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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, May 01, 1894, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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SI ry of Brutality and Dfat?
troni Slaantoa.
?i issAcun ?? Him
,?. ik Victim, Was l?ut
i i ftustl ?ff.
. . tad Wdffts Tt;o Hundred
11 ;y rounds.
KxrifemeBl ani fears (if
g Eoteriiloi I.
? ? :.:.?:..
. . I ill? ? \i in? I In- l'li
I .1 ??.! Pleading Not
I ' I ri il ?? !' ??.
I l?l-i.
? mile ?
? ?.?? the
111? G?
, ?
? ? ? ! . ? ? '
G pon
? ? ',??. I!,?? ?
town." Bn
:. ; ioli!
? ?
ro:i ? li? ? ilnl where
I ? ?
? OK Til ? \.-' -' V'l.T.
? 1
? p
? ? I track
victim, ami u
? ?: \ FOI*NU
. ? ?
' ? :
v. : : ?
ruil : : ?? pul
? .
.1 Im. .?
. ; with
? ? two
J Ml..
? ? .
with Row?
? ? - Ron
? noi like th<
to I'a
. Ili'l (O
? . Ill? !i
? . it-work*.
I it ?!<?
.- ho u ??. thi ?
red th. y
? ? ? ,-, ioni !
till .' .\ <;. \
? I only a ? lato]
. ? v. - carried a ^un."
? ? ?.???., : untano s
Vi ? ?? ? ??
? .
: ? .
for ti
??, \? *., . m \vi,|: h
? ? i.t ?>. .? in Um
KM Mdtlnt .1 m.ui.
Ih Ina ii ??? ?ritta ? ? mn
"' 'M. TAU: HI .moO-STAINS.
' . ? 'i? . ??.? ..tliivri
' '' " man ? ?^.?^.?:? in taurylne ih?
?lag of ih? dottala?
. urtali Klilt ?????.? .lilit ?\:?*
??) ??.i-li Mimi-tlalna t??
wi ?.? w.., witt, rata?, -li- kii. ? .
nita?-Btaln?O, ?* if m rondini in tantali
"'"?h. ;.?,] ,,, ?j !?,??! apOtfl *.?,- ,,I| t ?1 ??
it..? MooaVatataMd i?>.iy <?<
' ?Irl st..,*> |.|.ol> cl ti..? .... ?
? Wet* i?u\a?:eiy HKsaiill'-?.
t?? rata? ?r tu?? oanraorwl ??? mi*
tu? v+^+u.u twrrnapoa?itat th*t ??a?
'? " |G0 -i'Kvl litui: "Uli. ,, ?
your deaghtai m ?.? off?a?h*j wa\ ?n-l
? ?? ?? Muht un.I show
? ' in ? il m mv !. 1. Kt ,,|?
Mai >n D h .1 J eoaf while man. on??
?> '? pertj ?' iota? Rotrt'i siitiirii??.
? "? tlM night ol
''? Part?, -'l'I I" Mm, apt ahina of little:
"v""?" '?"! ' ? >. "are imaptag ....
my tot
LI NCR ???.?.
This community ha? n.-\nr rearh'il a
? p? tli.M, ?,., . ?
1 '? I ' thirty?*? ?,,.?,,? ?i,,,..
Poi luti.- I/.(il,. Row?. AU I.iv
'?? mi .;" ? -linr* fre
? Ol Um ir.. . . .? n,:|.
I ? ? till < .I\. ?Ad In ti,, city th.?
' ili ? ?? .-in I ii.-arly
?ili Righi " !' 1?'?..??1??
1 ?M beard on erery band,
in ?? no ?? ? :??!-. .xi) day
I hrputtea ?,,,,? county?
I ? ? ? heal? ?1 ?!.? m.?. ivea
ig iti?? ertBM ?>? nakinc
v'" i'- for ?'?.->-t\ lai paw .? and or'
lach oa the (all, th?? a?
! H a Is?? t<? summon t
? ?' ? Idtery. Laat ntghl
nigbl the Harrtaonburi
H o i? ? commanding
Oll 1 ?poetai train,
ii talt ceaapeny ani tha
.\. ? \ ? tua roa were joined by the
fi m Caaiiotteavllle,
who ??1 ? apa lai, ti, ? ? strong.
? iptain Ketkjr, The
;?: ? ? ? Mil rtfolatloa
? ? . ? ' nan ha? u. nty
. on in addition to th<?
force of twenty-Cre ?a
?. ??? ? aorn in ani
.? I cvcrj ti |t..I'll to th? jail. where
t!:? hi -.'lit Bat? 11???G
! 'Twu a night of ?train
v. ? I ? ? t ippqd "H
pi h lb te I t.. :.??< li'iir th??
.? The nit? reeound? ?
? I tht :? Ulni
i: Ik r. I.finti the
U ? ? ? .- innatiies. The
: ? trouble.
1 ? ??.? t's ,1ttry as
..i?.? ? nearly e acore <-t wit
? : \? tli. t that LottM
? ? hei leath from blow? re?
t the hai ' I ??< arence Bplller.
1 . ? .. ? bed been tarpan
.1 th.- Wit?
? ? ? ? :.!?.! from the <'"i-on> r*?
t.. th.? (cran I j ind a Ithln thirty
1 tlm'a di ..Hi the at?
v. ?? m ? hi toll? ..e tin- e .turi. .?-.
? ? ? ? Jury brought in
pilli r, an I a ape
i..,\ in ? ??? ? ? orden ? by Judge
Chalk ley at l o'clock, 10? trial began In
II ' Court.
?.? ? ? . ommltted ?with?
in a mile of the city, there i; concur?
: hi prow cutton ut
ii ?; M ??!.? ?\? White
1 ?. Commonwealth'?
Atti tu? > ui Hi.nty and city ? , -
? . counsel, a
? ?? ? ?:. ? 1 mk an ? Mr.
\. ?;?.].? \' , both able rounael, ?
? ? lily ? talm rt, and tht i ?
? r ilgnment pl< nd< -i noi fullty
'? .? tin mine ? m v.ii? n the ?tal?
nari pris >ner, attended i.y ? heavy guard,
from and to the jail.
h a double (-..liitiia of K>ldierS,
; led to tx i?ln hi ar
? ni ?? and atll l"
I to the re
? ? to tli lay
al I 10, \\ ben Um i m
It ii t true thai Brillier ha? ?
eonfe?t! mo think he is
: ig, and ? ? onfi ?Ion would noi be
m. nt of the ?'hole
Ii ! hen . The
irl ? v. ended hj 1
day. 1 militar) will be ki pt
? ?r a vend day?,
To-n ? ? ompanlea are on duty,
boys an quai ;
la Hotel.
? ? .. ?? ? d an
? ?' ? emh p. Kins >:?i
? ?. ?- a ball broth? r ?? > \-s ? itor
. >. t? Kid el .
