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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 28, 1894, Image 3

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H? Captores the Ball Against tbe Fence
Alter a Lo?? Run.
| ??.,?? Villh s riaver Ile filili?
the 1 1. 1-1 Ihr f ont, ?I Muriteli by
??..ine (.p...I Woik.
Il ?? (ho ?econd
? ?? ? by the ??? meni
wed tO ? ???- ta ih" fifth ina.!.??
:,?? -if
r, '
' '
nd wl 'n t?ie
Mr. Umpire ?:??! huffy,
bot h?
. ?it ti ??
? ? ? ?
? r , | Of 1
?.? . .
. ' ? .
? '
[ y. 11 1
? ? ?
' H?
* ! ?? had
? il 11 ?
. al. I
'. ' ;
r ???
? ?
n ? in the
! Smith
' .
? .
.'??ivi: wi iRK.
that tt a?'??
il. pltcl lb ill,
? I? al a
' * aleI
He ?
\ L
?? 3 1
I o
?? ?
!.. ?
'? ?. i loi
: ? ,. I
0 I
1 I o I
a X OK
A.IL It 1!
. ? " 1
1 1
I 1 -J ?
10 0 1
I .' I 1 ....
. ; ? . ii .. ?.
10 0 1 0 o
.... ???-?, !
I ? ? '
.? Tale Wild
I in
CAL- rS L'i f .Al 6UCKTAILS.
I Well! ?- ? lia.Bet ,ia? m u Beer?
..? -i\ I.. I .
im .!??
ime "??
? inai he?
. ? the
t???: at ??li:
V M. I. IBS??I
? ? ? H
Id, i
In II., ?lati. lui.in-; l'.o.li -?-111? liman to
|-:..il-i_ li.il!.
i be sec?n ? ? t til of b ill
? tan ? Uta boats ' am and
: m Um d? : t ? : ? .?
1 loo ?
rt -s it wa? nil exetUflg
on? 11. boms item look tbo lead from
.?? an ? ?, 1.1 it until lb?? tilth Inning,
*? '?? a ti riattate <?? bit? by
?ulta, .".? ? ? '*? ?>y Brodi?
1 1 .... ri .
? ? me boy? tied, lb?
? ?. ili? sixth llinlli?-. Alter ibis
Inntag beta sieen settled down to pla>ln?
b-ii, nud th? Borsata toalaf r*suii-*d
In ? bisnk f.?r both ?rums. In ih* nlnlh
tontag th?* horn,? tanni, on hl!? by Kor?*
man, Keltay, and !i--**-?*ile, ????! Wldgttut*?
?t t.? ?. pit,?,..? bell, Bemal ihren
runs ta ih. : ? una the Rum??.
by tantngs:
Lot? t?hur* .1 01(101 All **_ll
?iric.Oin.r, 0O0O? 8
Summary: Betterbte G???????? nnd
?'????. McKenaa sad ?'i.i?.?.. Bans-hits?
Og I?! i,. a, ? M? K'-'i'ia, 12. Two-Lane.
hita??? ? ,n.s Robert?.
' r ? r burg. I Stolen l
Bronte, Oaborne, and BcbuHs Bm
ball? Lotniriii, ?. ? ?'-?p.? 4. Htriiek
OUI ??reinan. .'.. M? L. ? ?:? l. [*?ublt
il .ii.l Ha..ni? nd. Illl !.>?
fort man, I; BeK ta i. .*.. w n.i
? ?;?...,
:.. 'iinu? ..r gatti ??????? h.ar.-?. ?mptn ?
? ?.??. .
STAt'MTON'S SfCOONI) victory.
NORFOLK \.\. April R, '*?:,.rfolk Ip
keeping up bei downward amreh in tbt
race Btaantoa seered
i, ? victory to-day by a ?? or? <?'.
it Ii L.
Norfolk . Basai aaa a?g ? ?
0 lllllllll-l ? J
id H? dg?; i-othroa, s-1
1 Archel
??,,,,??,p., Ik?.m lull.ni Hull.
CH *? : ? ? ?'., April ?
i;. u i:
. I0.IB0B1I "< ?
? 7
Kl ipf ani Znhner, Peat ?.
1/ . ?
H. <: \ . April 27. Ten In
nines. ? it. if ??;
? ?. 0 ' I 0 0 0 :? 7 pi |
0 0 0 0 11 ? 0 8?I s 4
Crin, and laataan:
i. I Trosl
ATI.ANTA. ?;\. April :: Score:
R. ?. ?
??."17 ;. |
? " 1 - I " 1 1 ?? o ?, % j
Latti '. !.. ; New and
Rolan I.
MACON, OA., Api re: R n. j
M icon .00000 '?. :: r, ;?
?? ? ? i " i ? ? ? <*, r, -
Hill ai 1 II . .?-r, Braun and
Presiding Jod*-? Loue Oemea t'n?t le
?? ? us Morti ?.
s'w ?? ?NC18C ?. Ap,.? p.?Weather
nd ? ? ?. ???
1 '?Ut avori,
Li ? Iran ? ? ? on l, Coqu? tte third. Tinse,
- htha of a mile -
?- won, Sh mu?., k second. I:
Hj i'*. won, _>r,
i ire third. Time
"' ? ire l) ? rtel ..fa mil'?,
1 . Romulua ?? con I,
. : Tim?. I
iii.? furloi Boaton
' 111 ; - ? !. Ml lamia t',11-1
! .
|U if- In San
. ber, I? aven f..r
? n ter "ii one
rn l
?.? ? is, p?.. April ^.-Thr
ia m ait- nd
w ? nher and tra ?. ? .??? Il? m.
? . ?.Mis ..f a mil?? John
??' won, Veto? : . ' nd, L. marks
half a mil. Imported
? . ?. L'er Lodge ? ond,
All Alda- ? tl.il i. Tim?. :.i\..
Third irters ..f a mile
I I Malt b' ond,
rime, 1:21 ?4.
clecniht of a
? ? won, Elol t< ? :
. 1:13.
hall a mil?? Republic WOO,
I, Muoia U?.? i. Tine-,
!'n .? quai tl G? of a. in i I?? -
? ? rtnei won, Letton s ? "ici, Lube
; third Time, i :?.
????'*\.; '. April .'7 Thi - races wen!
day, ru ? ti.ther
en! to a foul
? ? mil Ta |
? . - ? . ind, ?: 1 Jim
? p I.s ,.f a mil.
. . . Hi ?...ill
? ;i r. :?? ?*. won,
rii. Time,
? . - ? ? t een lh
... ?. :. ? ?elusion
third. ?
I',lib ia. ? . ? ?? ? ' ir-liths of a mile
I . ?. l'a? Mall..y, .lt.,
NASI I \ ?i.l.l?:. TENN . Aprii ZI. L.i'.i
r .a ? Of a
? ? ? beriandpi 1st
lo Cumber
to a ? the opening
That the field that
start???! for th? CUmbi rland pi Ise waa ihe
. lUthwi .-t
I tb ' II ? ??as ,\
'? i'hil Ihe vici.I
, popular on?. bo far aa
Ih?? home tu
? || thi mam stab? d th- Ir
?. .?..?,..? Both
la ? named w< p In b id ?
sil. t? h. ?
? j last.
t furl.????? earn ? ? - ?.? * ?
lingo, who hud been ? .eli'
ropplnl ? .?.? !..
