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BY THE DI8PAT0H ??????G.
Th? ?????* DISPATCH I? delivered to
?uhacriber* nt FIFTKEN CBMTI per
week, p.iyftbln t? th? <*arrier weekly.
Mailed at M per annum; 13 for ?!
moiithv. ?? r.i for thre? months; t>0c. for
one mont ?.
The BUKDAT TiI'ipATCH it 116* p*r
annum, or ;:.?. for ?Ix months.
Subscript???I In all cas??? payable In ad?
vance, and no ? aper continued after the
expiration of the time paid for. Send
post-office mon y . r ; r, ch? ck. or regla
teced tatter. Currency sent by Beali *?*?*?
be at tbe rBB of UM sender. Pubscrlbera
WW-ttag IhSll pSBt taBW changed must
give their eld n? well is their new post
iitnct*. Bampta eontea Irea
?: \;.l* INCH OB LKSS.
I tin.? .? w|
J limes .?lf"'
i t ? .* ! M
? time.???
1 m Bth.*^ "? ,
?hs .135 (0 j
.t 60
BusllX ? ' wants .'
Wanted BUusltaBB (?-> word? or l?*s)$ 25
Bending nottcee m reedtag-saattar type.
five Une ?r iBBBj Bl in nonpareil 1 ? ?? I.
??.,;! ..' rates for more space furnished
en si : llcution.
All tetter? and tal agu?es amai ha ed?
I ; to Tin: DHPATCB CCBfFAirr.
?*? , ? ? comm inteatlona will net bo re
II I le..1.
t . . T.
Working? of the Primary.
Our first primary held under the recent
Act oi A embly mablng frauds against
mary ? I? tion plan punishable Just
,? ,-,,. .? uro ad ??? If commit.? ? ai a regu
i,i? election, was v. ry tatti factory. The
number of votes polled exceeded ?hai of
any f..mar primary, and there was aa
little fri? tion anywhere as could hav? been
expected In contests of euch magnitude,
pursued with tbo ardor and devotion
which always marks straggles for muni
? l| al nominations b< re.
The offh ni ballot (ticket) waa whb Iy
? ?? tributi ? through the city on Wi dn< .
: : : ult Wgfl Hint lh? ma
..? voten ?ani?? to the polls with
? ?? ???! ? pi? pen ?. Th? y wi m t lui*?
? Ute BoUdtntlona of Uch? '?
' and "work
*i be ? ? "i ? wi i?? ail il? a?-? ? with Um
requirement of tbe City Committee thai
t . ; of iy- land? rs, "workere,** ?-tc,
shi ill be kept twenty feet from the ?loor
of the voting-place. This regulation was
?trlctly enforced nl nil <>r nearly all <>f
ii.? pn . ?? ?? , nnd op? mb A to nil
? ? 'on plan will
her? ai 1er be consl lered complete without
The counting of tbe bellota was dons
\p. dltlon considering the un.
number of votes cast ond tbe ex?
traordinary length of tbe ballot, it wot
lucky that the ?'ity Committee nnd given
and clerks of election aa?
Bl tance la tbe count, as the announce?
ment of the result would ? :-.? have been
delayed ta ;?. late hour In tbe afternoon
..! yest ria... As it woe, tbe Dispatch in
II regular ( Ity ? dltlon Was able ??? ????
an a. ? t ? ignoela of tbo resulte ar?
to tbe n? n? ml ticket and in an extra
-, ? at i" o'clock suppl?? d many
tails of ?o n? ral Int? ?- . t.
All the present City-Hall officers who
offend for renomination were successful,
Bui our present Mayor and Common
weelth'a Attorney declined roetection,
nnd OUT Old Tr. .iin? ?- died "iily a few
week? ago. Th? result of tbe primary as
to tbeee ihr??? places Is that tbe party bos
. -Mr. L. M. Taylor to succeed Mr.
Kiiy.i.n. Mr ??. ??. Smith, Jr., to succeed
Mr, G?-'tsw.I, and Mr, <*. H. PbLUipt
to succeed Mr. ciiiidriy. With tins,? ex.
ceptlons our City-Hall corps, so far ii*?
Ihey are elected by tbe people, trill re?
main as at presen! -a. Democratic nomina?
tion bere being always consld? red equlva
1. lit tO On ? I' ali?.11.
?\ir. Taylor bus Been much service as
a ? 'ember of the Board of Aldermi n; Mr.
Smith was lh- prcdCCeBBOr ?'f Ml*. SjMds
WOOd M ('.'liiiii.'iiwa alth's Attorney, nnd
Mr. Philllpa resigned his membersbip ??
the Board of Firs Comn-taalonen to b?>
c ni- n candidat?? fol- the ti? asur?islilp.
So, even tbe "Anew men"1 have had ex?
!'? ? ;? i. ?? ill public llfla
We commend Ihe ticket ? mlnatid as
worthy Of ihu support of Ihe l>?mocrats
Of Hits. ?Il.v. There is not an unsound
I'Miiicrat on it, and each nomination
having b??'ti won In a fair tight, av.- an
bound to accept BB CO|-re?'t the V-rdlct
of ih?? people, Wi know Of no disposinoli
to "kick." Thane who are disappointed
?????m Inclinad lo bear th.ir disaminili ?
ni.nt philoyophlcally, us Is ?heir duly.
Renetmbering the ion*- and lieut-d conten?
through which we hare paaaed, wa ma]
say that ?>??? never knew a canraaa to be
??ond?? l.-d with mor- of (Bgnlt) and good
in tin; list of nominees for the City
Council ur- many men whose personal
ehnmeter, tatriteotiml strength, and bost?
n. m ? vi. rtence will b- v*ataabla in our
municipal Ugtatetliro. So, too, with the
city Dsmocmtte committee, which*, Via
this occasion, for the llrst timo in th?
city's history, was BteBtSd by our voters
at a primary. Tho i.sual method has
been to eteri them conamlMeaBaen at
ward m. clings.