?.?? (.?p Mail? ? pon iiim by Sheriff
Watt? -Compaiitea Mov? I'rompUy.
? the ' '.?".'. ? n..r r<?
ctlv? ? al ?ut th Staunton ti ?ble ?.^ In
the ?? m, a hli h ?;?? de
n at ;?,?? Exe utlve M
Bui i .. ..
"STAI ????, April 29, ???
"Il la repres? nti d t.? nv . and 1 bell tri
that there lOtmmediate clangei of a mob
? in Btaunton, and an effort t'>
om jail a pi Ii. tier ? onfini d therein
and hang him l am unabl with the
? ?ree ai m) ? ommand lo pi t< ? t htm. I
:,? ? ; he, militi ? y companies
from Cl . c and Harri onburg to
parade In fronl of the Opera-H
the city "t .- ? thwlth, then an 1
then ol ) ich order? ?<? ?* ??? ? a< ?
tu law I her? bj request that > ou
\\. : l Immediately aei ? orden by telegraph
lo the ' ? impani ? nui.? to proa ed t"
il iii'lii. Il It? In .
"?. <?. \\ ?'G'1's. Bheriff."
The ' ;?.\ .-? nur Immediately ordered Cap?
tain Keller, of the Montlcello Ouard,
lile, and Captain Rolli r, ol th?
? mpany, t?. proc ? d t.?
stanm..? with their commanda Inatrurt
? ? ? ? la ine turn? t.. ? equire the
In t.. furnish transpoi tatlon.
thai m th?? mean time BImiIff
\\..tts had called oui the Staunton com
? m ? and notified the Han sonburg and
.Monile-Ilo companies t.? hold themeelve?
m readln -?- t?? move Bunilay ?????? th?
.? 11 in. ? a telegra in I rom tin?
captain of the Staunton company aaylna.
In had obeyi-d the summon? ol the Bheriff,
und y. stenla) moi ?? I h? follow m^ ??.
from Bh ? ? \l> all p ached th'?
'.\.-. showing that Captain? Keller
:!.??' lost no time In oh
:.- w< ?.- ?"."- ?nable anticipati ? (
? ? ht In feai In ? an attempt
? . ? ,. ?;. ippoBcd ravli!>>?? and mur?
derei ..: a youne girl. The grand Jury
,;,. st la now ni - ? et Ion. Thi 11 u'
i ; onburg Guarda irrlved a1 11:40 ?. I
und th? Monile? im Ouard at ?. ?
? ? da] \H luoka m h Rat .ms
The a? lion ol the authoi Itk ? was
I n, ?? bj Hi" I" opl
? lie Ci.iniu Wan ?.rollini I,.?.
\ -. ttk nal rumor ? ache?! b< i-.? bul
? ni ? .. t.. the effect thai
? k had t" en made upon th.? Btaun?
t..:i jail an ? that a larg? nun.?- r of per?
ii bean killed. The ? pori was
: to the atti nttou of Oo
??G. nail, who t' lej?aphi d to Bheriff
t once, an ? al midnight ? ctlvi d
th.? fi llowlng In p
? .lai y empanen? ?1 and priaoni r ?r?
! ?. irge ? rowd In town to- laj ;
ti ivi' ?: .?. .mi? t to night
. j to-night by detachment of
. : . rda Harrii mburaj, an ?
? harlotteavll.rajianiee atill her?. Court
? ? to morrow morning.
win wire y.ut further particular? to-mor?
row afternooa."
Inciti I \i -Itemeli! at Hi?!?'??' ? barf. Tit?
Kiiia -Tat?U ?f ? ??? 'liing.
NORFOLK. VA.. April Mv A apadal to
tin? \ Irginlan from Hieka*? wharf. Va.,
?aya: "On Saturday ???alaf leal baler?
?umlown ? ? fro narnad Lather P>rgu?on
attempted an aaaault on Um Uttt? ?Ight?
y, n old . hi Id Ol Mi C. M. Mon ?. li if
tin piac . ?m Sunday the clUatn? or?
: ii.I statt? 1 in iniri-iiit of Um vil
v. ' .. ? \M ? tUfjhl an I sat? ly lodff?d
In a? ? ber? an threat? of moti rtoWnee.
TI ? ? ?? Iti m?m is ?if.tt The prisoner In
?,?1 i rol,it.?It . aiti ha Bellt to Norfolk
? ? -..? Raeptac?
(Wrtttaa 1er 11m PHtntcfc ?
Cutaaeooa eruptloa? "?"?? !?"i"r"i '" t?,,,r
?ray, bul to hair boom bam '"brea* out hi
Kon?" h ?MM ? raon ' '
(Written for ih?? D?epatnli)
tt Inn Al. oil ? rote "tin? . !.. j^st truths
an ?^ ; read between Um tines," he
? ? U} aekaowladfed be ???? not a
(W ritte? fer the i?li>pa*.ch.)
Tke lu?n WbO has to "bruce up" before
I.? ni do any Work Is like a piatta*?
? .??|. iis.lt?)? without some kind of a
C.Vrlii? ? 1er ;he l)isfiat<.h.>
Saaae ?aea are noi itb-rai-minded, for
for Um stiiipu reafqa that they can't
aft rd lu be. ?I.*.
The Untrained Colts from Lynchbnrg
Give a Yery Poor Exhibition.
He Vaj lUtled ??? Oter the Field and 4H
ICuim Mere I'lle.l t ?? ? Heller Mat?
tery fur To Day.
Six fetttadrH cranks, rooters, small hoys,
and base-bull maniacs yenterday Hat
through the ro?'.i st gain.? of 1m.-? I? 1
?vat played in ttaeaa patta, or in fact in
an] BSettaa of the country by professional
talli ployeraf
They wer.? disgusted, 'tis true, but th? y
?at through the afternoon until, on ac?
count of darkness, the game whs eaRed
after Um < ighth Inning, honing agnina*,
hopa ttmt al kaut dm ftatad play might
be made to pjrtt ttatOI tta? worth of their
money. Th<? sen? was 12 to h In favor Of
Um home club.
The Lynchhiirg team have not won a
single K.irii. atflCOaUM Fitifltl start??!,
but MOOT hat? thiy be.? so Ignonil
nloudy defeated m in faatarday*? contest.
'I'd? y atmpty weal ?ill to ptocea, and from
?tart to finish played horribly. The
pitcher, th.- catcher, Um Infield, and t: .?
outfidd, one and ail. played rank aad
caused lean of dIaappolntUMnt as big us
wate'r-biii'k?it? to well Up In tie? .-y. s of
aotat of Hi.? deluded spectator? who had
?on? out to Um parti with Um expectation
Of s. big a docoal ? xhibltlon.