?UCkwa . .?me ihrough and i.'liai? 1
lei Buckrene, who had b en well
?.? an th? time, Laazarone
I at ever] '
ti.,? v. Ir? ? '..?? ' ? !.???? h? il i? ?? ?. of Buch?
? . off.
?, , ???,.,?|..? curri? l off th?
ihe first thi
fair I ' I
un w re parad? ?? In fron! ..f
nd stand ! mm h ap
, . . ? the besl pair In
m all the e\ nt? waa
ml particularly In the prise
w? ? ms and age. Bum
:\ t irloni Ray 8., 118,
? :, ? :
: ? ' Iliir |. 'l'ilo , l'I.
Vallera, IOS,
t t,, ?. won: l'i .?:'? ? Bor S.
1 : a
vini . ? prit
sinner. 13,500. ? I
1 ki e, 128, 1 horpe,
j? io ?. won; Lassurone second, Bucbwa
h race purs? f ?, ? ? m
,? .in??.? Crania, IOC, Ooodale, '."?..
?., ?. won; Trenton ru Plorls
Kifth ? 1410. seven furlong??
? * Clay ton, 7 to I, w _r, ;
M third. Time,
? -? _r
Be Ian??? l>- Cul Dich Mo..??? In lbe Nlnlh
? :.r. wked lM.k Moon out to-night
In tt.? ninth round In a lieht for the mid
lip of America. Both
men had d ?ne some herd training, and
u ? during ti..? day to be tat
. ndltlon. ?? ? don, how
? . ;? .. ni", and what mom y
ia at :i to ? In ?.??- I ??? r.
: m rn?!' supper at Ma,
? ?-,hile ' -.? ?? i""1 the >'? am I
Tl ?? 'i'? ic y, of Aue
ovr" Mai.r. and Professor
. . rml .'. Athletic
, ... ? ??:?. d-.n. while Bobby
?'-??? Igbl ..f Den
i/cr; U ? ro, bb i i ?. H Dent?n
(Rob Roy), "f Bonton, the letter i-eing
? similar servi.-.? fer
white Colonel T. D,
v M -, orb, Cr ? don's backer,
fri I IS watch. .I th pf*0
? ? a box. Bead) Qrtowold,
r of th? Ornaba "Bern," wan
the p '
rougi t in burrioaae styl ? fram
? , Ri li h. Moors was n?? match for
but I tun rtoi ? bis* friaada by
Lut HUMS ???? Nn l'Iia-dilan an?! fot
m.-,: fioul Lorn of HI"?".I?
DB : PRIN08, VA.. April 27.-iSpe
I COX. ? f.iwvcr working In
' Jo* u M Pn B m'*'? t-aw-iiiill Ht
Svcii-Miie ?O?d. had his Itf sawi.l ??
. . .? ?. ,. a physician could net
be gotten till ? o'clock thi? moraine, and
th? roan filed from tam of blood about 6
Tin? movement ta ; it ita the standing
of coflgresemen on the tariff gasattae 's
a welcome one They hav?- been sll.lng
on It xo long thut the public will accept
Ihn hint of their ?ttuidlng on It OB sympto?
mut ic of action ou th? same.
Great northern Strike In Effect from St.
Pani Westward.
Tliey Hold Thnt Their lirlernnes Do?! Not
A.linlt of Arbitration?President'
IIlll'a I?...Ilion.
RT. G?G?,, MINN', April 27.-At high
?.? to-ilny the tarent Northern rtrlk??
writ luti, .ff,.-t m St. Paul and Mlnm
? apolla, and nt all i-olnls on the MM from
? Urte city to the coa t. Th?? Northern Min?
nesota Is also Bl fot red, Within fiv min?
utes after the committee had arrived at
the decision to call th? men out, the order
had bean bob! eat bp PreaMaal DaBa an-i
the tight is now nn in Seed enrgeei, The
COeSgeey claims that It has sufflclent men
ri'-w In its BBItlce who will remain at
? it. ??till?? the American Hallway Union
a'sTta just the contrary,
"Tke eoeamtttee tak-s the groand," sai,i
Mr. lie'js In an Interview, "that having
appealed egatnet the wrong that was m
!' , : I BBOa ttfni. UM men should not be
aeked to arbitrala A positiv* and ?icn
t.it.? laJneUce has been done them, nn-1
?hey ask to have this r? ?title-]. It do??*
D ' admit of all ?trail,m."
President mu -arse called on bamedtob
ty after the order for a general strike had
?, <n promulgated ll?? -' tie ? thai Um
company proposed to operate Its reed to?
, ntly ..f the union. "I do not,,
think." he said, "that any great propor?
tton Of th?? men. will Obey th?? order, and
? do not anticipate any ?iif?cuity to ?:? I
tlng men to operate tt"? traina I im.-nd
lhat every wheel on Um Une ptnii be
running In as simtt a Urne se pe
sad Urie latest move ef the committee
aoi seriously ait-r the attention, .->
far ?is ih? compeny bt concerned."
it waa learned to-night that unie?? the
strikers become riot-,us ?m-i commit dep?
? lattone other than Interfering with th?.?
tunning of traina State troops will not
be called out In calling on Ute United
siat? s BUthortles for protection and plac?
ing ih?? traina to the < are ,-f tbe L'nlb I
States authorities, the State authorities
appear to believe thei the Oreal Northern
? m? nt baa pia? ? d the matter In Um
banda "f th>? Federal Government, and
thai if th" marshals are not ante t-. cope
v.iiii the strikers tt.? United States troops
Will t,?? called to th-ir assistance It in
Stated that the Third Infantry at Port
Knelling I.? helm, held to rendir?,
move at a moment's notice i?> any point
?? ?, re there ma?? be trouble.
Tbe height train for the East last
lilv'ht is ?it Bt <'l-,ud una!'!' to Be? ut?? a
fireman to take it. ovi r the Fergus I
BrlghtwwoS, Beet Waahliigtaa. Exported
I? Be Item lied To-Horro??? Afternoon.
GAITHERSBUBO, Ml'.. April 17.?For
ni.?,ut the twentieth time In thirty-two
?lays ,?' marching the Coxi y army camp? ?
In ih?? ? m ? night This place ?? ?-:
reached by -' P. M.. after a dry and dusty
tramp, and ih,- army, under the direc?
tion of a citisene' committee, were shown
a picturesque camp-ffround a quarter of
a mile > ist of th" town.
The camp to-night is known as "Allee
Maria," In honor ,,f Browne's deed wife.
It is bul twenty miles from Washington.
To m ?rrow afternoon will And tbe army
at Rockville, in camp "Legal Ten 1er," a
compliment t?, Mr. Coxej ? young, il son,
??!,,- w.o. accorded thai very distinctive
name al t>?-- birth, some weeks ?ii.??,. The
? ? explains thit tastend ->f stopping
for three days al Rockville, tbe Common?
weal will stay there a ringle night, break?
ing camp ai 7 o'clock Sunday m
for ih?? march to Washington, it is ex?
pected thei tii" Brigbtwood Driving Park,
ari leb be ? beeri finsi!] - b?sen f"i' the
m.?in camp, ?*1" be reached by ? o'clock
? after).n.
it is the general Impression thai this
change -,f programme is simply another
:, p towar ? turning the army Into a aide?
Bhow. There are no relnforcementa .-f
a to be hoped for al Rockville,
and it is a question ?>f feeding the army
for two days to an unprofitable country
or ?if pushing on to u good fenced ? n?
cloeure, where the gate-recelpte for a
single day are lik? ly t-, pay the ex|
Of 111?? trip tO W BJ iiin-tton.