Altogether, we ebani fall/ accept the
nominations and ?lection:-, icjolclng in
Uta extraordinary vote ??>11??1, us Well as
la the good ftalthg whi?ii has prevailed
1 r? m Uta beginning Of the contest, or
rather Bsttaa of contests.
(?ur party hare was never stronger or
more harmonious than now. and the nomi?
li. ? I of Thursday Will surely be the etect
of the fourth Thursday ln May?the day
wlnn the rsgrular trisetJoa occur?.
The Tariff- The Income Tax.
It Is Indeed pleasant to reflect that there
Is now a prospect amounting, us the
t-uldnuti s ?-...y, ahWBat to a certainty that
the tariff bill will become a law on or be
foro the 1st of July, and that the in
come-ta- feature of lt will not be allowed
to obstruct its pussage through the two
houses of Congr? ss. hut will be eupi>orted
by the L>emocrats. We felt confident?
and so stated the other day?that al
thoua-li the Leptibllcans had the right
us Senator Umici had said, to discuss
the tariff bill at length, yet if the Demo?
cratic senators would themselves ?
frain from threshing over and over again
this tariff straw, and would sit ten or
twelve hours a day. if to do so woe ne
casiaary to the early success of "tariff
reform." lt would not be long before the
Kepublicaa senator? would surrender at
discretion and consent to step their dig*
nllled filibustering. ThL- thi y are credited
now with having done, and also with
havtng bur-rendered upon terms whteh, lt
ther aball Anally prove to be Mttefoctory.
wlB Indicate that lh? Republicana in
the Senate wer? by no means obstrepc
roua? "All etatesmanshlp to e-oinproratoe."
Of course, as one Congress cannot bind
another, tbe agreement that the Income
tax shall be collected for only five years
I? lawfully binding upon nobody. It to ?
question of good faith tbat Ig Involved
in the matter. It Is not even a new
question. The celebrated Mlseourl com?
promise contained a ?Imitar provision.
That I? to ?ay. that o-mpromlse stlpu
lat-?l that certain cu?tome-dutlea pro?
vided for In that compromise should Ik?
??peratlvi? In full for only a stated num?
ber of years, and should after tho expi?
ration of that term be reduced, or possi?
bly rimi- ot them were to expire by limi?
tation of law.
Mr. McMlltln, o* Tenne???*??, a leading
J>.'mocrat In the nitlonal House of P.ep
r< si ? let I ves, sny?, so It Is reported In
yesterday's papers, that the Y'oorheee bill
Is more popular In OBBgJgBBg with the
|ncome-tix feaiure attached to It than
It would be without thst feature. Bo
the nRreemrnt to let thnt tux-law cease
to 1, ? operative nt the end Bf five years
? -ot red into bseaaee altkeegb the
tax is a popular one, pet there are a few
Demoerate in eae er both branche, <>t
? , who had to be placated by
, rt -.f com? ? ?-?, before they would
cons, nt t, tti?? pa?Mags ftl UM Y'oorhc s
bill with the ln?oinc-tax In It.
Tkbkj how, ver. Is luire cotijectur?. It
.1??"? not Heeni coestoteni with th? pro
babillUea of th?? esas tint ti,?? promt??
to limit ?M "I ' i.itl.'ii "f th? Income-tax
t?. ii?.? ye..rs should ! accepted ns a
compromise by Ute Been who declare an
Incorni -t?x to be unJueUSsble, u?-eneo?
unststesmanllke, and najuet if
that uu ?mee toeorporgted again
Into tii? ?' ? ? ?? iv??, u will .?.? rei siti ?
werde stani a ghost <>f a chenco el re?
peal, Al UM tini?- ih? la.it national In
come-tex was repealed, tti?? war was but
a snort disi utos In Ute background. Bad
lh? Uepnlilli-an party was so popular be?
? I the country Un ? '
a auttii?fill wur. that the Republican
Bid H-tfiiy take tne acUra it
,? ?. But tii? tinea heve changad, nnd
Um non hern ? e changed with
U ? ??. ? " ?p?-, ignee and Cox? rib ? of
every name stand thick all over
the north, and win make it hot for nny
party lhat than Agra to take off th? in
eome-tas once it shall hav,? baconM the
law of the land. Por similar ?
Uie Income-tax will not be allowed to
fall upon persone having incomes of torn
than foui ? ,,? .?: ! dollars ?ach.
??? we midi island ti,?? comprimi*'? fea?
tures agreed upon by the I ?i-i,,
of th-- Bei ?'??, coal, Iron-ore, sugar, and
other articles will noi be allowed t?, come
Into Ulto country free of duty. The coal?
miners <>f Alabama, Virginia, W? ii Vir?
ginia, and o'li-r Stetee, nr? to l?? pro?
hrcted, as are Um sugar-planters ,-f Uie
Qulf Btati
But it must not be forgotten that th?
D?mocrate in the House ?if Representa
t.t Um Republicana in th,? Senate
have not yet caucueeed upon UM features
of the tn iff bin t.? which Hi?? Dem?crata
,,f th? s nate Committee on Finance have
yield! ? their assent Th,? oonfldenl tone,
however, in which Ute metter ??, spoken
of lu Washington justifies the hop?? that
our rjoapressmen neve reasons for ???
??, tim; an early compromise which are
BOI known t?, ihe outside world. "It 1?
understood that :>?- soon as ih.? Republi?
can senators are convinced that the D?m?
ocratie senatore are solidified they will
< lose d? be!.? it? Ir , an and permit
Hi.? t ariiT 1,111 to become a law." s>
r ???? ? i'M which, ns th? reader
j,??,,-- Ive:, I- tv? I i! at I | ll f,,r th-? lie
publlcsns to <!?, id? whether or not the
t.uii;' hill ?hill become a law In July.
