.aw and I
Equity, Mr. Mosby Is a civil enginer by i
progaaMTktB, Mr. Wbtston is clerk of the'
coast t'y appointment of Judge Minor, and \
Mr. YVood is u wtii-known Beerapaper?
?aan. and former usent here of the As?
sociated Press.
Full List; <?( Candidates.
II. re are the twenty-nine candidates
ftoni among whom ??lections ar<? to be
ma?.?? for the thirteen genera; ?trices to
bo filled:
For Mayor?Joseph C. Dlckcrson, YVll
liam E. Tanner. Richard at. Taylor.
For Coinrn.onwej.ltn?? Attorney?Taxe
well EUett, D. C. RlchsrdB? ?, H. M
Smith, Jr.
For Sheriff-Richard E. Frayter. John
T. Hughes.
For City Auditor-E. A. Butter. Ed
ward J. Warren.
For City Treasurer-Alex. YV. Archer,
Muxwell T. Clarke. Chajlea H. Phillips,
Norvell Ryland. William P. S-nlih.
For ?'"ommlssloncr of R.-vei ne F. YV.
Chamberlayne, Robert B. Munford.
For City Bai pas ll I fkailm IL Hops
James C. Smith
For Clerk Circuit Court-John F. Mere?
dith. R. M. Kowelle, C. YV. (Nat ) Tyltr
For ??.-rk Law and Eq?ii?> Court ?
Rla.r Mosby, Philip P. YVlnston. James
r. Wood.
For Obtrk Huttings Court-YViUUm p.
Yvr0?lodd*.k ?f Ch*ncery r"l"-?-Charle?
For Hbyb ConitaMe-FJ. c <3?rrisnn
Thi .?1?.G01'*G!?G r w ?"unnlnxham.
The ticketa for ward oHlc^rs aie a3 fol?
F-.r Hoard of Aldermen ?vot.? for two>?
William H. Curt?a, J. T. Mountcaatlo. E.
M. Noble.
Kor Corarnos ?agganl tvot? for flve)
Adam Diaconi, Jobu F. Don Leuvy,
Oaofge Yv. i><>niey, .John i\ Grimes, ??,?
race A. Hawkins. John Mann. Jr.. Charles
E. Richard,. A. L. Savage. William IL
Taylor. W. T. Wtwdy.
Fer Justk-ea of the Peace (vote for
three>-John W*. Oood??. Edward C. Pierce.
Jams? P. Sharp.
For City Democrsilc Committee (voi?
for five) -Jame? ?. ?. Allen, f. A. Bow?
ry, Thorn?? ?. Davi?, Thorn?? J. En
rieh!, L. W. Ouyer. W. 11. Lumeden. Jr.,
w. H. Mettert, W. H. Fhervin, Suva*?*
For ?Atard of Aldermen ivote for taro)?
John At. Kins, J. *?? Moore. William M.
l'or Common Council (vote for live)?
Sol. !.. Bloomberg, fleorir? ?. Davi?,
John K. Hpp?, Eilsar H. Fergussnn, W.
1! Mullen, Thorns? 1?. Murphy, Jume? T.
Neale, Samuel M. Pue*. Albert W.lt??.
For Juatlcs? of Ihe Peace (vole for
liireewOnri-e W. <J'.n??. William O.
Hammsck. Alst. P. Montgomery. Mar?
?hall E. Ramos George W. SchlieMr,
Btepben L. Wood.
For city Democratic Committee (vote
for five)?J. W. Anderson. B, J. Frison.
W. A. .Tame?, H A. Jervis. Walter K.
.loyner. II. M. Tyler. J. A. (dues) War?
ren. L. O. Wendcribure-, A. J. Wood,
Jame? W. Wood.
For Hoard of Aldermen (vote for one)
.1..III- < T. Vaughan, William U. While.
For ('i.inm'in ?*Ouncll (vote for five)
Hobert T. lirlHK?. Jame? T. Ferrlter,
James Itayee,'Julius ?. UahaaB, -?? g?
Landerkin, J. Taylor Stratton, v.. V.
Waldron, Joseph Wnllerfleln.
lor Jiiiil.ee of the Peace (vote for
il,???.-V?. li .loiiesi. ?Sam. F. McOehue,
John T. W?at, Jr.
Por City Democratic Committee (vote
for flv??)-Cunningham Hall. Felix K"e
gaa, C W. Worries. P. P. Murray, An?
drew Piealnl. Jr., Jeffeixou Walla?*?.
MO.N'KOo WAItl?.
For Rosrd of AldasmSB (vote for one>
Oeorga M<l>. Hlske. D. A. hrown. Jr.
??.!? Co:nirniii ?_>???? (Veta fur !?????-?.
.?: Brock, Jr., Jam?? caskie. Rette ?.
Glover, Marx Gunst, W, J. McDowell,
Joseph w. Tb nanas Jasara m. WUMhlie.
For Justices ?,f the Peace (vote fat
ihre? i-l? ? Cite?. T'ite F. Chsnery, W
A. C.f.nnle? Grav?*r, Henry Lt. lirubb?,
William Kiouee.
Kor City Demeeratle Committee fvoto
for iive)-H. t?t. John Cealter, Wallst
?1 Duke. .Ian..?? \V. Gor ion. ??. ?. iMacs,
.ir., W. Mac, Jon?-?, Jaaass ? MsRsaasy,
1?. It. N<i?*l H. !.. I'.ttis, Ennaiiuel L'U?
lnari, Jaunes .1. Welsh.
For Board ef Aldermen (vote for two??
T. P. Campbell, CbBliM R. Latii-for?..
Brraa Bneed, ? D. starke.
f?t Common Council ?vote for five)?
.! M. Blsaki James i: Uriinnh. Will.am
it Brock, P. n C. Cabeil, Henry L Car?
G .- mud H. Cotti-ll. ?. P. Ford,
Themas W. Gardner, C. ?. Goodwin,
John J. King. II H. I'ollard. Jr.. M. Fill.
Sesy, John S. Trr.wer, Jonn A. Vonler
Tor Justice? of the Peace (vote for
threeMMorge ? IBcBty, ,?. L. ingersoii,
I!. \ Jamb, J, T. Lewis. James D. I-ylf.
WaltSi ? Driinif, Janus P. Peter?, J.
Fi. mlng Wlngfleld,
C r City I > iu rfttlc Committee (VOt?
for G???) c. a r.oyce. Qeorg? tV. Dsncs,
? m \,. i'.iw ,n. Chillies W. D*pn?
st.in, Paul Latoucbe, r?. C Bhodea
Charlea R. Winston.
Por Cltv Democratic Committee (vote
' for fin) James B. Doberty, w J. Doyle,
W. f. BpPS. Henry J. Heck?, B J H
. m, W. I>. (Jack) John?!?.a, John RrOUSS,
1 p. .1. McCarthy,
I or Ihe Clly Commute??.
This will ?-? the flrei Ubm that meav
. her- of lbe City Democratic c 'inmitie,!
heve been chosen In a prhnsry, in view
.. the faci tbat very few of tho?? ??na
hav.? eoa enti ? to become candhlatea fes
.-...t., in the f-oramlttee have made a ian
\ , .. in- Dispatch (?lys below ? brief
statement "f who the aspirants ????, and
o? ti. ir l-u.-'liie.?.- afeoclatlons.