Aft? r constant aa ? continu? d ai ?
tton iviih i'?.?.? ?, there ut among Um
corpa -,f liar correspondents but one opto
Ion namely, that be i; e sincere man
with b nu,Ida. ? i'ii it . freely conceded
that bis keen business sense, which though
? uflit lent to earn bim a comfoi table
fortune, was noi enough t-> keep blm
lroni but Iliiaiiii.il fool's errand, lias
shown linn that failing In worktog ?
greal eoclal rcfoim, the n< ti best thing
i? to make Um armj e paying Institution
on a ? pectacutor b ?
???.. Brigbtwood Driving Association has
certainly secured the greatesl drawing
..nd ..f the season for its ground, it has
been Impossible t <. obtain from Browne or
- ?.?. ? the exact terms on which the
grounds were secured, bul it Is reported
on good authority that the use was eju,.n
.nl that a promise "f substotenc?
for a t ? ? m -if greeks ??as made for the
sake >-r tbe Increased trente on the su?
burban railway running t" tbe park, tbe
park and tit?? road being owned by Um
same Individuato,
Th? tost id?'??- to the remanca and
heroism of the performance is that 'oxey
is going !,? raise ih.? price ?>f adn ?
to the show from ? dime to a quart r.
Coxey still maintains his atutude of
Conviction aa to the aim nnd ultima:?
Bucce?? of Uie expedition. He declares
his ?-, lief in the Infallibility of the gn at
monster scheme, and professes ?>> t,-ii.-\.
ihm Congress will "uly need a little
urging to pass both his Pills.
in speaking of tbe step to Washington,
he ? od : "We have come for s pui ?- -,
nnd W ar going to stay !ill that purpose
Ha Oonaantoenty Beperiaaaal Beeolves a
Mifclit -Tlie ?m ? aulenti,nn?.
CASET. IOWA, April V. The com?
mi ar.? department of KeUjfB army ie?
ceived si Casey to-day Um t'usi Bllghl it
baa bad atece CouncU Bluffa was toft
and th?- mens spirits sank accordingly.
Th,? Casey ?-'ift of provisions consisted
of ? toady baekei of bread and a aoU
tory packagi of coffee. There were no
cheers for Kelly, anil no Bongs from ins
m? n. The townspeople gathered curi?
ously 'mt silently to watch Um arato
straggle by, and followed to Um camp?
ground to watch Um army take dinner.
Kelly was Incensed at th?? faltare t?.
provide tor him, and went through the
town ?lijiimit his cuaterna ry Barile. Dur?
ing ih?? afternoon ????>? ?????,-,? the fol?
lowing appeal t" Mayer Boatta of Omaha:
"To Mayor Bemto and Um Citisene of
??malia: ? ?m? more appeal from th?? Com?
monweal army. We arc eurrounde ? by
Pinkerton detectives, who ara s?..irin?;
n,? in? an? t?. li.-ak our lirosress. Send
auptpllee as boot ae poeatbla breed, meat.
sad coffee We ur?,??? >"u one.? aune to
aland by ns. We hope t?> muk,? i?.s
.\i 4nee BOOM limo Sunday. Houli? lm
???????1 in e eery ooaeetvaMe manner.
TranaportaUon i>y waeoa muet m great
part be paid for."
This manifesto of Kelly's gave ex
it, Btoa to tho s? ntiniiiii of th?? men,
nn?! threats against the Pinkerton? are
becoming hourly more numerous.
There was no Indication of an attempt
by the Sanameli!.? divlM--ii to capture a
train dating the day. The nun are ap?
parently determined to scatter and trust
to bull trains and brake-tieams.
?ol.nNKL (Al.VINS MKM,
ZANKSVU.l.K. OHIO, Abril IT.?A ape
Ctal fi'oiu Wa-hington (Ourihouse aays
Cotone) t'alv'n'e lndusirial army arrived ?
at the coal chute there late last night |
tired and ft?ots*>re. They Qseigoeoiod tke
BStUon foreman, taklhi- his signals from
)i rn, and In the sand-house. Then they
held up ? llalitmore Bad (?hlo through
easl-t/ound freight train and boarded It
for Columbus. The trainmen. how??ver,
.?id. -tracked them at Mt. Sterling, which
made the hobos very angry.
It la ?Uvea -sml Taxen In Laut Night's
llmiae S?salon.
WASHINGTON. 1>. C April 27.-The
suggestion of last Friday night that In the
absence of a quorum at to-night's session
a resolution would be offered and passed
to bring a quorum by tbe arrest of mem?
bers apparently luti Ite force, for ?hen
?peaker-pro-tetn Hroobshlre colled the
House to order el ? o'clock there were
not to exceed sixty represenUltre? to
their teils. The House resolved Itself
Inlo Commlltee of !he Whole (Mr. Dock
ery. Democrat of Missouri, In th? chair),
and the first bill on the calendar wa?
read t?i iwrfect the military record of
Warren Alonso Allen.
Mr. Telbert (Democrat!, of South Caro?
lina, said that the House should pro?
ceed alone th?? line !t had pursued in the
past week nnd from when? It left off last
Friday nlKht, and renewed the rcquest
f r unsnimou? consent to print In the
Record a BBrsM "t article? In the New
Tech Times on abuse of the pension sys?
objection wns mad??, and Mr. Talbert
was proc?edlnir ?o discuss the article,
when Mr. I'lr-kler (.Republican), of South
Dmtetn, asked him what It was he wanted
to have printed. H-dng informed that lt
was the tnorl slanderous vilification of^
Untan BOtdters ever published In the'
I alted State:*, and DB ?harj-ed Mr. Tal
Lert with Bag-dag ,0 slander the old
fnlnn soldiers by his assertions.
Mr Talbert: I deny It. The gentleman
hai utte.r.-d a falsehood, pure and sim?
Mr. Hepburn ('Republican), of Iowa.
?all'd Mr. Tall?? rt to ord.-r. and de?
manded that his words tie taken down.
TIiIh hav Ini: bssn done. Mr. I_atim?T
(Democrat), sf BenH CnreMaa. moved
that his colIeaRue be permitad to ex?
Mr. Talb'Tt, repSBt-Bg wh.it h.? had oc?
curred. Bald he war* sorry he had i?> say
It. but It was true. "If the gentleman
will withdraw his r.ninrk, I will with?
draw min??. One waa M uaparttaaaantnry
as UN ..ther, and if h?? had not said
wdtat was not fru?- I would not hav?? said
what was tru*?."
Mr. Laker (Republtean), New* Hamp?
shire, called Mr. -albert to order sgola,
savin?- bit ? rptar*-******* was as offensive
an Ihe Original r? m.iik.
(?n molten of htr. Moses (Dtniocmt),
Georgia, Mr. Talbert was allowed t.? pro
... 1 in ord.-r. nhsiwepnil he said ha
would withdraw his re.|ii-st for unani
?, .m cottsctil for the peasant,
\lr I'hkhr said lb?? Rentlemao from
K?.uth Carolini (Mr. Talb-it? had villi!.d
Unten soldiers .-v. ry erenlng tltis
si.m. and h?? (.'lievi that was his obj> ct
and held ?t ail in atter t*ontempt
Mr Ltalngeton -mitad him t.. order,
and demanded that bis words be Innen
down. This was done, and then Mr.