Bverybody Uwugtal Lynehburg would bs
defeated, bui no one entertained hopes of
such a victory for the hosM boya Tta?
visitors are wofully In Bead of players,
?in?! aererai Den ones bava beca signed
by them. Two of them arrived but night.
And will app si with the team tins after*
noon. This fact coupled with Um doter?
mlnatlon ?m Um part <?r the managenMnl
lo pul tbdr strong battery? Olaas and
McKenna In tb>? game, make ttaen vary
sanguin? of suceras to-day.
n was evident throughout yesterday*?
battle thai some misunderstanding existed
among Um vtattoro, and tins w.i- explained
last nlghl by th. managt r ol Um dot?,
who stated that the faci thai Um entire
Infield was to be released bad reached
ih.? ears of the players, and ttoey bad ?* ??
com.? carek am,
'nil?; aRMfl WERE BORS.
Goda who pitched the first four In?
nings for Um visitors, did fairly good work.
HIS arm was ...|v and I.?? OBS I'd fed.
Morrison bdng substituted for hint. He
did horrible w..rk, and tin w balls that ?
child mlghl hit with ease. In th. n? it
Inning ihe Lynchburg manager trini ?.?
pul Ooeti back In the box, bui in this
be was balked, the rubs u ing sieh as lo
bar any player who baa been retired from
again participating In the game. Then
was quite s discussion over this ruling,
which was only settled when a gentleman
seated In th grand Hand produced ? booh
of rules upholding Um deci Ion of Um
Four runs were made <>ff Morrison's
horrible pitching In the fifth, five In the
sixth, and in the seventh seventeen were
"It was. Just liki? entina pta>," to
use the words of one of the p?a y era to
bit him, end thai the home boys availed
themselves of tb>? opportunity waj evi?
denced by the hits fouri en In number
that wer? made In that Inning. Baverai
of these were two-baggers, Tbi game
ttarted off by the Richmond? scoring five
runs and tho Lynctaburgs dght The homo
boys lied Ihe sere in the third, ? p ? Um
probabilities wer? fot u good, do , and
exciting struggle.
About the only featura of the game
other than th 111111 ? i ? ? 1 i. - i t >- ,,f runs mad?
In the seventh Inning, was Uie aeddent
which l. r. p Bchuta of the Lynchburgs,
and the gril an l tenadty display? ? bj
him. He was at Um bal in Um tard In?
ning, and wai hll solidly on the hi .1 by
a swift ball, pitched by Warmaley. He
fell like ? log. Water wax thrown in bla
face, and hi was revived, ll?? sprang to
his fed the moment be regained con
sciousneaa and ran swiftly to first ???
Rt? od on thi bas?? for a few mom nl ?.
and Un ? ?? ? li d over In ? dee l faint
He remained unconscious for several mo?
menta and bdng again revived, be ?as
urged t?? lei som?? one el* run his bas? s
for him. This he refused to do, ai ? be
not only scored bui run, bul played
throughout Ute gante,
The Lynchburgs made only ? Ighl run--.
and this?? they made In Um first honing.
Darkness was swiftly drawing nigh when
the eighth round was concluded, and Mr.
O'Rourke, no! caring to InfMd any fur?
ti!.?!? punishment on Um audience) called
the game.
The di tailed acor? is as follows:
Players. A.B. R M. O. A. B.
Kam. s. ?.* 7 ? : 5 1
Phillips, c f.s :< ? 1 ?? ?
Fosti r. c. 7 ? G. I 0 I
Tate. ?. b. 7 4 4 8 0?
W< ?. 2, b.?; ? :: ? : ?
Kaph r, ::. b. 7 6 I :< I '
Morgan, 1. f. 7 I ?'. I " 1
Anthony, G. f. 4 1111"
Osbome, c. r.l ? ? ? " t
Warmsley, ?.I ? ? .
Totals .a U ? M W i
A.B ?. H. ?. ?. i:.
McKenna, ??. f. i I 110]
I .y s ton, s. s. G. 1 ? - ? 1
L wie, ?:. b. ?lotti
Kress, ?. b. 4 1111.1
Olona, r. f. ? ? ? ? " ?
Clam l b. I " l 1 1 l
Sehnt/ I. f. 110 1 " 1
Mori is ,n, ?. I 0 0 0 0 ?
Goeta 1. l l h 1 ?.' e
Usburn, c. I I I i ? ?
Totals .:;l s 7 M il U
l -? ;; i :, t; 7 ? I
Rl( hutonds . I 111 ? ? ? 7 ? 0
Lynchburgs . ???????? ?-m
aiarned ? ini Rlchtaoada, IO; Lynchburgs
3. Home runs Napier and ?? Kenna
Three-base - hit?Ratal. Two-has? hits -
Tate (2), PhUlipa Footer CD. Mapler, and
Morgan. FVrat bas.? on errors Rich?
mond?), .'.-. Lynchburga i Baso? on bails -
Off Warmaley, ?; off Goeta I: off Morrf.
S? .ti, _'. I.i-ft oil ba ?.?.?, l(ichniot|i|s. ?'.,
Lynchburga a- struck out?By Warms
ley, ?: bj Goeta -, by Morrison, ? Bases
from bdng bit Bchuta Tato, Napier, and
Warmdey. Double play? Anthony and
Foster. Paaoed balls Oabarn, I; Footer,
L Tine- of gama Two boon and twenty.
? uie minuti a Umpire- M?k<? ORoorfca
the G????p??? urger? Win I anil.? by a Score
?if Nine In 'three?The tea tu re?.
PRTBRSBURO, Y.V. April ::a-(Spe?
chi I. I?Th<- lirst of the scries of Kam? s
t.. tWl m th.? Stauntons und horn? boys
resulted in ? defeat of the visitors. The
jama was played with more vim than
any gaaa? ttaat iw-s been played her.
this season, and was ;i spirit???! contest
from liogHnlm to end. The sjasao cpeasd
With lh?? home teuin at the bit, and they
r. tired without a run. th?? visit?is potai
retire?1 In like manner. In the mxt lu?
ir.?.,; th?? home team, on a su.?le hit by
Hiimmoii'l. Foreman, and |*ang, a sactl
Ica hit by Coucher, und a passed bali,
seoied two runs, while the visitors Were
retired tat regular order, la the :hlr:l in
ntag Fan oil knocked the ball ov.r the
f? nee for a home run, and the sfattoti
BOOted their tirst run on an error by
Kelly, a hit by Setley, and un error by
Wlogins. The home l-Am scored again
in Hi?? fifth, sixth, and seventh Innings,
while the visitors were only able :o add
one run more lo their score, und that in
the eighth Inning. Th? features af ih.
pua? w< re the work of Kelley at short, the
batting of the home team, and the double
plays by Fuit* and Clark, and Kottay,
Karridl. and Hammond.
