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Real EihlMUoD or Chines? Bail Playlag
Given at West End Park.
The ???,????"!,-', Micht Hare Mad? Cvee
Moi ??Ki.k Al,oui tlie l.'mplr??
I'MluiM ?nd ?|???*???.? I'lay?.
The gain?? of ?,.,?? t?etreen Richmond
and ?????????? y-asaejasaf, i" r*?e-hail per
lance, might be cille?! a ihln.-e gam?.
The linm?? team had a walkover from the
very first. Scoring twtli-? ISSYS ln ,h'
first Innlnc. they got ?he inalata rattled,
and it wa? Jus? as easy afl rolline "? a
log 1<? sere. When th? ?mi-? was call'-l
nfier BM ninth Inning the r.irhmonrts had
sent tweaty-tere asea nvet the piate, ami
only .ix "f thC southwestern"! s BSd com-.?
to the 1,men
The ?rowil wns somewhat smaller than
?usual, the ? n pi,?"!'' 'I'tiilnmg a
numi" r of the creaks who would o<a>er
?jrtoa : ? led Beata ?-? the Maaohe
flea. 'Hi-?*? Who wn?: presimt, huw-vr.
had BSBvpla opgortealty to cxi-rei?* ihair
luna* power, as I many arete the eat-eghe
and -tomate" to be hoard on all fides.
The 8 "?' ? ? ih. ?rhule, no??vithstandinK
the multipllcltj of runs sorci, eras an
ggjjoyoblt one, From ? sdentine stand?
point, bowevrr, It iv.is r.tcky- -etc-edlngly
no. Th? r?? v.?,? ?.,m-? eSOeltont plays.
Probably ose -f the prattlBBt left-hand
funni: g < that has ever been seen
on a II ? diamond was made by
fjim V. ? ? ? I Mat inning. Two men
wer?? oui and tTHggjaa batted a "bute,"
isrhvri aailed away over Tims head. No
thine daunted, however, the BUM boy
started after It ?ud alihounh far In th?
re?r "f ii.? sphere when it ? lart- l oa ita
pYSSjrBrSfard eottrSe, Be ??? d like a -leer
over the lei?; ground, and WhCB the ball
?TDt near th? ? -round ll? rOSOhOd mit hi?
bfi hen I I ttlng n strik?? ?quaurety on ihe
tip Of hi?- ??. Vf. Re tossed 11 a fSW f? |
Into it,? ,,i' strd thereby gaining time to
reoovi'r himself, h? caught it wiiti -ase,
nnd r- tired the side.
Loud nil a hi".? greeted him nt lie near?.
cd the grand-stand, nnd hi Wsl forre,) to
doff iiis lau In recognition or his ad?
Warmsley pitched th.? Ural ihree innlnc*
for th? ni- timori Is snd noi s hit wa?
n.,,!? ofr ,,f lorn, nor did ho .?, nd a Ingle
man lo nrsf on balla
McCoy, arho held a llki position for
the visitors during tho flr-vt four Inninc*.
tiid n"t do quite ao well He went all
? - ? sees, snd appai ?ntly wns ?
to hit a?? u,-? Bide of .?, barn-door. Du?
ring Ms stuy in th- bos u oui fielders
wi re kept bus j hi ig after the sph< re
Holbri ?s ? buI itltuti ? P,r him In the
fifih round, t?n loo tote to reti leve the
t which had unque itlonablj I ? H
loet for ? rlub by M> Poy. Tim Weat,
realb fig ? ? fi thin,: Inai he hud. took
Warm?]i > oui of the boa In thi Ihli ?
I Into oil! in - ? ? ? field, I lib
? Itlna ' H him ? ).-!??,in?, wh,. had hilli
? ?? ? . . -in Cl iitr??.
HOW ? Ml. iiAMi; WENT.
Th? lleliinoii I;, won th? tOM ?ml v., tit
t , ri:? bal firs. Kain, wh ? ili il ? ;? ??? ?
??, ? a. h vv.i - avvi.? ded his bass on ??
?',-?!??? and with a two-1
? ? ?ughl Kain horn* Weal wenl o it al
? ? ? ? Tali w? m i" first on a | ed hall
after having fanned ths sir three I
V, is then ?< ni lo bla base on
P. ?? ball ?. makli ,; lb ? Ihli i n?an on
,?.. ? Morgan ? nl the b ill oui
,??? ? m. |.;i ii. i, || ? ? ? ughl G
?.??? th plate.
v. ti? ?? '? , ontlnu? ? In Jn I
tbe Inning, whli h laated
abolii twenty-flvs minutes until Osborne
,..i . -;...,?: Blau en u,? " bed
hsndl ? Ihe ash and Iweli ? bed .?? or? I.
bo} s ?.?? rs shut .?ut until
the fifth Inning, and the home club con?
, nu ,re until lb? Btth, Nap!' ??
? . ,? m the s.nd on e bll by ???? r,
! ,, | first by vii lus ?? a hit
??, rilmi ;? ? ad mode, In th? third tonina
w. ,? .? th? luck; ? H?
, has? hli und Bucceeded
piste wbili the ball
irown all aboul tl,?? field
?,, ?., ? itlng pin.v ? ?, who had appe?
rt uu?, ? ,? ? wild Kain knocked a two
?. r .?. the fourth', and scored on an?
, ivi;,? throw. Th?? m le was ?'???,-?
? , flew out t" bVch. Then
? ,?, ,k?'- ?. ol tog? th? ?. and did good
work. llcCo) bunted tbe ball, and broke
? ? .. ,. t in >?" doing, ? rn an error ol
,?i? m, ? be t -? to first Klrby brought
?. run In by .. two-bass hit, and ?vas In
? ,tn brought boni- by Holbrook, who
? ,? ii?. first three-bagger that hn.?
bei ? knocked on the new grounds, He
scored on ? pauated bail. Bverson wen!
,, ,? ,? m??, belai thrown oui there l>i
p.. 1er, who bad ?.,,,?.?,? the pamarl bell,
Koch was siiuck on the h. ml by Ihe
1,11 ai,,? w.nt to nr.?! rubbing hla ? t.i
? .a in ,? ludtarouo fashion. 0*Hsgan
arni t>, tirsi on ? clover bunt and ad?
venced Peak to aecond. UcHoverty hit
?it,? and Pronghl Fun OV? r the plate.
Crockett emulated his example, and ?
