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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 27, 1894, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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'tcond Pay of the Confederate Rconion
at Birmingham.
?.. Texas. Chosen as th; Place o!
Keeling in 1395.
?-..? \i?. nil?.n Belag Ebasrn Ibe Dole?
,. I...... I l.i* Stali- Ml ? ?? ? ?
. >,? N..fiii ? Bses-aa.
?. \ \: ? ?.?
Devi? Monunv ni
? I I. .
: ; Va TI ?
ill II r ??,,
?? at tbe
- ?
Al li,>
i \\ li
ni ? ??
I \ , ? -
? .
; ?: ?. ?. ,
1 . .
? ?
? ? ?
?vu ved
her ???
? Mi??.?
? ,. . ? ?,I, ?. -I I'.',,?..? itii.l (.luv
? , .?. ? nil it'.M..
in III??
' ?? alti?.?
. .ili .1
; ?
? er V
? ?
W? ?
'. Itiuli I
Bel?i ? ??. .,
lone by
? ? ? I Submitted
: . . ? ? ... i. -? ?t? ?
'? '
? ?
t??. II,!????>; ..G li?.- ?:
,?, ? U
? ? Ibe Bold al
.? ., ;. m
.ih rilutili;.? te ??> ? t
?' ' , ,. on, of 'i'?
: - ' aad in
. . , , | n. r? ?!. ral
arm) ... ?;?,?, ?
?? ? ? ? ? ib? ?:? ? ??1.1?.? ?i. ??. -.,? ?.11. ?
?-!?? *? h complimentary lo llenera!
Joiiii _t. (tard?n f.-r bis cblvsliv in sai
Ina His life of Ornerai Francis G llar
tow, ..f Bas Biaderei araty, JJerjr, i?*.??, Ht
barg, ii?? prmeatod t,, rjaesarel
<;????!? a esa? cui ?>u Barlew's inn. al
'"ir?, ??? B m-meiit,, (,f his kln.i
t?i itariow. fjeaeral Miller?
? .? .iii-l f? II-liions. H,, ?iiaru. tf
!??.??? Qeaeial ?o.rdon as th?? typical
American soldier, an?l ringing efceera
?hook ?,,? ni. ?,., tetara na gave ib?
? ' StaBj I,?und of ?,?
'? ? ? . ,. ?? ,? loa responded with the? rio?
?"? ace and the leete t. arkm?,? .??. ??,
ihiuif in- .? ?? ?... ??. Dartlcutarly
ed Cob . it?? and Fede?
? fee, gee?
1 Ital ' ? ?'tieni! Mll
i ?-?- ?? ? to unid., ?md pa?
triotic ?. ??? i| ?Uh as ,'
B. I lud :? ..ity wtliom-."
,< ??. . ?
"ii'iii, WH of Oenerel Undersrood, a rta
? ? ,,; thanaa ... n.? rebel ] .??? ??.? ??
? Majoi 11 listed for his gaNaatry
Her from th?r
Patti, r? I ! it l.vi, ???hPurg.
?: ? ??> 'i.i >>.\ ?', iN's'i ????????.
? ?. ??.? ? yan ?f
Itul on, ? be
were made i<> saeb BOldli r uh
Qenere] ? ni? rwood
This order , ? :.?. ? with, bow?
?ver, ? ' ?in ;i \? bole,
n. ??-??? thai ii,.? repoit bo
? until ???? next reunion,
m a "f aptaton ? ?
li RI l.,.ii:si.ii!ii
ll "Thai I H?? imainril y r, poi t.
?? it o- ?. .? ? ?? ?? ? wood ? iptotn? ?
? ? ,?? wanted i" cell
Il li 1? IVI o ? ? ?? Older. ? '.ell' G?|
thai th?? lepori ?????
? v -r th?? con miti??, .;,
Ili l...ii:?lnt,.i BSkCd fOI
? 'halar, ? ? ri 'ti'? action ?,f tbal
? II..intuit!???? Which IO? t a! NOW
,r s.!roii^', and adopted th??
.? ni t'hartaron report, detterai l.??? again
11 ? ? ? r?irt in- pest?
ili, t. ?.t meeting ?? it wea
mm h d?bete
; .leim ?? H rkman, of Toni
an ami ii'iui? ?t i"
??? ?. , ? ? ..in y for ?!? tcral
M ?.., ?? ,,, .in ? t.,- lenoBTBpb? ? ?
v. ho ?, iv. done so much for
1 I took up III
? .?v ?v iltl refer ell. ??
? tlitit thor?? wh?
' 1 ? ? 11'??;: I,
? \ ? -?.? work in th??
v. h::? we would
. ill, ,?,? ?- , in lh?
If you don'l ? ' une mi
? this r? port for
In ll,?? ?v 'id in?
get lh' I' Velili''.' " ?
! 1 '. .
? hai iron ?.? bi hli fri? nd, an ? ??
? i 'halaron, while
for tti.it gentle
reporl Ueneral Lee'i motion t?,
? - pul as a substitute and
? , wed ??? nnothei
?? ?. ? Waul, of Tesas, who of?
feree] tl ' lo 1 '; ow . mud?? a
..? ?d ins position, Gen?
ti lacl on of Tennessee, spoke
? t ? down
ami?! ? i:? ? , ,: ii ral Waul spoke for "thi
? m ui> their
m in, bi Ian S>a. He was In?
,. , ? ?? >. ? hy loud ,???- for the qu< ? p
an ? was al?
? . ..? . on. "V" ? w til regtel this
? live, The r< noi ?
I tin ir staffs
? .?? ,??,u,? my duty
.m ? i, i? now ?? oh ? ,?? to de
? ? ??, Put lo?id ?, e -
?,,?? Stifled !
ii:.? hat 1
lee e ?," w.i hi
favor ? ? Texas, (ten?
? n,I \'< ??.! ? ?,? ml Wan! With?
? ? A motion e*a
? 1?. lake llj, III. I ? : ?
: itlon \ motion to adopt the re
? r ?? d. ? ? .,?. ? ? I:.
? foi a ???! i,y campi
\ moti ?? ?V .,? Pi i I?? ?? ' ik"
p i ih? repoi ?
V m??! ? , ? an
?. ? ?.? man on th??
Il lin,Ved :.?.
? ive i'?'?
, ! com
p ?, \ ?anford, Alabama;
? ' ?. Toni ' ?
I r ? 11 M t h Cal
?. '.
I.. Christian. Y Ir
?. ' hlpli ?. ??? ? Ida . C iptaln
? l > III .?.?.? -?. ?? ?.! ?, ky. . ; ,,, ? .i Bti wart,
M ??, CUtCh? -on. I il
.? ? w, ,,?. mu.? d,. Colon? l \\
1 uri: Colon? l R T. s'il,.??,
;;-'??? 1 YY lia m I. I ? I;, -?
! ? ? > '.,,,,1 n , ; (tenera! R C. Bl iv?-r,
? i n? rai ' ' M. liai ?. In.
? ? Teni
Il ululi of .1.1
? i.i ?. ? I Ihul a , ,'liiini!!? ?? I?,?