Petersburg .021 0 I 2 0 03?i
Btauntun .0 0100001 0?3
Summary: Hatterles?Foreman, Luch,
and K-cf.-r; Kmlg and Arthur. liase
tatta off Koreiuuti, 1; l.e?ch, tj Emlg. 12.
Home runs- Karrcll, 3. Ua*e bit, Widgtn*.
Karned rune? Pet? rsburg, 2. Struck out
Foreman, |; Leach, ?; Kmlg, 4. Brae on
Balia?Leach, 1, Kmlg, L I'aased baila
Arthur. 3. WIM pitches?Rmlg. 1 Dou?
ble playa-Pults end n?rk, Keller. Far
rjjl. an<l Hammond. Stolen baaea?Pet***
burg, 4. Time of game, 1:3V. Umpire?
CI? menta.
NORFOLK. VA., April 30.?Norfolk met
Hoanoke texani In th?? first of a aeries of
thp-e gam??! t?) ? played here. The visi?
tor* w?-re defeated by a score of i to 2.
Colllflower ani MeOoy ?Kith ?lid good
work In the t>os. Score: R. H, ft.
Norfolk .:'.,. i>0 0 2 00 1 0 x-1 7 3
ftoaaok?.?oooooooi?I 6 ?
Ctt.rp* ?"olllftower and Hodge; Me
I'oy and Smith. ?
Piagni? w?n. Last p.?.
Rl.-hmonds . 7 ? 1 .?67
Peteraaarg . 7 ? l .?7
Rorfolk . 6 3 1 :?"<
M . .? MM . 7 3 4 m
RcaaaataM . 7 l ? MA
Lynchburgs .... 7 _ 0 ? .<10?
Tha New York Team V.mnWy Defeated by
Hie Oriole?.
NF-W Y<?RK. April 3?.-The New Yorks
wr?? psaUSe to hit Tony Meleno to-d.iy
with any iff.it. aril w.-rt easily b* aten
by the llaltlmon-s. They lia 1 twelve MM
left on Mm?* Tu?? vIMtors played ?
aaeppy gam.?. Qorama ptjtck?d tare? in
ntag? for RflV York, but was batted so
lari that W'estervelt was substituted.
Barrtag ? hum aildaetfg, he did wen.
I tupir?? Lyn. h Baed K-lly $10 for back
talk ati.l seal ?'lark to the bench from
Mm ?-"a?MagwRne. s<-.,,e: H. h. K.
New Torti .o I <> i o o o 2 i- < io 2
Baltimora .0JI0M 11 r 10 27 t
BatMrfcM efeaterrelt. Gorman, ????
Doyle; Mullan?? and RoMtoou.
till?: REDS dkfRatkd.
CTNCINNATl ??.. April ?a-The Reds
knoeked Onmbeii oat of the box In th??
fourth inning, BAd HleM was substitut"?].
Not a run was made by th?m after that
inninii. Chamberlain let up in '.ils de?
livery In the s.v.nth, ?uh in the thr? e
following Inning? twelve hits, four bases
on halls, a wild pitch, ? p*?*^.| ball, thr?.?
error? l.y U.tham ami ??.?? by Murphy
gar? th" ?tortora faurtaea runs. Score;
R. H. i:
Cincinnati .0OS1?#?#??? ? ?
Pittsburg .. . . ? " ' I " ? t l I ? i", ?
nettari? Cha naturia hi and Murphy;
Niroi. Qumbert Bugden, tad Mack.
WASHINGTON, !>. <?.. April 30.-The
Senator? pul up ? poor nani?? of bait to?
day, and Brooklyn w.-t, rath.t ? unta
Mercer started un to pitch, bai so widi?.
and Ineffectively tint th. vtatton pftad
Up nine run? in thr??? in nine's. Daub did
i'.1 work up t. Um nitri timing, wlMfl
be weal to patee?, an.? bpfore t'ne s.n.i
tors ha.l been retired .'-evi ? runs er??-*-.-!
the plat?, Qaatrlghl one substituted, and
wlrle a trill?? wild, ?ma effective at cri
ttcal i-'ln's Weather .lear. Attendance,
v?. Seon : R. ?. I?:.
Weeatogtoi.? ??? ? t o o o .?- in ?2 7
Brooklyn . 11 11 I I '? I ? II M 4
Batterle? Egea, Mercar. McQatae, and
Dudgale; Oaatrlght, Dou?t aad Dally.
A ????????????.
ST. LOUIS, MO? April 3n.-St. Lout?
Cleveland ganse ? etponed. Hain.
COLONELS vi'"r?(i:i??rs AOAIK.
LOUISVILLE, KY, April :i.-I,.,ule
ville defeats the Colt? agata to-day in a
one-sided game. Aft. r the third inning
Kllroy retired on account of nervous.- s,
and Btratton wa? pol In Um i?"* for the
Aral time this ?casan. M.? pitched first?
. ball, only two Mis being mad?? off
him, and "ti<? of tins?? was a ?ernten. .??
?. ? I nee, L20A S " R. H. I-i.
Loutovllle . <? - " 1 2 0 ? l (v_ s lu 2
CI >? igo . 0SO0 00)00 0- I ?'? 4
Ratterlee?Stratton, Kllroy, god Karle;
McOllI ?nd Klttredg?
PHILADELPHIA, CA.. April ?.?Lurk
wa? sgaJnst lb? Pbltltos thla afternoon,
and Beaton ?roa in Um ?.mi. inning after
two men ha.l b??. ? put OUt The visitors
wen? ..ut ti. ??!.?.! and ?ut-he.tted by a con?
siderai ? v. ; ! probably
in'?? been defeated had ? n.pir? Huret
call? l ;? -:'rik?? "?? Tucker In the first m
when the f. ?ton fli t-baeeaMa
"sWIITit.' on th" ball." Il liei al! ?1 a ball
Inatead, aad gave Tucker bla base, thus
forcine I"?!.' horn??. Cannon, the Best
batter, went ml on ? fly to ? million an?!
retired the aide. The gam? wa? full of
?urprlaee and was exciting throughout.
? ii. ?:
Phll&delphi? .. ."i" 0 I 2 o 0- I IS 3
Boston . I 01 ?!.? l- ?*. ;? 6
Batterle? vVeyhlng an ? ? ?? m? sta; Ridi?
..is aad Rjan.
Soiithi'rn league Hall.
CHARLESTON, B. <\, Aprii ?. -Score:
R. li. ?:.
Charleston . ? 0 1 I 0 0 t ? I I ; il
Nashville .020010100. i S I
Batterie? M Carian.? and Zahner; Mo?
ran ani Stalling?.
SAVANNAH, OA., April Ml?Scote.
ft H. K.
