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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 28, 1894, Image 1

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. .-.v.tc?i'N Eiriy Forecast Barne Ont
t?y lbe Official Const.
? III urce t Primary Election
- Hfcld lu Rio-irocd.
? 'p ?? civ ? <? ?? .'* OTIoek
; Rr-silts Announced.
? ih ? ? ??.! W "? <>?*?< ri.
. ?* ,?!..? ( l.r.lniiriii l'ulte
Min*. ! - *
? Chair
? ? '
..,' the
a u
? ?
Il M
? s?
? ? I
?':? 1.1 t
! '
' '
? .
V? ? il
? ?? ? for
W ! ?
. : ? I
I to
. ? Itti -?
I .'! ke
men. were lo
: ??
?? Inlh t??
in the
a crowd ?
. ; r
? riun?
ii "I
all . mei
? . . ?
Iti. t?.? ?. ? .
? in on the
1-rt of
?. raid thai U
? .? ,
?, ?.,? ?? healthy I
..>.? in the ? ?'? Bso? rat o
! . . od !:?? WAS "f Hi
. rotrth win? larga ??' ''l-'?
? ?? (team? il ? -??..'.:?.
I rea r?as ta our tttr. The
?: this i loa fo-rbiddtng aa* oa?
rot?r io Mpproach wKhta i*v?mv
th? ??.?? leted Hill parf>al nuti??'
?AotUm. eoa! bt ?u lh. ?????calk?! p-?->- ?
?r. -itartn- lhat
? iiii?ii>ni
in a p. ition which praciiea.1*? daatroped
li- in;'
"Ila? n. w pian," < ntituie.i .Mr. Pat?
ui ni?? direction
of the Australi in b il???? law, ?M li Ib
, t- ? ?? ? ?? rally f ili.yfiielorv
The law. if
? .11 i.e of great ad
r tbe set ., ? -. ?
ballot, an l tu d rlni awap v.ith > ? :
. rtng and Hi.? Ilkr."
. ? be thought ?
good ? had ????? ? nominated,
?nd ii? ? tl ta ? tatereeta of
th?? ?it? ? : ? ? ?? n teft ?i.iti.'H for the
? memt.err? of
tho ? '?..?, thoagfal Uta
TUL ' 1
' ' ??. icivInK the I ''?'
doch edition
lorntng wh?
.. ? An eaemhBAtl ? ? I
? tie tallowing to ba
ill :
?:?..?.? r Tann, r I ?
. LI?
. ?. *t i..r c< misos?
? .. ::.G'7
r Barber '
I ? ? r ?US
ae for
. . ..*.?. ? ?
il . 1.001
? ? '-, .'f Ih??
. I-M
? r Cli rh ?.f th ?
I .*..,% S..mia.?,??.
?-.. ? ri ofBCI -
? ther nomi
m ? tl nominee
? hmond, and
im T ylor.
, tbe whole
?. :.? ? brother,
? ?.
?. ? ? llltl? ?. IL
, ... the dtp
m< n '.? r ..r r.
n m Clos
.i,.m man of tbe
;!i 1 Public Luild
and the vir
.i . . alwaya
l m il militar**' of
the ?
??? . the n..m
? g u.,ui. He we?
??? ? ; ? m in parentage,
; . 11. -.iy Phillips,
? an ? ? iy bualnei ? a
. . r. 1'hllll ??-II known
.. - at oil?'
ariti ? ? Taylor, m is later
h ? . ..? Phillip*
tly with ths
? | ?
Mr H M Bmlth, dr., v. ho will I.. ' ' -n.
it tome- after July 1st, la
?? M. Smith, who .'..??
? igrlculturol-lra
. : mond, Ii??
? right*?! young law) en ,.i
. uh Commonwealth'! Attorney,
. ?? ?? b) ? oloncl sp.its
I record a bile in
10 it ? ? :: I I?? I
i/aried and ? ? sponslble
lh.? Ward liehet?.
Aflei ?? had b ? orni pretty n? n< rally
.?.er?- the n? mini > ? for muni
? l| ?? ? in tbe
? ; oth? r ward cont? at?, Each
.?. hi? h only num. il
f the City Commlttc ,
? ' nd of Alder- j
two, live !
? uni ..'. Ihn e
? nd Uve .?? m ber?
?i". ?. m? rati ? 'ommltti ? In
? ? fi How the detail, il volt
' ?
" '? ?' hy ... I? irsks:
.MAL -I! \l.l. \\ U(|.
Precincts. I
I ... : To'l
? ? (??? '.
I G . . ... ? :
- : . ? :.\f
Com mon ? ' ? .
: ?*:
?. ? i"? ? : iter. -
? . ? ?? -24
? 1231,142
* 120 1.1*88
.1 ? 175 1"1 ?UT
IViililron . ." - ? 64 7:?;
In .... 2 -71 I '?? 123 K8
. ? ,. u l'i
m Hall - ? 133 1.28?"
- ?'?
.- l'I 1.068
.?. ,? ?? Jl-i HI 1 173
18 M 117 141 LISO
Y. Ita - ???.I..s
? Precincts.
_.... ?? To'l
? ? .-.-Il ..76-OSITI ??,?????.??
,!i I ... 3?. ?????:?." ...:..:ii.ii"
I . 436 -- ? ?H 5 ??
u .?.. lu'ataitbB*
p ; * .unc?!.
J. M ....-"."? H- l'I .'.M *.'H 1V.?1
. .. ..", ! ... lis t?*0 Ita MI
. ?.? * -?- :
?1? n <* Cai ?1 . ::? -'? 21?* 310 161 1.304
r , .MI ?_?|?? 244 ."?74 ?S?.l.t"*?
