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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 29, 1894, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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13 r.lfit?
uiioLK NUMBER 18.337.
r.- ; -? Biacs, Gray and Yellow,?
ID Black tbe Styles.
lilDS fflLl PIM.
I ? lille Silk smi Satin,
BTilh I <oii: Te?'"? ""?I OM
1 I .. ??.
- the iv.?i?-! h )
'???re ara al
'. ir..in
June, i
I oui
? : ?..
..it ?? ?.
? ? '
..-*?-.?? )
? ' ?>A ?.l-.Kl.N'. WXTB
x' '?
????? m e ?,. ?ii(- that
- ?.r pink vaiy.
c,.x ' I '?" ?"?.Uie-Aliut In J'rlrtr
1 . .?-.???, wu, kpBJBWt, quite
? fteii.'l ?na almost don? iiwny with hy
tho p'.nk satin bdt an i BOn Tho hats
Weevj hroful ???t?t?.? 1 !? ?ti. ina, tient In
and out la mia .?Ul rsalhlen, and trimm..?
??Uh hrOHil pink ?.Ulti ?'"?*'? ?"d 'iuantl
? I rink talli. These dresse? were
? ? ?? njntea ?gang,
r.i.k ?? un so??!)??! co'le e? "?o tor
.?.ill's in.wn?. It l? moro univr-r
Mrn. John K. < am In. ??? has ? trim
lutto fhroro, hi.? hnd mode this year a
\. ry effettive gowo <>f ?4t.??????1 ?.Ink molra.
It Ii Basils v. it li (?. fu" skirt; or nth.t.
?? uh th* : leaned a little over one
? ? Tho ami t la raenn, eoi with,the
s nantft, and H u ?????* with pink
r?,? ?re. \? ti ?? ; rere le Bsnfass. ? jahot
re 11 iH'e nnl deep ciifTs of tho
hit! laro nnd
; .. . .,-.? l v. ? . ?] I ?- ?* excee.llngly
I tl
\ , Bgel mOUO I MW the
? I t'i White l;i.e
,.? | j. ? ? se :i hrond hnanl af j<t
? i :??-.v tho rennet,
? v. atti d smoothly
l ? ? s
1 In e
e petticoat
loos raffi?
Id in l'in?- ?itii
Th.? steerei
is the colter nnd
p Um tH'i
.; con Uned,
.it can
. | .?.?.??,.. ,y f .r
? .IX.
OliAT AND vrr.I.>\v.
light grag satin
. with
r ? ttlcont,
v. ith thai
?. trimmed
? : ? ' , .
? ha i tiny
tha I ;iot of
? i vary
,v daf?
.:i color
the gown,
, Ito! 'ite j
AND ? ' . . : HOIRS
f. ? ri ??
? ., how
; Botrtna
. ? - * ?.-'? .' \t v. EDDIN-tML
AI worn nt < ne of th.?
prints, v. lille ? -
it first
I to 1 I black; but
.?.p ? bow, v.. ra
II : | | ??
it showed as
11 ? > ??? lijii?
t extent was In
t?} f f ? \ ? r ?
BL .?
i thickly studded ?? ????
? ? ? if the buckta
? ibout an
??'-.: tit ?nit
WM ;i cm
? : lit, \? ? ?? ? mall, s?.
? ? ? ?son ? ?? ?!, lull
?. .,?s nf llaht ? '
of |
., ? Uh ti a nai; *.v Meek?
nt lett? re f? ? onvey
he :??.-, ? bonnet-strlngs
? . be th?? I ?? ?? v. .? .? >.?
? ? ? . ..:.;?,? to 1 ?
? none <,f the bon?
? h ??? p bava th? m.
. o much worn ???th
:.- ti?? inn?? bom
III ? th? far la ii:
? of a rue?
. pair ef strtapa TB? strina? ????
? ? ?.-, roads >?f mote
? a tur rnrp dreeey an it
?? i. ut'>'ir;i?? minute.
I tan-brown cr?pon ta a v-r>* BeeM
c-own . Unen ? have ? ?
two ?r Ihr? e which Ini*.? 1>.?<??
??. ? ??? trimme?]
*?ith peito? tao? ?ni bfawa rlBBoa. very
. . - ?.? 4ned,
This : i-l be rnii'le up over
H.k la pr.-tt.? - ?? ni <??*? at 080 *'??',
.. an iiii'li irikirt. Mro. l-'rclcrlc E*?
?.-r h.?? made reoantlp a prep crepo*),
whlih 1? wiin'li-ifully han.lsoni??. The
skht Is cauKht uji In two l'I.iccs ut one
? ? ? i? tarea praj rolasl Ikiw.. Th??
?., ?? p front Bad
back, had a circular > .ko of yellow satin,
..?.?Il ?s.? fltttXJ . UK?.Ill;? Willie
ta -, ii.-.i it vai ii.-.! aid m the hack
w.t.'i imitili?!.? Beeke ead ?asa?? ->"i iia?i
Map i?,??. of th? prep *????,??. Th? bon
i.t ???;? .f eteel m ' ?-.hit?? la?.?, witI.
narrow strln?,*?. of y w. Mm. Kaler Is
.? -.?.?. 1 -n inou?e bru. tt*?, ?hou*? clear
? m; ? ???. u wae tin????, ii ?ut with great
effect ui??ilnnt tl>l*? llKtit -?nun.
For weddinc-ponae th? prta??M etplej la
?nit Is severely simple, and a very moda
ned empira fashion, ere the favorite
t'ordii silk end satin ere equally the
rage, end yarda and yards of point lace
can b* used In trimming?the more e ? pen?
ai v? thi? lietter.
Home women prefer the tulle veils to
fio lace ones, but lace la the moat be?
coming of any fabric, nnd adds Im?
iti? ti e to a bridal coutume.
The eklrts are made ?Ith very long
traini?. They can hardly be too lone, rior
?00 plain in cut, fitting tight over the
hips, but with any amount of fullneaa
In the hack and a'iout the hem. Ores!
?nr.? BBOBt he taken In the fitting of the
skirt?. In order lo ?"??'in? a -.tyllah ap
pea rentre, for If they flare too much at
H - aMa th.y urc \cry ugly an ? mom
unbecoming. ??.???..?.
A Dozen U'nye In Which to Berve Them?