Mr. C. A. Hoy.-.? la in tho coal busi?
ness, and has been in Uve in the last
two canvass? s mahlBg Bf).bea in bel.ali
of .? orne of Un ? sndlda! s.
Mr. Georg? w. Dance v.as until re
i.iiily enssged in the ?. i y buri?
ne.? s.
.Mr. Mailon L. DaWBOn is a youSB
lawyer, and counsel for tbe Bnow?Church
n? wsa al une tlm physical
Instructor al the Young Man's Christian
?? oclatlon,
Mr Charle? w. Dunstnn i? b prominent
Mason, and eslabllahed the Rough ?Ashlar,
? u . unie magasina B? i? nos? undying
Mr. Paul Latoucb? la a aslesman for
.1. R. Shfi pard, u Clothing merchant en
Broad sir. et.
Mr. W. C. Rhode? i.? ? ???'???, r or the
11?. nt committee, nnd is a seloon*keepef
Mr. charlo R, (Vinato*- is -amatar* ol
il. Electric Conatructlon Company, and
Home Electric Compeaj.
C?ptela Cunningham Hall is m ?he to?
?urance buetseee, and treasurer of the
prisent committee He has Ions he-en
Idi utili? I with local politics.
..ii Fella Keegan i?? proprietor of the
Lexington Hotel ?'..(? and ? prominent
member of the McOlil Lyceum.
Mr. C W, Morris I? the ticket a?etit
?,f the James-River Division of the Ob - a?
peak? and ?Jhio railway.
Mr. p. P. Murray is a BsJesmua engaged
with th?? E. li. Taylor China Cempeay.
Mr. Andrew ????_???. Jr., ta s reUrsd
m? i? bent, sa sx-nr-raber of th?? city ?
Council, und in vtee-prestdent of th? Ns
tlonsl Building and Investment Associa?
tion of Virginia, un I [resident of tins j
Electric Construction Company.
Mr. Jefferson Wallace is *a'cr<?tary of ?
the present commi!!??.*, having served
fear years. I? best known from his Sa WS? j
paper connection. Is editor of the Viratala
Historical Magnata?, and Is ?Imo eng-xed
in th?? manufacture of . h, micai?.
Mr James M. N. Allen I? a clerk with '
'W?:?t ?: Brunch, plumbers, steam-flue?., ?
Mr. P. A. Howry Is a member of the !
present committee, wa? until recently tn
gagsd In the grocery business, and I?
.superintend? nt of Marinali Ward.
Mr. Thomas IL Davi? live? in Fulton,
uni Is a stove-mount?-r by trade.
Mr. Thomas .1. Enilght Is a member of
tin? |i. s? nt committee, and a retail grocer. '
Mr. L. W. Ouyer is in the employ of
Mesera W. ? Yarbroug. & Sons, tobacco
Mr. W. II. Lumadcn. Jr., ie a well-known
base-ball player and a clerk la ti..? general
fr.liiht office of the Danville lead.
Mr. W. H. Mettert is in the employ of
| a learning firm.
Mr. W. H. Shervln Is a member of the
present committee and city saltsmun for
Warner Moore.
Mr. Savage Smith 1? h cur-s-nter ami ;
Mr. H. Ht. John Coulter is a youns nt
torney at law.
Mr. Walter O. Duke is a member of '
the Hi m of War?? & Duke, book and Job
Mi. .i.?me? ay. Gordon was until recent- ;
ly enKfiC???! In the railway supply busl
n. ss, and Is now manag-r of the Pnow
Churcb Oaaanany,
-Mr. W. ? laut.es, Jr., la a well-known
Mr W Mac. Jones Is a stenographer In I
the employ of Hie Richmond and Dan vili.? '
Mr. James E. MoKennsg Is a lawyer, ?
und I? ?ngaged with Williams ? lioul- j
Mr. P. R. Noel Is a well-known and ,
influential newspaper man. city ??dltor of ?
lhe State, and correspondent for BBVeral
outsld? journals. H?f Is nn especially
good political writer.
Mr. It. L. P. ter, la In the houae- and |
sign-palnllng business.
Mr. Krnanuel t'llman is now tn Ihe real
estate business, and wa? the founder of
the retail grocery concern of ?. Lllman
? Son
Mr. Jamrs J. Wal.h i? a moulder by
Mr. J. W. Anderson I? the head of the
firm of J. W. Anderson & Co., etove
Mr. E. J. Fagan la In the junk busi?
ness, and a member i.f the present com?
Mr. W. A. lam??.? |s a broker In the em- '
Ploy ?G the G????? Prokcraire Company
Mr II. A. JarsM I? a painter, and ran
for (Tty Hen-eunt ?om?? year? ?so.
Mr. Walivr E. Joyncr Is a member of
the present committ???? and a member of '
ihe firm of Shackluford ?at Joynei retail
gn cere,
Mr. H. M. Tyler Is a member of the j
pteseat committee, _n(j an attorney at |
Mr. J. A. Warren Is a printer employed '
by ?he Haaker A Marcus.? Company.
Mr. L. O. Wendenburg Is an ai torney
at law.
Mr. A. J. Wood ts a member of th?
firm of W. 8. Wood A Sona dealers in
stoves and tinware.
Mr. J. B. Wood i? a clerk In the em?
ploy of the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail?
way Company.
Mr. James Ii. Doberty ta a "mechanic.
Mr. w. J. Doyle is a boilermaker.
W. F. Epps is a member of tbe present
committee, being superintendent of tbe
ward, snd it In the retail grocery bust
Mr. Henry J. Heeke ta a cigar manu?
Mr. B. J. Hegaa wag. until recently,
ta tbe employ of Mestre. MUlhlaer A
Mr W. D. Johnston la foreman of
Roiindtree'? trunk factory.
Mr. John Kraus? I? In tb? Ash and
oy?ier business.
Mr. P. J. McCarthy la a mechanic.
?ashing Career In Jersey of H?itel-Thlef
l'Uree, linier Arrest In Florid?.
A Laakewood (N. J.) ?pecial to th? N?w
Tork World ?ay?: Th? ?oclety p?*opi? of
thi? faahlonabl? raeort wera much ? In?
terested on Tuesday In the ?xcluilv?
?tory published in the World regarding
the career of the snenk-thlef Pierce, now
under arresi in Jacksonville. Fit., for
robberies committed in most of the big
hotels In that Slate. Pierce alia? Harria.
Clark. I-iecker, and a dosen other name?,
Is probaWy the most unique hot?l thief
that ever adopt-?! the calling. He I? a
doctor, society rrjan, traveller, ani thief
by turn?. He hn? always had two or
more women usslstsnts who could be
palmed off as hi? wife, ?later, co.isln. or
aunt, a? the exigency of th.? occasion d'?
m.in,led. la hi? business a? a profs?,
slonal thief he also kept a horse an 1 cat*?
rleg*. Thi? gave an air of respectability
und provi le.) a means of hasty exit. The
hon? and carriage are now at Manches?
llie woman who lived at the Central
Hotel, and who ?gg BeOWfl as Mrs.