?s/ il .-.?,.il . ?? :?').?:>
? l'ord . M: M 42. 68 ION IH
'.' V, ., r-.ln.-i.:? . I ? .:?'?''? ' ' >>
Ivvin . ' li*,VJ!1
l j ?.. .? ? rj'42 ?,? ??: ?tt? 1.13?)
:,, . <? iii ? ..... ?.??-?
Mita-tal 42 41, 411
? ?M
.? ? ?2,1.713
j t? win . - mm i? ao*i.fi
? ? .vi.? .i... ih -2 ??.?.-? }i> 8 ?
?J. L. ivti.-r, .: ? ?' :?' ta M7ll.?Ml
v....? iu .;.?.*; 19? !? iv- ui.'
City Comm Iti ?.
?,?. ? -'? ? -? -'- l-.^'l?-?"'
, V\ l>. ?? ... IV2 ? ??.?.:?? ?? 3?7,2.'>J-<
?M. L. l'i??-?.? . . ?2 47?* ? ?? ?;1? .Ui?'_ii
?c W I *iiii*U!i .... *?*??4?4 :;*??* ?ta!!??
???. L,.l..ueh- . WO 4??_?????_??2*
U. C. llli.Mle? . 2S2 :i2i m 3(A'*ll.??
?C. ?. Wliataa ..tt-r-.w.?.iA.MTli*?
?? M N.-ni-.
' '
til .
i ? i. IV)
l? ? .?'?? \\ I? .lilv ...
:. It, Grim?
* Hav, kins.
?, .li.
W .lu.im II T..vi.,r ..
? ' ? Ml ?. . ..
Cllv <
? ? ? ???.??.
?; .
? ?: irlj-hl
?. i. ? .
hervln .. ,
. G?
? !
? . . : ? To'l
?lohn ...... ? ?
..' S M ?. -.???.
?U oli.un M. Tut!.m... IM ZU :ll
? n Council.
Kl ? i?. r?.i:<? 2-i 129 234 7:.: ?
: Lavi?. - ? -. ? I
. . 174 4011 ?
H. l'Vi ? 22V .'.t I
? ? ;il |J1 378 SM
VV II. Muli? ?. 64136 li 216 ?. I :
H Murphy..
.h" ?. :? .
: ?. Itti'. ? , ? -
. ? ?? iinmnck
??. ?
no* . 156 ?
?? ; w. Schll? -. r.
? en ?. w.I. - ? *.?
.? \V. \'i ? ? on. M 170 % 140 es ;
? in. ' ?.' ' ' ;- : *-:;
? ' .
. 123
nei '.-li-!'. '...'.?
Tj 1er. * .:?*?*? '.'.''J
,? ?. .?: ? \\ ? ?. ?? t;.;
. kVen I? ib-re 171 : : ?? 72>
? \ .1 \? ? . ' .
? ?.Wood . '.?
??????: wa im.
I l'reclnets.
???'t??.? (one?.
?M Mil?, ('.lake .21*
1?. A. Hrnwn. Jr. ... i?S
Common ?Ouncll.
It. H. Brock, .ir. Ml
?.lume? Cassie .?o
?It. B, ?Hover . G?'?
?M irv (?uriMt . Kg
?YV. J. McDowell ... Bl
Mo*. Vf. Thomas.... HI
J. M. Wiltshire . M
?1?. S. c-'alr-s .PM
T. F. ??-??t? . .?.?,
?\V. ?. Crave*. ?.li
?Henry li Orubbs... BB
YVlillam ? rouse .... BM
City ?'ommlti????.
?il St. .1 Cosi ter.... _*n
?w ?;. Dale . M
M. W. ?;,rdon . M
?w. it Isaacs Jr. .? p
W Mac, ini..?.2?.;
m. i: McKenny. Ml
r u. Noel .V'i
H. U l'et'-rs .p
il. Ullrnan .&B
.?. .!. Walsh .BM
? I ! 2 , I ] 4 1 6 Toi
ZW225?I0I I'A-.l.otA
ill ut r.?ia?i s?
m y,:? bb?bs i.css
n>t .t?, > ?> ter. i..?t?
?547 3*??313??? 1.611
?'? . ; :?-, 2Tl\ C"!
? .??? r.'.d
,. Iti .?.<?*. l.SM
11*1,180,207,148 941
CM ITC'is? 340 1.181
XI 147 170171 STI
?:: ?.; 312 ::?< 1.597
... SA.337 302 1.381
li., 216 lfi IM l.i.'ie
290??!????? I.1S8
. 207 I .<?i>
365 215 2M ?? 1,511
263 182 180 ITS MB
o,. 151 190 117 BM
?li 229 241 JM le?"'
_*a 140 17.: lis '<7<>
17 16?) 192125 K-?2
i ?- 153 195 M TU
M 86| S) I'd, 515
j,\("KSt'N BTABD
? i-r.etncts.
c?v Commltt? e.
fFive elected.)
.1. H. Doherty.
W. J. Doyle.
W. P. l.i-I.r,.
I!. .1. Heeke.
i: .1 lioxan.
w i? Johnson.
,?????? Kr?n
P. J. M.-Carthy
1 2,3 I To'l
IC! 44
-,? ??
? ? ?. ' 12 129
? r, zi ?
62 12 :
M Zi 12
.17 !" '
Henry L. Carter. John 8. Trower, BL Kill.
*7!yseems to be con?Kd**d tarnt Mr. Olover
will ix* re^lecled to the presidency of
the Council.
The Nee* Com ru I ?toe.
T*ho new City iv-mocratlc Commtltee
Bflbe composed of the followln* mem
^Jackson Ward-YV. J. 1?_???_ W. F.
??G. ?mes H. lOherty B. Jones Ilb
.! SE ?. ?. Jarvls, A J. Wood, and
^LTwrntl CBBBlnjBam Hail. An
?;,';? ?ini. Jr.. P. f* Murry. JsBeeeo.
Wallace? and C. VT. Morris.