Bisted O'Hagen In. smitii knocked a Hy
?an to lloraea. who caught It and
promptly threw ii to aecond before
Crockett, win- inui alari ed for. third,
cuiiiii gel back, tie reby making a pretty
i. ?m?;? play, und rettriag Ike side.
The Koanokea made no more runs.
West Tni', and Warmetoy scorci in tbt
seventh. Wesl area eeeghl botjareon first
und sicond, and thoaghl to ??? ,.'it, but
woe i"M to take his bap?? by th. urn?
pire, ??ho ruled ..?,???nt a, balk made by
the pitcher. Tale mudo a two-bugg-r.
and BOOCed en an error, and Wemudey
wenl lo fu. t on four ballt,, gSttlag boni??
?ili a wild throw, Mace ?"tiirtil Ihe fun
iu Ihe eighth, He treat to tin.??? on an
alter ntade by F.-ch. Kam? advanced him
to BBOSBsl by a Pas? hit. and Foster
brought both over the pista by a tw<>
baMg.r. Weat asas hit for raro be
and scored Foster's run. He ?cored on a
?a????>?1 ball. Neither side ?corea In the
"Fus?.'? I.uck iiinplifl the ????iriu- during
e portion i-f the farei Inning. The visitors
klckod on a decision, which appeareil to
Be ?-? rfectly Isgllliiiate, in which they
Oaadeaed that Knln. who hart hi?on rnllt?!
oaf?? on iir-t, ??-as out. Luck, declined
to chango ble aaatotoa. and the team re
fiis.il to pi.ty with him. There was a
tie-up for BOOM lit tic? time, and the gam?
Wu-s only r. Huin.d when Mr. OthO Hall
Was BUbStttUtSd for Luck. His d.s isuoi?.
K|?v.? rise to no complaints. These clubs
play agaia thta afternoon.
The detailed score Is as follows:
A It. H. H. p. ?. ?. K.
?? ?? a- *. ?? ? S ? ? o
*?*?> ',1'. I a ?. ?? o o
Wormatoy, p. & c. f s ?>, ?? ? -
Morgea, L f. ? 1 3 5 ?j a
Osborne, c f. g p... 6 ? ? ? ? 2
2"""? 3b.?. C 1 ?? | | 0
?**?? G? f.? B S g g g ?
Buchiuan, 1b. "00201
y*.?*??8?.? tt B tt tt 1
A. 11. IL H. G. ?. A. E.
Kverson, Eb. I 0 o ? 8 3
F?vh, s. s.u 4 11-11
V) ?a???. ilb. t? 1 3 0 ? 1
M, lluvertec. 1. f... 4 1 l 2 0 ?J
Oroekett ib. 3 0 1 Sj , 2
*nl1''? ??-. S 0 0 G I l
McCoy, p. & c. f.? 4 l 1 | ? 0
Klrhy. r. f- 4 1 1 ? ?? 0
Ilotorook, c. f & pw 4 l 1 ? ? ?
Totals.* .8C "?" ~t ? Ti "?
??^ 18S4S678 !?-Tota].
Kichmpndt .??.?.12 \ 1 1 0 8 S 4 0-22
Itoasioke?. ?.w.008080 0 00-8
BBjatieal n?n?-Ktch?jt>nds, 15. H.^nokes
1 Tbr.-^bsse hit- Holbfook. Two-bas?,
hlltw-VoSTer C?, Kain, Tate, Weat, BBg
Klr??y. l?rst bos? on errore- Klehmonds.
- Rioinaa???, 3. Hases 0n !>alls-<?n:
???*???,?. 4; ofI MfCoy. 1; off Holbrook.
4. Left <>n bases? KlchmimtU. 8? Roan
ekes, ?. Struck out-By YAormsley 1?
by Osbonie, 4. by M(*Coy, I; bv Holbrook'
3. liases from being hit-Mace. Srnrlth,
and Fech Double plays-Morgan and
Weat Wild pitches--Wormtley. 1; i?s.
home. L Psseed halls- 1-Ymter, 3; Smltk
1. Time of game, 2 hours snd 18 minutes.
I'uipii'-.s, lv Ii. Lurk and O. Hall.
Ba?,?p?le?->?tl?e/? WHs b? a ?iroie c?f Ten
to Klght-a'S.? AUslsOk? ?Iruuudi.
(."-Ipeclal 1 TSie college base tuli team
creased bats wltb tbe Richmond Stars on
yesterday aftcniuon, deii-stlng tlicm casi?
Ir, the ?core ?t the finish ?tandln? 10 lo
S. The gam?? only tiecetne Intere?! ng
about ihe ?ixih Inning, when hy bunching
???*?? Ihe home leam allowed ?eve re?,
m-n to pas? over the plat?, the ?corv
being up lo thin lime 7 M ? In ???t Of
lUmpden-Wdney. The laltor"? flel.Ung
Waa perfect, not a fly or grounder !>? In?
left uncared for. Tbe (Irai ??<1 -M-c-nd
base? and Ihe caliber's territory of th??
vlsllor? w-re especially well filled, but
on th?? whole th?? ?earn failed to put up A
good game.
Mr. W. II Itlckey. of the collet???, su?
tallted a ?light shoulder injury Tueodsd
In sliding Iwa.? on lbe diamond
Major Richard Venable, of Baltimore.
and formerly a student of the cottage.
bua bad work begun on Ihe new afbtaUe?
grounda BTo money will lie upar?,I to
mob? th.m th?? I ,?| m tho Houth. livery
modern convenience conceivable will be
supplied, and the word of the Major la a
?uftVb'nt -rnnr-intie that the work will
b?? push??! to an early tumpl'icii.
Morrison Waa an l-?y Mark for Hie
Fariner??.Hi-ore IB l?i '"?
MTCMBI !??;. ?A. April ? -I ?
cUl.i?Tho l.yiicliburg tram ware ?Imply
not In It with th?- leni.? lei in thi? . ?
ni'ic ?ni 1 it for a Ml ovur centrolitid
feme by l.yalon in the a xth Inning thi?
I.ynchburg?r? would have been shut ??ut.
Morrison pitch?,I for'tb? Vtoflons, nnd bo
vnis an oaay mark f..r ih?? b?ne,bora
1.? ,, h oc,raptad Uta ?",? fi r the home
taasa ??'I bold th?? visitors down to two
(?ingle? und a home-tun hl?. The pia?
lin; of the visitors wa? of a v? ry kMM
order, wblta that of lb? bom? team was
very good. Th.? feature? ,.r the gam?
