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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 27, 1894, Image 5

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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ft. f ?tau Proposes to Go Tbere and
Back io a Samnur,
ihr KasaYeeeee yyhi beeomaesre ?.u ajjaj
? U ? ?., tl.r |8g 11,1,1 still G?????
? ? si?! on I-,.,??.
Mr Wall r Y\ , stati?!
' In the
? nattv?
I ut
"f I.is
BS ? ?
rly all
-vork ol
Ir ?hip
I '. ??'p?.
. Thut
! I ? I, f!
? '
I fly,
? fort
wl ,?
? 1 ??
? ?
? ,?
?! ? - tb
?i hai
?... ,
'in ,- ? .:
n m ? three
? ?
? used
? same
? h ore siso
rry 100
?,? sty
Il '
win be
.. ???> r
. logs will
I'll G??
?. ?
? ?
! their
t "
will be ?
I I MiiC
le ioliig In
,:, tO ?? I'
re of Heute) ? "1 bave
- lu order
? - ? ? ' itlon ,?!
! 1 C'llo
..I Olli?
Wo have
Ulti io the way e li kotbing,
.?. :
?>? such j
. .ng the I
v*. utter. ? With ' ! '?'
' i?? m y
IB .Norway.
? ? - ?i, ,? "During th? Brat two
? "T shiii be
we do SB lie? per !
whet a ?? nil th?? '
?eil bene ba
to etat< ib peg day,
rtb a!",ut in niy
? : tl ?aa of the party |
VvlII be S' ut laiek to 1 Th??
G : .1 ?any. will con
Ui.ue 1 ? M the north for en
. ' tbirty-Bve daj/a if are egg fag?
l ? m ? ? ? ?,?. uu ??eras?
" ????? ivr miles a day, we s.?,? n?. reason
, ? Mb the l'ole itself.
? - ? " ? ?.?.?. wi an ?'" July 'inh
w ' ? oar ?...j.H ..u tbut d*,y to
l. ?'ur ?tin? Is to tK-iictrai?
f?r iiiiiu.ii lulu iho great uiiKoowu rv?
!'.'] ? ?
' .
Btea ?? n?,?. no In wrnat condition? of I??*,
lami, cuir, ala Ufe. geologic*! formation,
?I?*., cxl?l Ihere."
Whether or r.,?t Mr. \Vrllmnn event tin'.ly
raacbre tb? v .nid? north, .? ext? ?ml
h?.i?i? ov.-r the poi? ih? ?,iketi banner
which ha? ?c.ii r>re?inted to him for the
put-po??' by hi* fe)l?>w-j?i-rna1l?t? nt \Va?h
Ington, h- h??. certalnlj- done- all In his
l?ow< r t-, ?).? ? ?uri?,??.
Two Welding? In 1:1, hmond Yesterday?
??lai'l.?.?? ?G Mr. Morton.
' ? Iftanta Pinion, ?laught-T of Mr.
William Hinken, ?if Pullon, and Mr. IM
v? I II. MetflBBfr, ?>f ?he firm of II. IketB?
';? r ? Boat vv r?? inarrld ut lh?? ? ?< r
man Kraai?? ?????1 Lutheran church nt H:V;
?retook ieri niKht. Tita Baerei . ibtee was
Ml?.I to Hm utmost capacity, and the ?ere
Bts BJ .'. Iy perforili??! b] Re?
c j Oehtechtaenr. The bffcta was
alile ? in ? ? r sm-eotored
rilk and ? ?;!!- ? dl, ??>1 ?-nini bride'?
' TI hers eran M vu: inn
Tifien and WUltem Metager (beet
""'" ?? ?: ??. Thon'
? "??. After ?h?? <?.
'? '? I ? I i'iip'loii
ftt lb? "f Mr. nahen.
' ' ' i.'M.n??; MAHBUOR.
Tl.? r. onta unite ? pretty mondi.;- rniir
t Bl .Miirv.? Cterma- ? ,iV , ,.
,it ; ... o'ckw k yeet? rd ,? tl
? '" tag Miei M iry ?. An -
ricin und Mr Cha il?- R, Rrooh*. The
formi ? ;.? ? ,;. ,..? high
'?'"?. rather win. ? aid
1 r '. . ?
Th I ittbred fai a
? ,.r ??).'?,? , lo- , S|,p , ., tr.,|?,
? a ?? ??:..| ribfa .,??, and
? n.? ? ?? beautiful ? oaquet ? ?
N( U >? e a bridal ?
' ' ': Harry
r Bi ?' ? " ? lh? :- of t! .? bride and
? 1?? *t It.? .?,
..o?! O?.? u?hei v.. ??? M< .? .. Prank A.
?? A Ryan, .!,.,, :, ?:. ?
? tic.
'*?'?-' ie el ???? . bureh ? suinp
... ? ' ?'? ? ? ' ? ? .. i ,,' thi
? i? of ?.?? i.r, te'? pereats to the
? the ? .
? "In? r of Mr. and
Mi?. John M .'? fa I ? ??. ;,i,d ??., .
.m. lady, ? ?.
? ? aa a?? .< ?..? ..? ? ho Richmond posi ?
Ike, hai ... potai ! ? v Mr. Cul?
? ?
ka left on the ?.'-on
? un foi an extended ?, 11 hern ti j,.
??: , ' ?:. l'ORTERFIELD Y!:i>
h? leading et nt ot ??,? -? th?,? in fa ?.
? :? ? v ..f < 'inn leetown, v.. ?...
.al G, o'clock VS'e.tl,? !., c
.f Mr, w. ? -, ,-? Morton, of p e
\ t.fBce here, and :i n. -
: ??.?? lai.? ? ? Gteorgi Tei ?.il. ani
?! iv Porterl ' iu| ..?. ? ..f ?*.?: -
n. ? ? i? org? A P? m. Me li. eaahl? r of t! .
Hunk ?.f ?'ini:? town Ti,? wedding via*
?,, ?? of Mr, ? ;? ?..
?, ivi of the I,: id ?,
? !.? Ing it'-v. A. c.
: Only the relative? and sp? ? ini
?\? ?. J ?. .?? lit t"
? my,
t?! Illicite. -? . .,?
tired ir ? te err] trimmed
with ran Id lace, which had b< ? ? on ti ??
??. .?,?..? ,,,! ..,.f the groom's mother, Her
lulle ? > d v? ?s ? aught w uh orange
,1 , 1? I of
valley. Tl,?? bride w
? ? rie, Ihe ?Ifi of the
t honoi Ml ?? ivers,
? ? ? il? bl a Mik and
?. ind carried nepheto ?
M .-talli. .?' Mill? r,
I. Hint Scoli ?. ?.
???G? wl
itln rll bon ?. and ?? u
i'i l:? auly roses. Mr. H :
' ? | , : m v
M . '? ? Itici od and Miai Louise
nepl ew and ni, ? e "f Ihe
1 held ' ???!?> m-', forming an
? ? . the I I parly ?
. ? in Ihe drawing room. Th? bride wa?
, >,? r brother, Mr I
th? ,?? ?? mony th? ? -.a?
? and reception,
? Ti,.? bi Ide ?
? . , ? ; I -,
I couple lefl on U ?
, ??,?,:. l ? ,'?? , rath md for ? ?
of the I? I III. Ml . iti.?-?. .11.1 OB ?????? ?? -
? ? ? ? : ?.? In Kiclo
Marriage a? Chert?**? Personal nnd Other
It? in??.
Mr J. Scii,.?- Perdue, of Richmond, and
laii . le, of ?'in lerfteM, were
i vvedn? ? lay aft? rnoon at Bbln?
iptlal church, in the county,
?:?,. ,i. it. Wilkinson, of Aahland, per?
mony. Tbe ushers were
. li.irv, II Q o 1 , Wall? li?
li? in Wilkinson, Hugh Goode, A. C.
?md John Rob? ? taon. The coup:.
:? .ai a bri ?a! ? -ur.