Mutin (?'.ni..'tat?. Indiana, mov d that
Mr. Ptehter I?* |" minted ti> pr?.????.! In
Mr. Tickler: I don'l want to proc-ed In
order. I Blond by what l Bald, and I
ha?.?? riothir,.; t?? tabe buch.
Mr. Mn-iin BBOVed Ihn! the commtltee
rise, explaining tl ?1 ' ' ?' d so for ibe
purpose of moving a call of the House,
?,at ih?* comi 'in?- refueed to i.-??. ' h"
pending bill woe then teld ? Ide, with a
favorable tepori, no further action being
h.d .m tbe Ptebter-Talbert lie' lent
Upon (-.1,.sideraliOtt of the fourth bill,
M- Talbert rewrwed his request forunanl?
imous eonaenl f..r tbe reading of tho ar?
tici.? referred to. bul objection was amas
and th- bin waa laid Balde.
?m tbe nest WH Mr. J??"???* (Pern ernt).
Virginia, made th- point of no ?iimnim
After a call of the roll, sbowing Ut
members present, the fact of no Quorum
w.,-, reported to th ? H tee, and at WJ
,?, , ..,,.???-t.t was toben until U o .lock
to-morrow. _ _
Important foi.fereii.e 11 nd Will. Onerai
????gai S,iid*-rro|io-eil Led.?? lion*.
ROANOKE, VA.. April tt.? ?? Uti.)
Tbe i... t lhat the Orlerai s C ?nmlttee
of i.iromotive Engineers, Omduetora,nnd
:i, ? of th- Norfolk sn ? "Srestern
railroad has been holding ineetlngs in
ml dnya bos mai rl s
, . . ., n rumors of on Impending alrike
of the?? employee?, but in ronvermtBra
with men wi n Informed at to Um ? ?
tion your rorrf*spond**nt iearns that nn
aerioua apprehensions of a ttrlk? ar?? en?
tertained by the railroad officials, and that
it is expected all differences arili soon be
adjusted Battofac-brily.
Th?? Qrtevance Committee wants th?:
wngm of the men they represent, which
w, re reined IO per <? at some months
,, ... ,, ti ? ? by the I it of May, cl ilralng
that the buslnem of th? mllros ? srill iim
tiiv this, and to-lay they had a d nfer
ence with Oeneral-hlanoger Sande, who.
. ., or?n ? ?? th? m ? ? ?1? txi-inorrow.
Railroad ofllctalt are i-etleeel ae to Dm
matter, but it bi understood thai tbe em?
ploy to above mention? ? claim that a
whole-sale reduction in the numb? r Of
salaried officiala of tbe company will aid
materially in restoring the wages of coii
. an 1 Imlnmi b.
They Were Anioni- tb?? f ?niiitra'* Large?!
Heuler? In ClUthlSfB' -?npiille..
NEW YORK, April tt. Henry Newman
g Company, wboleeale deaten in loiters"
trimmings, sl Woe SB and M Broadway,
Boaigned ??-lay. Th? Brm obtain? ? an
, xt, nal in I?' Sept? mb? ? of ? Igb! and
twelve months, showing liabilities of
81,6O0.orn and assets of f- :. The fli it
payment on the extension falls due May
l.'.th. Mr. Newman thr. ?? weckt ago stated
that h?? had anticipated 50 per a at of tbe
first payment Bu Ini ss bed ? t been m
-rood ns he expeel '?. am collections have
?,, en \? ry uneotiefoi tory. Th? refore, he
?.., bspn enable to mi et tbe b dance of
hta fimi extension. The buslnem wai ?,?
tabltshed twenty-?t? yean ago by Henry
?. Newman.
I irdlng to th.- assignee's statement
the liai'?lities of the firm are about tUUO,~
000, and the ssseta are ?::.'?>","?-?. constat?
ing of BOO.OOO won I ai c.-t pri? ??.
? in good outstanding account?, Bio.?
000 ?? cosh, and en ugh ? ?? ? tate ta
m ike the i"t.?l aseeta aboul B.O00.OQO,
Henry Newmen t ?'??? wan among th.
largest wholesale ar. ? retail deaten m
clothiers' supplies in this country, in ad?
dition t-? their hous.? at BB and M Broad?
way, they in January, ISM, opened ?
l.irit?* branch at Bl and :7t Franklin
stret. Chi?
Mr?. Ilaal? Said I?. Have Lern fiiaeii the
fold Shoulder.
NEW TORK. April -'?- A Llrmlncham.
Ala . special says: One of the seiwattanB
of tbe great Obnf?Bderate rennten being
held hen ta the cold thoulder which has
. ... ? to the widow of Jeffer* a I ? ?
vis. One "f tbe purposes of th? ansocte?
tion was t.. ???? that ? "h south? in Stem
?'ontril.iited ? ? Baton of BBS tot her sup?
port. The commit!??? in Charge of the
subject m lecommending that tho move?
ment be dropped, stated that as Mrs.
P.ivis had selected New York Btate for
her reabtence, she thereby tost bee Iden?
tity with'th.- stmtbern states. Tins ?re?
port waa adopted. Bud Mrs. Lavisi name
will '.?? stricken f*"?? ??11 iu?ur'-' eennlrte
ration. _
When He Appear? I locks Stop and l>o_?
Gel (?nt ?>f ?be Way.
(British Medicai Journal.)
Trofessor Zakharln. of Moscow*, who at?
tendisi th.? Caar during hta misent serious
ii':,,-- is almost as neU known In Ru sta
for bis eccellili.'!"?- ?<* flJ?? his ciliin.licc
us ? physh ?an. When be Is colled ta at?
tend s paiivt special anangementt must
,... ,;,,),. j? the house, ull ?OgB must
be kept out of ihe war; oM docks must
b? m .pped; all doors must be thrown
a id open.
The professor on tmtertng begins a pro
?? M of glsdUSl unir, ssini?. Laving bl?
furs In lha hall, bis ov.nout In th- next
r. un his golosh IT in the n?xt room, etc.
He Insists on p. rfoct sil-nc on the part
of the aflll? I-1 r? lutiv.s. except In reply
t.i his ?iiiestlons. when their speech must
b- literally "fen? and "nay." He has a
theory whl.h he expresses In the maxim
Tabe n rest before you ure tir.-d," and
accordingly he stole tlowa erery sight or
ten steps. His d.m.anor toward doc
t.rs with whom he happens to be unac?
quainted makes him a-reatly feared by
th?m. und some eight years ago a kind
of public uKitatlon woe got up In oppo?
sition to him. In which many hundreds of
doctors took part.
Hesolutlons were passed and addreses
were presented, and echoes of the gather?
ing storm made thems-lv, s heard in the
prees. These manifestations of feel
ini- wire speedily suppressed In a way
characierlsilc of Russia. Th?* then Gene?
ral-Governor of Moscow, Prince L>cl
gorukoff, 'sent for the editor of ,the
nodical journal In which the addressee
???? printed, and told bini that If he
published a word more about Zarharin
he would have to leave Moscow ln twenty
four hours' time. Ills eceentrictti-*s. how?
ever, cease at the bedside of his patient;
there he Is courteous and considerati*,
most painstaking and mlnut? In hla ex?
emption, ami very 'thorough In his
treatment So successful has he been In bis
?rofemton that be la believed to bo worth I
some one half million sterling. I
One Hundred and PUty-Two Tboasind
m Strike,
The Governor of Alai,am? Espurias That
us YY in laaeeeea ih?, rese? at
AU llaiards.
ro_.UMI.U8, OHIO, April 27.-The fol?
lowing revised estimates of the number
>?f miners now out ln the strik??, gtYTOB
out by President Mcltrlde to-day, shows
that the miners are gaining ?trength;
Alabama. 1.'??.