Ilotv |u Prepare for Table. ,
(Written tor the l)i??i,itch.)
rine!i?,i,te?i. once a tropical luxury, are
grown ext.nslv.lv in the ?juth of Florida,
ond the tt.iju.'.'iit kahunas? [?ergo pine?
apple plantation?? ??? them 1 in F.lllott'e
?.??, Bt Key Largo, ?nd Metiicombu.
li UH UM Berengo in pines In the three
niun'-d hogl was ?CA and the number
of ptooannoa nTaipped from the keys du
rtng the Benenn waa quite dose to two
million. 1'lantalloiia are alOWlg E?tt?BSfttttg
aorthwurd on the nea?naula, end In MS
hud reached Ch.ulott -'a harbor, on the
t coast, end Indian rlv. r. LOhO Worth,
nnd tha Jupiter region on Urn ??ist.
it is not ganemlly kann ? that, pineapple
plinti* muy l.e grown, and. it ?? clami? I,
fiultid in ai.y Window gni un, Ol imi
aervatory. The erowa of lenvaa at the
lop Of the fruit and the ?inali tufts
aockera ?aomettmaa found ??/ ti.?? baa?.
Will root readily if plac-1 !n damp, rieh
. io ly Hi.ii, and pot forth lang, light
I ? ? n, stiff, and aharp?edged lenire??a
grant curiosity, if iwthlng more.
Ptnengptaa OUgM to be prepared for
the tal'l'? In m.my more ways than?, the
usual attcthg in BUgOT. If to I?? 'at? fl
uncook ?, they should be j.led and
sliced with ? thin, ahnrp knif?? ?.r nhw?
cutter two ??- three notera before they are
to i?.? aeread, and placed oa Ice.
A varlatloa In raw aarvlng is to peel
and alice seven or eight orange?, gruta a
oocoogut, ani pool and ilice ?? ptneappls
in thinnest possible .-?????.?. Put the sliced
fruit and grated COCOanut in alternate
layen In ? glees dtah, with augur between
nnd Binad la th?.? refrigerator untH ready.
Bant Im If a pint of sweet cream tintn
it la stiff. Peel ?mi chop a plnoapple, add
the Juice of ? l( non and two think of a
??up of powdered sugar: dlssnlTo nn ounce
of Islngiasa In ? little not water, and mix
nil lightly together, and pour Into a
mould, wh? ? wanted turn it carefully on
the dish la which it is to be served.
Make a Jelly with gelatine hy the di
n liona thnt come with the packnee,
using a somewhat larger amount, -" thai
tin? jelly W|U i?. quite stiff. Wh?n cool
enough to begin to tiiick'-n. so that the
fruit win stay when? it is put, place a
layer of thmiy-sii.-i ? pineapple thai hau
been lying well-aprlnkled wltb mcar for
tv . hours in a glasa dish, p ?t it with
the Jelly, and a* soon ns it seta add mor??
fi lit, and more Jelly until the dish i*
full Set it upon Ice and s? rye with whip?
ped ei? am,
Hake a Jelly same as above, using lay?
ers of J-iiy. pineapple, nnd thlnly-eliced
oran ?? . sprinkle w? u with Bogar, squeese
t?,?? Jole? f.f ? lemoa Over all, and serve
Cold ? Ithoul ? r am.
Ubi half a bea of getntine soaked in a
coffee-cup of cold wnter for hull an hour,
Add one pint of boiling water, two aeenl
: tgar, and one (piart of
caiin'-? pineapple r? duct d to a pulp, l^-t
it come t?. a boU. Pour it Into a mould
and keep it eool Plnoa it on Ice, and
when wanted for use dip the mould quick?
ly Luto bol water and firn the J? My out.
Stir together ?ver a fir.? until it boil?
,-.,.. ota ? ?;?-???, ? ( ?? ?
of white augur, and a cup of aw? ? * ? renm
with a half round of grated pineapple.
1.'?1 it |USl boli Cool and set it upon
Ice, Berve cold with whipped cream.
One can of pineapple, two cup?? nf
; ita ar, ' n? half cup of butter, two thirds
cup of bread crumbs, yolks of sia egga
? .a the yolks, then mix all together.
Hake f.ir half an hour. Cover the t??;?
4?. ,:ti the ? iv ? of two ? gga whlpfM d to
? stili froth with four tablespoons of
sugar. B? rve ? ?! ?
Make ?? Shortcake as f..r strawberries;
split and butter it and place well augured
shredded pineapple between th.; luyera
nn i on the top.
Make the filling by beating th? yolks
unil one cup od augur, one
? i'i . ?? of butter, one cup of sweet
11? no. and unii pineapple peele l and
grat? 1.
[teat butter, sugar, and yolks to a
(Lam. a id the pineapple and cream, and
?. itly the w.11-1.?,p ? whites of the
? lake v. ?th on? cruet
Peel and alice, nnd allow ? pound of
? ? ?. li pound of the Sliced
l'ut fruit ar.l sugur in alternati
layers In Jars and let it stand twelve or
fourteen houra Take out the fruit and
boll the syrup until it thickens, l'ut in
.it ano I? t II boll fifteen minutes.
Take it from ttie syrup and whl
put it in jars and pour the syrup over it.
*.',.?? tin? air when cold and keep
m a. eool place.
Peel the fruii and break it into bit?,
from the ' ire, with a stiver tork. Allow
ai oui half a ; mud ol white augur to
dim pound of ? ? nit. Heal m ? porcelain
kettle, and let u ??? ? ? about Bve minuten
Fill the (ans and seni lightly at oin .?.
Peel two pineapples and grnte them.
strain the pulp through ? lleve; add to
it the lulce of two Ii.as, one und on?
half pounds of sugar and one Quart of
wnter. Preen? in nn Ice-cream fro? ser.
Dellclous, _BETH 1>??.
A til?n ii.le.
(Written for tha Dispatch.)
I pity tbe man,
\\ In ?? \ ? r 1"? can.
Or would If he could, forget
How, when bs was boy
An l BChi I was outlet.
He ? ..??!?? I in ills joy;
or, if sin? ???? mother
? m? kme spinster, who?.
Like i" ? ngs could smother,
1 piiy her too;
Though cure? of life cumber,
\ ? : year? number,
? .?? who would i.t part
Prom ti?? c ire "i the h irt,
The memorie? "f chii.lhood
In ? ny or will woo ?.