It la in II the ? minio??
v. ?-. ram here ? few daya ago from
? ? lan ? to ? xamlne tbe old i.r? -pump
v\ iii r? immi nd to the Town Count II the
:?. . ? purcha ing lbe |
1 he Manch? at? r Oras ha l a ?-? ? ting in
?,,? mon'i il.ill Issi ? ? ?it. and Captain
explained 1 ? ma*
. ? r the drill.
in the Mayors Court \ ? = : ? : ; ? \ morn?
?I w i Hi
playing ball m.J Interferlni with the
ra, Tl ? y were dlaobai ?? d with
mi admonition.
The u unb found by tbe 11? p? i. ? au?
to S held near theg-?xpoi Ition
Qround ? ha ? ni ntlfli ? aa Ih? on?
? iv u u ir..ni the ?? Idonee ?,? Mrs, Mayo
Inai we u. The contents of the trunk
? ave ? : ? ?? ? n found
? ? ..' lOUl ! vv a?. In s.
la. morning, ? b
special Importance was tram -
Dr. p ?; I'? mow has r? ceived ? ?? ill
? Town. Africa, and expects soon
.u for thai p.
Ethel small. ?,f Baltimore, i?
1 : ? '. Roblnaon, . ?' \\ ood?
The liei ?y Lit? rory and Debatlns I
ity beh] n? regular meeting In Owen's
? ht.
Mr. J. Tlioma? Hood,?, of Mecklenburg
county, le in the city visiting Dr. Friend.
Mr. J R. I nil.m ???? ? at in- r?sidence
.,? Nineteenth atreet Wednesdsy evening.
The funeral win take place this after
;i at ? . '? toca, aad the lateral ;,t will
be maie m Maury ci raetery,
Mr Jamee R Tophera, of tins city.
Is rlsltlng hl? | urente al WIHtamsbui ?
Dr, Tiloma? ?, htathew*-, who boa been
confined to hi?? bed by atetar?? wo?
, ,? , , ?., better ?? sti ' ?ay. His
Ig ?tul quite : ?? k.
? ri?atani Cetebrall? bp Aurora Logg?
la..! Ni-li?.
Te-*t?rday wan the real at.niv. t.-ary of
?ttofl ,,? i'.|.!-l'Vll.,vv.-hip in
Aurora L-adge, No. lit,
celi 11 ition of tbe oc? Baton al
Bltett'S Hall tata nielli.
? ndance. many la
i belai :?????? ? ? The mmtt ea waa ft
?.?,?,,? by Brother C, W. Morrta, uni
?,..- both Intereottag and ?rhetorically
part?(ii'iiiid-Mast-r Keadler ai*?.?
quit? an appropriate talk upon Uta
? ?. iiKiitfui miiiicul progtamaM ??
rendered Uoth th" vocili and itimru- |
mental satocttoaa ?pete mail laterpn-ted. I
and tl moo e*aa gtBBtuua in it?
? ? an re, iati.m. Among theae
.,?- bi ? contributed t.> this i?ntur<?
Of th? ? ? Ultaintni nt wore Mr?. .Mice
Carter, Mrs Hertha Voe-her-Rtehawtaon,
? it?? Devia and Oota Martin.
B, R, Crowder, vT. Pr-*-?man.
(linid.? Cousins. Willlum ??!?t. Bdwai I
Phillips, .1. hl and C. B. Orinarti, J. B.
Morton, J. i, Krinard, f. H. Biaanaa,
W O. Condry, Willtata Northern. J. A.
Page, .i,-H|.!i P. White, V? ?. .-hrrinan,
in, 1 J. U Mitchell.
After the come-rt rtfreshmciit?. vv. n
f< IV cd.
? ?? ? In loa way?.
A bor-e, ?Hteaglrig lo iMrUt John t.
Hugh???, run awuy on Itrond Street pee*
?.? lay ?????????. He wa? cauf-ht In front
of Tom Hulcher'a re.? tan rant Ivfor?.? utiy
?liitnuK?? wa? ?lone.
A hor?<? attucbed to Mr. Oi-orne? Dean's
?leiivcry-VAuj-on ran away on Hruad ?tr?-et
y??.:? im ay u f lei noon. The uiily ?lamage
vv:.< (he? hi v.k,i,i,? up of ihe |ialnt-?:i.
liraik? HI? Ann.
The little ?.'-year-, Id ?on of Mr. John
Diabasen, who t. sides at No. 810 north
TasBlJ Slllh ?trvet, ?ml ht? arm broken
?.? ,??.:???->' afterni-un by falling from th?
l-orch-raillug. lit. limasley was sum?
gtattad aim i-obdi'l'cd lh? ??'????' at?
lllUloll. I
Heavy Mortality Among Obi IVo-.l.?
Oae I ?fall? at lb? Bappo?od Age
??? ua regsB.
I'lrTKltSHI'llO, VA., April M.-(Spe
el al.) The HuMinjrs Court lias l?e*n ni
?on??.| t,,-,i;,v in hearing argument In an
tob loathe] hamaeaYos case, in i).-".*mi?.r,
if??, the property of Air.. Attieni Win?
'<??-. eg YVa.hlngton street, was destroy???!
by tue ii had I?.? n in?ur.t1 In the l.ondo.1
? ud l.lv?ireool nr.d (Base i'ompany, but
juxt before UM fire- oeeerred the agent* of
?h?? company, without notifying Mr. YA'in
free, aa th?- latter claims, cancelled the
tor Boe>aeymeat ofgcemlama. Air.
?S/tofreS nil???;.'? thtit he had inslruet?*d
Um Bgeate, arag Brera sine BB eg?*nts in
p.-? rental of his peegoeojr, ba bees up
his lus,irati?e, ggsj that he had money?vJn
th-Ir hands to pay the premiums?
BThea the agegerty wa? ?teaftroyed he
lava h?? bad no -lotib! thut i! li.tl been
ln?-ir?-,l. G????????? counsel are empio? >-l
- u < itber ?d-ie. th?? amount uu?"! for is
?????????? 1!? TEAKS ??.G?.
There wen sbtty-one I aths In the city
during th" monti! ending ? ?-dey -ta-eaty
Bve Bstosg las arsita and thirty-eti
lh? ? ?'!'?!? ? ?? -I ni iti,,?. Th-? ?I- ut.
i.ti- among iti?? oid ? ? ?; ??? thai month waa
ueusuaUy ton - ? ah ' ? year?
? .lit ?,f them t"-,"*? "???< ??" y? its
?,f ,,? e. Among it, death ? ; rtod to the
Health OfBeer wee thai of Anton Jon? s
(colored), lorn in Susses ?.ntjr, wh->
Hyt ? .it No, in Norfolk and Westei ?
railroad, and whose sge was given ns n?j
>? ? . ?.m ;,.i a :?,??.-. re atta? ? "f pa? urn ?
ato, ?? which Bee aueeumbed, i-h?? might
Ived t?? ?? mu? h greeter age. Among
the .? aths reported ?" this lixt are the
thirteen ?? rsone who were kill??! by Uie
tl of tile Till illMt.Ult.
? great deal of toteresl baa been ? ??
? : ? ii r. io day in Un reeutt >.f ihe
primary -1 lion in Richmond, m el ? I
the candidati ' ? ".' ??? l- ini,- well
? :. ? ?.. , m 11 , city.
l?r. Joseph P. Ollltom, Tr? usurer of
- t -.till-1 county, nnd Mr. B. V. OB?
liiiin, of DinwMdle county, are la the
? tj to-day.
The r?ntala? ol the venerable Mia. Mary
l>. Gordon, who died oa Tuesday, v..r?.
to-day taken ??? r t? Rlcbaeond for in
i ?
A prominent farmer of Dlnwlddle < inty
? ' ? ? ? f to-day that tb
tiled outright
? y the lab evei irosi and G?
failure oi thi Soi ?t? so ?,<r to con?
firm Mi. Hugh IL Ht,nib .,
ot 111 ; s city ??.?? probably preven! him
from tal chai fi Ice on l Im i t
of .Muy.
The Alle?! it! Mineral 1 iiv a "MiMiilu ?
Strisi Y IgUeaee Kepi I p.