! B ?1 i.v lo be .i'iiivv u
? miniti n It, ? ? ? ort? j
: I, W ? Ighl, < ha?r?
-. \. i; UKSOl.VTIONS.
? VY 11 la m Jones oppo I tbi
nlopll ? ? lutlon i" ai'polnl ilm e
? ' ? Iran i Army
it tliclr ncxi nu ? ting and
, Ih' I ml? ? ? ???
? and tliat
the imitation of
? to hav? the n? m n.? ? t. ? ,,? the
?.? ; ??,. It? pul I at tbal
I to stri! out nil
: ? ? ' 'Ii ind Al luv of ih??
'. ? the resolution ? ?eoi .i.i made
? the reunion of
North the motive of send?
, . ,..::.! ? ? ? I 111 I!;?
r the It? public, etc tCheers.)
! tli.it ti,? had t, ? f,.?????:
? he ?, o thei p soldlen . bui he
? ?' . ? ? .?. mera to
;? Ki public was
with th? if I
her ?,, ? ? and de
., -,? ???????? is to send thi greet?
? m ike u,? Bret tn ?>?
Gordon, >?( Ala'?.?ina. broil er ol
? John |i , ; ? Ion, thought the
Irm? of Hi?? Republic wa
: ? ; ? "we faci d on the
.?? , , the North, gone Into
'. public ? am)'?,,
.,, il hat ' illy rect lve?l and kindly
t ivor the . "f the
? ? " aid he
? Burgs*) n, of Hi ?
-, , . . ad,,i,ti,.m of the
. ? loudly cheered. "When
?,:,,.? ol the Republic goes
ml ? tin ? will take a love
.?), with them." he exclaimed,
\ti, , some further ? all In
., , ,mitlitt.?.? of throe
lo the Oran ? Army ,,f
the It, nubile, and p> urge ll to accept
Alluni Inv?i Ion to hold tl?? grand
. there In IBBJ, the reaolutlon
? imou -?? ado]
? ? ? ? ? ? were ? ,
,,, p,,. ?? Confederatea
Grand Army veterans a
:. . ? ind a rood tim,? ?f they
cam, don ? to th? battle n? Ids again.
OFFICERS !.!.?:'?t?:?>.
The elected this moi Blng are as
?? .mm nid.r in Chief, General John it.
, ; , t ,, ?. ted.
?, inder >'G Ine Arm? of
Northen Virginia Oenerel PitshugB Late,
it) Commander of ?r??- Army of
T? on? - '. .? era Stephen ? '. l. ???, ?>f
of Tun.?? Mississippi De?
ral Vf. i. CabelL of Dadlas,
Clerk and Btenogrepber, Mis?
? : \ w ? Ml? itn?.
In Command, Oenerel
?.?. ?? is? i.? m, of Tena? ?
Boni foi ike seal reunion arete
extended bj Houston, Atlanta, aad Rich?
. . '
olutlon wa? adopted reeommenattag
tint the ?? ?,???? >ti States bai Ike spot oc
iv the Coi ?? derates on the Bktlob
ti ., k th ? |.n?,lt!oiiM of the
southern 111
PARADK IND it ?.Vl ? W
A Biting rading to tt??? reunion and kry
f.w tt" greateai feature area tt,?? parada
aad r.vi.w. followed by the laying of
ihe > ' a Btonnmeni to tke
lh? I ad Of the ?'olifi-d.-riiev
to t?? erected In Capitol Perk, at the
??' id of Twi ?,??. ?;, street
Al ? O'clock lh ?dunn waa forme?! tit
Avenue |; and Twenty-Bret street, and
beetled Pi a band of music from aloidi,?.
reercbed ?tcuiily uy Twentgr-fust atreet
and across the beautiful bridge lo Park
nvi-niK-, tritar? it aaeeatated in review be?
fore Cenemi John 11. Horion, romrnander
In-chlef of the trilled Confederate V?-ti?
ra ns. There were camps from all lh
soulhern Ktates In line, and tall the sur?
viving gen?rela avlth their staffs, to?, tin r
with the three local military companies,
visitor? from other towns, the A. and M.
Collega Cadet h from Auburn, lh?? Inlver
sliy of Alabama (TuaBeloese) ? ? lets, and
Uta Howard College (Last l.ake> Cadete,
aad n f.iir gettatale of Um B*e__Ser of
mm In the rank? pince? it ut 4,'Mi There
tren taawaerable earrlaaea ?n,i ?hp rr?
cession wa? rtosred i.y fully r,,'??i peen?
The column wa? a mile lontr. th?? vet?
rians and son? of r?teme? marching In
four?. Knthtislustic outbursts gieatad Um
old battis atar ? ed retesaaa Atei ?h.? many
fliair-a. ralles ?,f ti,,, ? I,..?t I'mis.?," Brere
reeiptenta of loving trlbatea Tbe Bebda
Played martial air?, the r> lx-1 y-ll was
icar-i. lasa gad ha-taherel'-lefs were
waved, and it iraa altogether a ??a-nt
?aver lo be torgottea Al Park avenas
Uta c'.I'imn passed I..tween two ???? rows
ef baavUful ach >>i i-irK drsaaed in white.
?a? Ii with a beebel "f flower?, which wer??
iiarcii?! t.? ih? i.attie-scarr??! retaren?end
?"?? ..r th>- Coafederaey. Paeatae in
front of tbe nvlininir starni. wh?-reon
wa-; Qoni ral John ?. (?onion and the
Oovemem of Lbe st.it? ?. to^.'th'r with
Unir ai,??.?, th.-y greeted ?he -Mgadtnrtea
wlth ebeer aft?r ebner, which, aitb tba
booming of cannon, mad?? Ihe welkin
ring? it was a grand and tasfdi-Bg spae?
After tbe review lbe ea rameales at
tendant iipoo tb? inyinn of th?? corner?
?ton? aren r..n.? through with In an lm
IrWlng menncr.
Oeneral Btephm i?. Lea of Mtaetastppi,
delta? red tbe addreea wiiich wem a mas
terptace of oratory. Other dtattai
?peal* eia w< r>- pr?sent, and tbe corner?
? ion ? aaa pini ad la poelttoa ?n aa ap?
propriately Botarne manner by tb? Qrand
II ii. Krank !.. 1' I
Thiii ended tb? n? at.-t r? union of ? ??
? ?onfederati s ever known.
The Confed?rete Veteran, pnbltabed at
Nashville by S A. (Smnlnghain, wai
made tbe official organ of tbe United
CHATTANOOOA. TI-?S'.N" . April L'?; In
c? mm? ntlng upon tbe retwlutton ?
by Hi?? Confederate veteran? at lllrtning
h m to-day thanking Cotycrema for tb?
establlshmenl ..f the Chlcbamauga Ne
tlenal Perk, and calling upon the south p
? , -? ,,,?? rate vvith the 8? cretarj
? in making lhal park ;i gr
..i-s, tbe Cbatlanooga limes to-morron
wi;i say:
"Brave Americans appreciate s broad
and generous recognition of An
couragrd by the Congre***? of tbe united ? ?