?? ? the oyoUl outburst
of ita ini.?..ut First?
I pitv still mi r,?
Th.? n. m who ciuld say
JI?? ne .t m * a DSCOB 1
??-, brighten lis a i\-,
Who ra? vi.irli di bll truth
That in- peoni ? ??<.eh ms >,,uth?
v, nus n, ? ?v waa groertng*,
??h., heart ail uoknuotag,
And never eoeeoaUnc
Art F.dcn-born feeling.
Hut l pity still m?re
The man or th? boy
Who In youth or in age
Conid ??\? r enjoy
Ail object attain? d
Or a bann ut lailn. il
Hy any ? UHt
In labor or sport.
To a thoughtful rejecting.
Or a thouKhtl'se neglecting,
Klther open or hi.Id? il,
Of what we are bidden
By my Who!? to ?lo ever
in every endeavor.
That Whole reveal? an honored name
lleplete with aead. mlc fnm<?,
Kushrlned In Scotia's cherished story
Of old lJunedin'? classic giory;
A name recalling hopes snd fears
Of school-boy duye In by-rone years;
of knotty tanke and pussLng tangles
'Along lines and sines at.d squares anM
And problems solved with happy glee
Of triumph in tbe y. K. D.
-7. H. D.
The Idler Chirps Cheerily on (he Re
cent Country Circos.
A Remarkable Crop of Oysters and ?Corn
Is S-inrln?, l'ermlMlble ??
- Call Me Hob."
O! how g'orlo-?, an?l ?-rnnl it would
he If some briad-mlnded philanthropist
would invent a pai?-nt MBt for etroneea
so thftt visitors cull attnd the Bhow
nn.? s.-t dwaaealeee down In peace and
romfort, without f'-ar of rfaTITtni fr? m tho
narrow ? I, inks Into an unknown eternit*?
l?elow. Every time I so to a clrr-ua?and
I ?sin nu more Nafol the sawdust and
th" r. ?! 1<?p? n.i !>? thin I ran a pretty
glrl-1 become bltt?T mralnut all hu
laeilllf. aad evea the stai.', moan-overed
J.'k.i of the clowns, who Ly th.- way,
are the most frl?htful buns lmuiitnable,
fml to ?-'"??. ?? me. Assuredly, the mod-rn
?Ircus ?cuts were not built for Cat peo
jil??, BBd slr.fj I COflM to think alxuit It,
I likewise inni Bide that Utep *(?>?; o 1: t
l.ullt for tana ?? ??'**? They w-re ap?
parently concetvid and di-signcd l.y some
enemy of mAiikiud, who hai ? ? rt.'ilnly auo
Bsaded ta irreakte? reaaeaae? on all
h;-i f.!|ii?'.'-t,-!ii:;-.. When I attend?->l the
"aorkt-rsaoimed iswoll-tathw of Atwr?
Irii's seven gretttest shows" last ? .
nlftht I found myself dtnglng to a I -
Inch scanthn?? lilt.? ? ship-wrecked mari?
ner to a Boatta r meat, and every time l
K?t my equilibrium In asi? work.tu' order
the man who Balta peanuts and ??;??????
it a point to reader everybody else's life
u laleoiy, eaeae si.ui.iin-?; alone and dis?
turbed iny pelea
? e e
"Why do ?*????.!?? Be) ?.lattate at the circus
U '.li at In jh.lito circles of soc >-ty tl.fy
.11?? regarded with as much horror as Is
that denr aid custom of disposing of fond
wlth one's knif.?, and pet at the stiow
they are ix-rfictly an fait. The other
Bight wBOe I wan clinKlng to the above
BBsntlenad ?ix lack? of pB-na. I ?^st my
,???. s near the vast audi? nee of my ???1
krw-vuffareia, and la! beneath the shim?
mering HtMits I beheld ????* that I l?v<\
The radiance of the burning petmleum
llltimlr.? <t her fair fact? und B?BBd IB?
dimple? on ber Bwnst, young, a tit .--bell urn
fa.-??. By th.it peraonal macnetlsm wbleh
1 ulwa\:i Bitinta? over all WBO are hurled
In contact with me, she dirla? l that I
waa gaatng at Bar, and with a !"ok of
profound t? ? _ nu ?, ; h* ? ut ? gleaoo in
my .'--iciiMi an?l ?Kiit.l? ?! ali. BtteB a
?afie] it was a muH* thnt ?bowed Joy
and happiness la et ?? y II? ament of the
feature?, r.r her dainty nwatti tree tilled
with u Miirirt of pennuta an ? h'-r bou] vus
surrf-ndfr. 1 to the .!? lights Of IB? gOObeit.
Under ordinary circumetance? that amila
would bava changed th.- tenor ..f mp
whoto life and made mm a hamai itarian,
bat ?t tree at Um obreaa, and with a
si.h i remen il ter? ? laat it era? IB? pee?
n-its ani not my aiudeef, amiable ?elf
which provoked it.
? ? ?
"To do It, or BOt to do It; that Is ihe
no. atton. wii'-th? r 'tis nobler la lb? miad
to iff? r the panna and longing? of eert?
<?ity, or t?> bravely risk Ihn conaequ-mma
ani, by inv.-.ti-atintr. end pour - -if ? To
?!? ?., act no mor? and, by an a? t t?> nay
? .? end the Ik irtache, end th'? th
natural Bbneke that fleah le h? ir t?. '.'-?
a entunateaaatloa devoutly to ?...? a
? ?????.ih?
elephant, nnd pond-red ??,"?p t ? ed?
Ity of living him a piece of chew
iiik'-t.iiiacco us be peaeed around tha
? ? with hie anont. Tradition? hnnded
down by a long Ila? of forefatbera nnd
taught me thai the drena elephant l?**s,
for all ?-n? rations, 1.? constitut:o*i.?lly
opnost'l to tobacco, and that If ? ptec?
i .- lyly allpped .?<" hU raten??* |
m/m u 1 ? BnHfed It around an.on-r tne
?pectatore, the ? suite would be most In?
teresting, ? longed, even ?? tha b.rt
pnnteth for coollns wat? in. to iry lb?
exp? tini'-nt, but s"tii? thini. I l?n .?,? ? ..t
what bade me deattot Perhape i t -
Bected ??? th? cruelty of my .-et to
posterit) posterity that la already rre
paring to ?? born, so that it can do
honor to my memory, and. dwcklng my
more Utnoble emotkma, ! deck] ? to Oo?
prive ti"? monitroua animal of the ? ? ?.