Tennessee and Kentucky, 1,000.
Indiana, 6.000.
Ohio, Ko?O.
YVest Virginia, 1,800.
Illinois, ??, ?JO.
Iowa, 1,??.
Indian T? rrltory, 2.000.
Missouri, MB),
Pennsylvania. OI.OCO.
Colorado, U$%
Michigan, 100.
ToUl. UBrBB,
In this estimate he -Iocs not include th??
accessions in the Indiana block SoM an 1
Illinois, indi'-attrU ln th?? morning dis
Patchea. The principal a-l-iili. ? IS ?
iVnnsylviinia, where he estim?t?.?? that
B-888 m? u ar-? now id!??.
?I. A. Crewford ttligiaphe from ITitaola
lhat not a wheel Is flBOVtag fr-,?? St. ?. ? ii?
t" ?'airo, and fr-.m this President McBride
predicts that Illinois will be out Mildly
by the first of May. That L'j?, m? ? went
to work at Beawood, YV. Y'a. ?yesterday,
h-? aeea not regard a? sigillili ani They
mine only f.jr a steel plant there. Still
they Woiil 1 try to prevent local
meat Oa the whole, Mr McBride thought
the situati??!! to-day very encouraging to
UM min- ra.
HlKMINGHAM. ALA., April 27.-i:.vr
nor Jen?-?, wiio is siili in Btruringhem,
this afternoon had a lang conference with
?? conunlttee fr-.m tt?.?? Briner? of this
district constottog <>r j. i?. Thompson, of
Um l'rait mir ?-s. j, tm Lament Of 1 'ar lilt;
t. I?. Roberta, of Blockton, and Franb
Founcer, of Wylam, but dedtoed I ?
any ,,f the particulars of what transpired.
ll?? took occasion, however, i-> say thai
many of the dispatches being sent from
this district were rictouely senes
and gave rise to th-? m-ist UBfounde I ani
iiiijiist spintona of lbs atUtude of tbe bulb
of the aalners; thai while tin? all
was som? what attained, be il't confident
tli,? majority of th?? strikers wer?? pot
in sympathy with any purpose to erto Un
strik- excefrt by lawful meana, ill? atten?
tion had be-u calici to th.? arming and
drilling of the minera, which he <;,||. 1
t-? the atteaUon of the c intmttb ??, adi Isins
them that it was contrary ? ? the tow,
and they assure.1 him that they would
discontinue it, stettog ttiat tl??? number
<-r men who bad participated in it was
Insignificant and lhat ti?-? purpose ha ?
t- ? ? misapprehended
Tlie Governor further said that he bed
tnveetlgated the reporter! torse pui
of arm? by tlie mm? is. and bad ascertain?
ed that th? re ?vai no foun latton for the
rumor, and that th ?r purchases had nut
?,? ? n m,,r Urna usuili.
At a fniiii? r meeting with ih.? commit?
t??,? th? Oovernor explained to them that
Governor, while be regretted any dif
fer? ?.f opinion as t., wag. .. whicb re?
sulted in bo many being uni mi loj I. he
had nothing ??iti???!? t,, do with the
strik,? as such; that ble ? ?loess wss to
presi ? the ?? ace, ai ? thai th.it would
in? done at all basai ? The Governor
sai-l that no troops had 1, ? ? pul under
?nui-?, because, in hi? opinion, it hid been
',; ? rassary to d . this; that it ? ?nil main?
tained Implicit confidence in th? miners'
obedience to the law and their controlling
th? ir hot-h? ads ta they ??; I at th?
meeting Mon,Ity tost which pa ? I off ? ?
I - Bi ? il'ly and In a inaili,? r Whll h ?
it eti ? nrc.it ?-redit ,-p them; bul ? it,
th. SV nt It becnu?? ? .??? ?- ?ir .
troope cotrid ?.ncentrati ? bere m lem
than twenty-four boute.
? ? m what ? ,: ? ? ? leen ? It is ene
rally understood that th? Governor eras
\--ry emphatic in Impressing th-? commit?
tee with ti.,? ? :. ? that ? , I.i v. linees
would ?--* tolerated, and thai th?* might
ae well run against a buss-saw as t..
coma in eeata? t with th?? Btsl authori?
? ? nun ?. I i.i,.. Apri! 21. Two hundred
minen left her? at I o'clock thie-m. mi ??,
to i,Hired to Toluca. The carried Amei
.?an flu^s. and each min was armed with
a four-foot niapl?? ?lui,. They ?rill Join
the main body -,f in? ? marching from La
sail-?. Peru, Btreator, and Spring Valley,
2,'??? strnnk,'. at Rutland.
Five negra miners from Toluca arrived
lai?? last night and report? ? ih?- m? ?
leaving In ???: ida They say the minera
?u Toluca ar? badly frightened over th.
report that th?? advancing miners would
lynch every man caught at work.
TOLUCA. ILL. April :': The miners'
meeting hi? \ icefully broken up. N-,
violence erse attempi-? 1. Thla is mslnly
du? to precautions taken by ti?? authori?
ties in cloeiag th?? miles and dispersing
??-??? mtoers who had assembled by pro
vi.itn-i fi?? transportstion for them i,?
th- .r li 'mes,
The Pelili of the .Min.t? In the Old
Omit? v.
Th?? Alaska ? are glvee th? following
??,?,,unit of a perilous winter trip made
from Forty-Mile creek, on the Yuko'i
ri?.r. to Juneau, with doge and ?i"i. by
ll. Wright a miner, a man named John
R? ? i. .m I a half-breed named Pltka:
Th? y left Fun?? .Mil.? December im h with
two sleds hanl-d by two teams of ?l-'^s,
having live d'<s in one and four m the
other. Each Bled bad a toed "f a'"' il
Sfii pounds, eonstoUag ?>f blankets, tent
? uu, a sheet-iron stove, grub, dried sal?
mon, and veering appareL They mede
from tea to fifteen miles a day, travel?
ling on the lc? on the Ttlkon rll r. At
th?? ? nl of th? BM miles th?? snow became
deeper ani th?- toe rougher, eompelUng
th?? unloading -if th?? tent atove, an ? s ime
of ?,?? extra effects which they cached
They etopped over one day. Borne days
the thermometer was ? degrees below
/??.? S,vral limes th?? dogs' feet Were
frasi n t?, ih?? lee, und ih?? men'e taces,
f.?.?!. and hands were nipped by Um In?
tease ?old. compelling a bait They mat
with no ?rent difltculty until they reached
tlM fOOl "f Ut? -livid,? on Hi-? Yukon sld?.
They inai?? an attempi ?-> e roes, bet Um
snow ?ml wind bunded them. They wrap
pel up in blankets and lay In the snow
three -lays and iw.. niu'his. ..itili?,' frosep
brea ? aad beane thawed out by th? ir fir*. -
candi-???. Snow wee m? Red by th-, can?
ili.s t.. iret water to drink.
The ?t-.rm ebfittog. they retreated tn
the timber on Lake Bennett taking .
sled. Th???? made camp and k?-('t. a lu??
g?iing to dry out th?lr clothes and blank?
et?, staying there two nights and a day.