;., ,,- J* ? imrea, m. l. Daenma,
Wr5__tJn C-nnlngUag Hail, who ha?
? aptain in ? f tn? ^mmittee
S" iever?? yeXS- <*?*eln >Tn
are am-m* ?*"? mention?,? as suitable
rirwoM fo? the chalrnvar,. hip of the com
Mr ??t'??'? ??????????.
Mr T..?l?'r MB1 next Chief F.xecutlve,
- G.- ?,':?;?? with eonirnitiil.i.10.0? of his
ir^-La-l s.,pp..ru-r. ?-? ^_??_.
ti?.? hundred ?if th-m called on him ?it
I? resWence. No. s* ?-ct Ornee street
and f-'-r three hours the Incoming Mayor
City l,y rreelnrt?.
?? ?e?. ??4?
?1 g ".,_ ???
.', ., -/ -je - <: ~ -
g ? S
c. - -
?: ?
?.- -
e? o
r c
Ulli-., mj
yjj iitdii
s-ijLjii m
S S 5 5 HlH
lui ?hjsa
f I LI Sis th ll ?
-s ? ??:??_
*. - c _ ?- r. -.
o?: h:.:.?: lit
_ ?
?i "j
? o ? jag?- ppf f
"a "*_? S "-''-r S
?? .?r.~.-.
a~? *?.: e'r?.i?i
-i-i s- ?:?? -
c. _ ?-,:-j
?-I M*
ua el.?
l'er- .miel of II'?? CotUB-???
\s ? remili of Ti.ui',.lay's pumary there
W,U be Beveral changes ta ih? ???-;'?,"'
aldermen aud Common Council Juli ,- L
Sony old member? did ??toferfor .?
nomlnatkm. and aoaae who did offer were
d"of*ah? elghl members of the Deerd of
? .',??.? nominated M?-?. William M.
Tiiii'in. of Jeffereon Ward, and -"? ?
A,?i,t.'..Mi?. of MarehaU. are now wrvtag
f, he body. The new m-ml.'.s are:
,. ?? ??: !?? Storte and Bvan -tocad, of
,??.,,, M,i). Biabe, of Monroe?
? -ne?? ? Vaughon. of M ad taon: Joba M
JSrfJtlBfBB, and B. M. Nobta, .'f
\lr Starte I- pro-irlilor of Hie Starke
? .'. piow-Wort-, hoi --rv.-l m ?lio
ommorcoundl. ta Pr?^eftbeAa.
socuted Chorltlea, and of th?? Rlcbmon?!
1,,i;H.tu;ll Buiiding, Loan Bpd Trust Com?
pany. .
ur Bneed is a merchant, ?m ez-memb r
of the L? ?rd, ?ni served mo . ? "? ntl,
,??,? the City D?Binocratlc c.mmitt.- n ?
,;1",;: '?.?..?,- prataaant o* the Clay-Word
Mr Linke 1? a Kror.ry in.-r? haul a* 1
reed dealer and a working poung Demo?
crat , . ..
u Mra ?.d.i.? aii'i Vaoghan ??** bo???
merchant? and asembarB of tbe preemt
? ?. mmon Council.
Mr taha M. King is superintend? nt for
Mr?.'Jan.? Kin?--. SBOhW ? W,H"!? ??* ?*?*?
Hi Turpta will l>e ? candidate for ?he
..?, mIciu-v of th? board, and it is utvler
" ??, in:lV be oppceed by Major CKwajr B.
Allen, on? Of the hold-over numbers from
Madison Ward.
Th.- it -w memi, rin of lh?? ???????? Coun
?II ar?? as follows : W. T. Woody, grocer;
Joba ?. I?"? l-BBVP, salesman; and "Adam
Diaconi, mntiufacturer. of .Marshall.
jemee Caakta, lawyer: it. s. Break, Jr..
rollroed ot'iclitl. and Marx Uunst. mer
??tuini, of Muere?
Sil. L. LUjomb'.r;-, lawyer, of Jeffer?
H. T. lirfeK-i, c Immission merchant;
? Joseph Waioeretaln, ??????????? mer
iliiuit; Julius A. rlobeoo, t.ouk-keei?er; and
?. I) l.anderkin. manaa-er of the Klt-h
moml I??* ?Ompaiiy. ?>f M.idlnon.
S. ? Colirell. i*oal dialer; J. M. Blanks,
<lrugg-*i; -?"'I P? B. C Cabell, atturney-at
taW. of Clay.
'? .,? ..id BtotBbcee roBomlaated are:
Jeffereon Waid OeorgB U. Davi?, John
K. Klip*?. N. t. ???????, and Thomas U.
Murphy; Marahall Ward-John II. Grime?,
John Mmin. Jr ; Monroe Ward?Roif? K.
(?lover and W. J. McDowell: Madison
Ward-Jomeo T. Ferrlterj Clay. Ward
fa id an infortuni reception. The chri
toforo Colombo band seieneded Mr. Tay?
lor during Um evening. Refreshmenta
?? r,? Bervi ? tu tbe cebera and the time
wa? apeas '" dhrnieftirg the overwhelm?
Ing victory of the boot
A YVhe, ll-ai roll-Hid?? lie!.
Another aatttSing l"t ?vu.-< paid l eat
nl bl Rteberd Napier bet Edwin
Vaughan iti.u Bppa wooM beat Smith,
and agreed if h,? lost :,, trundle Vaoghan
in a wheelii,trios? from th?? corner of
High and l'in tr??? IS to Morir,,?? l'ark.
if in? ??.?? Vanghea ?v is to trundle him
over tii?? con Tenghan paid the for?
feit, much to the amussment of a large
number ?f tin? citisene ,-f th.? YWst En 1.
Coiii-ratiilatc .Ylr. Smith.
? large d?l?gation "f Italian citizens,
ani?n?,' \s ii?-m were Mesen, Jaasee I..
