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In(-?r-.(liiK Ki-rciici of l,-?t tight'? ?Coni?
?aien-aiiieiil -Wrdal? und Oilier llonori
Mlitte and Left-, ?Imicnt?.
The commencement exercises of ihe edu?
cational gnd BPBUB-M-t .dcpiirim-n?? ot
the Young Men's Chrlitlan Association
were held in Association Hall last night.
The body of the hall ami B-tkBr-M were
pack?.! with friends of ?he st ad. tits.
many of whom received medals and
owards <>f merit, and quite a large b??dy
of peopl?.? oc? tipi? 1 standing room only In
the vmiibul.a. The ol?lcers of the BSBta
elation and L.y. Dr. tt. -I. Young occu?
pied seal? oa Um ? aginan ? m*? s. w.
Travers BTeotdl 1 . Vi?? ?be fathering.
Tbo programme Lenti With a banjo
Bolo, r.uu? i, I . v??;;-.(? ?y l'.v Mr. Mal. "Im
Shackl.-Ord. and aftet ?????? Mita Essie
Hlch caiig.
Hon. B. B. Muaford, cbalt-BBB ot the
educaHotvii deportment, awarded th??
honora In thai ?;? parimeli?. IB the BOOh
rptiii; ci/u-s. a goM medal was given
Mr. s. W. Trovere to farcy B. Chnnd?
1er. ?mi honorary an Btloa was mad?? of
Wat*? r Meltary, Praah U Weil?, and
o-oige s. Bbtnp. ?? ? lbs stenography
Class a gold medal Was ?????? by Mr.
Ia-WIs H. Blair to Manfred ( all. Jr.. arid
Sanaron mention waa mad.? of J. T.
Hett!-. in the arithmetic ctaaa a gold
lieviti WOS a-iv.n by Mr. Lewis II. Bl ur
to EL M. Bigger, ??nd honorary mention
?a made of Walter Mallory. .1. W.
Hiiiliii, L T. L ? I, ?n.d L. L. FI? ? t. in
th?? penmanship clam s goM medal ?m
give?? by H'.n. L. L Munford te B. W.
Wilson, end honorary mention orna made
<.f .'. I?. BuSta and S. E. Wall'rs. In the
frae-hand drawing ? lass a gold medal waa
%Yten i.y a friend i" Julian C. And mon,
and honorary m< ntion WOS mad?? of Mr.
W. S. Hcnnlnir. In tbe v?? .1 muele (lass
BtMorary mention wax mode ol Waltet
MaJtary, ,i. O. Bals? Jr., R. V. Parrar,
?ml J. II. Splcir.
Awnrds of merli were made as followe:
Boofc-beeglig Percy s. Chandler, w. H.
Harris, Frnnk L \\ ? Ils, Arthur Cherry,
Waltei Mallory, R T. La.--, R. T. Gullck,
?atu-y Turner. Oeorge s. Kemp, Thomas
Friend, I- A. Thotiip on. A. ('. G.it?s, L.
L. rVJb >n. Koevt Jacobe, G S, Hablli ton,
?' W. Hryan.
sien..?rrftph.v < las? Manfred l'all, Jr., J.
c. Situe, ?:. ?. Franklin, c M. aranti
W. II. ??-rm-r, L. H. Well?, S. <?.
W rich t.
Aritiinxwic clos??Walter Mallory, '? w.
Lu'llu, 11. M. Bigger, H. T. Basa, L. L
Fleet. U's?'*r Page, Robert Jpnee, F. w.
Kohiaiid, w. u ??reenw'.od, ?;. W, Bryan,
? M team?, L. w. Wilson, W. H. Jones,
Tbomoa ?p?-p ?
PeOBBB-BObta etaae-?. W. Wilson, J. W.
Lu.ItT?, Walt?! Mallory. S L. Walt.n, L.
i. no?,, w. n .loti.s, <>. ?:. Hope, L. C.
H? s. F. L. w.-iK L? ter r ???. T. w.
Rohlond, ?> L Wood, w. H Horwood.
ii? hand drawtae ?dees Julian Ander
? ?. Liiihwortii. w. ,s. Henntag, John
? ?.?.'?. .ir., T. ."v. Hollina.
\... .,? muslo clou ?. O. Bale, .ir, L.
\ r?an Famr. Wall? r Mallory, ?'? H.
Spi?-?. George Splbworth, Pranh ? ?
? ??. rev Dtgge, .-?. ,?. Wlngneld, ?. K,
After having personally delivered nil
?.? iin? pupil". Mr Mun?
ford -ui: "1 .Mini you lo think ..f thla
? h ? us your Aim?. Muter. Cherish the
? ? ? ? ? ? day? aa ? ?"? gt men do
those of then- colles? days, mil ?
tar whlthei you may roam, yon will ?il
wayi ?ii..i ibi Inetltuttoa open to you."
IN 'J HE ('YM.YASll'.M.
"Wiirk. f.u* ih.? Might Is ("Omini?.'' was
idlence standing, ai l< r
which the presentation of medeta, dl
t Ioni ? ., ..p ? sward? of merit in th?? gym*
nt \? .1. made ??- ? ??.
John ? West, chairman ",?' th?? Qynum
alum Committee. The flral prise, ,? sold
? I. givi n by Ml. John L. Wc 1. WOl
prenci . ? ? w. E. < Yawfoi ?. The
; iver mi il. given by Mr.
D .-' r.. nu. ?. waa award? ? ??> ?'. D.
West man, in ih?* boys' gymnasium d<
partili? m a silver in. dal. Ih.? first pri/?.
. . ? u by Mr < '. W. Tanner, \? .?:- pfi
rated t?. R, Munford August, and tbe
md prtae. a broi p .....
Mr, J, W. Llalli? li, was BWBlded to O,
Per ? Money.
Award? ... merit were ?.? ? ? as fol?
li ??? ?:
Gymnasium Cloe?, Advanc?*?! Grade?
?. E. . 'rawford, ?'. ??. Weslmon, w. ?:.
Lav! . D. Sounders ?'art. r. .1 ?'. Llak.'
?; pei n iw? s, w. n. Ramhey, p. ??.
Mari.. U i'? Lai y, Tyre? Toone, ?. ?.
Gymnasium Ctaaa, Junior Orad? R. M.
August, Percy W. Flnney, Lewis R.
Wood. L. A. Morriaette, J. ii. Meyers,
Robert Michaela, Marvin Lend, Morrii
How? ?. Meivm Wright, Crawley Bien
ton, Jain.s Oilman, William Evans. Don?
ati is Gordon, il. C. Boeber, Anderson
Davis. Victor Mensel, Jamea Bolton,
Cbertle Taylor. Adolph Osterloh, Willie
Redfoed, Evelya Totter, Ambrose Page,
Arthur Hauff, Qbelton Eagle-ton, War?
ren aoddard. Ctanmce Page, Predsrich
Kntphi. l'osti?r Hewell, Adolph H?rtung,
Adoinji Jacobs, a. s. Oilman, Hunter Jor
Mr; Weft,. ? -fore mablng the presenta?
tion. Baldi "('v.i? 1??1 year? .???? ?m In
: I lied writ- l* -aid. 1 b iv'" wrlth ? UntO
yi.ii, young.men, because >>.u an? Minili:.?
Jii order fli'U th?* Bound min.is of the
?iluca?oiiaJ Separtmenl might be found in
Bound bodies, ws Lav. eatabltabed nnd
maintain? I this ?.ryiniiasluiii. When We
look around and Bee these boys, each
vsoith at bast ??.0T0, we are proud ol
tin- work done by tie Cbrtattan aaaocta?
u?.?." .\? r having linished the presan
tattoa Mr. West .-.ud: "All l can BOy now
in condualon is tint if th.- beys ere as
pnUld Of this Institution as Ihe itisi tt il timi
is of tin* boys? there la no fear of its
iv. r going down."