1? ?SWELL, VA., April ? (Bpectal I -
The reported < apture al Mtoei il ?'ity of
the mtl!'!? ?? ? of Kelly, In this county,
proved i" be a mistake, Mr. William
Chlsholm, -t.-ii.ii constable for Hanover,
wenl to Mineral City on tbe evening
train to t.ike the prisoner to Jail, but >>n
Ii ? ? m found that the person und. r
im ' .. ? n t the man ?ranted, although
I..? ? |o el} ? -- mid? ! Hi" ul!? >;? I minder? r.
Strie) vigilance is k? pi throughout this
virlntty, and no doubt should the culprit
. ?nit li hitn. ? ?? ? . irresl would
? n-in?.
LOt'lSA, VA., April M. (Spocbil.l ln
,ti ??.-?, brought here to-day direct
troni Mineral Cltj thei s negro man waa
held tii-t-? under ;?? r.-??t who I? bell V, I
t?, be the murderer ?f farmer K? ll????, of
H ' ?? :. Th.? pi era almost
? tuctly lo the de ? ? Iptlon pi Int? l ol him.
??,? was captured ii couple of miles north
\i ti. til city.
Mr. John ???' Willi u is Br., s hlghly-re
B[i ? '? i ' i?m? r of the Oreen Spili
, .>utit>?, died to-liny at tl
of 7". : ?
i in? Escape by Prying ihe Loeha and
Bars of ib,ir i.ii.
<;.HLAND ?'. H., VA-, April X -
?i-'i?. ii.,!., I'our negi ori nere escaped
from ih-? county j;,ii al tbl ? I last
? ! y prying the lOCgJ i.ud h.ii's t !
tl cell In ?vili, li tie y ?v. re all confine I
together, it is supposed that Instruments
for tbe purpose were clandestinely fur?
nl h< ? to them by outside sympathisers.
Two of tie m. Prank Day and William
.1 ,, ?,. ?,My .?? nt, ??? ? d to SSI '???
m oi ? wo years ? ach to ths peni en?
ti.ity for fi i ny, bul James ws ?
?i suspension o? Judgmenl for appeal, and
-:. v.. nwalUng tb-? Bheriffa recovery
from ii severe ?Uni ? to i" convi yi ? to
u u ? : ??? nd. ny. Th?? other two, whose
ire i. n?- ? Col? man and l.i'.v ? o -
\ r. w.ie . ?,.um d Ili,? I..11? r ??. Ith
and ?),.? former was convicted ,,? murder
m iht May term, 1*??'.?. of the County Co in
.?nid s? nt? need to I?? bring! I, but bit
?.l appealed and very recently the Bu?
preme Court award -i him a nee trial,
which would probably bave com? off nt
t!, m iy tit:, ? ? >.t. Tl ?? count) author!?
.? ranking ?very effort to recaptura
tin m. _ .
Keeper! Sows Osameli lidi n??* ?? semi
Monthly Saaaloa un.! Beagaei,
NEWPORT NI.VVS, VA., Ai,ti! ':,;. -
(Specie] ? -Newport News Council, >>'".
im, Royal Arcanum, held their regular
Beml-monthly meeting in their lodge-room
here to-night These erste Bee now mem?
here added to thla lodge, uni exercise!
appropri?t? ?,? ih?? occasion were Indulged
in. t?,,? lodge gave a bangs t after the
fervi,,??, and tii,? following \? Itor? were
. , ? Grand R< ? nt I!. ?'. ScotL of
.',. :,!.,?.), Vs.: Qmnd-ftecretary Wllllsra
?,??? usi.-in, of Richmond, Va?, Past?
Orand-Regenl Irvine, of Norfolk, Vs.,
who brought a delegation from the Nor?
folk I.? ?'????. ?; itrlct l?. l'Ut?? Oeorge ?.
Y\ od, of Hampton, Va., arith u delega Una
from lits lodge. This lodge hi Bve yeare
old and baa Bfty members it hn? paid
out iu this city ?on In the p.ist futir
>?- ars.
Mr, Howard Bwlneford, of your city. Is
h,rc to-day in the tob reel of his pompa ny,
He l'a*?!?? ?????.? a! Um Big? deje of BOO?
,???.?-t.?.. Venta
ORANGE, VA., Ainl .?'.;.? (Special. ??
Mr. it. ??. rjravee, our repreeeatatlve in
the Lstgtototera dtod last night at p
?,'. lock; ni?! 7:? years
Mr. Gravee eerved us eupervtoov of our
county for msny yeans, and bated Um
-1? dltably.
lie wns u friend to nil. and his death
will ??.? raauraed by many.
Kx-Attorne.v-tieiieiHl YVIiyte, t.f Maryland,
Nut Surprised a! tlie Derlaltui.
Kx-Attorney-t?eiieral YVlllium l'lnkmy
WhytS spoK? ou Y\ ediiisduy, says the
Halt I more Still, of the ?1? cisi?n of th?
Bl pi?me t'ourt ln the YVhartoii cuse, over?
throw m, ?,??.,'laud's cl.lim to the right
A??* oceailoned bv an Impure and tm
poaeriahed condition oi t lie blood. Slight
impurities, if not corrected,develop into
aerloui maladie??, luch at
in other woubteaome diMaaet? To cure
the?? is nx-dlred a safe tad reliable rem?
edy 1res from any harmful la
an >purely vegetali?. Buca
{t leiiio?
ro i'thebl,
y iletniM
lood snd t
iful Ingr?dient*?,
ve? all impurit?_
tho ??stem. Tbotusads of
catct of tbe worst fornii of blood die?
aattt bai? toen
Cured by ?.?.?.
BWirr SPSCiriO CO., Atlanta, ?3a.
of fattine: oysters In p.womoke sound, In
Virgiui-t waters. Mr. Whyte ?aid:
"1 em m>t eurp?i??d at Ihe opinimi of
the Hupretne Courl. There Is nothing
n.-w in th?? l-gal ?nmltlon tn"<en by that
c? urt, and the randera al ?he Hun were
fully npprlM'.l of the opinion of Mr. 1.
Neretto Ht???'?* ta tar back a? April II.
"Tire ?/?-lslmure ?ef IB? dlrerte<J m?, as
Aii.-mcv-H*-nr-ral, to carry the question
to ?I??' Hupr. m? Coin!, but I dOCalBed to
appeal to ?h?? cour?* In behalf of Mary
! limi in a metier In whleh I felt ?he
Iva old be teliteli.
"Allorney-Oeneml R-diert?, und or an
. act of th- ?.? (-telature of ISM, obtained t'*ie
: opinion of Mr. St.-I.-, who snld of tiie
f water? within ?he boundaitsa of Vtrgtnia
' and to which ?he eompact of ???? doe? not
! In expr?s? t'-rm? r*-fer: 'Kvn If It could
1 I.?? adunan 'hat for many y-in? back ?itl
I ?en? of Mtrylun?!. s-MB-by with gUlgeag
; of VlrrJn:'. had fl-dicd In those water?
? vvhll?? the line of hound?ry was In doubt
an.? unsettled, that rotili not takf away
j tfa? ? ?.elusive rli?ht Ot ???? MBit of Vir?
ginia to control the fi>li? ra ? In tho??
which lie within h? r territory
I as valkily and finully BOtttel l.y the
, award ? I Potei boi .???????. Judge Btaeh,
nnd S-nator I'.??? k In 1a77. The BOfl und?r
tboat watotl he-long? to h?-r, and tho ex.
elusive rli;ht of flsle-ry in Lhasa SSpnuiy
i, long? ?" '" ?"? aates? tbe ba? ? rent
; that the rlirht ?hall he .?|U-el!y sajoyed
' by lb? citizen? of Maryland.'
??Upon an ewrnfaaltea ?>f tbe tesapati
of I"*-- Mr. fit-ale determined that no
?uch ?tit.ni.""H we? mad??, and ?on.? -
quently the righi <?f Mas-paral to fish in
Vtrgtnl ? v. it? ra did i,ot ? \i?t."
?Patae Ctenaaollee? Orttaoaft^Botee-Trongh
nn Itroad street.