Mrs. Jefferson Davis.
Th,? proceedings at Birmingham, Ala..
with reference to a pension f-t Mis. Jef?
ferson Davis nr?? noi clearly given in th??
,'i patchee which we have read, bul we
haven'! the least Idea that th?? ve! ran?.
(as w,? bai.a i' -' ,t?d) turned
? shoulder" to the widow ,,f their
President because of lit? she has found
r ? un?, ni? ni (o Uve in New Y'-rk.
Mrs. Davit hi? I?? ? ? living In New Y'-rk
fu- several >? ira because she has busi?
t - -fairs there to which she must give
?.?? personal attention. Her purpose, :,,?
expressed upon her lift visit hers, was
to con:?? t? Richmond to reside, and we
bave never heard "f Ute abandonment of
that purpose, tut we know that circum
stances (which we have no authority to
make public) bave prevented her carry Ins
ll out.
Tii? wigwam 1n which tin? vet, rans held
their crea! reunion at Birmingham is
Ham, d ?"!'),?? Winnie Devis Wigwam," aad
ih-? m-etiri?; there resolved upon fresh
measures to secure funds for building a
in,num. r,t to Mr. 1'avis ln this.cit? both
of which facts go i" stem ii?? veterans'
affection for UM l'avis family.
it is true that ??. committee heretofore
appointed by the veterana to secure from
southern Legislatures a pension for Mrs.
Daria reported thst they bad hai ?
es.?; but th? reason for their tellure is
well known. Meal <-f Hi? legislatures are
not authorised by their Slate Constitu?
tions t-? giya pensions to non-residents,
and lu sum,? Instances where this ques?
tion probably would not hav-? b ? ?
ralead -though ? might have la-en raised
as a legal barri?r-lt was Iwllevod that
Mrs. 1'avis did not need the help the
v? tarane naked.
We repeat, we do not know exactly
what was said and done at the lUrmlng
hara meeting the pram reports arc
meagre hut we undertake to say that
there Is no justification at ull for any
such statement as that the veterans or
the Bouthtrn Legislatures, of whom the
committee epoke- une Min. Darla "the
cold shoulder."
The matter of a pension for Mrs. Davis
Wits discussed aSBOTg Mrs. I ?avis's friends
here In Richmond a year or two ago, but
was not pushed ln the Legislature, aa
there was an Impression prevailing among
Members that Mrs. Davis's financial cir?
cumstances were not such as to m?ke?
lt necessary for her to have State aid.
There was much misapprehension on the
subject. Few people were aware that
she had met a heavy lost? In connection
with the publication of her memoirs of
her husband?her New York publishers
having failed in business at the very time
that she expected to receive from them
a large sum of money as h.r share of the
profits of the book.
YVe do not understand that Mrs. Davis
Is anything more than a sojourner in
New York. She has never given up her
residence In Mississippi, and Mississippi
Is her home, though she may, and we
hop?? will, remove to Klchmond. She
wishes to live here because the graves
of her husband and children are here,
and because this city Is dear to her by
reason of the four eventful years which
she and her husband spent here. More?
over, we suspect that Mrs. Davis !>e
llever-aa the Dispatch believes?that
her presence in Richmond would
hasten tbe day when the monument to
the memory of her husband would be
So away with "the cold-shoulder" sug?
Richmond passed through the agony of
a primary election yesterday. Strangely
enough, it seemed to be conducted on the
principle of a freo tight open to any
voter. Democrat or Republican, no ce
Btrtctlon being made except that the voter
in the primary should support the nomi?
ne??? at tbe city election next month.
There Is an appearance of 'Iberallty in
a primary run on this plan, but we sus?
pect that there was a "darky under the
wood-pile."?Petersburg Indux-Appeal.
The darky to In the Imagination of
our contemporary rather than "under the
wood-pile.?' Tbe rule defining who should
be entitled to vote ln Thursday's primary,
snd the ?-ondinone under which their votes
would be received, wss the same that
bas obtained In Richmond DemocraUc
primaries for years.
In Coxey-s army southerner? are con
gplcuous by their
Beed vs. McKlnliy.
The YVheelln? Register says that ex
Speaker Reed will soon be Hie hon?
ored guest nt a banquet of th- Amerlcus
Club In Pittsburg, and Mr. McKinley will
carefully read th? n'wspapers the next
morning. Mr. McKinley ne-d not fear
Mr. Re?d. If th' Ir qualifications and
chiims wer? BBJBgl th?y would ti-verth'?
|-sa not run ?>n ? ?lual terms for the Re
publican nomination for th? presidency.
Maino cann'it compete with Ohi?, now
that th? fermar has no itiain?. Moreover,
Mi Kin!? y ? superior t?. P.??? I In that, as
has repeatedly b ? ? said, th? former Is a
model genti? man. Mr. Itent-.n predtoted,
wh.-ii tiitii- 1 "'it to b? trii?, that Stephen
a. Itoagiaa Boatd geeei t?? ebeetei Presi?
dent of the Batted Mai?->? YY'hy not?
?TlBeaaaa ht? coat-tails hung Ufa BOM
the ground." Mr. Reel's appearance, like
Mr. Douglas's, Is agalntt him.
In th? iVntury for May art plays .1 con
Bplcmm part The aaaeegtoo Batradaeea
to At.icri- m readerfl one of the most
admired at COTte-tpOriUT Pr-n-li patatera,
!..,cn,n-l!..'ivcr't, YVililam ?. Cod-B
aritele betas, it is thought, tbe Brat
article on Mm which has appeared to th?
megaataea Tke atamipeiiySig Bjhmtra
UOBB BbOW substantial grounds f->r l?Hg
nan-s poputartty. The fronltoptoee <>f th?*
numb.r i^ nn engravtag by Henry Well
of tke portrait "Li Bernoiee,?? exhibited
? world's Fair. Other exemptas re?
produced nr? "The Pardon." "II ?