They made u[i a lunch of four pounds
,-f bread an-i three pounds of bacon and
started for Wilson's, leaving th?? ?|tt-l ani
the bUnk-Is at th? camp. Tli-y nearly
lost their Brag, bul finally reached Wil?
son's almost B?hausted, having eaten only
on- meal frolli la ?. M. to ? 1'. M. til?
fallowing -lay- They bed toft BM? :
gold dust at the first camp where they
were buried by BBOW. Seva -logs fol?
lowed them over tn?? diwd??. ?ml two re?
mained at th? Bennett Lake camp. They
were out of dry BS?BB0O and bad ti"t givi ii
the dogs anything to eat for Bee -!?>s.
une dog was caught In a trap an 1 bad to
be killed.
After a ten-,lays" rest at YVilson's th. y
erageed th? summit to get th?? gold-<iust
and camp outfit. Hank Wright renamed
at YVilson's, sending an Irnlian in his
place. They crossed the ?livid??, got their
dust, two sleds, and effects, and r?*
turncd t?> YY'll.'on's, making It In thirty
hours. The Chllkat Indian gave, out an-1
had to be helped. They found one of the
dogs at Dennett l?ake frozen to death,
and the other almost dead from starva?
tion, living fifteen days with nothing to
eat. it was gli en bread and dried sal?
mon, and was able to walk to YVilson's.
It was even chances whether they would
survive or not on the summit, but they
managed at last to get their bearings aud
push through.
Itemlnlscsnce? of Ih? Grand Ubi Maa't
Life as a schoolboy.
At the age of 14 Mr. Gladstone was
flogged by Dr. Keate? not. as ha?? be?-n
commonly reported, for Introducing wine
Into bto tutor's house, but for tho fol?
lowing reason: "It Is true teat I was
flogged?not because of anything connected
with wine (of which, by th? way. my
father alwaya kept mo provided with a
small supply at Kton, but because from
kindness and good nature, not unmixed
with pity, I omitted, wh?m prar-poetei* of
the remove, to put down the nomea of
three boys In tbe list sent up to Keate
of culprits to be flogged."
The name? of iheee thre*? boy? were
"Snipe" Booth (bo called from his long
nose) ?nd t*-/o brother? name?! Vowel?
(Windsor boys), who were usually flogge?!
twice a week. Heath, the master of the
remove, had ordered W. E. Gladstone to
write down the?? three names In Keate'i
a very long one. H-?eth wa* notoriously
a loos?? fish, generally drunk, but with a
good deal of dry humor about him when
sober enough to display It. The three
tananai not around Mr. Gladstone by
t'lllng him their friends were coming
down from l^indor? to see them, and
that If down In ?h* list to be flogged,
they could not meet their visitors.
Heath found out the omis-don, and said
In a loud voie??: ?'Gliidstonr?. put down
your own name In the list to be flogg d
lo-mormw." Then turning around to the
f? ? in. he said: "Is there no boy here
trustworthy enough for me to appoint him
praeposter*.*" I'pon this challen*??? a boy
Suited Houghing sprang up, and Heath
gave him the list, snd Mr. ?'.ladston?? was
duly Sagged. In 1S91 at th- Kton .linn, r,
which tOOh plac- nt the Olterlon restau?
rant. Ix>rd-i"hlef-Justice ?-l-rldge hrought
d??? the beane by describing bow at
Eton "Dr. Kante anaaa*snBtered th- Inni
?? !ich."S which wer.? ????????? t<> com?
pi? t- aad perfect Mr. fJladBlona*! ahn?
r.ict-r.?? Mr. OladBtons has often spoke
"f Blnil as ?a Lagan school in my
As an Instane.? ,?f Heath's dry Immoti
Mr. Gladstone told lh? foltewtag story:
"One ?lay Heath called out to the pia. -
pester, "Write down Hamilton's name
(broth r to Bishop Hamilton) to 1- t ? I
for breaking mv windows."
" ? ?? ? r brohe your windows, sir!" ex
claime?! Ham!lt..n.
"'Writ?? HomOtnn down.? reiterale. 1
Heath, in a rote? of thunder, *f..r bi-ik?
ing my win ?..?rs a-'! lying.'
'"Upon mv earn, -,r. I iii not do It,'
I '-a : I Hamilton airain.
"'Ftaepoetar,' mend ont Heath, tend r
than ever, 'write down Hamilton for
breaking my windows, Ling, end swear
tog.' "-L)ti ? a Tri graph.
New York"? Rotea? Annue Themselves in
Very PnStlls style.
(Albany Jouraa ? ,,
"The Chair baga ?o remind thi? mem
bers that this is th- L?gislature of the
State of N? m York, ani not a s -hool
raonV' and then Uta Hon, Ham.itou
Pish, who ems presiding over th
sten "f Um Legislatur? y ?terday after?
noon, rapped Sbarpiy with tba gavel,
?.md th- members sobered down and
passed some buis.
What led to thi.? remark by Me, Sieh
was the act! ? of .?'.me ol tbe younger
membere <? tbe House. They were har?
tan ? Wh lb! lot of fun with th. ?r oiler
colleague-. Takln-: th-ir "tip" from the
lending ?hswa. tor in H? yt's "Texas
.st??er," they were sending messagm t??
the members whose bearda wem tinged
with gray, il it Miss Susan o?? Miss
Jennie Blank wished to on then outside
the chamber. The rapidity with wh ? ;?
??. ? member? stade tra. k? for tbe cor?
ridors was astonishing, and when two
or mom were >.<n the search for Susie
or Jennie at th?,? some timo, the seen?
the form of a flrst-ctass sprint?
ing match. The disappointed look the
law-makem bore oa their fi after an
, ? be egu HI? I
.t of a ni m after be b id droppi ?
all bis money ..n j. "s-ur? Up."
So many ? the m ire aw : ml members
wem going ou! of ih.? chamber end
? ora ? *- in th ;t ths Job ? rs ? I he ?-ari
of Mr, Sutaer, who arose, caught ths
Speaker's eye, snd > ? thai i* didn't
think it parliamentary courte ? for tin*
younger membere v? can.-.? ? ich heart?
felt disappointment to their elder breth?
ren, n ?... -, ? righi ?'??? ic ? to send
their friends out to find "Kail ' or "Ma?
ini??" unii -'! sh ? was ??? re illly th? re.
In fs rda
of the t was ?iv? ? up I > j.'iiit?.?,
ted yet ? it of bill* wet ? ? is-, d. The
fun began ? ? ths i m -m ihers
answering to the roll-cslls In s peculiar
manner, and II was followed up by the
throwing of wads of paper. One poor
man acted as a target for some time,
and then ?.?.am.? angry. He rose In Ids
se.it and protested. He expressed rome
choice opinions ? - lo soni.? of ihe youni ? r
.. . ind spp al? d t.? the Choir. "The
('hair wili protect the gentleman from
?," sail Mr. Plata, and every one laugh?
ed and applauded,
A party of New Porkers, which cam
up her? the other day to lobby sgolnst
? ? ng 1? glslatlon affecting N? a?
York ciiy office-holders, had not only
"m iney to burn." but mo? y to ihrow
Th.- member? wenl t.? one of the
.- botato, atri, securing a room, had
. . -?? :,?.! . ? ? .,!' w in?? s nt ut>. Witti
every few botile? of wine nen ^' ? s? ? ?.?, ?
t.. ?- furnished. Th.- ..if?? p.? out ..f
.ni ,? demand eroe made on the
dining-room, lt transpired subsequently
that it was not th?- si/. ? of the crowd that
..viiii '?? tl:?? supply of gtaSSSS, but the
feet that it-? ??; an ? icd tbem
?elvet by demolishing the glasstrare, it
m ? < a costly pro* ? rdlnj. bul th?? party ..f
lobbyists came well heel d,
Smith M. Weed Polls of ten Boning?'?