A reiritbr Bitting of the Committee on
Water vi as ? i' leal evening. Mesara
wiiiic 'chairasen), cr?nmii, m cm?, ?-???,
Etraaer. end Mann were present Ths
,: ,,,| l?!,l 11? le ' a I was dlip.i.-? I o:'.
ttateaetoaa were entered as follows:
un Twenty-ninth i-ir ?l from Marshall
to I'll?.
it, ? rtey areel ef Ran lolpb.
Harrison from Clay to l.elgh.
M street from Ttventy-i !r*tnh to Twenty
The . 1? rinti nleut w.i? directed ?o
? . g hoi imi-,l on liroad
?,?:.. ? n it- Bi ?? atoeath,
t??? commltt? ? oa Bei od Marbel met
and transacted routine buaineeg, but the
. [oo on Health fall ! lo gel a <iuo
i-.iiri The lati ? bo I- \ III ra t to-day at
l o'clock at tht City Hail.
Con? Irt? Ileeeived.
rji-ori-" McCredtea was ?!????'.???1 at the
r from Washington
county to asrv? Bv? years for manateugh
, ? Turner, fn ru Toa< w? B, to
, -f two yeai foi p ibi ilt, and
Charlea Short, from Tazt-.v.ll, on.? yetf
tot mi '''?'?
No otter ?.'??!?" DOKe.gVBB DID. or
BVBK Will.-? ?? 'i-iKI'].l\(i(-'.A
? ? ; ?? -. it - .??!. LOB/ eUlCBBAI Wl
Moie Binai] Lots.
in our li ,y?' D? patttaOBi ???,???
hilt of Iho-e ?mall Iota of Bbstt-PaaM
Salt-, that w.-re In th ? tpeetal salatasi
week are Wt, A ?loz'n other? have
I. en ivre?'? e 1 lettog this week? ?u 1
ihe- '?.in lotees? fr'i to dsj affording
you ? pre?', cren I BBpOftBatt? thit
y.i'i'r? -not aapwttag ? Ivory M ti.at
tun Otri lauste- ? rom piste line of ?Ire?
1? dnomoil for ttie l.ntr.??n,l we ?how
no n.er.-y. --? lh? t s Do h*lf-wny
baataaaa al-out our catting.-It roc?
IB the core every tlaie.
Brokea Iota sre tb? ?p-iru? thit the
rwiit-iuniing wheel? of ttaJ?? ttirow
?:*T.-Tb? more -UStaaaS the moro
nid? and ends.-Yen citi SO? why w..
bar?!" many of tases snibtemi el sao*
ce??.-Wc'th leoadel 'cm up into
font iota. ?
The first-hold?
nil ihe IB nnd
gil.50 Suns?ntii
tr.ejrre ? o in g
The leeoB I -
bol ?? ill th" tt,
ft., nn.I i?.
Batte-aed iter
Buall aa at.
Tlie third
hold? ?11 the
?., ? ft n d tt
Suit.? rial tlicy
arc y., ira fon ....
The fourth?
h o 1 d r? al the
|CI (.. 17, ani
??',.,,? S::.'- .:? t
t?i-yare youre ?or
The smallest si?e i.? -I year??the large-it
ii?mi,? in aaae lot er ether yoa"B Bad
all tho totatOMdlata riz.??.-They're
.-.a,-;!?-- and Douhic-lire-ieted illoueo
BaMi in moat a.? m n'a y pattume an tboro
ato tutte?for lucre ? ouly occ, two?nod
la ?ome lew ca?ee?three of a kind. Hut
they're rieht out of tun regular stock-?
lot- that have. bSOB very nearly bought
out-etrf-ng rataee baadsosse patterns.
?aba* Suit-:?nud that covers ali the goo I
Boys' Hats
There Isn't another hou?e In town with
our tight to ?-? your attention in thla
Hue.-Wo don't call a half dozen
styles a etock.-l'ut ol u ?v.-ltl??- ?Bl
standard effe?-? we've got au abuud?
ance-bun-rete to the variety.--?
Some echool knortab cits-ao-ne dressy
creations?that aro worth/ to crowu any
bead-We're always ou the pepular?
prie? iii??
Boys' Shoes.
If ther dont we*r well you lay It to
the boy.--We'll take lb? blame If
they're our Shoea??W? want to
know If they don't ttand the ?leg?.-?
Wo'r? not afraid to guamat?? Boys'
Bb?-?***?Th??*"?*? ?olid leather?If you're
baring any trouble?baying too many
pg-re fn a year-give ae tbe task
Toall eero?oa ?oeb pair? aad on the
number of paira
"-"? . ?
Only tnmnitAe Ontattsts te Town. I
eiir?? KS.iiiiiatiaii?, Hbrumailt paio?, r-elatl??,
l'ulna In ll,?? Me* I?". At-hlng l'a!n? A prom;.?.
?afe, iure lu?,,,, I.. Two Sixes, '? and 50 rank.
, ?UM. ., ?ri?
?... ???:, rim
???/???? ?oc??
Blood Purifier
MTJNBON'a aYSBtady wo. "7 a? a
JU.'??! PttrifW b.-i? no <->|unl. It cira..???? Hie
Wood of all Impunti.?? and cure? Rivtliem, I?ry
und Henly Kruption?.. I.-I'i? oar?. Y'eal. ?ilar Kr>i|?
lion?, Pualular ?,???-??,? ? Itching lUahr?. Men
?asra, F.rtrmu. ."-alt ????'?????, H.rp.? Two Hit*,
2f> and SO ?????. A complot* bit of Munann'a
? bVr-icdir?. toc-tlitr wit!? their medititi pulili
; ??tlon. "Tin? Faatlly Daatee." ?ill begbsaa roe
free by applying loatir of olir ?gerita. Camion
buy by muni.,r a? ?rell aa naiue.
M union's Homccopatlilc Medicine Co.,
Hi?? Ann Street. Philadelphia. Pa.
sorest? in ??G?t????? uy
JOHN I. BIIIBSOUB, 1810 e.?i?t Mllri street.
4. V. BASO?, earner Main ton Short ?areeet,
A. HBEKMVAI.U, .?,'?i west ?road, corner of
II. ??. .01!*?. MAN. til!? w,<st Main ?trest.
K. P. gggVg .1- ?? , -,?'.? ea?t Marshall ?tre-??.
T. S. I Ulli?. 1001 Venable ?root.
MBADS A UlM?'t l'HAltMACV. 01? oust
Main -r?.?,.
IV. ?, l'Ili ????????? A CO, corner Main an!
B?cond ?troeia
WILLIAM G. PABTTS, 3815 east bVoad atreet
5 It. L MABBIHON. HOT Louisiana street.
Also lu Munrbcster hy
?. ? SlgLUBOg 1101 I!?,'.! street, and
8 wan ?boro1.
?'? , in Petersburg by
V?. S. al.Kttlr.Nl?. ?143 llalifa? str-M. sol
(i.A. MINKTSSra POABMAUY, ?Mo oye.?
nier?, ?.tre?!.
It. M. l'A IU IS, l.'..'l BeehasgeSB nrentie.
In Ktirick, Va. by(i. V. MiZi.KKAI.I).
IN'tall llin^?flsts Simpli.'.l l?v
E, P. i{i:i:vi:s.v co.
nih MKMaSWtf torn
G?-lre? at Mener. Ilond*. Stocka, Oriln,
To bur co, (ott.ni, \??.. and the
tie.tii.?. Indteetteea
'-] Wapiiinct?,
FAIR -"oreca-t f< -
Itlier; smith
Waphiv.tiis?, ]>. !"., April ???
Virginia : l'air weu
tliorly wind?; alighUy
?vitriuer in Maryland ami EsBtera
Virc nia.
tor North Carni ?na Carolini: F.iir
w. ittlier ; BOgtberly vriii'l?, sllgbtly wurm
er iu westirn portion.
The WBgfBJgg is Ku iimdxd TbsSSSSsII
wa? clear und pleasant.
] be -kv wa? el, ar at ninhiifht.
Bl ite "i IbermomeWf :
? A. M. .?
? ?. M.H
U M.Ml)
I P. II.S2
il'.M .70
lleaa tea?peratara.*'-7
NEW rORK, April -''. BYpecutol m I I
the SI tck fteehange was limited untB the
tost h If f . :? , , t;, ln< to the Indus
rii? m stocks, .m ? mora - a?