WOT? th.? h line-run hit? of Brodi? ani
Lyston, nr ? the 'loiibi?? playa of Brodle,
!'.iii"ll, and Hammond, und Boucher,
Parrell, nnd Hammond. The following I*
the ?core:
Pet! r?buig? .1 4 0 1 n | 2 2 0-13
Lynobborga .11111 - '. I
Summary. Bettorte? Lcoch and ? ?refer;
Moi ? - .u and Roberta Dan ? ? run? -
Petersburga I; Lyncbburae, '.* Home
runs- l'.rf,.!le and Lyston. Two-has? bita?
Banford, O" Kelly. Base blta-Ofl Leooh,
I; Morrison, i" itruch out By Lanca, '?'.
Morrisoa, -? Baaaa oa balta Leach, I;
Moi n on, ? 11 rubi? pia) ? Brodle, Par*
reit, and Hammond: ??.her, Farrell,
and Hammond. Umpire, Clemen!?. Time
Of ?."ime, 2 hour?, ?
l?. fc.il ?if the Wii?-liliigfoii-I.ec? b| u Scnr??
of Ten ta lour.
?.????'?'?.?". ya. April M. rjSpectal.)
hers ?????? n tbe Henna) ??
? i-ila State College end tbe Washington
,,.?, ? i/ .? UnlvCtsit] '? am ? mlled la ?
. for tlie former Iy a score of M
? . ?.. Tb? playing "f b.,th teams waa s
little off. Tomorrow the vtoltora win
erosa bais with Coffeen'a soldler-boya,
snd tb? ,?? di ral opinion is that the latti :
will win.
Death of Mr. Theodore 0, Orady, Dr. Jetas?
?un, MSB, ll-iker, unii (Illier?.
Th? fuiicriii of Mr. PTrtabugfa Mayo,
? iddi n death on tbe train a bib
oa rmiie from Norfolk b? Richmond wa?
reported la yeatenlay*? LHspatcta, win tuk?
place fr..m All Saints ? hnnli to-dey nt
U o'clock noon. The follow ing will be tb?
pell ??? arerai
Honorary Mesara, James p|<
Maxwell t. Clarke, 1?. ? Walker, K. v.
erlerne, T. Roberte Beber, Philip
? .?,???? ?i ??,', u, Ivan Btorrs, l\ .
, R, 'l'ilei:. 1, T. Myore Archer Ander?
?on, ?. ?. Huford, (?wla Otntrr, R T.
? Myers, W. (i Strenge, Jackson Bol?
t n IT. ?! Mill.?!?.
Active E. <?. Mayo, W. ?. P. Mayo,
Arihur May,.. Oeorgs Mayo, .ir., PIMI,
; rro, ??''any Thorn!,,?. II. T.
Thornton, John w. Alklnaon, Ben Talta?
I? ii... William m. Tallaferro.
The pall-bear?**? ar? expected to meet
1 nt Mr. r. II. Mayo'? -r?sidence, No. llu
weel Franklin, ni U*M a M.
Ri \ Rol n ?. ????... son of the d? ? :
an ? his bride, who lia ? ?-. ? visiting Rich
m .nd, left rVedneeda) before tbe new? "f
Mr. Mayo'? sudden 'loath p-,???1????? her,?.
They vv.i. recall?d by wire, and returned
> ? iti ? lay aft? rnoon.
Th?? ?ml Intelligent*? has been ?? v. :
here "f th.? .?.alii of Mr. Th?odore C.
Orady, which occurred In Rio ? Janeiro
..? March ?. 18*4, r.i yellow-fever, lie wa?
the only ?on ..f Mr I.. Orady, Of ihi?
city, and was a moat worthy and rati
m.ibi?? your,?? man. Starting out early In
life bo aoon won th?* confidence nnd re?
???,,n of his employer-?, and few young
nun o? hi.? age hod risen ao rapidly In
the Im? of promotion. At the age of 2>i
hi hell the position Of purser on th?
United State.- and lltazil liti.? ?if
?teamen*, had inn,!.? a trip to Oermany,
and on his return was ma.? paytnastei
on ih?? Braslllaa govemmeni war-ship
America, and was a gicit favorite with
bis brother officer? After leaving lbe
?hip in? tern ahead ta iti.? u* New York
pn ?s-? ori' Spondont Although dying fur
from home be had all the tender ear?
money an,I friCndabtp Could procure.
DR. JBBB8 !.. .!' ni\s< i\.
Dr. Jeeee !.. Jobnaon, a weH-tanosra citi?
zen ol Henrtco county, died al hi? r.??!
dence in Vnrtaa District at 'j o'clock >?
terday momitiK, iiifd ?"!? yeara Dereaaed
waa a g.tr, lema ? of tin.? character, in,I
hnd ? hoNt of friend? In thi? city nnd
11. urico. He mnrrted ? daughter of the
late Jacob H. Atle.?. w ho, with R?verai
. children, ?urvlve* him.
He wa? tbe father-in-law of Mr. Charles
, H. Cbildrey, Comnuealoner of the Beve?
nuo for Henrioo county.
The funeral take? pi.?,?,? from hi? late
j retadettc? at 2 P. M. to-day. und the lu?
tei ment will be made at OabWOOd.
Mr. Hurtas H, ltegnault, an old nnd
well-known citlsen, died at the reatden ??
Of hlH ulster?. No. UH c.st Main nt.-,?!,
W?i!ii.sda\ iv, t,Ing. Mr. It nn mit was
bora in Richmond and lived tare ??u hi?
life. He waft fl genii? man of man) Spll ? !? !
irait? of character. He served gallantly
through lbe war in ihe artillery service,
and w.n after wards for many yea? In
business with btabrother, Mr. John R?gn?
ent!. H?- was p devout member of th??
('?thollc Church His funeral will take
place from ti..' Cathedral this morning
with a requiem mass. The Interment will
lie made In the family section nt Shocko?*
1 cemetery,
?Mr Jeremiah O'Houikc d!. d at th- v<
?lence of Mr. Kdwuid Mintili. ???. ???
north First street, Wednesday night Mr.
ORourbe was a native of County Clare,
Ireland, and the father of Messrs. K. C.
and M. J O'Ronrka lbe" latter being th?
wciiknow ? ha as bailie! Deoeaeed w??
in tbe Mtfa year of bis ase ni* fonerai
wlU lake piac ft,,m st Petefs Cathedral
?with requiem mass al lu o'clocb thi?