Savannah . 1 I 1 1 10 00 0-10 12 1
Mobil? . 0 ?' " 1 .I? S I 2
Batterle? Gala and Janta a; Knoorand
ATLANTA, ca.. April ?"- Score:
R. H. K.
Atlanta.1000090?? 7 2
M< mphls . 020000000 I I 1
Batteries?Cbard and Boyle; Mason 'ml
MACON, OA., April ::?'. Beere:
R. H. K.
Macon .I 0 0 ? ?.: I I I
.\ ?.. ' ir leans .0 00 0 0 101 t? I I I
Ratteric Kerwln and Hoover; Braum
aad Schal ? ?.
Two Favorita? Captata l'ri/.??? at Roby?
Kveata Baaowtanei
CHICAGO, April ? Two tavorltes, two
SO-to-1 shots, and ? ?econd chotea cap?
tured t):.? prise? at Roby to-day.
First race -maJd na, half ? mtta?Bed
Jim won, Charm ??coed, Aaditorluai
third. Time, ?'?-?
Second race?nln? ?tateaattai of ? nil.?
Topmast won. C!a<kbuin >?. onl, Kriuet
L. third. Tune. G? l-J.
??,,?',? race nla? sixteeotha of a. mil???
Ik.? S. ?ron, Nativi ? - ? ?.. 1, Sh'iiaii'loah
.\i ,i ? third. Tune, ? f-i
Fourth race? Uuee guarter? of ? mile?
lame? O, Carter non. Lucinda ?ecoad,
Cismare third. Tane, ? -'-' ?--.
Fifth race -o* auto Signatare won,
Rhone s."..ii.i. Ulster third. Tim??, cm.
EAST ST. CUTS, April 30. -Three
-, ,, ?riti "i;? .-?' OB ? ' bo* . and a 20-to-l
?hot won to-day. A Ughi rata fell through?
out Um afternooo, Attetataaca torse.
First rae? Uva ei^htlis of a mil???Flor
race Shanks ?ron, Tata fReveaa second,
? a? aar third. Tuna IM l--?
Second race ?tawa ateteeath? of a
?,,',?. Botte v.. ?. Otadtota second.
Ketcbum third. Time, lit.
Third raee-three qaarton of a mile
Jack Rlcbelleu ?ron, Bayard a>rotlS< s?
Cartland thit I. Ttt*0. iM Ut
Fourth race--Uuae quartan of ? saltai
purea-Brookwood mm. Led Uetar ???
,,,?,'.. senator Irby i?-im. Tun.?, ? M ML
Fifth r.u?.? flv# ?tghtka of a mil?-?Jim
Head ?ron. Miss fjatop ?eetaat, sRaMOoaa
third. TUBO, IM 1--?
NASHVILLE. TKNN.. April ?i.-Two
pronounced favorita?, osa of irMca ???
Um Brooklyn baadtaap candidate, Caris
b?l and two heavily back, d s.v.uid
in. ks wate first across th- line to-day.
Weather Ane; track fast; attendance
alxnit 2.UU0.
First ra? ? ?ovee furlongs.?Revenue,
Kk? Taylor '"? to I. won; l.lndu. second.
The King third. Time. 1:2> 1-4
?casad rae.?-six farlefgp MRa Manie,
102, Ooodal??. 3 1-2 to -. won; Florence Al.
.-,.ond. ??rats Hanl-y third. Time. 1:15 1-4.
Third race parra six furlongs-?'arls
bad 119. Martin. 9 to 5. won; The Reaper
second. Henry Young thlr.l. Tim-, 1:1?
Fourth race-four furlongs?Trenton. 110,
Martin 6 to l and Flash. 110. J. Hill M
t? i, ran a dead heat; Ruck Fly third.
Fifth race eta furlongs?Artillery. 100.
O Taylor, 4 to 1. won; Guilty eecond.
Salvation third. Time. Clt
Sixth rac?-slx furlongs-Frank It. Harf,
Hi? Martin, M to 6. won; Elmer second,
Crevasse third. Time, 1:15.
LONDON. ENG.?In rhe Hou? ? of Com?
mons. Rlsht Hon. 11. H. Fowler, rt-cr?
tary for India, In reply to a question
asked by Mr. S.umu?:? on last Friday,
said there was no foundation for the re?
port that It was propoMd to reopen th?
Indian mint? to the fre? coinage of rupee?.
Coiey and Browne Spend the Night at
a Hotel.
IU Tdembers I ?provided With KIther
hhelter or Food?Ta> May'? March to
th? Federal Capital.
WASHJN<,T"N, April 30.-There wa*
almost a mutiny In the Commonweal
camp at Hrightwood to-day. <????>? and
Brown.? r gist? rd at the National Hot? 1.
whcr.? tkO) BBMSBt th?? night comfortably.
but the rank and hi?? slept In th.? open
air, or under such theater as titty
could find In the sheds and wagons In
the park, and this morning they wen
stiff with cold, as w.ll as hungry. Noth
ing had bOM provld"d for btOBaTfaet,
and th? y had nothing to tat until half
past one. Th'Te was a great dal of
growling and som?? taranta and some of
UM ten -rtart'l out foraging on th? ir
own hook. Mea wen begging from
d"or to door at privat,? dwoutttgl in
Washington this afternoon, rn>r? s -tin;
themselves to tag membtn of Cox >v
c? mmand.
?arty in th" afternoon some provis?
ions arrived front the city, and after
the in? ? had beet? fed Hrowne artivid
with additional suppl?? s. He explained that
the May was du?? to the fact that he
And Gonoy bad trusted to the beai
Common wonlcri to food Um man. "\v
W r?? bnay all day attending to Otbel
??attera" hi sold, "trying to gd ? pino
In town for you boya so that yei tar,
go about the city and in UM ?';.?itiil
ani wherever yon p?cate. We think you
Will b? have jrourtdveo. As Shak t an
s.tys: 'All's w.ll thai end? w-ll.' and so,
as this has ended wdl, ? hope tbeto won'l
bo any mor.? trouble, pass th ? word
around to UM boys, and tell them Ui v
will get iti? ir ni al< regularly here?
Th? r?? was not a mmtnur of dUttnt,
and th?? proposed mutiny was disdp I??!.
Browno gave audience to th? newspai-ti
men In his tent aftarwnrda and told them
that th.? army would letnatn al Bright
W.I Hark lo-tiight. and form th.? Km
of march to to?- cnpttd there to-morrow
MW? don't Know where we'll stay t ?
morrow night," ha said, "perhaps nt'U
camp In the Capitol grounds. v.', ;r?
going to ?airy this thin-- through to th
Th?? rout?? from the camp to the dty
has been changed, Thi parade will comi
in by th?? Fourteenth-Stred road to Mt,
Pleasant, a suburb of Um dty, thence via
Fourti nth sti ? proper to Pennsylvania
m? tua and t" the Capitol grounds, ai
this point the body will turn tatto First
Street, and then go up ?: street to Dela?
ware avenue, northeast, which will placa
them ?m the northeast border of th?
ground?.. Hen h is proposed to dittai ?
and enter as Individuals, unless permis?
sion is ?ubai tuently granted the army to
go lu as a body.