But, ?Itbouah I thu? abandoned this pro?
ject, which would doubtless have afforded
i.r-.it joy to my eaemlce ?in ?is results)
l could not t...r myself nway from tha
?|.| liant "th?? bl),' ???????-rubb? r ilcvil,"
as ?m adjolnlnf amnll boy desUrnnted it.
In vain l struccled to k? ep ?from think?
ing what an awful complexion the pro
dlglous brute had, end how nadly it
i, ? |i ? v. Itewaahlng, And th.-n, wli^n it
il mtndedly acoop?^ np three cart
l-?a.is <.f ?lirt, an?! squirted thla all ever
Its bock, an?! Ukewlee Into my face, I
became lit,rally fascinateli The n^at
habita of the br it?. combined nith the
liberal nil?.wan???? of en ? In tl -?? trou??
Bere, which nature una so liberally be?
stowed upon the animal, struck BM as
worthy of the Mchcat admiration. Archi?
: ill?? ,?i?.aklnp, the elephant la a
failure, for at a litt.? dl Bt ?? ??, it is ?'X
ceedlngly difficult, <-?<?. -.? by ;he most
! minute mathematical calculation, to us
certaln which i- th? fr. m end of bun,
and which the t'other <nd. sun, th?
? mal; s up In quantity f..r what h?
; lack? in quality, ei ? he ?- as eaaentlal
to a circua aa ta the nlsBer to the mule.
? ? ?
It is n.it ofen that *\.? denlw.-na of th?1
large cities have an opportunity ; -
? farmer, and when *?.'? ?" behoH .me. he
is fen?-tally "croakbig" and complaining
of hard times and pi .?? eropi. Every y-ar
i Is th.? roughest one in history for btm,
tO 1 -'?-! ?.? ?. Ih?? ?e-ti
? culturiat was put on earth to
and to bear the bui tan? <i other |<eot-Je.
Knowing thu this pesullarlty "f fan ???
?- almost ? ??.- ?'-?.?, my soul *r j. ?.-- ?
within m.? a ? ?. ? r. s ego when I beheld
a remarkable ex?.? ??> the rule- a
farmer who actually didn't croak. Thi.??
?ras sa cheerful as ?? man could
?.?, ???? era? ?>?? ? .-r th.? party of ?Norfolk
county Boll-tiller?, who enme to Itlehmond
? ? ???, and he -rejoiced In ihe ni.ni??
..,- Lambert M ime ? ne uaked lum if tin.
S'il In hl? sectton was tood. ""OoodT"
? Ihe K.ist? ? ?--?-. "why l nt ? ? ?t
Is. Wh? ? wr- plant peal In ?tir e? mil Ida
the corn BTowa m fast thnt It pulls ths
? ? by tha mota '.vii?.
ound is s,, rieh thai *'hen we bin
? ? ? . ? ;?. ?s ?? hnva to ? it ihli s solo] br??.
? ? ha to keep hU h ? ft m
"How are th?*- oyster? ?I i\?n In that mar?
atctlon?" ? kad one ?>f the aston?
i i. i Hstenera of th- aarlcultural Hun?
chauaen, "Wl ? ? In'i be bi tt? r.,p
h ? ??|.ii--i. --w?? ?? u ? r ant '
th? ? come ttp ? the sbor? an-1 open tn. ia
.?-?!??.'s." The l iti nera alarvi fled ?
at this r ale-tinted I nawiptl m ?f that
l. nl of meta| !. -i- >i milk on ? ?.? ? ? ??. ?- l
concluding thai tu- ??ountrr ??? farmer
earn? from ?ouldn't ?-* lmntov-d nicn,
' ' ? thougtii then ? ? qui ry ?. m
?bout tha rip* ?? tins vicinity. Ko, he
d'da't think much o? them, aad he ou-ier
m ! : the non !t the
rhood of Petereharg was s?., h na
? ? . ? ??? ??? t. .ir Uhi hair. "Would
poo bellev? it," ajiioth tin HHBhei. in this
conuectlon, "when tbay plaat corn in
I'inui'i p,? th-? hnri to put aunpointar in
in?? gravad ? > male it shooi?"
"?;..t ???? BttppOM tbe pea? ?row all right
over ih.r.?, iion't they.-* qaarted aa
aaxloae chorus of auditor?. 'Tea?
humph?" axclalm ?I the veraelaBe hus
I'liii'lman, "Why thep plant? ?1 BOOM B8BI
th.rc last y.ar, ni..l th?y ar.? Ftlll a'Krun
tiu." This ripiy Boorei Hie fPUBtknten.
and they <??m-? 1 t?. ou r>' the prodigy, bat
th ? ,|. ? niarv.l ?p-atly.
T?l. in*, ye grnVB anlhorltlee whose
duty It ta to a?ttle all dispute? .K-rtaln
BBg t?? in ink n ! ill t:i??. 1 say, is swear?
ing erraagT Let mm fcaev, one?? for ail,
whetl.: r "ciissinj:" n_y be rt-Kardiid a?
the relief valve of humanity, or a* a
vice -??hi? h drains one down to the dust of
dent ?dation! If It Is the ????,'G- ilt-uvi ?
Kraut that It Is-I want to Increase my
vocabulary of Miliitih's-ate, and If It la
the latter, well,?then I'm pretty dusty
with the dust of degradation. Now,
don't understand me, ladi-* and x? ntl??
men, a? wistilnx to lead aatray the young
and trulleiess (of whom then? are blessed
few In this world), but merely construe
my remarks as signifying an honest de?
sire to be practical. What is a man to
do when he hasten? to th? corner In time
to a?? hi? atmt??jar whin by him r? '
I swear, of course. What consolation has
he when his only match goes out??verily,
the sweet relief of burning anathema*.
What brings peace to his wounded heart
when the other fellow gets the girl 7?
\\ hy, nothing more or less than Bllllngs
gate. What lulls his drowsy soul to slum?
ber when the Infant a*sketh In the night,
and the atmosphere quivers with Juvenile
expostulations??Why simply a multitude
of brief, concise expressions beginning
with a D, a great big V, and ending
with an a a-ful dash?