Um Watt rlng-T ough..?? C em ?
??Th? Consecrated Brend." "Th?? Bless?
ing." "Vecclnatton,- aad tke Baton picture
of last year. "in. the Forest." There M
also a portrait cf the painter, of WbOM
tarportent erorke no tenar than eev-n ar?
owned !n Airi-H?.. Tn th? s-'ri- 8 of old
Dutch tnnstr-.. Timothy Col.?, UM m?
graver, ? BtrRmtee an exemple of the
eletti ?? 1 painter, Cajrn, from th? Louvre,
a tondSCS) ? ?'f m"' !? <!? bV Bey, with t! rUTH
and cattle. Another brunch of Um do
? i..? tfe iri 1 '??? ?ted to e neper by Bran?
dt r Matthews. "Iiookblndlngs Of th??
?,?-?." <,f which ? number of Bamptuous
examples are given. Mr. Met '
paper Is addi I to th'? gei ? ral 1 ?? '? r
as w.ii ?s ??- th? book-fender. In Um
American Artists' Series there is an
exemple of Um work ot Frederick Vf.
Pi?, r, "A Lady in Black."
Th? t.rm most frequently applied to
th?? membere of Coxey's army, end the
mi? in st cordtoUy hated by them Ie
"hobo." According to tb Baltimore Sun,
Carl Browne says it means an Iconoclast -
a man who feels thai he bas been
vt ? 1 sud amate t-> smeeb the whole
ma-liin. . Mr. ????? ? t aye it i? ? t( nn
inveri!, d by tl,? newspapers to apply t?
his men, bul it eras to mt i-i the West
bef ? the Commonwesl wss dreemi ? ? f,
It is sail thai Um term aa used in the
West mean?- ? man who I-? aCCUBtOUMd
to being fired <>rr fr- tight trains when
caught , rid?, and Is BPP
well t?. trampa as t.? mtocbievoue, frolic?
some, young feltowa
The Richmond Dispatch tells Congress
thai it ?? ?- ople .-?? sich ?if 1 i ?
thi ? are, ani if the l> mocrats d ?n't d ?
something to reii ve Um pressure, a I
that speedily, tti? psrty wlB m et with
us defest 1 ?snvilto Timi -.
it is to be bop I ih il tti?? a ? itera hav ?
conclud? ? to settle Um tariff -1 tl ,
?, w? Ii- Ip the Times t 1
"prod" tii? m and hutry them in their
pcjs'at;?.,!. Ob the offensiv?, th-? D rao*
imr? are Invincible. <>n th? del
th-'y manti only ta d f< at an 1 dl
I!, p. frulli Pi, l.iion-l.
Put r Oran e< ?he r?- r: 1 noticed In ?
Rlchrnond letter recently ihat 1 waa
." I tlo not doubt th ?t
my Mend "Student,?* of Richmond Col
toga ne im kindly In what h? wrote;
fini y? t fear that trhen the "book" i.i
ime ?.i-i?- ! fellow will hav? BOme
thing to aay about lucue a non 1
that he called H a booh because it was
noi a 1.k . fur s?, 1 ma?? freely tranatoti
that rather untranslatable sentence
In ,, njunctlon with Mr W, 0. Btenard,
of Ulta city, I hav? published and pul ".?
sale ii li:'!?? pamphlet entitled "The Capi?
i"i of Virginia and Ute Confederate
Sta!? ?," 1?' in.; a catalogue, historical, and
di icripUve, of the publie square and build
Inca ani -?' the statuary, portraits and
curios Hier? in. It is eertalnlv a very
pr.tty paini?!?!? t on the outside; and It
does noi become me t-> say what it ta
? ?? the inside, further Uma that both Mr.
Btenard and 1 have devoted a gnat deal
??f research and patas in Ute effort to
make n accurata inter, ?tins, ant tostruc?
tlve. The public must be the judge of Ite
Th.r.? is a f? arful achtem iimoru' It'?
doctors bere, Dr. Hunter McQulre leading
th- ?,???,, k ? f the Colfa tr? ..f Physician 1
and Burgeons agalnal th? Medical Col?
lege of Virginia. It Is a very pretty fight
ns It Stanis, and since the doctors have
fatten "it w?? m 1? hopa tha! tbe etoh peo?
ple will gel w.?. to paraphrase an oil
m w,
So, ai??., th.? preecbere are guarreUlag
about Moodvs meetlnga whteh w?r? th?
in..?? phenomenal thtage tn their traj teal
1 ever saw. Bel Mr. Moody is noi an
"??Vati?,, list" after th? order Of Sam JOW s
and others of Um high Bkriekers that bare
been In ?-ur vicinity.
?Trade Ie looking up a little, and corn
has advanced four cents in th? bushel
in the past week. YV. Y\\ SCOTT,
Hi. himHid ami the O. A. It,
(Hartford Courant.?
On? of the cities that have made known
Iheir raadtaam to extend hospitality to
Um national encampaeeat of the Grund
Army of the Republic next year la Rick?
atoad. Va,
Next year will bring around tho thirtieth
anniversary of the reappearance of the
national flag In Blrkmoitfl. Va.?after 11
four years' abaSBO? BOCOltOd by ?general
YVtltzel, and sundry black boys ln blue.