Mr?. Anna B, Barber, wife of Tbomaa
J. l'.arkei und daughter of Jame? A and
I A. E. Hooker, died W: .Ines,lay at her
r?'nld"nce, on Venable ??>???. Dcceaatd
wa? well known to a htrRe rtrrl?? r,f
1 friend?, by whom ?ho was held in tha.
I lilKheiit esteem. The funeral will take
? piece from I.eigh-Stre-t Baptist ?hurch
1 this afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Mr. li. P. Price, father tn-hiw "f s\r.
' Marlon H. ('halkley, died yeslerday morri
j Ing ut 8:M) o'clock at hi? reslden?-e, in
: A', san iti.? Mr. Piteo was a vaia .1 cltl
| zen and a Inuli Manon.
The special In yesterday'?? Dispatch an?
nouncing the death at QtoSMsetsB Court
hou?e. of Mr. Lee Htubbletieid, formerly
of this city, was read with AOaa rcgn t by
the numerous friends of thle estlnubl??
young man here. Mr Stiibblerteld waa
f.ir a long wiiiie employed by ihu? paper
as a compositor. He WIM ? popular in? tu?
ber of th?? Richmond Ulne?, arid a dele?
gation of thi? organization would attend
his funeral had they sulll, lent time to
reach the Courthouse. His burlili will
take place to-lay.
?. ?. G. A. Horn Club.
At a mceilng of the fonag Men'? Chris?
tian Association Beai Club, held last eve?
ning In tbe association board-room, It waa
aaoMtai to purchase ihr??* n?-w lu?ala, and
to give all the boat? now on huud a
general overhauling.
' Ity a unanimous vote lt wa? decided to
run a moonlight excursion to Dutch Hap
Thursday evening. May IMth, end the fol?
lowing Committee of Arrangement? waa
appointed: H. Morgan Shepherd (chair?
man). A. L Richardson. R. V. Farrar,
II. 1>. Hate?, and !.. U. Hurnma
Tho iritnberahlp of the club 1? limited
lo sixty, and there aro now fifty-seven
on fhu roll.
Bart About tb? Haod.
Mr. Robert Ooodman, ?tatton-nan of lbe
Hook and Ladder Company, No. t, of
the Richmond Pire Department was i|uii??
l-alnfully hurt about the head In a runa?
way acetileni on Wednesday afternoon.
The r-asualtv occurred at the corn?? of
Nln?t?renth und Grace streets. Tbe buggy
was imi-uhe?l up.
? m L-L
I New 7 I :i O? lave Vprlgbt ?????.????.
I just received to-day from factory.
i ?. & L?E. (R-ioo Ulock.)
Annual Meeting of tbe Virginia Bible
Society Last Night.
?>r? retar? YYal.or.l hiibnill? His BMBJBBSa and
? tesai Htaassere issasse, n??? H
ii.ii?.?? . f lh.? Orgatlliallon.
Th? cdirhty-tirst anniversary meeting of
?the Virginia Bible Soci, ty was held at
the First 1??? shyterlan church last night.
??? edifice was w-ll filled wlih mem!'is
of th, urg Battati ?>?. und ? BM M ciij"y:ibl<?
and Intellectual programmi.? was carried
After an opening BBtoeskM BO? Ike ?hoir
the lnvo?-atl??n was afferei by I?r. Tudor.
who, m the ab?taos of tog Beestdeat
of ike Boctoty, Rev. Dr. K.rr. it'??'!?.
o\.r the meeting. The Congregati?-'! |
Hymn No. BU, and Rev. Dr. Fair rea?'.
Betoctloaa from ttie Enraptures i?r. roanas
? ???. ?. ? pray? r, aad aftei Um *?:?? -
another hymn. Mr. T. I.. I?. Walford,
try ?r th- Beard >,f ?????????? of
the soiieiy. road Use aimuul report --: Use
The report s/is forth that ujbbjj Blbl
????re alati ,?,,?'? ? lin" -? beul the Btate -? ?
ring ??,? ? at <'f till? number 111, al l
net rosi ?-r S112J8, were given ae ., ?
lam?n, ? m ? iridivi luata, Tweaty-foui
sucia.? schools w-re supplied grs!
the boohs wer?? ?ent free Into thirty-four
different counties and town?; the peniten?
tiary ari-i juis imi having been over
I If lh? ll.'',?.? \oium?
t - s????!, ?? bed ?-?? n pun ? ??
where, the coal to the ? ?
of being ?i.i.? ?' "? I : ,.?
j?.i??>, thereb) ?bowing the greal I
t lety is to ths publl ?. Th? > Irglnia
organisation is auxiliar? to the Ami
Bible Society, and ?? desirous of aiding
Hi.? par? Bl so. tety in I . Pi I) Ing Bl
Thi sppri ? rtotio'n tost
year rot- this foreign work by thai society
was ??'?'?..? ? 12. Th \ Irglnhi ?
pose domi.: ti pai of tl work, and have
resolv? ? to ??'?' one fourth of the emir?,
amounl oi d natlona p. reoeivea t - tbto
cause. ? ? ne? ?Ity for greater liberality
and ? in-, ? < on! : ibutlon? I . and the
society ???? ill thbi ivor to gi
trlbutloaa Mum all "f the cburehee m th?
The board having ?' ?
that the btk lety ought 1 bevi -
agi ni . ? perte -.f ti,?
ana present the -a,..?,? to the people, uni
?? sp? l'ai efforts to awaken a deeper In?
ter : ... ? .?;.?.? secured tl
rices "f Rev. Or. w ?. ? ampb? II, who
enti ri ? upon the ?luti??? of thi - -? ?? I
tin? ist ot February. The total value of
, ' ? ? ??? ?? , ? ??,??. The I
val ie ol the ??oks distributed ?vas >. -
The ?un,mu? donated b> churches and In?
dividuals ??as ii.:.,..' ? 1 rs total re? ?? ?
for buslnei put] ? wss I ?1.17 I
Um baleni ? on bend April lai a
Upon th.ncluston ?-f the reading of
th rep o?. II ? i"'? CamgkeU desvarad
Ireea He ? poke of t ti? ? work ? f the
. it? condition, and the plans for
ture, ?? mid there eras one family
out "i nine In this Btate ?rttboul the
Word of i;d lu ih? ir homes.
After referring to the destitution wh!-',
pervadi ? aom? sections ?<f the sut?, he
said In order to supply the needy with
mi,!?-? it !? oomefl neo ?tat} ir ti ?