I'-'k? r, !? st 11 missing. She carried wlih
her a small han?l-tu4? li ? bow ?Ic
Seltely learned that the bag wa? loaded
with the ploatfei that Dscber ami fr..m
Piorlrte i?, settv? M fl Us hen, of the
Pone? ?> Lesa Hotel, sl ??"-? Auguatlne,
who s'M-e.? Decker, sai In Maneheater
toda.. Hvtoi e he left Ih? Sonili ho
leera-d iba? De. ker had ?hipped two
? ? , iddrfttssd New Verb Bethel these
be ?-s arer? ?<?-1??,???<1 nom New York
te Mr? L?r. Decker. iiUBcbseier." Ds?
teettVC M'.Mahoi. does MB know the ex?
act value of ti;?? nag. "-' be think? that
t*..i>A) would hardly eOVW Hie goods Stolen
und not yet ? ?cover- d.
Dr. Dicker did not tarry very long in
I Main heeler but while be was th.-r? he
1 atada the acquaintance of Peat res star
p...*? rs, who also keeps a general ?lore.
Dr. Decker won the genial pos'rnaster'?
: ceaBdeace. and owes him gait? a MR.
' .Mr. Regara has had two attachment?
placed upon the "Doctor'?" rig. As the
rabida was In all probability Btotea ?
? nd thoui?ht the attachments aie of
' any value.
what tote-nata the people of thi? piace.
particularly In Decker Is th? star aa?
gagsmeal h? played In this ?w.-ll resort
list January. He drove into town and
put Ills horse up at the Lakew>'..l .-ta?
bles. He was fUSSSSd In the height of
fn-hlon. H? called at Hamsuns iliug
elore, and asked .?ir. Hurrhwn'a
a? to the best place for a physician to
locate Mr. Harrison eeM be thought
that Li.kewo.,1 had .,ii tb? pbyelctan?
It , oaii comfortably s -pport ' m thta
occasion Lbs Doctor introduced I
as iir. Morgan. Ha was noi at all dla
couiftged i.y Mr. Hsirtoon's sdvsree opln
ion. H? looked around for a aultable
place to I-cate, and settled upon tbe
Clifton, a bcerdtag-hOUS? n-ar the Lak?
v?, a.
He Immediately attempted a furious
' fliriatlon with the young women !n th"
houi . Hla distinguisi.??.! mm mra < n -
1 ,v-.t? ?1 th m He told Hi? in "f Ml
: ?,, ??, , ,? ? , id, and nave Ule ?? ople ,n th
bou? to un?? i-tai. ? that he was u physl?
clan of BO m?an ?.billtv. II?; pTSCttCI I.
I ? ..?. in. rely for pi? asure.
Iir. Morsaa'a aocial career was cut
v. ? ? shott. il?- was ???< ? Ott? night by
Manager sherry, of the Lahcwood.coming
through s neer used egeluslvely by the
.- rvsnta f>f the hotel. That asme nlghl
: the guests I"st a roll of Mils and
a diamond pin. Mr. St? rry sent for a
Ptokerton detective The day following
the robbery a woman cams to Lab I
She rode on the kam?? trata as tl. ?.?
??. tr... Sh? was met at th?? depot by
Iir. .Mom.in, and Isbea to drive. Then
sin. returned to New York. Tins woman
is t)i..? msb? Morgan eub?quently intro?
duced In Manch? ?1er as Mrs. D*ck?r,
Th- night ?h?; detective arrived Dr.
Morgan ana ?"en at th.; Laurel Hotel.
That Baimi niuht Dr. John Hunt, of
(am,In. :; ffUCSt, v. a? rol.b? I ef ?,??
worth of Jewels. The detective- .1- Idi 1
lhat Morgan was the thh-f. and atarted
to th?? ?'llfton to arrest him. Dr. M .r
gnn wa? In hi? room when the detective
called. He heard him make an Inquiry,
opened his window, dropped hla ? ?- I
ihe ground, and followed it. H?? walked
around to Iba atable, pol hl? carriage,
and drove off. a art? k later he Battled In
Manchester na a phyaMaa, Hai subse?
quent career has already beea told In tbe
Worl 1.
Noli lie? Canary A I.ederer That All Inner
Ilei ween Ttiein, ?ir Will lie Pretty Sonn.
Lillian Russell added another score, says
the .N.vv York Sun, to her record aa
a . outrai t-hra ik.-r, and served aa
canary & Lederer that she eoaaldtred
that they had violate I their contract with
her. Manager Ledere? ?ay? she hn
adopted a weak subterfuge to get away,
nnd that he has been advised hy able
c. uns-1 that she can't get away. She
generally does, though.
She has Beat Canary A- LadSTST a letter
In which she fays that her contrae? b Ifl
made with Thomas Canary and George
W. ?derer a? a firm. Now eh?? has
found out that in. auch firm exist?. I,e
derer having testified in ? court of record
yesterday In a aupplementary proceeding
to that effect, and that Ida Plorine
I.ederer Is the principal In the firm that
Bigned with her.
Thi* she retards aa "i-ross deceit end
fraud in obtaining my services." Beai I?
certain stipulations in the? contract (un?
specified! huve been violated, and, at any
rate, she"? going to quit. She Is wlllln*|
to ?Ign with the undec-ltful Mr. Canary
to complete the BBOOad season, ending
June Id, otherwise ?he won't play any
1'. S -Sii?.? ?ill play until Saturday,
to obline, Mr. Canary being in Michigan.
Lelei'.r said last night that the offer
o? a I par tsat. te?t(-r contract with
Abbey, BchoetCel A Grau is what Is the
matin with Misa R-asell. and that she
has been trying to get away for three
months He thinks of suing her for Ubel
l..r Buying "?toes fraud and deceit," and
be proposes to give her all the law there
in if she tire.ik-i her contract.
The contract, he saya, was made with
the firm of Canary ?tr! Lsdsrer, proprietors
at the op? ra company, of which firm he
is a Bteaaber. He testified lhat he wa* |
not a mimiber of the firm which holds tho
h Baa of the Casino, which 1? another
affair. Ha wrote to Miss Russell yes?
terday, l.-Rgiri)- to ?tate these thing?.
Tl.?? company was ;?<? ,ke?l for th? Hol
Ua Btrael Theatre, Boeton, after thli
A complaint signed by Clarence Shearn
wa? submitted to th? Police Hoard yes?
terday that the theatre-ltcens? law Is
Violated at the Casino by the Bal?? of
spirituous liquors In the cafe.
During the Pest of tbe Week Jamaica
Neg.'oea Go Dnshud.
In pours the black portion of the con?
gregattOB, says a writer In All the V. ,r
Arenad. In an artless on Jamaica It I?
composed for the mo?t -.art of women.
They are gorgeously arrayed Li ?Ilka and
cottons of the moat bewildering brilliancy,
with golden beehive-ahaped ornament? in
their e.,r? an 1 twists of gold about th If
necks, and all are beaming and smllim
wlth the utmost complacency and -elf
With a great many of them the first
duty U to take off their boots or shots.
Small wonder, for half of them ere in
ih?? hsblt of trudging twenty or thirty
miles a day, barefooted, to and from mar?
ket, and trie other half. If they do not use
their feet so hardily, at any rate never
confine them.
Poor or wanting In proper pride Indeed
must be that woman who cannot raise
a pair of boots or shoes for Sun lay use.