Mrs. i..gap, upon the conclusion ol
the pn ? ? ni.ilion.-, ita??? a BClOCted lei lla?
lli.??. tu which she vividly pictured aa
exciting race between Tenney and Salve
tor, the inter winning by a nona Whea
she brought tin?., winning horso under Hi?
???. Bbe had vorlud ber Budltora up!
to etnially ?is high ?? atate_of excitement
as if they i.a.i tritaassed tho ru?.?. .Miss
Lottie Swam rend, n d a a iry delightful
I ?..no SOlO.
it?v. Dr. Young. ???'? tras down on the
programme for an address, apologized to
lbe boys for having to gtvs tn-m a talk,
and after assuring them that it wan not
Ms fault, he ?old one of (Jncto It? mus s
stori.s u Illustrate bis posili..n. He spohi
<>i bis love for the association, and In
?Impie, but effect ivi? avoids, inaile a num
b. r Of ? f.-r.ni-.s lo the Bible, ile ?Old
tieni that th. ir love tor Ood and Jaaua
fhould make them better than other pee
1')?*. and, ghiag them some good, whole
boom advtoe, ha ctaasd by saylag; "?,?.?
bhss the Tonag Men's Christian ???.-.
elation; three cheers for the Young Men's
Christian Association'"
Th.? ??. ?, ?s, .s in the hall were clo??d
wllh the BlBS-Bg of the Doxoliary, and the
-luli.-nc??, or a* many ?.f them as conic!
do :?,.. repairad ?o the Kym.iaiium, v h. ?.
an ?xhlbltion of strnij-th ?t-1 a?!??>- was
givm l.y tho boy?.
Whfls this w:,s In prsglBM the boys
W.re banqu-tisj ln Lbe I?BSB TOOBI. a ninii
hsr Of young ladies servim,? il?- ?,i,|,i,.s
and refn shin? ins w,r.? served in the
Wd^iioo?,, for members .jf th-. t?du?a
?g dt.p.u-irmnt by the Ladles' Aux
Arria-I of I'nfortumat-??.
The ?frvMowIng convict? were received at
th* pe.iltentluiy jest.r.iay: From fair
" ^Un,lL,?h*rli's Williams (?????.?,??1),
rtn? rear ?? three n?nUis for millojuii.
wounding; Willow Hunter ?.coton*. tw?
vear^u^bta^bl^ktne. fr-,,, Kauquler.
11^!; (colon-d), mxteen und a half
a.^T ? mnr<U-r '*> 'he second degrea,?;
Mwt Thevni-a? and Peyton Marx, both
COM-*-*? ?wo yerjjn Pac.h for nousebreak
ng: Will,. Robinaon. two year? for mu
Iicmu? ???Mult; from Wythe county Alex
aiKler Hohtason. two years for f.'.rg.-iy
trou, \,.\Holi county, Albert Loving, three
years for hounebre-taing.
Th? ltllry. Beai "4Ve?k.
The well-known Riiey? will appear at
la* Ac.i-loiuy B?B w?k, eupported by a
< lover -aud capable company. There will
be a nightly change of bill, and the fol
' G-!5 S?!.? w'" ?? Sr.11 at popu
lar prKt-s: iur J-?rd and Master." "The
Hrop of Gold," Tb, Mea ln etau:k..
Wueimu, "The Fn-nch Spy," and "Pearl
of Savoy? The ?ale of asata for the
engagement begins to-day.
Young Meo'a Ml-Mlooorp Society.
/ho Young Men'? Missionary Hoelety
the Kecond Laptlst church will hold
II? unnlvvnuu-y at ? o'clock Sunday eve?
ning. A special Mrmon will be delivered
by Rev. Dr. J. J. Hall, ot Norfolk. Tb?
society wa? In esistente before the war,
and has a worthy history. It raises fund?
for mission? at home ?nd abroad, for
ministerial education, ?nd for destitu?
objects. Its method for raising money
n?ver Includes the fair or hasaar or
?oclal entertainment?, but I? ?olely hy
voluntary contribution? from Its members.
The present membership Is ?bout seven ? y
>?iune men, all of whom art? members
of the Second llaptlst church.
The Hartan Height? Batear.
The hasaar for ?he benefit of Harten
Heights Kptscopal church, which has
???? In proaTCB? for the past week, will
cloae to-nlsht. There will he nn auction
sale t.f u?*oful ani fancv articles. A
tolfM crowd Hffmbled there Uat night.
Tennyson's "Dream of l'air YVonien" was
rend In? Mr. K. C. Goodwin, and the t>oem
wai Illustrate?! -1-v panorama*, and ta?
bi,mis, participated in by g number of
v.ung ladles.
' rompan?? (*. of the First Regiment.
| slotted the baaaar and trees ? in the
A Nmull A.?lgnment.
Mrs H. Crowell, dealer In ladles' good.?
nnd etotbtog, Bt ??*? a?SBt itroad street.
ha?? gaade an aaalgoment The liabilities
are BkOtM GG??. Mr Samuel IToskauer
??, ih- trustee and M t-> reeetee I p-r cent
for his service! In th!?. capacity. The
following nr,? th- pr? ferrei creditors
named to th?? deed: Epitetata ft Loven
stein ?t1-: .?. Opptoman, inn. .?-snft
mothers A Co., MM, Mrs. H. Ix.venstein.
BM. The othrr credit',?.?? lire to be paid
Still Tliev Han.
A few mornltiKs BgO n?*? '?fbcer Forrest
Bailey eras going home about ? ?yetoch
, pai eed Ike fiere of Mr. Oe? rge ? u -
?. , on Twenty-eeventb and Mara?al.
-t,.. ??. He noticed that Um door waa
open and staffed to tovesUgate, when
two negroee ran oat Be called for
them i" atop, bul they heeded net and
?he policemen emptied bis ? evolver si
the fleeing men. Nothing was stolen, an-i
it-?? negroee mode their escape.
MtMtoeta at Hie In.llmte.
Anoiher of Um charming muatcalea of
th.? eia?? ai the BJchnaond l'.ma'.,? In?
Btituts took piece tost night There wee
, large and culUvated audtoace present.
and th?? young todlee acquitted tbemselve?
In most ?editable manner. These enter?
, , ementa are Urorougb y enjoyable, and
add much lo the popularity of Dr. Nil
son's school.
Per?.,mil? nnd Hrlef?.
Hon. John B. Moor-, ,-f Atocinarle, area
in th,? ?Hy >? tterdey.
The Btate Board of Agriculture will
meet in Lyncbburg ?n May lh- Id.
Mr. A. li. l'i-kin, hi .juaHIi-d >'?St' I lay
t? practice In the Law and Equity Court
Mis. E.Pyser is th?? guest of 1,-r sister,
Mr?. PTsnb Leibermuth, of B8? engt
Marshall St!
Bishop Capers ??.?. ill l-?? the guest <-f hie
cousin, Major -'? H. Cap? is, during hie
stay m iiiis city.
The bazaar In the basement of th?
Venable-Btreel Baptist church holds a
apt dal au- tlon to night.
Mr. John Harrison ?.-?? ? th'? mtofortun?
on Thursday to fracture hlH I'fi arm,
which was severely sprained a few weeks
Major ' "? Patton area called to Wash?
Inj ton erday oa a matt? r In - on?
p?, tlon h Um t bac o f< ature of UM
int mal? enne bUl
The <-itv Engineer sdverttoeaufor bide
for the erection of an armory bulldina
on Ute City Spring lot Bids will be
received on Tuesday (May Ith) nest
Ri .?. Edward !.. PeU wlU deUver bis
regular weehly lecture on the Sunday?