Hon. Now what remain? for the eouthem
Bla!? ? to do in rii.it Ibey are (?> it that tb?
? turei m ik? provision for marklni
suitably tbe lines of tlcir troops on
the field, and meinortallalng their deed
who fi il in that t< rriflc struggle by tl*
erecting <,f Bult-ble monumenta Lei lb
,?,. ti,, ir pati ol carrying out Ibi
? |,i. ndldly ??? m rou? national plan ...
.. thla park what ii ought to b<
Ihe greateat, moat attractive, moat sl^ni
?nd ?.? n< ia -nt ma!? rial hlatory <?
Aneli.un bravery <>t> the continent Iti
beneficence will be as s bend "f untan
that u?:! ??? ntronger than ?h?? Conatiiu
tlon and laws and moi?? lastiiiL: thai
. ?, p the aelf-inti reel of aecttona Tl.?
outhern State? rival the North in dotn*
honor to the brave dead of Cblckamauga
>?? Cblckamauga field, where now ther?
is ?.. Bouth, no Ninth.* but only lh? ? I?
brat Ion of tt.>? naUon'a heritage "f beroli
memorie? fr?.m her ?ivi! war."
I In ? at In?? Tebe H Munii in the Plgbt
Tnmii ? m? Wblsbey,
COLUMBIA, B. '". April Mi -Th'? Probi
bltlontata of the Bute at but ofllctallj
t, ?li a hi.nil to-day in lb? Hunt tbat i
on between free whtobey and prohibition
I.. 1?. Child?, . l.ainiim of ibe Btat?
Executive Committee >.r tbe Prohibition
bis. to-day sent s communication to
Meyoi ?can, of this city, ashing him t..
tab? ?' ce of tin? fad thai salooi
are r? 4 1 *< ? without moIeataUon ? ?
restriction. 11? trita tbe Mayor that he
iia^ been advlaed by eminent counsel
ti it the reeenl declalon of the Buprem?
?'..urt mean? prohibition. The communl
? atlon contains ??> threats, but i
thai the Prohlb tionl da are
?. ,? pn pan 1 for war. Bad will unlit t.
Ihe Lin? r end tbe n of : 1
?? 1 na ..r . v? n Ui?? licensing ,.f saloon? bj
.iti?-? Mr, ?'liiMs claims that tbe law 1
eipn ilj against U??? Ilei nslng of 1 il.
It is ?.? lievi l that th.- prohibition
reed) f-r bot cont? -? ? on all aktas, and
thai Ihey will noi give nor aak quartei
ii. tu the vv blske) , Ii ment.
"oMlble Import inule? Agalawl Eagllsh
an.I ?inerirmi (..md?.
MEXICO CITT, HEX., April :?, It 1
tat? 1 thai s t daltatory me mure la ?. ing
considered by u.?? Meal? in Government
? ' the Cnlt? 1 Btate? aa ? England
and ollar countries whose legislative al?
titude has !>??? n in opposition t?. oliv? r.
Tl plan I? to Increaae Mexican Import
S p. r c- m. The rlew tab? ? ?-?
ih ii the nations hai Ing trade a Ith Mi ?I
co must cea*, their monomelalllal sland
?id if they would hav?? dealing? with
Mexico, and, having ????> ? Inatrum mai
in lbe 1.1? sont , depreciation ,??G "diver
money ?? 1 value? of ihe 1 ountrj. 11
' * ,.,? pa ? 11 pel I al I? Bl t of 11 a ? ? I ?
s,, ?uBtaln? ?? by Mexico.
A '? 1 ..? . imblnatlon "f Mexican an?!
tbe ? ? trai and southern republics is ,?:
? Ibi? oulgron th of aguaitan
The I pi,Ici.il, llii-ini; ut l.l?l,on lie?? ? II? ?I
l.y an lii-pi? tin.
MADRID, April -'?. The ?1 ?tal sanitary
? r s? nt to Lisbon by the Spanish
Oovernment, In order p> Inquire int.? th??
epidemic disease (classed as cholerine)
which lias prevailed there for some tin,.?
past, after s long Inveatlgnlion and con?
sultation with the ?min? nt specialist, Pro?
feespr Sonsa, ,???, lar. s that tin- outbreak
Ih one Of Uu.? Asiatic cholera. Tl,
tory Inspector, In hi* report, alao trace?
the aource of ti.?? epidemie, saying that
p via- Imported t.> Lisbon from tbe Cap.
.1 ? V? rde [alanda.
Contrary to the statement tasued by the
Portuguese Oovernment and publish? 1
yesterday, there were 18 fresh cai
cholera reported during ti"? twenty-four
h..urs .? ling yeeterdny evening.
\ Maine Man Ike Heir to an Batata Worth
I ivi- Million-.
B?D8TON, April M Neiaoa Chace, tbe
Auburn (Me.) Bbaker, who is reported t?.
li.iv.? fallen heir to a fortune <>f V
is In this tiiy, and continus th.- ?torj , !
gOOd fiirlune. A t.iv months hi;,, a
ctairvoyani told Chace tbat Utere was ?
tars* ?stilt,? avvaltliiK him, ?in 1 ...
him to Bad his half-broth?!. Ii?? found
lh ? missili?- rotative, William I'lu-lps, in
this city, ami un Invest Inaili 11 they I'-arn
td thai tWO inicies had dici m San Fian
etoeo som.? itane a?;<> without leaving wills,
aad their property, which is bbM t,? b,?
worth aboat ?r..?jyi'.(?of>, ha? since been In
th.- mure "f the Blata Mr. Chace says
la? has taken steps to secute ??????????
Of ?. and MpOCtt to ink?? ? hat ??? of the
. state BOOn.
A Cemf of ?be I.Ion of Lucerli.? lu 1'eorgia's
" I'liknowii Head."
ATLANTA. CA., April ?.-The feature
of Memorial-1 ?ay h.r?? \a.is the unveiling
Of a siatue to the "Unknown dead." The
piece Is aller Um famous ?.loti of Lucerne,
with tb?? Hun gaarot-B tbe Georgia coat
of-arms. lt Is th?? lurgest piece ui marble
stiitmiiy ever cut from one block tn
Aniel Ich.
i;a-('?.iiKr?s?man Carlton delivered the
QSBttan. Plesrsea w?Te scattered In pro
riusi?.11 on the soldiers' graves. The ladii-s
or Hruiisvalik s?nt a car-loud of flowers
to th? 1?,1???8* M.niorial A*e?>elatlon here
us an evi.lerne of Brunswick's apprecia?
tion of the aid reiidertd by Atlanta last
year, when yellow-fever wus epidemic in
that city.
I-ati-st designs in Upright Pianos. All
prlc.a. i__?y terina
tt. tt. 14-K SB6 Main.
A Fnel Famine Sai, to Be almost
Upon ?Cs.
Troul.te Apprehend???!
I'repare.' Bst b? It?? Ooerators at
Toiti< m, Ipii.ols.