It mean? agony, aa you may coacelve,
to keep pinched up In stiff Lather a pair
of fert used to free, untrammelled move?
ment, but II haa to he borne?for a few
minutes. It Is managed thus:
On th? road to church a halt la mad? at
?bout -OO yards' distane? from tb? build?
ing for th? purpose of putting oa th?
boot? or shoes, which have been hitherto
held In the hands. Church la than hob?
bled luto and the boots or sbeea taken off.
to be again put on aa th? service draw?
to a close. Church la then hobbled *?t of,
and at a respectable diatene? from It the
iuatruni?nis of torture are again got rid
of, not to be put on again for a vnI,
Oest'e Ifeaii-aat-M I>ee!red.*
WASHINGTON. D. C. April ?-Secre?
tary Carila!? today requested th? rtMlgna
tloa of John W. ?Jut, Supervising Inepec
ter of Steam Vessel? for lbs Third Die-?
trtcL witb headquartera at Norfolk, Va.
Z?lgler and West Boto Pot tue Ball OTer
ti.* Fence.
Th? Conteit Rather a Dull On? a? a Whole
Koanobe lo ate Bere To-D?j
Gaut?? Klirwhere.
The game of ball yeaterdsy between the
Rlchmonds and Ptauntons was s veritable
ilugglng-match. It was the lAtt of the
series of games between these two clubs,
and the mountain boys again went down
In defeat. The icore was 10 to ?.
The conteit waa not an Interesting one
at any stag?, each man on either club
being apparently able to score whenever
he eaw fit Ewig, who pitched the first
, ?ev?n Innings for the "Vaileyltes," want
! all to pieces. He had no control of tbe
? sphere whatever, and whin h; succeeded
| in g-ttlng th? ball anywhere In the neigh
! borhood of the plate, the wlelder of the
: ash would have no dlfl.culty tn pounding
1 fjetley, the 'Pennsylvania witard," wae
! aubstltuted for Ewig In the seventh, snd
I ftnlahed the game for the Stauntons. He
| Is a twlrler fr.un way back. Hie delivery
? reminds 0BM of carter, the Y'ab? Invincible.
, He throws his arm wildly sround hl?
; band BBCg or twice, snd then releases
I the sphere. When It croa?*? the plate It
Is ?bout at easy to find at would be a
! mu.le-bsll shot from a rifle. Not a hit
? ansa made off of him, and he struck jut
I ,n the thr??e li.ninge, thi e* men.
The game wae called promptly at 4:30
?'?? ? k. About M cranks and rooters oc?
, : ? lbs MeeettSfftss, and many ladle?
I ani their escorte were seated In the
! grsnd stand. The SUuntonians took the
? fleht, and Kein plck,d up the gofc. He
? went t" flrst "ii four balls. Foster snd
! Wurmsl-v went ont easily, and Tate hit
? a Bkva ball to short-atop. H- fielded it
i uii right but targar it aride vi the mark,
and Kain Beared. The Bt-tuntons did no?
thing in the first, but In the second tlvy
sored ons run. Belgier did It. He emu?
lated tbe example of Little, and placed the
bell over tbe left-field fence, as ha cama
into home be waa luaUly cheered. Mor?
gin and Lech both scored on a wild
throw in the second.
In the third inning the crowd went
??111. Little Tim W.st. n?t to be out?
il ,?..? b) Belgier "r Littl ?. put the hall
over Um fesca Just whets the others
bad dene, and cease trotting around ths
bases wkBa bits were thrown imo tne
sir, and cheer after chair rent the air.
? tin ? went to fsrSt OB balla, and
Morgan and Luck Hew out Anthony, the
College Spiders' pitcher, win. relieved
"Baby" Phillips, drove the ball into
centre-field, himself making two bassa,
??ml bringing Napier over the plat.?. Barn
retired ti.?? sute. Bckerer ami Arthur, of
the Vstteyttes, both scored In the third,
the former having b?en awarded a base
on ball?, being brought tn home by a
taro-bsae hit Ly the latter. On a wild
throw of YY'ost e, Arthur wi? enabled to
?HPT G??,??? ?? IP.
Th? BtaentonhuiB were then shut out
unid ibe ?sventb toeing ani the home
club did not score until the ?ixth, but
oh. how they di 1 pile them ur, In this
inning. The visitor.?? ?vrit all to pieces,
??nd rande several wild throws. Kain
mads s bai hit, and was ? nt to third by
?Fsrmsicy, who strut-k a two-bsgger.
Then d'i the fielders get in Utah ? ? I
work. liy a wild throw ?? tbe short-stop,
Ki.it, scored, and Warmstey went t? third.
Foster got I ? first on t.is same error.
: ? given his bas on balls, ad?
vancing Fosi r to tecond, and therel y'
flIBng th.- base?. West flee out to Hart
wick, and Napier to Thompson. As soon
as the ball BtTUCk his bulls YVarmsli-y
wrni home. Fi ?t..-r a?, J Tete advanced a
; , .ind on a hit made ly Morgan, both
?cored, i. h itru h out an ? put the
Mae out.
r .r.i Hsrtwlcfc scored in the se.
? nth, Arthur went oui t" Betley, Little
made a bit bill, died at second. Z? igter
went t? :.. . and scored en an irror.
Hartwtca also si red on an error, having
rt,Bee a tare-base bit Tata ?cored In th?'
ninth on ? wti'l throw by C?Iark "Pop's"
clever steal of third base elicited much
laughter. I!,? w IS lion?.? too quick in
ng the plate, however, for no soonr
bad be d???!?.? .so than Luck, who had ul
r , i? te ? stril s agiteti him, mido
the third, and retired the side HartwicB
mad? a twc~begger In the ninth Inning.
and . on an error made by Tim
Mr. Nevtas, who umpire 1 the gam,? ye?.
terday. Is a member of the Roanoke team,
?v it j wBJ coniti?"!., s a three dajaf aagag*?
m- nt her? tin? afternoon. This club ta
sal 1 to be a strung one, an I good contests
may le ? ?; ? ? :
Th>? ortlcial acore Is as follows:
Playera. A.n. it. h. o. A. E.
Kain. s. s. | t 1 ? 4 I
IVaiinalay, r. f... 5 ? ? ? ? ?
Foster, c. f. 5 1110 0
Tate. Lb. 4 2 0 8 0 1
Want 2 b. a 1 3 0 4 S
Napier, 3. b. 3 ? o 4 o o
M ira m. 1. f. 4 112 0 0
Luck, c. 4 10 6 10
Anthony, ?... 4 0 114 0
Totals . 39 10 8 27 13 5
Players. ? l: R. H. ?. A. E.
Clark, a. a. G, I 0 1 l 4
ajakerer, o. f. 4 ? ? 2 8 ?
Arthur, c. 6 117 0 1
Little, 1. b. 5 0 19 0 0
Zetgler. 2. b. 4 2 2 3 0 1
H.irtvvlek. 3. b.... 4 2 S 1 0 1
Fultz. I. f. 5 0 0 0 0 0
Thompson, r. f... 4 0 1 | 0 ?
Ewig, ?. 3 0 0 0 5 0
Betley, ?. 1 ? o o 2 o
Totals ..'... 4o 4 9 27 8 8
1 2 3 4 ? ? 7 g 9-Total.