What can heal the atlng of defeat when
tho home team gets wslloped at base?
ball 7~Verlly, naught on earth by swear?
ing, much ?wearing. What sooth??*i the pain
when the hammer Emites not the tack
but whacks the unsuspecting thumb*?
Why bl??*? me, no balm of earth but
"beautiful language, soft and sweet."
And so I say the question should be set?
ti??!, and nettled at once. It le a case of
"?"?-?" or quit, instead of "cuss and quit,"
end 6nce for all I want to have my
dot hfl removed. Tarry the question to
the Supreme Court o? Appeal??, if BOO?
EM ry, but settle It, and settle It for
gc ?ft.
Tbeg say thnt G"orge Washington never'
en ire but one, |>ut on that occasion h?.?
? -1 the very leaves on the trees to
on'..t when once he Isrok?? aloo*e, ani
history records the fact that he ma BO Up
f?c lost time, and let himself aloose for
ft'.l the preceding years of his life, gas]
pe.'?aps also for some that were to fol
1 I must frankly confess that I BOOOt
? M of a single occasion wh? r ? QeOHhJ
T?? ' ?eo fur forgot "himself ns to use ex
?, but I was recently told of an In?
it nee where the grand, mfoo? Confedera??
-I'd b> run across a ragged old
? ?, who was making things hum with
I ' ai'li-.? "Mm ,? Bob" expoEtulate.1 with
HW hungry sinner, and toll hltn that
s '.nring was sgstnst his orders, but the
hap took the chieftain's breath away
? hi answered: "Damn, me. General,
? ?Xpert t.? get all the-cardinal Vlr
I ? E for eleven dollars a mOntli?"
? ? a
v tho way, that Is a truly touching
1 ? !?? story they tell on Lee In eOBBactioa
h old Captain -, of Ooochlani.
? Captain hlms<lf vouch???? for It, SO
,? no ruueonnbte ?round f?.r doubt.
v.ns at Oettynburg with his battery of
?????? and WM lit? rally tenting tho
enkeea to pie??? s h?h guns wer?? on a
1 .? elevation, and he had an open sweep,
?? . h gave him a chance to mow down
???? blue eonta by the hundreds, font a?
' ? laat round Of BUUBUnltloU had I?? EU
hauated, and even as the Captain urg? d
boya to Bond up anea aaore with oli
. Bas, hoopsklrts, and everything avill
l .ile, General I.ee dashed up on his
;? in flecked steed. "Who's captain of
this battery?" he yelled out. in a voice*
Mcmbllng with emotion, and when tho
heroic commandant of the eunaooeeri sa
nted, tie' sweet Christian warrior said
m agitated t'm?'s: "Fur Ood*a sake, Csp
t ?iii. don't siioiit any more, .--'pare a few
Of them, or history won't do us Justice.
?.enve a denen or so to till tbett
etory." The Captain excitedly replied;
"?? r pity's sake, let me bust alous? at
them just Iones more, Cenerai."
This eothostasm an I patriotism on the
part of the artilleryman so inspired the
Virginia chleftala that he said. In tn-mu
I'uiM tone?, "Captain, don't call me Oene?
ll; call m?? Bob."
THE coming baptist convention.
l'oluta About the ??rent I'orrventlon Soon
to He Held In Texas.
The thirty-ninth Beeatia (forty-ninth
year) of the Southern IlaptiHt Convention
will be held at I ?ilia?, T,x., beginning
Friday, May llth, at IB A. at
Tills Body Is composed of representa
j t.vos iron? the Baptist churches In fho
S nth, cho?cn upon tho basis of contrl
. butions to the mission I minis or else
I etectefl by district aaanrlatluni. which c,>
i operate with the convention. Foreign
ns, home missions, the Sutidnv
Schoi.l board, and th?! Louisville Semi?
nary are th" principal objects whose lu?
ti reata are ounvaaned by 11 convi niton,
Th?-? convention has grown so that it Is
almost nrnnn~Bgonltle There mij,ht hove
; ten U.efl <t-;iy aeeeedited lepreasnta
tives in the la.st aaaaton nl ffnabvOla A?
,? meter of fact, howeeer, only vn i.
? .p? d. Bot Um ta with tan flutti ?
Bpeotntorh made an ove aw helming mass
that filled the cr? .it tabernacle to ov-.r
II? E !.:;.
limi. John Harnlson. former!?.- of S 1
m.i. Ala., but now a member of th? S l
preme Court of Alabama, and reeklent
nt Montgomery, Ala., is the popular i
dent of th?? convention. The rice-presi?
denta are i;,i\ in.r W. .1. Nortien, of
?i'U ia; Joshua Levering, Boq., of Baiti?
more; Dr. Whltsltt, of Kentucky, and
Dr. Foul, of St. Undo. Dr. L'in.-m
Uurrowi and <>. F. Qregory, both well?
known in Richmond, have fur years kept
ti.?? record?.
a nutter of special interest win occupy
the attention of tie* approaching session.
This will grow out of an attempt to
chunga the basis of repreeentutlon. n r? ?
tofore tills 1ms been found mainly irv the
Binounl of money contribute l. It Is pro?
pooed to abolish the ??????>- basis altO
I iher, and to adopt instead a numeri?
cal bnafa thus sllowlng, t..r ?sample,
each state to pend a delegate for every
? k?i ,,r 1,000 Baptlata in h>r bounda This
question will doubtless provoke a lively
the Inai tti?"ting of the conven?
lion, i?r. vYllllnghum hue ben mude ne?
rotary of foreign ?Iasione In the place
of i?r. Tupper, resigned, nnd Dr. F. II
UcOoggMll hue been elected eaalatBni
Bccretary of the Home Mission Board.
in piare of Dr. i. William Jones, who la
now the efficient chaplain of the Unlrer?
stty of Virginia,
Virginia will not send a large delega?
ti ? to Teuaa. Tii.? trip is Ioni t
nnd expensive, ii seems probable now
that not mor?? than twenty or twenty
i,..? will go '"' ''" Rlchinood, Dm Wii
?, Pitt, n itch.r, Lan Irum, Har?
ris, and possibly a few others will go.