?tint? le s p. asstot the Society In ita good
work. Hi referred to the lesuJt of tv
.'F?, ii ?nad ' ? few ila?S ?? < Py the
Voung Men's Chriatton Association, and
tl ?- : in ?: the t" ' la ol the Virginia
lut!?? Society would be given considera?
il.??. There eslsts, h?? Bald, a greal ne
for stimulating th? people t
work, and be asked the assistance of
lh? ? s tto v., re already inti ?? ited in the
w,,ik of tit? society in gaining the Inte?
ri Il Of Otto rs.
The - ,:i standing sang "Sal?
vation, .. Bal va tlon," and when th ? ? ?
concluded tb v. ? t. Tudor toll
Rev, Dr. H H. Tyler, who delivered the
annual address Dr Tyler Is a member
?,f th.? Board of Directors of tho Ansert?
- ? Bible Bo? lety, ? astor of tb? wesl
IVty-sixih-S'ir. ei Chrtettofl church, anda
brother of the former gifted and popular
t,!,?!-.!? of Hi?? seventh-Street church, this
city. The ad.ir?,?? was ?? beautiful one.
iti ih- i,, '-.innng. the apeak? r aald:
"Mr. Charlee A, l",na, th? brilliant
editor ot thi New fork Inn, affirmed
ii-i autumn in a public address tl u I r
the Joun,allst tlicr,? Is no book ilk?? the
Bible. Al that moment he was address?
ing eaiidldates for the Journalistic pro?
fession, and spoke of th? Holy Berlpturea
not as itrlctly religious literature, but
as constituting a manual of utility, in
a controversy Um Bible oontelna the
ru-ht answer; it always sets up th?* rieht
principle; it always plead.? fur th?? tight
"Mr. YVIlllam T. Steed, el?or of the
Ri vi? w of i:? vi? ???, dedarea thnt he con
si, I? is biniseli successful just as far as
he is able t,> Incorporate the Bible in
his tournai Tu* newspaper,' be says,
'is a very (??t aubaUtuto f?>r th.? liioi?,
??en in ?nr alleluili to BOtVB the l'O?
li? bib ?-t tii.? day.'
"When Mr. Dana toetlSed to the unl'pie
character of the Bttd uni its peerless
valu? P. Journalists lie was delivering
an ??hoit.tti.ri u? young men coacenttog
autiinis ??, be reed Hi Basted lu tids
t ?onneotloa Chenning, Hawtltorne, Milton,
Matthew Arnold, Tbomes Cariyle, and
Bhaki -?? are He ? lb I aa ? piece "f writ
tog p. be studied Ihe Constitution of the
Uglted Si .t?-. but be -m not I.? sitata to
place ???. ?. and Isaiah, and I'aul, above
the literary celebrities whom be named.
M.reiy as a piece of literary work, the
E? raton "H the Kotinl stands Intlnilely
abo? ti.t,? Constitution of the United
"Tin? Bible, a. a who!??, nutranks a- lite?
rature any volume of literature krt"wn
in the u .im. ah literature, tn?? Hit,;? is
absolutely unique, its history, it? ?.try.
its prophecy, its parables, its aphorisms,
n? ??,!, ,? codeg are unrtvaltod in the
lit? latin?? of tu?? .,
"?'halles IP ad?? altirms tliat the chir.ie
tera m Scripture ar,? a ? t? rn-.. ntarvel
Hun ?ivr the list of Libie characters
and ??.? if this be ?lot true. ColUdder, if
you idease, righteous Abel, patient M, al?,
spiritual Abraham, BeU-consctoue Lot,
.: ISSSC, bargaining Jacob, talent?
ed .Jos.ph, int?k Mooeg elOQUent Aaron,
perai ten! Joshua, energetic Caleb, self?
aoeklna Okieon, playful Bampaion, undto
clpllned Beul, friendly Jonathan, pious
David, Wllj Joab, Wilful Absalom, Self
! Solomon, loaety Elijah, nomi ly
Guiaba, fret ml Jonah, hopeful Isaiah, and
faithful Daniel.
??Kim over ? be nasa? a of some of the chief
women of th?? Biase. In the Old Testa?
Steal w<- bave Sarah, the inVth-r of the
faithful, li.b.?. ca, win? may be charac?
terised as tin? beautiful but deceptive
wif??: Rachel, th- affi iti,aiate and devot? 1
wife of Jacob; Miriam, the patriotic eld
Inali; Ruth, the >oung Widow of Mn.il,,
Deborah, Usa itiens astostod areaaaa: J??
Bebet, the heathen queen of an Israelit -a
klag, an ? Rather, the IsraeUttob -, ? sa
of a heathen kirg. nit t?? atea tlon others,
"In the .New ? ?stain? nt there are EBsa
heth. the mother of John the Baptist;
Mary, the motti-r of th,.? ?hrlst chili;
Anna, the tost prophetess of th.- old tils.
pensation; lie-rodias. the mother of the
dan,'ing girl; .!".in:ia. the wife of Herod's
steward; iti? astjenen of Canaan, who be.
cam.? of ti.r persistent Intercession for
her daughter, may well be characterized
as a heroin- of faith, the woman of Sa?
maria, whom the Master met at Jacob's
well; the daughter of Julrus, whom Jesus
restored to life; Horcas, the woman full
"I g.I Works and alms dee.lt; Sapphlra,
lb?? woman who BBSS, th? wife of Anna,
mas, an 1 without attempting to exhaust
tie list. ?.?,??.?. th? ent< rprlsfrig biislu? -s
wsiman, and the first convert to Carte?
ti.iii't. In Europe.
"Shukespeure translated Info French Is
not Shakespeare. Translated Into Chin????
his Immortal dramas are simply uothlng,
but th? Hible translated Into any lan?
guage on the globe throbs with life.
"Th- liibl?? Is unique tn that It etcltea
thought. Investigation, criticism, as no
other book in the world"
The minist r here discussed the 88 origi?
nal pamphlets from which the itii.le was
compiled, and after dwelling at some
length on the manner tn which the bible
has been translated and ?I tesemi na ted
through the world, and comparing it in
this Connection with the literature of the
Assyrians, the HabyIonian*, and other
ere,??Is. be continued by asking and an?
swering several questions.
"Does the Hible lead men to God?
It is a fact that the study of the Hible
and tbe practice of IU precepts make
men better to ail th? walks of ltf??.
if Its principles could be made the prlucl
pies of conduct everywhere, what a trans- |
formation would ink.? place In the ran
??ud of men towards each olher, and
In the constitution of human ?oolcty. ?