Rlchmondu .1 2 2 0 0 4 0 1 0?10
.Stauntons .0 1 200020 1?6
Earned runs?Rlchmonds. ?: Stauntons,
2. Home runs?Zeigler an 1 YY'tst. Two
base-hits?Anthony. Wurmsley, and Bart?
wick, 2. First has" on errors?Rlchmonds,
G; .Stauntons, G,. Rases on balls-Off An?
thony, 7; off Ewig, 4. Left on bases?
Richmond.?, 10; Striutitons, 8. Struck out?
Ry Anthony, 5; by Ewb?, 3; by Setley, 3.
Rase from being hit -Napier. Double
plays-Zelgler and Llttl??. Pass.?,! halls
Arthur. 1. Time of game, 1 hour and 43
minutos. I'mplre, Tim Nevlns.
Tho management of the park are en?
deavoring to secur?? additional street-car
facilities for the crowds, and It Is proba?
ble that extra cars will be put on at
th?? close of the game to-day.
Hereafter no objectionable characters
will be admitted to the grounds. The
gatekeeper has been Instructed to refuse
admittance to all such who may apply.
BsttaeeSrS. P.lg S??..??*? Against Bedford.
HELLEVCE, Y'A.. April 2a.-iSpocl.al.)
Rellevue High-School team defeated Red
ford city here this evening by a ecore
of 47 to 1. in seven Innings. Garrett, Ros
aer. and Anderson were hit at will hy
H-llevue. Abl?ott, for Bellevue, pitched
well, letting the visitors down with four
hits, and striking out thirteen nu-?. Belle
\u? made tw >nty-three hits and five
NORFOLK. VA.. April 25.-Heavy bet?
ting end good fielding won the game to?
day for Norfolk from the Lynchburg team
by a score of 18 to 1 The Hill CM? team
did some heavy batting, but dted on the
R ?berte, who wss released from the
Norfolka. was given a trial by Lynch
burg, and made on?? of their rune. He
will probably be signed as a catcher for
that team. Score: R. ?. E
Norfolk .110025003?18 13 4
Lynehburg .0 0 0 110 0 0 0-2 S 7
Batteries: Fry and Hodge; Oo?:ta snd
They Defeat the Penuirl?an!a Collega
Tea? by s Score of 14 to 4.
(Special.)-The base-ball game this after?
noon between the Pennsylvania State
College and the university was free from
excitement In the first Inning the 'Var?
ani?? made nine run?, which took the
wire edge off tbe Interest felt la the
result, and convinced all that the time
for revenge for last year's defeat at
foot-ball had ooae. Aitar the first inning
the Fenaaylvaalaaa played better, one
home run being made hy Ute aetcker kt
th? elxth inning, lb? final score was I?
to 4 In favor of the Unlveralty ot \ tr
?*???*? mm
Th? Brooklyn Team In Part Kedeeiii? It
?eir from Id ??rent Pefeet?.
BROOKLYN. ? Y. April lIS.-Th?
Brooklyn teum play-d a good gnm? of ball
to-day, and in part redeemed th? tussive?
for the d?fe?u? theV hav? recently ?uf
fered. For sl? rnnlr.gs it was a ran i-off
whelher the Phlili?f or the Lrooklyn?
would win. but In ?lie seventh Inning the
home team BOOfed three runs, aad in Iho
aaghU four mor??, thu? leaving th? rudi ora
far behind. Score: ? ?' K
Brooklyn .0 1 0 0 I n I !x ??* II 0
Philadelphia .'? I 0 0 ? 111 ?-2 7 ?
Batteries: ?l?to wid Klnslw. T?yl>r
and Cl? menls.
WASHINOTuN. April if.-New ?ork
plsyed superior hall agaln't th.? Senator*
M-dav and won their llrr-t championship
gam.?' of the seaaon. Thev fl?lde?l badly,
but rjeraaaa'i great work in the I
set the fusBbtoa of h'.? Irider?, Up to
the Ifth inning Ih. bOSSS twain held a
good lead, gaining principally on error?:
and Joyce*! hitting. Put in this inning
Burke led ofT wttfl ft single and Doyle
mad-.? a sir itch hit. M? r. ? ? bassine tin
steadv. giving CMfflB?l tlr*l on ball?, and
lining ihe bases. M.irphy put a nie? ?m
ate ivr third, ?coring Uurk? and Doyle
German and Murphy crossed the ? lets on
sacrifice hit*, in tr..-? eighth Inning See
York added six on good hltlMffi aided by
,-rrors. Score: fc |f ^
Washington. 2 o 0 2 0 0 ? ? 1-* 5 4
New York. no 1 1 4 1 1 S s-Il U S
Hatterles: Washington- M?r.:er. Maul,
ani McGuIre, New York-German and
???.???'?'.?. Apri 25.-D I? no longer
th? unbeaten Oriel?*?? BosMB OUtpte) <1
?*wm at every point to-day except In the
pit? her?? departmrat, ?nd wen ??:? ?
score of ? to I Heltlmoi ? mad- more
error? than Boston did bses-hlta M al?
tane had perfect control of the bull, but
i hi? support was miserable i?? the sxtreBM
I Attendance. T.m. ?core:
?. H F
Baltimore. 100002000?3 11 ?
BOStOS. 0 3 0 3 0 0 1 0 ?- ?". 1 .
Batteries: Mulinai md ? .bin-on; Nich?
ols and Ryan
?T?WD RASl'-Rt'NNlN'l
LOfJIBVILLB, K Y . Al 11 -?"? -stupid
ha....running I at to-day's gam?? f> f the
home team. Umpire Sw?rtwo?xl s de?
cision caus ? 1 much dissatisfaction on
both ?lies. Penny's third-!?.!*? ?,!.iy was
S t< ?.ture oi-ar and p!ea?ar.t weather
Attendance, 1,70* eicoie:
R, H E.
Louisville. 0 0 0 0 il l 0 0 0-- I 5 0
pltaburg. ??1???0???I 8 1
Batteries: iDmmintfand Weaver, Gum
b-.rt and Mack.
CINCINNATI. Aprii B.- f'iv- BBSM "ii
bull? given by Dwyr In thi ninth Inning,
wbeg the "?iii?? aras tied, sllowed Cleve?
land to land SU rtOM and the victory.
Attendance, 3 ;iiO. Score;
K. Ii. K.
Cincinnati. IZ 00 03010?I I I
Clev? land. II JOtOOOI-1- ? 4
Betteries: Chamberlain, Dwyr, and
Murphy; Cuppy and O'Connor.
Sonili, rn A??oila!ii?ii Hall.
ATLANTA, <JA., Apt- B. Boors:
?:. ?. ?
Alleata .230001 ? i o-s ?? ?
New? Orleans .0 I 0 0 2 ?; I 0 2 - 2 7 1
Batteries: Ke,;nan and Boyle; FI od und
s. babel.
SAVANNAH, ?JA., Api li ?, -Score:
It. II. ?.
Bavmnneh ... .? ? ? o ? ? ? o o? ."> 10 5
Nn sh vili.? .1 ?5 4 0 1 1 ! 3 x-17 15 3
liuterie?: Duke. Pepper, ani J.mtzen;
Laehabaugb and Wehster.
CHARLESTON, S. C, April 2?.-Score:
r. H. t:.
Chili l.-st.jii .0 0 6 3 3 0 0 0 0?12 T 1
Mobil.? . 301 21 0 002--Il H !