Allies from Dallas in licit?? that they
are egpectlng and pi poring for ? gnat
throng. A building ? spubl ? of
??,?? persona hue been lectured, and all
nf th.; cit..'.ens are throwing op n their
home? to the riatter? in tra?.? t.?.\?
fa hi ??.
Tbc itllcya unii a (heap CtlSOB nTUU and
it..??? Isilsty Hen. nt.
Novelty Is not likely to lie a conspieu
ature of the arnntag aoaaon nt tho
Richmond thentiea Alb It we havi hi ?
ripguknly bleeaid this rea? erlth a. wealth
of Btavetaaa aitrnettena, and on tba whMa
U ?- admitted thai ihe ataodafO this se*.
? it baa been ennriderably higher than
heretofore. The roooog ol
for to men, for the aaancial-dep
wiiich, to ?"in?? ? ? ? paralysed the
northern circuits, affected Ibi South in
a much less r doglie, and llioiii-li bust?
n? M I. is in, BO I BI I I ? ? ? !'' '??''?" '? ?'?
th? South baa nil mis season bi a reong?
?; as th ? m on fai >raW ? "' ' '
.? Bnnntk ' nt' m rtaaa It H en Intan atlag
.... t, .md une thai is Uki ly in at .?> a ? ?
era ui tii- theatrical hkrtory of late dty,
thai ? ith v. ry few eacepttona, all tin
.??liions that have played hero hnvi
ma?!?? money, und the proiits thnl BOVI
? i t.. the iinnagBnwni of u?r busi
in ss boeaoa arc toamos tabl*???turgor Iban
t: .- lune be ? fee the punt ?- rea renn
As a result of this, much of lh? 0*
tini?? tor n? 4.1 m ? ? heg l"- ? ? ured by
f?st-elaag eeanpnaeaa, iraleb. anee noi
hiUwrto doeaned it worth th'ir while te
iia lude Iticlimond In their list of eli?
g?.g -menta.
? * ?
The Illley Uraniane Company will h"ld
the boards of the Academy during the
entire week. The organization H one Ol
tin? asevere?! issssrtetri eompnnlei ptng?
lng to jiopiilar pices on the roa 1. The I
roster includes s?eh well-known pinyen
a.? W. T. Clark, Tony Cummlngs. Arthur
ni.ukail-r, itur?, Wesm r, Maurice ?? ?
Boo, F.uen n. iiabb, Henry Kacknlhn?,
Ueorge M. Kenberg (musical dir. Ctor).
Misses Amia ?. Uavla, Agjatlsa Sin^l-ton.
Florence Modena, i.lllUu Alexanlvr,
Fern Singleton, and Mrs. W. H. Kllcy.
"Her ????.? and Master," a strong "so?
ciety" play, will constitute the hill for |
Mondsy night., and during the week "The
Hoop of Gold." "Man in Black," guiena,"
"The French Spy," end "Pearl of Savoy"
will be presented. Matinee performances
will be given on Wednesday and ?at ur
day, and ch<f*p prices will prevail during
thla enuauement.
"Harris's Nlck?l-Vl?te Shows" will
prove a strong attraction on Tuesday
and Wednesday. They will bo located at
tho bend of Clay atreet, and the perform? ?
aneo they will prenant promis?? to be na
up-to-date circuii. A cage of trained
lions will be a airona feature of the show,
which will include the usual bareback
tiding and gymnaUic feats, with many
areale novelties uev?** seen her? before.
? ? ?
A delightful entertainment will be g'ven
at the Belvldere Hall Tuesday evening,
the proceeds of which will be dcvot?-l to
the Friendly Society for Men and Hoys.
This society has Just been reorgaiil/.? d.
ami is planning to enlarge Its MOfO ty
moving Into more commoillous ouarters,
which entails a considerable ?.uti-y.
Mr. Polk Miller will give his inimitabili
sketches of tho "old plantation negro."
and th?} members of his auperb Bea?Ma?
tlon will render plantation songs, and
other musical numbers. Mr. Henjam.n It.
Valentine will recite, and Misa Clara H? lie
I'-lmar. a young planiste of remarkahl??
virtuosity and considerable renown, will
give a plano recital.
? ? ?
Merli Stevens, who appeared ?her-? ?
few weeks ago In the title-role of the
opera 'Wang." and created such a fa?
vorable Impression, haa earned fresh
?Inn. by saving the life of little
Lull Klein, 8 child performer of the
company, at the risk ot his own. Mr.
i-'te?..iie will not tour In "Wang" next sea
Lillian I<cwl? expects to play "Cleo?
patra," noxt season.
.Marie Wamwrlght le?t her "Twelfth
Night" and "Amy Robsart" BCenery In
the Bre at tho Davidson Theatr??, Mil
wa-uk. ??.
Colonel M api? son w!ll produc- Italian
o?- ? ? at the Academy of Music, .\'?iw
Tork, next fall.
Mile. Rkea will appear In a new one-act
play neat ? eeea, in which she win take
the part of Napoleon during his corporal
Mrs, John Drew's company Is rehearsing
Oetafluufi "The ClandeetBM Marrtag?/'
for n? xt season. Osufg? <'sborne haa re
ttr???! from th?? orpaniaitlon.
A memorial tablet to ,1'tiny Mn.l WM
?????????? In Westminster Abbey lust Fri?
ll, iv ????'??k..
It. ?. Iloberts, the well-known stag?
manager and theatrical agent, was mar
ri? ?1 a few days ago to Julia Mclionald. a
non professional.
Mi II-.urn.? M? M-nv-ll will create the
landtag malti role In Sardoii's n? w play,,
written f.ir Panny Deveaport, mil will
not * star" In the "Cotton King," as was
BHbb Ine? afeeusker, bow touring with
s*??n a.'s Band, win hand h.-r own ornanl??
Bntkm next seaaoo in ? musical comedy
entitled "The Prima Donna."
? ? ?
There Is a strong possibility that the
efforts of th?? Am? ri. an I >r:yuatlsts' \ ???
elation t?. Meure Uh pnasnga of ? law to
Hake Piep Piracy a penal offen. <? will
meet with Btwcasa Manager? and play??
aright? throughout tha country ;t?> lend?
ing their heatty <>-,.p. latioti (0 the ac?
Willard Bpenser will Bead two opera
compantae on th?? road next fall, pn sent?
ine hta n? w pie.?.?. ? l'riti?:? ss Bonnie."