??,??.,!?.? American Sugar, srere In active
Sugai .v. in d m ind from tha
"i-i tog until th?? etoae of business, und
ih?? pri.??? moved up steadily from :??'. ? ?
par. p Is n long time
sii tii?? nini? baa ruled al anything
ilk? ih?? Bgti ? ??> to-day, stori-s
Rosi tj the effect thai the company
? ? ? the pr,? etton it ?. ts aaki I : r
from l'on resa, but the mata eine,, f,,,?
the itii|,r.???? to?nt was the -1? sir?? of u to
, ' I'll I ft to COV? r. This ,!? in ,?, I
?? ?-, : ? urg ?' thai Uie ?? -11??. --s in th??
general list, \?'?:?!? ?ras aulte preeoonced
in the tin.ti trai ctl ne, falb -1 ??? ? tve
any taflueaco ? ? !nj ir, which kfl off
aboul i Botato ?.??!?? for the day, when
it is stated that Um toi .? tn na ixttoas tor
the day amounted to ??".!?*-! sberce, ani
ti it Si far .?i m a is trad? ? In ta the es>
leni ot E8,SuO Bben \ an Idea may be
g] an? ? - f the position oceuptod by the
st-.?-k In ! i-d.iy's mai kCL
Milu.? Sugar wag advancing the bears
???r?? making ?fT-.rts t,, depredata the
gi ?- r.il Bat They had In their favor pour
railway earnlni:?, the Ftrik?* In ttM bttU
minoue cnl region, uni Uie f.ict that the
?? Btal '?? rnmenl had taken
;? ? t > .-t.,p the high-handed actions
of th.? BO-called Industi ? rmlee In th,?
extreme Northerest While th?? position
of the government Is thoroughly under
f. an -i by n ?'?? ???) ? an ? !? rht
? i bol ' re of ai cha t!:si Um condi?
tion of affair ? woul ? be exag I I
nl.ron?!, and that forcU". ? W ? ,1 1 t.mi up
to-t.i ,: ???.. Th.? mark't li BO
narrow ?t th? mur nl tb I traders are
?tlvini, ?onii,brat ni, to in it; is which In
ordinary time., sroeld be dtomtoeed with?
out a thought, ln the hnlf hour BL Paul
Hold down to ?;!',. Burlington to :.? .
LoutovtOe and Nashville to n"',. North
?v. ri m to bB!?? H.--.-K Istond to ? ?'
?-, tern Vnion to Beat Union Hacine t->
i:??,. Reading to in1,. Bad Htosoiirl Paelflo
Th,.? market cl?.?? ? lrr-;:'ibr, S'upiir be?
ing -lion-,', ind the railway list ratli.r
? ? , ikrted atoesra, W.SB ahareej un
Hallway ani DttscelleneooB boadfl sreakj
an! especially Atchiaori.
Tr isury balance.??: <".,ln, Bet,tHJtmtlcur?
ri my. iix.i:?.'.?"?'
Money SB call . ury Bl 1 I'-r cut.: last
loan at i, m,! closing offered nt ? nef
cent.; prim.? m??.c.iutd?? pa,.? r, :'.', .1 Btf
? : t.
Har Fllvct-, Cl. ."?'liver nt tin? Iwinrl
sold at Ii
Si^Hlnif cxchani?'* firm, with actual
? in baakere* MBs at ?????????
for sixty ?toys, ?p? fi.*?'/'.''- j-n'. for d -
inaivi; posted rates, ll.Sod UXt'.-y. commer?
citi bil : V'-?
rjsTvernment botala finn, stat.? betsee
dull. liuilroad bonds w lg? r.
bTOC'K ??G??????
Closli:?: li-I?.
Amerlean Oet*-? ?".?. ?,?,?
Am<*rtes.n Cotton ml. preferred.?d"?j.,7t
Amerv-an Sugar. BeYlJ
A-tieri-.in Sucar ltoflneru??, prefnrred.... 0.G'
Amorlcan Tobacco. **'*
Aineri-anTooiux?", BBBaYsrfBf . BS
AtcblBun, Topeta anJ BSgNB fe. IBBJ
Ualtimore and Ohio.(?x-dtv? 7."??-,
l"?nads PaclOc. 0?"
(?aWaBSSSSaaeai t'Llo. tH
? i? ? ?,'u ????,? Allou .IBS
CeaYaage, ????????? ind ??uincy. 711'tj
tSsYsage Has Trust. ,1:?"4
Delaware, Laclawana and Weitem.lu;?
Distillera. '-'"''t
tait TennetKse, Vintiuis nu-l i?>*"rgla.... 4?|
East Tennessee, Y'?. 10J tia . preferre?].. 11
Erie.. -?-eel
bYbYSj preferred. **>
tieuerai alactrlc. y,i*i
Illinois Central. eBM
Lake Hrte and Western. tsYg|
la?.-, .'.rie and Western preferra?!. 0?
l ?tu snore.ViHlt
LoalsTllle and Nashrlll.). tl?1?!
Loals?lUe. New Albany ?nd Cblcayo. ??
llaubattan C .u.jliJateJ..l-'J'i
Semibls and Cbarlestou. 5
BsaYeaBB Central. ?7??
MlsaourtPaciflc. 2*H
llubii? and Oak?.~?. >?
SasiSTlU?, cbattauooga and Bu Louts. 7?
Mattonai Cortinas. '-'3'?
National CoMsae. preferred. 44
New Jersey Central.l'<ut
New Torfe Centrai. fb
Nea-Yocksud See Rngund. . 9
Norfolk and Western, preferred. .... ??Hi
Nortbern I'aiiOe. 4*4
Sortbern Pacific, pre!erred. Hi
Northwestern. 107"??
NortawB.tt.ro. proferred.UHI,
Pacific Mail. IB
Ke?dtuf. 1?J*1
Slcmnond and West Potai. ?Ya
bock Island. ?*?|
SL Peel. tri
SLl>eeL pMfeeted.110M
SUtrc? CawUacate?. t>4
T?ca??s??teal and bee. isej
Teaaames Oealaad toon. praNrrad....?... tt?
Teaas PactBo. BM
Uu? Paclgc.M. 19H
! v. t, ?rocs oroT vruvm. iTIostagBII?
??????.?. ?g
? W-iosaa preferrtK?. *??*
I WeeUra Urto?. "fto
! Wtieollng ??1 Lete grte. >fl
Wheeling ?od Lok? Bri? txsf?rrc-. ttH
! Bonot,
Alabar?? iCIom Ai. ??
Alabama tt'less Cl..?.?(aaked) 00
: Lonislaaa humped ?*?.tOB i
! Nona OH -Bas 4'?. ?* '
Nonti Caroline ?*?.??Ibi
! Ter n????? DU! ?*?. .>? ?M
j TenneMee hew Mttl?-i-nt O's.10S%
, TenneMee now snttlement ?T?.101
! Tenne??.?? n-w t? ?ttlemenl :1 ?. 77)4
?Virginia (la, preferred. 60
Virginia tro?! rt,?-elpt.*. ? sniped. "?
f Virginia consol?. ftO^?"?
; I'nited (Mates 4'a. reguiered.11-H4
l'r,l'ed>tr.t.?a G?.,-tjtinvi.litte
l'nited State? .'?, coupon. 00
I1A! .TIMoflK. MIX, April ?.-Ralilmore !
and Ohio, Sl, a?k, 1; Baltimore and ? ihlo
soi.iiiw???!??? Braba '?"''?. aa, ?????! m
i-..ni.?*, .??'. auk?? I; Consolidat'-d Gas bonds.
11... 11?'.; dO. ?lock, 'lI'j.M'l ..
KlCII-OKD, Apri .'(i, INDI.
? 1 ?*'.]?. ? quotation?'
(l0VKSNV??rrs-*?c?-Tnr-*. ?Id. A?k??l
1 n-.t-I St-itc? ?"'. 1-* ?'. II*
North Carolina 4 s. Uff
North Carotili? ???.1-1
? Vergiate PS, (????). M ''04,
Centurie?. Q0*4 ??Ote
j f*rj-f BgggaeBta
Itl'-hmonlcity St. lu
Klchinon I citr'?'?.11"
: ltt.hmondcHT '?'?.10H-?