Batteries: Blackburn and Bhielde; LTader?
wooil, Kiiorr, and Wells.
MACON, ??.. April J"..-S. ore: R. H. E.
Mempbta .11.111 Ils?M U 2
ICacoa . ooiO'iu )n:- ? M I
Batteriee: Hill, Gray, nid Hoover;
tVadSWOrth and ??'Meara.
WASHINGTON. April : -Georgetown
?lefeated Johns Hopkins to day, 24 to ?
In th.? last Inning three Hopkins men fli?"!
to CarSSOd**?, ?it center, in succession.
Score: It. ?. ?
Georgetown .0 ?? 0 0 0 8 7 S 1?24 18 S
Johns Hopkins ,...S g g g g I g X g-g 7 11
Batteries: Oeorgstows il iv.i ind Sulll?
???; Jobas Hopblns?McCormick, Taylor,
ani ??,???.
Features of (Jet-Away Day tat Memphis?
Th? Montgomery Sink??.
MBMPHIB TEN.V, April :5-The
fsaturea Of the last dap's racing were
warm, clear weather, \ lari/e attendami?,
small fields, favorites winning at pro
hil.ltive odds, and Cllf.'ord'e easy victory
over Yo Tambi?n Ifl the Montgomery
?take*!. It was a n? ck-ar,d-neck horse
rece for six furlong?. which distance
Bras ? ova red In 1.15. Then tbe mar?? leg?
gi I. ?ml Clifford was pulled up to let her
leg him until they cam? Int ? the ?ti? toh.
There the mighty son of Bramble wa?
given his head sufficiently to forge two
lengths In front of Jo??? Hooker's daugh?
ter The mare was ridden herd until the
eighth pol? was reach??.!, i\n'n Williams
saw there was no chance, ani quit, letting
Clifford gallop In. Pevtonia. ran all th??
tray, and wss beafn twelve lengths.
First race?purse ltd?), for 3-year-olds
and upward, for starters and non-winners
the meeting, st? fUllongB TflblfBls
Queen (*! to 5) won easily, Revenue, sec?
ond. Captain Drane third. Time, 1:17?;.
.S.-cond race-purse ji?io, for 2-yeur-old.??,
four furlongs?Fertile ?7 to I") won, Tri?
facial second, Mary Lou third. Time,
Third race?the Montgomery ?take?,
II,'"O added, net value to winner, 11,15.'?;
one and one eighth miles--Clifford il t.,
3) won. Yo Tambi?n second, Peyton ??
third. Time. 1 ",::?.
Fourth race?selling, purs.? 1400. ?-?/en
furlongs-Ferrler (1 to |) won, General
Ross second, Slmrock third. Time, l;3-)'i.
Fifth race-purse MM, handicap, 1er 3
year-olds nnd upwards, one and on, ?'.x
teentb mllca Bnthnstaet <.."> to 3) won.
Prince Carl second. King Lee third!
Tim ??. 1;H>4.
Sixth race?purs? HW. for ?-year-olds
? nd upward that had run unplacvd at
the meeting, ata furlongs-.Senator Irby
(t to 2) won, Oxford second, Lady Oay
third. Time, 1:17.
CHICAGO, April 2V- Twn first pick?
nini three seconds captured th?? purses at
Behy to-day.
First race-aelling, five ? lehth? of a
mile?Bob Wagner won. Mai v m rend. St.
Albans third. Time, 1:08.
Second race?half a mile- Invitila C.
won, Haytt ?econd. Niat. (J lodwlii third
Time, fit??..
Third race-eelllng, nine sixteenths of
a mlle-Lucinda won, CettOBBda ?-econ?!,
Hymen third. Time, ?-:?1,.
Fourth race-handicap, five eighths of a
mile?Outlook won, Dalsyrtan ??econd,
Text third. Time. 1:07'-,
Fifth race- ?elllng. nine sixteenths of a
mile-King Stock won, Eli second, Ve
vay third. Time. l:0?ir
HAN FRANCISCO, April -5,-Weather
fair and cool, truck good.
First race-selling, scant six furlongs?
niu,? and White won. ???,'.? second,
Nellie Van third. Tim?-, 1.1V,-.
Second race?frur and a half furlongs,
BBebsSn 2-year-olds?Find Out won, Fore?
most second, Nellie E. Peyton (filly") third.
Time, 674.
Third race??eMing, -.even furlont-s-In?
ferno won, Boston Roy second, St. Croix
third. Time. 1:30.
Fourth race?selling, ?even furlongs
Herald won. Orizaba second, Kyland third
Tim??, 1:29\,
Fifth race?selling, five furlong*?Cla?
queur won. Red Light second. Bill How?
ard third. Time, 1:0|?4.
MOUND city cot; usi-'.
MADISON, ILL., April ii.-Ivanhoe
and Acilojam were the only winning fav- i
ortte? to-day. heavily back??- thirl choices ?
taking the first and tblrd races. Atten- !
dance large, weather cloudy, and truck
First rac-v-Mlling. five and on.t half
furleaga MaJW Di-lpps won, Trad-ama ? ?
second, Scafoam third. Tim?, 1:13?t
Second race selling. Ave .aid on ? half !
furlongs.-Ivitnh.-.? won. False e-.-cond.
Headlong third. Tim?, 1:13.
Third late toar and one half furlongs
Jahn McOarrlgle won. Apollo ??-fon?!. '
Agnes V. thlr?l. Time, 59.
Fourth race-selling, ?la furlongs-Free?
dom won, Bushranger second, Colonel
Wheatley third. Time. t_r*.
Fifth rec-K selling, five end one half
furlonga-AclloJam won, R< meo a*cond.
My Partner Uilr.l. nm*, U.^
Sixth race-selling, six an?v? g half fur
long??Duel? John won, Mcrgsn O s.?
?omd. Henry Jenkta? ?tlrd. Tune, l'^r/?i
Vote to-day for Wt?ham ?. Tanner.
tbe frteed of the worktogmaa, for Mayor.
?jLiisatYYsagj iBiiBelsa Tall lv Baa La??*
V?ho Is a BllbBBBBl Dark?. Kuow.i
Ala., B8 .I*"???? H?P???
(Rtiltimor? Herald ?
In on? of the most picturesque ?nd
beauMful parts of Maryland ll-a *????
minst?.. th- cointy^nt of CnrreB W*
,v. thlrtv four mil?? we.t et Paltl?r..>r?.
with which If is conn-rted by the VVest
.rn Marylanl ral.ms.i. Here Mr many
veers has bean livlna. and now llv?-? in
obatruslvely ' and quietly /arnea Hop-,
formtrly known a? "Jim" I'.rown. who
eygg BM Mis ??*!?*! Booth's va!
Ik ,!y-s. rvaal for many ?
?Mlm," ?? h" M familiarly Bagan, I? ??
exceedingly bright and asiatasfggl ladasresl
man. about ? years "f as?? He M ?luna
? character In his way. en ! ?* ? .ted ?*.'*?
for Ms ton?.?rial abiliti??? ?nd as ? ajead
Judge of whisk.y Be Ban BS 88
t#ti,r ?ot????. M na Bayetas ou t???? guitar and
banjo, and Is somewh.it of sit Bi
i?,. BoBse yean ng? he took Ike aBaraa*
t. r ,.r Rieb? Bea al ? local ? ntertal
.,:.! portrayed the ahre ?d and craie a
ditini with meek power sad secce?