A dramaUaatlon of Bret Hatter* "The
Luck of Roaring Camp" is in rehearaal
for production at th..? Empir? Theatre.
New *i??ik.
The top of the *?.?-, ,,,,?:,? t mpta ht Chi?
cago, 1. high it building in that cuy,
being M feet above solid earth, Is to I?.?
turn??] >lnto a "roof ganten." A fin- ?lass
an ? Iron roof aurmounta the hull.lint,'. It
win b- lighted with ?.'.'??>) electric lights.
Tl ? attraction? win be two Keule the?
atr- s of aove] desi mi.
Th? Aerial Advertising Company, of
New Voik. have purchased the site r-???
occupied by the Fourth Presbyterian
churoh, on Thirty-fourth Btreet, la that
citv, for the erection of ? thentre.
'l'he American rights of on? of the latest
Ltondon successea "Arms and th? .Man,"
nave ban secured i?y .\. If. Palmer.
Alice Wentwnrtn, tbe American so.
pnno, who atndl d in the name - lasa with
Melba aad Ramee, unter hfarcheat, h. is
returned to this country, and will ring In
light opera.
? ? ?
John Weeper Cterhe, brotherda-taw of
the late Bdwln ?:.w,th, who ha* f-?r aeveral
year? past made his home In l'i'.-'.i:i I,
will shortly return to this country aad as?
sume the management o* th..? Walnut
Btreet Theatre. In Phltadelpbta.
George Out?iiillli. who win produce
short soetety operas at his ni \v th
in ????.??? ?-xt neaeon, Intend? to
: Amerfeaa light-opera prima d?m
ins company,
It tl stated that the heirs of G. T. Car?
ni.in ar.? dtaaettefied with the mai
p -:t ..*- ih,? ?l-ad BbOWmnn'S est?t?'. The
rs r?'.? Ived Bfl their sinr?? ol the
in ?un?? Inat rear enly ??,??), while the
executor's fee? and probate ezi
footed up m,QM,
In .lohn .laiol. Bate?*- ?*?????. It I? ?ailed a
>???t G?????t, G.??? Ihn Theory I ?n't New.
Along with the j< ?*?.?* of authorship, Mr.
J.?!in Jacob Asior must bear the regula?
lion burden? of literary fama and nte
eeaa Numeroue tattere r.Ived by th?
?.?**? Tork World charged aim trite, reak
: ri in. It Is 8 notorious fact that
from BhakcapeaiWB playa to Mark Twaln'a
jumping frog there to nothing new under
the ???, bat as Mr. Astor bnd gone far
beyond and above tho saa in his i??.?k
it might rcuaonably i?? aupponed that hi.??
effort h il at least a *?? iiy.
Not s?., however, la th? opinion Of these
letter-wrtilng critica Moot of tie ? baee
their ebarg? ???a the reeemblance t
Mr. Altor*? ln??ik "A Journey in
Other Worlds" and a book called ?? i? ;
the /.odia??." by Mr. w. On get which ap?
peared in !*?!>-'? This ?vas a, stay of a
trip t?. atare, with the mysterious
apergy aa tii?? motive power, other? go
?till further back, aad Bnd th? original
apergy In reporte of Profeaaor Joba
Flake'? lecture? at Harvard b. IM and
1171. v.??, Ur. Astor dtoplaya a certain
originality where be make? api rgy r??
sponslhto f'.r Christ*? wail: upoo th?? iva
ter, and for Elijah'? Bight to Heaven in
the ?harlot of Bra
Mr. Astor doeo not claim t.) he original
in his choice of a mean? of carriage to
Jupiter. ??.? many people read J ni s
Vera 's Btory of "A trip to tbe Moon,
an ? a Journey Around It." for that. But,
singularly enough, in "Acroe? ths /.odia.?"
un 1 in "A Voyage t?> Mars'' the ? am?? sort
of gus-cartridgs projectile is used for
the irip through ?pace Mr. Astor differs
In telling the adventure? of Ma aeroea
though, lie has i,is royagera hunt wing?
i?i dragon? of the cariionii.-n.iis period on
Jupiter, uni witneN aa exciting cotnbnt
betwc e an eat and a hairy elepl .mr,
?O I he al.-o s.-rids th.-tn to Saturn to
mak? acqeelntnnco wuh th? spinn of
the dead. The writers of the other
apergy romani ? g?re t'-. ir h?roe? e bet?
ter tha? on ? ? -.i?vav planeta They had
them Initiated Into sweU secret eoctetl*
and gav?? them f-ix wives api .???.
Th?? htrOB? of Mr. A tor's lo?.k. who
were Bret introduced t?, th.? publie by
Ihe World last Tu -sd.iy. Colonel Bear?
warden, Dr. Cortlnadt, and Ayrault, in
th. ir eomfortahto spae? ?piercing car, bevi
;i ? BO? with a comet oa the trip, "but
that'? another Btory."
Mr. Qr-FaTg's romance had but r.n.? hero,
wiio giv s himself no name. This geatle
u ,.?, -.?hen he Rtarted for th?? skies in
?Id find BO OB? sufficiently later?
?? ? :n apart or eetaaee to eeeotapaay
hin. Bbl ?"A-troi.aut," not "AstTii iut,"
landed Mm safely ?>n Mars?, wheee he
finds a VSTP high clvlltzitlon. II.? bl
ehaperooed lato court m;?-?. ty there by e
noide ?ai.?? ? bas. ?mi ?< fortunate
etiuiigh te **in his daughter, Beaeaa, ani
t?. ?.? pat ep .-md elected la the Oietar of
th" Stir. The BOVBIOigB of Mats BBOde
for tijiii. t ikee 8 fan. y to him, to* the
peat dlegaet of the chief ooarttar, /amp?
ia, and gte?? lain six more w:\es.
The traveller, to celebrate his good for?
tune, buys another affa, inak.ng eight In
all. This brings about Jealousy, and s-ome
..?f th?? wives conspire with the courtier,
Znmpta, to kill htm, The people of Mam
|8 IM are atx.ut as far advance I ae the
people of ?ireater New York in ?Ha, and
do their travelling in alr-ehips. Th? tra
\ei;?>r has many battles, ione? his wIvch
one by one, and jet? out for 'he earth
??gain. Hut his astronaut comes back too
fast, an t -mashes ltrelf and him on the
Wa where the ctph.-r journal of his trip
?as aft? n?ari?? fuund in a battered alum?
inum cad?'.