??.,1 Abundantly
ki _The estimates
with the ?!eman<ls
I'lTTSUtit'''. ???G"
Bteda by aaaa inmiiinr|
from th" local coal-tnl. la State somi-what.
bet not enough 10 all? ? any escape from
the conclusion that a fuel-famine Is not
far OC There Is a perfect scrambl
an, r.i, manufacturers and other larg?
consumers to purchaJB, all the coal they
can find. Prices are ? ? unusual as the
mining situation it.?!?, ?bile Ike advanc?
ing rat'?.? prorates to ontlnue until th?
supply is Increased. ? hen the strlk'
l,-:.-,n tli.re ??? ? ? 00 bushels In
BjOBBJ the rtaer fonts for sale. At
. ri ral toadktge ! t tbe pools Usati
a y, . essa i? n.l '?? "-al ( jWoot I? the order
Of southern customer!, and that could
-old !n th?? local market?.
To-day prices were ?altn ;at what th??
hdlers BSked, and buyers were plenty.
Bl ., ???,ico n.titiiiy sco? for ? a al
bushel wss ?tapeeet ot al ? cents until
th?? supply ants ?mimaste*. Local meno?
facturera have purchased about 1,888,09
la, ?,nd there la very Bitta more t-,
b? ?.nicht.
MiNsms oo t?? work.
The miner.? of Ike rittshur?,? nnd Castle
sbsnnon Railway Coesajaajr, who are un
irganle ?. were to-des? afferei Bba dto
?riet price 11 cents per tostheO. and agre d
|0 work p.-morrow
Pieetdent Cairn? and Organiser MBter
?pent to-day alona Ua? "' iln lln?? of th??
Baltimore and Ohio rasnroad and on Ihe
Vougblogheny rtvei Teej did aseek ef?
fectlve work, and indue ? a great many
men P> ."m- BOI f"r ,h" ?lsirl.t prie.?
Presi lent ?'aim? esthnetes that the stnek?
, , ?| in till? ?i'lnlty will not tosi
?, agi r n, ?n two w? ? k*.
Th;? Mac Beth Compone? gtosB-worko, al
' littler,,?: ?orne departntaaia ef the Deerea
?.? Company, al McKeesport: part ? I
the Singer, Nlralck ?. Ca. rolllng-nuTL an?!
the pork-honse mi". Allegheny, ere closed
down f?>r lack of fuel. Other Bras sn
Isa feeling Use effects of Use shortege.
It im?, geni m! ?UP? rlatend? nl of lb?
. ... , ?,,?,?. iron, aad Beilroad <'? ?
pany, al Birmingham, A!.,, has secured
. ? ?"'.I ma):" ? ?" tato
the Birmingham p ???\ , place of lb?
? , there. ? ?
CHEROKEE, KAN., ?f-prfl Si ?An agent
for tbe Atobams Coal Company ba?
? athered here WO ? tate d minera t" ??
shipped direct to Bum bi bam, Ala., t?
lake thi slrikere' piece
COLUMBUS, OHIO. April St.?A teto
. ;,, received thla morntna al p??????
headqiiarter? from Thorn.?- Parry, dated
, reek, W. Va., say-, that twenty
, ne mini - In thai Btate nr?? now ?
?,?>.. y 11 t? ploy 1,898 miners. Miners ol
and New-rivei district meet
upon their ?.rs.
,-,,,,- predicts the! they will ded
III- ,,l|t.
t \ BALLE, ILI-, ?'""'1 -'?? Three thou?
sand mlners'from Pern, Beatonvlll Ls
talle and Ladle ? ft P< i" t\\\* evening on
tl. ,'?, ,r h .?.??! ?ss the country so Tolu?
. m? w minine ' ???" ?'?*' oty-eiahx mil. ?
south of here. Tr? I ' ? I. ss the
Toll??? miners do not war,! lo quii SOTS
,,. hundred deputy akajeja/g ha??? beam
?wrn in hj "'?' roal?'???'??.,". Ite?, ?nd
hiood la sure p> How. Beth ettk ? gre de?
li ? Pilli? 1
TOLUCA. ILL., April aV-Tba rtlw op?
,,,,,,,,. , in l for trouble with
the m an inni? Btrikera who refi La Sail.
lo-nlghl ? ?? laying in s large supply ? t
, . ? | , ? carti ? H la on
? ? ? ! there are full) Ss) guns ai
oi ammunition. The munlttona
... , qui? tiv d? llvered ' rd ,y. and an
no? In th ? handa of a f tree of ? putjes
.vorn it: for the occasion by the ?
?.? ' ? '? '?
? ? :. tb? ? conslgnm ? I
in?] ammunitl ?n In cese tb
?: la In Marshall county,
to Ihe
? ? ? ?? ? ? ?"?
? BdeiBtaadlag YYin? ttss"t'ssesitallras w?
??nil.,..k v..?? Kainiaraglag
WASHINGTON, April ? The ?
Bsembers of the Senate Finance
?ommlttee believe thej ?, iva Anali)
; an und' ? I With the Con
. n itivi ? wherel I ? wUI b able t<
: ike - ich ,:'?,? ndm nl to the i" ndlnr
I riff Mil as will draw to It th?? united
?upper! ??r the party, an ? anebis them
t . psas th.? messure by the early peri ol
June, it if m. leratood thai ? " a
the IP pnPlieans sie coovln.? 'hit thi
majority ba ' Ibey arUl closi
d?bete on their pert, snd penali Ike bili
to come to ? nhel ? ?te,
The Interview Becretery Carltoto had
?,,,?? the ??? m??' ratio mi ml era of th.
Pinnace Committee waa of the ?osi Batto
? rtsracter, and tit? membei ? wefi
to-nlgbt sreetly encouraged over the onl
? ?'k. Th,? Incoi.tea a 111 be am? ad? d t>
making ihat tax operative f',r a ??????
,,.rm ? ? : ? n. ira than
i,v,?. if is n ?1 Improbable that the Until
mptton maj be re luce l to sorra??
thing below >i."?'? Many of the inquis??
. ,,?.,? ? at?n ? will siso be expunged
and the manner of collecting th?? tax sun
II la atoo known thst the sugar ached
nie win be changed from a specific t?
?.? ad-valor.m duty, Bad that It w,!l 1??
axed at 80 p.r cent ad valorem on all
Buger? and one eighth additional on ail
refined augers. Cosi, Iron-ore, and lend?
ini! r?ntela tl A f? ar of th?.
industries of New Vori; an.l New Jersey
??in ai?,, be given ? slight taerease In the
rates bow bagaes ? by the Pill.
There w. re mnaereoa eoofi rencas to?
day betwe ? Beaatoi Jones who appears
|0 be BSenSglag the matter, an! "tier
memben ot the party, un ? .Mr. Jones tala
evening said that h?? believed the party
was BOW praitii-.illy united on the tersas
Of the bill. Of .our-?', ther.? are. natu?
rally, a number f|f minor knots still to be
?forked out. bul UBS result will be made
known at Ike eerUSBt date possible.
??n Aecouiit of Small-1'ox in M ud? ?on, tlie
Sea????? There Ends.