'?Jim has at hi". IngBSg BBda UK
of ill the ?slehrafed ??-Btacfe Betet
araen g afanad up on th?? ?
e sa bim at his beet Ba la guita
, it snd t? - " ' ? '
trsvela ? Ith Mi BooUi Brhom
Hevea hi nave deer -he ? '
men th if "ver Iiv???!. an! Ms ?
BBjcaa among ?h- old a ?
".Hm" Urei mei Mr Booth ..t f: Ri ?
mond ??"?? > Tlie.itre r-b? it the I ii" U G,
It was then under th? of the
late Mr, .1 ,hrt ? ' r
and OOOrgB Runkei "Jtm" ?
as general-utility boy, call baj I
the theatre a? that time Mr
Jeffaraon w?? th? stage-manm: -, F Is p
Adami leading man Ml?? Mary Devlin,
afterwards Mr. R...,ih's first Wife, Thee?
?Ysrs Ham:!: >n Mr. Jack, fJeorge Boni?
face, Mrs. Minaste, ???? Mr? portar ver.?
all memb.rs of the ?f " ?< ??>?";
did not ?e?? .Mr. ? <>th agata unti! t.early
?a ti.? < ??, .? .,f ike civ,. ??
Al the time when PresM nl Abi
Lincoln ?rBS BBBBBBIBBI' ! By John Wllk-ts
Booth, Edwin srss playing ani
. t the M. ?ton 1 ??? atri In Bo?1 ?
??Jim" s?ys thst every one area afield
10 inform Mr Booth of the circuasetance.
"Jim" himself ?va.? at lust BfCgB 1?' I upon
to dischatg?? this painful and diet!
d ity it ? ompletsly stoni" ? Mr Booth.
It?? could not realise th. t H was ti?? -rutii.
Ha had beasi a do?..? personal iiiei.i of
Mr. Line In. and reg . I? 1 hin? a? a
Bi ititi ? Ho wee ? . Ins l a Ith grief,
and bo om ? 11 I rwai ? allu i???, to
.\Ir. Lineo!:, w hile In i.
Among the many an?? ' "Jim"
rjellghta t., relate, tbe followti ? la far?
ti ni.,rlv worth Bsenttoning: The event
hap|, ni'ti in FaliBBOtinl Park, In ?
delphls. "Jim" was taking Mr. Booth
out for a diivo through Uta park. Mr.
Booth did not notue anything peculiar
at llrst, lait finally observed that every
|,.??.?.,? he met Beane 1 to b? gSSlng at
something agon the box of Uu ?
People would atop ?in ? tmUe, while
others would point up at the box. Mr.
Booth final ? ttei ' led to Invi itiselo the
matter. ThetQ be found "Jim'? flttinir
on the box straight se an arrow, and all
unconscious of Ike Maple] "i furor?
he was uniting. srr*ye<l tn a brilliant
????turn?. He had Oil a whiti '
the bosom of wiii ii w played va?
ta kinds of theatrical paraphernalia,
n ed ijo. badges, ata, which he ha
al the theatre Mr. Booth was ex.'.'ed?
Ingly prov-'k? 1, a: '. ' . ? I "Jim" down
tiom the ?seit in doubl??-.juick tin
be never ventured to ?doni himself in &
?1p???,?? manner again.
A tendi: SINGER.
As was said before, '.'Jtm" poseessed ??
fine tenor ?nice and Wis in v.i backward
in letting peapla know of it. and I.
do anything to be given an opportunity
,.f displaying its ?}ualitl>-e. It was m
Philadelphia, also, that oa one occssion
Mr. i. ,ith left the Ikestre as usual after
11 ? ? ? formence an I walked to kie hoi :.
supposing. Of course, that "Jim" was fol?
lowing him. However, "Jim" -Hd not
put In his appeal.un??? at the hotel tbit
night. The next morning Mr. Booth r??
cetved arord that BM body serveal asga
1?,?1<??1 up at the statt??? house, and If
his line was not forthcoming h?? would
i,e sent to j.ni ??r,.? of the property mea
was sent to get th? unfortunate negro
nnd pay his fin??, la the afternoon. Just
before Mr. BOOtk wa?. BbOUl tO take Blfl
usual BgO, In came ? Iim." lOOklag fol?
loni ani ? ? ? m ? gusktog with ter?
ror, "'lb. Law?!. Mr. I Iwln. foitfl??? in??
dis time; PU never ??? it agin, Indeed ?
w n't." "Jim'' pleaded. Where I.?
bean ail tkki tisse, >"u Meek ras cal "
Interrupted Mr. Booth. It?.- Law ! ?, ?
my soul. Mr Edwin. I haven't been bin'
notion', ? was jufi cesala' behind yon
liiht night wh-ti ! lear slm;in' and" I
auw a avow ? aaaeaedlB1 a Bpaee Bad sing
In' "Come Where M> !..>.? Use Drenada','
but th-re wurn't no tenor, s?. I goes Bp
to 'em and auks der,? I? id. r if dey wants
a tenor tinner, and ba tole rn?? t?> Jtne
right In, whl.h I did And when ?G? was
In do very best i>art of de aoog ? Police?
man grabbed me and siid, I'll t.ik?? jmi
where your love II? s dreamln',' and ? ?
took me to the ataMon-hous.? ,n. !
rn?? ui?. F?? I'f.jd, Mr. Edwin, I'll never
sing dat song again." ??.,I "Jim
that ho never did. Mr. L ooth always
leagbed beartily ? ret UUa Btory, aad I -
lighted to tell of It.
Another Inollent happened In New
York. Mr. Booth at the time kept a horse
and coupe at Fitzsimnions s ltv'ry-st.i?le.
?me duy "Jim" BBfcsd .Mr Booth If he
would let him ha vu ? little Btoney, <<?>
lie had been Invited to a BrOddll I
wanted to hire a carriage Mr, itooth
gave him 11'). with the injunction th it rt??
should go get u ? ?irrliige, and brll ?
the change. "Jim" w< nt out with a
ladlant face. Instead, how???? r. of hiring
a carriage h?? goes t,, Flizsiiiini .ns's
Btablea, gets Mr. Booth's own lior-? un|
coupe, and hires u muri to drive him to
the wedding, whir h was to take piece "?>
?Sixth avenue. It -o happened ?hit Mr.
John B. Murruy, the bank??!, was en? 'ig
down the a\?.????? on his way to .Mr.
Booth's quarter?, hut perceiving hi? coupe
he at one?? cornimi,d thai Mr ? Ih was
not at Basest, At that moment the le
blcte arrived at it.? destination, ??? ? abo
should get out Inif ".l!r?i." In all th? pomp
and splendor tie cnui I Command. 1 lia!
evening Mr. Murray cal!e?l on Mr
and told him of th?? cln umsi m, ; ,.t
could hardly convince his host that "lint"
hid taken his team Th? ? decide,), J.0w?
ever, to nwait developmentg As ,?,? as
"Jim" arrive,! horn,? he was Informad by
one of the ?crv.it,is that Mr Booth a Ie] ? I
to see hlni at once !n the libra? ?. Mr,
Murray ln th* m-..? rim- bad con esled
himself In a etoeel In t?..? room. "Jim'?