Nest year artB also erttaam the un?
veiling In Richmond, Va., of a monu?
ment to the Confederate soldiers and
sailors. Th? date selected for this cere?
mony Is May ?Oth, Memorial-Pay. The
monument Is to slami on Llbby Hill. A
Jfra Atante Wright
Pledrsont, Alabama,
They Said Sht? Would Die
But Hood'? Sarsaparille Proved Its
The following statement will be oi InMrest to
the many friends of Mr. Wright all over Ala
barns and Georgia. Re was for ten years a
locomotive engineer, and la now machinist for
the Coosa Manufacturing Co. :
? I know the good there U In Rood's Sartapa
rllla, became It bat been proved la Uie ess? of
my wife. In tlie lutnrner of 1*82, tbe waa taken
111 with rsatorlal fever, winch Uie pbyaietons suc?
ceeded In breaking up. But Uten followed a te?
iere lllnett like drop?*/. Bhe teemed to be grow?
ing worse every day, and our friend! aald
the Would Surely Die.
I was Induced to bave her take Rood's Berta
partito, which wss followed by the best results.
fibs hss now taken eight bottles and baa use.)
tit boxet ot Hood's Pilla, and ta to perfect
hesite, as weU end hearty ae ever. We thank
Ood foe eveh a valuable medklne ae Hood's
BaraapartU-.'? H. A. Waioar. Ptodment Ala.
HgQd'g Fille Bete aUBvrlll?, bUoutBsm.
toantlice. todigeeUoa, stak
Philadelphia newspaper ren-*?:kf^ }?*
oilier day that the name of Llbby ha?
unpleasant aasoclatlon? for the surviving
sobllers of the fnlon.
llemnrklng upon this remark, the Kicn
mond Dlapatch suya that the late Mr.
IJbby-o native of a northern Slate, un?
less It? recollection la at fault-did bual
ncfs In the big warehouse Hub-u<iuently
used aa a military prism, and that Llbby
Hill 1? a public par* several hundred
yards distant from the site of the Llbby
warehouse. The Dispatch adda:
"U CrMta?araiO monumenls ofr>nd the
eyas tt Ihe Brand Army of the Republic,
BtehBBOad lan't the place for tbe (Irani
Army to come to. We have half a dozen
sii-h m< Burnenti Bf ta."
It Is not altogether certain yet thnt
lh- Onind Army will BB Sooth n-xt year.
If It does, th* present chances are that
It will n.t pitch Its tents ln the capital.
of Virulilla. u
. The f?ntest In the Tenth.
(Llchnionl letter. Index-Appeal)
Hon. H. i>. Plead, Bsember of the Itaaate
from the Appomattox district, was In th
city a ?lay or tw ? ?? >, and told hl?
friends It WM bis BBtWBBB to ????? ?
compi?!?? ea-tvane of th.? Tenth District
for th?? Denta rutta nominatiti ?t Con
f-r.ss. His frtondb hav- already dons
som- ori?.inl-??? lu his behalf. A? it toohS
from Btehmona, it will be dBBcult for
any man t.. deft t Mr. Tucker for the
Bomlaatloa thai year. He bee aererai ete?
BB Bt? ? f sir. ngth, not the least of whli b
u thnt h?? i? ? s..n of .lohn Rnndolph
Tuck. r. Mr. Flou-i is a bustb r, ai ? It
Is not unlikely that he will hav th??
?lb nt Bnppori I ' ?-cl.ct Th.mas S.
Martin Th m Is ? im ? talk >f C .
S. II. If. Ptegaft of Botetourt, ?nd Sena
tor t~*hartea p, Jonen, of Highland, tm?
ind sh?? 'M th y I
?anil in?-, Mr, Flood*? choncm would be
rably bnprov? l.
At ih.? Patte.
(Ni ? Vofk Tribune.)
When lovely woman stc |.- to folly,
And ftode too tats th ? itln a bor-,
WbOl ? .arm I an ? th h r m-lgncboly ?
What art her ? . re?
Th- only art h- r grief to -over,
t:.? man th *>'?? found their
111.Hi ll,
To square accounts with brutes who
above h.r.
And si oil tb? li prosi ts Is?to sci
Oh ! I don't know. Worry I e.xriect.
Worrying about what?
Well, you know the .servants are a
heap of trouble.
The children worry me a heap
I am broken down.
In the morning I generally have a
headache ;
Along towards evening my back
feels as if it would break,
livery time the baby cries I nearly
jump out ot' my skin, I am ?o
Your system needs toning up. Why
not take Brown's Iron Bitters
the best strengthening medicine made.
It will give you a good appetite, make
your blood rich and pure, give yflu
strength, make lue a pleasure. Not
? only take it yourself, but give it to
the children. It is pleasant to take.
? .Small dose. The only iron medicine
! that don't Mscfcsa the teeth. Hut get
I the genuine?it hss crossed red lines
on wrapper.
nmki s tiio homo circle complete. This
Rreht Temperance Uriah ulve? pleas?
ure and health to? very ?... . ? . r of toe
family. ? '??*. pookagB make? | gal
tous. Ile ?iure ant ?et ti.?? genuine,
fcold everywhere. Mode only hy
The Chas. E. Hires Co., Philada.
?.,-??'.,?. ... ?,?,^
g.ut Tt .'?BIP for >-..;
H ALT IMO UH". ????????a?'????, AND
BlU ?' Klv
Cats farther Botto?, th? Biehnmed aad ??*?
Tllln railroad will sell round-trip ticket?-ite ".Veit
l'oint r.u 1 the \? rn-Kivr I.Ino at tho iolioiliig
ra? .-> :
To Baltimore-.'. drain limit ~*4.
?? Philadelphia?m day? KmB?SS.
?? New Tom?10eoya limit?Bl:.',
Slaterooms eau I..? r--???: ? -t m l'Ivan?.? by ap
plTinit al t?o l'ir>?o:.i;-r i.fTl. .?. ie.O eeet Main
?treet. .'?HI?. M HKALI..
ap *??-01 Travelling I'aiseuger Agent
IHtli'M, MKimiNKH, gC.
for Coughs, C'oUa, Bronchine. (.'oasnmption, and
ali DUsa-oa of tbe Throat and bunga
Price 50c and lb, prepared hy
it in eil. laud a ca
L1NKN and (jOTTuS NtlTINU.