The ethical teaching of th? Bible touche?
every point of life. It contains Instruc- j
Hon for princ.?? end pauper?, tot rulers
and rul?<1. for masters ami servants, for ?
husband*? had wiv?_, for parents and ^
children, I? require.? that'ln all the walk?
Of life whit, ver men do they ehall do
? ? unto Hoi. It oblit?rete? th? dlstlnc?on I
hetaeea Beared and spular, making au
thing? done In ?h.? right spirit-that is, .
a? In th,? sight of <!od -?acred. ? ? ? ?
Take Ih- MM U ft wliol?. make the
tai .. ? deductions which fair criticism
can dictate, and there ?till remain? In
this old !,?" ? itur?? a va?t residuum of moral
b BUty and grand-ur.
? Tin Bible Is u,l b bc'ik. but a litera- j
tur??. From ih? birth of Wmmt to the
? b Itb of .lohn. Um Apostle. Is a period
(f Sixteen centurie?. The sixty six traci?
Composing tbe lit rature which w* ?le?
ti.imlnit.? the Bwle wart written by m? ?
!i B-a-tvi <???t? concelviilile ?tallon aad
I ? .-iy .?ncelvii?.? Il ???
berat 'H.? r an r? m? n ef sdnenlloo aad
ne a ef no tarera . m "h r? ared ta pntaoos
nnd men brought up amid Ib? io"?t
humbla Mirroundinga; asenof hbjb? tats
and low; me? of weeltb and of poverty,
men of good character ?nd bad. Lit-r
,???.?. all sort? nnrt eoOdtUoaa <,f mm
appear upon tbe pepes of this literatura
? ute In ? m way or enetber t"
Ita production, and yet with otta voi.-?
tree hi treatlBf thi- literature
BO long !n c?wr.?e of preparuilon and pre?
?ar'?.! under snob railed environment
n? u book which tiny denomtaat? by way
th? HiUle-lh.it is, the
1?re 1 nothing nmrveitaun ?me
p * ' r? t eeetna to ? I ?minate IBM literature.
bJoeS -?rein? to pervade it .tori ilr-n
t? Igei -ibi le.elation of tbe way of
from tl? thraldom of *m.
"DilTerenl part? of Ita Bible fa tve, es
-?. dlfforonl larea and
un.y ; .???.'- dU .cnt value?, b.u no part
? Ii ?I ??>' ?1??0
hurtful to BU] man."
After iii?? revelations of tbe
o: l Testamenl Ute oprai r ' ': Mn,"''1:
?it is a fun thai th?? Men? Teetntaent
cannot ?,.? ?. ?. ? sto od aithoui tb? Old.
s. ??,? o ?? sin : long ago that tho OM T*S
lament is tbe N??w Teetainenl concratad,
whti? th. N??? le-taii: al M lbe ?'id Tea?
tarn? nt r? reali d.
Till?; ,\kv. TEBTAMENT.
"I lie New ? . ??,??t?? nt Batumlly falli
lin.. ?..in .ilvi-i? ;:.?. TbS ?'."Speis, lh?? Act?,
the I'pl't v*, the Apt? llyi'??"?? '1'1"" (i "I-'
reveal Cnrlet: ine i?>" ?? ta Acts tadlest*?
th?? w i) ol i. tun t" ?? 11: ??'" I;i '"' '
?bow me epplli ittaa of C"brtatlea prind
pl, ? t , OBI!) 111 Ij ti,?' Ap...,i!vps.? di?
lc linn* the ??? ?til y of
. who b) ? .?vin?? grac? ovi Icom?
ir. Tyler h? re toe? hi d on th? Parila?
m.mi of ? ? ?nid m Chicago BOBM
m , 1.1 ago, ?;? turning to lbe Blbbh
he sold.
? ? ,.-. -? ?. ,? mfeee? ? by all reasonable
? . bi? tat absolutely unhpif
In ihis. u, u whi th. r H is tm ? ? falsa
?,-, ith. r it la ; a? m? ?.r human in p?
origin, u ?peakson? ?'? rlj concerning the
way of F llverann rrom sin. it point?
out Bpectfleell) ? in* way of pinion ani
in t? im ? unmtatakbly plain it t. us
? ?? ? how 111. s in ? ' Ood
?nd hi 1rs to sn un? rruplW? inheritance.
"Whence came this unique book? What
muai have been the origin of s beofa
which ? hobs an ? eon?
? as nave ? *n quoted in this ad
? ? m mm holding high position? in
? ? ind in th.? depart?
.?. v, !,? uro emme th'?
book! I? r? ,,r Ood ?t is it or man ? it
hm: ? b<? that thi? is a supernatural book
It is su;.? maturai in It? com? nta. At?
? . in the I Utile tbe Bupei
i , ' Is |. ft'.'"
ri?? tb? n w? nt into the dtaenaeton ?.f th?
?,.. ? ,? of th? m? M promlw at Biblical
. . ConUnulng,
*-.N, t only ?s ih? ? ? sup maturai
? ? '? m Ita ? ni Bta. but ii la sup? matu?
rai ?? it? origin and II Hers
? ., ? ot. v. ? : ih upon it, ars walk at.out
It, ? hai. . ?t. we ? gamin-? It ?? name
It. w- ..ill n lbe Bible. Thi? Bible la
. ith? r th? ? of g? ? m? ? ? r bad men,
,,,? an fell, or d -vil . or Ood hhna? If I
cannot think ,,f an) other Intelligence?
to whom the .iithfir?hlp of ?his book can
possibly be referred. It ? impossible that
good m ?, un il li I by th? Divine Spirit.
at.? tin BUth? rs .f this lu. rature, b? ? lueo
in every ? ,?? of It, ta every chapter, In
every paragraph, !:i even line, directly
or by Implication, they say Ood 1? tin?
author ot tl ? if. however. Ihey wer.?
doing thla work of themeetves, without
tdural -?. !. they ??? wh? ? they bo
,,????? ??,'?? tu. y affirm thai <'?"? Is the
Had u.? ? ? itii.ot be tbe authors
Ibta book uni? a atreaiu can riso
than n? fountain. Prom b gin?
ning t. cui thta? book eondenuu ?vll
11.glit?. evil ?lurtv-s...?, evil plan?, evil
words, evil I? d?. Can you conci?, of
?,.? ? m? n combining to produo? a iit.ru
tur?? which alway? and everywhere eon?