ST. 1.01'IS, HO., April 36.-Because of
the prevalence Of small-pox at Ma !'- 00,
III., th'? BBBBagoeteel of the race-traek
th.re tost iiis-ht .1.-???? 1 to idos,, up and
run the remaining four-duys' ra.-s Bl
the East St. laOehl tra? k.
CHICAGO, II-1-? Yprll 26.--Tlt-for-Tat
who raptered the second race, was the
only etonhtg favorii, at Itoby to-duy.
Klrst race sellini,, half a mile?McKee
\tr ?on. Bl" Harn-s aecond, M'-ni.iw
third. Time. M.
Se.otid ra?e-s<lllng nine sixteenths of
a BgBe?Tlt-for-Tat won. Mclnerney set
oin!, Miss Ad-lie thill. Time, 59^..
Third rv???? s-lllng. nine sixteenths of ?
mil- Tyiaini BfQS", Courtney second, BbV
tien.I.i third. Tune. 1 ???,.
Fourth race s.llui?,'. Uve eighths of a
mile? latwrun won. Kugle Hin! secjnd,
Mother of l'euri third. Time, 1.06?,.
Fifth race-selling, thirteen sixteenths ol
a mile-Theodore Hv won, IU Micha. I se?
cond. Pat Malioy, Jr., third. Time, 1 ???'?..
THK ?'?'?? ????.
KA8T 8T 1>)1 I??. ILL.. April ?.-The
majority of the finish*? were cio?? to?
day. The upset of the day occumrd tn
the aeoeud race, when SUence, the favo
rite, was b?? iteri out In a fighting finish
by Mnnoln. a 2">-to-l shot. Hill White was
winning the fourth race In hand, when
Jockey Mooney went to sleep, allowing
Mel'ermott to st-al along (fttb Ixlon ami
land th?? purse by a nose. Milt ?oun??,
?op-?rhoicc in the fifth, had an easy vic?
First race?nine sixteenth? of a mile
Clirton won, Traymore second. Derrin?
ger third. Time, {?.
taaaai race?five eighths of a mil??.
seiling-Manola won. Silence second,
Wr.-stl? r third. Tim??. 1
Thirl race?half a mil??. selline--Dr.
Work w?.n. Vlrgle I) r-econd, Extrava?
gance third. Time. Eft.
Fourth race?nin? sixt?enths of a mile?
Ixl.n won, Hill White second, All Ablaze
third. Time, 58.
Fifth nice?three quarters of a mil?
"filing?Milt Y?iung won, Jersey .??.?.?.;
Vov-mlt.? third. Tim*, 1:1??..
Sixth rac??live eighths of a ml!e, sett?
Ing-Hajari won. Kl Taso second, ??.?
long third. Time. lEBIi
SAN KUAN'TS?'??. CAL., April M
Weather rainy; track fair.
First I BOO Bag and a half faitangS
M?nita won. King Sam se?-und. Clini ?
tb.ni. Tim.?, 1:12.
?? aad race Une and a hnif furions*
KbI M'i won, Victory second, Oaptata
r thirl. Time. LOS.
Third ra.? -.-ix an.I a half fBriongS
sellini;-Jake All? n taon. Promise m ?
VltHreaa third. Tim-, l?.-..
Ponrtb rue? <.n?? ini!?? -Agitato '.von
;.? Brace? sa cossi. Arttol tbtrd. Tm.
Fifth rece araal six fnrlonge Kobah
won. Flu?h second, Imp. Tremula thlr?!
Time, l.l?'2. ,
li-aai? Win? the (.ame for ttiu New York
WASHINGTON. April ?>'?. -I ?avis* s loag
hit in right centre wbea tba baaaa wers
uu ?? in th?? s. vtiih Inning area ih ? gams
for New York to-.lay. Up to this trinili?.;
the horn?? tiain led th- visitors by two
run?. Scor.?: ? II E
Washington .I 0 0 0 1 ft ? 0 ?>- G, | ,
New Tort.? d ? ? o o n 11 ; M
itatt? ti. .. Bt*oekadale and II ? : li .
M< abla and Pai rell.
CINCINNATI, April M?Tbe Cleveland
club won Its third successive cam?? from
th.? Cincinnati?, scoring aii bat two ef
??. runs on errors. Battery error? b)
Ctarbsoa aiai Zimmer, together witi, betas
on bells, gaire tbe Reds tbelr only ran?
Attendance, MO?. Beere: It. H ?
CincinneU .??? ? .? o 0-4 r. I
Cleveland .14 S?!?????tl IS l
Batterica: Daly. Croes, aad Murphy;
Ctarbsoa an?! Simmer,
KILLEN VKitY i:ui-"i:?.'Ti\ ?
LOUIBVILLK, KV.. April M. Rillen
... . retry effective ,???; isi the home pam
t ,-,lay. aad in.pire Bwariw*ood aided tbe
:i?ers much by his tank dectalon?.
Blerbauer played a magnificent rum?? at
??? on I. Weather ? ? at an l warni \*
?t- n.un,?.?. ?.'"??. s,,,i. ?. ?? i;
i>.ui?vill.? .90?).? 1 '? 0 1 I I
Pittsburg .?? ,. ?. .' ?? ? (? ?? 1 ! ;, i
Halterlt-s: Kllroy and ?irim. Kill? n and
BALTIMORE, April K. Maaager Ben?
sa was ?? ;ti expertmentoitv? mood to?
ii .?.?. The seor ? w ta 7 to I In favoi ?
tbe home dub, artaea Beber suddenly ap?
peared in tba box, relieving lni<s, who
a?! p.-en pitching g.? bail. Only tlir-1
raen bed feced lbe blonde OrFole, then
presto, change, Brown, another
, r, appeared ta tbe box. Tbe Inning
ended aitai eight Bostoniana bad ?
th?? horns plate. The eap riment had Irre?
trievably lost the geme, and the 7,510 spec?
ola were sad. Bcon ; u. H. B.
H.Utimor? .10196 ft 0 0 0 7 11 I
Boston .10400110 * 13 il !
Batteries: Brown, Haber, inks, end ROb.
Inaon* Btlv? ti Bl il? and Merritt,
BROOKLYN, N. V, Apr.l -y,. Ti
in? iklyn ? loel t.. day to tbe Chillies
through their Inability t.. bel and sitai -
rott'? ? .? r pitchtag, ? ? ilebnnty inracd bit
nikie in lbe flrsi Inning while altdlng
to aeeond. In tbe tifili Inning Weyblng,
who bad completely mystified his op?
prom'in?, wa- struck on the left knee b;
? terrific drive from Treadway's bat, and
Caraey went In lo pitch. Bcore: it. H E
lit,, iklyn .ft 0 1001 01 0 - I ?l ?
Phil. I Iphta .1103 11 20 J l : 17 -,
Bat? li's: Bharrott and La Chance, Car?
-.?>?, W. y h Ih-,;, and <T m
ST. I.'iil's. April H. The Chicagos
went down befof? th?? Brown? again to?
day, mablng II ihr.??? straight \. It??l r
t? ,m put up an rxtraordlnai ? game, but
? I ling of Hi?? Brown? a
? eri :? al 'unciuti a, ? ip< dally In the
civ, who play? ? at abort.