Hott?, nul ?. S-iiioii.'i ?in-l I ir. .!?? Call',
Who has Jiift removed h> re fr-.m \\'.????
togton, celled apon Mr. n m. smith, Jr.,
ti:.? nowly-nomlneted ? emmenai atth'a At?
torney, tost night to under their con?
gratulations The ciiristoforo Colombo
Bend wae along, and fund?bed spiriti??!
and deUghtful niu.?u-?. Mr. Smith extend?
- ? the boapttaUty of his home i.? the visi?
tor?, ? ?r -i-? flatta ??? ? Bsember of the
Committ?!? an Arrangemeate of th'? bai I,
and is taklni; Krcat interest In Its wel?
Acra Temple, M.vatlc Shrine.
Acca Temple held Its spring reunion
Thursday niKht, on which occasion the
m??? rot??.? und paraphernalia were used.
The nobles were exceedingly pleased
with all the new features. Th? re was a
targe class of novices, who w? re greatly
pleased with the r<ulttion of the work,
?o?d g?re very ??triklngly Impresse?!.
Y'lsltors wer?? present from Phila?lelplii:?,
Indianapolis, and severa! other cities.
After th?? work there was the usual eft*?
Kant aprenti BBaTved fag Krause.
Creorne I?. Street, the potentate, looked
like an eastern print???, Frank Cunning?
ham ?Jltl not s??? tn to have a care as to
the election, Tom YY'hittet wae an Idea!
I11..I1 prle.-t. and Mr. Ilotchklsa was ln
his element. All the officers were on
their mettle. After speech and sons: this
more than pleasant meetlnir. was brought
to a close, und the clock struck one.
Military Note?.
An or-ler has been Issued for Troop D
(H_nover) to assemble for Inspection on
May 4th. so that it may be .Jetermln.-I
whether the membership has become re?
duced below the minimum.
Hereafter all officers of all branches of
the servtoe will be heU responsible for
stores in their banda
Bltth Anniversary ot Ihe Alpha Society
Of the ???-ventri???!reel t.'hiir. h-Pretty
Musical l'ricrumine.
The sixth anniversary of the Alpha Sj
clety of the Seventh-Street Christian
church was commemorated at that ?acred
?*dlflce last night.
Th?* attendance of member? and visi?
tors was large, and the programme full
of Interest. The exercises opened with
a quart He hy Mis? Itodgrrs, Mrs. Dur
rett. ami M- ars. YVatktna and Cardozu.
After the singing of a hymn H"v. A. It.
Moore off-Ted prayer, and there were
other delightful ??????-? e>-Iectlons. The
scriptural reading was by BeV, O. P,
Rutledge, of Norfolk.
BBA i?K THE ??G??,.
The a.ldr? ss. admlrahl-? and Intirestlnc ln
every particular, was dettisi?d by Rev.
?. ?. Tyler, L?. D., of New York. Thi??
eminent divine expr? ss ,1 his great plea?
sure at l-elns; in Itlchmond ui??n the oc
eaatoa of the atxth anniversary of the
Alpha Society, and said were he going
to cheractertao this era he woeM ?ay it
wa? th.? era of the young people. Thi?
was a period for Christian ?????tollone.
B?ret-eT_O0da of St. Andrew, King's Bons,
and King'., Daughters, and, last, bat ??-?
l-iist. tin? societies of the ?'liristi.in l.n
deaver. Th?? reiijn of the young people
was a Bebte reign. They wer.? better now
th-in irere the poaag gmm and emnaen of
the yoeag Bays of the sp nk-r.
The coming Mme In BhllTCh and In stat??
would I,. Leiter f.r th?? youlhful than UM
pi-sent or the ,,a.?t. I ?r. Tyl? r said th?;
reeeoas for such hopes w-re that the
children had Barter had such tralnim,' and
ft! nit!.??.. Thos.? before him had very
mei ? betti r fuciliti, s and opportunities to
do good
The speahi r bbM ba waated to live long
enough t?, bmra to gro??? old gracefully.
Cray hairs did not man thai ? BUM was
?dl. He had s.? ti many ni? ? n-.t BM
than 25 years of age who were perfect
?treni . neither mtisfled with them
nor any on?? else.
Dr. Tyler dealt with the eheiaci rlstlc
feataree of the Mctotjr, Be epohe -,f ?he
prayer-meeting and other ptodgea The
former h?? terraed the backbone of the or?
ganisa than. He dtaeected Um mveral
Btodg -, and said that ?ach see would be
a fin?? Bobject for ? sermon. Hero be
brtoSy ? ferrod to errtttea mrntoa
inv ihat if be want?-I everybody pi
to ink.? ? ebeti nap ??? would raad them
one of hie m nnoaa (Leughb r.i
The speaker referred to the fact that
at the meeting at Montr?e! last year
('resident Clarke had urged a< ? -i ?
f,-r con?dd? ration the nuit!? r of good citi?
Benshrp. The minister thought tins togfc
was worthy Uta aenakli ration of the
young people ? >( this toad He took up Um
underlying prlBclploo of the society,
li,? sail ii,?? Medtooe-Squ ,r?? meeUng a
year ago was a aiwtlng .,r greeler po?
litical ilgnifj am ? than Um Chicago, or
Um Minarepobe, or the CbtctenaU eoa
ventkma In trylnii t-, please the [yitd,
Bcoording t-, Um pledge, mea would vote
for what they consider?'! t , !?? for the
best Interact --f Ood .ml humanity.
Dr. Tyi.r th.-n argued to favor of the
lmp?,r!aii.,f reading Hi?? Bible, and gave
tome practical euggestlons as t,. how to
read the Booh of Hooks, t??? two
pledg..,. suppotl your own church and
pray every day??er? re treated at some
length Tii-? Bpeaker mad.? a h-alitili,!
treat tee upon bee? t>? ascertain what
?'hrlst wants his children to ,1?>, and
closed with an earnest appeal 1er the
blessings of th?? Saviour upon his audi
Mr. II. I?. HiMI'k th-n sai.g. with
SWeet ? 'feet. "No Time to !)>? \\'a?ted."