demna then at every potati We aeed
hot stop, nor bave we time to pa UM, to
1er th? suggestion thai powlbly this
?.? originati ? srlth disembodied spirit?*,
?,.? ... ? ut, a::gci? or dsmoaa
'"Finally," Dr. Tyler cotttlnnod fUTtlMI
on. "tb- Bible is unique In that H is u
book of piombe. TI?.?? life of Christ !? ?M
? , of tb? beginning of the fnifllment
..f th?? promlw which hai cheered tb?
faithful in Ike lark.??, hoars of Judea'a
?poeta?) and min The |. tters of Pani are
the unfolding of lhat fulfilment in spirit?
ual experience, -v-r pointing to a richer
and richer fuBVraeal la the eeeota?
erasing creeraado movament of lbe fu?
tur?, ?ni the literature of prom!?? ends
w.iii BB apocalyptic vision ..f perfecting.
but never perfected ftilfllment lu the
tatter ?:
* Tbe abbia is ilk.? a symphony meaning
?adlCM variation? around on. siinpl...
tiaia??. which, obacnr? at !ir?t, grow?
r and clearer, until finally the
aitai? Orebegtra t ikeB it up in one magnt
Bceat choral eoaqw *ing ali obataetaa and
breaking through all hiding?."
(X3LLECTION ????.? UP,
Dr. Hog", who wuH on the programme
to Make nn appeal for th.? SWUM, ar?.?-?'
? it. Tyler bad concluded, and de?
I tin,?.? t,. speoh, saying thai the ground
' had b. ? ? M ftillv **0*fare?. hy those whu
h?d preceded hlu? thut th?re wee no?
thing left f,,r hin u> .i?.. H.? ngta erad
, a ?? lleclkm, during which tbe choir na?
! ?1er?-,! a roluntary, upon lb? conclusion
?of which ir. v. Dr. Jebes Hall iHsmlaaiil
the oongregaU' ? v.. r m tb? ben diction.
Intel-?ting Esporta Hade at the ? ?mai ?. 11?
Meeting 1 c.ti'iday.
Th.? qnertarly meeUng at tin? mlte-boa
eoBectloaa of the Womaa*a Captisi Mis
Blonary Society of Rtahmond wa? heil
1 yesterday In Ota (.'alvary church at 4.30
Clock. Th- pastor, Rev. Mr. liighy. wa?.
: piesent at the opening, and warmly con
, gratttlOtod th,? ladles on the work they
Were doing for missions, ?up? c'.ally in
the Hue of stirring up th?.? men ta greater
endeavor. The foUowing oft!.ers wert
li. -.-nt: Mrs W. ?. Ifut.h.r. pi. , i tal ;
atta, .lack Tempi?', treasurer; Mrs Pronta
: Williams, secretary, and Mrs. i*. H. Ry.
ii? ?. eorroapoadlng eeeantmrr.
Ijght branch societies reported mite col.
- aggiegaHng l'?"? for the quarter
Mil f..r the year just ended. Leigh?
sn? t s... i*v led, reporting that the
: whole matter of colic-ting from Uta Wo?
rn? n of the churches lor foreign missions
: had been turned over tu iheiu by their
The coma?ttee appointed at th.? tasi
meeting ?u Penabii Street ebnrcb on
having.? missionary tea and a putillc meet
lug at Urace-Sir.et church reported that
la ronasamnss of the failure t.? mai suita
bl.? .siH.ikera for the occasion It bad been
d? n led adviaaM? to BoatpoBo it until
tl. ? October meeting, wh.u, it was hoped,
M?. Hyrari. ? lu. had 1, ? l.al-I Balde by
.??.?km ss, could be present and deliver hi?
addtaaa on tba w*a7oaaea af china.??
A committee waa appoliita-d to visit the
oth.-r churches not yet la th,? organi-a
t|. ? and Invite them to co-operate. ||
was neotvod that the society raise du
ring the next year |M for the entire sup?
port of their missionary, Mr?. John ?
Eager, of ltalv.
When it baraau known to the soei.ty
that their president would probably ?,-,.
Mrs. Kager at her home, in Florence
Italy. In the next few month?, the cor
res-iwndlng secretary wa? Instructed to
put In her hands for delivery to their
tataataoar* a loving tok.-a from this a?
After much pleasant Interchange of
views with rc-Ha-ct to plan? of work, and
with aa enlarged puna)?--, for the future
the ??clety adjourned to mm with th?
?MOM church UM s.cond Thursday tn
Barton Height? Baxaar.
The Hanon Heights baxaar grow? m
interest and popularily. The wigwam
was crowded hast night. Th? Oriental drill
wa? r-ueated. and there was -orai ex?
cellent music by th? Enterpe Mandolin
Club. "The Dream of Pair Women" will
, be given to-night, and the Richmond
. Grays, Company Q, will give a drill.
Phenomenal Vigor oi ti??* Probi i?ltl??ni???
Thelr Leaders Have Hot People to
NORFOLK, VA.., Api II M.--t8peclal.)
The I'nlU"! Sta! s steamer l?etr??lt ar?
rival at the navy-yi; r?i this morning from
Hampton Roads, aul when off f-oapott
saluted the pennant of It? ar-Adrnlrai
Ilrown. Ihe commandant. The ?alute was
responded to from the battery at St.
Helena, after which the ?hip pagasi t.?
to her berth ?steri? o? the Texas. Th?
? ?. ir.lt will have h t heavy spars taken
1 down and reduced, lik? the Mongomery,
| and h?>r conning bSSNU r? iuo\ I to pre
; vent her bi Ing so tV-g Stagey. Bag will go
< out of commission, ami douttle?? be at
; the yard until the fall, if not longer.
.\r?THIN''? Dati IT
The ProhtettsM .-ampalgn is growing
hotter, ? ?. ! th- ilgoous murin-r In which
it is Daehad gras aever seen before in this
tecttou ..f eoiiutry. Ihr 0 nt?tlSSgS a day
ar? Betas liel'l oa Uta suburb? arid ln tho
, ?ity. and iv.ry gataojing is s crowd,
Sam Bmail holda for'h at tb.? Aoademy of
? Munie, and svery pt.rtlou of? the ?uilMIn?
? Is puck,.I m.ruing, uftcrnoon, and night.
, Tho Prohibition!??", ar? anxious to at
th?? vot.-rs tol?renles" n -w. s.? as nm to
i commit th.m-'lv s ?at the primary, and
thus enable the mouvement to bars a bet
, ter ?how at the geiiiial election.
colonel j. it. Miller, of PutoeU, and
?Chairman W, W. uibt??. of Staun?