To .-vade a city ordinance, which Im?
ane?? a lions, f.f *.?, per day upon
exhibition? charging admission feea no
Stated Charge ?as mad.? to Ih ? crowd that
visited Hrightwood yesterday, but a lusty?
lunged Commonwealer sto,..? at a tabhi
at tie? entrance and announced \ ? ll ?
rooaly that contributions were solicited.
In this way f7"> was readied, ani a
knowledge of this fact Intensified th?? .11 <
s sfaet.on at camp this morning against:
Broimo*? desertion to th?? luxuries of the
dty, whii? th?? men hungered.
Th? olheials at th.? Capttd lu?? b p
Bottffed th n Coxey propose? making j>
-? ? u from tie eari front of th build?
ing to-morrow, and th?? bitter has !.. :i
toi.I that n?? speech-making will be -,i
lowed by hbnaelf or any of his followers,
eitler in or out of th.? Capitol building,
or within tin? ground-, an : if be attempt?
to spank he ? ill be arrest d,
COLUMBUS, ??, April ::". Colonel Col
ttn'a Industrial army left th?? city in pas?
senger-? ms over (he Baltimore atei Ohio
to-night, sufficient money having been
collected here to carry them t. Benwood,
v.. V"a The army received a'.jcut thirty?
live recruits and carried with it a large
amount of pr >\ islofl -.
six Bajnara Mil?? ?if Tarritnty flhlfted ?
Rlver*a Coarse < haagasl?
QUEBEC, April M. About I ? o'ckx ?
Friday night the ?habitants of th?? vil?
lage of St. Albana situated fifty ml
from le-re in Port Neuf, board a terrific
noise, resembling th.? roll of thundi r in
tt,?? dial tie?-. 'I'h.? toll commencing to vi?
br?t??, a panic enaued. The farmer? ran
out ot tbdr dwellings t.. avoid bdng
buried und? r the ruins, as they believed
th?? ground was going t.? glv< waj b -
?Oath tieni. At th. Upper end of the
tillage, -oui?? Ihr. ?? mi,?- from Hi?? parish
church, is a curve formed by tie- river
SI. Ann??, and do ? to the curvi is a
water-fall IfO fed high. Th?? ground
formine the right-hand side of th?? lall
gava way, burying a pulp-WOOd mi i.
win. h vi.is situated right underneath, and
Mocking Um cours.? .,r ih.? stream. The
Stream, Which was very rapid OO ?e coui.l
of the melting snow, spread over the ad?
joining farm* and caused the undermined
tmbanknienl to sud* imo th?? river, oiling
it up. Baverai bouWfl along th.? river
beak wan curried mt?. tie- river. Om
of tieni was occupied i?.?' a family ?amad
Gauthier, numbering four persona ail of
whom perished. Smoke was seen to as?
esad irom under ti.?? ruina showing what
an awful death the occupante must have
'ita? ?round which slid tatto Um river
mea-.red about six square mil? s, ?rbol?
farms bdng uoatroyed, with their stock
and farm produce. Tta? oM bed of Um Bt
Atm?? rlvtr is now levelled and Um rivi r
runs mii?-s r?.-ir, t/boto il ooursod before.
Three bridgea were carried aerai namely,
the St. Albatis, Si. (Osim? r, all ? -?1. ??:???;
?? ?HI.? TERRI ?R-STRII '? EN.
' The people in th- nelsdihorhood of the
s,?? ?. of Um alea dor ar?? still terror?
ttTtCkon. The oldest inhabitants of the
place never heard of atacb a thing b.??
I !.. although several landslides hav.
eurred In Um neighborhood during th??
last ftfty years. Th?? rush of water from
tt.?? I.am. niian chain of BAMntains is
tr< m? ni on dui ina Um sprtisgtbne, ?.wing
to UM melting -now, and it is thought
by If lenitale men that the ground had
bean boney-combed by tin water, owing
to the fat that the lower strata Of soil
foimalion are mOOUy Of ?lay.
Large tracts of land with ire? s ami vege?
tation hav?? batta shifted without the
Mad disturna tue, whil?? in other places
the land was compi? b ly turn?.! over.
The ruonis and wharves of J. A. Koss.au
were oartled away.
The si. Lamento at Que be? ts covered
with wr-ckage und the cai casses of unl
muls. Market boats w.r.? nnabtS to com?
down Sunday from adjurent parishes,
owing to th?? amount of wnckag.? Boat?
In?; on the stream. The losses are esti?
mated at BRMtati
Ill? Knd Sudden, Though II? Had Keen
(?iiiliae?! to l'.??l Kernt Tinte.
CHICAGO, April 3D.?Francis attesene
Stockbrldge, United Staus S nator front
Michigan, died in this city at a taya
minutes after 7 o'clock this evening. Th?:
end came suddenly, although the Senato!
had been confined to his bed almost th?
whole time since coming to this city from
Washington, April 21. lie died at th?
residence of his nephew-ln-law, James I.
Houghtallng, Astor and Hank stiv.-ts. Hi
wife and Mrs. Houghtaling, and th?
?G?1???<1 uurse who guv e warning of th?
Senator'? speedy dissolution to the family
wore present at the death-bed.
The Senator had been feeling bettet
during the day, and hoped to be at.U
to leave for Kalamaxoo, his home, bui
the physicians did not share the hope oi
the dying man. While the family was a
dlnn?ir word was brought by the nurse
which summoned all to the bedside. Ir
three minut?e the Senator breathed hu
last. Death was caused by angina p?c?
ITn? funeral services will be h"ld In
Kal.imaxoo next Thursday at St. lAike'a
Kplacnpal church, of which the Senator
tad been a life-long m-mlier. The Inter
?Mat will also take place there. The two
?Isttr??Mrs. OF. I?. Iloughtallrrg and Mrs.
1'heixlore T. Hh-ddon?are visiting at Ashe
vilU?. N. C. The Senator had been In poor
health for sevrai year?, and was on hla
way ta California, by orck r of his physi?
cian, when taken HI her?.
1 onditi, m? I 'ruler Whirl?, It BrroinM
Operativ*?The Forfeit.
The Fairfax RereM asks the Dlmatch
to tell It whether "the NMkflM forfeit that
the projectors of the Manasstis and Rleh
RMsjd railroad ?harter agr?ai to pal up
has been deposited with the Stute Trea?
Coattaasac the Herald says: '""he Im?
pression among the pepata at Ike Uaat
the bin ?sag baton Ute Ltatatature was
that such a forfeit would be re<iuit II
fore the Mil would beCOBM Op? rati V?