Seme In ?mlllti.r and ha: lit hand. "Well
'Jim,' ?lid >,,u v) to the w-d In ?-?
q,i-ri..d Mr. Bo ,,n ?jm , , , , .
"Wen. what did yea ,\? ?rhen >
there?"' aeialn asked Mr. Booth,
kist the bride, and den we had refrean
menta." "Did you gat th.
where I? my change- -Tee, ,|r ?
carnage and hrr Is de change." ur, r...,
Jin., fumbling in hia rvickets In Mi
effort t?. g.t the Bseeey ??>??? tshtck ? ?
cal. thundered Mr. BJsjBgft, ???;, ,,?r
lytng and tell me ihe truth. Why did" . ,.
dare to take my. horse and carrloge w?'tn.
<"Jt my iiWBBBtaiuiir With that he com!
meneed to Bglakat "Jim" with his rirt?
At the same tini? Mr. Murray Came ? ? t
from hit eaaeasdaaant and ad itati]
to tell the truth, as he himself ha ! ,. ,
him with th- aawrtnga, ? ?? g ?i .\??
Edwin, III n.'v-r do ?? agin. I ti.o'r [?..,,
wouldn t Brief I took It because I ??,?..,,
IB !>e beat at ,1? wediln'. I want.d to h?
rirat^ I wanted to Imitate you. Mr. Ed?
win." "Jim" begged and pleaded so hard
ami earnestly that it Mr. Murray? sug?
gestion he wa* ?,?? ?rr wh,, th. ^?,;;
warning never to do so again.
At one time when "Jim" was still B>]
basket-boy at the Richmond Theatre KI- '
win Forrest api?eare<i there. One night
when he wan playing "Hamlet" ? Jin"
happened to be sitting on the floor right
at tha upper entrance. "Jlm?? W(1, GG
sorl?e,l In watching the great actor, it
wnt the "gho?t ecenr." and everything
wae running on amoothly. u chanced
however, that Mr. Forrest's neat exit ?as
the very place where "Jim.? ?u uneon
aakaafl of the approachinV diliger, was
huddled up. Wh? Forrest made his ??|(
h.t stumbled over "Jim." "YVhat are you
ding her*, you black raacair- thundered
Mr. Forreet. With that n? kicked the un
fortunat? negro clear down to the bottom
<>f the steps For some time they thought
that he was deed. Fortunately, he was
alive, and Mr. Forrest ?mooth?r\l matters
over by giving "Jim" $11 tn gobi.
The dally life of Mr. Booth usually ran
along ng even channel. Be generally rese
Illxvi' I? o'clo' ,
breakra*?. ?aft?-.
Ing gaf " ?? W if ?? '
on? for fl ?ho.?
usunlly ?er? ? ?
was ?.? ?. ? ' . .?
never gave ?
gafvtai '.
euri?.? pari ' ?
,1 ol ?
? jit,? ' .?.r ?,
! drive In ?'
select Bon
hill ?? ?. . '
earring?? In th?
! \
play, ? ? ???
he Hml '
mei ? ? ?
ways as ? a I
it arsa
? |
? ? .
u?osIlv ?
? '
to anv f?. II
' ' ?
ne?? l
r ? '
.? . ,
otl 'lie ? ?
' ' ?
It vi
tur? ?."
? ai?t ti,
only ? ?
on? -f ?
?VI r .? :
? ? ?
... .
vi ben ? ?? '
Kitty: I
aays th
trunk of "
Turn; 1 think ? ??
KNOlVI.Kli ;
Brinr* ((itiiforl nii'l ir?
?Jen?!* to pgnonal anj
rightly Bara. Um s-bb)
1er than BthtfggBd en; ij
1 -? ? gpgflditma, by !..
S'laplin^ tbg wiir? !'
the needs of phvsii ai bei
the value to inaltli
laxative prim.;
remedy, 8]Tup "i ?
It? exi'illi'ii? o :? .in? ?.
in the form gKMt go ? | '
ant to the laste, the refi
beneficial properties ol ;?
Stivi? ; gflgCtUall) 'l'i: -
di??? llinj* asida Liala .
nini peraaanentlj eerit .: ?
It ha.? given -?'.?' - "n '?
niet with I :l ? : ?
profese'ioii, becau.?4 it. act?
nevs. Liver ami Bor/sls
enmg them un i it ?- ? t . '
every objet -ti??., ?
Syrup ??* ?
*ri-?ta in .Vi?? nuil $1 hol
afactured by Um California ? ?
Co. onlr, whoso BBBll ? |
packa-re. al*? tu.? gai
a?id bi-iiii* we'.l ;
accept any ?ut???
(Jsl.T'J, i-,? ?
/ ?HEAT l.LI'l CTI?N
MUS. |?. \\. COSI*..
Iwill.eli nil myiPBIMB '
M*'1S at ?. irr- ? -
baad ??? -?' ?? ? ? ?
l All ?ud .e . ;
/ j BI nu: in -
1?? ?
for sal? ty -.11 gr
Just psaebrlag a ?
CIOaBB iii????' ? .
ds ???i.?-, fas ? ?. I
of ?ur- angariai gaabiy.
apM ??.
????-?! >. Ml I I *?. ? ??U
(iKAND nl'l't'l.: ?
?onte tanner "?'
n?.s iii.hi. ?.? ? ?? ? : I ..
M l'I S-Kit.- -? ? ? ? ? ; ..-.
lbe gre.it re ?
feeaelaa i he??? ?a ?
?e??a tul eue Bail golfeo? ?
Tber ar?? BeaultfeUi raar?
Id?; ? U?,u in-,ted, aad ad
Addree? ??- .1?. ?,.? ?
lleue? Ol tu? *?uft\>._ M ?. . ?
? 1BK1 ??.!??, ?? ?.?.?? ?. u ?
? , MS ii.,r;?. I?.!
glbg M'KKi?. Ill
l)??r pri. ea tl,?;. :i.e ? .,
?ver uflered -i u tt - i'?? I'M
M ?.?.IK??, HI MM.- * '
WH??I._,?A!.I. ? ? - ? ? m o ?
BARI) \ Il loi.l ??. hl
bl lH-'r.M. su I < \1I
?tocs l>?toru i'ia.? - . ? ?????'
KEPAILISI. ???.\_ ?'. ? .? |
G???? LYON?,
l_as-Oi?.'<x Ha S ??? baas
i?iei._ou<? ;.ii, ? -.???? l
I ra?-ti.???.. io Vi in? Mi" - ?
?nari? in Kia-kmval. 1/??U? un i >
irepaaA. AsBa*sleOg?a-ti ?
i.teu. loilociiou? i't? uiiyi f ? ?
min?.!? * '
LOBI. ?TKAVl-1?. ??? I"? *? "
\rOTICJ?.-Al'Fl ICA 11 'V W
Jl De iwade lo tbe ??.?..? ? ? ?
Sir Ib? K'iieeal o! fui ?te ? ?
Sil\BttOP HllX k ot ??)? b?iS >?*
inauaoieof 1. IV. Tisnar. i?e?a.u->i>?' ?>.
ket. AU i-s-sua? are ??rav-a es???1?1
la? ?alu cernacal?-. BBB f. A. ?1?.??
Ad-eia-Mialrui ?f T. w. ii,:or, -?.v?* ??*

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