? lesson at th?? Toung Men's Chris
it-n Association this afternoon at 4
o - lock aii are Invtted
Die. ft N. Sieda, Paul Whltebeed, and
Alexander Brown, delegates to the G.-n.?
i.ii Conference of the ,\; tbodtot Church,
Will lai?- Richmond ?m Monliiy DOSI for
Memphis, when- tbe conference meets
Tbe ladles who are workhtg for u home
for Incurables la this <???>? will .?.rv,? re?
'? aents st the old Cerrington House,
?m i.ii.t.v Hill, iti?? da? of iti- unvoUlng of
the BokUers1 and Bailors' Monument
May loth.
Mesera John Helton and J. a. Page
were among 11?.?*-?? who contributed t-> the
pleasant entertainment given by Aurora
No 118, 1 buredsy nicht In ,?? lebrs
tl ? of thi - ?eiiiy-mtti anniversary of
? tdd-FeUowehtp.
c lopton .?in? et It.u,tist church, Manches?
ter, had three addition.?? to the church
? Bright The young men will con luct
.o open meeting to night st 7;!.", o'clock
Rev. VT. T. Jolly %U1 preach Sunday at
ll o'clock A. M. and I P. If.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors
of tbe American Produce Cotnpeny yes?
terday, C. M. Taylor, of the fl?m of
M. Taylor i Co., Philadelphia, w is
elected Bret vtce-'preMdent This concern
win op, u business In Philadelphia n? \t
Mi ii-lay.
Rev. .!. W. Moor??, of Bt .lames Metho?
dist Episcopal church, will conduct the
aervlces at tt?.? Union Gospel Balastos at
I ...lock P. M. 'lh, r?? will also b,? per?
vlcea every Btinday, Tueeday, Thurrday,
and Saturday nichts at a o'clock. They
ar.? conducted by Mrs ft. If. Glover, AU
arc welcome.
M-ssis. John S. Kllett. T. YVIl.y I ?avis,
it. Taylor Penan? rtoa, and Louie ??. Crea?
shew, subcommittee from the Committee
on Design of the Monument Association,
have left for New York to Inspect the
Statue at the foundry. Tk< y wars to m?art
at Um Plfth-Aveaue Hotel yestorday at
11 o'clock, and ?,?,? thence to the foundry.
The ?-???? tal fcrvices which have been
held during the p.?si week at Um Plrri
Baptist church, to which iin- paetor, Dr.
(?.????rii?? Ctaoper, lia??? besa assisted by
!;? v. Dr, Hai??, of Birmingham, Ala.,
?will !,?? oooUnued next week Dr. Rale
win preacb Bund ay morning and ?ve?
nin?;, ????,? in the afternoon at I o'clock
will address the Mis? Tyson BSSettog for
Children, whl? h will DO held a! Oils church.
Aaklaad Lodge, N'->. in*., an-i Kin?; yvh
Ham Ledge, N". KB, Mill lay Hi.? coiner
stone of Ht. Haul's Protestant Episcopal
church at Hanover Courthouse on the
afternoon of Friday, May iih. Th?? Most
Worthy Oread Master will probably pre?
Side over the c? rein-'iilrs, and a number
of Richmond Masons aie expected to b?
present. Rev. Dr. failllllliagl has ae
ceptod .m tovttetlon to deUver Ute ad?
ill, Bg
Begtatased from Btefcaeaad.
NKW YORK. April ?T.-iSp-clal.?-T. M.
Valentina, M. !.. Aketo, C, it. Faik, If.
YV. Thomas. Imperial: D. Axt-ll, Holland;
a. i?. Boolware, C D, Leaghorae, T.. j.
Crenebew, Jr., st. Jeaaea
due I lioti.iiii.l Mile? In 88 Honra and Bl
NKW y?irk, April :;.-The Betel Ine?
dal, which left Jacksonville al lOiJ? ?. ? ,
yesterday on ihe Florida Central and Pe?
ninsula road, arrived In Jersey City at
ItSI this noon, inakii ?; Hi,? run of MM
mili s In 2? hours ani 21 minutes, and
beutln?, all previous recorda by nearly six
hours. The actual running tim?? of the
Hain was 22 hours and ? minutes, 1 hour
and IT minutes having been lost by stopa
for water and ? xcliani;, of engines. The
time from Jacksonville ? YVashlngton
was three houra less than the fast-mall
Small-I'ox in Alabama.
BIRMINGHAM, ALA., April 27.-A ?P-- j
clal to the Age-Herald from Gadsden '
says: Two cases of small-pox have been !
announced ln Oadsden. The patients ar |
Dr. Bd Hivins and John H. tShropsliiie.
Dr. Hivins lives within a few blocks ol
the business part of the cliy, and Shrop?
shire lives at the car-works, a mile from .
the court-huuae. Three physicians, and
one of theae the county physician, have
pronounced the disease small-pox. Hot
it got here la unknown, the patients not \
being aware of having associated with
any one from any place affected with a
small-pox epidemic.
HolelS? In New Orleana.
NKW ORLKANS, LA.. April ?.-Georgs
Falrlmnk*. committed suicide thla morning
at the Hotel de Louisiana. He has been
her? only a short time with his wife and
two children. Little Is known of the
family, but they are ?aid to be from Co?
lumbus, O.
KraxlUaa Insurgent? ??,??,*?.
LONDON. April ZJ.-A dispatch from
Buenos Ayrea aay? all tbe Brazilian In?
surgent?, including Admiral da Gama,
who were detained on board the Portu?
guese warships, have succeeded In eacap
ln*' ____________
Old papers for sale at Be a hundred at
Di-Ji-ATCU offlOB. ^^
One of the Finti ot ? Family to l'a?? Away
Mithin Two Year??Multa le the
Hustings Coart.
I'ETERSBt'l'G. VA., April -t-iBpe
ctal.i?Mr. John l?onnan, one of our old?
est nnd most respected citizens, died sud?
denly in Nashville, Tenn.. last evening.
A telegram announcing th" sad fa-*t wa?
leceiv??! by relaltv?*?.-! here this monili:;-.
Mr. DBB-BBfl was on hir way horn?? fu.in
Texas, and whs sli/pplng for a few day?
with his two sons, who are In business In
Nashville. His remains are exp- ?*!? I h?-re
to-morrow evening In charge of his ?on,
Bet-Ma H. Donnan.
For mor- than Mfty years Mr. Dom IB
was a prominent merchant of Petanbarg
and up to a rnmpiiratively recen' dot?
was active In the cotton trade her? G
som?? years pail, as th?? representative of
a larg" New York cotton tlrm. lt ha ?
his custom derlas ?he 0*OttOT ?????? to
visit Texas to make purch???? of the sta
pl> . II.? w< nt to that Slate about the mid?
dle of August of Bach year and return???!
home about th?? 1st of May. He was re?
turning from his last trip wn-n dSBtl
i...? ta him.
Mr. Donnan was an oM-ttaBB merchant?
a man of strong DOnvlctlona, persistent
? nergy, and Vigorous physii)?!??, and <.f the
highest sense of honor. He was <.n?? of
th.- amai coi cieatlous and active ot
Cbristiana, and on? of the -feattoet, asost
amiable, and honorable of in? n. He will
be remembered by nil wh?? ar>- BCgualnted
wlih the busmesa-men of this city In
? lays ?.??.ne by.