Hre-iniiJ-d'-lty.*.'? (li''land later) 104
j Klrhiucml city 4'?. ???'? 1?4
I Atlanta and Charlotte Wl 7?. I 1G t? ...
? Atlanti and Charlotte gtd lu?
ll?, ?. OS 100
I Cape fear and i'adltn Vailer ?.. (id 70
Cape Kear rvi I Yi.lktn Valley BL ... 70
! Cape Kear and Valkln Vallev C. .?>
? i'tiar.. Coi. sul lappata lai Tt ios
Cotamhta M (ireenville tal o'?.... 100
(totagta Pacino lit BB.101? IBB
; t?e>r.ia l'a-ii, ?<*??. V?. ii
' (?eorgla l'a aMt Income?. 1U4 I'M
Pcturaburg'CIa?'? A) Ve.???
? Nttteaatgt*Otati u> tv?.n?i ...
?tlehtnond, Yo-ic B?er an I ? hesa
peake I?t H'a.I0(J ...
BtetaBBBd Bad -teektenbatg 1st
(I'm. 8.'?
Wo?tern North earuhua 1st ?'?,
guiranteed.103>i 10414
We?tern North Cnrollna I?t ?I's,
1014.??.t>? ????*
lUll.RiaPS'i:, ?-'. I'.IR,
AtlantaiD I < harlnte.KM H?"!^
Chesapeake and Unio.100 IK
North Carolina.IBO ttj*, 0.?
, PrtetBtang .loo ... ???
j Klchmoiid, l-'red-irk-kuhurg Jt
! 1'otoruae tlv'd. obligation...10?.) loll 111
BMUBOBdanl Pet?*r-.t?ur?*...iiio loo ...
I Basx Mrocxs.
' Citi_eii? Rauk. ?.?.. ... 274
j PeteiHlnrKMavingsi Ian. Co. '.JO M -7
Insum?s? s cosraHiss.
Virginia ti roani Marino. BB ... :?.*!
\ irglnia State. ?.'.?, ... 2*.*
| Mt-?''KT.r iBBOOa
gteaslieaBBtaeIOsa beale.. 100 B9. o7
Baanagaa aptUBB, IBM
Oi'KiRisoi.-Wheiit, J:il bu?hei?. Kloar, ?100
No ?ale? report?? I.
????? ?p?)?.?. - minai T?unghsriy. BSaBBMai
mixed, ma'id'vc; BBotthotry. BOaoBa; Mo. 5,
md, BBfts, c?n -Mbit?? virginia (bag lot?)
Stta4Ba ; No. K ?v'ilte. ?Mo : Bo, '-! Illlx-d,
4?ia4Tc. (Jala-Nit. '- mixed. ?7*-?a:!S<?.; No. |
uiixe.l. 30a_7c Kye, Jua^ac.
RICHM?XD. VA.. ????? X-No auction
off? ? inga on '?'hai:?..? to-day,
Private ?.???!?: Filters, *?; wrappers', 7;
dark luiis, ?'.. Total. ;i hogsheads.
Revenu? coUectlone: Cigar* and ciga?
rette?, $Jl_.:.u, tobacco, 11,541.1?. Total,
?M.'.v: p.?.
The Tohac? o Trade la gl "i to bear Ihe
correction mad?? that tbe largest export
, factory In th?? country, Mr. David
Duntap'a hae not thut dawn, but con?
tinu.? work.
The Preach Commi al N*W York ha?
1.? ,? advised thai Prance will want 1,000,?
000 kilo.? of light Kentucky tobacco, .,11)0,?
000 klloe ?? ntui ky Butley, and w ,000
I of Vil ? , ? ?'..,, co tlii< >eiir. an I
? u -?Is for 4.."?'.'<?' kilos
Marylan I, and :????? ? , : ? ?hl ? I ibocco,
of which .som.? ,,f onr foreign agenta bava
I,??. 11 eom ? lime ;.,1 . ? ,1.
The market ihi? week, from pales r
ported, Is dull, yet it ? not unlikely t>. it
loiiii ? ?,,? trading will be goon
brought to HkIh.
With dry, co??l weather, teoee breaba
are .-mall everywhere, ani tba tone of
tbe mark? t ?? geni rally unchanged In
Virginia and North Carolino, and ? rs the
Wart price? artre considerably better ?m
? . : icturing grades ani llurteya of the
m : ira ? . b Iter iiuallttea, and last
v?. b'? pricei were marbed up &?ic. t.?
fl.50 per hiiiidr??!.
The sudden death of Mr. Pttehugh Mayo
lii-i a great regret in th?? tra.!.?, and
much sympathy ior hi? bereaved one?,
. reefy and promliii-iitly Identified with
our Tobacco Trad?.
Mr. W. W. Anteil, of Amelia Court
? , vva.-i inr.? to-day,
NEW Y? ?UK. April X -I-'loiir dull, but
??. ? ! Ittedy, with ilemund light, \\ int. r
win it, low gradaa ta.0u?bl*->; patente, gS.lS
"i.i. Minnesota clear, r..6?XilM: patenta,
> ' ??*,; e\tru. ?.'.'.,:' i.,, ?outhern ihiur
? lull ?.nt steady; ?oininoii to lair extra,
U * ? i.(X); ?.-..?, ? to choice do., $1 1'". I 20.
Wheat-Moderately active and lirni; No.
3 i.i|, store and elevator. ?.!'-.?/?.???.??.;
afloat, i.J?,?. ??plions opened vv.'ik ?ml
declined ',?., rallied '.?y1,.', f, ?? ',.,???.
and closed steady ana unchanged from
ye?terday, with tra,??? less active, \ ,. |
? ;. April, ??!'.?,*.: Mav. ???',?? ; Jim??, "fie/fcC.
?' .ru -Dull, but tlrm; No. :. 44,,?. In
?levatoi-. I.'.',?*, afloat, option-) dull and
', . lower; April, 4l'?c.; Alay, 44\c:
July, ?
lei and f'.rni'r: May, 'i?\c.;
July, IIHC.: r-V't, N'??. L lie.; N?. 2 while,
43c.: mix?. I wettern, 41'iiiJc; white ?Jo.,
t! / l.'.e.
Hay - l: ' ??.! ??'.? s Mini und In Iiirht SUP?
t'lv: shipping, BttfeSc.; good t?? choice,
VV'? ol?Palrly active and sternly; dOBMB?
tic fleece, :??!:>.; pulled, IttjOc.
Beef?Quiet and steady: t ?mlly, |12.u0'i)
llou; extra mess, pLOOiitM; beef haiiin
f'nn at fl7.M; tlereed beet tlrm and in
moderai ? demand; city extra India mei???,
lis ja.oo.
?ni meats?Firm and quiet; pickled bel?
ili ?, ;i-a?.; ?b ml ! n, '.':.??-.; boma IMglO?c;
middle? nominal.
l.ard- -?.-u!? t and stronger; western
?team, closing, $8.15, nominali}?; city.
t'i'o't'ti' ?? ?'inni-1 Bale? none; reflned
quiet; Continen!, W.S-; South America,
tata; compound, ?*-?> ?_? I?*.I5.
Port Bteody and ?lult-t; me?s, fll.OO'.ai
14?; extra prime, ilS.oO.
liutter?In moderata demand und ?temly;
State dairy, new, l?t/19c.; do., old, Hit l?e* ;
do. creamery, new, R(r_le.; weelern dairy,
? w, llbrfic.; do, creamery, new, J-""-i< - ;
Klrtna, Je' 'i21e.
Cotton Batid oil-1 ?nil hut steady; crude,
?'Oo.iio.. yellow. ?' ? ?? ??.
G.??,.?.???? -i ?.hang? d.
Roeln?Dull but tnn; ?strain-.1, common
to good, 11.1 V.i"iI."?.
Turpentine gai? t and firm nt MMtyc.