Th?? dosotogy was sung, and the audl
ence dtomlesed.
1'ric? >,?t let ftfjieeg ?'pea?Feeeeeel and
otiier BtoaMhaMsae Ito?ea
H'-pres. ntatlv.s of th.* Mai?
v. i'-r Company ant of the Ctty Council
and th.? arbitrators selected to Ox a price
on th?? plant of the water company ha?-?
bad several meetings recently, but as
pel have not come to any conclusion in
n.?? matter, p le thought that a? soon
as Man? i, -t r acauires ih,* water com?
pany's plant thai a franchise mil be
giv.n some company to cstSbUeh a sewer
Several weeks ago the Richmond and
v inen 11 Hallway Company changed it?
schedule and dMeontinued Uie loop from
Seventh find farv- to Ninth and Main
streets and pegan running all t'll ?
up Seventh streeL A -lay ur two ago
a l.tly from Hi- souths!?!?? ?vas s?? ti ? ??
??? ntly watting .,' Hi?? e ?rner of Ninth and
Main. She WOUld i' ?I "ll one foot and
then tie- otiier. and then east a lungi,!.:
glance down tii-? streeL a big-h? * ? t - -1
poli??, man, appreciating tbe situation,
stepped nimbly up t?? th-? young lei??, ind
?.? ii?? gracefully touched bla helmet, ?vini?
????? face was wreathed in ??mil?*,
h?? remarked: "I suppose vu are from
Manchi ?ter.' "v? . ehe r? pile ?. "The
care do not run t-> ?i?? corner any more,
bal ni- Seventh BtreeL" snd th.? officer
; ?.a!. I B| ?in. "Is lhat BO. Thank >'"U
v- ry much, sir," and sh-? tripped up the
Th? re was a large sttendsnco ai t:?
celebration Thursday night at Toney'a
Hail of th-? mventy-fiftb anntverssn of
Odd-Fellowship ht America. A nun.! r of
, nj lyabto ?? ? ' ? ? ??? re rnade.
The , ?vii rase of Blanklngshlp
Bsvory engaged the attention of ?, ?
tings Court yest??rdaF. The ease involve.?
th?? mi.? t,, som? property.
i:? v. w. T. Jolly occupied the pulpit
at Ctopton-Streel church Thursday night.
iti ? t. a if ? .? -, , : .??- ?'? He will
till tii.? pulpit <-f this Church at both e? r
Vtces to-iui-rrow.
I;,??, w . n Trstohsm wlH give a lecture
Meal Thursday night al Cowardto-Ave?
nue Cbristian church for t. ?? l"?,,. lit of
tie- Cowardin-Avenue Toung Men's Read?
Ins-R.,. Bubjc t. "Mental Photograph,
or Voting America as Beea To-day." Much
it,t? ?? -t is manliest. 1 in the csUbiMbmenl
of tin? reedtag-room, uni th.? lecture win
n , doubt t??? hugely attended
. ? ????? r looking turnout pa?-d through
Manchester yesterday morning, p was
an .? -ait Brlth ihr?-? oxen attached, The
bovini s wer.? being led t,y two men. while
in Hi.? .ail i.'i a ttOBBB or so women and
The Bret eai of eoa! waa run up 11
!!:?? ??\? ?..:',-.ha!?? on the Hi? hmond and
Danville r..ilrna?l yesterday, and the new
arrangeaient apperenUy worked a IL
? ease "f B/iUhune agslnst Um Man
Ch? r ilailvMiy ."."? lmpr?cV>Tii-!!t CoO>
,. aal f r triii Bzet Vfe Ineeday.
Miss C.-l-y ?. '.???!1 1-' <; .il-? Bftck at
h.r beane, on Porter sue?, t.
|i. ?,!!???.Sheriff Jam? s lt. fioode, "f
?!?? -,. ni.?1.?!, was In the city y. s'.rlay.
Mr. a. ?'. Attkis?on has returned from
Bucktagbam Coortkeaee, where h.? went
mi legal business.
?inly one trifling case wa? disposed of
In the Mayor's Court yest>r>!ty morning.
They I?eny the >orfo!l. Allegation?YVay
iniiii Button'? Ca*e?l*ar?iona ?:??????.???.
Mr. George 1'. So.uire, of Lancaster
county, representing the m-nhaden fish?
ermen, call'-d ui>on the Governor yeab-r
day to contradict the as-Jertioii made by
the Beefs? of Norfolk conn ? y that his
people were destroying ?dil-l?? fish wttii
their purse nets. M?BakgesM. are usci In
making fertilizer. Mr. S?iuire says there
Is |10".'?>' km atad lu. and 1,<a*J persons
engaged in th-? Industry. He Invited the
(Jcivernor to \lsit the Seid of operations
and make an Inspection, so as to satisfy
himself thai the char!??* was unfounded.
This the Governor consented to do, au-1
will <??> ov. r the ground In th ? State
steamer Cheaapeuke some time in Juni?
or July.
Governor O" Ferrali Is blng solicited by
personal appeals and petitions ta pardon
YY'ayman Sutton, and has taken the mat?
ter under advisement. The c_se of Sut?
ton is a very remarkable one. Some years
ago he was convicted of. the ?iiuroVr of
Pete liarvt-1 In Southweat Virginia, and
sentenced to hang. The night before the
day fixed for his execution be was re?
leased from the Wythe county Jail by
a mob, and escaped tooths far Wat.