Ills death w is the fifth In a family of
brothers and stater? within th>? p,ist two
year?. HI? brothers- the tata Alexander
Donnan and Captala Robert C. Donnan,
both dis 1 quite sud lenly in this city.
feat over f.?rty year? .Mr. Donnan was
aa ofBctal "f t,??.?.-Str..?! Presbyterian
Church, ??nd for s>vcnil ySBTB p.-' Ita
eldest SUrvivttlg ' Id?IT. Four BOBS S?d "lie
daughter survive htm. He was in bis 7?tii
and while hnonm to ?..? in failing
health, his .hath ares unexpected.
Mrs, Virginie State, agi-d 7" \ nra, the
mother of Polle HMcei Marcus Slate, died
,ti her r?sidence, In Blandford, this after?
noon, after an illness or aevi ral w? k-.
Tt. argument In tb? suit of Wlnfn re
tie? ? ? radon, Uv< ri.? and < llobe Insu?
rance Company for 13,000 was concluded
;i. the II ' ''.urt last nii.ht. and de
Cisi?n ? as I. .? ? I ? d.
Th?? court has been ragni ! tcntay in
hearing tbe sttacbmenl suit of T. ?
Kldd against Coop r A Bpotawood for
12,-00. Major Btringfellow, fol Richmond,
is one ot th. counsel for the plaintiff.
Mr. Joba ."?'??v.man. aa old Petersburg
boy, wh?. boa been living in Ihe v.
the past thlrti ? n years, is visiting rela?
tive? and fri
The Modi-I Miinliiv-S? liool lb?? 5I()?t inter?
esting ? sntnto?
WEST POINT, VA., April .'7,-i.Sp.eial.,
t?., twenty-third semi-annual sessioa of
the Jamee-Rtver Convocation of the Pro?
ti nani Epi. opal ? *bun h ? km ? ?.? ?
A n? w, tail ^ ??. it provi ? io be ?
??'.?? profitable and Interesting feature
of th?? w.ik wa- the model Sunday scImx i.
conducted by Mr. Thomas Potto, ?if Rich?
mond. Mr. Lotis ?- an enthusiastic Sun?
day-school worbcr, snd govi many relu
?hle su s p, th.? most improved
plan Of conducting S Sunday s.d.i. tepe
ctally In Bible study. All the devotional
exercises ?.;' th? convocation wen a D
attended, .md hav.? resulted in mudi
? . ? to th?? church and community. The
visitors ??!?? hospitably entertain? ? by
th?? members <.f tin perish, snd expreeeed
them.-, u?-t ?is highly pleased wiih their
stay 1 ?
Tbe members of tbe convocation who
were pn n ni wen Ret. Thomas P. Lak. r,
st. John's, w.si Point; Dr. John K.
Mason, st. James; Dr. L. ? Good in
St. John's; Reva <* L. Kuyb, Bt Lube*e,
George C, Abbin. Bt Mark's: J, j. Grs
vatt. Hoi) Trinity, Richmond city; h.
m Randolph, Emanuel, Henrico county;
.lohn C. Cormlck, Cheriee Clly county;
w. w. Brander, Buckingham county;
Martin .lohti-..n. PoWbOton c.ninL: L. l?
Hai ?. Ora ??. Richmond; Presten O.
N.ish. Christ, Richmond; .1. W. War?.
Farmvil!??, and S. S Hepl.urn, Hnnovor.
Arrival ?it Hie Imllaiiapiill? nini (leanime
of Hie Lord (?Nell.
(Special ? -The Isidy Of an unknown man
was found Boating near ihe new frelght
ptar lure early this morntog. it Is
thought that It had been in the water for
nt least a month, and was so mnch de?
composed that it is not hnown whether
it was th?? rematas ..f a white or colore ?
person A Coroner's ln?iu?-st will be held
this afternoon.
Th.? British si.'ain.-hlp Indianapolis, II.
L.iiiii.nt, master, entered from Boston
for a full Cargo of coal f..r Cal?n, L. S.,
A. She will clear to-motTOW.
The Britlab st am-hlp Lord ??'Nell, Cap?
tain Ferris, cleared to-day for !.? lib,
Scotland, artth ? bunker of coal and >',""*.'
bushels of coin.
No 1 ear Entertain?-?! for III. Safety?
Platted by hi? Matar.
STA I NT? "?, PA., April *."7.-(.*"???|.?*1.)
Rlcherd B. Quard, who aros brougbl from
Cliarli.desville af.d Jail..I here a fort?
night ano, Will 1"? taken back by Oilier
Oreaver to ths C*hs-1ottas**-Ule jail at mid?
Bight tonight
The condition Of Mis? Martin
such imi rarement from tbe pistol-shot
wound allegi I lo bava been tallleted by
Guard that no fear Is f? It for Guard's
Bofe-heepini in the Chartolleevllle jail.
i'iiriii(- the prisoner's eonenenwat ??? r??
be has ?., .-? frequently staiti -?? by lis
rister. who is well known In Angusta
county! where --be taught .- ? .me
time .iK'?.
An Kntliii.is.ti?? Hasting lUtitle? the He
? ?nt Nomination?.
ROANOKL". PA., April 2:.- (Special.1
Tbe Deasoerats of ?hi? ciiy hu?i a rone
tag amas-mostlne at the epata hou??.? to?
niKht to ratify the Bomtaottons ef ??*?
primary for ??ty offices to be
sleeted May .'itn. The Roanohs Machine
Worbfl band furnished music, ?ml tbt
meeting was eddrsossd by Hon. .1. Altan
Wait.-, s. B. Jonas, C. B. Mo re w,
Judge W, S. i;."i?h, Hoy L. Smith, T.
M. Wood und others. Great enthusiasm
Heath ?if ? Well-known Ma?.in.
MJ-XANDfUA, \ A, April DJ, (Bpe
ciai.) .Mr. Benjamin F. Pries, a w?-n
knewa dilata of Alexandria, d'e.l at his
home on Berth Columbus, street. In this
city, yesterday HMirnhlg Mr. Price, who
was (V. years of age, waa a tiarpsnita by
tt.? ?", ani a prominent member of An
driw Ja I. u Lodge Of Masons, having
been ut one time m?ister of It, His
funeral will take ?'.???.? from his laie
?es dt-nce to-morrow evening at 4 o'clock,
an 1 will be attended by Andrew Jucksun
Lodge of Masons.
Contributions from Crewe.
CREWE. VA.. April .7.-lt"*>eelal.)-The
opereita "Maud Irving" was presented
by our town talented artists last nigh:
for the benefit of the Railroad Young
Men's Christian Association.
Mei.rs. Julian Price ana Willie Agnew,
of your city, attended the dauce here
Miss Myrtl- Davis, of FnrmvlUe, who
has been visiting f rien I? here, returned
home to-day.
Mathew? County Court.
SALUDA. VA.. April ?.-(Spa-clal.)?The
County Court has been ln session since
Wednesday. Th? grand Jur. found three
Indictments?two for misdemeanor and
one felony, the latter being for betrayal
under promise of marriage. The case was
argued and -given to th? jury, and the
jury disagreed and was discharged.
Affali. In York County.
OAK TREE, VA.. April 27.-(Sp-*c'?J>
Tbe first marriage ceremony performed
In York-River new church look place on
the ?th Instan!. The contracting partie?
were Mr. Thomas Qage and M1m Mamie
Cardwell, both of this place, Rev.
P. 8. Warren, of Wllltanxsburg, offidat
At th? horn? of tb? bride, on tbe Md
Instant. Miss Alice Dull and Mr. Samuel
Csrdwell were united In marriage by tbe
Rev. YV. A. Campbell.
The public achool. Oak Hill, closed to?
day sfter a term of sir. and one half
months. _.__._*.
The annual picnic wat held by the
school at the residence of William H.
After the ?1? IIv.?ry of pr?tes the reci?
tations were heard, and greatly enjoyed
by those assembled.
As usual, a splendid dinner was spr??a<!
to which alt ?I'd Justice. Then ?ame
merry games, participated In by old
an ! yoiiux.