Man? .Attraction?.
Stiii*h M. Wised, of Plottsburg, who was
..ti-? ..f the party which recently ?
,a;ri I'.'tilingo t?> fUBJBaj wit II? ?Lp
H? ai mus ? bow ?. heme of finance for
that republic, wan at th- Fifth-Avenue
Hotel un Thursday, ?ays th" N? w York
Tim?*?. He left th- others of the party,
w l?1? Ii in? lid.? ? ? ? pie-? rotative? of the firm
..f Brown & Wells and Prom r Le igl
llu, of th- Chicago University, when th?'/
and has just returned.
Mr. v..? sold he in ? been much Im
? with Ben Loii. ngo and its peO|
".? rtettor," he sail, '"might land at
Puei ' Plata having in his posset Ion
Jl?...? ', an.I, charier;: f a inil?', rid- in'.?
?..? heart of th ? country alone and unpro?
tected, and be in bo mora danger than
In the av?rai - I cticut town.
??I beii.-v> he Blight hire "i.?? -f the
laboring men there ? > a? ? us his m? seen
g.r, giiing t.. him VtAjttX with directions
St him at anofh r < ity t? n days
Inter, and th.? servant would be at the
pa. - appoint? i and deliv? r the ? iney un?
touched, having travelled alone by day.
and pas?,'d the Bights in an unprotected
hut. Thta is more than ?t would t???
Bofs to attempt in limosi any port of
this country. Hut th.- Domingo ne ai ?.?
proverbially ? in
" ??. re are about ItaOOO people in the re?
public, man*? of them ?? icendnntn of
Buropesns?some with a misture of col?
ored blood in th-:r velas, The citi??
ar.? Interesting. They retain their an? ? int
Spanish ch ?? ie( .-,.??.. I
day more nearly like one of the old clt!?s
..f Spain th m .my ?! ? u ?>??-' ? ? ?
It has ? ??.pillan??? or ..?.lut ...??, ani
them has never been a highway of any
sort constructed to It Bo ? ne ever went
t., it, >v?pt on fool or horseback. Tbe
commerce of th* city is dependent on th?
pack mu!?*-*. bong trains of them, num?
bering hundreds, are cenata ? try ta be essa
coining and going ln the vicinity. Many
of it, people are wealthy aim aristocrat is
to a dtgrss.
"Th? firtlllty of the soil is something
wonderful. Afier having been tilled for
400 years by the Buropeene, it pi
eri ? ? as luxuriant as tho)?*? that can bo
found anywhere, without the use of fer?
tilisers. Psnana-L ??:?<- . -mgar, and ???
? . ;.i..? among ths agricultural
product a.
"It Is alwayi coil at night on the
Blond. You may set your watch by th??
wiiid. A sen ? mena ? sg m to iiiow in the
in. an?i increaai i .-t?ad?:>? until
shout noon, then gradually dies down.
V?uhln Bftsan minutss from sunaet every
night a wind begin? to blow imm the
mountain??, and continu? ? all night."
'iww'in******siai*oe-?.i in." ra? ' - ?? ?
?aver to good b?*olth and the syrrtem ren
derod impervious to di-n-oao when tke blood
is pure aad the fiver active. For the liver
is the f. ctuiol which permit? or forbids the
?/?rais of c__ca:o to enter th? circulation of
the blood. To a congMted, torpid und ?li_
?o-ed liter can he traced maay danguiOus
diset-sm u-fecting various organo.
I WM taken sick with
congestion of the liver
and the doctora could
give me no relief, but
after using gve bottles
of " Discovery," I re?
frained my betitta and I
Bin now a wail nan.
1 weigbud IKS pounds
before takea Stata snd I
was rsducod to litt
pound? ta mi ir day?
uta-- 1er any one auf ?
ferttfg with liver
trou bin a? 1 tit, I w*uld
advise them to uso th?
"Ool-tea Medical Bi*?
?ovary " at ooot? b?fese
Ka. j. B-M&T. Stata? ??^p--, T
ffa-*--**T->Cattaraugni ?.. ?. ?,
They Y5T11! Therefore Try to Expedite Ter?
Iff Action and Kin I.l, Matter*
by .July tin.
WASHINGTON, April 27.-The Indica?
tions ar* that thi Coxey movement and
the general disorder atn??ng the unemploy?
ed In various parts of th, country are
going to have considerable Influence on
tho tariff legislation. It will not affect
the schedules In the tariff bill, and ther.i
Is no probability that any legislation ad?
vocated by the Co*.? y lt..s will receive sriy
consideration. Th?? fact however, thai
there Is so much disorder In th? country
and people ar? marching upon the? oa,
tlonal capital for the purpose of pressine
upon Congress all sorts of measures will
probably operato to hasten an ending ol
the session, it l.s appreciated lhat as l<,ut?
ils Cungresa Is In se?slon th ? agitation
will be kept up, and It Is altogether pro
balil? that the troubles will grow with
progress ,-f th- agitation. This considera?
tion Is already baprOBBtaffgtpoS upon th?
minds of eeeterveUve Been to Coagreea
Hii?! the feeBng Is rapidly gaining ground
that an ? uly adjoin ?imeni of ?Ongr???!
will be greatly to the interest of til'? > o.ili
try, in rbechkig th? meesaeeate inaugu?
ri" ? to procure leglatotton, it is be?
ll??. I that the pr?sence of Cotigrea? le
? ?? a temptation to agiuton? t<?
demand that t!,i? thing or that ha don?
"for th? relief ?if the peepta," ???"? Ute,
if Congress should ?'??.?r up its l?gitim?t?
buBiaeas and adjourn Ute country woui-i
very ;,,on rjatoi down and ma more M
heard ,.f ??.unii? s?' marching upon YVash?
The Democrats ara eaduableiRy. mix
in,is to pet it'? ?r ??,iik daae and gat away.
If they could bring about aft adjourn?
ment by Ihe 1th of July it would ?r- atl>
deSgkt th? m.
In view ot the pebBilBllaB of evil com?
ing from a l'in,; BOBBlOB with the "uu?
employed" knock.? | tit the doors of BM
Capitol .mi business almost Beogeaded
"u Bccounl of tin? uncertainty aa i'?
what toghdatloa m -y be aeerrted to mak?
or mar trad-?, it Is not improbable thai
minor cot-riderettoaa --f parttoanehip may
be put aside and tho ouailles.-? Of Con?
grase i>? expedited.
Th? Democrats in the Beamte bave pre,??
tii ally agreed In support of their tariti
propoetUon, and will probably present
?? aolid front in th?? l?s'ht from thi? tim?:
forward, even tlUI ? ting witit hla party,
Boma "f th? RepebUcene ar?? muin'?, t-,
prolong th? fight over tin? tariff a, to?8
as possible, but it is not thought th. y
??ill alh?!,? to thin purl',???, in ? ????.? "I
Hi? fact that th?y confess that by so
doing they cannot prevent tti.? linai ? ? ?
sat;.? of !h? 1,111. ? ???????, ivarly hall
of their party in the Sena? ??? opposed
to any tint,, I OS ?? ? d. lay, and will no!
lake part In any dilatory motl-ms. Th!?
aitrgttion an ? the evident effect th?
presence of ?.'ongr???? In ??????? has BPOB
? nmtlafled and unemployed peopk
of th.- country u egpecte l to haetea bb
sdjournm? nt
Indie itlon? Point t.? a Speedy Setlleiiiciil
ol the I,il ill ?IIIe?llt?ll.