?:, ??. ?
It. Louis.I " 0041 '? " '*. 10 II ::
.20000 11 00 I 1" ::
a ai, ! I". . kl
.ici Sein h* r.
II.?I a Cini ??! the ( apltal City Of
ai ?.?? ?.?. ca.. April M Durine Ih
lust Inning In the game tixtay, Sullivan.
menager ol tbe Atlanta?, kicked on a
n. and stepped up t" tb? piati
Pannen Bred tbe bau al th?? plate, hlttlne
Bulltvan on th? temple, and knocking him
senseless. When Sullivan waa r?-viv ??? I Ii?
ti I Kaiman, ani a t:? r.-ral row
was Intinto? nt. wit? ? tbe poll
Sullivan ? I.urns that l-'aiman lil the BS I
interni mally, wblli Pannen d? nl< ? lt. Ths
I!. II. E.
Allanta? .? " " 0 I. ? G
Ni w Orleans .? I.> ? 0 0 0?0 0 1
Batti n? s: Chard and Hoy le; ?a??a? aad
s. babel.
MACON, OA., April M Bcore: R. ?. ?
Macn .3 00 0. ? I '.
M? mphla .? ?>.; ? ? ?_? " " \ - I
Ha:?,. ??? s: lin.?. ani Welch; Moaon and
I I .Meal il.
tan?bbarg Barelj Itavad from ? ibni Oel
in Hie Co. U.i,le ( ill.
home teem defeated Lynrtburg to-dai
with little effort, by tbe score of I] to 2,
Lystoo's timely bome-run hit, which
it in McKenna, ?a?? ? tbe rlsitors
from a ?hut-out The ?cor? ??? H. E.
Peteraburg .? 10 1 I -' I - 0 13 10 ?
Lynchburg .000002000 '-' I :?
Batterie?: L ach and Kiel r; II ?
and iti berta
NORFOLK, VA, April :?'? The Norfolk
club w 'tit ta pi????- m the gOIM With
staunt.,? fo-day, and suffered their ffrst
defeat Bcore: ??? ?. K.
Norfolk .o " " 0 ?.* I 7 I
Btnunton .OtlttOUd I n :
Batterie?: Colliflerrar and Hodge; s. tl ?>?
and An In r.
Cl-ARLBBTON, s. ?'., April M
?. 1!. ?.
Cbarleetoa .? 11 I oo ? ? ???? ?. ?
Mobile .111002000?1 7 5
Batteri??: McPartand and /ahne; Knorr,
Aadersoa, and w?-iis.
SAVANNAH, OA., April M, Scor??:
?:, ?? ?
Savannah .It S It? t tt-A 'J 1
Nashville .Itttttltt?I D 3
naileitaa Renasay, Cain, aad Jantasa;
tlurchers and Webster,
The Anniversary or It? l.tiiblUbiiient Ap?
propri. il.lv I elibratid.
IsALTIMdIH?:, April It 1 to-day marks
th.? seventy-fifth anniversary of th?; In?
stitution of American odd-Fellowship,
and it was celebrated h> re at the
home Grami Lidge with Imposing cere?
monies. In the morning a coinmitt???? ot
ladies decorated the monument of Sit
?Mgetap, In Harlem I'ark. In the after
mon ther.? was a line military and civli
par.1.1? through the principal streets tc
the Wlldey Monumena un Hroadway,
where an address was deliver???! by Con?
gressman James G. Magulre, of Cali?
fornia. To-night a musicale and literary
eriertalnment was given at the Temple,
and ait address by Hon. George 1- Well?
ington, ?
The visitors Include Grand-Hire Th.o.
I- I'.oss, the officer? of tbe Sovereign
drand Lodge, and numbers of promanen!
I Odd-Fellow? from other clBes.
So Man? Names Timi roQDliog tbe
Ballots is Mow Business.
The Holla Kept Clear and Very Little For
the YVorkers To Day? Kenturea anil
Incidents of the liny.
The thlrtetn-hour Democratic municipal
contest, for whl'h many of the candi?
dates had been In training for months.
; I .?t 7 o'clock last niaht.
The contest was for the nomination of al!
Ike elective geasral otiles of the city..'t!.
entire Common Council, half the Beard
Of Aldermen, and full Justice-of-th? ? ?
ti 'k-ts In each ward, end tho BtoBttov Ot
live members of the City Democratic COBB?
mlttee for seek war!.
In all UsBIS were 10? candlduPS off-Tim?.
and aJthoegh th.re were extra clerks at
fn?? precincts polling over 3>?) vote?, th??
count wa? n??, e.?sarily slow and tidlous.
\v?h a view of BceoesBBoeettag th?? ? uh
lie as far a? possible-In th BBBttai Bf
hearing the returns real, ?tie City I'? no
era tie I'omniltlee transferred th. Ir h-a-1
i'l.irters temporarily 10 SaiiKer li.ill.
which area eroe id long befara the r-oui
it? o'clock I*. M.l announced f-,r th?? ? un?
initr.,. lo a.??? ml?!??
?????',?G?? say raturas c:?me in Mr. Rtel u I
It, Teylor, one of the candidates for the
BBByOralty nomination, entered the lu. 11,
ani was received with a boarty reua>l of
'?;, Brat r.'tums recelv-'?l were fjroBB
Beeoad Predaet, Jackson Ward .ids
was ut I'. I" o'doik, and before th ?
...nl ? ??.??p? m Path ?on announced lie
if ill ??re was aiiy n?.plans? ?he hall ?violi
.red of all penarne exc.pt lh" tit:
l.'i.Vi; \M? YVI-'.AUY YVAIT.
Par over an hour th?re ??.is ii'.thliii to
mar th?? monotony of the wait. Then Mr.
Phillips, one ot the candidates for Trea?
surer, ram-? In. and his friends ggVB bim
a most cordial reception. A arara ? een
?JOB ?va? al?a a,.,,id.,| Mr. 11. It, SiMith,
.ir., ??h., made his appearance a.few
minutes Inter. H drew a mcond round
,,f applause by declaring that be;bad
been nominated for (JommonsreeltlrV At?
Al midnight with inly three precincts
in. the l?ii|i. in WSS that Mr. Ill? turd
M. Taylor had been n 'minuted for ? ?\?,;\
but the friends of Meters. T.inn-r and
DI kerson did not ? incede tills. All ot
the conti ated ? oeltloo ? are to greet d labb
1 eiitoie? of Hie Idei tlon.
The ?1 Cttofl wet la many respecta n,?
mosl remarkable ever herd in th-?..!:v.
? wi? Richmond's first esperieacejwltb
? Ilse ? primary, t u re were mor i can?
di latir? in the Held ti an ever b, forej and
? ? .,?!!?intent and inter? at Brere
,? nee us n ti.,? ?? mti -t ?, ,? been betwi ? a
two politi,-al parties.