?me of our new tetUers, Mr. Robinson,
la busy building a n?>w home.
grafie waab and paint ? pa-ling e con?
spicuous pert in this neighbor!,-?--?. add?
bgg ?treat I y to Ihe appearance of the
seeae to whicb it has bee? applied.
Klsle K-,\ ?, |.,r.,l; i1l-,| very sinl'h-nly
at h'.r beate os um .'ist baataat ????
I'., year- She Isavi ? a hu?it>ai.-l who Is
1? year, el 1. This u*e<l couple Is
well known und muh respected through?
out tne community/.
It la Lc?a 1 'uviirahle?Deprraaliig Effect
of Hie Mrike.
NKW TURK, April .'7.-l!rn,lstre^fs to
BMIiew will BBTI The | ner.il BtMbMOl
situation throughout Um ?Blted Matea
Im less favorable, ?? shown by rep rts
from BSOre than fifty Important distribu?
ting centres, a specially depresetng ln
fluence i the sink?.? of it?.,?"? bituminous
a ? sad coke operattves in twelve States
The accumulati ? ?! Ica ? f bituminous ar.?
about an average for tbe Benson, bul t!. y
ai?.? not Ilk ly ta leal beyond Uta aalddie
of .May. Already the record of fun..,'s
banking tin I tot
v?asela bring up, .ind mill? throughout
ritrai bi i eeatral-weetern Btotee
abutting (?own In con equence ol ? lack
or prospective luck .<r fuel, ?s attracting
attenti apparently tl..? targest
ringle todustrial ?mke taking piece to
country, is ? port? ? ? ? bav ? bt sa
caused by Uu eflorta - I the operatore to
raise prb re bj repeated < units ol tbe
miners' wages Complicating Um situa?
tion is tiio effort of al>out thirty it
supply the demon I for coal, their op, re
tu.-s t elna unwUIIng to strike. The I tal
numi" r -d it, lu urial and other - mi :
tribe now. with tho? Idle by r sson
,,, strike?, la - ,000, oi wl on nearly ra per
bi - ..i ml icra and ? ? ke op ratlvcs,
10,?? tezUI ? workera. 1 :v and
I in,iu t?|.... wa ' a oo - bull ling
??., ? s, m, ? e ? , ralln ad mploj
Only two , Itiet oi tl : ? ,rt,n8
? rn, and r*
? ? ? mat' il .rov? m? nt In
thi ? week?Indiai
? ina ? < iiv and ? \? t? a! the?e points
, ti ?? alight In the s lutb the bust
tustlon i- mark? d by quiet even
.r :i beli j. not? ? to a
?, ?, oi trade In a m rai linea al
?, ?? Orli im ? " ibi In the vegel il le
III checked thlp
ments and ted tbe local moi ? ? ir?
;(. , ;" u ? , , irnlture-factorlee bave
shut down f< r si? ai rita an ? ? ?hur to?
rn trial establlabmeats ar ? working on
??h?rt Hm
R. O, Dun ?*? c?..'s weekly review "G
ir , le to-morrow will say: YVhen ace mats
it ? uikes rind tob -?- dtaturbances
crowd ?il the ????? papers. H Is l IM to look
for m? ' h Improvement In bu ita? -- Th?
Mtumtnous-coal miners <i"it ?rork last
Saturday In in-.? r numbers Urna ?
?. ted, ind Um riohe-emrkere at once re?
B? wed with great? r unanimity the Strug
eentli ubsu ? ? ? rful. White Um m
g.. ?| ?,,.? ? ,,f m? ?. besl lee Um thou?
s. ndS Who were on strike In the build
lea In silk, woollen, and cotton?
mills, to Alabama Iron-works, and on
?. ire rei Ing t, work,
tier-? ,.r?? other thousands marching to
tvashington, who lain 'hat th.-y sc?k
wi rk la ? ?? Both are engaged
in msklns bualnem worse, beceaae it
, ? lire? ly. That ? very we k ? I
for ? - mm y men must appro?
dato) lees ti ihe agi regata power ??> pur
cl a ?? of tob .? la ? ? ! ?t, but, la ? ? it?? "f
?ill. som Improvement ttiii appears. The
Ir-'ii- and ateel-worke in regione wh re
bltumlnoua coal or coke Is used as fuel
? . ? a lously Interrupt! d if the
: mob ? f ?:? ? I, but the Immediate
effect is t.. five a ? ? iter took ?? pi ics
of tome ? ' cu In Un regions while
? ? tern ; ? ? a bobbi what larger
demand. Southern freights to New Y'-rk
beli ? , iw '. pic-iron ? rom Ala?
bama ' ' al Bl SO, and rails of
- lid, it i- State 1. b low
IM ut the mill, while nt Chicago business
baits, bi I bar Iron Is down t-, ? ,? rat,
though plat? ? and beams are slightly
?troni;- ?. G. ,? 1. ? ? ?-. u ?? . Piti -
t . it I
though billet and Bessemer Iron is
-? ? ? ? ' ? ? ? in? res - d de
mend la thai region, about two thirds of
ti.? worhing fo. beine employed.
Payments through all clesring-housei
were MM per cent smaller than a year
., ,. ml , hi -?. ?? v? Tork ULI ? r
c? nr. smaller, but th?? prie, s ol -ta?
in ? uuea now by raging n irly 14 per cent
lower then b yesr ?-.; >. account for ?? r
half of in-? chsngi, The volume of for?
- i. n trad? do? ? not mati rtoliy alti r, ex?
p, us hence for the month being 18 pet
cent larger than tost year, while the Im?
porta at New fork have been IL7 per cent
smaller. The decline In customs receipts
Indicating th ? decrease to dutiable tot
porta, Is !", p, r cent.
no enlargement of commercial loans ap?
!?? m .ud illune?? continues to accumulate
bere, though in smaller amount thi? week.
This ?tit.? of facts dearly Indicates th?.?
e.tier,ii depression -?G tra le and Indue
tri. ?. but domestic ?-?.-? anges hav,? m
fi 'li nine?! thai ?n abatement of tin.?
flow of money blther is expected, only
B.SMr.OOl to goM gOge OUI this w.-ek. at
present accounto, end ih.r?? are ne Indi?
cations of Intnbrtant foreign operations
during tie? ween to American eecurttleu.
Considerable sachan a I beine drawn oa
account of Americane alieni to risii Bu?
rope as usual al Ulto season, The de?
er, Me m liii-'iiii. - of Orma feBlng ?un
Continues, and th ? r .
tho thirl week to April ? is only $.'.7:?.',
t?,-'. and for Uie Ihr ? weehs of April,
Pi.'.'v-?.'??. ci which 12,810,IM was <-r manu?
facturtoe. and ?,???.??? ?>r trading con?
eerna. The tailuree hav.? been very
equally divided m to sections the Bast
bavins ii larger number, with, liabilities
of *-'..'".' o. the South (12,572,000, and ihe
v. ? ? : ? -? ? :' ill r ?? this week
bav? ?.? ISO ir, i!?. I'nited Bti I
Bf ii-i year, fi r the Siel Urns to many
? aSowins ;? decrease, and to Can
ads Bt ? last year The II t In?
etudes none "? ?t?-?? Importance
F.iHictt i-ai?! ?.? Bere Bpokea Isealllagly
of Tatgto'l Hat.uliler.
A Logansport (?? ? ? special of April
2?th to th- Ng? Tork Rei Ud eaye: John
!?'.???,-,-tt, jr., a young editor, ?? ??:. . bi
bis home. In Whit.? county, to-fllgbt dan
ly Injure I.