FYKK NfcTN(.ii.L BITS, sad haul seines
rigged ready for uae at ?nor! noti..??*.
OIL-CLO THING for nsUeraien.
Hol'Ksof all aorta.
Lowe?: price*.
direct importen of tho Liou ?"rand Seine
corner Seventeenth aud Franklin itreeu.
mb _:?
" ?THE WEiS-GEE," ,
Bit. FOBTT-t???? uno FoRTT-rocsra s-raajtrs,
Large and small moma Heaaonabl? ratea
toita_ Proprietor.
. , ? LOAM BANK.
?ile TO "tao ????? NINTH STREET
Ubtr?l aerano-? atad? tm DIAMOKDa.
ttmAonleet every ?eacripuoa et oaatalrgta?
???-???ornar loauotteo*. 6. BACHBACH,
tm Ptvprietea
What Causee Pimples?
Clo?cln,? of the porr? or inoutha ??f the aeba?
Crous glande wllh sebum or oily matter.
The plug of sebum In tlie centre of tbe pimple
to called a blackhead, prob, ?r< nmedone.
Nature will not allow tliec!oggin|*??f the pores
to cont lime Ionic, lirnce,
Inflammation, pain, ?welling nnd mlnr-is,
later pus or matter forms. I NBB_ or ?* open-?,!,
tbe plug comes out and the pure Is once u. ?r*j
There arc thomnn.Is of these pores In the fnce
alone, any one ?>f ?hi. h i? liai?'? to become
clogged py neglect or discai'?.
What Cures Pimples?
The oniy rcllill? preventive and cur?, v,hfn
cot due toacomtliutioual .iunior, I?
Cuticura Soap.
It contains a ?il.t - MBgetJeB of (TTKT1?A,
the fjreat Skin COO, which ? nabIcs it to dissolvo
tbe sebaceous <>r ily matter ?s ?t formt at tho
mouths of the j ?.res.
Jt atiniulaUa ihe stafglsh f-Iandi and tub?*? to
hrulthy activity, r, .lu, M inrlai!iruatlon,e?s>ili?w
?int heaB Binmed aad BSBgfcoaaJ bbbSmmb ?nd
r. ?i-T, ? the ?km to us orlgnul pi.rny.
ThB M Umeeeraiel bBeameorBMeeeeeg?.
Pr bad sompto-taae, re-l, rough haii.l? and
B_BBekMeaB_B.dry,tktaaed B-Uegkalr,i
an?l irritai??.! B_dp0 and B-BpB bah) NOBS-AMI
it U won,lei fill
It I? prrsen In?, ptirlfvlr? and beaut If* tag to
a degna httkOfte unknown BMMMg NBB88-M l"r
UM akin aad eoeepteston.
?ale greater Utoa the ro-nt.lncd sales of all
other akin and ."iiiplcii"!'? ,. | ?.
sodUueagkem ikeaetkl.
l'inni'. Baca am? CMBK, C'-'iu?., Sulo Pro?
pri???!-? lkistou.
Women full of pains, acher.
and MeggJuMSSgg find comfort,
strength and renewed vitality In
Cuticura Plaster, the first r<t.J only
?pain-killinx:, nerve-.strenjrthening
plaster when all else fails. _
Mil I IN????.
K' ?Al? COMI A.W.
The annual meeting of th shaki?:?
be held on WEDNESDAY', the -? ??->?: 1 day
uf ? ???. UM, at ?-' o'clock A. M., at the
offlce of the com'any. In the city of
Roanoke, Va. when an election will b,
held for thirteen directors for the 'n-alng
year, and auch other business tran
ns may properly come before th? meet
The transfer books ?vili be closed from
:: o'clock P. If., ???! ll, ISM, until a
?,', ?,?. k A. M., May ?. '
A. -I. IIEMPHILL, Seer tn??.
Apri! 12, IKH. ap 18.24.M
bald at tbe offlce oi lh? company at Ivanbee,
la., at 19:30 o'cloel WEDNESDAY, m ty t?,
aj, 27-td Beoremry.
rI y 111 : _ ?NU AL MEETINO < IF THE
CEMgTBBY COUPANT sill t,o hell to tee
r. ?p??.? the t tisinlier ? I ? otntnerce ou l'L'ES
ll.W. Nth May, 1884, ill,? ?'? lock P. M,
?? -.'5-id Beeretary an ? ? re i?nrer.
?1 Tb? atit.'iit ???.?.?:??* of the CLIPTOB
I .,!;,.? WAI 111. COUPANT will be held al ?,"
offlce ?>f ? . E. Wellford. Pace Buildta*, Ki?li
niou'l, Va., nt 12 V. 11 EH DAY', Mai ?. IM94.
ni> ?.' ltd Secretary.
urnosor raa iorstscsTaiDisiocosrisT,!
hi? BMi SB, ? ??. Ipril li!, IBI U ?
atoefcboklers oJ thtecomnaay sill be ? sld al
Ila offlce. ???, ilo! Main rtreet, tota , :t?, oo
MAI 1. IMI?, nr 12 ,?'??! eh .??,.
ap i:t-t?i Beeretary ?mi ? Tesserar.
On tea or run ? ? ? sag rxxsn , ?
? tews ? Comi isv.
RlCTJSOMO, ? ?., IprU ??. 1884, I
1 - .i.? KUOLDBK8 of ini? ewepssy ?,n ??a
held nt it? offlce, corner Nineteenth at.-l ? ary
streets,ob MAY :ti>, at 12 nona,
i tutu. .??. mv::h8.
ap ."ft ? lecreiary.