Reaults were purely a matter "f ?pecu?
lati.>,,. Th?? political kn m alto, ol ?
kit w everything, ai usual, long befor?
th? polls closed, bul realty knew not hi ?;;,
in striking fn aver ge oo ??,.? pointers
they gave the conclusion was Inevitable
thai everybodj w is . lectetl
VOTED VEST -?'? "'???:t BALLOTS,
?!?? fact is that there wa- ?? ? ?
wa? of ? eplng anything ilk?? an
? al.? t -'.o tory tally. Perhag I ?
? ?f the Pal!1'Is w r?? v. ll MM ?%? ;
that is. th roten sreet t?, ti,; ? illa
with tii.'ir beUota already prepared si ?
pee half ihe other third were prepared
between the IB-fool Ina and the polling
booth proper. There was an unti
marked dlap. altlon to retail ig|
l'ioni ?\ 11? era
? esi Its ii, ? toti r. -1 in the election, It
, the whole very orderly. When a
r candidat ? isit?? ? a preclm t hla
friends would set up s hurrah, bul be?
yond ih.it and a fee ''Scrapping'' matches
there ? ? no Incidents of particular mo?
ra? ?.'.
The rote was exceptionally heavy ?,n
over '!: ? -?iv. but th liitiit ??as probably
warmest In Clay Ward Al toast, here II
was thai the candidates for ths general
officea seemed t,> think the hardest ? irk
ded. Towai Is ti,? b ?ur for eloeing
the ? ilia vi ti r-. to attempting t-, r- ach
of the precincts bad to run the
gauntlet ??G ? vldett . a picket-poet, and a
iklrmlsh-line, to my ? thine ? ?' ? beai ?
? ilumn of woik? rs just outside of th
l'io 'Ivery roen hav?? no reeson to
complain, ??> matter who are n imlnsti I.
ii was , Held dey for them, seeing tii.tt
? ? ii ? "?:? s wi r-? in greel degtand
:,?. ?!,?? . andklat? s and th. ir fries ?- In
tbe afternoon it was an > ?. ?? ? dingly hard
;, itti r i" hire a buggy al ?ill.
Al the Fourth Precincl in Jackson YVar-i
, difflculty - ? ? urred between Mr. E. J.
Hogun, one ol th |udg< ? "f ? lection, and
Hr, w. .?. Pai "ii ??. a ? sinter, Faraona
?e ir.? a warrant charging Regan with
assaulting and striking him, and Hognn
waa arr? it? ? and balled for the Police
'? uri thbj morning.
At the I'ii Pi ind of Monroe Word
Mr fad. Tate, a warm friend of Captain
had an altercation with two m-n
i, ??.r,? pledged to vote
: r Rpps, bul who vot.-l for Smith. Jtlow.?
? ! but no arrests vv re made
?.llleuii lit WitI. Ih,? Iti. li.nil, York
?:??.???. ami ( beeapeake Arrived At,
NEW rORK, April 28. Th? Richmond
?? rminal tl torgsnisati- ? Commit)
Bounce that n - tttoment with the R
?t?? nil. fork-River and Chesepeeke rail?
I Bd Stockholders lias ',. ? arrived at
on this beato: The first mortgaga bon is
la ? .1 m.?,uy 1, ISM, .?ill be pur, has?.?
? res ? by Ute New fork Guaranty and
Indemnity Company al par wlth?e< ? I
? at .; per cent, from January 1,
I :?'. ? > date of parchase, the tati nl
mill ? elng to mak?? au adjust?
ment with ? Go ranty and Indemnity
iny, which shall Include t!.
? msl< ? of . II ths Oral ? ? ri ? igi
?. pur, ti 11?? ? to Jsnuary ?, IMO, al ?
per cent: tha second mortgage bonds to
be estended t<> Novemb ? ?. IMO, with tu??
rate ?,?' Intereel reduced t-, ? 1-3 per cent
from November, 1888; tbe coupons -l.?
y to be allowed for to cash -n
tl, n of the ??' -? u?satton. In
ire under the mcond mort
..' ? become ?? ? - ettf for pur?
poses of reorgenlsatlon, new bond.? of
. -at lit- ?.?:!! ! ? Ul -tini' I Ifl
of t'n?? ? ? sent Beo nd m? .
bonds Th?? Btockhol lem are I ? ? ??? l?/e
In esxbange for th- par of York-river
atock i-,? per ? eat of tas pi of err ed
of the Tork-river company coot? n
The Montana Couauionwealere .Made No
aYssaShsaea whatever?Haas Besage,
F? > RS V Was M'l.N'T., April K?ARaaMgB
?Colonel Paga ai l his ? l'iut-d Sta!"?.
ragelera m?v? I ??-?th great cautit>n In cap
turing the Montami CoSSy army this
morning, nearly 1? of the train-steal, is
;? 1 to the S?e*SgB? Those captured
made no resistance whatever. The nuut
ber of those taken by the d-taehm,i?t
of the Tw.nty-second Keglment was .',:i,
lealndsag tasatetal F'rgwr*. Knglnerr 11. r
mon, an-1 Fireman Hrady. The Comme it -
flreaterfl wer?? ridiculously-poorly oriii.d.
only three revolvers being found. Thi.?
??. are ?liK.itly Injured, their Injuries hav
In , ?, ? rec'dv.d at lllllln?'?.
united States marshals arrived h re
duritii; the rn*urnlng. and the liogan e.,n
tiniieut was turned over to them. The
treta. In churn?? of the marshal?, escorted
hy s detachment of the Twenty-sec? nd
Regiment, started for Helena this eve?
ning. The prisoners will be arraigned In
the Cnit.sl Stales District ?'ourt there
without delay on the charge of theft of a
train and disobedience of an Injunction.
The general belief Is that only six ?or eight
of the leaders will be held, and that ih?
remainder will he hauled buck to Hutte
and set at liberty.
Colonel Swayn? had prepared for s
retrograde movement on the part of the
Common* eaters by placing four comi-*
?les from Pert Custer on the railrOad
liter the train passed east of Custer.
HYATTBTOWN. Ml) . Aprii M.-roxeyO
?ommand matc!i?d eleven mile? to-day
from Frederick to this place. It has
ost four member? ?Ines ? ??rd.iy. A
jarty of Hungarians irot drunk and thsn
vint to fighting in ?amp lust nl?ht. The
-nllce took a hand, captor?*! ?one man,
ivho was sho-jtlng, un I he mi? left nt
Krederlck in Jail. Thr ??? olhsrs of lh??
'.??hier? escaped to th?? wood?.
roop? ut Vancouver barracks received
.niera tonluht to pro?--.-l to PuyaUufc on
ih,? BM Of tb? Northern i'aeinc road,
l'ho officials of the reed exp*,-? the In
?yastrial ar*ny >f the Northweut. aSMSSr thi
command of Sh.-par!. to i-arry ?ait its
threat to setae a train at thai place.
??elllcmeiit I'arCier Aliar Thau l.??ir?
li al a M ii-lcd for tli? I'ai-IOc.
ST. PAUL? MINN.. April ?.?