1 ? s. Turpi' Is the millionaire "c.ii
tle kiliK" Of Northern In liana, :u ? ?
sin of David Turpi??. 1 nit,.I States
tor from Indiana. The trouble was over
? ii| le'e daughter, n????? to ber 1Mb y.-ar.
Fiweett i alt-?!*: d to have ?,?-?-1- ????
marks BttO -t tin giti Which ill?? 1,?-r
father's btood boll, and be prepared for a
meeting. The editor, wain.,? -.r tt..? tact
took to th?? country, nt"' tor a ? afc t.as
b am in hiding near l'iam i-viil.? Tee?
terday evening h?? took ?? I Ighi train to
? to l-i'lphU, ani al a small station on
UM way Turple and tWO partners board.d
th?? ualn.
i'awiett was assaulted with a cane and
he.u, ? Into Insensibility. Hi? ..kill i?
sail to be fractured, and one .arm Is
broken In several placea The full extent
of his Injurie? is BOt yet krine-n, but little
hope Is h -Id out for his recovery. No ar?
rests have been made.
Recently at Roncador Reef?.Souvenir? of
Ml? ? eai ?age.
?'HARLKSToN. S. C, April 27.-The
Bteem yaekt Intrepid, Captain Phoenix,
from Nassau, came into the harbor yes?
terday aftern??on. having left that port
on the 24th instant, bound togJfear York.
The Intrepid <*\ perl enee. I very heavy wea
UMr and m serai ag?ella ?-.h* has been
cruising along the West India and Wind?
ward lslan.1?. Cuptaln Lloyd Phoenix Is
accompanied by Colonel Schuylcr Cosby,
ex-Governor of Montana.
Th.? Intrepid is a steel yacht IM feet
long, und 27 feet wid.?. Her -leek is of
northern pine, with teuk finishings, and
she Is rigged as ,? three-masted schooner.
Captain Phoenix was recently In the
neighborhood of Concador Reef, where
th?? old war?hlp Ke_rsarge went down,
and has a number of souvenirs of the
vessel, among them being the brass plate
commemorative of the encounter with the
Prominent Carolinian Dead.
COLOMBIA, 8. C, April 27.-Major B.
B. McCreery, one of the most prominent
butlness-men In the State, died here to?
day, aged M years He was a native of
Londonderry, Ireland, and came to this
country when s boy. His gallsnt record
In tbe Confederate? Mrvlce caused his
promotion on a number of occasiona
Nn-Tor? ??????????? ?? T?_e Part In the Nor?
folk Municipal KKellou- The Uelrnlt
lo Ihr Mone llu Hink.
NORFOLK, VA? April **7.-<flpeelftI.)
Mrs. Augusta Hug???, cliarg <t with the
murder of Frank Watti, who. tt Is said,
mail? a criminal as*.iult on the lG-year
old daughter of th? prisoner, Is under?
going trial In the County Court.
The steam yacht Arthur Malt?n, sunk
off Lack river, has been raised and towed
Into port.
It Is stated that I'm' colored v??t *rs arc
? .rrf.-anislng and hav determined to take
part In the- approa?hlng municipal elec?
tion, and some of tl'.em are now huslling
In order to b?? he. ri from during the
compalgn. It Is not likely any of th?*
white Republicans of th? city will have
! anything to do with th? movement. In
! fact, ?pi??? a number of Republicans are
: rallying around th?? pnoblblttaa Manditi.
Bam small. Colonel Miller, and all th?;
Prohibition speakers ar?? hurl at w..rk
to-day covering the territory l_ liiumbl?
? -, and Atlantic city.
Tin; lev PUNBRAL.
Th- ninet-.il of the late w. T. Dty, tas?
tar of th- Norfolk National Lank, tooh
. this alter.ni frota lb- r? -id. ?.???
of the family, and wee sttandsd i<\ the
bank otti.i..is, th- various orgsataatlona
t.. which H"? d'*' 'as? d beiOB *ed, and a
number of sympathts bi 'n? ads.
? Dr. M. B. whnrtoii officiated,
Tbe United BtataS steamer D?truit has
been pieced ta ti.? stone dry .lock, where
th.? board of survey will examlni her.
Ciri '??11' orde? irere p celv? i at Ihe
navy-yard to-day to ex.mine api ? ?
ful- the ?? Bitlon of foi"!il'tn "f ??
In th.? construction department. There
are a Bumber ol applicante.
Bx--Congreasmaa John F. Desendorf,
who has ??? ? ? very IB. la aow anta to . ?
. r- ? again.
The Electoral Beard has organised by
declini Captain A. J Dolton pi I .1
an l Georg ??. Teytor s.?, rotary.
A whit? man aained ritornai Holland ??
in jail on suspicion of brina area
Omaha for forgery.
Th ? ?. p?., rats of th?? Fourth Wen) in
. u;h iir? 1 a -?lut.? i .-? eight In
honor ot the nomination of Mr. L. v..
of ti'.at wari. for mayor.
Nine violen! Death? lusl Weeh in ?
I o-.-i ur ? I'arl-li.
NEW ORLEANS, I.A.. April IT.?Nine
men hav?? met rtotenl .h-iths m Madlaon
parish ?n the last week, an I right of th???.?
hav? iie.n lynchid by Infuriated dtlseng.
The last four were banged last night,
the news Just reeditan thte dtr Teeter
day th?? Royce ama -?p? were hunted
down bj bl ?? ? houqdi an ? ?".ally ? ?< at????
in ih?? Bucbhorn mchIv Sheriff McCI i
land scut in* volunteers i" In?rense his
inda force if M m ? finally tr.?
assms in a USBI- 'lai. Th?' fu
gitlvea were Just preparing to e roes
over t.. mi- ;?? IppL wheree they would
heve been comparatively safe.
The posse aerreunded th?? house and
called ? ? the owner to link? his ap
?-. but he refused The poses then
fired into th? building, which brought
the ?-'?,t.? owner to the door. II?? denied
ihat th?? fugitive! were hi his piece, but
the pOSSS teal-? I lose survey of the
prefitti - ..t??. Baelly found th? four
darbies huddled up In ?be loft of a small
??rib in the rear of th.- cabin. The four
we-ree Pomp CUxton, the lender; Bhell
Claxton, Scott Harvey, uil Toy McCoy.
Tbey wen promptly placed under arrest,
and Sheriff M ''.?'.land detailed a -party
ot tW.-lve t > take til" ,'U t . T.lllOiilh Wlllh
?1.?? Sheriff and u.?? reel "f th.? ?
st.irt.-d ?ut t.. try aal capture Tom ?inf?
lu?, wh atei iriin the others.
.\s the deputies with th?- four fugitive?
? ? .?- Mtlllken's Rend they were met
l.y a moli ?? ho inai.? an effort to take the
pri oners from them The guard re
-.-t ? md iccei ded in holding on t?
??.?? prisonera. The nuuri pressed on with
the fugitives unni ih-? reached m .-?. ?
. .?, two nui? -, lumi Tallulah, Here
they were mi bj a crowd of Sta. who
overpowered tbe guard snd captured the
four prisoner? Th? prisoner? wen ? ?
corted t.> the Creseenl placo, wbert tbetr
fiend ? murder hod been committed, and
there strung up t.? ih? limi,s of several
trata. Tin-ir bodies were fous ? 'his
????.? nln-f.
if ??riiiin is caught he win also be
i? m hci. There ur?? seventeen ?-gr...-s In
Ja.!, all of whom will Iw? uiven a regular
n at, and m..st ..f whom, lt l? thought,
w 11 be colivi, t.d.
The llnily of tiiu I amou-) I>?-?perailo
Turneil to Moue Long A???.