Parlotta leen ana ? string attached to
the forfeit-ciuise that was not apparent
to Um casual oheervet at th.? time the
matter area und. r dteCUJatan."
s.) ni;i"h ..;' the aet tacnriMfatlag the
M massas and Richmond road as pre?
scribes ondar what condlUoes the char
ter ?ii.iii ?. ?. in.? ..p. rativ.?*un ? relata? M
th?? forfeit nuls as follows:
Becttoa 9. This get shall be laep?ratlve
?ad shall tie without force or ?G??? t ? ?
long ?a the stat? of Viratala shall own
any Stock or dividi rid obligation of the
Richmond, Fredertefcshnrg and Potomac
c.iiir ad 1 ?oeapaai
Becttoa 1" Tl?.?? ".instruction of Hie sail
reed shall be coaunenced ?rlthta oae pear
from the date whi. h Um State of Virginia
eea ? - to bo Um owner of my ?I tefe or
dividend otataattona ?>r the Richmond
Frederteksburg and Potosaac Railroad
Company, aad shall be coaaaleted within
flve years from auch itate; provided, fur
iher, that to m> ?vent shall th?? beginn Ini
of Um constructtoa of said rond bo post
poi ad longer than January ?. lass.
Becttoa II. This act shall b?? \. id and
of no affect uatoaa Um Manaaaaa aad
Richmond Railroad Company sh ill de?
posti with II?,?? Commission.t* Of tl:?? Sink
big fund, within the period of one hundred
and twenty day? from the pansage of
tins ?et, Um sum of Rta,0t0 of Virginia
state bonds Issued under ad approved
February :?", IBM.
s.'ti'.n 12, The aforesaid bonds, when
ao deposited, shall be and become th.?
property of the State or Vir?
ginia, unless work is commenced
upon the railroad within li.? pe?
riod prescribed In its charter, and ai-.?
if aad in the eveol that aot leas than
twenty mil? s ><f grading northwardly fron
Richmond be properly completed within
tw? Ivi moatha rrom the data "f sa,.? com?
mencement of the work, the Board of
Pi bile Works being hereby authorised t ?
determine If aad when said twenty miles
of grading northwardly from Richmond
shall bava been properly completi ?."
Becond>Audltor Rylaad saM yesterday
that then ha? been ao deposit of bonds
with th?? CommfaMlonen ?>f Um Sinking
Fund, and tiny have ??? advertised th?
State's int. r.-st in the Richmond, Prede
rtcksburg und Potosaae railroad, biwim
thej do aot atoh to Incur thai capease
until they had had sota? Intimation that
the road would he built.
Hi? Career as .loin nail?!, Mobiler, ami
Via nib, r i.t the Cabinet.
WASHINGTON, Apni ?." Frank Hat?
toa, editor of the Washington Post, dud
at ? ;?' tin ? att. ? noon.
Frank Hatten was born to Cambridge,
Oblo, April 2s, Mat. He began bla jour?
nalistic career to the office ..r th ?'.. "~
(Ohio) Republican a bili he waa atiU a boy,
i pon Um breaking ota of the war young
Matten ? nltated In the Nlnetj
?'in? infantry, waa commlsaion?>d as a
ilei,tenant in ?????, s.i\. t througlMUt tH?.'
ear, and aim out a? a c ? ?nei
in if 'j be a? m to Burlington, loare, and
? ? an nit? real to Um Hawkey?,
. which ha ntalned until ??, when be v\ m
! mad ? poatmaater of Burlington, In USI
he was appoint? ? Asa itant Peel
?I. u.fal, and in 1". 10 : ?
Grceham aa Poatmaater-General, In which
? ofltae h? a ? \. ? until the clcee of Pr? I?
I dent Arthur*? admlnlatntion. Mr Hatten
. \. . ? the youngest Oabtnel officer, es? pi
Alexander Hamilton, who ever served tha
government, During th? periodo! hU offi?
cial ear?. r h.? was also conn? c ? ? ?rlth
. the National Republican, of Washington.
In July, IW4, Mr. Hatton took up hla
r? ildenc? In Chicago, and assisted in th?
mis itton ol the Mall, of ? hit h h?
! became editor-in-chief. In Januar) US?,
I be became associated with Hon Reriah
! Wltkina In the ownenhip "f the Wash?
' bigton Cost, which, under their manage?
ment, has secured a position an ? Influen?a
such a.* no other newspaper at the na?
tional capital has ev< r possessed.
Mr. Halt?.? leases a widow and ??? sat,
? who was calli d from his studi s ai Prince?
ton College to bla fatai Fa bedside.
Mr. Wllklns wUI non assume ole con?
trol of the Post, and it is announced that
no changa will be mad- In the line
of policy, edit.u-iai or otherwise, which
haa given the ? st its remarkable s.???>.
, Th.? fun. ral services will I?? held In this
! cuy on Thursday, and the Interment will
? take place in Rock Creek cemetery.
TelegrauiM .Made Terse.
LONDON, BNO.? Bar ittver, :? l-S.
ment trial of Judge J. B. Tall, ? was
begun befon th?? Btate Bupnaac court.
VIENNA, AUSTRIA. -Thirty tbousaod
masons and ortcktoyera are on ? strike
In tins city and vicinity, and they have
be ? joined by '??? ? at periter?.
VICXBBURO, miss Tv. ? tacendtary
.rr.,1 early in th" nOTBlag, prac?
tically wiping out the baotaeaa pom?.?
of Bolton, thirty mil?? from h??:?.?.
WASHINOTON, 1>. C. .Miss Harn??',
Clam.?, daughter "f th?? lata Janea <?.
Rlaine, was married to Truxtoa Beai . ? I
Washington, formerly Mtntotar .o Penta
and to Ora ce.
ATLANTA, OA.?Dr, Loagl ? prominent
physician ol Cleveland, Teen., was found
dead in a atoepr fron Florida thai er?
rivi ? her.?. Th?? coroner's jury decid? ?
that be had died of coagniettoa o? ih?
str-.n^r was coavteted of an attempt to
baas the jury in the Indianapolis Na?
tional Bank conspiracy nace, and was
? senti a. ad to sight moatha1 lwprison
; ment
LONDON, BNO. The foreign aualeten
at Athens have Informed the Creek
charga d* attain ken that feat hundred
peranno aren kin??! by the neeat earth
?piake in Oreen and .o.'vj rendered bone
1- M aad destitute.
KN? ?XVII.I.C. TF.N.V- The miners In
tw.. of th?? aaton at Gael Cnek went out.
Then w is a disagreement between them
and they do not claim to have a grlev
BJsCe, They struck simply out of sym?
pathy for the other miners on strine,
WHICKI.IN?;, W. VA.-All the m?n em?
ployed at the Rtereva CnaLWeefce, th?
only mines batanea Wkeattag and Pitts?
burg that sen been running, have quit
and Join 1 tl.? sinkers' union I.eie. Not
a mine is now at work In this district.