Ilice- yti.et and .?teady; doliP'Stic, fair
to extra, .:?,??.'.?.???. : Jap in, ? . 11 ?'*?
M .Lis . Foi Ign nominal; N*rw Or
Icinj, open-ketite, good to ?hole?, ?).t?
:Wc; liiirk.-t qutet ani bi.aily.
1*. a nui.?-l'imi.
L*off?te?-Optiona opened Irreguter and
Closed ft?.' Iv, :?) .?.iiits down lo .1?? up;
May, *15:;.7.??.*..'.?; July, flS.lO; BsptrtB-er,
$1!..?)/lia?'; December. |13.?tVBl4.0i; -.pot
Ilio ?lull and carter; No. 7. IH.W
Hui-nr?Haw ,!uil and uneharii-ed; fair
p?G1?????. .' '-l''.o.; ret.ned quiet and caaterj
off A. .?. (3 Ij-IU?.: ?t.iiciard A. 4 l-liVi*
!',c ; cut-louf, I .-I'.?* ; ciusiied, 4 13-KXji
:?? , granuiateil, 4 l Ii ? ? ? ,
Prelgbta lo l.lv, rpoo.-St? ady nnl quiet;
coll?n, ?vi.; i:ruln. j\d.
BALTIMORE, Mix. April 28.-Flour dull
and une' anged.
Wheat?Steady; No. 2 red, spot and April,
61'vitll,J?c.; M-iy, til>,nul',??., July, Cr^W
mi. No. -' ? cl, isi? ;6e\c?;
milling wheat, by saeipte, B#g|b.
<oii 1'iim: mixed, xpot and April, t'-c.,
bid; May. ll'/i? MS". : July. 4Jl?c., bid;
Steamer mixed, l?'i'al'^-'raC.
(lais-Htrong: No. I white we?tern, liti
41'?c; No. i mixed, do.. S-a/?SVuc
Rye?Dull; No. St, 56tj?C.
Hay?Bt?iady; good to choleo timothy,
(Vraln freights-Quiet.
Egge-Bteady at l.'.c
Oth-r anieles unchanged.
BAl.TIbbJltE, MD., April tt.-1'eef cat?
tle?Market not ucltve, but firmer; b?!?t
!*.-v.??. 4 --*-vr4?-jc.; generally-rated Hr?t
.piality, 4'itflV?; m?dium, S*?i*3?-?c.; or?
dinary, ;!.?.??' ii?. Mull of the ?alus were
ut from ?'a to Piio. Receipts, S51 head.
Hales, ?13 head.
The receipt? of sheep and lamb? were
3.?23 bead. Quotation?: ?-?a?????, .d-k.;
lambs, S-ka'jTc.
ClflCAOO, April -?.?From start to
finish wheat was dull to-day. No news
that was retcelved had the ability u> ?tir
up the trade to? Important action. It would
appear lhat everyihlng devolves upon tho
?tatement of on? or the other of th?
o-a?n May contract?. The uncertainty
which prevail? in regard to this question
cau_ed marked Indecision and a reetrtcte-d
trade to?*_ay. The scalping fraternity did
most of the business, and they were not
particular ?? to which party they rtded
wlth. Hhowlng a wllllngneas tu assist
either the "long?" or the ?'?hortaM to
liquidato May wheat
Two trades were mad? In May to-day.
buyer?' cptiona. one at f0**e. one the
other at Ay?.. tbe i^tpiter market belog
quoted at S*A?c. at the time. The trade
waa aomewbat myatifleg as to why Um
regular form was discarded, but finally
?.oticlutled tr?,u M (hey we/e In th? n*v
tur? of privileges no ?Ignltiome? we? at
tae*v<l tu th-m.
._ May wheat o,M>ne,] at VWtsa\c.. sold
between ?to?v?v. end ??He-, and closed
tmchiinged from yesteribiy. at I8\0MV?
The rann?.? r.n July wiu? betw?r-n *>Yl and
a??,??., and the? ?-lose *,,?, tbe same as ycs
terday, a? O'Ue.
Corn <?p'?m-l ?with the firmness of y?e
terdtiy still a f: ature ?rf the trade. Th??
?Ircngth, how?*??!, ?non wore off. giving
place to a r??|iu>r ?f ,?,?* Uirderlng on
wenkness. Hay eo|,| b<?iw?-en S8\*\ end
39r., dosine at tb.? lowest p.?lnt-a loss
of i.e. fr- m yesterday.
Oats-Til?? Muy short?? In this market,
although still som.-what n*rvous at the
start, regain???! confidence as the evasion
iidvtin?*??! 1',-d.iv. and at th.? close seemed
to he In fill poseasaiuo ?f thir ass-irance
and master?? of the situation. May .,,, n
. ? ?,,?. oft from last n!i;h> s clot*??, at 3lc?
advanced to U.c., then Kent off to I?',?',
and th.? don?' was at '?-?.v,?\c.?a net
Ion? of 4<u'?ic. fr ?m yesterday.
provisions wer.? ilrm on th?? support ac?
corded ?he mark' t by pucker.? and short?,
fuard end ribs ?rere im?;? a, ti ??? than
pork. Th?? bisher owning pilca* for hos?.
th?? ?mailer ai rival?. .,nd the Increase In
packin?,- for ?he ?A???-!? ov, r last year's.
f-l.t values crul'l ? .! ly. The cl???" wa?
1-.C h'Kber f"r M.1J rk. V ?? hlcher for
Ila? lard, and l-'V. higher for May ribs.
The leading fu'.ures i.?n?: t as follow?:
WllXAT- Op-ilng. Closiog.
April. IfM ?SH
Mm. o?S ?*>*
Jtliy.:"'. >Wi
Sip'teiober... . 08)4 asJ8jJ
?OR*?: ?
AprU. BM :*U
?toy. :!-? ?? :w?S
Jair.?? :??*?
???pteiuber. 4*>* 4<>H
I mrs
April. ettVi ??1?
May. ?? *M
July. ??<? *m
? .?opteinber. '?'??? '-?Y5*
| P.i-ts
May.81i:?11? lUktt
July. 11.11?? 11.8?)
! Liso?
'May. LBS 7.II.Y
I July. 7.1.'? 7..?U
! Ma?.... SJBJM 1.70
July. ilejto ?.?JO
?'r?sh .piotali,,us: I'lour was tlnll; the
f, ling ??.,? steady, With price? un
'. No. 2 ?prime ill-.? it. rv?.?y?rj?A?c. ;
So. 2 red NO. a ? oro. :?>V?"*S?*.
No. .' oats. '? M.--S ? ,rk. ili.ivt?
12 7?). I.nd. ?. ? . ?-. Short-rib skies,
Should re, M ?? -'? sides,
' \\ ?i.a. v. .?' *"?
G???? BTOCK-TARD8, ILL., April
L~Cettle?Receipts, LSM ti? i.i. mnrk-'t
Ilrm; common to >\tri steers, 8J.Xt?4.7t:
and f d- : -. fJ."?''?'?.7.",: > ??? ?
bull?. IU : cal- ? ??? ?.?>.
Hoars- Receipts, 18,808 b< id; market
opened ?trong, but clos I ? ,-i r; heavy,
?. common to choice mixed. IS.?M
choice assorted, g"..;."?.? .."J?; liKht.
:' ? ... pi.es. ?1.:,,??|6.1'>.
Bh?*ep Ft celpts, 7,??? bead: m.irk-t
tinner: Inferior to choice,R.MVL81; tombe,
Xl.?DO ?.G?".
CINCINNATI, <?. April M -Flou??
Spring patent, tJ.tiXg :!.'.?.">; family, ?-i""
Wheat?Not on?? cur of wheat was Ba?
li ted to-day; No. . .? 1. ?
- Yellow, ear, hta.
? - it? No. .' mix? ?!.
G? rk ?City m? ? ' i' I 50; ? k ir an s. til?*?;
family, tu "".
Lei steam i- sf at I -??; Battle aetad,
Haeon- Steady; shoulders, HM', abort
rll? ?ud--t, B.S7Y4; nient cloai" ?????,
4V .'?-"-.
w htases Stratify at 11.15.
THK ????????? A A UK HTM.