TngBaaoxu Tsaru a--i-.ii*. <??? Viboixia,)
bn BUONO, \ ?... March ? ?, 1804, )
I'gMPLB A*?-??? lATlONOP VTBOINIA la bai
???-???1??? to beheld In the ofltoe ? Hm
tnry <>! tti?? sesociattoa, h. tlie Maaoai.i ? empi? la
the city oi lii. rniiotel, \ ?., ? a Mu.MlAY , At nl
30, 1884, at 7 o'clock P. M.
Hy oidor Hoird of Trustee?
H. ? WELD ??Id?, lR., President.
???.?.??? it. busca, Beeretary. dB :??-?a
BABE l'.AI ?..
?iitii, i?>7tn. '.-vii, ..un?? ,p,,? ut 4:80 P. M.
Admission :.'.'?.?. Ladies ir-???. ap-.'.l-::t
? ? SD BBSITY OS vile.? ??a. -?. O, ? bris?
tun,, M. i??. Anatomy: A. il. Tatito, M. s.,
Histology; ??. *. Dati?, M. I?.. Pathology? ?>? ??.
Mallet, ? I?., . .,?'iiietry ; I', li. Hurtuiger, M.
D.. i'hysiul'io: W. A. Lambeta, ?. ??., baMrta
Medica Opens -IDLY 8d and eonltouse t*?
BtOBlBa l"i . ireii.ir ?iv ng luil pattkntiara sl
<tr?a IBS Beeretary, Dr. vV ?,, tllKltjri'N,
I mversity Blatten, CharletMi Ule, ? a.
_ ? ap tl ?odd wIm
Lr.XlM.TO*?. ?Y.
111?.-.? ..?1,1 .1 V? 011.1 ? K,(mitica.
Hy.,. ,.--iu? Bs_?_am ?-? ????? Tfp*
>\r,'i?f ?a?! r?lf<'?Ji?'l?,.?lll .-? .
InM. 111?. ,1.1. ',?.??,'. ?.??. -???,?p???. kt<pn V ?*
s?,ii.-wu.ui>('' ?wrre r.-aa-i Laatogam-, a?.
rap '.'M-wltAS ilt]
IHIKM.S, Mill?, rows, A,?.
!3 BALK ?_3_?
ABDALLAB U?BBS, ty r.lysmn AbdaUaS,
119] : da'ti Wbita ??t.H'iiiag? -Anerkaa irut
tin? Kl visier, Km.? 7. Volilm? IX.
COUNl K>>, hy Counter*?!,;?,. ??S3; dim Viet. -
American Trotti-iu Ki ?inter, l(ul?7, lOium? ? ?.
BATTI! v.. by Bark Pie) ?. ioi77: damCoaa?
te.?s ? Knie U, Vulunirt XII, American Trotting
COLMAM, 18280. (stal'ldti". by Hay Clnir,
1SS0S; 'inni Coaate??.?Amanean 'lr-iiting
Befliter. Itule 0, Volume ii.
IKNKLON,.in., iMi'14, by Keaaloa?gegg; he
by Hril.iaut. G.'71 ; dull. ABgeUe, ":!'! j.?Voluin?)
Y I. ! "G'?1??!'?? Stul-H"C?B -u America.
Ale?? uou-standnrd PILLBT, !>y tlyalnn A!.
-l'l.ii, dam Natiiiie. by Joka Happy Bee
Uni'?-?)?, ftrand-dam Klt'.y, hy planet.
Apply to OBOBOB K. CSA AH,lui A c??..
^ap'.'H-lt 1005 ita nt etreot,
?????? ?G?????.???? FOB
some farmer who dealme a FOL'.Ni??.
T?OS UE KO Or G???? ? hS-SUSO HOL?
MfclN-KKKSlAN ? ILVK?,. ritti in tua bleed ef
the rre.it record-breakor.?-? u? m_ ? _nd tiv?
?etii.i.e?. ? hej?? cal?ea' dan.? aro now giving
?even and cne-tinif gnllona if milk per day.
They ar? b-autifullr marke,!, and vary large.
laspe UOQ invited, und will t ? ?,,: ? ?,??t ebesu.
Address UEO Itti ? ti. KITL'il-TT.
Osriinr of the SaOullt spjck su i Liait) Harro.
api-'iVlw Suffolk, Va.
rpHE iSNOW-CnUHCH oompamt
Boom 4, i-Ua'er Binding.
JAB?SSV. ??????,
ap 17-Tu.T__?Salm Alanager.
Will Eradicate WORMS
ija :i-Y\ _3alj;
Miss Maria Parloa
is admitted to be a leading; Amori?
can authority on cooking ; eke
Says "us?
aeood atock fog the ?ounla?on of
?pupa, Banoee. and many other
things, and the beet atock ig
Leibig Company's
Extract of Beef."
100 ?m Mies Partant mclp??
Ladies'Duck Su: I
Thin la to be pre-eminent;* a Su.? ?.--??on aud
????'? Sins will bi ?orn ni< r.? thrin ei.-r.
Tan DucH Whit.? xrlpeSut?. ?*?
Blue Du?* WlutoMnp.i "-r-tt. :i.4~
rate "Abu? Desk BaB. B.47
'. ? hite Satin.? ^uit. blu?? ?tripe. :i. 17
Wblte Sat ? a.> suit, hla H ?'.-ipe. ;i.4 7
?tuean I White -?trip???! suit?.ILtM
White Ou k Mi's . V "7
Mnel White and-T.m l?u*k-suit?. 4.00
I IN -
Piani Brows :
Plain Hrown Ltaeo ?
Htrtpe lia?. ?
Mr"? :
Stripe I ? ? ' ? ?
I '
V 1 ?
\l' '? .
? . '
?Mttamei v ?
Sues 3 to 8 Years.
/ ?
Prices 98c S t.50t and S 1.97.