-oa --?
Hie Angrl Trade Mark.
Fred: Well. Dick, did you marry that
winsome widow you were telling me of?
Dick: I did.
Fred: And do you find her to he the
real angel you bad all along considered
Hick. Y?*-, lnde<jd. For in spit? of th?
fa.-t that she haa already ta*<-?l me for
t went?,-odd dresees she insista upon it
that aho haa "nothing to wear," and
that's the trade?mark ef aa angel, I te?
11? vs. . ,
A Young French Woman Makes tbe First
on the Gobelin Looms.
Daughter of s I'nmoue Heaver MM? st th?
Lni m ?ml H'eHree Verdure? ?w
Chance for American?.
(Correspondence Of the Dlt?patcb.)
NEW YORK. April f*,??Jn bright sunny
day? ? >w the old-fashion. 1 windows of
a long- lenertod? rare, old brick-house In
Vlllian.ihrldge ewmg back on their
hlttse?. No ?me In - the vlllBge passe?.
these oyen Window? without glancing in.
There is a glil's head bent over a great
loom ahll?, her hands thrust bobbins in
and oui the web und make woof of mat.y
This g'.rl enjoy? the privilege of going
the Mr t of her sex to work ?m th
pieces ot tap???try "ever mt ?a 1 y hard In
Ann rli a in tha same way that it In UM l'?
In the famous Gob? !in works.
IVrh DO Btated that *-ny, the greet
distinci?n of this prt*rt*wgs doesn't up?
???? ai enea Than has been cloth nailed
"tapes! ry" Woven in ths country by
mnrhlnsiT. hot it has never nei ? beU r< '?
; ? to Introduce the mpeetry bv
?luKtry with hundwerfe Into the Vnlted
13ut Here It Is. Wllllamshrldge U shout
ten re?!"?, o.i?. L f ?.
? r. .? . ? ;
en ertisi try launched am ?
rom ?liti'? - The old brick '?
house t I
of ? iw fork, ha? i ? it. ? Jean I
Of it UbUI ?. ?? ? ??, is ith his v. ?
dam hter, and so ? :
Cor .? u-?. It Is very old, with porch? s
lighi l ? . ? ? . ? full of many
small pane? of giai ?. ??? in the ? luaa
grai t arbors . "f the
. thsl brawls si u g ? y ihe ;
?? 4V fork'? artists,
Bohemians an l ti have
ted to
the garden hai water. Al
the tai l? ng Righi ? ?
sh ? ? beo n mu
centurj seo ? ? down Into ?
i:r>?.?? Itself Orea! ? llow
ri I All h 's an ? ?1 I ?Vorkl
Savor, and t? ? neh ts| ?caver?
aim t ima fthei - mo.
M la Ait?? mm r ? edler an ? afnftno.
Jeui . h. r in? tii- r. 1
In ??' anca TI et ta, In hand-woven tap stry.
wh? re colora sre ? hanged. TI ?? litt
fer? al ? of w??? '.< I
e? w id together wry cat
j? .? t noi :
hut wna ai" an ? - ? rl In ;
tup? -m ? ? fall
fan.ois workmen Bt lh ? Ool
He <?? mm? n? ? d when onlj ?
and bel in him for ?
sad ers had beei
p. Btry. So closely he f
tati in thai when the floynl \\
pee ry-\. orki
??'?.? Bsadli r who e ?
Stillt Ihe Wee.. Uli ? II
g.i with hi r people ? ce t had
t.. ? lay In Paris al * ?? '
diti ? ry seh "?. foi
dumb. Shi ? ? been
that now en , ? ? well, and, hi
spits of her misfoi tune, ? ? an ? ?
eunnleat?faced girla to bi ?" a la many
a. bille.
?.?? r at. i' eu? r bud gol th?? Am-ri- j
can looma bullt an ? ti. ?. sta?1
dalie ,|. un ?.?. 1 h id. - ?
am intte.
Hile. Adrlenne h ?, ? her mother nt
first with the needl ind I two
-tit hed the ? rj Di ? pit ??? ? of American
? ry. ? ?ny found
tbe khi up-sl ill - al ? I
She bi?' ? ? aga asi .? high alni :? -
that la M uiicom; rtat.1- a ? the
roofi of a bo ate would be. I tri? ?? i?.
Tier?? are taro v.?,? in treadle? that huve
to li?? worked alternately with tb
and tha erhole weight of th?? i?ody thr?vvn
against the front eyllndrtenl bar of the
nr.? a ???.>m. a heavy iiiiiow between ? ??
ti ly and tl.- -.cm I bar fOIUM a. bllgh:
A "verdur??" ? rn ? ? wm In th>? loom.
ah eround the amili an ??' m ay r..w.s .if
many spools of silks und wool! to be
?uvtti up. There were more colore than
moat people dream exist, and such dell?
cat? differiti.??? of Ehadee that only on
OfO trained to it c ul?! distinguasi, il'it
tliafe where part . r th? kW.I? . ousImi?.
M?'lmiio:?il.?', iath r and brother link..?
the harneas and put in the ? ti. Mr.
Bsumgarten selects the pattern, and that
la laid under the web. To an ignorant
ere It mm ? Impeoalble to lollew a colors;!
I pattern that Is cover-.l by n web, h ?t the
j French girl Juet laui-h A at th? Id ?
j Sh?? has b? en w ?.mg only ehoal ?'util
months, livery day the father tan??
her somethfn?? new. Hhe would Lo ? . ?
an apprentice, and that name a??; , ,
long time after one ?? yery wdl <p???,|.
| At present ehe do..? the verdur-i werk"
? That w, she UOaSBB the Mg trees and th?
> grast and mesitows with bobbins .
mnny eoTtortd ?iik- e ?; ? for by th? r,,?.
1 oriti desiKn th.t lies und? r th?? weh. ,
was a large h?ap of bobbins b??. !- h r t ?
! choeso from, an I aha was th? ?? Jal .? ?
I couple of doren o h- r?.
? ?my the wrong tue ?hows. Tl a t?
on? reason such skill U legnili ? ? .
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Butts. I hope the T?degram'? ?statement
will be answered by seme older North
Carolinians, who oar?, no doubt. Inforni
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