LIYTBRPOOIa April B, ?Noon Cotton
?u mod?r?t?? demand: prices unchanged;
Anwrtaen mtodltoe, ? G-bsl, Batos, 12,008
bal?,, American. ?,?? bales; speculation
aad export, 8??? bal??.,. Receipts- 18,800
bales; American. ,'?,:??? bal? s Futures
quiet with demand freely suppl????!. May
r>nd June, 1 it,!?!.. June and Juiy, I 1-844.;
S'-ptemb.'i? and October*. I "--Md.; October
and Noeeflahar, ? t?-t>+i.; November and
December, * 7-?.?,?.
? ?, M -.American iiii-MUmc. fair, ????? ;
good middling, ? t-*Hd.; iniddTtog, 4 I-let;
low mi idilio. ; i-i',1. good ordinary,
I H-lOd.; onlltiary. I .?! , Ipril, it . buy
ere; A|>rll and bfay. id , buvi ? -: ?.?? and
June. ii. buyers; Jene und July, ? l?8eB
? _?-,.4?1.. J nt ?> and August, ? ;-?.???., buy ??.
August ani September, ? ,-'iid., buyers:
Sept. tut? r and Octol r, ! ' 84d.; Ocwber
and Novmb? r. I O-'d-l. JAltures ctoaod
j ipilet ;uid Bl inly.
NEW VORK, April St -COtteg steady;
middling ./ini, 7,??: i-iil uiiik uplands.
7' ,?. S '??. U8 ??.!!??-. 1-uluiv? closed,
?, 171 . - bal, s; April, ?.l'I; M.iv.
? p.ll; June, P.ll; .l?!y, ,?7.;?7; Antust, 87.lU;
! Beptemb r, 17.1.', October. 17.50; ? >v? m??? r,
?,' '-?. ? ? t -, .. -; .' 89 j nal ny. 17.?.;.
? NEW ORLEANS April .11.- ?'?,tlon- Fu?
tur.?, .??:!??? and ;t? uly; soles, .-.-??? pu!.??;
April, : M ; a un??, ii.??; July,
; fl.lO; A ? ? Bepl mb? r, *77.?7; ???
i toner, |7.1 . ., rember, ,.'.-, December.
; I7.:x
i YTILMINOTON, N. ?'. \ IB -Rosta
dull; ti uu ? trained, ^;'?.?.
'l'uri? linn? tlrm at 2>'?' ? ??.. bid. Tar ;.., .ely
, in ' ?. ?rode to, | ? m .?. ? ;:, ,n; ii.ud, ?1.U0;
? soft. ?": I . {.'.oo.
CHARlJtTSTON, B. C. April .''i.-Tur
pentino ilrm ut Sto, Rosin linn; good
strain l. ;?.???.
(Iteported fur the Uispat? h.?
NORFOLK, VA., A;i:l BJ,. Market
ejui.'t; ? mini i. I'.??.'-?., prime, 2\?>2',..?.;
extra prim . -;.??.. rsney, I ,?.
A Manasen Pages dump? ??? ??. Yuung?
Btem f?r ljatcklng Hall I'lt.vers,
Th'? BtsmttOfl Post of V. "In, lay ?on?
tain?? 1 ?.,, f ,?| rsraagi
"The atogracef?l c ?nduet of th?? itich
uioiid roughs arno bum ? the ? hirnlose*
Staunt,,? base-ball ptoyers und sev-r ly
hurt Cstcher Arthur ? Beotton upon
the good naine of Iti-hm m I, and the
perpetratan of the cowardly aal alsasrve
the ?-? veres! condemnation aad punieh
m.iit. \v,? cannot believe that the Hlch
iiinii l lovers , 11 a ? my aj mpsthy
with such ' ? lucL if they ?!?> not unita
t.? ferret it out .?nl puatoh the scoundreto,
the t ni" of the <dty musi Buffer."
Th? "t ?. u?" referred to ar,? a <t?,???-? of
stilali boye who frequent th beB grounda
ami peer .through the bolee In the fetsosB
ut the teme They ran niter Hie wagoB
Wlilch curl? s tbe t'a?na to their hotels
and j ?r at UM VsSttura They mean
nothlnir but l?n. but Hi ? tw > ?,r thr?*??
wh?> Utoughtleesly throw BtoBaa atMeae b
promi?tly hi? tod
There to greal no-l - f Bsore noBeg In
the vicinity of th- gtatehea,
1"<-? " " ? ?""' ' 'i
BfABISTE IM'li.l.llilA'I'li.
" Ml.MAK 1KB ALMA.NAl. Al'lHL f7, 1804.
Bae rtsee_ ?'?'??I iiiua ????. ?
Bseasta . ???I Moeama....ioti?'??
Mtiourla??. H181Ssasstog- 10:40
Steamer I'ocahonta?, l?"y?. SeafOlS, iiiercban
d- ?? and i,ase?'ug?;r?; lr?iu Wolliger. tmp?ru>
tendenu ,. _
Sehooncr H-'hsI? Brown, tsmitb, New York
light, t?, l'urite <t l'aik?r.
>'booiier Thoetse Hoz?, Kndlcott, 1't.ilidet?
phla, coal ; S. II. l?aw??* ? Os.
t-ehoon-r I'. ?'. "nntti. Miller, Ut-orgetowii,
coal; S. H. I'aw.i-iat < e?
Schooner Beam itas?root. **prague, New York
cement ; W iruor Beare ?'? Co.
i?choon?r BhYgSa BYaaedeag st?ein?aD, Albany
rallro .d-tiea : *??????. curili A Parker.
?mu, oner J. J. Bbbsb, '.ii.'.lt.'j, ?'. s? binston rie
Bermuda ilunlrod, lambsrj Teasel, Curtis*
??elKSiner W. W. Klnzel, Sop<*r. J r.ey CUr
rsSVoad-tiui?: William ?tlcharvUjo.
P?KT?FNKWP?RT BSITS, Arati. i.?J, 1SU4
Srltlab ?re mi?l.:p Lord t/Netll, ilaltirnora
Baaesaet feaam L lim?r????, t'Uiisdeiptus,
barge Indupendeut, Holloa.
PORT Of WES!' Pul".T, adrSB '.'?, 1894,
Hteamablo Ibviuot??, Baal, New York, pasaee
gers aud genera I c ? n-o.
ft-wnitinp SaUlm. re. Il'uuett, Baltimore, pas?
sengers aud gennai car^o.
tUnamer Wiu ? .tv, :?-?; ,-ail, YVilk?>rtcs, pas.
Saugers and goneful ?argo.
Htearuihlp Koanoke. iu,a, See York, passen?
gers and general carga
sieriiint.1?? K-iKit jore, Rennett, liittimore, pas?
senger? :, 'id ?.??? teril cargo.
Meamer Situ City. M&rsiiaU, Walkerton. pea?
acoger? and general carga
??? ?-, -?? ? - ?~?? ???? , ????.?????
or tub
The undersiirned comtnltte?, ?ppointed et g
meeting ot Uie . Irst-Sortgsg? liond?oider?. Bebt
Pebiii'iry .*., l?.'.H. rcribe purpose "t teadJiutlng
the atlairs of tbe Cap? Ke ir aud Yadtia Valter
Kailway Compauy, her?!./ call tar to? lepo.it of
tbe boud. ot said railway ritti the MKBCAS
Baltimore, or the PARME t-V LOAN ABU
Th? said tram i?ompaoiee will tora? ?sagrerei
negotiable ?-ent?rales for bond? deposited.
Tb? paymeut at TUB SB DOLLARS per band
will be rf?iuired at th? time ol deposit et bonds
for the pirpiare of meeting M? lacideaiai ex?
peoMeof tBeeommltM?.
?Cool?? of Me ?Hre?s?nt may be Bad at She
office of eitber ol tb? a *??*-uaai?t iraM coaa
paaiaa. WILLIAM IL Bi.acglOKD,
ap3?!-eod?w Cemealttee of BeestaeBBga.
ruesaosa, ?*., ??*?? ?t* l??*?. f
oa willtamlsd gasi ala sa real islas? asa
taiioVivt ureo isei Bata aamah

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