?M, II.5H. SI. 7... ood *?:
4 (? m ream
|S.eg 1 Ig. 101 13.731 BAISI $4.47: fi.7;.:
Th???".? bbH? ?."?.. deliver? ? lo as s ? n'ii later
tboa they ?ht-ald have 1.? and the meaufor.
lernt male ?(,e.-i,iUy ???.' ? : ?? ? 1,00 .? ? ??. t lo
bave ?. ui relume ?
u .
Onr Sta-U
80? pri?e ti
?. . oree) ? bai
pan?t mater!?
wn ri
a ? ..
? 1
comer Sec?n?! and Brota.
( niLliIlKN'sPIi't'E SI N BONNETS, 25 t.
NURBS?' ?' VI'S, ?.' > to ::?.?.
? M11.1) lu?.*?? H CAPS, '.'?'. t . ?I 60,
(?rent bergataa m * Ull.lil'hN'-? LON<
LADlle' 1.4I M'I'.HK.? ?HMIT?* only 50c
LAPISS' W KAPPKKS, 7?. ?. ? ? *".?. IS.
? Ill.Ml.l.K ?AIILL CUVSBS, 'ill ri-4. rnly
LADIB-Vl HKMHKIT E, with tutti-lowii an!
or standing collar. ".?"> t.
? I und*-? It H.I.I I Mi. hla -it or obit?, ii'.'?. ?fir ?.
I'm?? IMP08 ? KD BAI HI B. Itte. a bottta.
4 ?? gea Min ll BALI S fot '-?.???
I.K ! 11 Cl ' ? KAM, toe. a b tue.
FANCY BL'PPBT -? a :.'?'>. 17?.
M AMI'KH I'll.lX ? ?-tl IBS, Io.?.
Ml.lv ??? d\ i*1.? ? ? vr.
PARASOL-COVEKX, , ? . lo 1*2.60.
PAH? IIMKM FANS. .! ?. lo IL
0 AL'"*- ilN*?. li '?? tota.
FKATIIK.lt KW-. -tV to il.:.il
BLACK OB Will ? ?? Ulti ON VElLlNti, ;?.,.?.
a yard.
lll<l>SEIS NKT. 50?*. to 11.50 v-ird.
1 AM V ? HECK OKBSS BOOBS, ?0 tashm
wide. onlT 50c. ? ? ir ?
Bermadnrl dye, nal? Vtimt.
FANCY FlOl KKD ? I ?*?, f >r aiilrt-walste,
50?*. ioti.?.'.? a yard.
LAI?IK> IH'i'K *?! ITS ?.nlv * '..Mi.
l.Aidl?.*.' BIBBED VESTS, tl? , .
LAUIBS1 LI*? I. ? RIBBED VESTS, ?atin-rib?
Loti trimmed. ? b y '-'?? ?
WElUliT MUH 1-AM? HUA'.'. , KS t, i? .? ?.,?
oulySl. J
SH lit I'm. 4'..?.
.'o p-r .-eut. r? lietioii < n a!'. BPKINU
Greet bargoloa m MATT IN?;-.
LACI? I'RTAlNSfroi ? II a?.
WINDOW-SHADES ? spiate, spftag roller??,
. tSe.
'Ine finer't lui?? if IT.EM II <>".'. AM? ,-.-. u.
the .*itt', :*.-,.?. a )/ird.
We carry tbe lergmt and beai ? a ? ?' BABY.
CAKBIAOES IO tu.? eit>. Kte-y ???mag- .-?.?
giiarv.il????! for one year.
ikimii Lawns, io& ? a..i.
Vtt/ka I'tlti. AI.i-x M yai.L
Julius Si/i/e tS' Sons,
No. ".01 AM? tog EAST I'i'dAI?.
BKLoW l'osr POB m SATE
Perfect-Keeper Refrigerator,
HAGtt in ti;n days.
?5 Carriage? now.I 3 M
im'a macea now. .. ???
in.?.'.". ? arria.e* aow. 5 50
??..'? ? ? n-i: i?s?-;. w. ?leo
t:? ? ??? ? ?.? ?> ?. a*. (? ...|
? lt" Cama^ea now. ? ;,??
?? A Carriage Dow_. 10 00
l-aiarnage* niw. 10 oo
Syduor & Hundley,
711 AND 713 EAST nhu.M?.
tap ISSgj
Main (Mficc ami Light Department,
foot of Seventh street. Telephouo 6.?7.
City Division, office Main au?J Vine
streets, Telephone h li.
Union Division, office Twentj-nintU
and 1' streets. Telephone ??.?,
Manchester Ottioe, S?minos avenue.
Telephone 2321.
Aro anil Incandeeoent Lights and
Electric I'ower at reasonable rotea.
Klectrio-Light Wiring a ?pecialty.
Pari-ee ?leairiug Electric Lights or
Pon-ir by notifying the main office by
mall or telephone, will be waited upou
by a npassatetive of tba Company.
imaso-u. *^v '
ANI? ???*?? ?? '.I
Il Vi
h ?a n ?
w.? ham b t
sold by Dru
HAU., Y .. t-..\
??***8| ??"
mor*, ?..r :r, ,?.
ilio POLS Bl
?!> 1 '
? ? ORCANizec 103 ? ?
Assets, ?.::?: i
lri->uranc<- ??t??
This aid Virginia la
?Bdaoa-praBBBtive i
restr.aioM, and '
tut t.:. .. ?
Insnre^ ?gainst Fire ? I
ill o?sca.PT;ob3 Of ??-.
Wl?M. OHI'-: - ?
OB ?????. 11
Agencien in Every ???.
imt H. PALMKJi. !>, ?
W. U. hnCiMTB?>' I ??
?>. MM -? -?-t-VA. --*-?? t
Bakarof ta? BK8T t'AKKi \???
couutry. Repairing ?m r*| ?
aii???-iaity. lait an?l at?? our ?.
h?*? ibo aijli*? U* u..? ?? ?????
ftasatabyattgtetets. u '

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