The rilmeta "f Colorado m ? exceed
Ingly dry in !he (renter portion of the
Itele that ordinary objectai sui h as po?
tatoes, regi tables of various sorts, and
t-ven small animals petrify when COVI red
with mad. A conatderabto source of reve?
nue to tbo guid?e and vender? in the
Qrand Canyon aad other faa.? reaorta
Is ih?? sal?? of petrified wood and other
material to toiin-t.-. Hum.in bodies bOVS
?...-? known to undergo tbe petrifying
process in num.?tons instali' ??.??*. The
of Wild BUI, the famous despe?
rado, la to-day solid stun.?. He waa
burled In a sandy country, near Tellu
ride, and, acoordlna to ? ('..? rado paper,
?boa! four year? ano Ma frtaada I
t?. put up a monument to his mi ? n
They went out to hu? ur.iv.?. wbioh is m
the "?" ? prairie, and ora of the party,
.??i : ik-ti along to ? ?. ? ?
? . .u?? eb re he was ? ut. ?. Th
Ifted and blown In ?r? ?! heaps,
as it does all through the! country, and
the tcottl bad a ? ? '?? il "i difficulty In
absolu I . . ?
Finally he struck a mound that bt said
?.. . v. ?ii BUI under it. Owing t.. tu..
uncertainty of the situation and his hesi?
tan ? tb? pi.e.?' ? dd ? t" .1.? down ant
s?.- wh. th? r ha a I Th :- didn't
want to pui. a monument ???. ?
hoop unless it hai Wild Bill under it
s., they .loir down. Presently th
ran Into a rock ? KUI I tiling In that
country. They shoveled ail around it.
and M u iv ..:> 1 th- p.trill. .1 ir
wud Bill, as per.? Cl as Ih ? da) ?
witii not a trece of decomposi ion. Ev.-n
th.- clothes and sho. s w.-r?? turned to
Btoa BOBM Of the party wanted to take
th body up f..r ti...? purpose of < saltation.
Lut on?? of Hill's ..Id pals, Shorty J.ik??.
as ?,.? was ..iii. i. remarked that tr-.?? nrst
man who tried t" do so would find a
bed lu the hole that Lili lili- 1. |, t|..
i . I w.ts abandoned.
A Mountain? er Wim Ilo?? Not fciiay tiiu
Health of the \ uudrt ?lilt?.
"I had a gllmi.se of life In the Kentucky
mountains the other day that I will not
soon forget." said a capitalist to a re
Porter. "1 made a trip Into that section
ae the representative of a syndicate to
look at some coal lands. I went as f.?7Ts
1 could by rail, and then took a horse
and rod?? Into the wilderness. Toward
night I brought up at a little cabin, of
which I had been previou-ly informed,
and mid?? arrangent? nts to spend the
night thyre. This cabin was about M tmti
mag by about 1. Let wide. On the ground
Boot lt was all one room. Above was a
loft. t.. which access was gained by meana
of a ladder and a hole In the floor, There
wa? a little corn growing around the
place, mid there were two hogs. In the
rear of the cabin was a low shed, open
at one end, and with a slanting roof, it
was Just big enough to hold a cow at
night. The cow, which was a lean, woe?
begone animal, the two hogs. Hn,l the
corn constituted opparently the entire
assets of th? place.
"In this establishment were living a
man and his wife and elnht children, the
oldest being 13 years. They lived on corn
meal and milk, with occaxlonally some
Pcrk^ Roth the man and the woman were
bhrefooted. The elder c h il Iren had
clothe? enough to cover their nakedness,
and the younger wer? not so fortunate.
The iixan seemed to be a ,tow, Uu? ^.,
of fellow, who had lived In destitution so
long that he had become used to It Th?
woman was different. Her tac? wore an
expression of abject despair. If a painter
had wanted a modal for a picture entitle.?
further. After eupper the man went out
to feed the hog? and tb? oow. and do
other 'chorea'
"I talked to the woman for about an
hour, and succeeded; wlta great dldleuiiy,
to getting her ?tory. Her pride stood in
ihe wsy of her telling me anything for ?
long tune. During? sii the time In which
she talked the expression of dull I???1**''
nets, to which her fice had b**c??me nai.i
! mated, never left It but once. Then ?
I look of something like happiness carni
over her feature*. This was ?keg ?h
iial'l that they had not always be.-n peer
?We Weren't always this way. ?he aaPT
t Wo were well off once We ?ave<l
enough, him and p??. ?o that we wert
rich. YVe ha-1 $27 labi away once. Thnt
wa? her Id? a B* wealth. Twen#
ty-?even dollars! She went on to ?ay 'hut
the children had com? ?*?*?, that ? OSW
h.-id M be bought, ?nd that she cost Bl
The children h.-i-l fallen ?Ick. und S d??? ?- r
Jd ,? ite breegki M from sMttetton,
??,, he cos? ft ?'?'? ?? _ ^"'.""?,""
fortiin.. ha?l a?n*. ami they had nothing
left of that e-tgaMtoeet ttr.
?The n.xt Bwrssaaj ' i"?"1 ****} ,n>
lodging. I bini slept In Uie Ml. an?! th?
family had elept In the room l-How. None
of them took .-IT ihelr clothes. I had
brought with me a huge lot ,?f roaet beet
Bendwtohee, and ate theee fat my sup?
per ?mi breakfast tor I bad I.? warne i
that I proballv BOWM BOI n-t anvihlntr 10
sal th??!?. Before leeetng I bteB BT. and.
wrapplni?' It up In a ??????????, toft Boa
the table In the mi'l'H" of IbO G????. Thei
| rode awav. teoBUf v.vtly pleased wit;,
myself, ?nd knowing thnt there aras -m.
mountaineer's family to Kentu-ky that
Had r?, ran : IU |ee| ' -tune."
Tlie ?tranue ?????<??????????? ??????? In ?>???
?|?,II?,I Work?.
This ?locum- of I'ke helping the Ilk"
1 wee of B?lvereal gpstteetlea. essi to
m dl ii works of ii.-Midd.eAH'es we meal
constantly with Bid. ite-cr!pi|?ns as
Uh bo, 11] an ? aehenge:
?Take Ute ? gbl - ye of a Progg, lap it
iu a pecco of rueeal ctot? and a
about tile* neck: it euretb Ike ruht eye
? ?? ??.iflamed or bleared. And, l
the left eye be graved, do Ike like M
the left ??? ' of the sail 1?'????."
Aaaln: "The skin of -? Raven'e '
_o ? Bgalnsi the goat bui tt.
heel skm must be bUd upon Um ngni
foot ? that be K.'i'ty. an-l the toft
the toft." , .,
? ir >,?.t would have e m??" become ?_*-?*? *
or impudent, let him carry ah.
the ikln or ty*e ot a IJon, end he wl
, .s? of his .tienile.?, no. BO Will
be ver) terrible unto them 11 :???'? arould
bave bim talkatP elm tongues.
uid ?????k oui th.,?? ?? water '?? l
|ueB ,?. mire? BOtOriOUS for
their com aolse-msl
on the sui"' principi- wc timi it pr.?
Bcrlbed as a cure for the q
t? ?,?, tbe lourtb t.b of H
??nia,!?? under the patlenfe b<
which he ? bi ? sal the negative ? rtt
t f not being naui
Por thosi who ire rerj week end feeble:
"Hartee'e fete. Do? al ? I
,? an) ruder beasb ? fete, al.11 often
?,., eaten; the rame c ?mforl the slm ?*?? :.
The ? Id? ? the b? asti ? b ?, tbe more
th ? sir- ngtbt n."
it is Btrenga that of all tneee rude
?,. ,sts. none should now have their feel
recommended, and that th?? youthful
calis alone should be held in estimation.
"Sometyme Is ??"? cus.? ??( the
thai Um tere stringa commina? d.??
from the breyi*? throusrh th? b?ckbon?