1 too, and several big guns -rom otii?r
: States, are hen at ???.k, and it is fair
t . say tbey have got tbe p.op:?? to think?
The seventy-fifth anniversn ? of Odd?
rellowe w.ia noi rp?..tili> obetrvsd ta
uu? city t-,-!ay. Canton Nor ola. Patri?
archa llBltant srft'toei ii?k?h for Beiti?
more to pi.rtl. Ipntejin the ?1?, loiistratlon
? elty '
? iptain < 'hurl? ? It Y iti"'?, bea been
ele. led !? iri,<>r masr ?r of tils p-n t H-"
\s J ??., i, docmmamA,
The .'.? of m.?\ baa b? a aotoi te.i aa He?
mortal? ? ?ay in n>>' ? ?
Two ? ireeees ar? eshitoung ' tb? twin
? ? ?? ?? ? ? m?,' ? and ?
Mike ? Plate.
It Is st.it. ? thai Vr ,1, A. l'.ariow Will
succeed Mr. BamueliDi II ??? as inspi ? r
ai Um cumom-heueej which will complete
Collector Shield's U?*t of appointments.
???|?|???,?,? laioadlary lire.
AMTE, VA . April M?? Ut] dal.)?On
biet Tuesday iiit'n? between IO and ll
?-, '.?-?. the ??? opto or tills place were
awakened by the bellowing of cattle aad
ti,? era? sitos of Baa It was - ?oa <l,?
covered that th.- stable? b longing p> ll.
j. Butler, a pronai ioni fern r of this
pieos, were on nre, ?-? s reeul of Incen?
diarism. A fu???? h--;u?.' and 'wo celvee
?v ? burned to dent.?, an ? I ?
? . ?. an ? man?? other things, Mr. iiuticr
owes iim? for :h? bo Bar,
Pei tamo etli's l'i-'iiuarj Botaleeee,
NORFOLK. v\., gerii ?.- (Spi
???? second day's Democratic primary
, :?, iion m Poi tsmoi lh I - day re? ?
follows: Por Mayor ?., il. Davis; -
monweslth's Attorney, K. II. Drittln;
Hlgtt Constable. R. u Rey ley; Keeper
of Cemeti rl ?. J. ,?. Dashl? ii- Mayor J.
Thompson Baird, who ees A ited, has
filled the office for a-st en yea s continu*
t'heiii.cal <oti,|{?nv t'liarteretl.
NORPi ILK Y A . [April M (Spi 1 li I
Viratola tonel??,?? ?,? 11. |.t., -.. t. '..
Virginie Conciava! ? ,. IM, improve,!
?? :? r 11 pi '?' ;!'?'". ! si I larg? und Inte?
resting in?'etiiig lits' ii'ght ti. th? hall
Of Phil Kearny Peel ?J. A ll.. Hair hai
having been rttceaUjJ Injured by lire.
Alter receiving a [ prominent bush ?
map. Into th?? order and transacting uni?
tine bosineas, ih<? eenelave adjourned t
li.inrue's, where a 'lite spread await ?I
The N.?rf.?:k Vi.ltora.
rtolegsUon of truckers un,I other
cttlsens from the Norfolk aectton who
came nf. W? Ineaday 'evening bad a plea?
sant tim?? yesterday! They visited the
i. Brere driven around the city,
sp..nt some tim? at j the cbemb*al-works
whir? they wltn-???. I the ?nur.? proci <s
of making fertiiiz.iA and left for homo
Bum] iiii/ii!.
?..,-.?.? au.
YY'hat one bottle will do- -one bottle
will give yoa ? hearty appetite snd
Increased digestion?ono bottle will
?tart you on a culo for dyspepsia?
one bottle will dij.pt I nervuuineae
and low ?pirita?oie bottle will cure
neuralgia and havdachca- one bot?
tle will ?radicate ft rever baartburn
oc.e bottle will make the chronic
Invalid enjoy new life- one botti.?
will ward oft chilli and fevers-one
bottle will greatly strengthen weak
women-one botti?? (or a hundred)
won't discolor your teeth or Gastas
conit?patluii-but get the genuine.
Baltimore. Md.
[^ .???..?|?..?? -?*.., .J
? Brown Chemical Co
': Pointers
; Fof? To-Day.
("?ray uu?l Triri Oozs ativl Red Gout,
straps ami uxiord ties,
La.liee' Button Shoes that wero |1.50,
Si. 76, ami %%
1 lot of eamplo Oxford Ties (or Ladies
in blaok and tan, worth IJ.?O, fur
economia store,
311 east Itioail street.
-liLKATUEK HiL?lNU l'OLkSr.l
BOOK wltn aiW-)r rim. containing tsjofc? *- jn
be mad? to the Sarins? Sant of m .?.?, u,,
tor ths renewal of teirjfloMe~? -u ,?7two
KHAR EM OK S'l'UCK ot ?oto Znk.tin ulT.l
tbe name ot T. W. ?1??????? aaa\^tSS*S*?}*
tost All roiieoa. aie*e?A Ssjae?^^
tor said certiflcat?. gas. K. jL TU?gOB '
Ladies'Duck Sun.;
Thi? lu t-i t,?? ? r?. Miiiiientl?* a Su.? ?e-,?-iti aril
DUCK 01 ?? will b" *<>rn m ni th?n ev,-r.
Tan Duci White ?tripe Sin?.S?. ?7
Hin? Huck V. imp ??trip-run. ???*'??"
? . ??(..? ? ?.. . - ... . :>.t.
Vlt.l?..? *?ilm-? Miit. 1,'u -s'il??. ?'??'?'
; afeito gatta? aalt ?? kstrice . ... Ml
The al??.v.l. ut? ??vu IB? front end BaSB *"??
of till? specially BU-WMIV? suit.
Bla?aal WhiteBtnpedBaits ....gLita
?Ahi!? Dock -iir? . '-'?""
"Sued ?Ulto uod-1 an Hues tvid?. LOU
, i
i.! ? '.
-?? - : ? li n Hur.
Siripi? I J.c cu Voti
g t. ?.
. ? . ? . - '
Sizes 3 to 8 Yean.
Prices 98c.,$i.50, andS1.97.
II, tOO, 14.76, ..,1 {5.
-I ?0 14 fern? ?.
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To Advertise
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Richmond's Lives. Dry
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JACOB LEWIT. 1533 east Main.
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