He was finally located, brought bock at
great e_pen?e to the State, and resen
tenced. but Governor McKinley, yielding
to the entreaties of Button'-** friends, and
Infl'ience.i by evidence of a ???-tbl?? doubt
of his gull?, commuted hh*--oentence to
Imprisonment for life. The papers before
and th?.? p.VBBBB? repreeentatlons mad? to
Governor U'Ferrali show that very many
of the best citicene of Button's section
of the State believe that he Is an Innocent
man, and th?? vletlm of circumstance.
If not of a conspiracy. Letters have b-*-t*n
written to th?> Governor by gentlemen of
th?? highest standing, taking this view
of the caso, and urging that Sutton shoulil
tal ?????? his liberty. Sutton hail borne
a good character before the Harvel shoot?
The Governor yesterday refused to par?
don David Morris. Scott Crawford, and
CharlSB Shltlett, who In 1W2 wer.? con?
statai In ('.re. n?? county for disturbing
public worship, and s>-ntenc???l to four
months each in Jail. The cas.? was ap?
pal-d from th?? Circuit I'ourt ti> the
Suprime ?'inirt, and the Judgment of the
lottar <*ourt eeaflnaed but in th?? aseaa
lime th?? men had been released on bail.
Bhlflett, who hail not heard of the adverse
decision of th?? p????t court, was ar?
rested at Orsea? Courthouse a f? w days
ai-o. but th?- other two men live In the
Llu?? Ridge mountains, and ar?? not BBBf
to reach. Th?? Commonwealth's Attorney
of Gr.ene advised against Executive cle?
L. e. Orar. Bthertff of POaealer; J. ?.
Hiirkrader, Sh? ri(T of Wyth.?: Qeorge A.
Williams. Deputy Sheriff of Fairfax: m.
K. Seise, Sheriff of Nelson, and I'm.
John L. Mo?,n. of Alhetnarle, vislte.l%thc
Capitol yeeterdoy.
Lotiitiieiii emelit ???????? Ye?ter?ln- of tin?
Th?? First Lit.tist cluinh (colored) was
w? p tin?*.i y Btetdey aftaraooa on th?? oc?
casion of the r,-r.i luation ex rclses of ?Iv;
Hi? limoni Tli.oloiile.il Seminary. Enjoy
? 1.1.? tiiusa- wat t? aderad by ihe Hartshorn
and the First ?lunch
. h..ue, and aevi ral s.,i?.r atan Bong.
Th?? chief part of the protframm?? c>n
sist?--) of addreeoci, at foUotrei
"Some D? man is of the Age Ifpoa th??
Ministry," Philip R. Berbet?y, Philadel?
phia, La : "Social Mleelon ..f the Church."
Henry W. Chiles, Mali-tnld. Va.; "Th..?
Attitude of ??? Col in ? People Towards
the ????.???.? ?? Baptist Home Mtaetoa Bo
??'.? tv," sutton ?. Ortgga, Delle?, t. ?.;
"Fidelity t?. Obligation Essential.!.) a Paa
tor*B Su..?.ess." Oliver T. Harris. Appi?
?????.?, Va.?. "Paul, the Ideal Mloslonary,"
Joba t. i'i.-titty, Petersburg, Va.; and
"Tbe Valu?? ..r Hist,,?? t.. tbe Biblical
Student,"' Lewi? J. I'ollard. Warn IB, \ u
An address to th?? graduate? was tien
given ?'.v L.-v. W. P. Lrahim. of Iho
Firth sir????! church, on ?'The Mlnlater and
His Work.''
Diplomas ..r graduati?*? from the Bag?
listi ?l ? litui??ms were ???.?? to all eg?
ea- t s. ?; Orli -b, uh>. r .? ived a full di?
pi..ma, with degree of bachelor of di?
?? the done of the programme Bee, w.
M. Mooa, m ?. hell of the alumni, pn -
?anted Dr. Car?} with a purs.? ..r money
in tohea of their eeteem, witb which to
purchase a |>arlor sel ..f furntiu. .?. .ml
Dr. Carey responded with appreciation
and som? wordt rotating to tbe poet and
preaent "f th work. k?v.? hundred and
thirty students for the ministry hav?? ai
tended the sebo ol In the te inty ils peers
of Hs history, and better and high? - m ?..
D don? aow then ever before, The exer?
etoet closed with the benediction bj Rev.
????a La> ne.
In? ite.? in ih?? Balta wood Aaseatattoa'?
"ilriiinrlial Me.tini; -An liii|uiry.
At th-, BWettag .'f I. ?*aiii[> last night,
Commander E. Lealt? spin? ? pn | ?
a communication was received from Mrs.
L. d. n?.'.. bhtaa, chairman of the Holly?
wood Memorial A loctatton, inviting th?
camp to attend th.ii- mettlng on Bay :.
iv?i. at the v..unis- Ben's Christian Asao
< Liti?p imildiiiK at s o'clocb P. M., which
wa- accepted, and the ?ami? waa ordered
. bl? .... ? au.-rai in uniform
as poBBibta,
Colonel Spence presented tbe camp with
? of .Mr. Georg ? B. Bernard'? ?
on the "Gettysburg Camp? ???.." to be filed
with the archiv?e of the camp.
The following i.-tr.r was received:
"MASON, TEX., -\| ril I.' UM
"I. ?- Sir, If you can, pie is? wa ? int
? of any ofltoer or privat.? of
the Thtrty-flra! Virginia Lattali..? ..r in?
fantry, or any one else who may beva
known the one-eyed Sergeant 'Bendy,' re?
ferred to in t!..? Cosmopolitan for May,
UBS, page ES, and you arili oblWte
?v ms truly, WILSON HEY,
"Adjutant rt. Kaoon Camp, ?'. V,"
It WIR Be >?????.??? trema New *,..rk To
A New Fork telegram ? the Dispatch
r. ceived last night soys:
"Th?? Committee on Deaiga of th?? Sol
?li.-i.s? and SoUort Monument .\
tion of Richmond, V?., me! at tbe
tal.lishm. nt of th.? Henry Donnord
Bronoe Company to-day to Inspect |he
statu.? recenti} cesi bj tbe .ipeny for
the monument which Is t?. i.?? unveiled at
Richmond oa May Wth. Tbe memi* :
expressed themeelvee as being thoi
?atistb-d wllh th?- m-.u. and it was ec?
o pti d on ??- half of the aesoc atlon. it ?
probable that the statue will b?- shipped
.-i ?t ndiy."