A aettlennnt of the strike ?n
?Jv? Or??! Northern railroad is
to-night further away than at any tlms
since the trouble tugan. I'r-sld.-nt Hill
?md th? ?'..iif.rence Commltt?*?' having
tail -i ta agr?a Early ta the artet nom
Presidi ni Deb? aad Vtae>Pte-ebtaat How?
ari, of th?- American Kaiiwiy Union,
ICttng for the com mi He??, wrot?? Pre.?, but
Hill d??? lining lo accept hi? proposition to
submit the whole matter to arbitration,
but offeritili I ' ? the strike u.T ut
..nee ui?in tb? rseteretlon of the wag.?.? Ha
effect prior to Aiiirust 1. UH Debe and
i' .wat l clos..I their letter with the state?
mi lit that this gem ,? I \. ?. gad
ask.d for a reply by i
???? stasai uni al on? a ? "ptjr,
In which Ita BaMl "I d? . k
von ;?? conetder tbe questti ? tra?
? .?i. aad befar? awbtag ap >.. ? talad to
decline, that you eompnre Ibe ;
rates of ? iv uriti* trios?? In effect last
>?? ir. 1 su?? -t thai >,>u brim: your sub?
committee to-morrow up io our ofltaa at
il a M, for tbe purpose of rompa ? lag
? ? tes."
It Is understood that this Is the In -t let?
tar Mr. Hill will vvitte to the rcpr?
live of th?? Am.ti, au RaUway Untan.
H- has propose.! arbitration, th?? ??????
h .??? declined It. and publie sentiment
>? is named t.. mu. ?.? will hIv the
Voi.i ? an Ini,,n men their ttaae "il |i"
i ??, operate tbe Orea! Northern real
in,m end to ,ii.?
Lata this afternoon a Great Northern
freight-train, manned by ??? fall Brother?
hood crew aad escorted by thirteen
?;? put) United Btati ? mai ibais, left tb?
st. Pan! depot, end win attempi to run
through to tbe PuctBc coast If ih.? asar?
ihala un li nubi.? io take the
tiain tin., gfa th? Governor of eerh state
through which tbe trata posses win bo
: to furnish an escort of militi.?.
linci ir ?-? - n a s ? afot m- .1 <<t the
programme late dis afternoon, and the
train Started on Us l"tig J,ninny. Up to
1' i'. M. the train was still moving, and
has been in no wise molested.
t??, railroad bridgea between tari Be?
ford and Wlllleton, N. I?., oa Ibe Graft
Northern were completely destroyed by
Ur?? th's morning. Tbe rumor that th<?
strlk.-rs were I * ?.- ble for their de?
struction boa ret been vsrlasd.
All I ll.ollclt.-il ?.-????,mini to tin- l>b?pal< Il
.ioli Ofllce.
Send your printing l?? the Dtopntcb
Job office, an ? you win boi ? gn l It.
All ivi.ik executed promptly, ii'iitly. at
low pria -. ..? - faction guarenti ?.
i, :i .win?:
RICHMi '.M'. V ?., April 0. UN.
Ili- |,.., .,? ? Company:
Deer Bin, Permit me to congratulate
? .?. ? ', penna nt on tit?? appearance
sum,? presentation earde win? ? ? hud
printed there to-day. I am used to carry?
ng aomethlng ? sw.-ii" in th!? (in?, but
I musi bri licit at tb?? prie.? chain??.! Uns
ci?os .t work ?- not equalled ta any of
.mr northern ettb ;.
li is .- . unusual y c.I, and so w
fully cheat,, a,.?? ? p.iv to amba a aeaa?
im ut. Blnccrely,
Trulv >l?-rll?iiloii?.
We arc In .Lilly receipt of <? iripllments
to tin- works of art we ara offering ta
subset?u is. All who gel the "Bights und
Bcenea ot the World" attest Ha wonder?
ful pow r i.s ,? pies ilng ? lucator, It
. p ibi? ill ? ur subecribera al a paltry
sum, together with the cutting of a fea?
, from tbe ? Hspetch, la eflb t to
ai-it tl.util,? world and aee what Is tu
be leen. And now, In the ism? amaner,
through t'1" "i''.imoi:s palatlags of the
World," all ar?? enabled to have an urt
of their own, vvhidi roonet fall
,.f producing refining Influence.
Bend three coupons and t?m canta for
the number vu deelre to
The I n?iirpa??c.l FUclier l'Inno
always ..n hand, In all popolar ?-a- s and
at piiiis and terms t.? suit s*rs*r> ona
R. B, LEE, Rt Mala,
l'or (?i.r Fifty Veni'?
Mrs. Wtnriow'? Boothlng s>r ?,iris iwen
us.d for chil'V.u t??? thing. It sooth,.?? the
child, soft? ? ?? the ? ima, allays ?!1 ? un.
gura wind colic, and H th?; oest l-.uicdy
fot diarrhoea. "~> cento a bottle.
tee My BIBB HprlgM Plea*?
A beautiful Instrument.
_g I! I.i'l?*. M Main.
Amcostika BimsB w,?r? rrepar-i.l ly I)r. J
<;. p. etageri for bla private u??. Tbetrrepnta.
tlon is mich l. -.Iny that IbOf Siva become gens
rally known is tb? bestappettatag fotile, lio-r-r?
of counterfeit?. Est ISS tlio a'w'iu.ae artici?
m?? ? uhi? gared by Hr. I, Q. li. sm^ert ?. lean
til.? M-irster Long Havaua l'iti?? !, F.u???: G:?0?
Cent Smoke?
mh ? tBABBBe, Ice has vase, i.iue ?.?-'?rr-E-i**,
aad AU som-Fot ??rais sieri in?: also a -jjoo
Baooaa-B-aa -oca rotmrsn -i.-.tp.
Obbm ? Mmoa Daaa oa,
it , ?,??,.,?.?! Va,
If yoa want a fin? ?moke, try a ??rian Director,
1. . ?M
Sights and Scenes
ot tie World.
PART 17.
tfOMBIBfi CEAXOIO KVi-.i.t ita
? .;t ni:? reni? s sal sa ? rm,-> it nata
ihree ol ?I'Pei -?.? numbers ir? a t-oil i
lated, ttaeu icrwara tas?n, togata??
TO IVBOOUffOfl ??????-? G,
?r-.? you will recetes tfc? .il ?unt F"rt
toiio at phessgmphi aj eiterUeet.
fee Ojr a.'?irtii.ei:? il . OU an/.?.?G
To Subscribers.
II yoa 'lout r,.-ei?? ' -ig.?.? ?ad -.?one? of tb?
\\ r'.'l" pronitiiiy ou four order know U.St I', ut
oiia.--ouut ot ttie great ru?h ol <,r*.-<r?. 'laay
** 1.1 come W? JOU in lini? Ir?.in tbe ptilllaherav.
the DuraTCfl cwbfiny?
/" Faino?s PaiDtingsX
I of the World," \\
Ij Cat ont thr?? of tbtte (?qpoaa ?tad ,7
V mad or brtag with TKN CBBTt le //
Vum \A\^r

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