?,-, , ii,. , ? : rough the one goeth the
natural hi te, and Uirough thi
i, . ?th, r the one or both."
??,? r.iifoini:? Bepeeans <?>.nt ? tonili
?.eitle? UM i el.l-n.leil G.1>?1.?? ????,
The caiif-'iiii.i Supreme Court on Wed
needay kanded dot ? ten d entone to th.
Blytke ease, all which an to favor oi
Ptoreeco Blytke. Thla - ttlea the cele?
bratoti ease, and gtvea Uie Btytbe mil?
ii, ns to Plorence Blythe-Hlnckl
turai daughter ut Thomse n. Blythe, Th?
estate Ig valued el fully ?.?0?.000 Then
were nearly a hundred other claimants,
and many of them appeal l from ti?.??
d< laion of the lowi r ? ourt
I'm- yeare tbe young woman who A
t,. great wealth to thus, assured b
' ? al talked about of bei
fonila. Fr,,in a ? ! lid She I lived to
?),.? Klar- of publicity. The case la alinosi
.?? celi brat l In ? h l?;- tory of Ami rl? in
litigation aa that "f the oth r Call
claimant McOarraban, who hi- |ual
ended his long fight for millions with bis
Thomas ll. Blythe died suddenly In
1 ' CO on Apri! I. 1883 !? ivlng
no will. He ?;, l of beart-faiture whU?
Biking .? bath to the apartan
Alice Bdltb Dii k? ? ?, who claims ? ? ?
ble widow, p? , ,? ? ??.,.? |p? ,<?..\_
owing to the pains Blythe i"--k ?
il bis anteeedenta and history, it ap?
pears that be wa. born to Balfagbr
Wales left home at n,.? age ?,f ??;
drifted III!.? UVerpoot, Bttd ; 111 ?? r \\ . r ? ? ?
n.nt to California, where he accumu?
lateli wealth, in Pebruary, 1171, abili
in London, be met a giri of 28
Julia Perry. Blythe was then ??
ire oM Plorence was born ?,
i?th ?,f that .?ear. Blythe provided tot
th- child and gave t>> her mother. Miao
Perry, his iru,? nan,., and addr aa befor?
returning t,> gastrica, in i?:?; Julia Perrj
married amen named Ashcroft whose
child aome of Um betre alleged Plorence
t,, be, Plorence ama taken to s,n Pran
ctoco lm,...,liat.iv after Blythe'e d< itb
?)??? BtrikJni r. s. mbtoi ce to the I,
Beer me ! ? BlytbCs intim?t.? ?
h.r claim?. The legal Rghl for tl
I" r,y beg m in ???, _p i baa I en kern
up aver sii .
'?'!'< ' Pi I ick to
Hlnckley on * ptember B, l? ! ?? ??' ,
young man in the Insurance b
;"'' ll",,h ,?1?? and bis wir, .,,.. ,.
In Oakland (Cal ? societ)
YY'liy He Bsslgasg.
"?:.""! morning, Parson Umbertlp, They
t.di p?- you ...e,; , preaching my nor.
al Balaam chapel. How is that?"
"Well, you see, boss, ,!. ,,,., ...,.,,,.?.
got tor be d.,t giddy an' kltternlsh oat I
eouldn reclton.il? it wld ,,.
'?im Atal ? ? did,,' min. ,,.,, .
kysa ?pepper to de hymn-book, ?
"',"? ebsuncel-allpper. wld merlata ? ,
W,"M **?* - ^k ?er 'ecortln' me eroun' town
"" er pi.?,? er -cant!:,.?, an' go? .??,, ,. ..
ernuff ter sp;|| tar _?? chlcki n
enter me, ? .?:.?? ,:.,? ,.,, ,n mer .
an' reealgn?'deed ! did."
"What is roar .iii.it!.,, - ,,?,<?,, th0
poitoe sergeant, as a "drunk was b
In to htm.
"I'm ? ? ,lk, r, sir"? WB0 111?? r? ply
? \ corker?" exclaimed the sergeani
?what InapUtud ? oi language. I should
say you Brere an un-corki r."
Brings comfort and improvement and
icncl* to peraonal enjovment when
rightly use?]. The many, who live bet
tor than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
a?lsptin? tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced iu the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to ita presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas?
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
bineficigl properties of a perfect lax?
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers!
an?j permanently curing constipation,
it tua given satUfaction to millions an.l
met with the approval of the medica,
profession, because it act? on the Kid
ney?, Liver end Uowela without wesr
euiug them and it is perfectly free frum
?very objectionable substance
___!?_J?f FiP " {oT muh by all <W
_?__^?_M b-ttlea, but it b s3
ufactured by the Californig Fig Syrua
?U>. onlv, whose ngme is nriuted on evert
package, also the name, Syrui of Figi
god being wed informed, yo? wUl no.
?VJO-pl ?ay aubet?tute if oflered.
?ai.Tn,T <v)getoariptr]
DO YOU ? ?
Ther?? t ver '
i?l III *? ?
\\ i ? . ?
.1. know
>st ?
: BUthoritl
out all ?
ai.-l . ?.? p -u \
lands. I!
w hose bl . ? ?. .
m. ? ? bo ire un
an ? *.? ?. ?
? ' !
la ? truths, whi ?.
,?nl w
a!? ?
?? I E
HEi\'SFI '?
Htw ?irtiv ill
I be ii? ? I ? .
1 !.. p? I . .
Thfl BOB Liglll
Wide l'I l'ii'ir ii
Whit? ali 1 I
Narr.iw G???!
iu lia"L'
Pnre-Wbite Pi
; tnmnteed
M.ti's Fani Bl
II.?*??, ? \tr * .?,??a??? ?
?? -.'s rjnlaut .
.1. md W?, :?? -i.nt ..
riety, nt popular ?
Mell's Eid ? il ?
spring iliadi -,
si, si.
M. B*l AU - Lin? u ?
IIuii.iu. rchii f ,
12 l-j
Men's \'.\ I . . .. I
Handkercbii f--,
'J... ;i.-t....
Ladies' Obji Bla '
Bet.. ?*?
;; I'm. ??
Ladies' I < Bti
l.r<*wn, nini r? >I
Ladini ? : -? ?
Tun L - ,
t?.? s ih? I
our counters
? p Uds'O ? ?
Ladi - ''I '?
Bteh Hii.i Binai
Ladb ?' Swim ? til ???? ? ^
an?! V-Mck, sii
ti' ck, a? itti ribbed ?
Ladi? ?' Will'.- a :
Thread ?- ??.
sle.N.-Uss, .'!'??.
Ladi?'*?' 1'lain ?
n<ck, witb long
I.uli.s' Swiss Bi ?' i I
l'ante, kti' ?? I.
Ladi.-.' AU-'.S..-. '?
uinl BO ??I? ????? s, Sl.
La.li.*?' Fin?? All 'il-.?*"
\ ttm\ lij-li BBCk IB 1
w<.rtti $.? Baah, |i. ?
l>r. .JiuKcrs I ?
Iiands, Tic. t?? -1 I .
J. A. ?BUM ..
NcCilli' 'foe, lia.*? r 1
flood briniti bie ?or t?
?Lades ?a colors.
Ni?at, ??? ?. Not Iv. Nevr.
Ci lili.11 ? ?
ap 28-21 iVo I ?
erutto? 11-..??? ??.
?????????, Va lei
PAKTItSUUJlKlNi? I?' '?*"?
ou ?eU-locaUd a-?' im m.
be ^?oaieiod-led by -;???> ? , '
com ??-, t. WttolNL*. THt -.f la'air ? *?'
? B-?a-t?t ?SVO ?Ml Us?a, ...

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