Th ? N? w V'.rk Trilliti?' of ????t.?.??
print? .? cat of tb? Beare, and sor? it
wei;!is about thr? " tons and Is sixteen
f. ? t high.
Mafrlege at Monumental.
a Muiet aiiJ prstty mai m... a ? .? k place
In th?? Monumental Episcopal church in
this citv V.'-dii--d iv at i O'cloch i'? M.,
? ntractlng partie? being Ml?? Alle?
L. Whim? y. an accomplie- ? lad] ol
-Bond .Bty, an ? Mr. s, s. Denn,
one of tbe leading buslm m men of Nor?
folk. Tb ? ' 'i m oy a"?? perform? d I r
Btah u ? ?? ct ?!. B. K< srton. Th?? conplt
were preceded by M? ?ra franli Whitney,
of Chuchatucb, brother of tbe bride, land
Crawford Nottlnahain, of Nori.dk. brother
of tiie groom. There \.? re ? ?? - et on ? ?
few friend? and relative?. Th? bridal
party return?.I te the ? IMO? of Dr. W.
L. Dors? t. beotber-ta-taw of th? bride,
where ? sumptuous dinner wen ierv< ?
after which they hoarded the Norfolk end
\V. -.tern train f?.r Norfolh, their future
Th?? /oliavi?? Coming,
The Virginia Zouavea ?.f L^rnchborg
will attend the <???!? ::? Mil s ..f th.- u-i
veiling ..f tita Confederate Botdtanf aad
Sailors' m..unni? nt on Muy Mth.
Captata ?. E CroigbllL in a letter re?
ceived by G ..'al ?'liarles J. ??.'.?-???
. Btataa that he will bring i-Una
thirty-live men.
Captain Thomas F.llett, secretary of th.?
Monument Aaeociatlon, also recelve-| rea
tai lay an achnowtodgemenl et the invi?
tai n extended fonerei Turn.-r Aabhp
Lamp. No. 21". C. V.. of Wiliiliester. Ad?
jutant P. W Boyd, Of that cainp, tnak? 1
Inquiry as to accommodations obtainable
in th? evnt ^hit Ma oritatiizatlon should
tind It practicable to attend.
lit?? Pulton M ?"-ting.
Hev. G. F. Williams, city mlssln-iary,
who is supplyiiv- Fulton church d irtn?.?
Dr. Whlt'lell'.* ?U?eras, has ?n'en hoMIng
m?*?tlngs every- u'Bht this week, as.-il-tcl
I by Hev. W. P. HIBCS. who is prca inn :
? with great peWBT. Th.re are large ani
Interested cunsregatU-iis, and many pr?.
? feosions.
I D. O. Sullivan, Eighteenth and Main
Streets, has about lo.W? pounds nice ?'i. -
Nlc Ham? (Virginia cured). We iilotl??
th? y can be bought at So. a pound?aplen
? did meat. He ha- som.? very tine Ch
? root?, Jo for 30c., as goMlasmoke an an
I Havana cigar. This Is a bargain, l-'tne t
Java and Mocb?* Coffee, 22c., finely fla
I von-I; nlct Dried Leaches, 5c.; eholce
[ sweet Country Lutter, 20c.; Hock-Candy
Syrup, 30C. gallon; 5,000 bags very tat
? Family Flour. ?Je. bag; Pi-re Lard. 8??.;
i very fin.? California Peaches, u _rk???!
down: very hue Grape?, 5c.; lmport-d
Sardine?, 8c.. Betta eU-where for lie. We
! would suggest to those who hav? cattle
to feed to aee his One Timothy Hay that
; ho la selling at <0c. hundred You will be
sure to buy. Corn. Oats, and Mill Peed.
Six pounds (?ront-tated Sugar, 25c. ; fin?
Irish-Pota toe?. 9k*. a pert; targe fat
Mackerel, per ?Posen-Oc.
? The beat cream and fancy Individuala
for -mtertainn-snta la asede by Morris?
I'Phon? 4?. : **0
Aa Cnsollrlte?! Tataimonlal to the Dispatch
gob oetc?.
Send your prlntin? t.j the Dispatch
Job office, and you will not regret IL
AU work executed promptly, neatly, at
low prices, and satisfaction guaranteed.
See tho fclowlng:
RICHMOND, VA., April 5. IHH.
The Dispatch Company:
Dear Sirs.-Permit m?, to congratulate
your Job Department ?mi the appearanc?,
of some presentation card? which 1 bod
printed there today. I am uaej to carry?
ing something "swell" ln this line, but
I must say that at the pile? Charged, this
class of work Is not ??-iiiall??-! in any of
our northern cities.
it Is so unusually good, an?l so wonder?
fully cheap, that I have to make a com?
merit. Sincerely,
Son? lure for HaiiilrufT.
The Sliver Dandruff Cure Company, of
Owosso, .Mich., has plao 1 M Ike mark"t
a sure cure for I -nine diffi?
culty. It can he four on sale at the
dragaseis cf Dr. ( The following
testimonial from a : ? : ilBgel eft?MBM of
Hllls.lalo county teile what the euro
Will do:
RBAOINO, Midi.. April ??.-The SII
ver Deadrefl Cate, Owossot ??entiemen,-.