LONDON, ENG. -The majority and
minority reports of the Royal l-.i. >i
Commission have been Issued, and, as
predicted, show tiiat the commission has
den? absolutely nothing toward the set?
tl. nient ol th" ?lueatluiis they were ap?
point? d to consider.
BRAMILI, KOCMANIA.-A terrible ac?
cident occurred here. While a pier wnt
crowded wtih people In holiday attlni
bound for Gelatai ?? the Danube, waiting
for the steamer which was to convey
them to thut place, the pier gave way,
and threw about VA) people into the water,
? Many of the excursionista aie believed to
have been drown???!.
TALLCLAH. I.A.-The closing act In
the late ambushing affair ?ua given. The
District Court Judge called a special term
for the purpose of investigating the caasj
ot the prisoners m Jail. The district at?
torney, at the solicitation of citizens, con?
eluded to proceed agalnat only four of
the most guilty of the seventeen In
Jail. They were each Indict?! on the
chnj-ge of manslaughter, pleaded guilty,
ami were sentenced each to ten yeara tn
the penitentiary. The remainder of the
gang conHned were, on motion of the
district attorney, released from custody.
ta L'aeoUeited Testimonial to Ike Dtspeesh
Send your printing to the Dlapatcta
fob office, and you will rn>t regret It.
\ll work executed promptly, neatly, at
,ow prices, snd satisfaction guaranteed.
See the following:
RICHMOND?, VA., April i, 1SS4.
The Dispatch Company:
Dear Bin?.?Permit me to congratulate
your Job 1 ?? imrtnicnt on the appearance
jf some presentation cards which I had
printed there to-day. I am usad to carry?
ing something "swell" In this Une. but
I must say that at the price cfcaraeal ?his
class of work is not equalled In any of
jur northern cities.
It is so unusually good, and so wonder?
fully cheap, that I have to make a com?
ment. Sincerely.
An Offer to Muliscrlbere.
As many Dispatch subscribers have
sigtiitlcl th.dr desire to obtain scenes of
the World s Columbian Exposition, we
have procured a heautlfully-hound volume
called "Th?? ? itv of l'alaces," which we
now off? ? M oa ? readers, delivered at
the ?'.?unter, far only Hit?. We wilt mail
to any addr.'ss for EjJt,
It Is th?? story of the Fair told briefly
bat with noth.ng needful lacking. In
about HI Viewa There is no coupon
cutting in Ulks. We hn\o secured a
limit? i Bombet of the books, which wo
. Set fot UM I iietit of our subscribers.
It !?? a handsome volum<\ well worth
Ims lag
Rti hniond. Va.
Truly M?Tltorh>ii..
Wo are In dati] reoetot of ????mpllmenta
to the works of art we arc offering to
SUbacribtra ?? Wfe? gd the "Sights and
Beeaea of the World" attest ils wonder?
ful power as a pleasing educ-utor. Jt
enables all our subscribers, at a paltry
sum, together with the cutting of a few
coupon? from the Insilateli, In effe? t to
visit UM entire world and see what la to
be Met). And now, in the sum" manner,
through tin? "Famous I'aintlngs of tno
World." all are enabled to have an art
gallery of their own, whl.o cannot fall
of producing rafinlnaj influence
Bend three coupons and ten cents tor
the number you deetae to
GlMsasstake and Otate Cantsssan/ej Conven
ti.m Ion.? (o llalla?. N.i.Iin lile, anil Itoa
Hound trip ticket? will tat SOM ili
Cheeapeake and Otilo rout? t.? Dallas?
Texan, ?m Hay 7ih, Mb, and Ha, oa ac?
count ?if the Southern Bapttd Conven
tl o AT ONE FARE, with limit of thirty
Round-trip tickets win be soM via
Chesapeake and Ohio rout.? to NaehdlM,
Tenn., on Hoy 14th, r.th. and vitti, nn
account of th.? General Aaemnbty Pr?s
bytertan Church AT ONE FARE, limited
to June 11.
Hound trip ticket ? win be add tta
ci., apeake and Ohio James-River ?livi
sion t" Roanoke, Va . on M ij Tth, Mb,
ai ? '.?''. on ao uni of Impr ived Order
Red Hen d 17.10 from Richmond, with
limit to May 14th.
for further Inform.iti-n. s|..ptng car re
?ei '. ittona ftc . apply t?>
JOHN 1?. I'ni'TS,
District Passenger Agent Chesapeake aad
Ohio Rallwai Company, Ml ..ift Main
si: '
Tills ?? ??> coat aale, bat these nn> big
bargains. Coen? ?nd se,?:
a KM st?'W.iri Baajo, KHM .
a $??". Bentag. Patent p.??. GuKar, t-^.rio.
a KM Bruno Guitar, BE,
? JA splendid Ana'lean Mandolin. BATA
Our Mondai bargains era all gone, l'eu
can gel ill? s?? t.-dav. ?'all earl)
No. 7 east Broad street.
The bad cream ani fancy individuals
for tntertalnmenta tai made by Morris,
'Phon? 4W. _
Carda, cii-lieaus, Oietemeata Letter
| Noli II ad . I os ...? -, Handbills,
Dodgers, .v., priiiieii ij> the Piena Ich
? impany al tow prices. Will gi\e >ou
ge ? work at tame prieta you pay for
Inferior work Bead m your orders ami
u ? will guarantee MtiafacUon la every
Do you want pure tot cream? Morris's
Is tin? place, No. G.25 cast BroaJ street,
'Phone ?'j'j
Order? for printing sent to the Dis?
patch Company will be given prompt at
t?-nti'.n. and Um Style of work and prices
Will be sure to please you.
The sjssat d? llcious cream Is made by
Morris. 'Phone 4ML
When Baby was slek, wo gave her Cantoria
?\ ben ?he was a Child, eh? cri?*! for Castori??
When eho Isv&m?? Miss, six? clung to Castoria
When shd hud Children, she gave them Castoria,
Try Morris's pur?? Ma en-am for inva?
li Is if., tli -b st 'Phono Ml,
Old paperi Bar sal? at 23c a Hundred at
DISPATCH office.
le, .(renili.
Th?? altad is now being dispensed at City
Drugstore's so la Fountain. Limp lu at Eighth
and Miin stn-is. ien cents a gists.
Sigbts and Scenes
?? the World.
PART 18.
Cut this ???. ipoii out and keep It until
three ot different numbers ere airutnu
inied, Uten forward then, together
end you will ret'etr? the elegant pork,
folio of Photographs as ad?ertUu?d.
Hee oar advertisement on another
To Subscribers.
If you don't receive "sights ?nd scenesof the
World" promptly on your order know tual it M
ou ?- -omit of the greet rush of orders. They
?111 come to t?jU in time from the publishers.
" Famous PaintHtgaT
of toe World."
Cut ant three of these coupons
send or brin* wfth TIN CSAT? M
I1CU0.1I, fl

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