WASHINGTON, D. '". April B.?Th?
little thlnge which, it, tti?? ? ? ???. give
a pretty strong Indication of ?Ii?? ten?
dency of affairs all potei ? ? ?
tlement <>f tin.? tariff question, in Um
Ulbl ?????.,? ? ?,,?.? ??.1.1 - ? ?
Acuity a!i"iit tbe a lopttoa of Mr. ? u
motion ??- pro ? ? ? ?mi the ?
??' Hi?? tariff i-iil. Immediately after tbe
routine morning i,usines? of the Introduc?
tion of biiN. .ml the hk?, waa through
w Uli. .Mr. All- :i. -.?!. ? WSS tr]
his Coxey 11 ? lutta ? up for con ers?
tem on tb , I ' that Ite co
wa ?? Interr ipti -? ?? ?? rday t- fore Un
? , ? ? .? ? . ?pin ? voted for Mr.
Harrie'a motion, ?!?.?.ud? it Interfered with
i lar after his I
lutlon w ii?,? h? bad failed I
as unflnl bed bueli ? Thta ? bowed
, ; nth lit. , ! -? did ???! ?..nil In
I , ? attitude of
?,,? in any way op) osta , tu? tei ?'?.? > ?
ti? ?11.
?'??,-? Republicans then, through Mr. De?
I , !,t. ?? !? ?! I ir a sie" ? Ul IS for Iti?'
? biislni. s, hut ?? ben Mr. Her?
us in?i: t.d n; n 1 n e ',. ?! ? ?trini*
that there could be notblna of more Im?
portene ? ? ban thai Uie ? ?? Iff que itlon
Bhould ??? tl ? ?.Illy, there waa so
further ri I itene? on the Rei
beyond the in tti ? Uve v .-f th?
motion. Later .Mr. Aldricb declared timi
Um Repubhcana ?rere trilling ??? vote, ut
???>? tim? --a either the Wilson ?,?u or the
Senate bui. which means merely Uml
, iti.it able of th? chamber w- r?
il ...'It I' at liciti? r -d' I?
ini:?, without amendment couM pet a
majority vote In ti Senate, i"it ihn.
with a compromise bill, the situation is
? , . ? . differ, nt.
An announcement of an absolute
meni among ? ' ? ?em rate a to all de?
tati.? ii but they ai now lu
- ? Hi,? ?,??,??? 'in? ?
of d.t.ni . annoi si ind iu Um way 11?
ously. l?.?? spirti of c nfldi nce ? ? spr? ? l
jii- through ?? the ? mocratl ? I
th? ? ii tve ^"t iu iii.tt frame of mind
?,;. > ,? ? not propose t-> ? a??? their
ti trmony of tboui bt I ?? by "Incoo?
ite trln. s."
The agri m ??' arrived at y? iterday to
a ? triklng in u
cation of th?? ?v? ii-.'.. ? --f ?my pun ?
Hi? ? nt --f tii?? i; pubi it the
bill, and showed that whatever laclineUon
there is in this dlrectLtn is not generally
, oncurred in.
i ' Ri ( ill!- ans wie? are In favor of
fighting t?? the last ditch contemplated
making a ?lgon ?s resistance to 11 : ? - pro?
position r ??? ? m r ?-*?;. -. but when it
came to lining up tl ? ms f. r the
fight tii? ?. found many who did ?
??ili them ? - '??> ili? poll? / "i is h ?
? e,! s, ind flnsUy they bad ??> ?? t the
motion be -, i - ? ; ? -1 t,??? ?!? fa ult lesi by re?
- mee th? y Bhould dtocloee their own
weakness in Uie natter ot obetructtve
poUcy. .' In which the discussion
. -ti up on tl'.??* (V.<!?, a.id readbMBB
with Whtoh th? oppoeitton gives ground,
and evil the? ' M of il?-ir prof- tl
While yielding .ndlcato tl.-j approach of
the end.
I Ire in ItutUpeat.
BUDAPBflrT, Aprii tt. A daMimSlee
fire oeeurred In the Pis.???? de Ling- last
night, to ?el* tog a toee of mi,'*?) fiei-tea
It is asserted to have Boon t.'i? work of
Bo ?iNt Incendiari s.
An ??43????_?? No Ylore.
BRISTOL, s'. W. April ? ilx-Cov
eruor Peiij died her? this Btoralag,
MIMA l.rtfc ALBANA? . AI'KIi. 88, I?l?4.
San rue?. 5:181 11mu fit??:.
Himiai. . 6.5(1 I M-irning.10:57
y -tit,?-. 1 :?'??; | -?euiiig ? ... 11:3?
Stssrnship W?aiio'*p, lllstcman. N'av York,
in.r uaiidi??? ami ps.?ou(en; liaurg? '.V. A lea
? _ tu., ?(?UtS.
j :?t9*!uer Posahoetat. Dose. SeeeBk, mar?-h?a?
dis? a.? ?*?*-???'..'?; lt?:o \Yel.iger, ?uparm?
I tsnd.nt.
Situili?).bjJ ttyehsl*, B'?.i..*iian. N>?? Y'ork,
Msiibtsdlsi ?n?! peaaeagscsi Seorge w. tiesa
A V.o., ageetf.
???G?GRBWfOKT VIAS, Amt. 27, 1898
liti ,-?. ? t -ars? ?? Indiati*:'il?, BeitoB,
barge Knickerbocker, B.. ? a.
um ? ..,.??.,?. ,._-..?.. ... ! , iLuaB
?"corner Mam aid Six-..?? itr??n> il ?. W. W.
Limosi?, 1?. 1?. !, ?: t.?MeruiiiK ??? .-?hip at
?? ??!??!. Aeetveresry of UM leene -*a'a
I Misiiousiy ?.?-ifi'.r ai ? l*. M. serBseeby Ber.
J. J. Hall, pi.?. ? r ? i l'ark-Arauna charcri, Nor?
I fuis.
I?" rest; G ? MISSION (1511 EAST
? r'raiiil.i?. t'.Tfht .? (?capel nie.tuiis sturar at
; 4 nail ? ?'.?!?? ? I BBM TiniflY ?aa KslDtT
Lniuiii? ut ? ?. :?? ?*-. ? besa_u
a?asj-s?.. ? ? t tr>em?mW^Wmae*mmmm?m??em^
BATOS AM) CUAIM. Ket?ru to
I 1UUI? ???st Ura.? street sod r*?.??;??? rv
| ward._ .. ?? "??-1??._
8ETrEK-DOO BLANl'O-wbtte. BB ? ->
with liriit-iri.Hfii ear?; lestber ?.-oiUr. I: tura
lo 313 ocrlh I'weltiB street. SessiU. a,,-,-?'?
L_ATU_k r'?LDINl? fUi?K?l i ^'-J
BOOK, wits ?ilf?r run. oontaiolo? l?ro?___S1
{ 810 bill?, on? 8'? Wll, ?no ? ?,iua,r iati la, Bad
? BSme amsil ckaiie?, slao au 'imu ?- ?, r ? : - ?
1 tur ?:?? ti. A liberai ren-r.l if return.! I ? or.
C. V. CABBISUruS, ?IO fm* ???au?.
SB -"-Vt _

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