My BtteattoS was call..! to your Silver
Dandruff Cure about six weeks ago and
urged to give It a trial, tn which I re?
luctantly consented. Having i,r?vlously
consulted and tul the prescriptions of
several different physicians. I thought It
u?ele?s to give it ? tria!. Hut upon th,?
urgent rocote meada tton of ? Mead ? con
Beated t?? giv.? it on??, and from the first
application I got r-li-f, and now 1 am
perfectly weU. My bead is clear from
?l-uidriiff end that burning, Itching sensa?
tion 1 had been Buffering from for the
past twenty yea is. ? ? cuso was a pe?
culiar on??. There would bo buriiin?? and
itching of Bay Si-ali? s.? that frequently
algttto niter ? inni retired to bed the
burning would be BO to tense that I would
t>e compelled to get up and bathe my
head in OoM water to .>uief thi burning
so 1 coiikl get mam rest These burning
innSBtlOTlB would 1,<? followed hy ? thloi?.
yellow matter oozing through the cuticle,
Which would v!,v on my scalp, I?? iving a
mo?t dtoBgreeebfc Itching that eonetantly
gave BM great annoyem a Thank? t<? the
"Silv<>r Dandruff Cur?," 1 am now entire?
ly ???!!. The ,,-?? <?< on.? box has cured
me. and I fe?| so relieved from Um suf
f??rlng ?m<! .innovan? - 1 hav,? B-dargono
for so many fesra past Hint n.? a ?? ?
of min-* Will adeguateti ? rxpr M m ? grati
tilde to you for putting so valu.il-> a
remedy en Usa market wln-r.? othen,
who are annoyed a? I was. can so easily
I,.? relieved. I consider it. a specilli: for
all acelp dhs a a .
Teure truly,
The Beesei llroken.
I. Y ? UK
?.??????\?> AM? DA.WTI.T.E RAIL??
? ' '?' KS -NVII.I.i: AND NEW YOltl?.
Tb.tic-Coast Une was without a
eoi . - In tbe Florida bust-ess natii
IBM. ? -? lli.it -lay the new
Florida Short-Line of Um Richmond ?nd
Danvi ? railroad threw si en II
ways between the Nortb Bad South ;.n-l
has etnee then be ? making things Bum,
The Florida business Is something ? ?
BBOOS, and It means much t,, the excbe?
quere of both roa ? . ? ly com?
petition bea ?? ? harp snd Um rivalry
im ? grown boti ? an i hotter.
Tii.? two Une ? bave vi, d with ? ? h
other 1?? the equipment ?-f their traini
unni now the Veatlbuled Limited, of the
Uu limon,I and Danville, l< a siring of
rolBng pel lea hat bi --n
-ini- ?.?-???? I to a ? ? ? e which we 1
hoped would be reached In the Bouth Tor
y ? ars ?. me.
? gran ? eiin,.,? ? ? . ,? last ?, u reach?
? d i,y the Rlchmi nd an.I Danville ? ??. i .1
? -:??! train, ? : ? ? ,? Jacl onvlll ? at
18 ? A. M. Thursday and, aft r covering
ii distil m? -?. I New Y - .
at U o'clock nnon on Frida] '''in in iu*
ail record ? ?.? either
and is by oni hour and ?? -.?? Blet ?
minutes tn?? >??a?4?*??a? III???? f--r made
between .Jacks ????1??? snd New York.
The most delicl?? . ; en ua i.i BBBslO by
Morri.??, 'Phone SB
Truly >' Titoriou?.
Wa ar?? ?n ,!,,iy receipt of MmpUmeate
t?. Um works of art ???? are off? ring t?
sui, ? ?ii, rs. All wi., g?? um "Stgbta and
Scenso of the World" attest Ita wiimtoi
tul power as ? pleasing adncator. it
? -? iltles all ..ur subscribers, at a paltry
sum, togeth-T with the cutting of a luv
coupons from tin? Dispatch, in effort to
? tbe entire world an?! s??,? what k to
be seen. And BOW, In tit?? m me manner,
through tbe "Famous Paintings of tuo
World," ali ara enabled to have an art
gallery ?r their own, whlcb cannot fan
of producing refining Influence.
Send ihr -.ii en I an 1 t? :i c-nl.-i fat
the number you dee m to
Do you want pur,? Ice cream? M it ?
Is tho place, No. C_? cast Hroad street,
'Phone SS
YVhen JVihy was sick, wo gave her Castors,
When alio was a Child, MM ened for (astori?
YVhen ulie beat?N Vu-?, s.'?? clang to Cx-1, ir?a,
YYueii she had Children, ?.let gavetii.'iu CtuUiri*.
Try Morris's pare too croi m for lnva.
Ud??it's tie- h it- 'Phone MO,
'?xford TesebinV BUS ? e-il a lar ?? varis'r of
other BUMee at M BIBB ? I o.'-, Ht? BBM liiorvl.
(io with ihn crowd to tuy Wiiting-l'aper ami
Kavttopeeel Uostbs ? co>a,SSB seal Broad.
Sights and Scenes
o? the World.
PART 17.
?G????? CHANUKi? EY'.Kl VVKKK.
Cut th'.? mapon out and W?v?p It until
ihre? ot tltPercst BsaaBecs are aceti., y.
Vil ??, tica i?: a...?I RllBI. tC?olUO.'
TO TBK COI ??? DSPAB?taltd-,
?ICII-ON'?. VA.,
snd yon wUl re?-oi?a the ei.-.-an* port?
folio ot pie.,? a ???.,???, as adveeneei,
*?e? o.ir advei'lituiaeul ou auviuar
To Subscribers.
If you don't receive "Sieht* and leene? of the
World''promptly oa your order Enow that Itti
cri tv? -omit of the freat midi el ordM?? Tnuy
?BUI come to you tn tima from the publllhnra.
of the World
?Cat eat three of Umm eoapone tad
eead or brMg ?ma Tg_ ogjrsa
ftlCUUD, U.

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